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Who Invented Sex? - Part 2

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Participants: Pr. Joshua Nelson (Host), Jeanne Mogusu, Kean Baxter, Kory P. Douglas, Marquis Jackson


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material may be
00:05 too candid for younger children.
00:40 Hello, and welcome to "Pure Choices."
00:41 I'm your host Pastor Joshua Nelson
00:43 and I'm so glad you decide to join us.
00:45 We have another exiting topic this is,
00:48 "Who Invented Sex part-2," yes, part-2.
00:52 And so we're gonna get right into this discussion.
00:53 Before we do I'm going to introduce
00:55 our panel once again.
00:57 To my left I have Mr. Kean Baxter,
01:01 who is our scholar here,
01:03 he is a graduate from Andrews Theological Seminary.
01:07 He is just got finished it with his M.Div.
01:10 So happy to have him here.
01:11 We also have Pastor Marquis Jackson,
01:14 who is the Pastor there in Manning in Sumter
01:17 with Berea and Maranatha.
01:20 The Seventh-day Adventist Church district there
01:22 and with that South Atlantic Conference.
01:24 Amen. Yes, sir.
01:25 Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
01:26 And then we have Jeanne Mogusu,
01:28 who is in the seminary,
01:30 the theological seminary and she is the BSAS
01:34 or Black Student Association president
01:36 and she is a also PhD--
01:39 Candidate?
01:40 Candidate right. Yeah, yeah.
01:41 So happy to have you here.
01:42 Another scholar you know, in our myths.
01:44 Then we have Pastor Kory Douglas,
01:46 who pastors the Grand Avenue and New Life Fellowship,
01:50 SDA Church is there in Southeast Missouri
01:52 who is with the Central States Conferences.
01:54 So we have a great panel again for you this day.
01:57 And so we're gonna talk about this subject now
02:00 of really talking about who invented sex
02:02 but really more about what is sex and is sex a sin?
02:07 You know, because a lot of young people think that well,
02:10 they hear sex being a taboo in the churches
02:12 and they told not to talk about it
02:16 and so sometimes that have you often
02:18 heard them say well, is it wrong to have sex?
02:20 So let's talk about that.
02:22 The problem is this with us as a church
02:23 we have now been real about situations.
02:26 Okay.
02:27 As a child growing up I used to you know,
02:29 going to church and you know,
02:30 hearing preachers talking various things
02:32 and which you're not supposed to do
02:34 and but as I will go to church
02:36 and I will look at husbands and wife's
02:39 sitting next to each other and you'll see their children.
02:42 And of course, I'm a child you know,
02:43 and it's like well, how did the child come?
02:46 Well, it definitely if we just believe
02:47 that was only through a store they know.
02:49 So then there is actually sex is happening
02:52 between husband and wife.
02:53 And we have a church have not done what we need to do.
02:56 Because the problem is if we're not gonna be real
02:59 and relevant and speak to them in a correct way
03:02 then definitely there gonna go
03:03 find out throughout the streets,
03:04 in the communities
03:05 and neighborhoods that they go to.
03:07 And if we don't do that
03:08 then we're gonna really loose this generation
03:10 because the generation has very difficult
03:12 to bring them back, we have to be relational.
03:13 Yeah, that's a truth and I'm happy you say that
03:15 because that we want to make sure it's clear
03:17 that sex should be within a marriage relationships.
03:19 Well, now the question is and I'm trying to be real
03:21 to this in generation well, what is included in sex?
03:25 You know, is it just about the intercourse,
03:28 what does that exclude anal or oral
03:32 you know what is included in sex?
03:34 We know that's a that's a big question
03:36 and it's definitely an important question.
03:38 You know, I can't even speak
03:39 from personal experience you know,
03:41 when they tell you don't have sex,
03:42 you kind of feel like what everything else is okay.
03:45 You know, especially you know, you can kiss,
03:47 you know, you can hug
03:48 and so you kind of think that you know,
03:49 anything a little right after that
03:51 or anything between that and--
03:53 and the actual act of sex is okay.
03:55 But you know, one--
03:56 one professor had said it like this,
03:59 you know, God indented for there to be
04:01 what we call penetration
04:03 or with the primary or reproductive organs
04:06 of male and female and that anything else
04:08 that involves that is also sex.
