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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides hopeful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author, and world renowned speaker on a
00:15 journey into the future with
00:21 We're back again for another study on the book of Revelation.
00:25 Revelation unmasks the plans of Satan, and reveals the plans
00:30 of God in these last days of earth's history.
00:33 Understanding Revelation is crucial for every believer,
00:37 every Christian, in fact for everybody in the world.
00:39 So as we enter into this important topic today,
00:42 let's bow our heads to pray.
00:43 Father in Heaven, reveal to us the truths of Your Word.
00:48 Help us to see clearly the majesty, the beauty of
00:52 Christ as we study.
00:54 And as we look tonight at the great power of Jesus to change
00:59 lives in Revelation, give us hope and confidence.
01:02 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
01:04 Our topic for this presentation is titled,
01:11 And let's begin by going on a journey.
01:14 We're traveling to the island of Patmos.
01:17 Patmos is in the Aegean Sea.
01:20 There are really two ways to get to Patmos.
01:23 You can travel from Greece. and if you travel from Greece,
01:25 And if you travel from Greece, it will take you
01:28 overnight on a boat.
01:30 The journey might be a little rough on the sea,
01:34 so I much prefer going from Turkey.
01:37 From Turkey you travel from a little
01:39 port city called Kusadasi.
01:42 I've made that trip many a time, and it's about
01:45 a two hour journey.
01:47 Traveling from Kusadasi you often will see the beauties
01:53 of nature, because the sea is very tranquil, very peaceful.
01:56 It's just an absolute magnificent journey.
01:59 We're traveling to the island of Patmos to discover why early
02:04 Christians had such death defying faith.
02:07 We're traveling there because we want to explore what was the
02:12 depth of their commitment to Christ, and why they could face
02:15 such persecution, why they could face death,
02:19 and yet not yield their faith.
02:22 Let me give you a little background of Patmos.
02:24 Patmos is about nine miles long.
02:26 As you come into the port it becomes quite obvious that
02:30 the island is rocky.
02:31 It was a barren outcrop in the days of John,
02:36 when he was exiled there.
02:38 It's the end of the 1st Century and John is tried by the Pagan
02:44 Romanian Emperor Domitian.
02:45 Domitian claimed himself to be a god.
02:48 And because John refused to give him allegiance, obeisance,
02:52 because John refused to burn incense to the Caesars,
02:56 John was exiled on the island of Patmos.
02:59 It was there, during that exile, during that period of time after
03:05 being persecuted, after being threatened, after being beaten,
03:11 that John was sent there to the island of Patmos.
03:15 And what we're exploring in this program is,
03:19 what is it that gave these Christians that
03:23 living faith within?
03:25 Why didn't they compromise in the face of such oppression?
03:31 What enabled them to hold on?
03:33 While John was on the island of Patmos God revealed to him
03:38 the message from the book of Revelation.
03:41 While he was there the island was illuminated,
03:46 at least John's mind was, with the glory of God as he received
03:50 those visions in the book of Revelation.
03:53 John saw Jesus anew.
03:56 He saw Jesus afresh.
03:58 He was reminded again on that island of the Christ that he
04:02 walked with, the Christ that he talked with, the Christ that
04:06 worked so many miracles that John personally witnessed as
04:10 Jesus touched the eyes of the blind, and they were opened,
04:13 as Jesus ministered to the sick and the dying,
04:17 and John saw them healed.
04:19 He was reminded by that angel visitor who gave him the
04:23 vision of Revelation.
04:24 He was reminded of the majesty, the power,
04:28 the greatness of Christ.
04:30 John, on that island, began to carefully write down,
04:34 carefully chronicle this power of the Living Christ.
04:39 Because of what John saw in Christ's life when he walked
04:43 and talked with Him, because of what John experienced
04:47 in Christ's life, and because of the visions that God gave to
04:51 him in the book of Revelation, John's faith just soared.
04:55 The old man with the weather beaten face, with deeply etched
05:00 lines in his face, with graying hair, and trembling hand wrote
05:05 down that vision in the book of Revelation. John writes
05:20 John says, Are you facing trials?
05:23 Are you facing difficulties?
05:24 Are you facing challenges in your life?
05:27 I am your companion in tribulation.
05:30 And Christ has lit up my life, and He will
05:34 light up your life, too.
05:35 John isolated, John persecuted, John oppressed, John separated
05:43 from family and friends.
05:44 You would think the man would have been discouraged.
05:47 You'd think he would have been downhearted.
05:49 You'd think that he would have given up his faith.
05:51 You'd think he would have said, God, I've served You all my
05:53 life and where are You now?
05:55 But John knew something about Jesus.
05:58 He knew the promise of Christ in Matthew 28:20, where Jesus
06:03 said, Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.
06:07 So when John writes, he writes,
06:25 John was there not because he was an unbeliever,
06:29 but because he was a believer.
06:32 But what gave him such death defying faith?
06:36 What was it that moved John to be so faithful to Christ
06:43 in the face of these circumstances?
06:45 John writes words of hope to to you and to me.
06:57 This is the message that John records about Jesus.
07:01 Jesus is speaking to John, and Jesus is speaking to you,
07:05 He's speaking to me in this passage.
07:17 And for John that made the difference.
07:20 For John that made all the difference.
07:22 Jesus was more than a good man.
07:24 Jesus was more than an ethical philosopher.
07:27 Jesus was more than a good religious teacher.
07:30 Jesus was more than simply a moral figure
07:34 in this earth's history.
