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Who Invented Sex? - Part 1

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Participants: Pr. Joshua Nelson (Host), Kimberly Pearson, Kory P. Douglas, Marquis Jackson


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:39 Hello, and welcome to Pure Choices,
00:41 I'm your host Pastor Joshua Nelson
00:43 and I'm so glad you decide to join us.
00:45 We have an exciting program lined up for you today.
00:48 We have a lot of guests here today,
00:50 my friends actually, so I'm really excited about this.
00:52 We can talk about making pure choices.
00:55 And so I just want to start by introducing our panel.
00:58 I'm gonna start with my brother,
00:59 my friend to my left here Kean Baxter,
01:03 who is an MDiv graduate at the seminary.
01:06 Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
01:07 And good friend of mine, good friend of mine.
01:08 We also now have over here our Pastor Marquis Jackson,
01:13 who is the pastor in the South Atlantic Conference
01:17 and we also have Chaplain Pearson--
01:21 Kim Pearson who is the assistance chaplain
01:23 at Oakwood University, and also we have K. P. Douglas.
01:28 Pastor Douglas, who is the Pastor
01:29 in Central States Conference.
01:31 And so we have a great panel for you,
01:33 this day and we just gonna right into our discussion.
01:36 We're talking todayabout sex,
01:38 and really talking about "Who Invented sex?"
01:41 That's our title for today.
01:42 "Who Invented Sex?"
01:44 And so we wanted to just start by just clearing the air.
01:46 What is sex?
01:48 Let's just talk about it. What is sex?
01:49 Not, not about what satan says sex is,
01:51 but what does God say, sex is? What is sex?
01:57 Sex is a connection of-- connection marriage
02:00 between man and woman.
02:01 God created in-- in creation of man and woman
02:05 be together and sex is used for procreation.
02:09 But also is an even for enjoyment.
02:11 Okay. Between husband and wife.
02:12 Okay, so you're saying that it is used for procreation,
02:16 but it's also some-- some level of enjoyment?
02:18 Okay, so in the Bible do we find
02:21 that God was the one that admitted sex?
02:24 Definitely.
02:26 Well, me now I think if you're a Christian
02:28 and then you have to go with that,
02:29 you know, I mean, we don't believe in evolution.
02:31 The bible says that you know, God gave Eve to Adam
02:34 and you know he told them be fulfill multiply eventually
02:36 but we have to believe if we are Christians
02:38 that God is the one who gave them
02:40 the gift of sex in the context.
02:43 I believe we should establish that as well
02:44 in the context of marriage.
02:45 Right, and that's an important point to make
02:48 because it was something that was made
02:51 when He brought the two together, right?
02:53 And so that's important for us to realize
02:55 so-- but we also what you said
02:57 Pastor Jackson was important
02:58 because you said it also was made for pleasure.
03:01 But do we have a problem with that,
03:03 to say, that God made sex for pleasure?
03:05 I think that would do, I think that,
03:08 you know, the word sex even has become so taboo
03:12 that we forget that-- yes,
03:14 God made it for procreation, but God made it to be
03:16 pleasurable and to be enjoyable, you known,
03:19 I think some times we take that dynamic out of it
03:22 make we'll make it something bad and something
03:24 you know, nasty and let's not talk about that.
03:26 But sex was made to be pleasurable, enjoyable.
03:29 When God made creation everything about creation
03:31 He said, it was good.
03:33 So that includes sex, and I think we forget that.
03:36 Maybe that's something do with the way that we view God.
03:38 We always view God as serious about business
03:42 but when we reflect on ourselves and we understand
03:47 that He made us in His image with these feelings,
03:52 with the sense of humor,
03:54 it has-- should help us
03:57 understand God better who He is.
03:59 What type of person He is.
04:00 Okay.
04:02 So when we talk about sex,
04:03 just make sure we clear the air.
04:04 We are talking about penetration,
04:06 we're talking about penis into a vagina,
04:08 we are not talking about-- that's what we talking, right?
04:10 Okay, that sex.
04:12 Well, is that the-- is that the extent of sex,
04:16 I don't know.
