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Participants: Joshua Nelson (Host), Brittany Hill-Morales, Kimberly Douglas, Kory Douglas, Xavier Morales


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:39 Hello, and welcome to Pure Choices.
00:41 I'm your host Pastor Joshua Nelson,
00:43 so glad you decided to join us.
00:45 This is gonna be a very nice romantic program.
00:48 We're interviewing some married couples.
00:51 They're gonna talk about how they met,
00:53 and their marriages now, it's gonna great.
00:54 Especially, since a lot of them weren't married before
00:58 and they're married now
00:59 and so we're gonna see how they are post marriage.
01:01 So let's get into it but before that,
01:04 let's bow for a word of prayer.
01:06 Heavenly Father God,
01:07 we ask that You will be with us now
01:09 as we talk about marriage in Jesus' name we pray.
01:11 Amen. All right. Amen.
01:13 So I say what I said before
01:15 because we've had Brittany Hill on the program before.
01:21 We've had Kory on the program before
01:25 but they were not married the last time.
01:27 So now you all have been married,
01:31 isn't that nice?
01:32 So here are they, they're sniffing in others.
01:34 Brittany married Xavier Morales.
01:36 So glad for the Morales family being here.
01:39 And Kory betrothed Kimberly Samson
01:44 and so now Kimberly Douglas,
01:45 so happy to have you guys here with us.
01:48 And, of course, I got married as well.
01:50 I gonna shout out to my wife,
01:53 the beautiful former Kimberley Doss,
01:55 love you baby.
01:57 She unfortunately can't be here.
01:58 So you'll see that I'm all by myself over here lonely.
02:03 She can't come out because she is in school.
02:05 So thankful that she is doing that,
02:07 but happy that you guys are here.
02:09 We wanna talk to you guys about your marriages.
02:12 We wanna talk about how you met.
02:14 We wanna talk about, you know, some tips giving for those
02:17 who are looking to get married or courting.
02:19 And kind of see
02:20 how a Christian marriage looks like,
02:22 y'all in the very first beginning stages,
02:24 but we wanna hear your story, I think it'd be nice.
02:26 So let's see which couple will I begin with.
02:28 Let's start with the newest...
02:31 Yes. The Morales family.
02:33 Yes. How did you all meet?
02:36 Well, I was working at off campus ministry
02:38 as a bouncer,
02:40 reason there used to have a bar next door
02:42 so they wanna do security.
02:44 And, you know, you've got a lot of people
02:45 coming in and out,
02:47 you've got males, females coming in,
02:48 and they're going,
02:49 listening to poetry and music and everything.
02:51 And all a sudden this girl walks in
02:53 and just completely made me feel stupid like mesmerized,
02:56 I was like, I had to pick up my jaw off the floor.
02:59 And I'm sitting there like why am I feeling this way
03:01 like whatever.
03:03 And then her friend come over,
03:06 they get off from the area that they're playing music
03:08 and they go over to have a conversation
03:09 by the steps about,
03:10 you know, the affects of alcohol,
03:12 drinking, and how dumb it is and all this.
03:15 So, you know me, I've been through that before
03:17 and all that, so I was like,
03:19 I'm about to make an impression.
03:20 Correct.
03:21 Bad one or good one,
03:23 I'll make you some kind of impression.
03:24 She gonna remember my name tonight.
03:26 Yes, sir.
03:27 So I just jumped in the conversation.
03:28 They both looked at me kind of weird like
03:30 what is this guy talking about?
03:31 But I know after that night, she should remember my name.
03:33 And then after that I think, well, you can fill that
03:36 and after that, go ahead.
03:38 I don't think you ever told me what your name was.
03:42 You just jumped into the conversation.
03:44 And afterwards, we just looked at each other
03:47 and then he went off inside of dancing
03:49 because he wanted to listen to Puer to Rican music.
03:52 Yes, yes, yes. It was so weird.
