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Participants: Joshua Nelson (Host), Dajanae Maxwell, Jeremy Anderson, Kimberly Pearson, Kory Douglas


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:39 Hello and welcome to Pure Choices.
00:41 I'm your host Pastor Joshua Nelson
00:43 and I'm so glad and excited you decided to join us again
00:45 for another addition of Pure Choices,
00:48 and we have an exciting one for you today.
00:50 We're talking about pure worship.
00:53 And we're gonna talk about connecting with our God
00:55 to fix the sexual addictions and problems.
00:58 But before we get into this important topic,
01:00 let's just pause for a moment to pray.
01:03 Dear, Heavenly Father, we just ask that you will guide us
01:05 and lead us as we discuss in Jesus name we pray.
01:08 Amen. Amen. Amen.
01:10 All right, let's introduce our panel.
01:12 To my left I have Ms. Kimberly Pearson
01:15 who is the Associate Chaplain of Oakwood University
01:19 in Huntsville, Alabama.
01:20 Yes? Yes.
01:21 And then across here, we have Pastor Kory P. Douglas,
01:24 who is the pastor in Grand Ave
01:26 and New Life Fellowship in Missouri.
01:28 Mm-hm.
01:29 And next to him we have Dajanae Maxwell
01:32 who is the Oakwood University theology student
01:36 in Huntsville, Alabama.
01:37 And next to her, of course, we have Jeremy Anderson
01:40 who is a Christian author and speaker
01:42 in Madison, Alabama.
01:44 Yes. So we have a great panel.
01:45 Great topic, so let's get right into it.
01:48 First question then is, "What is worship?"
01:51 Jeremy?
01:53 Well, to answer that question for me personally,
01:55 I believe that worship is true communion with God.
01:58 The word of God says
02:00 that He inhabits the praises of His people.
02:02 So when we actually worship God,
02:04 God comes and dwells within us.
02:06 So we're living at our purpose in life because we were made
02:09 and everything was created to bring glory to God.
02:12 So I think about just pure, open, honest worship.
02:15 It's just communion and connection
02:17 and unison with God,
02:18 acknowledging and recognizing the great God that he is.
02:21 Wow, that's awesome.
02:23 Dajanae, expand on that for me.
02:24 I understand worship to be a lifestyle
02:26 and not just an event.
02:28 So many people when they thick about worship
02:30 they think about going to church,
02:31 they think about the praising,
02:33 the preachers speaking.
02:34 Right, right.
02:35 But worship is a lifestyle,
02:38 it's something that I do
02:40 when I'm walking down the street.
02:41 Because as I'm walking down the street, as I'm in my room,
02:44 I'm acknowledging God.
02:45 I'm allowing God to dwell in me
02:48 and I'm allowing him to be glorified through my lifestyle
02:50 and not just something that's orchestrated by men
02:53 to come together.
02:54 While that is important,
02:56 while corporate worship is necessary,
02:59 it's not the ultimate phase of worship.
03:01 And because I allow God to dwell with me all the time
03:05 when that come together
03:06 worship is so much more powerful
03:08 in the presence of God's people.
03:09 Wow, she's taking worship to another level.
03:11 Yeah. Can we go ahead real quick?
03:13 You know what's interesting?
03:14 The way she says that the Bible...
03:16 Jesus said in the Bible that
03:17 "They worshiped me with their mouths,
03:18 but their hearts are far from me".
03:20 And so that worship everyday and everything you do
03:23 that's what God's expecting.
03:25 Not just a corporate worship,
03:26 just it being a way of life and it being real
03:28 because we serve the real God.
03:30 Yeah, and that's just who you are.
03:31 Yeah, that's right.
03:33 But, you know, I think that kind of ties
03:34 into my thought about worship,
03:36 I feel like a lot of times we go to worship
03:39 expecting to get something,
03:41 we go to worship saying "Give me, give me, give me,
03:43 I showed up, that should be enough.
03:46 Now give me blessings, give me, you know,
03:49 all the good things in life."
03:50 But worship is not supposed to be a buffet.
03:55 Worship is a potluck.
