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Sex In The Entertainment Industry

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Participants: Seth Yelorda (Host), Alfonzo Greene, Lola Moore, Michael Kelley, Michael Polite


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00:48 Hello and welcome.
00:50 I'm so glad you decided to join us
00:51 for this new program called "Pure Choices."
00:53 My name is Seth Yelorda and I'll be your host this season.
00:56 And what we want to do in this program is to deal
00:58 very specifically with sex and sexuality
01:00 but not in the traditional way
01:02 that you've always heard it dealt with
01:03 but in a real, practical way,
01:05 something that can be applied to your personal lives.
01:07 Now I have with me some of my colleagues
01:09 and they're going to be journeying
01:10 with us this season, trying to help us
01:12 to better understand God's ideal for our sex and sexuality
01:16 and how the world has kind of distorted it.
01:18 So I'm gonna take a moment right now
01:20 and just introduce you to these colleagues of mine.
01:22 I have here my brother Alfonzo Greene.
01:24 He pastors in Huntsville, Alabama at the First SDA Church.
01:30 I have Michael Polite.
01:31 He also serves as a pastor in Nashville, Tennessee
01:34 at the Riverside Chapel SDA Church.
01:37 On my right I have Lola Moore who also serves as the pastor
01:41 here in Huntsville at the Oakwood University Church.
01:45 And then my brother from another mother,
01:47 you know, Michael B. Kelley
01:48 who comes all the way from California.
01:51 He's the pastor of the Mount Rubidoux SDA Church
01:54 there in California.
01:56 And we're all just so glad to be with you today
01:59 and just to be able to really tackle this tough issue.
02:01 Now specifically for this-- for today in this episode
02:04 what we want to really kind of unpack
02:06 is sex in the entertainment industry.
02:10 We know that when we look around at the entertainment industry
02:13 they are constantly kind of filling our minds
02:15 and the airwaves and the television,
02:18 the internet with sex and sexuality
02:21 and we know that sex sells.
02:23 In fact, I recently saw a commercial about Axe and how--
02:28 you've seen Axe before.
02:30 They're talking about using sex to sell this deodorant.
02:33 What do you all think?
02:35 I mean you see this thing and clearly--
02:38 I mean it was very clear that sex is--
02:39 I mean they're using sex to sell deodorant, you know.
02:43 Yeah. Yeah. Let's talk about it.
02:45 Well, I think it's a little bit-- Obviously we know that
02:47 sex as we said earlier was gonna sell.
02:50 But it's not just selling sex
02:52 but I think the thing about the Axe commercial,
02:54 even the one that we just saw is what it is selling about sex.
02:58 You know, it's one thing to use sex
02:59 to just get me to buy the product
03:01 but there's more that they're trying to say
03:03 about not just the product but I think about sex itself.
03:06 Because in the video it will be one thing if--
03:09 in the commercial if the guy,
03:11 you know, found his soul-mate as a result of Axe.
03:14 I might be even a little more, you know, comfortable with that.
03:17 But what it's saying is that sex is not just something
03:22 that is to be experienced or all this with one individual
03:25 but, you know, there's a flock of women and different women.
03:28 I don't think it's just whether the industry is selling sex
03:31 but exactly what are they saying about sex.
03:34 I mean when you look at this,
03:36 the industry is taking something that--
03:38 you know, all of us were sexual beings.
03:40 You know, God created us sexual beings.
03:42 And so the industry knowing that,
03:43 they know that we are inclined to sexuality,
03:46 to sexual expression, you know,
03:48 that's all the fundamental need that we have.
03:49 And so they take that and they package it in such a way
03:52 where they can now sell their products by using that.
03:55 Does that make sense? Yeah.
03:56 Very much so. And I think Axe takes it to another level.
04:00 In the commercial that they released
04:03 soon after the Chocolate Man they have one
04:05 that's popularly known as Angels Fall
04:08 where the young man sprays himself
04:10 and all of a sudden you got
04:11 these angels falling like meteors.
04:14 And they all flock to him because he has on this spray.
04:17 And then at the end it says
04:19 "Axe links spray even can make angels' fall."
04:24 So now we're looking at okay, what is it telling me about sex?
04:26 Well, it's telling me that
04:28 not only will this spray help me get women
04:31 but it will also help me up my virgin count.
04:34 It will help me get those women
04:36 that are trying to remain clean, pure, all of that good stuff.
