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Participants: Myesha Lawson (Host), Brittany-Hill Morales, Jacques LaGuerre, Timothy Lawson, Xavier Morales


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00:06 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:09 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:11 may be too candid for younger children.
00:46 Hi, welcome to the Pure Choices.
00:49 I'll be your host for today's program.
00:51 My name is Myesha Lawson.
00:53 Let me introduce my wonderful panel today,
00:56 my husband, Timothy Lawson,
00:59 Brittany Morales, Jacques LaGuerre,
01:02 and Xavier Morales.
01:05 Today's title is The World's Oldest Profession.
01:10 But before we begin let us pray.
01:15 Dear Lord, I ask that you be with us
01:18 as we do this program, Lord, and for the viewer out there,
01:21 I ask that you open there mind and hearts
01:23 to receive a blessing, Lord.
01:25 In Jesus' name, amen.
01:27 Amen. Amen.
01:29 Today, we're gonna be talking about prostitution.
01:33 It's a very, very touching subject,
01:38 I lived with it for many years.
01:41 So, let us begin, but before that,
01:44 I would like to give you the definition of prostitution.
01:49 "The practise or occupation of engaging in sexual activity
01:55 with someone for payment.
01:59 The unworthy or corrupt use of one's talents
02:04 for the sake of personal or financial gain."
02:10 Now, that stuck out to me when I read it
02:13 because I experienced both types of prostitution.
02:19 So the first question is,
02:22 when and where prostitution first begin?
02:29 Well,
02:31 we don't have a thorough knowledge on the subject.
02:33 I can remember reading from the Bible
02:36 where it first begin
02:37 when God was counselling the children of Israel,
02:41 not to engage in this practise.
02:43 And I think there's a verse that says,
02:45 "That you shall now worship the Lord,
02:47 your God like the nation of the other land,
02:50 don't make your kid out for the price of a dog,
02:54 or the higher of a whore."
02:56 Something to that effect
02:58 and those words in the Bible means temple prostitute.
03:02 And if you go back and see some of the earliest records,
03:04 Babylon being one of the first earliest civilisations,
03:08 when they have prostitution they had it,
03:11 in the form of worship.
03:13 Worship for there other Gods, especially the fertility Gods,
03:16 they would have temple prostitute
03:18 that you can pay fee for
03:20 and engage in a sexual activity dedicated toward there Gods.
03:25 To pay back on what Tim says,
03:28 in ancient Babylon, you have the Goddess Ishtar.
03:31 And every Babylonian women
03:33 would have to serve in the temple.
03:35 And as part of her basic initiation
03:40 she would have to sit down in the temple,
03:42 and in any man that came by and threw a coin her lap,
03:45 she would then have to go and have sex with him.
03:48 And this was worship to there false Babylonian God.
03:53 That's really good,
03:55 because when I've done, like the past I have done research,
03:58 they were saying that,
04:00 oh, it was popular in the 18th century, right?
04:04 And I'm like, I would think it started before then,
04:08 but okay, so.
04:09 But I'm thank you for that information
04:11 that it started in the Bible days.
04:15 So why is prostitution so popular?
04:20 It's easy money, you know.
04:23 It meets both pleasure,
04:24 in both aspects in the physical and in the monitory,
04:27 you know.
04:29 People usually now, especially nowadays they want money
04:32 and they want more sex, so they combined both.
04:36 And in lot of times,
04:37 you know, they may feel like
04:38 they're the person paying for it may not feel like,
04:42 may feel like its good
04:43 because they don't have an emotional attachment
04:45 to anybody.
04:46 Yeah.
04:48 You know, the Bible says,
04:49 "The love of money, you know, is the root of all evil."
04:52 So for financial, or wealthy gain
04:55 men and women will do almost anything,
04:58 including not only sell their bodies
05:01 but, you know, sell another person's body.
05:03 And so living in the culture and society that we do,
05:08 there's a high value placed on getting well
05:11 but not on morals, as it was.
05:14 As long as you have money to take care of yourself,
05:16 you're fine, no matter how you get it.
05:19 And like Xavier was saying,
05:22 to feed the carnal nature for men or women
05:24 who just want sex without the attachment,
05:27 it's seems like a good arrangement for them.
