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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:06 The book of Revelation provides hopeful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker on a
00:15 journey into the future with
00:21 Welcome to Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:24 Thank you so much for joining us on this journey through
00:27 the book of Revelation.
00:29 Our goal for this series is really twofold: to discover
00:32 Christ in all of His fullness, and all of His majesty,
00:36 and all of His greatness in the book of Revelation;
00:38 and second, to discover end time truths that will prepare you
00:43 for the overwhelming surprise that's coming upon our world.
00:47 Let's pray as we launch into this series.
00:50 Father in Heaven, we thank You for Jesus, and we thank You for
00:56 Revelation, the last book in the Bible that reveals to us
01:00 Christ in all of His beauty.
01:02 Enable us as we study this book to know You better,
01:07 to understand Your truths, and to be prepared for what's
01:11 coming upon our world.
01:12 In Christ's name, Amen.
01:15 My topic tonight is
01:24 You know, as you look around the world scores of
01:27 people are asking,
01:31 What really is in store for our children?
01:35 Will this world be destroyed in a spinning globe of ash in
01:40 some nuclear holocaust?
01:41 Will we spend our last few moments clawing at one another
01:47 for living space in a planet that's run out of food?
01:50 Will global warming destroy the planet?
01:54 This question,
01:57 is a question that is haunting thinkers around the world.
02:03 And so millions of people, who are concerned about the future,
02:06 are developing a new interest in Bible prophesy.
02:10 Every place you look people are not only asking the question
02:15 about the future, but they're really looking for answers.
02:25 Is the future dark and hazy, or is there some key
02:30 to unlock the future?
02:34 ...or is it just make believe?
02:36 Can anyone really know the future for certain?
02:39 One thing is for sure, prophecy is a hot topic today.
02:44 In fact, there are more than 50 million hits recently on
02:50 Internet sites that talk about Bible prophecy.
03:00 But more often than not, they're being let down.
03:05 More often than not the answers that they're getting are
03:09 leaving them empty, shallow, and afraid.
03:12 One thing that you notice about the predictions of the psychics
03:16 is they're predicting doom, predicting
03:19 disaster for the future.
03:20 Let me give you a few examples of prophecies recently by
03:25 psychics, or really it would be actually more accurate to say
03:28 ancient prophecies by seers.
03:32 One is called
03:34 The Great Pyramic Prophecy: it supposedly finds a line through
03:40 the pyramids that traces down the centuries, and this prophecy
03:46 comes to this remarkable, quite startling conclusion.
04:04 Not very reassuring, is it?
04:07 Some prophecy that supposedly talks about Earth being knocked
04:12 off its orbit, and the total chaotic
04:17 destruction of Planet Earth.
04:19 Or take this Mayan prophecy.
04:22 It is indeed an ancient prophecy.
04:24 And when you take a look at the Mayan prophecy many feared
04:29 the world would come to an end along with the Mayan long count
04:33 calendar on December 21, 2012.
04:38 So according to this Mayan prophecy, the world supposedly
04:43 was to come to an end December 21, 2012.
04:47 But we're a few years after that, aren't we?
04:50 The world still exists, unlike the failed prophecies and
04:55 predictions of the psychics.
04:57 The Bible has been accurate.
04:59 Could you believe it? for the last 3,500 years the psychics
05:05 predictions often have utterly failed.
05:08 They're left people in hopeless despair.
05:12 But the prophesies of this book, the prophecies of the
05:17 living word of God, have been accurate generation after
05:21 generation, century after century,
05:25 millennium after millennium.
05:27 And you can take the prophecies of the Bible,
05:30 and here you find hope, here you find confidence,
05:33 here you find courage for the future.
05:36 Somebody says, What's the evidence of that?
05:39 Well, in Scripture there are at least
05:55 That's a pretty good track record, isn't it?
05:58 90% of the prophecies that have already been predicted
06:04 in Scripture are fulfilled, 10% dealing with the future
06:08 that will be fulfilled in the very near future.
06:12 And the interesting thing about these prophecies of the Bible
06:15 is these prophecies speak of hope.
06:18 These prophecies speak of courage.
06:21 These prophecies speak of a brighter future, far brighter
06:26 than you could ever imagine.
06:44 Isaiah 46:9, 10 puts it this way.
06:55 Now what is the evidence that God is God?
06:58 What is one of the greatest evidences that God is divine?
07:03 One of the greatest evidence that God indeed is separate
07:08 from any other of the false God's.
07:12 Isaiah said this to Israel, and the prophecy certainly
07:15 applies to you and me.
07:17 Here's what he says.
07:26 So one of the greatest evidences that God is God is His ability
07:31 to declare the end from the beginning.
07:34 Did you get that? What's the evidence everybody?
07:37 What's the evidence that God is God?
07:39 What can He do? Say it with me.
07:41 He can declare the what?
07:42 That's right! He can declare the end from the beginning,
07:46 and from what? ancient times things that are not yet done.
07:52 So the ability of God to foretell the future is one of
07:56 the greatest evidences indeed that He is God.
07:59 In 2 Peter 1:19 we have this assurance.
08:20 So prophecy is like a light.
08:24 It shines on the future.
08:26 It tells us what is to come.
08:29 Now the reason prophecy is so significant, and particularly
08:34 the book of Revelation, is not simply because a light shines
08:39 on the future to satisfy our intellectual curiosity,
08:43 the reality is that prophecy has a very practical purpose.
08:48 It enables us to know what's coming,
08:51 so we can prepare for what's coming.
08:53 And it enables us to know what's going to take place in the
08:56 future so that we are able to be ready for those events.