07:35 Jesus never had a beginning.
07:38 He was the first and the last; alpha, the first letter
07:41 of the Greek alphabet, omega, the last letter.
07:45 Jesus says, I'm the First and the Last;
07:47 no beginning, no ending.
07:49 I've existed with the Father from eternity.
07:51 And He says, I was dead, but I'm alive forevermore.
07:57 See, that made all the difference.
07:58 If Christ is divine, if Christ is eternal then although our
08:04 earthly lives can be threatened, and taken from us,
08:08 Jesus indeed can give us life eternal.
08:12 And when John listened to the living Christ say to him,
08:21 That made all of the difference, because John knew that even if
08:25 his life were taken, even if he died, that eternal
08:30 life awaited for him.
08:33 John knew definitely that there was something beyond.
08:38 You see, if Jesus is resurrected from the dead, He is more than
08:43 human, He's divine.
08:45 If Jesus went into the grave and came out, if the resurrected
08:51 Christ came forth from the grave with new life,
08:56 He has power over the grave.
08:58 So therefore John and the believers down through the
09:02 century were willing to face death because they knew
09:07 that beyond death there was a new world waiting for them.
09:11 They knew that one day Christ would come, one day the dead
09:16 would be resurrected.
09:17 They knew that Jesus was divine.
09:27 If Jesus is really divine, if He's not simply a good man,
09:31 if He's not simply an ethical philosopher, if He's not simply
09:36 a good moral teacher, if Christ is everything that He claimed
09:40 to be, then His promise of eternal life is what
09:46 really matters in life.
09:49 You know, our lives come and they go.
09:53 I think about it in relation to my own life.
09:56 I've been preaching the gospel, standing on the great platforms
10:01 of the world now for more than fifty years; standing preaching
10:06 to tens of thousands of people, and I think how
10:08 quickly your life goes on.
10:11 You know, I was thinking about aging the other day,
10:14 and somebody said this to me: they said, You know you're
10:18 getting old if you bend over to tie your shoe and you say,
10:23 What else can I do when I'm down here?
10:25 You know you're getting old.
10:27 You know, I remember so often when I was young,
10:30 I used to speak really fast.
10:32 I've slowed down some bit.
10:33 And I would walk on the platform.
10:35 I mean really pace back and forth, and back and forth.
10:39 And in those years we didn't have microphones like this;
10:42 no accouterments at all.
10:44 When I started preaching we just had a microphone,
10:47 and it had one of these long cords on the back.
10:50 So I'd always take the microphone,
10:52 tie it around my neck... It was one of these large microphones.
10:55 ...stick the cord someplace back out of my suit,
10:59 and try to have the cord behind me so I didn't get my legs
11:02 all wrapped up in it.
11:04 And as I was walking along this cord is coming out of me like a
11:06 tail coming out of my backside.
11:08 And one night I was preaching, I was really excited.
11:11 I was young, and I was speaking really fast.
11:13 And this cord's coming out of my backside.
11:15 And a little kid on the front row turned to his mother.
11:18 He didn't know I heard him.
11:19 And he said, Hey, Mom, is that where they plug that guy in
11:22 to give him all the energy?
11:24 You know, sometimes now I wish I had one of those cords.
11:29 Aging is something that we all experience.
11:32 We live, and we die.
11:35 And unless Jesus comes every one of us are
11:39 headed to the grave.
11:40 We're headed to the grave where our bodies decay,
11:43 where bones are just left.
11:47 Is that all there is?
11:49 If Christ is not divine there is little hope over the grave;
11:53 there's little hope after death.
11:56 If Christ was not really resurrected from the dead,
11:59 if this living Christ who John believed in, who John gave his
12:05 life for, if He's just a good man, then the grave is a dark
12:10 hole in the ground, and death is a long
12:12 night without a morning.
12:14 But scripture is true.
12:23 If Jesus is divine, more than simply offering us eternal life,
12:27 as important and valuable as that is,
12:30 but if He's really divine, He can change our lives today.
12:34 He can make us new men and new women.
12:36 We can live again with this Christ.
12:45 Because Christ had changed his life, and he knew that the
12:49 promise of eternal life was real.
12:51 He knew that Christ could offer him eternal life.
12:55 Down through the ages, through Roman persecution,
13:00 through the persecutions of the past, Christians have faced
13:05 the stake, they have faced martyrdom, they've faced
13:10 the lions in the Coliseum, because they believed
13:16 that Christ was divine.
13:18 They knew that death was a little matter
13:21 because of the living Christ.
13:24 And in modern times many a Christian has been imprisoned.
13:29 Totalitarian states, authoritarian regimes have
13:34 imprisoned Christians, and they've experienced horrible,
13:38 unspeakable torture.
13:40 Why? Because they believed that Jesus was
13:44 more than a good man.
13:46 They believed that Jesus was more than an
13:48 ethical philosopher.
13:49 They believed that Jesus was more than a moral teacher.
13:53 They believed that Jesus Christ was divine.
13:57 You look at the Middle Ages, and you look at the
14:00 Waldensians who faithfully studied the Bible,
14:03 and when they were attacked by the armies of Rome,
14:05 many of their children were thrown over mountain cliffs;
14:09 dashed on the rocks below.
14:11 Hundreds, thousands, of these people were
14:13 destroyed mercilessly.
14:15 Why? Why would they hang on?
14:18 Why would they not give up their faith?
14:20 Because they believed in the reality of eternal life
14:25 that Jesus Christ could give them.
14:27 We see that down through the ages.
