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Participants: Brittany-Hill Morales (Host), Jacques LaGuerre, Myesha Lawson, Timothy Lawson, Xavier Morales


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00:03 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:07 may be too candid for younger children.
00:44 Good day. Welcome to Pure Choices.
00:47 Yes, we have a really good program
00:49 for you today.
00:50 And I have such an amazing esteemed panel with me.
00:54 Of course, my wonderful husband Xavier Morales.
00:58 Over here, we have Jacques LaGuerre.
01:00 We have Ms. Myesha Lawson
01:03 and Mr. Timothy Lawson, her husband.
01:06 Today, we are talking about having covenant eyes.
01:11 Yes, pornography,
01:12 before we jump right into it, let's pray.
01:16 Dear kind most Heavenly Father,
01:18 I pray to Lord that you will be with us as a panel
01:20 and You also be with the viewers at home,
01:22 that you will bless our time together, dear Lord,
01:25 that we can be able to make pure choices,
01:27 in Jesus' name, Amen.
01:29 Amen
01:31 Pornography, what is it?
01:37 Go ahead, Jacques.
01:39 I say pornography could be described
01:40 as anything that you use to get some sort of unlawful,
01:45 unbiblical sexual expression or any sort of sexual high.
01:52 Anybody else?
01:53 Any...
01:54 Because there's different degrees of pornography.
01:56 There's, you know, hard porn, soft porn, pictures, videos
01:59 or I think it's any type of sexual display
02:04 that's used to arouse, you know, another person.
02:10 Good. And anybody else?
02:12 I think it's also something, you know, any type of,
02:14 like Tim said, you know, videos, pictures
02:17 or anything that would stimulate your pleasuredome,
02:21 your pleasure centre of your brain
02:22 to find some sort of, you know, release.
02:27 So are they like different forms of pornography?
02:31 Yes, there is.
02:33 In my experience of pornography,
02:37 I was the one who took pictures.
02:42 Different poses, different backgrounds,
02:46 different clothing
02:47 if not wearing any at all, was a form of pornography.
02:51 I'm the one that they're going to look at,
02:53 I'm the one that is going to arouse them.
02:56 And then in other form of pornography is
02:59 when I was a dancer.
03:02 I'm on stage touching and feeling on myself
03:06 and the guy is looking at me,
03:09 so I'm doing live porn or live pornography
03:13 and those are the two different,
03:16 you know, pornographies.
03:18 Well, there are different types of porn
03:20 and different degrees of porn.
03:21 And so obviously, there's two main...
03:25 the three main types would be the pictures, movies
03:29 or, you know, live shows.
03:32 And in each one of those categories,
03:34 you have the two categories of soft pornography
03:38 and hard pornography.
03:40 And so soft would be more of showing people in the nude,
03:45 maybe just kissing
03:47 and heavy touching and things like that
03:49 and hardcore pornography
03:51 is always heavy sexual positions
03:54 showing every body part and showing heavy penetration
03:59 and so those are kind of the categories it's been in.
04:02 I think another form of softcore porn
04:05 that comes to mind
04:06 and is very prevalent on social media is,
04:09 you know, I call it selfie porn,
04:12 you know, where you have,
04:14 you know, different people taking pictures of themselves,
04:17 you know, have clothes or, you know, exposing
04:21 and I have seen these, you know, not just in males
04:24 but you see in females
04:25 where they expose themselves so much in that picture
04:29 that it pretty much leaves nothing to the imagination
04:32 and it's all over, you know, the internet.
04:35 And these are pictures that they use too
04:37 when they are sexting as well.
04:40 Also I want to interject something else.
04:42 And also some porn, softcore porn
04:46 like he said with the pictures
04:47 can be anything that arouses you.
04:50 There are certain things out there maybe a lingerie picture
04:53 or a lingerie magazine,
04:55 now a woman might look at it
04:56 because she's trying to buy different bra and panties.
04:59 But to a guy, that could be a form of pornography
05:02 that he could stimulate himself off of to.
05:04 So something that seems innocent
05:06 can be perverted by the devil used for other things to.
05:10 Okay.
05:11 And to talk about
05:13 what Xavier was talking about with a selfie porn,
05:16 I was watching a video of a young girl
05:19 she was 14,
05:20 and she was uploading pictures to Facebook of herself
05:23 in all these risky positions
05:25 and, you know, her cleavage is exposed
05:29 and someone in the porn industry
05:31 saw that picture and began to run with it.
