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God's View Of The Homosexual

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Participants: Wayne Blakely (Host), Ron Woolsey


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:41 I'm Wayne Blakely from Coming Out Ministries,
00:44 your host today on Pure Choices.
00:47 Today, I have with me Ron Woolsey
00:49 who is a colleague of mine in this ministry.
00:52 And today, Ron, we're gonna talk about
00:55 what is happening globally across our world
00:59 with the normalization of homosexuality.
01:02 It seems that today that in the headlines,
01:06 almost every day, is something that is saying
01:09 something about accepting homosexuals,
01:12 accepting the gay lifestyle, as being just as normal
01:16 as we would view heterosexuals.
01:19 And so it's interesting that this is beginning to become
01:25 much more prevalent
01:26 than it has been in the past where we look--
01:30 where as a nation we've looked at things
01:32 a little more from a Christian standpoint
01:34 it seems that that's disappearing.
01:37 And so as I'd like to remind our viewers today
01:40 that we want to look at this from the Word of God
01:43 and to see what's God's view
01:46 of the homosexual and homosexuality.
01:49 So, Ron, how is it that God expresses His feelings
01:53 towards the homosexual?
01:55 And, Wayne, this is such an important question
01:57 because what we do just to reiterate,
01:59 what we do here so much in the news, in the media,
02:04 in society is how-- how we feel,
02:09 how the homosexual feels,
02:10 about how society feels and so forth.
02:12 And we've talked about this a number of times
02:16 that what seems to be left out of the equation
02:19 is how does God feel?
02:21 And so it's very important for us as Christians
02:24 and having come out of that lifestyle ourselves
02:27 to look at how God feels about the issue.
02:31 And so in order to do that is there something
02:33 that we can reference from God's Word,
02:35 are there texts that actually deal with this topic?
02:37 Yes, exactly and that's why I would say
02:40 why don't we let God speak for Himself.
02:41 You know, we can talk about how He feels
02:44 but it's so much better to just say
02:47 "God, You show us how You feel."
02:48 And so, you know, I've compiled a few
02:51 just a sample texts and scripture
02:53 that show us how God feels--
02:55 Give me one. About, just one?
02:58 No, we've got several here
03:00 but yeah, the first one, 1 John 4:8
03:03 and it might be surprising to know that
03:06 this is an expression of how God feels
03:08 towards the homosexual.
03:10 But 1 John 4:8 God is telling us that He is love.
03:14 God is love or how does that reveal
03:19 His feeling toward the homosexual.
03:21 Well, if we go to Romans 5:8
03:25 Paul says "But God commendeth his love toward us,
03:29 in that, while we were yet sinners."
03:31 That includes homosexual. Right.
03:33 While we were yet sinners, homosexual sinners
03:37 "Christ died for us."
03:39 So that shows us another text,
03:41 it shows us how God feels towards the homosexual.
03:45 He was willing to die for us even before we accept Him.
03:48 And of course, the text that everyone knows
03:51 and loves John 3:16
03:54 "For God so loved the world,
03:56 that He gave his only begotten Son,
03:58 that whosoever believeth in Him
04:00 should not perish, but have everlasting life."
04:03 You know, it's kind of, I think it might be important
04:04 also to indicate here too that
04:07 if you have same sex attraction or you have temptations
04:12 that you differentiate between that and behavior
04:16 and so if we're looking at a little bit about
04:19 how does God feel about homosexual behavior,
04:22 well, we're looking at that during our discussion today
04:25 but that if you are just experiencing temptation
04:28 that you wouldn't necessarily identify as a homosexual,
04:32 that you would identify as a sinner
04:36 tainted with temptations.
04:38 But that as long as you're not carrying out the behavior,
04:41 you're not an active homosexual.
04:44 That's true and God has so many expressions
04:48 of how He feels
04:50 towards the person who is struggling.
04:51 But even--
04:53 And identifying at first as homosexual temptation
04:58 and then looking at this that let's go into looking it
05:01 as acknowledging homosexual behavior as sin
05:04 now what does God have to say to that sinner
05:08 and that's where your versus are so important.
05:10 Right.
05:12 First of all, I mean, in another reference,
05:15 He is reaching out
05:16 and for example, in Proverbs 23:26,
05:20 He says "My son" so He is reaching out
05:24 to the sinner referring to him as His son.
