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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides helpful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker
00:15 on a journey into the future with
00:21 The book of Revelation is a book of hope.
00:24 It's a book that provides light in the darkness of our world.
00:28 It's a book that provides certainty
00:31 at a time of uncertainty.
00:33 It's a book that provides assurance for the future.
00:37 In this presentation we're focusing on the judgment;
00:41 Revelation's Final Judgment.
00:43 And you'll discover that the judgment is really good news,
00:48 and not bad news at all.
00:49 Let's pray as we go into our topic.
00:51 Father in Heaven, thank You for the book of Revelation that
00:55 casts light on the road ahead.
00:57 Thank You that judgment in Revelation is good news for
01:01 the people of God, and not bad news.
01:04 Guide us in our study, and make this truth plain to us,
01:09 for we pray it in Jesus' name, Amen. Our topic is
01:17 In the book of Revelation 14:7, a message to go to the end
01:23 of the earth, is carried by three angels in midheaven.
01:27 That first angel says,
01:30 Fear God... That's not be afraid of God but that's
01:33 reverence or respect God.
01:35 In awe obey Him. Give glory to Him in everything you do,
01:39 whether you eat or drink.
01:45 Now notice what our text says.
01:47 Our text does not say the hour of God's judgment will come.
01:51 It does not give us a future tense for that judgment.
01:55 It rather focuses on a present tense judgment.
01:59 The text says that the sands in the hour glass of
02:03 time are running out. That
02:07 This is no longer business as usual,
02:10 no longer pleasures as usual, but rather an urgent end time
02:15 message calling men and women everywhere to be prepared
02:19 to be ready for the coming of Christ.
02:22 When we look at the book of Revelation,
02:24 we find in the Old Testament a companion book.
02:28 That companion book is the book of Daniel.
02:31 And Daniel provides for us the keys to unlock
02:35 the book of Revelation.
02:37 Let's go and notice the comparison
02:41 between these two books.
02:51 of the judgment. So do you see the difference?
02:54 Revelation gives you the broad strokes.
02:57 Revelation speaks of this judgment at end time.
03:01 It gives you the specifics of that judgment.
03:03 It doesn't talk about the where of the judgment very much, some.
03:07 And it certainly does not talk about the when of the judgment.
03:11 Revelation 14:7 says the hour of God's judgment has come,
03:14 but it doesn't tell us when that judgment begins.
03:19 Revelation 22:12 points out that there is a judgment before
03:25 the coming of Jesus. It says,
03:33 So judgment is all through the book of Revelation.
03:36 If Jesus is coming to give out the rewards, then certainly
03:42 there must be a judgment previous to His return
03:46 to determine who receives what reward when He comes.
03:50 Judgment is all through the book of Revelation.
03:55 Jesus talks about judgment in Matthew 16:27.
04:09 So when Jesus comes He comes to give out the rewards,
04:14 but there must be a judgment previous to His coming
04:19 to determine who receives what reward when He comes.
04:23 Revelation 20:12 points out again the idea of judgment.
04:35 Another book was opened, which is the book of life.
04:39 The Scripture goes on.
04:49 So Scripture teaches, and particularly the book of
04:53 Revelation, that all humanity is moving to one glorious
04:59 climatic event: the second coming of Christ.
05:02 It teaches that before Jesus comes the entire world will
05:09 face judgment to determine who receives what
05:13 reward when Christ comes.
05:15 Now that really leads us to a question.
05:18 Why would God have a judgment?
05:19 Doesn't God already know our hearts?
05:22 Doesn't God already understand the issues of our life?
05:27 Doesn't God know everything?
05:29 Why would He need a judgment?
05:31 The judgment is not primarily for God.
05:33 There is a great controversy in the universe.
05:37 Lucifer, a fallen angel, a being of dazzling brightness,
05:41 has made some charges against the government of God.
05:45 In fact Lucifer said that God was unfair and unjust.
06:00 So God is on trial before the universe.
06:04 The Bible says in Revelation 14:7, The hour of
06:09 His judgment has come.
06:11 So God is on trial before the universe.
06:14 His character has been maligned by Satan.
06:17 It has been defamed by a fallen angel.
06:21 And Lucifer said God is unfair, God is unjust.
06:24 What does the judgment reveal?
06:26 The judgment reveals the goodness of God,
06:28 the greatness of God.
06:30 You know, even in this life people say, This is not fair.
06:34 This is unjust. Look what happened to me.
06:39 It's not fair that a child suffers of Aids because of what
06:45 their parents have done.
06:46 It's not fair that children are born into poverty.
06:50 It is not fair that a shooter enters into a church and
06:55 kills innocent people.
06:57 It is not fair that a wife is beaten by her drunken husband.
07:01 Life is not fair. It's very true, life is not fair.
07:07 But yet, in the final judgment, God will set all things right.
07:13 And He will reveal that in the midst of the unfairness of life,
07:18 in the midst of the heartache of life, in the midst of the
07:21 disappoint of life, He was there.
07:25 So that's what the judgment is all about.
07:28 It's about this cosmic conflict between good and evil.
07:31 It's about this struggle between Christ and Satan.
07:35 And the judgment reveals the justice, the righteousness,
07:39 and the goodness of God.
07:47 The major theme of Revelation is about the goodness of God,
07:51 the greatness of God.
