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Participants: Danielle Harrison (Host), Penny Nickels


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:40 Hello and welcome to Pure Choices.
00:43 My name is Danielle Harrison,
00:44 and I'm an associate member of Coming Out Ministries.
00:48 Today, I have the great privilege
00:49 and honor of interviewing
00:51 my precious mother Penny Harrison.
00:53 Thank you for joining us today, Mum.
00:55 Thank you for having me.
00:56 It's really a pleasure and a privilege to be here.
00:59 Amen, amen.
01:00 You know, Mum, I believe that
01:02 what we have to share today is very dynamic
01:05 and it's going to be a great blessing
01:06 to a lot of different people
01:08 across the board from both sides.
01:11 So since we're talking about sexual purity,
01:14 I'm just interested, Mum,
01:16 was there sexual sin in your life
01:18 and did it affect you in your experience?
01:21 Yes, there was sexual sin in my life.
01:24 My husband and I both had sexual sin
01:29 on both sides of our marriage.
01:31 It destroyed our marriage, it really did.
01:34 After the divorce,
01:36 I looked for love in all the wrong places
01:39 and continued living in sexual sin.
01:44 Okay.
01:45 And I know that you are married again after that.
01:48 Did sexual sin play a part in the dynamic
01:50 between you and your second husband?
01:52 It did.
01:53 I moved in with my present-day husband
01:56 before he was divorced.
01:58 We lived in sexual sin, and eventually,
02:02 he was incarcerated for sexual sin.
02:04 It reached through his whole life.
02:08 Sure, sure.
02:09 Okay, and I know that there was...
02:12 in that time, there was a dynamic
02:14 of you wanting to go to church but something holding you back,
02:18 and was that you sexual sin?
02:21 Well, I really did have a desire to go church.
02:25 I felt left for the first time in a long time.
02:29 And I worked as a cashier,
02:31 I would see people come through the grocery store
02:35 and they would be coming from church,
02:37 and I wanted that feeling again.
02:40 And I would ask them, you know,
02:42 "Where do you go to church?"
02:44 And they would tell me all about their church service,
02:47 their song service, their minister,
02:49 how they loved him, but they never invited me.
02:52 And I really wanted to go to church,
02:54 but the one thing that held me back from church was,
02:57 I knew if I started going to church
02:59 and drew close to the Lord,
03:01 that I would have to deal with my sexual sin,
03:04 and that's one thing that really kept me out of church.
03:07 You would have to deal with it.
03:08 What do you mean by that?
03:09 I cannot live in sexual sin
03:12 and devote my life to the Lord.
03:15 Okay, so you weren't ready to
03:18 or willing to give it up to make that commitment.
03:21 I couldn't give up my sin, amen.
03:23 Okay, okay.
03:25 So your present-day husband then...
03:28 This was before you were married,
03:30 and you said he was incarcerated for sexual sin,
03:33 and what was that like for you being,
03:36 you know, in this situation,
03:37 now he's gone and here you are,
03:39 what was that like for you?
03:40 I was devastated.
03:42 I was very much out of my element.
03:44 I was in the city.
03:45 And I'm a country girl.
03:48 Let me just tell you a little bit about
03:49 where I came from. Sure.
03:51 I grew up in a small town in Illinois,
03:55 and I didn't come from a background of church.
03:59 I was allowed to walk around the corner to the church,
04:02 and I went to Sunday school a lot,
04:04 I enjoyed vacation Bible school
04:06 and the missionaries that would come in to church,
04:09 and that's how I got acquainted with church
04:11 and came to love the church.
04:14 I was baptized at the age of 10 and gave my life to Lord,
04:18 but I never grew in the Lord 'cause I never read my Bible.
04:22 I would go to youth functions, roller skating parties,
04:27 and vacation Bible school, and prayer meetings,
04:32 even went to nursing homes, and minister to the elderly,
04:36 I loved that, singing with the old people
04:40 and talking to them.
04:41 I really enjoyed that,
04:43 but I never was grounded in the Lord,
04:45 I didn't have a life that grew.
04:49 Read my quarterly but never reading the Bible.
04:52 So after I found myself devastated, my husband,
04:58 my man at that time, we weren't married until later,
05:03 he was gone.
05:04 I had nowhere to turn. I was hopeless.
05:07 And that's when I turned to the Lord.
