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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides helpful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker,
00:14 on a journey into the future with
00:23 Welcome back. We're journeying through the book
00:25 of Revelation together.
00:26 One of the topics in the book of Revelation that really
00:30 confuses many people is the topic of Armageddon.
00:33 What is Armageddon?
00:35 Is it an earthly conflict?
00:37 Is it nations going at war, facing one another?
00:42 Will Armageddon begin in Jerusalem and then burst forth
00:46 throughout the world?
00:48 We're going to study the book of Revelation, chapters 15
00:51 and 16 especially, and discover the truth about Armageddon.
00:55 Let's pray. Father in Heaven, we thank You so much that in spite
01:00 of this world's confusion and conflict,
01:02 that Jesus is still in control.
01:04 As we study this topic of Armageddon, we pray that You
01:09 would enlighten our minds, and give us hope.
01:11 In Christ's name, Amen.
01:14 This presentation is entitled,
01:22 As you look around the world there are some traumatic things
01:27 that are taking place: earthquakes, hurricanes,
01:32 tornadoes, Tsunami disasters.
01:35 And in this context people are wondering,
01:38 what does the future hold?
01:41 Where is this world headed?
01:44 Think of some of the conflagrations,
01:46 the fires that have taken place, particularly in the
01:50 West Coast of America: hundreds, thousands of acres that have
01:55 been burned, or consider the rumbling of the earth,
02:00 volcanic eruptions that have destroyed entire villages.
02:06 What does the future hold?
02:08 Where is this world headed?
02:10 In the book of Revelation the 16th chapter, the Bible talks
02:15 about the battle of Armageddon; earth's last war.
02:19 But that does lead us to some questions.
02:22 What is Armageddon?
02:24 Where will it be fought?
02:26 Who will fight? Truth is stranger than fiction.
02:30 And to understand the battle of Armageddon, it's necessary to
02:34 understand a larger conflict, a conflict between good and evil,
02:38 a conflict between Christ and Satan.
02:41 We are on the verge in the world of a financial crisis.
02:46 Will that economic collapse lead nations to coalesce and come
02:53 together with a political, religious, and financial union
02:58 to try to save the world?
03:00 When you consider earthquakes, famines, fires, flood,
03:03 when you consider worldwide terrorism,
03:06 when you consider the financial issues that our world is facing,
03:10 and when you add to that the tension between nations and the
03:14 global conflict, you almost wonder if the stage is being set
03:19 for the rise of a universal world ruler.
03:23 You also wonder if these economic problems,
03:27 the global conflict, the natural disasters, will bring together
03:31 a coordination, a consolidation of nations?
03:35 And then will that break apart and lead to Armageddon?
03:38 How will earth's last scenes develop?
03:41 Now fortunately we don't have to guess.
03:44 Fortunately, the book of Revelation reveals to us the
03:48 last scenes of earth's history.
03:50 Let's go back to Revelation, the 14th chapter.
03:52 We've been studying that in this series.
03:54 This is the very heart of the book of Revelation.
04:10 Now notice, an angel flies in the middle of heaven.
04:13 Here's an urgent end time message.
04:16 This message is to leap across geographical boundaries.
04:19 It's to go to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
04:23 It is a universal message.
04:25 But the Bible goes on.
04:27 The angel says with a loud voice, Fear,...
04:30 Respect, give reverence, or obey God.
04:43 So here's a message for end time.
04:45 It's a message for all humanity.
04:48 It's a judgment hour message for a people on
04:51 the verge of eternity.
04:53 Then in this message, deeply embedded within the heart of
04:57 this message there is a call, a call to
05:06 So here's a call to worship
05:11 Here's a call, in an age of evolution, to worship the One
05:16 that made heaven, and earth, and sea, and fountains of waters.
05:20 How do we worship the Creator?
05:22 You remember Revelation 4:11 says, Thou art worthy, O Lord,
05:28 to receive glory, and honor, and power,
05:30 for You've created all things.
05:32 How do we worship the Creator?
05:34 Has our Lord given us a sign of His creative authority?
05:40 The seventh day of the week, given by God at creation,
05:45 reveals just how we worship the Creator.
05:49 The Sabbath is the sign of God's creative authority.
05:54 The Sabbath is the sign, or symbol, that God created
05:58 the world in six days, and rested the seventh,
06:01 and that we did not evolve.
06:05 There is a conflict over worship in the book of Revelation.
06:09 In fact, in Revelation there are two worships.
06:29 Now notice in the book of
06:42 So the final conflict in this earth's history comes over the
06:46 subject of worship.
06:51 between two kinds of worship.
06:55 That has been true down thru the centuries.
06:59 When you look at the Old Testament, men and women had a
07:03 conflict over worship.
07:10 It's not so much a physical battle between nations, but
07:21 Think about it. Down through the centuries the Israelites
07:25 worshipped the true God.
07:26 The pagan heathen tribes worshipped idols;
07:30 a struggle over worship.
07:32 The Israelites worshiped on the Sabbath.