04:10 Okay, and that even
04:12 and then he went so far as to say,
04:13 that any thing out side of just you know,
04:16 involve in those primary organs is a perversion
04:19 even if what God had indented in the first place,
04:21 but because of those in organs are involved that it is still,
04:24 is still considered sex.
04:26 And so we can't skate on a line you know,
04:28 I can tell you from personal experience
04:29 is a dangerous line to skate on.
04:32 You know, and just with anything.
04:33 I believe we were talking the other night and Marquis
04:36 said something about candy you know,
04:38 and how only one peace of candy might make
04:40 you want the whole a lot of candy.
04:41 So you know, you have to be careful
04:43 about skating on the line and even dulling the lines.
04:46 Yeah, and honestly you know,
04:48 we all know, we all are young here,
04:50 we know it is tough to really be real
04:54 and say I'm not going to go any--
04:56 and any avenue of sex, you know, before,
04:58 before marriage it's tough.
05:00 So you know, I know,
05:02 that maybe some people don't want us to go here,
05:03 but let's talk about well, how far is too far?
05:05 You know, because you know,
05:06 in a dating relationship or you're according to whatever
05:09 the case maybe how far really is too far?
05:12 I mean, we want to have
05:13 some type of interaction don't you?
05:15 That's a very good question and I like what Kory said
05:18 on that topic that we are taught not to have sex
05:23 but there are different ideas
05:26 of what constitutes sex like we said,
05:28 a lot of people believe that if there is no penetration
05:31 then is not sex
05:32 and then everything out side of that is permissible.
05:37 We're not taught necessarily the principles of--
05:42 what the standards of purity,
05:44 why are we told not to have sex.
05:47 So these are the things that we need to understand.
05:50 So let's really talk about
05:52 into the some of the principles and really is that
05:54 really thinking about how far is too far?
05:57 You know, what should be my principles
05:58 while I'm there with my-- my lady,
06:00 you know, when I mean, we're trying to get close.
06:03 You know, I have-- I have a friend who,
06:07 you know, I wish I could say I learned this things
06:08 when I was younger but as I learned-- as I grow--
06:11 as I've grown older,
06:13 I have learned this things and I have a friend of mine
06:16 who he is recently engaged and one thing that I've actually
06:20 totally admired from his relationship is when he was
06:23 dating his girlfriend he did not--
06:26 they dated for period of about three years I hope.
06:28 Yeah, three years I hope I'm getting this right.
06:32 And for the first two years of their relationship
06:35 they did not even kiss or and they did not even--
06:40 their expression of love was never verbal.
06:45 Like he would never--
06:46 he keep took that very seriously
06:49 telling someone I love you.
06:51 And so even spending the way they spent time together,
06:55 was very controlled because he wanted to maintain
06:59 this gaggle standard of purity.
07:01 And his standard was if God was not--
07:05 if God was actually present sitting right there
07:07 next to him which you know,
07:09 which He always is but if He was aware of that, you know,
07:13 being more aware of the fact that God is sitting
07:15 right next to you what are you doing?
07:17 If what you're doing you'd not wanted to do in front of God.
07:22 Then you probably not doing something that you know,
07:25 that is right.
07:26 Given that God the one who invented sex like we said,
07:30 and He is the one have gave us sex as a gift
07:33 that suppose to be pleasurable.
07:34 So if I'm doing something with Kory
07:36 and God is sitting right next to me
07:39 and I'm feeling kind of all kinds of funny,
07:41 you know, and then--
07:43 then what I'm doing I should stop.
07:47 Well, you know I think that's-- that's sounds good,
07:49 you know, its pretty ideal but you know,
07:51 honestly you know,
07:52 for person who because member now,
07:54 we told of making pure choices where the key men
07:56 get irrational that everyone is watching this show
07:58 has not been making pure choices,
08:00 in their life or has already been in situations you know,
08:03 may have been promiscuous or whatever the case is
08:06 and I can tell you from my experience
08:08 someone having experience making out for instance,
08:11 you know, when get into relationship
08:13 you kind a you'll gonna want to make out.
08:15 You know, when you've experience
08:16 certain things in relationship setting you gonna want
08:19 keep experiencing that even though you have
08:21 now made a decision that I'm going to be pure.