05:09 I remember falling face down
05:11 on the carpeting in the living room
05:13 and just dedicating myself to God
05:16 and telling Him that I wanted a true relationship
05:21 and I wanted to be completely dedicated
05:24 and submitted to Him.
05:26 And that's when I found a church,
05:27 I had a guy at work,
05:29 who had invited me to church finally
05:32 and started attending with him,
05:36 going to Sunday school,
05:40 and prayer meetings,
05:44 and just doing everything I could.
05:46 I went and bought me a Bible
05:47 and began reading the Old Testament.
05:50 Wow. And the New Testament.
05:52 I started reading as much as I could,
05:55 and that made all the difference
05:57 in drawing close to the Lord.
05:59 Excellent.
06:01 So do you believe that the dynamic between you
06:06 and who is now your husband
06:08 did that change
06:09 also as you were coming closer to the Lord in that time?
06:11 Yes, it really did.
06:13 As he was incarcerated, he gave his life to the Lord
06:17 and he started studying with a chaplain.
06:19 And I stayed close to him,
06:22 I had made a personal commitment
06:24 to him in our sin,
06:26 and I thought that how could I dishonor
06:31 that now that we were both in the Lord
06:33 and we knew each other intimately.
06:36 So I made a commitment to him
06:38 and we talked to a chaplain about getting married,
06:40 I talked to my pastor about getting married,
06:44 whether it was right in the Lord or not,
06:47 and we all came into an agreement
06:49 and we were married in the facility
06:52 where he was at.
06:53 Beautiful, very beautiful.
06:55 So here you are,
06:56 you're turning back to the Lord,
06:58 you're making this commitment to your husband,
07:00 did you see any other changes in your life
07:02 not just in your relationship with your husband
07:05 but other changes also in your life
07:07 as you were coming closer to the Lord?
07:09 Yes, I did.
07:11 Prayer became very meaningful for me,
07:14 and I was living back here in Illinois,
07:17 and my children were in Washington with their daddy.
07:22 So since I couldn't reach out to my children,
07:25 a mother always prays for her children,
07:28 I began praying steadfastly for those.
07:31 And at that time,
07:32 I also started praying for my mother.
07:34 I was in transition from where I had lived
07:39 with my boyfriend, now husband,
07:43 into Central Illinois with my parents
07:47 so that I could find a place of my own
07:50 and I had a job secured
07:53 and I started praying for my mother
07:55 when I was living with him.
07:57 And at that point,
07:58 she was in a really dark place too,
08:02 an alcoholic and lots of bad habits,
08:08 but I started praying for my mother,
08:09 and I started praying for Deidre.
08:12 Deidre had a real soft spot in my heart
08:15 and I didn't know why, but in the mornings,
08:17 before I'd go to work, I would sit down
08:20 with my Bible and I would pray,
08:22 I would pray very concentrated prayers
08:25 for Deidre and my mother.
08:26 And Deidre is my sister.
08:28 Yes, your sister Deidre. Yeah.
08:31 And I would pray for those
08:33 and I began to see the Lord working.
08:37 I don't know why I prayed so hard
08:39 and I would pray tearful prayers
08:42 prayers that just made me weep,
08:45 and God honored that.
08:47 At some point, I came into communication with Deidre
08:51 and she told me that she was seeing the boy next door
08:57 and he was from an Adventist family.
09:00 And I was so surprised,
09:02 I had prayed that God would send
09:03 His people to Deidre and he sent the Adventists,
09:09 and it really surprised me
09:10 'cause I didn't know anything about the Adventists.
09:13 I was a Baptist at that time.
09:14 Sure, sure.
09:17 And so now you have seen some of the fruition
09:21 of those prayers that you prayed both for your mother
09:24 and also now you understand how God was answering
09:27 your prayers also for Deidre
09:28 not just in sending the saints to her other ways.
09:32 Can you share those things also?
09:34 Yes, whenever Deidre...
09:36 Excuse me, that's right, Deidre.
09:38 Whenever Deidre was to get married,
09:40 in 2003,
09:44 I went to the wedding and I flew out to Washington.
09:48 And that's when I saw the things
09:50 that were going on in your life, Danielle.
09:52 I saw that you were in a very dark place.
09:56 I saw the posters in your bedroom,
09:58 some of the lyrics on your wall,
10:00 and I understood why, during the summer visits,
10:03 that you had rejected the efforts
10:06 that I had made to try
10:08 and talk to you about the Bible,
10:09 I even tried to present you with a Bible,
10:11 but you shut me down.