05:29 And it's easy instead of, if I want to,
05:34 yes, I wasn't married and I wanted to have sex,
05:36 I would have to work on building that relationship
05:39 with the person, work on getting on that guy
05:42 to want get on his knee, and purpose.
05:45 Then go to the process of whole engagement, wedding.
05:48 It's a long process versus for prostitution,
05:51 I don't have worry if the person loves me,
05:54 likes me.
05:55 All I have to do is give them few dollars,
05:57 depending on the type of prostitution,
05:59 prostitute, just give me a few dollars,
06:01 I get what I need, move on.
06:04 Right.
06:06 Okay, so now, today, society is like so,
06:11 it's so easy nowadays to just resort to this profession.
06:16 I mean, even men, nowadays guys want to become pimps,
06:21 it's like very popular, you know,
06:23 or women wants to prostitute.
06:26 And you know, do you feel that it comes from the media,
06:31 you know, the things that they are watching?
06:33 And I want talk about, you know,
06:35 where the guys getting this influence,
06:36 like, to become pimps, and you know,
06:40 women are becoming prostitutes, because of the media.
06:44 Well, you know,
06:45 when you look at just the mainstream media now
06:48 it's telling men
06:49 that, they all need to have some sort of harem.
06:52 You know, we all need to be King Solomon,
06:55 before his conversion,
06:56 you know, with 700 wives, and 300 concubines.
07:00 And we see that
07:02 in a digital form of pornography.
07:04 You know, just have your harem,
07:05 have all this different women and have control over them.
07:09 Because when you have a women on a screen,
07:12 in essence you are pimp, you can press Pause,
07:14 you press Play, you can rewind,
07:16 you can do everything like that.
07:18 And so, even for men that won't go
07:21 and basically, have a whole lot of women on a corner
07:25 and controlling them,
07:27 they all becoming pimps in their own homes.
07:32 Also, its kind a glamorized sometime in the media,
07:36 you see, in different songs, in different genre,
07:40 you see heavy emphasis on guys
07:43 who's a, who is a pimp or p-i-m-p
07:46 or he has a lot of women, and he has a lot of money.
07:50 And so you know,
07:51 they glamorize it like a something cool to be,
07:53 something fascinating to be, its something fun to be.
07:55 And also movies glamorize it.
07:58 They, they show different movies
08:01 that kind a down play the ugly side of it.
08:03 So that you don't see the ugly side,
08:05 but the dam play like a good side of it,
08:07 or even if the movies shows is bad,
08:11 what the movie tries to tell you is,
08:12 you can do this for little bit, you know, and be safe,
08:15 and then maybe you'll come up out of it.
08:16 But, that's not the case for lot of people who are in it.
08:19 That's right, that is right.
08:21 They, on media they do down play it,
08:24 you know, there is a ugly a side.
08:27 I mean these, you know, the pimps out there,
08:30 they are abusing of or forcing these young girls
08:34 to prostitute themselves,
08:36 or prostitute for them to make money.
08:40 They'll, sexually assault them, they'll will beat them.
08:44 They call it they call it a "gorilla pimp," okay,
08:48 that's the terminology that they use
08:50 in today's society.
08:52 And it just totally wrong,
08:55 you know there girls out there that are trap, it's a trap.
08:59 Girls out there have a no way out,
09:02 no, they're not even in a safe environment.
09:04 I mean, think about it,
09:06 your women going to a man you don't even know.
09:10 You don't know what he can do to you
09:13 or what he's capable of.
09:15 You know, what mental state he's in,
09:19 and your going, and your thinking that,
09:22 oh, I'm just gonna go make this little money.
09:24 And you might not be able to walk out alive.
09:29 So let's talk about the different levels
09:32 to this profession.
09:34 So we know that, there are different levels,
09:38 there is lower levels, there is "high levels."
09:42 To me, it's all the same. So what do you think?
09:47 Yeah.
09:48 The different levels, especially the higher levels,
09:51 what they call a high end prostitution
09:53 or even legal prostitution or high end brothels.