05:35 And now her picture is on like the sites
05:38 and all these advertisement
05:39 and all the banners of thousands of websites.
05:44 And they tried to contact the police,
05:46 there's a 14-year old girl,
05:47 but because she was not fully nude
05:49 the police couldn't do anything about it.
05:52 And so she had to change schools,
05:55 she was getting death threats, she was getting rape threats,
05:58 all this stuff was going on.
06:01 And one of the things that she says
06:03 at the end of the video is,
06:05 "I don't know why this happened to me
06:07 because, all of my friends
06:09 have pictures of the same quality on Facebook,
06:14 on social media."
06:16 And so these are the things that we have to be careful of
06:18 not to post these things on social media websites
06:21 thinking that nobody will see them.
06:23 So you're kind of saying
06:24 that there are different levels of danger
06:26 when it comes to pornography.
06:28 Definitely. Oh, yeah, most definitely.
06:31 The dangers are, I mean, it can become an addiction.
06:36 You know, it's...
06:39 I mean, I think it became an addiction for me.
06:42 I'm the one that's maybe performing,
06:46 you know, the pornography,
06:48 but it became an addiction to me
06:51 because I'm the one that's giving it,
06:54 you know, and I like the attention.
06:57 So those are the dangers to it
06:58 and obviously if you're getting attention that you want,
07:01 you are going to constantly keep doing it.
07:03 And it became damaging to me
07:05 for as myself worth, my mind, my physical body
07:11 because I wanted to change my body
07:13 to get more attention or to get more money for it,
07:16 and those were the damaging things.
07:19 Like can it go worse than just being an addiction?
07:22 Can it get more crazy
07:23 when you start doing pornography?
07:24 Oh, yeah.
07:26 That can get really crazy
07:27 because the person can start to get infatuated
07:33 with whoever they are looking at,
07:34 whoever they're talking to,
07:36 and all that stuff and they can become a...
07:39 you know, they can stalk the person,
07:40 they can potentially end up
07:43 having an incorrect fantasy about the person
07:47 and actually maybe want to hurt them.
07:50 The thing is with pornography like sex and other things,
07:55 it targets the brain, the chemicals in the brain.
07:58 And with pornography
08:00 because it's unrealistic situation,
08:03 it's not real,
08:05 you trigger things in the brain,
08:08 your chemical synopsis, the chemistry,
08:10 you completely alter your brain to the point
08:14 where it does increase.
08:15 You know, you have people that start off
08:17 with softcore porn or even magazines
08:20 and increase from there to hardcore,
08:21 and then from there to bondage,
08:23 and you have private forums
08:25 that engage in things like murder porn.
08:29 Murder porn, such as, you know,
08:31 people killing other people literally
08:33 and then engaging in necrophilia
08:35 which is having sex with a dead body.
08:38 And these are private forms to the point where,
08:41 you know, a lot of manpower has been devoted
08:43 to catching these perps.
08:46 But because of these people, the way they do things,
08:49 sometimes they're not caught and so you have not just murder
08:53 but you're also having,
08:55 you know, engaging in sex with their bodies
08:57 and it all started with softcore porn.
09:01 I was thinking about it.
09:03 People, they get into the pornography
09:04 for so many different reasons like three
09:06 that I can think of is maybe stress.
09:09 They're dealing with high levels of stress
09:10 so they go on like,
09:11 "I'm just going to find a little bit of release.
09:13 I'm going to watch pornography to help me decompress."
09:16 Or if they have depression,
09:18 they use it to help with that depression
09:20 to try to get them on that different level where,
09:23 "Okay, I'm not so hurry.
09:25 Don't feel so bad about life.
09:26 If I watch a little pornography,
09:28 it'll make me feel better
09:29 'cause somebody else is having fun."
09:30 Or even if it's fantasy,
09:32 "I wouldn't want to do this in real life
09:33 but I can't really do it in real life,
09:35 so I'm going to watch maybe some pornography.
09:37 So at least in my mind,
09:38 I can go to that place where maybe I could pretend to be
09:41 with these multiple guys or these multiple girls
09:43 and do these different things."
09:45 There's also some different reasons
09:48 and I just wanted remind our viewers,
09:51 if you are a sex addict
09:53 and you're watching pornography,
09:55 you are not sober,
09:57 you are still continuing the cycle.