03:55 I left just feeling weird from the entire experience.
03:59 And then I think as time progressed,
04:01 we just became friends on Facebook, we spoke on Skype,
04:06 we found out that we were both in the seminary
04:10 and we're in the same classes together,
04:12 and we just kept on talking and slowly but surely,
04:16 we grew closer and closer.
04:18 Because that's where I met you,
04:20 'cause I thought you were undergrad.
04:23 And then in a seminary we had a class and I look over
04:27 and I'm like, "Oh, this girl is here,"
04:28 I'm like, "Oh, what I'm gonna do now?"
04:30 Like, "I already made an impression,
04:32 what I'm gonna, I don't know.
04:33 What's the next step? What's the next step?"
04:35 So that's when we became friends
04:36 through Facebook
04:38 and we started talking and I know, I guess,
04:40 our friendship started growing once
04:43 she had a situation happened to
04:45 where she need me to step in.
04:46 Oh, somebody calling her, somebody randomly calling her
04:49 so I called their number back and spoke to the person
04:53 let him know, you know, what they were doing was wrong.
04:55 And as a favor she later on asked me to go on a Groupon.
05:01 Okay.
05:02 You know, I don't know what that was.
05:03 Groupon, I'm thinking group, group on, group.
05:05 And she asked me to go out to eat.
05:07 So I'm thinking, okay, we're gonna go as a group.
05:08 Okay, okay.
05:09 You know, I'm trying to do the Christian thing go
05:11 as a group.
05:12 So there, you know,
05:14 I'm sitting there and I'm like group on,
05:15 how many people you need?
05:16 This is all through Facebook, at class.
05:18 Yeah, yeah. Don't do that in class.
05:20 I asked her she is like, how many people you need?
05:21 She is like, two.
05:22 You know, I'm in the seminary
05:24 and I'm thinking of somebody's women or husbands.
05:25 And now I'm trying to be by myself right now just me
05:27 and the Lord, I'm like, "Oh, she is thirsty."
05:29 I'm like, no, I'm like, I can't do this.
05:33 And I avoided her for the next two weeks
05:35 or so and I just,
05:36 and God just kept pushing me like,
05:38 poking on me saying, go, get to know her,
05:41 go get to know her.
05:42 You know, she is a good friend.
05:44 So that ended up being the first date for y'all?
05:46 It wasn't a date. No, that wasn't a date.
05:47 All right. I'm sorry.
05:49 I was so confused 'cause I was saying to myself,
05:53 why is he telling me, he needs to get paid from his job first?
05:57 What, all these excuses, my car needs gas.
06:00 I'm like, it's just to get sandwiches,
06:02 what's going on?
06:04 And I think now remembering, I think I was speaking to Josh,
06:08 and I was like, "Josh, do you wanna go
06:09 and get Christmas
06:11 'cause this person just keeps stromboling me off."
06:13 Oh, that was the Christmas day. Yes.
06:15 You know what, let not 'cause I told this person
06:17 I was going to go,
06:19 I just don't know why he keeps on avoiding me,
06:21 he is like that sounds strange too.
06:23 It was just so confusing. Yes, buddy.
06:25 So, okay, I didn't even know that was coming.
06:28 So how did you, guys,
06:29 transition from that awkwardness to actually being,
06:33 I guess dating or y'all been dating
06:35 or how did it go from there?
06:38 Our story is very unique.
06:41 And that's when I started to do seminary,
06:45 I realized there was a lot of things
06:47 that happened to me
06:48 that I didn't address growing up.
06:51 I was abused
06:53 and I never really spoke about it,
06:58 didn't really, it didn't really click in my mind
07:01 until I started to do seminary
07:03 and we started taking these classes
07:05 to help us realize how messed up we really are.
07:09 And I was really broken and I was going through
07:14 a lot of things sort of point that,
07:17 I even had depression and I was suicidal,
07:21 and Xavier was being that type of person
07:25 where when nobody else really realized
07:27 what was going on, I don't know how he had an inclination,
07:31 how he had a feeling but he did
07:35 and he kept on being there and supporting me.
