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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides hopeful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker,
00:15 on a journey into the future with
00:21 Welcome again to Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:24 I'm glad you've joined us.
00:26 We've been on a journey through the book of Revelation.
00:28 And this presentation focuses especially on Jesus
00:32 in the book of Revelation.
00:34 When many people think of Revelation, they think of
00:36 of cryptic symbols.
00:37 They think of strange beasts.
00:39 They think of prophetic images.
00:42 But yet Jesus is the center of the book of Revelation.
00:46 Now, of course, in this series we will discuss these various
00:50 prophetic symbols in their meaning.
00:51 They're vitally important.
00:53 But if you understand the prophetic symbols,
00:54 and you leave out Jesus, you've missed the heart of the book.
00:57 So let's pray together as we go into this presentation.
01:00 Father in Heaven, as we open the Word of God again,
01:03 as we look at the book of Revelation, come, be with us.
01:08 May this be more than an exercise to satisfy our
01:11 curiosity, but may it be a powerful life changing
01:15 presentation for each of us.
01:16 In Christ's name, Amen.
01:18 Our topic for this presentation is
01:25 You know, the world we live in is a world that is filled
01:29 with incredible stress.
01:31 People seem to be rushed, hurried,
01:34 stressed out much of the time.
01:36 And as the result of that, scores of people are
01:40 experiencing health problems.
01:42 Stress is one of the major causes of
01:44 coronary heart disease.
01:46 How much stress is too much?
01:48 The researchers at a large eastern University wanted to
01:53 find the answer to that question.
01:55 And so they took a lamb, and they put that lamb in a pen.
02:00 And in the lamb's feeding pen they put ten stations.
02:05 They hooked up an electrode to each one of these stations.
02:10 Now the researchers could observe what the lamb was doing,
02:15 and the lamb couldn't see out of the pen.
02:17 So the lamb would go over to one feeding station,
02:21 and the researchers would press a button, shock the lamb.
02:25 They wanted to find out how much stress this lamb could take.
02:29 Now what do you think happened when the lamb was shocked?
02:31 Of course, the lamb jumped and ran.
02:34 The researchers were surprised.
02:36 The lamb never went back to the feeding station
02:39 where it was shocked.
02:40 The researchers kept shocking that poor little lamb
02:45 at every feeding station.
02:47 And the lamb was shocked again and again.
02:50 Now the shocks weren't strong enough to kill the lamb,
02:53 just strong enough to stress out the lamb.
02:55 And the lamb would never go back to the feeding station
02:57 where it was shocked.
02:59 Feeding station 3, shock; feeding station 6, shock.
03:02 Pretty soon the lamb was shocked at every feeding station.
03:05 The lamb ran to the center of the pen and just began shaking,
03:09 and shaking, and shaking.
03:10 The lamb died of a heart attack, a nervous breakdown.
03:15 The amount of stress was just so great the lamb couldn't
03:20 take it any longer.
03:22 Then the researchers did something quite amazing.
03:26 They put that lamb's twin in the pen with its mother.
03:34 And as they did, the lamb went over to the feeding station,
03:39 that little lamb, and began to eat.
03:41 They shocked it. The lamb turned and looked to its mother,
03:46 ran over to its mother.
03:48 And the mother said something in the lamb's ear that they
03:52 were not sure of what that lamb language was all about.
03:57 And they wondered, What's going on here?
04:00 What's this little lamb going to do?
04:02 The lamb ran then to the next feeding station and ate.
04:07 They shocked it. Mother looked at lamb, lamb looked at mother.
04:11 The shock wasn't that bad.
04:12 The lamb went ba ba, mother lamb went ba ba,
04:16 and the lamb kept eating.
04:19 The researchers were amazed.
04:22 The presence of the mother in the pen made all the difference.
04:27 This little lamb had some place to run.
04:30 This little lamb had a place of security.
04:34 This little lamb had a place of refuge.
04:37 And the stressors did not bother the lamb any longer.
04:42 Is there a place that you can run in the
04:45 stresses of your life?
04:50 Who can carry our load?
04:53 In the book of Revelation, deeply within the heart of
04:57 Scripture, in the last book of the Bible,
05:00 Jesus Christ is the center theme.
05:03 He is the One that can bear our burdens.
05:05 He is the One that can lift the heavy load.
05:08 He is the One that can enable us to handle
05:11 the stressors of life.
05:12 Now remember, Revelation 1:1, our theme.
05:16 This book of Revelation is the Revelation of who everybody?
05:20 Who's it the revelation of?
05:21 That's right! We've mentioned it again, and again, and again.
05:24 It is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
05:27 Throughout the book of Revelation, Jesus has very many
05:31 different names or titles.
05:33 Revelation 1:5, Jesus is the faithful witness.
05:37 He witnesses of the Father's love.
05:39 He witnesses of the Father's grace.
05:41 He witnesses of the Father's glory.
05:44 Jesus is the firstborn from the dead.
05:46 He was resurrected from the dead.
05:49 Christ came out of the tomb alive.
05:52 He lived, He died, He lives again.
05:55 The Bible says that Jesus is ruler over all
05:58 the kings of the earth.
06:00 This earth is not in the hands of human beings,
06:03 this earth is in the hands of God.
06:05 So titles of Christ; what are those titles?
06:07 Throughout the book of Revelation the faithful witness
06:10 of the Father's love, the firstborn from the dead,
06:14 the ruler over the kings of all the earth.
06:16 In Revelation 12:5 Jesus is the male child that's to rule
06:23 all nations with the rod of iron.
06:25 He is the One who has supreme authority.
06:29 In Revelation 12:5 He is the Child caught up to God
06:33 in the Father's throne; the resurrected Christ.
06:36 Throughout the book of Revelation Jesus
06:39 is front and center.
06:40 We see Him again and again.
