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Participants: Joshua Nelson (Host), David Anderson, Jeremy Anderson, Kimberly Pearson, Kory Douglas


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:39 Hello, and welcome to Pure Choices.
00:40 I'm your host Pastor Joshua Nelson.
00:43 I'm so glad again, you decided to join us
00:44 for another edition of Pure Choices today.
00:48 We are talking about a very serious topic today,
00:51 talking about brain scrub,
00:54 what effect the media has on our brains.
00:56 So before we get into this topic
00:58 and before we introduce our panel,
01:00 we got to pause and ask God to be with us.
01:03 Dear Heavenly Father, as we go into this subject,
01:06 we just ask for the protection right now of Your Spirit
01:09 as we do war in the enemy's camp, God,
01:11 we ask that You will give us guidance,
01:13 in Jesus' name we pray, amen.
01:15 Amen. Amen.
01:16 All right, let's begin.
01:18 First to my left, I'm gonna introduce
01:20 brother here David Anderson,
01:21 who is a Oakwood University theology student.
01:25 And across the way is actually his brother
01:28 who is Jeremy Anderson, who is from Madison, Alabama.
01:31 He is a author and speaker, so happy to have him today.
01:36 Also Kimberly Pearson,
01:38 who is the Oakwood University associate chaplain
01:40 and she's here.
01:42 And we also have Pastor Kory Douglas,
01:44 who is a pastor of Grand Avenue,
01:46 A New Life Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:48 there in Missouri so.
01:49 And I'm of course from,
01:51 all my churches are in Marion Lake City,
01:52 South Carolina.
01:53 So I'm happy that we're all here together.
01:55 And we really have a big task today
01:58 to talk about this idea
02:00 of being brainwashed by the media,
02:03 we call it brain scrub.
02:05 Let's just talk about at first, Jeremy,
02:09 what effect has the media had, had on us?
02:12 Man, it has a huge effect on our minds.
02:14 Okay.
02:16 And if you think about it, that's the very thing
02:17 that connects us with God.
02:18 It's not our hands... Right.
02:20 It's not our back bone, our chest or our heart
02:22 that pumps blood to be honest,
02:23 I mean, it's our brain that connects us with God.
02:27 And so what I found
02:28 in the media commercial society,
02:30 the enemy has found a way to infiltrate our minds
02:34 about what we watch on TV.
02:35 And so this is a very interesting topic
02:37 and so I'm looking forward to exposing the enemy
02:40 in talking about some of the different ways
02:42 that he actually targets us.
02:43 And so I believe that we need to guard our minds
02:46 because that's the very thing that connects us to God.
02:48 Yeah, that's it, that's it.
02:50 All right, so I also want to add to that what does,
02:52 what does the media really done to get us brainwashed?
02:54 Well, media has become a counterfeit for Christ.
03:00 We see the Christ is an intercessor to God for us
03:03 and media is really an intercessor
03:06 to a place I know, a satanic place,
03:09 so Satan has allowed media to take the place
03:13 that Christ is really supposed to have in our lives.
03:14 Wow, an idiom.
03:16 Well, I kind of want to counter that a little bit
03:17 because I don't necessarily think
03:19 that media is satanic.
03:20 I believe that media is a tool.
03:23 And with any tool you can use that tool
03:26 to build something great
03:27 or you can use that tool to destroy.
03:30 And so I think that media is a tool
03:32 that has been used to do destructive things,
03:36 but it can be used
03:37 to build up the kingdom of God,
03:39 but I know that, I mean, in terms of just how media
03:43 you know, infiltrates our brain.
03:45 You know, media has the power as a tool
03:48 to cause feelings to trigger emotions,
03:52 to trigger nostalgia and make you think about
03:54 you know, thing that, maybe you haven't thought
03:56 about in a long time and you can do that,
03:58 I remember listening, you know,
04:00 certain songs when I was a kid and now that I'm an adult,
04:02 I'm like, that's what they were saying,
04:04 and I was singing that.
04:05 Oh, man, so you do. Okay.
