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The New Reality - Teen Sexuality

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Participants: Brittany Hill-Morales (Host), Dajanae Anderson, Keith Hackle, Jr


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues.
00:03 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:05 may be too candid for younger children.
00:41 Welcome to Pure Choices.
00:42 My name is Brittany Hill-Morales.
00:43 And I am today's host.
00:45 We have a very interesting topic
00:48 that we're discussing today
00:49 It is teenage sexuality, our new reality.
00:54 So before we jump into the discussion, let's pray.
00:58 Dear most heavenly Father, dear Lord,
01:00 you are Savior, our friend, and so much more.
01:03 As we are about to have a discussion
01:04 on teenage sexuality,
01:06 I pray that You'll be with us here
01:07 as we're having the discussion
01:09 and also with the viewers at home.
01:10 We love you so much in Jesus' name, amen.
01:13 Amen. Amen.
01:14 So for today's program, we have two wonderful guests.
01:18 They're good friends of mine. We have Mrs. Dajanae Anderson.
01:22 She's a graduate student in Texas.
01:24 And we also have Pastor Keith Hackle from Iowa.
01:29 So teenage sexuality.
01:31 Oh, my! Oh, my!
01:33 That's a big one.
01:34 It is. It's a big one.
01:36 Every time we think about teenagers,
01:40 there's always this nerve reckoning
01:46 thing that happens.
01:47 Doesn't matter if they're in the church,
01:49 not in the church,
01:50 it's just in the community,
01:52 people here are teenagers should think about our youth,
01:54 and they think trouble.
01:56 Keith, you are a father of almost two teenagers.
02:00 True, true.
02:01 One preteen and one a teen, yes.
02:03 Yes, yes, yes.
02:05 And I bet every time you say you have two teenagers,
02:07 people say, we're praying for you.
02:09 All the time.
02:10 Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
02:13 People have this philosophy about teenagers.
02:16 They think that they are hormone driven.
02:19 They do not either aren't responsible.
02:22 They are the ones that have all the sexual activity.
02:26 They're getting pregnant, having abortions,
02:27 all this different stuff.
02:29 Our teenagers just are mess.
02:31 That's always the initial philosophy.
02:34 What do you guys think as church leaders,
02:36 youth mentors about how people view teenagers?
02:40 I think that it's, there are partial truths.
02:44 Those are partial truths
02:45 because the reality is that
02:47 it is during your teen years
02:49 that you begin to go through puberty
02:51 and your hormones are not balanced yet,
02:55 they're new in how you respond to different interactions,
03:01 change from when you were
03:04 in elementary school to being a teenager.
03:08 And so, and then within society,
03:11 whether that's in the church or outside of the church
03:13 like you're saying, there are a lot of interaction.
03:18 That's when you begin to think about sexuality
03:21 is within those teenage years.
03:25 So I think there's some truth to it
03:26 but it's not to say
03:27 that all teenagers are sexually active.
03:30 That's true.
03:32 Yeah, and it is a difficult situation
03:34 you have, parents, right?
03:37 And hopefully, you're in an environment
03:39 where your parents...
03:40 You've seen your mommy, your dad hug before you,
03:42 you've seen your mommy and dad kiss before
03:44 and so when you're younger,
03:45 it's like, uh, that's grose, right?
03:47 And now you're going through like you said,
03:49 these emotional changes,
03:51 and now you're starting to feel certain ways,
03:53 and maybe even think certain things,
03:56 and you begin to wonder what's going on with me.
03:59 You begin to wonder why is this happening to me.
04:01 And so the children do ultimately
04:03 become more acquisitive during the teenage years
04:06 and sometimes even more experimental
04:08 into what that, as they're trying to figure out
04:11 what's going on with their self.
04:12 Right.
04:14 And I think that things on TV,
04:15 I was young which wasn't that long ago,
04:18 like when I was younger,
04:19 there are certain things that...
04:21 There are certain commercials
04:22 that would not even play on television
04:26 unless it was after 10 o'clock, 10 PM,
04:29 then you might get the raunchy kind of commercials,
04:32 sexualized commercials
04:34 and you're trying to sell me deodorant.
04:36 So but nowadays, that's during...
04:38 You're going to see that at 1 o'clock in the afternoon
04:41 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon
04:42 when children are getting out of school,
04:45 whether that's high school students
04:46 or elementary students.
04:48 And so sexuality
04:50 has become more prevalent in our society.
04:54 And I think that does...