14:30 We see it through the scriptures, we see it in the
14:32 early centuries, we see it in the Middle Ages,
14:34 we see it now in our generation.
14:37 But what evidence did they have that Christ was divine?
14:41 Was their faith built merely on an emotional feeling within?
14:45 Was it based on some kind of an electrical impulse that goes up
14:50 and down the spine?
14:51 Their faith was based on something much
14:54 more solid than that.
14:56 Their faith was based on something that would last
15:00 and endure; not a warm, fuzzy feeling in their hearts. You see
15:09 And as the result of that, when you study scripture,
15:12 when you go from Genesis to Revelation, you find why John
15:18 and the other believers had such death defying faith. This book,
15:30 It sums up all the evidence down through scriptures
15:35 that Christ was who He claimed to be, and that His offer of
15:40 eternal life was real.
15:43 Let's go back and see some things that Jesus
15:46 said about Himself. We turn now to
15:58 Now notice what Jesus said about Himself.
16:01 He said, I lived with the Father in heaven.
16:04 I've come down from heaven.
16:06 Jesus claimed to be the Eternal Christ. Jesus said in
16:21 So all of Scripture testifies of who Jesus is.
16:26 They testify of His divinity.
16:28 They testify that He was more than a good man.
16:32 All of Scripture testifies that Christ was
16:35 the Divine Son of God.
16:36 Jesus claimed to be the great I Am.
16:40 He claimed to live with the Father in heaven forever.
16:43 Now let's look at this idea.
16:45 Let's probe this a little more.
16:48 Let's suppose, for our purpose of discussion,
16:52 that Christ was not divine.
16:53 For purpose of our discussion, let's suppose that Christ
16:56 was simply a good man.
16:58 Let's suppose, for our purpose of discussion, that Christ
17:01 was a moral teacher.
17:02 If that is true, and He claimed to be divine, He claimed to be
17:08 eternal, He claimed to be the Divine Son of God,
17:10 then you have one of only a couple of alternatives.
17:13 1. That Jesus could have been lying.
17:16 He said that He was the Divine Son of God.
17:19 If He was not, was He consciously lying?
17:22 How could you claim that and read Matthew 5, 6, and 7,
17:27 the Sermon on the Mount?
17:28 How could you claim that Jesus was lying and look at the moral,
17:32 ethical claims of Christ?
17:33 Even those people who deny His divinity say that His ethical
17:39 claims are some of the highest in the world.
17:42 I mean if your enemy slapped you on one cheek, turn the other.
17:45 Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.
17:49 If you look at the claims of Christ, and even atheists say
17:53 this is the highest moral ethic in the world.
17:55 But you can't have it both ways.
17:57 You can't say, Well, Jesus is a liar, and He has
17:59 this high moral ethic.
18:00 But then you could say, Well, maybe He wasn't telling
18:04 the truth, but He didn't know He wasn't telling the truth.
18:06 What do you call that? a person who's not telling the truth,
18:08 and they don't know it?
18:10 You'd call them a crazy person.
18:11 How could you ever say Christ is a crazy person?
18:13 I mean you look at the miracles that He wrought that are
18:16 recorded in scripture, you look at the statements that He made,
18:19 some of the most profound.
18:20 So if He's not lying, and He's not a crazy person, and He says
18:24 He comes down from heaven repeatedly,
18:26 and He says He's eternal, the only alternative is to study
18:29 the evidence, and see what the evidence says.
18:32 The only logical alternative is that Christ is all
18:35 that He claimed to be.
18:37 So let's explore that evidence, that evidence about Jesus,
18:41 that evidence in the Old Testament.
18:44 Remember what Jesus has said?
18:45 He said, Search the Scriptures for they are they that do what?
18:49 What do they do everybody?
18:51 They testify, Jesus said, of Me.
18:53 So let's look through the Old Testament and see how the
18:57 Scriptures of the Old Testament do testify of Jesus.
19:01 The prophecies of the Old Testament point out that
19:05 Jesus Christ was divine.
19:07 Many of these prophecies are very specific,
19:11 and they take you down through the ages of time.
19:15 These prophecies were given by the prophets of the
19:19 Old Testament hundreds, some of them thousands
19:23 of years in advance.
19:25 The first prophecy deals with
19:29 In fact Jesus' biography was written beforehand.
19:32 Most people's biography was written after they die,
19:36 or some write autobiographies while they're still alive.
19:39 But Jesus' biography, surprisingly enough, was not
19:42 written after He died, neither was His biography necessarily
19:47 written while He was still alive, but His biography was
19:51 written well in advance.
19:53 We see in the prophecies of the Old Testament the
20:03 of Christ and the events that surrounded it revealed ahead
20:07 of time, and we see the
20:09 revealed in advance.
20:11 All of these things were revealed hundreds, yes,
20:15 that's right, hundreds, and some of them thousands
20:19 of years in advance.
20:21 Let's begin with the birth place of Christ.
20:24 Micah 5:2. Micah makes this prediction
20:28 seven hundred years in advance.
20:31 And Micah says,
20:39 How did Micah know seven hundred years in advance that
20:44 Christ would be born in Bethlehem?
20:47 There's so many places that Jesus could have been born.
20:51 You remember the hometown of Jesus was not Bethlehem at all.
20:56 His hometown was Nazareth, and Nazareth is in the North
21:00 part of Israel in Galilee.
21:03 Bethlehem is more South in, or Central in Judea.
21:07 The journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem, and then on to
21:11 Bethlehem was 90 miles, or 150 kilometers.