07:36 Their opposition, the heathen, worshipped the sun god.
07:43 So, again, this struggle over worship.
07:46 The false gods, and the true God.
07:48 The false Sabbath, and the true Sabbath.
07:52 Each of these was
07:56 Worshipping the true God, or false gods.
07:58 Worshipping on the true Sabbath, or false Sabbath.
08:01 There was a much larger issue here.
08:03 In the great controversy between good and evil, in the great
08:07 controversy between Christ and Satan,
08:09 in this great controversy that began millenniums ago
08:13 in Heaven, that focused on earth, with Adam and Eve
08:18 in the garden, the issue has always been, Will I trust God,
08:23 will I sense that God is supreme?
08:26 Will I give my allegiance to Him?
08:29 Will I obey Him? And will I worship Him alone?
08:33 When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden,
08:37 and disobeyed God, they aligned themselves
08:40 with Satan in false worship.
08:43 Fortunately, God did not let them go,
08:46 and He came to the garden and gave them that Eden promise;
08:49 the promise of a Messiah.
08:50 When Israel drifted away from God, and they worshipped
08:55 in harmony with the heathen, and intermarried, and at times
08:59 worshipped idols, when that happened they aligned themself
09:02 with false worship rather than true worship.
09:06 In the controversy throughout the Old Testament between the
09:11 people of God, and the heathen, when you look at the whole idea
09:16 of sun worship of the Egyptians, and sun worship of the
09:20 Babylonians, and sun worship of the Persians, and you compare
09:23 that to Sabbath worship, again the issue is a test of loyalty
09:29 between the true God, and the false gods.
09:33 You find that in Daniel 3, when Nebuchadnezzar sets up a golden
09:38 image, and commands all to come before
09:42 that image to worship.
09:44 There was a universal decree established by a universal
09:50 world ruler inviting, I said inviting? commanding all the
09:55 nation to come to worship the golden image.
09:58 Now you remember, in Daniel 2, God had given an
10:01 outline of history, an image whose head was of gold,
10:04 breast and arms of silver, thighs of brass, legs of iron,
10:08 and feet of iron and clay.
10:09 God's directions throughout history, God's unfolding of
10:15 history was given in Daniel 2.
10:17 But Nebuchadnezzar didn't like that.
10:20 He didn't want the head to be of gold, then another nation,
10:22 breasts and iron of silver, Medo Persia.
10:24 He wanted the whole image to be of gold, because he wanted his
10:27 kingdom to rule forever, and ever.
10:30 So he sets up a counterfeit image, commands worship
10:34 to that image, and there is a test of loyalty.
10:37 Now on that point the first and second commandments were the
10:42 visible manifestation of that test: Thou shalt have no other
10:45 Gods before Me, and Thou shalt not make unto
10:48 thee any graven image.
10:49 For Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, the three Hebrews
10:53 to bow down, they would have been bowing down in false,
10:57 or in counterfeit worship.
10:59 They could not do this.
11:00 So down through the centuries, the real issue is worship.
11:18 We will see again the issue will be worship,
11:22 true and false worship.
11:24 Now there is something that's a little confusing to some
11:27 people here, because they say the wrath of God is complete.
11:32 Is God's wrath His anger?
11:36 Is God an angry God?
11:39 In the Bible the expression,
11:49 So God's wrath is always God's judgment.
11:52 God is just, and He's merciful.
11:56 At the cross we see the justice of God.
11:59 Christ bears the sins of this world Himself.
12:01 But we also see on the cross the mercy of God reaching
12:06 out to save lost sinners.
12:08 So what is God's wrath?
12:10 It's His judgment upon sin.
12:13 Now according to the book of Revelation, how will these
12:17 events unfold at end time, and what are these
12:22 events that will unfold?
12:25 Often you'll read about certain events that supposedly
12:30 are going to unfold.
12:31 Some people say there will be a rapture,
12:34 then there'll be a tribulation, that God's people will not go
12:38 through the seven last plagues, and they will
12:41 not face Armageddon.
12:42 Other people have various scenarios.
12:46 But I love that old poem, What Says the Bible,
12:49 the Blessed Bible To Me?
12:51 This, my only question be, What says the Bible,
12:55 the blessed Bible to me?
12:58 What are the end events outlined in Scripture?
13:04 before the end. Matthew 24:14 says, This gospel of the kingdom
13:10 will be preached to all the world as a witness to all
13:13 nations; then the end will come.
13:15 2 Peter 3:9 says that God is long suffering,
13:20 not willing that any should perish, but that all should
13:24 come to repentance.
13:25 Revelation 14:6 says, I saw another angel fly in the midst
13:28 of heaven, with the everlasting gospel to preach to those that
13:32 dwell on the earth, to every nation, kindred,
13:34 tongue, and people.
13:35 So before the coming of Christ, it's clear in the Bible,
13:37 that Jesus wants to save every human being.
13:40 And so the message of His love, and grace, and truth goes out
13:47 to the end of the world.