03:57 When you go to a buffet,
03:58 you see everything that's out there,
04:00 you put it on your plate,
04:01 and you pick and choose what you want,
04:02 but a potluck you bring what you have your best dish,
04:06 your best thing to the table,
04:07 and you put it with everybody else's best
04:09 and everybody is full.
04:11 So when you worship and you bring to God your best,
04:15 your worship, your praise through out the week
04:17 and the songs you've sung,
04:19 the scriptures you've held and hidden in your heart
04:21 that makes all the difference in the world.
04:23 Now when everybody brings their best to the table,
04:26 now worship is delicious.
04:27 Yeah.
04:29 It's tasteful and it's wonderful
04:31 and it's an experience.
04:33 Okay.
04:35 So now that we are understanding
04:36 a little more about worship,
04:38 let's go a little deeper
04:39 and talk about things we are made for worship,
04:41 okay, let's expound on that fact
04:42 that we are made for worship.
04:44 But let's talk about how can you worship everyday,
04:46 you know, it's just how does worship intersect
04:47 with your everyday life?
04:49 Go ahead and talk to us.
04:50 Well, you know, when I think about worship
04:51 I immediately think of the Samaritan woman
04:53 that Jesus meets at the well,
04:56 you know, and this is the thing we always quote Jesus says,
04:58 you know, "They who worship me, who worship me in spirit,
05:00 and in truth".
05:02 And I think the biggest mistake
05:03 we make is taking that in spirit means
05:05 these days running around trying to act like
05:07 I've got the spirit,
05:08 looked like I've got the spirit,
05:10 but what actually Jesus talked about in the original language
05:12 when he said the spirit, he mans your inner being
05:14 like we have worship,
05:16 it shouldn't be something that's just outward.
05:17 It's not a form.
05:19 But it should definitely come from inside of you.
05:20 Yeah.
05:21 Inspirit and in truth means, it just got to be genuine.
05:23 So we're not judging how you do it.
05:25 When you talk about your everyday life,
05:27 you're talking about worshiping at the center
05:29 of everything you do.
05:30 We sometimes laugh about what would Jesus do, you know,
05:32 bands in our arms, but truthfully,
05:36 worshiping in your life is saying
05:38 what everything I do I'm gonna ask God about it.
05:40 I'm gonna put it before Him.
05:41 God, even if you want to get serious and say,
05:43 "God, what socks should I wear today?"
05:45 Because my socks might start a conversation
05:47 that might allow for me to witness for you,
05:49 you know, but we never know.
05:51 And so as to say, in every aspect of our life
05:53 to really think about it like,
05:55 "Well, I've to be careful what I do here.
05:57 I go to be conscious of what I do.
05:58 I got to be intentional about it,"
06:00 because everything I do is an act of worship.
06:02 Wow, that's deep.
06:04 So we're living a life that is worship.
06:07 And really I guess I'll ask this question,
06:08 "Is that our purpose in life?"
06:10 Is our purpose in life to worship?
06:11 Oh, yeah. Okay.
06:12 So if that's our purpose in life
06:14 and that's what we are,
06:15 you know, made to do,
06:16 then how should that really coincide with my sex life?
06:23 You know, how does that connect?
06:24 How does that connect with, you know, the choices I make,
06:26 the pure choices I make, you know,
06:27 is that in a form of bad worship,
06:30 if I'm doing something that's not according to God?
06:32 Oh, without a doubt.
06:33 Either you're worshiping God
06:35 or you're worshiping something else.
06:37 And I think a lot of times we get that confused.
06:40 Either you're worshiping God
06:42 or you're worshiping something else,
06:43 and so someone may challenge that,
06:45 "Well, if you're putting something before your God,
06:47 then what do you call that?"
06:48 And so a lot of times we worship our spouses,
06:50 we worship our jobs,
06:52 we worship the things, possessions,
06:54 the things that we have.
06:55 You know, when the Bible says that
06:56 "I will never give you more than you can bare,"
06:58 it doesn't just mean trials
06:59 sometimes it may mean good thing, blessings
07:02 and I believe that there are a lot of things
07:03 that God wants to give us, His children, but He's saying,
07:06 "If I give it to you I can't trust you with it yet,"
07:09 because your worship that accomplishes me,
07:11 your worship that degree, you worship that spouse,
07:13 and you worship sex or whatever it is.