08:23 And so we got to keep that in mind.
08:26 One of the-- and this is actually perfect.
08:28 One of the things I love, one of the verses I love
08:31 especially when it comes to satisfaction you know,
08:33 probably I gonna say it's on another episode.
08:35 Is a when Paul says make no provisions for your flesh.
08:39 Because you know, remember now because well,
08:40 we're talking about now turning around pure choices
08:42 it's more being converted going to different direction,
08:44 you know, we know that we are ideal God
08:47 is gonna work on us,
08:48 we gonna pray for taking the desires out of our heart,
08:50 but I believe that they are things that we do
08:52 in that process that doesn't make us necessarily
08:55 better but it-- it you know,
08:57 it doesn't go against what God is doing already in us.
08:59 So we don't make provisions for our flesh.
09:00 So for me personally I don't put myself in the situations
09:04 that I know will bring about those desires.
09:06 If you want to be practical you know,
09:08 you don't date but don't be alone.
09:11 You know, don't invite someone
09:12 over to your house late at night,
09:14 and say let watch the movie at 11'oclock you know,
09:16 as one of my professor use to say,
09:18 that's around to be witching hour.
09:19 You know, that's just the time when the night
09:21 where certain things got to your mind.
09:22 And so don't be alone with these people
09:24 at that certain time.
09:26 You know, you can grab on the principles like that.
09:28 You know, don't make any provisions for the flesh.
09:30 The place is where you know at you are struggling
09:32 that you are weak try to keep yourself
09:34 as much as possible away from those things.
09:37 Well, I mean, and I'm gonna go the Kean
09:38 and say but giving that is also a very hard thing.
09:40 It's not easy.
09:41 Especially when you know, you say really want
09:42 to spend time with someone,
09:44 you want to spend a lot of time with them,
09:45 and you know, you starts spending that time with them
09:47 later and later and it just kind of get out of hand.
09:50 But you pose an interesting thing
09:52 go ahead, go ahead.
09:53 I was gonna say, the question how far is too far?
09:56 It actually might be the wrong question.
10:01 Say you are married, and you ask your spouse
10:04 what's the least I can do to make you happy?
10:08 Well, we're still married, we're still okay.
10:10 So it's like it's how far can I--
10:13 how much can I get away with?
10:14 Yeah. Yeah.
10:15 So, we know that Jesus loves us,
10:19 He died for us and He saved us He's given so much for us
10:23 and I think this is why your relationship with Jesus
10:26 has to guide every question,
10:30 every choice into your life and He will show
10:33 what pleases Him and He realizes the standard is high,
10:36 but He is given Himself for us to--
10:40 He asked us to die lay down our lives
10:42 and He will raises up in Him
10:44 so that those standards could be met.
10:46 Well, you know, if I could have quickly
10:48 I think one of the issues that face is that you know,
10:51 well, we are taught what relationship
10:53 looks like through the media, through you know,
10:55 all these different avenues.
10:56 We're not taught what Jeanne described.
10:58 You know, we're thought that certain things happen
11:01 within the dating process that if you date, you have to kiss.
11:04 If you date you have to hold hands.
11:07 If you date you have to be cuddled up.
11:09 You know, people who date they do these things
11:11 and I think that part of that is having that stuff
11:14 embedded in us to believe.
11:15 In the journey, form where you are go out
11:19 and meet check yes or no, to will you marry me?
11:21 That in that process that there is some things
11:23 we have to do,
11:24 but we don't have to do those things as we learn.
11:26 So you're saying that you only have
11:28 to necessarily hold hands?
11:30 You'll have to do.
11:31 I'm not gonna say I won't because I will hold hands
11:33 but I'm-- you don't have to.
11:35 Then it's possible that we've--
11:36 as we've learned for that not to happen
11:38 and I think it goes back to something
11:40 we've discussed privately about the fact that you know,
11:43 God really playing an important role
11:45 in the relationship.
11:46 It can't just be all about what you wanted
11:48 with the person wants
11:49 and that's something we can't leave out.
11:51 It's got to be about, you know, how much does God play?
11:54 How much of a part of God play in my relationship,
11:57 you know, and how much do my desires
11:58 lined up with His desires?
