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Participants: Brittany-Hill Morales (Host), Jacques LaGuerre, Myesha Lawson, Timothy Lawson, Xavier Morales


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:04 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:42 Hello there.
00:43 Welcome to our program Pure Choices.
00:46 This is actually our 100th episode.
00:49 We have a really great program for you today.
00:52 And we also have a very great panel.
00:55 Over here, we have my husband Xavier Morales.
00:59 On the couch, we have Mrs. Myesha Lawson.
01:01 Right beside, her husband, Mr. Timothy Lawson.
01:05 And also, Brother Jacques LaGuerre.
01:09 So before we jump into our topic for today,
01:11 let us pray.
01:14 Dear kind most heavenly Father, dear God,
01:16 I pray that you will be with us here as the panel,
01:18 and that you'll also be with the viewers at home
01:20 as we figure out what it is women need.
01:23 In Jesus' name.
01:25 Amen. Amen.
01:27 So the title for today's program is Search,
01:30 A Real Woman Is.
01:32 I think we all can agree
01:34 there has been truly a search among women
01:36 trying to figure out what it is that we're supposed to be,
01:39 what's our role, what is it that we need,
01:42 what really defines us as women.
01:44 And I think even men are
01:46 trying to figure out what is a good woman,
01:48 what is a real woman, who should I look for,
01:50 what should I be thinking about.
01:54 Just the other day, I was looking at a program,
01:59 and it was very, very crazy
02:02 as this gentleman was trying to explain the issue
02:06 with Lot's children and his daughters
02:09 and how they got him drunk.
02:12 And I was like,
02:14 "Okay, this might be like a really good sermon,"
02:16 until he made an extreme twist and said,
02:19 "Well, daughters are supposed to marry their fathers."
02:23 And I was so in shock and said, "No, no, no.
02:28 What?
02:29 Are people really thinking this?"
02:31 And we think about so many different situations
02:33 of women in Asia
02:36 and how they're dealing with how they're treated
02:39 and trying to understand their self-worth.
02:41 So among you guys,
02:43 what do you think it is that women need?
02:49 Well, to me, women need... Well, what I need...
02:56 I always felt like I needed to be loved, you know.
03:01 In today's society, women are not getting that.
03:04 Or real love, you know, we get this counterfeit,
03:09 you know, in the world
03:10 or thinking that we can be loved by men
03:14 or, you know, other people,
03:17 but the real love comes from God.
03:22 It's interesting.
03:24 You know, in society, women are the nurturers,
03:28 you know, as it were.
03:29 But, you know, in all actuality women themselves need to be,
03:33 you know, strengthened and nurtured.
03:35 You always hear the comparison
03:40 to women or girls being like flowers,
03:42 I guess you could say...
03:44 Delicate flowers. Delicate flowers.
03:45 And, you know, a flower needs to be watered
03:47 and cared for in a certain kind of way.
03:53 Jacques, you want to say something?
03:56 Well, me being single, I'm still learning.
04:01 I'm still learning exactly what women need.
04:05 But from all the reading I've done on the subject
04:08 and just talking with people, women need love
04:11 and women need to feel like they belong
04:14 and that they're loved for who they are,
04:16 not because of who you're trying to make them.
04:18 To be accepted. Also, women need to be...
04:23 They need to feel they're assured and protected.
04:26 Can anybody else speak a little bit about that?
04:28 Well, I think, you know,
04:29 women often want to find that security,
04:32 and nowadays, especially,
04:34 you don't have a lot of fathers in the home.
04:36 You know, you have a lot of fatherless...
04:37 And that's crucial to the development of a girl
04:42 into womanhood, it's crucial to have that,
04:44 you know, that strong male role model.
04:46 And, you know, women like to feel that protection,
04:49 like to feel that,
04:51 you know, even though they're strong, independent,
04:53 you know, they're able to do what they need to do.
04:56 They also want to make sure that,
04:57 you know, they have a good support,
04:58 that protection, that validation
05:00 with them as well.
05:02 Yeah, I think every woman
05:03 wants to be able to walk down the street
05:04 and know that nothing is going to happen to her.
05:06 Exactly. How about women...
05:08 'Cause a woman needs to feel safe.
05:10 She needs to feel safe in herself,
05:13 feel safe in her home, in her family, in her church.
05:17 She has to feel safe in all these different avenues.