13:54 Every human being on planet earth will have sufficient
13:59 evidence to make a choice for or against Christ,
14:02 to make a choice for true worship or false worship,
14:06 to make a choice over who they're going to worship.
14:09 When every human being has had that choice,
14:17 Do you remember again Revelation 14:7, Fear God, and give glory
14:22 to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship
14:25 Him... Worship the Creator, who made heaven and earth.
14:28 Revelation 14:9, If any man worships the beast,
14:32 he will receive the wrath of God.
14:34 And what's that? That's the judgment of God.
14:36 Revelation 14:12. Here are they that keep the commandments
14:42 of God, and have the faith of Jesus.
14:44 So verse 7, Revelation 14, Worship the Creator.
14:48 Verse 9, Revelation 14, Don't worship the what?
14:52 That's right! Don't worship the beast.
14:53 And those that worship the Creator, and don't worship the
14:56 beast, what do they do?
14:58 They have the faith of Jesus.
15:00 The quality of faith of Christ is living in their hearts,
15:03 and they keep the commandments of God.
15:07 So before Armageddon, before the seven last plagues,
15:13 every human being will have an opportunity to decide who they
15:19 are going to worship.
15:25 They've heard the call of God.
15:27 Revelation 12:17, The dragon, Satan, is angry with the woman,
15:33 and goes to make war with the remnant of her seed,
15:36 those who keep the commandments of God,
15:39 and have the testimony of Jesus.
15:40 So the devil is going to be really angry.
15:43 He is going to be stirred up.
15:45 He's going to want to destroy the people of God.
15:48 That's why he prompts nations at a time of economic,
15:53 political chaos, and natural disasters,
15:57 to come together in a confederacy.
16:00 But what does the Bible say as that confederacy forms?
16:03 Isaiah 8:20, To the law and to the testimony; if they speak
16:07 not according to His Word, there is no light in them.
16:10 So this coordination of nations comes together.
16:14 A powerful world ruler arises, chaos is everywhere,
16:18 economic disaster everywhere, political disaster,
16:22 uncertainty everywhere in this world,
16:25 financial collapse, natural disasters.
16:28 And as this large coordination consolidation takes place,
16:33 with a single world ruler, Jesus says, A confederacy shall they
16:39 not make, Isaiah 8.
16:40 You, My people, lovingly obey Me, follow the light of My law.
16:45 So men and women committed to Christ, sold out to Christ,
16:50 are not intimidated.
16:52 There is a false decree passed over the whole issue of worship.
16:56 And when every human being has had their opportunity to make
17:00 their final choice, the seven last plagues are poured out.
17:03 Now very many people have a very difficult time with the
17:07 plagues because they say, How do you harmonize
17:09 the seven last plagues with the love of God?
17:12 And I want to share with you how you can see in
17:15 those plagues God's love.
17:17 At the end of those plagues Christ comes to
17:19 deliver His people.
17:21 Now somebody says, Pastor Mark, do you mean that the
17:24 people of God actually go through the plagues?
17:27 What we'll see is that our faith deepens.
17:30 God's people are not delivered before the plagues...
17:35 And we'll show you that from the Bible in this presentation.
17:37 ...but they are protected during the plagues.
17:41 The plagues do not afflict them and destroy them,
17:45 because Jesus is there to protect them.
17:47 Now notice clearly what the Bible says.
17:53 What does it say? how many? everyone? no.
18:03 So the Bible is very clear.
18:05 If we were raptured before the plagues, we would be entering
18:09 into heaven, and enter the temple.
18:11 But nobody can enter the temple.
18:12 Just before Jesus comes, every human being has the opportunity
18:18 to make their decision for or against Christ.
18:21 Once that decision has been made, the High Priestly ministry
18:26 of Jesus in Heaven's sanctuary ceases.
18:30 The Bible then says in
18:47 In other words, before the coming of Jesus there are two
18:50 classes that are developed.
18:51 The 12th verse of Revelation 22 says, Behold, I come quickly.
18:56 My reward is with Me.
18:57 So before Jesus comes two classes are developed:
19:01 the righteous and the unrighteous,
19:03 the holy and the unholy, the pure and the impure.
19:06 Once everybody has made their decision then the judgments of
19:13 God fall upon the earth.
19:15 Now human probation...
19:17 And what do we mean by human probation?
19:19 We mean an opportunity for salvation.
19:22 You see, when Christ comes everybody will have made their
19:26 final, irrevocable decision.
19:37 Now let me make it very plain.
19:40 When the decree goes forth, he that is righteous,
19:44 let him be righteous still, and he that is unrighteous
19:47 let him be unrighteous still, and he that is holy
19:49 let him be holy still,
19:52 When that decree goes forth, it is not some arbitrary act
19:57 on the part of God.
19:58 It's not God saying, Okay, ready or not.
20:00 You're either ready or you're not ready.
20:02 It is rather heaven's decree follows the eternal decision
20:08 that has taken place on planet earth.
