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Mix It Up Cardiovascular Training

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Participants: Andi Hunsaker (Host), Lyndi Schwartz, Tami Bivens


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Program Code: NBAS000028

00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:02 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Has your weight loss program hit the wall?
00:14 Join us on Body and Spirit
00:15 to find out how you can improve that.
00:43 Hi, welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:47 I am Andi Hunsaker, your host from Boston.
00:50 I'm a physician in Boston.
00:52 Exercising with us today are my twin sister,
00:54 also a physician from Ohio, Lyndi Schwartz.
00:57 Also exercising with us is my dear friend for multiple years,
01:02 Tami Bivens and she is from California.
01:05 Also joining us later in the program
01:07 will be one of our dearest friends
01:09 Nancy Diaz who is all the way from Portugal.
01:12 Both of these ladies are home schoolers
01:15 and very good friends.
01:17 Before we began, I'd like to begin with a text.
01:19 It's best to begin your day with a text
01:22 and our text today comes from
01:23 Proverbs 3 verses 5 and 6, this is what I memorized
01:27 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
01:30 and lean not on to your own understanding.
01:32 In all your ways acknowledge him,
01:35 and He will direct your paths" that's a promise.
01:38 Now today we're going to have a program called
01:41 mix it up Cardiovascular training
01:44 which will address the issue of why it is
01:46 that sometimes you feel you're exercising,
01:48 exercising and not losing any weight.
01:51 Well, you know, it's very important to really mix it up.
01:54 Change everything, use all your muscle.
01:56 So we'll begin today by a little bit of warm up.
01:59 It's very important to get oxygen in to our bodies
02:03 because the muscles need oxygen.
02:04 So we will take in for a breath and we'll let it out.
02:08 And then once more
02:09 and then we'll begin with the march center
02:11 one small inhale in
02:13 and inhale it again and we'll march center.
02:16 And get your knees as high up as they can go.
02:19 Well, probably that will be a little excess
02:20 but march comfortably with your arms at your side.
02:24 Then next we're gonna march side
02:26 and bring the legs back together.
02:27 We're gonna march and bring back together
02:30 and then we're gonna step behind
02:32 then we'll do something call the hamstring curl
02:34 and that will exercise our hamstrings
02:36 and our quads, very important.
02:39 So on four, when I began to count to four
02:42 you will move your legs out and bring them back.
02:45 All right, so one, two,
02:46 and we always change by-- I will start again
02:48 but always change on the right side.
02:51 So one, whoops.
02:53 One, two, three, four
02:56 and march wide and bring it back.
02:58 March wide and bring it back,
03:00 march wide and bring it back.
03:01 March wide, in, out,
03:04 in, out, in, out,
03:08 in, out, in,
03:09 you have it ladies? Out, in,
03:11 we're gonna add something now.
03:13 We're gonna step to the rear end
03:15 and were wide.
03:16 Okay, on four okay.
03:18 And one, two, three,
03:23 four next time, step behind,
03:26 step behind, step behind.
03:28 Good, add the arms,
03:29 it's very important to add the arms
03:31 because that will give you more cardiovascular exercise.
03:34 So begin low and go high.
03:36 So one, good move your biceps. Do this purposefully.
03:42 Now for those of you who are working out at home
03:45 it's very important that you exercise within your limits.
03:49 I'm gonna keep moving and so are they
03:52 but I'm just gonna take it down really slowly.
03:55 If you can go as fast just go slowly.
04:00 All right, just go slowly.
04:03 Now we'll go to our next warm up move
04:04 which we'll call a hamstring curl.
04:06 Your hamstrings are back here,
04:08 your leg will just come up
04:09 behind you like a nice little curl okay, like this.
04:12 Okay, very good.
04:14 And again we're doing it slowly
04:16 but you can do as fast as you want.
04:18 But since we're warming up,
04:19 we'll just do it nice and slowly.
04:21 Nice and slowly, very good.
