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Participants: Myesha Lawson (Host), Brittany-Hill Morales, Jacques LaGuerre, Timothy Lawson, Xavier Morales


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:04 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:42 Hi, welcome to Pure Choices.
00:44 I'm your host today Myesha Lawson.
00:47 Let me start with introducing my wonderful panel today,
00:51 Brittany Morales, Jacques LaGuerre,
00:55 Xavier Morales, and Timothy Lawson.
01:00 Today's topic is Let's Make it Count.
01:05 But let us start with prayer first.
01:07 Please bow your heads.
01:10 Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that You bless this topic
01:13 today, Lord God.
01:15 And I ask that You speak to us as well
01:19 and the viewers, Lord.
01:22 And we thank You in Jesus' name, amen.
01:24 Amen.
01:26 So today, we're going to be talking about
01:28 make-up and breakup sex.
01:31 So, I know it's going to be heavy duty,
01:34 but I think it's very important that it should be discussed.
01:38 So the first question is what is breakup sex?
01:45 I would consider it probably like the last hurrah.
01:49 It's when a couple has decided to terminate their relationship
01:53 and they decide that, just to,
01:56 before it's completely done with,
01:58 let's just have sex one more time,
02:02 something to cherish each other with,
02:04 even though we're not going to be together anymore.
02:06 Oh, okay.
02:08 It also can be used as a form to stop the breakup.
02:12 Person can say, "Okay, we're going to breakup,
02:15 so let this be our last time."
02:16 But they really have hopes of enticing this person
02:20 or keeping them or at least during the breakup,
02:22 they can still have that little sex part.
02:25 I'm glad said that but hold that thought.
02:29 Anyone else?
02:30 Okay, well, what is make-up sex?
02:35 Well, they just had an argument,
02:38 they're in a relationship and they just had an argument,
02:41 and to kind of, maybe they work things out,
02:45 maybe not, but to come back together
02:47 and continue the relationship, they have sex.
02:50 Right, okay.
02:52 So what is breakup?
02:55 Is make-up and breakup sex healthy for relationship?
02:59 No. From a non-marital...
03:02 No, it wouldn't be healthy because, you know, number one,
03:06 you're non-marital, you're fornicating.
03:08 Right. That's the obvious one.
03:11 But the other part is, you know, you're really not
03:13 accomplishing anything.
03:15 You're really just, you know,
03:17 going after the physical and pleasure,
03:18 but you're not really doing anything
03:21 that will solidify or improve your relationship.
03:26 I think sex in any relationship besides a marital one
03:31 is destructive and harmful, period.
03:34 And so that's why the Bible cautions us not to do it.
03:37 But this even more so
03:39 because it can make the relationship feel like
03:41 it's more important than it is
03:43 and give you blinders to the real problems.
03:46 If you're about to breakup
03:47 but you're constantly sleeping together,
03:48 then you're not listening to the signs
03:51 that are showing you guys are not a good couple.
03:53 And then if you are constantly having arguments
03:56 but you're constantly are having,
03:57 you know, make-up sex afterwards,
03:59 then you're not seeing that these arguments
04:01 are real red flags and real problems
04:03 that you guys shouldn't be together.
04:05 Also, with the flag that you guys
04:07 are fornicating in the first place.
04:08 Right.
04:10 And also add that, it limits the beauty of sex.
04:13 As you stated earlier
04:14 with the definition of breakup sex,
04:16 it's that thing that we do
04:18 because we kind of want to connect one more time or...
04:24 So in some cases,
04:25 the woman or the man would be like,
04:27 "I'm going to make sure they remember me.
04:29 So I'm going to make it really, really great."
04:31 So when it's all said and done, and we're gone,
04:34 the person said, "Okay, I remember,
04:36 our last time was really, really great."
04:38 It's like this psychological malfunction.
04:44 It's dysfunctional just to think that,
04:47 "Okay, we're going to use this as our last moments together
04:51 to cherish the relationship."
04:55 Not only it is a fornication,
04:57 which we clearly know to be wrong,
05:00 but I think that it can kind of lead to some sort of
05:03 deification of the other person and let me explain that.
05:06 If you're in a relationship with someone
05:08 and you guys know you're about to break up
05:10 and you say let's just have sex one more time,
05:11 you know, last hurrah,
05:13 that last experience in your mind,
05:18 you'll probably mentally fantasize about it
05:20 in the future more and more and more.