20:10 The decisions that human beings make in that final crisis are
20:16 the culmination of decisions they've been
20:18 making all their lives, and their destiny is fixed
20:22 in that final moment they make their choice.
20:24 So if probation were open for another 10 years, 50 years,
20:29 a 100 years, a 1000 years, it would make no difference at all,
20:32 because two classes have been developed.
20:35 And these two classes have made their final decision completely
20:40 for Christ, or completely against Christ.
20:43 Once that takes place, according to
20:57 What are the bowls of the wrath of God?
21:00 They are the seven last plagues, and they are God's
21:04 judgments upon the earth.
21:06 You remember in Revelation 7 the angels are holding back
21:11 the winds of strife, the winds of destruction,
21:15 and calamity on earth.
21:17 When God withdraws His protective hand this earth is
21:24 plunged into a time of trouble that we could not imagine.
21:29 Now the question is
21:33 Are they raptured before it?
21:37 Let's notice the clear text of the Bible.
21:46 The Israelites were not delivered
21:49 until after the plagues.
21:51 And you recall in 1 Corinthians, the Bible says this;
21:55 it says, all those things that happened to them
21:59 happened as examples.
22:01 That's everything that happened to Israel happened as examples,
22:03 and they're written for our admonition, upon whom the
22:05 ends of the world were come.
22:15 When the Red Sea opened, and they went through,
22:16 and the Egyptians were killed.
22:24 The journey of Israel from Egypt to the promised land
22:27 is reminiscent, it is symbolic of the journey of God's people
22:33 today, from earth, our Egypt, our Babylon of the earth,
22:38 to the promised land.
22:40 So once again this parallel finds fulfillment
22:46 in the seven last plagues.
22:48 God's people are present during the plagues, just like Israel.
22:52 They are delivered after the plagues.
22:56 You remember also, we mentioned earlier, the image that
23:00 Nebuchadnezzar set up on the plains of Dura
23:03 that was all of gold.
23:05 This universal world ruler passes a death decree,
23:08 and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego will not break
23:12 the commandments of God.
23:14 They stand loyally, but they are not raptured before the test,
23:22 they go through the test, and are cast into the flames,
23:27 and Christ is there in the flames with them,
23:31 protecting them, and not a hair of their head is singed.
23:36 Here is the incredible good news!
23:38 You see, there is a theology, there is a Bible teaching today
23:43 that says, If you're righteous, you're going to be healthy.
23:47 If you're righteous, you're going to be wealthy.
23:50 If you're righteous, you're not going to have any problems.
23:53 That's not the teaching of Scripture.
23:55 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, were righteous.
23:58 They were faithful to God, but they were not
24:02 delivered from the flames.
24:04 They went through those flames, and Jesus Christ was with
24:07 them in the flames.
24:08 Here's the good news: if you're going through the flames
24:11 of your life; you're going a through a very
24:14 difficult time right now.
24:15 It could be with cancer.
24:17 It could be with a marriage problem.
24:19 It could be something in the family.
24:21 It could be an economic problem.
24:23 Christ is there with you.
24:25 He's there in the flames of your life.
24:28 He's there in the heartache of your life.
24:30 He's there when your heart is broken,
24:32 and tears are running down your face.
24:34 Christ is there. He is going to get you through this.
24:38 And in the last days of earth's history, Jesus is there.
24:42 Just when I need Him, Jesus is near.
24:44 Just when I falter, just when I fear.
24:47 Just when I need Him most.
24:49 Christ is there in the flames of your life, just like He was
24:55 there with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the
24:59 flames of their life.
25:00 Now do God's people go through the tribulation?
25:05 What does the Bible say in
25:08 It talks about the deliverance of God's people, and it says
25:15 So if you come out of great tribulation you must have gone
25:19 into great tribulation.
25:21 The Bible teaches that we will go through that tribulation.
25:25 But we will go through that tribulation protected by God.
25:30 We will go through that tribulation with God as our
25:33 refuge and our strength.
25:35 So the seven last plagues are poured out.
25:38 God's people have made their final,
25:41 irrevocable decision for Him.
25:43 The righteous are righteous, and the wicked are wicked.
25:47 Christ then pours out His judgments upon the world.
25:51 He withdraws His protective hand, and this world is
25:55 plunged into chaos.
25:57 What are those seven last plagues?
26:00 The first plague is sores. The Bible says,
26:07 on those that receive the mark of the beast;
26:11 this sore from head to toe.
26:13 Now how do you harmonize a sore like that
26:18 with the love of God?
26:20 Why would God ever allow this sore that is grievesome,
26:26 loathsome, putrefying, painful...
26:30 Why would God ever withdraw His hand, and allow an
26:34 affliction, or a disease to come that way?
26:37 Here's why. You remember what those who enforced the
26:43 mark of the beast said?
26:45 Do you remember that?
26:46 The Bible says, in Revelation 13, that they said unless you
26:52 take the mark of the beast, you will be physically oppressed.
26:58 You will be physically tormented.
27:01 In fact, you know, the seal of God is
27:06 received only in the mind.
27:08 What is the seal of God?