07:53 And in Revelation, you remember those four words that are the
07:56 theme of the book of Revelation?
07:59 Jesus wins and Satan loses.
08:01 The theme of Revelation is Christ the victorious Lamb,
08:06 Christ the triumphant king who triumphs over the principalities
08:11 and powers of hell.
08:12 His name will be exalted.
08:15 His plan will be exalted.
08:19 His people will triumph, and He will be exonerated
08:22 before the whole universe.
08:36 So the judgment reveals that God's love has reached out to
08:42 every single human being on a planet called earth.
08:49 The book of Revelation shares the details of the judgment.
08:54 The book of Daniel reveals this cosmic judgment occurring
08:59 in the far reaches of the universe, in the inner courts
09:03 of Heaven, in the sanctuary above.
09:20 Thrones are put in place, movable thrones are established
09:25 in that Most Holy Place of Heaven's sanctuary.
09:30 Talking about the Father, it says,
09:51 Imagine this scene.
09:53 Let your mind grasp it.
09:56 Ten thousand times ten thousand gather in Heaven's courts.
10:02 The whole universe is there present at this
10:06 universal cosmic judgment.
10:08 God is on trial, and God reveals in that test before the whole
10:15 universe that He's done everything He can
10:18 to save every human being.
10:20 God reveals that there's nothing more that He could do
10:24 to save human beings.
10:26 God's love is on display.
10:29 God's character is on trial.
10:31 And in the judgment the whole universe gathers.
10:39 Could it be that we are living in the judgment hour?
10:44 Could it be that heaven's court has gathered?
10:48 Could it be that the books are opened and the court is set?
10:52 If that is true, if Revelation and Daniel combined,
10:56 these two great prophetic books, teach us that we're living
11:00 in the judgment hour, then that drives us to our knees.
11:04 It drives us to faith in Christ, and to commit
11:09 ourselves totally to Him.
11:11 The Bible talks about the fact that before Jesus comes,
11:15 and we've mentioned it, that when He comes
11:17 He'd give out His rewards.
11:18 So before He comes there must be this universal judgment.
11:22 In Daniel 8:14 we have the timing of that judgment.
11:28 Daniel 7 reveals the judgment would take place in Heaven.
11:32 Daniel 7 doesn't say anything about the
11:34 timing of the judgment.
11:36 Daniel 8:14 describes the timing of that judgment.
11:47 Now notice, there's a time period and there is an event.
11:51 The time period: Unto two thousand three hundred days.
11:56 The event: And then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
12:01 But you say, That seems rather strange.
12:04 What is this cleansing of the sanctuary?
12:07 What does the cleansing of the sanctuary mean?
12:09 What is the cleansing of the sanctuary all about?
12:12 How does that relate to the judgment?
12:15 And what about these twenty-three hundred days?
12:18 Twenty-three hundred days from Daniel's time certainly wouldn't
12:22 take us down to the time of the end.
12:24 So let's try to explore the answer to some
12:27 of those questions. First
12:32 In Exodus 25:8 the Bible takes us back to the building of a
12:39 sanctuary in the wilderness. It says,
12:45 There was an earthly sanctuary built in Old Testament times.
12:51 That earthly sanctuary was a scale model of the great
12:55 sanctuary in Heaven.
12:57 The earthly sanctuary revealed the varying phases
13:02 of the plan of salvation.
13:04 In the earthly sanctuary we are able to understand Jesus' work
13:10 as sacrifice, Jesus' work as priest,
13:13 and also the final judgment.
13:15 So when the Bible says, Unto two thousand three hundred days,
13:18 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed, it's necessary to
13:22 understand the working of the Old Testament sanctuary,
13:25 and what cleansing meant there, so we will understand this
13:31 cleansing of the sanctuary, or this judgment at end time.
13:35 When you come to the sanctuary in the Old Testament,
13:38 it was really divided into three parts.
13:41 There was an outer court.
13:43 It was to that outer court that sinners
13:46 brought their sacrifices.
13:47 Once the sacrifice was slain in the outer court,
13:51 the priest entered in to the holy place of the sanctuary,
13:55 and sprinkled the blood before the veil.
13:57 Behind that veil was the most holy place, where the law
14:02 of God was enshrined.
14:03 Let's walk through that sanctuary.
14:06 Let's suppose that here's a sinner.
14:08 This sinner has gotten in an argument.
14:11 This sinner has become one who has stolen from a friend.
14:17 This sinner has become one who's been critical in the camp.
14:21 The Holy Spirit convicts him.
14:23 Recognizing his sin he must come with an offering.
14:26 The offering could be a lamb without spot or blemish.
14:29 Rulers might bring a bullock.
14:31 Poor people might bring a grain offering.
14:33 But an offering must be brought.
14:36 You might say, a grain offering, no blood.
14:37 Well, there was a morning and evening sacrifice in which blood
14:41 was shed in the sanctuary for people that were too poor
14:45 to have an animal sacrifice.
14:46 You see, the sanctuary system provided
14:49 salvation for all humanity.
14:51 And so the lamb was brought by the sinner.
14:54 The sinner places his hands over the head of the lamb,
14:58 and then the sinners guilt, as he confessed his sin,
15:02 or her the sin, was symbolically transferred to the perfect lamb.
15:07 So the person, for example, has stolen something.
