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Revelation's Eternal Sign In Earth's Last Conflict

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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides helpful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker,
00:14 on a journey into the future with
00:23 Every chapter in the book of Revelation speaks hope,
00:27 it speaks courage, it enables us to look
00:31 beyond today to tomorrow, beyond the things
00:34 of time to eternity.
00:35 Revelation also challenges us.
00:38 It challenges us in the depths of our being to look at what
00:43 we have known in the past, and compare that to
00:47 God's Word in the future.
00:48 There are many traditions that have slipped into
00:51 the Christian church.
00:53 And in this presentation we're going to look at one of those
00:57 traditions that has come into the church, and find out how
01:01 God, as a loving Creator, is calling us back to
01:05 faithfulness to His Word.
01:07 Let's pray and ask the Lord to open our eyes, open our ears,
01:11 but most of all open our hearts.
01:14 Father in Heaven, thank You for the opportunity of knowing You.
01:19 Thank You for the privilege of coming to Your Word.
01:23 May its truth burn its way into our hearts,
01:28 and give us the insight from Your Word, but especially give
01:33 us the courage to follow it.
01:34 In Christ's name, Amen.
01:36 Our presentation is entitled
01:45 When you look out over our world,
01:48 you have really one of two decisions.
01:50 Either our world has been designed by a loving Creator,
01:54 a God that cares for us, a God that is ever present in our
01:59 world, or this world has taken place by chance.
02:04 It just happened to evolve.
02:06 We just happened to be some speck of cosmic
02:09 dust in the universe when the genes and chromosomes came
02:13 together to form the unique biological
02:15 structure of our personality.
02:16 Well, they just happened.
02:18 You see, there are only one of two positions:
02:20 either God created us or we're here by chance.
02:24 Either we are intelligently designed,
02:26 or some kind of grand accident.
02:29 When you look though out over our world,
02:36 It's really difficult to see in this universe randomness,
02:42 chaos, and lack of design.
02:45 Everything from the rising and setting of the sun,
02:51 from the incoming to the outgoing tides,
02:54 to the delicately designed flowers, and the fantastic,
02:59 orderly migration of birds, everything in the universe
03:04 reveals order; it reveals design.
03:08 Probably that design is manifest in the heavens as much as any
03:14 place else in the universe.
03:16 Now think about the heavens for me for a moment.
03:20 Before the invention of telescopes many scientists said
03:25 there are about 5,128 stars up there in the heavens.
03:30 Some might have said a little more, some a little less,
03:32 but you could see that number of stars by the naked eye.
03:37 Once telescopes were developed, and they became much more
03:41 sophisticated, it's very difficult to calculate
03:44 the number of stars.
03:46 In fact, one astronomer said this:
03:49 There's about ten trillion...
03:52 Did you get that?... ten trillion galaxies.
03:57 How many stars in a galaxy?
03:59 We're not 100% sure, but for example, if you take the
04:03 Milky Way galaxy, there's about one hundred billion.
04:07 So if you take ten trillion galaxies, and you assume
04:12 that there's a hundred billion stars in each galaxy,
04:15 you get a 1 with 24 zeroes after it for the number of stars.
04:20 I mean it's a number far too big even to pronounce.
04:25 The heavens are vast, but yet when you look into the heavens,
04:30 you see stars, and you see planets whirling through space
04:35 as great ballerinas, and they're in some orderly fashion.
04:41 The Earth revolves with the planets around the sun.
04:46 The sun, in its orbit, in this solar system
04:49 travels in a vast orbit.
04:52 And all these galaxies, and all these planets are moving,
04:56 and there's some cosmic mind, some divine hand behind it all.
05:02 Where there is design there must be a designer,
05:06 and where there's intelligent design, there must be an
05:10 intelligent designer.
05:11 The book of Revelation leads us to this all powerful Creator.
05:22 Come up higher to the throne room of the universe.
05:29 So God invites us into the inner sanctum of the universe.
05:33 He invites us into the heavens.
05:36 He invites us to His throne room.
05:38 What do we find there in the throne room of the universe?
05:41 We find a scene of worthiness, a scene of praise, where angelic
05:47 beings, and beings from unfallen worlds are worshipping God.
06:03 Why is God worthy of our worship?
06:05 Why is God worthy of our praise?
06:08 Why is God worthy of our deepest affection, and glory, and honor?
06:15 The Bible says,
06:18 We did not evolve. We're not here by chance.
06:22 We're not some cosmic accident.
06:25 God created us. It says,
06:31 That's all things that were created.
06:33 You and I exist by the will of God.
06:36 Did you desire to be a human being?
06:38 Did you say one day, You know what, I don't think
06:40 I'd like to be a cow.
06:41 That wouldn't be too much fun.
06:43 I don't think I'd like to be a horse out in the field.
06:46 I don't think I'd like to be a lamb frolicking and
06:49 playing in the pasture.
06:50 I don't think I'd like to be a mosquito that somebody swatted.
06:54 Did you choose not to be a cow?
06:56 Did you choose not to be a horse?
06:59 Did you choose not to be a mosquito?
07:02 You know I didn't choose that.
07:04 We exist by the will of God.
07:06 You see my friend,
07:12 And God brought you forth into this life to have
07:16 purpose and meaning.
07:18 The reason we worship God, the reason we praise Him,
07:21 the reason we fall at His feet and worship Him is because
07:26 He has created us, He has fashioned us, He has made us.
07:31 And in the book of Revelation,
07:34 He reveals Himself to us as the powerful Creator,
07:39 as the Almighty Creator.