04:17 Well, I mean, let's talk about it for a little bit.
04:20 I think part of the problem in defining sex
04:24 is that there are so many now, connotations
04:27 to sex that when you say sex,
04:29 is it oral sex, is it-- you know,
04:31 sex between man and woman,
04:32 but now there are so many different variations of sex
04:36 that it's hard to pen it down,
04:39 but I think when we look at the original meaning of sex
04:42 it was between Adam and Eve
04:44 and we know that it was in creations.
04:45 So that's how God originally--
04:47 you know, wanted it to be
04:49 between man and woman, and it was good.
04:51 And so you can't have God without a man and a woman.
04:54 The putting of them together is the image of God.
04:58 Okay, and we what to touch on that as well,
05:01 and that so important that you--
05:02 we recognizing now that God is the one that introduced sex.
05:05 Yeah. You know, to us.
05:07 And what were you saying, Kean?
05:09 I was gonna say we have to remember
05:10 that God made us multidimensional begins
05:14 and that sex is a holistic activity
05:18 so it includes physical body it an includes emotions
05:23 and it also includes spirituality.
05:26 And a lot of times we forget that,
05:28 we think it's just a purely physical--
05:31 exactly.
05:32 But there is--
05:33 there is an exchange on mutidimensions here.
05:35 Okay.
05:36 That's pretty deep to think about.
05:39 Kim, are you gonna payback on that?
05:40 Yeah, I was gonna say that,
05:42 I think what you said is correct, we always take sex
05:45 and make it a physical thing but we forget
05:47 that when the Bible says that you know,
05:49 Adam knew Eve, you know, he knew her emotionally
05:53 and spiritually and physically and so when think about sex,
05:56 we think about intimacy,
05:58 intimacy is a part of sex.
05:59 So when we're talking about things of someone
06:03 else and we're talking about sexual things,
06:04 but our emotions are involved,
06:06 that's part of the sexual experience
06:08 that we have to include.
06:09 We try to define what sex is?
06:12 It's not just a physical thing
06:14 but it involves your emotions and involves
06:16 your body how you feel physically
06:18 and it involves where you're spiritually.
06:20 Sure, sure, and that's so important.
06:22 And so that's why I'm wondering just wonder
06:24 why it is in that-- in the church,
06:26 which is you know,
06:28 representatives of God on earth.
06:29 Why is that we have a hard time taking about sex?
06:32 You know.
06:33 Well, I mean, I can give probably few--
06:35 a few reasons I think the most obvious one is,
06:37 in our society, you know,
06:39 sex is not really presented in the good light.
06:41 You know, from you're kid growing up
06:42 every time you sex its on televisions,
06:44 in the magazine, you know, on commercials now.
06:47 You know, it could be a commercial about soap,
06:49 it could be a commercial about rice and you know,
06:51 beans or something, some how
06:53 it is some of kind of sex content in that you know.
06:55 and you know, on television you know
06:57 whenever sex scene happens, it's always so raunchy,
07:00 it's never, never about your two people being in love
07:02 or whatever, it usually it's happening out side of marriage,
07:05 it's usually so much cheating on somebody,
07:07 or somebody committing adultery,
07:09 and so you know, when we just think about sex
07:11 on how you know based on how we been educated by society.
07:14 Or what sex is.
07:15 It doesn't really seem like something
07:16 you should talk about in church, you know, so--
07:19 And that's what I been-- that what the big concern is
07:21 because we have a church, we need to be in a situation
07:23 where we are becoming more,
07:25 more relevant to debunked myths.
07:30 Too many times we've allowed the society
07:31 and all those various things to establish to culture
07:34 when God is called us
07:35 to be the ones who establish a culture.
07:37 And unfortunately our children well,
07:39 I don't have any children yet but you know,
07:41 young people, younger people in this environment
07:44 are observing things and they hearing it one side
07:47 but they are not hearing it from the church.
07:49 And so one thing I learned,
07:50 you know, as a child, my parents were to teach me
07:53 than me learn in in the streets
07:55 because I've learning the streets
07:56 it will be a totally attain of view of it.