10:13 And now when I'm coming out to your house
10:14 and seeing your room,
10:16 I understand why there was demonology stuff
10:21 all over your walls,
10:23 lyrics of songs that were so scary.
10:26 I happened to see your My Space page at that time,
10:30 and it just made me weep.
10:32 It was so full of rock and roll pictures
10:35 and just pictures where you had stitches drawn
10:38 all over your face and your arms.
10:40 And that scares a mother, it really does.
10:44 Yeah, so was it during that trip
10:47 that Deidre shared her testimony,
10:49 and you learned what she had been going
10:52 through back in those times
10:53 when you were weeping those prayers for her?
10:56 At that trip, no, not that trip.
10:58 Was it later?
11:00 It was another trip, yeah, after that.
11:02 I found out that during those times of prayer,
11:05 where I would weep and pray for Deidre,
11:08 that she had been going through an abortion,
11:10 and she didn't tell any of us about it.
11:12 She was all alone, going through all of that,
11:14 but the Lord was with her
11:16 and He was pulling on your heart
11:17 to pray earnestly for her, right?
11:19 Yes.
11:20 I think that's a beautiful and encouraging thing.
11:22 You know, when the Lord lays someone on our heart
11:24 and we pray, we don't really realize
11:27 what we're moving
11:28 or what God is moving through those prayers.
11:31 Amen. And what about grandma,
11:33 did you see the Lord answer your prayers for her?
11:37 Hallelujah, yes I did.
11:40 It happened 9/11,
11:43 when I saw my mother started attending church with me.
11:47 I had never seen that before.
11:49 As a child, my mother never took me to church
11:51 or went to church with me,
11:53 but she started attending church with me,
11:55 and I saw my mother attend regularly,
11:58 and I saw my mother quit drinking.
12:00 And that was amazing to me
12:02 'cause she had been drinking for years.
12:03 Wow. That was a great change in her.
12:06 It's so encouraging when we see the Lord
12:08 moving in response to our prayers, isn't it?
12:11 Yeah, and that was in 2001.
12:13 And I was so thankful
12:15 that the Lord did that for my mother
12:16 because she ended up being diagnosed with cancer
12:20 in September of 2004 and died in January of 2005.
12:25 Wow, praise the Lord.
12:27 Amen. Amen.
12:29 Not that she died
12:30 but that she came to Him before she did, right?
12:32 Yes. Amen.
12:33 So as you had come out
12:36 and you had seen these things in my room
12:38 and you saw the dark place that I was in,
12:40 that must have been so hard for you
12:42 to see your child going through that,
12:46 how did you deal with that for me?
12:49 How did you respond?
12:51 The first thing I thought of was,
12:52 "Why haven't I been praying for Danielle
12:54 like I prayed for Deidre?"
12:56 And I started concentrating my prayer for Danielle,
13:00 and I thought, "Lord, how do I pray for Danielle?"
13:03 I can't just say, "Lord, please bless my child,"
13:06 because Danielle's in a dark place.
13:08 She's living in sexual sin, she can't come to the Lord
13:14 whenever she is in the sin, the sin has to be addressed,
13:20 the sin has to be looked at as sin.
13:24 I said, "Lord, convict her of her sin,
13:26 let her see her need for Christ,
13:29 and interrupt her life."
13:34 Amen, amen.
13:35 You wanted me to have
13:37 the scales fall off my eyes so I could really see
13:40 the desperate place that I was in.
13:42 You know, and I love sharing that with people
13:45 that you prayed those kind of prayers for me
13:48 because I think it gives direction,
13:52 you know, because I think sometimes
13:53 we just pray for people to be blessed and have peace.
13:56 And that's not necessarily always what they need.
13:59 They need to see their need of a savior
14:02 and see the ugliness of sin and really what it does.
14:05 Amen. I think that's powerful.
14:07 I appreciate you sharing that.
14:10 So I know also that you are praying
14:15 that I would end up going to South Dakota that summer.
14:20 And I know that that was encouraging for you also
14:23 when I really ended up going out there.
14:26 And did you really sense that it was going to make
14:30 a big impact in my life like it did?
14:33 Were you hoping for that or were you just hoping
14:36 that I would get away from the situation
14:38 that I was in for a little while?
14:40 Well, I knew if you went to South Dakota,
14:42 that would be a perfect opportunity
14:44 to separate you from your boyfriend,
14:45 and I knew, from my experience,
14:48 that if you're living in sin, it's hard to give up that sin
14:51 when you're living in it.