10:00 You may think,
10:01 "Okay, I'm not having sex, that means I'm fine."
10:04 But no, you're not fine,
10:07 you are still feeding your mind
10:10 and sex doesn't just start physically,
10:13 the sexual arousal starts in your mind.
10:17 Jacques?
10:19 The interesting thing about pornography is that
10:22 it takes a natural desire and it corrupts it.
10:26 God made us as men with desire to express ourselves sexually.
10:32 God made women with the desire
10:34 to want to be desired.
10:37 And one sex I call just to put it this way,
10:42 He says that,
10:43 "Well, men are tempted to watch pornography
10:46 because the way they're wired,
10:48 women are tempted to commit pornography."
10:51 And He goes on to say that,
10:53 "Whenever you act or whenever you dress
10:55 or whenever you talk in a way
10:58 to try to seduce someone or to sexualize yourself,
11:02 you might not be watching pornography
11:04 but you are committing pornography
11:05 with your very life.
11:07 Yeah.
11:08 And you were talking about the mental aspects,
11:12 something that came up in my brain was,
11:14 you know, the damaging parts
11:15 that there is some scientific information
11:17 that it affects the brain in such a way
11:19 that it can cause shrinkage
11:21 in some of the grey matter or white matter,
11:23 but also, you know, scripture,
11:25 Matthew 5, I think it's 28, that says,
11:27 "If you look on a woman to lust,
11:28 you've committed it in your heart."
11:30 There's some new scientific research
11:32 on something called a mirror neuron,
11:35 and when you commit an act
11:38 as far as me reaching out and grabbing her like this,
11:42 a particular neuron fires in my brain.
11:44 But when I watch somebody else commit the same act
11:47 that same neuron fires in my brain
11:49 as if I would have did it.
11:51 So like when you say a person
11:52 who is struggling with sex addiction not doing it
11:54 but they're watching it,
11:56 their brain is still getting the same high
11:58 and feeding of the same kind of emotion.
12:01 And I think, you know, to jump off of that too,
12:03 I think people understand that,
12:05 you know, one method of Holy Spirit communicating
12:07 is through your frontal lobe,
12:09 you know, and they did studies on serial killers
12:13 that whose frontal lobe was non functional,
12:15 it was dark, there was no activity
12:17 because all the synopsis were inhibited.
12:21 You know, so you have...
12:22 when you put before...
12:23 not just pornography
12:25 but anything that is not of God,
12:27 but mainly with pornography,
12:28 you know, you're inhibiting, your brain receptors,
12:31 to the point where you are essentially
12:33 you yourself are numbing out
12:34 your ability to communicate with God.
12:37 So even if you are a Christian, you know, sin knows no bounds.
12:41 Even if you are Christian,
12:43 you are inhibiting that communication,
12:44 you are numbing out your right from wrong.
12:46 You essentially now
12:48 cannot judge between right from wrong
12:50 when it comes to sex.
12:51 Let alone when it comes to normal everyday life.
12:55 So watching pornography is kind of like being stoned.
13:00 So pornography is mainly, you know,
13:04 that worldly man's problem, right?
13:09 I wouldn't say.
13:12 I wouldn't go that far.
13:14 It's... Look...
13:16 There's a lot of stigmas in the church
13:18 that people in the church don't do this x, y, and z,
13:21 but the church is a sick house for sick people to come.
13:23 And even though somebody might have been in the church
13:25 or grew up in the church, everybody has problems.
13:27 So it's looked as it's like it's a worldly man's problems
13:30 but we are finding out
13:32 sin is humanity's problem, you know.
13:37 And I went to
13:38 two Adventist colleges or universities
13:43 and it was something that I know that
13:46 I should have lived while I was there
13:47 while I was been fed spiritually,
13:49 I was still struggling with this thing
13:50 and also, you know,
13:52 when you are using your friend's computer
13:54 or when you're using your phone 'cause you don't have yours,
13:57 you know, you might just see a link
13:59 or you would see the last video he watched
14:03 or you would see the last thing he texted,
14:05 and so I could say that even among the young people
14:09 that were at our Adventist institutions,
14:11 they were struggling as well.
14:14 I think to...
14:15 you know, like I'll use myself as an example.
14:18 When I became a Christian,
14:19 I was struggling with pornography still.
14:21 But because the common argument
14:23 is that the Bible doesn't talk about masturbation.
14:26 That it's okay
14:28 because it doesn't talk about it.