27:09 It is the settling into God's truth so strongly,
27:14 and the commitment to worship Him so totally,
27:19 that nothing can move us.
27:21 What is the mark of the beast?
27:23 We'll study that in much more detail in this series,
27:27 but it is accepting human decrees, and human commands,
27:31 before the command of God.
27:33 So the mark of the beast can be received
27:35 either in the forehead...
27:37 People are intellectually convinced.
27:38 ...or it can be received in the hand.
27:40 The seal of God, or allegiance to God, can never be
27:44 received in the hand. Why not?
27:46 In Revelation the hand is a symbol of power.
27:49 It's a symbol of coercion.
27:50 So here these people who receive the sore say, Either you take
27:55 the mark of the beast, or else we are going to
27:59 physically oppress you.
28:00 That which they claim to do to others...
28:03 The Bible says, Whatever you sow, you're going to reap.
28:06 They receive a physical sore.
28:09 What does the first plague say? It says,
28:15 It says, Come and give your body to Christ, like Paul says in
28:19 Romans 12:1. I beseech you therefore, brethren, to present
28:23 your bodies a living sacrifice before Christ.
28:27 In other words, the first plague is a physical plague
28:30 that afflicts the body.
28:31 Those who enforce the mark of the beast say, You either take
28:35 the mark, or we're going to torment your body.
28:36 But in the first plague Jesus says, All physical security
28:41 is where? in Christ.
28:55 Notice what Scripture says.
28:59 We have our physical security in Christ.
29:01 We're not going to yield to the threats.
29:03 We're not going to yield to the intimidation.
29:05 We're not going to yield to the pressure. Why?
29:08 Because we are strong? no.
29:09 But because our physical security...
29:12 We've given our bodies to Christ.
29:15 Now notice the second plague: the sea turns to blood.
29:18 If anything like that ever happened, if anything like that
29:23 ever happened, what would take place to the
29:27 economy of the world?
29:29 When a hurricane is coming across the Atlantic,
29:33 what do people typically do?
29:37 They go to stores once they see the weather report,
29:41 and they buy up all their food, right? Why?
29:43 Because commerce takes place on the sea, and of course,
29:47 the great trucking lines.
29:49 Now notice what the Bible says in
30:02 If anything like that ever happened...
30:04 Now just imagine it.
30:06 Let your mind grasp it.
30:08 If the sea ever became like blood; if every living creature
30:14 in the sea died, think of the stinking, putrefying,
30:20 absolutely horrible stench.
30:24 Think of the inability of the shipping lines to be able
30:29 to bring any kind of commerce.
30:32 What would happen? The grocery stores would be jammed.
30:36 Soon they would be out of food.
30:39 I am told that most grocery stores, in the United States
30:45 anyway, have about four, or at most five days of food.
30:51 If that is true, think of what would happen if
30:55 you had a run on food.
30:56 Think of what would happen if the sea couldn't
30:59 transport any food.
31:00 Think of what would happen if every one of our
31:02 ports were shut down.
31:04 There would be economic chaos.
31:07 What does the second plague say?
31:13 Remember the enforcers of the mark of the beast said,
31:17 You'd better receive the mark of the beast or else,
31:21 Revelation 13, you will not be able to buy,
31:24 or you won't be able to sell.
31:26 But here, in the second plague, they cannot deliver,
31:32 because that which they promised never occurs.
31:36 First plague, all physical security is in Christ.
31:40 Second plague, all economic security is in Christ.
31:45 Third plague, the rivers turn to blood.
31:48 What's this all about? the rivers turning to blood?
31:51 Now here's where you get your clue to the deeper
31:54 meaning of the plagues.
31:55 When you're studying the Bible, often Scripture will give you a
31:58 clue to understand the deeper meaning.
32:01 In the Bible water is a symbol of life.
32:16 And so when you take a look at this third plague,
32:31 See Jesus was; He's eternal.
32:34 Jesus is; He conquered the grave, and conquered death.
32:38 This is taken from Revelation 1, and reiterated, or restated in
32:44 Revelation 16, and He is the One to be.
32:46 So Christ is the One who was there yesterday,
32:49 who is there today, and He'll be there tomorrow.
32:51 He is the source of life.
32:53 Then the Scripture says,
33:00 So why does He give them blood to drink?
33:03 Because they have shed the blood of saints and prophets.
33:08 In other words, Jesus says to them, You have thought that
33:13 you have power over life, but you don't.
33:17 I am the source of life.
33:20 So the rivers and waters turning to blood, literally like blood,
33:25 are symbolic of the life that only Christ can give.
33:30 He is the river of the water of life.
33:32 So there's a much deeper meaning here.
33:35 Are the plagues physical plagues? Yes they are.
33:38 Do people really get sores? Yes, they do.
33:42 Does the sea actually turn to something like blood
33:44 with everything that dies in it? Yes, it is.
33:47 Do the rivers actually become like blood? Yes, they do.
33:50 But what is the lesson behind that?
