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Participants: Myesha Lawson (Host), Brittany-Hill Morales, Jacques LaGuerre, Timothy Lawson, Xavier Morales


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00:02 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:07 may be too candid for younger children.
00:42 Hi. Welcome to Pure Choices.
00:44 I'm your host Myesha Lawson.
00:46 And my panel here...
00:48 Xavier Morales.
00:50 Brittany-Hill Morales.
00:52 Jacques LaGuerre.
00:53 And Timothy Lawson.
00:55 So today, our title is,
00:57 "Use what you got to get what you want".
01:00 We're going to be talking about strip clubs, part one.
01:04 I know you're wondering, "Wow, strip clubs?" Yes.
01:08 There's a whole another world out there
01:11 and I've experienced it.
01:12 So we're going to talk about what goes on
01:14 inside the strip club
01:16 from a dancer's point of view,
01:18 but before we start,
01:19 we're going to start with prayer
01:21 as you bow your head please.
01:23 Dear Lord, we just want to thank You Father
01:26 for Your deliverance, Lord.
01:28 We ask right now Father
01:29 that You just bless this program Lord,
01:33 and that You just continue to abide with us Father.
01:36 We thank You in Jesus' name.
01:37 Amen. Amen.
01:40 Well, this is very personal to me.
01:44 So these questions I'm going to be asking you guys,
01:47 it came from my heart.
01:49 So the first question is,
01:51 in the midst of struggles and hardships,
01:54 why is it so easy for men and women
01:57 to resort to stripping?
02:00 Well, I guess, I would say the first reason why is,
02:03 it doesn't require education.
02:06 Like, when you're trying to get any of these other jobs,
02:09 you have to go through so many years of education,
02:11 you have to go through so many months and weeks of training,
02:14 but when it comes to being in a strip club,
02:17 you either have it or you don't,
02:18 and if you have the body for it,
02:20 you just go right in,
02:21 and you can make cash just like that.
02:25 I think it goes back to the title.
02:27 You know, use what you've got to get what you want.
02:30 And so, if you don't have anything,
02:32 you have your body,
02:33 and the world considers those things, assets,
02:36 and they actually sell them.
02:37 And so when people are down on their luck
02:40 and people are hungry,
02:41 it's very easy to just, basically use that
02:47 so that they can feed themselves
02:48 or whatever the case may be.
02:51 I'd probably talk about it from a different perspective
02:53 where a lot of men and women,
02:54 they're having bad sexual experiences,
02:57 and they're being used at such an early age,
03:00 and they're getting nothing out of it.
03:02 And so, I can see how it be easy for someone,
03:05 especially a young woman who's been used,
03:07 who's been abused sexually to say, "Well,
03:10 if I'm already being abused sexually,
03:12 I may as well make some money out of this
03:15 and use my body to pay my rent."
03:18 That's a good point, yes.
03:20 So do you think that
03:21 stripping can lead to other professions
03:23 and addictions?
03:25 I believe so.
03:26 It's often know that,
03:27 you know, strippers can enter prostitution,
03:31 escorts, just a upscale prostitutes...
03:34 Right.
03:36 With escorts pornography,
03:37 it's a big one where they end up doing
03:40 pornography for a living.
03:43 Drug addiction, you name it, you know,
03:45 there's other professions that are going to,
03:46 there's also other addictions that come with that territory
03:50 from what I've seen... Right.
03:52 And with friends and all that stuff.
03:54 So...
03:55 I think one of the most unspoken addiction is
03:59 the money itself.
04:01 You know, money is very addicting,
04:02 especially if you're making a lot of it in a short time,
04:06 and, you know, all cash or whatever the case maybe,
04:09 and that lifestyle becomes addicted.
04:12 Because this is, you know,
04:14 stripping in strip clubs is part of the sex industry.
04:18 So, of course, you know, if you start here,
04:21 then once you do something enough, it gets easier
04:23 and you're going to go on to other things.
