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Participants: Ron Woolsey (Host), Mike Carducci, Wayne Blakely


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents area cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:41 Hello, and welcome to Pure Choices.
00:44 I'm Ron Woolsey.
00:45 And again, we have our guests and co-workers
00:51 in coming out ministries, our colleagues together,
00:53 Mike Carducci and Wayne Blakely.
00:57 And we're here to discuss a subject today
01:00 that again is a little bit strange,
01:03 maybe a little bit different.
01:06 And it is the subject of cross dressing.
01:08 How does that line up with God's thinking,
01:10 His will, His word,
01:12 how has that affected our lives perhaps
01:16 or the life of someone
01:18 that is in the viewing audience today.
01:20 I found in the Bible in the Words of God,
01:25 some thinking that I'd like to share with you.
01:28 Deuteronomy 22:5,
01:30 "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man,
01:35 neither shall a man put on a woman's garment:
01:38 for all that do so are abomination
01:41 unto the Lord thy God."
01:43 Evidently, God has a pretty strong feelings
01:45 about this practice
01:47 and it goes back up very long ways
01:49 because this is found in the books of Moses
01:53 which was thousands of years ago.
01:56 In light of God's statement there,
01:59 I'd also like to share this quote from Ellen White
02:02 in the book Child Guidance, page 427,
02:05 and it is in harmony
02:07 with what we just read from the Word of God,
02:10 "God designed that
02:11 there should be a plain distinction
02:13 between the dress of men and women,
02:16 and has considered the matter of sufficient importance
02:19 to give explicit directions in regard to it,
02:23 for the same dress worn by both sexes
02:26 would cause confusion and great increase of crime."
02:30 That to me is an amazing statement gentlemen
02:34 because as we look around the world today,
02:38 it's seems to me that this little lady knew
02:41 what she was talking about.
02:42 The crime that is so abundant today,
02:46 the disappearance of the differences
02:51 between the genders,
02:52 it does seem like there perhaps is a correlation.
02:57 And we'll talk about that
02:58 as we progress in our dialogue today.
03:01 But first, I want to just ask you
03:03 a personal question, each of you,
03:07 and that is have either have you
03:09 ever been guilty of this kind of behavior?
03:13 You know, dress up or dressing out
03:16 or dressing down or cross dressing?
03:18 I will see a hand on the front row here.
03:21 Wayne, can you share with us a little bit about that?
03:26 Yeah, guilty is charged.
03:30 I did from the time I was three years old.
03:35 I was putting on anything that was looking like
03:38 women's attire, scarves,
03:41 anything at that age I could get my hands on.
03:44 And actually, I progressed, you know.
03:46 I was into,
03:50 you know, this five, six, seven, years old
03:52 and even at the age of thirteen,
03:55 I recall that I wanted to go out for Halloween.
03:59 In those days, we didn't think of it is
04:01 as being such as the devils holiday
04:04 as I would think of it today,
04:06 but for frivolity, I always wanted to be Cinderella.
04:10 You can only imagine when I said,
04:12 trick or treat at peoples doors,
04:14 they knew it was a trick indeed.
04:17 And my brother was so horribly embarrassed of me,
04:22 I'm sure my parents were as well.
04:25 And then, even into my adult's life,
04:29 the drag queen stuff came in and again I wish I had,
04:33 well, you know, it is probably a good thing
04:34 I don't have pictures because they would burn
04:36 through the television true value.
04:37 Okay, we're going to make it...
04:39 I didn't make a very attractive woman.
04:40 Oh, well, we're going to get into the adult life
04:43 a little bit here later, but evidently,
04:45 this was not a one time incident, was it Wayne?
04:48 What about you Mike, guilty?
04:50 Absolutely, again I had rejected masculinity
04:54 and, you know, through the example of my father,
04:56 I reverted to my mother.
04:57 And I thought that God had made a mistake.
05:00 I had three sisters, no brothers.
05:02 And so the only influence that I had with girls,
05:05 I like the things that girls like to do.
05:07 I like things that were soft and pretty and colorful.
05:10 And so, I would sneak to you know,
05:13 to try on my mom slips or you know,
05:16 to wear my sisters clothes
05:18 because in some way, it satisfied something.
05:22 There was something about it that I felt drawn to,
05:26 and I couldn't help it.
05:27 Right, Wayne? I was moved towards it.