05:28 I think that such an endearing term
05:30 and this, Wayne, what I think is so important to paint
05:35 about God and to reveal that His love towards us
05:39 even when we were in rebellion, it's still there
05:43 even before we're just saying we're struggling
05:46 and even wanting a way out.
05:47 Even while were in rebellion He says
05:49 "My son, give me thine heart,
05:52 and let thine eyes observe my ways."
05:54 Listen and learn, watch and learn,
05:58 follow My example, a father trying to teach his children.
06:01 And, you know, parents have wayward children
06:04 and as a father myself,
06:08 many times I'm trying to get my children
06:10 to just pay attention.
06:12 Listen and learn from my experience,
06:15 learn from my study and so forth.
06:18 Another good example is with Mary.
06:20 Now Mary was guilty of the same type of sin,
06:23 the violation of the seventh commandment,
06:25 adultery and Jesus said to her
06:28 "Neither do I condemn thee."
06:30 So here she was actively a sinner
06:35 and Jesus says, I don't condemn you, Mary.
06:37 That's so important for us to know Wayne.
06:39 He's not condemning
06:41 but then He says, "Go and sin no more."
06:43 You know, but I would like to make a comment about
06:45 that I use in my presentation today called Engaged.
06:51 God gave me this about that story on Mary
06:54 and the church might learn something from this too
06:56 is that, you know, God didn't use a clobbered technique
07:00 so we can't just throw the verses out there for people
07:03 to see that God is not putting His approval on homosexuality
07:08 as He didn't put approval on adultery
07:11 or sexual sin.
07:14 But He invited Mary, you know, come share a meal with Me.
07:18 Come have something to drink with Me.
07:19 Come spend the evening with Me.
07:21 And, Mary, please don't go back to those men tonight
07:26 and Mary says, well, but, Jesus, you know, they love me.
07:30 And God lets her go
07:33 and then yet she comes back the next day
07:36 and He says, ah, Mary, so good to see you again.
07:39 You're so beautiful.
07:40 I love you, spend time with Me today
07:42 and they spend another day like the first.
07:45 And through the course of the seven times
07:48 that it took for Mary to come back.
07:51 Jesus is revealing His tender compassionate love
07:54 while He's not condemning her as He tells her,
07:57 "I don't condemn you"
07:58 and asks her go and sin no more.
08:01 And finally she's able to see
08:03 the difference between His pure love
08:06 and what she used to think was love is no longer love.
08:09 She sees it as abuse. Right.
08:11 And in our own experiences,
08:14 and we've shared so we know each other
08:16 and how we have come out this gay life.
08:20 These are the types of things
08:22 that we both had to come to understand
08:25 before we would even deal with the gay issue
08:28 that He loves us,
08:30 we're like a son, yes, maybe a wayward son
08:32 but He still loves us anyway, He doesn't condemn us.
08:36 And then Jeremiah 3:13
08:38 He pleads with us wayward children,
08:41 He pleads because He loves us.
08:43 He says "Only acknowledge thine iniquity."
08:46 Just admit that this is a problem
08:49 "That you've transgressed against the Lord thy God."
08:51 Verse 14, "Turn, O backsliding children,"
08:54 He still calling us children.
08:56 "Return ye backsliding children
08:58 and I will heal your backsliding."
09:01 And so, and one more example, the Prodigal Son.
09:06 What a beautiful depiction of how God feels
09:10 towards the homosexual.
09:11 Now, we're not saying this Prodigal Son
09:13 was a homosexual but I was a prodigal son
09:16 and my sin happen to be homosexuality and yours.
09:20 We left-- I left my family, I turned my back on my family
09:24 and my God and my church as a prodigal
09:27 and we read in the story, the Prodigal Son
09:30 there's beautiful love of the father waiting
09:34 and longing to receive the son back into the family.
09:37 And so I think it's important that we see
09:40 how God feels about the homosexual
09:43 is not the way He feels about homosexuality.
09:46 Because the homosexual is a sinner
09:49 in need of salvation and God loves that person.
09:52 That' right. That's right.
09:54 So tell me--
09:57 you painted a good picture about God's love for any sinner
10:01 regardless what the sin is.
