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Participants: Joshua Nelson (Host), James Brandon, Jeremy Anderson, Kory Douglas, Kyle Scarlett


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:39 Hello, and welcome to Pure Choices.
00:41 I'm your host Pastor Joshua Nelson.
00:43 And I'm so excited and glad
00:44 that you decided to join us today
00:46 for another edition of Pure Choices.
00:49 Before we get into our topic
00:50 which is talking about men in purity.
00:52 We're just going to take a quick word of prayer
00:54 and to introduce our panel for today.
00:56 Let's pray.
00:57 Dear heavenly Father, we just thank You so much
00:59 for allowing us to be here, God.
01:02 We just ask that You would guide and lead
01:04 this discussion today.
01:06 In Jesus' name, we pray, amen.
01:08 Amen.
01:09 Well, let's introduce our panel to my left we have,
01:13 James Brandon,
01:14 who is a campus chaplain in Tampa, Florida.
01:17 Across we also have Jeremy Anderson
01:20 who is a Christian author and speaker from ASA, Alabama.
01:23 Next to him is Kyle Scarlett
01:26 who is an Oakwood University theology student,
01:30 they're in Huntsville, Alabama.
01:31 And next to him is Pastor K.P. Douglas
01:34 who is the pastor in Grand Avenue
01:36 in New Life Fellowship in Missouri.
01:38 Excuse me, and I am again Pastor Nelson
01:41 who is a pastor in Marion, in Lake City, South Carolina.
01:44 So we are going to get right into this discussion today.
01:47 And I'm going to start with the Anderson here.
01:50 I was talking about men and purity,
01:53 so just talking a little bit about
01:55 what does it mean to be a man
01:56 because of course the society it seems,
01:59 says that, "To be a man, you know,
02:01 you've got to go and sleep around."
02:02 They want you to have that first night with that lady
02:04 that's made you a man, you know.
02:06 Well, what does it mean now to be a Christian man?
02:09 Just talk to us a little bit about that?
02:11 Well, if we look at the biblical reference
02:12 the Word of God says, "Let us make man in our image."
02:17 And a lot of times we think of our image
02:19 as in the stature of man, the shoulders,
02:22 the biceps, and muscles and all of that.
02:24 But he was actually talking about the character,
02:26 right, the personality of God.
02:28 And so I believe that when God initially made Adam,
02:31 He said, "Let us make man in our image."
02:33 So if we're to be God fearing men,
02:35 we should be reflecting the image of God
02:37 in our character.
02:38 So I think the difference between a worldly man
02:41 is just the man that just wants to give money,
02:43 wants to have women, wants to glorify himself,
02:45 but a godly man is a man that solely lives to glorify God.
02:48 Wow.
02:49 So that's so neat
02:51 because we have to start looking at then
02:52 God's character not just our physique,
02:55 you know, we think that makes us a man.
02:58 Let's talk about that a little more.
03:00 James, go ahead. Absolutely.
03:02 And I think that when we look at the character of God,
03:06 everything about God is love.
03:08 And love gives, love does not take.
03:12 So the word is telling us that we have to take
03:15 that we have to get everything ourselves,
03:16 we have to step over the next man
03:18 and we have to look good.
03:20 And to do that, you know, women are involved
03:22 and we're trying to pump ourselves up that way.
03:25 But the agenda that we should be looking to follow
03:28 as men of God is an agenda that we give,
03:32 and we serve, and we love,
03:34 and we're humble like Christ was humble.
03:37 And then by that we can really reflect the image of God.
03:41 Okay.
03:42 I like that and, you know,
03:43 a lot of times us men talk about love and stuff,
03:45 we kind of think all that's
03:47 being little too mushy and stuff.
03:48 I mean really to be a man it's still about being strong
03:51 and being manly but what we're saying
03:53 you got to put it in the right perspective.
03:56 So, Kyle, talk to us a little bit
03:58 just a little more about men and their purity now, you know.
04:02 What is our duty to be pure as men?
04:05 I believe that our purity is found in our identity in God
04:09 and allowing Him to solidify our being,
04:16 how we act, how we approach things,
04:19 how we say things to people
04:22 and what we go about doing to not to show that we're pure
04:27 but allow God to exude a light from us
04:30 that we don't have to say that we're pure
04:33 but it shows through our actions, right.
04:35 And that comes with subjecting your will
04:41 and your thoughts
04:43 to what God would like you to do
04:45 and that way you
04:49 give of a sense
04:54 that states, "I'm a man of God."