09:01 So Jesus, specifically in the book of Revelation, shares with
09:08 us events that are yet to unfold to prepare us for those events.
09:13 So let's go to the book of Revelation.
09:21 It is the last book in the Bible with the last message for human
09:26 beings on Planet Earth just before the coming of Christ.
09:30 Now there are those people that say, Well, Revelation is
09:33 kind of a closed book.
09:35 It's a book of mystic symbols.
09:37 It's a book of prophetic images.
09:39 How can you really understand it?
09:41 I remember not long ago I was teaching a course on Revelation,
09:45 and a man came to me and he said, I always have hesitated
09:48 in studying Revelation, because it really frightens me.
09:53 It really makes me afraid.
09:54 But then he said, Pastor Mark, after I've gone through your
09:57 meetings on Revelation, I have new hope,
10:00 and I have new courage.
10:01 See Revelation does not mean a sealing.
10:04 Revelation does not mean something that's closed.
10:12 So when you think about the book of Revelation,
10:15 it's not that God is trying to hide the future from us,
10:18 it's rather that God is revealing the
10:22 future in Revelation.
10:24 Now somebody says, I want to study about Jesus.
10:26 I don't want to study about Revelation.
10:28 Let's go to Revelation 1:1.
10:30 The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
10:32 Who is this a revelation of?
10:35 The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
10:37 It is Jesus' Revelation.
10:39 Where did He get it?
10:49 Now let's dissect this verse a little bit.
10:51 Let's look at it. Let's look carefully at Revelation 1:1.
10:57 Notice what the Scripture says.
10:59 It says that the book of Revelation is the
11:02 Revelation of Jesus Christ.
11:04 Down through the centuries believers that had been
11:07 persecuted, believers that have faced the sword, fire,
11:12 death, and even crucifixion itself, believers who have been
11:17 severely beaten and oppressed have found courage
11:21 and hope in this book.
11:22 Why? Because it's the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
11:26 It is Jesus' Revelation not only to an end time people,
11:30 but Jesus' Revelation of His triumph over the principalities,
11:34 and powers of hell down through the ages.
11:36 Now if you want to understand the basic theme of Revelation,
11:39 here is a Revelation course in four words.
11:42 Are you ready? A Revelation course in four words.
11:45 There may be things you don't understand about Revelation,
11:47 but if you understand these four words, you'll understand the
11:50 book of Revelation.
11:51 Here it is: Jesus wins, Satan loses.
11:54 What is it everybody?
11:55 Jesus does what? Jesus wins, and Satan loses.
11:59 That's the great theme of the book of Revelation.
12:02 Revelation 22:20 puts it this way.
12:06 Revelation 22, rather Verse 10, says this:
12:16 So is the book of Revelation a sealed book? Is it?
12:20 Do not do what?
12:27 So the book of Revelation is not a what?
12:28 It's not a sealed book, it is an open book.
12:30 It is the Revelation of Jesus that God gave unto Him to show
12:38 His servants things which must shortly come to pass.
12:41 The Christ who gave the Revelation gave it to us because
12:45 He wants us to understand it.
12:46 Let me ask you this question.
12:47 If Jesus is the author of Revelation, and if Revelation is
12:52 the last book in the Bible, would you not think that Christ
12:57 wants us to understand this vital book,
13:01 this last book of the Bible?
13:03 Certainly He would.
13:12 That is the great theme of Revelation.
13:14 In every chapter of Revelation Jesus is triumphant.
13:18 Jesus does not lose one battle in the book of Revelation.
13:23 Things may seem to be oppressive.
13:25 They may seem to be difficult, but Jesus Christ wins.
13:30 Revelation 1:1. Let's go back to it.
13:32 It is the Revelation of who?
13:35 It's the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
13:37 And where did He get that Revelation?
13:38 God gave it to Him.
13:40 Now notice the sequence here.
13:41 God gives to Jesus the message of Revelation.
13:45 There's a message for end time, a message for God's last
13:49 day people, born in the heart of God.
13:50 He gives it to Jesus.
13:52 Jesus then does something with it.
13:55 What does He do with it?
13:57 He sends and signifies it by His what? angel.
14:02 So there's a message born in the heart of God.
14:04 That message from the very heart of God is given to Jesus.
14:08 Jesus gives it to the angel.
14:10 And what does the angel do with it?
14:11 He gives it to John, and John writes it down
14:15 on the Island of Patmos.
14:16 John writes at the end of the first century.
14:21 And as John writes at the end of the first century,
14:25 he's there isolated on the Island of Patmos.
14:29 He is there on that Patmos Island for his
14:33 faith in Jesus Christ.
14:35 The Emperor Domitian wanted to silence John's voice.
14:41 And history tells us that he was burned in a cauldron of oil
14:45 there on the continent in Rome, but he was unaffected.
14:51 And even his tormenters were amazed as God
14:54 miraculously protected him.
14:56 Domitian wants to silence his voice.
14:58 It's in the end of the first century.
15:00 John is exiled on the Island of Patmos.
15:02 And there, separated from family, separated from friends,
15:06 there in his time of greatest tribulation that Island of
15:10 Patmos is illuminated with the glory of God,
15:13 and Heaven's messenger comes and speaks to John,
15:17 and John writes it down.
15:18 In the midst of your tribulation, in the midst of
15:21 your difficulty, in the midst of your heartache,
15:24 isolated at times from family or friends, God is going to
15:28 come and speak to your heart.
15:30 God's going to give light to your soul.
15:32 God is going to minister to you.