21:15 Now let me ask you a question.
21:16 I want you to imagine Mary is nine months pregnant.
21:21 A decree goes out by Caesar Augustus that all the world
21:26 is going to be taxed.
21:27 Mary and Joseph travel on a donkey.
21:31 Now I'm not sure if the viewers of this telecast are going to
21:36 travel on a donkey if you're a woman,
21:39 and you're pregnant nine months.
21:41 Most American women, and most women around the world,
21:44 don't take donkey rides at 9 months pregnant for 90 miles.
21:50 But Mary and Joseph go on that journey, that arduous journey,
21:56 and they travel these 90 miles.
21:58 Why wasn't the baby born along the way?
22:03 Why wasn't the baby born in Jerusalem?
22:08 700 years before, Micah the prophet predicted of all the
22:14 thousands of cities in Judah, that Christ would be born in
22:21 one city, Bethlehem.
22:22 How could he pick out that one city?
22:25 The Bible is not a common book.
22:28 The prophets of the Bible write with divine insight.
22:31 And Jesus Christ is not a common man.
22:34 Mary and Joseph come to Bethlehem the exact night
22:38 of Jesus Christ's birth.
22:42 Miraculously, Christ is born exactly where the
22:46 Bible says He would be.
22:48 In the book of Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah the prophet makes another
22:54 prediction over 600 years before the birth of
22:57 Christ when he says:
23:08 Again, a virgin would conceive, and Immanuel means God with us.
23:14 How did Isaiah the prophet know that Jesus would
23:19 be born of a virgin?
23:21 Do you remember the experience in Matthew's gospel where it
23:28 discusses the angel coming to Mary?
23:31 Mary finds that she's pregnant.
23:34 Mary finds that she is with child.
23:37 She's troubled by that.
23:38 She's never been with man, and as a result of that she is
23:43 embarrassed, confused.
23:44 She doesn't know what's going on.
23:46 And the angel comes to her, explains to her that her
23:50 pregnancy is the result of a divine conception;
23:55 that the Holy Spirit conceives Christ in the womb of Mary.
24:00 And Jesus' birth was supernatural.
24:04 He, the Divine Son of God, unlike any human being,
24:10 born not naturally, but supernaturally.
24:14 Christ is more than a good man, more than an ethical
24:18 philosopher, but the Divine Son of God predicted.
24:21 You see, Christianity is not based on a whim.
24:25 Christianity is not based on a fancy.
24:27 Christianity is not based on some warm feeling.
24:30 Christianity is based on substance.
24:33 The prophecies of the Old Testament reveal very clearly
24:38 who Christ is: the Divine Son of the living God.
24:43 The angel comes to Mary, and the gospel of Luke records it
24:46 as well as Matthew.
24:57 Exactly in fulfillment to the prophecy of Isaiah made 700
25:03 years, or 600 and some odd years, almost 680 years before
25:09 we see the prophecies fulfilled with precision, with accuracy.
25:14 Now do you remember when Jesus is born
25:18 in Bethlehem, the angels sing
25:24 The angels salute His birth with song.
25:28 The angels sing praise and glory to the Divine Son of God,
25:33 coming forth from the womb of Mary in that humble
25:37 circumstance in Bethlehem.
25:40 Jesus, the Divine Son of God.
25:44 Now one of the oldest prophecies regarding the birth of Christ
25:47 comes from Numbers 24:17.
25:52 And Numbers says this:
26:01 Do you remember the story of the wise men
26:05 coming from the East?
26:07 One of their prophets had predicted that a star would be
26:13 in the sky leading them to the Messiah.
26:17 And as they read this prophecy, the star shall come out of
26:22 Jacob, the wise men sensed something unusual,
26:26 something supernatural.
26:27 They sensed that, indeed, the Messiah was to be born.
26:32 They followed that star until the bright luminous body
26:37 stayed in the heavens over Bethlehem.
26:41 And the wise men came to Bethlehem.
26:44 How did the Bible know hundreds of years in advance that a star
26:49 would guide the wise men?
26:50 How did the Bible know hundreds of years in advance that Jesus
26:53 would be born of a virgin?
26:55 How did the Bible know that hundreds of years in advance
26:58 that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem?
27:00 See, it's not one prophecy.
27:01 Prophecy after prophecy, prophecies that are really
27:05 precise, prophecies that are really accurate, prophecies that
27:12 are too specific to be given by guess work, or by accident.
27:19 These prophecies reveal who Jesus is.
27:23 Are you beginning to see, are you beginning to understand
27:27 why John, on the island of Patmos,
27:31 had such death defying faith?
27:33 Are you beginning to sense why he believed that Jesus
27:38 Christ was the Messiah?
27:39 He saw the fulfillment of these prophecies of the Old Testament.
27:43 He understood clearly who Jesus Christ was.
27:48 When we come to that understanding, that Christ is
27:52 divine, that He stands head and shoulders above
27:55 any earthly leader.
27:57 When we come to that understanding we fall at our
28:00 feet and worship Him like the wise men did.
28:03 We fall at our feet like these wise men did, who followed the
28:07 star, because wise men and wise women still come to
28:12 the Lord Jesus Christ.
28:13 They still kneel before Him and give Him their gifts,
28:17 the gifts of their worship, the gifts of their praise,
28:20 the gifts of their talents, the gifts of their lives,
28:24 because this Divine Christ invites us to come.
28:28 He says, Come unto Me all you that are burdened and heavy
28:31 laden and I will give you rest.