07:41 So His Creatorship makes Him worthy of worship.
07:45 That is the center of the conflict between good and evil
07:51 in the book of Revelation.
07:52 You either worship the Lamb, or you worship the dragon.
07:56 You either follow Christ, and worship the Creator,
08:00 or you worship the beast.
08:02 The issue in the controversy between good and evil in the
08:06 universe is an issue over worship.
08:13 That's obey God, reverence God, respect God.
08:21 And in the light of the judgment hour, in the light of the last
08:25 days of earth's history, all men and women everywhere
08:29 are invited to come and to worship the
08:32 Creator of the universe. Listen
08:35 That is the One that created.
08:40 So here is a call to worship the Creator for all humanity.
08:44 Has our Creator left a creative sign of His love?
08:51 Has He left a memorial of His creation?
08:55 Let's go back. How do we worship the Creator of heaven and earth?
09:00 Let's journey back over time.
09:02 Let's go back to the book of Genesis.
09:05 Revelation is the book of endings.
09:07 Genesis is the book of beginnings.
09:10 So let's go back to the book of Genesis and see if God has left
09:15 a sign of His creative authority,
09:18 a sign of His creative love.
09:21 Now ours is an amazingly intricate world.
09:25 As the world as we know it today was created in six literal
09:29 days, and God rested, according to Genesis, the seventh day.
09:33 Our Creator spoke and worlds came into existence;
09:38 the sun, moon, and stars.
09:43 As this earth came into existence He carpeted
09:47 it with living green.
09:48 He planted magnificent flowers of pinks, and reds,
09:53 and yellows, and greens.
09:54 What a marvelous earth it was when it came forth fresh from
10:00 the hands of the Creator.
10:02 Imagine living in a world this beautiful.
10:06 Imagine living in a world this magnificent.
10:09 Imagine living in a world where the air is pure,
10:14 perfumed by lovely flowers.
10:17 Imagine a world where you have clear crystal water, and fish
10:25 swimming of different sizes, and shapes, and colors.
10:29 Our God must have an amazing imagination, when you see the
10:34 created sea life that He indeed has made.
10:37 Or think of the animals.
10:39 He must have a sense of humor, too to create birds like this
10:41 with necks like that.
10:42 When you think of the animals in Eden together in harmony,
10:47 in love; the beauty of Eden, the peace of Eden,
10:52 the tranquility of Eden: no sickness, suffering, death,
10:58 sorrow, heartache, tears, or heart brokenness.
11:02 And then God creates the human race.
11:14 So the crowning act of creation is God's act of
11:18 creating the human race. And the Bible says in
11:27 What did God do when He finished His creative work?
11:34 What did God do when the earth was complete?
11:40 He stepped back. He looked at it and was refreshed,
11:44 and created the Bible Sabbath.
12:14 So God did three things on the Sabbath.
12:17 The seventh day God created an entire twenty-four hour
12:23 period for all of His creatures to have fellowship with Him.
12:35 It was to remind us constantly that we did not evolve,
12:38 to remind us perpetually that we came from the hands of a
12:42 loving God, to remind us always that we have purpose for life,
12:46 and we have meaning for our life.
12:48 Now God did three things on the seventh day.
12:51 Did you notice what they were?
12:52 1. God blessed the seventh day.
12:55 You know somebody often says, Well, Pastor Mark, we can
12:58 worship on any day, can't we?
13:00 You can worship on any day and get a blessing,
13:03 but if you really want the blessing of God, the blessing
13:08 of the Creator, the One who set aside this world,
13:11 you have to go where that blessing is.
13:13 Look, here's my Bible.
13:15 What if I have seven Bibles: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?
13:21 Can you get a blessing any Bible you read? Sure you can.
13:24 But what if I put a $10,000.00 check in this Bible?
13:29 Would it make a difference what Bible you took
13:34 whether you got the check?
13:35 Now don't worry, there's not a $10,000.00 check in my Bible.
13:38 But, you see, the point.
13:40 If you want the Sabbath blessing, where must you go?
13:44 Where God put it. And where did He put it?
13:47 He put it in the seventh day.
13:49 The Bible doesn't say God blessed the first day,
13:51 the third day, the fifth.
13:52 Now God did something else to the seventh day.
13:54 The Bible says He sanctified it.
13:56 This word sanctified means set apart for holy use.
13:59 It's like one man being married to one woman,
14:03 and she is sanctified to him, and he is sanctified to her.
14:07 So in marriage the word sanctity of marriage; one man, one woman,
14:13 set apart for holy use for that other.
14:16 It's a holy bond of union.
14:19 Let's suppose a couple just gets married, and they are so excited
14:24 about that marriage.
14:25 They are sanctified in that marriage;
14:28 set apart for one another.
14:31 God uses that term in the creation story.
14:36 He also says He rested on the seventh day.
14:40 So we rest on the seventh day because God rested
14:44 on the seventh day.
14:45 There are some people that say, Isn't every day alike?
14:48 But there is only one that God blessed,
14:50 only one that God sanctified, only one that God rested upon.
15:02 So when we come to get the blessing out of the seventh day,
15:05 when we come to worship on that day, it's not a Jewish Sabbath.
15:10 The Sabbath was set aside at creation,
15:13 over 2300 years before the Jewish nation ever existed.
15:17 The Jewish nation didn't come until the days of Abraham.
15:19 You have Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the twelve sons of Jacob that
15:23 make up the Jewish nation.
15:25 But the Sabbath was given at creation,
15:28 2300 years before there was a Jew.