09:58 When they do, I have seen documentaries on them
10:00 where you talk to the people that are from that lifestyle
10:02 is really glamorize because you're dealing
10:04 with a very rich man that fly women to places,
10:08 and beaches, in large cars, and jewelry,
10:11 and gifts, and things of that nature
10:13 so it's almost look like.
10:14 As matter of fact, I'm was watching a documentary,
10:17 you know, with my wife,
10:19 and it showed a women who is married,
10:20 and had a kid, and had a middle class job,
10:23 but she stop that as a fantasy
10:25 and did high end prostitution because she said,
10:27 she can make more money doing this
10:29 and to fulfill her fantasy.
10:31 And so, there are you know,
10:33 high end levels, lower end levels, and escorting
10:38 and different names that they do have.
10:41 And this is actually a little story,
10:43 I have about that.
10:46 There is a women who was invited on to a yacht,
10:49 you know, those are very high-end party.
10:53 And a man approach right at the bar
10:55 and brought her a drink, and they begin to talk,
10:58 and he let's her know I'm the owner of this yacht.
11:01 Now this girl was, she was from humble beginnings,
11:04 and so when this man, he was speaking in her ear,
11:06 he offered her $10,000 for one night of illicit sex,
11:11 and she was all excited,
11:12 why, I've never got an offered that much money before.
11:15 And so as they go back to the master suite,
11:19 as they close the door, he says, well, how about $10?
11:24 And she gets all upset, and she says,
11:25 "What type of girl do you think I am?"
11:27 And he says, "I already know what type of girl you're.
11:30 Now I'm just trying to determine your price."
11:33 You know, so no matter what the price is,
11:36 it's still prostitution
11:38 and it's still not pleasing the eyes of God.
11:40 Right.
11:42 Now let me go ahead.
11:43 Remember that I read the, you know,
11:48 the second part of the meaning of prostitution.
11:52 "And one's talents
11:53 for the sake of personal or financial gain."
11:58 Well, instead of always having to "have sex,"
12:02 there is another form of prostitution.
12:06 As for me, I was a sugar baby once.
12:10 Not all the time, I had,
12:13 you know, intercourse with a guy.
12:16 But just because I'm there and I'm being his arm candy,
12:20 I'm showing him attention, affection,
12:23 something that maybe his wife is not even given him.
12:27 I'm listening to his problems,
12:29 I'm acting as if I really like this man,
12:33 I'm attracted to this man,
12:35 and he means a lot to me, I really care for him.
12:39 But really I'm just being a con artiest, you know.
12:43 So I just really wanted to let that be know
12:46 that there are different levels.
12:47 But regardless,
12:49 you're putting in a price on yourself.
12:52 So, do you think prostitution is legal?
12:59 Not according in a God's law.
13:02 Might be, you know,
13:03 according to man in different states
13:05 it might be okay to engage in that act,
13:07 but the Bible say,
13:09 "That your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost,
13:11 and that you've bought with the price
13:12 so glorify God in your body
13:14 and in your spirit, which are God's."
13:17 And so it's very illegal in God's eyes.
13:22 Amen.
13:23 And when Paul was writing to church at Corinth,
13:25 he says, "No, ye not that, he who is joined to a harlot
13:28 becomes body with her?"
13:30 And he speak about it in a very negative light,
13:32 and so if it is,
13:34 if the Bible speak clearly against it
13:36 in the book of 1 Corinthians then it must be a sin.
13:40 And he talks about that too,
13:42 you know, in reference to the Church.
13:43 Right.
13:44 You know, and it's interesting that,
13:47 we manage to make sin legal, sort of speak, some you know,
13:52 the man's law makes it legal for you to go buy a prostitute.
13:57 But then God's law, you know, even in the Book of Revolution
14:00 talks about the you know, the harlot,
14:02 you know prostitute is completely against God's law.
14:06 Not just because of a law sakes,
14:07 but because of your body,
14:09 the damage that you're doing to your body.
14:11 And even emotionally and spiritually,
14:13 God cares about is it hurting you emotionally.
14:16 God cares about is it hurting you spiritually,
14:18 is it hurting you mentally?
14:20 And sometimes in our illegal system
14:23 the main concern is,
14:24 okay, is it, are you gonna be okay, okay.