04:40 So that commercial takes it a step further. Right.
04:43 Yeah, I mean it all gets into the--
04:44 I was reading about advertising and marketing
04:46 and it talked about how they try to find
04:48 points of weakness in men, women and kids
04:52 and then they use that weakness to advertise
04:55 and sell their product.
04:56 I mean if we'd just be real though
04:58 you could be bathed in Axe
05:00 but if you have like no game, no skill, no swag,
05:05 I mean you can take a shower in some Axe,
05:07 it is not going to help you out.
05:08 So they're focusing on that point of weakness
05:11 and selling their product.
05:13 It's right because when you look at these commercials
05:14 they are not-- they are not spraying Axe
05:17 on some dude who's like 6' 5",
05:19 you know, 250, ripped up.
05:21 Now these are like skinny, short, it's nothing wrong
05:24 with skinny, short people but they're saying that--
05:26 Don't hit on the skinny, short people--
05:30 Touche. Touche.
05:31 But it seems like Axe will help you compensate.
05:34 It will help you make up the difference
05:35 where you just naturally lack.
05:36 So you might not be able to get women on your own
05:38 but with this spray--
05:39 Put that spray on.
05:41 It will help you.
05:42 You know, but it's not just Axe but--
05:44 you know, I remember back in the day,
05:45 you know, the Herbal Essence commercials--
05:46 I don't know if you all ever seen those.
05:48 Oh, my goodness.
05:49 You know, the Herbal Essence,
05:51 what you have, this woman who puts this shampoo
05:52 and she just goes wild.
05:53 I mean what's the--I mean what is that message telling us?
05:57 What's the--and not just what it is telling us
05:58 but what's the problem with this message?
06:00 I mean usually the object of the Herbal Essence
06:04 effect is a woman,
06:06 probably a woman who's in her middle thirties
06:08 or something like that.
06:10 Traditionally in our society coming up to this day
06:14 we've had a bit of prudishness amongst women
06:17 with regard to sexuality
06:19 and as I look at the Axe commercial,
06:21 I'm looking at Herbal Essences.
06:22 First off they're telling us, "loosen up.
06:24 It's not that deep."
06:26 You know what I mean?
06:27 And then secondly for a gender
06:30 who is traditionally depleted of sexual pleasure,
06:36 if you will-- the guys usually get theirs
06:38 but women don't get theirs--
06:40 Herbal Essence is trying to say,
06:41 you know, go get yours, too.
06:42 You can get yours.
06:44 So when we think about women's lib
06:46 or think about women's liberation
06:48 both these commercials are saying to me,
06:50 "It's not that deep.
06:51 You need to get pleased as well."
06:54 And so I'm thinking that this is like
06:55 a individualistic type selfishness
06:59 that is-- it's teaching me--
07:01 What's the problem with this message?
07:02 Well, you know, the thing is what's happening is
07:06 all of our young people because, you know,
07:07 the stat say we're watching
07:09 an average of between 6 and 8 hours of TV almost every day.
07:13 And so in between what we're watching,
07:15 usually even the TV shows themselves
07:17 are carrying with them these inappropriate messages
07:21 concerning sex or having some truth about sex mixed up in,
07:27 you know, some non-truths.
07:28 But not only that but in between the shows
07:31 you have the commercials.
07:32 So I think what the biggest issue is
07:34 we are being bombarded through the media,
07:37 which we all are very connected to,
07:39 whether it's our cell phone, iPad, with an ideology.
07:42 And what's happening is if the media is so successful
07:46 in the ideology what else are the kids,
07:50 the young people, even adults,
07:52 of course, what are they getting?
07:53 Because they're getting that one aspect
07:54 and that's where, you know,
07:56 I think this show, you know, this program in the church
07:59 has to be able to combat.
08:01 Okay, you're getting bombarded with this message
08:03 but here's another message, you know, about that.
08:05 So what is the message that we're getting
08:07 from media concerning sex?
08:10 Because it's funny because, you know,
08:12 no matter how strong we may feel that we are,
08:17 you know, the Bible's very clear
08:18 that by beholding you become changed.
08:20 And so if I'm sitting in front of television,
08:21 I'm watching this stuff.
08:23 I'm listening to it on the radio.
08:24 You know, I got it on my iPad, on my iPod.
08:26 I'm looking at it in the movie theater.
08:28 If I'm listening to this it's having an affect on me
08:30 whether I want it to or not.
