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Participants: Brittany-Hill Morales (Host), Jacques LaGuerre, Myesha Lawson, Timothy Lawson, Xavier Morales


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:02 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:04 may be too candid for younger children.
00:39 Hello and welcome to another wonderful episode
00:42 of Pure Choices.
00:44 I'm your host Xavier Morales and next to me
00:46 I have Mr. Timothy Lawson.
00:49 Right here we have my lovely, wonderful, amazing wife,
00:52 Brittany-Hill Morales, Mr. Jacques LaGuerre,
00:55 and Timothy's wife of course we had to separate them,
00:58 Myesha Lawson. Welcome.
01:00 Also lovely and beautiful...
01:02 Yes, yes, yes. I can't say that, but you can.
01:05 Amen. Thank you.
01:07 But welcome, guys.
01:08 Today's topic is going to be a good one,
01:11 obviously there are good but this is one
01:12 that's very critical to us today,
01:14 it's called Commitment Phobia.
01:16 The title for today is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
01:20 but before we get into the nitty-gritty of it,
01:23 let us pray.
01:25 Dear Heavenly Father God,
01:26 we just want to thank You for bringing us here today.
01:28 Thank you for this topic.
01:30 And, Lord, help us to answer these questions
01:33 and address the viewers to the best of Your ability
01:36 in Jesus' name, amen.
01:38 Amen.
01:40 So commitment phobia that is obviously phobia, fear,
01:44 commitment, we know what that means.
01:46 But one question is, what is...?
01:50 How is commitment phobia defined?
01:52 What is commitment phobia to you?
01:55 Being afraid to take
01:57 the next step in a relationship,
02:00 you're only willing to go so far,
02:03 but the moment the opportunity comes to go
02:05 a little bit further,
02:07 all these rationale start coming up,
02:10 well, maybe not so, maybe you're not really the one
02:13 or, you know, you comb your hair
02:16 to the left instead to the right,
02:18 you leave your toothbrush on the sink,
02:21 like all these crazy reasoning starts happening
02:23 because you don't want to take that additional step.
02:26 Myesha?
02:27 I also like to say that,
02:29 you've been afraid to be vulnerable,
02:33 you know, to open up, to show yourself,
02:37 who you really are for that person to get to,
02:39 you know, I basically say let them in your heart,
02:43 you know, you have this wall up.
02:46 Jacques?
02:47 And I think with the commitment phobia,
02:48 it can manifest itself at different parts
02:51 in the relationship.
02:53 One person might be afraid of taking it past
02:55 just the physical relationship
02:57 and so once they feel their emotions being engaged,
03:00 they just, they end the relationship.
03:02 Some people might feel comfortable
03:04 having a boyfriend or having a girlfriend,
03:06 but once the relationship is gone to the next level,
03:09 then they get afraid or some people,
03:12 they're perpetual daters,
03:13 but they never really want to get married.
03:16 And so you can be afraid
03:17 of different levels of commitment.
03:19 And I like that
03:20 because I was watching a television show
03:22 the other day that people have been together dating,
03:26 you know, boyfriend on and off girlfriend for 10 years.
03:30 I would call that a commitment phobia
03:31 just a little bit,
03:33 just a little bit, for 10 years,
03:35 and, you know, it makes me think
03:38 how does upbringing, how does your,
03:39 you know, your upbringing affect
03:42 your ability to commit in a relationship.
03:46 I think it, you know, everything starts
03:49 from your childhood, the training that you receive.
03:52 And so if you've had a childhood
03:55 where you seen that people could be together
03:59 like you're saying for 10 years
04:00 without having to commit, then you get an idea
04:03 that you don't need to take that extra step.
04:06 But also if you've seen a lot of failed marriages,
04:09 if you've seen your parents go through,
04:11 more of your aunties or your uncles,
04:13 it makes you feel like,
04:14 "Well, I'm never going to do that,
04:16 you know, 'cause I don't want that to happen to me
04:18 and so what's the point?"
04:20 And so what you see is a child will gear you towards a person
04:25 who saw a good relationship and it go right,
04:28 and they're saying, okay, this could work.
04:31 Yes. Yeah, Jacques...
04:33 What Tim's have reminded me of a friend that I had,
04:36 during my college days, you know, I was just at the bar
04:39 with a friend with a couple young ladies,
04:41 and we began to talk,
04:43 and the conversation of relationships
04:45 and marriage came up, and she told me
04:47 that she never want to get married.
