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Just For Kicks

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Participants: Lyndi Schwartz (Host), Andi Hunsaker, Nancy Diaz


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Program Code: NBAS000032

00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:02 simple workouts that you can use
00:04 to improve your health.
00:05 Be sure to consult your physician
00:07 before beginning any exercise program.
00:11 Stay tuned for Body & Spirit.
00:13 This program is just for kicks.
00:39 Welcome to Body & Spirit.
00:41 We are so happy you are joining us today.
00:44 My name is Lyndi Schwartz, host of this program.
00:47 On my right is my twin sister Andi Hunsaker.
00:51 And she is from Boston, Massachusetts,
00:53 and she is a physician. And I'm very proud of her.
00:56 And then on my left I have Nancy Diaz
00:58 and she is from Portugal.
01:00 And she is a tremendous friend.
01:02 And I am so glad that they've joined me today.
01:04 And I'm very excited that you've joined us today.
01:07 Before we get started, I am going to share
01:10 one of my favorite text of scripture with you,
01:13 and that is Matthew 11:28, "Come to me,
01:16 all you who labor and are heavy laden,
01:19 and I will give you rest.
01:21 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me,
01:24 for I am gentle and lowly in heart,
01:27 and you will find rest for your souls.
01:29 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."
01:33 Praise the Lord. Amen.
01:35 Today, we have a very special program
01:37 planned for you, very special.
01:39 This is actually something, it's new to us.
01:41 And it's--I hope you'll enjoy learning something new
01:44 because we certainly like it.
01:45 It's gonna be fun, fun, fun. Yeah.
01:47 So first of all to warm up,
01:49 we're just going to take some deep breaths.
01:50 Up, inhale up and down.
01:54 And up and down,
01:57 good job. And up and down.
02:00 Keep your hands down this time on your knees.
02:02 And we're gonna stretch our backs out.
02:04 We'll round our back up.
02:05 This is a very nice stretch for the back muscle.
02:07 Every vertebra is rounded upwards and then extend down.
02:11 Bring your heart out towards the front,
02:13 and then roll back up again.
02:14 And this time all the way up to the top with an inhale up.
02:18 Okay and then down to your knees again
02:20 and we'll round our backs upwards.
02:23 And out and up again.
02:26 And this time all the way up,
02:29 all the way up, extend up,
02:30 inhale up and down.
02:33 Down to our knees,
02:34 round up your back,
02:37 and out, good.
02:39 And in roll low every
02:41 of your vertebrae into a rounded circle.
02:43 Extend your chest up again.
02:45 And this time come all the way up to the top like this.
02:48 Okay, now we're gonna practice some balance.
02:50 And we're gonna warm our legs up especially our hamstrings.
02:53 We're gonna be throwing some kicks.
02:54 And so you wanna make sure your hamstrings are warm.
02:57 So first just balance.
02:59 This is gonna be very important because
03:00 we get going for kicks, balance.
03:02 So I want you to take your right leg,
03:04 bring your foot up to your knee
03:05 and hold it there.
03:08 And then push it backwards
03:09 and come down on that knee and press.
03:12 You're stretching your hamstring on your left side,
03:14 just press down like that.
03:15 Now come back up, keep your balance,
03:17 bring your leg up like this and then down.
03:20 Okay, put your hand on your hips this helpthe balance.
03:23 Bring the other side up like that.
03:25 Okay, then step back,
03:26 down on the knee and stretch that calf.
03:29 Let's try and do a little faster
03:30 Come up and down.
03:33 Other side, back, up.
03:39 Oh, I'm almost losing my balance.
03:41 Then left side again.
03:43 Flow back, down, and up.
03:47 This is very good for balance.
03:49 This exercise is also good for grace.
03:51 We're gonna practice some grace also today,
03:53 some grace, and balance, and strength.
03:56 Okay, there you go, all right.
03:57 Let's put our hands on our sides.
03:59 When I say that we're going to be ready,
04:00 this is the ready position with the arms
04:03 down to the sides.
04:05 When I say hands up, you put your hands up.
04:06 So ready, hands up, good. Ready, good.
04:12 Hands up, good. Keep your hands up.
04:15 I want you to put your left foot forward
04:17 and your right leg back.
04:18 I want you to check your feet. The one foot,
04:21 the right--the rear foot should be just slightly out
04:25 from the left leg, not directly behind it.
04:28 You want to have a good base,
04:30 good balance, and keep your hands up.
04:32 Okay, so now what I want you to do
04:34 is keep your hands up like this with the left hand,
04:37 I want you to extend it into a punch out front.