15:10 Of course, he must return that which he has stolen.
15:13 But the sinner places his hands over the head of the lamb,
15:16 says, Dear Jesus, I've stolen.
15:18 Dear Jesus, I've been selfish.
15:20 Dear Jesus, I've been greedy.
15:22 Dear Jesus, forgive me, O Father.
15:24 Sin is transferred via guilt to that lamb.
15:30 And as it is, the lamb then must be slain,
15:33 but the sinner slays the lamb.
15:34 Sin is so bad that it causes the death of its victim.
15:39 Our sin is so bad that it causes the death of Jesus Christ.
15:43 When we come with the burden of sin, when we come with the
15:47 guilt of sin, when we come with the shame of sin,
15:49 when we come condemned, and we confess our sins,
15:52 the Bible says, If we confess our sins, He is faithful
15:56 and just to do what? To do what everybody?
15:58 To forgive our sins.
16:00 Just as the sinner came with a burden, confessed their sin over
16:05 the head of the lamb, and the guilt was transferred to the
16:07 lamb, so our guilt is transferred to our lamb, Jesus.
16:11 The priest then would take the blood of that sacrifice,
16:15 some of the sacrifice would be burned
16:17 at the altar in the court.
16:18 The priest would wash his hands, take the blood into the
16:22 holy place, sprinkle that blood before the veil.
16:26 So all year sin is being transferred into the sanctuary.
16:31 The sinner confesses his sin over the head of the lamb.
16:34 The guilt is transferred to the lamb.
16:37 The blood is shed. The record of the sin is in the blood.
16:40 The blood goes into the sanctuary, and it's sprinkled
16:45 before the veil, before the law of God, in that most holy place.
16:49 It's sprinkled before the veil, between the
16:52 holy, and the most holy.
16:54 Sin is transferred into the sanctuary, representing that
16:59 Jesus offers the merits of His blood in Heaven on our behalf.
17:04 We come burdened, we come filled with guilt and shame.
17:07 We confess our sin, and as we do,
17:10 it's transferred through the cross and by the blood.
17:13 Jesus, our high priest, takes it to the heavenly sanctuary.
17:17 And He says before the universe, This man, this woman,
17:20 this child is one of Mine.
17:22 Their sins are forgiven.
17:23 And He intercedes for us there.
17:26 He intercedes for us before that law that was broken.
17:31 He intercedes for us there in heaven before the very
17:37 throne of the living God.
17:40 Once a year, in the Jewish sanctuary, there was something
17:45 called the Day of Atonement.
17:48 All of Israel gathered around the camp.
17:50 It was a day of judgment.
17:53 It was the day of the cleansing of the sanctuary.
17:56 All year sin had been transferred in,
17:58 but now sin would be taken from the sanctuary.
18:02 Two goats would be chosen.
18:03 One was called the Lord's goat, the other the scapegoat;
18:08 the Lord's goat and the scapegoat.
18:11 We find there in that service, the service known as the
18:17 cleansing of the sanctuary.
18:20 Blood was shed of the one goat.
18:23 No guilt, no shame, no condemnation could be atoned
18:30 for without the blood of Christ.
18:33 The high priest brought that blood now once a year,
18:37 not simply into the holy place, but into the most holy place;
18:40 sprinkled it before the very throne of God,
18:44 then left the sanctuary and put all of the guilt, all the shame,
18:51 on that scapegoat, Satan, that would forever be separated
18:56 from the people of God.
18:58 Now when the high priest entered the most holy place,
19:01 in this special work on the Day of Atonement, this special work
19:04 called the cleansing of the sanctuary,
19:05 all of Israel gathered around.
19:07 They opened their hearts, they prayed, they sought God.
19:12 So what was the cleansing of the sanctuary in ancient Israel?
19:15 It was a day of judgment, because any Israelite that did
19:19 not confess their sin would be cut off from Israel.
19:26 Every Israelite had to be sure that their life
19:29 was right with God.
19:30 Every Israelite had to fall on their knees in repentance.
19:34 This was the Day of Judgment.
19:36 This was the Day of Atonement.
19:38 This was Yon Kippur.
19:41 This was indeed a day of the cleansing of the sanctuary.
19:46 So in the sanctuary services, there were really two services.
19:49 There was the daily service; lambs are slain,
19:53 blood is transferred from the sinner through the blood,
19:58 or sin is transferred rather from the sinner to the lamb,
20:03 through the blood into the sanctuary.
20:05 Once a year, in the yearly service, the high priest enters
20:10 the most holy place, cleansing of the sanctuary.
20:13 Sin then is brought from the sanctuary, placed on the origin
20:17 of evil, the scapegoat, who's separated from
20:20 God's people forever.
20:21 One day Satan, the one who's responsible for sin,
20:26 will take the consequences of sin and be destroyed forever,
20:31 and ever, and ever, just like that scapegoat was brought out
20:34 into the wilderness. The Bible says,
20:42 What is the cleansing of the sanctuary at the end of time?
20:46 It is the final judgment that condemns Satan,
20:50 and condemns sin forever and ever.
21:03 But, you say, wait a minute, the twenty-three hundred days,
21:07 twenty-three hundred literal days,
21:08 is little more than six years.
21:10 That doesn't take us down to the end of time.
