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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides hopeful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker,
00:14 on a journey into the future with
00:22 I'm delighted that you've joined us again for
00:25 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:28 In this series we're exploring different prophecies
00:32 in the book of Revelation.
00:34 We're unfolding Revelation.
00:37 Many people come to the book of Revelation and they say it's a
00:40 book of mystic symbols.
00:41 It's a book of cryptic images.
00:43 It's a book of beasts.
00:45 But yet we're looking beyond simply the
00:49 externals in Revelation.
00:51 We're looking at the major theme of Revelation.
00:53 We've noted so far that the theme of Revelation is that
00:57 Jesus Christ wins and Satan loses.
01:00 Really, if you could summarize Revelation in one word
01:04 the word would be victory.
01:06 That is victory for Christ, victory for righteousness,
01:10 victory for the people of God, victory for the kingdom of God.
01:14 As we explore Revelation we see a great struggle,
01:19 a great conflict between good and evil.
01:21 I'd like you to bow your heads with me wherever you are,
01:25 and we're going to ask the Lord to come and give us divine
01:28 insight into this book, the book of Revelation.
01:31 Father in Heaven, thank You for the opportunity of knowing You.
01:37 Thank You for the prophetic word that gives us clarity,
01:44 and reveals light on the road ahead.
01:46 Thank You that Your word dispels darkness.
01:51 Thank You that Your word gives hope.
01:53 Thank You that the book of Revelation speaks with ever
01:58 increasing relevance to the world that we live in today,
02:02 about the fact that Jesus has this world in His hands,
02:06 so grant to us that hope as we study these prophecies tonight.
02:11 In Christ's name, Amen.
02:13 Our topic for this presentation is
02:21 Now when you look through the entire Bible, one thing that
02:26 becomes pretty obvious is that angels are present from the
02:30 first book of the Bible, Genesis, where an angel with
02:34 flaming sword guarded Eden after Adam and Eve were
02:37 cast out of the Garden.
02:39 Throughout the entire book of Genesis we see angels.
02:45 You go to the book of Exodus; we see angels.
02:48 Throughout the whole Old Testament there
02:50 is angelic presence.
02:52 David in the Psalms speaks about the angels.
02:55 He says, The angel of the Lord protects, stands near those
03:01 that fear God and delivers him.
03:03 When you look at Psalm 91 it talks about a thousand shall
03:08 fall by thy side, ten thousand at thy right hand,
03:11 but it will not come nigh thee.
03:13 The angels of the Lord, again become our protectors.
03:17 In the New Testament the angel brings a message to Mary about
03:22 the birth of the Christ child.
03:24 Angels guide and protect the Holy family
03:28 in their trip to Egypt.
03:30 So throughout the Old and New Testament, you go to the
03:33 book of Acts, and you see angels constantly there.
03:37 The Angel of the Lord delivers the Apostles from prison.
03:42 In the book of Revelation angels are present
03:46 in a very marked way.
03:48 Probably more than any other place in the Bible, we see
03:54 When we look at the message in Revelation we see angels
03:59 as actively involved in this conflict between good and evil,
04:04 bringing light to the mind, dispelling darkness.
04:08 We see angels beating back the forces of hell.
04:11 But particularly angels are the messengers of God
04:15 in the book of Revelation.
04:17 In Revelation 1, for example, the Bible says,
04:20 verse 1, we see an angel.
04:23 This is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
04:25 I'm quoting Revelation 1:1.
04:27 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him
04:30 to show His servants things that must shortly come to pass,
04:34 and sent and signified it by His angel to John.
04:37 So in Revelation 1 the angel brings the message to John.
04:41 Angels are messengers from heaven.
04:44 When you look, for example, at the entire book of Revelation,
04:50 you look at
04:51 You have the seven churches, and you have the angels of
04:55 these churches, or messengers to these churches.
04:59 Revelation is a book of angels; angels
05:04 bringing heavenly messages.
05:09 Angels are holding back the winds of destruction.
05:13 Holding back the winds of strife, and conflict to come
05:17 upon planet earth.
05:21 An exciting chapter.
05:23 We'll spend one presentation later in the
05:26 series on this chapter. But
05:29 The angel has one foot in the sea, one foot on the land.
05:32 He lifts his hand with a solemn oath, and he cries out,
05:37 Time will be no longer.
05:40 Angels again bringing heaven's message to men and women
05:44 on planet earth in Revelation 10.
05:47 In Revelation 14, you start there with verse 6.
05:51 I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
05:55 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those that
06:03 dwell upon the earth.
06:04 And then in Revelation 14 you have three angels bringing
06:08 heaven's message to earth.
06:10 So angels all through the book of Revelation.
06:13 What are the angels flying in the middle of heaven?
06:15 They are heavenly messengers once again. In
06:21 again, an angel pours out the vial, so the judgments
06:25 of God upon the earth.
06:27 The angel brings the message of last day judgment,
06:30 and the return of Christ. In
06:35 verse 1, it says that another angel cries with a loud voice,
06:43 cries Babylon is fallen.
06:45 He calls all of God's people out of the fallen, confused,
06:50 apostate religious system of Babylon.
06:53 So, again you have angels, but notice their purpose,
06:56 notice their function.
06:57 They are representatives of ministers of, messengers of,
07:03 the eternal, everlasting God. Now
07:10 And we might call this the great Star Wars conflict of the ages.