07:38 And I think even once I told him I hate you,
07:40 go away and he still was there.
07:42 Wow.
07:43 There was just so many things going on.
07:47 Wow. Yeah.
07:48 The Holy Spirit using him to be there for you
07:50 at the time.
07:52 Wow, that's beautiful and I see, you know,
07:54 it's very emotional for you to talk about,
07:55 you know, powerful story.
07:57 So you all have an awesome journey,
07:59 first how you met and find a funny story
08:01 but then really got serious
08:02 and how Lord kind of really brought you all together
08:04 for a specific reason, that's powerful.
08:06 Now I'm gonna transition to the Douglas's
08:09 and y'all top in now.
08:11 But how did y'all meet. Let's go and talk to you, guys.
08:14 You got that, go ahead...
08:16 So we met at while studying in Oakwood, then college,
08:20 now university and we actually had friends,
08:24 mutual friends that were dating each other.
08:25 I had a friend from New York, a young lady that Kim met
08:28 that was I believe from Atlanta.
08:30 And they were dating, they were, you know,
08:32 all into each other,
08:34 we were kind of just the wing man and woman, you know.
08:37 And so we just ended up in the same places
08:39 all the time.
08:41 And eventually, I don't know if there was any initial,
08:45 you know, attraction like that,
08:47 you know, Kim is not ugly so but I wasn't.
08:49 I'm not saying I wasn't like spooning, I wouldn't,
08:52 honestly wouldn't really thinking about,
08:53 you know, anything and I think one day
08:55 I just was paying attention to her
08:56 and I was like, you know, it's kind of cute.
08:58 And I started asking my friends like am I crazy as, you know,
09:00 she is kind of cute.
09:02 And then eventually I said something to her,
09:04 she really won't have anything to do with me, you know,
09:07 because at that time I really wasn't living that kind of life
09:09 with that any girl would wanna have,
09:11 well, some girls would want to have something
09:12 but she would not, not the girl...
09:13 Not the good girl. He's gonna hold some girls.
09:15 So and eventually we started talking
09:19 which it was also a pivotal time
09:20 in my life as well
09:22 because I was going through a serious phase,
09:24 I was Jonahing, I was kind of running from God
09:28 and, you know, I was at the point
09:30 where I didn't really care about life
09:32 and Kim kind of helped me through all of that good stuff.
09:34 I think after talking we eventually started dating.
09:39 And so, Kim, from your perspective
09:40 how did the meeting take place?
09:44 It's pretty, I guess my version is pretty close to what he said
09:47 but yeah, he's right.
09:49 The Kory that you see today was not Kory,
09:53 you know, back then and so...
09:54 He had beads...
09:55 He had beads. He had beads?
09:57 Yeah, beads. Mercy.
09:58 Wow. No.
10:00 Yes, he has beads.
10:01 And so, and then I guess at that point too,
10:05 I always had this, I'm not dating you
10:08 if I don't know you kind of thing.
10:10 And so I wasn't going to rush into anything and so, you know,
10:16 it took a while for us to get to that dating point because,
10:21 you know, I just wanted to feel okay...
10:23 Okay, well...
10:24 I thing one of the interesting thing is,
10:26 most interesting thing when we met was that I was
10:28 and I didn't care
10:29 and I was having an ideally crisis,
10:31 I knew that God wanted me to go to study theology, I don't why.
10:35 And at the same time she had kind of always grew up,
10:36 people telling her she is gonna be a pastor's wife...
10:38 Yes.
10:39 So we had that conversation eventually on a phone,
10:41 it was one of those, ah-ah kind of moment.
10:43 Right.
10:44 And so... That was hard.
10:45 Yeah, that's something
10:47 that we really need to talk about as well, a good one.