04:41 Bring that one back and switch across.
04:43 Okay, back to the front. Let's do that again like this.
04:47 Now when you do that your left leg goes up
04:49 and look at my right leg,
04:51 it's--the heel is up off the ground.
04:53 Come back and extend this left arm,
04:57 back step, little faster.
05:00 So--and the left hand out, step, and extend.
05:04 Heel comes up on the right.
05:06 So extend out and back, very good.
05:09 Extend and back, okay, keep that up and back.
05:14 Hands up, ready, good.
05:17 Now put the right hand forward--
05:18 the right foot forward, okay.
05:20 Hands up, okay, very good.
05:22 Now let's extend that hand
05:23 again like this and then across,
05:28 the heel comes up, okay? Extend and across.
05:31 Now notice something else, when I go back like this
05:33 and I come back my left hand,
05:35 I step with this right foot, back,
05:38 okay? Extend and across.
05:41 The right-- my left heel is now up,
05:43 okay, good, very good.
05:44 Let's do it little faster. Extend, good.
05:50 Good, very good. Hands up, ready.
05:55 Okay, very good. This is great. With us.
05:58 Okay, are you girls having a good time?
06:00 Oh, yeah. All right,
06:01 now this is gonna get really very super fun.
06:02 So let's get our hands up again.
06:03 Left foot forward, check your balance
06:05 so that your right leg is over on this side.
06:08 Now what I wanna do is I wanna do this continuously, okay?
06:11 So you wanna be-- should be light in your legs.
06:14 And this time, I go little faster, okay?
06:15 We'll just keep going on this side extend.
06:17 Again left across, good. Now this time,
06:23 you notice that my feet are not really moving
06:24 because we're going little faster.
06:26 And the foot doesn't really come up so much, okay?
06:31 Okay, hands up, ready. Right leg forward.
06:37 Okay, other side, hands up, okay?
06:41 Now what we want to do eventually
06:42 is going to do sets of four.
06:43 So we'll just practice on this side.
06:45 Ready, go.
06:49 And make sure you twist.
06:55 Okay, very good. How are you doing out there?
06:56 Great. Great. Good, okay.
06:59 Hands up, ready. Now this time,
07:03 what we're going to do is we're gonna do sets of four
07:05 and then jump switch, okay.
07:06 So here we go. Left leg out. Okay, hands up, okay.
07:11 So we'll do sets of four and we'll stop
07:13 and then we'll jump switch, okay?
07:15 One, two, three, four, stop, switch.
07:18 Very good. Excellent, girls, I heard that. Excellent.
07:21 Okay, let's do sets of four here, okay, go.
07:24 One, two, three, four, stop. Okay, let's go to ready.
07:29 Okay, I want you to do one other thing
07:31 and that's to bring your hands up.
07:33 So next up, left leg forward. Okay, put your hands up.
07:39 I want you to practice something.
07:40 You want to go like this with your arm, okay?
07:44 And then like this, okay, very good.
07:46 Let's do it again. Up and up.
07:50 So when I say up, it's up and up.
07:52 Twist your body unless I make that heel come off the ground.
07:55 Up and up, okay very good. Okay,
07:58 so let's do the five-- the four initial punches.
08:01 Then we'll do the up and the up.
08:04 Okay, so here we go.
08:05 So one, two, three, four, up and up, hands up, very good.
08:11 Let's do that again, okay.
08:12 One, two, three, four, up and up, okay, good.
08:17 Now let's get up to ready.
08:19 Right leg out, check your posture.
08:22 Hands up, okay, very good.
08:24 Let's do it again on the right side.
08:25 So one, two, three, four,
08:28 one, two, three, four, up and up, good.
08:33 One, two, three, four, up and up.
08:37 One, two, three, four, up and up.
08:40 Hold, okay, at the ready, okay.
08:43 I wanna do one more thing before we do some kicks.
08:46 So I want you to turn this side.
08:48 Left leg, check your posture.
08:51 Make sure the right leg is slightly
08:53 off from the left leg, hands up, okay.
08:56 Now this time what I'm gonna teach you
08:58 is a block on your left side
08:59 and then we'll do a cross on the other side, okay.
09:03 Check your posture. You wanna go down--always
09:05 have your one arm up like this.
09:07 Bring it up and cross, okay? Try it again.
09:12 This left foot-- the foot action very good.
09:14 Foot action is good, down and then cross, good.
09:18 Down, cross, good.
09:20 Down, cross, down, cross.