07:15 And so God has to put this in a position
07:17 where we see He came first
07:19 and then He can trust us and move on from there.
07:21 So, yeah, that thing's tricky. Okay.
07:23 I think on that lines, you know,
07:24 where people believe
07:26 that there's a Great Controversy going on
07:27 and so I definitely call it a sign.
07:29 If you're not worshiping God, you're worshiping other things
07:31 but at the end of the day if you're not worshiping God,
07:33 you're worshiping the evil and the enemy.
07:34 Right.
07:35 You know, in the Bible clearly says
07:37 "Our bodies are temple."
07:38 And by God's grace it will be a temple to God,
07:40 but we forget that it can also be a temple to the enemy
07:43 and so we have to be careful what we do with our bodies.
07:46 You know, we think about the fact
07:48 that God created sex for certain way
07:50 in a certain context.
07:51 The minute you step outside that context,
07:52 then you have to ask yourself,
07:54 "Well, who am I worshiping right now?"
07:55 Yeah.
07:56 You know, if God made sex for marriage
07:58 and I'm not married and I'm having sex,
07:59 then I can't be worshiping God.
08:01 You know, and so we got to take down
08:02 the considerations as well.
08:03 Okay.
08:05 And I think y'all are answering the question
08:06 that I'm gonna ask next
08:07 which is, you know, a lot of people may say,
08:09 "You all talking about pure choices a lot
08:10 on this program,
08:12 you all are talking about, you know,
08:13 making the right choice
08:14 and not having sex out side of marriage
08:16 and what not, but I mean, does God really, what, I mean,
08:18 really why does God even care so much about my sex life?"
08:21 You know?
08:23 "And what is He really, why does He care so much,
08:26 you know, why is it so important to Him."
08:27 I guess worship is a part of it.
08:28 But someone, kind of, expand on that for me.
08:30 Well, you know, I think worship is an investment, right?
08:34 What you put your time into, shows what you're invested in.
08:37 And so if I put all of my time in to work,
08:41 I'm invested in work.
08:42 If I put all my time into God, I'm invested in God.
08:44 But if I put all my time and energy
08:46 and thoughts into sex,
08:48 then I am invested in something
08:51 that may not be for my good at that time.
08:54 And so I think part of why God is concerned
08:58 with our sex lives
08:59 is because God wants to make sure
09:01 that we make wise investments with our time,
09:03 with our energy, with our worship.
09:05 And so when we view it in that context
09:08 sometimes that maybe can help us see
09:11 how God does care about our sex life.
09:13 God made sex to be good in context, you know,
09:18 so looking at it maybe from that standpoint...
09:20 In the context of marriage...
09:21 In the context of marriage.
09:23 Yes, in the context of marriage.
09:25 And there's the concept, there's another concept
09:27 that I understand as adultery is putting,
09:31 can be putting a good thing as the ultimate thing.
09:34 So is sex wrong, is sex nasty, is it bad?
09:36 No.
09:38 But like what you were saying in the context of marriage,
09:40 it could be a beautiful thing.
09:41 So if I'm dressing, and I'm holding myself,
09:44 and I'm interacting with my sexuality
09:47 over like my spirituality what Christ has given me,
09:51 then I'm allowing sex to drive my life
09:53 instead of Christ to drive my life
09:55 and so is that thing that sex is bad, no,
09:58 but that's how you interact with your husband
10:01 and that's fine but still in the same.
10:03 And when I'm in public, am I doing that?
10:06 When I'm in public,
10:08 am I being overly sexual
10:09 to where I don't understand my situation,
10:13 who's around me, and who am I speaking to.
10:15 Well, you know, I was reading this book
10:16 and I think the title is
10:19 "Women are like spaghetti-men are like waffles",
10:22 how men compartmentalize and women everything enter,
10:26 you know, weaves in,
10:27 the sauce is touching everything
10:29 and I think sometimes we do worship like that.
10:31 Worship is like waffles.
10:32 Everything God is like waffles, everything's in a box,
10:35 everything is compartmentalized.
10:37 And so worship is here, worship is church,
10:40 worship is with my family,
10:41 you know, on Sabbath, but sex, my relationships,
10:45 who I'm attracted to that's over here.