04:25 And that's getting your arms,
04:27 your rhomboid that's in the back so take your arms
04:30 and squeeze them to the back,
04:32 squeeze to the back.
04:33 All right, get that back going, good.
04:37 All right, now we'll come center
04:39 and we will do our quads.
04:40 All right, we're gonna step out
04:42 and come to the center, step out and come to the center.
04:45 Now bring it back
04:47 and now bring it back.
04:49 Now we're gonna add the arms okay.
04:53 And biceps and biceps
04:57 and one more and two more,
04:59 to go on three we'll do a little knee lift.
05:02 Okay. And that was four.
05:04 Now knee lifts.
05:06 And again you can go as slowly as you want.
05:08 Very important as you get older
05:11 that you keep balance. Why?
05:14 Because we fall down when we get older
05:17 and so very important.
05:19 Right now we're just stretching every muscle in our body,
05:22 very good.
05:24 Very good, now we'll kick the knee out on four.
05:28 One, two, three, four,
05:31 kick the knee out, low punch.
05:33 Two, three, four,
05:36 just kick the knee out.
05:38 Now it's very important, I'll put my hands,
05:40 they'll keep moving their arms.
05:41 I'm gonna put my hands on my hips,
05:44 very important when you kick your knee out
05:46 don't just throw it out, you bend the knee, kick.
05:50 Bend the knee and kick it out
05:51 because you don't want to rupture your hamstring.
05:55 So from the knee you kick out, all right.
06:00 Okay, good now come center we're gonna have a rear lunge
06:04 all right so we're gonna dip back.
06:06 Okay so just dip the leg back and come back,
06:08 dip the leg back and come back.
06:10 Watch my legs and come back,
06:13 down and up and down and up.
06:17 We're gonna add a kick,
06:19 okay kick front, kick front,
06:22 kick front, rear dip, kick front.
06:26 Now we got two legs, don't we?
06:28 Yeah. We do. So we'll do it twice.
06:30 Two more and then we'll go to the other leg.
06:33 Kick other leg, now rear.
06:37 Very good, you can move your arms if you want.
06:41 Move your arms, we're still warming up.
06:45 And if this is too,
06:46 do not go too deep if you got knee problems.
06:49 Make sure that you stay within your exercise limit.
06:54 So if you have knee problems do not do this.
06:56 The other thing is when you lunge backwards,
06:58 make sure that your knee is over your ankle,
07:00 don't want it ride over your toe.
07:02 Okay, so we kick back and let's kick now.
07:05 Back and kick, just look down
07:07 make sure that your knee is over your ankle.
07:10 All right, very good, very good.
07:14 Now lets just round our backs,
07:17 I want you put your arms out, and put your legs out
07:20 and we'll just swan dive down, swan dive down.
07:23 Put your hands on the floor,
07:25 if your hands can't meet the floor
07:27 you can go to your finger tips
07:29 or this then just you feel the stretch in your hamstring
07:33 and in your calf, just rest there.
07:36 You can rock back and forth if you want.
07:39 But we won't stay there all day that will stretch your backs
07:42 just come up and remain squatted.
07:43 Round your back up and squat it down.
07:46 Now turn this side,
07:47 round the back up and squat it down.
07:50 And that should feel very nice for your back.
07:54 All right, I think we're nice and warm.
07:56 Next stop is our first segment
08:00 and that's gonna consist this particular exercise
08:04 that we're gonna do today its three pass.
08:05 We'll do some cardiovascular then we'll do some weights
08:08 and another cardiovascular which use other muscles.
08:10 Now what we do we call--
08:12 That's how the mix up goes. That's how the mix up goes,
08:13 that's right but we won't be mixed up,
08:15 won't we? No, we won't be mixed up.
08:16 This mixing it up,
08:17 muscle confusion is what it's called.
08:19 So we gonna step out
08:21 and just watch careful your feet.