14:28 That's why, they may not,
14:30 they are completely against maybe street walkers
14:32 because, they're on the street,
14:33 anything can happen, they can get hurt.
14:35 But if you're in like a safe business,
14:37 of course, people come and have sex with you
14:39 and give you money,
14:40 because of what they assume is safe,
14:43 but it isn't safe.
14:44 None of it is. None of it is safe, trust me.
14:48 You, the same things that can happen out in the street,
14:52 can also happen indoors.
14:55 I mean, you may be going to someone's hotel room,
15:01 I mean, he can still rob you,
15:03 he can still be overly aggressive.
15:07 You know, he may not take you,
15:09 pull you back to alley and beat you up and rob you,
15:12 but he can do those things.
15:13 You know, he can even tie you up
15:15 and throw you up in the bathroom or torture you.
15:17 He can do all those things.
15:19 So you're never safe
15:21 even if you're indoors or out on the street.
15:26 Now, I want to go into the part of addition.
15:29 Is it addictive?
15:31 And I want talk about,
15:32 you know, my part far as been a prostitute
15:35 and the customer.
15:39 Go ahead.
15:40 Well, I can speak from the customer point of view.
15:44 After I join the military,
15:46 I kind of got sucked in to that life of soliciting
15:49 or buying prostitutes.
15:51 And I never thought I get there in my life,
15:55 but sin, it's a downward spiral.
15:59 That's for sure.
16:01 You know, you start of with just pornography
16:04 and you start off, kissie-kissie, touchy-touchy,
16:07 and before you know it you're going in that corner
16:09 where you know all the prostitute hangout.
16:12 And it became an addictive behavior
16:14 because there is no, there is no, there is no risk
16:21 really that you perceive that you're taking.
16:23 All you have to do is have the money
16:26 and you know you're gonna get that sexual gratification.
16:29 Even going out to bars and club became kind off boring
16:32 because now I still had to try to talk to a girl,
16:35 asides of buying her drink,
16:37 I still had to say the right things.
16:38 With the prostitute, if I just had the right amount of money.
16:43 And so, it became very, very, addictive
16:47 because of that nature.
16:48 As long as I have the amount of money,
16:50 it was more a transaction;
16:51 it was like going to a restaurant
16:54 and buying food, you know,
16:56 it wasn't interacting with another human being.
16:58 And what had taught me that behavior was the media,
17:03 was pornography,
17:04 because, I would never been giving a woman money for sex
17:09 if I didn't think that that behavior was normal,
17:13 if I didn't think that a woman was an object
17:15 that should be bought, I would never been there.
17:17 But because of all my exposure to pornography and to the media
17:21 and just my own rejection of Christ,
17:24 and His message, and His church,
17:26 I found my self there.
17:27 Right.
17:29 I want to touch on, the prostitution view.
17:32 Okay, and how addicted it was.
17:35 Well, as for me, this is very personal.
17:38 It started off with the money, of course, you know.
17:43 I was in a situation where I needed money.
17:47 So I went to prostitution, I didn't like it at all,
17:52 but I only did it for the money.
17:54 Then it progressed, it progressed
17:56 while I'm starting to get wined and dined, you know.
18:00 I'm getting all this attention,
18:03 people are telling me that I'm very beautiful
18:05 and, oh, you're just awesome, you're amazing,
18:08 and I'm getting all you know, all these "good things," okay.
18:13 And being told all these wonderful things about myself,
18:16 that, you know, basically,
18:18 I probably didn't know anything about myself, you know.
18:21 And when you first start you're gonna think like,
18:23 oh, my goodness,
18:24 I can't believe, I'm doing this, you know.
18:27 At times I felt dirty, I would take a shower
18:30 and literally scrub myself, and you would see marks on my neck
18:35 from scrubbing because I felt so dirty.
18:38 And then
18:40 all that comes to my self-esteem, you know.
18:45 So I want to really talk about
18:47 what are the effects in the industry
18:49 for men and women,
18:51 and I want to talk about the affects
18:53 for that people are buying,
18:56 you know that men and women are buying
18:59 or spending their money on prostitution.
19:02 Well, I would say you know,
19:04 you two can probably chime in on this.