07:15 The Star Wars trilogy captured the imagination of people around
07:20 the world with a fictitious drama of Star Wars out in space.
07:24 But that only, in a very faint way, would mirror the great
07:28 conflict between good and evil, the great Star Wars conflict.
07:32 Revelation 12 gives us the focal point of that conflict.
07:37 So let's go there to Revelation, the 12th chapter.
07:40 We see it in verses 7 to 9.
07:46 Now that's a strange place for war, isn't it? in heaven?
07:49 The reason there's war on earth is because there was
07:52 first war in heaven.
07:54 War broke out in heaven.
08:23 Now notice what Scripture says.
08:25 It says that there's this war in heaven;
08:28 this cosmic conflict up in heaven.
08:31 That Michael and his angels fight against the
08:34 dragon and his angels.
08:36 Now the Bible identifies the dragon as Satan.
08:40 It calls Satan the dragon, and it calls him a serpent.
08:43 He is the serpent because he deceives.
08:46 He is the dragon because he destroys.
08:49 So the Devil deceives those whom he's going to destroy,
08:54 and destroys those whom he has deceived.
08:57 So we see this war in heaven.
08:59 But that leads us to some questions.
09:09 What are the issues in this controversy
09:12 between good and evil?
09:14 What are the issues in this controversy
09:16 between Christ and Satan?
09:18 It leads us to some other questions.
09:20 Why would God ever allow this controversy to
09:23 take place in heaven?
09:24 We go to the book of Ezekiel, and Ezekiel helps us
09:29 to find some answers.
09:30 It really helps us to find an answer to the question,
09:33 Did God create Lucifer?
09:35 Did God create a demon?
09:37 Did God create this evil angel who battled against the good
09:41 angels up in heaven?
09:43 The prophet Ezekiel helps us to understand this.
09:58 Now notice, God did not create a demonic angel.
10:04 It says he was the seal of perfection.
10:06 In other words, God created a perfect being
10:09 of dazzling brightness.
10:10 He was full of wisdom.
10:13 He was perfect in beauty.
10:16 There was no flaw in this angel at all.
10:22 He was created perfect by God.
10:24 He was created as a shining being of
10:28 iridescent glory by God.
10:35 Now what does this anointed cherub that covers?
10:40 Cherub, again, is an angel.
10:42 Anointed means he was chosen.
10:44 So Lucifer was chosen.
10:46 Lucifer was anointed above the other angels
10:48 as a covering cherub.
10:50 If you were an ancient Israelite,
10:52 you would have understood that.
10:54 Because in the Jewish Sanctuary, in the Most Holy Place of the
10:59 Sanctuary, there was the Ark of the Covenant.
11:02 Over that Ark of the Covenant there were two angels that were
11:07 wrought out in gold.
11:08 So the anointed angel, or the angel that covered,
11:11 would have been one of the angels closest
11:14 to the throne of God.
11:15 Truth is stranger than fiction.
11:18 An angel, one of the angels closest to God betrayed Him.
11:23 One of the angels closest to God lied about Him.
11:27 One of the angels closest to God lied about His character,
11:33 claiming that God was unfair and unjust.
11:38 the Scripture says.
11:51 So God created a perfect angel.
11:55 God created this being of dazzling brightness,
11:58 full of wisdom, full of glory.
12:02 But yet God created him with the capacity to choose.
12:10 God did not create a devil.
12:13 God did not create Lucifer in the sense of creating a being
12:21 with some flaw, something wrong with the brain that caused him
12:27 to rebel. Not at all.
12:29 The Scripture teaches that God creates all of
12:31 these angels perfect.
12:33 One of them called Lucifer; Lucifer means lightbearer.
12:37 It comes from two Latin words, lux, meaning light,
12:41 ferre meaning bearer.
12:43 So Lucifer is the anointed cherub.
12:45 He's the lightbearer.
12:46 But the Bible tells us what happened.
12:57 How did Lucifer become this demonic being?
13:03 It says, you corrupted your wisdom.
13:06 In other words, Lucifer made a conscious choice.
13:11 God created him with the capacity to choose.
13:14 God created all His beings with the capacity to choose.
13:18 You know, let's suppose that you had a child, and you could,
13:24 every single evening program that child with a computer.
13:29 Let's suppose the child had, you know, maybe a couple of
13:33 screws in its head, and you could just unscrew those screws,
13:36 take them out, flip top of the head, and place a computer chip
13:39 in so that your child would always obey you.
13:42 That would be a pretty good idea some parents say.
13:45 How many would like a child like that?
13:46 Don't raise your hand too quickly.
13:48 And let's suppose that every night you'd program the child,
13:53 and the child would get up and say, Mother,
13:56 I do like my oatmeal. I will eat it all.
14:00 Mother, I will do my homework.
14:03 Mother, I will pick up my room, and not leave
14:05 one dirty sock around.
14:07 How'd you like a child like that?
14:09 Some of you say, Oh yeah, that's great!
14:11 I wish I had a child like that.
14:12 And how would you like that child to shake your hand
14:16 with his iron hand?
14:18 How would you like that child to kiss you on the cheek
14:22 with their iron cheek?
14:24 You see, the only way you can have a child like that
14:26 is if you had a robot.
14:27 And you don't want a robot child, and neither did God.
14:29 You don't want a... You love your kid.
14:31 When he gets up in the morning; you're ready to go to work,
14:34 and he jumps on your lap; this little five year old,
14:37 so happy to see Daddy, so happy to see Mommy.