04:09 You know that thing, it's really scary
04:11 because you know, some of the sitcoms
04:13 and the commercials the things that we watch on TV,
04:16 they're selling a specific product
04:18 or a specific idea and little do we know
04:21 but we're watching this thing,
04:22 and it's actually changing the way we think,
04:25 the way we act, the way we walk,
04:26 the way we talk.
04:28 If you look at a child
04:29 and the development of his brain
04:30 even at a young age,
04:32 it's watching his parents do everything
04:33 and without even knowing it begins to imitate it.
04:36 You know, so people say you are what you eat.
04:38 You know, a lot of times you are what you watch,
04:40 and you are what you listen to.
04:42 And so I believe that as Christians,
04:44 God has created us in with His spirit and His power,
04:47 He's given us a certain way to live our lifestyles,
04:50 and a lot of times we just see our media
04:52 is the opposite of that, like sex sells.
04:55 You can talk to anybody in the TV or movie industry,
04:58 you got to have someone as "beautiful or attractive
05:01 or sexy," like sex sells, money,
05:03 money, money, greed, drama, controversy,
05:06 this whole reality series thing,
05:08 it's just going crazy.
05:09 And so I'm sitting back and I'm seeing that
05:11 now what's on TV and I'm just,
05:13 I'm just like wow,
05:14 because we spend the majority of our time watching it.
05:17 I mean, if we can ask ourselves, you know,
05:19 when we get home from work or school, you know, what...
05:22 How many of us are actually sitting down
05:23 and pulling out the Bible or pulling another book.
05:26 Normally we sit there and we plop on the TV
05:28 and we're watching something on TV,
05:30 and so we have to ask ourselves
05:32 how much time do we spend
05:33 watching the shows that we watch
05:35 and ultimately what is that doing to our brain?
05:37 Yeah, we're getting fed all these different things.
05:40 So yeah, so what,
05:41 what is it really doing to our minds, or to our brain?
05:44 Kory, I want you to just kind of talk about that
05:45 a little bit with us, I mean,
05:47 what is, what are the things that are happening, you know,
05:49 we've been brainwashed for what, you know?
05:52 Well, you know, we already said the verse, you know,
05:54 "By beholding you become changed",
05:56 and that is for good and for bad
05:58 which of course we'll come back to later,
05:59 but you know when you behold your mind eat it
06:01 and you being to put it out, you know,
06:03 the things that you see your body
06:05 just somehow naturally reproduces.
06:08 And I think one of the things that we need
06:09 to basically get out there and just be real about
06:11 is that there's a controversy that is going on around us.
06:15 One of the misconception,
06:16 especially among our popular Christianity
06:18 is that because Jesus has died,
06:20 that the controversy is now over,
06:22 but the controversy even though Satan has been defeated
06:24 and we are now free from sin,
06:26 we have that possibility to be free from sin,
06:28 the Bible said, "He's still like a roaring lion,
06:30 seeking whom he may devour."
06:31 And so we have to realize
06:33 that there's only two sides of the story,
06:34 there's a good side, there's bad side
06:36 as God and Satan, there's no gray area.
06:38 And so, if it's not glorifying God,
06:40 you know what I'm saying,
06:41 then it has to be glorifying Satan.
06:43 And that's what we refused to admit to ourselves.
06:45 You know, we like to say, well, you know,
06:47 basically the show doesn't have cursing,
06:49 the music doesn't have cursing,
06:50 maybe it's not that all that bad,
06:52 but if it's not glorifying God,
06:53 then it has to be glorifying Satan
06:55 and we don't have to really trouble
06:56 what that's does gonna do to your mind,
06:57 if it's of Satan you already know
06:59 it's gonna have negative effects.
07:00 Well, I do want to talk a little about that
07:02 that I want to get kind of get some things out,
07:04 so people kind of know what are the effects
07:06 because somebody may say,
07:08 "Oh, I'm not being effected by the media,
07:09 you know, I'm not being,"
07:10 but what is the behavior then that, that we can say,
07:13 look, this is the behavior and this has being caused
07:16 by the brainwashing of what's going on in the media.
07:19 I think we're getting de-synthesized.
07:21 You know, I mean, we watch all of the violence.