07:58 And that's the problem, they never hear
07:59 anything from church, talking about it
08:02 and it seemed as though it's bad, it shameful
08:05 and so they get that wrong prospective on it.
08:07 You know, I that satan has done a job with that
08:10 because even when we send you know in the garden
08:13 the first thing we do, we saw that we were naked
08:15 and we covered ourselves and we were ashamed.
08:17 And so we do not want to even come to God
08:21 you know, we hid from Him
08:22 and still we're hiding doing things in the dark,
08:25 in the shadows?
08:26 The funny thing is the world keeps it
08:28 real with our young people and the church isn't.
08:32 They can go to their friends and get
08:35 what they feel is real information truth,
08:37 you know, the good, the bad and the ugly
08:39 and they're talking about it, they're talking about it
08:41 on you know, in social media.
08:43 Right.
08:44 And in the church it's not necessary
08:45 being expressed in a way
08:47 where we keeping it really the younger to.
08:49 So if I want information, whom I gonna go to?
08:51 Am I gonna go somebody whose is gonna keep it real with me
08:53 tell me the truth or am I gonna go somewhere
08:55 where my hand is gonna get slapped.
08:56 Well, I'm gonna be shying for thinking or feeling
08:59 or wanting you know, things that you know,
09:02 "God created" in understanding
09:04 how to get those in ligament ways.
09:05 All right, Kory.
09:08 Definitely, definitely, what you know,
09:10 I would add another, dimension to that
09:12 because we talked about the outside influences
09:14 but just like we said earlier you know,
09:16 sex is an intimate thing, you know,
09:18 and as intimate-- you know,
09:20 an even private beings you know,
09:22 if this not something that
09:23 we do really want to put out there,
09:25 you know, to think that people would be thinking about us
09:27 what we're doing in our bedroom
09:28 or what we're doing with our wife,
09:30 you know, our husbands you know,
09:32 that's not the kind of things we want to hear out there.
09:34 I mean, maybe the younger generation now you know,
09:36 pull everything on Twitter and Facebook.
09:37 Right.
09:38 You know, but for the most part you know,
09:39 all the people are not really gonna just you know,
09:41 just starting talking my things
09:42 that happened in the context of their private home.
09:45 You know, so I believe that-- that intimacy
09:47 and that us being a private beings,
09:50 you know has something to do to with the fact
09:51 that we don't really want to talk about it.
09:54 You know, along with that intimacy requires vulnerability
09:58 and God is calling the church to be venerable for us
10:03 to be venerable one with another.
10:06 The only way that's possible is
10:08 if our faith has not in our own righteousness
10:11 but into righteousness of Christ.
10:13 So we can talk about sex, we can talk about our mistakes
10:17 and we can be free with that
10:20 because we know that we're not under condemnation
10:24 we know that we all have this God given urge
10:29 and we can so we can talk about our past
10:31 and our failures and our mistakes
10:33 without the need to you know, keep up the appearances.
10:38 So righteousness by faith is so important
10:42 with this issue of our venerability and intimacy.
10:46 Yeah, and that so-- so actually you said that
10:48 because I'm just thinking about identity,
10:51 you know, and how we don't really know
10:53 who we are enough to really even talk about these things
10:56 and really right now in our generation
10:59 and the young people you know,
11:00 the Facebook and Twitter
11:02 they are trying to establish an identity.
11:03 You know, about who they are.
11:05 So what does sexuality have to do with telling us
11:08 who we are our identity?
11:12 I think it goes back to I'm kind of remember
11:15 who said it but it's intimacy, you were seeing into--
11:20 I think Kim said and then,
11:22 Kory said something else related to it.
11:25 It's intimacy on multiple dimension, multiple levels,
11:29 physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual,
11:34 and so you-- we have to have
11:36 a secure identity in order to led somebody in,
11:42 so there has to be some-- some work done on the--
11:46 on the front and before we allow that--
11:48 that is possible.