05:20 I would also say a woman possibly
05:22 also needs to be humble.
05:24 Oh, yes. Most definitely. Oh, yes. Most definitely.
05:31 I'm growing in grace. Pray for me.
05:33 Lord is great. Pray for me.
05:35 Okay. Yes, most definitely.
05:38 I believe that a woman should be humble,
05:40 especially when she has to be a wife and a mother.
05:46 Not only she may have duties in the church,
05:50 as well as, you know, she might have a business of her own,
05:54 a ministry and, you know,
05:57 she's going to play different parts of her...
05:59 You know, she's going to have, you know...
06:02 She's gonna play different roles in her life.
06:04 And so, yes, most definitely,
06:05 she needs patience and she needs to be humble,
06:09 especially with her husband.
06:12 Amen.
06:14 You know, it's interesting.
06:15 And, you know,
06:16 we might keep bringing up this topic as it goes on.
06:18 But ever since, you know,
06:20 the '50s and '60s with the feminist movement,
06:22 it's almost been like women have been taught
06:24 that humility is a weakness.
06:27 You know, American culture, in general,
06:29 it doesn't place a high value on humility
06:31 on a man or a woman.
06:33 But, you know, the Bible says, a meek and quiet spirit,
06:37 you know, is kind of worth all the treasures in the world.
06:40 And so, you know, having that aspect instilled in women,
06:45 they're mostly taught,
06:46 you know, strength or intelligence
06:48 but not to be humbled and graceful.
06:52 And I think that is a very high commodity.
06:54 Yeah.
06:55 You know, I think too that lack of being taught
06:58 to have that humility has affected their image,
07:01 has affected the way they relate to other women,
07:04 it has affected the way they dress
07:07 because society says, you know, humility would dictate,
07:10 you know, the way you dress,
07:12 you know, versus the society says,
07:14 "The more you expose,
07:15 the stronger of a woman you are,
07:17 the better looking you are.
07:18 The more plastic pieces you have on your body,
07:22 the better, the stronger of a woman you are."
07:26 Humility is a rare commodity.
07:28 It's almost an anomaly in today's society.
07:31 And as you just talked about,
07:33 women are probably changing their bodies.
07:35 They need to know their self-worth.
07:36 Yes, most definitely.
07:38 And also need to know that they're accepted by Christ,
07:41 that they're loved by Christ, they need Jesus Christ.
07:44 That should have been the first statement.
07:45 Yeah. They need Jesus.
07:48 And they need to know their standards
07:50 and not to have them so low
07:53 that it diminishes their self-worth.
07:55 Anybody else has something to say?
07:57 Yeah, I think
07:58 to piggyback a little bit off what you're saying,
08:00 one of the main things is that they need to know
08:03 that they don't have to listen to everybody else
08:07 to find out who they need to be.
08:09 Like you said, they can go to Jesus.
08:11 Magazines tell them they need to wear this,
08:13 dress like this, look like this,
08:15 and then the images on the magazine
08:16 are fake and Photoshopped in the first place.
08:19 And then, you know, television society,
08:21 like he was saying, is more power
08:23 if you be like this and women need to have that,
08:25 you said self-worth and confidence
08:27 in themselves that,
08:29 you know, from their family circle,
08:31 from their church family circle,
08:32 and also from the Bible, they can find out who they are
08:35 and walk in what God has ordained them to do.
08:38 And, Jacques, got something else to say?
08:40 To piggyback on self-worth and what Tim was saying,
08:42 just last week, I preached a sermon entitled,
08:45 "The Cross and Two Marys."
08:47 And I was talking with a lot of young women
08:50 about how they could find their self-worth at the cross
08:53 and how Jesus himself,
08:55 while He was dying on the cross,
08:57 He was worried about two things,
08:58 He was worried about the salvation of the thief
09:01 and He was worried about His mother
09:03 and who would take care of her.
09:05 And then after He rose again,
09:07 the first person to see Him on that Sunday morning
09:09 was Mary Magdalene,
09:11 the woman caught in the act of adultery.
09:13 And so at the cross, on both sides of the cross,
09:16 you see Christ placing a high value on women.
09:19 And so women need to be able to go to the cross
09:22 and not to the magazine covers
09:23 and not to the music videos and not to the TV shows.
09:26 And once they get their self-worth there,
09:28 everything else will fall into place.