15:34 There are times we go through difficulties;
15:36 difficulties in our marriage, difficulties with our families,
15:40 difficulties with our children, difficulties with our health.
15:44 And sometimes like John, we feel so isolated and alone
15:48 when the darkness engulfs us, but yet Christ comes.
15:52 Christ comes and gives us reassurance.
15:55 Christ comes and gives us hope.
15:57 Christ comes and gives us confidence.
15:59 That's the message of the book of Revelation.
16:03 John, on the Island of Patmos, has an amazing
16:06 vision of the future.
16:08 And that brings him hope, and courage.
16:11 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the same Jesus that walked
16:16 and talked the dusty streets of Galilee, the same Jesus that
16:19 broke the bread and fed five thousand, the same Jesus
16:24 that touched the eyes of the blind and they were opened,
16:26 and the ears of the deaf and they were unstopped,
16:28 and the same Jesus that healed the leper; this is the Christ
16:32 of the book of Revelation.
16:34 The same Jesus that prayed for the world in the
16:37 Garden of Gethsemane, the same Jesus that said, Father not My
16:40 will but Thy will be done.
16:42 It's this Christ; this Christ that's the Christ of Revelation?
16:46 He is the Jesus. His hands were stretched out
16:50 on the cross for you.
16:51 He is the Jesus who was nailed to that wooden bar for you.
16:56 In the book of Revelation, Jesus, the Lamb of God,
17:01 is mentioned over twenty-five times.
17:05 He is the lamb slain from the foundation of the world;
17:10 Revelation 13:8. He is the lamb who's able to open the scroll;
17:16 the bloody lamb, and provide salvation for all humanity.
17:21 Revelation 5. He is the Lamb of God who triumphs over the
17:26 dragon, and the powers of hell in Revelation the 17th chapter.
17:30 This is the Christ of the book of Revelation.
17:34 This book of Revelation focuses on one major event.
17:38 It focuses on the return of our Lord.
17:41 Do you remember the disciples as they watched the lingering
17:48 glory of Christ as He ascended into heaven.
17:51 And the angel said, You've seen Jesus go up into heaven,
17:56 but this same Jesus will come again.
17:59 This same Jesus you've seen ascend will descend.
18:03 That's the very theme of the book of Revelation; this longing
18:05 this longing, this aching longing
18:07 for the return of Christ.
18:09 Now the Bible tells us in Revelation 1:3
18:22 So there's a triple blessing.
18:24 What's the blessing?
18:25 The blessing for those that read.
18:26 So together. As we journey through this series,
18:30 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries, and as you,
18:33 with me, are reading from the screen,
18:36 what are you going to receive?
18:37 What's the Bible say? a blessing.
18:39 What? When will you be blessed?
18:41 When you read, and as you hear, as I unfold the
18:45 prophecies of Revelation.
18:47 You will be incredibly, amazingly blessed.
18:50 But the reason to read and to hear is not just to store facts
18:55 in our mind, it's not just to keep something deeply inside.
19:00 It's to keep those things that are written therein,
19:03 so these prophecies will call you to action.
19:07 These prophecies will stimulate the desire to make changes
19:14 in your life, so be prepared to make some changes.
19:18 As God speaks to you, be prepared to be open to His
19:22 Spirit as it moves in your heart.
19:23 Are you open to His Spirit tonight?
19:25 Are you open to His Spirit today?
19:27 Are you willing to say, Jesus, as we study the book of
19:30 Revelation, whatever You want me to do, I'm going to do that.
19:34 Jesus, as we study the book of Revelation, I'm Your man,
19:38 I'm Your woman, I'm Your boy, I'm Your girl.
19:40 And Lord, whatever You ask me to do...
19:43 I don't want to only read to fill my head with some
19:45 intellectual curiosity.
19:47 I don't want to only hear the book of
19:49 Revelation, I want to keep it.
19:51 Lord, place within my heart a desire to do
19:55 exactly what You say.
19:57 As I read truth from Your Word, may that truth be so powerful,
20:02 may that truth be so life-changing, may I be willing
20:06 to follow that truth.
20:08 In the book of Revelation Jesus is Revelation's alpha and omega.
20:14 In Revelation Jesus is Revelation's true
20:17 and faithful witness.
20:19 In the book of Revelation Jesus is the Light of the World.
20:25 He is the One that illuminates this world's darkness.
20:29 In the book of Revelation Jesus is the all-powerful Creator.
20:34 The One who spoke and world's came into existence.
20:37 The One who carpeted the earth with living green.
20:40 The One who flung the sun, moon, and stars into space.
20:43 The One that created the animals, and the One that
20:46 fashioned Adam, and created Eve from his rib.
20:50 In the book of Revelation Jesus is the all-powerful Creator.
20:54 And if He can create a world, He can recreate your life.
20:57 He can make you over again into His very image.
21:01 Jesus is Revelation's dying lamb.
21:04 And, as we mentioned, over twenty-five times Christ is
21:07 mentioned as the lamb in the book of Revelation.
21:10 In Revelation Jesus is Revelation's righteous Judge.
21:16 You know, in this world there are things, there are times
21:20 that are unjust and unfair.
21:22 And one of the great questions that many young people are
21:25 asking, many of the millennial generation, is this:
21:29 If God is so good, why is the world so bad?
21:32 In the book of Revelation Jesus is revealed as the righteous
21:36 judge that will set all things right.
21:39 The One who is incredibly fair.
21:43 Life may be unfair, bad things may happen to good people,
21:48 but one day Jesus is going to sit on His throne.
21:50 And one day He will set everything in your life that
21:56 has gone wrong, Christ will set it right.
