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Participants: Joshua Nelson (Host), Dajanae Maxwell, David Anderson, James Brandon, Kyle Scarlett


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:40 Hello, and welcome again to another edition
00:43 of Pure Choices.
00:44 I'm your host, Pastor Joshua Nelson.
00:46 And we are just happy you decided to join us,
00:49 we have another good one for you.
00:50 We are talking about puppy love versus true love.
00:54 And before we get into introducing our panel
00:56 and discussing this topic,
00:58 let's just pause for a moment of prayer.
01:00 Dear, Heavenly Father, we thank You once again
01:03 for this opportunity to discuss these topics
01:05 and we ask God that You'll bless us
01:07 and guide this conversation, in Jesus' name we pray.
01:09 Amen. Amen.
01:11 Okay, to my left, I introduce here,
01:14 James Brandon
01:16 who is university chaplain in...
01:19 sorry, Tampa Florida, of course.
01:22 All right, and then over here across me
01:24 we have David Anderson
01:26 who is an Oakwood university theology student.
01:28 And then next to him, we have Dajanae Maxwell
01:30 who is also Oakwood University theology student
01:33 and next to her is also
01:35 an Oakwood University theology student,
01:37 Kyle Scarlett.
01:38 So we have some scholars here, some young people here,
01:41 and we're just gonna talk about this topic of love.
01:45 And we've gotta talk about this a little bit
01:47 on Pure Choices talking about love.
01:49 But we want to get more of a younger feel,
01:52 younger idea of what may be
01:55 this generation is talking about love
01:56 and what they feel it means, so let's just get out there.
02:00 David, what is love? What is love?
02:03 Well, I have a quote that is my favorite quote
02:07 from Ellen White,
02:09 in the book Adventist Home chapter 7
02:11 and she says, "True love is a high and holy principle,
02:15 altogether different in the character from that love
02:18 which is awakened by impulse,
02:19 and which dies when severely tested."
02:22 And so this just totally kills all of the "rumors"
02:25 that love is a feeling, but it's a principle.
02:28 Wow, wow.
02:30 I would like to add that love is a choice,
02:34 not just a feeling like he already said.
02:36 It's not based on,
02:38 "Oh, I feel good today, so I love you,
02:40 "or "I like what you did today,
02:42 so I love you."
02:44 But it's a decision to love someone.
02:46 I choose to love you despite of it,
02:49 even to the concept of I agape you.
02:53 I unconditionally love you with the love
02:55 that God has given me
02:57 and the love that he loves all of us with,
02:59 I love you, I decide today that I love you.
03:02 Wow, wow.
03:03 It's a conscious decision as she said.
03:06 It's something that you make up in your mind
03:08 that it's what you want to have towards somebody.
03:11 It's not a circumstantial
03:16 way of feeling about somebody
03:18 and it's not even really a feeling
03:20 like they both stated it's a principle.
03:22 And God is love, so whenever you love somebody
03:25 or you say that love, you know, you love a certain thing,
03:28 you're basically saying that I put God into this,
03:31 He is involved in it and because He is in,
03:33 that's how it works.
03:35 Wow, wow. Yeah.
03:36 Yeah, I think that I agree totally, I mean,
03:39 that quote pretty much said everything
03:42 straight for anybody,
03:44 but, yeah, you said that it is a principle
03:46 and that principle is the principle of love.
03:49 You know, God's government? Yeah.
03:51 But the principle of love states
03:53 that you are other-centered, you're not self-centered,
03:56 it's about giving, and it's about serving.
03:59 The thing about love though, the word love it's like
04:02 probably one of the most abused words
04:05 in our vocabulary, in the English vocabulary.
04:09 Because we say we love so many things, you know,
04:11 we love our dog
04:13 and, you know, we love chocolate...
04:14 Chocolate, yeah.
04:16 And, you know, we love all these different things
04:17 and then we say we love God, it's like wait,
04:18 how can you love all those things the same way?
04:21 But yeah, it's a very abused word
04:23 but the distillation of the word
04:25 is other-centeredness.