09:26 I'm stepping, see I'm steeping see.
09:28 Twist, cross, okay.
09:31 Step back to the ready like this, okay, good.
09:34 Right leg forward, okay. So we're ready.
09:39 So then we'll practice the blocks again.
09:41 Okay, so this like goes down, cross, I step.
09:46 Down, step, cross.
09:49 Down, step, cross.
09:52 Block, step, cross.
09:54 Okay, you guys got that? Yep.
09:55 Okay, very good. Okay. Now what we're going to do
09:58 is we're going to do all combine all of that, okay?
10:03 So four punches, ups,
10:06 and then blocks and then cross
10:07 and then we'll jump switch okay.
10:10 So here we go. So four punches,
10:13 one, two, three, four.
10:15 One, two, three, four, up and up.
10:18 Block, cross, block, cross, hold.
10:22 Switch, great, okay.
10:24 Four punches, one, two, three, four, up, up.
10:30 Block, cross, block, cross, hold, good.
10:33 Jump switch.
10:35 Okay, awesome, all right, okay.
10:38 Let's do this four punches again, okay.
10:40 Here we go. One, two, three, four, up, up,
10:45 block, cross, block, cross, hold, okay.
10:50 Now I'm gonna teach you one other thing.
10:51 We're gonna start with the kicks, okay?
10:53 So I want you to check your posture.
10:55 I want you to jump switch.
10:57 Let's do it one more time on the right side, okay?
11:01 One more time on the right side.
11:03 Four punches, ups two ups
11:06 and then the block and across, okay, here we go.
11:08 One, two, three, four, up, up,
11:12 block, cross, block, cross, hold.
11:15 One more time, one, two, three, four, up, up,
11:20 block, cross, block, cross and hold.
11:23 Okay, now I want you to begin
11:26 to step towards me, okay? So let's step toward me.
11:29 The next step we'll step like this.
11:33 Now what I want you to do with this,
11:34 this is gonna be a move for balance.
11:38 So next step, next step,
11:41 we're going to keep stepping towards me.
11:42 This is called a chamber, okay?
11:46 And we just gonna turn--
11:47 I want you to notice something.
11:49 What we're g going to be doing
11:50 is this is prepared us to do a kick.
11:53 Okay, this one that prepares to do a kick.
11:55 And so we need to keep our body
11:57 turn towards the front like this.
11:59 I want you to turn the hips towards me.
12:00 You're out there listening me,
12:02 step towards me just like that.
12:05 Keep your hands up. Good, very good.
12:09 Now I'm gonna have you to and roll to a kick.
12:12 For those looking on,
12:15 make sure it's just a low kick.
12:17 We'll able to kick higher,
12:18 but we want to just do it a little bit initially.
12:22 And roll to a kick. Good,
12:29 just a little like that,
12:30 keep your hands up. That feels good?
12:35 Mm-hmm. Okay, very good.
12:40 Okay, hold. Okay, ready.
12:44 Left leg out, okay? Now same thing,
12:46 we'll step again just initially.
12:50 This is really what balance is all about.
12:52 Balance, we be able to balance on one leg,
12:55 we'll be rolling our hip forward.
12:56 When you're comfortable rolling your hips forward,
12:59 so you're facing forwards, then you're ready
13:00 to do that and roll to this kick, okay?
13:02 So initially you're just doing this,okay?
13:05 Then we'll roll to a kick the next time,
13:07 okay? And roll to a kick.
13:10 If you feel like kicking higher,
13:11 you can do that okay?
13:12 Just gradually increase the height.
13:17 Good, excellent height there.
13:19 Now Nancy is an awesome kicker,
13:21 I notice that. Okay, very good.
13:29 Okay, now what I want to do,
13:34 I want to do this now with some purpose, okay?
13:37 Yeah. So this is what we're going to do.
13:38 We're going to do continuous kicking.
13:40 Let's first do it just one kick on the side
13:43 and then we'll jump and switch, okay?
13:45 So this is an interesting move.
13:46 Pay attention, watch my feet.
13:47 My feet are very important. We're gonna kick,
13:51 step, back, step, kick, step, back, okay?
13:56 Okay. You guys have that? Mm-hmm.
13:58 Okay, we'll start from the right side.
13:59 Okay, here we go.
14:01 Kick, step, back, step, kick, hold.
14:06 Let's do that again, okay?
14:08 Kick, step, back, step, kick. Excellent, okay.
14:13 Now what I want to do, I wanna add to that just a block,
14:16 cross, the kick like that, okay.
