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Participants: Pr. Joshua Nelson (Host), Dominique Diambois, DonnaKaye Scarlett, Lauldi Nedd


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:41 Hello and welcome to Pure Choices.
00:43 I'm your host Pastor Joshua Nelson.
00:45 And I'm just so excited
00:46 that you decided to join us today.
00:48 We have an exciting program for you today.
00:51 We have a group from, all the way from Miami, Florida
00:54 called Pure Reality,
00:55 not to be confused with Pure Choices,
00:57 and they are wearing their nice shirts.
01:01 I tried to match them today
01:02 but I don't got the logo on mine
01:04 but so happy to have you all here today on the set
01:07 and just want to hear a little bit
01:10 about Pure Choices, Pure Reality, excuse me.
01:12 Pure Reality is a program in Miami
01:16 that talks about purity.
01:18 And so we're excited to have you here today.
01:22 Maybe just start and tell me a little bit
01:23 about your journeys and how you got here?
01:26 And why this is a passion for you to talk about purity?
01:30 Well, my name is Donnakaye
01:31 and when I look at some of our experiences in life,
01:36 we all come up with labels.
01:38 There are just certain labels that are put on us
01:40 just based on what we've been through.
01:42 And for me as a single parent starting with that,
01:47 I just think about the journey that I've come through
01:50 from the things that have happened to me personally
01:53 and as being a Christian and reconciling
01:55 that God loves me from being a product of rape
01:59 to molestation, incest, just my own choices that I made
02:05 because of that and looking up
02:07 and trying to say, "God, where are you?"
02:10 And when finding out that God loves me,
02:13 He loves me just as I am
02:15 and that He can take everything.
02:17 The some of all those experiences,
02:18 all the labels that tried to hold me down
02:21 that he could take those things
02:22 and decide that, "You know what?
02:24 Through you, I'm going to answer
02:27 the desire of your heart
02:28 and that is that other young people
02:29 can be enlightened and empowered
02:31 from very young age.
02:32 So that they can understand that no matter what happens,
02:35 I am God and I can make something beautiful from it."
02:37 Amen. Amen. Powerful.
02:41 Someone else wanna share?
02:43 Miss. Dominique?
02:45 Yes, my name is Dominique,
02:47 and my story is a little bit different,
02:53 and a little bit similar.
02:54 So I did experience some molestation as a child.
03:00 My parents are divorced and at a very young age
03:03 they were separated,
03:05 so I grew up with my mother, mostly.
03:09 And so many things happened in my childhood
03:12 that really collide my experience.
03:14 So when I had my own children,
03:16 I got married and I had my children,
03:19 I was very fearful that what happened to me
03:22 would happen with them.
03:24 So at a very young age it was my duty to teach them
03:29 and empower them without exposing them
03:34 to withstand the lure of what is gold
03:38 and because it glitters.
03:40 Yeah.
03:42 And therefore, I found myself needing to speak to them
03:47 from the get-go about the true nature of sex,
03:51 the true nature of purity.
03:53 What it is that God expects from them?
03:55 And even in their decision making process
03:59 to make sure that they knew, what was the expectation
04:03 on their lives and what their purpose was.
04:06 So Pure Reality for us is a way to redirect children
04:10 that have not found that purpose
04:12 or don't know what God intends for their lives
04:15 and to give them a way to go.
04:18 Okay. That's beautiful. Lauldi?
04:20 Hi, my name is Lauldi,
04:22 and I grew up in a two-parent household,
04:25 parents are still married today.
04:27 And I believe that I represent the face
04:30 that most of us as Adventists
04:32 or people in society would want
04:35 as far as a household having two-parent household,
04:39 growing up the kids,
04:40 a Christian type of environment.
04:43 I really do believe despite having that,
04:47 I think my parents tried the best
04:49 that possible way to raise us as children.