21:13 And doesn't the angel Gabriel, in Daniel 8 say to Daniel,
21:17 Daniel, I'll help you to understand the vision.
21:20 It will apply to the time of the end.
21:22 He does. Daniel 8:16, Daniel 8:27, the vision would apply
21:27 to the time of the end.
21:28 What then, is the sense of this twenty-three hundred days?
21:34 These are prophetic symbols.
21:37 Let's look at them.
21:40 This is one of the most amazing, this is one of the most
21:45 incredible, this is one of the most remarkable prophecies in
21:49 all the Bible, because it shares the exact date that
21:53 Christ would be baptized.
21:55 It shares the exact date Christ would be crucified.
21:59 It shares the exact date that the gospel would go from the
22:02 Jews, including the Jews, of course, to the Gentiles.
22:05 And it shares when God's judgment
22:07 would begin at end time.
22:09 It is a remarkable prophecy.
22:11 It's mathematically precise.
22:13 It's minutely accurate.
22:15 Let's journey together.
22:18 The angel Gabriel, in Daniel 8:16, 17 says,
22:24 What was Gabriel's task? to make Daniel understand the vision.
22:29 At the end of chapter 8, and verse 27 and onward,
22:33 Daniel faints, and he does not understand the vision.
22:37 The Scripture says,
22:52 So the vision of the 2300 days, the vision of the cleansing
22:57 of the sanctuary, does not apply to Daniel's time.
23:01 What time does it apply to again? the time of the end.
23:05 It would take us down to end time.
23:09 Now 2300 literal days does not take us down to end time.
23:14 Ezekiel was a contemporary of Daniel.
23:17 And Ezekiel says in,
23:24 In Bible prophecy, one prophetic day represents one literal year.
23:44 Now somebody says, How do you know the
23:47 day-year principle applies?
23:50 How do you know that one prophetic day equals one literal
23:55 year, in this prophecy that says unto 2300 days, then shall the
24:00 sanctuary be cleansed?
24:01 How do you know the day-year principle applies?
24:03 Two ways: first the angel Gabriel doesn't make mistakes.
24:06 And he says the prophecy would take us down to
24:09 the time of the end.
24:10 Obviously, 2300 days from Daniel's time would just take
24:14 you down a few years, not even to the days of Media and Persia
24:19 that overcame Babylon.
24:21 So really when you begin to look at this whole prophecy,
24:26 you begin to understand that 2300 days doesn't even take you
24:32 out of the Persian period.
24:34 Secondly, have you ever heard the saying, If the shoe fits,
24:39 what is it? If the shoe fits, you're right!
24:41 If the shoe fits, wear it!
24:43 When you apply the day-year principle, one prophetic day
24:47 equaling a literal year, when you apply that principle,
24:50 everything in the prophecy fits minutely.
24:53 Everything in the prophecy fits exactly.
24:56 We see the exact time of Christ's coming in His baptism.
25:00 The exact time of the crucifixion of Christ.
25:03 The exact time the gospel would go to the Gentiles.
25:07 So the angel Gabriel comes back and he explains this
25:10 prophecy to Daniel.
25:12 He says, Daniel, I've come to give you
25:14 understanding of the vision.
25:22 You see the word determined there?
25:24 It's an interesting Hebrew word.
25:25 The Old Testament, of course, was written in Hebrew.
25:27 And it's the word karath, and it means cut off.
25:30 Seventh weeks are cut off from what? the 2300 days,
25:35 or the 2300 years, so seventy weeks are cut off.
25:39 Who are they cut off for? for your city and your people.
25:48 Of the 2300 years, 70 weeks are cut off from that period.
25:56 They are the first part of that period.
25:59 Notice how it's put.
26:08 So if you look at 70 prophetic weeks, and you need to figure
26:14 out how many days are in those prophetic weeks so you can
26:17 figure out how many years that is?
26:19 How many days in a week?
26:22 I knew this was a good group!
26:23 How many days in a week? seven.
26:25 Alright. So if I've got 7 days in a week, and I want to
26:29 figure out how many days in 70 prophetic weeks,
26:32 that's 490 days; 7 x 0 is 0, 7 x 7 are 49.
26:36 490 prophetic days equal what?
26:40 If one prophetic day equals a year, that's 490 years.
26:45 So you have a 2300 year prophecy, and the first part of
26:49 that prophecy, 70 weeks, 490 days, or 490 literal years,
26:55 is cut off for that.
27:12 That part relates to Daniel's people.
27:16 Along this timeline we're going to see the exact day for the
27:20 exact time for the baptism of Christ, the exact time for the
27:24 crucifixion of Christ, the exact time for the gospel
27:28 to go to the Gentiles.
27:29 We're going to discover, too, the time for heaven's cleansing
27:33 of the sanctuary, the time for earth's final judgment,
27:36 the time of an amazing prophecy that would go to the ends of
27:41 the earth to prepare a people for the coming
27:43 of the Lord Jesus Christ.
27:45 Now when does this prophecy start?
27:48 Unless we can figure out when these 490 years start,
27:52 we won't be able at all to discover the events
27:57 along the timeline.
27:59 We have a clear text in
28:04 What does the Bible say? It says what?
28:06 Know and what else? know and understand.
28:10 When the angel Gabriel, through the inspiration of God says,
28:14 Know it and understand it.
28:15 Do you think it's important to know it?