12:00 And that the church has a vital role to play in this
12:03 because like you said,
12:05 these are the pictures of course of dating all that
12:09 we're getting from media and society
12:12 which says that you're exclusive,
12:15 boyfriend, girlfriends can sleep over,
12:17 they sleep in the same bed,
12:19 all these misconceptions these are erroneous.
12:24 So that church lets step up
12:26 and to paint the picture how it should work?
12:29 There should be older, wiser people,
12:31 people were experiencing mature they help young people,
12:34 navigate because it's a very murky area to navigate alone.
12:40 Yes, that is so true and here we go now
12:42 to our next part of it because here you are now,
12:44 let's make it practical,
12:45 you there sitting with you're sniffing in other,
12:47 you kind of boot up,
12:49 closer little bit cuddling you know,
12:50 in you get that urge, you get that feeling.
12:52 You know, you want to now may be see test
12:55 waters of kissing on them little bit
12:57 and then you remember this program.
13:00 You remember that, we said,
13:01 you know, to not do that, to not to go down that road.
13:05 And even more specifically what the Bible said,
13:06 what Jesus says, and looking at really
13:08 what it says in 1 Corinthians 6:18
13:10 Paul talking to Corinthians he says,
13:11 "Flee from sexual immorality."
13:13 So you know, here you are now you supposed to flee
13:16 but I do like the fact that it also says in the Bible
13:19 that if you resists the devil he will flee from you.
13:21 So if you are fleeing and the devil is fleeing you
13:23 just gonna be totally you know, out of way.
13:25 But really though looking at this thing
13:28 why then is God telling us to flee from sexual immorality?
13:33 You know, first of all He says flee from sexual immorality,
13:36 it does not say, flee from sex.
13:37 Okay.
13:38 When it's to a husband and wife
13:40 that's God made them to be that way.
13:42 It's fine.
13:43 Since fleeing from sexual immorality you know,
13:46 in my area I live in Sumter,
13:47 I have a church in Manning as well
13:49 and there is a church not too far away from us in Colombia
13:52 that they have a prospective of focus
13:54 and talking about keeping,
13:56 it's called "Keep the Cookie."
13:58 And when we look in that prospective
14:00 and how to keep yourself pure, it's kind of things
14:02 because when we look at how they manufacture furniture,
14:06 there is a couch and is also a loveseat.
14:09 I know when I'm saying about someone
14:11 and if I'm saying about female, and I like her,
14:15 there is three portions there is--
14:17 if I'm sitting here and she is sitting here
14:19 that's not was--
14:20 that's not what the prospective is.
14:21 But there is something called a loveseat
14:24 and so when a guy and a girl sit in the loveseat
14:26 it implicates of loveseat is love.
14:29 So now when they sit in that--
14:31 when they sitting in that those places--
14:33 "loveseat" and they hang around each other
14:36 and the fragrance that he wears
14:37 and the fragrance that she wears
14:39 and the things that they do
14:40 if they are boyfriend and girlfriend
14:42 or they have so they might just be friends with benefits
14:46 if they finally themselves in situation
14:47 and it goes away for the rest of that person's life
14:51 they gonna have to deal with those things
14:52 because there is a bond that goes on.
14:55 There is a bond that attaches them.
14:57 So when they smell of someone walking down the street
14:59 with that fragrance it's gonna connect to them.
15:01 When they have these various aspects of them
15:03 it's gonna connect them
15:04 and it's gonna be something that they cannot separate,
15:07 it's gonna seal them for life here.
15:09 That's what we should fear--
15:10 that's what we some type flees from sexual immorality.
15:14 Yeah, that's such a good point and you know,
15:15 and I tell you that is true, you right on target there.
15:18 And I also want to say, you started talking
15:20 about friends benefits we don't coincide
15:21 of that of course that does not.
15:23 That's not what you shouldn't be,
15:25 you know, so Kory, go ahead.
15:26 I think that it goes back to something we talked about
15:30 in part-1 and you know, and what at the--
15:32 what is that crux of the issues or relationship and the bond.
15:36 And that is that the bond should exists with God first.
15:39 You know, and what we are taught
15:41 through every other avenue except for the church
15:43 is that we should bond to each other.
15:45 Go out there and find the one who completes you.
