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Participants: Joshua Nelson (Host), Dajanae Maxwell, James Brandon, Kimberly Pearson, Kyle Scarlett


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:39 Hello and welcome to Pure Choices.
00:41 I'm your host Pastor Joshua Nelson
00:43 and we have an exciting episode
00:45 for you today.
00:46 We are talking about Victory, "Victory is mine".
00:48 We're talking about how to gain victory
00:51 over the sexual addictions,
00:53 over anything you've been going to
00:54 when it comes to fornication or anything.
00:56 How to gain victory?
00:58 And this is an exciting one we wanna talk about today.
01:00 Before we get into this exiting topic,
01:02 let's just bow our heads for our prayer.
01:05 Dear heavenly Father,
01:07 we just ask and we ask you to bless us as we discuss.
01:10 We just thank you, God, for victory that we can have
01:12 and find in Jesus.
01:14 We thank you, Father. And in your name we pray.
01:16 Amen. All right. Amen.
01:17 Well, before we get into let's introduce our panel.
01:21 To my left I have Kimberly Pearson
01:22 who is the associate chaplain at Oakwood University
01:25 in Huntsville, Alabama.
01:26 Good to have her with us.
01:28 And we also have James Brandon who is also a chaplain,
01:30 chaplain of University there in Tampa, Florida,
01:33 so good to have him with us, also Dajanae Maxwell
01:36 who is an Oakwood University theology student,
01:39 happy to have her here.
01:40 And next to her is another Oakwood theology student,
01:44 Kyle Scarlett so happy that he is here with us today.
01:47 We have a great panel.
01:48 And this is the topic this is it,
01:51 talking about victory.
01:52 And lot of people who have been watching these programs
01:56 and have been wanting to make pure choices in their lives,
02:00 may still be saying "Well, it's hard, it is tough,
02:03 I've been trying but I just can't seem to get pass,
02:06 I just can't seem to stop".
02:08 You know, and, of course, we're not sitting here saying
02:09 that we have the authority
02:10 and we've attained some high level
02:12 we, of course, are still being sanctified,
02:14 still going to the process that every single day is a fight
02:16 to make pure choices.
02:18 But what kind of things can we say to people
02:20 who are trying to get victory?
02:21 We're gonna talk about that.
02:22 But the first question I wanna ask is about
02:24 our identity in Christ.
02:26 And so, the question then is,
02:28 why do many young people and in people in general,
02:32 why is it that we do not know who we are?
02:34 Let's start with that.
02:36 I think that we don't know who we are
02:39 because we allow whatever anyone says
02:44 that we are to become what we are.
02:47 We embrace people pushing different identities
02:50 upon ourselves.
02:52 Okay.
02:53 And we buy into them, you know, you have media saying that
02:56 "You are this.
02:57 You're a certain demographic
02:58 so this is how you should be."
03:00 You have, you know, parents or people around you saying,
03:04 okay, you know, for example that, you know,
03:07 when you picked up a basket ball when you're little,
03:09 "You're gonna be a basket ball player".
03:10 You know what I'm saying?
03:11 Or a different things and it's kind of like
03:13 that's in your mind and you kind of play
03:14 that thing out, kind of, subconsciously.
03:17 So I think a lot of the times that we kind of get away from
03:21 who we really are in Christ is
03:22 because we buy into the other things
03:25 that society around us tells us who we are.
03:28 I definitely agree with that.
03:30 I know one of my Oakwood sister Serena Golden
03:33 just preached a sermon this past weekend
03:35 and she brought out the point of the women
03:39 caught in adultery is identified
03:42 as the women caught in her vice.
03:46 And so many times we take one the identity
03:50 of what our vices are instead of the identity
03:54 that Christ gave her.
03:56 Because at the end of that thing
03:57 Christ called her to Himself and said "Sin no more,
04:02 so your vice no longer has the victory over you".
04:05 So it's that, it's that accepting the wrong
04:08 instead of accepting the victory
04:10 that Christ has given us.
04:11 That's so, that's so powerful, what you both said.
04:13 Because in reality you have to find
04:16 who you are in Jesus, you know.
04:18 Yeah.
04:19 I was gonna say that, you know, I think part of these
04:21 and we struggle with identity is
04:22 because our filters are broken.