08:31 So the question is what ultimately is the message
08:34 that the world is telling us about sex through the media.
08:38 I think the first thing that jumps off for me
08:39 is that everybody is doing it. Okay.
08:41 As you look at the commercials there's a wide array of people
08:45 who are engaged either in some form of foreplay
08:48 or actual full on. And so--
08:50 Well, if you're not doing it, if everyone's not doing it,
08:52 something's wrong with you if you're not doing it.
08:54 Right, so yeah, if I'm not doing it
08:55 there's something wrong with me.
08:57 I need to get with the program, you know.
08:59 And this product can help me get with the program.
09:02 You know what I'm saying?
09:03 Another one is that there's a possibility
09:05 to achieve pleasure without refinement.
09:08 So you have a lot of people I think that look at God's law
09:12 as something that's keeping me from pleasure.
09:15 It's like prolonged reward.
09:18 I have to wait to get to heaven to live in that perfect utopia.
09:22 So what God requires is no,
09:24 there's a time of refinement and then you get pleasure.
09:27 When you say refinement what do you mean?
09:29 There's a time where you have to be reformed, rebuilt,
09:32 born again is the phrase that is out there
09:35 but really He has to take some time to shaping you
09:38 and to fashion you and that is uncomfortable.
09:41 So if we look at sexuality as something to be engaged in,
09:45 in marriage you're saying, no,
09:47 first you have to go through
09:48 the refinement of building that relationship,
09:50 finding a soul-mate, all of that, then pleasure comes.
09:53 The world's like, "Oh, bunk the refinement.
09:54 Let's go to pleasure."
09:56 Let' spray on some Axe.
09:57 And that's the important thing because within 30 seconds
10:00 you're getting the message--
10:01 you're getting a complete story that really should take years--
10:04 Years to build.
10:06 Lifetime to build but I see it quick
10:07 and when I'm bombarded with that,
10:09 what the media, their success really is I believe
10:11 is getting us to see something so much
10:13 that we feel we have to have it right now.
10:16 And there's a battle with that
10:18 because not only am I seeing that
10:19 but my body actually at certain times
10:21 as I'm growing up is responding to it and saying,
10:24 "Yeah, I do," because we were made
10:26 and we're not afraid to say as the Bible makes it very clear
10:28 that we were made to create.
10:30 There's a desire in us to do that.
10:32 And what they--what they're doing to me
10:34 is I think they play off of that and let's not--
10:37 I don't think we should kid ourselves into thinking
10:38 they don't look at those things and say,
10:41 you know, yes, of course,
10:42 we believe in that, maybe even some of them do understand
10:44 we're created this way.
10:46 And so we can just keep pushing it,
10:48 pushing it, pushing it
10:49 and it no longer becomes something
10:50 that we should wait for but I've got to get it,
10:52 get it right now because media is all about fast.
10:54 It's all about getting fast, fast, fast.
10:56 And, you know--and I was just going to add on to that,
10:57 that, you know, it's just with,
10:59 you know, that everyone is searching for fulfillment
11:02 and it's just kind of a shortcut
11:04 so I can actually just get fulfillment instantly
11:07 by just engaging in this type of activity
11:11 as opposed to just the time, just putting in the effort,
11:15 making all the necessary deposits
11:18 so that I can actually have the truth
11:20 So it's just saying let's skip everything.
11:22 Let's skip all of the necessary time
11:25 it takes to really build a relationship
11:27 and actually have commitment and just--
11:29 you can just have it right now. Yeah.
11:31 You know, it's interesting, I think that,
11:32 you know, behind that message
11:35 it's almost like the world is telling us that your sexuality,
11:40 your desire, your urges or whatever
11:43 that it's for one purpose
11:45 and that's just to satisfy your own sexual urges,
11:48 your own sexual pleasure.
11:49 So your sexuality is for your sexual pleasure.
11:51 And they're telling us that listen
11:53 there's nothing wrong with you being pleased.
11:54 There's nothing wrong with you going out and getting yours.
11:56 There's nothing wrong with,
11:57 you know, you having sexual escapades or hooking up,
12:00 one-night stands or however you want to slice it.
12:05 And it's interesting how the world,
12:06 they sell sex within the context of singles
12:10 but they don't try to sell sex within the context of marriage.
12:13 Right. I mean, you notice that?
12:15 I mean it's a powerful point
12:16 because what they really almost show is that
12:19 you have more sex before marriage
12:21 and when you get married it just all stops, you know.