04:26 Yeah, yeah.
04:27 And so being other-centered
04:29 and then also we just throw this in there
04:31 that you really can't love unless you love God first.
04:34 God is love, right? Yeah.
04:36 So how does God then show us what true love is, you know?
04:41 I think I'll take that one. Okay.
04:43 First off giving His Son on the cross.
04:45 Yes, sir.
04:47 And not only doing that but holding Himself, you know,
04:52 not allowing Himself to, "Hey, you know, angels,
04:54 I'm not feeling My Son hanging out there
04:56 and people jeering at Him,
04:58 so I feel like we should go out down there
05:00 and just erase everybody, you know, get my Son."
05:03 But His love for saving us, for redeeming us,
05:07 was allowing us unto bear all of our sins
05:10 which He didn't have to do.
05:12 And those sins dying with Him and raising up
05:17 and allowing us to be clean so that it generalizes it.
05:20 There was Chaplain Pearson,
05:22 came and spoke at theology forum
05:24 a couple of weeks ago.
05:25 And her sermon basically broke down John 3:16,
05:31 so "For God so loved..."
05:34 He loved and then what kind of love is that?
05:37 That's agape.
05:39 "For God so loved the world."
05:41 He loved the world, so He unconditionally loved
05:44 that section of His creation
05:46 that is full of sin, full of sin,
05:49 full of disappointment.
05:50 Okay, so God...
05:51 "For God so loved the world that He gave..."
05:55 So love gives, so God is love
05:57 and God loved the world so much that He gave.
06:01 "For God so loved the world
06:02 that He gave His only begotten Son."
06:07 So love doesn't just give out of excess,
06:09 "Oh, I have a whole bunch,
06:11 I have 500 hundred bottles of water,
06:12 everyone can have one."
06:14 No, God gave this is my only and it's not just,
06:18 it's not a scrap, it's not a crumb,
06:19 but it's the best of My only and God gave that.
06:23 And that's what love is supposed to demonstrate.
06:26 That's a high standard.
06:28 That really should make us think twice
06:30 before we use the word love frivolously,
06:32 because love is serious,
06:34 it comes from something deep inside you,
06:36 it's a value that you place on such a word
06:40 and such a, you know, choice.
06:42 Yeah. So going little deeper.
06:45 We've talked about this love thing a lot
06:47 and we like to throw it around and lot of people,
06:49 lot of young people like to say,
06:51 "Oh, man, I'm so much in love with this person,
06:53 I'm deep and I just fell in love."
06:55 So let's talk what does it mean
06:57 to really be in love with someone?
06:59 And I know that my brother here and myself,
07:02 we both, kind of, in that stage right now,
07:04 so I'm talking to my brother.
07:06 What does it mean to be in love?
07:07 Yeah, to be in love. Love is a beautiful thing.
07:10 Love is really beautiful and it's a gift.
07:12 You all laughing.
07:14 Gift that God gave us
07:16 and we can exhibit a little bit,
07:19 a small portion of that which God loves us,
07:21 so He loves us, He's unconditionally loving us
07:24 and giving us mercy and grace,
07:25 so that we can give that to someone else.
07:28 And not for us to just receive and bottle up
07:30 but for us to give.
07:31 But you meant...
07:33 you said something
07:34 and you kind of went off little bit,
07:36 but the whole falling in love piece.
07:37 Okay.
07:38 I think that's a major issue, you know, especially amongst,
07:41 you know, the younger generation
07:43 and things like that,
07:45 you feel like you're falling in love with this guy,
07:47 this girl looks so good, and we have great conversation
07:50 and we fell in love.
07:52 But I guess a problem with that is, I don't know if...
07:56 I think that you should, kind of,
08:00 be able to stand in love, you know
08:02 kind of, trying to fall in love,
08:05 because when you're falling,
08:06 you're in like a compromised position.
08:08 You know, what I'm saying, you're falling
08:10 and it kind of seems like things can...