10:47 Separated. And that's separate.
10:48 And so God works here but not here,
10:50 but God is like spaghetti.
10:52 Spaghetti worship.
10:53 God is like, He's interweaving into everything.
10:56 He wants to touch every part of our lives
10:58 so that every part of our lives is good.
11:01 Not just one part with waffles and syrup in the one box,
11:04 you know.
11:05 Well, I'm listening to you, guys,
11:06 and I can't help but think about the Garden of Eden,
11:08 you know, we know what created an imagine of God,
11:10 you know, and that God has given sex
11:12 to consummate the marriage
11:13 and the Bible says, Jesus says, you know, what man,
11:16 "What God put together, let not man put asunder,"
11:19 but the Bible describes it becoming one flesh.
11:22 And the whole point of it
11:23 is to mimic pretty much the image
11:25 that God has in heaven and so, you know,
11:27 sex is much more about the kind of intimacy.
11:30 What it really is,
11:31 is the testimony of the intimacy
11:33 that God seeks to have it with us
11:34 and that's why it's so important
11:36 to make sure that it is done in the right context
11:37 as well, so...
11:39 Yeah. Yeah.
11:40 And, you know, to piggyback on that statement right there,
11:44 the intimacy factor that's what's really important.
11:46 I think that's a lot times was missing in worship.
11:49 The intimacy like you and God,
11:50 like I think of a man and a woman or me and my wife,
11:53 we have our 'us time' like nobody else is involved
11:56 and even when we're not having it
11:57 we're standing in the public.
11:58 I'm touching her, I'm holding her hands,
12:00 I've got my arms right like that's my boo
12:02 and God wants the same connection with us.
12:04 I mean, He...
12:05 I think I love my wife. I'll die for my wife, right?
12:08 But God die for my sins
12:10 and so that worship just needs to be intimate,
12:12 just the caress, the touch, the feel,
12:14 just the anointing, feeling you about power
12:16 and spirit that's that next level worship right there.
12:18 So when you mentioned intimacy, it kind of took me there.
12:21 God is your boo.
12:22 That's it. He's my boo.
12:24 Yeah, my Friend, my Provider,
12:25 my Elohim, Melchizedek, He's everything.
12:27 Yeah. Right?
12:29 And so I just like to type into that worship
12:31 and give the different type of mindset
12:32 when I have time to just quality time
12:34 with God and just reload,
12:36 but that intimacy time is nothing like it.
12:37 Yeah.
12:39 And that's so powerful
12:40 because we have to have that connection.
12:41 Got to.
12:43 You can't survive, you can't rely on your strength,
12:44 you got to have that power,
12:46 you gotta be plugged into that power.
12:47 I'm beginning to understand
12:49 that concept of intimacy as well.
12:51 When two people are married, and they come together,
12:54 and they have sex,
12:56 that oneness in the beginning in Genesis God said that
13:00 "The man will leave his mother and cleave to his wife
13:03 and they will become one flesh".
13:05 And so with that same concept in John
13:08 when Christ is saying that he prays
13:10 that we will all be one with the Father just as him
13:13 and the Father are one, I and him and him and me,
13:16 that's the same concept of oneness
13:19 of being one flesh of being bound to Christ.
13:22 And so the whole concept of marriage
13:25 and becoming one is not just to be married
13:28 and to be happy here on earth,
13:29 but it's an example of the kind of relationship
13:32 and one that Christ wants to have with us.
13:34 Wow, that's beautiful.
13:35 So intimacy that is the goal in worship,
13:38 trying to get close or in connected to God.
13:41 So now let's talk about then,
13:43 if we are going ahead and doing these sexual divine acts
13:46 for going to, you know,
13:48 not make pure choices make poor choices, you know,
13:50 in our lives what does that do then to our worship?
13:55 Well, you know, you talked about being one
13:58 and if the act of intimacy is specifically sexual intercourse
14:02 and physical intimacy creates a oneness,
14:08 how many people do you really wanna be one with?
14:10 You know what I mean?
14:11 You wanna be one with a lot of different people,
14:13 that's not okay.
14:15 And so if I am creating that oneness
14:19 with someone other than God,
14:21 then it causes glitches in my relationship with God.