12:24 That's what he tries to do
12:28 You want to be Mary Magdalene before you get married
12:31 and then become Mary, the mother of Jesus.
12:37 But I remember-- I know we were talking--
12:40 I think, Lola, you were mentioning
12:42 the idea of what they say.
12:44 You know, the idea of sex outside marriage is better--
12:48 we don't promote that in marriage.
12:50 But there was something I remember you were saying
12:51 about how the longer couples something--
12:53 something along those lines.
12:55 Oh, okay, because statistically--
12:56 They don't promote that.
12:58 Right. Statistically it's shown that sex is something
13:00 that grows better with age, kind of like,
13:02 you know, other products, getting better with age.
13:06 And so-- Thank you, Lord.
13:07 Yeah. I wasn't sure if I should say that.
13:10 So the longer a couple is together,
13:13 the longer a married couple is together,
13:16 the better it gets.
13:17 Better the sex gets.
13:19 But what the media tells us is that
13:20 it's the instant gratification of that first time,
13:23 a new person, a new escapade with someone else,
13:26 you know, that variety is what makes it great.
13:29 What we find when we do our research
13:31 that it's the longer we have one partner and we've learned
13:34 from one another that it actually gets better.
13:37 And based on the media standpoint
13:39 they need to make us think opposite than that
13:42 because that doesn't sell.
13:44 The whole sex industry has to make money.
13:47 So a lot of the things that they're showing us
13:49 in the entertainment industry is not
13:51 because they themselves believe in it.
13:53 We see this all the time with certain CEOs of companies
13:56 that are selling products that they don't use
13:58 because they understand the negative effect.
14:01 But they understand, no, if I sell it this way
14:04 I'll make a lot of money.
14:06 If I'm just with this partner for 20 years
14:08 I'm not going to make money,
14:10 just like if I can wear these pair of shoes for 20 years
14:12 the company is not making no money.
14:13 But, you know, the old adage goes,
14:15 "Forbidden fruit is all the more sweet."
14:17 And so having something that I can have is not very exciting
14:22 but getting something that I'm not supposed to have,
14:24 getting something that's supposed
14:26 to be out of my reach, that's what sells.
14:28 And that's why the media will go with that
14:30 because it's not really something
14:32 you're supposed to have
14:33 but it's sweeter because it's forbidden, if you will.
14:36 Mm-hmm, that's good.
14:37 So what then is--
14:39 you know, we know that we're sexual beings.
14:40 We were born this way.
14:43 We're wired to relate to each other based on our sexuality.
14:47 So I'm a man and so I'm going to relate to the world as a man.
14:52 And as a man I have certain urges and desires
14:55 that the world plays on to get me to buy certain products.
14:57 And they're telling me--
14:59 they're sending me a message that says,
15:00 basically, you're a man, you know.
15:02 You deserve to get yours, you know.
15:04 It's my right, especially if my wife doesn't want
15:06 to give me any it's my right to go get some
15:08 wherever I can get it from.
15:09 So that's what the world is saying.
15:11 What then is the opposite message?
15:13 What then should the--what should the church be saying?
15:15 I mean why did God--
15:16 you know, what's the point of our sexuality?
15:18 Why did God create us as sexual beings?
15:21 Yeah, well, I finished this somewhere along,
15:24 you know, those lines.
15:26 The topic is what God has called us for even in our sexuality.
15:29 I love the name of the program, is to be pure.
15:32 I mean even in our sexuality we're to be pure.
15:34 You know, Paul tells us in Philippians,
15:36 you know, whatsoever is good, whatsoever is pure,
15:39 whatsoever is holy think on these things.
15:42 And so while we are getting the desire from the media
15:47 we got to understand that
15:49 when that kind of stuff gets in our minds,
15:51 even all the time if I'm reckless--
15:52 I want to be clear.
15:53 Some folk, I think, may be sitting at home thinking,
15:55 "Okay, well, I'm not having sex.
15:56 So this does not apply to me."
15:58 But what you're watching in this media
16:01 is not contributing to your purity
16:03 which is what Christ is really after.
16:04 He's not after you just keeping out of bed.
16:06 As a matter of fact the Message Bible
16:08 where Christ says don't think you've preserved
16:10 your virtue by staying out of bed.
16:14 You know, those leering looks that nobody notices,
16:17 those also are corrupt, too.
16:18 That's, you know, in the Message Bible
16:20 when Jesus is speaking the beatitudes.