11:49 You know, I like to say as well,
11:51 so with generation before so unfortunately, they said,
11:54 there's many times that they went for it,
11:56 even when I was in college,
11:57 I do remember a lot of people while they are in college
12:00 that would get married and stuff like that,
12:02 but there main that I have been the right reasons
12:04 because unfortunately with in a few years
12:06 they got divorced, may because they thought
12:08 Jesus gonna come back or anything like that.
12:10 And when those divorces happened
12:12 there is a little bit of fear of being--
12:15 of being venerable.
12:16 Of sharing of things and that is a--
12:19 that's a slow degrade
12:20 that a slow effect to next generation.
12:24 Because this generation is a generation
12:26 that is based of relationships
12:27 and if we have not become relational with them,
12:30 they gonna find relationships somewhere else.
12:31 And we had to be very careful about that. Yeah, that's right.
12:33 And I think when he said is very important
12:35 we were created to be in relationship.
12:38 That's how we were designed.
12:39 So there is a natural desire to want to be in community
12:43 and be in relationship but you know,
12:45 sometimes we have trouble of finding our identity
12:49 as a person with in a group of environment
12:52 and so we define ourselves by how people see us.
12:55 So in a society that is overly sexualized I'm important,
13:00 I'm valued because I'm sexy, because I'm attractive,
13:05 because someone wants to be intimate with me,
13:08 I'm valuable, and so it destroys that--
13:11 the identity by the more you know,
13:13 we have to use sex as a way to define ourselves,
13:17 and so think if you go back to the garden,
13:19 if you could destroy our identity through tainting sex
13:23 then you can destroy the identity of God.
13:25 Yeah. Who God is.
13:27 And so I think that is very interesting.
13:30 Yeah, yeah because God identity is really the fact
13:33 that He created man in His own image male and female.
13:38 You know, I got it. Kory, go ahead.
13:39 And I was gonna say you know,
13:41 what's was and what's Satan has done
13:43 this perfect man is that you know,
13:46 it's shoulld be something that we celebrate
13:48 being created in God's image.
13:50 Being given to your ability to be in marriage in communion,
13:52 in intimacy with one another, given the ability
13:55 People who don't deserve
13:57 you know the ability to recreate.
13:58 God has given us sex to be enjoyable, to recreate
14:02 and to experience intimacy,
14:03 that's something we should celebrate.
14:05 You know, but yet we have come to the point
14:07 where we are ashamed of being made in God's image.
14:11 My Lord.
14:13 I was gonna say that this topic has,
14:16 it's implications on God's character,
14:18 God made it that way that the our marriage relations
14:22 if He talk about it in if us-- Paul talks about it
14:24 in Ephesians chapter 5 I believe where he says,
14:27 husband's love your wife's, wife respects your husband's
14:30 then he says, husband's you have to lay down your life
14:34 before your wife like Christ
14:36 laid down His life for the church.
14:38 So when we have intimacy issues,
14:41 when there is divorces all the time
14:44 when there is abuse, you know,
14:49 and of all sources-- of all sorts
14:53 it has implications on God's character.
14:55 Because the world is gonna look at the church
14:58 to get a picture of God.
15:00 And until that picture is--
15:03 what's the word I'm looking for?
15:04 Restored?
15:05 Restored accurate.
15:08 Then God's character is not vindicated
15:11 and He is not glorified and He can't come back.
15:13 So is that complimenting how Satan says,
15:16 I would be like most high, so as he is replace--
15:18 he's trying to replace God in that position,
15:20 where he is suppose to accomplish,
15:22 he suppose to show God where he and still Satan
15:24 trying to put his thumb print in it to change a whole--
15:27 try to change whole prospective of sex.
15:29 Okay.
15:30 I think-- well,
15:31 I think is very interesting about that is
15:33 we need to talk about changing the prospective
15:35 we understand that there is Adam
15:38 and that Adam was created in God's image
15:39 and there is Eve the union of them together,
15:42 completes the image of God.
15:44 So if you alter, replace or a change
15:48 any of those true components you alter the image of God.
15:53 And so our identity gets messed up because--
15:57 Because our identity is in God. Our identity is in God.
15:59 So let's talk about this thing now.