14:25 And so how can I go to God and worship Him
14:29 with the images of what I've done
14:31 in all the people I'm one with in my mind?
14:34 You know?
14:35 So having to break those bonds of oneness
14:38 with all these other people,
14:40 to help create and nurture the oneness with God
14:42 and that process can be very difficult.
14:45 Why put yourself through that unnecessarily.
14:48 Wow, yeah.
14:49 And, you know, as you say that I'm thinking,
14:52 you know, the Bible says leaving cleaves
14:54 but sex with your married partner.
14:58 Sex in the right context is leaving and cleaving,
15:01 it equals oneness with God.
15:02 It leads to oneness with God.
15:03 That sex helps you to understand,
15:06 you know, the oneness with God even more
15:08 and so how many things can you leave and cleave onto.
15:11 Do you understand what I'm saying?
15:12 So you gotta make sure that
15:14 if that first was done in the right context
15:16 of course within the marriage,
15:17 but I mean the minute that you step outside of that power
15:22 that God has it means you just have other partners.
15:24 You're cleaving to those other things.
15:25 Wow. Mercy.
15:26 You know, and so you can't say Jesus says,
15:29 "No man can serve two masters."
15:31 So you can't say I wanna have it my way
15:33 and have sex and to do what I want,
15:34 and serve God at the same time.
15:36 I can't worship God
15:37 while I'm cleaving to everything else.
15:38 Wow.
15:40 So you haven't really,
15:41 you basically made the decision saying
15:43 I'm going to not cleave to God
15:44 and not do His way with being married and having,
15:46 you know, trying to be me and my wife and God
15:49 I'm gonna go in and add other people to the equation.
15:51 And destroy that trinity of worship
15:53 that I was trying to have with me and him.
15:55 Wow.
15:57 But, you know, God wants us to be bonded with him
15:59 not just physically but emotionally bonded,
16:03 mentally bonded with you.
16:04 And especially for women
16:06 when a woman is intimate
16:08 that's not just a physical act that's an emotional, a mental,
16:12 it's all of that encompass.
16:14 It can be the way for men too.
16:16 Okay, okay, you now,
16:19 but I'll speak specifically for women.
16:21 All right. It can be like that.
16:24 And so imagine if I am creating these mental bonds.
16:29 I mean, the act of sex physiologically creates,
16:33 you know, a chemical bond that bonds us,
16:37 that addicts us to the other person.
16:39 I don't wanna get addicted to a bunch of other people.
16:41 And so now when I go to God and I want to pray,
16:44 I'm bonded to other people, I'm bonded emotionally,
16:49 my mind isn't right, my spirit isn't right,
16:52 I'm having a hard time focusing,
16:54 and then when the bonds are broken through a breakup
16:57 or through a bad relationship,
16:59 now God has gotta clean that all up, work that all out,
17:03 and then restore our relationship with him.
17:05 Yeah.
17:06 And with... Kory, were you about to say something?
17:08 No, go ahead.
17:09 In the, just like what you were saying,
17:11 intimacy is not just physical,
17:13 intimacy is deeper than that
17:15 and so as I'm speaking with someone,
17:17 as I'm spending time with them
17:18 that intimacy is growing deeper and deeper.
17:20 I'm getting to know them as a person,
17:23 their minds their spirits,
17:24 and so at the end it builds up to the physical
17:26 but it's not the physical alone.
17:28 And that's the beautiful part with God in worship.
17:32 It's not the example of a person,
17:34 it's just an example of God wants us to spend time with him
17:37 in our daily lives that intimacy is a build up
17:41 to something greater,
17:42 that oneness, that communication,
17:44 that getting to know you
17:47 before I get to know you as the Bible says.
17:49 Yeah, yeah, and that's all interesting
17:51 because just in like relationship,
17:52 you're saying that shouldn't just be all about the sex,
17:55 you know, it should be about getting to know the person
17:57 and building up to that point.
17:58 And I think, you know, a lot of people
18:00 look at their relation with God
18:01 kind of the same way they relation with other people,
18:03 you know, they just want the, you know, want to have sex,
18:06 want to have the blessings of God,
18:07 but they don't wanna have the relationship with him.