21:58 But in Revelation Jesus is the coming King.
22:02 He is the ultimate solution to the problems of this world.
22:07 He is the One that can usher in peace and joy and happiness,
22:13 and meaning and purpose.
22:15 It's a land where there's no cancer or heart disease,
22:17 sickness, suffering, heartache, death or war.
22:20 This is the Christ of the book of Revelation.
22:24 Now in Revelation, Chapter 1, the chapter that we're studying
22:28 especially in our introductory program here,
22:31 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
22:33 The Scripture says in Revelation 1:4 this:
22:39 So the book of Revelation is a book about, what everybody?
22:42 grace. What else? peace.
22:50 So Jesus, three things about Him: Jesus is, Jesus was,
22:58 and Jesus is to come.
23:01 Jesus was; He is the all powerful Creator.
23:05 The Bible says that all things were created by Him.
23:09 So Jesus pre-existed from eternity, with never a
23:15 beginning, and will never have an ending.
23:17 He is the eternal Christ.
23:19 He was there in Eden as the active agent of creation
23:24 with the Father; Jesus was.
23:27 Jesus existed down through the millenniums.
23:31 After Adam and Eve sinned, Jesus was born as a babe
23:34 in Bethlehem's manger.
23:35 Jesus was. He lived that perfect life that you
23:39 and I should have lived.
23:41 And Jesus died the death that we should have died.
23:45 He, Jesus was, and then the Bible says, Jesus Is.
23:50 What does it mean that Jesus Is?
23:59 Jesus Is. You know, I've traveled the world.
24:02 And I've stood there at the tomb of Stalin in Red Square.
24:09 And here he lies in his, rather, Lenin's tomb in Red Square.
24:14 And Lenin lies in his tomb.
24:17 And you see his embalmed body by the Russians.
24:21 But yet Lenin, that leader of the former Soviet Union,
24:25 who had power over millions, is dead.
24:27 Or, I've been in Beijing, and saw the mausoleum
24:31 of Chairman Mao.
24:32 He is dead. You think of the great leaders of this world.
24:35 They have lived, they've been on the scene, and they die.
24:38 But Jesus Is. The Bible says that Christ is alive.
24:42 The tomb of Christ is empty.
24:45 He's resurrected from the dead.
24:47 When the Father said, Son, come forth.
24:51 Thy Father calleth Thee.
24:53 Jesus came out of the tomb with new glorious life.
24:57 Jesus, according to the book of Revelation, is.
25:00 And because He is, the Bible says that He stands in
25:04 Heaven for you and me.
25:05 Not only is Christ there, but Jesus is to come.
25:10 He was, He is, and He is to come.
25:17 He's going to stream down the corridor of the sky.
25:19 As lightening flashes from the East even unto the West,
25:22 so shall the coming of the Son of man be.
25:24 One day the earth will shake.
25:26 One day the buildings will tumble.
25:30 One day every mountain and island will be knocked
25:33 out of their places.
25:34 One day Christ will come.
25:37 And that is the great theme of every prophecy.
25:39 That is the great theme of every chapter
25:43 of the book of Revelation.
25:45 Revelation 1:7. Can you read it with me from the screen?
25:48 Let's read it together.
25:56 The eyes of the young, and the eyes of the old,
26:00 the eyes of the educated, and the eyes of the uneducated,
26:04 the eyes of South Americans, and the eyes of Africans,
26:09 and the eyes of Asians, and the eyes of North Americans,
26:14 and the eyes of men and women around the world
26:17 will see Him when He comes.
26:19 Now notice the Bible does not only say the righteous eyes
26:22 will see Him when He comes.
26:24 Notice what Scripture says.
26:31 Now every eye is every eye, because if every eye weren't
26:34 every eye it would be some eyes.
26:35 And some eyes aren't every eye, and every eye is
26:37 not some eyes, right?
26:39 Every eye will see Jesus when He comes.
26:42 He came as a babe in Bethlehem's manger once,
26:46 and only a few recognized Him.
26:48 When He comes again every eye is going to see Him.
26:55 Because in spite of earthquakes, in spite of tsunami disasters,
27:00 in spite of hurricanes, in spite of famines, and fires,
27:05 and floods, in spite of world-wide terrorism and
27:08 global warming, in spite of all of that Jesus Christ promises
27:15 that He will come again.
27:18 Every chapter in the book of Revelation describes this
27:23 glorious, amazing event of the coming of Christ.
27:28 In Revelation, Chapter 5, where you have the opening of
27:33 the seals, we notice again in Revelation, Chapter 5, that
27:40 it is really the introduction of the opening to the seals.
27:43 The opening of the seals comes a chapter later.
27:47 But in Revelation 5:13 you have this introduction to the
27:52 opening of the seals.
27:54 And notice how it ends.
27:55 The Lamb of God is opening the seals and He says,
28:08 Now notice there is praise to the One that sits on the throne.
28:13 This does not seem like victory to the Beast, does it?
28:17 This does not seem like victory for the evil one.
28:20 Here is the triumph of Jesus Christ.
28:24 Blessing, and honor, and glory, and power be to Him who sits
28:28 upon the throne for ever and ever.
28:30 We come to Revelation, and we're looking there
28:33 at Chapters 6 and 7.
28:35 And as these seals are opened, after that introduction in
28:41 Revelation Chapter 5, you have four horsemen that
28:45 gallop across the earth.
28:47 There's the rider on the white horse, the rider on the red
28:52 horse, the rider on the black horse,
28:54 and the rider on the pale horse.
28:56 Now we're going to study these things in quite a bit of detail
29:01 as we come to the chapters in Revelation
29:09 regarding these horses.