07:25 You know, studies have shown in the past 10, 12 years
07:28 violence on TV, and movies, and sitcoms
07:30 have more than tripled.
07:32 So we're used to seeing that,
07:34 we're used to seeing destruction,
07:36 we're used to seeing
07:37 all these catastrophes take place
07:38 and then when it happens our hearts are turning cold
07:41 just like the Bible says,
07:42 it's like it doesn't even effect us,
07:44 oh, man, ten people died in the car accident.
07:46 it doesn't effect us anymore.
07:49 So things that years ago may have tossed us
07:51 in a certain place,
07:52 now we're just, it's just the norm now
07:54 because we're seeing all of this violence.
07:56 I mean it trickles over even in the video games.
07:58 You know, we got these gamers, these kids are playing
08:00 all of these games over and over and they're killing,
08:03 and they're robbing people, and they're stealing cars
08:06 and all of these stuff,
08:07 and it just becomes just a way of life,
08:08 and then they're programmed a little differently
08:11 in their brain as opposed
08:12 to being one and being in communion with God.
08:14 And so I'd be sitting back
08:16 just watching this thing unfold.
08:17 I believe that the battle for our salvations
08:19 starts in our mind.
08:20 Yeah, yeah.
08:22 The question is, are we fighting
08:23 on the enemy's territory?
08:24 Or do we, or is our mind in a perfect peace, you know,
08:26 consumed with the Spirit of God?
08:28 So a lot of times we're watching the movies,
08:30 we're watching the TV shows and we're getting brainwashed,
08:33 we're falling into a fall society,
08:35 a fall sins of life that the enemy has depicted.
08:38 But when you look at these reality shows,
08:40 you've got these couple, these people doing
08:42 all sorts of stuff, that's not, that's not reality.
08:44 You know, there is a camera crew
08:46 that they say cut, they say, do that part over again,
08:48 but we watch it and we say that's the lifestyle
08:50 I have to live, that's the kind of car I need to drive,
08:52 if I'm pretty, I gotta get this type of shampoo, if I'm a man,
08:55 I gotta buy this type of truck, and it's a facade.
08:57 Yeah, and it really distracts us from the reality
09:00 which is the great controversy,
09:01 which is striving for right, you know,
09:03 and we get locked into this whole idea, I mean,
09:06 so much so that, I know for me, I've been in a situation
09:09 where I just totally forgot, you know,
09:10 what my Christian walk is all about.
09:12 I kind of got depressed about things, like, man,
09:14 I don't got this, I don't got that and I said,
09:15 "Oh, hold on a second, whoa, you know,
09:17 but the brainwash is there, I'm not looking for the things
09:19 in this earth, this is not my reward,
09:21 you know, why am I so obsessed with these type of things?
09:23 And so, it just, it happens so many times
09:25 and you don't even catch it because you've been
09:27 just totally brainwashed by media.
09:29 But that's because there are so many venues like,
09:31 you know, I remember when TV used to go off
09:34 and I'm not that old,
09:36 but I remember when TV used to go off at night
09:40 until there was a point where the advertisement,
09:43 there was a point
09:44 where the portrayal of things stopped
09:47 and you had peace
09:49 and there's no more peace, I mean,
09:51 TV is on 24 hours a day.
09:54 You know, Facebook is on, I mean,
09:56 you have to literally log yourself off of Facebook,
09:59 if not, it will stay on in every single location
10:03 in which you log on to it.
10:04 And so we're constantly being bombarded
10:06 with these images.
10:07 Even on Facebook you can be anything
10:09 you want to be on Facebook,
10:10 there's like articles and things there about,
10:12 marriages are ending over Facebook,
10:14 relationships ending over Facebook, over posts.
10:17 People seeing what looks like a happy marriage,
10:21 seeing what looks like, you know,
10:24 this good guy and they're like,
10:25 well, I want to trade in what I have for what they have
10:29 and we get brainwashed into thinking
10:31 that the grass is really greener on the other side
10:33 when it's really AstroTurf.
10:35 You know, we've been...
10:37 Oh, sorry, agree on what you are saying,
10:38 not a TV goes all night, that's usually the time
10:40 when it went off, it's usually the time
10:42 where it even gets worse.
