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00:01 Christmas,
00:02 a time when the world pauses for a moment
00:04 and whether or not they believe in Jesus,
00:06 the birth of our Savior is on everyone's mind.
00:08 We sing glory to God in the highest
00:10 and on earth peace, good will toward men.
00:13 Celebrate this special season
00:15 and worship our Savior and King
00:17 as 3ABN brings you Christmas
00:19 with Reggie and Ladye Love Smith.
00:40 Silent night
00:44 Holy night
00:48 All is calm
00:53 And all is bright
00:57 'Round yon virgin
01:01 Mother and Child
01:06 Holy Infant
01:10 so tender and mild
01:15 Sleep in heavenly peace
01:25 Sleep in heavenly peace
01:36 Silent night
01:40 Holy night
01:44 Shepherds quake
01:48 At the sight
01:52 Glories stream
01:56 From heaven afar
02:01 Heavenly hosts
02:04 Sing Alleluia
02:09 Christ the Savior is born
02:21 Christ the Savior
02:27 Is born
02:45 Away in a manger
02:49 No crib for His bed
02:54 The little Lord Jesus
02:58 Laid down his sweet head
03:02 The stars in the sky
03:07 Looked down where he lay
03:11 The little Lord Jesus
03:16 Asleep on the hay
03:25 The cattle are lowing
03:30 The baby awakes
03:34 But little Lord Jesus
03:37 No crying he makes
03:41 I love Thee, Lord Jesus
03:46 Look down from the sky
03:51 And stay by my cradle
03:55 'Til morning is nigh
04:02 And stay by my cradle
04:08 'Til morning is nigh
04:26 It's beautiful, Tim.
04:28 We are so happy to be with you during this Christmas season,
04:31 and we're just going to share some of our favorite songs
04:34 and hopefully some of yours,
04:35 and just sit around by the fire and the piano
04:38 and enjoy God's wonderful music
04:40 and this beautiful time of the year.
04:43 I know there's a song that we love to sing every year
04:46 that someone we love this very special.
04:48 Gloria Gaither wrote,
04:50 you want to tell us about that, Reggie.
04:51 But before you say this, I didn't tell everybody,
04:52 Merry Christmas.
04:54 Merry Christmas.
04:55 I see the fire burning in the back there,
04:57 it's warming up in here.
04:58 It feels nice and cozy in the snow outside
05:01 and this is so beautiful.
05:03 What a lovely, lovely time of the year,
05:05 but this song is a song that Miss Gaither wrote,
05:07 Miss Gloria Gaither wrote that
05:09 I love to hear Ladye Love sing it,
05:11 and it's entitled Ordinary Baby.
05:23 He was just an ordinary baby
05:30 That's the way He planned it, maybe
05:36 Anything less than common
05:39 Would have kept Him apart
05:46 From the children that He came to rescue
05:53 Limited to some elite few
05:58 When He was the only Child
06:02 Who asked to be born
06:08 And He came to us
06:11 With eyes wide open
06:15 Knowing how we're hurt and broken
06:21 Choosing to partake
06:24 Of all our joy and pain
06:31 He was just an ordinary baby
06:38 That's the way He planned it, maybe
06:44 So that we could come to Him
06:48 And not be afraid
06:59 He was ordinary
07:03 With exception
07:07 Of miraculous conception
07:12 Both His birth and death
07:15 He planned from the start
07:21 But between His entrance
07:25 And His exit
07:29 Was a life that has affected
07:34 Everyone who's walked this earth
07:38 To this very day
07:44 And with no airs of condescension
07:52 He became God's pure extension
07:57 Giving you and me
08:00 A chance to be remade
08:07 He was just an ordinary baby
08:14 That's the way He planned it, maybe
08:20 So that we could come to Him
08:23 And not be afraid
08:31 So that we could come to Him
08:35 And not be afraid
08:47 He was just
08:51 An ordinary baby
09:08 That was good, Tim. What a beautiful song.
09:09 Beautiful.
09:11 I love that song and this is, of course,
09:13 Timothy Parton as we call him. I call him Timothy Wayne.
09:15 Little Timothy, it's kind of appropriate
09:17 at Christmas, isn't it?
09:18 Little Timothy.
09:20 I give in to you all, it's appropriate year around
09:21 because it's my name, number one.
09:22 But it is biblical 1 and 2 Timothy.
09:25 And tell us what it means? Timothy means honoring God.
09:27 That's right.
09:28 And you know, I was an ordinary baby too.
09:32 That's right, so was I.
09:33 And so were you.
09:34 And that's what's beautiful
09:36 about the fact that we serve a God
09:40 who dressed in humanity but on skin.
09:43 And as John says,
09:46 "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us."