05:30 It wasn't that I was trying to be...
05:32 to disobey my parents,
05:34 so that you know, I had this obsession with it.
05:36 It just seem like that was the right thing.
05:38 Yeah, same kind or natural... That's right.
05:40 Anyway. And you know, what?
05:41 That driving force came with me,
05:43 I kept praying the God would change me,
05:45 and I would wakeup the next day and I would be a girl.
05:47 And even I know that would never happen,
05:49 it wasn't until I was in early 20s
05:51 where the desire to be a women or to be girl
05:54 had actually faded away,
05:55 but that came from going into the gay lifestyle
05:58 and I recognized that masculinity
06:00 was much more popular than femininity...
06:02 Yeah.
06:04 Because what I wanted was the attention of men
06:05 and the comfort of men
06:07 and so then, it totally changed...
06:09 That's right, and I started working out in the gym,
06:11 and I started realizing that
06:13 masculinity sells much better than femininity
06:15 and all of that went away.
06:17 Well, especially in the gay world,
06:18 it was always confusing to me why...
06:22 if you're looking for a man, in the gay world,
06:25 you would want to act or dress or be like a women
06:28 because that man is gay too
06:30 and wouldn't he be looking for a man.
06:32 Sure. So that was a confusion for me.
06:37 I thoroughly understand
06:38 what you're talking about there.
06:40 It was when I moved to San Francisco
06:42 and had my first lover
06:45 that he began to talk to me about dressing more masculine,
06:49 having the appearance of a more masculine,
06:53 more macho man, and it made sense to me that
06:56 because I had an appreciation for masculinity
07:00 that I would want to dress that way to draw the same.
07:03 Right.
07:05 Let's go back for a moment to childhood
07:07 when you started dressing this way.
07:11 What do you think caused you to want to dress this way?
07:14 What was the fascination?
07:15 I remember, Mike, you just said something
07:18 about being fascinated.
07:20 What was the fascination?
07:23 It just seem natural, you know, I still,
07:25 I love color and it just seem
07:27 that that girl things were much softer,
07:30 they were prettier, you know, they grab my attention
07:33 and I rejected, you know,
07:35 again the masculinity for my dad.
07:36 So my attention turned you know, to the feminine
07:39 and so anything that was related to masculinity
07:43 was out and the only thing left was femininity.
07:46 And Wayne, this is for you
07:49 because we know each other stories here.
07:52 And I think this question
07:54 would be very important for you.
07:55 Did anything traumatic happened to you as a child
07:59 that might have influenced you in this area
08:01 to cause you to--
08:04 Sure, yeah, absolutely.
08:05 My birthmother had made it very clear during her pregnancy
08:10 that she didn't want anything but a girl.
08:13 When I was born, she had shown immediate rejection of me
08:17 as being a boy.
08:18 And so, those thoughts were really put up on me
08:22 and I think that I was already at an early age
08:24 trying to satisfy the desire to get the appreciation
08:30 and affection of my mother
08:32 by doing and becoming things that were more feminine,
08:37 much more like being a little girl
08:39 instead of being a little boy.
08:41 What was the reaction of your mother and those around you
08:45 when they saw you dressing this way?
08:47 I know, didn't you say,
08:49 your mother actually dressed you that way herself
08:51 and then, when you started doing it yourself...
08:53 Right.
08:55 By your own choice,
08:56 what kind of reaction did you get?
08:57 Well, I was adopted out and taken away
08:59 from my natural mother by the time
09:01 I was two years old.
09:02 So my adopted parents couldn't make sense
09:04 out of what was happening...
09:06 But your birthmother... Yes.
09:08 Didn't she dress you...
09:10 I mean, she dressed you that way purposely.
09:11 She broke my arm in two places before I was two years old.
09:15 I don't know that she dressed me as a girl.
09:18 She wanted me desperately to be a girl.
09:20 And so, therefore,
09:22 I was only trying to carry out her desires.
09:24 I see, right.
09:25 Okay, Mike, what about you?
09:27 What kind of reaction did you get
09:29 when you dressed that away?
09:30 Spanking is what I got.
09:32 And a clear distinction that, you know,
09:35 that it was wrong in our household
09:36 and so, you know, when covert...
09:39 for me, you know, I had to do it
09:40 without my parents watching.