10:43 You know, that's the time where things are "uncut"
10:45 you know, that kind of stuff
10:46 and even to go back to what Jeremy was saying.
10:48 My own personal testimony, I mean, when I was growing up,
10:51 you know, because I guess the color of my skin, you know,
10:53 we naturally listen to rap R&B,
10:56 it's kind of what we were taught when we were kids.
10:58 And one of the things we did when we played basketball
10:59 we used to try to get hide before the game
11:01 so listen to rap.
11:02 You know, because it literally makes you high, you know,
11:05 and we still listen to,
11:06 I remember want to hear a lot of jazzy before the game.
11:08 And you know, I don't know it was a blueprint album,
11:10 you know, I just, I just loved it,
11:12 I'm not going to lie, just loved it back in the day.
11:14 And I remember around that same time I was,
11:17 I was having a lot of anger issues, you know,
11:19 I was having to go to anger management,
11:20 I was always getting into fights.
11:22 I want to fight people with the smallest things, man,
11:23 and I said to myself one day just, you know,
11:25 I can't be like this.
11:27 And I said to myself, well, what can I change,
11:29 and I realize I started listening to a lot of rap,
11:31 I was going to sleep with the radio on at night,
11:34 not even know what they're playing at night,
11:36 you know what I'm saying?
11:37 And so I stopped, I turned off the radio,
11:39 stop listening to certain kinds of music.
11:41 And honestly that things actually got better you know,
11:43 we're talking about the effect that has on your mind,
11:45 there's a lot of things that, that you know their languages
11:47 that's been used, their attitudes
11:49 that are being portrayed.
11:50 Now we sometimes don't even catch upfront
11:52 but it is affecting our minds.
11:54 Yeah, so and there is an agenda,
11:56 there's an agenda going on trying to attack,
11:58 trying to capture your attention
12:00 and that's really what we have fed into being plugged
12:02 in all the time
12:04 and that really when you were talking, Kim,
12:05 I was thinking about the Sabbath, you know,
12:07 and how that is really a time for us
12:09 to get away from that.
12:10 Yeah, the devil may have tried to get, you know,
12:12 lock you in this whole media fictional for six days
12:15 but at least if you're following the Bible,
12:17 you can have a day
12:18 where you got rest from in all, you know.
12:20 I want to get David in here, then I'm going to go to you,
12:22 you know, just kind of talk a little more about
12:23 the agenda behind getting a...
12:26 Satan trying to getting our minds.
12:27 Well, the agenda is not thrown out there
12:30 because Satan is not going to come out
12:32 and tell you I'm trying to kill you.
12:35 But music was designed to match our heartbeat.
12:39 And we know that our heartbeat is controlled by our mind.
12:42 So if music matches our heartbeat,
12:44 now it manipulates our mind
12:47 and it puts our heart into music.
12:49 Wow.
12:50 And so now if our heart is into music,
12:52 the actions that we display
12:54 from listening to certain things
12:56 or watching certain things
12:58 is the agenda that he's trying to be.
13:00 Literally like controlling your life.
13:01 Yeah.
13:03 Well, if I could, you know,
13:04 I believe that I'll just be little more specific.
13:06 I believe that one of the main things
13:07 that Satan is trying to do and you know,
13:09 as preachers we say this all the time
13:11 when we're right at preferably seminars,
13:12 but I believe that first of all Satan is trying to prove
13:14 that he's not real, you know,
13:16 he wants to kind of dumb down his presence
13:18 in movies and television.
13:20 You know, even now when we think about evil,
13:22 we usually think about Taliban, you know,
13:25 we don't really think Satan when we hear evil, you know,
13:27 we think terrorist.
13:28 You know, and I think another thing he does
13:30 what the media is very good at, is distracting us.
13:33 You know, if Satan can keep our attention on other stuff,
13:36 then we won't pay attention to God.
13:38 And so when we watch shows like back in the day
13:40 we used to watch Cribs, you know,
13:42 that shows this all these big houses.
13:44 As a kid you watched that and you're thinking, man,
13:46 I got to get that house.
