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Participants: Andi Hunsaker (Host), Nancy Diaz, Lyndi Schwartz


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Program Code: NBAS000030

00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:02 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:12 Join us for an exercise program
00:13 we've something for everyone today.
00:38 Hello, welcome to Body & Spirit.
00:42 I am your host Andi Hunsaker,
00:43 a physician from Massachusetts.
00:46 Joining me today
00:47 are my two great friends my sister, Nancy Diaz.
00:50 We don't look alike,
00:51 but we actually are sisters. We are.
00:53 Nancy is from Portugal.
00:55 She has two children
00:57 and she has left behind her husband
00:59 who is taking care of the children.
01:00 Wonderful guy. Yeah.
01:01 And my twin sister who left behind her husband,
01:05 but no children, but she is also physician Lyndi Schwartz
01:07 and we'll be helping you exercise today.
01:11 But before we exercise, I want to share with you
01:13 one of my favorite text,
01:14 you know, in the mornings
01:16 there are three things you should have.
01:17 One is to wake up with joy
01:19 and thanksgiving in your heart. Amen.
01:21 Next, you should have a wonderful devotional time
01:24 with the Lord. And third you should exercise.
01:26 This sets your tone for the whole day.
01:29 So our text for today is from Job of all places.
01:33 Job 23:12, "I've not departed
01:36 from the commandment of his lips,
01:38 I've treasured the words of his mouth
01:41 more than my necessary food." Amen.
01:44 So more than necessary food, the word of God. Amen.
01:47 Thank you so much for joining us.
01:50 We're going to get started with a little bit of warm up.
01:53 Now I want to tell you something
01:54 about this program before we begin.
01:57 There will be some parts where we'll be jumping,
01:59 but you can remain on the floor.
02:01 There will be some parts where you can use weights,
02:03 but we won't use weights.
02:05 So we'll begin with a little bit of a warm up
02:07 and we're gonna have a nice sunshiny warm up.
02:10 We're gonna spread our legs apart
02:11 and we're gonna inhale up and sweep the floor.
02:13 Okay, so inhale up and come down,
02:16 good and breathe nice and deep.
02:19 Inhale up and make sure your knees are
02:22 again over your ankles inhale up.
02:26 Oh, let that nice air in.
02:29 Very good, its always best exercise outside,
02:32 but if it's raining out
02:34 then there is something nice you can do inside. Very good.
02:36 Now I want you to squat a little bit,
02:39 put your hands on your legs
02:42 and I want you to just round your back up,
02:45 round it up you feel that nice stretch.
02:48 We can actually stay here all day,
02:49 but you won't get benefit so we'll go down.
02:52 I think we should stay there.
02:55 How many think we should stay here all day?
02:58 And then up and keep it round and down.
03:01 Now you take your left shoulder
03:02 and go towards your right knee just like this
03:05 and hold it there for a few seconds.
03:08 Next shoulder right shoulder to the left knee,
03:11 I'm trying to get my rights and lefts correct.
03:13 And then next side, good.
03:18 And then when we go to the other side
03:19 let's pick it up just a little bit.
03:21 All right, one, and this good.
03:25 And you can feel that stress through your back,
03:28 because we're gonna be working all the muscles today
03:30 the small muscles of the back.
03:33 Good now, round it up good
03:35 and we gonna start by just move your legs good
03:39 and so tap your leg behind. Good,
03:42 move your leg turn to the side.
03:43 Now move your arm to the side, move your arms.
03:47 Good, it's good to get all stressed out in the morning.
03:49 Should never begin your work out at a dead run.
03:53 That's how you get injured.
03:55 Now we're enjoying the day
03:56 so we're gonna sweep behind us.
03:57 Carefully, just sweep, sweep behind you,
04:00 just sweep, wonderful, doesn't that feel good? Yes.
04:04 Good, now we're gonna take both arms
04:06 and we're gonna push them out to the side on the right.
04:08 Push them out, push them out, push them out,
04:11 kind of bend your knees,
04:13 that's right it will warm up your legs as well.
04:15 Push them out. Now, overhead to the left, good.
04:19 Push it out, push it out, two more.
04:23 And out to the side again, good, very good, very good.
04:28 Now back again out to the side with just one arm,
04:31 just sweep it out, sweep it out.