06:43 In Revelation 14 Jesus is the One who comes to reap
06:47 the harvest of the earth.
06:49 In Revelation 14:14 the Bible puts it this way:
07:00 Here is Christ, the One who was here once, that walked the dusty
07:04 streets of the Galilee, the One that forgave and healed,
07:08 and delivered demoniacs.
07:10 That Jesus, He is the Son of man.
07:13 He's coming again, coming in the clouds of heaven,
07:16 coming in the imagery of Revelation to reap
07:19 the harvest of the earth. The text goes on.
07:26 What is this symbol of about Jesus?
07:29 It's about this Christ, this Christ who reigns over the
07:34 kings of the earth, this Christ who's triumphant over
07:37 the powers of hell.
07:38 What is this book of Revelation all about?
07:41 This Christ who comes one day triumphantly to reap the harvest
07:46 of the entire earth.
07:56 And you remember Revelation 19 says, He is the King of kings,
08:00 He is the Lord of lords.
08:02 You remember the great Hallelujah Chorus, Handel's
08:05 Messiah, King of kings, Lord of lords.
08:08 King of kings, Lord of lords.
08:10 That's who Jesus is in Revelation.
08:11 Throughout the book of Revelation Christ is mentioned
08:14 as the Lion, kingly authority, the Lamb, sacrifice.
08:19 There is no book in the Bible that has more symbolism of Jesus
08:23 than this book, the book of Revelation.
08:27 But the key symbol in Revelation
08:30 is the symbol of a lamb.
08:32 This symbol of a lamb is mentioned twenty-seven times.
08:37 Christ's kingly authority comes because He was the Lamb of God.
08:44 And so in this presentation, let's explore that
08:48 symbolism of a lamb.
08:50 What does this symbolism of a lamb mean to you?
08:53 What does this symbolism of a lamb mean to me?
08:56 And how does this symbolism of a lamb impact our lives today?
09:02 How does it change our lives?
09:12 John looks up into heaven and he sees this imagery of a lamb.
09:16 Revelation 5 talks about the fact that there's only One that
09:20 can provide salvation for the human race.
09:22 And the whole universe sings, Worthy, Worthy is the Lamb
09:26 that was slain to receive glory, and honor, and power.
09:38 Before sin ever began, when God gave to the human race the
09:44 capacity to choose, knowing that the human race can make
09:48 the wrong choice, God put into motion a plan that would deal
09:55 with the sin of Adam and Eve.
09:58 God's foreknowledge foresaw what would happen, yet He created the
10:03 human race with freedom of will.
10:04 And He provided a sacrifice, a One who would come,
10:09 the Lamb of God, to be sacrificed for the human race.
10:14 Revelation 12 talks about a dragon-like beast that
10:20 would attack the Lamb, and make war with the
10:22 followers of the Lamb.
10:24 But again the Lamb, Jesus Christ, is triumphant.
10:27 Again the Lamb, Jesus Christ, is conqueror.
10:30 Again the Lamb, Jesus Christ, defeats and crushes all evil.
10:36 The Bible says in Revelation 12:11,
10:48 What was it about the blood of the Lamb that enabled these
10:52 followers of Christ in the early centuries to be able
10:57 to be conquerors and triumphant?
10:59 How do we understand this expression,
11:02 the blood of the Lamb?
11:03 It's kind of foreign to modern 21st Century ears.
11:07 What does it mean? We're going to explore that,
11:11 and why this symbolism of a lamb is so significant.
11:15 Throughout the book of Revelation one thing that
11:19 kind of startles you is the Lamb and the dragon fight.
11:22 If the Lamb and dragon fight, who do you thinks' going to win?
11:25 Obviously the dragon.
11:29 Not so! The book of Revelation turns that on its head.
11:33 Revelation 17:14 says, These will make war with the Lamb.
11:38 It's talking about a great confederacy at end time.
11:41 And the Lamb will overcome them.
11:43 The Lamb overcomes all the powers of evil at the end.
11:46 There's something about the blood of the Lamb,
11:49 something about the blood of the Lamb that enables God's
11:53 plan to triumph over the principalities and powers
11:57 of hell in the Universe. Why?
12:06 So the Lamb triumph's over the dragon, and the Lamb becomes
12:10 King of Kings, and Lord of lords.
12:13 Now how can we understand, in 20th Century terms,
12:20 what this blood of the Lamb means?
12:22 We're going to go back throughout the Old Testament
12:25 and try to discover the significance of that.
12:28 Be prepared for some surprises, because tonight God's
12:31 going to speak to you.
12:32 In this presentation God's going to touch your heart.
12:35 In this presentation you're going to discover why this
12:39 imagery of the blood of the Lamb is so significant.
12:42 You will find forgiveness.
12:44 You'll find freedom from guilt.
12:46 You'll find a new power in your life.
12:49 And you will find that the greatest power in
12:51 the Universe is love.
12:53 And this whole imagery of the blood of the
12:55 Lamb speaks of love.
12:56 The love of a God that would not let you go.
12:59 The love of a God that will follow you wherever you go.
13:02 The love of God that will touch your life, and change your life,
13:06 and transform your life.
13:07 Satan has tried to dominate the Universe in the great
13:11 controversy between good and evil, by lies,
13:13 deception, and force.
13:15 Jesus dominates by one thing, and He dominates by love.
13:22 That's the significance of this symbolism.
13:25 Now you remember, God creates Adam and Eve.
13:27 He creates them perfect.
13:29 He creates them with no flaw.
13:32 He creates them in His own image, the Bible says.
13:35 And He creates Adam and Eve with the power of choice,
13:40 with the capacity to choose between good and evil.
13:45 Eve goes to the tree.
13:48 Satan says to her, Has God really said that you
13:51 can't eat of this tree?
13:53 When you eat of it you'll become as God's, knowing good and evil.
13:55 But controversy wages on earth.