14:21 So we'll do the block, cross, block, cross,
14:24 and then kick and kick, okay, here we go.
14:27 Block, cross, block, cross, kick.
14:32 You ladies are awesome. All right,
14:34 let's one more time on this side, okay?
14:36 So here we go again. So we go, kick, I'm sorry.
14:40 I didn't wanna kick, did I?
14:41 No. All right, so block, cross,
14:43 block, cross, kick. Join me.
14:48 Okay, let's do it. This is my show.
14:51 All right, okay, so here we go now.
14:54 Block, cross, block, cross, kick,
14:58 kick, excellent, jump switch.
15:01 Press on the other side. Now here we go.
15:04 Block, cross, block, cross, kick,
15:08 step back, step, kick, very good, okay.
15:13 Now what I want to do
15:14 is I want to do it continuously.
15:17 We'll do it one side, switch, you'll be out of breath soon.
15:19 Okay. So let's switch now.
15:20 Jump switch, okay. We'll do it continuously.
15:24 So we'll do just the blocks and the crosses,
15:26 switch, block and cross, okay? Right.
15:28 Here we go. No, no kicks? With the kicks.
15:31 Block, block and cross with the kicks.
15:32 Okay, here we go.
15:34 Block, cross, block, cross, kick.
15:39 Jump switch, good. Here we go again.
15:41 Block, cross, block, cross, kick.
15:46 Excellent, jump switch, okay, one more time.
15:50 Block, cross, block, cross, kick.
15:55 Excellent, excellent, good.
15:57 Okay, I want you to shake your arms out.
16:00 Shake your arms because we're gonna do this again.
16:01 Okay and we're gonna do
16:02 this continuously from the very top.
16:05 The four punches, the two ups,
16:08 the block and the cross and the kicks.
16:10 And we'll just keep doing that, okay?
16:11 Good. So here we go. Are you ready?
16:14 Are you ready? All right,
16:17 let's go from the four punches,
16:19 stop with this arm. Okay, here we go,
16:21 one, two, three, four, up, up, block, cross,
16:26 block, cross, kick, good, jump switch, excellent,
16:32 four punches, one, two, three, four, up, up,
16:36 block, cross, block, cross, kick.
16:41 Okay, jump switch on three.
16:43 Sorry. I have great pupil.
16:47 All right, so here we go. We'll jump on three,
16:50 one, two, three, switch. Okay, check your legs again.
16:54 Make sure that they are right. Okay, here we go.
16:58 So let's start with the punches
16:59 on this side again. One, two, three,
17:02 four, up, up, block, cross, block, cross, kick.
17:08 Just keep going. Jump switch, jump,
17:11 one, two, three, four, up, up,
17:14 block, cross, block, cross, kick.
17:19 Okay, very good.
17:21 Okay, let's shake our arms out.
17:23 Great, okay. Now this is gonna be an add on.
17:25 And what we're going to do is now
17:27 we're going to practice going forward,
17:30 sliding forward and sliding backward.
17:31 When I say slide forward, the rear leg comes in
17:34 and moves like out of place slide back,
17:36 comes back, forward, let's just walk like that.
17:40 You wanna make sure you're comfortable with that.
17:43 I want people to see what we're doing.
17:45 The right leg-- the rear leg comes forward
17:47 and slides the right leg out of place--
17:49 the left leg out of place.
17:50 Left comes back because we're gonna speed that up.
17:59 Arms up. Very good.
18:03 Okay, hold, okay,
18:06 and we'll take that little faster.
18:07 I just wanna do one slide forward,
18:09 slide back fast, and hold.
18:11 Okay, so here we go, ready, go.
18:14 Slide forward, slide back, hold.
18:17 One more time, slide forward, slide back, hold.
18:21 Good, slide forward, slide back, hold.
18:24 Okay, now let's do that continuously
18:26 back and forth, okay? Ready, go.
18:31 Now keep low, don't bounce up and down.
18:36 Make sure that left-- right leg is kicking
18:38 the left leg out of the way
18:40 and back this opposite direction, okay.
18:43 And don't bob up and down. It's all in the thighs.
18:45 Keep low in the thighs.
18:51 Okay, very good.
18:54 Stop, okay, now let's jump switch.
18:58 Now let's practice that now
19:00 on the opposite side, same thing.
19:03 We'll do the same thing. Okay, the same thing.
19:06 So we're going to step, walk forward,
19:08 bring the leg forward.
19:11 Make sure it touches. We want to do enough time,
19:15 so everyone can see what we're doing.