14:40 Jumps on your lap, puts his arms around you, kisses you,
14:43 and at the same time spills the milk over your
14:45 dress or your pants, you see.
14:47 I mean, you don't have any robot child, you have a marvelous kid
14:53 that you wouldn't trade for the world.
14:55 But he has the power of choice.
14:58 You see, if you take away the power of choice, you take away
15:02 the capacity to love.
15:03 And if you take away the capacity to love, you take away
15:06 the opportunity to be happy.
15:08 So God in His far seeing wisdom, God in His amazing knowledge,
15:14 God does not want angelic beings that serve Him either because
15:19 they're programmed to, because that's the way He created them,
15:22 or because they're forced to.
15:26 There is no love without choice.
15:28 And there is no freedom without choice.
15:31 So God created free beings that could love Him
15:35 based on His character.
15:37 His character of goodness.
15:38 His character of righteousness.
15:40 His character of greatness.
15:42 His character of love.
15:44 And one of these beings, Lucifer, decided that he wanted
15:51 God's position, and God's authority.
15:54 And the book of Isaiah sweeps back the curtain.
15:58 The book of Isaiah helps us to understand what happened.
16:11 Now notice Lucifer, the lightbearer,
16:13 the son of the morning. We continue.
16:17 See, sin always begins in the heart.
16:21 Before the sinful act, there is the sinful thought.
16:26 Before the sinful act there is the corruption of the human
16:32 heart, the degradation of the human mind. Back to the text.
16:41 The center of pride is I.
16:44 And Lucifer had I problem.
16:47 Wasn't he already in heaven?
16:48 Certainly he was already in heaven.
16:50 But he wanted a higher position.
16:52 Because notice what he says.
16:57 The throne implies rulership.
17:00 The throne implies one who is in charge.
17:04 The throne implies kingly authority.
17:07 So Lucifer says, he's at the throne.
17:09 He's the anointed cherub that covers.
17:12 He has a responsible position.
17:13 But he wants something more.
17:15 He's not content with what he has.
17:17 He wants to usurp God's authority.
17:19 He wants to knock God off His throne. He says,
17:30 What's that all about?
17:31 The Mount of the Congregation, of course, was Mount Sinai.
17:34 And it's from there that God administered His law.
17:37 So North is a symbol of the law of God.
17:43 And so it's a symbol of the throne of God.
17:46 So Lucifer wants to sit on God's throne, administer God's law.
17:51 The creature wants to have the authority of the Creator.
17:55 The creature wants to ascend above his Creator.
17:59 He does not want to be worshipped.
18:01 He wants to... He does not want to worship,
18:05 he wants to be worshipped.
18:07 He does not want to be commanded, he wants to command.
18:12 He does not want to respect God's authority,
18:15 he wants to exhibit authority.
18:18 And so the Bible says that Lucifer declares
18:28 So his ambition to be like God, caused him to begin selling
18:33 lies throughout heaven.
18:35 Lies that might have gone like this: God doesn't have your
18:39 best interest in view.
18:41 God is not One who loves you.
18:44 God is a God, Lucifer said, of, a God of vindictive judgment.
18:50 He is a God that commands.
18:52 What has He given to us?
18:53 And as he began to sow that discord,
18:56 sow that dissatisfaction, sow that disaffection in heaven,
19:00 some of the angels began to buy that lie.
19:03 Some of the angels began to think that the law of God
19:06 indeed restricted them.
19:20 Lucifer desired to be like God.
19:24 Now God has only one weapon.
19:28 And the weapon that God has is love.
19:30 1 John 4:8. What does it say?
19:35 See, Lucifer can use lies.
19:37 Lucifer can use deception.
19:39 Lucifer can use force.
19:41 Lucifer can use coercion.
19:43 But the only thing that God has, the only weapon
19:47 that God has is love.
19:48 Now God could have stamped out Lucifer.
19:52 God could have destroyed Lucifer.
19:54 But if God would have done that the Universe would have served
19:57 Him from fear, and they wouldn't have served Him from love. So
20:05 If you do away with God's love, and you give God all power,
20:10 then He becomes a tyrant with power.
20:12 If you take away, of course, His power, and you only say that
20:16 God is merciful, then He has no ability to control evil.
20:19 So God is love. Part of that aspect of God's love is mercy.
20:24 The other aspect of that love is justice.
20:27 So there's a conflict in the Universe.
20:29 For the first time there's rebellion in heaven.
20:32 For the first time there is dissatisfaction.
20:36 Millennia's have gone by.
20:37 There's only been harmony, only joy, only gladness in heaven.
20:42 But now in a Star Wars conflict greater than any Star Wars
20:46 conflict, Lucifer rebels in heaven.
20:49 The whole Universe is thrown into disarray.
20:53 Lucifer wants rulership, and he's battling God over the
20:58 kingship of the world.
20:59 So what is at stake is the rulership of the Universe.
21:04 Well it's a battle for the throne of the Universe.
21:08 And notice what Ezekiel 28:6 says:
21:16 Lucifer wanted to be ruler and God.
21:20 As he shared his disaffection and evil with the angels,
21:25 and the other angels, they rebelled against God.
21:28 Every angel had to make a decision.
21:32 Every being in heaven had to make a decision.
21:36 Will we accept the lies of Lucifer, or will we accept the
21:42 truth that God is love, and has our best interest in view?
21:45 And you know the decision that those angels had to make
21:49 in heaven, that decision is one that every single one
21:53 of us have to make.