04:57 And with that state
04:59 you don't have to constantly push an agenda of,
05:03 "Oh, here I'm pure look at me.
05:04 Look at me."
05:05 Because people when they see will understand it.
05:09 That's deep, I like that.
05:11 Kory?
05:13 Man, you know, I'm a simple guy, you know,
05:15 and so I just want to maybe some layman terms
05:17 when we talk about the character of God.
05:18 When I talk about being a man being pure,
05:21 I'm thinking about being responsible,
05:23 about being loyal, about being respectful.
05:25 You know, one of my favorite characteristics of God
05:27 is faithfulness, you know, God doesn't change
05:30 and I think when it comes to purity,
05:32 it's all about for me being in a...
05:35 What's the word, persistent. Okay.
05:38 Being, you know, all the time this is what I want to do,
05:41 you know what I'm saying.
05:42 So for me impurity is about just want to go after it
05:45 every day.
05:47 Okay, so let's put this in here now
05:49 because as men we often see this type of man display
05:54 what he's always trying to go out there
05:56 and pursue, and get the women, and do this and do that,
05:59 and it can be a little confusing.
06:01 You know, we see that
06:02 and then there's another like the Christian man
06:03 who is resisting and not doing those things
06:05 and a lot of times we look at the man
06:07 who has all the women and all the girls
06:08 on his on his arm and think, "Man, that guy is powerful."
06:10 You know, so talk to me a little bit about
06:13 the difference between power and being a man.
06:16 Is it more powerful than to say
06:17 I'm a man who can go get a bunch of girls
06:19 or is it more powerful for me to say I'm resisting, I'm not.
06:24 You know, that's a really great question
06:26 and I'll tell you why.
06:27 I believe that it's harder to be the godly man
06:32 that God has called us to be and reserve ourselves,
06:35 you know, to practice some self-denial.
06:37 It's easy to take advantage of women.
06:39 To use our personality, our character, our charisma,
06:42 the ethos that we give off to get
06:44 what we want from women.
06:45 But a godly man, he says, "Look not my will, right,
06:48 follow what Christ did but thy will be done."
06:50 And so we take the power, the influence that we have
06:53 and we use that to build up women.
06:55 That's the challenge,
06:56 and so we have to get to a point
06:57 where we say, you know,
06:59 not what I want but it's all about you.
07:00 And we begin to look at them in the godly eyes,
07:02 and to look at them as the women that they are,
07:05 I think that's when he's able to operate within the realm.
07:07 Yeah.
07:08 I love it and let's really begin now
07:09 to look at the most powerful man of us all,
07:12 Jesus, you know, and what was His lifestyle,
07:15 what would He live a life of doing?
07:16 He was all powerful
07:18 but yet He still humbled Himself
07:20 even to the point of death on the cross, you know.
07:23 The hardest thing for Him to do
07:24 was to not call down all the angels
07:27 to annihilate everybody
07:28 but He resisted that for something greater
07:30 and that's true power, that's true power.
07:33 Someone else go ahead and jump on that.
07:35 Well, you know, we talked about the character of God
07:38 and how important it was
07:39 and I believe just like you're saying
07:40 the most important characteristic
07:42 that God comes down and shows us
07:44 is possible is that of humility.
07:46 You know, and I believe that strength...
07:48 Paul says, "My strength is made perfect in weakness."
07:51 You know, God's strength is perfected in us,
07:53 in weakness, and we will humble ourselves.
07:55 We will find that the kind of strength
07:57 that God is looking for is a strength
07:58 that does not originate in ourselves.
08:00 It's like Jeremy saying, it's easy to be strong
08:03 based on your own little,
08:05 you know, I can say the right things,
08:06 I can do to the right things.
08:08 You know we got the real phrases,
08:09 you know, when we can't resist.
08:10 No doubt. No doubt. Yeah.
08:12 You know, but what we're talking about
08:13 the kind of strength that says
08:14 let me put God's will before my will,
08:16 like, "Should I even...
08:18 God, should I even approach this young lady.
08:19 Is it even Your will that I say anything to this young lady?"
08:22 You know what I'm saying, and so I believe that
08:24 we have to make sure
08:25 that our strength is perfected through weakness,
08:27 through humility.
08:28 Okay.
08:30 So I love that, I mean to be a man
08:31 is about the character of God.