08:13 your perception,
08:14 your vantage point is a lot different
08:15 than really having that like the...
08:18 definition set of love
08:20 that really settled a relationship,
08:23 that settled feeling
08:25 that is not you're going here and there
08:27 and your heart is racing here and that way.
08:29 Yeah, at the beginning, yeah, but it should be...
08:32 when it's settled,
08:34 when the Holy Spirit is confirming that thing
08:36 and your heart and your soul
08:38 is really settled in that thing.
08:40 Then you can really know that where you need to be,
08:44 and of course moving forward with prayer.
08:45 Yeah.
08:47 You really know that
08:48 you are in love with that person.
08:52 Yeah.
08:53 And then if I can share this for me, you know,
08:55 I often wondered, you know, if I ever had been in love,
08:58 you know, the relationship, had I ever been in love
09:00 or was I in love with this person?
09:02 And God was just showing me you can't know
09:03 if you've been in love and he says standing in love,
09:05 you're gonna fall in love or whatever,
09:07 you can't know if you actually are standing in love
09:08 unless you stand in love with Me, you know, so,
09:10 I had to really develop a relationship with God
09:13 where I knew that I was actually in love
09:16 with Him or in Him who is love,
09:19 it was in Him that I was in love, you know.
09:21 And so if I'm in Him, I'm in love,
09:23 and so now when I find someone else,
09:25 I was able to kind of see, okay, wow, this...
09:28 I already know what love is, I know what it feels like
09:30 and I see and meet this individual,
09:32 that's it, now I'm in love, you know.
09:34 I might step into again because this person
09:36 also is in love in the presence of God
09:39 and I'm now in the presence so it's all just together,
09:41 we're both in love, you know, and it measure together.
09:45 So it's just awesome when you can understand
09:48 what love is just by understanding who God is.
09:50 Right.
09:51 And to go off with that,
09:52 and I guess to expand on the falling in love,
09:56 love is a verb
09:57 and so it shouldn't be that you're standing in love,
10:00 it should be more you're walking in love.
10:01 Walking, there you go.
10:03 It's a continual process, a journey.
10:04 And most people like to say that they are falling with...
10:07 like you said,
10:08 it's in a compromising position,
10:10 you really don't have a choice.
10:12 And because love is a choice,
10:13 falling in love is a contradiction
10:15 to what actual love is.
10:17 Yeah, so kind of tripped and just fell.
10:18 Right, yeah.
10:19 It's... you shouldn't be...
10:21 it shouldn't be a mistake, you know,
10:22 tripping isn't something that you, you know, plan to do.
10:25 It's not something that people are happy
10:26 but if you tripped,
10:28 you're pretty much upset about it,
10:29 so most should be able to take the idea of love
10:34 as a walking and moving process first with God
10:39 and then whoever God brings along their way.
10:41 Yeah.
10:43 Okay, so what does it mean then to be in love,
10:47 we talked about that, but what does...
10:48 how do you now know
10:50 if you're in love with someone, you know?
10:53 I mean, I believe you hit on it already
10:55 in the sense that you can't know if...
10:57 you can't know if you're in love with someone
11:00 if you don't know God.
11:01 It all starts with God, it's all settled in Christ,
11:03 the example of how God loved.
11:05 So for me to even recognize, okay,
11:08 I care for you so much that I can say
11:11 that I decide today to love you,
11:14 the feeling of that, the understanding of that,
11:17 the choice of that, can't come
11:19 unless you understand God first.
11:21 Okay.
11:22 I think that's kind of like, kind of,
11:24 what Dajanae said, when you...
11:27 how you know you're in love is each of you individually
11:30 have to be in love with God.
11:32 So when I see that person that, you know,
11:35 I'm in love with her...
11:37 the question was how do you know...
11:39 if I think I'm there,
11:41 I think that the thing that keeps us
11:45 going forward and thinking,
11:46 okay, we might be in love is I see God in her.
11:50 Like, I have a relation with God myself,
11:52 I'm like, wait, our relationship
11:54 which is horizontal,
11:55 it kind of feels like there's some elements
11:58 that this vertical relationship is in.