14:53 And I knew that if we could
14:54 get you out of that environment,
14:57 out of your boyfriend's house,
14:59 you would be more likely to see the sin,
15:01 and I thought, "This is a great opportunity
15:03 for Danielle to be able to get away from her sin
15:08 and to be convicted of what her life was
15:12 and to see what it could be, living out there,
15:15 working out there with the people that are there,
15:18 working in the earth."
15:21 I knew it was a great opportunity for you
15:23 and I prayed for the Lord to bring that about
15:25 so that you could make that choice
15:27 and that you would choose that avenue
15:29 because I knew the choice was up to you.
15:33 How beautiful, how beautiful that you shared that, Mom,
15:35 because really that is exactly
15:37 what happened while I was there.
15:39 I think that being away from the environment that I was in,
15:44 I got to sober up a little bit to the intoxification
15:49 that I was in in that relationship,
15:52 and, you know, all the things that you were hoping for,
15:55 that was what followed.
15:57 So, wow, I think that's so very beautiful.
16:01 Now as you were praying for me,
16:04 Mom, did you just pray by yourself for me
16:08 or did you get others involved?
16:10 No, like I said, I was going to church regularly.
16:13 And every prayer meeting that we had,
16:17 we would pray for Danielle.
16:18 I would bring up, let people know
16:21 where Danielle was at, what she was doing.
16:24 I would also talk to my coworkers at work,
16:27 friends that I knew prayed,
16:29 and I would ask them to pray for you
16:30 and tell them where you were at,
16:32 what you were doing, what your needs were.
16:35 I would get as many people involved as I could,
16:38 not just coworkers but also friends.
16:41 Amen, amen.
16:43 So in this rich prayer experience
16:45 that you're having and sharing with others,
16:47 you must have felt like
16:49 your prayer life was perfect and complete, right?
16:51 No, no, not at all.
16:54 A mother always prays for a child,
16:56 but there were a lot of times where I felt like,
16:58 I'm not praying enough.
17:00 I didn't pray enough yesterday,
17:01 I missed some prayer yesterday, you know, sometimes,
17:04 "Oh, I haven't prayed for Danielle yet today."
17:07 So yeah, we always need to improve our prayer life
17:10 and we always feel that
17:12 we fall short in our prayer life.
17:13 But the main thing is,
17:15 when somebody crosses your mind,
17:17 that's when you need to say a prayer for them.
17:18 Amen.
17:20 Wherever you are, whatever you're doing.
17:22 So even in the richest prayer experiences,
17:24 we can sometimes be hard on ourselves,
17:27 we can sometimes beat ourselves up
17:30 that we're not praying enough,
17:31 and we have to trust that God is moving
17:33 and honoring our prayers despite
17:35 maybe those feelings that can come in.
17:38 Amen. Amen, amen.
17:39 So, you know, Mom, I think it's so amazing
17:45 and profound the way that you prayed for me.
17:49 And, you know, as I'm stepping into the faith
17:53 and joining the Seventh-day Adventist church
17:56 and becoming on fire for the Lord
17:59 and excited about the truths
18:02 that I was learning in the Bible,
18:04 I wanted you to have the joy
18:08 of some of those truths as well,
18:10 especially the Sabbath.
18:12 And I started to pray for you more,
18:14 and I really...
18:17 I really wanted you to come to know the joy of the Sabbath.
18:19 That was specifically something that I prayed a lot for.
18:22 And as I was praying
18:27 these prayers more consistently,
18:29 like you talked about trying to pray every single day.
18:31 That's what I was, that's what I really committed
18:34 to was praying for you every day.
18:35 And as I started to pray for you more consistently,
18:37 I started to feel convicted
18:39 to appeal to you about the Sabbath.
18:42 And that was challenging for me
18:44 because you had always been gentle
18:46 and prayerful and patient.
18:49 You hadn't stepped up and tried to talk to me
18:53 about spiritual things, you know.
18:54 And I just wanted to be prayerful
18:55 and gentle for you as well.
18:58 So I was intimidated by that conviction.
19:03 And I just prayed and I said,
19:04 "Okay, Lord, if you want me to talk to Mom about this,
19:07 then you're going to have to open up the doors
19:09 and give me the words."
19:11 And that was exactly what He did as you well know,
19:16 He opened the doors for me
19:17 to have a little speaking tour that summer.