10:03 So let's dive a little bit deeper into this.
10:07 how has God really feel towards homosexuality
10:10 because it seems like we're, we're skirting the issue today
10:13 that we're afraid to speak out
10:15 about what that Word of God truly does say?
10:18 And I think it is so important for us
10:20 to really paint this picture
10:22 of God's feeling towards us personally, before we look at,
10:25 you know, the question.
10:27 Yes, absolute.
10:28 And now we will take that dive
10:30 so we need to fasten the seatbelts
10:32 because it's not a pretty picture.
10:33 Because it's gonna address our feelings.
10:36 Right. And God hates sin. He loves the sinner.
10:41 That's what drew us to Him. Yes.
10:43 But, boy, does He hate the things
10:45 that separate us from Him
10:48 and that destroys and pull us away from Him
10:50 and so, let me just share
10:53 three passages of scripture. Okay.
10:56 That tell us how God feels about the sin of homosexuality.
11:01 This is not how He feels about you and me as sinners,
11:04 but how He feels about the thing
11:06 that is hurting us and hurting Him.
11:09 And this is why-- we should--
11:10 you know, God has given us this beautiful tool
11:13 His Word to go to and so many of us end up
11:17 making observations rather than going to the lamp
11:21 that God has given us that that is a light to our feet
11:24 and so important that that you as a viewer
11:27 would go to the Word of God
11:29 and let God speak to you through His Word.
11:32 And pray and ask for God's guidance
11:34 and for the presence of the Holy Spirit
11:36 when you do this.
11:37 Now we do have to understand that, 2 Timothy 3:16, 17
11:40 I think is that
11:42 "all Scripture is given by inspiration of God."
11:44 These are His thoughts, His feelings.
11:47 "And it is profitable for doctrine for reprove."
11:51 Well, ouch, that's like a spanking.
11:53 For correction,
11:55 I don't need to be corrected I know everything.
11:57 You know, we see that in children of all ages.
12:00 And instruction in righteousness.
12:02 In other words the Word of God is to shape and mold us
12:06 back into His image.
12:08 So it's very important.
12:09 Now these three texts of scripture
12:11 they're very strong.
12:13 We want to stress here, Wayne,
12:14 that this is how He feels about the behavior
12:17 about the sin, not the person.
12:20 Leviticus 18:22
12:22 "Thou shalt not lie with mankind,
12:24 as with womankind, it is abomination."
12:28 God looks at this sin as abomination.
12:31 Not the abomination but one of many.
12:34 So, Ron, was that just some Levitical law
12:37 that we don't pay, need to pay attention today to?
12:41 No, and I'll share one more Levitical
12:43 and then we'll go to the New Testament
12:45 and we can't say that's Levitical.
12:46 No, we can't. Right.
12:48 But in the Leviticus 20 God reiterates
12:51 and when He repeats Himself to me
12:52 that's like using that yellow highlighter.
12:55 I said at once, we said this to our kids.
12:58 I've said it once I'm going to say it again
13:01 and if you don't get it I'll say it again.
13:03 And so He says again just two chapters later
13:06 in Leviticus 20.
13:07 "If a man also lie with mankind,
13:09 as he lieth with a woman,
13:11 both of them have committed an abomination."
13:14 Again, not the abomination.
13:16 You know, in my book, Wayne, I listed to help me
13:19 I listed all the abominations in the Bible in one paragraph.
13:23 That was so helpful to me,
13:24 to realize that my sin was not the unpardonable sin.
13:29 It was one of many sins, all called abomination
13:32 all of which God can deal with and that was very helpful.
13:35 Now to Romans, the New Testament
13:39 and this is one that is very strong
13:42 but it does reveal how God feels.
13:44 Romans Chapter 1,
13:46 "Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness
13:48 through the lusts of their own hearts,
13:51 to dishonor their own bodies between themselves"
13:53 so He's referring to this as dishonoring ourselves.
13:57 That hurts a father to see a child hurt himself.
14:00 "For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections."
14:04 So now it's referred to as vile.
14:07 "For even their women did change the natural use
14:09 into that which is against nature."
14:12 So it's against nature.