15:47 Go out there and find the person
15:49 who makes you better.
15:50 Go out there and find the person
15:51 who you feel more compatible with.
15:52 We never really talk about the fact
15:54 that we should trust God to make these decisions.
15:56 So when we get on the couch that's Pastor Nelson,
15:59 right, when the young lady is on the couch
16:00 and I've heard young lady say stuff like this before.
16:02 I was with him, I was alone and he started kissing me
16:06 and I just didn't know what to do.
16:07 I thought it was expected of me to do these things
16:10 and then next you know, you know,
16:11 next you know, we are undressed
16:13 and I just thought this is what comes next,
16:15 you know, but and then I won't say no
16:18 because if I say no, I'll destroy that bond
16:21 that we have and he might want to leave me.
16:23 If I flee the situation all together he will,
16:26 like you said, he might flee too.
16:28 And so we're afraid of that situation
16:30 but if the basis of the relationship
16:33 is trust in God and your bond with God
16:35 then you'll be able to say what if he flees
16:38 then it must be God's will.
16:39 Hey, hey, if he flees may be he is a--
16:41 the devil, may be he is a devil.
16:43 Right.
16:44 So he is in premarital stage, you know.
16:46 Because you're opposing the standards of the Bible.
16:47 Exactly.
16:50 God says, flee-- the Bible says,
16:54 flee youthful lusts because it's so powerful,
17:00 it's a natural desire He put it in us.
17:03 It's a-- sin is trying to meet
17:06 a legitimate need in a legitimate way out.
17:09 He realizes the power of it so this is why just keep,
17:12 it's like you get two magnets you know close together--
17:15 close you get together is hard to keep them apart
17:18 and it just the force that draws them together.
17:21 So when you're alone together like you'd scenario
17:24 gave on the couch it's--
17:27 and it's a natural progression that honestly
17:29 God did not design us to fight
17:31 and this is why you're are kept apart in olden days,
17:35 you know, girls and boys are kept apart
17:38 until they were ready for that next step.
17:42 But like what Kory said I like to--
17:44 you have to be bonded to God first but also the church.
17:48 God wants to church to be a family.
17:51 He says, keep the bond of peace.
17:53 So, you don't have to fight that alone,
17:56 you have-- if your parents aren't there
17:59 you have older people in the church,
18:02 accountability partners that help you in this process,
18:05 so you don't get stuck by yourself.
18:06 Yeah, and God really knows-- knows all of that.
18:09 You know, He has a--
18:10 that's why He tells us to flee from it.
18:12 Yeah, and I just want to go back
18:14 to what Marquis was saying,
18:16 you know, about this bonding that goes on,
18:19 there is a lot that goes on in the--
18:21 in the sexual realm, you know,
18:24 you have a lot of not just physical things going on
18:27 but also physiological and psychological
18:29 and even neurological changes that are going on in your body,
18:32 there are hormones that are secreted
18:34 that literally are designed to bond you with that person.
18:39 And that's why when you're walking down the street
18:41 and a sudden fragrance you know,
18:44 like Marquis is talking about, you know,
18:46 hits you it reminds you some one.
18:48 Human beings are sensual beings, you know,
18:52 that's why God gave us five senses.
18:54 You know, and when you are, you know,
18:58 meeting legitimate needs in illegitimate ways
19:02 then you're literally bonding yourself with someone who--
19:06 with whom you cannot sustain
19:10 that relationship as it should be.
19:13 So here I'm bonded with Marquis and Kean, and Kory,
19:17 and when I finally get married to the person I'm suppose to,
19:21 it's like I have a mix mash of bonds
19:24 that I literally need to tear away
19:26 before I can literally commit to the person
19:29 I should be I'm married to.
19:32 In practical ways, that is not easy.
19:33 It's not.
19:34 That's something you don't want people to go through
19:36 because it's tough.
19:37 It's that bond is suppose--
19:38 is beautiful because it suppose to be with your spouse.
19:41 Your spouse.
19:43 And you know well, real quick, real quick and really quick.
19:45 What she is saying is true because and only to realize is
19:48 even though it's hard to flee with us,
19:51 for what I understand talking to married folk,
19:52 a recently married it's even hard to break those bonds
19:56 that you formed before you got married.