19:20 And I went to South Dakota
19:21 and spoke in a few different places there
19:23 and also in Illinois
19:25 and spoke at a few different churches near your home.
19:28 And you came every time.
19:30 That was when I really learned the manner of the prayers
19:33 that you had been praying for me
19:35 when someone walked up to me or us, and said,
19:37 "It must have been so hard for you to watch Danielle
19:40 go through all of these things."
19:42 And you said, "Yes, it was.
19:43 But I just kept praying and I was praying
19:45 this and this and this for her."
19:46 That was when I learned of really
19:49 what you were praying, and you came every time.
19:52 And I remember one church in particular, you said,
19:55 "I like this church. I could go to this church."
19:59 And you didn't just say that once,
20:00 you said it more than once while we were at the church
20:04 and more than once again during the week after that.
20:07 And I thought this really must be the Lord opening up
20:09 the doors for me to talk to her about,
20:12 you know, attending the Adventist church
20:14 and talk to her about the Sabbath.
20:16 So on the last week,
20:19 the last Sabbath that I was there,
20:21 you had to work, and I thought,
20:23 I'll talk to you before you go to work
20:27 and just appeal to you then.
20:29 And I thought maybe you would go
20:30 to your shift manager, whatever,
20:32 and talk to them about getting the Sabbath off.
20:35 But it didn't work out that morning.
20:37 The timing wasn't right, and we didn't end up
20:39 talking that morning, did we, Mom?
20:41 Nope.
20:42 And I believe that that was God's divine interjection.
20:48 And at the time, as I was sitting there
20:49 and you walked out the door to go to work,
20:50 I thought "Lord, what just happened?"
20:52 I thought we were going to have this conversation
20:54 and at first, I was a little bit
20:57 discouraged by that,
20:58 but it's a beautiful thing because I decided,
21:03 in that moment, that I was going to say,
21:04 "No, Lord. I'm going to trust your timing.
21:06 I told you to open the door." Amen.
21:08 And I had peace about that, and I went
21:10 and had a beautiful Sabbath day
21:11 in fellowship with the church
21:13 there in your hometown, and I talked with your husband
21:16 for a few hours in the afternoon
21:18 about what I had heard at church
21:20 and, you know, it was just a beautiful Sabbath.
21:23 And when you got home,
21:25 we started to watch some little videos, right?
21:30 And we watched some stuff on creation.
21:35 And as we were watching these little videos on creation
21:37 then the Sabbath was coming to a close,
21:40 I realized that this was the moment
21:43 because thoughts started coming into my mind
21:44 of what I could say to you and how I could appeal to you
21:47 and how I could come into this conversation.
21:49 I knew God was giving me the words.
21:51 And so I said, "Okay, well,
21:53 the Sabbath is coming to a close.
21:54 So you know, maybe we can have a little worship
21:56 and so let's pray to open up the worship,"
21:59 'cause I didn't want to appeal to you without praying first.
22:04 So I prayed and you had left some things on my Facebook,
22:09 you know, just saying "Happy Sabbath,"
22:11 and stuff like that over the last couple years.
22:14 So I just said, "Mom, you refer to Saturday
22:18 as the Sabbath, do you believe that it's the Sabbath?"
22:21 And what did you say?
22:23 I do. I believe it is God's Sabbath.
22:25 Right, and then I asked you,
22:27 "Do you just think that God doesn't want us
22:30 to keep it anymore, right?"
22:33 Right. And what did you say?
22:35 No, I think He wants us to keep it.
22:37 Yeah.
22:39 And then I asked, "Well, do you just think that
22:41 it doesn't matter what day you keep as the Sabbath?"
22:45 No, I've been feeling more and more convicted about that.
22:49 The more I read my Bible,
22:51 the more I learned about the Lord,
22:53 the more he taught me about it.
22:55 And Danielle and Deidre never missed a time
22:58 to explain to me and tell me
23:00 more about the Sabbath all the time.
23:03 Matt was very relentless about teaching me things.
23:06 Deidre's husband Matt, yes.
23:09 He loves to share.
23:10 You know, and I think that was when I really realized
23:14 how much God was leading me into that conversation
23:16 because I could have never known
23:17 that you had been feeling convicted about it but he did.
23:20 Amen. He did.
23:21 And so we ended up just talking together
23:24 for almost three hours.
23:25 We studied the Bible together.