04:51 But the one thing I would actually say
04:53 is the fact that they weren't open enough,
04:56 open enough to really dialogue about the issues and sexuality.
05:01 You know, we were told and I joke about this
05:04 with the girls all the time about,
05:05 you know, being a young lady and growing up
05:08 and no embarrassment to my mom.
05:10 But, you know, as a young lady, you know,
05:15 going through your menstrual period
05:16 and having that dialogue with your parent.
05:19 You would think they would sit down
05:21 and really talk to you about, you know,
05:23 sexuality and everything else.
05:25 And at that particular point in time, I mean,
05:27 it was something very, very basic.
05:30 You know, now is the times that you don't,
05:33 you know, talk to boys.
05:34 You know, you don't let a boy touch you.
05:36 And being so naive and silly, you know, you're like,
05:38 "Okay, you know what?
05:39 During that period time I can't talk to boys."
05:41 You know, as if osmosis was gonna occur.
05:43 But you know what?
05:45 I think that is so important
05:47 and one of the things that I've realized
05:49 is the fact that a lot of us as parents,
05:51 a lot of our parents do not talk to their kids.
05:53 And I really do believe
05:55 that as parents that's a major responsibility
05:57 that we hold as far as empowering our children
05:59 with the key tools on how to prevent situations
06:05 as it relates to the opposite sex.
06:07 So for me that's my critical emphasis
06:12 or passion as to the importance of parents
06:15 really dialoguing with their children.
06:17 Okay.
06:19 And I really appreciate your sharing,
06:20 you know, part of your story.
06:21 And I do want to just touch on what you just said
06:23 before we kind of go into a little more
06:25 about your ministry and Pure Reality.
06:28 When you just talked about how many parents
06:30 sometimes it's hard for them maybe to discuss these things
06:33 with their kid, why is that?
06:35 You know, why is that? Any one wanna just share it?
06:36 Why do you think that is, that it's just so hard
06:39 for that to be discussed?
06:40 Because the world had made sex something
06:44 that is nasty and dirty,
06:46 even though it's something that is beautiful
06:48 that God has created.
06:49 And when sex happens within the confines of marriage
06:53 as God intended it to be, it's a beautiful thing.
06:56 But because everything God does has a counterfeit.
07:00 The devil has created this illusion
07:02 that sex is dirty and should be hidden,
07:05 and so parents developed the shame
07:08 about talking to their children about sex.
07:11 Furthermore, nobody wants their children to know
07:14 their own deficiencies.
07:16 So as parents we're afraid for them
07:19 to see the transparency in us
07:21 and our vulnerability and where we've been.
07:24 So we hide it and cover it
07:25 and in order not to expose ourselves
07:28 and confront our own issues,
07:30 then we shield our children completely from the topic.
07:33 Right.
07:34 And, Donnakaye, I think you'd mentioned something
07:36 about this when we were talking before on just about, you know,
07:39 hiding things or, you know,
07:42 why do we feel a need to do that?
07:45 People feel a need to hide
07:48 because they don't understand
07:50 the full scope of what they're dealing with.
07:54 There is not a deeper understanding,
07:56 there's pain, there's hurt,
07:57 there are issues and so therefore,
07:59 basically we tend to cover up.
08:01 It goes back to the garden, you know, Adam and Eve,
08:04 when Eve bought the fruit and they bit that fruit,
08:08 automatically their eyes were opened
08:11 and they felt this need,
08:13 you know, to cover up.
08:14 And so it's a natural thing that comes because of sin,
08:19 and when you look at the family,
08:22 this is where the church starts.
08:23 And if in the family things are being covered up,
08:26 and they're hidden, then the church as a whole
08:28 cannot confront what it cannot deal with.
08:31 And things that are covered,
08:32 they don't heal well and so therefore,
08:34 we tend to go ahead and hide
08:36 because it's the natural inclination
08:38 that is within us
08:39 forgetting that as Christians we are empowered
08:41 by the power of the Holy Spirit,
08:43 to call sin by its right name,
08:45 and to fight a spiritual warfare
08:47 that we can tear down whatever stronghold.
