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Participants: Ron Woolsey (Host), Wayne Blakely (Host), Lance Williams, Mike Carducci


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:40 Welcome to Pure Choices.
00:42 I'm Ron Woolsey and with me today
00:44 are my friends and guests Mike Carducci and Wayne Blakely
00:49 that are also with me in Coming Out Ministries.
00:52 And we also have our good friend Lance Williams
00:56 and a guest that will be discussing with us today
00:59 this issue that generally meets with little or no discussion.
01:05 The subject today is kind about taboo issue
01:09 I would believe in,
01:10 one involved in shame and remorse, a secret sin.
01:15 We're going to talk about the issue of masturbation.
01:18 And it is very difficult to even bring up
01:20 or talk about self abuse and its negative effects
01:23 upon one's image, self image,
01:26 self worth and the spiritual life.
01:30 We have some amazing words f council on this subject
01:33 which I think must surely be inspired.
01:37 One of my favorite authors Ellen White from a book
01:40 called "Selected Messages" page 286 in volume 3.
01:45 "The sinful practice or self abuse in this age
01:48 is almost universally practiced."
01:51 I found that to be startling.
01:53 And, of course, this is written a long time ago.
01:56 But almost universally practiced
01:59 and this practice weakens the physical, the mental
02:02 and moral powers and bars the way
02:05 to everlasting life.
02:07 That is very sobering.
02:10 We read also in a book "Child Guidance".
02:14 "The effect of such debasing habits
02:16 leave some to a time suffer keenly from feelings of remorse
02:21 and they feel degraded in their own eyes
02:24 and to lose self respect."
02:26 And from the same book, page 441.
02:32 It refers to the exceeding sinfulness
02:34 of this degrading sin.
02:37 "Self abuse results in weakening the mind
02:39 and dimming the brilliancy of the intellect."
02:43 So with these thoughts and these words of council
02:47 which I do feel are very inspired.
02:50 We're going to talk about this subject
02:53 and you know, Mike, I want to commend you
02:57 because you so boldly talk about this issue
02:59 but it's not something you're comfortable with,
03:02 but you're willing to take it on.
03:03 I give you much credit for that.
03:08 And your openness and your transparency
03:11 is apparent that you are selflessly burdened
03:13 to help others overcome in this area
03:16 because there's a need.
03:17 In fact, you know, all of us,
03:19 we're here today talking about the issues
03:21 that none of us are comfortable with.
03:23 That's right. If we think about our...
03:25 Well, if we selfishly think about our reputations
03:29 and our image and so forth, who wants to talk about
03:32 all of these things from our past.
03:34 But we're here sharing because we know that
03:37 our experiences are not unique.
03:42 There's a prevalence in these areas.
03:43 And so I want to thank all three of you today
03:46 for being here and being willing
03:49 to talk about this issue.
03:52 Mike, I know you have openly stated that
03:55 his was something that you struggled with in.
03:57 Can you share with us
03:59 at what age this problem developed with you?
04:03 At what age did you began practicing this issue?
04:07 You know, Ron, it's a topic that I get
04:10 more and more comfortable with as ugly
04:12 as it is to even bring up,
04:14 but when I have opportunity to speak to young people,
04:16 when I speak in academies and high schools
04:18 and even elementary schools, you know,
04:20 talking to young man and young woman
04:22 about the evils of this pernicious habit
04:25 that took me over for 30 some years.
04:27 You know, it's incredible when I see
04:29 a young person come forward in private and tell me that
04:31 they were praying that God would send someone
04:33 they could talk to, that they were struggling
04:35 with the addiction of masturbation.
04:36 I don't mind saying that ugly word,
04:38 I don't mind telling my story over and over again
04:41 because if I can help somebody stop the addictive cycle
04:44 at an early age and spare them what I went through,
04:47 I don't mind being the spokesperson
04:49 for that ugly thing.
04:50 And that's what so important about
04:51 what we're all trying to do here.
04:53 As we see people respond, it emboldens us
04:57 to even be more open with these issues
05:01 and I appreciate that.
05:02 Sure. For me it was 13 years old.
05:04 I was a late bloomer, and I was raised
05:07 by single mom and three sisters.
05:09 So I remember renting a book or, you now, leasing a book
05:12 out of the library at school about sex,
05:14 and I guess it was something on my mind
05:17 and I would look at the images in the book
05:18 that were very clinical and medical,
05:20 and I try to figure out or stimulate
05:23 that experience and, you know, I recognized
05:25 I guess at that age that there were something
05:27 stimulating about that.