04:50 And I thought that was weird
04:51 until I asked her why and she said
04:53 because I've never seen one that works.
04:55 And so even in looking around to your aunts
04:59 and to your uncles, and to your parents,
05:01 if you've never seen a successful relationship,
05:04 you think it's impossible,
05:06 and so you don't even want to take that risk.
05:08 So here's the question for the...
05:10 Oh, go ahead, Britt.
05:12 I was going to also add I think terminology
05:13 has also played a role in what,
05:15 and how society views that extra step
05:18 if you make in marriage
05:19 or if you're going to even date someone,
05:22 if you're going to be with the person,
05:23 oh, that's your old lady
05:24 or that's the old ball and chain,
05:26 it seems like, if you go a step further
05:29 or you really want to only be with that one,
05:31 that's when things are going to get dull,
05:32 it's going to get boring,
05:33 those ideas that if you go into a long term relationship,
05:38 it is not going to bring you as much fulfillment
05:41 as always being in new and random relationships.
05:44 Interesting. I like that, I like that.
05:47 Now here's my question, this is for the ladies,
05:48 this is for the ladies,
05:50 how do men express or show commitment phobia?
05:54 Let's start from what we see on TV, the usually,
05:56 you know, what do you think, Myesha,
05:57 you smiling over there?
05:58 Go ahead.
06:00 Well, let's just say I went through it.
06:01 So the woman.
06:03 You got to behave now...
06:04 Oh, please.
06:08 Well, as my husband said something,
06:11 you don't mind, do you?
06:14 Well, let's just say I wanted more and he didn't.
06:19 So he called himself keeping it real,
06:22 telling me exactly what he wants
06:24 and how he wanted to be.
06:26 And he didn't want a commitment
06:28 and so a man can either verbally say
06:32 what he wants and what he don't want,
06:34 or the man can act.
06:37 He can, like I said,
06:38 well, in the beginning he gives you
06:40 so much attention and then,
06:43 you know, he give you text messages,
06:45 good morning, good night, you know, all of that,
06:49 sending you pictures and all like,
06:51 you know, all like mushy stuff.
06:53 And then once he thinks things are going a little bit too far
06:57 and this is not towards my husband by the way.
06:59 Amen. A little bit of it was...
07:01 Disclaimer. In the beginning he was.
07:03 Disclaimer, disclaimer...
07:04 In the beginning he was, he told me straight up,
07:06 but anyway so...
07:08 Like I was saying commitment phobia,
07:11 he started to withdraw himself,
07:15 you know, from the woman and less texting,
07:18 he doesn't have that much time for her,
07:21 he's not giving out all the attention,
07:23 and then it's going to cause the woman to say,
07:27 you know, "What's wrong?"
07:29 You know, and start to question if it's her or if it's him.
07:35 I was going to add to that, it seems like,
07:39 in my experience when I've heard about men
07:41 who have phobia problems...
07:43 Not me. Not you.
07:46 But it seems like there wasn't this straight up,
07:50 "Okay, I'm not interested in you anymore.
07:51 I don't want to go any further. Let's just end it."
07:54 It'll probably be one minute you're texting all a lot
07:57 and then next minute I haven't heard from him
08:00 and it's been like two days...
08:02 Right.
08:03 Or you're walking down the street and you're like,
08:05 "Wait, he's wedded somebody new."
08:07 That it is not that straight, you know, direct speech of,
08:10 "Okay, no, I'm not interested anymore."
08:13 It's like this shy,
08:14 like they don't want to get hurt or something
08:17 or maybe they don't want to hurt you straight up,
08:19 so they just shy away, you know, slowly but surely.
08:23 I don't know if maybe they're hoping,
08:25 you'll just forget their number,
08:27 just be so mad that you say forget you.
08:30 I actually had a girlfriend that she was talking to a guy
08:34 and he was so sweet,
08:35 all of a sudden he started acting all crazy.
08:37 And she said, "Why are you acting like this?
08:39 Why are you getting upset." She's like, "Okay, we're over.
08:41 Let's break up." And he was like, "Great.
08:43 That's exactly what I wanted."
08:44 Oh, my...
08:45 He deliberately pushed her and pushed her,
08:48 got under her skin so that she would be the one
08:52 to break up with him.
08:53 So it seems like
08:54 she wasn't going to be that hurt,
08:56 but he was able to be free.
08:58 Wow.