12:00 So when you know that, I mean, you kind of get that, you know,
12:03 the sign off one cause it's like,
12:05 wow, this is so familiar,
12:07 because they're so hid in Christ
12:09 and you are so hid in Christ.
12:10 And then when you're interacting
12:12 and it go together, it's just a beautiful synergy
12:16 that's there with God in the middle
12:17 but not that God is separated or isolated from you both
12:21 but God's in you both.
12:23 And God is that driving force that brings you together
12:25 so I think that's really when you know.
12:27 Yeah, I will take that a little further in saying
12:30 three is the numeric value of love.
12:34 Where there is one, love cannot occur period.
12:37 Where there is two you now love or you have selfish tendencies
12:42 because you're looking at one and you're like, okay,
12:45 how can they benefit me?
12:47 But where there is three,
12:48 you have to humbly differ attention
12:50 to both parties.
12:51 And now you have to love those two parties
12:54 in a divided interest.
12:56 So say, if one, two, three were loving each other,
13:01 or we're in a relationship, I now have to...
13:04 I'm the third party and so I have to say,
13:06 how can I bring them closer to each other?
13:09 But also I'm saying how can he bring us closer.
13:14 And God presents Himself in a relationship, Father,
13:16 Son and Holy Spirit, and if you see the shapes,
13:21 the triangle is a strongest shape.
13:23 They put a triangle under the pressure...
13:26 all the shapes under pressure
13:27 and the triangle was the one to stay
13:29 under the pressure the longest
13:31 because it has those other angles supporting it.
13:34 Wow, yeah. That's awesome.
13:37 So and I love that illustration there
13:40 because you need...
13:41 God has to be in relationship of love if you want it to stay.
13:44 And that's a part that we oftentimes leave out,
13:47 you know, and we forget.
13:49 So and now one thing I would say
13:51 to add that knowing if you're in love with someone,
13:53 knowing what love looks like a normal love does.
13:56 So let's talk about now what are the things
13:59 that you would do if you're in love,
14:00 I mean, of course, we can go to 1 Corinthians 13,
14:04 I mean how love is
14:05 but what are some practical things,
14:06 someone can say, "Okay, I know I'm in love,
14:09 but I'm still not sacrificing for that person."
14:13 This person in love, you know.
14:15 So what are some things that we can say?
14:17 Say, okay, these are some signs.
14:18 I mean, I don't know
14:19 if this directly answers your question
14:21 but I was talking to my best friend the other day
14:24 and within that conversation it was understood
14:27 that I don't want everybody's love.
14:30 I don't need everybody's love
14:32 and everybody's love is not good for me.
14:34 So just because you say that you love me,
14:38 you're not necessarily lying to your understanding,
14:41 you're not consciously lying.
14:42 But you don't understand God, so you can't love me.
14:45 And so you have to once again
14:48 understand the characteristics of love through Christ.
14:51 So I can identify if your love is worthy of my love,
14:56 and I'm not even worthy
14:58 because it's the understanding that...
15:00 okay, Christ has caught us all to love one another.
15:03 Right. To agape everybody.
15:05 Exactly.
15:07 But now within a marriage relationship
15:09 or boyfriend, girlfriend courtship,
15:11 heading to a marriage relationship,
15:13 I don't...
15:15 I'm not necessarily supposed to be
15:16 in a relationship with you like that
15:17 if you don't understand God.
15:19 Okay.
15:20 Anyone else want to add to that?
15:22 I think when you focus
15:25 and I'll give an illustration to kind of explain it.
15:28 When you have both people who are focused on God
15:33 which is vertical, eventually they will run into each other.
15:38 And with that focus there, they'll notice, like he said,
15:42 they'll notice that God inside of both of them
15:45 and that love will be a natural unforced merge
15:51 of what God has for both of them
15:53 and then towards each other.
15:55 And just like he said the triangle is a strong shape
15:59 because it has the support at the bottom
16:01 and both sides are looking upward.