08:50 Amen. And that's so true.
08:53 We wanna talk a little more about that
08:54 before we go into that, I want to really just talk
08:57 about what is Pure Reality?
08:58 You know, what is the ministry that you all have,
09:01 you know, presented to us?
09:03 And really how did it start? You know, what was it really?
09:06 You got to tell me a little story about,
09:07 kind of, how it started?
09:08 And why you felt a passion to talk about this subject?
09:11 So who wants to share?
09:13 Lauldi, you're smiling, you wanna share?
09:14 Okay. Go ahead.
09:15 Well, we started about 10 years ago
09:18 and the emphasis with Pure Reality
09:22 is really dealing with issues of sexual immorality
09:25 and teaching purity as a lifestyle.
09:28 That's the basis.
09:30 And we actually cater to the ages of 12 to 24.
09:34 I believe that God led these powerful women here
09:38 next to me together really, we come with different phases.
09:41 We represent different aspects of the family.
09:45 And I think what makes us different
09:47 is the fact that we are parents.
09:49 We have our love for our children
09:51 and we want to be able to deal with the issues
09:54 that we ourselves probably didn't have
09:56 and be able to empower our children to be better.
09:59 So at the time we both, we all actually had teenagers.
10:03 I think my older daughter was probably about 14
10:06 and probably making 15 at the time.
10:08 And, you know, there was just some big need
10:12 I believe for addressing that issue.
10:15 Now you're having teenagers and thinking about boys
10:18 and it's like, wow, holy book.
10:20 So you were just afraid,
10:21 you don't want them to get involved
10:22 with some of the boys you saw in there.
10:24 You know, seriously,
10:25 I was not ready as a parent to like,
10:27 see my kids starting to think about dating at all.
10:30 And that scared me and then, of course, of the fact that,
10:32 you know, HIV, AIDS and all these different issues
10:36 as it relates to sexual, you know, deviant behavior
10:41 that my kids could be exposed to those type of things.
10:43 So for me that was a big, big issue
10:45 and I remember distinctly
10:47 and I was sharing this with these ladies earlier.
10:50 Back then, I remember there was a school
10:53 that was very close to our church
10:56 and they had these high statistics
10:58 of over 67% of the graduating class
11:00 had HIV and that scared me to death.
11:03 Sure.
11:04 I was like, "Wow, my child is a teenager,
11:07 what are the chances of her interacting
11:10 or meeting one of these kids from the school
11:12 and possibly even dating them?
11:14 And when I felt that as a parent
11:16 it was extremely important at that time
11:18 to actually address the issues,
11:19 make our kids be more aware of dating,
11:22 and all of the issues as it relates to purity.
11:26 So you say we got to do something.
11:27 We got to address this. We got to do something.
11:29 Hey, let's just move on this.
11:30 Let's start talking and dialoging.
11:32 So you all were talking together? Okay.
11:33 And funny enough I would say
11:35 that our friendship really wasn't a deep friendship,
11:39 we knew each other from church,
11:42 but I believe in interacting and talking
11:46 we started clicking really.
11:48 And I really do believe
11:50 that God really led
11:51 the three of us together with our stories
11:54 and seeing the world from a different perspective.
11:58 And to be totally honest with you,
12:00 I remember as we got together to really pursue this
12:05 and go before the church as to,
12:07 "Hey, we need to start something."
12:10 We got a lot of pushback.
12:11 Yeah. We got a lot of pushback.
12:13 We didn't get a lot of buy in.
12:16 As a matter of fact as we sat to really dialogue
12:18 about what this would look like.
12:20 Our initial intent was to really pursue...
12:23 The girls. A girl's, a girl's emphasis.
12:27 And as we dialogue more we realized that,
12:29 "Hey, you know what?
12:30 We're gonna be teaching these girls.