14:30 I found that okay because number one,
14:31 the Bible doesn't talk about masturbation specifically.
14:34 It does talk about self gratification
14:36 instead of self denial.
14:39 And it doesn't talk about...
14:40 you know, I am not having sex with anybody,
14:42 I'm just looking at it.
14:43 So therefore, I'm not doing anything wrong
14:45 so I justified my own sinful behavior
14:49 and it carried me through all the way
14:50 through my undergrad phase,
14:52 even into seminary
14:53 and it wasn't until
14:55 I came to a realization through a support group
14:58 that this is dangerous.
15:01 It is a sin not
15:02 because the Bible does not talk about it,
15:04 it is a sin in many levels for many different reasons
15:06 and if you study the Word of God,
15:08 you will see those reasons why.
15:11 And it's interesting that you said like before,
15:13 you went through your different studies.
15:16 Christianity, they did a survey
15:17 and they said 40% of pastors do suffer,
15:21 struggle with pornography.
15:23 And this group of DGM,
15:25 they did a survey on 700 Christian women
15:28 and they found out that 40% of these women
15:31 have struggled with pornography.
15:33 And in another survey question,
15:35 it said that 60% of women stated
15:37 that they had struggled with pornography.
15:39 So it's one of those secrets things
15:41 that even though men are talked about more,
15:43 women also do struggle with pornography.
15:47 So when do I know that I have a problem?
15:50 I think, you know, you have a problem
15:54 as soon as you've clicked on the button
15:59 and started watching the thing.
16:01 You know, if you don't deal with the reasons
16:04 why you went to that site or clicked on that button,
16:09 you might not do it all the time
16:10 but sooner or later, it's going to come up again.
16:12 So as soon as you engage, you have a problem, you know.
16:17 I'd have to agree with Tim on this one as well
16:20 like there is no healthy amount of pornography.
16:24 Right.
16:26 You know, that just doesn't exist
16:28 until if you're indulging once a week,
16:31 once a month, you know, once a year,
16:33 there's a problem there.
16:34 You know, many times,
16:36 I know from the male perspective,
16:38 there are a lot of men
16:39 who watch pornography is 'cause of low self-esteem.
16:41 You know, they feel like,
16:43 "This woman can make me more of a man
16:44 and this woman makes me feel good.
16:46 She never questions me,
16:47 she never asks me for anything."
16:50 You know, and so
16:52 if you are watching this at all,
16:54 you might be struggling with your own self-esteem
16:56 and so you need to seek help.
16:58 When do you know that you need professional help?
17:02 I think, you know, for me, for example,
17:04 it got to the point
17:05 where it was like an automatic reaction to many situations,
17:10 "Let's watch pornography."
17:11 Or, "I'm just going to put it out there
17:15 if I would go to church and see some..."
17:18 Or the females, the way they were dressed,
17:19 that would automatically trigger certain things
17:22 that I had viewed in pornography
17:26 and they were wearing
17:27 that same style of dress or that same look.
17:30 And that would trigger things in my mind where essentially,
17:33 I was having pornographic images
17:35 in my head while in church
17:37 because of the way
17:38 these particular women were dressed.
17:41 And I would go home and I would have to sit there
17:45 and I'm like, "God, I know I'm not supposed to do it
17:47 but my brain has already been wired to react.
17:51 Not to just sit there and pray about it,
17:53 my brain has already went beyond that line of where
17:57 I can no longer control those inhibitions."
18:01 One thing...
18:04 But first,
18:05 I'm going tell a story of a news specialize scene
18:07 and then say something.
18:08 I was watching a news special on pornography,
18:10 I forgot what channel it was on,
18:12 but it was a young man and he was struggling with it.
18:15 And it had got so bad for him that while they were driving,
18:19 him and the reporter,
18:20 while they were driving in the car
18:22 and they passed a woman
18:24 who was dressed really revealing,
18:27 the young man had to pull over
18:29 and go on a side somewhere, going to bathroom
18:31 and take care of his issues and he came back.
18:34 And the news reporter asks him,
18:36 "Did you, you know, did you go in there masturbating?"
18:38 And he admitted, "Yeah I did".
18:40 That's how bad it had, you know, gotten for him.
18:44 But I think you can know you have exactly a problem
18:48 until you know it's wrong for you to do it.
18:50 And once you know it's wrong,
18:51 you're trying to stop it and you can't,
18:53 then I think you know you have a problem then.