16:04 And so with that, I think that's how you know
16:08 that you're loved.
16:09 The type of things that you would do
16:11 isn't even that you're directly focusing
16:13 on what you can do for that person
16:14 but when you put God into the equation what you do,
16:17 what He allows you to do will automatically exude
16:22 that love that you have for that person
16:23 without really needing to try.
16:25 Okay, okay. I like that.
16:27 Now I just wanna switch gears just a little bit here
16:29 because I do wanna touch on how do you know when it's time,
16:33 we are talking about being in love
16:34 so how do you when it's time?
16:36 Maybe just even to get into a relationship, you know,
16:38 and James, do you want to touch on that?
16:40 So yeah, I ask a question,
16:41 I think that's whatever one wants to know,
16:43 everyone has his desires, and passion, and urges
16:45 and they're like when is it that I do it?
16:48 I think that God gives us as men and women
16:53 different urges and different desires
16:56 specially when we grow up
16:57 and we hit adolescence and we continue to grow.
17:00 And I think these desires are from God, that, you know,
17:05 things kind of get awaken in us,
17:06 but I do believe that it is a signal from God,
17:12 but it's not a signal to pursue a relationship,
17:15 to get into a relationship with someone else.
17:17 I think it's a signal to pursue you growing as a man,
17:22 you growing as a woman,
17:24 so eventually as you grown as a man and a woman
17:28 and learned your identity as a godly man and godly woman
17:31 and know that who you are in Christ.
17:34 At that time where God says, okay, now it's time,
17:37 now I can put you, you together with someone who is likeminded,
17:42 then that thing will be rich at that point.
17:45 I think sometimes we get into relationships too early
17:48 because we follow our impulses
17:50 and that's when people's hearts get broken.
17:53 And our hearts are so tender
17:55 and they need to be handled with care
17:57 and it's not that we have bad intentions
18:01 of not handling the other person's heart,
18:04 but we just really don't know how to do it.
18:06 You know, we might have a best intend as well,
18:09 I don't wanna break her heart, you know,
18:11 but then you just are not equipped
18:13 to really take care of it,
18:14 how it needs to be taken care of.
18:16 So I think we should definitely work on our self
18:20 and wait till the right time is
18:22 and you'll know when the right time is.
18:23 Okay.
18:25 I wanna go back to the whole heartbreak thing,
18:26 but I also wanna ask, you said something about,
18:28 you know, impulses and what not, you know,
18:30 how do you differentiate them
18:32 between what love is
18:35 or just infatuation with someone, you know?
18:39 I think I can take that one.
18:40 Infatuation is an intense,
18:43 I wanna say an intense like for somebody,
18:46 but it's not on the same love as love
18:50 because God is love, right?
18:53 And God didn't half love us, you know,
18:56 He full 100% loved us.
18:59 He intensely loved like us because He created us,
19:04 of course He is going to like us,
19:05 but He didn't just half heartedly,
19:08 uncertainly put His principle into us.
19:14 And so I feel like the way that you know the difference
19:18 is that when somebody, like we've stated,
19:22 when you see God in both, you know,
19:25 that person in you've already developed your relationship
19:28 with God, it's automatic.
19:31 It's not uncertain, it's not floundering,
19:34 because infatuation is floundering,
19:35 it fades away, it's a quick emotion.
19:39 And you don't wanna base anything off of emotion
19:42 or a feeling and so that I think
19:43 that's how you differentiate.
19:45 Okay.
19:46 I also wanna say that I think
19:48 that especially young people need to be careful
19:49 about getting trying to say or be in love,
19:52 you know, too quickly
19:54 because again it goes back talking
19:56 about the whole heartbreak thing.
19:58 I think that a lot of times what happens
20:00 is when you're so young, you kind of,
20:01 don't even know what really love is
20:03 and so you kind of get, you kind of,
20:04 what you're really experiencing is more of an infatuation.
20:07 So you're kind of confused on really what it is.
20:09 And so then of course
20:11 the heartbreaks comes a lot of times
20:12 with these different situations.