16:21 So I think the thing is
16:23 we've got to start to replace that
16:26 which the media is giving us in our minds
16:28 with other things that are pure.
16:30 And I think it's just a principle
16:32 that should apply across the board.
16:34 Whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is holy,
16:35 those are the things we've got to go ahead and think.
16:37 It's crazy, man.
16:39 The world literally just jacks us up.
16:40 I mean from birth they're just really getting us--
16:43 they're really-- they socialize us to believe
16:46 that my sexuality is all about my sexuality,
16:50 me being pleased when ultimately I really believe
16:52 that our sexuality is for the sole point
16:54 of being able to connect with God.
16:56 So when you look at a husband and a wife
16:57 and the way they love each other
16:59 and are committed to each other
17:01 and are in a monogamous relationship God is saying,
17:03 "Listen, that depth of love I want with you.
17:06 You know, I want to experience that with you."
17:07 That's the same depth of love that the Father and the Son
17:10 and the Holy Spirit experience
17:11 where you have three separate persons
17:13 but yet they are all same, one.
17:16 You know, it's interesting because that the world,
17:17 they wire us in one way
17:19 and then in order to really understand what God's idea is,
17:21 of course, we have to be unwired
17:23 and then rewired according to what God's plan
17:24 is for our lives, so.
17:26 The world just throws us a curveball, man,
17:28 and, you know, it's unfortunate
17:29 but that this is what we have to deal with.
17:30 But, you know, I think that through God
17:32 we can have a correct understanding
17:33 of who we are as sexual beings
17:35 so that we can express ourselves appropriately in Christ.
17:38 I'm so glad that we have a studio audience with us today.
17:40 And we have a question coming from our studio audience
17:42 so we're gonna turn to my man in the mic
17:44 and let us know what's on your mind.
17:46 Hello. My name is Darrell Anderson.
17:49 I'm a senior broadcast journalism major
17:51 here at Oakwood University
17:52 and I have a question about--
17:55 I hear what you all are saying
17:57 about the industry and how sex sells.
17:59 For myself who's about to go into the professional world,
18:02 how do I keep my Christian values
18:06 and morals without selling out when everything you see
18:10 that's on television have to do with sex?
18:13 That was a good question.
18:14 Yeah. Any takers?
18:16 Well, I mean first I'm thinking that you have to
18:20 be rooted and grounded in who you believe you are in Christ
18:25 because you're going into an industry where money is king.
18:29 And if you want to make quick money then sex
18:32 or selling sex is the easy way.
18:35 But if you want to be--
18:37 you want to ensure that you are grounded in who you are,
18:42 who you believe you are in Christ
18:44 then you're not allowing money to be your king
18:47 but Christ is your king and you want to honor Him
18:49 in everything that you do.
18:51 Yeah. I think obviously that's definitely the first base.
18:54 It's got to be found in Christ.
18:56 The other thing I think
18:57 will be a little more also very practical, too,
19:00 is get to know other people who are already,
19:03 you know, doing just that.
19:05 And when I say other people,
19:06 you know, maybe not simply only other Christians
19:09 but other Christians who believe like you believe.
19:12 You know, just an example,
19:13 a gentleman in my church DeVon Franklin,
19:15 he's a VP at Sony Pictures.
19:17 And he's got a awesome book called "Produced by Faith."
19:20 And for instance his first chapter in the book
19:22 is pretty much dealing with how he kept the Sabbath
19:24 while he was working,
19:26 you know, on the film and those different kinds of things.
19:27 And how he keeps his integrity
19:30 and how you don't need to lose your faith to be successful,
19:33 you know, in the world.
19:35 And I mean I'd like to encourage with that
19:36 because what I don't like is the media
19:39 only gives us one aspect.
19:42 Not only because I think they know that's what sells
19:44 but we don't have enough people
19:46 who have that solid base in Christ
19:49 who are there to maybe even influence
19:51 what it is that's put out there.
19:53 So I mean imagine if, you know--
19:55 I'm not sure what area you want to go into
19:56 but your commercials or whatever it is start blowing up
20:00 you're saying, "Well, wait a second,
20:01 we don't have to be ignorant.
20:02 We don't have to be that way.
20:04 There's a whole other audience
20:05 that we can market to and do that.
20:07 So I would definitely encourage you to do that
20:09 and just know that if God is calling you to that
20:12 you don't have to comprise to be successful.