10:48 I wanna ask you next about, what's was most romantic thing
10:51 that you all had or had done to you in the relationship?
10:56 Before that, I'll tell you how me and I wife met.
10:58 So you can have time to thing about that.
10:59 Yeah.
11:01 Me and wife, we met the most Adventist best way possible,
11:06 I'm sorry, guys.
11:07 We met at a potluck.
11:11 So it was the best place, a potluck, you know,
11:12 good place to meet.
11:14 But we were in the seminary. Well, I was in the seminary.
11:17 She was at Andrews in the graduate program.
11:20 And I actually thought she was undergrad as well.
11:22 And I know, I saw her and quickly we locked eyes,
11:27 found out later she actually,
11:29 well, I'm gonna say the part two but anyway,
11:32 went up to her, you know, I approached her,
11:34 you know, and drop the good line,
11:36 of course, you know, I'm sure,
11:37 so she's not here to counter this.
11:39 So it's great, dropped a really good line,
11:40 I was so smooth, you know.
11:42 But we actually didn't really exchange numbers
11:43 or anything then.
11:45 She actually left later.
11:46 I guess, my line was so good and it was so swap
11:48 and whatnot that you know,
11:49 she end up adding me on Facebook later
11:51 and that's kind of how things progress from there.
11:55 But yeah, we had a interesting meet,
11:57 you know, we got to know each other a little bit
11:59 through social media.
12:01 And then we end up going on a few dates
12:03 and progressing from there, and one thing I love about her
12:07 and liked about her was that,
12:08 we connected with a lot of things in common,
12:11 we were able to communicate very well
12:14 and that was something that I really,
12:15 you know, valued and also,
12:17 you know, she was really good, she is a really good listener.
12:20 And as far because she is a counselor by nature
12:22 but I definitely value that.
12:24 So that really attracted me to her, you know.
12:27 So that's my story in short, I'm sure she is like saying,
12:30 there's a lot more to it.
12:32 But let's hear from you, guys, about the most romantic thing
12:35 that has been done to you in this relationship.
12:41 I think I can go first. Okay.
12:43 I think the most romantic thing that I can remember,
12:46 well, there's a bunch of stuff he did
12:47 but if I had to go at the most.
12:50 I wasn't feeling well,
12:51 I was going through one of those moments
12:53 of just feeling down emotionally,
12:56 and I think I posted something about am I good enough,
13:00 am I this, am I, something,
13:02 and all of a sudden he comes
13:03 with this huge bouquet of flowers
13:07 just to say you are beautiful,
13:09 don't listen to what other people say
13:11 yadda yadda yadda
13:12 and I was just like "Oh, flowers and chocolates."
13:15 I'm not a flowers and chocolate person but...
13:17 Yeah.
13:18 I don't like roses but he did not bring roses
13:21 which made it even more...
13:22 Nice. All right.
13:23 Okay. I love those flowers.
13:27 I still remember them too. This is nice.
13:32 All right, what about you, guys?
13:37 It's hard, no, it's I'm pausing not because...
13:40 I'm just not romantic. That was it is.
13:42 No, he is really good about paying attention
13:45 to little things.
13:47 And I'm a, you know, little things person,
13:49 detail person.
13:51 But I think the first thing that came to mind,
13:53 I have, I don't know why
13:55 but I've always wanted a chuppah at my wedding.
13:59 And that's, I don't know, it's like a canopy
14:02 that in the Jewish religion
14:04 they get married under the chuppah,
14:06 and I've always wanted one.
14:08 And somehow I told Kory about this and he,
14:12 I'm telling you he ordered, what is it?
14:16 Birchwood from Wyoming.
14:17 Birchwood and all this other stuff
14:18 and I knew nothing about this stuff
14:21 until the night I think of the rehearsal.
14:25 No... Or maybe...
14:26 He kept hinting with my dad
14:28 about package coming to the house.
14:31 I'm like, "What package coming to the house..."