13:47 And so now all your attention is pulled to gain that house
13:49 and so you, where you would have gone to school,
13:51 now you're going to school
13:52 because I got to get that house.
13:53 You know, what I'm saying, you're distracted
13:55 by all the stuff even like Kim said, you see these,
13:56 these relationships on television,
13:57 you see all the stuff, the fashion, whatever,
13:59 and you spent all your attention
14:01 trying to go after that stuff,
14:02 and I believe one of the biggest agendas
14:04 of Satan is to just keep our minds distracted,
14:06 and not to, not to belabor,
14:08 but it reminds me of something I preached the other day
14:10 where Jesus says in the end time
14:12 our job is to watch, to stand, to be on guard,
14:15 lest these things should overcome us.
14:16 We've got to keep our eyes focused on the sky, you know,
14:19 lift up your head
14:21 because your redemption draw nigh,
14:22 and Satan is trying to make sure
14:24 our eyes are pointed at the ground you know,
14:26 and so that's something we got to,
14:27 we got to be on guard.
14:28 Yeah, that distraction, that distraction thing
14:31 is so serious, and I believe that the enemy is like,
14:35 I don't even need you killing people,
14:37 I'll let you sleeping around and strolling on drugs
14:39 as long as you're not active in service,
14:41 as long as I have you in front of this TV
14:43 four, five, six hours a day, then I've got you there.
14:46 You know, because we put this in the mold of the limbo,
14:49 like we're watching TV to be entertained,
14:52 like the entertainment intertwining of our minds,
14:55 like there's no thought process,
14:57 we're just sitting here and we're watching this
14:59 and then what happens with the perception.
15:01 And the plot of the enemy is to break up the family,
15:05 it's to break up the home, that's the number one plot.
15:07 And if you just take a second
15:09 and if our viewers would just take a moment
15:10 and just look at some of the major networks
15:12 and some of the shows that's coming on,
15:13 they were attacking marriage on a whole another level now.
15:16 And that's why marriages in the church,
15:19 in our Sabbath church are struggling
15:20 and the divorce rate has got hot,
15:22 because every sitcom you watch,
15:24 there's some type of you know, revenge that's taking place
15:26 or some type of scandal that's happening on the show,
15:29 that just totally derails you, you know, from there.
15:31 And so we have to make sure that the things
15:34 that will be watched coincides
15:35 with what we believe with our savior.
15:37 You know, it's just shows that I'm watching,
15:39 is it helping me get closer to the Christ,
15:41 or is it drawing me away?
15:42 Is it helping me tap into a mode of complacency
15:44 in my marriage?
15:45 Or is it challenging me
15:47 to seeking for more righteousness?
15:48 Yeah.
15:49 And that's the last thing that television nowadays is doing.
15:51 Yeah, yeah.
15:52 You have to ask that question
15:53 that's all about being a mature Christian.
15:55 That's right. That's right. Yeah, but you know what?
15:56 A lot of times, I think
15:57 we deceive ourselves into believing
16:00 that we can filter our own reigns.
16:03 That we can discern and figure out,
16:06 oh, that's targeted to me, so I'm not going to watch that.
16:09 And it's so much more subtle than that.
16:10 A perfect example, you know, we're on, you know,
16:13 we're talking, we're on set and Jeremy was singing a song
16:19 and he was just singing, just humming it to himself,
16:22 and I went back later on
16:23 and I was like humming this song like what,
16:25 "Why am I humming this song?"
16:27 And then later on I came back and he was singing I was like,
16:30 that's where that song came from,
16:33 he was singing it,
16:34 my subconscious picked it up without me even knowing it
16:38 and I found myself singing it later on.
16:40 Wow.
16:41 And so that happens with so many other things
16:44 that we see that we're feeding ourselves
16:46 that we're not realizing,
16:48 the same way I can go pick up a French fry,
16:50 I know it's a French fry, eat a French fry
16:52 but all the stuff that went into making a French fry
16:54 I don't know,
16:55 but it's affecting my body in ways
16:57 that I'm not cognizant of during the digestion process.
17:01 It's the same thing, the things we ingest
17:04 are affecting our minds and our souls
17:06 during that digestion process in a way
17:08 that we're not even aware of.