04:56 It doesn't just deal with the teens,
04:58 but I think the teens also get more curious
05:00 sometimes at earlier ages
05:03 because of what goes in on a society.
05:05 That's true, that's true.
05:07 Well, there are some statistics that I was able to get
05:11 from the US Department of Health and CDC.
05:13 They said, "In 1991,
05:15 54.1% of high school students reported
05:18 that they were sexually active compared in 2013
05:23 which was somewhat a few years ago,
05:26 46.8% of high school students.
05:29 That's less.
05:30 It's about maybe almost close to 10%,
05:33 maybe 8 to 10% less
05:34 students are engaging in sexual activity.
05:37 And then when you get to
05:38 teenage births or teenage pregnancy,
05:42 they were saying that between 2011 and 2012,
05:46 it dropped by 6%.
05:48 And then between 2012 and 2013 it dropped by additional 10%.
05:53 So teenagers are not, you know, having babies
05:57 as often as people are assuming about them,
06:01 but there is still a problem.
06:03 Yes.
06:05 For sexually transmitted diseases
06:07 for students that actually are engaging in sexuality
06:10 and it's not just only amongst high school students,
06:13 this is amongst the entire spectrum
06:16 for the United States.
06:18 Thirty percent of youth
06:22 have new chlamydia cases,
06:25 25 % new gonorrhea cases,
06:30 21%, it's HIV.
06:33 So it's not like we're out of the clear,
06:37 kids are not having sex no more,
06:39 it's great, it's awesome, there are still other problems.
06:43 Is there anything else maybe might have caused
06:45 the decrease in the downtrend?
06:48 One thing that comes to my mind is,
06:51 from within my family, right,
06:54 my mother had me at a young age
06:55 when she was in her teen, late teens.
06:59 And so I grew up and I think that,
07:02 that generation of my parents kind of had children young,
07:08 but now, but I, so I grew up with don't have children young
07:11 wait until you're older.
07:13 And so I think that may play a part
07:16 into why more young people are waiting
07:20 because they're told.
07:22 They see the effects of what happened
07:25 when you had a child young
07:27 because you were engaged in sexual activity.
07:29 So that's my one opinion that I have.
07:32 Yeah, I agree with you.
07:34 And another side of that is
07:37 from what I've learned from our young people
07:39 is that they begin not going all the way, right,
07:42 but they may partake in some other things
07:44 that still allow them to be considered.
07:47 When they get married, they can still say,
07:49 "I'm a virgin," right?
07:50 Now they may have experience in other areas
07:53 and that may be why we see
07:55 some of the diseases are still going up.
07:59 But maybe they're individuals
08:00 who are getting pregnant may be going down
08:03 or the full out sexual exposure is going down.
08:08 And so there's a lot of, even with the numbers,
08:11 a lot of areas in which we still need to make sure
08:13 we can say, "Yes, we've done better
08:15 but we're not all the way there."
08:17 And I'm so glad you said that.
08:18 There still needs to be some conversation
08:19 and there still needs to be some education.
08:22 And there still needs to be some concern
08:24 as it relates to our children.
08:26 Right, because with that statistic,
08:28 I would, as you said,
08:30 you know, there were mentors and church leaders,
08:34 things like that so I have a lot of interaction
08:36 with young adults.
08:38 And they are very open with me
08:41 about what it is that they're engaged in.
08:43 And so some of the young adults
08:44 that I know that are not married,
08:46 they are virgins but there are different,
08:49 there is oral sex that they participate in,
08:52 there is masturbation and pornography
08:54 that they participate in.
08:56 And some young people do not consider
08:58 that sexual activity because I'm not involved.
09:02 When it comes down to masturbation,
09:03 I'm not involved with somebody else.
09:06 And so then my question to this statistic would be,
09:11 when the question was asked,
09:13 does that include the watching of pornography
09:16 because as far as I know, pornographic films
09:19 and pornographic viewers have...
09:22 the numbers have increased since, let's say, 1991.
09:28 That's true.
09:29 So that would be what I would say about it.
09:33 I don't know if there is another question
09:35 about that particular...
09:37 I think we're on the same page
09:38 as in even though the statistics are positive
09:41 and you're like, "Yes.
09:42 Great. Awesome."
09:44 There're other factors that might be the reason why.
09:46 Even for lower numbers
09:49 for teen birth and teen pregnancy.
09:52 Most people think, teenagers, they're so ready to go,
09:55 most of them on birth control
09:56 or they are practicing a lot safer sex.