19:57 So that's why we're saying don't even make
19:59 those bonds you know, way on to your marriage.
20:01 Yeah, pastor.
20:03 I need to challenge not the church,
20:06 I need to challenge parents.
20:08 Because the problem is I see is that when we--
20:11 people go to church most people didn't go
20:13 to prayer meeting.
20:14 So you now have a approximately two hours
20:16 out of a 168 hours in a week,
20:18 where parents have been so comfortable thinking
20:22 that their children's life will be changed
20:23 just by the church when the static's tell us
20:27 that the number one influences of the child or the parents.
20:30 Now, yes, a church does have responsibility
20:33 but even more importantly does a parent
20:35 have the responsibility it could--
20:37 it could be a two people husband and wife,
20:40 mother and father,
20:41 it could be one a mother or a father.
20:43 But those that parent need--
20:45 those parents need to be very much involved
20:47 in their children and the church should be
20:50 used to supplement that.
20:52 And if we don't do that supplementing
20:54 that process and we've--
20:56 and just think the parents gonna do
20:57 and the parents trusting the church gonna do it
20:59 we have now lost a generation of people
21:01 who don't know where to go because gangs will do it.
21:05 Oh, yeah. Yeah.
21:07 TV will do it, CDs will do it,
21:09 friends will do it and will enter into their minds
21:12 and seeing to their minds what should they should do
21:14 because they are used to hearing it's in a while.
21:16 This is expected of me, I'm gonna have to go that far.
21:18 Yeah.
21:19 And let's just be real because you know,
21:21 it's hard for us to really get this
21:23 because its become so normal for us
21:25 just to act on our urges, just to have sex,
21:28 to be intimate before marriage
21:31 and reality is isn't the church.
21:32 Yeah, definitely, yeah. It's the new culture now.
21:34 Let's just be realistic you know,
21:36 let the cat out of the bag.
21:38 A lot of people in the church are having sex
21:41 before their marriage, you know,
21:43 more than you realize.
21:44 And you know, I didn't realize,
21:46 it is a part of the underlining culture
21:48 they just expect it for you to do.
21:50 So really what I'm gonna ask now is first of all
21:53 have we lowered our standards as Christians?
21:55 So what I been really saying is wrong
21:57 and is there any excuse we can say what we can--
22:00 we should be able to do it because hey,
22:02 it is hard to be pure.
22:05 Most churches, denomination wise
22:08 have a church right here
22:09 and homes not too far away from churches
22:12 so you have a lot of people who grow up in a community
22:14 and they go to the church.
22:16 In Seventh-day Adventist culture
22:17 we don't have a lot of churches in our cities,
22:20 so people may go to church but they live far away
22:23 and in mindset it also has been implicated on this--
22:27 on the younger people is that once they go to church
22:30 they go home they don't come back.
22:32 So no longer do we have that village to raising children
22:34 we decide people go in their separate ways.
22:36 So I'll necessary says that the--
22:39 about the church in fact I think a lot of times
22:41 is that we have lost our responsibility
22:43 as supplementing that and that's a problem.
22:46 I just want to say something not only have we--
22:50 have we lowered our standards?
22:51 Yes, we have, but I think one thing
22:54 that I don't want to just to miss is that for the person
22:56 who is watching and who has already been
22:59 in those situations we are saying that it can be done.
23:03 You can make pure choices
23:05 and not just that God does redeemed
23:08 what is taken from you, you know,
23:11 God is in the redeeming business.
23:13 So not-- yes,
23:14 we have abdicated our responsibilities
23:16 but more than that now that we are here
23:19 we are saying you can live that life
23:21 and that you should make this choices
23:23 and that going forward these are--
23:26 these are some of the principles
23:27 that you can apply.
23:28 You can make provision in your life not to read novels
23:34 that will excite you so that when you do
23:36 get into a relationship
23:37 you kind of already have a built in expectation
23:41 in your mind that this is what I need to be doing you know.
23:44 You can stop watching movies that will excite you
23:48 into doing things that are not necessarily
23:51 where you want to go.
23:52 You can be a-- surround yourself with people
23:55 who build your relationship with Christ
23:59 to more than they encourage you to you know,
24:01 be slipping around with other people.
24:03 Those are some of the practical things
24:04 that we can do.