05:29 Praise God, I was never abused as a child,
05:31 I was never molested,
05:33 and so this experience was something that I believe
05:36 was being brought on through the enemy
05:38 through no other source than just my own imagination.
05:41 Well, okay. Well, thank you, Mike.
05:43 And, Lance, did this begin with you
05:46 at a very early age or about what age were you?
05:49 Yeah, about 10 years old. About 10 years.
05:51 And see that's amazing to me
05:53 because in my mind 10 years old is before puberty.
05:57 And so why would anyone even now be lead to that.
06:02 But I mean, there are circumstances
06:04 and we'll talk about that.
06:05 But I think a lot of people in the audience today
06:08 would be rather shocked that this could be
06:12 a behavior manifesting itself in someone 10 years old,
06:16 but I understand it can even be earlier than that.
06:19 Wayne, do you have anything to offer on that?
06:22 Yeah, I was introduced to masturbation
06:26 basically through the sons of my parents' best friends
06:31 who we used to go camping with
06:34 and I didn't know anything about it,
06:39 I began to see it as an association
06:42 with the same gender,
06:43 and so not only was I developing the habit that
06:47 I certainly didn't need to participate in my life,
06:50 but it was beginning to reaffirm
06:51 my same gender attractiveness in as well.
06:54 At about what age?
06:56 About 13. About 13.
06:58 And I suppose with many children
07:02 it is more common at the age of puberty
07:05 or after puberty begins.
07:07 Mike, your family, what was that like
07:12 at the time that you began indulging in this behavior?
07:16 And could that have been a contributing factor?
07:18 Absolutely.
07:20 Again I was raised by single mom.
07:22 So we were living actually in a situation,
07:25 my parents were divorced, my father left my mother
07:28 and I'd already rejected, you know,
07:30 masculinity through my dad,
07:32 so my fantasies became homoerotic.
07:35 My mom also was devastated by the loss of her husband,
07:39 the sexual revolution was in full swing
07:41 and so my mother was having multiple partners
07:46 that sometimes she would be out whole night, sometime,
07:49 you know, she would bring them home.
07:50 So, you know, a young kid doesn't necessarily recognize
07:53 what's going on or know what's normal,
07:55 or even acceptable, or moral.
07:57 And so I'm not angry at my mom,
08:00 I believe that she was doing the best that she could
08:02 based on what she had, but I also know that
08:05 those contributing situations also made sex like
08:10 more of like an openness about it.
08:13 And what it did, it also isolated me
08:16 'cause I wasn't relating to anyone else in my family.
08:18 I was experiencing the hormones that come naturally
08:22 that God has given to each one of us at that age.
08:25 And so I had nobody to guide me,
08:27 I had nobody to direct me,
08:29 and so it's completely under the control
08:31 of whatever powers that were going out
08:34 at my house at the time.
08:36 So from what you're saying, it seems to me like
08:39 education is very important, parental education...
08:42 Guidance, absolutely.
08:43 About sexuality before they reach the age
08:46 where they would be experimenting.
08:49 And we probably all were lacking in that area.
08:55 You know, Ron, I just want to add something
08:57 really quick there is because I didn't have that education,
09:00 hadn't been told about it in school
09:02 or from my parents or anything.
09:04 What happened as a result of my learning that behavior
09:08 as I engaged with other boys,
09:10 I also wanted to teach them that behavior.
09:13 So it's like a chain reaction that was happening.
09:16 So with education, you know, God can help, you know,
09:20 can work through us and help prevent this
09:22 from happening to other people.
09:25 You know, I've heard it said and I believe it is very true
09:27 that what children don't learn from their parents,
09:32 from proper education sources,
09:35 they will pick up in this subject
09:37 or in sexual subject,
09:38 they'll pick up from the streets.
09:40 Mike, you have something to share on that?
09:42 Right, you know what's incredible is
09:44 because of my circumstances and my history,
09:46 I've a relative who is talking to a young son
09:49 at three years old and he was curious about,
09:52 you know, his private parts and she confront to him,
09:55 she goes, yes, that feels good, doesn't it?
09:57 And she said, you know, God gave you your fingers
09:59 and your toes and she said, he also gave you that
10:02 and said that's supposed to be special only to him.