09:59 So for those who are practicing,
10:01 they're making sure they're taking their pill,
10:03 they're doing whatever they need to do,
10:05 making sure they're using condoms
10:07 so they don't have to have what their parents had,
10:10 you know, raising a young child and different stuff like that.
10:13 Right and so there's...
10:15 Go ahead.
10:18 I think there's this thing in,
10:20 especially within Christianity and outside of Christianity
10:23 as well where there is, "I can engage in sex,
10:27 but I'm going to cover myself
10:29 in such a way that there's no result,
10:31 there's no fruit that gives evidence
10:33 that I've engaged in sex."
10:35 So those things that you just named,
10:37 even though the numbers are lower,
10:39 they're still almost half.
10:41 And so with almost half of the population of young people,
10:45 "Okay, like you said, I'm having sex
10:47 but I'm using a condom or I'm using birth control,
10:51 and so no one knows."
10:54 So I think that's where within Christianity we say,
10:59 it's not just don't produce the fruit of sexuality,
11:03 but what are the effects to the young teenage mind
11:07 and spirituality that takes place
11:10 after engaging in premarital sex.
11:12 That's a good point and we see our children.
11:15 And this is, you mentioned Christianity and as a pastor,
11:19 there's some things that we promote, right.
11:21 There's some things that we say that you shouldn't do
11:24 and they're right but at the same time
11:26 we have to be careful
11:28 that we're not teaching our children to get to a point
11:31 where they're able to hide what they're doing, right,
11:33 because there's a lot of emotional stress
11:35 that comes along with it,
11:37 there's a lot of frustrations that come up.
11:39 Just everything comes along with,
11:41 even if you don't go all the way,
11:43 you've opened yourself up in one way
11:45 or another to this individual.
11:47 And you trust this person, you want maybe a relationship
11:50 and it hurts when that person dumps you
11:53 or no longer wants to be involved with you.
11:55 It hurts when you see pictures of yourself on Facebook,
11:57 on Instagram.
11:59 It hurts when you're getting tweeted about.
12:00 And so even though they may not be getting pregnant,
12:03 there's still an emotional attachment to this thing
12:07 that is messing our children up.
12:09 And we've got to be cautious of how we even present it.
12:12 We can say, "Hey, don't go this far."
12:15 Do exactly what we tell them to
12:17 and still get messed up so we have to be careful.
12:19 Yeah, that's true.
12:21 So the next question is,
12:24 what can teenagers do to have this abstinence
12:27 where they're not only voiding from having sex,
12:31 or as we say, going all the way
12:33 but not involving in stuff like sexting,
12:35 and pornography, and all this different stuff?
12:37 And what can parents do to support this?
12:40 That's a good question.
12:42 What I've done with my son,
12:44 my son is 14 now and he has a girlfriend.
12:49 And she's...
12:51 It was difficult at first, just the idea of my son dating.
12:55 And I understand that whatever door open for him,
12:57 my daughter's coming behind it,
12:59 she's watching and she's going to be like,
13:00 "Hey, he was this old
13:01 when he got into his first relationship."
13:03 But as a parent, me and my wife talked about this,
13:05 we prayed about it.
13:07 And what I said, you know,
13:08 what we don't want to do is get to a point
13:10 where he begins sneaking behind our backs to do things.
13:13 So what we've done is we've...
13:14 I talked to the other parents.
13:16 We sat down, we talked about this thing.
13:17 We prayed about it, we said,
13:18 "Hey, these kids, they're interested in each other,
13:20 so let's do a supervised relationship,"
13:23 where we allow them the opportunity
13:25 to be in each other's space to conversate with each other.
13:29 And that allows them to know that we're giving them a trust,
13:32 right, but the young lady's dad said,
13:35 "Listen, this is what I'm expecting.
13:36 There are three rules you can't go into any other place.
13:39 I don't want any touchy feely."
13:40 He gave him a list of things that he had to do.
13:43 Another component was my son had to go and ask this guy,
13:46 "Could he date his daughter
13:48 before he got into that relationship?"
13:50 And so it was tough for him at first.
13:52 He's like, "Well, what am I going to say?"
13:53 He had to put the words together and things like that.
13:56 And I was kind of nudging him
13:58 but I wanted him to know that this thing here,
14:00 this relationship, first of all,
14:02 you're entering into a relationship with someone
14:05 and you want to take their emotion seriously, right?
14:07 And I want you to respect her parents and respect her.
14:11 And I want them to know that you're a stand up guy.