14:32 "And why are they talking about package?"
14:34 Like, "What's happening here?"
14:35 So I'm trying to put A and B together
14:37 with all these little pieces of conversation
14:39 that I'm hearing and I couldn't figure it out
14:41 until the night of the rehearsal
14:43 and he's there trying to put it up from scratch.
14:46 This is not something that you buy a kit
14:48 and you put it together.
14:49 No. Yes, he did. Yes, he did.
14:51 We went and we bought material in Manhattan
14:55 and he worked the night to put it up,
14:58 he and my dad and some other men.
15:01 And the funny thing is...
15:02 I helped a little. And you did help.
15:03 The funny thing is it was not going up...
15:05 Yeah.
15:07 And I saw the stress on his face
15:09 and everybody kept saying,
15:11 "Well, it's okay, you can stop."
15:12 But I knew he was not going to stop
15:14 until that thing was up.
15:16 And we ended the rehearsal
15:18 and I hear that morning or something...
15:22 I got up early and went to the church
15:25 and pretty much tried to finish it.
15:27 Yeah, and all I know is when I walked in,
15:30 my chuppah was there and it was amazingly beautiful.
15:32 That is nice. That is so sweat.
15:33 Yeah. That's good, it's good.
15:35 All right, well, hey, y'all, doing some big things,
15:37 I don't know if I have anything to top those.
15:40 I'm gonna ask you all next about the proposal
15:44 and then what you thought about actually getting married, okay?
15:47 Now so then I'm, and I have to share mine.
15:48 Okay, the most romantic thing that my wife did for me,
15:52 so it really kind of maybe small to some people
15:54 but she wrote down 50 things
15:57 that she liked or loved about me
15:59 and she gave it to me.
16:00 And I still have it today and I still look at them
16:02 and they were all very thoughtful,
16:04 very well thought out and for me,
16:05 it was my love language, so it was really nice.
16:07 No one ever done that for me,
16:09 no one ever thought too much to ask like how I felt,
16:11 so that was something I was thinking about today
16:13 and she still makes a point to make sure
16:15 she is saying something positive
16:18 and nice about me.
16:19 And just that to me, it makes me love her much more.
16:22 You know, I know.
16:24 Anyway and this is getting kind of...
16:26 Message.
16:29 All right, so let's talk about the engagement.
16:31 Now, okay, because that's really
16:33 when it get serious, you know...
16:35 Yeah.
16:36 Well, how did you felt, how did you all take
16:38 or maybe we start even how the proposal went,
16:39 but how do you react to when you all knew,
16:41 hey, this is, we need to get married?
16:43 I was nervous. I hear you, brother.
16:46 And nervous is to say at least I was like,
16:48 should I do it or should I just run the other way.
16:51 I was scared. All right.
16:53 I was scared. Amen.
16:55 I was like, "Lord, help me. Give me the courage."
16:58 It's just like the whole thing would get in...
16:59 Yeah. I'm just a little guy, man.
17:04 I don't know, you can tell them you're take on, and go ahead,
17:07 you know, when they got the rain, right?
17:10 I knew it's going to happen the day...
17:12 I didn't know it days before
17:14 but one of our friends kind of hinted to it.
17:20 Yeah, I think he read it first, I'll call his name,
17:22 but I won't.
17:23 And he just started saying,
17:25 "Hmm, you guys are going to Antigua."
17:27 Yes. "Where the two shall become one."
17:29 I'm like, "What are you're talking about?"
17:32 And then I saw at Xavier and he was acting all nervous.
17:34 He was like, "Oh..."
17:38 So well...
17:40 So then how it happened was
17:41 he had to get the special package
17:43 and he was coming back and he kept on talking,
17:46 "Are you sure you love me?
17:47 Are you sure that..."
17:49 I knew he was just extremely nervous
17:52 and then he brought out the ring
17:54 and with the ring,
17:55 that was actually his mom's and dad's ring.