08:33 The image of God is not just His physique
08:34 but it's also His character.
08:36 Talking about power meaning
08:37 not just ability to do work your manhood
08:40 and be all strong and get the girls,
08:42 but really being able to resist and have self-denial.
08:45 So let's be real now, let's talk about this,
08:48 because the reality is
08:50 when I go down just go to the store,
08:52 let's just say I go to Walmart.
08:54 And I'm going to see somebody,
08:55 you know, I'm gonna see some girl that looks fine.
08:57 Let's just be honest and she looks good,
08:59 how do I train my eyes,
09:00 I mean, how do I avoid looking at the things
09:04 and really possess that power to resist?
09:09 I think we have to get to a point
09:11 where we're discipline within our mind.
09:12 Okay.
09:13 You know, I mean look at the root,
09:15 the word disciple and discipline,
09:16 we've got to get to the point
09:17 we're discipline with our minds.
09:19 And something that God gave me about a year ago
09:21 is a quote that I say the battle
09:23 for our salvation starts in our minds.
09:25 And so when have, when we see that sister,
09:27 we have to train our self to say,
09:29 "Listen, that's a beautiful woman
09:30 but as a child of God that's a daughter of God."
09:34 That's not a piece of meat, that's not a one night stand,
09:36 that's not someone I can just have fun with,
09:38 that is God's daughter and then we have to move from it.
09:41 There have been times if we can just be real,
09:42 well, I've been in a grocery store
09:44 and I've seen a woman with the figure
09:46 and I'm looking the other way.
09:47 And some will say, "Ah, it's not that deep."
09:48 No it is that deep.
09:50 So I'm gonna... I'm fleeing from it.
09:51 When you look at the Bible,
09:53 Joseph ran from Potiphar's wife.
09:55 And so we have to get to the point
09:56 where we're discipline within our mind
09:58 and we practice that self-control.
09:59 Okay.
10:01 Now, Kyle, my young brother I'll put you out there, man.
10:04 How hard is that, man, I mean, let's be honest those watching,
10:06 you know, it's tough, right?
10:10 It is tough and like Jeremy said, it's a mindset,
10:13 it's how you approach it,
10:15 and it's allowing God to capture that
10:18 thought of what you physically see
10:20 and what you're attracted to.
10:21 It's allowing the spirit to bind that viewpoint
10:26 that is not pure that is not of things
10:29 that are of the delight under God.
10:31 So what needs to be done is just allow God to,
10:35 as soon as you get that thought here God,
10:37 here's this thought, "It's impure.
10:38 I don't need to be thinking about this
10:40 and here's what it is."
10:41 So I think that's how it goes.
10:43 I think that men in general are very visual.
10:48 We see things and we respond to those things
10:51 to that stimuli.
10:53 But I also know that as far as women goes...
10:58 Men are always aware of women and their bodies
11:02 and whether it is...
11:03 Whether you need to just be aware and be watchful
11:06 and say you look, and okay, you see that, and okay,
11:08 I need to, like you said, focus elsewhere.
11:11 You know, or you know someone what might want to,
11:14 you know, lust after and say okay,
11:16 you know, I saw that and I want to take another look
11:18 and I think that's where the difficulty is
11:20 because when we see that thing,
11:22 we haven't sinned just by seeing that figure
11:26 or what have you,
11:27 but it's by dwelling on that thing
11:29 and taking that second look.
11:30 So once we understand that we're being under attack
11:33 that's not a sin,
11:35 and we just have to really fortify our minds
11:37 like you said just, you know, believe that,
11:39 you know, Christ died for that lustful nature in us
11:43 and ask for that exchange, "God give me a..."
11:46 Yeah, "Give me a pure thought for this lustful thought."
11:49 And then you can overcome sin that way.
11:51 And I really think that power is developed
11:53 from doing something like that
11:55 because as you begin to resist
11:56 those temptations it gets easier
11:58 and you get more power and you continue to do it.
11:59 Absolutely.
12:01 I would even add to that, you know, I believe that
12:03 it begins way before that moment.
12:06 You know, I believe it's something
12:07 that you have to.
12:08 We talked about...
12:10 Jeremy mentioned about discipline,
12:11 I believe that is something you've got to practice.
12:13 You know, we play sports, we play basketball
12:15 and the key to a good jump shot is to do the same thing
12:18 over and over again.