04:32 Oh that's feels good. Doesn't that feel good?
04:35 I felt a crack. It's a nice.
04:37 It's a nice breeze too. A nice breeze.
04:40 Make your own fan. Very nice.
04:43 Feel like a kid. Very good.
04:44 Now just stand and squat like this and go like this.
04:47 Hug somebody, hug somebody today.
04:50 Your nephew, your husband, your wife,
04:52 grandma, your little children,
04:54 whoever just hug everybody, hug everybody.
04:57 Very good, hug everybody. Good.
05:01 All right, now put your arms off to the side
05:02 and just gonna swing to the side.
05:04 Good, swing to the side
05:06 and bend at your waist. I did feel a crack.
05:08 Now, it's very important,
05:09 I heard it, are you still together?
05:11 I'm still together. Good. Nothing broke.
05:13 It's very important when you do this
05:15 not to just hang flabby, but tuck your stomach in,
05:19 tuck your buttocks in, your glutes in, and just swing,
05:25 because you want to engage your core, good.
05:29 Now we're gonna swing one arm down to the foot,
05:32 and other to the sky.
05:34 Beginning on the left this way. Very good.
05:38 And for those of you who want to do it slower,
05:41 you can do it slowly like this. I'll do it slowly.
05:43 Good or you can pick it up.
05:46 Very good. Very good. Very good.
05:52 Now we come up again
05:53 and we just swing our arms again.
05:54 Swing the whole body, swing the whole body, very good.
05:58 And next step, next step, with the runner's pose.
06:04 In the next step, runner's pose.
06:06 Next step, all right we'll go to the side,
06:09 we'll go to this side
06:10 and just go down to runner's pose,
06:12 put your hand either on your shoe
06:15 or on the floor beside you
06:18 and you'll just hold it for just a short while,
06:21 but then we put our arms up.
06:23 This gets all your chest muscles open,
06:25 so don't just go like this open up
06:27 as far as you can go nice and straight
06:30 and hold it there for a while.
06:32 Now put that right arm over your ear
06:36 and look up towards your elbow.
06:38 Look towards your elbow, very good.
06:42 Now you should come back down here to a runner's pose
06:46 and we're gonna do a move that
06:47 for some of you might be a little bit difficult,
06:50 but it's good to for stretching.
06:53 So, what you're gonna do you're gonna put
06:55 both legs back like this
06:58 take your right leg up to the sky,
07:02 up to the sky like this.
07:03 What muscle are we stretching there?
07:04 We're stretching our hamstring and our quads.
07:07 This is your quad, that's your hamstring,
07:09 we're gonna bend that leg in and out.
07:10 And I'll do something else modified,
07:11 I'll just go down like this.
07:13 Yeah, that's fine.
07:14 My sister Lyndi is doing a modified version
07:17 and we're doing this little movement with the leg,
07:20 you're stretching your quads, hamstring.
07:23 Quads and hamstring, now just stretching your hamstring
07:26 on your other leg as well.
07:28 Now put both legs down
07:31 and we're coming to a little squat like this
07:33 and take your knee and bring it to your face,
07:37 to your face slowly. To your face slowly.
07:40 Okay, so I'll go on my knees instead.
07:43 Good, good and note my sister do it on her knees
07:47 in a modified version,
07:48 let's try and pick it up a little bit, Nancy, little bit.
07:52 Just like you're running with your head down.
07:56 I think that's good enough.
07:58 Now you should go to this position again,
08:00 and turn yourself around
08:03 to the front and we'll squat again.
08:06 We'll round up, we'll roll down,
08:10 we'll take a breath in
08:12 and we'll come down over the right leg
08:16 and put your hand on that right foot
08:18 or on the floor and you turn up again.
08:23 Good, and then over to ear
08:25 looking up to your elbow, very good.
08:30 Bring both hands to the floor.
08:33 Again we've this position we called a pike position,
08:36 and you take your left leg swing it up to the sky
08:40 and we do the same thing in and out.
08:43 In and out, keep it as straight.
08:46 And in and out, in and out,
08:51 in and out, two more. One and two.
08:55 Bring that leg to the floor
08:57 and again we'll do that little bit of a bicycle,
09:00 so slowly knees to the face,
09:04 knees to the face, knees to the face.
09:06 Okay, I'll speed it up, speed it up, and speed it up.