04:24 You know, you know, if you go into a house,
04:26 most houses or most homes have air filters.
04:29 So that things toxins, things of that atmosphere
04:33 don't just come in through your vent,
04:35 and intake of your house, and pollute your home.
04:38 And so we have to, our filters in society are broken
04:43 so anything that comes at us there is nothing blocking
04:46 and there is nothing shifting through those images
04:49 those subconscious, you know,
04:52 types that say you should be like this, if you are,
04:56 you know, light skin and long hair,
04:57 you're beautiful, if you're dark skin
04:59 and short hair you're not.
05:00 If you come from this family, you're good.
05:02 If you go to this school, you're not.
05:04 And so we take on all those filters.
05:06 So I think a part of that we do struggle with that daily,
05:08 is because we don't have the right filters
05:11 and so we need to filter our identity through Jesus.
05:14 We've to find it in Jesus
05:16 and then allow Jesus to be that one
05:18 that's take the images and says, yes, yes, that's you,
05:22 or, no, no, that's not you, you're my daughter,
05:24 or you're my son.
05:27 So again, so let's to make that clear then,
05:29 what is or who it is Jesus say that we are,
05:31 you know, we're in Him?
05:33 We all, He says, we're His children, first off.
05:37 That we are redeemed and He draws Him,
05:43 draws us onto Himself, you know,
05:45 and He takes us as His own and we are not the sins
05:49 that we commit because He has died for our sins.
05:53 And so a lot of times what ends up happening is
05:56 that a lot of people don't know that Jesus died for their sins
05:59 and that they're not the sins that they commit,
06:01 and so they identify, like she said,
06:03 with those sins instead of knowing
06:06 that God has called them to be something different.
06:09 So I think that's where the identity thing
06:12 kind of gets confused.
06:13 Yeah.
06:15 You know what I love what you said about identity?
06:17 Because it's so true and we can learn from Jesus' example
06:21 of how God gave Him His identity
06:23 before Jesus ever went into ministry.
06:26 God told him who He was, He said,
06:28 this is my son and whom I'm well pleased.
06:30 So as He began his ministry, even though, you know,
06:33 He was attacked by, you know, His community, His home town,
06:38 you know, people in the church, people around Him
06:42 and then even His own disciples and friends,
06:44 He still know who He was.
06:46 And so the blessing is that God's tells us who we are.
06:50 I needed you in your mothers womb,
06:52 I created you from then, so you're my child,
06:54 you're my son, you're my daughter,
06:57 and so there is beauty in being able to identify
07:00 that in that way.
07:01 And then if you've messed up, if, you know,
07:04 you haven't always identify
07:05 what the identity Christ gives you,
07:07 the Bible says in Isaiah 53,
07:09 that He was bruised for our iniquity, that He was,
07:13 you know, crucified for our transgression
07:15 so then He takes on our negative identity,
07:19 nails that to the cross,
07:20 and give us a new identity in Him.
07:23 Yeah.
07:24 I think what's so cool about knowing your identity
07:26 in Christ is you don't have to prove that to anybody.
07:32 You know who you are, you know, Jesus Christ was tempted in
07:35 and Satan tried to tell him, you know, you can do this,
07:38 you can do this, and he was like,
07:39 "No, no, no, wait.
07:40 I don't have to do that because I know who I am".
07:42 So He's really free and He's liberating.
07:45 You know, people think when you are a Christian,
07:47 you know, it's so constrained and, you know,
07:49 you can't this or that.
07:50 No, no, you're free, you're liberating,
07:52 you can do whatever you wanna do.
07:54 But you choose not, you know, because you know who you are
07:57 and you know what makes your creator happy
07:59 and what make you happy subsequently.
08:01 Right. Right.
08:02 Now I do wanna go back to what it really looks like
08:04 to be in Christ.
08:05 And before that I do wanna also just wanna the question
08:07 about purpose, though.
08:08 What does, having, what is, you know,
08:12 having your identity be in Christ,
08:13 what kind of purpose that gives you now to your life?
08:16 I wanna ask Scarlett. Talk about that.
08:18 Once you realize and, I guess I'll put it this way.
08:21 Jesus like she said, got His identity for God,
08:25 and He had a sense of confidence in His identity,
08:30 not a worldly confidence that we have but a God confidence.