05:23 And then, when you do meet someone else,
05:26 that person won't be able to live up
05:28 to that fantasy that you had
05:29 because you knew it would be your last time,
05:31 and there was just all these different emotions
05:33 engaged that really aren't healthy,
05:35 and so it might ruin you for a genuine sexual encounter.
05:40 Okay, why do you think
05:43 media supports this act?
05:48 I think they just make it enticing,
05:51 like this element of, when you have make-up sex,
05:54 it's better than the regular sex
05:56 or when you're doing the breakup,
05:57 it's really a, truly a cherished moment to have.
06:00 They felt in the entire relationship
06:02 that the sex was bad,
06:03 but the last hurrah just happened
06:05 to be the most wonderful, the most amazing,
06:07 like they just make it seem as if,
06:10 I think it's dysfunction.
06:12 The media doesn't know
06:13 how to support beauty in a marital relationship
06:18 and how you stay together
06:20 and you have just encounters that worship God,
06:23 they don't know how to do that.
06:25 So instead of doing that,
06:26 they're going to show these dysfunctional methods of,
06:29 "Okay, we're breaking up, we're separating."
06:32 And instead of sitting down
06:34 and having a talk about what was wrong
06:35 or good in their relationship,
06:37 what we're going to do is have sex instead.
06:40 I think we also have to remember
06:42 that the Bible calls Satan the prince of this world.
06:46 And at all times, there's a great controversy
06:49 going on between him and Jesus.
06:50 And when God decided to create the human race
06:53 and make them in His image, He made a male and female.
06:56 And so He used the beauty of sex
06:57 inside a family structure
07:01 so He could show the whole universe His image.
07:03 And what Satan wants to do is take it and pervert it
07:07 so he can use it as a tool to destroy
07:08 the image of God in this.
07:10 So the media presents it, so everybody can have sex,
07:13 and so it's normal,
07:15 and so you can pay attention on the physical,
07:17 but miss the mental and the spiritual aspects
07:19 because if you want to take over the world,
07:21 then you have to take over the countries,
07:23 but countries are made of states,
07:25 states are made of cities,
07:26 and cities are made of communities,
07:28 and the foundation of that is families.
07:30 So Satan wants to destroy the family structure.
07:33 I agree, I agree.
07:35 Yes, the media has a huge influence
07:37 on how things should be or relationships, marriages,
07:41 so I totally agree with that.
07:44 So we know, in marriages,
07:47 that these practices are being performed.
07:50 If so, what are the effects?
07:53 Well, I think for one, it's the fact that,
07:56 again, it goes back to the whole avoidance issue.
07:59 You know, you're having these issues
08:03 and you're using them to kind of cover up,
08:05 you know, what's really going on,
08:08 and the make-up and break, you know...
08:10 I don't think you really breakup per se,
08:12 I mean, people get divorced
08:14 and they do what they call, you know, divorce sex, again,
08:17 it has the same connotation as makeup and breakup.
08:20 But at the same time, it's, you know, you're using...
08:23 And I have to go with what Tim said,
08:25 you're using something that God created to be beautiful
08:28 in order to satisfy your needs,
08:31 and the detriments to that marriage
08:32 are going to be great
08:34 because you're never really focusing
08:37 on what the issue at hand,
08:39 you're just focusing on the self.
08:41 It's almost borderline,
08:43 lustful in a way you're using sex to really use...
08:49 to kind of use the situation
08:50 to your benefit to get your satisfaction out of it.
08:54 If you're trying to viable each other,
08:56 and we're trying to work out our problems,
08:59 and we have a big disagreement and we come back together,
09:02 you know, mentally and spiritually,
09:04 then sometimes there's that desire,
09:07 you know, to want to be near and close to that person
09:09 in that special way, and that's fine.
09:12 But just like Xavier said,
09:14 if you're just having major problems,
09:17 but you're kind of using the sex to gloss over it
09:20 and keep the marriage going, then, you know, like he said,
09:23 you're using something God created
09:24 to be beautiful as a handicap
09:27 so everybody can stay together and everybody can be cool.
09:30 It's like delusional,
09:33 our spiritual relationship is bad,
09:36 our social relationship is bad, we can't connect emotionally,
09:40 we can't connect mentally, but you know what?
09:42 Even though we just had a fight,
09:43 at least we can connect sexually.
09:46 So it makes, it seem that the relationship,
09:48 you know, is somewhat successful
09:50 because at least we can connect on that external elements,
09:54 when in reality, when there is an argument,
09:57 there needs to be that moment to sit down
09:59 and say, "Okay, what happened?