09:13 All right, let's just stretch that out,
09:16 come back up, and come to the front.
09:20 All right, now, let's just take our biceps back
09:25 and roll your shoulders back,
09:27 because where you begin to workout little march.
09:30 We're gonna march.
09:32 And this is kind of a total fitness sort of a workout,
09:35 so stretching is part of working out,
09:37 so we just did a little interesting stretch we hope.
09:41 Now, we're gonna just pull our legs about a hip
09:43 for support like this and we're gonna squat.
09:46 This is called a squat knee, squat down.
09:48 Now, you want to squat down you'll use your arms to,
09:52 so we'll make your arms go out,
09:54 arms out, arms out, arms out. I'll go little slower.
09:58 My sister to my left
10:00 is doing a little slower for a modified version.
10:03 Arms out, arms out.
10:05 Now we're gonna pull the biceps down and up.
10:08 Biceps down and up. Biceps down and up.
10:12 Biceps down, biceps down and up, little faster. Good.
10:21 And when you bring up your biceps down,
10:23 don't just bring them down limply,
10:25 bring them down and bring them out explode up,
10:28 bring them down, bring them down explode up.
10:32 Okay, now let's just do that same motion like this.
10:36 We'll just do that again,
10:37 and we'll do the same biceps motion, all right.
10:42 So keep going like this. Very good.
10:46 Now, the biceps and arms up again.
10:49 So down and up, down and up, and up on a way quickly.
10:54 And down and up, down and up, good.
10:59 Good, down and up.
11:03 And this is a routine that anybody can do.
11:07 It's very low impact.
11:09 But we're gonna get into a high impact
11:12 for those that want to do it.
11:14 All right, now we're gonna do.
11:16 Again you put your legs on your hips comfortably
11:20 and we're gonna squat. Let's do some squat.
11:23 Now eventually, we're gonna leave the ground, all right.
11:28 It reminds of a song, you know when I exercise,
11:30 what always keeps to come to my mind, but songs.
11:33 The song chase in a moment
11:36 when our feet leave the ground and we get to see Jesus.
11:39 So our feet will leave the ground very soon,
11:42 praise the Lord. Yes.
11:44 All right. So get ready to hop now.
11:46 Nancy, are you ready. Yeah.
11:47 My sister will continue do
11:48 the modify version just like this.
11:50 I won't leave the ground.
11:51 Sure, people will not leave the ground,
11:52 but that's not because she came from the second resurrection.
11:55 I want to meet you in the air though.
11:56 That's right, you meet us in the air. All right.
11:59 So, one, two, three, four, and jump.
12:07 Good, keep it up, keep it up.
12:12 Good, very good.
12:18 Now bring it down again. Bring it down.
12:21 We can go hopping again. We're gonna jump again.
12:25 So, here we go.
12:27 One, two, three, four, and bring it up.
12:32 Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up,
12:34 bring it up, bring it up, bring it up.
12:37 And Lyndi's feet are still on the ground.
12:38 My feet on the ground.
12:39 We're still in the first resurrection though.
12:41 Very good. All right, very good.
12:44 Now we'll just do some simple knee lifts,
12:49 no leaving the ground on this.
12:53 But eventually, we'll leave the ground in a minute.
12:58 That sounds fun. Yeah.
13:03 We'll do two more of these.
13:04 Two, one, and kick.
13:07 Let me kick, kick, and kick.
13:11 Kicking is really good for you, isn't it?
13:13 For balancing. Yeah, very good for you.
13:15 Kicking is. Very good for balance.
13:18 And you know, she's just on one leg, very good.
13:22 And you know a modified version, we just do this.
13:25 That might be a modified version, all right.
13:28 But we'll keep doing this.
13:30 And with the knee lifts again.
13:32 Knee lift, a little hop,
13:35 a little hop to increase the intensity, very good.
13:38 That's gonna be my tippytoes that's it.
13:40 These are your you tippytoes, that's good.
13:42 Very good, very good.
13:44 Let's keep front again.
13:46 Now, we'll do something interesting
13:47 we're gonna kick with our right leg front
13:50 and our back leg or left leg back.
13:52 All right, see if we can get coordinated,
13:54 so right leg front, back, right. Very good.
14:01 Again, don't throw your leg up purposelessly.
14:05 Let me ask a word.