08:35 He knew what His mission was, what He came to do,
08:37 what He was set out to do, and so the...
08:40 What would normally, not that He was a human
08:43 because He was human but not,
08:45 but what would normally trip up someone else,
08:49 He knew His identity in God, in His father
08:52 and so He didn't have to go out and prove anything.
08:54 Okay.
08:55 He already knew what it was that He needed to do.
08:57 And so I think that word, the sense of purpose,
09:01 like she said, comes from God giving you that identity
09:04 and from that identity you understand
09:05 what your mission is, what's your purpose is,
09:07 and you set out to do that.
09:08 Amen.
09:10 And adding on purpose just, you know,
09:11 as creatures from God who created us,
09:13 we are His children our purpose is to worship Him.
09:15 You know, our purpose is here to glorify His name, you know,
09:18 and that begins to, again,
09:20 reshape the reason you do everything,
09:22 and that shapes your choices and your decisions,
09:25 and everything kind of comes out of that,
09:26 and even gives you, then God can kind of hone in
09:28 and then give you directed purpose for your specific life
09:30 and what you have to do for Him.
09:32 Exactly.
09:33 In that and once again, Christ, our ultimate example,
09:36 did that when He was speaking, when Pilate was speaking to Him
09:40 and challenging Him to show who He is and to speak on
09:45 who He was.
09:46 There was no need for Him to prove anything to anybody.
09:50 Christ said that He did not,
09:51 His life is not being taken from Him but He lay it down.
09:54 And so when Pilate was like, "If you don't,
09:58 if you don't speak to me
09:59 I have the power to crucify you".
10:02 And then Christ speaks and says, "You have no power,
10:05 unless my Father has given it to you."
10:07 So once again He is identifying that my God,
10:11 that my Father has a purpose for my life and the things
10:14 that I'm going through, no matter how painful,
10:16 no matter how hard, no matter how difficult,
10:18 physical bruises, spiritual bruises,
10:21 mental bruises,
10:23 I may have to go through those things
10:25 and it's not God that's put in the affliction on me
10:28 but Christ has a purpose do it all,
10:30 even Desire of Ages
10:32 the first chapter speaks about it.
10:33 And it first quotes that chapter Isaiah 53
10:38 and then it goes into say that, okay, so men failed
10:43 and we were first created by God
10:45 so we're His creatures, right, we're His creation.
10:47 But because of the fault,
10:49 Christ knew that was going to happen
10:51 and so since Christ came down as man
10:55 and became one with humanity,
10:57 we are now more joined together with God,
11:00 then we would have been,
11:01 if we were to just being His creations.
11:02 So I am now a Royal Priesthood,
11:05 I'm now an heir of the throne in heaven,
11:08 I am in Christ and Christ is sitting
11:11 at the right hand of God, that's my position.
11:13 Amen, and in that, also before you said that because,
11:16 you know, just God, Jesus knowing who He was,
11:19 who He is, then they refer Pilate,
11:21 knowing His purpose now.
11:23 Now He is able to have self-denial.
11:25 You know, He isn't able to deny self
11:27 because He knows that,
11:28 He knows what the end result is going to be,
11:30 and that's how it kind of ties back into our lives when we,
11:33 you know, face various temptations
11:35 or wanting to make a choice that we may feel like,
11:38 if I make this pure choice,
11:39 I'm gonna let or forgo something else that I wanna do.
11:42 Oh, look if you know who you are,
11:43 if you know you're identity, if you know where you're going,
11:45 then it's okay to do that
11:46 because you know that's your head is in Christ,
11:48 you know you have something better,
11:49 something greater that He has repaired
11:51 and then stored for you.
11:52 And so now you can live a confident, restored,
11:54 and victorious life because you have now a purpose,
11:57 you know where you're going, you know,
11:59 you don't have to be sidetracked by the thing
12:03 that our Christ is using to trip us up.
12:05 You know I like what you said.
12:06 But, you know, sometimes even if you don't know
12:09 where you're going, you know who is leading
12:11 or directing the trip.
12:13 Yes.
12:14 And so, you know, I look at my life, and I'm,
12:16 you know, associate chaplain at Oakwood University.