12:32 What we need to be teaching them
12:33 and they're coming back with the same boys.
12:35 Right. Right.
12:36 So we're like, "Hey, we got to do something."
12:37 So we actually got together and decided,
12:39 "Hey, we gonna definitely put together a ministry
12:42 or retreat for girls and boys.
12:44 Okay. And...
12:45 So talk about that pushback a little bit.
12:48 You know, what was kind of the reasons
12:50 why maybe people didn't like the idea
12:53 that you all were coming together
12:54 and wanted to talk about the subject.
12:56 Sex in church is taboo. Okay.
12:59 You don't talk about sex from the pulpit.
13:01 And 10 years ago,
13:03 you didn't even mention anything sexual at all
13:06 and it was scary for people.
13:09 And so again the exposure and the transparency
13:13 that has to come through, people were very shy about it.
13:18 They didn't want their children,
13:19 they thought their children were not exposed
13:21 to this kind of behavior.
13:23 When children everywhere watch television,
13:26 listen to music,
13:28 and even just from the lyrics of today's music
13:32 can have a whole curriculum about sexual behavior.
13:36 Right. You don't need to see anything.
13:38 On top of it,
13:40 we have encountered a lot of parents
13:41 who do not talk to their children about sex,
13:44 and who do not expose their children
13:46 to what real intimacy is in the home.
13:50 I have met young men who are in their 20's,
13:53 who have never seen their parents
13:55 have an embracing moment.
13:59 And so there was a deficiency in the church body
14:04 related to intimacy, relationship, sex
14:08 and so people did not want
14:11 their deficiencies to be exposed.
14:13 Right.
14:15 Or having to confront their children about it.
14:17 So there was a lot of fear, little skepticism about it,
14:19 but you'll press forward.
14:20 Okay. Go ahead.
14:21 From what kind of happened is I believe that
14:24 when God is setting anything up
14:27 in order to help humans to see it from all angles,
14:32 He allows our humanness to come into play
14:35 and so what I feel
14:37 is that the Holy Spirit really wanted us to see the full scale
14:40 of how warfare was right there within the church
14:43 and not even dealing with what's in the world,
14:45 but right there in the church.
14:47 And so because of it, while we deal with 12 to 24,
14:51 it helped us to realize
14:52 that there needed to be a broader issue.
14:55 Because not only were the girls,
14:57 would girls come back to the same boys
14:59 but coming back to the same home,
15:00 you come back to the same leadership.
15:02 So the Holy Spirit use that to illuminate
15:04 and say to us, it's not just about 12 to 24,
15:08 it's about cradle to grave
15:10 and it's actually about cradle to grave
15:11 because of the fact that, let me tell you something,
15:14 in dealing with the children
15:16 the parents are going to be listening.
15:18 So I'm gonna need to deal with the parents
15:20 but, you know what, as humans and we can say this today
15:23 as humans when we're saying
15:25 that we're dealing with the children,
15:26 it brings the guard of the parent down.
15:28 And so they are able to receive
15:30 because God knows how to get each of us,
15:33 and then in dealing with parents,
15:34 now you're dealing with leadership.
15:36 And because it's about the children,
15:37 it's about the parents,
15:39 then it brings the guard of leadership down
15:40 and their ears are open.
15:41 And so in that way the Lord is getting the exposure
15:45 that He needs to touch each and every life
15:48 because of the structure of how our program is built.
15:51 Right. Right. Okay.
15:52 You know, because of the structure.
15:54 So let's talk about that.
15:55 When you talk about that structure a little bit,
15:56 you know, how is it structured?
15:58 And what makes your program may be different
15:59 than some other maybe retreat or other workshop out there?
16:05 What is it that really makes Pure Reality, Pure Reality?
16:09 There's a couple of things with Pure Reality.
16:12 We teach only abstinence, there is a lot of programs
16:15 that teach abstinence plus.