29:12 So we're going to go over this in very, very specific detail.
29:16 But today here's what I want you to see.
29:19 I don't want to look at so much the details, but I want you
29:22 to see the end game, what's the end game.
29:24 In these chapters the white horse symbolizes the
29:29 purity of Christianity.
29:31 Then you go to the red horse; a blood stained faith.
29:33 The black horse a compromised faith.
29:36 The pale horse... We're going to study in detail later.
29:38 But I want you to see how this chapter ends.
29:41 Notice Revelation 7:14, 15.
29:44 These are the ones... So at the end of the seals, how does
29:48 this whole story end?
30:00 So whatever happens down through history in the
30:03 opening of these seals, no matter what happens in
30:06 persecution, no matter what happens in trial,
30:09 no matter what happens in difficulty, or heartache,
30:12 or sorrow something goes on.
30:14 Jesus Christ is triumphant.
30:17 Jesus Christ is glorious.
30:19 And at the end His people, who come out of great tribulation,
30:24 they serve Him day and night in His temple.
30:27 Here is the incredible good news:
30:30 Jesus wins, and Satan loses.
30:34 Here is the incredible good news:
30:37 Christ, indeed is triumphant!
30:40 Revelation, Chapter 8, Revelation, Chapter 9,
30:44 deals with the trumpets.
30:46 Somebody says, I've read those before.
30:48 I can't make sense out of those trumpets.
30:51 It seems like there is so much bloodshed,
30:54 and the earth is destroyed.
30:55 And I just don't, can't make any sense out of that at all.
31:01 Don't worry right now about the individual details.
31:04 Look at the end game.
31:06 How does this whole thing about the trumpets end?
31:09 Again, the theme is, Jesus wins, Satan loses.
31:13 Look, Revelation 11:15, at the end of the
31:18 trumpets it says this:
31:29 You see again, the book of Revelation is not some book
31:33 of mystic symbols, not some book of scary images, not some
31:38 book of beasts that frighten us.
31:42 Sure, those things are in Revelation, but the key theme
31:47 of Revelation is the triumph of the kingdom of God.
31:51 A number of years ago, when our son was just very, very
31:55 small, my wife took our son, Mark, to get a haircut.
31:59 While they were in the barbershop she noticed that
32:03 there was a man sitting in the barber chair
32:06 reading a newspaper.
32:09 As he was reading that newspaper he said, You know, the things
32:13 in the newspaper are scary.
32:14 You read about crime, you read about riots, you read about
32:18 terrorism, you read about global disasters.
32:21 You know, I almost can't even read the newspaper anymore.
32:23 It's just too scary.
32:25 The barber, young man, said, Hey Sir, you think the
32:30 newspaper's scary, you should try to read
32:33 the book of Revelation.
32:35 Because when you read the book of Revelation that will scare
32:40 you out of your wits.
32:41 I tried to read it the other night, and I saw those great
32:43 beasts, and all it did was frighten me.
32:46 And it scared me half to death!
32:48 My wife overheard that conversation.
32:50 She came back home and she said to me,
32:52 Mark, go get a haircut.
32:54 I said, But honey, what do you mean?
32:56 She said, The barber, he is interested in
33:00 the book of Revelation.
33:01 And if you go to get a haircut you can talk to
33:04 him about Revelation.
33:05 I said, Darling, do I really need a haircut?
33:08 She said, I don't know if you need a haircut or not,
33:09 but you'd better go down and talk to that
33:11 barber about Revelation.
33:13 So I went down. And she said, Now there are three barbers.
33:16 There's a woman on the right.
33:17 You don't want her.
33:18 There's a guy, old guy in the center.
33:20 You don't want him.
33:21 But there's that young guy with long hair.
33:23 He's the guy that was reading Revelation,
33:25 and he's quite scared about it.
33:26 Why don't you go and talk to him about Revelation?
33:30 So I went down; faithful husband, dutiful husband.
33:34 Went down and sat there, and I began praying, Lord, help me.
33:38 Help me to get the right barber.
33:39 The girl came to me and said, Sir, you're next.
33:41 I said, No, no, I'd like that barber over there.
33:43 Do you know him? No, but I've got a good recommendation.
33:45 The old guy comes; Do you want a haircut?
33:48 No, I want that guy over there.
33:50 So pretty soon I go; and I had been praying.
33:52 So I picked up the newspaper.
33:53 And I started reading the newspaper.
33:55 I read the newspaper.
33:56 Boy, you know sir, everything in the newspaper is scary.
33:59 I mean there's terrorism, there's global warfare.
34:02 And immediately the guy got a big smile and he said,
34:05 You should see Revelation!
34:07 I said, But you know what your problem is, you never read the
34:09 end of the book of Revelation.
34:11 And that's why it's scary to you, because you've never read
34:14 the end of the book of Revelation.
34:16 But you read the end of it, and the end of that book of
34:19 Revelation is an amazing book.
34:22 Revelation 11:15. Let's look at it again.
34:32 The barber said to me, Do you know anything about Revelation?
34:35 And I said, Oh, I've read it a few times.
34:37 I read the end of it.
34:38 And, you know, at the end of it there's no more sickness,
34:40 suffering, death, heartache, or war.
34:41 He said, Boy, that doesn't sound like the scary stuff.
34:45 He said, Would you share some things with me in Revelation?
34:47 And I said, I'll make an agreement with you.
34:49 You cut my hair free, and I will teach you
34:52 the Revelation free.
34:54 You say, Pastor, did you do that?
34:55 Well, you know, my pa... No, I'm teaching you a little bit.