09:43 I would engage my sisters to do it with me, you know,
09:46 we would play dress up and things like that,
09:48 play dolls but again, I had to do it very carefully
09:52 and, you know, I had to sneak to do it.
09:54 How long did this behavior go on?
09:56 For example, well, I'm just asking what age
10:00 do you recall a ceasing
10:03 to find pleasure in dressing this way?
10:05 Well, to tell you truth I think was the first Halloween
10:07 that I dressed in drag, after I had come out, you know,
10:10 and we went through the whole thing
10:12 of the false eyelashes and the dress
10:15 and the hose and, you know, the whole--
10:18 And I remember thinking about 20 minutes after I had it on,
10:20 I go, "All right, I'm done with this."
10:22 And what was amazing is in gay culture,
10:25 I thought that God had made a mistake,
10:27 and so I thought that I was girl
10:29 that I should have been a girl,
10:31 and so that drew me to dressing like one.
10:33 But the issue was much deeper.
10:35 It wasn't that I wanted to wear women's clothing,
10:37 it's just that I wanted to complete the identity
10:40 that I was claiming inside.
10:42 And so, it was not until
10:44 coming out into the gay lifestyle
10:46 that I recognized that masculinity
10:48 is what is desirable.
10:50 And so, what happened is then I started going to the gym,
10:53 I started, you know,
10:54 lifting weights and exercising more.
10:57 Again, repackaging if you would because the issue that I wanted
11:01 was I wanted to experience masculinity from someone else,
11:06 and I figured the only way I could do it
11:08 was to imitate it.
11:09 I never accepted, I never put inside masculinity,
11:13 I just put on a cover of masculinity
11:15 'cause I never felt like a man.
11:17 And so, even that was just an exterior for me,
11:20 thinking that somebody else
11:21 had the masculinity that I was seeking.
11:23 Right, okay.
11:24 And, Wayne, did this go on
11:26 for a longtime in your life or...
11:28 You know, it had periodic resurgences, you know.
11:33 I guess, I was fascinated, and I didn't quiet understand.
11:36 I always thought that women had so many more options than men.
11:40 Men either put on brown pants green pants or black pants
11:44 or brown shirt or white shirt.
11:46 I mean, it was so boring.
11:48 And I remember looking at my mom
11:53 and seeing, you know, the whole process,
11:55 you know, that they would put on these nylons
11:58 and things and then, they would turn around
11:59 and they would throw them away.
12:01 And I couldn't understand
12:02 why the guys would keep their socks
12:04 and women would throw theirs' away.
12:06 And so, one day, I was so fascinated
12:09 by this whole idea that I thought,
12:11 "Well, I'm going to see what that's like."
12:13 And so I took these nylons, this is before pantyhose,
12:16 and I took and I cut them off like at the knee
12:20 that my mom had thrown away.
12:22 And I put them on over my socks...
12:27 actually I know, I didn't wear socks,
12:28 I put them on by themselves,
12:30 and I went to school, I was in eighth grade.
12:32 And I remember, I was sitting at my desk,
12:35 it was one of those wrap around desks.
12:37 And I had a friend that was sitting across from me,
12:40 Betty Malore who is still an inspiration to me today.
12:43 And she left over my way,
12:46 and I looked at her and I went like this.
12:48 And I showed to her that I had these nylon socks.
12:51 And she immediately busted up,
12:54 and I immediately felt horrifying.
12:57 And then she, you know, shared with someone else
13:00 and there I was, I was stuck I had shoes on that were tight
13:03 and I had these nylons, and I wanted to sink
13:06 and to disappear into the floor.
13:08 Was that the last time you really dressed up?
13:10 Oh, no.
13:11 Now, what age was it would you say that you ceased?
13:15 You know, they had the ball, you never went to the prom,
13:19 you never went to...
13:21 when I left out in the gay culture
13:23 and so, even as hideous as I looked as a woman,
13:26 I would still go through this process of this application,
13:31 you know, of makeup and hair
13:35 and beautiful dresses and things,
13:37 even though it was to be... and I would do it even
13:39 with the full beard, you know,
13:41 it doesn't make any sense whatsoever,
13:43 other than it brought about hilarity and frivolity.
13:47 Do you know what... I'm wondering...yes.
13:50 It's interesting because, you know,
13:51 it hits a certain part of us where our natural expectation
13:55 is to laugh at it, but I think it's also
13:58 because of the uncomfortableness of it.