12:20 You know, and so when you go to the gym,
12:21 when all these players go,
12:22 they practice doing it over and over again
12:24 so when the game comes, they do it naturally.
12:27 You know, and it is something to be said about
12:29 temptation in our daily lives.
12:31 Even the smaller things other than just the lust
12:33 and when we talk about the impurities
12:35 not all just about sex and women.
12:37 But, you know, how do you react to those small things
12:39 happened in your life.
12:40 Do you place the small things before God?
12:42 Do you allow God to make your thoughts pure,
12:44 even when it's not something that may be sexual, you know.
12:47 And if we can give our thoughts to God,
12:49 we get into the habit of giving our mind over to God
12:51 in those situations, then when we come to that situation,
12:54 you know, where the young lady walks by,
12:55 it will be a easier thing for us to get over, get pass.
12:58 Okay.
12:59 You know, I think it's important
13:01 that we're filled with the Holy Spirit.
13:03 We have that time in the morning
13:05 before we leave our home, it is important that we say,
13:07 "God, I need You to consecrated me.
13:09 I need You to possess my mind, take complete control,
13:12 control my thoughts, and make me aware."
13:15 And then what happens is we're someone
13:17 and we see a woman and she looks beautiful
13:19 and she's got a figure
13:21 and the carnal flesh within us notices that,
13:23 the Spirit of God will quicken us and say,
13:26 "But that's My daughter right there.
13:28 That's My daughter right there."
13:29 And so then I think at that point
13:31 we need to be obedient to the voice of God
13:32 and recognize the chance for me to look the other way
13:34 and get the victory.
13:36 And that's something deep that you said
13:37 to just about getting up in the morning
13:39 and spending that time with God
13:41 because, you know, a lot of the young brothers out there
13:42 may not really value that.
13:44 You know, and it may not even be a big value to even say,
13:46 I don't want to stop dwelling and looking at this woman.
13:49 But what we're trying to say here,
13:51 you know, is just having
13:52 experienced a lot of these things
13:54 and saying, when you begin to look,
13:56 it takes you down a path that you don't even want to go.
13:59 So let's stop it right there.
14:00 Let's begin with those disciplines,
14:02 getting up in the morning and praying,
14:04 asking for the Spirit to fill your mind
14:06 and allow Him to do that.
14:07 So I want to go a little further now
14:08 and really as we're talking about us being men,
14:11 what is then our responsibility to women as men?
14:15 Go ahead.
14:16 You know and maybe I'm a little anxious
14:17 to answer that question
14:19 but, you know, if we go
14:20 with the biblical model of the man
14:22 being the priest of the home,
14:23 I believe personally that not only is our purity,
14:26 our responsibility,
14:28 but the young woman's purity is also our responsibility.
14:31 I believe that it is up to us to make sure
14:33 that they maintain their purity,
14:35 you know, and so it is about how we see them,
14:37 how we treat them,
14:39 what kind of situations and position
14:40 do we want to put them in.
14:41 You know what I'm saying,
14:43 making sure that we don't do things
14:44 or say things that's going to cause them
14:46 to have thoughts that are impure.
14:49 That's our responsibility as well.
14:50 Jeremy says, you know, it's about treating them
14:52 like daughters of God and that's the truth.
14:54 You know, I don't believe that it starts
14:56 during marriage, I think it starts in our everyday life.
14:59 We should treat those women, as you know, you know,
15:01 this could be my queen, this could be the daughter
15:04 that God has for me and so I have to be responsible
15:07 for making sure that she maintains her purity as well.
15:09 Yeah.
15:10 Okay.
15:12 I think when you focus the mind set on them
15:16 being God given comprehensions of beauty,
15:19 it puts it in perspective what you're doing,
15:23 and what mindset,
15:24 and how you should approach the young lady
15:27 that God has created.
15:28 And not just as a person
15:31 but something that God painted with His own hands,
15:34 you know, formed in His image.
15:37 And it all goes back to the mindset of having
15:40 the Holy Spirit subject,
15:42 you know, subjecting all of that to the Holy Spirit
15:44 and I'm letting him control those thoughts
15:48 and just figuring out how to on a consistent basis
15:53 don't go past that second mark.
15:55 Or for instance,
15:57 when you have the Holy Spirit with you
16:01 that first thought won't even be a thought
16:03 because instantly it'll disappear
16:04 and you'll focus on something else.
16:07 You'd be like, "Thank You, God, this is what You created
16:10 I appreciate it, but I need to move on
16:12 to something different."