09:48 So you know, it was nothing, He was nothing great as a baby
09:53 except that He was the Son of God.
09:55 Son of God.
09:57 And in His humanity, He was able to become like us,
10:01 so that He could die for us and we could become like Him.
10:04 That's right. Oh, my goodness.
10:06 That's the beautiful thing.
10:07 And can you imagine,
10:08 think back to that first Christmas.
10:10 It was just an ordinary day.
10:12 They thought an ordinary baby had been born.
10:15 But can you imagine the nine months before?
10:17 Can you imagine the months leading up to that
10:19 how Mary must have felt?
10:20 She was just a young girl.
10:22 She was a young girl, like,
10:24 like, maybe you, like I was
10:26 with hopes and dreams
10:27 and how could she even imagine
10:30 that she would carry the Christ child,
10:33 and that she would do that willingly
10:36 knowing she could be ridiculed,
10:38 knowing that people would have no idea
10:39 because this had never happened
10:41 obviously before or never again.
10:43 How could she know what was about to happen?
10:58 Mary did you know
11:03 That your baby boy
11:07 Someday walk on water?
11:10 Mary did you know
11:14 That your baby boy
11:17 Would save our sons and daughters?
11:22 Did you know that your baby boy
11:29 Has come to make you new?
11:33 And this child that you've delivered
11:38 Will soon deliver you
11:43 Mary did you know that your baby boy
11:50 Will give sight to a blind man?
11:53 Mary did you know that your baby boy
11:59 Will calm a storm with his hand?
12:03 Did you know that your baby boy
12:09 Has walked where angels trod?
12:13 And when you kiss your little baby
12:18 You've kissed the face of God
12:21 Oh, Mary did you know
12:32 The blind will see
12:34 The deaf will hear
12:36 The dead will live again
12:40 The lame will leap
12:42 The dumb will speak
12:45 The praises of the lamb
12:55 Mary did you know
13:03 That your baby boy
13:07 He's the Lord of all creation?
13:12 Mary did you know that your baby boy
13:19 Would one day rule the nations?
13:23 Did you know that your baby boy
13:29 Is heaven's perfect lamb?
13:33 And this sleeping child you're holding
13:37 Is the great I am
13:52 Oh, Mary did you know
14:24 Hark how the bells sweet silver bells
14:26 All seem to say throw cares away
14:28 Christmas is here bringing good cheer
14:30 To young and old meek and the bold
14:32 Ding dong ding dong that is their song
14:34 With joyful ring all caroling
14:36 One seems to hear words of good cheer
14:38 From everywhere filling the air
14:40 Oh how they pound raising the sound
14:42 O'er hill and dale telling their tale
14:44 Gaily they ring while people sing
14:46 Songs of good cheer Christmas is here
14:49 Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas
14:51 On on they send on without end
14:53 Their joyful tone to every home
15:14 Gaily they ring while people sing
15:16 Songs of good cheer christmas is here.
15:18 Merry, Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas
15:22 On on they send on without end
15:24 Their joyful tone to every home
15:31 Ding dong ding dong
15:42 Yes! That was fun.
15:43 Fun. Yeah.
15:46 I love that sounds of bells ringing, right?
15:47 I know it.
15:49 And I love that song too.
15:50 And...
15:52 I want to ask, I wanted to ask Tim
15:53 a question here, Ladye Love,
15:55 what do you look forward to a Christmas?
15:58 I know it might be trite,
16:00 but I'm looking forward to being with family.
16:02 It's been a very busy year,
16:03 and I'm going to see my dad and my sisters.
16:06 That's not trite at all.
16:08 I love to be with family.
16:09 I love to go home and see family.
16:10 I love to be at home and not have to go to school.
16:13 Our kids don't have to go to school.
16:15 And if we can sleep in if we want to,
16:16 and I love old movies.
16:18 And one of my favorite ones is Holiday Inn.
16:21 Right, right. And you know what?
16:22 I love this song from Holiday Inn.
16:24 Reggie, why don't you sing...
16:26 Okay. Counting your blessings?
16:28 Oh, you, oh, yeah,
16:29 Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney.
16:31 Okay, I'll do it.
16:33 Yeah. Let's hear it.
16:59 When I'm worried
17:01 And I can't sleep
17:06 I count my blessings
17:09 Instead of sheep
17:15 And I fall fast asleep
17:21 Counting my blessings
17:30 And when my bankroll
17:33 Is gettin' small
17:36 I think of when
17:39 We had none at all
17:45 And I fall fast asleep
17:51 Counting my blessings
17:58 I think about a nursery
18:02 And I picture curly heads
18:05 And one by one I count them
18:08 As they slumber in their beds
18:19 So if you're worried
18:24 And you can't sleep
18:27 Just count your blessings instead of sheep
18:32 And you'll fall fast asleep
18:38 Counting your blessings
19:12 So if you're worried
19:16 And you can't sleep
19:19 Just count your blessings instead of sheep
19:25 And you'll fall fast asleep
19:33 Counting your blessings
20:06 Count your blessings.