10:05 And then when the time is right, you know,
10:08 she would share appropriately you know
10:11 with what he could understand at his age
10:13 that he probably shouldn't do that.
10:14 And then as he became in his teens,
10:17 she sat down with him and discussed
10:19 "Listen, you're at the age now
10:20 where you gonna be feeling things
10:21 and talking about, you know what,
10:25 I've gone through and use my as an example."
10:27 And as she related to this young boy about
10:30 what I'd struggled with,
10:31 you know, he started to see that
10:33 there was something that needed to be held back and check
10:36 and that he needed to be deliberate about
10:39 what his goals were
10:41 and to know that if he were to indulge
10:43 masturbation or experimentation
10:46 that it could open up this huge addiction for him.
10:48 So I thought that that was a great example
10:50 of starting very early teaching your children
10:53 about what their parts are and how they perform
10:56 at an age appropriate level.
10:59 I want to turn to another question.
11:01 Thank you, Mike.
11:02 I want to turn to another question here
11:04 because I'm thinking after these
11:09 first initial experiments with self-abuse,
11:13 and Lance will ask you this question.
11:15 How did you feel when it was over?
11:17 Did you feel guilt or shame or what was the feeling after?
11:23 I felt very, very perverted. I felt dirty.
11:29 I felt that it wasn't appropriate.
11:34 Did you feel that way because of having been told
11:38 that this was wrong or did that feeling of shame
11:42 and dirtiness and guilt, they did just come naturally?
11:45 They just came naturally to me I don't know why, I just did.
11:47 You know, before I was a Christian.
11:49 You know that tells me that
11:52 even by nature we know right from wrong in many areas.
11:58 When we go against what God has created us to be,
12:02 there is something that happens that lets us know
12:06 this was wrong, it's against nature
12:08 even if we were not schooled in it.
12:11 I think that's a fascinating revelation there
12:14 that even without that training you felt guilt.
12:17 How about you, Wayne, did you feel guilt and shame?
12:20 Yeah, I did. I felt dirty.
12:22 It wasn't something that was promoted,
12:25 obviously it's something that wasn't been
12:26 talked about in my family,
12:28 so that was a big clue that I was,
12:30 must be doing something that wasn't natural.
12:34 You know, too many people today I think they see it
12:36 as something that's normal and natural,
12:38 but that's because of where we've come
12:40 in our openness about our sexuality
12:42 instead of putting the focus back on Jesus Christ.
12:45 And a pastor recently mentioned to me
12:48 in stating the word to think about this masturbate.
12:53 It is the masturbate that Satan uses
12:57 for a lot of people to engage them
12:59 in this behavior, this ectopidy.
13:01 It's a very interesting term
13:03 and also what we're seeing today is that
13:07 this as we grew up this was a taboo issue
13:11 even though it may have been indulged,
13:14 it was considered to be wrong, there was guilt,
13:17 but there's a strong effort today in social circles
13:21 to conditioned children as young as four years old
13:24 that, "This is normal human behavior, it's okay"
13:27 and even teaching them how to do it.
13:29 And as I recall back in the olden days
13:34 is my children would say when I was four years old,
13:39 I wasn't thought anything about sexual behavior,
13:43 you know, from parents or...
13:44 It was too early is what I am saying
13:46 that such an early age to be teaching it.
13:50 But it is becoming more and more accepted and promoted
13:54 and it shows me how Satan is working against God
13:57 in this area and against God's children.
13:59 That's right.
14:01 Mike, did you feel conviction or at what point
14:04 did you feel conviction that this was wrong
14:07 and that maybe you needed to change?
14:09 But maybe there's more you would like to say
14:11 about your life, how it was caught up in this?
14:16 I think, you know, I was listening
14:17 to everybody else.
14:18 I didn't have the conviction necessarily that Lance had.
14:21 Again, this was kind of my own discovery.
14:23 I was trying to change thinking about,
14:27 you know, homosexual thoughts.
14:28 I was trying to change it around
14:30 to heterosexual thoughts through experimentation.
14:32 So, you know, it sounds ridiculous
14:35 but it was almost like a scientific experiment for me.
14:37 Oh, therapy, self therapy. Right, right.
14:40 But I know that there was shame involved
14:42 because, you know, of course I did in secrecy.
14:44 You know, I didn't want anyone to find out,
14:46 and I think it had to do with when it really started
14:48 going into fantasy rather than experimentation,
14:51 you know, my thoughts I knew were dirty.