24:05 Yeah, that's beautiful. You to, Kean.
24:07 So true, Jeanne, I want to add to that
24:10 before all those things
24:13 that you mentioned which are necessary,
24:15 there has to be a foundation because,
24:17 I mean, I can speak from my experience
24:19 you don't have to go out looking for a sin,
24:21 sin will come and find you.
24:23 Reminding your own business and it says,
24:25 hi, you remembered me?
24:29 But so what has to happen is because this is something
24:33 that we can run from, it says,
24:35 flee useful lust but it's in us this desire for procreation
24:40 that God put us into our fore parents Adam and Eve
24:44 and it's been passed down to all our children, it's in us.
24:46 So how do we flee when it's when it's inside of us?
24:49 So this is where it's important to understand
24:52 that God needs us to die
24:55 and it's Christ that gives us the power.
24:57 We can make all of the provisions,
25:00 we can through out our TV,
25:01 we can through out our internet,
25:04 and we won't change it because our nature it's in our DNA.
25:10 We don't know, a lot of times our parents
25:11 won't talk about us--
25:12 to us about sex because of the mistakes
25:14 that they've made and the shame.
25:16 And this is one of the reasons
25:17 why we don't talk about it in church
25:18 because like you said they'll--
25:20 because we can't reach the standard,
25:23 we lower it so because its okay,
25:26 I've reached it because now it's here instead of here.
25:29 So this is why death to self,
25:33 new life accepting new life that Christ gives us,
25:36 living in Him that's the only way that we can have success.
25:41 Amen. And that's the way to wrap it up.
25:43 You know, we really have to make sure
25:44 that we're being proactive, we are preparing ourselves.
25:47 Because you know these things are going to happen,
25:48 you know, even us when we leave here,
25:50 you know, these things are gonna--
25:51 Satan is gonna try to attack us with these things.
25:54 And so we have to know that we have to be prepared
25:57 even with our civic and others to even plan out the time
26:00 we're gonna spend with them,
26:01 so we won't fall into these-- these traps, you know.
26:03 I want to just read this testimony that I received
26:05 from one of the young people at my church,
26:06 who recently got baptized.
26:07 She says, I'm 18-year-old young lady,
26:10 I just got baptized this year
26:12 and I made a commitment to stop having sex.
26:14 The things that helped me was talking to Jesus
26:16 and being faithful to myself about being Christian.
26:18 My situation involved my boyfriend
26:21 who I was having sex with until I got my life turned around,
26:24 and I ran from the situation.
26:26 But recently we talked and he told me that
26:29 we needed to continue having sex but I told him no,
26:32 because I wanted to wait on Jesus
26:33 to let me know when I should.
26:35 Then he said, that if wanted to be with him
26:37 then we would have to have sex.
26:39 So I told him if he can't wait until marriage
26:42 then we don't need to be together.
26:44 So we broke up because I wanted to be here.
26:46 Amen.
26:47 And now I'm with someone who respects me
26:49 and we are waiting until marriage to have sex.
26:51 Amen. That's just a beautiful--
26:52 Amen. Praise God.
26:54 Yeah, beautiful testimony there, you know,
26:55 it just reminding us that, you know,
26:57 these young people
26:58 they're making commitments they can do it,
26:59 you know, and everyone who is watching,
27:02 everyone who is hearing this,
27:03 reading the Word of God they can do it as well.
27:06 God has something a special design for all of us
27:09 and has someone special designed for all of us
27:11 and if we wait on the Lord
27:13 He is gonna give us what we need.
27:14 Yeah.
27:15 I'm gonna end this with reading this
27:17 from 1 Corinthians 6:13 it says
27:21 "The body is not meant
27:22 for sexual immorality but for the Lord."
27:26 And so all those who are watching,
27:29 remember to honor God with your body
27:30 because you belong to God, no one else,
27:33 you don't belong to Satan,
27:34 you don't belong to anyone else,
27:35 you belong to God and that's should be your first priority.
27:38 So we thank you all so much for this discussion,
27:40 a lively discussion, a good discussion,
27:42 and we have a lot more to discuss keep it going,
27:45 but that's our program for today and always remember
27:48 no matter what make pure choices.
27:51 Thank you.


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