14:07 Injured from the knee, all right. Next step.
14:19 Okay, let's do some more knees,
14:20 will you cut me. Little hop.
14:24 I like hopping, yeah, it's good.
14:27 My thighs are burning, are your burning?
14:29 My thigh is supposed to burn. Yes ma'am.
14:32 Oh, there's no burn, no gain. All right, that's good.
14:37 Now we're gonna tap the leg to the back like this.
14:41 Very good, very good.
14:44 All right, just bring your arms into it.
14:47 Bring your arms into it.
14:52 Make use of your arms. Very good.
14:58 All right, let's do some side lunges.
15:01 Start with the right, okay, so we'll do just like this,
15:04 but we want to stand here and just do this,
15:06 that's boring. Okay.
15:08 Are you bored yet? I'm bored.
15:10 Okay, okay, so let's pickup something.
15:12 Let's pickup something and throw it,
15:14 pickup something and throw it.
15:16 And just reach to the sky. Working in the garden, right.
15:18 Working in the garden, that's great.
15:20 Pick up your stuff and throw it.
15:22 That's right, that's the best to throw it.
15:24 This is very funny. I think your garden is all right.
15:25 'Cause it's about garden. It is just a garden.
15:28 But we'll know the side,
15:30 so we noted inside, okay. Okay.
15:31 So, just go like this
15:34 and then pick it down and throw it.
15:36 Pick it down, pick it up rather,
15:39 pick it up, pick it up and throw it. Good.
15:44 Good, very good.
15:48 And throw it, and throw it. Okay.
15:55 Now, I want you to do something little more high impact.
15:58 We're gonna turn our legs and we turn full side, okay.
16:01 And we're gonna move our arms.
16:03 Move our arms a lot, move them a lot.
16:06 Because we're gonna go fast pretty soon.
16:08 I'll keep the pace I guess.
16:11 You give me space. I'll keep this pace.
16:13 All right. Nancy, you have we'll take it up. Okay.
16:16 On four. One, two, three, four, and go. Okay.
16:23 Three, four, I can do that. It's fun.
16:27 And do it vigorously,
16:29 you're being chased by somebody, but you can't get any pace
16:31 because your foot is stuck in honey.
16:34 The left leg is not getting down.
16:36 Now, on four we leave our right leg back
16:39 one, two, three, four and over and up,
16:44 and back and up, and back and up.
16:48 Pretty soon we're gonna hop, okay.
16:50 And I won't hop. I'll just stay like this.
16:52 Let's hop next. Hop, okay.
16:57 Hop, and hop, and hop, and hop, and hop.
17:04 Let's go to the other side we kind of smooth transition.
17:08 Okay, good. Okay. Very good.
17:13 Let's get the arms involved.
17:17 And we're gonna do the same thing on the other side.
17:24 I think anybody can do this.
17:26 This is actually your home, I'm actually sweating.
17:29 I feel my heart rate. Yeah.
17:30 And your heart rate should go up when you exercise. Yeah.
17:33 It shouldn't be normal,
17:34 otherwise that's not called exercise.
17:36 On four, we go to the fast one four.
17:39 One, two, three, four and very good. Excellent.
17:48 We'll do this eight more.
17:50 And then we'll do that long hung lounge.
17:52 Seven, eight, and leg back and up.
17:56 Okay, leg back and up.
17:59 Feel like a skater. Yeah. Back to skate.
18:04 Dig in, think you're skating. Very good.
18:11 Very good, excellent girls.
18:14 Well, let's turn, we'll do a little PA, good.
18:17 I love PA. Ballet. I love PA. Good ballet for us.
18:21 We can go up like this we'll just stay on like this
18:23 because you see if I go like this, I'll fall over.
18:25 Let's go down and we'll do a circle sweep,
18:27 so, around and around and around, and around,
18:33 but we'll get dizzy.
18:34 So, we'll do two more and we go to the opposite direction,
18:37 see if we can remember opposite looks like stop.
18:40 Where's the opposite? This way left. Left.
18:44 The other left other right.
18:45 Go the left, now you're going right.
18:48 You've played with my brain. Yeah, that's it.
18:54 All right, very good.
18:57 Now let's see if we can do this
18:58 with our toes or tippytoes. Also my flat feet.
19:01 So stop. Okay.