20:14 So being young people how do we even, you know,
20:17 in relationship
20:19 avoid that infatuation, or heartbreak, you know,
20:22 how do you really avoid those type of things
20:23 and keeping things in perspective with your age,
20:26 and again that kind of goes back
20:27 to when you should start this whole thing.
20:28 So?
20:30 Well, what you wanna do is pray without ceasing
20:32 like being constant,
20:34 and praying without ceasing is not,
20:36 "Dear Jesus" all the time,
20:38 but it's really directing your thoughts to God.
20:41 And so if you're in a relationship
20:43 and you're courting someone, dating someone,
20:46 you wanna always be in constant communion
20:49 and directing all those thoughts,
20:50 all those feelings toward God.
20:52 And if they start to lead you down a road
20:55 that you don't really wanna go down,
20:56 that's when you're like, okay, I need to tighten up
20:59 something within my relationship with God.
21:00 Because apparently
21:02 the connection between me and him
21:04 is off just a little bit
21:05 and so it's not necessarily between you and I,
21:08 but it's between me and God.
21:10 And so I need to get my relationship with God.
21:14 Okay, and I agree with that.
21:15 Do you think that's a little bit challenging
21:16 for maybe someone who is 15, 16, 17
21:20 that you make be, you know, saying, you know,
21:23 making a mature decision like that or maybe if not that,
21:25 maybe they shouldn't, I don't know,
21:26 I'm just kind of stretching
21:28 for the practicality of that, you know.
21:29 Yeah, and I hear what you're saying
21:31 as far as the practicality but at the end of the day,
21:32 if you're not ready to acknowledge God
21:34 in a relationship, you don't need to be in one.
21:36 So if you're 15 years old, 15, 16, 14 years old
21:41 and you're like, that doesn't make sense,
21:43 well, you need to get to know God better, still nonetheless.
21:46 So when's the right time to get in a relationship?
21:48 When I'm able to say I can hear the voice of God
21:50 and God is saying yes.
21:52 Here we go.
21:53 And if God is not saying yes, then you need to stop
21:54 and pause and work on that relation
21:56 'cause ultimately if I die and never get married,
22:00 I'll be okay.
22:02 Like, but if I die and I've never known God,
22:04 I won't be okay.
22:05 So realizing where your priority is,
22:08 is being in a relationship and getting married
22:11 and being able to have sex in marriage
22:13 is that like your ultimate goal is that
22:16 what you are trying to obtain,
22:17 because if you try to do that you will be hurt.
22:19 You will be if that's your goal.
22:21 Wow, okay.
22:22 And in the Bible,
22:24 love is the only definite article
22:25 that describes God.
22:27 God is called many things in the Bible but love,
22:29 it says God is love.
22:31 And so if we want to love someone,
22:33 if we want to fall or grow
22:36 and walk in love with someone...
22:37 Yeah, there you go.
22:39 That's basically we have to be in God.
22:41 And if you don't wanna acknowledge God
22:43 like Dajanae said,
22:45 you don't need to be in a relationship.
22:46 Right, all right.
22:49 I do wanna spend a little time before we lose our time
22:53 to really talk to the young people
22:56 and we have one lady in here shown to hold it out,
22:59 but I want to talk to young people here
23:01 about what they should be looking for kind of actually
23:04 they should be looking for in the opposite sex
23:06 when it comes to trying to be in a relationship.
23:08 You know, in saying that, what I mean is this,
23:10 I mean in the world a man is probably looking
23:13 for a certain type of woman, you know,
23:14 who is gonna have almost like a trophy,
23:16 the trophy girl, you know,
23:18 whose body in certain way and she is doing this
23:20 and doing that, she can do this for him.
23:22 It's all about what she can maybe do for him.
23:24 But what would a godly men be looking for in a lady?
23:28 Is the physical even part of it, you know,
23:31 and then also for the women side,
23:32 you know, you're holding down for ladies.
23:34 So what should a woman be looking
23:36 for in a man, you know, is it just about,
23:38 you know, his charisma and his muscles and what not.