28:17 Do you think it's important to understand it?
28:19 What does the Bible say?
28:27 unto Messiah the Prince, shall be seven weeks,
28:31 and threescore and two weeks...
28:33 Know therefore and understand from the going forth of the
28:36 command to rebuild Jerusalem...
28:38 So in Daniel's day Babylon had been overthrown by Medo Persia.
28:44 When would this command go forth to restore
28:50 and build Jerusalem?
28:52 Jerusalem was in ruins.
28:53 The Babylonians had destroyed the city of Jerusalem.
28:58 Nebuchadnezzar came down in three attacks
29:01 and overthrew that city.
29:03 Daniel's city was in ruins.
29:06 Daniel's people were in captivity.
29:08 The Persians overthrew the Babylonians, and the Persian
29:13 king, Artaxerxes, would sign a decree allowing the Israelites
29:17 to go back and worship.
29:20 If we can discover when that decree took place,
29:24 remember our text, Know therefore and understand
29:26 from the decree to restore and build Jerusalem,
29:29 unto Messiah the Prince...
29:31 So if we can understand when that decree went forth,
29:35 then we will be able to know when the prophecy begins.
29:39 The angel said, Know it, understand it,
29:46 Who's Messiah the Prince? Jesus Christ.
29:52 What's 7 and 62 weeks? 69 weeks.
29:55 So from the day that the command goes forth to restore
29:58 and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah,
30:00 shall be 69 prophetic weeks.
30:04 How much are 69 prophetic weeks?
30:07 7 x 9 are 63, 7 x 6 are 42, carry my 6 and that's 48,
30:13 that's 483 years. So of the 490 years that relate to the Jews,
30:21 the first 483 of these years take you from the decree
30:26 to restore and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah.
30:28 When did that decree go forth?
30:29 No question about it; Ezra tells us.
30:32 In Ezra, 7th chapter, he says that the decree went forth
30:37 in the year of Artaxerxes, and it pinpoints the very
30:41 exact year: 457 B.C.
30:45 So here's what Scripture teaches.
30:47 From 457 B.C., 483 years forward on the timeline will
30:53 take you to the coming of the Messiah.
30:56 There are two parts to the prophecy.
30:58 The first 70 weeks, 490 years, the last 1810 years:
31:06 490 and 1810 equal 2300 prophetic
31:11 days, or literal years.
31:13 The entire prophecy would begin when everybody?
31:16 When the angel said, Know therefore and understand
31:20 from the command to restore and build Jerusalem until what?
31:24 Messiah the Prince shall be 7 weeks, 3 score and 2 weeks,
31:29 or 69 prophetic weeks.
31:33 69 prophetic weeks are 483 years.
31:36 So let's suppose I'm back here on the timeline.
31:39 The decree goes forth in 457, and I've got to go forward on
31:43 that timeline 483 years until I come to Messiah the Prince.
31:50 Now what does the word Messiah mean?
31:53 The word Messiah means "The Anointed One. "
31:57 When was Jesus anointed by the Holy Spirit? at His baptism.
32:02 So this prophecy then should take us from 457 B.C.,
32:07 it should take us down the timeline 483 years until the
32:13 baptism of Jesus Christ.
32:15 When was Christ's baptism?
32:18 Can we be certain of when that baptism was?
32:22 If you go 483 years in this timeline,
32:26 it will take you to 27 A.D.
32:28 Now somebody says, How do you figure that out?
32:31 Very simple. Let's suppose that I was back in 457 B.C.,
32:37 and let's suppose I had to walk forward only
32:41 457 years, or paces.
32:43 457, if I'm only going forward 457, what year
32:48 would that take me to?
32:49 You say, 0, but there's no 0 year.
32:51 It goes from 1 B.C. to 1 A.D.
32:54 So 457 forward on the timeline would take me to 1 A.D.
32:59 But I'm not going 457, I'm going how many? 483.
33:04 I'm going 69 prophetic weeks, 483 prophetic days,
33:09 or 483 years. Well, I need to go not 457,
33:14 but I need to go 26 more that takes me exactly to 27 A.D.
33:20 What happened in 27 A.D.?
33:30 What year was this? Do we know?
33:36 So what year is that? 27 A.D.
33:39 Christ comes, the decree goes forth in the fall of 457
33:44 to rebuild Jerusalem.
33:46 483 years later takes me to the fall of 27 A.D.
33:53 And what happens then?
33:54 Christ is baptized exactly like the Bible predicted.
33:59 Jesus is the Messiah who came on time.
34:03 Now after His baptism it says, After the 62 weeks Messiah,
34:09 the anointed One baptized, shall be cut off...
34:12 What do you think cut off means?
34:14 It means, of course, crucified.
34:17 So the Bible predicted that Jesus, after His baptism,
34:21 would be crucified.
34:28 What does it mean that Christ will confirm the covenant?
34:31 You know, I've heard some people say that,
34:34 Oh, this refers to the anti-Christ.
34:36 He's going to confirm the covenant; going to conform a
34:38 covenant with the Jews.
34:40 Isn't it just like the Devil to take an amazing prophecy
34:44 on the death of Christ, that confirms beyond a shadow of a
34:49 doubt that Christ is the Messiah, and turn it around
34:52 to the anti-Christ?