13:57 That controversy that we studied about in Revelation that waged
14:00 in heaven, wages on earth.
14:02 Eve, and her husband Adam, are caught in a Titanic struggle.
14:06 They're caught with a choice: God said, You shall not eat.
14:12 Disobeying God. They partake of that fruit of the
14:16 tree of good and evil, and immediately evil,
14:20 and wickedness, and sin come into their bodies.
14:23 They're separated from God.
14:25 Does God push this planet out into space
14:29 and simply annihilate it, and let selfishness reign,
14:34 and let the entire human race be destroyed?
14:37 Does God simply swat and destroy evil,
14:40 like swatting a mosquito?
14:42 Does God simply destroy Adam and Eve and say,
14:45 Okay, you've sinned.
14:46 The wages of sin is death.
14:48 I'm going to start all over again?
14:49 God does not do that at all.
14:51 God develops a plan, a plan that would deal
14:55 with the sin problem, because sin develops a major problem.
15:01 And this is what the text says: The wages of sin...
15:03 Can you say it with me?
15:05 You may know the text.
15:11 Why is sin's wage death?
15:14 Because sin separates us from God.
15:18 God is the source of life.
15:20 So to be separated from God, is to be separated from the source
15:24 of life; therefore death ensues.
15:28 If you have an apple tree and you break a branch off
15:33 of the apple tree, the sap in the branch may cause the leaves
15:38 still to be green, and may cause the apples still to be
15:41 there on that branch.
15:42 But you come back a day later, 2 days later, 5 days later,
15:46 pretty soon you see that branch separated from the
15:48 tree, dying in decay.
15:50 Exact same thing with sin.
15:52 Sin separates us from the source of life.
15:56 Sin separates us from God, and death ensues in our bodies.
16:01 Now, how do you deal with the problem of death?
16:05 That's where the Lamb comes in.
16:13 Now the blood represents life.
16:17 When the life of Jesus is poured out on the cross,
16:21 His life atones for Adam's sin.
16:26 Down through the Old Testament the symbolism of a lamb,
16:31 and the symbolism of a dying lamb
16:34 represents the dying Christ.
16:37 Blood represents life.
16:39 The blood of the Lamb shed throughout the Old Testament,
16:43 represents the life of the sinner that must die,
16:47 not simply a physical death, but an eternal death,
16:51 because of sin, unless there's a substitute.
16:53 So throughout the Old Testament men and women who
16:58 sinned brought lambs. Why?
17:08 The dying Lamb represents the dying of Christ.
17:17 Now you say that's terrible!
17:18 That's terrible that all these sacrifices,
17:21 all this blood had to be shed.
17:23 It's terrible because the lamb didn't do anything.
17:26 It is terrible. Sin brings its consequences.
17:30 Sin brings death. But there's something more terrible
17:34 than the death of a lamb, and that's the death of
17:38 Jesus Christ, the Divine Son of God.
17:41 Sin has its wages, and those wages are death.
17:46 And all of heaven was willing to pay that wage
17:50 for the human race.
17:52 So let's go to the Old Testament Sanctuary and see if we can
17:55 learn some lessons that apply to our lives
17:59 about this dying lamb.
18:01 Here's a man that gets in a big argument with his neighbor,
18:04 and the argument is over a land dispute.
18:07 And so the man begins yelling and screaming at his neighbor.
18:11 And as this man is yelling, as he's screaming at his neighbor,
18:15 he slaps his neighbor across the face.
18:18 That night, as this man goes back to his tent in ancient
18:22 Israel, he begins to think of what he's done.
18:24 He begins to think of his sin.
18:28 He kneels down before God, and he says, God, I've sinned.
18:33 My anger got the best of me!
18:35 I slapped my neighbor.
18:36 Not only must he go to his neighbor and ask for
18:39 forgiveness, but he has to bring a lamb.
18:43 And he brings a lamb here to the Sanctuary.
18:45 As he enters the Sanctuary with the lamb,
18:48 he's met by the priest.
18:50 He comes to that Sanctuary with his lamb, and he places his
18:56 hands over the head of the lamb.
18:58 Not simply over the head of the lamb,
19:01 but on the head of the lamb.
19:03 The full weight of that man's body
19:08 is on the head of that lamb.
19:09 And then this man must take the knife,
19:14 and he must come to that lamb.
19:17 As he's placing his hands on the head of the lamb,
19:21 as that lamb is against his knee, that man must take the
19:25 knife and he must slit the throat of the lamb.
19:28 As he confesses his sin over the head of the lamb,
19:32 the guilt of the sin is transferred from
19:35 the man to the lamb.
19:37 You say, The lamb didn't do anything.
19:39 The lamb didn't sin.
19:40 In fact the Bible says you bring a lamb without spot or blemish.
19:43 Now there were multiple offerings in the Sanctuary.
19:46 They could bring a bullock, they could bring a lamb, depending on
19:49 the sin, and depending on the nature of the individual.
19:53 You know, actually, very poor people at times
19:56 brought grain offerings.
19:58 There was a perpetual sacrifice, a blood offered for
20:02 them at the Sanctuary.
20:04 But the provisions of the Sanctuary for all humanity,
20:07 whoever you are you cam come.
20:09 Whoever you are you can find grace.
20:11 Whoever you are you can find mercy.
20:14 So the person has to slit the throat of the lamb
20:18 there at the altar in the court.
20:22 Once that lamb is slain in the court, part of the blood is
20:28 poured out at the basin of that altar of sacrifice.
20:33 But the priest took the blood into the Sanctuary
20:37 and sprinkled it before the veil, behind which was the
20:41 ark of the covenant, or the law of God.
20:44 Now notice how Leviticus puts it.
20:54 Now notice the last part of the text; very interesting.
21:02 So if it was a lie, he had to confess that.
21:05 If it was anger, he had to confess that.
21:08 If it was selfishness or greed, whatever that sin was.