15:30 So we come to get the blessing that God gave us.
15:33 We come because He sanctified that day.
15:36 Like one woman sanctified for her husband, Jesus that day
15:41 wants to enter into a loving relationship with us,
15:44 just like a husband and wife are in a loving relationship.
15:47 By the way, what if there was a marriage that took place,
15:51 husband and wife are married at the marriage altar,
15:53 and then they're getting ready to go on their honeymoon.
15:55 Just Married; the car is all decorated.
15:58 He gets in. And let's suppose his wife had six sisters,
16:03 and one of those sisters gets in and cozies up and sits next
16:07 to him and says, Let's go!
16:09 He says, What do you mean, let's go?
16:10 I didn't marry you! I married your sister!
16:14 And she says, One in seven; what difference does it make?
16:19 Do you think it would make a difference?
16:21 It sure does! Why? Because one woman was set aside,
16:23 one woman was sanctified to that one man.
16:26 You see, in the Garden of Eden God set aside,
16:32 for all humanity everywhere...
16:34 Adam and Eve were the parents of the human race.
16:38 God set aside, for all humanity everywhere, the Sabbath.
16:43 He blessed that day, He sanctified that day,
16:48 He rested upon that day.
16:50 God didn't bless, or sanctify, or rest on the third day,
16:55 the fourth, or the first.
16:56 He rested on the seventh.
16:58 Then, as you look down the stream of time, you discover
17:03 that in every age, both in the Old and New Testament,
17:06 God's people were followers of Christ, and followers,
17:11 keepers, of the true Bible Sabbath.
17:15 We find this, too, before the giving of the Ten Commandments.
17:19 You remember the experience where Israel wandered in the
17:23 wilderness, and as they did, the manna fell from heaven.
17:27 God provided food for them.
17:29 Isn't our God wonderful?
17:30 When we have needs He provides for those needs.
17:35 And so you see in the wilderness they are wandering.
17:40 And Israel is wandering there, and God rains
17:43 manna down from heaven.
17:44 And what does He say in Exodus 16?
17:46 Now remember the Ten Commandments don't
17:48 come till Exodus 20.
17:49 But before the commandments, based on the principle of
17:53 creation in Genesis,
18:03 So even in the falling of the manna, God works a miracle.
18:08 If they were to keep manna over from one day to the
18:12 next it would spoil.
18:14 When they gathered it on Friday it didn't spoil on the Sabbath;
18:17 Miracle 1. Miracle 2. Twice as much manna fell on the Friday
18:24 so that they would be able to gather it,
18:27 and keep it over the Sabbath.
18:29 Miracle 3. None fell on the Sabbath.
18:32 It was set apart. It was a blessed day, a sanctified day,
18:37 and a day upon which the people rested and worshipped.
18:40 Some of them though went out to gather manna on the seventh day,
18:44 and what does God say?
18:49 Now wait a minute! The law of God was not written on tables
18:54 of stone until Mount Sinai.
18:58 It was not written on tables of stone until God gave it to Moses
19:02 there in Exodus 20, but yet here God says,
19:10 You see, the Sabbath commandment was written in the heart and
19:13 mind of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
19:16 The law, thou shalt not kill, was written in their heart and
19:19 mind; the law thou shalt not steal, or the law of purity.
19:22 So the law was written in their heart and mind in Genesis.
19:27 They kept the Sabbath commandment.
19:29 But when Israel was led into Egypt, and they violated God's
19:33 command there through the force of their Egyptian taskmasters,
19:38 God then wrote the law on tables of stone with His own finger.
19:42 Now when God wrote the Ten Commandments on tables of stone
19:46 with His own finger, He wrote it on stone
19:48 so it could never be erased.
19:51 He wrote it on stone so that it would never be defaced.
19:56 He wrote it on stone so that it would be a perpetual, eternal
20:01 reminder of His commands.
20:05 He wrote His commands with His own finger.
20:08 Don't you think that if the only thing in the Bible that is
20:12 written with God's own finger is the Ten Commandment law,
20:16 that it's pretty important?
20:17 Don't you think that if the Sabbath command is written with
20:21 God's own finger on tables of stone
20:23 that it must be significant?
20:24 He didn't write it in sand to be washed away by the tide.
20:27 He didn't write it on paper to be destroyed by the
20:31 flames as they came in.
20:33 Not at all. God wrote the Ten Commandments on tables of stone,
20:39 not to be burned up, not to be washed away, but He wrote them
20:45 on tables of stone as a perpetual reminder that they
20:48 would endure forever, and ever, and ever.
20:52 So the Ten Commandment law, God's commandments,
20:57 in those commandments God says, in the fourth commandment,
21:07 What's the first word in the Ten Commandment law written
21:10 with the finger of God, never to be washed away,
21:12 never to be consumed, to last forever?
21:14 What's that first word everybody?
21:16 What is that? remember.
21:18 Why does God say remember?
21:20 Because He knew that we would be tending to forget.
21:24 He knew that down through the centuries human beings,
21:28 and religious leaders in the early days of church history
21:31 in an attempt to unite church and state when the pagan tribes
21:36 were coming down from the north, that those pagan tribes...
21:41 And we'll study about this in our next presentation.
21:43 ...who were sun worshippers, many of them.
21:46 The Bible says that God knew that that would all take place
21:50 in His far seeing wisdom.
21:51 So God said, Remember; don't forget the Sabbath day.
21:56 If God says remember it must be important, right?