34:57 But we had a good time with the barber.
34:59 He began coming to my home, and we began studying
35:02 the Bible together.
35:03 We looked at Revelation.
35:05 A new peace flooded into his life.
35:07 A new joy flooded into his soul.
35:09 It's amazing what Christ did in that man's life.
35:12 As I saw Jesus touch him... I had to travel a great deal,
35:16 so I'd loan him tapes, and DVD's, and tapes in those
35:20 days, but DVD's today.
35:21 We'd loan him DVD's, and he would look at the material
35:26 and he would be just so absolutely thrilled.
35:28 Eventually this barber came to Jesus Christ.
35:32 Eventually we saw him change his entire life.
35:36 And I had the privilege of seeing him go into the water
35:39 being baptized into the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
35:42 You see, Revelation need not be a scary book to you.
35:45 Revelation is a book that's filled with hope.
35:48 Take Revelation, Chapter 13 and 14.
35:50 You say, Oh Pastor, don't go there! Don't go there!
35:53 You remember Revelation 13 and 14?
35:55 It says, And I... Revelation 13 starts this way: And I saw
35:59 another beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads
36:02 and ten horns, and upon his heads ten crowns,
36:05 and upon the crowns the name of blasphemy.
36:07 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard,
36:08 his feet were like the feet of a bear, and his mouth was like
36:11 the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power,
36:15 his seat, and great authority.
36:17 And all the world wondered after the beast.
36:20 Pastor, the beast power of Revelation 13, isn't there some
36:25 place in the Bible that talks about an economic boycott,
36:28 where nobody can buy or sell?
36:29 Wouldn't you be frightened to live through that time?
36:32 Isn't there some place in the Bible that talks about
36:35 Revelation 13, that there's a death decree that's
36:39 going to be passed?
36:41 Pastor, doesn't that frighten you?
36:42 It depends where you're looking.
36:45 You see, if you're looking at all the problems of this world,
36:48 if you're looking at all the difficulties of this world,
36:51 if you're looking at all the heartaches of this world,
36:54 if you're looking at your weakness rather than Christ's
36:58 strength, if you're looking at your frailty rather than
37:01 Christ's enduring might, if you are looking at yourself
37:05 there is no way that you're going to get through that
37:08 great time of trouble.
37:09 But if you are looking at Jesus Christ; if your heart is
37:13 anchored in Christ...
37:15 You know, I love the way that Scripture puts it in Psalm 46.
37:22 God is our refuge and strength, a very help in what? trouble.
37:27 Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed,
37:31 and the mountains carried into the midst of the sea;
37:33 Though the waters shake with the swelling thereof.
37:37 The streams thereof make glad the city of God.
37:40 God is in the midst of her; and she shall not be moved:
37:44 God shall help her, and that right early.
37:47 You see, the earth is going to shake.
37:50 There will be traumatic times ahead, but our God is greater
37:54 than any difficulty.
37:56 Our God is greater than any challenge.
37:58 Psalm 91, A thousand shall fall at thy side,
38:03 and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall
38:06 not come nigh thee.
38:07 Because He shall give His angels charge over thee,
38:10 that will keep thee in all thy ways.
38:13 Get your eyes off the trauma, get your eyes off the beast,
38:16 and put it on Jesus Christ.
38:18 Get your eyes off the time of trouble and focus them beyond
38:22 on Heaven, and the glory of Heaven,
38:24 and the glory of eternity.
38:25 As you do that new hope will fill your heart, new courage
38:31 will fill your life, new joy will fill your being.
38:34 It depends on where you're looking.
38:37 Looking at yourself there's only weakness and frailty.
38:42 Looking at others only will make you critical.
38:48 Looking at the trauma ahead, and the difficulty,
38:52 and the challenge...
38:54 You know, I've talked to some people, they have all these
38:56 sophisticated time charts, they talk all about these events
38:59 that are coming, and some of that is okay.
39:01 We need to be children of light and not children of darkness.
39:05 But if that is your focus instead of Jesus Christ,
39:12 you will feel such weakness, and fear.
39:15 I've had young people that say, I can't, I can't think about the
39:19 future because I'm so afraid.
39:20 Well, don't focus on it.
39:23 It's important to know what's coming.
39:26 Jesus said, You're children of light,
39:27 and not children of darkness.
39:29 But that is not our focus.
39:30 Our focus is on the strength that there is in Jesus Christ.
39:35 Revelation, Chapter 14, summarizes that message of the
39:40 beast power in Revelation 13.
39:42 And what happens at the end of Revelation 14:14, 15?
39:46 And here it is:
39:54 Now notice, I looked and behold a white cloud.
39:57 What does John say?
39:59 He says, I'm looking.
40:01 Not looking at the beast, not looking at an economic
40:06 boycott when no man can buy or sell, not looking
40:10 at the death decree.
40:13 Then I looked, then I looked, then I looked, and behold what?
40:18 a white cloud, and on the cloud One sat like the Son of man.
40:22 The living Christ is coming!
40:29 Crown indicates kingly authority.
40:32 Crown indicates the triumph of Jesus Christ.
40:41 Now what's a cycle all about? cycle used for harvest?
40:44 So this is harvest time, this is harvest time.
40:48 Jesus is coming. And in Revelation, Chapter 14,
40:51 you have two harvests.
40:52 In fact book, the whole book of Revelation is
40:54 a book of contrasts: You have the Lamb and the dragon.
40:57 You have two leaders: Lamb, dragon.
40:59 You have two signs: Seal of God, Mark of the Beast.