16:13 And I think that's how you should go about.
16:15 Okay, all right.
16:16 You know I guess my heart at times gets heavy
16:19 when we have discussions like this
16:20 because I see the vices of the enemy.
16:23 When you watch TV
16:24 you've got the Victoria's Secret commercials,
16:26 you've got the Hanes commercials,
16:28 advertisement of burger
16:29 where they're really advertising something else.
16:31 It's like women nowadays have been degraded
16:33 in such a way and I just believe that
16:35 when we as men rise up to be the God fearing men
16:38 He's called us to be to have dominion
16:40 that cultivates the land and our women,
16:42 and let them know how you have to live
16:44 a life to a higher standard
16:45 really pouring into them and empowering them,
16:48 that's how we're gonna fight this battle here.
16:50 Because that's what we're expecting.
16:51 That's what we're expected to do.
16:52 You know, the commercials, most of those commercials
16:54 are geared towards men,
16:55 you know, we're not having that.
16:57 And really God gave us like that dominion, that protection,
17:00 He now gives us this responsibility
17:03 to not just to grow I guess to nurture
17:07 and what are we doing with that,
17:08 you know, that is where the strength and power
17:10 that we've been given requires a lot of responsibility.
17:14 And we have to continue to uphold that,
17:16 you know, as men.
17:18 Absolutely.
17:19 And I think that, you know, we're kind of focusing on,
17:22 you know, relationships with women
17:24 that we are attracted to and want to pursue that way.
17:27 But I think it starts with just women in general,
17:29 you know, our mothers, our sisters,
17:31 really pouring into them and being those men
17:35 and just helping them to become the women
17:38 that they want to be and that they could be
17:42 in just being that strong male presence.
17:46 And like we said from the beginning
17:47 have an attitude of giving and growing and cultivating
17:51 and that way when it comes to someone
17:53 who we want to pursue,
17:55 we're so used to that and that we treat them like,
17:58 you know, you shouldn't just open the door for someone
18:01 who you're dating,
18:03 you should open door for your mom, for your sister.
18:04 And so chivalry is not dead, huh?
18:06 Chivalry is not dead.
18:07 Let's bring it back. Okay, I like that.
18:09 Now we're talking about this thing of looking at women
18:12 and our responsibility towards them
18:14 but, you know, many of us guys,
18:15 we just see women as things or as trophies.
18:19 Why is that?
18:20 Why do we, I mean, obviously we could talk about,
18:23 you know, what's happening in the media and what not?
18:25 But why do we see them just as trophies or as things?
18:30 I think we're brainwashed,
18:33 you know, by what the media depicts it
18:36 from the music videos to the commercials
18:38 to what you see on TV, to what you see in magazines.
18:40 Think about the last time you went to a grocery store
18:43 and you saw a woman that was kind of heavyset,
18:45 that had short hair just like you got to be super slim
18:48 with really long hair nowadays.
18:50 And so society has painted a picture of what a woman is
18:54 and us men have been trained to like run after that.
18:57 And so I think when we really have the mind of God
18:59 and we see them as the women of God,
19:01 the daughters of God which they are,
19:03 I think we begin to treat them differently,
19:05 they'll begin to take on their role and recognize,
19:07 "Hey, you know, I am a child of God,
19:09 I am a woman of God, you know, I am a woman of virtue."
19:12 That type of thing.
19:13 I believe that when a woman raises up her standards,
19:17 men would naturally step their game up.
19:19 But I think that's for boys.
19:21 I think that we, men of God
19:22 can get to where we can nurture the women
19:24 and let them know, "Hey, your status is here."
19:27 I think that everything else will fall into place.
19:29 We have to take charge,
19:30 we have to take a prominent role
19:32 and start saying that you know as men,
19:33 we are not gonna take this anymore.
19:35 I'm actually glad that he said and, you know,
19:37 this might be a little controversial
19:39 and we don't mind it's pure choices,
19:41 you notice, everything here we're talking about taboo stuff
19:43 but, you know, for young men,
19:45 I believe that some of it
19:47 is on the shoulders of the young women.
19:49 You know, I'm just very real they make it hard,
19:52 they make it hard, you know what I'm saying,
19:55 they make it hard for you.
19:56 You know, I mean, it's the norm in our societies
19:59 to show more flesh, to show more skin,
20:02 you know, and for a brother like myself
20:03 who wants to make pure choices,
20:05 it's hard not to objectify people
20:09 who present themselves as objects.