10:02 Let's talk it out.
10:03 How can we probably make things better next time?"
10:06 And because that discussion happened...
10:09 and if I may go into the element of,
10:12 "Okay, now we're in a better place.
10:16 We're closer now
10:17 because we are able to figure out
10:18 that spiritual disagreement,"
10:20 that emotional disagreement
10:21 where probably the wife is upset
10:23 and husband just wasn't getting it,
10:25 now he gets it, now we can really be able to move forward,
10:29 and both parties understand it better.
10:33 Okay.
10:35 So is sex being used to cover
10:37 and erase conflicts in marriages?
10:40 Yes.
10:43 You know, most definitely kind of
10:44 like some examples that you gave.
10:49 A husband can do something and,
10:52 you know, he might know he's wrong,
10:53 maybe he don't want to apologize,
10:55 maybe he don't want to come clean with it,
10:56 but he'd be like, you know what?
10:58 I'm going to just, you know,
10:59 "I'm going to pour this bubble bath,"
11:01 you know what I'm saying?
11:02 "I'm going to put roses in there,
11:04 I'm going to give a massage,
11:05 we're going to say
11:06 and everything's going to be all right.
11:08 "And ain't got to talk about it,
11:09 and I ain't got to worry about it tomorrow,
11:10 and I'm going to just, you know, cover it up."
11:12 Not saying he can't do that and still,
11:14 you know, say, "You know, dear, I was wrong x, y, and z."
11:18 And it could be a beautiful day with that.
11:19 So we don't want to get to picture we're saying,
11:22 you can't have an argument,
11:23 and still sleep together, and still workout your stuff.
11:27 But to do it so you don't have to
11:29 her mouth no more,
11:30 you know, you just want to do what is she likes
11:32 or whatever the case may be,
11:33 is not a good way to go about, you know.
11:37 And sometimes, one of my friends has told me,
11:40 like, it's only during the make-up,
11:42 it's like the only time
11:44 he really does stuff that she likes.
11:46 He's so sorrowful, so he will do what ever,
11:49 he will focus on her and make sure she is satisfied,
11:52 probably give her few massages,
11:54 before it was just like,
11:56 "You know, honey, let's just get this done."
11:57 But because he's still sorrowful,
12:00 he'll go that extra mile
12:02 versus in the regular lovemaking,
12:05 that is what should be happening in the relationship
12:09 because you are married,
12:10 you made that commitment to each other and to God.
12:13 And again, sex is an expression of intimacy,
12:16 it's part of intimacy,
12:18 and it should be actually done to be selfless during sex.
12:23 I care about what you need during this moment.
12:25 It's not just about me, it's also about you.
12:28 And it shouldn't only happen
12:29 because you forgot to pick up the kids,
12:33 the kids were stuck at the place for half an hour,
12:35 you feel so sorry,
12:36 "Honey, I'll do whatever you want me to do."
12:38 It shouldn't be that way. Right.
12:41 Well, you also see it in the media,
12:43 that's what the right thing to do is.
12:46 You know, to, even if you,
12:48 you know, when you're married,
12:49 you have an argument, it's like...
12:51 And they show it on movies and everything,
12:52 you're married, you have an argument,
12:54 and like 10 seconds later, everybody stripped down,
12:56 and, you know, having sex
12:58 and its like, you know, and again,
13:01 it doesn't solve the issue.
13:03 It doesn't solve the issue.
13:05 It actually can compound the issue further
13:07 and make it worse, which can potentially...
13:09 And it's funny, it's ironic
13:11 because God created sex for man to be married,
13:14 you know, men and women to...
13:16 when they're married,
13:17 but, you know, sometimes using sex
13:21 in such a way as a tool can often lead to divorce.
13:25 Right.
13:27 So you see, viewers, you should not use
13:31 make-up and breakup sex or just make-up sex,
13:35 I'm sorry, to erase and cover the conflicts
13:39 that are in your marriage.
13:40 You should talk them out, work them out,
13:43 however you see fit.
13:45 So my next question is why do you feel make-up sex
13:50 is better than regular lovemaking?
13:54 Well, I say is that some people feel
13:56 that it's better the same way,
13:57 some people think that sex was better with their wife
14:01 before they were married
14:03 because there's an aspect of sin involved.
14:04 Right.
14:06 And many times people think that they're in love with sex,
14:09 no, they're really in love with sin.
14:11 And so they need that argument, they need that anger,
14:15 they need that high degree of like negative emotions.
