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00:01 Christmas,
00:02 a time when the world pauses for a moment
00:04 and whether or not they believe in Jesus,
00:05 the birth of our Savior is on everyone's mind.
00:08 We sing glory to God in the highest
00:10 and on earth peace, good will toward men.
00:13 Celebrate this special season
00:15 and worship our Savior and King
00:17 as 3ABN brings you Christmas
00:19 with Tim Parton and Ryan Day.
00:24 O come, O come,
00:28 Emmanuel
00:35 And ransom captive Israel
00:47 That mourns in lonely
00:51 Exile here
00:58 Until the Son of God appear
01:10 Rejoice
01:14 Rejoice
01:18 Emmanuel
01:26 And ransom captive
01:30 Israel
01:38 O come, O come, Emmanuel
01:45 O come, O come, Emmanuel
01:53 Rejoice
01:56 Rejoice
01:59 Emmanuel
02:08 Shall come to thee
02:13 O Israel
02:34 Like a drama unfolding
02:36 The curtain was opening
02:38 An audience of angels
02:41 Was holding its breath
02:43 A census, a manger
02:45 Two travel worn strangers
02:47 The stage was finally set
02:51 Angels folded their wings
02:54 At the throne, worshipping
02:56 As God whispered "I love you, my Son."
03:00 Jesus took off His crown
03:02 And laying it down
03:04 Said, "Father, Thy will be done."
03:13 The time had now come
03:15 For God's only Son
03:17 To be born as a light
03:19 In a dark, lonely place
03:21 So He stepped from Heaven's hall
03:24 To Bethlehem's stall
03:26 Where a star lit His newborn face
03:34 Then God called to Gabriel
03:37 With gladness and tears
03:39 "Play the trumpet, the horns, and the strings
03:43 Tell the shepherds, and the wise men
03:45 And all who will hear
03:47 Command all the angels to sing
03:52 Fill the sky with your voices and sing!"
04:00 Joy, joy to the world
04:04 Praise to the King
04:07 Oh, let it ring
04:09 Joy, joy to the world
04:12 Worship and sing
04:16 Jesus has come to bring
04:18 Joy, joy to the world
04:21 Praise to the King
04:24 Oh, let it ring
04:26 Joy, joy to the world
04:29 Worship and sing
04:32 Jesus has come to bring
04:35 Joy, joy to the world
04:41 Oh, let it ring
04:43 Joy, joy to the world
04:46 Worship and sing
04:49 Jesus has come to bring
04:51 Joy, joy to the world
04:57 Oh, let it ring
04:59 Joy, joy to the world
05:02 Jesus the King
05:05 Jesus has come to bring
05:09 Jesus has come to bring joy
05:20 Amen. Amen.
05:21 That's a difficult song to sing,
05:22 but it's a beautiful song and I had to sing it, Tim.
05:25 Joy, joy is what the season is about,
05:28 the fact that Christ has come to bring us joy.
05:31 Amen.
05:33 Could you imagine, you know, as I'm singing those lyrics
05:35 and the scenes playing out of my mind.
05:38 I can just see the Father and the Son
05:41 and all the angels gather there
05:42 in the heavenly realms and Jesus saying,
05:44 "Father, I'm gonna go down there,
05:45 I'm gonna die for my people.
05:47 I'm gonna live the life that they can't.
05:49 And I'm gonna show them the example
05:50 that they can be,
05:51 and just seeing that heavenly scene
05:53 in my mind as it says
05:54 that Jesus took of His crown and He laid it down,
05:57 and He came down into this world
05:58 and was roped in flesh.
06:00 The Bible says,
06:01 "He took not upon Himself the nature of angels
06:03 but our nature."
06:05 So that He can live exactly
06:06 and experience exactly what we experience
06:08 and I praise the Lord for that birth.
06:10 That's a blessing indeed.
06:31 They didn't own a house
06:34 No crib no toys were waiting
06:40 Still they had their love
06:43 For the child they were anticipating
06:49 He was born one winter night
06:53 On a road between two towns
06:58 They wrapped him up
07:00 So warm and tight and said
07:03 It looks like heaven's come down
07:09 There was a new star shining
07:13 In the sky up above
07:18 By its light that winter night
07:22 They found peace and perfect love
07:27 If we want to find it
07:32 I know we always will
07:37 'Cause that new star is shining for us still
07:51 He worried how to feed him
07:56 Simple trade was all they knew
08:00 It was hard enough to make ends meet
08:05 When they were only two
08:09 But the cold, the dark and the hunger
08:13 Couldn't take away their joy
08:18 And she knew that they would find a way
08:23 For that precious baby boy
08:29 There was a new star shining
08:33 In the sky up above
08:38 By its light that winter night
08:42 They found peace and perfect love
08:47 If we want to find it
08:52 I know we always will
08:57 'Cause that new star is shining
09:01 For us still
09:06 If we want to find it
09:10 I know we always will
09:17 'Cause that new star is shining
09:24 For us still
09:31 Yes, it is.