12:19 You know, I didn't get a degree in theology from Oakwood.
12:22 I started out as a teacher,
12:24 teaching first and second graders,
12:25 and now I'm able to minister to my college,
12:29 to these college students and minister in a way
12:32 that I never would have imagined.
12:33 But when I was a teenager, when I was, you know,
12:36 going through things and, you know,
12:38 and wrestling with making pure choices,
12:41 I never imagined that God would take me to a place
12:43 where He would be able to use the testimony
12:45 from those choices to be able to, to be able to empower
12:49 and help other young people.
12:50 And the hurt that I experienced,
12:52 the pain that I may have experienced,
12:55 those trials and tribulations all prepared me
12:57 for where I am now
12:59 and wherever else God is gonna take me.
13:01 And that is what makes things beautiful.
13:04 And the Bible says, "All things work together
13:05 for the good of them that love the Lord."
13:07 It's not just all good things it's everything,
13:10 everything you've been through,
13:12 no matter what you've been through,
13:13 even if you've been sexually impure,
13:15 even if you may have been a victim of rape,
13:18 even if you may have been
13:20 the perpetrator of some of these things.
13:23 There is a newness, a restoration in God
13:26 that will take to an expected end
13:29 which is beautiful in God's, you know, hands.
13:31 Amen, amen,
13:33 that's just awesome, so beautiful.
13:35 So someone is watching and they wanna know
13:38 what does it look like, though, you know.
13:40 I mean, how have we, you know, experiences
13:44 and what is it look like to really have a life
13:46 that has a victorious life that is hid in Christ.
13:50 What should they expect?
13:52 I mean expect hardship.
13:55 Expect wrestling with the flesh.
14:00 Expect temptation
14:02 because now you have openly chosen Christ.
14:07 So now the devil wasn't happy. He's not pleased.
14:10 So he's gonna come at you harder even before
14:13 because before when you were in your stuff,
14:16 you know, you would do it and Satan had you.
14:19 But now you are like you're identifying
14:22 that as something
14:23 that I no longer wanna take part of,
14:25 something that I no longer wanna participate in,
14:27 but I wanna live for Christ.
14:29 So when you're in the mist of temptation,
14:34 when there is people around you,
14:35 if there is just something is simple
14:37 as someone get know your nose, and you use to cuss them out,
14:39 or you use the fight or whatever it is,
14:42 you have to in your mind identify who you are.
14:46 When the queen or the prince
14:48 or the princess of country gets upset,
14:52 they can't just cuss somebody out.
14:54 You know, they can't just, you know,
14:56 just react but they may still respond.
15:00 You still have the right to respond if necessary.
15:03 But now the way that
15:05 I respond is a little bit more collected in together,
15:08 and may be you can't talk to me like that,
15:11 that's not all right because you know who you are,
15:13 or don't touch me like that, keep your hands over there,
15:17 over, you know, my sister, when something happened,
15:22 okay, I'm gonna take a breather
15:24 and then I'm gonna come back to you,
15:25 and we're gonna sit down and talk about this thing.
15:27 Because I know who I am now,
15:29 I don't have to prove it to you,
15:31 but now it's gonna be displayed by how I talk to you
15:35 and I interact with you.
15:37 I think that...
15:38 Yes, that is the aspect of it, the struggle the wrestling.
15:42 But on the flipside, it's beautiful like
15:45 it's so liberating to be hidden in Christ.
15:47 Yeah. Very true.
15:49 I mean and so many times, you know, people from the,
15:53 you say the word or people
15:55 who may not be living a Christian agenda,
15:57 you know, they say, you know what do you do, you know,
15:59 you must beautiful, you know,
16:01 sitting around reading the Bible a day,
16:02 like that's not true.
16:03 The think about it is,
16:05 they think that we're like slaves,
16:08 you know, that we're like put in a box like in a cage
16:12 like we're just, you know,
16:13 and yeah, and we have to do that in order to behold your
16:17 or taketh to heaven.
16:18 But I think about it is, you really have to look
16:21 and see what are the characteristics of a slave.
16:24 You know what I'm saying?