21:59 And if God writes it with His own finger on tables of stone,
22:02 it must be important.
22:05 Because He knew that the human race was likely to forget it.
22:10 God said,
22:20 Now notice, the Bible does not say the first day,
22:24 the fourth day, the sixth.
22:25 It says the seventh day is the Bible Sabbath.
22:30 So the Sabbath is set apart by God as the
22:34 seventh day of the week.
22:36 All of the celebrations the day before my birthday, or the day
22:41 after my birthday would not make that day my birthday.
22:45 Somebody says, Well, it doesn't make any difference
22:48 what day you worship on.
22:49 There's only one day that was blessed, one day that was
22:53 sanctified, one day that God rested on, that's the seventh.
22:57 There's only one day God commands us to keep.
23:00 He says, Remember the Sabbath day.
23:02 That's the seventh day of the week.
23:04 All of the celebrations the day before or the day after don't
23:08 make those days our birthday, and the birthday of the world
23:12 is the seventh day, the day God created, and fashioned,
23:17 and shaped as the holy Sabbath.
23:23 See, the Sabbath is a memorial to creation.
23:26 Every week we have the birthday of the world.
23:37 Every week when sun sets on a Friday night, and Sabbath is
23:42 ushered in, you and I are invited to come and get a
23:45 glimpse of eternity, you and I are invited to come into the
23:49 palace of the King.
23:50 We can forget about secular employment.
23:54 We can forget about the noise and the din,
23:57 and the confusion of this world.
23:59 Jesus wants to enfold us in His arms.
24:02 And although we work six days, and although He can be present
24:06 with us each day of the week, the Sabbath is especially made
24:11 by Jesus to fellowship with Him.
24:14 It's especially made by Jesus for us to sense His presence
24:19 in our lives, to fellowship with our families,
24:22 to enjoy the beauties of nature, to reach out in loving acts of
24:26 kindness to others.
24:34 And throughout the Old Testament God's people, the Jews, were to
24:38 reach out to their neighbors and share with them this marvelous
24:42 gift of God's love as revealed in the Sabbath.
24:45 In the book of Isaiah the Scripture puts it this way:
24:53 What does it say? everyone.
24:55 What does it say again? everyone.
25:06 So here is everyone, all humanity, keeping the Sabbath
25:11 coming to the house of prayer, coming to worship. Then it says:
25:20 So here Isaiah envisions all humanity recognizing that God
25:27 is Creator, and coming to worship Him.
25:30 If the Sabbath were kept there'd never be an
25:33 atheist in the world.
25:34 If the Sabbath were kept we would have universal peace.
25:38 Because really the Sabbath is a symbol of universal brotherhood.
25:43 There would be no war.
25:44 There'd be no conflict between nations if the Sabbath were
25:47 rightly kept, because we would recognize that all of us:
25:51 Asians and Africans, Russians and Americans,
25:55 Chinese and South Americans, North Korea, we'd recognize
26:00 that the entire human race was created by God;
26:04 would recognize that we're all part of the family of God;
26:07 that He's created of one blood all nations.
26:09 The Sabbath is a symbol of universal brotherhood.
26:14 The Sabbath is a symbol of universal peace.
26:18 It's a symbol of coming together and worshipping, praising God,
26:23 as one human family.
26:26 He has set it aside in Genesis for the entire human race.
26:31 He has given it to His people in the Ten Commandment law,
26:36 and He said, Remember the Sabbath.
26:38 Which of those Ten Commandments are exclusively for the Jews?
26:41 It's the one that says thou shalt not kill? no.
26:44 It's the one that says thou shalt not commit adultery? no.
26:46 Is it the one that says don't take the name of the Lord thy
26:49 God in vain only for the Jews?
26:50 Is it the one that says don't worship idols? no.
26:53 Is the Sabbath? certainly not.
26:54 The Sabbath given at creation is His sign that you
26:59 and I did not evolve.
27:00 It's His sign that we have worth in His sight,
27:02 and He has purpose for our lives.
27:04 It's the eternal symbol of universal
27:06 brotherhood in Jesus Christ.
27:15 That's why today He invites all of humanity, east and west,
27:20 north and south, to come and worship Him on the Sabbath.
27:22 That's why Revelation's last message is, Fear God and give
27:27 glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment is come,
27:29 and worship Him, who made heaven, and earth, and sea,
27:33 and the fountains of waters.
27:34 Revelation's last call is a call to worship the Creator.
27:39 In the book of Ezekiel God distinguishes His Sabbath
27:43 from all other days.
27:52 You see, the heathens were worshipping the sun god.
27:55 The Egyptians worshipped Amun-Ra.
27:58 The Babylonians worshipped Bel Marduk.
28:01 The Persians worshipped... They were Mithraiths.
28:05 And the Romans worshipped the goddess of Eternus vanity.
28:09 So they were all sun gods.
28:10 And as a contradistinction to that, in opposition to that,
28:15 Jesus said, I've given My Sabbath as a sign
28:18 that they are My people.
28:20 So the Sabbath is a sign.
28:22 It's interesting, the Hebrew word Shabbat, Shabbat,
28:26 Sha comes from an old Persian word called sier.
28:31 It means aged or eternal.
28:33 Abba, Abba is father.
28:35 Shabbat, bat is, or Beth is sign of.
28:39 So the word Shabbat means the sign of the ancient, eternal,
28:44 everlasting Father.
28:45 So the Sabbath is the sign of God down through the centuries.
28:50 Why did He give it?
28:54 See, the Sabbath is a sign that God created us.