14:20 So it's like perverted.
14:21 Yeah, it's some sort of perverted,
14:23 kind of fetish in a way that they need that anger there,
14:26 and I think that's better than two people
14:29 who are just trying to express their love
14:31 and they kind of get addicted to it.
14:35 You know, I want to just piggyback of what Jacques said
14:38 and just agree.
14:40 I don't think it's better,
14:41 but people get the idea its better.
14:44 And largely, you know, like we've been
14:46 saying in this program,
14:49 you know, we're taught or trained
14:50 this in the media that to,
14:52 you know, have it this way or,
14:54 you know, with this anger and emotion involved
14:57 is actually going to make you feel better.
15:00 And what you don't see is two people who are together
15:05 and on one accord, you know, he's in her mind,
15:08 she's in his mind,
15:09 and they're together with one another,
15:11 and how beautiful that can be.
15:13 And so it's a perversion that's taught
15:16 and, you know, like a fantasy
15:18 and a fetish that people think they need to have
15:20 because they've seen it, you know, somewhere before.
15:23 I think also to, you know,
15:25 speaking from a psychological standpoint,
15:28 you know, make-up will involve something
15:30 before that you were angry that you had to makeup for.
15:33 So, you know, physiologically,
15:34 your body is already releasing these chemicals in your brain
15:37 kind of like adrenaline
15:39 'cause you're angry, you're upset,
15:41 and you're having this euphoria from the anger,
15:44 and then you are using that to, like we said earlier,
15:48 to kind of like taint sex, you know, taint lovemaking
15:52 within the marriage or using that to...
15:55 and people think, you know, oftentimes they do it,
15:57 they think that it feels better,
15:59 it feel so much greater, when in reality,
16:02 you're really just, you know, what you're doing
16:05 is using the anger and those feelings
16:08 that you're having to have sex,
16:11 but in reality, it's not better.
16:12 It's not better.
16:14 You're just really masking the anger
16:16 that you're having inside.
16:17 So it's really, there's no end result.
16:22 I would probably... I like two different elements.
16:25 The first one is they feel like it's better
16:29 because they just had an argument.
16:31 There were really, really angry with each other,
16:33 they thought the end was near,
16:36 the relationship was going to end,
16:37 someone was going to pack their bags and leave,
16:40 it was going to be done,
16:42 the world was coming to an end,
16:44 but then, no, they're still here,
16:46 they still love me.
16:48 Despite the fact that I just acted
16:49 completely stupid right there and then,
16:51 they still want to be here in this relationship,
16:54 in this marriage with me,
16:56 they still want to push forward.
17:00 And the act that when they are about to have sex,
17:02 it feels better
17:04 because there is a different mindset verses regular sex.
17:08 During regular sex it's like, "Yeah, of course, she's here,
17:12 he's here, of course, we're together."
17:14 But when it comes to make-up,
17:16 it was, "I almost lost this person.
17:19 This person was almost out the door
17:21 but they're still here."
17:23 So it's almost feels like
17:25 a different level of intimacy kind of
17:28 because it's like, "Okay, I could have really,
17:30 truly lost you, but I didn't."
17:34 And then a second element is which I will think
17:38 is more of a Christian perspective
17:40 where you worked things out.
17:43 You understand your spouse better
17:45 because even though you had the argument,
17:48 you had the discussion, I understand you better.
17:51 I understand that when I do this,
17:53 it makes you feel this way.
17:55 And you understand that when you do this,
17:57 it makes me feel this way, reflected out,
18:00 we've made a promise to move forward,
18:02 understanding that we can't do these things
18:05 because we love each other, and we can't hurt each other.
18:08 So the sex that falls after that
18:10 is not a matter of covering up,
18:12 it's a matter of we have just grown closer.
18:15 We have just understood each other more.
18:17 We're about to make our marriage better
18:19 because we've had that discussion.
18:24 So you see, viewers, don't use sex as if,
18:30 you know, you can connect with your spouse.
18:35 But you're connecting with them through your arguments
18:37 because you guys are getting to know each other.
18:39 So I want to also ask,
18:43 how does makeup and breakup sex
18:47 can be used as to manipulate a person's decision?
18:52 You know, can it be used to manipulate someone?
18:54 Most definitely.
18:56 You better believe it.
18:57 Please explain how.
18:58 So like, you know, if you guys
19:00 are getting in argument about something
19:02 that the other spouse doesn't want to do
19:05 or doesn't think is positive for the marriage
19:08 or for the kids or whatever the case may be,
19:12 and then, you know, then the other person says,
19:16 "Okay," you know, "And I know how I'm going
19:18 to get what I want."