04:25 Yeah, that's funny that you said that
04:28 because people, you know, I struggled with that.
04:32 Once I became a dancer,
04:35 it was the thing that I can resort to
04:36 just fast and quick, you know.
04:39 If I couldn't pay my rent or I couldn't pay my car note,
04:43 I can go dance for one night and make that money, you know.
04:47 So why stripping is being used as a profession
04:51 or a career?
04:55 I think it's like you said,
04:56 because, you know,
04:57 it's something that you can easily go to.
04:59 It doesn't require as much effort
05:02 as probably being a doctor,
05:04 you have to stay there for so many hours in a shift,
05:07 have to, you know, constantly learning up
05:09 and, you know, strengthening your skill with,
05:13 I would guess with stripping,
05:14 you don't have to put so much, you know, hours and hours
05:18 and hours and hours and hours of reading up different books,
05:22 trying to learn hard terminologies,
05:25 it doesn't require that type of mental strain
05:28 but you can do something,
05:29 I guess, a dancer would consider fun
05:31 because you've to dance and if you have an addiction,
05:34 like, your,
05:35 you like to show off
05:37 that's part of your addiction off your body
05:38 because you like that attention,
05:39 then if you crave it, it's easy,
05:41 and if some people,
05:42 they don't even think of it as something wrong,
05:44 so why not do it.
05:46 Right.
05:47 And you're totally on point with that
05:50 'cause I used it as a career, you know.
05:52 I always told myself, "Okay, I'm going to dance
05:55 and I'm going to get into school."
05:57 You know, I'm going to put myself through school.
06:00 But with all the money that you're making,
06:04 the more money, the more bills you have,
06:06 you know.
06:08 Your lifestyle changes, you know,
06:10 and not only you're looking at what other women having,
06:13 how much they're making
06:15 and they're telling you,
06:17 "Oh, yeah. I'm going to continue to do this."
06:18 I mean, there's 40 year old women
06:20 that are out there that are dancing,
06:23 and you're looking at them like, you know,
06:25 at first you go in and you're saying,
06:26 "Oh, no, I'm not going to,
06:28 I'm going to dance when I'm 40."
06:30 And you can't tell the devil which you are not going to do.
06:34 But I look at them
06:36 and then I'm looking at their cars,
06:39 some of them have homes that they own,
06:42 they own their own cars, you know,
06:44 some even have businesses,
06:46 but it's the attention that they're getting from dancing,
06:51 and it's the quick money that they're getting.
06:54 So we're going to go into sexuality.
06:56 I really want to talk about that
06:58 because it plays a huge part especially behind the scenes.
07:03 So how is working in a strip club,
07:06 a form of pornography?
07:10 I think that's big for pornography
07:12 because, I mean, number one, nudity.
07:17 You know, the nudity aspect, the sexual,
07:20 you know, provoking a man
07:22 or vice versa, there's male strippers,
07:24 you know, provoking those inner visions
07:26 to be released from,
07:28 you know, from within the person
07:29 that you're dancing for.
07:32 You know, you're provoking,
07:34 you're basically trying to sexualize that person
07:37 or seduce that person I should say,
07:40 without going all the way as they say, you know,
07:43 and a lot of times,
07:46 I mean, that is if you look at pornography
07:48 and that is pretty much the same thing.
07:50 You know, it's a false reality,
07:52 a false reality of what's sex is supposed to be like.
07:59 I tell you it's a form of pornography as well,
08:01 because myself being in the military
08:03 for three years,
08:05 you know, I spent a lot of time in strip clubs
08:08 before I met Christ.
08:10 And so, I know personally that there's a lot of stuff
08:13 that goes on in those private rooms
08:15 of this private dances
08:16 that is highly sexual,
08:18 and so that can be considered full pornographic,
08:21 not, you know, going halfway, but going all the way,
08:25 and so that's another form of pornography.