14:14 And there's just certain things from our family
14:16 that you're not going to do.
14:18 This isn't just about you,
14:19 this is about you're representing a name.
14:21 This is more than just yourself.
14:22 And so, as parents,
14:24 what I think what we need to do is understand
14:26 that at a certain age,
14:28 our children are thinking things,
14:29 they're wondering things, they're feeling certain ways.
14:32 And if we just tell them to stop feeling that way,
14:34 what they're going to do is
14:35 they're going to take it to another level.
14:36 Right.
14:38 And so if we let them know this is okay,
14:40 it's okay for you to feel this way.
14:41 Now let me show you how to control
14:44 how you feel by providing for you parameters,
14:48 save a safe space then it allows them to,
14:52 I believe, to operate under the guidelines
14:55 that God has given us
14:56 and not sneak around and do things,
14:57 and allow for the adversary to come in
14:59 and start planning these seeds
15:01 that we don't want them to have.
15:03 You have so much of moral space.
15:06 I know that because I wanted to add something
15:07 to what you're saying.
15:09 I think the number one thing is you have to know your child.
15:13 Each child is different, as you're saying,
15:15 your daughter, she's going to think like that.
15:17 "He could do it, I'm her little girl"
15:19 For her it's 30-35.
15:21 I know I'm little girl
15:22 but my brother did this so and so."
15:24 You have to know your child and know their timing.
15:27 And you have to have the conversation.
15:29 You converse with not only the parents
15:33 but you sat down with the son,
15:34 and I believe her parents sat down with her,
15:36 and they had the conversation.
15:38 Yes.
15:39 And I think that is partially...
15:42 Not partially, but I think that is mainly
15:43 the most challenging element for parents.
15:48 I didn't really have the conversation.
15:49 Right.
15:51 I'm not sure if you had the conversation, Dajanae.
15:53 I'm not sure, Keith,
15:54 if your mommy or daddy sat you down
15:56 and had the conversation.
15:58 But when you didn't have the conversation
16:00 with your parents, you look at your children,
16:03 and I know I want the best for my little girl,
16:05 she's only, you know, nine months.
16:07 I'm not trying to think about when she gets to teenage,
16:10 please Lord, save us.
16:12 But we have to have the conversation.
16:16 And I love that you had the conversation.
16:18 And they're like different things
16:19 just for parents out there
16:21 to have different ideas of what to talk about.
16:23 Talk about the bodily changes, you have to do it.
16:26 If you don't know there are wonderful books like,
16:31 I'll say have resources, that's what I want to say,
16:34 have resources of where you can get
16:36 quality Christian information,
16:39 information that's not based on some sort of crazy ideology
16:44 but solid information to be able to say, "Okay,
16:46 this is what's happening in your body right now,
16:48 and don't say it in a weird manner."
16:50 I know it's hard
16:51 because our kids think everything we say is weird.
16:53 Right.
16:55 Have the conversation about bodily changes,
16:56 about sexual intercourse.
16:58 I believe some parents feel...
17:00 I guess maybe that's how my mom might have felt was,
17:03 if she talked about sex with me,
17:05 maybe I would want to have sex.
17:07 And I've kind of heard parents kind of say that.
17:09 But if I tell them that it's good,
17:11 they're going to want to do it because it's good.
17:13 If I'm going to say that it's bad,
17:15 and they're going to not want to do it,
17:17 then they're afraid of...
17:18 No, that's a terrible idea.
17:20 That's a terrible idea.
17:23 Viewers, that's a terrible idea because in today's...
17:28 Kids at a younger age
17:30 are getting more information about sex.
17:33 And so, you can live in a fantasy world
17:36 if you want to as a parent,
17:38 but I recommend that you not do so
17:40 because our children know about sex.
17:43 I remember I was born in '92, right, so I'm 24 years old.
17:47 I was born in '92.
17:48 And I remember then the kids that I went to school
17:53 were the first people to tell me about sex.
17:56 In elementary school like first grade, I remember.
18:01 So that, it's unwise, it's very unwise
18:06 to not have the discussion with your children about sex
18:10 because something that you can do,
18:11 and I don't recommend that you do is stop your children
18:14 from interacting with other children
18:17 who have been informed either in a proper way
18:20 or an improper way.
18:22 And so like my mentality, don't have children yet,
18:25 but I have two younger siblings and you know as the oldest,
18:27 they say the oldest girl sometimes,
18:29 you know, parent, it's kind of like the third parent.