09:30 Amen. Amen.
09:32 So when it comes to a woman's calling in life,
09:35 I have heard three very different
09:38 controversial kind of statements.
09:40 All right.
09:41 The first one is "All a woman needs
09:44 is a husband and some kids.
09:48 It's best for the family if she's at home,
09:51 and that is where she belongs."
09:55 Well, well, well.
09:56 I think, with that,
09:57 I think, you know, growing up in the Caribbean,
10:00 you know, you have a lot of patriarchal,
10:03 big patriarchal family and you tend to see that.
10:07 You know, that's predominately
10:08 what I grew up around where the woman
10:10 is to stay at home, cook, and clean.
10:12 However, my immediate family, the nucleus,
10:15 with my mom and dad, it was always shared,
10:18 you know, I was always...
10:20 It wasn't anyone's rule. I remember my mom...
10:22 If my dad ever told my mother just say,
10:24 "Cook me a meal and clean,"
10:26 I don't think my dad would be around right now.
10:29 You know, you have to understand that,
10:31 in Jesus, there is no hierarchy.
10:34 It's equality, everybody has to rule.
10:37 But at the same time,
10:39 no rule is greater than another.
10:41 I think it's crazy because even in our churches
10:44 some women do always ask,
10:45 "So when are you getting married?
10:47 When are you getting married? When are you get married?
10:49 When are you gonna have some kids?"
10:50 It's like your life is not complete unless you have...
10:54 unless every single woman in this world
10:56 has a husband and kids.
10:58 Yeah.
11:00 I think that the woman should find out what she wants to do.
11:06 You know, some women don't want kids,
11:09 some women don't want to be married,
11:10 some women just want to focus on the ministry.
11:14 As for me, personally,
11:16 I didn't know how great it would be
11:17 to just be a wife and a mother fulltime.
11:23 I've tried going out working in...
11:25 you know, being in the working field,
11:26 and it just wasn't for me.
11:28 You know, I love being with my children
11:32 and doing my domestic duties at home,
11:36 being able to, you know, cook and clean.
11:38 I mean, that's therapy for me, you know,
11:41 knowing that while my husband is out working
11:45 and bringing home the meat, not literally...
11:49 Veggies.
11:50 He can come home to a loving wife,
11:54 his children are taken care of,
11:56 he's coming home to a cooked meal
11:59 and a clean home.
12:00 He can come home, you know, the home should be pleasant,
12:04 you know, it should be heaven on earth.
12:10 Another, I guess you can say, is a controversial statement
12:14 is when like a lot of people say,
12:16 "All women, what they need is a career.
12:21 They can be the father and the man
12:24 and all what they really need is,
12:26 you know, just to be single and great
12:29 because who needs a man anyway."
12:32 You know, going back again to,
12:37 you know, the old movements
12:38 that have told women these things,
12:40 you know, you just presented the two extremes
12:42 that only thing you're supposed to do
12:44 is stay home and raise kids and you can't do anything else
12:47 and only thing you're supposed to do is get a career
12:50 because staying home and raising kids
12:51 is taboo and whack.
12:53 And I like what somebody
12:56 just said that woman should go to God
12:58 to find out what she needs
13:00 and what she's supposed to do at a particular time in life.
13:04 You know, there have been women that have raised families
13:07 and then they went to school, they've been women
13:09 that have went to school and then raised families.
13:11 And I love the example of, you know, the writer
13:15 of the Spirit of Prophecy, Ellen White,
13:16 who had a husband and had a kid and had a home
13:20 and still did her prophetic ministry
13:23 that God had called her to do.
13:25 And the emphasis on the one that God had called her to do
13:28 and the Lord is going to make a way
13:31 for you to do the work He's called you to do.
13:34 And when the children are being raised,
13:38 there needs to be somebody there
13:40 to raise them and nurture them,
13:41 and it's a very important part of society
13:44 which is not around right now,
13:47 and it's the reason why children are so delinquent
13:50 and different things are happening in society
13:53 because Satan has tried to destroy that home structure.
13:56 But I think Christ wants to renew it
13:57 and present it in beauty without imbalance.
14:03 And I think this whole...
14:04 the two extremes, like you were saying,
14:06 exists because of abuses from the past.