21:12 So sin was very, very specifically confessed.
21:16 Too many times Christians get on their knees and say,
21:20 Oh Jesus, if I sinned today, please forgive me.
21:22 That kind of general confession, which is really not confession,
21:28 it's really self-justification; that general confession does not
21:33 bring the peace to the soul.
21:34 It does not bring joy to the heart.
21:37 It does not bring deliverance from guilt.
21:39 But when you and I get on our knees, and before God
21:43 barefacedly repent and say, God, today I was selfish.
21:46 God, today I was less than honest.
21:48 God today pride filled my heart.
21:51 Jesus, I know you are my Lamb.
21:54 That makes all the difference.
21:56 So the sinner must bring the Lamb.
21:59 He must take his knife... Notice what it says.
22:02 He shall bring his trespass offering to the Lord for his
22:05 sin, which he has committed.
22:06 Every lamb pointed forward to the coming of Christ,
22:11 the Divine Lamb of God.
22:13 Do you remember what John the Baptist said in John 1:29?
22:16 He saw Jesus coming and he said, Behold the Lamb of God,
22:19 which takes away the sin of the world.
22:21 Your sin can be taken away.
22:23 Your sin can be forgiven.
22:26 Provision through Christ has been made for that.
22:30 The Bible is very clear.
22:33 The Bible is very plain.
22:50 So the tabernacle of Christ in heaven was foreshadowed
22:55 with the earthly tabernacle.
22:57 You see, in the book of Hebrews you have three major themes.
23:00 1. Christ is better.
23:02 Christ is better, and His sacrifice is better than
23:05 earthly sacrifices.
23:06 2. The priesthood of Christ is better than the priesthood
23:09 of earthly priests.
23:11 3. The Sanctuary of Christ in heaven is better than
23:13 the earthly Sanctuary.
23:15 So all of Hebrews is about Christ is better.
23:17 But we see in the Old Testament clearly the outline of this plan
23:24 of salvation that would be manifest in Christ when He
23:28 came centuries later.
23:31 So the text says. And it goes on to say,
23:45 Jesus once for all, after His sacrifice on the cross,
23:51 ascended to heaven.
23:53 And He says, as we come seeking forgiveness,
23:58 as we come seeking grace, as we come seeking
24:02 freedom from guilt.
24:03 Jesus says, This man, this woman, is one of Mine.
24:06 He writes pardon after our name.
24:09 Why? Because His blood was shed.
24:11 It is not the blood of lambs, the blood of bulls, and goats
24:16 that provides forgiveness for sin.
24:18 That simply foreshadowed, that simply kept people focused,
24:23 if they knew or understand.
24:25 The Bible says in Hebrews 9:28...
24:28 Can you read it from the screen with me wherever you are?
24:30 maybe in your home, and maybe with friends.
24:32 Let's read it together.
24:37 Just like the sinner confessed their sin, the guilt is
24:42 transferred to the Lamb.
24:45 The Lamb dies, not in behalf of the sinner, but as a symbol
24:49 of Christ who would die in behalf of the sinner.
24:52 Now let me ask you this: Where was the sin before
24:58 the sinner confessed it?
24:59 Who had it? When the sinner is coming with the Lamb by his
25:03 side, to His Sanctuary, who has the sin? That's right!
25:08 The sinner has it. Is the sinner guilty? Certainly.
25:11 Is the sinner burdened with guilt? Definitely.
25:14 Now, once the sinner confesses the sin, and it's transferred
25:20 to the Lamb, who has it now?
25:22 You say, the Lamb! Right.
25:24 Isn't that why the Lamb had to die?
25:25 Because it was a transference of guilt from the man to the Lamb?
25:31 When the man walks away from the Sanctuary,
25:34 what kind of feelings do you think he has?
25:36 He's filled with joy! Why?
25:38 Because the sin is transferred to the Lamb.
25:41 The blood of the Lamb is shed.
25:43 That blood, with the record of that sin,
25:46 goes into the Sanctuary.
25:47 Who does not have the guilt now?
25:50 The man doesn't. He's, he's singing.
25:53 He's filled with praise!
25:54 He's been forgiven!
25:55 Let me ask you this question: Why are you still bearing guilt?
25:59 You confessed your sin to Jesus.
26:01 Why are you still carrying that load of guilt around?
26:04 Why do you still feel that emptiness in your soul?
26:07 If you have confessed your sin to Jesus, you no longer need
26:13 to carry that guilt.
26:14 That's what the blood of the Lamb is all about.
26:17 We confess our sin and that guilt is gone.
26:22 We don't have to bear that sin any longer.
26:25 Many people are on antidepressants, often because
26:31 they are so guilty because of what they've done.
26:34 Now I don't mean that's the only reason,
26:36 but it is one reason.
26:37 Guilty about their past, guilty about their failures,
26:40 guilty about the things they should have done.
26:42 There is a fountain filled with blood that's drawn
26:47 from Immanuel's veins.
26:49 And sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all
26:54 their guilty stains.
26:56 Redeemed how I love to proclaim it.
26:58 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.
27:01 Amazing grace how sweet the sound,
27:03 that saved a wretch like me.
27:06 I once was lost, but now I'm found.
27:10 Once we come to Jesus that guilt in Christ is gone.
27:19 Once we come in our imagination with our Lamb to the Sanctuary,
27:26 and once we kneel and confess our sins at the foot of
27:31 Calvary's cross, the guilt is taken from us.
27:34 It is placed on our Savior and Lord, and our Redeemer.
27:39 We need not bear that guilt anymore.
27:42 We are free! We are free!
27:45 We are free in Jesus Christ!
27:48 That's good news for somebody tonight.
27:50 That's good news for somebody watching this program.
27:54 Tonight, this very moment that you're watching this program.
27:59 As I speak, in your mind you can say, Jesus, I'm sorry.