33:53 Often we look at the physical aspects of it,
33:56 and totally fail to see what's going on.
33:58 The first plague says, All physical security is in Christ.
34:03 The beast power says, I'm going torment you.
34:06 What does Jesus say? Trust Me.
34:08 Physical security is in Me.
34:10 The beast power says you won't be able to buy or sell.
34:13 What does Jesus say? Trust Me.
34:15 I will feed you during that time.
34:17 Your bread and waters will be sure.
34:20 All economic security is in Me.
34:22 The beast power says, If you don't worship me,
34:25 I'm going to take your life.
34:27 And what does Jesus say?
34:28 Your life is hid with Christ in God.
34:31 Why does He give them blood to drink? What does it say?
34:36 In other words, they persecuted the people of God,
34:39 and therefore life is only in Him.
34:43 All of our life is in Christ.
34:46 Colossians 3:2 says, Set your affections on things above,
34:50 because your life is hidden with Christ in God.
35:00 In this time of crisis
35:08 You and I will go through this time of tribulation.
35:11 You and I will go through this time of difficulty,
35:15 this time of challenge.
35:16 All around us we will see chaos and disaster,
35:20 but Jesus will manifest His hand.
35:24 Our bread, and our water, the essentials of life will be sure.
35:32 The answer to that is that our bodies are given to Christ.
35:38 All physical security is in Christ.
35:42 The issue here is much deeper than the sea turning to blood;
35:46 is that economic security is in Christ.
35:49 We trust Him for everything in our life.
35:53 The issue here is that our life is in His hands.
35:56 Notice the fourth plague.
36:00 Remember what the issue is in the last days?
36:03 The issue in the last days is over what? It is over worship.
36:08 And what have some done?
36:10 They've turned from the true Bible Sabbath.
36:14 They've turned to the day of the sun.
36:30 Why is it that the sun scorches men?
36:34 The largest luminous body in the heavens has been the object
36:39 of worship for men and women down through the centuries.
36:44 Every pagan society has given reverence,
36:49 and worship to the sun.
36:51 In the last days there is a great controversy between
36:56 sun worship and Sabbath worship, between worshipping the Creator,
37:02 and worshipping the object of creation, between worshipping
37:06 the One that made, and worshipping by some,
37:09 the things that have been made.
37:11 And so the Bible says,
37:25 Now this is a very critical text.
37:28 They did not repent and give Him glory.
37:29 Four plagues have already taken place, and you would think
37:34 that these who have turned from His love, rejected His grace,
37:40 those who are seeing the plagues,
37:42 you'd think that they would repent, and get on their knees
37:45 and say, God, we're so sorry!
37:47 God, forgive us, but they don't.
37:49 It says they didn't repent. Why not?
37:51 Because remember at the beginning of the plagues,
37:53 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still.
37:55 And he that is righteous, let him be righteous still.
37:57 And he that is unholy, let him be unholy still.
37:59 And he that is holy, let him be holy still.
38:03 So we see that they have fixed their character.
38:07 They had made their eternal decision.
38:10 So the sun scorches men.
38:16 The plagues reveal that they have worshipped
38:18 at the wrong shrine.
38:19 The plagues reveal that there is only One that can deliver us
38:24 during those plagues, and He is the Creator God.
38:28 What does this fourth plague say?
38:34 That He is the object of our worship.
38:37 Remember in Genesis 2:1, 2, And on the seventh day
38:44 God ended His work which He had made.
38:47 And God blessed the seventh day, and God did what?
38:52 He sanctified the seventh day, and God rested
38:57 upon the seventh day.
38:58 And there at creation, back at the beginning, God invited Adam
39:03 and Eve to find true meaning, true purpose, true rest,
39:08 true blessing, true sanctification,
39:10 true worship in Him.
39:12 And so in the last days of earth's history that
39:14 crisis over worship.
39:22 What is the secret place of the Most High? It's His sanctuary!
39:25 And what is in His sanctuary? the law of God.
39:29 And what's in the heart of the law? the Sabbath.
39:39 When the sun scorches men, the shadow of the
39:43 Almighty protects us.
39:45 His law is over us just like that cloud guiding Israel
39:50 through the deserts protected them from the scorching sun.
39:56 So God, our shadow, His law over us, His love within us,
40:01 protects us in those times. He says,
40:09 When the crisis breaks in this earth's
40:12 history, we can trust Him.
40:16 Now notice where the darkness is.
40:32 Now notice where the darkness is. It says,
40:41 Now by this time all the world has wandered after the beast.
40:46 By this time the beast power's kingdom is throughout the earth,
40:51 so there is darkness.
40:52 They looked to the beast power, a human religious authority,
40:59 who's united church and state.
41:02 They looked to that power for light.
41:05 They looked to that power for truth, but they only found
41:09 tradition, falsehood, and darkness.
41:12 The literal darkness, and the darkness is a literal darkness,
41:17 that literal darkness is symbolic of a deeper
41:21 spiritual darkness.
41:23 What's God saying in that fifth plague?