19:19 The back leg comes up,
19:20 pushing the front leg away back.
19:21 Front comes back pushes the back.
19:28 Good, good. Last time and hold.
19:33 We'll do one time fast, okay?
19:35 So we're gonna do it one time fast.
19:38 Slide forward, slide back, hold.
19:42 Slide forward, slide back, hold.
19:45 Slide forward, slide back, hold.
19:47 Now this time we're gonna do it continuously, okay?
19:50 So here we go, slide forward, good.
19:56 Make sure keep it low.
19:57 Don't let your head bob up and down,
19:59 stay low in the legs. Take it all on the thighs.
20:01 Your thighs are gonna begin to burn,
20:03 but take it in the thighs that's how it is, okay.
20:07 Okay, all right, hold, okay.
20:12 Now let's we-- I'm gonna add to that.
20:14 And this is how it's gonna be. So it'll be like this.
20:17 There'll be five punches. You start from right upward--
20:20 from the right arm and it's like this,
20:22 one, two, three, four, five,
20:24 slide forward, slide back, hold.
20:26 Okay, here we go. One, two, three, four, five,
20:29 slide forward, slide back, hold.
20:32 One, two, three, four, five,
20:33 slide forward, slide back, hold.
20:36 Jump switch. Okay, again this arm--
20:40 this hand leads. Okay, left hand leads.
20:42 I get mixed up sometimes. All right, so left hand leads,
20:45 all right. You girls are with me?
20:46 Yes. This is fun, huh? Okay, so here we go.
20:49 This is really super good cardiovascular process
20:51 that teaches you grace and balance.
20:53 So here we go, okay.
20:54 So five punches, start with this hand,
20:57 go, one, two, three, four, five,
20:58 slide forward, slide back, hold.
21:01 Again, one, two, three, four, five,
21:03 slide forward, slide back, hold.
21:05 Now let's do it continuously like that.
21:07 We'll do about three times like that.
21:08 Okay, here we go, one, two, three,
21:10 four, five, slide forward, slide back.
21:13 One, two, three, four, five, slide forward,
21:15 this time, switch, switch.
21:17 One, two, three, four, five, slide forward, slide back.
21:21 One, two, three, four, five,
21:22 slide forward, slide back. Okay, hold.
21:25 Now what we're going to do next
21:27 is we're gonna combine the entire thing.
21:29 Good. Okay, so we'll do the whole thing
21:30 from beginning. And I'm gonna to do several
21:32 times just keep switching.
21:34 We're gonna take it to up as higher levels
21:35 we can with energy, okay?
21:37 Okay. All right. Here we go.
21:38 Okay, the left side, ready to go,
21:40 start with the four punches, the two ups,
21:42 the cross, block and cross,
21:43 block and cross, and then the kicks,
21:45 and then the five punches, slide forward, slide back.
21:48 Okay. All right, it's really fun.
21:50 All right, if you get confused,
21:52 it's okay, don't worry.
21:53 Here we go. Four punches, okay, go.
21:56 One, two, three, four, up and up, block,
22:00 cross, block, cross, kick. Five punches.
22:05 One, two, three, four, five,
22:06 slide forward, slide back, stop.
22:08 Okay, now we're gonna switch sides.
22:11 And we'll end up doing this continuously.
22:13 Now we'll take it up as highest
22:15 we can take it, okay,
22:16 so we'll just practice on this side first.
22:17 Four punches, start with this side, okay?
22:20 One, two, three, four, up and up,
22:24 block, cross, block, cross, kick, step back,
22:27 step, kick, step back, hold, good.
22:31 Jump switch. Jump back.
22:40 All right, let's start from the top, four punches.
22:42 Okay, here we go. All right, this is great.
22:45 You guys are awesome, okay.
22:47 You got to get my back, all right,
22:48 here we go, the four punches, go.
22:50 One, two, three, four, up and up,
22:54 block, cross, block, cross, kick, step back,
22:57 step, kick, step back, five punches,
22:59 one, two, three, four, five, and forward.
23:01 That's a kick. All right, jump switch, okay.
23:05 Now let's do this continuously.
23:06 We'll do about couple of minutes of this, okay?
23:09 And then we'll see if we can do that little trick
23:11 we try to learn, okay?
23:12 Okay. We try to learn little trick.
23:13 Okay, let's try it. I don't know if we have or not.
23:15 But I wanna see if we have it. Away to get to the other side
23:17 without changing all the time--jumping.