20:12 You know, and I believe that there's also responsibility
20:14 for that as well
20:16 which of course is the same on our part.
20:17 You know, we also have to present ourselves
20:19 in a certain way, so Jeremy is 100% correct,
20:22 you know, just as if the women want us to raise our standards,
20:25 they've got to raise theirs.
20:26 If we want them to raise their standards,
20:28 we also got to raise our standards.
20:29 We got to let them know, we're not having it,
20:31 we're not just going to go for anything.
20:33 We want virtuous women and not just women
20:35 who are pleasing to the eye.
20:36 Yeah, that's right.
20:38 I mean, and that is true I mean it is hard
20:40 because you see it all the time in every different way.
20:44 And you know what, let's just call for what it is,
20:46 I believe that comes from a broken place,
20:48 I knew a lot of women who are beautiful
20:50 they wear the short skirt, that loud makeup,
20:52 the extra weave
20:54 because they want to present there...
20:55 I mean, let's be honest, they want to,
20:57 they want to look like what they see on TV.
20:59 You know, they've been degraded as a young person, you know,
21:02 they've been molested,
21:03 they're looking for satisfaction,
21:05 they're looking for acceptance.
21:07 And so they think that in order for you to love me,
21:09 in order for you to value me,
21:11 I have to present myself like this.
21:13 And so I think that as long as we're firm
21:15 and we show them the beauty that they have in God,
21:18 they'll recognize that that's the true beauty.
21:19 Yeah.
21:20 And really, it's hard for us
21:22 because as men a lot of us come from various situation
21:25 whether it's a broken home, whether we didn't have a dad
21:27 to see those things in our life,
21:29 or maybe even it was abusive dad,
21:32 or maybe it was a situation where...
21:34 We had a good dad but maybe he didn't talk to us
21:36 about these type of things, you know.
21:37 So a lot of the men out there
21:40 also have a twisted idea of how things should be,
21:42 you know, so what do we say to them,
21:44 you know, as men who have maybe not really arrived yet
21:47 but we are in a place where we kind of,
21:49 kind of see the light, you know.
21:50 What do we say to someone there,
21:51 you know, again what does it mean to be a man,
21:53 and how you view women?
21:57 Yes, so I think that, you know,
21:59 what you would say to them
22:04 would really go back to the foundations,
22:07 back to the basics.
22:09 For someone who has not really
22:12 understood the foundation of being a man,
22:14 it's hard to then start somewhere else
22:17 because wherever you start from there you move forward.
22:22 So if you don't really have a springboard
22:24 or a platform or foundation it's hard too so.
22:27 I just would definitely get back
22:29 to the biblical foundation of being a strong man
22:32 doesn't mean flexing your muscles.
22:37 Like if you're...
22:38 I thought about the example earlier,
22:39 if you can fight and you're a fighter
22:43 and you know you can fight,
22:44 you don't always have to go to someone
22:46 and try to punk somebody, you know what I'm saying.
22:48 The people who are not confident in who they are,
22:51 they go and try to flex their muscles,
22:53 but if you can fight and you know you can,
22:55 you know, you don't have to do that.
22:57 So I think that a lot of people
23:00 who don't really have that foundation of really
23:02 who they are just scrapping and trying to claw
23:06 and grab their identity as a man.
23:08 So it's hard for them to ever get it rolling.
23:10 Yeah, that's deep, yeah.
23:12 You know, to go along with what you're saying there,
23:15 if we, and this is something that's been passed down to me
23:18 as men, God fearing men,
23:19 I think that every God fearing men
23:21 should have two different sets of people in their lives.
23:23 A group of mentors, older God fearing men,
23:28 who they look up to, who they reach out to,
23:30 who they get poured into and can grow with,
23:33 and then have some mentees,
23:34 some people who they can mentor.
23:36 All right.
23:37 So now I'm taking something from a 40 or 50 year old
23:39 and they're mentoring me I'm 30 now
23:41 and so I'm taking what they're giving me.
23:43 And then I'm giving it on to another young man
23:45 maybe in his teens or his 20s
23:47 and I think if we continue with a cycle like that,
23:50 we can start showing and we can begin to infuse
23:53 Godly men attributes within the lives of people today.
23:56 Okay.
23:58 I'm going to get Kyle here because I want to talk to you
23:59 now a little more about, is recreation possible?