14:54 I didn't necessarily know that the act was dirty,
14:56 but I knew what my thoughts were
14:58 and the conviction really came when I became a Christian
15:00 or when I got baptized at about 14 years old.
15:04 I knew then that the thoughts in my mind were not, you know,
15:08 what Jesus had intended, and I believe that
15:10 that was the time when the sin was conceived
15:14 was when I entertain those thoughts
15:17 which of course the behavior followed.
15:20 Well, I wanted to do a little follow up
15:21 question here, a two part.
15:25 Where did the masturbation take you
15:28 and then where did the conviction take you,
15:31 or when the conviction that it was wrong?
15:36 Well, the masturbation was just an absolute addiction
15:39 from the earliest time.
15:40 I would say about the time I was 14 years old
15:43 I would do it, sometimes 10 times in a day.
15:46 I remember crying out to the only God that I knew
15:50 that I was punitive and arbitrary
15:52 and not recognizing necessarily that he could change me,
15:56 but I believe that I had to change myself,
15:59 not wanting to give into sex but, you know,
16:02 definitely it brought around homoerotic thoughts.
16:05 It confirmed to me that my suspicions were true
16:08 that I was gay.
16:10 And then what happened is it became sexualized in academy
16:14 when I was, you know, exposed to that
16:16 by a roommate in academy.
16:18 And then again trying to, you know,
16:20 do the behavior stuff but, even when I was 17 years old
16:23 and cried out that God would take my life.
16:25 I believe that God knew I wasn't ready
16:27 because I still was indulging in this habit
16:30 that I was absolutely out of control.
16:32 I even know that,
16:33 that several of the guys in the dorm, you know,
16:35 when we would do the room grades, you know,
16:37 we would catch guys
16:39 in the act of masturbation as well.
16:40 But of course, you know, the dean never confronted it,
16:43 never had a...
16:44 You know or talk about the dangers of it,
16:46 or what the Bible said.
16:48 So my senior year, the senior Bible teacher
16:51 took the boys aside and the girls apart.
16:53 And on the day for the boys, he said, "Listen,
16:56 'cause 99% of all males masturbate."
16:59 And he said, "And one percent lie."
17:01 And right then being a 17-year old,
17:03 I basically said, "Oh,
17:05 I guess Jesus just can't help me."
17:06 Well, let me just interject right there.
17:09 If you hear that kind of a number,
17:12 does that not confirm you in it
17:15 rather than make you want to turn from it?
17:17 It was that point where I just said,
17:19 "I got free license."
17:20 You know, if God can't help me on this,
17:22 I guess it's not that bad.
17:24 I think that his words especially coming
17:26 from a leader in a church, somebody that we respected,
17:29 the Bible teacher, you know, I guess I thought, well,
17:32 I guess that make sense, that must be right
17:33 because I'm out of control with it.
17:35 So I took that as a free license.
17:37 Well, with that free license then how did you ever choose
17:41 to come out of masturbation, the habit of masturbation?
17:44 Well, I believe that God just never gave up on me.
17:46 And when I finally got victory over masturbation
17:50 I was in my 40s.
17:51 So from 17 until the time I was in my 40s,
17:54 you know, between sexual conquests
17:57 and this vile habit in between.
18:00 In my 40s I finally came under conviction,
18:02 I knew that some of the quotes that I read,
18:05 Romans 8:13 saying,
18:06 "If you live after the flesh, you shall die."
18:11 It couldn't be more plainer than that.
18:13 I realized that I was out of control
18:15 but he didn't necessarily know how to gain control,
18:18 but as I started to realize or gain knowledge
18:22 from other pastors,
18:23 it just would be talking about other things
18:25 and reading Ministry of Healing in particular
18:27 that God wanted to give me the power to overcome,
18:30 that I wasn't left up to my own to just say,
18:32 no, don't do it, don't do it because that never worked.
18:34 And so as I would ask God to assist me
18:37 in the process of overcoming this,
18:39 I started to gain victory very slowly.
18:43 And so shame and regret and remorse and low self esteem
18:47 would come in everytime I would fall.
18:49 But, you know, the scriptures that say, 1 John 1:9,
18:52 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful
18:54 and just to forgive us of our sins
18:56 and then to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
18:58 Those simple words, I had to realize
19:01 I wasn't the one that was called to be faithful,
19:03 I couldn't be faithful, I had to claim His faithfulness
19:07 whether I stayed strong or whether I fell
19:09 to recognize that He was the same goodness
19:11 whether I was in the pit or out of the pit.