19:06 I would say, it effects both of people self-worth.
19:09 You know, a person, you gave a testimony
19:13 where you didn't feel that talking a woman.
19:14 There might be some guys who try to talk to women
19:17 and maybe can't get them or something like that.
19:19 So they might feel they're not good enough,
19:21 but they can just pay for it.
19:22 And so they might, you know, feel in their self
19:25 that they can't connect with women on that level
19:29 and so they don't feel like they're worth that much.
19:31 And then a women who is getting paid for it
19:34 can start to identify her worth by this price,
19:38 you know, mentally,
19:40 you know, and emotionally I might not be worth much,
19:43 but physically, I can get this price.
19:46 And so I'm somebody, I'm something, you know.
19:51 Well, for me as a consumer,
19:53 it started to affect just my sexual desires.
19:59 You know, things of a healthy consensual nature
20:04 stopped really having the natural effect
20:08 and my taste began to become more violent
20:11 and more sadistic, if you will.
20:14 And it was because
20:15 I was so far away from God's perfect plan for sex.
20:20 I had resorted to prostitution, to soliciting prostitutes,
20:25 which we talk about earlier is a form of worship.
20:29 And so, in this act of worship to false God
20:33 I was becoming more and more debased,
20:35 becoming more and more animalistic.
20:37 And I didn't even notice it until after my conversation
20:40 and the Holy Spirit was bringing me to myself
20:44 like the prodigal son in the pig pan
20:46 when he actually realized where he was.
20:50 And when I looked at my life
20:51 and I saw the things I had engaged
20:54 and the things that I had thinking about,
20:56 fantasizing about, I said, oh my goodness,
20:58 I can't believe I got here.
21:00 But it was a slow gradual decline into sin.
21:05 Go ahead.
21:06 I think too, I mean,
21:07 my standpoint was from a customer
21:09 but actually somebody arresting a prostitute,
21:12 you know, back in my former days.
21:15 It's sad. Yes.
21:17 You look at their driver's license
21:18 and you see how they were and then you look at them now
21:22 and you see how strong out on drugs they were.
21:24 And it's almost heart breaking because you look, like I said,
21:28 look at this, a young lady, you know.
21:31 In her 20s, you look at her driver's license
21:33 and you're arresting her for prostitution,
21:34 for soliciting, and you look at the picture,
21:37 you look at her,
21:38 and that she just looks so deteriorated and old.
21:41 It's like this stuff,
21:43 and it's only in a matter of years
21:45 that damages this individual for life.
21:50 And probably to go little further,
21:53 but going back to the addiction.
21:55 One form of you know sex decision is anonymous.
21:58 And like Tim was saying earlier,
22:01 the guy might be going to this young lady
22:05 because no one else wants him.
22:08 So when he feeling stressed,
22:09 no one else is listening to him,
22:11 I'm gonna go to a prostitute.
22:13 Feeling depressed because he didn't get that promotion,
22:15 I'm gonna go to a prostitute.
22:17 So every single time something is happening in his life,
22:20 he can't find any support from people
22:22 who he really needs that support from,
22:24 he's going to a prostitute over and over and over again.
22:27 And it effects, that's affecting his wallet,
22:31 because; and it's affecting his body
22:33 'cause you don't know what's your getting.
22:36 Condoms only work so much, they only go so far.
22:40 Affecting relationships
22:41 because you start blowing off people,
22:43 'cause you're not helping me
22:44 the way I think you should be helping me,
22:45 so I'm gonna go to someone who doesn't really care me
22:48 but they help me in a way I think works for right now.
22:52 And it's also again, when you finally find someone,
22:55 I'm gonna marry you.
22:57 You try to, you try to connect but you can't connect
23:03 because your mind is somewhere else.
23:06 And when they wake up like, where is my spouse,
23:09 why they are not beside me, they're out going somewhere.
23:11 You feel cheated on, you feel disrespect,
23:13 you feel so many different things,
23:14 this doesn't only affect the person who is a prostitute
23:18 or even the one who is soliciting the prostitute,
23:20 it affects their family and their friends.
23:22 Right, you're so right about that.
23:24 Now as for me, how would it affect me.
23:29 It brought down my self-worth, you know.