08:28 Yes.
08:30 So you're telling me that they're actually being
08:32 sexually active behind closed doors...
08:35 Yes. Inside the strip clubs?
08:36 Inside the strip club. Yes.
08:38 Okay. Yeah.
08:40 Does anyone else want to comment on that?
08:43 No? Okay.
08:44 Well, the next question is,
08:46 can working in a strip club affect your sexuality?
08:51 I think definitely,
08:52 because as you're going to work each day
08:56 and you look around,
08:57 you're seeing other women undressing themselves.
09:00 And then that just taking their clothes off
09:02 because they're jumping into the shower
09:03 like at a gym or something,
09:05 they're doing it very provocatively,
09:07 and your mind starts to wonder also like,
09:09 you might be over there doing your dance
09:11 but you're looking over like,
09:13 "Maybe, I could do that like her,
09:14 or maybe if I do this,"
09:16 or in some cases,
09:17 they have those two strippers stripping together,
09:20 trying to create that extra attention.
09:23 So when you're interacting with like the other girl
09:24 or in some cases it could be a girl and a guy,
09:26 they're both stripping together,
09:27 you're doing all these different things
09:30 that is not harmless,
09:32 it's doing something to your mind,
09:33 it's doing something to your body,
09:35 so it's definitely affecting your sexuality.
09:38 Well, yeah, I like to piggyback
09:39 not only it can start to give you a desire
09:45 for the other people there,
09:46 you're watching them undress, you know,
09:48 if they're attractive,
09:51 if you're a female you might start to get attracted
09:53 to the female body, and vice versa for the males
09:56 because that's what you're around all the time,
09:58 and that's what you're used to.
10:00 And like you said, you're making different moves
10:02 and stuff like that,
10:03 but also your own personal sexuality,
10:05 however it feels,
10:08 it has to get to a point where
10:11 it might not be worth as much to you
10:13 as you think for you to start,
10:15 and you have to get into certain mind state
10:17 so you can continue.
10:18 And so the more you do it,
10:20 the more using your sexuality for this type of purposes
10:24 becomes okay in your mind.
10:27 That's funny that you guys said that
10:29 because I struggled with that as working in the strip club.
10:34 I had no interest in liking women, okay,
10:36 I grew up to like men and men only.
10:40 So I'm working in the strip club
10:42 and like you said, I'm seeing women's body,
10:46 and they're actually becoming attractive to me, you know.
10:53 If a woman basically looks something like me
10:57 and I think I'm beautiful,
10:59 then automatically she's beautiful to me,
11:01 you know.
11:02 Or she has a nice body
11:05 and you know, you catch yourself looking okay,
11:09 and so not only I worked with many women
11:12 that I had to perform acts with.
11:15 So as you become familiar with this woman
11:18 to perform this act,
11:20 you're the show, you begin to like her,
11:25 you know, and I began to like this girl,
11:28 I continued to do parties with this woman,
11:31 and next thing, you know,
11:33 I consider myself completely liking women
11:37 or I consider myself bisexual.
11:40 So where it started from was looking at women,
11:44 you know, and maybe not everybody go through this,
11:46 you know, what I've been through,
11:48 but by looking at the same sex
11:50 while dressing or undressing too often
11:54 does that mean you are lesbian or gay?
11:58 And this goes for men and women.
12:01 I don't, I mean, it's hard
12:03 because it depends on your setting
12:05 'cause when I was in a law enforcement, you know,
12:07 you have, they call the community showers.
12:10 So you have no choice, you know, you don't,
12:11 you make it a point not to look.
12:13 But, you know, when you have like, 50 guys
12:15 in the community showers,
12:16 it's just like, it's there.
12:18 And, you know, I never took a liking to that, per Se,
12:23 but growing up in the environment,
12:25 I did in Florida with the transvestites.
12:28 You kind of, I did kind of
12:29 start taking a liking to that in the past.