28:34 Now the prophecies of Isaiah not only predict that Jesus
28:37 would be born of a virgin, but the prophecies of Isaiah predict
28:41 the very ministry of Christ.
28:55 Just pause and think of that prophecy for one moment.
28:59 The prophecy which says,
29:05 Men and women poor in spirit, men and women discouraged
29:09 with the guilt and shame of their sin, men and women who
29:14 are poverty stricken, and longing for eternal life,
29:18 Jesus came and He preached good tidings, the good news that
29:22 through His grace, and by His power,
29:24 they could be saved in His kingdom.
29:26 The Bible says He came to preach good tidings to the poor.
29:29 He sent me to heal the broken hearted.
29:31 Think about that woman at the well, that Samaritan woman
29:35 in John the 4th Chapter.
29:37 She's broken, she's bruised, she's crushed.
29:40 Men have used her body as a play thing; but she has little
29:45 value and little worth.
29:46 And she meets Christ, and He satisfies the longing of her
29:51 soul, satisfies that inner thirst that she has for purpose
29:56 and meaning in life.
29:58 Jesus came and He preached good tidings to the poor.
30:01 Jesus came and He healed the broken hearted.
30:04 Our text goes on. He came
30:12 Think about it. Those captive by sin, those shackled
30:17 by the habits of sin.
30:19 Think of it! He opens the prison to those that are bound,
30:22 those that are possessed with demons, and demoniacs.
30:26 He delivers them. I have seen God do that.
30:29 The living Christ touched men and women then,
30:32 and He can touch men and women today.
30:34 I remember on one occasion I was preaching in Mexico.
30:37 It was in a large stadium in Mexico City.
30:40 There were probably 12,000 people in the stadium.
30:45 And I was making an appeal, an appeal for men and women
30:49 to come to Jesus, an appeal for men and women to experience
30:53 the power of Christ in their life.
30:54 I was preaching this very message that you're hearing
30:58 tonight, showing from prophecy that Jesus is
31:02 the Divine Son of God, showing that He could break the shackles
31:05 of sin, and that men and women could go free.
31:08 As I made the appeal, and people began to come forward,
31:11 there were many at the altar.
31:13 But then I looked through the crowd and I saw two men
31:18 carrying a woman down the aisle.
31:20 One man, who I learned later was her husband,
31:23 had her underneath her arms, carrying her, and the other man
31:27 had her by her feet.
31:28 What I didn't know at the time was this woman was
31:32 sitting in the meeting.
31:33 She had been dabbling in demon worship.
31:35 And when I began to make the appeal for Christ she ran out
31:39 of the auditorium, and was lying in the parking lot
31:41 screaming, and writhing.
31:43 Her husband and this man carried her down the aisle.
31:48 Now they dropped her there at my feet.
31:51 I looked at the woman.
31:53 It didn't appear she was breathing.
31:54 And I looked down at her, and I knelt before her.
31:56 All of these other people are standing there.
31:58 It was hot and oppressive.
31:59 And as I began to pray over her she screamed,
32:02 and she began to kick, and kick, and kicked me,
32:05 and screaming, and wailing.
32:06 I'd just talked about the power of God.
32:10 12,000 people were in the auditorium.
32:13 Is the power of God real?
32:15 And as I prayed over this woman, and continued to pray that
32:19 Jesus would deliver her, she fell limp.
32:22 Now don't misunderstand me, not every case that claims to be
32:27 demon possessed is.
32:28 There are certain psychological problems that people may have
32:31 that may manifest themselves in symptoms.
32:34 There are three levels of demonic oppression.
32:37 First every one of us can be tempted by the Devil.
32:40 That's one level of demonic activity.
32:43 We can be tempted by the Devil.
32:45 Jesus was tempted by the Devil.
32:46 He never yielded. That's demonic activity.
32:48 There also can be another level of demonic activity,
32:51 and that's oppression.
32:53 The more you yield to the temptations of Satan the more
32:56 oppressed you can be.
32:57 And then there also, if a person chooses to worship at the altar
33:02 of Satan, they can become possessed by demons.
33:05 Now the Devil can't just come in and take over your mind.
33:08 That's totally impossible, unless we have a choice,
33:13 a volitional choice of the will.
33:15 Because if the Devil can just come in and take over our mind
33:18 without any choice of our will, he could come
33:20 and take over anybody.
33:21 God respects human freedom.
33:24 But if we choose to walk in the way of the evil one,
33:27 choose to worship at the shrine of the occult, we open our mind
33:31 to those demonic activities.
33:32 As I prayed over this woman, she fell limp.
33:36 We sat her on a chair, finished the appeal,
33:39 and we took her off to the side.
33:41 There was a little sparkle in her eyes, and she said,
33:43 I'm delivered! I'm delivered!
33:45 She was! We got her now reading the Bible.
33:49 I shared with her that wonderful book, Steps To Christ.
33:51 And week after week this woman followed Jesus.
33:55 This woman was delivered by the grace of Christ.
33:59 What does scripture say?
34:03 He did that then and he still does it now.
34:05 He came to open the prison for those that were bound.
34:09 He did it then, and He still does it now.
34:13 The scripture is very, very clear when it talks about
34:16 the power of Christ.
34:17 He delivered. He, Jesus, healed.
34:21 Jesus forgave. Throughout scripture we see this Christ
34:27 who's powerful, this Christ who heals,
34:30 this Christ who forgives, this Christ who walks
34:34 into people's lives, this Christ that raised men and
34:37 women from the dead.