34:53 In the New Testament the anti-Christ never makes a
34:56 covenant with anybody.
34:57 Who is it that makes the covenant? It's Jesus Christ.
35:00 Now look at the prophecy.
35:01 The decree would go forth in 457 B.C.
35:04 We go forth 483 years on the timeline.
35:08 Christ is baptized on time.
35:10 There are 490 years that relate to the Jews.
35:13 483 take you down to A.D. 27.
35:16 There are 7 years left in the prophecy, or 1 prophetic week,
35:21 or 7 prophetic days, or 7 years.
35:25 Then the Bible says
35:34 Who would confirm that covenant?
35:36 Jesus Christ would confirm it when He shed His blood
35:40 on Calvary's cross.
35:42 In the middle of the week; that's in the middle of those
35:44 last seven years, He shall, He, the Messiah, the One that's
35:48 going to confirm the covenant, shall bring an end to
35:51 sacrifice and offering.
35:52 So it would be Christ in the middle of that last prophetic
35:56 week that would shed His blood for all humanity.
36:01 What would take place then?
36:03 Look, if you have one prophetic week left, down to 27 A.D.,
36:10 and if you have something that takes place in the middle of
36:13 that last prophetic week...
36:15 What's half 7? What's half 7?
36:17 You got it! It's not so complicated.
36:19 Half 7 is 31/2. So if 483 years take me to the fall of 27 A.D.,
36:27 and I have 31/2 more years till the middle of that last
36:32 prophetic week, 31/2 from the fall of 27 with 3 years from
36:36 the fall of 27 would take me to the fall of 30.
36:39 But if I have six more months it takes me to the spring of 31.
36:42 Jesus Christ, the Messiah, at 33 years old, died exactly
36:49 in the spring of the year, 31 A.D., amazing prophecy that
36:55 predicts the exact time of Christ's death.
36:58 He died on the Passover in the spring of 31 A.D.
37:03 The prophecies of the book of Daniel, combined with
37:07 Revelation, are remarkably incredible.
37:13 The Christ that is more than a good man.
37:15 The Christ that's more than an ethical teacher.
37:18 The Christ that's more than a moral philosopher.
37:20 The Christ who would come.
37:22 He was baptized on time.
37:24 He shed His blood on time, He, Christ, the Passover Lamb.
37:30 And that's why Paul said, Christ our Passover
37:32 is sacrificed for us.
37:34 He, Matthew 26:28, Who would confirm the covenant?
37:48 Christ establishes a new covenant.
37:51 Men and women are saved by His blood of the new covenant.
37:56 They are saved through His grace of that new covenant.
38:00 Men and women in the Old Testament were saved by the
38:04 Christ that was to come.
38:07 They were not saved by works.
38:08 We are saved by the Christ that has come.
38:12 What's the difference between the old and new covenant?
38:14 In the old covenant our Jewish race said, Everything the
38:20 Lord said, we will do.
38:22 We will keep the law.
38:23 In the new covenant Jesus says, I have kept the law for you.
38:27 My perfect life can atone for your imperfection.
38:30 Come to Me and find My grace and my mercy.
38:33 This is the blood of the new covenant.
38:34 But all this was predicted in Daniel 9, that the Messiah
38:38 would come, that the Messiah would be cut off.
38:41 He would sacrifice His life exactly in the spring of
38:45 31 A.D., as the Passover Lamb for us.
38:52 Have you noticed the many passages in the New Testament
38:56 that speak about the timing of Christ's baptism,
38:59 the timing of Christ's death? Notice
39:07 What's that talking about?
39:09 Jesus was born on time.
39:11 Jesus was baptized on time.
39:13 Jesus was crucified on time.
39:14 Gospel going to the Gentiles on time.
39:17 When the fullness of time is come, God sent forth His Son.
39:21 Jesus is baptized. Mark 1:15, He says, The time is fulfilled.
39:29 There's a divine timetable.
39:31 Jesus is crucified on time. The Bible says,
39:37 At the right time, Romans 5:6.
39:40 All of this predicted in the prophecies of Daniel.
39:44 All of this predicted hundreds of years in advance.
39:47 Is it not incredible?
39:50 Is it not amazing? Is it not mind boggling that over 600
39:58 years in advance Daniel predicts, in his prophecies,
40:04 the death of Christ?
40:07 He predicts these events in the life of Christ,
40:12 and the timing of these events.
40:14 The Bible is no common book, and Jesus is no common man.
40:19 This book is inspired by the Living God.
40:23 Every page speaks of the wisdom of God.
40:27 Every page speaks of the grace of God.
40:31 Every page speaks of the power of the Living God.
40:38 Notice what Daniel said.
40:39 He shall bring sacrifice and offering to cease.
40:46 When Christ died on the cross, the veil in the
40:49 temple was rent in two.
40:50 The lambs were no longer to be sacrificed as Passover lamb,
40:55 because Jesus, our Passover, died for us.
41:03 Christ ascended to heaven on time.
41:07 Now notice, there'd be 31/2 years left in the prophecy.
41:11 The decree goes forth to restore and rebuild Jerusalem in 457.
41:15 483 years later, A.D. 27 Christ is baptized on time.
41:23 31/2 years after that, in A.D. 31, the cross of Christ.
41:30 Jesus dies. So here you find Christ baptized right as the
41:37 Bible said, A.D. 27.