28:04 Jesus, I failed You.
28:06 Jesus, I let you down.
28:08 Jesus, I disappointed Your heart, but Your eternal love
28:13 would not let me go.
28:14 Your eternal love came and lived the perfect life
28:18 I should have lived, and died the death
28:21 that I should have died.
28:23 And, Lord, I come to You to receive that grace,
28:27 to receive that mercy. You see,
28:34 that One eternal sacrifice, the Lamb of God
28:39 that would die for our sins.
28:46 You know, there are many people that even when they're trying
28:49 to have reconciliation with another person,
28:52 they'll say something like this: You know, if I did anything
28:55 to hurt you, please forgive me.
28:57 Once you start with if, it's not a confession at all.
29:01 Well, if I've offended You, Oh God...
29:04 If, God, I sinned today, please forgive me.
29:07 Drop your if's. Get rid of the if's.
29:11 Simply come to God and acknowledge your guilt.
29:16 But somebody says, That would make me feel uncomfortable.
29:20 Bless your heart! Whether you feel uncomfortable
29:25 or not is not the issue.
29:26 You would feel more uncomfortable
29:28 if you don't confess.
29:29 You'd feel more guilty if you don't confess.
29:32 In barefaced repentance come to God.
29:35 Because, you know, you're never going to be
29:36 free from that guilt.
29:38 You're never going to be free from those condemning
29:40 voices in your brain unless you acknowledge that you failed,
29:44 unless you really clearly acknowledge your guilt.
29:46 And once you acknowledge that, once you acknowledge that,
29:50 then you can receive the gift of God, and eternal life in Christ.
29:53 Because, look, Romans 6:23.
29:55 Remember we read the first part of it earlier? It says:
30:06 You can never receive the gift unless you acknowledge the sin.
30:11 I was speaking in the Philippines,
30:15 way up outside of Legazpi City.
30:18 It was up in like a jungle area.
30:20 It was on an old dirt road.
30:22 And we put up a wooden table, and set up a lantern,
30:25 called the villagers, and they were sitting on the road.
30:27 And I was talking about Jesus, talking about
30:29 the gift of salvation.
30:31 And I really wanted them to understand
30:33 the gift of salvation.
30:35 And it seemed everything I was saying, they have this blank
30:38 look on their faces.
30:39 And I had something in my pocket.
30:41 I don't remember now whether it was a comb or a pen.
30:44 Let's say it was a pen, a real nice pen.
30:46 And I said, I need to offer this to them as a gift.
30:49 Maybe they'll understand the gift of salvation.
30:51 Took the pen out of my pocket.
30:53 A lot of little kids sitting there.
30:55 I said, Here's something for you. You want it?
30:57 Now they saw this big tall American coming,
30:59 and these little tiny Philippino children.
31:01 One boy got up, and I came to him and I said,
31:03 Do you want this? He was so shy he jumped up and ran
31:05 back into the jungle.
31:07 I went to another boy.
31:08 Hey, do you want this pen?
31:10 Jumped up and ran into the jungle.
31:11 Went up to another boy.
31:12 Do you want pen? He grabbed it out of my hand and ran.
31:14 And pretty soon the elders of the village said, Come back!
31:17 Come back! Come back!
31:18 So all the kids came back.
31:20 They gathered around me, and I said, Now, to the first boy.
31:21 Do you have the pen?
31:23 No, I don't have it sir.
31:24 I said to the next one, Do you have the pen?
31:26 No, I don't have it sir.
31:27 Said to the next one, Do you have the pen?
31:29 He kind of sheepishly pulls it out of his pocket
31:32 and said, I have the pen.
31:33 I said to the other two, Why does he have it and you don't?
31:36 They said, Well, because he took it.
31:39 I said, You can have it.
31:40 He can have that? It's a gift?
31:42 He can have it. Why don't you have it, boy?
31:45 I didn't take it. You can have the gift of salvation.
31:49 Reach out and take it.
31:51 Reach out and say, Jesus, I acknowledge my guilt.
31:54 Jesus' salvation is a gift.
31:56 It's not something I can earn.
31:57 Well, well, Pastor Mark, I'm going to become a Christian
32:01 and I'm going to go to church, and I'm going to pray,
32:03 and I'm going to be faithful in my offerings, and then can I
32:06 have the gift of salvation?
32:07 The Bible says, no, you can have it right now.
32:10 We do not do good works in order to be saved.
32:14 We do good works because we are saved.
32:17 We've come to Christ, and we've seen His love, and His grace,
32:21 and it has changed our lives.
32:30 The burden of guilt is gone.
32:32 We no longer are seized with that guilt that crushes out
32:36 the very joy of our life.
32:38 Look what Hebrews 9:14 says.
32:52 The Scripture is so plain.
32:56 If the blood of bulls and goats foreshadowed Christ,
33:01 when we meet the fulfillment, the One who all the shadows
33:06 of the Old Testament point forward to, we come to Him
33:10 and our life is changed. It says He can
33:18 Do you want your conscience cleaned?
33:21 There's many a man, and many a woman that would pay hundreds
33:26 of dollars to a counselor to get their conscience clean,
33:29 to get their head straight.
33:31 Jesus Christ can straighten out your head.
33:34 He can give you a clean conscience.
33:38 You can find in Christ the longing of your heart.
33:42 The guilt, the shame, the condemnation can be gone.
33:46 In this living Christ, Jesus can take away everything that
33:57 It is gone in Christ.
33:59 We no longer need to handle that.
34:02 This is the message of Scripture, and specifically the
34:04 message of the book of Revelation.
34:06 Twenty-seven times in the book of Revelation Jesus is
34:10 mentioned as the Lamb, the Lamb of God that takes away
34:13 our sin, the Lamb of God who reaches out in love to us,
34:17 the Lamb of God who forgives us, the blood of
34:20 Christ that changes us.