34:38 We see this Jesus throughout scripture.
34:41 More than divine, more than a good man, more than an
34:45 ethical philosopher, but the Divine Almighty
34:48 Son of the Living God.
34:50 Now the prophecies at the end of Christ's life,
34:54 those prophecies came to very sharp focus.
34:57 Those prophecies came to very specific fulfillment.
35:01 Some of the most amazing prophecies ever given
35:04 were given at the end of Christ's life.
35:07 Let's look at them.
35:09 We'll go to the city of Jerusalem.
35:11 Jesus spent the last hours of His life here in Jerusalem.
35:15 And there in that city we find one of the most
35:19 amazing prophecies.
35:20 Jesus is celebrating the Last Supper.
35:22 His disciples are gathered around him.
35:25 And Jesus says to him, One here, one of My disciples,
35:30 will indeed betray Me.
35:32 The disciples are shocked.
35:34 But soon Judas leaves the Last Supper, and he goes out on his
35:38 fateful mission to betray Christ.
35:42 But did you realize that the betrayal of Jesus was predicted
35:49 over a thousand years in advance?
35:51 Listen how it's put in the book of Psalms.
36:07 A familiar friend, one who would be eating that communion
36:11 supper with Christ; that one would betray Christ.
36:15 Did you notice what the text said?
36:17 The one whom I trusted, the one who ate bread with Me,
36:20 My familiar friend.
36:21 Psalm 41, a thousand years before Christ, predicted the
36:28 betrayal of Jesus by Judas.
36:30 But yet the prophecy becomes even more exact.
36:35 It becomes even more precise.
36:37 Do you remember how much Jesus was betrayed for?
36:42 Do you remember it?
36:43 What was it? You're right!
36:45 It was thirty pieces of silver.
36:47 Did you know that that prediction
36:50 was in the Bible, too?
36:52 Zachariah the prophet predicts, Chapter 11, verse 12 and 13:
37:01 Why was it not thirty-five pieces of silver?
37:04 Why when Jesus was betrayed, why wasn't it
37:08 forty-two pieces of silver?
37:09 Why was it precisely thirty pieces of silver?
37:13 Thirty pieces of silver was the price of a slave
37:16 in the days of Christ.
37:19 You know, prices fluctuate.
37:22 The price of a loaf of bread today is different than the
37:26 price of a loaf of bread fifty years ago.
37:28 The price of gasoline for your car is different today
37:31 than it was thirty years ago.
37:34 How did Zachariah know hundreds of years in advance that the
37:39 exact price of a slave would be thirty pieces of silver?
37:44 How did he know that Jesus would be betrayed for exactly
37:49 thirty pieces of silver?
37:51 When you look at the precision of these
37:53 prophecies, they are amazing.
37:56 Now this particular prophecy goes on.
37:59 It tells us the amount that Jesus would be betrayed for:
38:04 thirty pieces of silver.
38:05 But not only does it tell us the amount that Christ would be
38:09 betrayed for, but it tells us the result.
38:12 In other words, what would happen with the money.
38:16 Now you recall exactly what the Bible teaches,
38:20 and what the Bible says.
38:21 After Judas betrayed Christ for that thirty pieces of silver,
38:27 he began to feel so discouraged, so disappointed, so shamed
38:32 for what he did that he came back to the priests.
38:35 He threw that blood money down on the floor.
38:39 What did they do with the blood money?
38:41 They took it and bought a field to bury strangers in.
38:46 They took that money and purchased that field
38:51 as a burial ground.
38:53 What does the Bible say about what would happen to that money?
38:56 What does it say, not only about the result of Judas throwing
38:59 the money on the floor in the temple, but the place that
39:02 would be purchased?
39:03 The Bible is incredibly precise.
39:12 Exactly what the Bible said would happen.
39:15 But then scripture goes on.
39:22 That's what Zachariah's prophecy said would happen.
39:25 Hundreds of years in advance it's predicted by Zachariah
39:29 and then Matthew describes the historical
39:32 events of what happened.
39:33 And it happened exactly as the Bible predicted.
39:45 predicted exact details that would take place right
39:49 around the cross of Calvary.
39:51 Look at Isaiah 50:6 says this:
40:01 You remember the story well.
40:04 Christ is lashed to a column.
40:07 He's stripped to the waist.
40:10 The executioner approaches Jesus, and the Bible says in
40:21 They come and they spit in His face.
40:23 They take that leather whip, and as they do,
40:27 the leather whip is embedded with jagged metal, and bone.
40:31 And they whip Him again, and again, and again.
40:34 The whip is wrapped around Him.
40:36 The executioner pulls it back, and it rips out
40:39 the flesh of Christ.
40:41 Many people going through that beating, many people going
40:45 through that whipping died from the loss of blood.
40:48 There they took a crown of thorns,
40:50 and they jammed it upon His head.
40:53 Blood ran down His face.
40:55 They whipped Him, and beat Him again, and again, and again
40:58 in that flagellation.
41:00 But yet this was predicted hundreds of years in advance.
41:08 Jesus' biography, not written after He died,
41:14 written before He died, and confirmed in the New Testament
41:18 in the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
41:22 Jesus, of course, tried there before Pilot, and Pilot says,
41:28 Who shall I release to you?
41:31 Shall it be Christ or Barabbas?
41:34 And the crowd cries out, Release unto us Barabbas.
41:38 What shall I do with Christ?
41:39 Crucify Him! Crucify Him! Crucify Him!