20:15 He'll make a way for it for that to happen.
20:16 And I just want to harp on that as well.
20:18 I think that no matter what industry you go in,
20:21 whether it's Hollywood or media or business or law,
20:25 no matter what field, even if you go into ministry
20:27 you have to have the mindset as a Christian
20:28 that I'm not gonna compromise.
20:30 And the world they tell us that in order to get certain places
20:32 that you have to do certain things.
20:34 Well, the Bible gives us so many clear examples
20:36 with the three Hebrew boys,
20:38 with Daniel where these were men who were in politics
20:41 and they were like high--
20:43 Worldly places.
20:44 Worldly places. High in politics.
20:46 Joseph. Joseph, you know.
20:47 But they made a decision
20:48 that I'm not going to compromise my faith.
20:50 And because of that decision God was able to use them
20:53 in certain places that I can imagine he could use
20:55 other people who are gonna compromise.
20:57 So I think that, man, when we live in this world
21:00 we just have to have a determination
21:01 that I'm not selling out.
21:03 I know who I believe, what I believe in.
21:05 I know who I serve and I'm gonna let Him guide me.
21:08 And if I get the promotion, praise God.
21:10 If I don't get the promotion, praise God,
21:12 you know, because He's the one that orders my steps.
21:14 At the same time I do want to call out our church
21:19 on providing material for individual
21:22 striving for such an industry.
21:25 You asked the question earlier,
21:26 maybe this is just bringing it around,
21:29 about what is the church's response to the industry
21:33 that is so pervasive in the lives of our youth,
21:36 while the church's response should be to advertise as well.
21:40 An issue we have though is we don't have
21:43 anything to advertise.
21:44 So the people in the world
21:46 who are walking up and down streets with Axe on,
21:48 yeah, they're getting the ladies on them,
21:50 pulling at them, tugging on them.
21:52 But is the married brother having his wife
21:57 pulling on him, tugging on him?
21:59 Is the married sister benefiting from a brother
22:02 who's just trying to be all over her?
22:04 We have a responsibility as God's people to show
22:08 how fulfilling His plan can be for our life.
22:12 Absolutely. Yes.
22:13 Absolutely. We have another question.
22:15 We're gonna take it. Go ahead, my sister.
22:17 Hello, my question is since I am--
22:20 you know, a young person I was watching a lot of TV.
22:22 What do you suggest for me
22:24 who's on the other side of the television should I,
22:26 you know, limit what I watch, see what I watch?
22:29 Like what should I do as a person who's sitting there
22:31 watching these commercials
22:33 and these sexual innuendos in the commercials?
22:37 You know, I would just,
22:38 you know, encourage you to just develop a filter.
22:42 The thing is that, you know,
22:44 because this, it's just overwhelming.
22:47 You know, there's things which you can just eliminate,
22:50 you can just kind of know,
22:51 hey, this is something I should not delve in.
22:53 But just watching the-- just the course of the TV
22:54 on everyday basis, you're gonna be bombarded with things.
22:57 And I think that you just have to develop a filter
23:00 where you recognize and you know,
23:02 okay, that's something that's-- what are they trying to talk?
23:04 What are they trying to sell to me there?
23:06 What are they trying to expose me to there?
23:09 And just be conscious about it,
23:11 not just letting it just seep on the inside
23:14 but to watch it through a filter.
23:15 I would go a step further.
23:17 The Bible's very clear and I mentioned early
23:18 that by beholding we become changed.
23:20 And so I have to understand, okay,
23:22 my goal in life is to go to heaven.
23:24 I want to reflect the character of Christ.
23:26 And so I need to behold that
23:28 which will change me into the image.
23:30 So I can't just sit up there and just watch anything
23:34 and think that because I know what they're trying to do
23:36 that somehow it won't affect me.
23:38 I'll never forget one of my friends came to me.
23:39 She called me on the phone.
23:40 She said "Seth, I can't believe what's going on at my job."
23:42 I said "What?"
23:43 She said "There's basically a love triangle
23:45 where one person is sleeping with another person
23:47 who's sleeping with another person's boyfriend and husband.
23:49 And one person's boyfriend comes up during lunch
23:52 and hangs out with his wife
23:53 and then comes up at another lunch
23:55 and hangs out with his girlfriend.
23:57 I mean he was just--
23:58 she was just going on about this love triangle.
24:00 And so I was just trying to give her some counsel.