16:17 Meaning you have it and out.
16:19 You have "Just in case."
16:22 We don't believe that there is a just in case
16:24 in God's law.
16:26 It is what it is,
16:27 and God empowers us to follow His law.
16:30 So our Pure Reality does not compromise purity,
16:34 and does not preach that,
16:36 just in case you decide to try it,
16:39 then use this or that.
16:40 There is no such thing.
16:42 And also we think that purity is not just,
16:46 not doing sex like Pastor Kelly said,
16:50 "Purity is not the absence of something,
16:53 it's the presence of someone."
16:55 And so Pure Reality teaches you
16:58 that your relationship with Jesus Christ
17:01 is what causes you to be pure
17:04 because impurity cannot stand in presence of God.
17:07 And so your purity is dependent
17:11 on your relationship with Christ.
17:13 So the deeper your relationship with Christ,
17:15 the stronger you are and your desire to be pure.
17:19 And the more you are able to sustain
17:21 and withstand that upfront of the devil.
17:26 Okay. Amen.
17:27 And a part of what also makes us different
17:29 is that the components of how we teach, what we teach.
17:33 Because it's not just,
17:34 "Our emphasis is not on abstinence,"
17:36 as she said our emphasis is on relationship.
17:39 And our emphasis is on the fact
17:41 that we use this word sex so loosely,
17:43 but it's really about intimacy.
17:45 It's really about
17:46 an intimate relationship with God,
17:48 in order to understand who you are,
17:51 and it's not just about sex
17:52 because there's a whole arena of choices out there
17:56 that may not be of a sexual nature
18:00 but may lead you to a sexual act
18:03 because of your other choices.
18:04 And so therefore, we address and we give a place,
18:08 what makes it different.
18:09 We give young people a place of security
18:13 where I can come to you,
18:15 and a young lady can come to us and say, my arms, I cut them
18:19 because this is the only way that I can release the pain,
18:22 and there is no condemnation.
18:24 I can then talk to this young lady,
18:27 the Lord has just, I just, I'm just so excited
18:30 when I think about what God has done because He showed us.
18:33 We have to have it in a mentored fashion.
18:35 So we have the mentorship,
18:36 we have professionals that are on our staff.
18:40 We have people that are trained by, you know,
18:43 by the educational system
18:45 and then those that the Holy Spirit
18:46 has just empowered
18:47 and so we have levels of security.
18:49 We have everything in place that the Lord has told us
18:52 and that the Holy Spirit had said,
18:53 "This is what they need in order to be safe,
18:56 in order for their eyes to be open."
18:58 And we take that and it's not just anyone thing,
19:02 it's a combination of a group of things
19:06 that really just set young people in a place
19:08 of being able to say,
19:09 "I can be transparent because you've been transparent."
19:12 Amen. That's powerful.
19:13 And I wanna talk a little bit as we're going to our close.
19:16 What are some stories maybe you can share with us,
19:19 some success stories about what this program,
19:21 this ministry has done?
19:23 What you've seen actually happened through the spirit?
19:26 Breaking down on strongholds.
19:29 Mercy.
19:32 Sometimes we see young man,
19:33 for me one of the most powerful experiences
19:35 is to be able to see young man, ages 16 and up,
19:40 even 20 year olds, just breaking down.
19:46 You know, a lot of times we think
19:48 and we started talking earlier about the taboos,
19:50 and the girls, and I think even as a church
19:52 or community or society,
19:54 we always put this onus on females
19:57 as if we're the ones always at fault,
19:58 we're the ones that have to have our stuff straight
20:00 so that the guys won't fall, you know,
20:03 but a lot of our young men are struggling.
20:05 And for me this hold, just Pure Reality
20:10 and this whole stuff have taught me a lot
20:12 about not being judgmental.