41:39 Christ crucified exactly as the Bible says, A.D. 31.
41:44 Now there are 31/2 years left in the prophecy of the 490 years
41:50 that relate to the Jews.
41:51 And 31/2 years from the spring of A.D. 31 take us down
41:57 to the fall of A.D. 34.
42:04 What happened then?
42:06 What happened in 34 A.D.?
42:09 In 34 A.D., exactly on time, exactly like the Bible
42:17 predicted, Stephen gives that amazing speech.
42:23 He stands there before the Jewish high priest,
42:27 and Jewish leaders, and Stephen opens his heart and
42:31 shares about the Messiah.
42:33 The high priest is stunned.
42:36 And they begin to see that the Jewish leadership is being
42:41 charged with the crucifixion of Christ, and rejecting Jesus.
42:46 And as that is taking place among those Jewish high priests,
42:52 they begin throwing stones to kill Stephen.
42:55 Three things happen in A.D. 34.
43:08 The gospel then, from that point forward, includes not only Jews,
43:13 and it does, most of the early church were Jewish,
43:15 but it includes now Gentiles.
43:19 The gospel goes now to the world.
43:22 By the grace of Christ, Jew and Gentile are
43:26 becoming Christians.
43:27 490 year prophecy that relates to the Jewish people.
43:34 Every event along the timeline of that prophecy
43:39 was indeed fulfilled.
43:50 Jerusalem. So Part 1 of the prophecy relates to the Jews.
43:57 From 457 B.C. God gave them mercy.
44:01 God gave them grace.
44:03 God gave them salvation down to A.D. 34.
44:07 You see isn't it fascinating that even after the Jewish
44:11 nation, through their priests, turned their back on the gospel,
44:17 and on Jesus... Now remember what we said,
44:20 it was not the Jewish people.
44:22 Many of them accepted the Messiah.
44:23 It was Jewish leadership, Jewish priests.
44:26 But even after the crucifixion of Christ, for 31/2 years,
44:33 31/2 years God reached out in mercy, God reach out in grace.
44:39 It wasn't until 34 A.D. that Jesus turned to bring the gospel
44:45 to the Gentiles, along with the Jews.
44:48 Isn't God merciful?
44:50 Isn't God gracious?
44:52 Isn't God amazingly good?
44:55 But notice Part 2. 490 years of the 2300 are determined.
45:00 Remember they are cut off.
45:02 Take us down to A.D. 34.
45:04 There's 1810 years left.
45:06 1810 would take more.
45:09 After A.D. 34 would take us down to the judgment,
45:13 take us down to the cleansing of heaven's sanctuary,
45:17 take us down to the time when the gospel would go
45:20 to the ends of the earth, and the warning message would go
45:23 forth: Get ready! Christ is about ready to come!
45:26 If you take A.D. 34, add 1810, it takes you
45:29 down to the year 1844.
45:32 What does that mean, we are living in the judgment hour?
45:35 It's no longer time as usual.
45:37 No longer business as usual.
45:39 Since 1844 God has been sending His warning message
45:45 to the ends of the earth.
45:46 Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour of
45:49 His judgment has come.
45:50 Somebody says, But wait a minute, that's well over 160
45:56 some odd years ago!
45:58 How could we be living in the judgment hour for all that time?
46:01 Remember, Noah preached for 120 years.
46:04 The population base was much smaller then than it is now.
46:08 With God, if you look at the great stream of millenniums
46:11 of human history, if you look at that great stream of time,
46:16 160 some odd years is a small slice when you look at all the
46:22 years of human history.
46:23 God gives ample time for all of the whole human race.
46:27 So what's going on now?
46:29 First in heaven, heaven's final judgment is taking place.
46:33 Thousands times ten thousands are gathered around the throne
46:36 of God from throughout all of the universe,
46:39 and there God's character is being revealed as
46:41 righteous and true.
46:43 Before the universe God is showing that He's done
46:45 everything He could to save every human being,
46:48 every person that has died in ages past,
46:51 cases examined meticulously to show God's grace,
46:54 and God's goodness; that He could not do anything else
46:57 to save one human being.
46:59 And while at that same time that is happening,
47:01 a message is to go to the ends of the earth.
47:10 Then shall the judgment take place.
47:12 God is inviting men and women everywhere to gather
47:15 around that sanctuary.
47:17 God is inviting men and women everywhere to open their hearts
47:20 in repentance; to be sure that their hearts are right with God.
47:30 Since 1844 the destinies of the entire human race
47:33 are now to be settled.
47:35 Revelation 14:7, Scripture says, Fear God, respect God,
47:40 bow in reverential awe and praise before God,
47:44 and live lives of Godly obedience through His grace.
47:46 Give glory to Him in what you eat, what you drink,
47:49 and everything you do.
47:51 Why? For the hour of His judgment.
47:53 What does it say? has come.
47:55 We are living now in that judgment hour.
47:59 Now is the time to be on our knees.
48:02 Now is the time to be seeking God.
48:04 Now is the time to open our hearts before God.
48:08 Now is the time to say, Jesus, everything is yours.
48:12 I give my life and everything I have,
48:16 totally, absolutely to You.
48:18 Do you hear God tugging at your heart?