41:26 He's saying all light is only in Jesus.
41:29 If you want the light of truth, you come to Jesus.
41:32 If you want the light that shines in the
41:35 darkness, you come to Jesus.
41:46 So God's Word illuminates the future.
41:49 God's Word enlightens the future.
41:53 The human beings follow a false religious leader at the time
41:58 of the end, and as they do they're led into superstition,
42:03 falsehood, deception, and tradition.
42:06 But God's people exalt His Word.
42:09 God's people follow in the light of the truth of His Word.
42:14 Jesus says,
42:21 So the question is, if we walk in the darkness of superstition
42:27 now, if we walk in the darkness of falsehood and error now,
42:33 we'll be engulfed in that darkness within
42:36 the seven last plagues.
42:37 But if we walk in the light of God's truth now,
42:42 we will be engulfed with the light of Jesus;
42:46 the light of the world during the plagues.
42:58 Their decisions fixed their destiny. You know,
43:09 The only safety is to walk in the truth of God's Word.
43:14 The only safety is to walk in the light of God's Word.
43:18 The only safety is to walk in the joy and peace of God's Word.
43:23 The sixth plague: Armageddon.
43:38 What is Armageddon? and what's the meaning of Armageddon?
43:53 In the last days of earth's history, in this conflict
43:57 between good and evil, in this conflict between Christ and
44:01 Satan, all of the world is marshalling its forces
44:06 against the people of God.
44:18 So Armageddon, Har Megiddo, the mountain of slaughter,
44:22 the plains of Megiddo were the place where it appeared that
44:27 God's people had no way out, around, or through.
44:30 It looked like they certainly would be defeated,
44:33 but God brought reinforcements to deliver His people.
44:38 So in the last days of earth's history... Follow me closely.
44:41 ...there is war, conflict, famine, and strife.
44:46 There's economic disaster.
44:48 As this world is falling apart, a powerful world leader arises
44:54 to bring the world together.
44:56 The masses of people in this world, the legislators of this
45:01 world, yield to those masses.
45:03 They yield to the popular demand.
45:05 And so a common day of rest and worship is
45:09 enforced upon humanity.
45:11 Those who worship the Creator cannot go along, therefore,
45:15 they worship on the true Sabbath.
45:17 As the result of this, every human being is catapulted to
45:21 make a final, eternal decision for or against Christ.
45:25 When that decision is made the judgments of God are poured out.
45:29 Those judgments come rapidly, one right after the other.
45:34 They're called the seven last plagues.
45:36 By the time of the sixth plague, those who followed the beast
45:41 in this unity movement, this confederacy, recognize that what
45:47 they thought would happened, hasn't happened at all.
45:50 They thought they could bring unity, and bring peace to earth,
45:53 but how there's total chaos and calamity.
45:55 So they marshal their forces; all the forces of hell are
45:59 marshalled against the people of God.
46:01 What is the battle of Armageddon?
46:03 It's not a local military battle.
46:05 It is rather a Titanic struggle between the forces of good,
46:09 and the forces of evil; where evil tries to
46:11 destroy righteousness.
46:13 But what does the Bible say in
46:33 Christ is going to step down the corridor of the sky.
46:36 He's going to come with power.
46:37 He's going to come with glory.
46:39 He's going to come to deliver His people.
46:41 See, what is the message of Armageddon?
46:49 that Jesus Christ is going to come to deliver His people.
47:00 What is Armageddon? the final conflict in the universe between
47:04 good and evil; where wickedness tries to destroy righteousness,
47:09 where the people of God are facing destruction.
47:11 But God, like He did for ancient Israel,
47:14 miraculously delivers them.
47:16 Notice what Jesus says right after the verse in chapter 16,
47:22 verse 14 on Armageddon.
47:24 What does it say in
47:27 Armageddon is come, but behold, look see!
47:31 Quickly, rapidly.
47:39 In other words, hold on!
47:40 Don't give up your righteous commitment to Christ now.
47:45 Do not cast off your faith, your trust in Christ now.
47:49 By the way, what sense would it make to say after six plagues,
47:58 that I'm coming as a thief, if He already had come
48:03 at the beginning of the plagues?
48:12 After six plagues. You and I lived through those plagues,
48:16 but we are protected by God.
48:18 And during that period of the plagues we are His.
48:24 We are secure. Our physical security is in Christ.
48:30 Our economic security is in Christ.
48:33 Our life is in Christ.
48:36 Our true worship is not with the sun god,
48:39 fourth plague, it's in Christ.
48:40 True light is not at the throne of the beast, it's in Christ.
48:44 Our security and hope is in Christ.
48:48 Our deliverance is in Jesus Christ.
48:51 One day He will come again.
48:54 The heavens will be pierced with the lightening that flashes
48:58 from the east to the west.
48:59 The dead will be resurrected who are in Christ.
49:02 The righteous will be changed, and be caught up
49:04 to meet Him in the sky.
49:19 It is finished. It is over.
49:21 Jesus Christ comes again!