21:54 Because there's not only a battle in the Universe,
21:56 there's a battle in our hearts.
21:58 It's the battle between good and evil.
22:00 It's the battle between truth and error.
22:02 It's the battle between right and wrong.
22:05 It's the battle between what we want to do, asserting our own
22:09 authority, and accepting the authority of Jesus Christ.
22:14 You see, in every heart there is a throne.
22:17 In every heart there is a cross.
22:19 And if self is on the throne, then Jesus is on the cross.
22:26 If Jesus is on the throne of your heart,
22:29 then self is on the cross.
22:31 Lucifer did not want to go through that point in his life
22:37 where when these thoughts began to rise, that he denied
22:42 the selfish ambition, rather that was indulged.
22:50 What would God do?
22:56 I mean why not just take Lucifer, like a little mosquito
23:00 here, slap him, do away with him, destroy him, kill him?
23:03 That's over; it's it.
23:05 Why doesn't He just annihilate him?
23:07 Why doesn't He not just speak the word?
23:09 Why doesn't He by His brightness,
23:10 by God's brightness and light just zap him, and he's gone?
23:14 If God would have done that, the whole Universe would have
23:19 served God from fear and not from love.
23:24 The whole Universe would have felt that if they stepped out of
23:30 line at all that the sword of God would come,
23:33 and totally annihilate them.
23:34 How would you like to live in an eternal Universe of fear?
23:40 How would you like to live with a God that you perceived to be
23:44 all powerful, but not loving?
23:47 God knew that a challenge had come to His government.
23:51 God knew that Lucifer had raised questions about His character,
23:57 and so God made a decision.
23:59 Let evil play out before the whole Universe.
24:03 And if God allowed evil to play out before the whole Universe,
24:06 then the Universe could see the terrible effects of evil,
24:10 and as the result of that, they would serve Him forever as they
24:14 contrasted the results of evil, as they contrasted the effects
24:20 of evil with the marvelous gracious love of God.
24:25 And so, God allowed evil to play out.
24:34 God chose a course that would take time.
24:36 God chose a course that would require patience.
24:41 God would demonstrate His love to the whole Universe. Because
24:49 Love never can be coerced.
24:53 What if husband and wife were married, and he then said,
24:58 I will make you love me!
25:00 I will force you to love me!
25:02 Not at all! Husbands win the affections of their wives,
25:07 not by force, not by coercion, but by the marvelous
25:12 love to that woman.
25:13 And when she sees his love, and sees his unselfish kindness,
25:20 his graciousness, his goodness, her heart is
25:23 touched, and she loves.
25:24 Just like a husband and wife are brought together by love;
25:28 his love for her, and her love for him,
25:30 and just like love depends on free choice, and it can never be
25:34 coerced, never can be forced, so likewise our love to God
25:39 can never be coerced.
25:41 It can never be forced.
25:42 So a battle takes place in heaven.
25:43 And the Bible says in
25:55 So the dragon, the all powerful Satan, the deceiver who deceives
26:00 one third of the angels, there is war in heaven,
26:02 and God cast Satan out of heaven.
26:12 Now that leads us to another incredible question.
26:23 Did God create earth just as a dumping off place for Satan?
26:30 Did God have a problem?
26:31 And He said, You know what, I've got to solve My problem.
26:34 And so I'm going to cast Satan out of heaven into earth,
26:37 and I'm going to get rid of him.
26:38 Not at all. God had created a variety of worlds.
26:43 The Bible says 1 Corinthians, it says that we're a spectacle
26:49 unto the world, to angels, and to men.
26:53 In other words the Universal world, angels the heavenly
26:56 world, and men on planet earth.
26:59 Hebrews 1:1 talks about the God who created
27:03 the worlds, plural.
27:05 And so God creates these various worlds,
27:08 worlds that are not involved in sin.
27:11 And as God creates them, every one of these planets,
27:14 or worlds, have a choice.
27:15 God wouldn't force them to serve Him, any more than He would
27:19 force angels in heaven to serve Him.
27:21 And so God gave planet earth a choice.
27:25 God gave Adam and Eve a choice.
27:28 He warned them, of course, I'm certain,
27:31 of this conflict between good and evil.
27:33 He warned them of this Titanic struggle
27:36 between Christ and Satan.
27:37 He warned them of what the evil one had said.
27:42 And He told them, You can wander freely through this garden,
27:47 but there is one place that will be a test,
27:49 one place that will make... that is a choice for you.
27:53 Just like all, the whole Universe had a choice,
27:56 I'm going to give you a choice as well.
27:59 You, Adam and Eve, will have the freedom to choose.
28:02 But if you exercise that wrong choice, sickness and suffering,
28:09 and heartache and death are going to come upon you.
28:12 So God gave Adam and Eve that capacity to choose.
28:16 Eve wandered from her husband.
28:19 And there as she came to the tree, the voice of Lucifer
28:25 began to speak to her, and he began to sow that lie.
28:31 And God said to Adam and to Eve, You can eat of every
28:35 tree of the garden.
28:36 In other words, He gave them the easiest possible choice.
28:39 He didn't say you can eat of one tree,
28:40 and don't eat of all the rest.
28:42 He said, You can eat of every tree but this one tree.
28:45 This one tree is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
28:49 and if you eat of it, your nature's will be changed.
28:54 If you eat of it you'll open a door for evil to
28:57 come into the Universe.