09:32 Amen.
09:38 Amen.
09:40 Amen. Praise the Lord.
09:41 A sweet, sweet song. I love that song.
09:42 You know, could you imagine having a baby in the barn.
09:46 No.
09:47 And it's just powerful but, you know,
09:50 Mary wasn't having just any normal baby,
09:53 she was having the Son of God.
09:56 That'd been a lot of pressure on her
09:58 to know that you're about to give birth
09:59 to the King of the universe.
10:01 We live in such a sterile society.
10:03 Right.
10:04 You know, when babies are born these days
10:06 especially in hospitals, it's like,
10:10 I can't imagine women
10:12 having accepted those conditions
10:14 back there in general,
10:16 but knowing what Mary knew, you're right,
10:19 this was not your ordinary child.
10:21 Amen.
10:22 This is a wonderful child.
10:24 A wonderful child, that's right.
10:26 So... Yeah.
10:27 I like that, wonderful Child. Let's sing it.
10:29 Okay.
10:41 Jesus, Jesus
10:47 Oh, what a wonderful child
10:53 Jesus, oh, Jesus
10:58 So lowly meek and mild
11:04 He brings new life, new hope
11:09 And He brings new joy
11:12 Oh, yes, He does
11:15 Won't you listen
11:18 to the angels sing
11:24 Glory, glory
11:29 Glory
11:33 To the new
11:38 Born King
11:47 Oh, yes I say
11:50 Jesus, oh, Jesus
11:54 Oh, what a wonderful child, yes
11:57 Jesus, oh, Jesus
12:01 So lowly meek and mild
12:04 New life, new hope
12:06 New joy He brings
12:08 Won't you listen to the angels sing
12:12 Glory, glory, glory
12:15 To the new born King, yes
12:18 He was herald by the angels
12:22 Born in a lowly manger
12:26 The Virgin Mary was His mother
12:30 And Joseph was His earthly father
12:33 Three wise men came from afar
12:37 They were guided by His shining star
12:41 To see King Jesus where He lay
12:45 In a manger filled with hay
12:48 Oh, Jesus, Jesus
12:53 Oh, what a wonderful child
12:56 Jesus, oh, Jesus
13:00 So lowly meek and mild
13:04 New life, new hope
13:06 New joy He brings
13:07 Won't you listen to the angels sing
13:12 Glory, glory, glory
13:19 To the new born King
13:21 Glory to the new
13:25 The new born King
13:39 What a wonderful child.
13:40 What a wonderful child.
13:42 Glory to His name.
13:43 Jesus probably didn't get many whipping growing up,
13:45 maybe He did, I don't know.
13:46 Well, He might have.
13:47 Well, the Bible doesn't say,
13:49 but He was a wonderful child indeed.
13:50 I probably wasn't so good,
13:52 a wonderful child to my parents,
13:53 but you know I love singing that song because...
13:55 That's for forgiveness is for, that's why He came.
13:57 Exactly. Absolutely, yeah.
13:58 We can be forgiven for our bad childhood.
14:00 Amen.
14:02 And you know, to think about it,
14:04 I mentioned this earlier the pressure that was on Mary
14:07 as the mother to raise God,
14:09 you know, to raise Jesus,
14:12 there must have been a lot of pressure
14:13 on her as a parent,
14:15 but, you know,
14:16 I think that we have enough insight in Scripture
14:18 to know that she was a faithful person.
14:21 She had been visited by the Angel Gabriel.
14:24 And he had told that everything's gonna be okay,
14:25 but you're gonna give birth to God's only Son.
14:29 And this next song we're gonna sing,
14:31 you're gonna sing and I'm gonna help you out
14:33 but, I love this next song, Tim,
14:35 because it was written I think, I know for a fact
14:38 that this song was inspired by God.
14:40 Because while a lot of people consider this a Christmas song,
14:44 it could be sung any time of the year
14:45 because even Christmas itself Christ mass,
14:49 it's all about Jesus.
14:50 And the writer of this song wrote the song,
14:52 Mary did you know 'cause he said,
14:54 if I could interview the mother of Jesus,
14:56 this would be the questions I would ask her,
14:57 did you really know this.
14:59 Did it really click with you
15:00 that you were holding God as a baby.
15:03 And it's just powerful to think that,
15:05 that God came to be a man to live like we are,
15:09 to live for us, and to show us
15:12 that we can have victory in this life, it's powerful.
15:15 And one of the other things I think is powerful about this
15:17 is that this song has been covered
15:18 by so many secular artists.
15:21 Right, yeah.