20:15 And understanding how people's backgrounds,
20:18 their households, what they live,
20:20 the experiences that they with their parents
20:22 or don't have with their parents,
20:25 things that causes them to act out,
20:28 things that causes them to get into pornography,
20:31 things that cause them
20:32 to have promiscuous behavior or lifestyles.
20:34 Right.
20:36 You know, homosexuality, lesbianism, I mean, name it.
20:41 And just to see sometimes these young men
20:43 that probably don't have father figures
20:45 that found themselves just looking for love
20:47 in all the wrong places.
20:49 Finding out that, you know, we talked about this
20:51 all pure generation concept
20:54 but, you know, technically speaking again
20:57 I don't have to lose my sexuality to show
21:00 that I'm really a man, what makes me a man.
21:03 And being able to see they're saying, you know,
21:05 hey, you know, I hurt.
21:08 You know, every time I did, I have a sexual...
21:13 Interaction?
21:14 Encounter that it wasn't necessarily something
21:17 that made me feel masculine or feel good about myself
21:20 that I do suffer with guilt.
21:22 And being able to let go of themselves.
21:25 Okay.
21:26 Again what makes it different
21:27 is that our speakers are extremely transparent.
21:30 You don't find that in every kind of arena
21:33 or retreat that you go to.
21:35 So it puts the kids at the place
21:36 where they feel comfortable.
21:38 Sometimes our speakers might be people
21:40 that may have also suffer from molestation
21:44 or domestic violence.
21:46 And a lot of our children believe it or not
21:47 are in those same types of environments.
21:51 We do statistics every year
21:53 and funny enough we just did our last,
21:56 I was just getting some numbers from our last survey.
21:59 And on an average we have about 400 young people
22:02 that come to these retreats.
22:04 And got some numbers between the ages of 14 to 17,
22:09 actually under 18, we had about 47% of our young people
22:13 who're already sexually active within that age group.
22:17 One in three of our young ladies
22:20 have had some type of exposure
22:22 to some type of molestations or rape.
22:26 Now these are numbers that's in our church,
22:29 even though our retreat it's actually open
22:31 not just to the church members,
22:32 it's also open to the community.
22:34 We have a large not just in the Florida
22:37 but we have a pretty large cross-section
22:40 of different people coming to the retreat.
22:43 We have folks that are coming from the Islands as well,
22:46 from Jamaica, from the Barbados,
22:48 we have from Bahamas.
22:50 Exactly, we have people that travel all over the place.
22:52 But we actually do the surveys
22:54 and our surveys reflect some of the same issues
22:57 that we have in our regular community.
22:59 So we have some critical issues.
23:00 So, yeah, what makes it powerful?
23:02 What's, as far as the experience
23:04 that I see in these kids having breakthrough.
23:06 For me Pure Reality is about breaking the cycle,
23:09 to me it's about starting new legacies.
23:11 Despite the hurt that you have gone through
23:14 that you can make a difference in your family.
23:16 So, you know, if anything if I were to say
23:21 at the end of the day, what's the success,
23:23 is being able to see these kids saying,
23:24 "Hey, I can break this cycle today,
23:27 I can make it different,
23:28 I can make my family look different."
23:30 So...
23:31 And it changes who they are, it change the reality, really.
23:33 It changes their whole perspective.
23:35 It definitely does.
23:36 And again when we look
23:37 at the large increase in divorce,
23:40 this stuff is hitting us right here in a church.
23:42 Okay.
23:44 Our numbers almost equivalent to what it is out there
23:46 as far as that 50%.
23:48 So, hey, we're here trying to build healthy relationships
23:51 and therefore hopefully have situations
23:54 where our kids now have healthy marriages.
23:57 We want to be able to empower our children to the point
23:59 where they now have all the tools
24:02 to be able to have happy homes.
24:03 Amen.
24:04 As we're going to close,
24:06 you wanna go ahead and share one maybe another story
24:07 or something that took place.