23:40 What is it really they should be looking for?
23:43 So I'm gonna ask Kyle, start with that?
23:45 Okay, well, I think it goes back to seeing God
23:49 in that person
23:50 and their relationship with God is together,
23:54 it's intact.
23:55 And they have...
23:58 I guess I can go to Genesis with this,
24:01 God made Adam and then He made Eve
24:04 and that all happened where Adam had a job,
24:08 you know, he gave the animals names,
24:10 and he was taking care of the garden.
24:12 And then God put him to sleep and you know,
24:14 he wasn't conscious, wow,
24:18 this person that he was going to be spending
24:20 the rest of his life with was coming.
24:23 So God knows exactly what you're looking for
24:27 even if you don't know what you're looking for.
24:30 There's a quote, my Mom says it a lot, she says,
24:34 "Let Adam sleep."
24:35 And what she means by that is
24:38 if you're not looking for that person
24:40 because you shouldn't have to search, you know,
24:42 if God knows what you want, if you've given Him
24:45 that the reigns to that part of your life.
24:49 He'll bring along the person, you won't have to search
24:52 because that person will automatically
24:53 complement everything that you're looking for.
24:55 So I think it's allowing God to control that part of you.
24:58 Okay, awesome. Dajanae?
25:01 I'm still getting my thoughts together
25:03 as far as, okay, what in a godly man...
25:10 I need...
25:11 there's something that before I was attracted to
25:16 but now being in Christ,
25:18 it is like the passion in another man for God.
25:23 So like, just as passionate as I'm for the Lord like,
25:27 you have that same passion.
25:29 And it's kind of like what...
25:30 it's the same thing that Kyle is saying,
25:31 does it complement my passion for Christ.
25:35 And as a woman, as a female theology major,
25:38 are you going to be okay with like,
25:42 the fact that I'm passionate about the Lord,
25:44 like are you gonna feel like I'm dominating over you
25:47 'cause I'm talking about Jesus?
25:49 And if you are then we're probably
25:51 not gonna work together,
25:52 but there are men out there that kind of complement,
25:56 you know, my passion for Jesus.
25:58 And being able to...
26:01 for me to feel comfortable with submitting to you
26:04 because you love God so much that we...
26:09 it won't be as difficult, it won't be a clash.
26:12 Okay. All right.
26:13 David?
26:16 Realistically, I know we are like in this since
26:20 but most of the world wouldn't think like us.
26:23 So with males, you wanna find girl.
26:26 Yeah, let's be real.
26:29 That's right, right, right. It's important.
26:31 I don't wanna wake up to anybody I'm regretting.
26:35 It's important but everything that glitters is not gold.
26:39 And that's why I'm gonna leave that at,
26:41 just be wise and always rely on God.
26:44 Yeah, and I think that's a key point that you said.
26:47 I think that we as an individual,
26:48 we are visual,
26:50 and you know, we do, you know,
26:52 we all watch out to the beautiful girls
26:53 but I think that what we've seen through media
26:57 and these different things they've given us a view
27:02 of what a woman should look like.
27:04 But as godly men, you know,
27:08 we're looking for something deeper
27:10 and yeah, absolutely, you know, beautiful.
27:14 But you know, the Bible also talks
27:15 about how the beauty of a woman is acquired
27:18 in meek and gentle spirit.
27:20 And so the spirit is kind of overpowering
27:24 their physical,
27:28 but the physical is still visible,
27:30 you know what I'm saying, so the God blesses that way.
27:33 Yeah, okay, yeah, I mean,
27:35 'cause as a man you can always look
27:37 for just the finest woman,
27:38 you gotta look for the person
27:40 who has a spirit of God in them.
27:41 And I just wanna end with saying
27:42 as the time is running now.
27:44 And now these three remain, faith, hope and love,
27:48 but the greatest of these is love,
27:50 1 Corinthians 13:13.
27:52 You know, God holds love to high standard,
27:54 so I remember to make pure choices.


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