18:55 Okay, let me just go ahead and say something.
18:59 I just realized...
19:02 Can I be honest with you guys for now?
19:04 Can we be honest? Sure.
19:05 Okay, I didn't know
19:07 that I struggled with pornography
19:09 until right now.
19:12 Right now, I didn't have...
19:15 I mean, the life that I lived, the things that I have done,
19:19 I did not realize the struggle.
19:23 I didn't see it until just now on this program.
19:27 That's crazy.
19:28 But it's still a blessing
19:30 because now you have a better understanding
19:31 of who you are.
19:34 And there are going to be some people who watching this,
19:36 you know, program and they are going to say,
19:38 "Pornography isn't a problem for us."
19:40 They probably have their hands up like that too.
19:42 You know, "It's an informative tool.
19:44 We use it to have better ideas
19:46 what we need to be doing to enhance our sex life."
19:49 What would you say about that?
19:53 Pornography being an informative tool,
19:57 informing them kind of how?
19:59 Just informing people
20:01 on what to do and things like that?
20:03 I would say,
20:05 whether they're using that for information,
20:07 all of the bad things
20:08 that we still stated can happen,
20:10 can still happen to those people
20:13 if they're using it for that.
20:16 I think to understand that,
20:17 if you want an informative tool
20:19 about lovemaking, go to Song of Solomon.
20:22 My question, is God in your bedroom?
20:24 It's Song of Solomon.
20:25 It's got, I mean, I thought I was reading out...
20:27 When I read it, I was like, "This is in the Bible? Wow!"
20:30 You know, it was really...
20:32 it's not sex, you know, God presented us lovemaking.
20:37 In the Song of Solomon, presented as lovemaking
20:40 and it takes it to a whole different level
20:42 rather than just pornographic,
20:44 you know, "Hey, let's have sex."
20:45 And that's it.
20:47 And going with that element of lovemaking,
20:48 what about Christian pornography?
20:50 The person was saying,
20:52 "You know, Christian pornography,
20:53 it expresses the beauty of sex.
20:55 You know, it isn't like bondage and those other things."
21:00 The interesting thing about Christian pornography,
21:02 when I was in research on this new genre of pornography
21:07 that I didn't even know existed,
21:09 they said that it wasn't as dangerous
21:13 and it could be used to transition
21:15 one off pornography
21:17 and the actors, they're married couple
21:21 and they don't use profanity and they don't add the violence
21:25 and all the other things.
21:26 And so this website in a way
21:28 it was trying to promote it as a healthy alternative,
21:32 and I think that's absolutely ludicrous
21:35 because it's a thing that I can't watch two people
21:38 whether they're married or not,
21:40 engaged in something that is supposed to be private,
21:43 and then I can masturbate to that,
21:46 that is not pure
21:48 just because the people on the screen are married,
21:50 that's just corrupt.
21:53 That's so true. It's corruption.
21:56 And that goes to the question
21:57 of how does pornography affect one's sex life?
22:02 As a married, my ma'am, my wife,
22:06 I am, you know, I used to...
22:08 Because of the struggle with pornography before,
22:11 it really took a lot of prayer to understand my body again
22:16 because and I hate it,
22:18 I don't hate to say it like this
22:20 but it's true,
22:21 as how strong you are as man,
22:23 I got to the point where I just didn't like sex
22:26 like it was just boring like sex again, like really?
22:31 You know, it really did mess up my brain.
22:33 But, you know, I praise God for transformation.
22:39 Well, I think the affix says, a woman, for example,
22:44 can watch pornography right before
22:48 she perform lovemaking with her husband
22:51 and if her husband is not performing
22:56 which she just watched prior,
22:59 she might make some suggestions like,
23:01 "No, husband, could you pull my hair
23:04 or smack me or give it to me rough.
23:10 "You know, all these crazy things
23:14 and bringing it forth into their marriage
23:16 and the husband is like, "What's going on?"
23:19 So I think that can have some effects on,
23:22 you know, within the relationship.
23:25 What a lot of doctors and councilors are now noticing
23:28 is something called
23:29 porn-induced erectile dysfunction
23:32 and they having to prescribe
23:34 a lot of erectile dysfunction medication
23:36 to men in their 20s
23:38 because they've been watching so much pornography
23:40 that they really cannot perform,
23:44 if I can use that word,
23:45 when it comes to a real life or live woman,
23:49 you know, they are used to the over stimulation
23:51 and even in my own life I started to see the effects.