14:00 You know, again in gay culture, you know,
14:03 everybody just was dying to dress and drag on Halloween.
14:06 It was like the one excuse
14:08 that you could actually indulge,
14:10 you know, that part of you that seemed,
14:14 unacceptable or the part of you that seemed never satisfied.
14:18 And it's interesting
14:19 because it wasn't even until my 40s
14:21 that I really started to understand that
14:23 that God had made me male,
14:25 that I could actually say with full intent
14:27 that yes, that I was a man.
14:29 And I believe that in gay culture
14:31 that's what we're seeing is this
14:33 constant affirmation that you indeed are not the man
14:39 that you 're created to be
14:40 and that there is something unsatisfied inside there.
14:44 Well, that brings me to a question here.
14:46 Do you think that there is any connection
14:48 between this dress up
14:50 and becoming overtly homosexual?
14:53 And so, Ron, personally, what's amazing to me is that,
14:57 I thought that God had made this mistake in my gender.
14:59 And what's happening now, this is was back in the 60s,
15:03 that I didn't have any options.
15:05 And so, it wasn't until my 20s that all of that went away,
15:08 it wasn't a redemptive process,
15:10 it was almost like a cycle that when I realized
15:13 in gay culture that masculinity
15:14 was more preferred than femininity
15:17 then all of the ideas of becoming woman that
15:20 to correct a problem that was wrong.
15:22 I was comfortable being male not that I saw myself as a man,
15:26 but I was comfortable in my maleness.
15:28 And what's so shocking to me now is that,
15:30 now there is legislature in some areas
15:33 where little boys can say at six or seven years old
15:37 that I'm a boy trapped in a girls body,
15:39 and against the mother's and father's wishes
15:43 the government can step in and start putting the children
15:46 on hormone replacement
15:47 and by the time they're 14 or 15 years old,
15:49 they can have a full sex change.
15:51 What so shocking to me is that,
15:53 that would have been me,
15:55 if there was anything like that at that time,
15:57 I would have been desperate to have that procedure done,
15:59 and I'm very much happy that I have
16:02 all the parts that I have now.
16:03 It would have been a huge trauma for me.
16:06 Okay, and so,
16:07 that leads to the question about cross dressing,
16:10 is it peculiar to the homosexual community
16:16 or is it something that crosses over into something else?
16:19 Because, you know, for years now,
16:21 we've had more and more unisex fashions
16:24 and a big thing now is androgyny.
16:27 Where is all of these going?
16:29 Why do we ever have this council
16:31 from thousands of years ago not to go here?
16:35 You know, Ron, I worked in psych unit
16:38 for over 10 years in my 20s and 30s.
16:42 And what was amazing to me is the amount of men
16:45 that were heterosexual that had wives and children
16:49 and were not deviance of society,
16:51 but they were actually strong
16:53 upstanding citizens in the community,
16:55 and they were struggling with cross dressing
16:57 or they had, you know, indulged in cross dressing.
17:00 And so, it's not limited to the homosexual community.
17:03 As a matter of fact, you know,
17:05 we know a case of man who was cross dressing,
17:07 who was straight and married
17:09 and had a sex change to be women.
17:11 And then, when the Lord touched his heart again,
17:14 he had his sex change back into a man.
17:16 So God is telling us not to do this,
17:20 but there is another force
17:21 that is really working to bring this about,
17:25 excuse me, as Satan is definitely
17:28 working against the purposes of God,
17:30 and there has to be a reason.
17:33 One of the issues that was striking for me
17:36 just in the last couple of years
17:38 is recognizing when God said in Genesis,
17:41 he said, "He made the male and female.
17:44 And before the earth was formed, I knew you,"
17:47 and I believe that, that God knew what He was doing
17:49 now that I understand His goodness,
17:51 now that I've accepted, you know,
17:53 what the merit of what His son has done for me on the cross
17:55 and God knows him more.
17:57 I realize that the distinction is necessary
17:59 because if we were all androgynous,
18:02 if there was no defining line, the confusion of my gender,
18:06 the confusion of my identity
18:08 would have been entirely scattered, I believe.
18:11 And so, I think that that the enemy who
18:13 if you look at any kind of satanic rituals
18:16 or satanic kind of worship,
18:19 they always represent saying to be androgynous,
18:22 you know, male and female.