18:00 And it has so much history behind it
18:03 and that's what he presented and they even sent like
18:05 little letters behind it saying,
18:08 you know, you are our daughter...
18:09 Wow.
18:11 And that, it was really, really, yeah, I was like...
18:12 Wow, that's beautiful.
18:13 So how did you all either know, one of you know
18:15 that the other one was the one for you, you know,
18:17 was there like a moment
18:18 when God came through the clouds
18:20 and just told you, how do you all know?
18:23 I think for me was, like I said, I mean,
18:27 I know we have through that areas
18:28 but one of my pivotal points was
18:30 I've never done this before.
18:32 You know, I've been in relationships and everything
18:34 but I've never actually prayed a silent prayer request to God
18:37 in reference to the right one.
18:40 You know, I was working at a church at the time
18:42 that required security,
18:44 I don't know why I pick for security for everything,
18:47 but I prayed and I asked God, I said,
18:50 God, if you want me to get to know this girl Brittany,
18:55 you know, not to date here 'cause I don't want to date.
18:58 Whoever you have for me I wanna know them
19:00 because that's you want me to marry.
19:02 And my best friend, he was like,
19:04 he told me to just say a prayer
19:05 that don't tell anybody else about it.
19:07 And I prayed and I asked God that he's going to put it there
19:09 at the church
19:10 that she would never go to work,
19:12 not to visit but to work
19:14 and a couple Sabbaths later I saw the back of her head
19:17 and I was like, I looked up by the sky,
19:19 I was like, "Cool, man."
19:21 Because now I had to do my part.
19:23 Yeah, yeah.
19:24 He promised, He kept His end of the bargain,
19:25 I had to keep my end of the bargain.
19:27 Yeah, amen. I like that.
19:29 Well, for me, I think it was in a counseling lesson.
19:35 Counseling session, sorry, where I was just sitting down
19:37 and I was talking to the counselor about Xavier,
19:40 he was like, "Hmm that is the most balanced perspective
19:43 I've ever heard about a person."
19:45 And I was like, "Hmm that does make sense."
19:49 And I think it was also when I had told him,
19:52 I hate you and instead of storming off,
19:56 he sat down beside me and he held me.
19:58 He said, "You have never been loved
20:02 then I'm going to be here to help you in this process."
20:04 Wow. That's powerful. Mercy.
20:06 And that was just, yeah...
20:07 That's the moment.
20:09 Yeah, yeah, that's beautiful.
20:11 All right, Douglas, so let's have you all share
20:13 about engagement little bit
20:14 and how you all knew each other with the one?
20:16 I'm the designated engagement storyteller.
20:17 All right.
20:19 So our situation was different as well
20:22 because we weren't dating when we got engaged.
20:26 Matter of fact, I'll just, you know, be honest
20:28 and it's probably good for me to be honest.
20:29 Well, it is good for me to be honest.
20:31 Yeah, that's true.
20:33 I was actually dating somebody, I was dating somebody else.
20:36 Well, I'm not really dating them,
20:37 we weren't like officially dating
20:39 but I was getting to know someone else
20:40 and I had actually been praying about that person
20:42 because, you know, we had grown closer
20:45 and that person was real gung-ho.
20:47 You know, like from the time we met,
20:48 she was like "Oh, my goodness,
20:49 when we're going to be get married."
20:51 Sounds like...
20:52 At first, but then I started praying about it
20:53 and it's actually praying about that person
20:55 I got answer to my prayer with Kim.
20:57 So it was very weird but, you know,
21:00 I've kinda learn not to disregard, you know,
21:02 when God says to do something.
21:04 Yeah.
21:05 We went to South Africa on a trip,
21:07 we ended up on a trip together to South Africa.
21:09 It was a mission trip and while on the trip
21:12 that's when God started answering the prayer.
21:14 I mean, He just started saying something to me.
21:16 It was like almost I could hear Him talking like,
21:18 "Okay, Kory, I don't know
21:19 how much more clear I can make this..."