49:33 The earth shakes and trembles, every mountain and island
49:36 cast out of their places, according to the Bible.
49:40 According to Scripture every island, every mountain
49:43 shaking of the earth.
49:48 It's over sixty pounds.
49:49 The artillery from heaven comes.
49:51 It's Armageddon. Wickedness is destroyed, evil is destroyed.
49:56 Satan and his angels are bound to this earth at that time,
50:01 at the beginning of the millennium.
50:03 We'll study that next time.
50:04 All of the wicked are destroyed; their bodies strewn across the
50:08 earth, the righteous are resurrected,
50:10 caught up to meet Christ in the sky.
50:15 sheltered by Him, delivered by Him.
50:18 In the crisis of this earth we can have our
50:21 confidence in Jesus Christ.
50:24 In the confidence, in the crisis of this earth, we can know
50:27 that He is coming to deliver us.
50:30 A number of years ago an Australian woodsman,
50:34 who had a little cabin out in the woods, went out one day to
50:39 chop wood for his fireplace.
50:41 And on the way back he saw smoke.
50:43 He was amazed! He picked up his pace and began to run,
50:46 and then he noticed that it was his cabin that was on fire.
50:51 By the time he got back the cabin was burned,
50:54 burned to the ground completely.
50:57 All of his livestock burned, consumed.
51:02 The man walked in so discouraged.
51:06 He didn't have much in life.
51:08 That cabin was about all he had.
51:10 He looked down. He saw all his chickens.
51:12 They were burned to death.
51:15 He said, This is it, over, I... everything I had
51:21 I put into this cabin.
51:23 This is it, it's over.
51:24 As he walked he saw some charred charcoal boards,
51:30 and he just kicked them a little bit,
51:33 and he noticed a dead mother hen.
51:35 He was kind of angry and he kicked that old dead mother hen.
51:39 And out from under her came four little chicks.
51:45 She had sheltered those chicks.
51:50 They scampered around, and he smiled, and he said,
51:55 This is my symbol of a new beginning.
51:59 Jesus says to you, In the time of tribulation in the future,
52:06 and in the time of your tribulation today,
52:09 He says, I'll be with you. The Bible says in
52:24 In the trials of life today, in the tribulation of life today,
52:30 you have One that is there.
52:32 And in the future, according to
52:42 He holds you in his arms.
52:44 He'll never let you go!
52:47 He's with you in the trials today,
52:49 and tomorrow, and forever.
52:53 You are safe in Him, secure in Him, your hope is in Him.
53:01 Listen as Tim sings, I Am Thine O Lord.
53:11 I am Thine O Lord, I have heard Thy voice,
53:18 and it told Thy love to me.
53:25 But I long to rise in the arms of faith,
53:31 and be closer drawn to Thee.
53:38 Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord,
53:46 to the cross where Thou hast died.
53:55 Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord,
54:03 to Thy precious bleeding side.
54:15 Consecrate me now to Your service Lord,
54:20 by the power of grace divine.
54:28 Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope,
54:34 and my will be lost in Thine.
54:41 Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord,
54:49 to the cross where Thou hast died.
54:58 Draw me nearer, nearer blessed Lord,
55:08 to Thy precious bleeding side.
55:21 You might be thinking, Pastor Mark, I don't have to wait
55:25 for the great tribulation, because I'm going through a
55:29 tribulation right now.
55:30 I don't have to wait for some future trials,
55:34 or future difficulties, because I don't know if I'm going to
55:37 make it through today, this week, this month, this year.
55:41 Here is the incredibly good news for you.
55:44 Jesus is there. He says, I am your refuge and your strength.
55:49 He says, Come unto Me all you that are burdened and heavy
55:55 laden, and I will give you rest.
55:58 Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me, and you shall find
56:03 rest for your souls.
56:05 Jesus is there for you right now.
56:08 Will you reach out to Him right now?
56:12 Will you open your heart to Him right now?
56:15 Will you say to Jesus right now, I am Thine, and Thine O Lord.
56:22 Let's pray together.
56:23 Oh my Father, there's a time of trouble coming in the future.
56:27 The great time of tribulation.
56:29 But we're thankful that You were with Shadrach, Meshach,
56:33 and Abednego as they went into the flames,
56:35 and You'll be with us.
56:36 We're thankful that You're our refuge and strength.
56:39 We're thankful that we need not fear.
56:42 And, Father, I'm praying for somebody going through
56:46 tribulation today; somebody facing trial today.
56:49 I pray that You'd come near them.
56:51 Warm their heart with Your presence.
56:53 Give them a sense of hope, and help them to know
56:57 that You'll never let them go.
56:59 In Christ's name, Amen.
57:02 Thank you for joining us for this series called
57:06 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
57:09 As the series continues, we are going to delve very deeply
57:14 into Bible prophecy.
57:15 We're going to study Babylon in Revelation; study why there are
57:18 so many different denominations, and also examine the beast
57:22 in Bible prophecy, and look at the United States in prophecy.
57:25 Stay with us for this series and you will be blessed.


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