12:32 You know, like, I guess,
12:34 you call the best of both worlds or whatever
12:36 and that was a struggle for me
12:37 when I came out of Christianity,
12:39 you know, understanding that.
12:40 So I think when you are around,
12:44 when you are inherently around something long enough
12:48 in a way that it is not of God,
12:51 I think you, your mind starts to get perversed thoughts
12:54 and starts to get perverse in ways,
12:56 and it's not because you're forcing it to per Se,
12:58 it's just your brain adapts to every situation.
13:02 Unfortunately, it starts equipping itself
13:04 with negativity rather than reality.
13:07 I was going to add to that,
13:08 like your mind plays tricks on you,
13:10 and then, I guess that curiosity increases,
13:13 but before like you said,
13:15 you only wanted to be with men
13:17 but as you started interacting with them,
13:20 curiosity started to entice you like,
13:23 "I wonder what it would be like if I did it just once.
13:26 I wonder how it would really work out?
13:27 Would it be okay?
13:29 You know, we can work together, great."
13:31 So you have all these like different mind,
13:33 your mind really starts playing tricks on you
13:34 where, like, I know I want this
13:37 but maybe, just maybe,
13:38 if I just try a little bit of it,
13:40 that'll be okay.
13:42 I like to piggybank how she said,
13:44 your mind's playing tricks
13:45 because if you're exposing yourself
13:47 to something you're not supposed to see,
13:50 most people will think that,
13:53 "Well, I'm glad I exposed myself
13:55 because now I like this,
13:56 so this must really be who I am.
13:58 This must really be what's inside me,
14:00 but actually you were exposing yourself
14:03 to something you were never supposed to see
14:04 and it starts to, you know, like she said,
14:07 "Your mind starts to play tricks on you."
14:08 You start to say, "Well, this now is attracted to me
14:11 which wasn't before."
14:12 So since it's attractive now,
14:13 it must have always been attractive to me
14:16 and maybe this is who I am,
14:17 and that's not always necessarily the case.
14:20 Yeah.
14:21 And that's true because not only to music,
14:25 music plays a huge part.
14:28 I mean, there's songs as if, 'My girl has a girlfriend',
14:32 or 'I kissed a girl'.
14:35 And, you know, when you're in the club,
14:36 they play these popular songs,
14:39 and you're constantly,
14:41 you know, listen to them even when you're at home
14:43 because it's a catchy song.
14:45 You like the song, of course, you know.
14:48 So it puts that in your mind that, you know,
14:51 like you say, you get curious,
14:53 "Well, how would I feel if I did kiss a girl?"
14:55 I'm not lesbian really, you know,
14:58 or I'm not bi, you know, you start really...
15:01 Rationalizing.
15:02 Rationalizing and, you know,
15:04 okay, so now that it comes to the point
15:08 where you're going to kiss this girl,
15:09 and you're kissing this girl because this is an act,
15:13 you know, you put it on a show,
15:14 a girl on girl show for a party for a guy,
15:18 whatever,
15:20 not only you're intoxicated, you have drugs in you,
15:23 anything goes at this point,
15:25 and not only you're doing it for the money
15:28 so it doesn't matter as long as they're paying you,
15:31 so your guard is down.
15:33 You know, you're willing to just go all out
15:35 as long as they're paying you.
15:37 And as long as you're seeing the money being thrown at you,
15:41 you want to do more.
15:43 You know, you get this sense of pride in you.
15:48 And you just become like God almost
15:53 'cause that is exactly how these men are looking at you.
15:56 I mean, you're sitting there, you're on stage
15:59 and the men are looking up at you
16:01 and they're just throwing their money,
16:03 and they're just in awe about you, you know.
16:06 And it's crazy, you know, they're mesmerized by you.
16:12 They don't see your flaws,
16:13 they don't even know who you are,
16:14 they don't even know your real name,
16:16 they know nothing about you.