08:22 We'll do slowly first and than that will pick it up.
08:24 So like a V, out and change the leg.
08:28 Tap, one, two,
08:30 tap, tap left front,
08:34 tap right, right front,
08:36 tap left, now if it's better for you,
08:38 you can do it to a little turning, tap.
08:43 All right, now some people add arms to this
08:46 but it's a little bit confusing.
08:48 Confuse me. Confuse them.
08:50 Now let's move it up a little bit.
08:52 Let's pick it up a little bit
08:53 because it's beginning of the workout for me.
08:56 Very good, lets if we can get ourselves confused.
09:02 That's right. Tap.
09:05 Very good. We'll do four more of these
09:09 and then we'll start calf pumping
09:12 in the middle in the center.
09:13 Okay, so let's calf pumping,
09:15 just jump up and down.
09:17 Just jump up and down,
09:19 just jump up and down.
09:20 Now for you who do not want to jump,
09:22 you can just go like this.
09:24 All right, you don't have to leave the ground.
09:26 But for most people
09:27 if you want to get the best workout.
09:29 Of course the best workout might be just
09:30 that not let having your feet leave the ground.
09:32 It's also important in this segment
09:34 to wear heart monitor.
09:36 We have one here
09:37 but the best way to gauge your heart rate
09:40 is can you still speak?
09:42 And if you can not speak slow it down.
09:45 If there is a formula what you give them
09:47 what do you tell them? For a formula
09:49 it's something like 200, 220--
09:52 Right. Minus your age and 80% of that.
09:55 Yep, we got it. All right.
09:56 Now put your arms out. We're gonna add the arms.
09:59 Now move them together,
10:01 move them together, move them together.
10:04 Now we don't want the girls to drop,
10:05 right girlfriends? No.
10:07 No ones gonna drop, no one.
10:10 And we keep doing this for a while.
10:11 Now we're gonna do either lower jacks or high jacks.
10:15 All right, so on four.
10:17 One, I'm gonna go to the right.
10:18 Three, four and one,
10:21 two, three, four.
10:24 Good, just keep doing that.
10:25 Now and you can stay here,
10:27 you can walk it out like I'm doing right now
10:29 for those who cannot keep up.
10:31 But those who can keep up add a hop.
10:34 Add a hop, add a hop,
10:38 add a hop, good.
10:39 Now we'll do it in doubles.
10:45 Very good. Now after four,
10:48 we'll do a hop. We'll do it doubles.
10:50 So one and two and three and four
10:57 and double.
10:58 Good, double and double.
11:02 Keep adding a hop,
11:04 add a hop.
11:06 Now they'll keep doing the lower version
11:07 and I'll show you what the high version looks like.
11:09 I will do doubles, keep doing that.
11:11 So this, this is doubles for high.
11:16 I'll do low, right?
11:18 Yep. You can modify it.
11:21 And for single it's this.
11:32 All right. I like the low better.
11:36 I'm on the same leg. Okay. Good.
11:38 Now I'll make a little routine out of it okay.
11:41 So we will do single, single and then double.
11:43 Okay so, single, single and--good,
11:47 single and double,
11:50 single and double
11:53 and single and double.
11:57 Good, let's stop there.
11:58 Now what we gonna do is we gonna squat again
12:00 like we did when we warmed up.
12:02 So we'll step to the side twice like this.
12:08 It gets little more difficult in a moment.
12:10 In a center, little treat for you.
12:15 Four of these.
12:18 Now they keep doing that unfortunately.
12:20 For modified, it's like this.
12:24 Okay for modified.
12:27 But do with energy, okay.
12:30 Ladies, let's go to the side again. Good
12:38 The center now.
12:42 Now what we'll do, we will step out in side
12:46 and we pause, two, three
12:50 and one, two, three, center.
12:57 Good, you look wonderful out there.
13:00 Wonderful, you know, I'm actually breathless
13:04 but I'm exercising within my zone for good.