14:14 "And likewise also the men,
14:16 leaving the natural use of the woman,
14:18 burned in their lust one toward another,"
14:21 so then we read on
14:23 "men with men working that which is unseemly,
14:27 receiving in themselves that recompense
14:30 of their error which was meet.
14:31 And even as they did not like
14:33 to retain God in their knowledge,
14:34 they are putting themselves ahead of God here.
14:38 "God gave them over to a reprobate mind,"
14:40 so he is referring to this
14:42 as being reprobate or reprobate mind
14:45 "to do those things which are not convenient,
14:47 being filled with all unrighteousness."
14:49 So now He goes through a list of how He looks at this.
14:52 "Unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness,"
14:57 is desiring that which is not for ourselves,
15:00 coveting something that is forbidding.
15:03 "Maliciousness" and then a whole list of other things
15:06 and skipping down a little further
15:07 in chapter 1 of Romans,
15:09 "Who knowing the judgment of God,
15:13 that they which commit such things are worthy of death,
15:16 not only do the same,
15:18 but have pleasure in them that do them."
15:20 So they know the wages of sin is death,
15:23 they know this, that people talked about here
15:26 that are caught up in this lifestyle,
15:29 they know the wages of sin is death
15:32 but they do it anyway.
15:33 Right. You're meaning that sin--
15:34 in that sin you've indicated pleasure
15:36 that shows us again that's, that is driven by feeling.
15:39 So our feelings are gonna be a deceptive tool
15:41 and helping us to make us think that it's all okay with God.
15:45 And God doesn't want us to be controlled
15:48 and directed by our feelings
15:50 because they're fickle, aren't they, Wayne?
15:51 Oh, yeah, absolutely.
15:52 I mean, from one day to the next,
15:54 From one minute to the next sometimes.
15:56 We may be up, we may be down,
15:57 we may be all around and God is rock solid.
16:01 Don't go by your feelings.
16:03 I'm giving you something to hang onto
16:05 so that your life can be steady and straight.
16:08 Oh, did I say that?
16:09 Oh, you sure did. That's right.
16:11 And right down the narrow way which leadeth unto life.
16:15 So now we see how God feels about
16:17 the sin of homosexuality
16:20 as opposed to the sinner whom He loves dearly.
16:23 And when we use that term straight sometimes today,
16:25 you know, we actually,
16:27 you can just replace that by saying,
16:28 you know, redeemed and not necessarily,
16:31 you know, a heterosexuality, you know, connotation to that.
16:35 But, you know, when I came back to God
16:37 and had that experience
16:39 that amazing lightning bolt experience
16:41 that I had with Him, one of the first places
16:43 that I came in touch within His word
16:45 was something that I hadn't remembered
16:47 from my past biblical history.
16:50 And that was in 1 Corinthians 6:9- 11,
16:54 you know, and I read through there
16:56 and I saw that, you know,
16:58 God shows His displeasure for homosexual offenders
17:02 and for adulterers and idolaters
17:05 and the list goes on and it's like I'm inclusive,
17:08 I was inclusive in that.
17:09 I was in that list three times.
17:12 Three times I was going to the bad place.
17:14 Well, there you go.
17:16 But the beauty of how that passage ends,
17:19 it says "and such were some of you"
17:22 showing that redemption is possible,
17:25 the healing is possible,
17:26 the beauty of coming into agreement
17:29 with Jesus Christ and let Him rule
17:32 and heal us in our lives.
17:34 Wayne, I have to say
17:35 that when you bring up that text,
17:38 that text was a pivotal point in my experience.
17:42 Someone showed me that text and they read it
17:44 "and such were some of you."
17:46 "But ye are washed, ye are justified,
17:49 you are sanctified in the name of the Lord Jesus
17:52 and by the spirit of our God."
17:53 And I, that very night ended up taking a stand for Jesus
17:59 because of that one text
18:01 and Paul was talking to Corinthians
18:02 who had been homosexual.
18:04 It's a powerful text. Exactly.
18:07 So now we know a little bit about
18:12 ourselves as sinners on this earth
18:14 having arrived with the fallen nature.
18:16 Then we've been given guidance about
18:18 how we can differentiate between the kinds of sins
18:22 that might be of concern to a us
18:24 or might have prevalence in our lives
18:26 and how to identify ourselves knowing our sinful state.