41:02 You have in Revelation two harvests: golden grain for the
41:07 garner of God, and glory grapes
41:09 to be tread out in His winepress.
41:12 You have two cities in the book of Revelation:
41:14 Jerusalem and Babylon.
41:16 You have in the book of Revelation these contrasts
41:20 that go through the entire book.
41:21 So here you have this final harvest where Christ comes
41:26 to gather the golden grain into the garner of God.
41:30 You have Christ comes to redeem His people.
41:45 Before the last days of earth's history, the gospel will go
41:49 to the ends of the earth, and Jesus Christ will harvest
41:53 the ends of the earth.
41:54 See every chapter in Revelation, when you go to Chapter 1,
41:57 He's coming with clouds.
41:58 Every eye is going to see Him.
41:59 You go to the end of the seven churches, in 2 and 3,
42:03 and there's judgment, and Christ comes.
42:06 You go to Chapters 4 and 5, and Christ is
42:09 the triumphant Lamb.
42:10 You go in Chapter 6, and 7, and 8, and at the end of
42:14 the Seals Jesus comes.
42:16 You go to the trumpets, and they're in 8 and
42:19 9, and Christ comes.
42:21 You go to 10, 11, and 12 and the kingdoms of this world
42:25 become the kingdoms of our God.
42:26 You go to Revelation 13, and 14 and
42:29 there's the great harvest.
42:30 Christ indeed comes again.
42:36 Jesus Christ has the last word.
42:40 That's what Ancient Discoveries is all about.
42:43 That's what Revelation's Ancient Discoveries is about:
42:46 the Christ who has the last final word.
42:55 seven last plagues?
43:03 It is done! It is finished!
43:07 Suffering and sorrow no more, chaos and calamity no more,
43:13 disease and disaster no more, want and worry no more,
43:19 poverty and pollution no more.
43:22 It is done! It is finished!
43:25 That's the great theme of Revelation.
43:27 We're going to study Armageddon in this series.
43:30 We're going to study the seven last plagues.
43:32 But here is the key thing; the key thing is God
43:36 is going to put an end.
43:37 He's going to put an end to sin, and heartache,
43:40 and suffering forever and ever.
43:42 Jesus is the King of Kings.
43:45 Jesus is the Lord of Lords.
43:48 Jesus will come again.
43:50 Now look friend, somebody says in the last
43:54 days we'll stand alone.
43:55 In the last days we may be rejected.
43:58 In the last days we may be isolated.
44:00 Well, Christ knows what it's like to be rejected,
44:03 because He was rejected, too.
44:05 In everything that we will go through Christ will be there.
44:10 In everything that we will experience,
44:13 Christ will experience it with us.
44:17 Many of you are aware that for a number of years I worked in
44:21 the former Soviet Union.
44:23 And there I met many, many believers; believers who
44:28 suffered fiercely for their faith; believers that really
44:34 were crushed by the evil power of Communism.
44:40 They were put in isolated prisons, sent to Siberia.
44:46 They suffered in the cold.
44:48 They were given crusts of bread to eat.
44:50 And although they were physically crushed,
44:54 and at times mentally faced agony and torment,
44:59 their spirits soared.
45:01 Why? Because the living Christ, in the most oppressive times
45:06 of their life was with them.
45:07 And we can have the confidence that Christ will be
45:11 with us in the drama.
45:12 One day the Earth will shake.
45:14 One day the heavens will be illuminated
45:17 with the glory of God.
45:19 One day the righteous dead will be resurrected.
45:22 I love what it says in 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17.
45:26 For the Lord Himself shall descend from
45:28 heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel,
45:31 with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
45:36 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up
45:39 together with them to meet the Lord in the air.
45:41 This is the great theme of the book of Revelation.
46:05 This is the great theme of the book of Revelation.
46:09 What are you going through right now?
46:13 Are there tears that run down your face?
46:16 Is your heart at times pierced with unusual sorrow?
46:22 Have you gone through trauma in your life?
46:25 Maybe the trauma of a divorce?
46:28 Have you known heartache and disappointment?
46:33 Here is Revelation's message for you.
46:37 Jesus Christ is coming.
46:39 And although in this life we may live through temporary
46:45 heartache, we may live through temporary sorrow, we may live
46:50 through temporary suffering and pain,
46:52 one day it's going to be over.
46:54 This life is like a brief interlude,
46:58 but eternity is coming.
47:01 And that's the incredible good news.
47:03 Jesus says, in Revelation 21:5, read it together with me please.
47:07 Behold, I make all things what?
47:09 Behold I make all things what? new!
47:15 There's a new life for you.
47:17 Jesus can give you a new peace right now.
47:21 Jesus can touch your life right now.
47:23 Jesus can give you a new joy for living right now.
47:27 Jesus wants to come into your life fully right now.
47:32 Because one day He will come again and take you to a land
47:38 where there's no more sickness, or suffering,
47:40 or heartache, or grief.
47:43 Some time ago, during the 2nd World War, Hitler's bombers
47:52 were flying over London.
47:55 Night after night bombing attack, after bombing attack,
47:59 after bombing attack.
48:01 The city was aflame.
48:04 The city was rumbling.
48:06 And there the bombs dropped on one home:
48:11 father, mother, children.
48:13 Everybody in that home was killed.
48:16 Everybody except the father and his little
48:22 seven year old daughter.
48:24 They both were incredibly traumatized.
48:27 And after that initial bombing, he took her into a bomb shelter.
48:33 They went deeply beneath the earth.
48:37 But there in that bomb shelter they heard the bombs,
48:43 and the earth was shaking, and the bombs were exploding,
48:47 and the little girl was incredibly afraid.