34:22 This Lamb that will triumph through love over the
34:25 principalities and powers of darkness.
34:27 This Lamb who will triumph through love over the
34:30 oppressive forces of evil.
34:31 This Lamb who will triumph through love over everything
34:35 that Satan throws at us.
34:37 The Lamb and the dragon fight.
34:41 There is only One who can take away our
34:42 shame, and that is Jesus.
34:46 One of the most amazing passages in all of Scripture.
34:51 For He, that is God, made Him, that was Christ,
34:55 who knew no sin... Did Jesus ever sin? Never!
35:07 Jesus became sin for us.
35:12 All of the guilt, all of the shame, all of the condemnation,
35:17 all of the horrible nature of sin was placed upon
35:21 Christ on the cross.
35:23 Now remember, the wages of sin is what everybody?
35:28 The wages of sin is death.
35:30 Is that physical death, or eternal death?
35:33 See, if the wages of sin is only physical death,
35:36 then you can live beyond eternally.
35:38 So the wages of sin must not only be physical death,
35:41 the consequence of sin is physical death,
35:44 but the ultimate wage of sin or the wages of sin,
35:47 that's eternal death.
35:49 That means you go into the grave and never, ever come out.
35:51 So when Christ hung on the cross, He bore the condemnation
35:56 of sin, and that's why when He cried out, My God, My God,
35:59 why has Thou forsaken Me? that the whole sin problem was
36:03 weighing on His back in the great controversy
36:05 between good and evil.
36:07 And although Jesus said, Destroy this body, and in three days
36:09 I'll raise it up again, when He hung on the cross He,
36:13 according to Hebrews 2:8 would taste death for every man,
36:16 He could not see Himself coming through the portals of the tomb.
36:20 That's why at the end of His life He made that statement
36:22 of faith: Father into Thy hands I commend My Spirit.
36:25 He had to trust God completely for the resurrection,
36:28 but all around Him was sin, and shame, and death.
36:31 And when Jesus hangs on that cross bearing the sins of
36:34 humanity, watch this point.
36:36 Don't miss this point.
36:37 Jesus Himself was willing, because of love to go into the
36:43 grave and never, ever, ever come out, if that was necessary
36:48 to pay the wages of sin for you and me.
36:51 It was like Jesus was saying this, I am willing to go into
36:55 the grave and be there for ever, and ever, and ever;
36:59 be separated from My Father for ever if that's what it takes
37:03 to save the human race.
37:05 There is nothing like this in any other religion in the world.
37:09 There's nothing like this in Hinduism.
37:11 There's nothing like this in Islam.
37:13 There's nothing like this in Shintuism.
37:15 There's nothing like this in Confucianism.
37:17 There is nothing like this in any religion of the
37:19 world except Christianity.
37:21 See, all religions say that human beings have failed,
37:26 and they need to get back to God.
37:28 And so most of them say you do that by good works,
37:31 you do that by performing works of charity, you do that by being
37:36 kind, but Christianity says that Christ came and He lived the
37:41 perfect life we should have lived.
37:42 He died the death on the cross, paying the
37:48 ransom price for our sin.
37:50 He died that death bearing all the guilt and shame of our sin.
37:54 He was willing to go into the grave, and be separated from
37:57 the Father forever and ever, if that's what it took to save
38:01 you and to save me.
38:02 The glory of the cross is the glory of a love that would
38:07 never, ever, ever let us go.
38:09 That's why Jesus cried out in
38:20 See, He could not see the Father's face.
38:23 He did not recognize the Father's love.
38:26 It was not that He had the feeling that His Father was
38:29 there embracing Him.
38:31 Sin was so evil, sin was so wicked, sin was so horrible
38:36 it was like Jesus' heart was ripped apart from the Father.
38:39 Why did He stay there?
38:41 It wasn't the physical pain, and the nails through His hands
38:45 that was excruciatingly agonizing.
38:48 It wasn't the crown of thorns upon His head.
38:50 It wasn't the horror, the physical crucifixion.
38:53 It wasn't the emotional sense of being betrayed.
38:56 It was the sense that His heart was ripped out from the Father.
39:00 Therefore He hung in love for you and me.
39:04 And all I can do is fall at His feet and worship Him.
39:09 All I can do is praise the Lamb that was slain from the
39:13 foundation of the world.
39:15 Because Jesus on that cross bore the corporate, consolidated
39:19 focused guilt of all humanity of every sin
39:24 that was ever committed.
39:25 He bore that shame, He bore the pain, the suffering, the death
39:29 of that sin that all humanity should have born in their own
39:34 bodies through eternal death.
39:36 Jesus bore that agony, and that's why Scripture says in
39:51 We are saved by grace through faith.
39:55 You can reach out and say, Jesus, Thank You so much!
39:58 Wouldn't it be a shame to turn our backs on that grace?
40:01 Wouldn't it be a shame to walk away from that love?
40:04 Wouldn't it be a shame to crucify Him again, and bring
40:08 pain to His heart by denying what He has done for us
40:13 on the cross of Calvary.
40:16 We can come and say,
40:29 That's the message of Revelation,
40:31 the message that you can come. The Bible says in
40:44 The life of the flesh is in the blood, and the shedding of His
40:47 blood speaks to us of love, a love that is so strong that He
40:53 would go for you into that grave, a love that reaches out
41:00 to you this very moment.
41:03 But somebody says, Pastor Mark, make it plain, make it simple.
41:08 I want to know tonight.
41:09 I want to know that I have eternal life
41:12 through Jesus Christ.
41:13 I want to know that my sins are forgiven.
41:15 I want to know that I am Christ's.
41:18 Can you make it plain?
41:19 Let me give you five simple steps to receive the gift of
41:23 salvation and eternal life. Here is the fact:
41:28 No matter what you feel about yourself, God doesn't feel
41:30 that way about you.
41:32 Jeremiah 31:3 says, I have loved you with an everlasting love.