16:01 marriage and how it completes you,
16:02 we've talked a little bit before,
16:05 I'm not sure how we're gonna really say this
16:06 because the panel was little divided here
16:09 about there is marriage completes you.
16:12 So Pastor Jackson, you had admitted something about
16:15 when God says, I will make a helpmate?
16:20 Yeah, as I was looking this, was reading
16:21 in Genesis Chapter 2, in that-- in Genesis Chapter 2
16:25 when God created Adam on a sixth day, He says,
16:30 as He create Adam he says, not go man to be alone,
16:32 I'll make someone compatible for him.
16:36 And then after that-- that He starts naming animals.
16:39 So Adam God knew, he's gonna give Adam,
16:42 but Adam did not yet know it at that moment.
16:45 And so after He named the animals
16:46 and he saw male and female then He realize
16:48 what he was also liking, not saying
16:50 that he was incomplete but he was incomplete
16:53 but when Eve came she help compliment him
16:57 to fulfill the image of God.
16:59 Okay, So--
17:00 what complementary and completing
17:05 are different things when God made man,
17:08 when He was finished with Adam
17:10 He said it is good, he was complete and whole.
17:12 Did He say it?
17:13 When Adam was done
17:16 and so I think that Adam was a whole man,
17:20 and then he introduced Eve to him
17:24 to I got to say, put together the image of God.
17:27 So --
17:28 Time out. You remember when He put him to sleep.
17:31 Right.
17:32 He took something from them.
17:34 So at that point he wasn't complete, was he?
17:37 He was complete before.
17:39 He was complete but then God took--
17:41 it says rib, but we-- we gonna understand that
17:45 when Adam saw Eve he said that this is born of my bone
17:48 and flesh of my flesh.
17:49 So he took a part of Adam out.
17:53 So was Adam complete before and then became incomplete?
17:56 Right. You cannot take something that is not there.
17:59 So--
18:00 So he is complete? Adam had to be complete.
18:02 God took from Adam made Eve and then together
18:07 they complement each other he says
18:08 I'll make a help me through your help, make for you.
18:12 Not the other half and I think that is sometimes
18:14 where sex get-- confuse
18:17 because I think I bring half of me 50%
18:20 you bring half of you 50% and then we come together
18:23 and now make a whole,
18:24 no, I have to be a whole women, a whole person.
18:27 Complete in Christ.
18:28 If you notice, Adam and Eve both had experiences with God
18:32 before they met with each other.
18:33 That's right. Yeah.
18:34 So this might be one of the reasons
18:36 why lot of marriages aren't working out, huh?
18:40 Possibly maybe because they have that
18:42 become complete in God--
18:44 Individual for--
18:45 Before they try to come together.
18:47 And you know, complement each other.
18:51 Amen.
18:52 Okay, so we have feel okay by this
18:55 or, Kory, gonna tell something?
18:56 Well, I want to say this is why because you know,
18:58 we're talking about sex
18:59 and this is why sex is so important
19:01 when it's done in the right context you know,
19:03 because it may-- it helps to make
19:05 the marriage more complete, it helps to add the intimacy
19:08 and together in this you know,
19:09 them actually becoming literally one flesh.
19:12 You know, if so like you said, I mean,
19:14 that's why some marriages are probably failing right now,
19:16 probably because of sex and that's why it so important
19:19 that we should be even be tackling
19:20 the need the topic of sex
19:21 and what it means.
19:22 Yeah, because God really designed for men and women
19:25 to cleave together to become one flesh, right?
19:28 And so that's the purpose
19:30 suppose to come together become one flesh
19:32 and it's not supposed to be torn--
19:34 torn apart.
19:35 I was gonna say that in addition to that
19:38 we talk about sex, we always look at it
19:40 from a intimacy perspective which is fine
19:44 but I think we forget about the physiological,
19:47 neurological implications that sex has on the body.
19:51 When you know, you have sex, you have an organism
19:54 that the hormones that are secreted
19:57 are there to bond you with the other person.
20:01 So when you have sex with someone
20:02 you are not just physically bonding with them,
20:06 you are emotionally and chemically bonding
20:09 with that other person,
20:10 that's why it's the process of becoming one.