17:10 So we have to stop playing with ourselves and saying that,
17:13 Lord, I know, I know they're targeting me.
17:15 Yeah, and that goes into my other question
17:17 is because now you're saying I'm mature Christian,
17:20 I know what, are you all, I'm listening to,
17:22 watching Pure Choices,
17:23 I know exactly what media is doing
17:25 but does it mean now I am protected,
17:26 now I can just, you know, I know the agenda behind it,
17:29 it's not I'm just gonna watch whatever I want to watch.
17:31 David, talk to me as a young brother, man,
17:32 schoolman know that, it's hard.
17:34 I mean, even, even I know older,
17:36 the older generation still has to really rely on Christ
17:41 to tell them what they have to watch
17:43 and what they have to listen to
17:44 because nothing new is under the sun.
17:46 And we fight not against flesh and blood
17:49 but against principalities and high places.
17:51 And it's really hard to say
17:55 what to watch and what not to watch,
17:57 you can't have a definite list,
17:58 because something that I can handle,
18:01 another person can't handle.
18:02 A case in point,
18:04 there are some gospel songs that actually push an agenda
18:08 that is not gospel related.
18:10 And so I can break that down, me being a theology major,
18:15 but the next person might not be able to, so I would...
18:18 It varies in different situation.
18:22 Yeah, and that's all about staying in the word, you know,
18:25 willing to be able to discern that, you know,
18:27 when you stay in the word.
18:29 Well, if I could just play devil's advocate
18:31 for a little bit because I do, I do,
18:33 I do kind of believe that there are maturity levels,
18:36 that certain people are able to handle certain things,
18:40 you know, I don't make a conscious effort
18:43 listening to certain things but if I hear it,
18:45 I know I can handle it,
18:46 even though I do understand also
18:48 that certain things do just get by your subconscious.
18:51 But I also hear what you're saying in that,
18:53 and I tell my peoples all time as a pastor,
18:54 there's certain songs I don't want them
18:56 to sing in church because there's certain songs
18:57 that are just, they have messages
18:59 that we sing and we just kind of,
19:00 we think it as gospel that is acceptable, you know, like,
19:03 like one hymn I think about you know, man, "I Fly Away",
19:07 "One Bright Morning", you know,
19:08 songs that kind of talk about the, you know,
19:10 historically tell about the rapture,
19:12 you know that, we don't believe in but we sing it, you know.
19:14 I believe at the end of the day though that
19:16 it boils down not to just what you do, don't do,
19:19 watch and don't watch,
19:21 but more so about having the spirit of discernment
19:23 which of course you know you cannot have,
19:25 but God has to give it to you.
19:26 And so when we talk to people about well,
19:29 what to do with media is that we're not saying pray to God,
19:32 tell me to discern, I'm just going to watch everything,
19:34 I'm still gonna watch what I'm watching,
19:35 but I want to pray and say God give me Your Spirit
19:38 so that I can know for myself what is wrong, what is right,
19:41 what I can't handle, what I can handle,
19:43 what I should say in front of them,
19:45 what I shouldn't say in front of them.
19:46 Okay.
19:47 You know, that's, that's so beautiful what you said,
19:49 and you know, God convicted me on something similar to that
19:52 because I was like, God, I want to hear Your voice, I was like,
19:54 God, speak to me.
19:55 And God says, "Son, I'll talk to you all day."
19:57 The question is, are you gonna be obedient to My voice.
20:00 So I would challenge us all and the viewers
20:02 that's watching this program to really ask yourself.
20:05 Next time the Holy Spirit says,
20:06 that's show is not of My spirit,
20:08 I don't want you watching it.
20:09 What are you going to do at that time?
20:11 Yeah.
20:12 Do you still watch it, is that your guilty pleasure,
20:14 or do you say, you know, what, God,
20:15 this isn't feeding me,
20:16 it's not helping me grow in You.
20:18 And so I'm going to move from it
20:19 you know, but we look to be,
20:21 you know, entertained
20:22 and that's where the enemy gets the victory.