18:09 They want the personal stuff,
18:10 they wanna have that magical moment,
18:11 you know, they get that high,
18:13 you know, in church or whatever maybe,
18:14 but they don't wanna spend that time
18:15 really getting to know him, having that, you know,
18:17 that spiritual discipline to really get them,
18:18 you know, get them in a relation with God.
18:21 You know, I think that's what makes the worship
18:23 pure and true
18:24 when you can worship God even on the bad days.
18:27 You know, when you can go to church and not just worship
18:30 because things are going great and you got that job,
18:32 well, you can go to work or worship
18:34 and you don't have a job,
18:35 or you just found out a relative has cancer or,
18:37 you know, you are dealing with financial struggles
18:39 but you can still move past it and worship God.
18:42 Because when we allow things
18:43 to get in the way of our worship
18:45 we're actually worshiping those things.
18:46 You see what I'm saying?
18:48 We're acknowledging what the enemy is doing
18:49 in our lives as apposed to exalting God.
18:52 And there are stories after stories that you can look,
18:54 King Jehoshaphat, and Hezekiah
18:55 and what they went through in the middle of their battle,
18:58 worship is what gave them the victory.
19:00 And so I tell a lot of people nowadays,
19:02 don't wait until you get that breakthrough,
19:04 when a bad news comes get your worship on now
19:07 because that's when the victory will come.
19:09 It's the same thing with my wife.
19:10 I could just only love my wife on good day
19:12 but when she's getting on my nerves
19:13 I still got to love her, right?
19:15 Yeah. Yeah.
19:16 And so God wants the same thing from us.
19:18 Okay. Yeah.
19:19 So now let's even go little more practical
19:20 because someone, you know, listening or watching may say,
19:24 "That sounds beautiful I wanna worship God,
19:26 you know, I want that to be a part of my life,
19:28 but what does that look like, you know, how do you do that?
19:30 What is worship look like?"
19:31 Is it, you know,
19:33 'cause a lot of times like you say,
19:34 we just think worship is all praising God
19:35 and jumping around.
19:37 What does worship really looks like?
19:39 I don't know if we can say what it looks like.
19:41 Okay.
19:42 I believe the minute you say what I looks like,
19:44 you kind of put it in the box and then people would strive
19:47 for what it looks like.
19:48 You know, I'm reading this book that talks about the fact
19:51 that what we do nowadays is that
19:53 when it comes to time we got intimacy with God,
19:56 we have become comfortable with having go-betweens.
19:58 So we wanna worship God
20:00 but we will rely on the pastor to feed us.
20:02 We wanna worship God,
20:03 but we rely on devotional books.
20:04 We wanna worship God,
20:06 we rely on our Sabbath school lesson.
20:07 And I believe that
20:08 a part of what we are looking at right now
20:10 is sometimes having to set time aside
20:12 and say it's just gonna be in God.
20:13 You turn the phone off.
20:15 I'm talking about being practical.
20:16 Man, if I put the phone in the kitchen, in the draw,
20:18 I'm going to completely other room, I'm gonna,
20:21 it may be a serine place, I mean, just looking at nature
20:23 but I'm just gonna place myself intentionally...
20:26 In position.
20:27 In the presence of God.
20:29 And it's not to say that because you do that,
20:31 then also you got to hear magical stuff and you know,
20:33 the light will shine down from the heaven.
20:35 One day you might hear God clear as day,
20:37 another day you might not hear anything
20:39 and that might even be what God needs for you,
20:40 not to hear at that point,
20:42 but it's about being intentional
20:44 about sitting in His presence
20:45 same way with your intentional about.
20:46 "I wanna be sitting on the couch
20:48 and I say to the person I love
20:49 because I just wanna be next to them."
20:50 Sometimes we don't get to talk, we can just sit there.
20:53 You got to make that same effort
20:54 and say I just want to be in God's presence.
20:56 You know what I love about what you said?
20:58 I'm talking about
20:59 sometimes we wanna get that spiritual fix,
21:01 we want the go-betweens
21:03 and that ties so much into our sexuality
21:06 especially a lot, some of us Christians
21:08 we want that fix, we don't have sex
21:10 but we'll do everything else to get that fixed.
21:14 And what we talked about earlier is that
21:16 intimacy is a lead up to a point.