48:23 Do you sense that not only are we facing a society with signs
48:29 in the world: famines, earthquakes, terrorist attacks,
48:35 the threat of nuclear war, natural disasters
48:39 on every hand, waning morality?
48:42 Not only are signs taking place all around us, but something is
48:48 going on in Heaven.
48:49 God's character is being revealed before
48:52 the whole universe.
48:54 You see, when Christ died on the cross, He revealed before
48:59 awaiting world, and a watching universe His love.
49:02 There's nothing that can demonstrate God's love anymore
49:06 magnificent than the cross.
49:08 But now in Heaven, in the judgment, in the cosmic conflict
49:13 between good and evil, and Christ and Satan,
49:16 Jesus reveals just how that love is manifest in every life.
49:24 Jesus reveals how He has done everything He could
49:29 to save every human being.
49:31 A number of years ago Friedrich Wilhelm Hershel was a young
49:39 soldier fighting in the war in Germany.
49:45 There was a tremendous battle that was taking place as the
49:48 Germans were beating back the invading forces.
49:52 And as they were, Hershel saw the bloodshed.
49:57 He listened to the sound of cannon, and this young soldier
50:02 could not take it any longer, and so he deserted the Army.
50:07 He knew that desertion meant death, and so he fled.
50:14 He fled to England, and he changed his name from
50:18 Friedrich Wilhelm Hershel, to William Hershel.
50:21 Now the name William Hershel may be familiar to you.
50:24 He became a brilliant scientist.
50:27 And there, through his telescope,
50:30 discovered a new planet.
50:32 All of England was astir with this brilliant scientist who had
50:39 discovered a new planet.
50:41 He was summoned to the king.
50:43 Now one thing that William Hershel knew, that others did
50:48 not know, the king's grandfather was in charge of the Army
50:53 that William Hershel had deserted from in Germany.
50:58 And so William Hershel is summoned before the king.
51:03 He doesn't know why he's summoned.
51:05 He's sitting in the room waiting to see the king,
51:08 and he's waiting again, and again, and again,
51:11 for time elapses, time goes by, and finally a servant comes
51:16 out with an envelope.
51:17 And William Hershel says, The king knew
51:21 that I deserted the Army.
51:23 The king's grandfather has told him that I was a deserter
51:27 at the most critical time in battle.
51:29 I know that this envelope is a statement, a declaration that
51:35 I'll be executed tomorrow.
51:36 His hands were trembling, knees were knocking, beads of sweat
51:40 stood out on his forehead, his stomach was in knots.
51:43 And then he was handed the envelope.
51:46 He took the envelope and opened it.
51:49 And as he did he saw these words: The king has
51:55 pardoned William Hershel.
51:58 What joy flooded his soul!
52:00 Our king, too, has pardoned us.
52:02 We deserve death, but Jesus says,
52:18 We, like William Hershel, deserve death,
52:22 but Christ Himself is the propitiation.
52:35 We are living in the judgment hour.
52:38 And Jesus reaches out to you.
52:41 You and I can't pass the judgment alone.
52:44 If we appear before the judgment bar of God in our own
52:49 righteousness, there is no hope for us.
52:53 Just condemned will be written after our names.
52:58 But if we appear there in Jesus, and by Jesus, and through Jesus,
53:03 our Savior is our judge, our defense attorney is our judge,
53:12 and Jesus has never lost a case yet.
53:16 He's waiting for you to open your heart to Him right now
53:21 as Tim sings, The Savior is Waiting.
53:32 The Savior is waiting to enter your heart.
53:39 Why don't you let Him come in?
53:46 There's nothing in this world to keep you apart.
53:54 What is your answer to Him?
54:03 Time after time He has waited before,
54:11 and now He is waiting again, to see if you're willing to
54:22 to open the door. Oh how He wants to come in.
54:38 If you'll take one step toward the Savior my friend,
54:45 you'll find His arms open wide.
54:52 Receive Him and all of your darkness will end.
54:59 Within your heart He'll abide.
55:07 For time after time He has waited before,
55:15 and now He is waiting again, to see if you're willing
55:27 to open the door. Oh how He wants to come in.
55:45 Are you willing, my friend?
55:48 Willing to open your heart's door to this Christ?
55:52 Willing to say, Jesus, when I look in my own heart
55:57 I only see selfishness.
56:01 I only see greed. I only see the blackness of sin.
56:07 I tremble at the thought of the judgment.
56:10 I tremble at the thought of my sins being exposed before the
56:15 universe, and before God and angels who are so holy.
56:19 My friend, your sins need not be exposed there.
56:22 They can be covered by the blood of Christ.
56:26 They can be blotted out of that record.
56:29 Would you like to say, Jesus, I'm coming to You,
56:34 opening my heart to You, asking You right now to hold me in Your
56:43 arms, to save me in Your kingdom.
56:46 Let's pray together.
56:48 Father in Heaven, thank You that as we study in this series,
56:52 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries, we find in the
56:55 book of Revelation a Christ, a Christ who covers our sins
57:00 through His blood, a Christ who blots out our sins through
57:04 His power, a Christ that will represent us in eternities
57:08 courts in the final judgment.
57:10 Father, just now we surrender our lives to You.
57:15 In Jesus name, Amen.
57:17 Thank you for joining us for Revelation's
57:20 Ancient Discoveries.
57:22 We'll see you next time, and God bless you.


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