23:33 It made me do extra things for the outer appearance,
23:38 because how I felt in the inside.
23:40 You know, instead of embracing my natural beauty,
23:44 I became plastic, you know.
23:46 I'm looking at all these shows on TV
23:50 and videos and so forth,
23:54 and I'm doing my make up as just they did,
23:56 or I'm wearing provocative clothes
23:58 because I felt ugly inside, you know.
24:03 It was, it became addictive, because of the money
24:07 and I was able to buy anything I want, you know.
24:10 I could blow money
24:12 and then make it back up that night, you know.
24:16 So, and then on top of that,
24:18 I start, I began to embrace the way I looked
24:21 in the outer appearance
24:22 and forgot about what it's doing to me
24:24 in the inside.
24:25 You know, I'm gonna go spend $300 on my weave
24:29 because it's gonna make me look good,
24:30 it's gonna make me feel good, you know.
24:33 And I'm gonna buy these shoes because it makes me feel good.
24:36 Why not do something for myself?
24:37 I work hard, you know,
24:40 and being able to just do whatever I want.
24:45 That became addictive to me, okay.
24:49 And so, I want talk about sex trafficking, you know.
24:53 It's doesn't only happen in America
24:55 but I believe happen all over the world.
24:58 So what are your thoughts on sex trafficking?
25:00 Actually, it's interesting because during like events,
25:04 big sporting events such as super bowl
25:06 or other big sporting events,
25:08 it uses a mast or bridge to be able to get big money buyers
25:12 to exchange or purchase girls
25:16 that are under drugs, that are kidnapped
25:18 from other places and drugged up,
25:20 and be able to exchange them for a price and sell them off.
25:23 So like, your love ones or anything like that,
25:25 they could be potentially victims
25:27 or being sold off to him
25:28 and trafficking to very popular,
25:30 extremely popular underground prostitution industry.
25:34 And myself, I actually read an article
25:36 dealing with one of these big sporting events
25:39 where a women was invited to a party
25:42 for one of these big sporting events.
25:44 And when she got there,
25:47 there was no one there but one guy
25:49 and he began to kind of like talk to her,
25:52 and eventually he forced her into prostitution.
25:56 And this was in America, you know,
25:58 and she tells her story how she was into a prostitution
26:00 and how it affected her,
26:03 and by God's grace she was brought out of that.
26:06 But she wrote that, even now that she's married,
26:09 it still has a little effect on her relationship
26:11 with her husband.
26:12 And so, this trafficking is going on in a America.
26:16 And there was a trafficker that they actually caught
26:18 and they give me a little plea bargain to say,
26:20 if you'll give me of the higher people
26:22 we'll give you a break.
26:24 And they were asking him,
26:25 "So how do you take women in America
26:28 and turn them into prostitutes?"
26:30 And he said, "He goes up to woman in the mall,
26:32 and he says, 'You have nice eyes.'
26:34 And if the woman says, 'No, I don't,'
26:36 or she looks down like low self-esteem,"
26:39 that's the women he would target.
26:41 And so these things are happening in America,
26:43 in our own malls, because the devil knows
26:46 that he could use people who have low self-esteem
26:49 and traffic them sexually.
26:51 Yes.
26:52 Also it's basically
26:54 like form of modern day slavery, you know.
26:57 It's the worst thing that could happen,
26:58 you know between humans to the human race.
27:00 One human using another human for their own personal gain,
27:05 for money, and looking at another person like an object
27:09 like they not human.
27:10 Like this is just like another car,
27:12 this is gonna help me, this is gonna make me money,
27:15 and this is gonna be good for me, and so.
27:18 And it's not just only older people,
27:20 the ages getting younger and younger
27:22 where they want to traffic boys and girls, and exploit them,
27:27 and expose them to this lifestyle.
27:31 Well, this topic today is very, very serious.
27:38 I once lived this lifestyle
27:41 and I've struggled to get out of this lifestyle.
27:45 I had so many strongholds,
27:49 it tore me into pieces,
27:51 and I felt that there was no hope.
27:54 But there is hope.
27:56 Jesus loves you.
27:59 So remember to make pure choices.


Revised 2016-07-18