16:19 You know, you can be on drugs,
16:20 you can be a heroin addict, anything,
16:24 they don't know anything about you.
16:26 They're just there for what they're there for
16:29 and you're there to give it to them.
16:32 So we're going to talk about the image of men and women.
16:36 How does the profession affect men and women spiritually?
16:42 I think it brings,
16:45 you know, there's the physical plane
16:48 and then there's the mental aspect of life,
16:50 and then there's the spiritual nature
16:51 which is the highest that connects you to God,
16:53 that you communicate God with.
16:55 And this type of industry,
16:58 this type of club has you focused just on the physical,
17:02 and has you indulge in the physical
17:05 and make that, you know, one of your highest priorities,
17:08 and points, and parts,
17:09 because like you said the guys are looking at you,
17:12 so your main focus every night is this part,
17:16 just the physical, just the outside,
17:18 that's what's you're making your money off of,
17:19 that's what you're getting your attention from,
17:21 and you begin to think that this is the most important
17:24 and you forget or you've never known
17:27 that Jesus died for what's inside here.
17:30 He died for your mind, He died for your heart
17:32 so He could renew it,
17:34 and that totally will erase it
17:37 not only in the mind of the person performing,
17:39 but in the mind of the person who's paying for it.
17:43 Because they're spending their cash
17:45 on what they think is worthful,
17:46 and it's a physical, you know, representation
17:49 of whatever fantasy or image they have.
17:53 And to speak about how it affects the person
17:54 that's there,
17:56 in my own experience
17:57 after going to these institution so much,
17:59 I was at the strip club, like every weekend,
18:03 I could not really look at women as a whole person,
18:07 I was only focused on the exterior,
18:10 on the physical.
18:11 And it didn't matter how the woman was dressed any more
18:14 after a certain amount of time,
18:16 I just began to be able to objectify any woman
18:19 no matter what she was wearing,
18:20 no matter her age, and nothing mattered
18:23 because it was just all about the physical.
18:26 And I think, especially, as men we're prone
18:29 to being hyper sexualized,
18:32 and so when you spend that much time
18:33 in institution like that,
18:35 and then you couple out pornography
18:37 and all these other factors,
18:39 then you're turning yourself
18:41 or you're allowing the devil to turn you into an animal.
18:46 I'm just listening to what she said about,
18:48 how you started feeling like you were God
18:52 and these people were like worshipping you,
18:54 that has to affect you spiritually.
18:56 It's in your mindsets,
18:58 it's like, "You know, I'm so great,
18:59 I'm so awesome.
19:01 I don't really need God
19:02 because you said,
19:04 they're not even looking at your flaws.
19:05 These people don't care.
19:06 So it's like, why does God care?
19:08 These people give me money, why should I care if God says,
19:09 I'm imperfect, I have flaws, I have...
19:13 That doesn't matter
19:14 because as long as I'm beautiful
19:15 that's all that really matters,
19:17 that's what's going to get me paid.
19:18 So that's definitely has to affect you spiritually.
19:21 Most definitely.
19:22 I think you two come to an understanding like,
19:24 for me I'm piggybacking up for what Jacques said,
19:27 I used to start gauging based on, you know,
19:30 being a womanizer,
19:31 I started, you know, gauge women
19:33 how would they be in bed.
19:35 You know, kind of getting up predicting how they would be,
19:37 and going based off of that
19:39 and that kind of reminds me of a predator knows their prey.
19:42 You know, you target,
19:43 you already know somebody, you know,
19:45 that's in that stripping mentality
19:47 a lot of times,
19:48 they're weak morally or spiritually, you know,
19:50 they are weak enough where you can just pounce
19:53 and say the right things
19:55 to make them feel good about themselves,
19:58 get that moral,
19:59 and you pray off of that
20:01 and, you know, and that's hard
20:03 because these are human beings
20:05 but, yeah, you spiritually,
20:06 I mean, I wasn't with God at the time,
20:09 but, you know, God never left me.