18:32 And so I as an older sibling,
18:35 I talk to my siblings about sexuality.
18:38 I talk to my sibling, I told my little,
18:40 "Oh, your voice is getting deep.
18:41 Okay, so let's have this conversation."
18:44 You know, I talk to my younger sister,
18:46 who's 18 now about sex and different things,
18:51 and I'm from California,
18:52 so sex is not a taboo topic in public school especially.
18:57 And so I've had the conversations
18:59 with my siblings.
19:01 And I recommend that the parents have conversations
19:03 because when I started the conversation
19:04 with my siblings,
19:06 they already knew things,
19:07 you know, I wasn't introducing the topic,
19:11 I was introducing the Christian way.
19:14 And so that's what they weren't getting.
19:16 So to think that
19:18 because you're not having the conversation
19:19 with your child, they're not thinking about it,
19:20 it's false, it's a false truth.
19:23 It's definitely a false truth that some people accept.
19:27 And so by going to something else,
19:31 just talking about proper interactions
19:33 that I think are relevant with teenagers
19:36 and young adults are understanding
19:39 that it is necessary to be around the opposite sex.
19:44 It is how God created us, to be around,
19:46 to be in the presence of the opposite sex.
19:50 And sometimes opposite gender is,
19:52 I'm using the term sex.
19:54 But being around the opposite gender
19:57 is absolutely necessary.
19:58 And just because I have an attraction as a teenager,
20:03 or I've an attraction as a young adult does not mean
20:06 that we need to be in a relationship,
20:07 does not mean that
20:09 it automatically is supposed to be romantic.
20:12 We can have a...
20:15 We can get to know each other.
20:16 Let's all go to the mall or let's all go to, you know,
20:20 go hang out in groups
20:23 and be able to have that interaction.
20:24 And I think as we allow that to happen as parents
20:29 and as leaders in our communities,
20:32 then it creates like you were saying,
20:34 a safe place for the natural order
20:37 of how God created things to be
20:39 when it comes to male and female interaction.
20:42 I completely agree with that, that I loved how you said that,
20:48 it wasn't only your parents
20:49 who had to have a conversation with your siblings.
20:52 Right. You had the conversation.
20:54 And it's not only parents that have to have the conversation,
20:57 church leaders, others need to have that conversation
21:00 with our youth and tell them exactly what's happening.
21:03 Kissing doesn't produce babies,
21:05 tell them about the reproduction process,
21:08 tell them exactly what happens
21:10 because not saying anything, it hasn't been doing anything,
21:13 it hasn't been effective.
21:15 It hasn't produced any miraculous results
21:18 where everybody's waiting until they're married,
21:21 it's not happening.
21:23 We just need to bite the bullet and just have the conversation
21:26 and talk about all the basics.
21:28 And before we keep on going,
21:30 I wanted to just talk really quickly about young men.
21:34 How can we help our boys to be a part of the abstinence
21:37 because we always hear these things with girls,
21:40 but we don't hear enough things to help our men feel like,
21:43 "Okay, it's okay for me at 14 years old
21:46 to not to want to have sex."
21:48 That's an excellent question.
21:49 And there's a lot that goes into that.
21:52 The reality is, as we say,
21:54 if we don't have the conversation
21:55 with our young men and our young girls,
21:58 someone else is going to have that conversation with them.
22:01 And so for a lot of young men,
22:04 it's been guys who've made mistakes,
22:07 guys who've gone in the wrong direction,
22:10 guys who don't even know where they want to go,
22:11 and in many ways our young men are being led by individuals
22:14 who don't even know where they're going.
22:16 So they're told, "Listen,
22:17 you should have this amount of women.
22:21 You should have them all over the United States,
22:24 all over the world if you can."
22:25 If you watch the music videos,
22:26 it's all about women dressed in a certain way
22:29 and guys dressing in a certain way.
22:31 And so it goes back to, first of all,
22:33 the young men having to have a respect
22:36 for themselves to recognize,
22:37 listen, you have a role to play
22:41 and not just to make our communities worse,
22:43 not to make our households, not to make our churches worse
22:45 but you're actually supposed to be a leader, right?
22:48 And so once they understand
22:49 that they have that responsibility,
22:51 now, we need to put them in situations
22:53 where they can be responsible.
22:54 I love what you said about putting individuals
22:57 of different sexes in the same place.