28:59 Adam, Eve, listen to Me.
29:00 I love you! I want you to enjoy the garden forever.
29:05 Do not eat of that tree of knowledge of good and evil.
29:09 Eve, in her curiosity, wandered from the side of her husband.
29:14 And she came to that tree of knowledge of good and evil.
29:18 And she was surprised because there in the form of a beautiful
29:23 serpent... Now we don't think serpents are too beautiful.
29:26 We see a serpent we run the other way.
29:27 But evidentially in the garden serpents were created just
29:31 magnificently, beautifully.
29:33 We can't imagine that, but in fact it is true.
29:35 And in Genesis 3:4, 5, you know, Scripture says the
29:39 Devil begins to speak to her.
29:40 Has God said you will surely die?
29:43 You won't surely die if you eat of the tree.
29:46 Eve speaks, But, but, yes, that's what God said.
29:48 And the Devil says, You're not going to surely die.
29:51 Eat of it! Take it Eve, take it!
29:54 You'll enter into a higher sphere of existence.
29:57 Look at me, look at me.
29:59 Take this fruit. You'll enter into joy, and ecstasy,
30:03 and happiness that you've never known.
30:05 That was the first lie, but the Devil's been telling that lie
30:10 down through the centuries.
30:11 The Devil has been telling people that the way of Christ
30:15 is the way of narrow restriction that takes
30:18 away your happiness.
30:19 He's been telling people down through the centuries that the
30:22 way of sin is the way of joy, the way of pleasure.
30:27 And so people are involved in alcohol,
30:29 they're involved in tobacco.
30:31 They're involved in the stimulating pleasure that they
30:34 think is bringing them joy, when they're killing
30:36 themselves; the party life.
30:38 And then you have to go to one party, after another party,
30:41 after another party.
30:42 It has to be go greater, and greater, and greater.
30:44 Now there's nothing wrong with joy and fun, but when you get
30:48 your stimulation from the things of the world rather than the
30:54 things of eternity, it leaves you with a barrenness,
30:57 and emptiness of soul.
30:58 Some people think that sexual immorality,
31:02 and multiple partners will bring them joy, when they only end up
31:06 broken, and bruised, and barren, and empty.
31:12 At the tree Satan speaks and he says, You will not surely die.
31:17 And look at his argument.
31:31 If you eat of this tree you are going to be like God, Eve.
31:36 Take and eat it. Eve, listening to the voice of the evil one,
31:41 rather than listening to voice of God,
31:44 took of the tree and ate.
31:46 And when she did she opened a door, a door of suffering,
31:51 a door of heartache, a door of death on a planet called Earth.
31:57 Adam took of the fruit and he ate it.
32:01 And immediately their natures changed.
32:04 Immediately they sensed that something was different.
32:14 They had never had an experience like this before.
32:19 Never before in their lives had they felt so unclean.
32:24 Never before in their lives had they felt so guilty.
32:28 Never before in their lives had they felt this separation,
32:32 this abandonment from God.
32:34 Isaiah 59:1, 2 says, Your sins have separated you from God.
32:41 Sin separates us from God.
32:45 Adam and Eve, for the first time in their existence,
32:49 for the first time in their lives, had that sense that now
32:53 they were separated from God.
32:56 How come there's so much suffering in our world?
32:59 How come there's so much sickness in our world?
33:02 How come there's so much heartache in our world?
33:05 How come there's so much sorrow in our world?
33:07 Because we live in a planet in rebellion.
33:10 Not only did Adam and Eve sin, but all of us have partaken
33:14 of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
33:16 Every single one of us have sinned.
33:18 The Bible says, in Romans 3:23, All have sinned and come short
33:23 of the glory of God.
33:24 Romans 6:23 says, The wages of sin are death.
33:28 So put this together: Adam and Eve partake of the tree of the
33:32 knowledge of good and evil.
33:33 They separate from God by their own choice.
33:37 The seeds of death enter into their body.
33:40 Every single one of us are born with a nature that is fallen.
33:44 Jeremiah 17:9 says, The heart is deceitful above all things,
33:49 and desperately wicked. Who can know it?
33:52 Isaiah 64:6 says, All of our righteousness is as filthy rags.
33:57 In other words, even at times without Christ our righteous
33:59 deeds are tainted with selfish motives.
34:02 When Adam and Eve sinned they opened the door of sickness,
34:06 and suffering, and death.
34:07 And what does sin produce?
34:16 And right there in that garden Adam and Eve begin to
34:20 argue the first time, and they begin to blame one another.
34:24 Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the serpent.
34:28 So they begin to play that blame game.
34:31 This earth is plunged into rebellion.
34:35 This earth is plunged into that sickness, sickness of sin.
34:40 It's plunged into anxiety, and fear, and suffering and death.
34:44 Disease now takes the place of health.
34:47 Anger takes the place of kindness.
34:50 Impurity takes the place of purity.
34:53 And we live in that planet.
34:55 What was God going to do?
34:57 Is God responsible for the suffering, the heartache,
35:02 the sorrow in our world?
35:03 Is God responsible for the war, the conflict and
35:07 strife in our world? Certainly not!
35:10 You remember Jesus told the parable about this.
35:13 Matthew 13:28, Jesus told the parable about the
35:19 wheat and the tares.
35:20 And He told the parable about a field, and there was only
35:24 good seed sown in it.
35:25 But then when it came harvest time there were weeds.
35:28 And the farmer says, Where did they come from?