20:10 Yeah.
20:11 But you really act like,
20:13 you know, when we said, an animal, you know,
20:15 you become an animal predator.
20:18 Yes, indeed you do.
20:20 Because you're going to look at, you know,
20:22 you're going to look at everyone in the club
20:24 and you want to know who can you get
20:27 and how much can you get out of this person.
20:31 And so I like to...
20:32 My experiences when I go up to a man,
20:35 I only have 15 seconds
20:38 to get him what I want him to be,
20:41 you know.
20:43 I'm going to sit, I'm going to talk with him,
20:45 I'm going to touch him.
20:47 I need to know everything about him as short as I can,
20:50 a short amount of time to see if he likes me,
20:55 and if he really want to spend money on me,
20:58 and so by that, I win.
21:01 If he wants to spend money on with me,
21:02 I have him completely
21:04 and I can have him for that whole night.
21:07 So let's talk about
21:11 how does it affect men and women
21:13 mentally and physically?
21:18 I think it goes back to when you're looking around
21:21 you're seeing these other women,
21:23 or if I don't know, I'm not sure how guys do it,
21:25 but for a woman if you look around
21:27 and you see, okay, this girl is getting more money
21:28 because she has these essential factors,
21:32 then of course, you start wondering,
21:34 am I good enough?
21:36 Yes, I'm making money,
21:38 but should I change my own body?
21:40 Should I probably get some implants?
21:42 Should I probably go to some different classes
21:46 and learn how to do these different types of moves?
21:50 Like, you start feeling like
21:52 you're not significant enough mentally
21:55 and the physical aspect,
21:56 you want to go and change your body.
21:58 You want to do these different things.
22:00 Her hair was short, maybe I should cut my hair too,
22:02 maybe that will work.
22:04 Maybe I should do something with my face.
22:05 Maybe if I change my nose
22:06 that will make me more attractive
22:08 compared to these other girls,
22:10 and I will win
22:11 and I can better get that money.
22:13 I think too.
22:14 We see that with society,
22:16 you know, how does it affect them
22:17 and, you know, you essentially, I've seen
22:18 and I remember a lot of the guys
22:20 that I used to hang out with at the strip club,
22:21 they were married.
22:23 And the wives were like, "Oh, yes, that's fine.
22:24 We let them do that, you know, once in a while."
22:26 And we see that in our society
22:29 pole dancing as a form of exercise,
22:32 you know, that's an acceptable form of exercise nowadays.
22:35 And I think it's just really...
22:38 It affects you to the point where you cannot differentiate
22:42 what's morally right and what's morally wrong.
22:45 You just do what the book of Judges said,
22:47 "Every man did what was right in their own eyes."
22:49 You do what was right in your own sight regardless
22:51 and it affects you to a point
22:53 where your discernment is completely done.
22:57 Well, physically,
22:59 I like to piggyback off what Brittany said.
23:01 It's going to make you,
23:04 if you stay long enough at some point,
23:05 you're going to augment your body,
23:07 whether you get tattoos in different areas,
23:10 whether you get piercing in different areas,
23:12 because if you look at the sex industry
23:15 there's different looks
23:17 but there's this same kind of look
23:19 that women have and the girls have.
23:21 And you're going to think you need this kind of look
23:22 like she said, to make this kind of money
23:25 or to take yourself to the next level,
23:27 and its different genres, you know.
23:29 This different race might look this way.
23:31 And you know, in down south and those kind of clubs,
23:34 all the different women might look, you know,
23:36 a different certain ways.
23:37 So physically, you know,
23:39 it's like by beholding you become change.
23:41 Obviously, you're parents now,
23:43 you begin to, the devil begins to tell you mentally,
23:47 you know, you need to change,
23:49 or you're not good enough and you need to do this.