20:24 Yeah, and another thing that, you know,
20:26 I'm talking about pure choices again and sexual purity,
20:30 another thing that you know, television does,
20:32 is that it can kind of be as a, serve as a trigger, you know,
20:36 where it can intrigue you into things
20:37 and looking at things especially,
20:39 you know, at least for me, you know,
20:40 I'm looking at how that view, few ladies went down there,
20:43 you know, you have to be very, very careful
20:45 and still like that because that's,
20:46 is really the sexual demons are trying to capture you
20:52 by using that stimuli to really get you into a darker place.
20:56 Do you know what if I can add and we...
20:59 You want to go? No, go ahead.
21:00 Okay. I'm after you.
21:01 I think it's important to point out
21:03 that there aren't two choices when it comes to this.
21:07 I don't believe that when it comes to media
21:09 and the affect it's having that the only two choices are don't
21:12 and do not watch.
21:13 You know, and I don't think those are the only two choices.
21:15 I think that we also need to add that Satan, yeah,
21:18 he has his creativities,
21:20 yeah, he can make things sound good, look good,
21:22 but if Satan can do that
21:24 and God can do far much more than that.
21:25 And I think one of things that we leave out,
21:27 is that God can also empower us to be able to create things
21:31 that are holistic, that are edifying
21:34 and that are enjoyable.
21:36 And so you know, I will challenge those
21:37 who view those who watch, you know,
21:39 pray to God and say, well, God,
21:41 not only do I not want to watch things that aren't pure,
21:43 but I want to be able to be a conduit
21:45 and someone you can use to create things that are pure.
21:48 We talk about the fact
21:49 we're sitting on a set right now.
21:50 Yeah.
21:52 You know, talking about these things
21:53 because somebody was led by the Holy Spirit,
21:54 you know, what I'm saying to be creative
21:56 and to put something else out there,
21:57 and I think that's something we have talked to as well.
21:59 We have young people out there that are gifted,
22:00 that are talented,
22:01 who can do and make things better
22:03 than what the enemy has out there.
22:04 Yeah, amen.
22:06 You know, I was gonna say that talking about
22:09 how the media pulls us
22:11 and then creates sexual scripts.
22:14 And so it creates these sexual scripts
22:17 that we especially as women
22:19 turn into these little fantasies,
22:21 "Oh, I want to gotta do that from me, oh, oh,
22:24 when I get married I want it to look like this and I want,
22:27 and I want my relationship to look like that
22:29 and we create the, yeah, we create these,
22:31 we create these sexual scripts.
22:33 And so then we expect the people in our lives
22:36 to act according to those scripts
22:38 and then when they don't, there's dysfunction,
22:40 there's unhealthy relationships,
22:42 there's all this tension in
22:44 and just all this mess that we have created
22:49 living up to the fairytales that TV creates for us.
22:52 And nowadays a lot of TV is like soft porn.
22:55 Yeah.
22:56 You know what I mean, everything but,
22:58 and all that does is feed into, now you're in a situation,
23:03 let's say you're in a car, it's late, it's dark,
23:06 this scenario looks like the scenario I saw on TV
23:10 that played out in a way
23:12 then I want my life to play out,
23:15 now I expected to play out in that way,
23:17 so I let down my standards, I led down my boundaries
23:20 and now I have no defense mechanisms
23:22 against this situation.
23:24 So the Bible talks about, you know,
23:26 lifting up a standard and talks about that,
23:27 that you know we have to guard the avenues of ourselves
23:32 not just put sentinels around the house,
23:34 but you need to put some guards in the street down the block
23:37 to make sure that things aren't coming your way.
23:39 As you're saying that,
23:41 I don't know if I can share this
23:42 but as you're saying that I remember thing like,
23:43 I remember when I was, you know, dating and you know,
23:45 date and breakup and I used to listen to secular music
23:49 and let that, let those words free my mind
23:51 about different relationships whatnot.
23:52 I almost felt like I was in a movie you know,
23:54 and I listen to music and everything like
23:56 certain artist was telling me stuff
23:57 and I'd be looking to it again and that's it,
24:00 you know, that's what I'm going through you know,
24:01 and I would go and do the things
24:02 that were safer for me to do and feel those weight up,
24:04 and I'm just like, now, I look back and I said, man,
24:06 I was totally trapped.