08:59 And I find that interesting because phobia is a fear,
09:01 a fear that's overpowering you.
09:05 People have different types,
09:06 but, you know, the phobia is what controls
09:08 how you express yourself, your emotions and everything,
09:11 and I find it interesting
09:12 that men and women tend to express
09:15 the same kind of things
09:17 or reactions in commitment phobia.
09:18 I don't know, you know, for the fellows,
09:20 I don't know how you think, you know, how you view,
09:22 how women express their phobia,
09:23 but I know, I've seen it similarly,
09:25 well, not with my wife, my wife is wonderful, viewers.
09:27 My wife is just amazing.
09:29 Just want to make sure that disclaimer.
09:31 But, you know, that commitment phobia
09:33 is expressed that way too,
09:34 you know, that pushback, we push away to,
09:38 you know, to kind of withdraw a little bit with the texting,
09:41 with the calling, you know, but it's always
09:43 that pushback kind of getting you,
09:44 you know, pushing you away.
09:46 I don't know what do the men think about,
09:47 how women express commitment phobia,
09:49 what do you guys think?
09:52 Well, nowadays for the most part
09:57 from what I've seen is almost the same.
10:01 You know, the guys, the way they act
10:03 is almost to say the same way the women act.
10:05 They could do it like,
10:06 you know, like Myesha said the girls can say straight up
10:10 this is what they want, you know, this is how far
10:12 they want to go in X, Y and Z and stuff like that
10:15 'cause they're trying to protect themselves
10:17 or they can do it like Brittney said,
10:22 the girl will just, you know, not say it,
10:26 but she might have
10:27 other guy friends, and then say,
10:29 "Well, you know, this is just my friend.
10:30 You know, this is just my friend.
10:32 I don't see the problem.
10:34 I don't see what's wrong with it, you know?"
10:37 And I've also seen in another way,
10:39 you know, a lot of women who are scared of commitment
10:41 because they're scared or they're hurt
10:42 or they're scared of being tied down,
10:45 they might like a guy but play,
10:50 you know, hard to get in a certain aspect,
10:52 you know, withdraw themselves like that.
10:54 I like that. What do you think, Jacques?
10:56 I think that a lot of women who,
10:58 they're afraid of commitment,
11:00 I think that manifests itself in the types of guys
11:03 that they go for,
11:06 and that's where you see a lot of the girls
11:08 how like the bad boys,
11:10 because they know deep down inside
11:13 that this guy is not going to commit to them.
11:15 He has a reputation and he might have even played
11:20 as they say that woman's friend,
11:23 and so she knows intimately that he's not a good guy.
11:27 But she's afraid of being with someone nice,
11:30 she's afraid of being with someone
11:31 who's actually love her
11:33 and so her commitment phobia it manifests itself
11:37 with her being with a guy
11:38 that's not going to treat her right,
11:39 and then when it ends, you know, she's crying,
11:42 and she's upset, but that's just the way
11:44 she knows how to deal with things
11:46 and how to cope with life.
11:47 And I like that because, you know, commitment
11:51 is not just commitment in a relationship,
11:54 you know, it's also in friendships.
11:56 How do you think commitment phobia
11:59 affects your friendships, something that is,
12:02 you know, you have friendships and you have relationships,
12:04 but how does it affect your friendships?
12:07 I think it makes you, you know, selfish
12:10 because you see this person as your friend,
12:14 but you really try to withhold all your feelings,
12:17 so in case they betray you or in case they do some,
12:20 I didn't really know him anyway or he was just an acquaintance.
12:23 So you don't invest all of your time and energy
12:27 into really trying to care for that friendship
12:29 because the stigma out there
12:30 that friends will always betray you in X, Y, and Z,
12:34 and while that does happen,
12:36 you know, a relationship can never be genuine
12:38 unless you go 100% at it so.
12:41 I say it makes you feel alone,
12:43 because you're always scared of the worse,
12:49 and what I've seen among women
12:51 who have commitment phobia, and they don't trust men,
12:54 they don't believe a man will be faithful
12:57 that he will go all the way,
12:58 and if he goes all the way he's going to cheat on you.
13:00 He's going to do this and that to you.
13:03 So what they do is the girlfriend meets the guy,
13:07 "Girl, why are you trying to be with a man,
13:09 you already know how men are, their X, Y, and Z."
13:12 The girlfriend is going to step further,
13:14 "I love him, you know, he's what God told."