21:20 It's been to a climax.
21:21 And so a lot of times what happens in our worship
21:23 or in our sexuality is, you know,
21:26 we'll have this foreplay and then stop.
21:30 And foreplay and stop.
21:32 And so you are missing out on the experience
21:34 that supposed to happen to lead to a greater moment
21:36 and we do that in our spiritual life.
21:38 We get these little bits and pieces
21:39 and then stop God
21:41 from actually having His way in our life
21:44 and so we have to go all the way with God.
21:46 We have to go all the way with Him.
21:48 We have to be intentional about saying
21:50 what "God, whatever you're asking me to do
21:52 I'm gonna do,
21:53 if that means letting go of some relationships,
21:55 if that means, you know, walking away from something's,
21:57 let it go."
21:59 Have your God as a dating relationship
22:01 so you get to know him, right, you get to know His name,
22:03 you know who He is and you start spending time.
22:06 When you like somebody, you spend time with them.
22:08 And so you go out so you spend time with God.
22:10 Now what will happen if you were on have a date
22:12 and the person kept taking you to the same place every time?
22:15 You be like, "I'm bored."
22:17 So do new things, do fresh things,
22:19 journal, go for a walk, you know,
22:21 have groups of friends get together,
22:23 have conversations,
22:25 and after that you have dating experience,
22:26 the quoting experience,
22:28 you invite God to be in your life.
22:30 What do you do?
22:31 We make it official.
22:33 It's all right, guys, let's make it official.
22:34 Let's commit to each other.
22:35 And you make that official and then after that, you know,
22:37 you get married, you have wedding vows, right?
22:39 Yeah.
22:41 The Bible are our wedding vows,
22:42 so whenever your relationship is going
22:44 through a hard time with God where do you go?
22:45 You go back to your vows.
22:47 Go back to the Bible
22:48 and hide those wedding vows in your heart.
22:50 Amen.
22:51 You know, that's so beautiful,
22:53 just to hear you say that it makes me think
22:55 about being important of having that union with God.
22:59 Being in that one with Him, dating Him,
23:01 knowing exactly where He's at,
23:03 and then having to make a set time to meet Him,
23:05 right, so God convicted me about year and a half ago,
23:08 He said, "Son, you've been traveling and preaching
23:10 and asking for my spirit,
23:11 but you're not giving me enough time.
23:13 You watch 2, 3 hours of sports and the news,
23:15 but you're giving me 30 minute worships."
23:17 So I started getting up earlier than earlier
23:19 and now when I'm not traveling and I'm home,
23:21 I'm walking up between three and four to seek Him.
23:23 You know what I'm trying to be though?
23:25 One of my good friends, he wakes up so early,
23:28 he says he doesn't like sleep, you know why?
23:30 He says because he feels like
23:31 when he sleeping he's separate from God.
23:33 Mercy.
23:34 He's like I wanted to be awake,
23:36 I wanna have my mind focused on God.
23:38 And I'm like, man, would you be so kind
23:40 God to give me that type of desire for you
23:43 and he is in love with God.
23:44 And so that intimacy in the set time
23:47 we put aside for God is so key
23:49 'cause the hustle and bustle of life,
23:52 that can derail us.
23:53 Yeah.
23:54 I like what both of you guys are saying
23:56 because we're being practical
23:57 and the truth is we can't see God.
23:59 We've never held His hand, physically,
24:01 we've never hugged Him physically,
24:02 and so one thing that we have to keep in mind
24:04 is that the things that we do in our life,
24:06 sometimes to pick and to determine
24:08 how we worship God.
24:10 And that's why sexual purity is so important.
24:13 Because if you are frivolous,
24:15 if you are promiscuous out in regular life,
24:18 and we're not just talking about sex,
24:20 we're talking about on your job,
24:21 if you're not faithful enough in your job, you know,
24:23 you come to work, you're hiding in your desk,
24:24 you take a 20-minute nap before you clock in,
24:26 you know that kind of thing,
24:27 that's how you're gonna treat God.