19:19 You know, and they'll use it, you know, they might even say
19:23 they're sorry for their part,
19:25 but really inside, they're going to say,
19:27 I'm sorry, act humble,
19:29 use the sex to soften the heart of the other person
19:32 so they can really get what they want, you know.
19:34 And then with breakup,
19:37 as said earlier, a person could really want to break up
19:40 with the other person
19:41 and think to leave, but that person can say,
19:43 "No, let's just sleep together again..."
19:45 And really try to have the best sex with that person
19:49 in a way to keep them,
19:51 you know, to keep them still in that relationship,
19:54 to make them think it's still so important
19:57 because the sex was so good or so important
19:59 and not look at the other issues.
20:01 All right.
20:03 And as a form of manipulation, I'm just remembering something
20:06 that I saw a few years ago,
20:08 where the woman knew that if she told her husband
20:12 what just happened,
20:13 he would have been so upset.
20:15 So when he walked through the door,
20:16 she already knew what he liked and she had the room set.
20:20 She was wearing the special outfit
20:22 and the special music was playing,
20:24 you know, regularly she probably
20:26 wouldn't have worn the outfit,
20:27 but she was wearing it that day,
20:28 you know, had the food set out, so when he would come in...
20:31 His favorite.
20:33 Of course, his favorite food set out.
20:35 So it will kind of soften the blow
20:37 because he would be so happy that she,
20:40 you know, is trying to satisfy him,
20:42 that probably halfway through, she might whisper,
20:45 "And, you know, this kind of happened today."
20:47 So when he's about to be upset,
20:48 "Oh, hi, baby, don't worry, baby, it's going to be okay."
20:51 Kind of like...
20:52 Have some more food. Have some more food.
20:55 You know, you love these mashed potatoes.
20:59 Deceitful. Right.
21:03 Well, that's just something to think about, huh,
21:05 I have to use that.
21:07 "Oh, honey, I scraped the car on the side, I'm sorry."
21:11 It won't work, it won't work.
21:13 Oh, I got to try something else then, huh?
21:18 Okay, well, how does make-up and breakup sex
21:21 scar a person or a relationship?
21:25 When you breakup, you know,
21:27 and you're having as we said earlier,
21:29 we've been saying the last hurrah,
21:31 you know, you're never going to be really in...
21:35 and Jacques touched on it,
21:36 you're never detached from that individual.
21:39 Somewhere along the line
21:40 you're still going to carry that.
21:42 You know what, you're doing something,
21:43 you know, maybe now, you know, you were single,
21:45 you were in a relationship, you were fornicating,
21:47 and, you know, you had the last hurrah,
21:50 now then you realized it everywhere,
21:52 and you got in a marriage.
21:53 Now when you're in a marriage,
21:55 that's going to be in the back of your mind,
21:56 that's going to be the predominant feeling,
21:58 and it's just not fair to the other person.
22:01 And at the same time,
22:03 there's severe scarring from both sides.
22:08 I think what can happen is it can change your view
22:10 of what sex is intended for.
22:13 You know, if you're always using sex
22:15 to fix a conflict or you always use sex
22:20 when you're about to end a relationship,
22:22 now you're married
22:24 and sex is supposed to be a natural
22:26 and healthy expression of love,
22:29 you don't know how to use it that way,
22:32 so you might only have sex when you're fighting.
22:35 And so people might try to cause fights,
22:37 your husband might even try to cause fights
22:38 'cause that's the only time you want to have sex
22:40 is when she's upset
22:42 because she's conditioned or he's conditioned himself
22:45 that the only time that sex is supposed to be
22:48 shared between two people
22:50 is when there's some sort of anger,
22:52 and you ruin what sex is supposed to be,
22:54 and you won't even really be able to enjoy it.
22:57 You know, and that might also
22:59 change the type of people you're looking for.
23:02 You know, if you think that a woman is nice
23:04 and she's safe, and she's holy,
23:06 then that might just not do it for you
23:10 'cause, you know, we're not going to have that many fights,
23:11 there's not going to be that excitement,
23:13 and all these things.
23:15 And so I think that the deep scarring happens
23:17 when we engage in these practices
23:19 over and over and over.
23:21 Us being creatures of habit,
23:23 it just changes the way we look at sex.
23:26 I think it's very emotional scarring
23:29 as it deals with some of the self-worth.