16:25 Like we're free so they're saying,
16:28 okay, you know, let's do this, you know, let's go to the club
16:30 or, you know, let's go over, you know,
16:32 let's go over this girl's house or whatever
16:33 and it's like before when you're not hidden in Christ
16:36 you're kind of like, okay, let's do that,
16:38 you're kind of imposture to do that.
16:39 Yeah, to go along.
16:40 But now it's kind of like you're free to not do it.
16:43 I don't have to do that. You know what I'm saying?
16:45 There's so many people to actually slave
16:47 that's Satan's plan, you know,
16:49 to keep us in slavery and to trying...
16:55 To trip us up?
16:56 Yeah, and try and make us believe that we are free.
16:59 Yeah. Yeah.
17:00 And then God is like, "No, no you're free in me"
17:02 so, I mean it's cool, like, it's fun.
17:07 You know?
17:09 Yeah, it also mean your relationships are better,
17:10 you know, across the...
17:12 I mean the life is all about relationships so, you know,
17:14 you feel more free, you have a better connection with God,
17:17 your relationships are better
17:19 they're more meaningful, you now think.
17:20 Not superficial.
17:22 Yeah, not superficial, you know,
17:23 that's such a beautiful thing, you know, to have that.
17:25 And then when you try to go and get married at one night,
17:28 you have freedom to do that,
17:29 you have freedom to really enjoy
17:30 that person get to know them without any distractions
17:32 and what not.
17:34 You know it's beautiful, beautiful.
17:35 'Cause even the purpose of going to a club
17:37 is to socialize, right?
17:39 You to get to know people and all of that but that's not,
17:42 I don't need to do that,
17:44 I don't need to put myself in the bad environment
17:47 in order to socialize, in order to speak with people,
17:49 in order to meet and greet people.
17:51 So now there is different events that,
17:53 you know, at Oakwood camp that you can go
17:56 and you can socialize with people on and off campus.
17:59 And little things like this, you know, it's more chill,
18:01 people would be laying down on the floor or on the couch,
18:04 but we'll just be talking.
18:05 Just talking about the different things
18:07 we're going through, laughing about the things
18:09 that Christ has pulled us through that
18:11 we didn't really expect to happen, like,
18:13 and there is joy, and the bonds,
18:16 the bonds are so much stronger,
18:19 through having these just kick bag conversations,
18:22 meeting people in save environments to
18:25 where I have my sister sitting next to me
18:27 or my big brother, you know, sitting across from me
18:30 and there is no going into the back room.
18:32 "Uh-uh, where you going? Come back."
18:34 And so there is, it's still fun,
18:36 but it's not I can now have fun in a safe place.
18:40 Yeah, and there is some we need to also talk about,
18:42 you know, I don't know if we have time really now
18:44 to talk about some what are some environments
18:46 that we can do these type of things
18:48 and, you know, like what are some things
18:50 that only churches can do
18:52 to kind of create these environments.
18:53 Because you're at Oakwood and Oakwood is, you know,
18:55 lot of people, lot of resources,
18:56 but someone else who may not be in a situation like that,
18:59 maybe kind of tough, you know, for them to find things to do.
19:01 So what are some things so that we could do, you know,
19:04 that are positive to keep our minds pure?
19:07 Well, I was gonna say that to, you know,
19:12 go off of what she was saying, kind of tie this together,
19:15 is that Jesus lived a exciting life.
19:18 If you think about it, He healed the sick,
19:20 He met thousands and thousands of people
19:22 and then fed them, you know, out of one,
19:25 you know, meal that was meant for person
19:27 and it's liberating.
19:29 So I wanna say that people should understand
19:32 that ministry isn't a strictning limitated...
19:38 limited better word, thing, it's open, it's free,
19:43 it's something where you just you get to travel sometimes
19:48 or you get to meet new people through it,
19:51 you get to understand other people's experiences,
19:53 and it leaves things open, you know, you just not,
19:58 it's not a closed thing.
20:00 So just reading, not a lot of people read the Bible,
20:04 but if you practically, you know,
20:08 look at Jesus' whole life, and what His mission was,
20:12 you see that everything that happened,
20:14 happened for a reason and let up to his purpose,
20:17 and not only that but it wasn't boring.
20:20 You know, He had friends He had His disciples
20:22 who were His friends for three years.
20:23 Right.
20:24 And He experienced so many different things
20:27 and along the way, people noticed
20:32 there was a difference about Him, right.