13:16 Girl, you know, that's not true,
13:17 he's going to do X, Y and Z."
13:19 And then that relationship has a strain on it,
13:22 because that friend is being so negative,
13:25 feeding all this negative energy
13:28 that even that friend might start wondering.
13:30 I wonder if she's right, but maybe she's not right,
13:32 maybe I should just cut up that relationship.
13:34 So you keep on like ending relationships,
13:37 because most likely if the girl doesn't trust men,
13:39 she may not have a lot of men friends
13:42 or she might also betray too to men.
13:44 "Why are you, you've always been
13:45 with all these different women."
13:47 "No, I'm not."
13:48 Yes, you are, I see how you talked to her".
13:50 Just causing all that contention
13:51 and, you know, distrust and you just end up alone
13:54 because you're not really comfortable
13:56 at trusting anyone.
13:57 True. I like that.
13:59 What do you think, Jacques,
14:01 you will be thinking about something over there?
14:03 Man, get the wisdom. Get the wisdom.
14:06 When it comes to commitment phobia,
14:09 on just a grander scale, it's...
14:15 I believe it's a serious disorder
14:17 where someone is just trying to protect themselves,
14:19 it's all about protection.
14:21 You know, because,
14:22 and when it comes to your friends
14:23 like what Brittany was saying, if you're afraid of being hurt,
14:28 then you won't really open yourself up
14:31 to your own friends,
14:32 and so they're not even really seeing
14:34 the true you, they're seeing a mask.
14:36 And even if you guys have a disagreement,
14:39 you might not even express yourself,
14:41 and have a healthy discussion about your disagreement
14:43 because you're afraid of opening yourself up,
14:45 you're afraid of people knowing who you really are.
14:48 And you're kind of living a double life
14:53 and it's not because you have to,
14:55 but it's because you're afraid.
14:56 You're afraid of what it really means
14:58 to connect with another person,
15:00 because the more you let someone know who you are,
15:03 the more they can hurt you.
15:05 I want to give like, you know, personally I never,
15:09 you know, I had commitment phobia.
15:10 When I was like younger, I was basically like,
15:13 you know, I'm not getting married,
15:15 because society is geared toward me
15:16 getting whatever I want to get.
15:18 As far as a female is concerned and not having to marry her,
15:22 and go through her maybe cheating on me
15:26 or maybe hurting me in some kind of shape,
15:29 form or fashion,
15:30 so I'm not going to get married.
15:32 So my commitment phobia made me switch my mind state
15:36 into thinking that the life
15:37 I was living was actually what I wanted, right?
15:40 Because I can't say that I want a relationship
15:42 because that might hurt me,
15:44 so I'm scared to commit and so I'll say
15:46 that I want to be single, I want to be a hook up guy,
15:50 you know, I want to be the type of guy
15:52 that will talk to different girls,
15:54 but really it was no fulfillment in that,
15:57 but I have to tell myself
15:59 this is what I want so I can protect myself.
16:04 It's like you deceive yourself.
16:05 You're trying to tell yourself,
16:07 "Okay, I don't need this
16:09 because I'm strong, I'm independent,
16:13 I can be bad all by myself.
16:15 I can handle things.
16:17 I don't need this person in my life.
16:19 I'm good."
16:20 And it's like, you are trying to sell it to yourself,
16:23 but your heart doesn't believe it.
16:25 I like that because here's a question for you,
16:29 in reference to this,
16:31 the commitment to an individual
16:32 whether it be a in a relationship
16:34 or friendship can affect you so much
16:37 where you just, you are socially awkward.
16:41 You know what I mean.
16:42 So in this phobia,
16:45 because the Bible talks a lot about commitment,
16:47 about committing yourself to Lord,
16:49 about committing everything you do to Him.
16:51 How does your ability to commit to a human affect your ability
16:56 to commit to God who created us.
16:59 How do you think that plays a role?
17:01 How does commitment phobia play a role
17:03 in your commitment to God?
17:05 Are you able to commit?
17:07 Are you able to really do anything?
17:10 Or are you too stuck in your own fears?
17:11 What do you guys say?
17:13 It's almost like that scripture, you know...
17:14 I was just thinking that...
17:16 "How can you love the Lord, who you can't see if you can't,
17:18 you know, have love for your brother
17:19 who you can see?"
17:21 And so, if you have a disconnect
17:23 with human relationships,
17:25 then you'll treat the relationship
17:27 with God that same way.