23:31 If you're fornicating, that's already bad,
23:34 you know, on a physical, mental, and spiritual level,
23:37 but in that relationship or even in a marriage,
23:39 what it says is I'm important enough to sleep with
23:43 or to meet that physical need,
23:46 but you don't care what I think,
23:47 you don't care what I feel.
23:50 I'm in pain, what happened is hurting me,
23:53 but that doesn't matter as long as,
23:55 you know, we can physically connect,
23:57 that's as deep is our relationship goes.
24:00 And I can only be used for that aspect,
24:04 but I can't be used to have my emotional needs met
24:08 and come together on that level.
24:11 And for a person who starts to realize that,
24:14 their self-worth will be wrapped up
24:16 and identify in that physical trade.
24:19 And then like Jacques said, it can get to that person
24:21 only identifying their self-worth
24:23 with the physical,
24:25 and so they can start to see
24:27 that is the most important part of their self
24:28 and go through destructive relationships
24:31 based on the physical aspect
24:33 and miss totally what God has
24:36 intended for relationships to be.
24:38 Yeah, I would definitely add to that,
24:40 like in the non-marital segment,
24:41 like if you're having make-up sex,
24:45 probably that argument
24:46 was supposed to be a huge red flag
24:48 for you to end a relationship.
24:50 But because you included sex into it, "Yes, we just fight.
24:53 We just had a big fight,
24:55 but because he did this with me,
24:57 maybe it's not that bad."
24:59 Maybe he cares.
25:00 Or, "Even though she did x, y, and z,
25:02 well, you know, she satisfied my needs.
25:04 So maybe I can just forgive her and keep moving on
25:07 'cause who else is going to give it to me like her?"
25:09 And it starts confusing you,
25:12 and it makes you stay stuck in the relationship
25:14 where you weren't supposed to be there.
25:16 Yes, you weren't supposed to fornicate to begin with,
25:18 but one of the dangers of why we say,
25:20 why God said do not fornicate
25:22 is because He knows how it can really mess you up
25:26 and confuse you and make you stay in something
25:29 that He had never ever desired for you to stay in
25:32 because you're connecting on this level
25:35 when he didn't want you to connect on that level.
25:37 I just want to stay that,
25:39 and especially, viewers, if you watching,
25:41 you might even be in one of these relationships.
25:43 There are a billion relationships that only exist
25:46 because you guys are physical.
25:49 If you guys were not physical,
25:51 that relationship would have been done.
25:54 It'd be done by the time this program is finished,
25:58 you know, but because you are physical,
26:01 it distorts your view
26:03 and really with makeup and breakup sex,
26:05 just like she said, it can just hold you,
26:07 I mean, it can be years you can be in this relationship
26:09 and think it's important because of that aspect.
26:13 Tim, I definitely agree with that.
26:15 And another thing that sex is for,
26:17 I think, God intended for it, He created it.
26:21 You know, that's something that we sometimes forget
26:23 that sex is a gift from God to be enjoyed
26:28 and to be explored within a marriage covenant
26:31 between two people of opposite sex.
26:33 And so anything else that does not bring glory to God,
26:37 like Tim said, and is not a healthy expression of love,
26:41 it shouldn't be in the marriage covenant at all.
26:42 You know, all these perversions,
26:44 you know, makeup and breakup,
26:46 I don't think it brings glory to God,
26:47 and if it's not a true expression of love
26:50 between a husband and wife,
26:51 then that's something that they should keep to the side.
26:54 Right. Right, definitely.
26:57 Because as we've been saying sex is about worship,
27:00 it's about worshipping God, that's why He intended it for.
27:03 It's that moment where a husband and a wife
27:06 come together and they worship God.
27:08 And from that, God might give them
27:09 that extra blessing of a child or children.
27:13 And that's what it really is for,
27:15 it's not just to try to cover up issues
27:17 in a relationship or to,
27:19 you know, prolong a bad relationship,
27:22 it's truly about beauty in its essence.
27:26 So you see, viewers, as we talked about make-up
27:30 and breakup sex, what to do, what not to do,
27:34 what it's used for, and what it's not used for.
27:38 Do not use sex to manipulate a person's decision.
27:43 Do not use sex to cover
27:47 or erase problems in your marriage.
27:50 Do not use sex as what the secular media tells you.
27:55 Sex is a gift from God.
27:59 Sex is a form of expression of love.
28:03 Sex is to be used to glorify God and God alone.
28:07 Remember to make Pure Choices.


Revised 2018-07-03