28:58 It's a sign that Christ redeemed us.
29:00 We rest in His love and care every Sabbath.
29:03 But it's a sign also that He has the power of
29:06 creation to sanctify us.
29:07 The Sabbath is a sign that just as God created the world,
29:11 He wants to recreate our hearts.
29:12 Just like He brought light out of darkness, He wants to bring
29:15 light out of the darkness of our soul.
29:17 Just like He brought flowers to perfume the air,
29:21 so He wants to bring beauty out of our lives.
29:24 So the Sabbath is a sign that God created us.
29:28 We rest in Christ, not in our own works.
29:31 It's a sign that He redeemed us, and it's a sign that He's
29:34 the all-powerful Creator, given by God to Adam and Eve
29:39 in the Garden of Eden, written on tables of stone with God's
29:44 own very finger, never to be changed or effaced.
29:47 What about the New Testament?
29:50 What does the New Testament say about the Bible Sabbath?
29:55 Wouldn't you say that Jesus is a positive example?
30:00 Wouldn't you say that Christ is One who indeed is
30:05 worthy of following?
30:07 When you die your Will and Testament is settled,
30:12 so you look to a person's life and you say,
30:14 What legacy did they leave?
30:16 What's the Will and Testament of their life?
30:19 When you come to Jesus, the Bible says in
30:28 Now don't miss that: as what?
30:35 So Jesus had a custom.
30:37 What was Jesus' custom? every Sabbath going to worship.
30:41 Somebody says, But wait, He was a Jew.
30:42 Yes, but is there any record in Christ's life alone of Him
30:49 worshipping on any other day beside the Sabbath?
30:52 There is none. And the Bible says, 1 John 2:6-8,
30:56 Those that follow Him ought to walk in His steps.
31:00 So we walk in the very footsteps of Christ.
31:02 We follow Him to worship each Sabbath. Jesus said in
31:13 In other words the Sabbath was made for all humanity,
31:15 not made only for the Jew, not made exclusively for the Jew,
31:19 but it was made for all humanity everywhere.
31:29 The Sabbath is the sign we acknowledge Him as our Creator.
31:32 And we also trust in His salvation as our Lord,
31:36 both to share with us the grace that redeems us from the guilt
31:40 of sin, and the grace that redeems us from the grip of sin,
31:45 the grace that redeems us from the penalty of a broken law,
31:50 and the grace that redeems us from the power of a broken law.
31:53 We rest on the Sabbath in His love, His care, believing in His
31:58 power to transform our lives.
32:03 You remember He died on a Friday, went into the tomb,
32:06 and the women, his closest followers, would not even have
32:10 embalmed His body on the Sabbath.
32:11 So certainly the Sabbath couldn't have been nailed to
32:14 the cross because Jesus kept it in death,
32:16 and He kept it in life.
32:18 He says to you and me,
32:23 If you do what everybody? If you do what?
32:28 Does Jesus say, If you love Me you don't have to
32:30 keep My commandments?
32:32 Does Jesus say, If you love Me you can do away
32:34 with the commandments? not at all. Jesus says,
32:39 In other words, if you love Me, Sabbath keeping,
32:41 once you understand the significance of what I'm talking
32:44 about in this presentation, once the Holy Spirit convicts
32:47 you of it, Sabbath keeping becomes a delight and a joy,
32:51 and you can't wait for the next Sabbath to rest in His love,
32:54 and rest in His care, and be transformed by His power.
32:57 What about after the cross?
33:01 Is there any evidence that after the cross Jesus' followers would
33:06 be keeping the Bible Sabbath?
33:08 Jesus pointed His disciples down the stream of time,
33:14 and He said to His disciples,
33:21 Now He was sitting upon the Mount of Olives, looking across
33:24 the Kidron Valley, and He saw the temple there at Jerusalem.
33:27 He described that not one stone was going to be left unturned,
33:30 that that temple was going to be destroyed.
33:33 And as Jesus talked about the temple being destroyed,
33:36 He said to His disciples, in that context, Pray that your
33:40 flight be not in the winter or on the Sabbath.
33:42 The temple was not destroyed until Titus came with the Roman
33:46 armies in A.D. 70, and they destroyed that temple.
33:50 This was approximately forty years after the cross.
33:54 Now why did Jesus say, Pray that your flight be not on the
33:57 Sabbath, if they wouldn't be keeping the Sabbath forty
34:01 years after the cross?
34:02 Why would Jesus say to Peter, James, and John, His closest
34:05 apostles and followers, Pray that your flight be not on the
34:08 Sabbath, if they would not be keeping the Sabbath?
34:11 Here's why He said that.
34:13 He knew that down through the ages the church would keep
34:16 the Bible Sabbath down through the first centuries.
34:19 It was a sign of Creation.
34:21 It was a sign of His love and care.
34:23 It was a sign they didn't evolve.
34:25 It was a sign that they were resting in Him,
34:27 and being obedient to Him; that they were following the command
34:30 that says, Remember the Sabbath.
34:31 So He knew they would be keeping it.
34:33 Why did He say, Pray your flight be not in the
34:36 winter, or on the Sabbath?
34:37 The winter would be rainy season cold.
34:39 But the Sabbath; if the Roman armies attacked on Sabbath,
34:44 where would Christians be? tend to be in church.
34:47 It would be far easier for the Roman armies to invade and
34:50 kill everybody if they were in church.
34:52 But if it wasn't Sabbath, the believers would be
34:57 out working in the fields.
34:58 The Roman armies would come, and they could
35:01 much more easily flee.