13:07 Now I'm gonna do a little bit of a cool down.
13:10 Which is one side to side
13:12 and then we'll take the v-step again
13:16 and go forward again, all right.
13:19 Keep breathing, keep breathing.
13:23 All right, now let's try that v-step again
13:26 to just the short bit okay.
13:28 Go ahead now come to rest.
13:30 Yeah, go off with the front okay.
13:33 So about a foot walk.
13:34 Good and don't forget to change.
13:40 Very good.
13:43 We're gonna prepare for waist in next segment.
13:48 Good. Good.
13:52 Now we can go for weight. So next step is weights.
13:55 So if you're able to this
13:56 does not have to be done with weights
13:58 but we like to do weights.
14:00 And we'll be using five pound weights.
14:03 And we'll be using five pound weights.
14:05 I had a five pound this time. Good.
14:07 Yeah, right.
14:08 Do you want meet Nancy, my dear?
14:10 So joining us is Nancy.
14:12 And we love Nancy, we've had great times together.
14:14 So what we gonna do, we gonna put our weights
14:16 but put your arms out to the side.
14:18 Keep the cardiovascular heart rate up,
14:19 put your arms to your shoulder squat down.
14:22 Now come up and twist to the right.
14:24 Come down, twist to the left, good.
14:28 And as you can do this again, no weights are necessary.
14:32 Oh, no weights?
14:34 Not for you-- not for you guys.
14:39 My sister will show-- I got the hint.
14:42 This is the modified, I'm a modifier.
14:46 Yeah, my sister's doing the modified.
14:48 She's cheating, she cheated before too.
14:50 I like to cheat. What can I say?
14:52 I'm the younger one, you know.
14:53 She's the younger one.
14:55 Okay, now we'll do a French biceps press.
14:59 Put your legs a little comfortably apart,
15:01 hands up above your heads, okay?
15:04 Now what we do is we're gonna extend our knees, okay.
15:08 Up and down, keel your elbow straight.
15:11 And if you wag them like this you're not doing a thing.
15:13 You may actually injure yourselves.
15:14 So keep your elbows closed in like I've mine here.
15:17 Close to your ears.
15:21 Good.
15:23 Because we don't want our arms waving back at us.
15:25 All right, no way.
15:28 Now my sister did this and very nice workout.
15:34 All right, now we're gonna lunge forward.
15:36 Let's put our weights beside us.
15:38 First we will do four lunges without any weights.
15:42 All right, so just take your leg, go forward,
15:44 come back, next leg, come back, next leg,
15:48 keep the waist nice and straight.
15:49 Add the weights, out and in,
15:52 out and in out and in,
15:56 out and in, out and in,
16:00 out and in, out and in-- Modified.
16:04 My twin sister's doing modified, you can watch her.
16:06 For those of you who can do modified, no weights.
16:09 All right, good.
16:10 Now we're gonna do an alternating triceps
16:13 and biceps exercise, one of my favorites.
16:15 Get your weights, keep your arms at elbow height
16:18 and then we go out to the right,
16:19 leg out to the right like this.
16:24 Good, keep your arms up, elbows up,
16:27 elbows up, elbows up,
16:32 elbows up, elbows up, very good.
16:39 Very good.
16:41 Good. Very good.
16:43 Now what we want to do is do one last one.
16:47 We' gonna dip our rear leg behind us.
16:49 Next step, we'll be doing some interesting cardiovascular
16:52 but this will be our last one.
16:54 So we're gonna take our leg behind us.
16:56 The same leg back and forth.
16:58 Back and forth like you add some weights.
17:01 Four limbs are moving. Four limbs are moving.
17:06 And we have another leg, so we're gonna, and two,
17:08 we're gonna change.
17:10 One and two and right away other leg.
17:17 Very good, very good, very good.
17:25 Very good, that's the end of our weight segment.
17:28 Let's set it for another cardio segment.
17:30 This segment is gonna be a lot of fun.