24:08 I was looking at the word for those, for the solutions,
24:10 I was listening to this artist here,
24:12 that artist there you know, rap secular artists,
24:14 may not even know God to direct me in my decisions
24:17 or my choices.
24:19 And it was so deep as you say to direct you
24:21 in your decisions and choices.
24:23 And so what happens is we don't even know
24:25 about the media, music, media, the sitcoms, the movies,
24:28 they're directing us in a specific ways
24:31 by the functioning of our brain on how the operate.
24:33 And the Bible clearly speaks against that.
24:36 Romans 2:12 says, "Not to be like the world
24:39 but to be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."
24:42 So God and His infinite wisdom and power and glory
24:45 knew in the Bible days, he said,
24:47 look, in the last days you guys are going to be dealing
24:50 with some serious stuff
24:51 and the battle for our salvation
24:53 is right here in our mind
24:54 and it's important that we keep God
24:55 and His love and His power consuming within our brain,
24:58 that's the only way
25:00 that we're going to fight this down and move forward.
25:01 Because there really is a study of our brains being done
25:03 by the media trying to capture us
25:05 to get us off there.
25:07 There's a study called type scenes
25:10 that sitcoms have adopted.
25:12 And what it is, is each episode they have the same format
25:16 of the story that they want to portray
25:18 but in each episode is a different details,
25:21 different characters.
25:22 And the Bible actually has the same format,
25:26 especially in Genesis, we see in every story
25:29 particular story in Genesis it follows the same format,
25:32 different characters,
25:33 different place, different time.
25:35 And with this type scene format,
25:38 we find that by the end
25:42 or along the road we're picking it up
25:46 more and more
25:47 and we start acting out these types scenes.
25:49 And in the Bible if we're daily in the Bible
25:52 and reading the Bible,
25:54 the type scenes in the Bible
25:55 we're going to act that out too.
25:57 Wow, wow, wow.
25:58 You know, I also want to say along these lines
26:01 that there are some drastic measures
26:04 that are often taken when it comes to media.
26:06 People hear things, oh, media is bad,
26:09 let's go break all of our CDs, throw away all our DVDs,
26:13 cancel the cable, you know what I mean,
26:15 and two weeks later
26:17 you're downloading the same stuff back off iTunes
26:20 so you don't have cable,
26:21 now you got Netflix and Hulu, you know,
26:23 it just brings it to your phone and it's just like
26:26 there has to be more than just getting rid of the source,
26:29 that's not the end all, be all, it has to go deeper,
26:32 it has to go down into, God, I want You to transform me
26:35 and make me more like You.
26:39 And that is a process
26:42 and sometimes when you try to go this,
26:44 you know, direct route, let God do it the way
26:48 God needs to do it in your life,
26:50 I just want to, you know, just throw that out there.
26:52 Appreciate that, and I'm, our time is running now,
26:53 I want to end with this,
26:55 with this kind of a testimony for me
26:57 because I see a lot of young people
26:58 who are plugged in all the time,
27:00 they're looking at their phones,
27:02 they have their earphones in
27:03 and they're listening something always being fed
27:04 by what's going on in the media or what's being fed to them,
27:07 and that was me, you know,
27:08 I was kind of that individual, you know,
27:09 just walking through life, just looking at whatever it was
27:13 that was presented to me.
27:15 You know, but one day I just unplugged everything
27:18 and I just looked up, it was even got look up
27:21 and I saw the stars in the sky and I saw the moon
27:24 and I said, wow,
27:26 there's something bigger than me
27:27 just putting the earplugs,
27:28 I was just encouraged to just to put down that phone,
27:31 put down turn the TV off sometimes
27:32 and just remember who God really is.
27:35 I want to end with this verse Romans 12:2,
27:37 "And be not conform to this world,
27:39 but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.
27:42 Then ye may prove what is that good and acceptable
27:45 and perfect will of God."
27:47 That's it, we have to be brainwashed by Jesus,
27:50 let Him create us as a new, a new heart, a new mind
27:52 and let Him be the influence in our lives.
27:54 Remember, always make Pure Choices.


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