35:02 History tells us, Josephus, the historian tells us,
35:07 Jewish historian, that the armies did
35:09 come, surround the city.
35:11 They were going to attack on Sabbath, but then held up,
35:15 waited, did not attack on Sabbath, and the Christians
35:18 were able to flee Jerusalem.
35:20 Jesus gave them warning.
35:23 They prayed. They did not have to flee on Sabbath,
35:26 and their prayers indeed were answered.
35:27 But again, why would Jesus say this to His closest followers
35:31 if they wouldn't be keeping the Sabbath?
35:32 Here's strong evidence that even after the cross
35:35 they'd be keeping the Sabbath.
35:38 and the disciples were still keeping the
35:40 Sabbath at that point.
35:41 Do we have any evidence of Sabbath keeping
35:44 in the New Testament? Or
35:48 Some people have this idea, they say, You know what?
35:50 time down through the centuries has been lost,
35:53 and really we can't tell which day the seventh day is.
35:57 That's actually not true.
35:59 There are three ways you can tell which day
36:01 the seventh day is: you can tell it by the Bible,
36:03 you can tell it by language, and you can tell it by astronomy.
36:07 Let's look at the three ways.
36:09 First let's try to find out from the Bible what day
36:13 the seventh day is.
36:14 You'll recall that the seventh day Sabbath started at creation.
36:19 So time certainly wasn't lost between creation
36:23 and the giving of the law.
36:25 Because God said, Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
36:29 Six days shalt thou labor, but the seventh day is the Sabbath
36:32 of the Lord thy God.
36:33 How could God say remember the Sabbath if it was not possible
36:37 to remember it, because time is lost?
36:39 So certainly there was no time lost between creation and
36:43 the Ten Commandment law.
36:44 What about between the Ten Commandment law and Jesus?
36:47 Well, the Bible says clearly that as His custom was,
36:50 Christ kept the Sabbath.
36:51 So certainly no time was lost then between Moses
36:56 and the time of Christ.
36:58 So up until the New Testament time it's very clear that no
37:02 time has been lost.
37:03 Now let's go to the circumstances, the events
37:06 surrounding the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.
37:17 We have three days given in succession.
37:19 Speaking about the day Christ died on the Bible says,
37:43 Christ's closest followers so reverenced and respected the
37:49 Scriptures, and they so desired to keep the commandments of God,
37:55 that they would not even embalm His body on Sabbath.
37:58 So Jesus died. It's called the Preparation Day.
38:01 The next days is called the Sabbath. The Bible says,
38:15 And what did they find when they came to the tomb?
38:18 They found the tomb was empty.
38:20 So you have three days in succession.
38:23 Let's look at them.
38:24 First you have the Preparation Day.
38:26 And what day was it that Christ died on?
38:28 We call that Good what everybody? Good what?
38:30 Good Friday, that's right.
38:32 The next day Jesus rested in the tomb; the Sabbath.
38:35 And the day after Friday is? in English, Saturday.
38:39 And what's the next day? the third day in succession?
38:43 We find it here. It's Sunday, or the first day of the week.
38:46 So there you have it: Luke 24 you have,
38:55 That's the day, of course, that Christ rose from the dead.
38:57 Crucified on a Friday, rested in the tomb on a Sabbath,
39:01 rose from the dead on a Sunday.
39:03 Now somebody says, Well, wait a minute Pastor, we worship on
39:07 Sunday because Christ rose from the dead on that day.
39:10 We respect people of every religious persuasion,
39:14 and whatever day they choose to worship on.
39:17 But here's the point, there are two issues here: 1. Jesus never
39:25 worshipped on Sunday Himself, and He never commanded His
39:30 followers to worship on Sunday.
39:32 2. He has already given to us a symbol of the resurrection.
39:39 What is that symbol of the resurrection that
39:42 Christ has given to us?
39:43 Did He give us the first day of the week as a symbol
39:47 of the resurrection?
39:48 The Bible describes what the symbol of the
39:50 resurrection actually is.
39:52 Romans 6:3, 4. Baptism is the symbol of the resurrection.
40:19 In the New Testament baptism is the symbol
40:25 of the resurrection.
40:28 We go under the water; the water covers us.
40:32 We die just as Jesus died and went into the grave.
40:35 We rest, momentarily, then we come out to this amazing new
40:40 life in Jesus Christ.
40:42 So the Sabbath is a memorial of creation.
40:46 You see, when you look at those three days, Friday, Saturday,
40:49 Sunday, how do you commemorate Christ's death?
40:52 Through the broken bread, and the spilled blood.
40:56 So you commemorate the cross through Communion.
40:59 How do you commemorate how He rested in the tomb?
41:02 Through keeping the Bible Sabbath.
41:04 Part of the Ten Commandments, written with the finger of God
41:07 on tables of stone, memorial of the creation.
41:11 And how do you celebrate Sunday?
41:13 He died once, He was resurrected once, so we go into the grave,
41:19 the watery grave, and are resurrected from death.
41:23 How do you know what day the seventh day really is?
41:26 First you know from the Bible: Friday the Preparation Day,
41:31 Sabbath the day He rested, Saturday, Sunday the day He was
41:36 resurrected from the grave.
41:38 So we know very clearly from those three days in succession,
41:41 but also we can know from language.
41:52 The many languages do not have the word Saturday.
41:57 Rather they use the word Sabbath.
42:16 In a 140 languages in the world the day that you and I call
42:22 Saturday is not called Saturday at all.
42:25 It's called the Sabbath.