14:10 You know, there are many people,
14:11 like let's say a young girl,
14:14 she watches her mother cooking like a full meal
14:18 and then the father comes home and he doesn't eat the food
14:21 because he felt like going out
14:23 to get pizza or something like that.
14:25 That little girl, looking at that,
14:27 will now think in her mind,
14:28 well, if I do domestic duties, then I won't be appreciated,
14:33 I won't be loved, and I won't be cherished.
14:35 And so a lot of women,
14:37 they've gone to this extreme of,
14:39 "It is beneath me to raise children,
14:42 it is beneath me to cook
14:43 because they've seen it taken advantage of."
14:48 Wow. Xavier?
14:50 I mean, that is just, like, they said it better than...
14:54 You know, Tim and everybody said it best, you know.
14:56 You don't see that nowadays,
14:57 you don't see women raising children.
15:00 I mean, yeah, given that in the society we live in,
15:02 a lot of times, it's almost a requirement
15:05 for a man and a woman to be in the working field,
15:09 but at the same time though,
15:11 you know, I can't avoid but saying Jesus in this
15:16 because He provides a perfect balance, you know.
15:20 There's nothing wrong with a woman
15:21 being in the working field, there's nothing wrong with,
15:24 you know, we see a lot of times the rules are reversed now
15:26 where the man stays home and takes care of the kids.
15:29 But I think there needs to be an equal playing field,
15:32 you know, for example, females in ministry,
15:35 you know, you have a lot of that now
15:37 where women want to be pastors, they're called to be pastors.
15:41 And you have a lot of men intimidated by that, you know.
15:44 And it's not, you know...
15:46 You have to be supportive, like,
15:48 you know, my wife in ministry,
15:50 I'm very supportive of who she is
15:51 and what she wants to do, what she is called to do.
15:54 And I think we need to really, really hone down
15:56 and really latch onto Jesus now more than ever
16:00 when it comes to understanding the role
16:03 that a woman plays in a man's life.
16:08 So across the board, for all women,
16:10 whether they are a wife, whether they are a mother,
16:13 whether they're just a single woman,
16:15 what is their calling?
16:19 Well, as for a mother, their calling is to,
16:26 you know, worry about their children
16:28 and preparing them for, you know, the kingdom.
16:34 You know, they say that...
16:35 Well, Ellen White says that
16:37 we're supposed to teach our children obedience.
16:40 That is the first teaching.
16:42 And when we do that, we're teaching...
16:45 If they can obey the parents, they can obey God.
16:49 So I believe that, as a woman, a mother,
16:53 even if she's a single mother,
16:56 her job is to fit her kids for the kingdom.
17:01 I think, as you gain more responsibilities,
17:05 your role will change.
17:07 A wife with no kids
17:09 is probably different than a wife with kids.
17:10 A single woman with no family,
17:12 I'm sure, her life is different
17:14 than a woman who is married and vice versa.
17:17 But I think the ultimate goal of a woman, a Christian woman,
17:21 regardless of any stage in her life
17:23 is to reflect the image of Jesus.
17:25 You know, if you go back to the Bible,
17:27 that's the original goal and the original tenet of man.
17:29 And if that is her goal to reflect the image of Jesus,
17:33 then when she goes to him, all her other "roles"
17:37 are going to fall into place and fall into line
17:40 and no matter what she thinks she has
17:42 or hasn't been called to do, she's going to submit to,
17:45 you know, the one who is altogether lovely
17:47 and follow His way instead of her plans.
17:50 I think, the Bible says, you know,
17:53 God created woman to be a helpmeet,
17:56 but a lot of times,
17:58 we confuse that with the scripture that says,
18:00 you know, I'll make your enemies my footstool.
18:02 And a lot of times,
18:03 we treat women as though they're footstools.
18:05 And they're not, they're helpmeets.
18:07 You know, they're supposed to be...
18:09 We're supposed to be a team mate, you know.
18:10 We're a team, we're not, you know,
18:13 at odds against each other, we're a team.
18:15 And I think, you know, in any field,
18:18 in any career, any calling,
18:20 whether you're single or you're married,
18:23 you know, you're called to be a helper.
18:26 You know, you should be proud of yourself for being born,
18:31 for being created by God
18:33 because He created you with a special purpose to be a help,
18:36 not a hindrance, not an oppression,
18:38 not an anchor, but a help.