41:35 First accept the fact that God loves you.
41:44 You've not turned on this presentation by accident.
41:47 You're not watching 3ABN by chance tonight.
41:50 God's love has drawn you here.
41:52 He loves you more than you ever know, and He loves you
41:55 more than you'll ever realize.
41:56 So, Fact 1., Step 1. of salvation, accept the fact
41:59 that God loves you.
42:05 All your good works are not going to save you, because one
42:07 sin is worthy of eternal death, and the wages of sin is death.
42:10 So all of us are sinners.
42:12 We are all on the same boat.
42:14 We all have a disease that's fatal.
42:16 But the Divine Physician has a cure.
42:19 Accept the fact that God loves you, and wants to save you.
42:32 What's the next word?
42:33 What is it everybody?
42:38 We cannot save ourself, but He can save us.
42:46 Now don't only believe Jesus can save you.
42:48 I've met a lot of people that are giving lectures all over
42:50 the world and they say, Oh, I believe Jesus can save me.
42:53 Do you believe He will save you?
42:54 There's a difference.
42:56 Grasp by faith that there's nothing more important to Christ
43:00 than your salvation.
43:01 Grasp by faith that Jesus is heaven's best gift given by the
43:07 Father to save you.
43:08 Accept by faith that God will send every angel is heaven
43:11 to beat back the powers of hell in your life if you'll let Him.
43:15 Accept by faith that God will fill your life with His
43:18 Holy Spirit, reveal to you through His Word His love.
43:21 Believe that not only Jesus can, but Jesus will save you.
43:26 For God... If you know it, wherever you
43:29 are, say it with me.
43:41 Now notice what the text says.
43:43 God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.
43:46 God gave because He wanted to redeem.
43:49 That whoever... the Bible does not say a rich man a poor man,
43:52 it says, whoever believes in Him.
43:58 Once we come to Christ, and know that He desires to save
44:03 us, come confess it.
44:05 Scripture says, If we confess our sins,
44:08 He is faithful and just... To do what?
44:14 If we do the confessing, He will do the forgiving.
44:19 So come, come with your Lamb, Jesus.
44:22 Believe that God loves you.
44:24 Accept the fact that you're a sinner, and without Him
44:27 you can't be saved.
44:29 Believe that not only does He want to save you,
44:33 but believe He will save you.
44:35 Come confessing, and as you confess,
44:44 See, once we confess our sins, the Living Christ enters our
44:48 life and, you know, once we confess our sins we then
44:52 can serve Him forever.
44:54 Let me introduce you to this Christ.
44:56 Let me introduce you to some people who've met this Christ.
45:00 Come with me on a journey, and meet a woman cast
45:03 at His feet in adultery.
45:05 Let her give the testimony to you this day.
45:09 What does she say, with a brightness in her eyes?
45:12 Now she's no longer condemned, she is forgiven.
45:16 Jesus, can You forgive sin?
45:18 Mary says, Yes, I was caught in adultery; in the very act.
45:22 But I came to Jesus.
45:24 Come, meet this Christ who touches the eyes of the blind,
45:27 that are open, and they receive new life in Christ.
45:30 Listen to the testimony of men and women
45:32 throughout the New Testament.
45:34 Look at the boys and girls that sit on His lap, and find in Him
45:37 such acceptance, such grace, such mercy, such love.
45:42 Come with me when He breaks the bread on the mountainside,
45:46 and the hillside of the Galilee, and look at 5,000 people
45:50 whose physical needs are met.
45:52 But not only that, they accept Him as the bread of life,
45:55 and they want to make Him king.
45:57 Come and meet this Jesus.
45:59 He walks through the valleys of Galilee.
46:03 He walks the cobblestone streets of Jerusalem.
46:06 He forgives, He changes, He heals, He transforms.
46:09 This is the Christ of the book of Revelation.
46:13 Come meet this Christ when the crowds gather around Him,
46:17 and sing Hosanna, Hosanna to His name!
46:20 Come meet this Christ.
46:22 He is not some mythical figure like King Arthur
46:26 and the Knights of the Round Table.
46:28 He is the living Christ.
46:30 He walked and talked, and lived and breathed, He healed
46:34 and forgave, and empowered, and delivered demoniacs.
46:37 He is the Lamb of God!
46:39 Come meet this Christ as He gives a woman back her son
46:44 again; He cares, He loves.
46:45 You say, What's God like?
46:47 Look at Jesus. Look at Jesus in the New Testament and see this
46:51 Christ walking among men and women,
46:53 and transforming their lives.
46:55 Look at this Christ.
46:57 Watch Him as a crown of thorns is jammed upon His head.
47:00 Look at the blood running down His face.
47:02 Why does He suffer the agony?
47:04 Watch with me as the Divine Son of God is beaten,
47:09 is whipped, is flagellated.
47:12 Watch the blood running down His back.
47:14 Why does He go through that?
47:16 The One worshipped by all the angels, the One at whose very
47:20 name angels sang praise, and praise, and praise,
47:24 the One that's existed with the Father from all eternity.
47:26 Why does He suffer so?
47:28 Come with me as they stretch out His hands,
47:32 and nail Him to a cross.
47:34 Watch as strong armed Roman soldiers drive those nails
47:40 through His hands and feet.
47:41 Why does He suffer so?
47:43 Come with me, come with me to that cross and see Him
47:49 hanging there baring the sins of all humanity.
47:53 Why is He doing it?
47:55 Because you are too precious, because you are too valuable,
48:01 because He does not want to live in heaven without you.
48:04 Heaven's not worth it for Him if you're not there.
48:09 And so He hangs there baring all the sin of humanity.
48:14 He hangs there on that cross.
48:17 For God so loved the world that... What did He do?
48:20 He gave. What did He give?
48:22 His only begotten Son.
48:24 That whoever... Whoever means you, whoever means me.