19:13 And I guess that my history from my own father
19:16 and the rejection that I felt,
19:18 I thought how could God love me if I'm indulging in this,
19:20 but I believe that that was actually keeping me
19:22 from the knowledge of knowing that
19:24 God wanted to pick me up.
19:26 Let me suggest here the shame, the remorse
19:29 Lance and Wayne also this shame, and remorse,
19:33 and the guilt that you felt
19:36 or would perpetually feel after masturbating.
19:40 Could God have been using that to work in you
19:44 to develop a hatred for sin, a hatred for this
19:48 because it's when we feel remorse, and shame, and guilt
19:52 that's when we are reminded there is an alternative.
19:57 Wayne, you were going to say something I believe.
19:59 Well, I think that some of the viewers
20:01 may be sitting there going,
20:03 "What is the big deal they're talking about
20:05 masturbation, it's natural.
20:07 What's the problem here?"
20:08 And, you know, I think we have to take a look at that
20:11 and that is in this that, you know, what,
20:15 whatever is taking our focus off of Jesus,
20:18 whatever is putting our focus on someone else,
20:21 or what is that putting in our self our focus on our self
20:25 and the adoration of somebody else
20:29 or putting up a figure, images
20:32 that have become idols in our lives.
20:34 This is where the deception is coming in by the enemy.
20:38 This is where they built in emotion for a lot of people
20:41 after this act brings about the shame and the guilt,
20:44 because it's not according to God's plan.
20:47 And so, I reflect to the verse Philippians 2:5 that says,
20:52 "Let the mind of Christ be in you."
20:54 And so, it is something that I think
20:57 I want the viewer to contemplate
21:00 if you're sitting there wondering, you know,
21:02 what's the big deal about masturbation,
21:04 think about the images of Jesus Christ
21:06 and what He would have take place in your own life.
21:08 That verse alone, I remember one time
21:11 stepping into the shower after I gotten the victory
21:14 and I was surrounded by soap
21:16 and, you know, what I'm talking about
21:18 just then the thought to masturbate was so strong
21:22 and I knew it wasn't coming from God.
21:24 And I remember that verse
21:25 and I said very plainly, go, Lord,
21:27 I'm giving you permission to take my thoughts right now
21:29 and if you don't do it,
21:31 I'm going to masturbate right now.
21:33 And as soon as I just gave God permission,
21:35 there was nothing else that I did,
21:37 but my next conscious thought was about baseball
21:40 and I hate baseball.
21:41 And so immediately the victory came
21:44 and that has actually been a tool for me,
21:46 that simple verse, Wayne,
21:48 and it doesn't have to be complicated.
21:50 But recognizing that I can't do it on my own,
21:52 but I can solicit the help of the one who can,
21:55 and the victory has been sweet and consistent.
21:58 And here's a thought that has come to me
22:00 as we're having this discussion.
22:02 And it's kind of a provocative thought maybe.
22:07 Could it be that masturbation feeds into homosexuality
22:14 simply because you are now actually participating
22:18 in same gender sex?
22:20 That's right. That's right.
22:21 If you are prone to that in the first place,
22:26 and then you indulge in masturbation,
22:27 you are carrying out the same gender sex?
22:31 So imagine how many heterosexual men
22:33 would be horrified to think that
22:35 when they indulge in that behavior
22:37 that they are actually having homosexual sex.
22:40 Yes, I mean, that thought came to me
22:42 as we're having this discussion.
22:44 I think that would be rather alarming.
22:47 We need to move on here.
22:49 How did this maybe, Lance, this would be a question
22:54 that you can help us with?
22:56 How did this come to an end in your life?
22:59 Did you have another thought prior to that?
23:01 Well, this will kind of fits in well
23:03 I'm going to say actually you know.
23:04 So many people I think you guys know,
23:05 so many people say there's no verse in Bible
23:07 that says anything about masturbation.
23:09 I hear this over and over again but Romans 6:13
23:13 has been a verse that spoke to me, it says,
23:16 "Neither yield you your members
23:18 as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin,
23:20 but yield yourselves unto God
23:22 as those that are alive from the dead,
23:23 and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God."
23:26 So he's talking about members, what does that mean to you?