18:40 And I think too, you know, that plays a role in
18:44 who you become as well, understanding that,
18:46 you know, you're a helpmeet
18:48 and that is one of the primary callings
18:51 for a woman to be a helper,
18:52 to help, to be part of something greater
18:54 beyond herself.
18:56 And I would also add to what Tim was saying,
19:00 a woman, across the board, her calling is to love
19:03 and to serve God with her whole heart,
19:06 to reflect His image,
19:07 to move forward into whatever it is
19:10 He has created her to do.
19:12 And each woman is different, and that's why each woman
19:15 has to have their own relationship with Christ.
19:18 It cannot be based on...
19:20 I cannot base my journey on Myesha.
19:25 She has her own relationship with Christ.
19:27 I have my own relationship with Christ.
19:29 And He is the one that lets me know how should I move forward.
19:33 So another question is,
19:35 "What do married women need?"
19:43 A meek and quiet spirit.
19:47 You know, married women,
19:49 they need a husband
19:55 who is not oppressive,
19:57 who is not overbearing but, like the Bible says,
20:01 loves his wife like his own body
20:02 and cherishes her, and brings her...
20:06 and nurtures her and brings her up.
20:09 I think they also need a man
20:12 that's going to be there to love them, you know.
20:16 In marriage, a lot of times, love is taken for granted
20:19 because you are married,
20:20 because you guys have committed your life,
20:22 there is no intention on showing that love.
20:26 And you have to be very intentional
20:28 about showing that love
20:30 and understanding the love language of your wife
20:31 because you might be showing love in your own way
20:34 but you need to show it in the way
20:35 she receives it the best.
20:39 Very good.
20:40 I'd also add, married women desperately,
20:42 desperately need their husbands to be the priest of the home.
20:46 He has to be the priest of the home,
20:49 not he just comes in and says, "I'm the man"
20:52 but he really calls her and says, "Honey, let's pray.
20:55 Looks like you're stressed right now."
20:57 He opens up the Word and he says,
20:59 "Let's read the scripture."
21:00 Says, "Let's do a little Bible study together."
21:02 He draws her closer and closer to Christ
21:04 because of who he is.
21:07 I think too, you know,
21:09 reminded me of the Book of Proverbs,
21:10 that infamous proverbial woman, but with all that,
21:14 I think one verse is towards the end where,
21:17 you know, she needs a husband
21:20 that will praise her at the city gates,
21:22 you know, that would be proud of who she is.
21:25 Ephesians, you know, she needs a husband
21:28 that's going to be able to present her before Christ,
21:31 blameless, spotless, without blemish,
21:35 you know, or just purified by the blood of Christ.
21:38 And that's where you say,
21:39 you know, the priest of the home,
21:41 it's very critical, you know, that a woman
21:43 has that spiritual support system in the home
21:47 because spiritual support system
21:49 equates to emotional, psychological,
21:52 you know, it's a holistic...
21:53 When you have a spiritual support system,
21:54 it provides a holistic support
21:56 that the woman desperately needs.
21:58 And I think, you know, a lot of us men,
22:02 we try our best and we continue to try,
22:04 you know, and that's a struggle.
22:08 I think that's like, you know, it's just key and crucial
22:11 for the man to understand what a woman needs,
22:14 a man to understand his role in the home as the priest,
22:18 as the one that...
22:20 A woman's supposed to be spiritual
22:22 and have her own relationship with Christ.
22:23 But as that union's come together,
22:25 it's his primary role to lead that family
22:28 to the most holy place into the presence of Jesus.
22:31 And it's extra,
22:33 you know, a woman who knows she has a man like that,
22:35 she knows that if there's anything wrong,
22:37 she can go on her knees and pray to the Lord,
22:39 "Lord, you need to help your son
22:41 or I help him with something else."
22:42 Fix it.
22:44 And she knows that either later on that night
22:47 or at least that morning, he's going to go talk to Jesus,
22:51 you know, and Jesus is going to tell him
22:53 the things that need to happen to keep the home safe,
22:56 and he's the spiritual leader in the home
22:59 and the same in the church.
23:01 And men need to stand up
23:02 and start being spiritual leaders
23:04 and guide the church into the haven
23:08 that God is called to lead them in.
23:10 So, so true.
23:11 And as we move forward a little bit more,
23:13 what women need spiritually,
23:15 they need to be able to go to God honestly
23:18 with whatever is on their heart.