18:23 And I believe that what he's doing is he's out to smear
18:27 the definition of male and female
18:30 and the purpose of having the two sexes.
18:33 You know, remember the part where angels
18:35 were not permitted to create life.
18:38 And what would make Satan angrier than anything else
18:40 to want to be God
18:43 and yet what he did is God gives that gift
18:46 of reproducing life to men and to women,
18:49 so it seems it Satan is going to want to disturb that
18:51 and rob that away from anyone that he can.
18:53 Right.
18:55 So not only just homosexuality,
18:56 rob me away from the right to create life.
18:58 I'm not talking about adoption of that kind of thing,
19:01 but I'm talking about the way God intended it to be
19:03 through intimacy, you know, through, you know,
19:06 the sex between man and a woman to create that life.
19:10 So in essence, homosexuality actually brings to an end
19:15 6,000 years of seed procreation.
19:20 And if everyone, I mean, the more people
19:23 that go that direction, the less procreation there is.
19:27 Satan hates procreation.
19:30 We were talking earlier about how angels were not created
19:34 as male and female.
19:36 And so from what you're saying,
19:39 it seems very reasonable to think is Satan
19:43 in confusing the sexes
19:45 and bringing about this androgyny
19:47 is trying to create God's children
19:51 into his image, Satan's image.
19:53 He wants to bring them down to where he is
19:57 where procreation stops
19:58 and they're more and more like him.
20:00 Is that correct?
20:02 You know, I'm a hairdresser.
20:04 I don't know the depth of theology
20:06 that you're going to run.
20:07 All I know is that God's distinctive,
20:10 and He has the borders
20:12 and there is a reason He created me male
20:14 and as I trust Him more, as I follow Him
20:18 and I don't resist where He's calling me,
20:22 I've been experiencing my manhood more.
20:24 And I believe that every child that cross dresses,
20:27 every adult out there that's cross dressing,
20:29 I believe that they have not acknowledged
20:32 the reason why God has created them that way,
20:35 and if they're not in touch with their identity,
20:37 if they're not in touch with their gender,
20:41 then I believe that what's happening is
20:43 they haven't been affirmed by God.
20:45 There is something has been taken away from them
20:47 environmentally or through heredity,
20:50 but the God wants to restore that in each one of us
20:52 because we're distinctive and He doesn't make mistakes
20:56 and that we can trust Him.
20:57 Right, and Satan works tirelessly to mar the image...
21:00 Absolutely. Of God and his children.
21:05 I'm curious to what brought you to the point, Wayne,
21:10 were you saw this was no longer
21:12 something you wanted to be involved in,
21:16 was it at your point of conversion
21:18 that you realized that this was not to the glory of God
21:21 and it was not to your own benefit and manhood?
21:25 Tell us about that.
21:26 Yeah, absolutely.
21:27 It was in conversion and no longer partying
21:32 and trying to be somebody other than God intended me to be,
21:36 but in my growing relationship,
21:38 my intimate relationship with Jesus,
21:40 He's giving me the conformation
21:42 and the affirmation of my maleness in Him,
21:46 and being a new creature in Jesus Christ.
21:49 Again, with the 1 Corinthians 6:9 through 11,
21:53 I think there's really something to it
21:55 where God is talking about
21:56 who won't enter into heaven about homosexual offenders
22:00 and then, He even separately states the effeminate.
22:04 And I think that that really boils down to being someone
22:08 God didn't intend for you to be,
22:11 in other words taking the majors of God
22:14 into your own hands
22:15 even if you feel that you have inclinations in your life
22:20 that you feel more female than male,
22:22 it's that God will help you deal with that if you let Him,
22:26 and if you commit yourself to Him
22:28 and you seek to do His will instead of your own.
22:31 God can do amazing things, but when we take the scalpel,
22:35 you know, into our own hands
22:37 and decide that we're going to change
22:39 what God has given to us,
22:42 I think that borders on what this verse is talking about.
22:45 Well, this brings us back
22:47 to the whole plan of salvation, doesn't it?
22:49 And the plan of salvation is about restoring,
22:52 restoration, reconciliation.
22:54 Absolutely.
22:56 God wants to restore us to what He created us
22:58 to be in the first place.
23:00 And so it is a process of transformation
23:04 because mankind has fallen.
23:05 In 6,000 years, mankind in general
23:08 has fallen so far from God's original plan and His ideal.