17:32 We're gonna move across our space, different directions
17:35 and hopefully you will keep up with us.
17:37 We're trying do some modified moves.
17:40 Everybody can participate.
17:41 Hands on the hips group and move across all space.
17:43 Ready, let's go.
17:47 Dig, one, two, three, dig, one, two, three, dig.
17:52 When we come back to the right,
17:54 we add a kick, one, two, three, good.
18:00 Good, now add a knee.
18:04 Knee, kick, out to the side.
18:07 Knee, out to the side.
18:13 Other side.
18:16 Now add four knees.
18:21 Two, three, four, back to this side.
18:27 Knee, four knees.
18:29 Three, four back to the side.
18:34 Back to two, three, four. Back to the side.
18:39 Now we're gonna add one thing. Two, three, four.
18:44 Now, Bob and Weave, no arms.
18:47 Let's get centered.
18:51 Very good, now add some arms,
18:54 add some arms, right first, left first.
18:58 Good, we'll just practice doing this.
19:06 Now we go up, up now.
19:11 And we do fours, seven, eight, across.
19:19 Now up, two, three, four, across.
19:24 Now we go back across the space to the right.
19:29 With four knees-- sorry, I get it.
19:33 Now back across the space.
19:36 Four knees.
19:39 Now Bob and Weave
19:42 with arms up for four, two, three, four, back across.
19:48 For four. Yup, two, three, four
19:53 and one more time we go across the space again.
19:56 Four and across the space to right.
20:02 Three, four, across the space.
20:08 Two--now they are gonna keep going
20:10 and I'm gonna do modified version.
20:13 Okay, modified. I'm doing modified.
20:15 Great, Nancy. Back across the space.
20:24 Back across the space.
20:28 Okay, so this can be modified.
20:31 Back across the space.
20:35 Two, three, four. Now let's Bob and Weave.
20:40 This gets us a little bit, no arms for now.
20:44 Good, now add some arms and do four.
20:46 Now add the arms.
20:50 Up for four. Two, three, four, across again.
20:55 Two, now we step together, step together.
21:00 Okay, now when we're ready we'll look to the right.
21:04 All right. Okay, it looks like you're ready? Yes.
21:07 Good, arms up. Now use your arms now.
21:11 Arms, very good. We'll do eight of these
21:14 then we'll go back across the space.
21:16 That's four, five, six,
21:21 seven, eight, across the space.
21:27 Good, Four, back across the space.
21:34 Four and Bob and Weave, good. Got it. Good.
21:41 And up for four, three, four, across.
21:44 And we do the same thing.
21:46 With looking, step together. Okay.
21:48 Three, four, step together.
21:51 Now arms up. Look to the left.
21:56 Okay, add the arms. Good, very good.
22:05 Very good and that six and seven and eight and nine oops.
22:13 I just wish I'm doing that-- We wanted to keep doing it.
22:15 You're suppose too. You must follow this.
22:18 All right, now let's go across the space to the left.
22:21 One, two, three, I got you confused.
22:25 Two, three, four then back across the space.
22:32 Two, three, four, back across the space.
22:39 Two, three, four, Bob and Weave.
22:45 Six, seven, eight, up for eight.
22:52 Four more. Six, seven, eight.
22:56 Across the space, good.
23:00 Good, four knees, three, four.
23:07 Good, four knees, two, three, four.
23:10 Across the space again.
23:13 Good, kick, three, four. Now Bob and Weave.
23:20 Two, three, four, five, six,
23:24 seven, eight. Up for eight.
23:26 Two, three, four, five, six and then legs together.
23:32 One and we go to the left. We look to the left.
23:36 Now look to the left when you're ready.
23:37 Up, hands up, use your arms.
23:41 Arms, very good, arms, good, arms, good, more arms.
23:47 And now we turn to the front after four
23:49 and we'll do some knee kicks to the front.
23:53 Nancy's favorite so one, two, three, four.