23:54 You know, I would think that
23:56 there was something wrong with the girl,
23:58 you know, "Maybe she's not just pretty enough
23:59 or maybe x, y, and z."
24:01 But the problem was that
24:02 I was starting to suffer from this condition.
24:06 Wow, pornography
24:07 is really a dangerous thing and it affects,
24:10 you know, not only you but also your partner.
24:12 Your partner might feel like they have been cheated on,
24:14 they may not fully understand it,
24:16 but they feel like you are not there with them.
24:18 So now that we know all the risk
24:20 and cons of pornography,
24:22 how do I prevent,
24:23 you know, my loved one from falling into this trap?
24:26 Well, from a parental standpoint,
24:30 you have to have a,
24:32 you know, if you are going to give you a kid tablets
24:34 and all these things
24:35 they make them for kids and stuff
24:36 and you can get on the internet,
24:38 you have to have lock controls,
24:39 you have to know what they're watching,
24:41 you need to be in the same room when they're playing with this,
24:43 and know exactly what they're seeing
24:45 so they don't stumble on any sites
24:48 because things just pop up nowadays
24:50 and so we have to have communication open.
24:52 To ask them, you know,
24:53 did they see something at school
24:55 'cause nowadays, kids got cell phones in school,
24:58 it's easy to pull anything up,
25:00 and if it's a family member,
25:01 you know, I think having the communication lines open
25:05 to talk about it.
25:07 I think too this over-sexualized society
25:09 we live in,
25:10 aside from, you know, tablets and parental controls with,
25:14 with our loved ones,
25:16 it's also helping them to understand,
25:18 you know, their bodies,
25:19 helping them to understand their defects of certain things
25:23 because, you know, and essentially, realistically,
25:26 pornography is everywhere
25:27 you look at them in billboards,
25:29 you look at outside.
25:30 And eventually, say pornography is even in our church today.
25:33 You know, in the way we dress and the attire and everything,
25:35 so it's we are an over-sexualized society
25:38 and I think just educating ourselves
25:40 or educating our loved ones
25:42 and being a support system for our loved ones.
25:44 And if we have children, helping them to understand
25:47 before their world helps them to understand.
25:50 Thank you so much for saying that, Xavier.
25:52 And the Bible says in the Psalm 101:3,
25:55 "I will set nothing wicked before my eyes.
25:58 I hate the work of those who fall away,
26:00 it shall not cling to me".
26:02 As I think about my own history,
26:04 my own testimony,
26:05 I was only four years old
26:07 when I first saw something pornographic.
26:10 I had no idea what it was.
26:12 All I know is my body started feeling a certain way
26:15 and I started having desires
26:17 and then it didn't really make much sense to me.
26:19 And then as time progressed,
26:20 I started to see stuff on my computer,
26:24 and as it even progressed more by the time
26:26 I was 11 where I actually had sexual education.
26:29 I was already hooked.
26:30 I had no idea why I was hooked to this thing.
26:33 I just didn't really understand it.
26:35 And that's why it's so important
26:38 to really teach your children about sex.
26:42 Give them the proper view, really be able to...
26:46 also be careful of what they watch on TV
26:49 and what they're watching on their computers.
26:51 And really be part of that process
26:53 because as time progress,
26:56 things just got crazier and crazier and crazier.
26:59 I did things that I never thought
27:00 I would have done.
27:02 I saw things I never thought I would have ever seen.
27:04 And in a long run,
27:06 it affected my relationship with not only God
27:09 but also with my now spouse
27:12 because you have thoughts and you have images
27:15 and it just coming to your mind
27:17 and it just causes that disconnect.
27:19 So I don't know what you are struggling with.
27:22 But if you are struggling with pornography,
27:24 please, please realize that there is hope.
27:29 And you are not alone, you are not the first,
27:31 and probably won't be the last
27:32 but God can bring refuge to you,
27:35 He can set you free.
27:37 Think about it,
27:39 what forms of pornography have you seen,
27:40 what are you indulging in, why are you indulging in it?
27:45 When you focus on that key factor and you say,
27:47 "God, take it, take it from me.
27:50 I'm doing it
27:51 because I'm stressed or depressed.
27:53 Please, dear Lord, take it from me."
27:54 He will take it from you.
27:57 So please remember to make pure choices.


Revised 2017-11-26