24:29 The same way you're so used to having, you know,
24:30 with all these different sexual partners
24:32 and one night stands and just like you said,
24:35 touching sometimes, and not touching sometimes,
24:36 again to third base
24:38 and then turning back and running to home plate
24:39 and doing that over and over again
24:40 and flirting with going to home base,
24:42 that's how we're gonna treat God
24:43 in our relationship we have
24:45 because that's what we know
24:46 as intimacy in our everyday life.
24:48 And so that's why it's so important
24:49 to make sure you maintain that purity
24:51 because it will reflect on your relationship with God.
24:53 Yeah. Yeah. Wow!
24:54 There's little things for me personally
24:56 there's little things that I do that I can't say,
24:59 oh, this is what intimacy with God looks like
25:02 but I know, for me,
25:04 it's just a simple acknowledging
25:06 of who He is throughout my day.
25:08 So I get A I'm praising him, I didn't do, I might get an F,
25:13 I'm still praising him.
25:14 I'm like okay, Lord, be with me,
25:16 okay, Lord I acknowledge
25:17 that you are currently surrounding me.
25:19 So just acknowledging that, when I wake up in the morning,
25:24 Lord, thank you so much for waking me up,
25:25 like before I even get out of my bed, like, oh,
25:27 just smiling like, oh, Lord you're with me,
25:30 like, in just little things and that's intimacy with God.
25:34 If you think about two people who are married
25:36 and they wake up, and they kiss each other,
25:38 and kiss each other on the cheek
25:39 or on the forehead,
25:41 like, those little things waking up
25:42 and appreciating that I woke up next to you.
25:44 And so just waking up in the morning,
25:46 "Lord, thank you for being next to me,
25:48 thank you for holding me throughout the night,"
25:50 the little things.
25:52 You know, Dajanae and I
25:53 had a conversation the other day
25:54 and Dajanae was saying that, it's almost like
25:56 we're in a long-distance relationship with God.
25:58 Yes.
25:59 And if you're in a long-distance relationship
26:01 you have to do certain things
26:03 to keep that relationship alive.
26:04 Yeah. Yeah.
26:05 You gotta Skype, you know, you got to FaceTime,
26:07 you got to talk
26:09 and so we have got to talk to God,
26:11 prayer is the most important,
26:13 I think,
26:14 part of this long-distance relationship.
26:16 Talking to God communicating with Him,
26:19 and I just love that.
26:20 You know, if you're in a long-distance relationship
26:21 you got to watch your interactions, you know,
26:24 but you have to continually nurture that relationship
26:26 and eventually God will come back
26:28 so that we can be together again.
26:30 Yeah. True. Very true.
26:31 That's awesome.
26:33 You know, I got something that God just gave me.
26:34 He reminded me of just looking at this
26:36 whole relationship factor,
26:37 Psalms 37:40 says something so deep.
26:40 It says, "To delight yourself in the Lord.
26:42 He'll give you the desires of your heart."
26:44 And so I think about my wife and we think about our spouses
26:46 and we love them so much,
26:48 we wanna just do whatever we can do for them.
26:50 And God's just like to delight yourself in me
26:53 and I'mma blow your mind.
26:55 Like delight.
26:56 It doesn't say worship me and I'll give the desire.
26:58 It doesn't say pray, it says delight yourself in me.
27:00 Yeah.
27:01 Ad so that's just the word for us all,
27:03 to really just take God and get to know them
27:04 and just delight ourselves in His power.
27:07 Can we just stay there
27:08 on that long-distance relationship just for a second?
27:10 Go ahead, go ahead.
27:11 Just for a second
27:12 because when you are
27:14 in a long distance relationship, right,
27:15 there's other people that are around you
27:18 that you maybe attracted to but you have to guard yourself.
27:22 You have to guard the avenues of your soul.
27:23 You have to guard the way that you interact with them
27:25 because you know you love that other person more.
27:28 So with that same concept with God,
27:30 it's like there's a whole bunch of distractions around us,
27:33 there's things that seem so pleasurable,
27:35 so delightful but I'm like, "But my God is greater
27:38 and He loves me and He's over there
27:40 but He's right here because I'm acknowledging Him".
27:43 Amen.
27:44 Dajanae is about to takes us out.
27:46 That's about our time there.
27:48 We just want to remind everyone that we were made for worship
27:51 and so in your life and everything you do,
27:52 remember to always make Pure Choices.
27:56 God bless.


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