35:31 What does Jesus say?
35:37 An enemy. So there's an enemy of God and man.
35:41 That enemy is Lucifer.
35:42 He led Adam and Eve into sin, and he has led every human
35:47 being into sin as well.
35:49 Why is it that there's so much natural disaster in our world?
35:53 Because we live in a planet separated from God.
35:57 So all of nature is out of control.
35:59 Why is it so much war?
36:02 Because selfishness reigns in the heart.
36:04 Why is it there is so much divorce?
36:07 Because rather than forgiveness, and kindness, and compassion
36:10 in a marriage, very often egotism reigns.
36:14 You can trace the conflict of this world back, back to that
36:20 rebellion in heaven with Satan, back to the fall of Adam
36:23 and Eve, back to fact that every single one of us have partaken
36:27 of that forbidden fruit.
36:29 There is an enemy of God and man.
36:32 He's called Satan. He's called the accuser.
36:35 He is called the Devil.
36:36 The Bible describes him with a variety of names.
36:41 You ask the question though, I thought the Devil was a little
36:46 imp with wings and a pitchfork with the red suit.
36:49 Not at all! That's not the picture that the Bible gives.
36:54 The Devil is a brilliant fallen angel that is bent on destroying
37:01 God's authority over the Universe.
37:04 The Devil has ushered in the sickness, the sorrow,
37:09 the heartache that we see, and he's done that by prompting
37:13 people to make selfish choices.
37:15 He's done that by polluting the entire environment
37:19 in a variety of ways.
37:21 And so we see a world, we see a conflict between good and evil.
37:25 We see a conflict between Christ and Satan.
37:29 We see a Star Wars epic odyssey that is far beyond what anything
37:35 we could possibly imagine.
37:45 Lucifer deceived Adam and Eve on earth.
37:49 And Lucifer is deceiving scores of people today.
37:52 You see, in this battle there's only one or two sides:
37:55 righteousness or unrighteousness.
37:58 Only one of two sides in this battle between good and evil:
38:03 sin or error, and truthfulness.
38:06 Sin on one side, truth on the other side.
38:08 Only one or two sides.
38:11 The side of Christ, or the side of Satan.
38:13 The side of Jesus, or the side of the dragon, and the evil one.
38:17 And every single one of us, every day are
38:20 making those choices.
38:22 Adam and Eve made that choice, and as the result of that
38:26 left the Garden of Eden.
38:28 They left filled with sorrow and grief.
38:30 They left filled with heartache.
38:32 But they turned again to their Redeemer.
38:35 Now you say, Why doesn't God do something about
38:38 the evil in the world?
38:39 If God is loving, why doesn't He step in?
38:42 If God is loving why does He not intervene?
38:47 Three things: 1. God has done something.
38:52 When Adam and Eve sinned, God didn't push this Universe
38:56 out into the far reaches of space.
38:59 When Adam and Eve sinned, God didn't say, You've sinned,
39:02 therefore I'm going to annihilate the race,
39:04 and I'm going to start all over again.
39:06 God came to the garden when Adam and Eve sinned.
39:10 And He said, in Genesis 3:15...
39:13 Here you have the first promise of the Messiah.
39:28 In other words, Jesus Christ would come.
39:31 He would pay the ransom price for Adam and Eve.
39:35 He would live the life that they should have lived.
39:38 Jesus would come as the second Adam, and there He would live
39:41 a perfect righteous life.
39:43 He would face all of the temptations of Satan,
39:46 and He would live and dwell in the flesh, trusting in the
39:50 Father's power and grace.
39:53 He would overcome Satan for you and me.
39:56 And He would go to that cross, and He would die the death
39:59 that we should have died.
40:00 Why hasn't God done something?
40:02 He has done something.
40:03 In the garden, when Adam and Eve sinned, He gave them the
40:07 promise of hope, the promise that He would come,
40:10 the promise that He would die on Calvary's cross, the promise
40:14 that He would send the death blow to Satan's head,
40:18 that He would crush Satan forever.
40:21 Jesus came and He hung on that cross, and He died the death
40:27 that we should have died.
40:28 Every drop of blood was for you.
40:31 And He rose from the dead, alive again to ascend to heaven.
40:38 The cross reveals the enormity of God's love.
40:42 You know, sometimes we talk about the cross of Calvary,
40:46 and sometimes I hear Christians talk about it quite flippantly.
40:51 A cross around their neck, a picture of Christ on the cross,
40:56 cross in churches, but what does that cross really represent?
41:01 The cross represents all of the sin of the Universe
41:09 heaped upon Christ.
41:11 All of the sin of this world heaped upon Christ.
41:16 It represents all of the guilt, all of the shame,
41:20 all of the condemnation upon Christ.
41:23 He who knew no sin, II Corinthians 5:21,
41:34 deserve, so we can live the life that He deserves.
41:38 Why doesn't God do something? He has!
41:41 He sent His Son Jesus Christ.
41:43 He has sent Christ to live the life we should have lived,
41:46 and die the death that we should have died.
41:50 The Bible teaches the most amazing love
41:54 story in all the world.
42:02 Jesus does not coerce.
42:04 He does not force. But before the whole Universe He reveals
42:09 His love on a cross of Calvary.
42:12 Christ came. He was born as a babe in Bethlehem's manger.
42:16 From the time He was born Satan wanted to destroy Him.
42:20 All through His childhood Satan wanted to get Him to sin.