18:31 And then God comes in and begins to show us,
18:34 you know, what to do under the circumstances
18:37 of that sin being prevalent or occurring in our lives.
18:42 So here I am knowing that I'm a sinner
18:45 then I see that I'm same-sex attracted
18:47 and then before I know it for myself,
18:50 I was out of the church,
18:51 I was out of the presence of God.
18:53 I was living in a life of immorality.
18:56 I was living not in accordance with His will
18:59 but against His will.
19:01 And then God shines His light on me and says
19:05 "Here are some truths that I want you to consider
19:10 and will you take notice of Me as being your God,
19:14 being King of the universe?" Having respect for who I am
19:20 and inviting the Holy Spirit into my life
19:24 to bring about conviction in my heart
19:26 that only Jesus could do, not another person could do.
19:29 And so what happens here-
19:32 what is that reconciling relationship with Jesus Christ?
19:36 What does that look like? Okay.
19:39 We see how God feels toward us
19:43 and how He feels toward sin
19:45 and they are diametrically opposed to each other.
19:48 And so why would He reveal that to us
19:51 unless He gave us a way to reconcile
19:53 this big, this big void.
19:56 And so I listed, you know, a few text of scripture
19:58 that to me were sequential in my understanding
20:01 on how to bring about this reconciliation.
20:04 In Matthew 1:21 the very name of Jesus
20:07 means Savior and Deliverer
20:09 and He was given that name
20:11 because He was to save His people from their sins.
20:15 So in other words, He came to save people
20:19 who were not repentant yet, to draw them and so forth.
20:23 He came to save them from their sins,
20:25 not in the sin of homosexuality
20:27 but from the sin of homosexuality.
20:30 And then 1 John 3:4 tells us
20:33 that sin is a transgression of the law.
20:35 So if He came to save us from sin,
20:37 we need to know what sin is.
20:39 Right.
20:40 We have to accept God's definition
20:42 that it is violating the commandments.
20:45 And then we read in Romans 3:23 that all have sinned at least,
20:49 I know I have. Maybe you have too.
20:52 "All have sin and come short of the glory of God."
20:56 So Jesus came to save all of us.
20:58 Why?
21:00 Because Romans 6:23 because the "wages of sin is death"
21:03 and this is why, Wayne, that God hates sin so much.
21:10 Because it's unplugging from the life source.
21:13 It is separating His children from Himself.
21:17 It works to separate and actually in the end,
21:20 you know, these children whom He created
21:22 to love and cuddle
21:24 and to be with for all eternity,
21:26 it works to ultimately destroy them.
21:29 And so of course, He would hate it.
21:31 I mean, I would hate anything
21:32 that would pull my children away
21:33 from me for all eternity.
21:35 So it's only logical.
21:37 And then Romans 5:10 "For if, when we were enemies,"
21:41 and that's what we all were,
21:44 "we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son,
21:47 much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life."
21:50 So God has made a way while we're enemies.
21:53 He draws us to Himself.
21:56 And then 1 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that
21:59 "We can be new creatures in Christ."
22:02 And this is an amazing thing about God
22:04 that He will work to recreate us
22:07 to what we were created to be in the first place.
22:10 Right.
22:11 also backs that up.
22:13 "It is God which works in us
22:15 to will and to do of His good pleasure."
22:17 And then Philippians 1:6
22:20 "That we can be confident of this very thing
22:22 that He which has begun a good work,
22:24 He will perform it."
22:26 And so these are just a few texts
22:28 that we're all familiar with
22:30 that show us that though God hates the sin,
22:34 He loves the sinner
22:36 and He has provided a way to reconcile,
22:39 to separate the sinner from that thing
22:41 that is destroying him and reconcile him back to himself
22:45 and recreate him into the image of God.
22:48 And that's what, you know, we talk about
22:50 is being new creatures in Christ
22:53 because He is working this out in us.
22:56 So, Ron, here I am, I've tuned in to this channel
23:01 Pure Choices and I'm watching today
23:05 and I just happened to be channel-surfing
23:07 I'm a practicing gay individual
23:11 and I'm starting to hear
23:13 what you guys are talking about here.