23:13 And it's exciting to see how God works in our lives
23:17 to turn our around and start building us back up
23:20 and restoring His image in us.
23:24 I'm wondering what advice you would have for
23:28 anyone who is seeking help in this area?
23:32 Wanting to overcome because I know this is not an issue
23:36 that is limited to homosexuality.
23:40 There are other facets of society and other elements
23:44 and we probably can't even go there, we don't understand,
23:48 but we do know that Biblically,
23:50 it's not something God wants us to do.
23:52 So what kind of advice, Wayne,
23:55 what kind of advice would you give someone who is seeking
23:57 help in this area?
23:59 Well, I guess I would first say
24:01 that it's a matter of surrender,
24:04 of turning yourself over to your creator
24:08 and then, seeking His word for the benefit of learning
24:13 who you are in Jesus Christ and knowing that
24:17 you have been given a particular gendered body,
24:21 and that you accept this body
24:23 way God gave it to you.
24:25 And because of our sinful fallen nature,
24:27 there are things, there are inclinations, temptations,
24:31 deceptions that are put out there for us.
24:33 But to turn the focus from self,
24:36 and put the focus on Jesus Christ
24:38 and let Him give you the validation of the gender
24:42 that He created you to be.
24:44 That's very good.
24:46 And what about, Mike, do you have any possibly
24:48 some scripture that would relate to this,
24:50 this type of subject?
24:52 You know, a scripture
24:53 doesn't come to my mind right now,
24:54 but what does come is a plea for anyone
24:57 who may be even in the throws of not understanding
25:01 their gender identity
25:03 who may not understand why they're drawn
25:06 to wearing the opposite sex clothing,
25:09 but what comes to my mind is just to seek Jesus,
25:12 that you don't have to worry about, you know,
25:14 the dress you're wearing or the man's clothes
25:17 that a woman might be wearing.
25:18 I believe that if you're seeking the Lord, He says,
25:22 "If you'll search for me, you'll find me,"
25:24 and I believe that if you just don't resist,
25:27 because the surrender is tough to do
25:30 to someone you don't know or someone you don't trust.
25:32 If didn't trust you Ron, I would not surrender to you.
25:35 And so, some of you out there may not know Jesus,
25:37 you may not know God
25:38 or what He has in store for you.
25:40 But if there is something in your heart
25:41 that you feel is missing,
25:43 if you've been dressing in the opposite sex clothing
25:46 and you're not satisfied or you're not happy,
25:48 then just don't resist the urging of what the Lord
25:51 may be calling you to do
25:53 and to ask Him to dialogue with you.
25:56 Don't worry about what you're wearing,
25:57 just start finding out about who Jesus is,
26:00 and I believe that He brings that
26:03 and He'll address that and resolve that issue.
26:05 You know, from time to time, I have people come to me
26:08 as a pastor and seeking my council.
26:12 What about my son who thinks he is a girl
26:15 and dresses like a girl?
26:17 What do I do?
26:18 And then, I meet the son,
26:19 and I see all kinds of evidences that,
26:22 that's not really the issue.
26:23 They want me to help them understand,
26:26 how to change this person.
26:29 And then, a text comes to mind when I hear that,
26:35 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God,
26:38 and His righteousness,
26:40 and all these things shall be added unto you."
26:42 So often, we're trying to pick the fruits off the tree,
26:45 the results of a broken heart or sinful heart,
26:49 and we're not focusing upon the root.
26:51 And the Bible simply says,
26:53 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God,"
26:55 put things in their order.
26:57 Many things, like in our own experience, we remember,
27:01 I think we could concur that many things
27:04 just seem to fall away from our habits in our lives
27:09 as we became closer and closer to Jesus,
27:12 and so if we focus upon Him first
27:14 like you're saying, the first and great commandment
27:18 is to love God supremely
27:21 and then your neighbor as yourself
27:22 which you're alluding to here we put ourselves last.
27:25 And if we focus on God first, His will,
27:29 His way by beholding Him, we do become change, don't we?
27:33 And so, I think that's kind of a conclusion here
27:36 that we're coming to that if we put God first,
27:38 a lot of these things will be easy to take care,
27:41 easier to take care of.
27:43 We want to thank you today
27:45 for joining us today on Pure Choices
27:48 and again, may God continue to bless you
27:51 as you make pure choices in your life
27:53 each and every day.


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