20:13 So every time you have sex with someone
20:15 you are creating not just physical bonds
20:18 but neurological bonds to all of these different people,
20:22 if you having multiple partners.
20:24 Right.
20:25 I was gonna say that anything that the devil attacks a lot
20:30 is something that we should look at
20:32 because he knows it's important so this is why he is try--
20:36 he's done so much to pervert it.
20:40 Because he realizes the implications on the--
20:44 multiple levels.
20:46 He realizes the-- the connection
20:48 that between human engaging sex
20:52 and how that reflects on the Creator,
20:55 so he is done so much to-- to try to pervert it
21:00 and he has done excellent job
21:03 and to get church people not to talk about it
21:05 but everybody else in the world you know,
21:07 all sorts of abuse, you have-- even insists
21:14 and I mean, think of how that this destroys lives.
21:17 Yeah.
21:18 And you know, that's when they say--
21:20 it's knownthat two things that came out of creation
21:23 that still that we say here to our
21:25 it's marriage and a Sabbath.
21:26 And the devil is been working hard to destroy both of those.
21:29 Because it shows God in His love and His care for us.
21:33 But look at the parameters, look at how God did creation,
21:36 God created the parameters
21:38 and then put in place what goes there.
21:41 So when God made the heavens and earth,
21:42 He made the from there all those things
21:44 and then He puts something inside of it.
21:46 Then God made plants and water, you know,
21:49 before He put the animals there.
21:51 So God made parameters for things
21:53 before he made provision.
21:55 So God created marriage
21:57 and then put sex inside the marriage.
22:00 So if you look at how creation is set up,
22:03 that is how it supposed to be
22:05 with in these different parameters.
22:07 So I think that's so powerful
22:09 when you look at the creative power of God,
22:12 God didn't just wanted to be out whatever,
22:15 He put it in a place where they will be safe
22:17 and nurture and care for and taking care of just like
22:20 he did with every other aspect of the creation.
22:22 Yeah, and can you say then that marriage
22:24 then was put into the Sabbath?
22:25 Is it connected at all?
22:27 When it was-- anyone comment on that?
22:29 I think so.
22:31 All right. I believe so.
22:32 But I don't if we getting a head of ourselves?
22:33 Go ahead, go ahead. If we could start talking about it.
22:35 I mean, you know, then this taboo was well,
22:37 you know, shall we do it on the Sabbath or not,
22:39 I believe you know, because of what it represents
22:42 that commentarial that oneness, remember
22:44 we believe that the Sabbath is all about God
22:46 coming close to us in relationship,
22:48 as close as He can possibly get.
22:50 He know an intimate moment.
22:52 what we have described the Sabbath
22:53 as actually gonna funny is on, you know,
22:55 when a mother-- I'm not a mother,
22:57 so I can't really speak out her--
22:58 you know I can't speak out of it.
22:59 Its be Okay.
23:00 For one when a mother gives birth,
23:02 the first thing they do is they baby to the mother
23:05 and mother get to know experience
23:07 the baby for the first time.
23:09 they experience each other, they been together
23:11 for nine months, but now they've you know,
23:13 the baby gets experience to mother up close in personal
23:16 and you know, what God does in the Sabbath,
23:17 that's He creates Adam, right?
23:20 And then He has that personal moment
23:22 that intimate moment with him on the Sabbath,
23:24 on the seventh day, its' like He gave birth to him on Friday
23:27 Sabbath He got to hold him close
23:29 and so you know the Sabbath is that same thing
23:31 you know, it's about intimacy,
23:33 it's always all rolled up together.
23:34 Yeah, and He brings Adam and Eve together, all right?
23:38 He bring them-- yeah,
23:39 together to cause to make the marriage, right?
23:42 Yeah.
23:43 And I think we need to-- some of the date around
23:47 that whole idea of sex on the Sabbath
23:50 might stand from our view of sex that again
23:54 it been taboo for so long, it's been viewed
23:58 in some religions as-- as dirty,
24:02 so may be some of that has kind of crept into--
24:05 into our faith and we feel like sex is not something
24:10 that we talk about and its' definitely not something
24:11 we do on the Sabbath because Sabbath is holy.