42:23 He, Jesus fasted forty days in the wilderness,
42:27 and Satan threw his fiercest temptations at Jesus.
42:30 And on that cross the Devil was screaming in His ears,
42:34 Why don't You give up?
42:36 Why don't you go back to heaven?
42:38 He wanted hu... The Devil wanted humanity to be lost.
42:42 Why doesn't God do something? He has!
42:49 He has sent Jesus Christ to come.
42:54 He sent Jesus to this world.
42:57 When Adam and Eve sinned, He promised that the
43:00 Messiah would come.
43:01 And faithful to that promise, Jesus came, born as a babe
43:06 in Bethlehem's manger.
43:07 Faithful to that promise, Christ hung on that cross.
43:11 Ephesians 3:9 tells the larger reason for Christ's death.
43:20 What is the mystery?
43:22 It's the mystery of Christ's love,
43:23 the mystery of Christ's redeeming grace,
43:26 the mystery of Christ's goodness,
43:28 the mystery of Christ's desire to save us.
43:30 It is the mystery revealed.
43:37 That mystery of His love is revealed on Calvary's cross,
43:41 who created all things through Jesus Christ.
43:43 On the cross of Calvary God reveals how much He loves us.
43:48 Why doesn't God do something? He did!
43:50 He sent Jesus Christ to pay the ransom price for our sins,
43:55 to redeem us from the guilt and shame of sin. He sent Jesus.
44:03 And the answer to that challenge is Jesus Himself.
44:07 We find Jesus on every page of Scripture:
44:10 Jesus revealing God's goodness, Jesus revealing God's love,
44:14 Jesus touches the eyes of the blind and they're opened.
44:17 And that shouts, God loves you!
44:20 Jesus touches the arm of the withered man and it's healed.
44:24 That shouts, God loves you!
44:25 Jesus takes children in His arms.
44:29 That shouts, God loves you!
44:30 Jesus raises the dead, like Lazarus from the dead.
44:33 That shouts, God loves you!
44:35 God is not a vindictive judge.
44:36 God is not a wrathful tyrant.
44:38 The cross and the life of Christ reveals how much Jesus cares.
44:44 It was dark, dark Friday.
44:46 The birds stopped singing.
44:48 The sun stopped shining.
44:50 They put Him in the tomb that Friday.
44:52 But, Hallelujah, Sunday morning came, and Jesus came out alive,
44:58 resurrected from the dead.
45:00 Why doesn't God do something?
45:02 He not only has done something, He is doing something now.
45:05 Christ is alive!
45:20 What are you struggling with today?
45:22 Are you in the battle between good and evil?
45:24 Does darkness at times engulf your soul?
45:28 Do you feel that the journey is long, and the mountain is high?
45:31 The incredible good news is not only has God done something,
45:35 but the incredible good news is Christ is alive.
45:37 And He knows our weakness, He knows our frailty,
45:42 He knows what we are going through,
45:44 and He is there to strengthen, He is there to encourage,
45:47 He is there to give hope.
45:49 Jesus never lost a battle with Satan yet, and He's not going
45:53 to lose the battle in your life.
45:55 Look up! Let new joy fill your heart.
45:57 Let new courage fill your life.
45:58 The Bible says, Hebrews 4:15, 16.
46:04 Let us do what everybody?
46:05 Let us do what? Let us come.
46:13 I don't know what your time of need is.
46:15 Are you going through a time of need right now?
46:18 The brokenness of heart, your spirit's been crushed,
46:23 problems have overflown your life.
46:26 It seems like you're in a dark cave.
46:39 Do you have a time of need right now?
46:41 Come, come to this Christ.
46:44 See, God has done something. He sent Jesus.
46:47 God is doing something.
46:48 Christ is alive. His power is yours.
46:51 His strength is yours. His hope is yours.
46:55 He will lighten up your darkness, and put a new spring
46:58 in your step, and a sparkle in your eyes,
47:00 and a smile on your face.
47:02 Jesus never lost a battle with Satan, and He's not going to
47:06 lose the battle in your life either.
47:10 God has done something. He sent Jesus.
47:13 God is doing something now, and He will yet do something.
47:34 What does the Bible say?
47:36 God will yet do something.
47:39 Eventually Satan will be destroyed.
47:43 Eventually the evil angel that rebelled against God,
47:48 as the whole Universe sees God's love, as the whole Universe sees
47:51 God's graciousness and goodness Satan will be destroyed.
47:57 The Scripture says,
48:08 Evil will not have the last word, Jesus Christ will.
48:13 Wickedness will not have the last word, Jesus Christ will.
48:17 Sin will not have the last word, Jesus Christ will.
48:22 Jesus Christ, the One who came, the One who faced the wrath of
48:28 Satan, the One who faced all of the accumulated results
48:32 of evil, the One who took every temptation
48:34 and was victorious, the One who went to Calvary's cross for you
48:39 and me, the One who bore our sin and guilt and shame,
48:43 and took of sin to the cross, the One who in that most hideous
48:47 moment of the cross was victorious over Satan.
48:50 This One, Jesus Christ, this Christ who was resurrected
48:54 from the dead, this Christ who came out of the tomb in glory,
48:57 this Christ who rose to heaven, this Christ who is there for you
49:01 and me now to give us hope, and encouragement, and confidence,
49:05 and joy, this Christ is coming again.
49:08 This Christ, according to the book of Revelation, will put an
49:11 end of Satan forever, and ever, and ever, and ever.