23:00 That's what AY is really all about,
23:01 it's about our young people being able to come together
23:03 and to have a good time, right,
23:05 but to also build friendships
23:07 and understand that I can have a friend
23:09 that's of the opposite sex without going too far,
23:12 right, without it going somewhere else
23:14 and that's important.
23:16 But also outside of having that conversation with them
23:18 and helping them understand their responsibilities,
23:21 outside of just putting them in places
23:23 where they can have these opportunities to interact
23:25 with individuals of the opposite sex.
23:27 They have to value themselves
23:30 and have standards for themselves.
23:32 And a lot of times, pushing it back to the Bible.
23:34 The Bible was written as an example for us,
23:36 as direction for us to know where to go.
23:40 And in many cases, we don't go back to the source.
23:44 God has standards for us.
23:46 He has expectations for us.
23:48 And it's okay for me to be 25 years old as a man
23:52 and be a virgin.
23:53 That's okay. That's okay.
23:56 I'm not a female but I can only imagine
23:59 that being 25 years old
24:00 and still being a virgin is noble, and appreciative,
24:03 and acceptable to a woman
24:05 who's thinking about marrying this individual.
24:07 I mean, would you rather have a virgin
24:08 or would you rather have someone
24:10 who's been with 30 different women.
24:12 You know what I mean? Yeah.
24:13 And so men need to understand
24:15 and that needs to be promoted that,
24:17 "Listen, to maintain your virginity to this point
24:22 is appreciated and valued in our community."
24:25 And we need to hear that more
24:27 because all we're hearing a lot of times is
24:29 that you're respected more
24:30 when you have the most women,
24:32 when you've broke this many hearts,
24:34 when you have this many names in your little black book
24:37 is what we had back when I was younger,
24:39 what they called it the little black book,
24:41 so that's what the conversation that we really need to have.
24:45 And I think that will help
24:46 change the trajectory of our young men in our society.
24:50 I agree.
24:52 I agree all the way, especially with the point of there is...
24:57 Women are attracted to a man that is a virgin.
25:03 I know insists like when you're...
25:06 As you're going through your hormonal changes,
25:08 and it seems like everybody has participated
25:10 in sexual activity,
25:12 there's sometimes it's taboo but when a woman gets older,
25:17 and it starts, she's starting to think about marriage.
25:21 And she saved herself
25:24 but all the guys have been around all of her friends
25:28 or a whole bunch of women somewhere else,
25:32 it's like, "Okay, I've saved myself
25:33 but you're coming into this thing
25:35 with these expectations
25:37 that I'm not going to be able to fulfill
25:39 because I'm brand new."
25:41 And so there is definitely an attractiveness to a man
25:47 who is a virgin like it is, if I can say,
25:53 my husband wasn't a virgin.
25:55 But in the eyes of a new creation,
26:00 he was celibate for 10 years before we got married.
26:05 And so that was something to me that was thoroughly attractive,
26:11 something that I really, really appreciate it.
26:15 Completely, completely agree.
26:17 There's something about a man
26:18 who chose to value his inner sense
26:22 when some women are trying to value their inner sense
26:25 when they come together as one...
26:27 Can I add something?
26:28 Can I... Please, I'm sorry.
26:29 Ten seconds.
26:31 Ten seconds, no, I just wanted to give the other side,
26:32 for man to know that a woman has saved herself
26:37 is also something of value as well.
26:39 So I don't want the guys to just think that
26:41 they should be the only ones saving themselves
26:44 or the ladies as well.
26:45 As me and we look and we say,
26:47 you know what, that's something special
26:49 when a woman decides to do that as well.
26:52 As we're wrapping up our discussion,
26:53 we want you to be able to continue
26:55 having a discussion.
26:57 Asking the questions:
26:58 "What can we do to help our teenagers be abstinent,
27:03 to stay away not only from having sex
27:05 but also from masturbation, pornography, sexting,
27:09 and all these other forms of sexual activity?
27:13 One very important thing is prayer.
27:16 Pray with your teenagers.
27:19 Teenagers, pray amongst yourselves
27:21 that God will give you the grace
27:23 needed to be able to stay pure
27:27 until you are married.
27:30 You want to pray, you cannot do it without prayer.
27:32 The Bible says in Psalms 37:23,
27:36 "The steps of a man are established by the Lord
27:39 when He delights in his way.
27:41 Though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong
27:43 for the Lord upholds his hand."
27:46 Prayer gives you that connection with God, so do so.
27:50 And please remember to make pure choices.
27:54 Thank you, guys.
27:55 Yay. Thanks.


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