17:29 Oh, I know you love me, I know you said all of this,
17:31 but, you know,
17:33 do you really care about me or you,
17:35 is this something in it for you,
17:37 why you're doing this?
17:38 And you'll start to bring
17:39 that relationship down to a base level.
17:43 And basically what will happen is,
17:45 it will really be hard for you, you might have faith in God
17:48 and believe that He exists, but it will be harder,
17:51 almost impossible for you to really trust in the Lord
17:55 at that point.
17:56 Yes, Jacques.
17:57 Our relationship with Christ is a huge commitment.
18:00 Every one of the disciples,
18:02 when they were called they had to leave everything
18:04 and follow Christ.
18:06 Even if they decide to turn back,
18:08 they still made a huge decision,
18:11 they took a huge...
18:12 Well, some people call it risk, but when you serve God
18:14 you're really never taking a risk
18:16 'cause He's 100% all the time.
18:19 But when we're afraid of that commitment to Christ,
18:22 it will inevitably lead into sin.
18:25 And since we're talking about relationships,
18:27 you know, and we're talking predominately
18:28 to young people, when you look at the culture,
18:32 many people fall into pornography
18:34 because they're afraid to commit.
18:36 You don't have to commit to this woman on a screen.
18:40 There's no fear associated with your interaction
18:43 and people that are highly introverted
18:44 like myself tend to fall into that even more,
18:47 because they're socially awkward
18:49 like you are saying,
18:50 and they don't know how to interact,
18:52 they don't want to open up, they don't want to get hurt,
18:54 and they go to a computer to find someone
18:56 that will never hurt them.
18:58 Interesting.
19:00 Well, you know, it's just interesting to think
19:02 about this concept of being having
19:05 a phobia towards commitment,
19:07 especially if you're a Christian,
19:09 how can you have a commitment phobia
19:10 if you are a Christian?
19:12 You know, you're committing yourself
19:13 unto the Lord.
19:14 And I know one of the questions for you,
19:16 you know, maybe our viewer is asking,
19:18 "I don't have a commitment phobia,
19:20 I'm just being cautious on who I choose
19:22 or who God has for me."
19:24 You know, but my question for you,
19:27 the viewer audience there and also for my panel here,
19:32 is there a distinction between commitment phobia
19:35 and being cautious?
19:37 And if there is a distinction,
19:38 what is it, can you explain a little bit?
19:42 I probably say that the distinction is
19:45 if God is telling you to move forward,
19:48 and you're giving him 21 reasons
19:51 why you should not.
19:54 I think that's the biggest distinction.
19:56 God is clearly saying,
19:58 this person is the one for you and you're saying,
20:02 "God, no, this person cannot be the one for me
20:05 because they don't pray the way I think they should be praying,
20:10 they don't do to ministry, I think they should be doing.
20:13 They don't carry themselves the way I think
20:15 they should to carry themselves."
20:17 And the list starts getting longer and longer
20:20 that you start thinking, "You know, what?
20:23 God, I'm crazy.
20:24 It wasn't you who was talking to me.
20:26 You weren't the one telling me to go be with this person.
20:29 It was the devil.
20:30 It was something else going on inside of me."
20:32 And you start rationalizing and rationalizing.
20:35 And if you're in that place,
20:38 you really need to sit down and be like,
20:39 "Okay, whoa, what is it that's really causing me to be
20:44 so afraid of commitments?"
20:48 And also if you're considering not marrying a person, okay,
20:52 I'm going to be with this person,
20:54 but I'm going to break God's law,
20:56 I'm not going to marry them.
20:57 I probably live with them. I'll have kids with them.
21:01 I'll spend the rest of my life with them
21:03 because that's what God wants, right?
21:04 For us to spend the rest of my life
21:06 with a person who really love.
21:07 Yeah.
21:09 We don't need to make that, you know, commitment-commitment
21:10 because that's just a legal document.
21:11 You start doing
21:13 all these different types of rationalization,
21:16 that's the difference.
21:18 If you're so cautious that you can't even see God,
21:21 what He has in store for you, that's like a huge red flag.
21:27 What do you think, Jacques?
21:29 Well, there's a difference between being cautious
21:31 and suffering from commitment phobia.
21:34 I'd say when you're cautious,
21:39 you're comparing this person or you're comparing
21:44 the relationship against something objective.