21:20 Yeah,
21:22 "You know, but this is what you need to do."
21:23 And I'm just like, you know, we do had history, you know,
21:26 we had dated for about four years
21:28 before we finally broke up the first time,
21:30 we went back and forth, so I'm kind of like,
21:32 "God, I really don't wanna go through that again."
21:34 But at the same time the more and more, you know,
21:37 He revealed to me, the more and more just became clear.
21:40 And so we were in this diamond shop in South Africa
21:44 and in the shop they also had some tanzanite diamond,
21:47 you know, rings whatever.
21:48 And she was in there parading around a ring on her finger
21:51 and it's kind of interesting...
21:52 I had no clue he was watching me.
21:53 Because she didn't know I was watching her,
21:55 you know and as soon as we got back to the States.
21:59 I went to a jewelry store and I said this is what I want
22:04 and they were like, we don't have it.
22:06 And I was like, "Well, you're gonna get it?"
22:07 And, you know, I picked stuff out,
22:09 you know, I basically had it made
22:11 and they sent it and I believe
22:13 I was invited to a friend of mine's wedding,
22:16 Pastor Joshua Nelson, we'll discover later
22:19 and I asked her to come with me,
22:21 and the day after the wedding
22:24 we went on a nice tour of Manhattan,
22:26 we was just hanging out
22:27 and I kept on this something I had to talk to you about,
22:28 something I had to talk to you about.
22:30 So she is nervous, she didn't know what to expect,
22:33 we have been around in circles before.
22:34 So she is thinking,
22:36 he's probably gonna break it off,
22:37 you know, and I'm such a bad person
22:40 'cause we walked and we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge,
22:43 we got to the middle and I said to her, you know,
22:45 we've been through this before
22:46 and, you know, things haven't worked out,
22:49 so she is like, "Oh, God, shall we go, this is it."
22:51 And then eventually, I just pull out a ring,
22:52 it was like, you know, the only other option,
22:55 you know is, you know, "Will you marry me?"
22:56 And she, you know, she sobbed for a little while,
23:00 she snorted for a little while...
23:03 You really said that on TV?
23:05 So she looked absolutely wonderful
23:06 after I asked her.
23:08 Keep it going.
23:09 And she kind of asked me if I was serious a few times.
23:12 And then she finally said yes and I'm not going to lie,
23:15 it was like a cloud was lifted,
23:19 you know, because before that I didn't know, you know,
23:22 and so God made it plain what I think.
23:24 So that's kind of also with how you knew
23:26 and how you had the proposal.
23:28 And how did you know that you should say yes to Kory?
23:32 Oh, man.
23:33 And this is where story gets weird.
23:40 It's one of those things that you pray about
23:42 or that I pray about,
23:44 and I think this was what 2013,
23:50 so about three years prior, we're not dating,
23:52 we're not talking, I don't know
23:54 if he's literally dead or alive.
23:57 And in the middle of the night,
23:59 it's like 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning one night,
24:03 I wake up and God is like, "Get a pen and paper."
24:05 Wow.
24:07 And I'm like, get pen and paper,
24:08 I'm sleeping, "Okay, Lord."
24:10 Sleep, jumps pen and paper
24:12 what am I getting pen and paper for.
24:14 And he is like start writing a letter to Kory
24:18 because it's him.
24:20 Wow. She is so sick.
24:22 And I know it makes me sound crazy
24:25 but it's what happened.
24:27 That's what happened, wow.
24:28 So on my wedding day, I'm reading her letter
24:32 that was written like three years earlier...
24:34 This is not, I'm not crying, I'm rubbing my eye.
24:36 It's' all right, Kory, it's all right.
24:37 I'm reading a letter on my wedding date
24:39 that was written like three years earlier dated
24:41 like October I believe...
24:42 October 10th. October 10th, 2011.
24:47 Well, 2010... '10.