24:04 Are you able to now get passed these type of lustful thoughts,
24:07 these type of things?
24:09 Is that even attainable?
24:10 Because in many cases a lot of us just felt like,
24:12 man, we've gone so far down this road,
24:13 how do we really, you know, get ourselves back as men?
24:16 Well, because Jesus died for our sins
24:19 and He took all of those things upon Him,
24:23 I believe it is easy to be recreated, it's...
24:27 Once again goes back to subjection
24:29 and being willing to give God what you have.
24:33 Your lust, your pride, and etcetera
24:38 and is just giving God all of those things
24:40 and saying, "Here God, I don't need this.
24:42 This is not what I want to be and I want to be like You."
24:46 That's, it's being willing to want to be like God,
24:49 you have to accept that and be like,
24:52 "Yes, this is what I want to do."
24:54 And once we get to that point,
24:55 everything else as far as recreation becomes easy
24:58 because we've already given God
25:00 the steering wheel to our recreating of ourselves
25:06 and our identity is found in Him anyway.
25:08 So that's how that would work.
25:09 So now once that recreation has happened
25:11 and once you have developed that newness in you,
25:14 what can a man look forward to now?
25:16 I mean, because now you may feel like
25:18 I'm missing out or losing out all sorts of stuff.
25:19 What does that look like?
25:21 You know, is that a good place to be?
25:22 Oh, yes.
25:24 Let me tell you something,
25:25 it is the good life 'cause that's my testimony.
25:28 Like God recreated me, He restored me,
25:32 I live the life of fornication, promiscuity for years,
25:37 I mean I was captive by the vices of sin,
25:40 and when I got restored and I got re-baptized
25:43 it was a young woman that I was dating
25:44 and we say we're going to this thing right,
25:46 we're going to do this thing pure.
25:47 She ended up getting baptized,
25:48 we grew in our relationship and we eventually got married.
25:51 So we are happy and I'll praise God.
25:54 But what happened is there was a reprogramming of my mind,
25:57 that's where the battle of our salvation is.
25:59 That's where it is, it's not in our hearts,
26:01 it's not in our backbone or arms, it's in our mind.
26:04 And so God sent me to a purification process,
26:07 a painful process
26:08 because I was used to a certain type of lifestyle
26:10 and now all of a sudden I'm stopping there.
26:12 And no masturbation, no fornication,
26:14 like literally it was I was all by the power of God
26:16 just connected with Him solely,
26:18 and He was able to reprogram my mind
26:20 and then blessed me with the wife.
26:22 And so now we are man and woman
26:24 that God naturally intended us to be.
26:26 That's awesome.
26:28 I don't know if I have time,
26:29 I just want to kind of share a verse
26:30 'cause we don't want to make it all about do, do, do,
26:32 and don't just like you said the foundation.
26:33 You know, Paul talks about dying to Christ
26:36 and that, you know, is not just about not handling,
26:38 not tasting, not touching, this is Colossians 2:3 he says,
26:41 "But since you have been raised with Christ
26:44 just keep seeking the things that are above
26:45 where Christ is seated at the right hand of God."
26:48 Recreation is possible
26:50 because Christ is seated at the right hand of God,
26:51 and if we keep our mind focused on that,
26:54 you know, Jesus is interceding for me,
26:56 He is working to recreate me
26:57 and I have to live with that in mind,
26:59 all things are possible.
27:01 You know, and we could be like David
27:02 in every day I'll prayer can be God,
27:04 recreate in me a new heart,
27:05 make a creation week in me.
27:07 You know, step out into nothing and make everything pure,
27:10 you know.
27:12 That's it right there
27:14 and I just want to end with this quote
27:15 from True Education, page 38 it says,
27:18 "The greatest want of the world
27:20 is the want of those men and women,
27:23 who will not be bought or sold.
27:26 Those who in their inmost souls are true and honest,
27:29 those who do not fear to call sin by its right name.
27:33 Those whose conscience is as true to duty
27:36 as the needle to the pole,
27:38 those who will stand for the right
27:40 though the heavens fall."
27:42 And this is what it means to be a man.
27:44 We have to stand for right, we have to do
27:46 what God has called us to be and truly that takes strength,
27:49 it takes power, it takes courage,
27:52 but you know what, it takes Jesus.
27:54 And by His grace we can do it, we could be the men of today.
27:57 Well, that's our program for today,
27:58 remember to make pure choices.


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