23:15 And so I'm thinking that maybe
23:19 I should listen to the Holy Spirit,
23:21 I should listen to what God might be saying to my soul
23:24 and I'm convicted while I'm watching this program
23:27 that I can see through the power of Jesus Christ
23:31 and through the power of the Holy Spirit
23:32 that I'm living in dis-accordance
23:34 with God's will and then I've been living
23:36 according to my own will under the deception
23:39 and the influence of the evil one.
23:42 What do I do?
23:45 Submit.
23:48 You know, if-- you know,
23:50 I use this illustration a lot
23:52 and you will probably hear it on this program
23:53 a few more times.
23:55 If someone is drowning in the sea, say the sea of sin.
23:59 Sure.
24:00 The lifeguard comes out,
24:03 the lifeguard needs the drowning person
24:07 to accept that saving hand, to accept the life
24:12 device or whatever is thrown to him.
24:14 And God says, you know, if you just submit to Me,
24:17 I will work out my plan in your life.
24:19 You don't have to feel perfect,
24:22 you need to just accept that I can
24:25 and will be your personal Savior from that sin.
24:29 It is a beautiful journey
24:30 and this is what you and Mike and I've been
24:33 trying to show through our various ministries
24:35 and in Coming Out Ministries, we're on a journey.
24:39 I've been 21 years on this journey,
24:41 you what four years on the Journey,
24:43 Mike 12 years,
24:44 we're at various stages along the path.
24:47 But it's an amazing exciting journey.
24:51 Growing process. Yeah, growing venture.
24:53 You can't expect it all at once and the thing is this
24:56 that God has told us throughout His Word
24:58 that when we fall
25:01 that He is there and He'll pick us back up.
25:03 And it's not that it's sheep graze
25:06 or that it gives us permission to fall
25:08 but that as we grow in Him,
25:11 we begin to trust Him more
25:13 and that we believe in the strength
25:15 that He provides us day in and day out.
25:18 Yes, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely.
25:20 So we're-- the idea then
25:23 is to get our focus off the world
25:25 and off the deception and back onto Jesus Christ.
25:29 And that comes through an abiding
25:31 daily surrender to Him.
25:34 As I abide in Christ, I surrender my life to Him,
25:38 I find that today, when I walk down the street
25:41 and I experience temptation that I immediately call upon
25:45 and ask for the Holy Spirit to take those thoughts
25:49 that have been in my mind
25:51 and to renew my mind with pure thoughts
25:54 and the thoughts that Jesus would have me.
25:56 Do you still experience temptation at all
25:59 in this travel today?
26:01 Oh, what a question.
26:03 You know, I was baptized 21 years ago.
26:07 Satan wasn't. Yes.
26:09 Right? Yeah, exactly.
26:11 I've changed my direction. Satan hasn't changed his.
26:15 But, you know, you can give him such a resounding defeat
26:17 in certain areas of your life
26:19 that he may just give up in that
26:21 find and try something else.
26:22 That's right.
26:23 And so I have put this behind me.
26:26 I have moved on.
26:27 I'm married, I have children, I have grandchildren,
26:29 I have a full-time ministry
26:31 and but I would never say
26:34 that Satan doesn't try to throw some kind of a mud ball at me
26:39 but I've learned how to throw it back.
26:40 No, thanks. Not interested. Nice try.
26:44 And move on and bring every thought into captivity
26:47 under the obedience of Christ.
26:49 That's right.
26:50 Ron, this has been a fascinating conversation
26:54 and, you know, I just want to remind people today
26:57 that in my walk with Christ that I come to Him
27:00 each and every day, in the morning.
27:03 through study, and through prayer,
27:05 and that I begin to communicate with Him.
27:08 I want to set the precedents for the whole day
27:12 when I'm doing that so that I know
27:13 that He is continually with me.
27:16 Thank you so much for joining us
27:19 for this topic today here on Pure Choices.
27:22 I'm Wayne Blakely from Coming Out Ministries.
27:25 We have been so blessed with the testimony of Ron
27:29 and I concur with what he has stated today,
27:33 we have had a lot of scriptural guidance here
27:37 that I hope you have richly benefited from.
27:40 I invite to look at
27:42 future programming here on Pure Choices
27:45 where we have been discussing the topic of homosexuality.
27:49 Thanks so much and have a very blessed day.


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