24:14 But God is holy, God created us holy,
24:17 sex is holy in the right context.
24:19 Yeah. Yeah.
24:21 Well, you know, I've heard people saying
24:23 now do your own pleasure, and that's the reason
24:26 why that people don't having sex on Sabbath.
24:28 But when you look at it you know,
24:29 the Bible says in Hebrews says that
24:31 the marriage bed is honorable and undefiled.
24:33 That's right.
24:34 When you come to that aspect of how God create everything
24:37 He put together the last thing He did was,
24:40 He had man and woman to meet each other
24:42 and then came the Sabbath.
24:44 Even as I've heard Hebrews when they open a Sabbath,
24:48 they open husband and wife through sex,
24:51 sexual intercourse.
24:52 So it's nothing that is wrong
24:54 it is something God has created and He set there for the--
24:57 for the enjoyment between husband and wife
25:00 to lift up His name so that we can continue to procreate
25:03 but also so our children-- when we have children, Amen.
25:07 We have children that they will see
25:08 and that they will sort the follow up
25:10 and they will continue that to show of image of God
25:12 in them and their eventual husband's or wife's.
25:14 Yeah. Amen.
25:16 So as we're coming to our close
25:17 I just want to ask through out this last question here.
25:19 Why does Satan didn't attack our sexuality?
25:24 Because Satan is mad.
25:26 He is mad at whom?
25:27 Oh, he is mad. He is mad at the church.
25:29 You know, he couldn't defeat Christ
25:30 and so now he is attacking the Church.
25:32 And now he is trying to attack the church in this aspect.
25:34 But Satan said, I shall be like the most high.
25:36 Yeah.
25:37 And so in that process of trying to be like--
25:41 like God, he has to set up entities that look like
25:47 what God, you know originally created to be so it's--
25:50 Counterfeit.
25:51 Counterfeit and so you know, if we set up
25:54 all these different ideas of sexuality
25:56 and there some of perverted,
25:58 then I can pervert the image of God.
25:59 If they are skewed then I can skew the image of God.
26:02 If there is all these different kinds of things happening
26:05 there is no consistency then God is not consistent.
26:08 Yeah.
26:09 And so it plays on all those different things
26:11 and if I can question my sexuality then I question God.
26:16 And that's you know, he does the main thing is,
26:17 he know all about the image of God and identity,
26:20 you know, I got little brothers in high school
26:21 and one of the biggest thing
26:22 they are struggling with is who am I?
26:24 And if you can destroy the image of God,
26:25 you know, in us then we're gonna question
26:28 who we are and you know, thought out time.
26:30 You know, and one of the other things I would even add is,
26:33 you know, look at what we're doing now
26:34 we having a show where we got a deep bond,
26:37 you know, the myths about sex,
26:39 you know, and trying to get rid of all these little
26:41 percussive notions
26:43 we could be talking about feeding the homeless.
26:45 Expiring the gospel, you know,
26:46 now we got to go back and do all this, so you know,
26:49 I think you know, satan knew what he was doing.
26:51 Yeah. Yeah.
26:53 And the other thing is satan of course hates creation,
26:57 he hates procreation, he wanted to be in on the creation plan
27:03 but of course he would creative be he not create.
27:05 So that's another reason sex is connected to creation
27:10 and when they were in the garden of Eden,
27:12 Adam and Eve and when they rebelled
27:14 first things they felt was shame.
27:17 And sex now of course is surrounded with shame.
27:21 Yeah. Unfortunately.
27:22 Well, we have to stop there that has told so deep.
27:25 When Bible says in God, God saw everything
27:27 that He had made Him, behold it was very good.
27:30 Yes, even sex.
27:31 And so we have to value the fact that
27:33 God created sexuality, He created our sex,
27:35 He created intimacy and love.
27:37 And so we thank Him of that, we value that,
27:39 and we thank Him for the gift of sex.
27:41 Yeah.
27:42 Well, that's our program for today
27:44 happy you had decide to join us,
27:45 until next time remember to keep making pure choices.


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