20:11 I am so grateful and so thankful
20:14 for my family too, Tim,
20:16 and I have a 17 year old.
20:19 And yes, he is a teenager,
20:20 and many of you out there have those teenagers,
20:23 you might be a mom and dad of a teenager
20:24 or you might be grandmother, grandpa of a teenager.
20:28 Let me just tell you
20:30 that moms and dads need grandma and grandpa too
20:35 You are so needed in rearing the children
20:39 and helping our family so much you know.
20:42 And I'm so grateful that at Christmas,
20:44 our big family comes together,
20:46 and cousins and aunts and uncles and brothers,
20:51 even stinky old brothers.
20:52 I have two old brothers,
20:54 I look forward to seeing them
20:55 and being here and being with
20:57 and I'm just so...
20:58 And there is a song
20:59 that is so powerful to me, Ladye Love,
21:01 that you sing, Let There Be Peace.
21:04 And I just think
21:05 there's such a powerful, powerful message.
21:08 I love it because we have a lot of friends also
21:11 that are family to us all over the world.
21:14 And you know, I want peace for everyone.
21:18 And this is such a universal promise
21:22 and the thing that we want for everyone, especially now.
21:35 Let there be peace on earth
21:42 And let it begin with me
21:48 Let there be peace on earth
21:54 The peace that was meant to be
22:01 With God as our Father
22:07 Brothers all are we
22:14 Let me walk with my brother
22:20 In perfect harmony
22:28 Let peace begin with me
22:33 Let this be the moment now
22:40 With every step I take
22:45 Let this be my solemn vow
22:52 To take each moment
22:55 And live each moment
22:58 In peace eternally
23:05 Let there be peace on earth
23:11 And let it begin
23:18 With me
23:32 Oh, that's so beautiful.
23:33 And, Ladye, there's another song
23:35 that I would love for you to just sing,
23:36 maybe just a chorus of,
23:38 I know you're not necessary prepared for it.
23:40 But I remember Sandi Patty.
23:43 This is a big song that she used to sing.
23:45 But the message is amazing
23:46 and I don't know exactly who wrote the lyric,
23:48 might have been Mr. John Moore maybe
23:50 but, love in any language.
23:52 Could you sing just a bit of that just...
23:53 Yes.
23:54 And for all the people watching in Russia
23:56 and all these countries
23:57 and I'm about to sing your language,
23:59 don't laugh because it's not accurate.
24:00 But it's for you and it says like this...
24:03 Je t'aime Te amo Aishiteru
24:11 Ani ohevet othka
24:15 I love you
24:17 The sounds are all as different
24:20 As the lands from which they came
24:24 And though our worlds are all unique
24:27 Our hearts are still the same
24:33 Love in any language
24:36 Straight from the heart
24:39 Pulls us all together, never apart
24:46 And once we learn to speak it
24:50 All the world will hear
24:53 Love in any language
24:57 Fluently spoken here
25:02 There's another song I love,
25:04 especially right now in this time
25:06 in our country and in the world.
25:08 And you know, it doesn't matter how old we are,
25:11 we have wishes
25:12 and we hope for the world and for our children.
25:15 And I like to sing this last song.
25:27 Do you remember me
25:31 I sat upon your knee
25:35 I wrote to you with childhood fantasies
25:42 Well, I'm all grown up now
25:46 And still I need help somehow
25:50 I'm not a child
25:52 But my heart still can dream
25:59 So here's my lifelong wish
26:03 My grown up Christmas list
26:07 Not for myself
26:09 But for a world in need
26:15 No more lives torn apart
26:20 That wars would never start
26:24 And time would heal all hearts
26:29 And everyone would have a friend
26:35 And right would always win
26:39 And love would never end
26:45 This is my grown up Christmas list
26:56 As children we believe
27:00 The greatest sight to see
27:04 Was something lovely Wrapped beneath the tree
27:12 Well, heavens truly knows
27:16 That packages and bows
27:20 Can never heal
27:22 A hurting human soul
27:28 No more lives torn apart
27:33 That wars would never start
27:38 And time would heal all hearts
27:43 And everyone would have a friend
27:49 And right would always win
27:53 And love would never end
28:00 This is my grown up Christmas list
28:04 This is my only lifelong wish
28:08 This is my grown up
28:11 Christmas list


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