24:02 And after we hung up the phone,
24:03 I sat back and I thought about it.
24:04 I said "Man, where have I seen this before?"
24:06 And true to form I saw it in one of the latest episodes
24:09 of one of the latest sitcoms that was out there
24:11 where one person was sleeping with another person
24:12 who's sleeping with another person.
24:14 I said to myself,
24:15 "Wow, the devil is really feeding us his images
24:18 and he's downloading his message into our mind.
24:20 And because we're taking it in,
24:22 unknowingly we then reproduce it.
24:24 But, Seth, I think that's kind of the easy--
24:26 I mean we--there are certain things we absolutely know
24:29 that we probably shouldn't be watching.
24:31 It's the in-between. It's the in-between.
24:32 Right, so what I'm saying is that for,
24:33 you know, for a young person
24:35 that just is watching the Super Bowl
24:38 or just watching just something regular,
24:40 there's commercials that are constantly bombarding you.
24:42 And so what I'm saying is that
24:44 there's that first line of defense where,
24:46 yeah, there's just some things you know as a Christian,
24:49 as someone that's trying to be pure
24:51 that I shouldn't be engaged in.
24:53 But then there's just in the everyday
24:55 course of watching something,
24:57 I just think you just have to be aware
24:58 of what the industry's trying to do.
25:01 There's some statistics that I saw where they were talking
25:03 about just the billions of dollars
25:05 that are poured in to market to young people and teens
25:08 because they know there's a market there.
25:09 There's a lot of money to be made.
25:10 Just be aware of what they're trying to do.
25:13 Eliminate the obvious but then on just watching the news
25:17 or just regular television just be aware
25:19 that they're gonna be trying--
25:20 I guess what I'm saying is I'm not sure
25:22 that for the majority of people--
25:23 I know in my instance that the obvious is so obvious.
25:26 And so I take it that we have to even be even more intentional
25:30 about guarding the avenues.
25:31 Yet it may look obvious that okay,
25:33 this person's shacking up with this person.
25:35 And I shouldn't be watching it.
25:36 But I think the average person says
25:37 "Well, this won't affect me," you know.
25:39 And I talk to young people all the time who say,
25:40 "It's just a sitcom.
25:42 It's just for play."
25:43 And we only understand the impact
25:45 that the obvious has on our life. Right.
25:48 Whether, you know--I think those were both good points
25:51 I think whether it's obvious or not,
25:53 whatever goes in our minds in some way affects you. Right.
25:56 I don't care, you know, it could be positive,
25:58 it could be negative.
25:59 Whatever you let in someway is going to affect. It's there.
26:03 And so there has to be-- I love that word filter.
26:06 We have to teach the filtering, not the concept
26:09 that I know used to be when we were growing up,
26:11 "don't go watch it here
26:13 because there's something bad about the place."
26:14 Well, what's the content?
26:16 Whether it's at home, on your radio, whatever, it's content.
26:19 And I think the thing--
26:20 I don't think there's anything wrong with entertainment.
26:22 But we have to measure what we consider entertainment
26:25 against that filter which is going to be,
26:27 you know, the Word of God.
26:28 And I know the principle that just got me, is it pure?
26:31 Is it holy? Is it just? It can still be fun.
26:34 It's just helping me get closer. In some way.
26:37 And being closer to God doesn't necessarily always mean
26:40 it's got to be a Bible study. Right.
26:41 You know what I mean?
26:43 I mean when I see a holistic television show maybe
26:46 and maybe you can thrown one out there
26:47 I mean there was some very good moral
26:49 and you even had God thrown in there sometimes like "The Cosby
26:53 Show." You know, there were some things, they did show some realism some problems but
26:56 Actually you know what, they're trying to promote--
26:59 Yeah, this is a interesting topic.
27:00 And, you know, we're gonna have to keep wrestling with it.
27:02 We're gonna be here all season long, you know.
27:05 And so we want our audience to continue to tune in.
27:07 Unfortunately we're not going to be able to deal with
27:08 this thing in the level that we want to in one episode.
27:10 So I'm sorry, you've got to come back, you know.
27:12 You've got to come back and join us next week,
27:14 same time, same place.
27:16 And we're gonna still be delving into it.
27:17 So we're grateful that you joined us today
27:19 where our goal here at "Pure Choice"
27:21 is just to really help you make pure choices.
27:24 And so we're thankful that you're here
27:26 and we pray that we'll see you again. Praise God.


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