24:49 And it saying it's our wedding day.
24:52 And I'm like, "What is happening right now?"
24:55 You know, but sometimes we talk about relationships
24:58 and, you know, I really wish we can leave a principle.
25:01 I don't wanna people to look like,
25:02 "Oh, what a beautiful story."
25:03 We talk about relationships and people always talk about
25:05 oh, the right one and, you know,
25:07 and making different decisions
25:08 and trying this on, trying that on.
25:11 You know, there really is a trusting in God
25:15 to show aspect.
25:17 Amen. Yeah, yeah.
25:18 And not even aspect, there is really just the story.
25:20 You know, that God really does speak, you know,
25:24 and if anything else our relationship to me
25:26 has proved that God exists, you know.
25:28 Yeah. Amen. That's powerful.
25:30 Well, that's beautiful, you know,
25:31 and I definitely had a moment, an ah-ah moment
25:35 when I felt like God was speaking to me
25:37 and saying this was the one I should be with, you know.
25:40 Our story is little bit different as well,
25:42 you know, we were, you know, and I used to going,
25:44 I was used to dating the people,
25:45 I don't want this to be the same thing,
25:46 I want to be different, you know,
25:48 and there are some various things that
25:49 my wife now did that was,
25:52 that showed me that she was different.
25:54 You know, something she didn't allow me to do,
25:56 you know, didn't let me do in the relationship
25:58 that taught me that she was different.
26:00 And the main thing that really kind of brought us together was
26:02 when it was time for us to end school,
26:06 she ended first and she went back home.
26:08 And of course, I was gonna end few months later
26:12 and I was looking for the conference
26:14 to let me know where I'd be placed.
26:15 And of course, I'm in the South Atlantic Conference
26:17 I knew that at least I'll be placed
26:18 in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina.
26:20 I didn't know which one.
26:22 She was trying to relocate down South as well
26:25 but she wasn't sure exactly where to go.
26:27 And she just prayed, we both just prayed
26:28 and said, "God, if you want us to be together forever,
26:31 put us some place close because we ain't doing
26:33 a long distance relationship thing."
26:34 So we prayed,
26:36 she ended up getting a job in a place
26:37 called Camden, South Carolina.
26:39 She got it first, she by faith, she went down there and said,
26:42 I'm gonna move there and she ended up going.
26:44 And so maybe a month later I got word
26:47 that I was actually gonna be going to pastor in a city
26:52 that was literally 45 minutes away from
26:54 where she ended being.
26:55 And so we were like, "Wow, God, you're so good."
26:57 All the places down south where she could have been,
27:00 you knew before where I was gonna be placed
27:02 and He put us close together.
27:03 And that kind of started us on a journey of really getting
27:05 to know each other.
27:06 And it will help the church kind of transition to know
27:08 who we were as a couple.
27:10 And it's been a journey, I'll tell you,
27:11 it's been a journey for both of us
27:13 and I know that you even as pastor's wife,
27:14 you know, it been a little while for us now
27:16 and she is been able to transition.
27:18 But I'll tell you this, marriage is a beautiful thing
27:21 and a lot of people feel
27:23 and maybe those even viewing this
27:25 will say, you know, what?
27:27 That was, all the story sound great,
27:28 but I don't know if it ever gonna happen for me.
27:31 And I believe that God has a special plan
27:33 for each and every one of us.
27:35 And He has everybody on a special track.
27:36 And so keep trusting in God
27:38 and look for that ideal relationship
27:40 because God has a special plan
27:42 just for you to find that person
27:44 that God has ordained for you.
27:46 I don't think it could happen really,
27:47 but God directed when I least expected it.
27:50 God brought me
27:52 my beautiful flower Kimberley Nelson.
27:54 I love her so much and I'm so happy for that.
27:56 But this is where we have to draw the line.
27:58 At the end of the day everyone, remember to make pure choices.
28:01 God bless.


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