48:29 Whoever believes in Him should not perish,
48:33 but have everlasting life.
48:35 Come with me for a moment to the very heart of Africa.
48:40 I traveled to Rwanda shortly after the genocide.
48:47 Thousands of people were killed in a very short period time;
48:52 in about six months of time actually.
48:55 My host, Brother Amon Rutalinga, shared with me
49:02 the story that during the genocide his wife, children,
49:06 and grand children were killed.
49:08 It was a terrible battle between the Hutus and the Tutsis.
49:13 And people were slain simply because they were part of
49:17 one particular tribe.
49:20 It was a horrible time for the nation.
49:23 Bodies were stacked up in the streets.
49:25 Dogs ate them. Bodies were thrown in the river,
49:27 blood stained rivers.
49:29 As I talked to Brother Rutalinga he said to me,
49:33 I want you to meet a woman.
49:35 And when you meet that woman, it will change your life.
49:39 Her name is Mrs. Selfoo.
49:41 We got in a little pickup truck and drove out over dirt roads.
49:46 We drove out to a little African village.
49:49 Pastor Rutalinga gave me the background of her story.
49:55 She was with her husband when he was murdered.
49:58 The killers were coming, slaying Tutsis in each village.
50:03 And as they came through those villages, one person,
50:06 another person, another person, another person was slain.
50:11 The blood was flowing in the streets.
50:14 The villagers were killed, died.
50:18 Mrs. Selfoo and her husband, who happened to be a
50:21 Seventh-day Adventist pastor, fled with a number of other
50:23 people, about sixty of them, into a church.
50:27 They thought that if they were in that church
50:29 it might be a sanctuary.
50:30 It might be a place where they could hide.
50:33 They were in the church.
50:35 The killers came in.
50:37 They began to kill people left and right.
50:40 People were screaming.
50:41 Some were trying to get away.
50:43 Mrs. Selfoo was holding the hand of her husband.
50:45 And as she did the killer came over with a machete,
50:48 struck her husband in the head, split his head open.
50:52 Blood was everywhere, spilling over Mrs. Selfoo.
50:55 Her husband died instantly in her arms.
50:57 Then the killer took his machete, a young man about
51:00 twenty-one, and hit her in the head, split her head,
51:03 hit her in the arm, split her arm.
51:06 And as she fell over he thought she was dead.
51:11 Her body lay among the dead bodies for three days.
51:14 After those three days villagers came to bury
51:22 the townspeople that had died.
51:25 And as they were burying them somebody took her pulse
51:27 and said, This, this woman is still alive!
51:29 This woman is still alive!
51:31 They took her to the hospital and nursed her,
51:35 for three months, back to health.
51:38 When she was well, she began thinking, I can be a bitter,
51:45 angry old woman, or, or, I can accept the fact that Jesus
51:52 Christ has saved me, that Jesus Christ has forgiven me,
51:56 that His grace is mine.
51:58 I can reach out to others.
52:00 She began going to the prison.
52:02 She began ministering to the prisoners, the killers.
52:05 Because by now the genocide was over.
52:08 There were seventeen prisons, or thereabouts, built.
52:11 A 180,000 prisoners were placed in that prison, those prisons,
52:17 those many prisons.
52:19 They were killers, murderers.
52:21 She began ministering to them.
52:22 One day in that prison she met the man that had
52:27 killed her husband.
52:28 The man that put that terrible scar on her head.
52:30 She reached out in grace to him.
52:32 He found forgiveness. He found Christ.
52:35 Finally he was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son,
52:38 and the Holy Spirit.
52:40 And then she said to me as I talked to her that day,
52:42 Do you want to meet him?
52:43 Because he was let out of prison.
52:46 And, Pastor Mark, he's accepted God's grace,
52:49 and I've adopted him as my son.
52:53 He accepted the invitation of Revelation 22:17.
52:57 The Spirit and the bride say come, and let him
53:00 who hears say come.
53:01 And whoever thirsts let him take of the water of life freely.
53:06 Whoever you are, you can receive God's grace.
53:11 Whoever you are, looking for purpose and meaning,
53:15 you can say, I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold.
53:21 I'd rather have Him than riches untold.
53:26 He speaks to you of His love and grace right now.
53:29 Why not bow your head and accept Him as Celestine sings?
53:39 I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold.
53:48 I'd rather be His than have riches untold.
53:57 I'd rather have Jesus than houses or lands.
54:06 I'd rather be led by His nail pierced hands.
54:16 Than to be the king of a vast domain,
54:25 and be held in sin's dread sway.
54:35 I'd rather have Jesus than anything this
54:45 world affords today.
54:58 I'd rather have Jesus than man's applause.
55:07 I'd rather be faithful to His dear cause.
55:15 I'd rather have Jesus than worldwide fame.
55:24 I'd rather be true to His Holy name,
55:33 than to be the king of a vast domain,
55:42 and be held in sin's dread sway.
55:52 I'd rather have Jesus than anything this
56:02 world affords today.
56:14 I'd rather have Jesus.
56:24 Is that your desire?
56:26 An African woman reached out to a young man that
56:35 killed her own husband.
56:36 She reached out in love, and in grace,
56:41 and in forgiveness and mercy.
56:45 And she adopted that young man as her son.
56:49 Jesus reaches out to you right now.
56:52 Whatever you have done, His love embraces you.
56:57 You can come asking Him for forgiveness.
57:00 You can come asking Him for grace.
57:03 You can come asking Him for mercy.
57:06 You can come and be a new man, or a new woman
57:08 right now as we pray.
57:10 Father in Heaven, we come opening our hearts
57:15 to the love of Christ.
57:17 We come accepting His grace, His mercy, His forgiveness,
57:22 His power in the name of Jesus, Amen.
57:26 Thank you for joining us for Revelation's
57:29 Ancient Discoveries.


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