23:21 Realize that you can go to God with whatever is on your heart.
23:25 And if your husband is acting crazy,
23:28 you can say, "Lord, fix your child.
23:30 I've done it before."
23:32 And the next morning, he's like, I just spoke to God
23:35 and he told me this,
23:36 and you're like, "Thank you, Jesus.
23:37 Thank you for fixing your child."
23:39 But honestly, on a serious note,
23:41 you can go to God with whatever is bothering you.
23:45 And women need to understand that spiritually,
23:48 and they also need renewal
23:50 because we go through so much crazy things
23:52 throughout the course of the day,
23:53 even as a single woman,
23:55 as a married woman, as a mother,
23:56 you go through so many different things.
23:59 And spiritually, you want that renewal,
24:01 you want to be able to read the Bible
24:04 and feel refreshed that you can be
24:06 able to just push forward just a little bit more.
24:08 Amen. Little bit more.
24:10 If I can say one thing about women going to God
24:13 and baring all, a lot of times
24:15 and especially in a lot of movies in society,
24:18 I think women are taught
24:19 that they're supposed to unburden all their problems to,
24:22 you know, maybe another woman or vent
24:25 or, you know, get it out, speaking to somebody that way,
24:28 but their problem really doesn't get solved.
24:30 But when they go to Jesus, it's always a transaction.
24:33 You give him the burdens,
24:35 He gives you the peace, you know.
24:36 You give Him your sin,
24:37 He gives you your righteousness.
24:39 And that renewal you were talking about,
24:41 that they can find
24:42 and know that they have a best friend in Jesus as well.
24:45 Good, good, good.
24:47 So to focus in a little bit on the different types of women,
24:51 in my mind, there's three main types.
24:52 You have a mother, you have a married woman,
24:57 and you have a single woman.
24:59 And for each one, let's go... Let's start first with mother.
25:02 What is a mother's role? Most important role.
25:08 Go ahead, go ahead. I know you got something.
25:11 The most important role as a mother,
25:15 like I said before, is to train up a child,
25:20 you know, train up her child for a higher being like,
25:23 you know, to, like I said, get fit for the kingdom.
25:26 That is the mother's role, to teach and love her children.
25:32 And, you know, to... You know, to...
25:37 Basically, she has precious moments,
25:41 you know, she needs to know
25:43 and know that it's a privilege to even be a mother,
25:47 you know, that it's a gift from God,
25:49 that God gave her something that is so important
25:52 and treasured to Him, that He gave it to us
25:55 to do what we're supposed to do,
25:58 what He called mothers to do.
26:02 And I think another role of mothers is to raise warriors.
26:07 You know, behind every great man in the Bible
26:09 and behind every great man currently,
26:11 there was a mother that was there to raise him.
26:13 Moses did not raise himself. Elijah did not raise himself.
26:18 Jesus did not raise Himself.
26:20 You had a woman there who was willing to sacrifice
26:25 and to give her time and to give her love
26:27 and to give her energy to invest in a warrior.
26:29 And I think that's such a high calling that women have.
26:33 And also, as mothers, they need to feel validated.
26:36 And as I go into a wife,
26:39 her role is to be her husband's equal,
26:41 to respect him, and in return,
26:44 her husband needs to show her appreciation,
26:47 to care for her,
26:49 and to let her know that everything
26:50 that she does throughout the day is not in vain.
26:53 And as a single woman,
26:57 she needs to be focused on her relationship with God
27:01 in that in being able to do
27:03 whatever it is that God has placed on her heart,
27:05 she has that more freedom
27:07 to be able to probably go down the street
27:10 and help with the homeless.
27:12 She has that freedom because she doesn't have a child
27:14 holding on her leg or anything like that.
27:18 And there are so many things that women do need,
27:21 but we're running out of time.
27:25 And in a nutshell, I would say, 1 Peter 3:3-4.
27:31 "Do not let your adorning be external,
27:33 the braiding of hair
27:34 and the putting on of gold jewelry
27:36 or the clothing you wear,
27:37 but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart,
27:41 with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit
27:45 which in God's sight is very precious."
27:48 What women need isn't external, it's internal.
27:52 And what they need
27:53 is not based on what they're doing but their being.
27:57 Please remember to make pure choices.


Revised 2018-05-30