20:35 And at one point were He was like, you know,
20:38 "Peter, John, you guys get the boat just in case
20:41 we need to hop on and, you know, get off"
20:43 'cause people were following him everywhere,
20:44 you know, to the mountains tops,
20:46 down to the lower to low river or whatever
20:48 and they were going all over the place
20:50 so, I think it's just letting people know
20:55 that ministry itself is a fun thing to do.
20:58 Yeah, there was never a dull moment with Jesus, right?
21:00 Oh, yeah.
21:01 You really get all sorts of adventures
21:03 and stuff going on to Him.
21:04 He's just the demoniac, I'll think about running
21:06 towards them and stuff,
21:07 and just all different things He went to,
21:08 He went to social gatherings, you know,
21:10 He had fun, so, yeah, yeah.
21:11 And I wanna say practically, I mean, one, that's my job,
21:15 that's part of my job description
21:17 at Oakwood as chaplain,
21:18 is to plan practical things for my students to do
21:22 that can be enjoyable and so we're social creatures
21:26 so we can have social gatherings
21:28 and save spaces.
21:29 You know, you can do things, you know,
21:30 Wednesday night prayer meeting and make it a rap session.
21:33 You know, getting involved service
21:35 is such a key component of getting involved
21:39 in gaining victory.
21:41 Seeing other people, being able to interact
21:43 with other people,
21:44 being able to serve somebody else in a situation
21:47 and seeing God work transformationally
21:51 through those different situations
21:52 so join a youth group, go on a mission trip,
21:55 you know, get involved with people
21:57 who share your gifts and talent.
21:58 If you sign and somebody else signs,
22:01 form a sign language group.
22:02 If you like, you know, children get involved
22:04 with vacation Bible school.
22:06 Find ways to get involved in safe communities.
22:08 And if your church doesn't have a save community,
22:11 you create a save community,
22:13 you say "Hey, why don't we get some food together
22:15 and a bunch of us just stay after church,
22:17 may be we can watch Pure Choices,
22:19 we have a dialogue after wards about what we, you know,
22:22 what we see, our how we're feeling"
22:24 so, really God is a God of creativity in vision.
22:27 And God can give you visions
22:29 and God can put you in situations
22:30 so that you can gain victory through social settings
22:33 and adventure with Jesus and through service.
22:36 Yeah. Yeah.
22:37 I agree and there is also with Oakwood
22:39 and the different programs that are there.
22:42 You know, there is a poetry group,
22:44 there is an art group,
22:46 they're gonna start a preaching group,
22:49 there is a whole bunch of different things
22:51 that you can do
22:52 and it doesn't just have to happen
22:53 on Oakwood's campus network get to know people like
22:56 you said, that have the same interest
22:58 and it's not limited to the things that we discuss.
23:01 What is your talent, what do you love to do
23:03 and how can you use that for the Lord,
23:04 find other people that wanna do that too.
23:06 Yeah.
23:07 Yeah, I mean you got to do whatever you got to do.
23:09 And I'm just gonna speak to the viewers.
23:10 You have to do whatever you can do
23:12 to get on this path with Jesus
23:13 because this is the best decision you have to make.
23:16 Whatever you gotta, you know, like she said,
23:18 find things to do, you know, start groups or whatever,
23:22 you've got to do something right now
23:24 because this is life and death.
23:25 You know?
23:26 And so I wanna now have the panel and to discuss
23:28 and talk about, to the viewers, talk about, how do you start,
23:33 how do you begin, how do you get on that right path
23:35 to get the victory because someone may be saying,
23:37 'I just don't know what to start'?
23:39 Yeah. I'll touch on that.
23:42 Okay, go with your point before.
23:43 Yeah, yeah. Before? Yeah, that's fine.
23:46 Oh, yeah, well, I was gonna say to the point
23:48 before that every time I heard of Christ,
23:51 and how Christ exciting, how He grew,
23:53 and He grew on four points, it says at Luke 2:52
23:56 He grew in wisdom, stature, in favor with the God and man.
23:59 Amen.
24:01 So you have the intellectual growth,
24:03 you know, that you can cultivate with the group.
24:06 You can talk about things and read different things,
24:08 you have the physical.