23:27 And that was a really beautiful time.
23:31 I remember that,
23:35 at one point in the conversation,
23:36 you turned to David, and do you remember
23:39 what you said to him, Mom?
23:41 Yes, I do.
23:42 I said, "I don't know what kind of choice
23:44 you're going to make,
23:46 but I hope that you will start keeping
23:48 the Sabbath with me."
23:49 Amen. And I'm still praying for that.
23:51 Amen, amen.
23:53 So when you said that, you know,
23:56 asked him if he was going
23:57 to start keeping the Sabbath with you,
23:59 I knew that you were going to start keeping the Sabbath.
24:03 And you did, you did, you took the steps forward
24:06 to get the time off.
24:08 I remember when we started talking about the Sabbath,
24:12 you started sharing with me some of the things
24:15 that were holding you back from keeping the Sabbath.
24:18 Can you share with me exactly what those things were?
24:21 Do you remember what you said?
24:23 I remember the biggest point was my work.
24:26 I work in retail,
24:28 and that's the busiest time for retail.
24:30 Sure. And at that time...
24:32 I had approved Sundays off to go to worship.
24:35 So I had to go in and say,
24:38 "I need to change my worship days."
24:41 And that was a little bit intimidating for me,
24:44 but I took the step forward
24:47 and I did it and they honored it right off.
24:50 They understood, they honored it,
24:52 and I felt truly blessed because a lot of times
24:56 there is a lot of confrontation.
24:59 But God made it come through for me.
25:01 So you were humbled and he was honored.
25:03 Amen. That's beautiful.
25:06 And another thing I remember
25:07 you sharing with me was that you said, you know,
25:10 "I really love my church family,
25:12 and it would be hard."
25:14 Amen. "Hard to miss out on them."
25:18 And I encouraged you that
25:20 you might have to make an effort
25:22 to continue that friendship with them
25:24 because you wouldn't see them just every week at church,
25:27 but, you know, if they were true friends,
25:29 then you wouldn't lose them
25:31 just because you weren't going to the church there.
25:33 So I think that's a blessing because I think that
25:36 these are common things
25:38 that hold people back from making changes,
25:41 not just on keeping the Sabbath...
25:43 But, you know, there's little things
25:44 that the enemy gets us caught up looking at,
25:46 over here, what about this,
25:48 what about that, instead of you know trusting in the Lord.
25:52 So as you started to keep the Sabbath,
25:58 you really drove into a study of the Word
26:01 and you started to come in harmony
26:03 with a lot of the other Bible truths as well.
26:06 I remember talking to you on Skype
26:09 and noticing that you weren't
26:10 really wearing any jewelry anymore,
26:12 and little by little, eventually, one day,
26:15 you called me and you expressed to me
26:19 that you were considering being re-baptized.
26:22 And why did you make that decision, Mom?
26:26 Well, even though I was baptized as a child,
26:29 I had lived in sin since then.
26:32 And I had come into a new truth afterwards,
26:35 and I wanted to make a concentrated
26:40 dedication to the Lord.
26:41 I wanted to be truly submitted, committed,
26:43 and devoted to the Lord.
26:46 And I talked to my church family,
26:48 my new church family, about it,
26:50 and they responded
26:52 with cheers of hurrays and hallelujahs.
26:55 So I knew that it was approved.
26:57 Excellent, excellent.
26:58 You know, it's beautiful to me,
27:01 Mom, to see how you started in an intentional
27:05 and consistent prayer experience
27:07 for your mother, for your daughter,
27:10 for both your daughters,
27:11 and how He heard those prayers
27:13 and honored those prayers, and then He brought me
27:15 into an earnest prayer experience for you,
27:19 and how it brought it around, you know, for all of us.
27:25 The prayers made such a huge difference
27:27 in each one of our lives,
27:28 and so we'll have to keep praying for David,
27:30 for my dad, and for my brother.
27:33 Amen. And we will keep doing that.
27:35 We've just got a few seconds here, Mom,
27:37 is there anything else you want to share?
27:39 Keep praying.
27:40 Pray, pray, pray, and know that it's not us,
27:43 it's not the power that we put into the prayer.
27:46 It's the power of the one that we pray to.
27:49 That's where the power and majesty is.
27:51 Amen, amen. Isn't He a beautiful God?
27:53 God is great.
27:54 Thank you for joining us today on Pure Choices.
27:57 May God bless you.


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