19:02 And let's go up on our toes and try and do it.
19:04 Okay, so to the right this way.
19:06 Keep your toes up,
19:07 if you can without falling down or killing yourself.
19:10 I'm having troubling myself.
19:12 Oh, I'm having too.
19:13 Other side. The other way. Very good.
19:19 Next step, okay, good we march that out.
19:25 Now we come to a section
19:27 where we'll do some arm exercises,
19:32 but without weights, Halleluiah. Okay.
19:34 All right, let's fix some with our legs wide apart
19:39 and let's just do a biceps.
19:42 And to modify use weights.
19:44 You know, the recommendation is
19:47 for anybody over the age of 50,
19:49 you should be using weights.
19:51 That's the recommendation for good bone health.
19:53 As you know, as we get older our bone health deteriorates.
19:57 So for those who are 50, please pick up some weights.
20:00 For those less than 50, follow us.
20:03 Oh, that's us 55.
20:04 That's us. Forget the weights.
20:07 Pick up the weights. That's right. Squeeze.
20:08 All right, now we can go into our biceps press again.
20:12 And the down and up, sure we did.
20:14 Yes. In and rotate out down and this.
20:18 Rotate out and we're gonna go to our triceps press
20:23 here in a moment up, out,
20:26 then this way and back and down and a shoulder fly.
20:32 Ooh, have mercy, huh? Okay, I'll do slowly.
20:34 So, nice and slowly in, up, out, up, down,
20:41 shoulder fly. Once more.
20:42 In, up, out, up, down, shoulder fly. All right.
20:49 Again, let's do one more time.
20:50 One more time she loves it.
20:51 One more time. Honcho. Honcho.
20:54 Up, out, Uramas. Oh, Uramas.
21:01 Up, out, down, up, this, shoulder fly.
21:06 One more, up, out, up, and shoulder fly. All right.
21:13 Very good, now we want to do some interesting things.
21:18 We're gonna do a bit of a pushup.
21:23 So, we're gonna lie this direction.
21:24 Okay. All of us.
21:25 But when you do a modified pushup
21:27 not that we kind of could do the really tough ones,
21:29 but we'll just do for you folks.
21:30 We'll do the modified. All right.
21:33 Okay, and we're gonna just be on our knees
21:36 and we'll go down and then we're gonna go up.
21:39 I should have gotten mats for us,
21:41 but it may not work,
21:43 but since we've no probs, so let's go down.
21:45 One, and two, we'll do eight, three.
21:51 I'll do fewer. I'll do 50.
21:54 Six more for you, look like 70 lashes.
21:57 And eight, we've more don't we Nancy? Let's keep going.
22:00 Okay. Nine, and ten, and eleven, and twelve.
22:06 Well, we turn to the side and do a side plat,
22:08 now I know the floor is kind of slippery,
22:10 but let's see if we can do that.
22:12 Good, let's go up like this. I'll stay here.
22:14 Notice, my right leg is in front of my left
22:17 and up like this.
22:18 Come back over, we'll do four pushups and do that again.
22:21 One, two, three, four, the other side
22:27 this time plank the other side. Very good.
22:31 Okay, to pull the back to the camera sorry about that.
22:34 Very good, come back around.
22:37 Four more pushups, one, two, three, and four.
22:43 Now go this side
22:46 and notice you're using your core muscles.
22:48 Those are extremely important
22:49 in keeping you on your feet.
22:51 All right back over, four more
22:53 and then we do the other side.
22:55 That's a lot of pushups. Two, three, four.
22:58 But we're strong. To the other side. Very good.
23:04 Come on down, let's walk our hands
23:07 into our feet and we'll spring to our knees.
23:11 All right, now we will bend over and do some arms.
23:16 Okay, so let's just bend over with our feet,
23:19 hips apart, we'll just bend over.
23:22 First we'll bend over for legs, pretend we've weights,
23:25 we'll pull the weights up,
23:27 put them down, pull them up good.
23:30 And again, use a lot of resistance.
23:32 Don't just bring them up like limp rags
23:34 bring up like strong arms.
23:36 The strong arm is the root, bring them up,
23:39 and bring them up, and bring them up.
23:43 Very good, very good, very good.
23:48 All right, let's roll back up.
23:52 I want to do something that's really see how we do on it,
23:54 it's called the plank.