23:59 To the front now, front.
24:01 Just hands on the hips and kick forward.
24:03 Now we'll use the arms, very good
24:06 and we'll use the arms to the kick.
24:08 Obviously it will be opposite arm
24:09 or you will be kind of off balance.
24:11 So arms, one, two, I was off too.
24:18 It's hard to get coordinated sometimes.
24:19 No, it's the other right. Now it's the other left.
24:22 You used your other left hand?
24:23 My other left hand, I used that one.
24:25 All right keep going like this
24:26 and remember do not just kick your leg out.
24:29 Make sure you bring it up to your hip
24:31 and extend from the knee.
24:34 Otherwise you can injure your hamstring.
24:36 Now ladies, before we cool down
24:38 do you think we've another one of those sequences in us?
24:43 Oh, I think so. All right. Okay.
24:46 Three, four, to the right.
24:47 One, very good, kick, four, knees.
24:54 Three, four, oops.
24:57 One, good, four, knees, two, three, Bob and Weave.
25:03 For four, three, four and up for four.
25:07 Three and across the four. And up for four.
25:14 Very good, now together. Legs together, very good
25:17 and we turn to the right. Look to the right.
25:18 Look to the right, hands up. Add the arms, very good.
25:24 Very good and foot to the front
25:25 and we do some kicks and then we'll cool down.
25:31 Very good, so four more.
25:33 So one and two and three and four and front kicks.
25:39 One, two, three, four, we'll do sixteen.
25:44 Remember to kick your knees from the knee not from the hip.
25:51 Very good, all right let's just march it out ladies.
25:55 We made it. Very good.
25:56 Look at that. Very good.
25:58 Keep marching, keep marching.
26:00 Keep marching, yep. Okay.
26:02 We're marching to Zion, yep.
26:04 We're just gonna walk around
26:06 and then we're gonna just kind of go side to side.
26:08 Side to side, very good.
26:11 You know, when you use a lot of energy,
26:14 it's very important to cool down properly
26:16 and get all the muscles back to normal
26:20 because you don't want to leave anything
26:22 painful for the next day. So move very purposefully
26:26 but kind of slowly and bring the heart rate down
26:30 and you should be back where you should be with your heart rate.
26:33 Very good. Okay, good.
26:36 Now I want you to do is kick the legs out to the side.
26:39 So out to the side, out to the side,
26:43 out to the side, very good.
26:46 And then we'll do some inhale ups pretty soon.
26:49 You know, we had a great time with you today.
26:52 We love exercising, all of us do.
26:54 Now let's just do a tap to the left, to the right.
26:57 The other right.
26:58 And let's just do a inhale up and inhale up.
27:01 We're doing circles.
27:03 Anything you want to do with your arms is fine with me
27:06 just as long as you bring your heart rate down.
27:09 It's very important to exercise
27:10 at least five times per week for about 30 minutes per day.
27:15 The other important thing is
27:16 don't do the same thing over and over.
27:18 Your body gets very used to it, very, very good.
27:22 Let's do some hamstring curls, ladies.
27:24 Your body gets very kind of a low hamstring curls.
27:26 Your body gets very used to exercising
27:29 the same thing over and over
27:30 and you become to burn calories much more efficiently.
27:34 So it's very important to mix it up,
27:37 give those muscles some confusion and let them go.
27:41 And always remember to lean on the Lord for understanding
27:46 and He will always directs your path
27:48 as we talked about earlier today.
27:50 Amen. All right,
27:51 now we're gonna stretch our hamstrings a little bit
27:53 so let's take a little big breath up
27:55 and swan dive down.
27:57 This is a nice way to stretch your hamstring
28:01 and let's turn to the left side,
28:03 put your hand on your shoe and put your arm up.
28:06 Very good, now we'll switch to the other side,
28:09 go to the right side and put your hand on your shoe
28:12 or on the floor and stretch that arm up.


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