41:43 Come with me to Calvary's cross.
41:46 Come with me and watch the nails driven through His hands.
41:50 Come with me and watch the spear wound in His side.
41:54 Who is this that hangs between heaven and earth?
41:57 Who is this who hangs on this cross with blood running down
42:02 His face, with sorrow in His eyes?
42:05 Who is this who hangs there?
42:08 He is Jesus, the One worshipped by 10,000 times 10,000 angels.
42:14 The One who at His very word angels winged their
42:20 way to worlds afar.
42:22 The One who cast this world into space.
42:26 The One at whose very word He created sun, moon, and stars.
42:31 Who is this that hangs there but the Divine Christ,
42:34 the Creator of the Universe.
42:36 Who is this with the blood tinged face?
42:39 Who is this crying out on that cross of Calvary,
42:42 Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.
42:46 Who is this? More than a good man.
42:48 More than an ethical philosopher.
42:51 More than a moral teacher.
42:53 He is the Divine Son of God tabernacling in human flesh.
42:58 If Christ is not divine, He cannot offer you eternal life.
43:02 If He didn't live from eternity with no beginning and no ending,
43:06 He can't give you a life with no ending.
43:09 He is Jesus, the Divine Son of God.
43:13 And all the demons in hell could not destroy the faith of Jesus.
43:23 On that cross He triumphed over the principalities
43:28 and powers of hell.
43:30 And there hanging on that cross, two thieves,
43:33 one on either side of him, and one thief looks and says,
43:37 If you're the Son of God come down from the cross.
43:39 He could have come down.
43:41 He could have called 10,000 angels.
43:44 But the other thief says, Remember me when You
43:47 come into Your kingdom.
43:48 And Jesus looks at that thief, and says, I say to you today,
43:52 this day that it looks like I can't save anybody,
43:54 this day with nails through my hands, this day with a crown of
43:58 thorns upon my head, this day of darkness, I say to you today,
44:03 You will be with Me in heaven.
44:05 There's never been a man, never been a woman who sincerely
44:11 and honestly asked for God's grace,
44:13 and forgiveness, and not found it.
44:14 He is the Divine Son of God.
44:17 He can offer you forgiveness.
44:19 He can offer you grace.
44:21 He can offer you mercy.
44:23 This very day, wherever you are, the death of
44:27 Christ was for you.
44:29 Will you turn your back on that death?
44:31 Will you walk away from that grace?
44:35 Will you turn your back on that mercy?
44:38 You know, the Bible predicts that Christ would be crucified.
44:43 It's quite fascinating.
44:44 You look at Psalm 22:16 a thousand years
44:47 in advance David says:
44:50 Now here's the question: How did David know?
44:55 How did he know that Christ would be crucified?
44:59 Stoning was the method of capital punishment
45:02 in the Old Testament.
45:04 Either stoning, or some people were hung by a rope on a tree.
45:07 Crucifixion did not yet exist in the days of David.
45:12 How did they know?
45:15 You see, remember when Mary was cast at the feet of Christ?
45:20 What was the Jewish method of trying to destroy her?
45:23 The Jewish Pharisees wanted to do what?
45:25 They wanted to stone her.
45:27 But yet how was it possible that David would know that
45:33 Christ would be crucified?
45:34 You see, crucifixion was practiced from about
45:38 150 B.C. with the Romans...
45:40 It was very common.
45:41 about A.D. 320
45:43 One of the good things that Constantine, the Roman Emperor,
45:46 actually did was do away with crucifixion.
45:49 But it was practiced for about that 450-470 year period.
45:53 It wasn't practiced in the days of David.
45:56 The Jews method was to simply stone people.
46:00 They didn't crucify them.
46:01 But yet, David knew, through divine prophetic insight,
46:06 that Christ's hands would be pierced.
46:09 David knew that only because God revealed it to him.
46:13 And why did God reveal these prophecies so clearly and
46:18 precisely down through the centuries?
46:21 To show to you and to me, without a shadow of a doubt,
46:24 that faith is not based on some warm fuzzy feeling inside.
46:27 Faith is not based on some emotional response.
46:32 You don't have to check your brains at the door when you
46:35 become a Christian.
46:37 When you become a Christian you accept the evidence,
46:39 the evidence that is irrefutable, the evidence that
46:42 is undeniable, the evidence that is so precise, and accurate,
46:46 and clear from scripture.
46:47 That's why John had such death defying faith
46:50 on the Island of Patmos.
46:51 That's why he could write the book of Revelation at a time
46:55 of persecution and oppression, with such hope and confidence.
46:58 That's why we can have such hope and confidence at the end,
47:01 because Jesus, indeed is the Divine Christ.
47:10 He was indeed the Divine Son of God.
47:13 And this living Christ, who is the Divine Son of God,
47:17 has changed the lives of thousands of people
47:19 down through the centuries, and He can
47:21 reach out and touch you.
47:23 He can reach out and change your life this very night.
47:27 This living Christ can forgive your sins.
47:31 This living Christ can take away your guilt.
47:34 This living Christ can take away your shame.
47:37 This living Christ can give you peace.
47:40 This living Christ can give you purpose.
47:42 This living Christ can give you forgiveness.
47:45 This living Christ can give you a reason to live today,
47:49 tomorrow, and forever.
47:51 A hardened Roman soldier came to the cross, and this Roman
47:57 soldier was no namby-pamby spineless jellyfish.
48:03 He had seen death before.
48:06 He had seen men and women hung up on the trees before.