23:56 And we're gonna lie before arms on this very hard floor
24:00 and we're gonna hold the position.
24:02 That's good for your cores,
24:03 it's supposed to exercise every muscle in your body.
24:04 I'll go down just on my knees and my hands.
24:06 Yeah, you can do it.
24:07 Yes, so my sister will do a modified version
24:09 and Nancy and I will do
24:12 a version where we'll go down
24:13 and on just like this.
24:15 We'll count and see how far we go. Okay.
24:17 And we go up on our toes. All right, we'll count.
24:21 And this actually works just like this.
24:23 Yes, but do it that my sister is working.
24:24 It does work. It looks very well.
24:26 Tucking my tummy in.
24:27 Is that about 10 seconds there,
24:30 so I tell you when ten seconds is up.
24:32 Okay, I'll turn back.
24:34 Tell the story when I was a kid.
24:36 But there is very good mixture,
24:37 your back is not swayed down,
24:39 and make sure it's nice and straight.
24:41 Your legs are straight, your arms are straight.
24:43 Clinch your fist, your arms should be
24:46 under your shoulders and just hold that position there.
24:50 And you can do this anytime.
24:52 Two minutes a day is really what's recommended.
24:56 You'll feel it in every muscle of your body.
24:58 You'll wake up the next day and think,
24:59 "oh what did I do, just this slow move right here."
25:02 All right, let's bring our knees down
25:05 and work our arms in, very good.
25:08 Spring to your knees,
25:09 because we're full of energy still.
25:12 Well, one other thing I shouldn't have
25:13 how to spring to our knees,
25:14 how do you strengthen your knees.
25:17 We're gonna go, I'm gonna go little bit obliquely,
25:19 kneel down put your arms out,
25:23 this is very good for knees,
25:24 you've knee pain just put your knees like this,
25:27 put your arms out and just come back.
25:29 As far as you can go and up and back and up.
25:35 Did you feel that pulling right here.
25:37 This is very, very good for knee,
25:39 very good for your knees. Strengthening the quads.
25:41 It lead us and is very important
25:42 that's why where all our knee injuries occur,
25:44 because there are weak knees.
25:47 There's a text that came over this,
25:48 about strengthen the hands that come that tang down
25:51 and the knees that are weak.
25:54 This is way the text, you see text from--
25:55 That's from the book of Jeremiah 1:9.
26:01 It's Jeremiah 1:9.
26:09 I got twin sister for a reason, Giggling, sorry.
26:11 Straighten up, very good. Excellent.
26:14 All right, now let's stand up
26:16 and we'll just stretch a little bit.
26:19 We hope you're enjoying exercising with us to be,
26:21 we've great time together as it goes.
26:23 Okay, let's just stretch.
26:25 Stretch up and stretch and this way and out.
26:32 Now, we'll just kind of stretch our quads,
26:33 we don't do that much.
26:35 If you don't have much balance abilities,
26:38 take a chair and just put the chair right here.
26:40 If you've an imaginary chair,
26:41 or just put your arm down,
26:43 just try and use both arms to hold your leg up,
26:47 or just put your arm out here like this.
26:50 All right, we'll stretch that for a few seconds.
26:53 For a few seconds and then we'll do the other side.
26:58 The other side imaginary chair
27:01 you have to move across the room.
27:03 Okay, bouncing on a little bit.
27:06 Bouncing around just keep nice and still,
27:07 once you get bouncy, you can't stop bouncing.
27:09 All right very good.
27:11 Now, we'll just go swan dive down good
27:15 and we'll come down and stretch those hamstrings
27:18 and the back of your legs
27:20 again you can hang like this, or you can put
27:22 your arms down like this.
27:25 All right, reverse swan dive up.
27:29 Good, we hope that you'll draw little bit of march here
27:31 and then we'll go side to side.
27:33 We hope you've enjoyed exercising with us.
27:37 We pray that you've had a great time
27:40 and that you'll be strengthened
27:42 and you know I just love that passage in Job,
27:45 "He cherished the word of the Lord
27:47 more than his necessary food."
27:49 That's not chips or cookies, that's his necessary food,
27:51 please note for that."
27:53 And we wish you a very great day
27:56 and we'll see you next time.
27:57 Thank you for joining us, God bless.


Revised 2014-12-17