23:51 And so you start to look at yourself
23:54 instead of, in the image of God made you
23:57 and try to change yourself
23:58 into a whole different type of image.
24:01 And so mentally also,
24:03 it's going to affect your thoughts
24:06 and it's going to affect your emotions.
24:07 If you're sitting there
24:09 and, like Jacques said, if you're a guy
24:11 and you're looking at these girls,
24:12 it's going to affect their emotions now
24:14 you have towards women.
24:15 If you're the woman,
24:17 you know, both people are hunting
24:19 and everybody's trying to see who's going to be the one
24:21 to be the predator or the prey.
24:22 If you're a woman,
24:24 you're going to look at guys in the same light,
24:26 how much money can I get out of guys?
24:28 They're a mill ticket as it were, you know, to life
24:31 and it's going to affect your human to human interaction
24:34 'cause you have to shut your emotions off,
24:36 you know, at that point.
24:37 You know, if you're using him and he thinks he's being used
24:40 or if he's using you,
24:42 you can't have too many caring feelings
24:45 for that human being at that point
24:48 and keep this, you know, cycle going week after week
24:51 and stuff like that.
24:52 Right.
24:54 And I also struggled with the whole mental and physical.
24:57 When I first started dance very young,
24:58 I believe 18 years of age,
25:01 and I went in there with innocence, okay.
25:04 I looked it like a young girl which I was.
25:08 And men liked that,
25:11 they liked that I was, what's the word,
25:13 not jaded as they call it,
25:15 I wasn't seasoned enough.
25:19 And some men didn't like it,
25:21 they wanted a more woman that has experience.
25:24 It didn't matter how well I danced or anything,
25:27 they were able to tell that I was young,
25:31 and that I don't have any experience.
25:34 I haven't danced long enough.
25:35 And they'll ask and I'll tell them.
25:37 So as I'm looking at other women
25:39 how the way they're putting on their makeup,
25:42 how long their extensions are,
25:45 okay 'cause when I first started,
25:47 I was wearing my real hair, less make up,
25:51 and it just wasn't enough for them
25:56 so I had to change, you know.
26:00 And then I begin to get sucked in this life,
26:03 and I couldn't get out, this life.
26:07 So why is it so hard to get out of the entertainment business?
26:13 I think it comes to some of those addictions.
26:18 You're receiving as it were this worship,
26:20 you're receiving this money,
26:21 and also, you know, the devil is involved.
26:24 Satan always, you know,
26:25 take you farther than you want to go
26:27 and keep you there and hold you there
26:30 and nothing but the power of the Lord can break it
26:34 so now it becomes a stronghold
26:36 because you start to identify yourself with this sin.
26:40 This is who I am.
26:42 And when you do that,
26:43 it's always hard for you to change.
26:45 I think to control, you know, you mentioned earlier that
26:48 they look at you as God,
26:50 there's a central power and control, you know,
26:52 that's the hardest part to relinquish,
26:55 is that ability to be able to control somebody for money too.
26:58 You know, you get the money and control,
26:59 that's, you know,
27:01 and that kind of mentality, that's the best of both worlds.
27:03 So I think that's where the hardest hit is too.
27:08 Yes. It was a stronghold for me.
27:12 And I'm just so thankful that the Lord took me from that life
27:16 because it was really hard to let go.
27:19 If it wasn't for people out there praying for me,
27:22 the man who is my husband now was praying for me
27:25 and was always encouraging me,
27:27 and was always sending me scriptures,
27:29 he actually gave me Steps to Christ,
27:32 and I read that.
27:33 And it was just such a blessing.
27:35 And then, my pastor, my first lady,
27:38 they were continued to be there for me,
27:40 send me messages.
27:43 And it was just saying that was said to me
27:48 from my friend from church,
27:50 and she says,
27:52 "Sin will take you further than you want to go,
27:55 keep you longer than you want to stay,
27:58 and cost you more than you want to pay."


Revised 2018-05-02