24:09 Furthermore for when we look at our children
24:12 at Pure Reality, the beautiful thing for me
24:15 coming from the personal place inside of me
24:19 is to then now see young people embrace this message and say,
24:24 you know, I'm going To take that extra stance,
24:26 we have a treasure key ceremony that we do after the retreats
24:29 and take this extra stance to say,
24:31 I know that I can now be empowered,
24:33 and I have accountability, and I can remain pure,
24:36 I can talk through my choices with someone,
24:38 and I know that I have that power
24:40 of the Holy Sprit in my life.
24:41 But then the part that's really beautiful
24:43 is seeing the same young people that came to the retreat
24:47 and Satan's lies have been destroyed,
24:49 they have a new reality.
24:50 Then we train them and then they reach this generation.
24:55 Wow. Yeah.
24:57 Because young people will know how to reach young people.
24:59 So it's not about us giving them
25:02 or just facilitating a form for them,
25:04 them in turn taking and saying,
25:06 I'm going to take this and only a way
25:08 that young people can
25:10 and I'm going to impact my generation.
25:12 That's what discipleship is.
25:13 That's exactly what discipleship is.
25:15 And I'm gonna impact that
25:17 and it doesn't matter what my scars are.
25:20 Because we talk about a lot about the sexual component
25:22 like I said, we deal with purity
25:24 and purity is not just about sex.
25:25 Purity is about your choices on a day-to-day basis.
25:29 It's about that alcohol
25:30 that you're drinking behind there,
25:31 it's about the bulimia, it's about the cigarettes,
25:35 it's about so much more, it's about the thoughts,
25:38 the envy, malice, jealousy, and pride.
25:40 And it's a place to say, I'm not perfect,
25:42 but I'm learning and when I learn
25:44 and I empower someone else, then the Holy Spirit helps me
25:47 to be stronger in my work.
25:48 Amen. Amen.
25:50 And a perfect example of success to us
25:52 is the marriages.
25:54 Yeah.
25:55 So we've had a few marriages in the last few years.
25:57 And the young people who came to the Treasure Key Ceremony
26:01 where they receive a key in a box
26:04 that has a note in it to their future spouse,
26:07 promising to keep themselves on to that spouse.
26:09 That's awesome.
26:10 Whether or not they had kept themselves before,
26:13 there is a redemptive power in Pure Reality
26:15 and Jesus where He restores what the locust had taken.
26:20 And so these young people have now decided
26:23 whether or not they were sexually pure before,
26:26 to continue on the word of purity
26:29 and at the altar they exchange keys
26:32 with their partner, with their spouse.
26:34 And so we just feel extremely blessed
26:38 that God is allowing us
26:40 the opportunity to make a difference
26:42 and a new generation to tell others
26:45 that everybody is not doing it.
26:48 That's right.
26:50 Contrary to the message that is popular.
26:52 Everybody is not doing it.
26:54 Amen.
26:56 And there are some who decide
26:57 that they're gonna be like Joseph
26:58 and learn from Potiphar's wife.
27:00 The psalm will decide
27:02 that they're going to be like Esther
27:04 and live for the purpose
27:05 that God has created them to live
27:07 and just be there as a sample, just stand there for Christ,
27:12 and be a witness that purity is a lifestyle choice
27:16 that God had given us.
27:18 That's right. And it's a beautiful thing.
27:20 We are not just the children from our church
27:21 but as we explain the community when their eyes are just opened
27:26 and they're like, wow,
27:28 I have something different I can choose from.
27:30 Wow. That is so beautiful.
27:32 I just want to thank you, three of you,
27:33 the directors coming on and really just sharing with us
27:36 what you do with Pure Reality.
27:37 It's an awesome ministry.
27:39 And we're gonna keep you in prayer and just know
27:41 that God is gonna do something amazing with this.
27:42 So, well, that's our show for today
27:46 and I hope you enjoyed it,
27:47 and just remember to always stay pure
27:50 and make pure choices.
27:52 Until next time, God bless.


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