49:15 One day the Universe will be clean.
49:17 One day one pulse of harmony and joy will beat throughout
49:22 the entire Universe.
49:24 And all things animate and inanimate will say, God is love!
49:28 One day Satan will be defeated forever.
49:31 One day Satan will be destroyed forever.
49:34 One day Satan will be burned up and consumed like ashes forever.
49:39 Right now Jesus Christ says to you my child, Whatever you are
49:46 going through grasp the reality of the fact that I love you.
49:50 Don't buy into Satan's lie.
49:53 Grasp the reality of the fact that I am there,
49:56 that I will never ever, ever, let you go.
49:59 A number of years ago, when I was a speaker for It Is Written
50:05 television program, International television
50:08 program often aired here on Three Angels Broadcasting.
50:11 Many, many years ago I received a letter.
50:14 It was probably the saddest letter that I ever received.
50:18 We used to get about 200,000 responses every year,
50:21 and my secretary, and Administrative Assistants would
50:23 read those letters.
50:25 But one day my Administrative Assistant came in to me and she
50:28 said, Pastor Mark, you need to see this letter.
50:31 And as I read this letter it went something like this:
50:35 Dear Pastor Mark, I've been watching you on television,
50:39 and I need to share with you an experience that I had.
50:42 It was a summer day, and I was cooking my
50:47 lunch for my children.
50:49 I had two children, five years old, and three years old.
50:53 Pastor Mark, I didn't hear the screen door open in the back.
50:57 And my little three year old crawled out onto the back deck,
51:01 and we had an in ground sunken swimming pool.
51:05 My little three year old tumbled into the pool.
51:08 My five year old went out to try to help,
51:11 and tumbled into the pool.
51:14 And, Pastor Mark, both of my children drowned.
51:18 I went through darkness and despair.
51:21 I cried out, God, where are you?
51:24 Where's a God that would let my kids drown?
51:27 I blamed myself. I felt guilt.
51:32 I felt so condemned.
51:34 Why did I ever do that?
51:36 Why wasn't I more attentive?
51:38 Why didn't I listen?
51:39 Through all of that I began to read the word of God.
51:44 I found that Christ never promises that we won't suffer.
51:49 We're in a world of evil.
51:52 We're in a world of wickedness.
51:54 We're in a world of sorrow.
51:56 We're in a world of tears.
51:58 He doesn't promise that we'll never suffer.
52:03 But He does promise that He'll never leave us.
52:07 He does promise that He'll never forsake us.
52:11 He does promise, Low, I am with you always,
52:15 even to the end of the world.
52:17 Pastor Mark, I found Christ in Scripture.
52:23 I now know what it's like to let Jesus hold me in His arms.
52:28 I now know what it's like to lean my head upon His breast.
52:32 I now know what it's like for Him to say, My child,
52:36 one day your tears will be gone.
52:41 Listen as Tim sings, Only Trust Him, Only Trust Him.
52:48 Only Trust Him Now.
52:55 Come every soul by sin oppressed.
53:00 There's mercy with the Lord.
53:05 And He will surely give you rest by trusting in His word.
53:19 Only trust Him, only trust Him, only trust Him now.
53:31 He will save you, He will save you, He will save you now.
53:43 For Jesus shed His precious blood, rich blessings to bestow.
53:55 Plunge now into the crimson flood that washes white as snow.
54:07 Oh Jesus is the truth, the way, that leads you into rest.
54:19 Believe in Him without delay and you are fully blessed.
54:31 Only trust Him, only trust Him, only trust Him now.
54:42 He will save you, He will save you, He will save you now.
54:54 So only trust Him now.
55:06 I don't know where you are friend,
55:08 in your spiritual journey.
55:11 You may be going through something that is extremely
55:15 difficult for you now.
55:16 The road that you're traveling on may be a road with
55:22 a lot of deep caverns, a lot of high mountains.
55:26 And you may feel engulfed with hurt, with pain, with sorrow,
55:34 with tears, with darkness.
55:36 But there is One who hung on a cross for you.
55:42 He wants you in heaven more than you can ever imagine.
55:45 He loves you more than you can possibly conceive.
55:50 There is One who's living for you right now.
55:54 He will give you strength, and courage, and hope.
55:58 And there is One that is coming again to destroy all of evil,
56:04 and all of sin, and all of wickedness.
56:09 You can trust Him, only trust Him, only trust Him,
56:14 only trust Him now.
56:16 As we pray give Him your burdens, give Him your
56:21 heartaches, and trust Jesus just now.
56:24 Let's pray. Father in Heaven, sometimes life kicks us in the
56:30 stomach, and knocks out our breath.
56:32 Sometimes life gives us a sword through our heart.
56:40 But we're thankful that Jesus is there.
56:44 We're thankful that we can trust Him today,
56:47 tomorrow, and forever.
56:49 We're thankful that He's there to strengthen us,
56:52 that He's there to empower us.
56:53 That when we're ready to fall, He'll hold us up.
56:56 When we stumble and fall, He picks us up.
56:59 We're thankful that one day evil will be over,
57:04 and that Satan will be destroyed,
57:06 and we can live with You forever.
57:08 Keep us trusting You until that day.
57:10 In Christ's name, Amen.
57:13 Thank you for joining us for this journey in
57:16 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
57:19 Continue with us on the journey as we unfold the book of
57:23 Revelation and reveal hope in God's End time plan.


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