21:46 So if this person does not meet
21:49 some sort of spiritual requirements,
21:51 if they don't belong to the same church as you,
21:52 if they don't have the same faith,
21:54 if they don't have the same commitment,
21:55 then that is a valid reason to not move forward,
22:00 but I'd say that you're suffering
22:02 from commitment phobia when you can stay
22:04 in the same place in a relationship
22:07 for a prolonged period of time.
22:09 So if you come to a realization that you're dating someone
22:12 and you don't want to move forward,
22:14 if you don't end the relationship
22:16 and you stay in the same place
22:17 for the next two years, three years, four years,
22:20 you might suffer from commitment phobia
22:22 because you're not willing to go forward,
22:24 and you're not willing to end the relationship either,
22:26 you're just kind of stuck.
22:29 I think a real big difference with knowing
22:32 when God is saying stop
22:34 and having commitment phobia is,
22:36 you know, I love the Bible
22:37 'cause there's a verse says this,
22:39 "Commit thy ways unto the Lord
22:40 and so shall thy thoughts be established."
22:42 And so the big difference is trust,
22:45 if you are actually actively every day committing your life
22:48 to the Lord, asking Him about your relationships,
22:51 He's going to tell you
22:52 when to stop, when to go forward.
22:54 Yes, this person is right for you.
22:56 No, they're not,
22:57 you know, or maybe this person is right for you,
22:59 just not right now, you should wait.
23:01 And when it comes to commitment phobia,
23:03 I think you'll take the Bible and find anything
23:06 you can rationalize your own situation
23:09 to kind of do what you want.
23:10 You know, you want to go this far,
23:12 but maybe you want to come back,
23:14 maybe there's stuff that you want from this person,
23:16 but you don't want to go all the way,
23:17 and so you will put your mind above what God says
23:22 and those are the two real big differences.
23:25 One is you're listening to what God says
23:27 and following His example, the other one,
23:29 you're kind of listening to what you think should happen
23:32 or what whoever else is telling you should happen.
23:35 And I like that, because, you know,
23:37 that kind of leads us into our last question
23:39 which is how do you overcome commitment phobia,
23:43 you know, especially
23:44 if you're already in a relationship?
23:47 You know, if you're in a dating relationship,
23:49 how do you overcome to,
23:50 how do you proceed on to the next phase,
23:52 how do you heal from that?
23:54 Perfect love casteth out all fear.
23:58 And I'm going to just almost piggyback
24:00 to what I said earlier,
24:01 if you are trusting in the Lord
24:03 with all your heart, mind, and soul,
24:08 you don't have to be afraid of any situation
24:10 He puts you in.
24:12 And if it's commitment, whatever road He takes you now,
24:15 you can be rest assured and trusting in Him
24:18 that He's leading you in the right path.
24:20 Jacques?
24:22 I was going to say something along those lines, committing,
24:26 it can be a very nerve-racking process.
24:30 And so it's only when you can commit to Christ,
24:33 and you can get His love,
24:34 and when you can get His wisdom,
24:36 and you can get His spirit within you,
24:39 that when you're committing to other people
24:40 you'll have that discernment to know
24:42 whether or not you should move forward.
24:44 And even when you know that it's God who's telling you
24:46 to go forward,
24:47 you still might be a little bit nervous,
24:50 but you have the assurance that if you trust in God
24:52 and lean not on your understanding,
24:54 He is the one who is directing your path.
24:58 I like that and, you know, to our viewers out there,
25:02 understanding the fact that phobia is a fear,
25:06 it does overwhelm your every being,
25:08 it does overwhelm every sense in your body, in your mind,
25:12 and being committed,
25:14 you know, to something that's permanent
25:15 like a marriage can be scary.
25:17 There's nothing wrong with you for being scared.
25:20 But the Lord promises to heal you from those fears,
25:23 to help you along the way.
25:26 I don't know what you've been through,
25:27 only God knows what you've been through.
25:29 Again, just because you're afraid doesn't mean
25:31 you're a bad person,
25:32 doesn't mean there's no going back,
25:34 it just means you need a little extra help.
25:37 You know, if you need prayer, reach out.
25:38 If you need counseling, reach out.
25:41 Just don't forget that God is always with you
25:44 and He's never too weak
25:47 to help you heal from these phobias.
25:49 So commit your ways unto the Lord
25:52 and set your eyes upon Him,
25:53 and always remember to make pure choices.


Revised 2018-05-30