48:10 He had killed many a man.
48:12 He had killed many a child.
48:14 You know, the Romans at times would take a baby and throw
48:16 it up in their arms in the viciousness of battle,
48:19 and pierce that child with a sword.
48:23 These people knew bloodshed, they knew battle, they knew war.
48:27 The Roman Centurion came to that cross, and he listened to
48:32 Christ's words, Forgive them, for they don't know
48:35 what they're doing.
48:36 He listened to Christ as He spoke to the thief and said,
48:39 I'll remember you when you come into paradise.
48:43 I will be there when I am ascended to the Father.
48:46 And I will guarantee you eternal life based on your faith in Me.
48:52 The Roman Centurion heard that.
48:54 And this hard-hearted, calloused Roman Centurion knelt at the
49:00 foot of the cross and found Christ.
49:04 I don't know how hard your heart is.
49:08 I don't know how many times you turned away from Christ.
49:11 But I know this, this living Christ is alive.
49:27 Jesus is alive! The tomb did not hold Him!
49:38 Jesus isn't lying in His tomb.
49:55 The Christ who lived, the Christ in whose life all these
50:02 prophecies were fulfilled, the Christ who hung on that cross
50:09 for you, the Christ who lives for you, the Christ whose tomb
50:17 is empty is reaching out to you right now.
50:22 One night I was preaching in Mexico and a family sat in about
50:29 the third or fourth row just smiling, beaming,
50:33 eyes sparkling; husband and wife, and son.
50:37 And I met Hosea after the meeting and I said,
50:41 Your family looks to me like the model Christian family.
50:44 Hosea dropped his head, he looked up.
50:47 He said, We have not always been this way.
50:52 I said, Hosea, tell me your story.
50:55 He said, I was a drinking, angry man.
50:59 Often I came home and slapped my wife.
51:04 Very often I began to yell, and scream.
51:08 I created havoc in the family.
51:10 He said, You see my son; ten years old?
51:13 One day my son took a knife, and I had come home angry,
51:17 and I was about ready to beat my wife, and my son jumped
51:21 on me with this knife to stab me.
51:24 And he said, I flipped him over, gave him some slaps,
51:29 and took the knife.
51:31 But I began to recognize that something was wrong.
51:34 I began to recognize that I needed a change in my life.
51:38 A Christian neighbor, a Seventh-day Adventist,
51:41 began to visit us. And that Adventist opened the Bible,
51:46 and I began to understand about Christ.
51:51 First this believer, this Christian woman, studied the
51:56 Bible with my wife and son.
51:57 They had new hope, and new joy, and they began to pray
51:59 with me, then I joined the Bible studies.
52:01 And, Pastor, my life is changed, because I said to Jesus,
52:06 Have Thine own way, Lord, have Thine own way.
52:10 I'm the potter, you're the clay.
52:12 Jesus, if you're divine, take me in your hands,
52:20 and make me over again.
52:22 Christ did that for Hosea.
52:25 And, Christ, my friend, can do that for you as you come to Him
52:30 just now as Tim sings.
52:33 And as you kneel and say, Have Thine Own Way, Lord,
52:37 Have Thine Own Way.
52:39 Have Thine own way, Lord, have Thine own way.
52:51 Thou art the potter, I am the clay.
53:02 Mold me and make me, after thy will,
53:14 while I am waiting, yielded and still.
53:25 Have Thine own way, Lord, have Thine own way.
53:37 Search me and try me, Savior today.
53:47 Wash me just now, Lord, Oh wash me just now,
53:58 as in Thy presence, humbly I bow.
54:11 Have Thine own way, Lord, have Thine own way.
54:21 Wounded and weary, Lord now I pray.
54:31 Power, all power surely is Thine.
54:41 Touch me and heal me, Oh Savior Divine.
54:53 Have Thine own way, Lord, have Thine own way.
55:04 Hold o'er my being absolute sway.
55:14 Fill with Thy Spirit, till all shall see,
55:25 Christ only, always, living in me.
55:42 Is the Spirit of God touching your heart?
55:48 There is somebody watching this broadcast that needs Jesus.
55:55 There's somebody watching this broadcast that right now wants
56:02 to say, Lord, have Thine own way in my life.
56:05 Lord, I need You desperately.
56:08 I sense tonight that You are the Divine Christ,
56:12 and I sense that without You I'm lost.
56:18 I'm powerless. Jesus, I need You, and I need You right now.
56:23 The thief needed Him, and he found Him.
56:27 The Roman Centurion needed Him, and he found Him.
56:31 Christ is reaching out to you right now.
56:34 As I pray would you like to say, Lord,
56:37 have Your own way in my life?
56:40 Lord, I'm giving you my life right now.
56:43 Let's pray together.
56:44 Father in Heaven, thank You for Jesus.
56:47 Thank You that He is more than a good man,
56:50 and an ethical philosopher.
56:52 Thank you that His offer of eternal life is real,
56:54 that we can reach out and have it right now.
56:56 Thank you for the power of Christ that's available to us
56:59 to change us, to make us over again,
57:02 men and women, boys and girls.
57:04 And, Lord, we open our hearts and we say to You,
57:06 Have Thine own way, Lord.
57:09 In the name of Christ, Amen.
57:12 Thank you for joining us for another of
57:16 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
57:17 Don't miss one of this series.
57:19 We are setting a background, but we're going to go deeply
57:22 into the prophecies of the book of Revelation.
57:24 God bless you, and may your week be filled with His grace.


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