23:30 My body parts. Body parts, isn't that amazing.
23:33 And when we read about presenting your bodies
23:36 a living sacrifice that goes along with this.
23:39 We are to surrender our body parts,
23:41 our members to the God who created them
23:43 and use them in the way He designed it to be used.
23:47 You know, Ron, another thing
23:49 not just when you're indulging in the act
23:51 or you're doing a homosexual act,
23:53 but you're actually engaging in sex with demons.
23:56 And a quote from Desire of Ages,
23:58 page 36 says,
23:59 "The senses, the nerves,
24:01 the passions, the very organs of men
24:04 were worked by supernatural agencies
24:07 in the indulgence of the vilest lust.
24:09 The very stamp of demons
24:11 was impressed upon the countenances of men."
24:14 Isn't that a frightening thought
24:16 that here someone in the privacy
24:19 of his or her own home or room, closet,
24:22 whatever is deceiving him or herself
24:27 into thinking this is just me,
24:29 it's private, no one needs to know.
24:31 What a frightening thought to think that, no,
24:33 you're not there alone, demons are there assisting you,
24:37 and God's angels are also observing.
24:40 You are not alone, we are never alone, are we?
24:44 On this note, I think it would be good to bring out
24:47 some scriptural references that would bring
24:50 hope and encouragement
24:52 and lead us to thoughts of victory in this
24:55 and any other area of sin.
24:58 I have one, Romans 6:6-8 says,
25:02 "Knowing this our old man is crucified with him,
25:04 meaning Christ,
25:06 that the body of sin might be destroyed
25:09 that from now on we should not serve sin,
25:11 for He that is dead is freed from sin,
25:14 now if we be dead with Christ,
25:16 we believe that we will also live with Him."
25:20 That's a powerful text.
25:21 That, Lance, did you have one or, Wayne,
25:24 you have one that comes to mind?
25:26 I don't have the specific reference
25:28 but I know it's in Romans where Paul tells us that
25:31 we need to die to the flesh daily
25:34 to die to ourselves daily.
25:36 And that's just something that I'm reminded of
25:39 whenever I have physical temptations
25:42 is about dying to self and letting them.
25:45 Again Philippians 2:5,
25:46 letting the mind of Christ be in it.
25:48 That's interesting because I can just piggyback
25:51 on your comment there.
25:54 For me, it helps me when I realize that
25:57 my old man is dead, it's buried into baptism.
26:01 And so when I have a temptation to do these type of things,
26:04 I always have to remember, oh, no, no, no,
26:05 this is from the past,
26:07 and I'm a new creature in Christ,
26:08 so I'm not going to be doing this anymore.
26:10 You know, Proverbs 19:23, to me actually not
26:14 it's related to the act of masturbation
26:16 because again its self-love, you know,
26:19 nurturing yourself or satisfying yourself.
26:22 And so Proverbs 19:23 says,
26:24 "The fear of the Lord tends to life,
26:27 and he that has it will abide satisfied."
26:30 And so as I was being filled by Jesus,
26:33 as I was pursuing Him and recognizing the goodness
26:36 that He was pouring out to me, I got a satisfaction
26:39 that actually started to break the addictive cycle
26:42 and gave me a satisfaction.
26:43 So this wasn't an overnight, you know, thing for me,
26:46 it was a process of learning
26:48 how to hand it over to the Lord.
26:49 And as He gave me something that satisfied more,
26:52 I actually didn't have the desire
26:54 to not only hook up sexually
26:56 but also broke the cycle of masturbation.
26:59 Amen. Thank you.
27:01 I would like to bring this to a conclusion
27:03 with this quote,
27:04 "When persons are addicted to the habit of self-abuse,
27:08 it is impossible to arouse their moral sensibilities
27:11 to appreciate eternal things,
27:13 or to delight in spiritual exercises.
27:16 Impure thoughts seize and control the imagination
27:19 and fascinate the mind.
27:21 And next follows an almost uncontrollable desire
27:25 for the performance of impure actions."
27:29 Again this is from a quote from Ellen White.
27:33 We want to thank you for joining us today
27:36 on our program of Pure Choices.
27:38 And again, we wish that God will continue
27:42 and hope that God will continue to bless you
27:44 in your daily walk with Him as you make pure choices
27:48 each and every minute and hour of every day.
27:51 Thank you again for watching Pure Choices.


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