48:52 And she said, Daddy, hold my hand!
48:58 He held her hand and said, Honey, go to sleep.
49:01 She said, Daddy, I'm still afraid.
49:03 Daddy, hold my hand.
49:07 She said, Daddy, I can't sleep.
49:10 The bombs! Hold me tight, Daddy!
49:13 He held her hand. And she said, Daddy,
49:16 I still cannot sleep.
49:17 Daddy, turn your face toward me when you sleep.
49:24 And the father rolled over, took the girl's hand.
49:27 And she said, Daddy, I can sleep now,
49:30 because I'm looking into your face.
49:34 Friend of mine, when your life is shaking, when your life
49:39 is crumbling, when it seems your life is falling apart,
49:44 turn your eyes upon Jesus, and look full in His wonderful
49:51 face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim
49:57 in the light of His glory and grace.
50:02 Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
50:05 Listen as Tim sings.
50:15 Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
50:21 Look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth
50:31 will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.
50:48 Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
50:53 Look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth
51:05 will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.
51:35 Thank you, Tim. Turn your eyes upon who everybody?
51:38 Turn your eyes upon Jesus, and look full in His wonderful
51:46 face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim
51:53 in the light of His glory and grace.
51:58 In the book of Revelation that is the appeal that
52:05 Christ gives to you.
52:07 That's the appeal that Christ gives to me.
52:11 There may be somebody watching this telecast tonight
52:16 that you have never made that full,
52:20 total commitment to Christ.
52:22 And you may be wondering, How do I make that commitment?
52:27 You may be a church member, but your religious faith may be
52:32 very, very superficial.
52:34 You may be a church member, and prayer is no longer
52:39 meaningful in your life.
52:40 When you pray it's like your prayer goes up to the
52:44 ceiling and comes back.
52:45 You may be a church member going to church, but it's formal,
52:50 superficial religion.
52:52 The Bible no longer stimulates your heart.
52:55 It no longer moves your life, and you spend
52:59 little time studying.
53:01 There is a crisis coming.
53:03 And let me just open my heart to you.
53:07 If you don't know Christ, no matter what's up here in your
53:12 head, you're not going to get through the coming crisis.
53:16 The Devil's temptations are going to be so overwhelming,
53:21 the pressure to yield your faith is going to be so great,
53:25 the crisis that's coming is so enormous that there's absolutely
53:31 no way that you can get through that crisis without a vital,
53:36 living relationship with Jesus.
53:40 But you're saying, Pastor, how can I have that?
53:44 Jesus says, Come unto Me all you that are burdened and heavy
53:49 laden, and I will give you rest.
53:52 Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me, for I am meek
53:56 and lowly in heart, and you shall find rest for your soul.
53:59 Matthew 11:28-30.
54:01 Jesus says in John, Chapter 6, Him that cometh to Me,
54:06 I will in no wise cast out.
54:08 Christ is inviting you right now,
54:11 wherever you are, to come to Him.
54:12 You say, What does that mean?
54:14 It means making a conscious decision of your will to simply
54:19 say, Christ, I am Yours.
54:21 I cannot save myself.
54:24 Only You can save me.
54:27 So, Jesus, I'm coming right now.
54:30 I'm simply coming. You can bow your head wherever you are.
54:35 Wherever you are in the world, you can bow your head right now.
54:38 If you know Christ, ask Him for a much deeper relationship
54:43 with Christ than you've ever had before.
54:45 Tell Him that superficiality is not going to do for you.
54:50 Tell Him that you want to come right now to Him.
54:53 If you've never accepted Him before
54:56 simply say, Jesus, I believe.
54:58 I believe that you lived and died for me,
55:03 and You can save me.
55:05 I believe that in Christ all my sins are forgiven.
55:08 I believe by Your grace I can be a new man, or new woman.
55:13 Jesus, I believe! Come right now as we pray.
55:21 Father in Heaven, thank You so much that the book of
55:27 Revelation is not a book of mystic symbols simply.
55:31 It's not a book of scary beasts simply.
55:35 It's not a book about end times simply.
55:39 Although it is all of that, and we will study that
55:43 in this Revelation's Ancient Discoveries series,
55:47 but Lord the book of Revelation is a book about Jesus.
55:51 It's a book about His glorious invitation to come.
55:56 And so My Father, we come, we come right now.
56:00 I'm praying for that person who's a Christian
56:03 who drifted away from You.
56:05 Touch them right now.
56:06 Speak to them right now.
56:08 Move on their heart right now.
56:10 I'm praying for that person that's never made
56:12 a decision for You.
56:14 They've happened upon this broadcast.
56:16 Move upon their life right now.
56:18 Give them a sense that we're going to face a tremendous
56:21 crisis, but that Jesus can get them through that crisis.
56:25 So, Father, I pray for them.
56:27 And I thank You, Lord, that as we go through this series,
56:30 Your truth will unfold, and we can walk with You,
56:33 and live with You forever, and ever, and ever.
56:36 In Jesus name, Amen.
56:38 Thank you for joining us for this Revelation's
56:43 Ancient Discoveries series.
56:45 As we go through this series, we will go through chapter
56:50 after chapter in the book of Revelation.
56:52 We will unfold exactly what the prophecies of Revelation teach.
56:58 You will discover new truths that are life changing,
57:04 and that are life transformational.
57:06 So stay with us as we journey through the book of Revelation,
57:11 and let Christ's peace, let Christ's joy wash over you,
57:16 and let the hope and thrill of the second coming of Christ
57:21 move your heart today, tomorrow, and forever, Amen.


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