15:22 And, you know, they know
15:24 how to sing the secular Christmas songs
15:28 and some of those are great songs,
15:30 those are fun songs I love to sing them,
15:32 but this song to know that
15:34 this message is getting out to the world,
15:39 it's an amazing song,
15:40 Christ, He is our Savior and our God,
15:44 Mary did you know.
15:56 Mary did you know that your baby boy
16:02 One day walk on water?
16:06 Mary did you know that your baby boy
16:12 Would save our sons and daughters?
16:16 Did you know that your baby boy
16:21 Has come to make you new?
16:25 This child that you've delivered
16:30 Will soon deliver you
16:34 Mary did you know that your baby boy
16:41 Will give sight to a blind man?
16:45 Mary did you know that your baby boy
16:50 Will calm a storm with his hand?
16:54 Did you know that your baby boy
16:59 Has walked where angels trod?
17:03 And when you kiss your little baby
17:08 You've kissed the face of God
17:12 The blind will see
17:15 The deaf will hear
17:17 The dead will live again
17:21 The lame will leap
17:23 The dumb will speak
17:25 The praises of the lamb
17:44 Mary did you know that your baby boy
17:51 Is Lord of all creation?
17:55 Mary did you know that your baby boy
18:01 Would one day rule the nations?
18:04 Did you know that your baby boy
18:10 Is heaven's perfect lamb?
18:15 This sleeping child you're holding
18:20 Is the great
18:23 I am Powerful.
18:45 That's a powerful song.
18:48 Powerful indeed.
18:50 I'm gonna play a couple of songs here.
18:53 Let's hear it.
21:13 There you go. Praise the Lord.
21:15 I love those good old Christmas songs.
21:17 You know, it reminds me, Tim, as we're singing these songs
21:21 and, you know, we had this beautiful set here.
21:25 You know, a lot of people scoff at Christmas.
21:28 You know, 'cause lot of people have done some research
21:31 and yes, there are some pagan historical references
21:35 to some of the things that happens as we celebrate
21:37 in our western culture today but...
21:40 You know, I love Christmas, the time of the year
21:42 'cause while I don't celebrate it
21:44 in the modern western cultural type way, you know,
21:47 with all the pagan little additives
21:50 that some people scoff at,
21:51 but I love this time of the year
21:54 because it gives me an opportunity
21:55 to share Jesus with others.
21:56 Right.
21:58 People are more open and welcome
21:59 to listen to you about Jesus during this time.
22:02 And I love these songs
22:03 because it remind me of growing up as a child
22:07 when I was innocent of many of the things
22:09 that me and family practiced but still,
22:12 I had that instilled within me
22:13 that, you know, Christmas isn't about the gifts,
22:15 it's not about Santa Claus and snowman and reindeer,
22:18 and all those other things, but it's about Jesus.
22:20 Right.
22:21 And I just love singing about Christmas
22:24 and singing about Christ
22:25 'cause without His birth we wouldn't be here.
22:27 Right, right.
22:28 Yeah, Jesus truly is
22:30 and it never becomes strike to me
22:31 the reason for the season.
22:32 That's true.
22:34 So I love the fact that the Bible is,
22:38 it centers around that, I love when I open up
22:40 the center of the Bible falls to Matthew.
22:42 Right.
22:43 And maybe not quite the center
22:44 but, in essence the message, it opens up,
22:48 the gospels opened up with the fact
22:51 that Christ was born, He came to earth.
22:53 That's right.
22:54 And what a thing to celebrate, right?
22:56 I know, I know. So...
22:57 So I will always keep Christmas in my heart.
23:01 That's right.
23:02 So, and keep Jesus as the center.
23:04 It's truly is the most wonderful time
23:06 of the year, I believe.
23:07 I totally agree with that. We have that in common.
23:18 What Child is this
23:22 Who laid to rest
23:26 On Mary's lap
23:29 Is sleeping
23:32 Whom angels greet
23:36 With anthems sweet
23:39 While shepherds watch are keeping?
23:47 This, this is Christ the King
23:53 Whom shepherds guard and angels sing
24:01 Haste, haste to bring Him laud
24:07 The Babe, the Son of Mary
25:04 Our God
25:06 Heaven cannot hold Him
25:12 Nor earth sustain
25:18 Heaven and earth shall flee away
25:25 When He comes to reign
25:31 In the bleak midwinter
25:37 A stable place sufficed
25:44 The Lord God Almighty
25:50 Jesus Christ
26:17 What can I gift Him
26:23 Poor as I am?
26:28 If I were a shepherd
26:33 I would bring a lamb
26:39 If I were a Wise Man
26:44 I would do my part
26:49 Yet what can I give Him
26:55 Give Him my heart
27:15 If I were
27:19 A Wise Man
27:24 I would do my part
27:31 Yet what can I give to Him
27:38 Give Him
27:43 My heart
28:00 Merry Christmas to you.
28:02 Merry Christmas, Brother.
28:03 God bless you.


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