42:27 The languages of the world, the cultures of the world,
42:30 have memorialized the Sabbath as the seventh day of the week.
42:37 I did some research with the
42:42 The Royal Greenwich Observatory is the leading time keeping
42:48 center in all the world.
42:50 And I wrote to the curator there, the information officer,
42:54 Robert L. Tucker, at the time and I asked him about the change
42:58 of the weekly cycle.
43:00 He wrote back and said, Pastor Finley, as far as we know down
43:04 through history, there has never been a change
43:07 of the weekly cycle.
43:09 It's always Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
43:12 Friday, Saturday, or what we would call the Sabbath.
43:16 So as you look at it, you look back to Jewish history,
43:20 you know you go back to our Jewish history.
43:22 Have the Jews lost sight of what the seventh day of the
43:25 week is? Certainly not!
43:27 There is no question that the seventh day of the week is
43:30 the day we, in English, call Saturday.
43:33 You know, Jesus kept the Sabbath, but so did His
43:35 apostles after the cross.
43:37 In Acts 17:1, 2, the Bible says, that the Apostle Paul comes to
43:50 Did Jesus have a custom? He did.
43:52 Did the Apostle Paul have a custom? he did.
43:59 The Apostle Paul, filled with God's grace,
44:02 the Apostle of grace, kept the Bible Sabbath.
44:05 Somebody says, He just did that because he was a Jew.
44:08 So he went in to the temple to preach to them then.
44:11 But notice, Acts 13:42, what the Bible says.
44:15 Who are these? they're not Jews
44:21 The Gentiles were so moved, so stirred by the power of Paul's
44:27 preaching they said, Come and preach to us, the next Sabbath.
44:30 What did Paul say? No, you come back the first day of the week.
44:33 Tomorrow is Sunday and I will preach to you?
44:41 So here in the New Testament you have Jesus
44:44 keeping the Sabbath.
44:45 Jesus telling His disciples that after the cross they
44:47 would keep the Sabbath.
44:48 You have the Apostle Paul preaching to a whole city
44:52 on the Sabbath day.
44:55 The Bible talks also about the Apostle Paul going to find a
45:00 group of the Jewish believers on the Sabbath out by
45:04 the riverside in the days of Philippi.
45:07 And on the Sabbath day it was special to the Apostle Paul.
45:19 Paul left the city; came out to a quiet place
45:23 on the Bible Sabbath.
45:30 It calls us back to worshipping the Creator.
45:33 John puts it this way in
45:40 Somebody says, Well, Pastor Mark, there it is.
45:42 There's the Lord's Day; John was keeping the Lord's Day.
45:46 Does this text tell us what day the Lord's Day is?
45:50 It simply tells us the Lord has a day.
45:53 Some people say, And it doesn't make any
45:56 difference what day you keep.
45:57 This passage tells us that John had his prophetic vision of the
46:02 book of Revelation that talks about the Creator,
46:05 and the conflict between worshipping the Creator,
46:07 and worshipping the beast on the Lord's Day.
46:11 What day is the Lord's Day?
46:13 Let's ask Jesus. Jesus, what day is Your day?
46:33 Why do you think there's something in the
46:35 Bible more than once?
46:36 Why do you think it might be there the three times?
46:38 You know, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit want to
46:43 reveal divine truth, and often God has something there more
46:46 than once, so if you miss it in one place you'll pick it
46:48 up in another place.
46:50 If you miss it in Matthew you pick it up in Mark.
46:53 If you miss it in Mark you pick it up in Luke.
46:54 And here the Bible says, The Son of man is
46:57 Lord of the Sabbath.
46:58 In other words, the Sabbath of the Creator God in Genesis,
47:02 is the Lord's Day of Revelation.
47:05 The Lord's Day indeed is the Sabbath,
47:07 and the Sabbath is the Lord's Day.
47:09 So here is a call to all humanity everywhere to get
47:14 back to keeping the true Bible Sabbath in an age of evolution.
47:19 Revelation calls us back to keeping the commandments of God,
47:24 including the Bible Sabbath.
47:36 In the last days of earth's history, Revelation calls all
47:39 humanity everywhere to keep the commandments of God.
47:42 In the last days of earth's history Revelation gives us an
47:45 earnest appeal to worship the Creator.
47:48 Worship Him on His day, the day that He has set aside,
47:52 the day that He has blessed, the day that He has sanctified,
47:56 the true Bible Sabbath.
48:02 The Sabbath was given again at Sinai when human beings,
48:07 the Jewish nation went into captivity in Egypt.
48:10 The Sabbath was kept by God's people down
48:13 through the centuries.
48:14 The Sabbath was kept by Jesus Christ.
48:18 The Sabbath was honored by the disciples
48:21 in the New Testament.
48:23 The Sabbath has always been a sign of God's creative power.
48:27 As we rest on the Sabbath, we believe in the power of the
48:31 Living God to create this world.
48:34 We believe in the power of God to sanctify us, to redeem us.
48:39 We believe in His justifying power to save us,
48:42 His sanctifying power to transform us,
48:44 and His glorifying power.
48:46 We believe that He is coming again, and we will keep the
48:49 Sabbath in a new heaven, and a new earth.
48:51 The Bible puts it this way,
49:01 But I'm looking forward to being in that new heavens
49:03 and new earth, aren't you?
49:05 Notice what He says:
49:10 He goes on...
49:14 What takes place between one New Moon to the next New Moon?
49:17 The tree of life, according to Revelation 22,
49:20 gives it's fruit every month.