24:11 You know, you got asking get fit together.
24:12 Hey, let's go play a game of basket ball, you know,
24:15 midnight basket ball
24:16 or even like watch a game of basket ball,
24:18 you know, I guess that's not specifically that physical
24:20 but I guess I'll go towards the social peace at the end.
24:23 So socially, you know, hang out, you know,
24:25 have a game night, just chill out, laugh.
24:28 I mean that's that laughing is just being together
24:31 with good people, good conversation,
24:33 good food, I mean.
24:35 Laughter is a good medicine.
24:36 It's good medicine, medicine for the soul, right?
24:39 And then the spiritual component.
24:41 You know, get together and grow spiritually,
24:42 and have that connection.
24:45 So I think you can grow in all those four ways
24:47 and be a complete man or women.
24:49 Okay.
24:51 To your second question, victory, man,
24:53 victory is amazing and God has promised us victory
24:57 and He sees outline how we can have victory over sin.
25:01 And I think it starts really with believing who we are.
25:05 We are righteous by faith and nothing else,
25:08 and nothing else,
25:09 we are righteous faith and faith alone.
25:11 So we don't have to worry about where we stand with the Christ
25:13 because our identity is found in Him.
25:15 So our identity is we are made righteous.
25:18 And a thing about that is, when temptation comes,
25:22 'cause that will come, you know,
25:24 how can we have victory over that thing?
25:25 Well, how I understood that victory is
25:27 whenever that temptation comes to you,
25:28 first of all, it's not a sin to have temptation
25:31 to come to you,
25:33 but endorsing in that sin will lead to you sinning
25:36 or endorsing that temptations,
25:38 excuse me, will lead to you sinning.
25:39 So when that thing comes, you say a less, you know,
25:41 you see a girl or some comes to you.
25:44 Now you have an option, but as we spoke earlier
25:48 we're free so we don't have to indulge.
25:50 So we say, "God, thank you for dying on the cross,
25:53 thank you for making me free from lust" in your mind,
25:55 and then you say, "God, give me your pure spirit,
25:58 let me change my lustful spirit for your purity,
26:02 and then receive and to say thank you, God,
26:04 for giving me that thing" and just keep moving.
26:07 And overtime when you start understand,
26:09 like, man I'm not, I'm not in chains anymore,
26:11 I don't have to do that.
26:13 Wow! You know what I'm saying?
26:14 I don't have to do that, I'm free, I'm raised by faith,
26:17 then overtime you'll get that victory
26:19 and that thing is so liberating.
26:20 When you finally have victory over sin,
26:22 you realize why you're a Christian.
26:24 Because so many people who do not have victory over sin
26:27 and they go over the same thing over, and over, and over again
26:30 anything some how,
26:31 some way I'm just gonna be in this and I guess, you know,
26:34 because I'm a Christian I'm gonna be saved or whatever.
26:36 No, no, no God has given us tools
26:38 so that we can have victory
26:40 and He wants us to have victory,
26:41 He wants us to indulge in that freedom that He gives us.
26:43 Wow, that's serious. I love that I love that.
26:46 Kimberly, real quick talk to us
26:47 through those that were been abused
26:49 and those who are trying to start.
26:50 Well, I just wanna talk directly to our viewers,
26:54 and I wanna talk directly
26:56 anybody who has been a victim of abuse,
26:59 rape, molestation, incest
27:02 or any other type of sexual issue.
27:06 I want to let you know that, you can have victory in Jesus
27:10 that no matter what has been done to you
27:14 or no matter what you have done
27:16 that God can give you a new heart of clean spirit,
27:20 and God restores not just halfway but totally.
27:24 So if that is you, please reach out to someone
27:27 who can assist you, a counselor, a friend,
27:29 a parent, a Church member, seek help
27:32 and then go to God with everything letting Him know
27:35 what you've been through and knowing that God
27:38 can clean you up and make you right again.
27:40 Amen, that's how we end it.
27:42 Romans 8: 37 in all of these things
27:44 we're more than conquerors.
27:46 Amen. Yes.
27:48 Amen, through Jesus Christ and so we can have victory,
27:50 start on that path, see what God is gonna do in your life
27:53 because you have victory in Christ.
27:55 Make pure choices. God bless.


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