23:19 Okay, here we go, four punches
23:21 and we'll go to the jump switch at the end of the five
23:23 and then back and forward and so forth, okay?
23:25 Here we go. Okay, one, two, three,
23:28 four, up and up, block, cross, block, cross,
23:33 kick, step back, step, kick, step, five punches,
23:36 one, two, three, four, five. Switch, okay, four punches,
23:42 one, two, three, four, up and up,
23:45 block, cross, block, cross, kick, step back, step, kick,
23:49 step back, one, two, three, four, five.
23:53 Okay, switch. Okay, same thing on this side,
23:57 same thing, four punches, one, two,
24:00 three, four, up and up, block, cross, block, cross,
24:05 kick, step back, step, kick.
24:07 Now let me point out one thing
24:09 that we tried to learn, okay.
24:11 Every time, we'll switch sides,
24:13 we have to jump switch. There is a way,
24:15 we don't have to jump, switch. We don't want you learn,
24:18 but we can have fun with this, okay?
24:19 So let's try and see if we can do it.
24:21 And basically we're gonna
24:22 try is to switch to the other side
24:23 and just keep going, okay.
24:25 Here we go, start from the beginning.
24:27 From this side, four punches,
24:29 one, two, three,four, up, up,
24:33 block, cross, block, cross, kick.
24:37 Five punches, here it comes, slide back.
24:43 Did we do it? We did it, all right.
24:46 Yes, Okay, we did it. let's keep going though. Okay.
24:48 We're not to stop. Here we go,
24:49 all right, four punches, one, two, three, four
24:53 up and up, block, cross, block, cross, kick.
24:59 Five punches, one, two, three, four, five.
25:06 When the left side goes up to four punches,
25:08 one, two, three, four, up, up,
25:12 block, cross, block, cross, kick.
25:16 Five punches, slide forward, slide back,
25:20 excellent, we're on the side, good.
25:22 And more punches. We'll do four punches
25:25 and then we'll cool down. Okay.
25:27 Okay, are you hot by now? I am.
25:28 Okay, here we go.
25:29 four more punches on this side,
25:31 okay, one, two, three, four, up and up,
25:35 block, cross, block, cross, kick.
25:40 Five punches, five, slide forward,
25:43 slide back, reverse. Get back.
25:46 Okay, very good. Well, it was great.
25:48 Well, our hearts are really beating.
25:51 And we've been really working out.
25:52 It is so fun to kick. And I think this--
25:55 we love this one with the-- we can do it.
25:57 We have to cool down. In fact, let's cool down
25:58 with that that part to start with, okay?
26:00 Okay. Let me slide forward, slide back,
26:01 okay? Slide forward, slide back, do it slowly.
26:06 This is really a very graceful thing.
26:11 And this teaches you to move
26:12 your feet very quickly.
26:14 You remember you're kicking
26:16 one foot out from the other one.
26:19 You're not bobbing up and down.
26:21 You're keeping level.
26:23 You're taking all the weight in your thighs.
26:25 Otherwise you'll be banging
26:27 your heels that would not be good.
26:30 Let's switch sides to do that too, okay?
26:32 We'll jump, You wanna jump, that's okay. You can jump.
26:35 I'll jump. Okay, see if we could slide forward
26:38 and back, slide forward, good.
26:44 Okay, very good, all right, let's slow it down.
26:47 Let's do a little walking.
26:49 This exercise may not be for everybody
26:52 but we think its fun. I think it's just a blast.
26:55 And I love to kick, and it is so good.
26:59 When I've done kicking, actually my hamstrings
27:01 which I sometimes have problems with seemed
27:03 to be more loose actually.
27:05 And I've noticed that. So I really appreciate
27:07 and hopefully you'll notice the same thing.
27:10 Make sure after a workout as intense
27:11 as this that you do some stretching of your hamstrings
27:15 and also of these your quadriceps muscles.
27:19 Let me just remind you about a hamstring stretch.
27:21 Remember you can keep doing that,
27:22 but you come up like this, go back,
27:25 pull up on your leg
27:26 and the hamstring is stretching.
27:28 Come back up, down like this, balance, and stretch.
27:35 I just pray that as we have worked out together
27:38 today that the text that we began with Matthew 11,
27:42 one of my favorites will stay with you today
27:45 and bless your soul, bless you, and your family.
27:50 I also pray that you will experience greater,
27:53 physical health, spiritual health,
27:56 social health, and emotional health.
27:59 Again we are so pleased
28:00 that you chose to join us today.
28:02 May God bless you richly.


Revised 2014-12-17