49:22 So we come up to the holy city to get the fruit
49:25 from the tree of life.
49:35 If God gave the Sabbath in Genesis, if He blessed it,
49:41 sanctified it, and hallowed it, if He wrote it with His own
49:44 finger on tables of stone, if the Sabbath was the
49:48 sign between God and His people down through the ages,
49:52 if Jesus kept the Sabbath, if the disciples kept the Sabbath,
49:55 if God has a Lord's Day in the book of Revelation,
49:58 and if the Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath,
50:00 and if one day we're going to keep the Sabbath in heaven
50:03 through all eternity, to come to worship and praise Jesus,
50:06 do you think He wants us to start keeping it now?
50:11 Wherever you are, my friend, Jesus is inviting you
50:15 to make that decision.
50:17 He's inviting you to enter into His palace in time.
50:22 He's inviting you to experience the rest that only He can give,
50:27 the peace that only He can give.
50:30 You can be free from anxiety.
50:32 You can be free from the worry and tension of this world.
50:36 Every Sabbath you can rest in the loving arms of your Creator.
50:40 Jesus is inviting all humanity to come as brothers and sisters.
50:47 Put down the weapons of war, put down conflict and strife,
50:52 put down the tension between nations.
50:57 He's inviting them to come on the Sabbath, as a symbol of
51:01 universal brotherhood.
51:03 He's inviting you to rest on the Sabbath; rest in His love
51:07 and care, rest from that guilt, and that shame.
51:10 He's inviting us on Sabbath to know that He can change our
51:14 hearts; that the One that created us can recreate us.
51:18 And this Christ is inviting us to look to that new heavens
51:23 and the new earth, where He will recreate the
51:26 Garden of Eden again.
51:29 It was a secret baptism in a Hindu country.
51:33 I met her. She didn't come from a Hindu background.
51:38 She came from a Buddhist background.
51:40 She was Chinese and had come to that particular country.
51:45 And there in that country this Chinese business woman
51:49 began looking for truth.
51:52 There was something missing in her life,
51:55 something that she longed for.
51:58 She began to read the Bible and she found Jesus.
52:01 She found the One that could give her peace,
52:05 the One that could give her joy,
52:06 the One who could give her meaning.
52:08 But as she studied the Bible she found there in Scripture
52:12 in Genesis that God had blessed the Sabbath,
52:16 that God had sanctified it, that God had rested upon the Sabbath.
52:21 She found in the Ten Commandment law, Remember the Sabbath
52:24 day to keep it holy.
52:25 She found that the Sabbath in Ezekiel 20 was a sign between
52:29 God and His people.
52:31 She saw Christ kept the Sabbath, and she found the Sabbath
52:34 is the sign of the Creator in the book of Revelation.
52:37 She didn't know anybody in the world that kept the Sabbath.
52:39 She didn't think anybody did.
52:40 And she said, I'm going to begin to keep the Sabbath.
52:44 I have to trust Jesus!
52:45 She said, It's so sweet to trust Jesus!
52:47 One day she was walking down the street; saw a sign
52:50 for the Adventist church, Seventh-day Adventist.
52:53 She said, These must be Sabbath keepers!
52:56 And she came in and found fellowship with God's believing
52:59 people, because she had the confidence, and the faith,
53:03 and the courage to trust in Jesus.
53:05 Why don't you make that decision to trust
53:07 Jesus as Tim sings?
53:12 Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word.
53:25 Just to rest upon His promise, just to know
53:34 thus saith the Lord.
53:39 Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him, how I've
53:47 proved Him o'er and o'er.
53:51 Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, Oh for grace to trust Him more.
54:07 Oh how sweet to trust in Jesus, just to trust
54:16 His cleansing blood.
54:19 And in simple faith to plunge me neath the
54:26 healing, cleansing flood.
54:34 Yes, tis sweet to trust in Jesus,
54:40 just from sin and self to cease.
54:45 Just from Jesus simply taking life and
54:53 rest, and joy, and peace.
54:58 Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him, how I've proved Him over,
55:08 and over, and o'er.
55:10 Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, Oh for grace to trust Him more.
55:30 Jesus is inviting you to step out from tradition,
55:36 to step out from popular convention, to trust Him.
55:43 Have you sensed God working in your life?
55:47 It's no accident that you've turned in to this telecast
55:51 tonight, this afternoon, this morning.
55:56 It's no accident that God has led you here.
56:00 The Spirit of God has brought you to this
56:05 telecast at this moment.
56:07 Maybe the Sabbath is new to you, but you see the evidence
56:12 in the Bible that God created this world in six days,
56:17 and rested the seventh; that His people down through the
56:20 ages have kept the Bible Sabbath, written with His
56:22 finger on tables of stone.
56:23 You see that Jesus kept the Sabbath, and that Revelation is
56:28 calling all humanity back to worshipping the Creator.
56:31 You see, it's more than a matter of days,
56:34 it's a matter of trusting Jesus.
56:37 It's more than a matter of when you worship,
56:40 it's really a matter of who you worship.
56:44 Will you fully, completely trust Jesus, and worship your Creator?
56:50 Let's pray together.
56:52 Father in Heaven, we sense the moving of the
56:56 Spirit of God on our hearts.
56:58 For some of us this is new.
57:00 But we thank You that we can trust You, that we can rest in
57:04 Your love and care.
57:06 We thank You that You'll give us the strength and power to
57:09 follow You now and forever.
57:11 In Jesus' name, Amen.
57:14 I look forward to having you with us in our continued series
57:21 on Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.


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