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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides helpful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker on a
00:15 journey into the future with
00:23 The book of Revelation provides penetrating
00:26 insight into the future.
00:28 It reveals the plans of God.
00:31 It unmasks the plans of Satan.
00:33 And one of the Devil's greatest deceptions has to
00:37 do with Spiritualism.
00:38 It has to do with the impersonation of our dead loved
00:43 ones by evil spirits.
00:44 We're going to study that in this presentation,
00:47 and give you hope, and confidence to face the future.
00:52 Let's pray. Father in Heaven, thank You so much that Jesus
00:57 is our hope, that Jesus is our security,
01:01 that Jesus is our refuge, and that truth is greater than all
01:07 the deceptions of Satan, and that the Word of God will
01:10 beat back falsehood.
01:12 Open our minds to understand Your truth.
01:15 In Christ's name, Amen.
01:17 My topic during this presentation is
01:23 One of Satan's deadliest delusions has to do with what
01:28 happens when you die.
01:30 There are many different ideas about what happens
01:34 when a person dies.
01:35 And the question also is,
01:41 A hope that goes beyond the tomb?
01:44 A hope that pierces the darkness of night?
01:51 What takes place five minutes after death?
01:56 Is it heaven? Is it hell? Is it nothingness?
02:01 If we went out and took a survey about what happens when you die,
02:06 and if we asked five different people, one might say,
02:10 Oh when you die, nothing.
02:12 That's it. It's the grave.
02:13 You go into the grave, the ground, and you stay there.
02:17 Somebody else might say, Well, you're reincarnated to a
02:20 variety of life forms.
02:22 Somebody else might say, Well, when you go to die you go
02:25 immediately to heaven, or you go to hell.
02:28 Somebody else might say, when you die you rest until
02:31 the coming of Christ.
02:32 The real answer to the problem of death, of course,
02:35 must be found in the Bible.
02:37 We can have a variety of opinions about death,
02:40 but what Scripture says is authoritative,
02:44 because the author of life reveals secrets about death.
02:55 Many Christians are quite confused about that point.
02:58 Sometimes you'll go to a funeral and the preacher will say,
03:02 Well, your dead loved ones are up in heaven
03:04 looking down upon you.
03:06 Then a few paragraphs later in the sermon he will say,
03:09 Well, your dead loved ones will be resurrected when Jesus comes.
03:13 And you sit out there confused.
03:15 Where are they? Some say, Well, there is kind of a spirit being
03:20 up in heaven, but that spirit being has to be reunited with
03:23 the body when it's resurrected.
03:25 But then you say, If the spirit lives in heaven, what is it?
03:29 Does it have eyes? Does it have hands?
03:31 And why does it need to be reunited with the body if it's
03:34 already up there for hundreds of years?
03:36 The Bible is much simpler than that, much plainer than that,
03:40 and much less confusing.
03:42 And we're going to study in this presentation to answer
03:47 the mystery of death.
03:48 Now to understand death we really have to understand this
03:51 idea of immortality.
03:56 See, if you have an immortal soul that wings its way
04:00 to heaven after you die, why would you need a resurrection
04:04 of the body anyway?
04:05 So we have to look at what does the Bible
04:07 teach about immortality?
04:09 Do we have it now? Will we have it in the future?
04:12 Do we have an immortal soul?
04:13 Is the thing called the soul immortal?
04:16 What is the soul? And what about the resurrection
04:19 that the Bible teaches about?
04:23 Now the truth of the matter is we can find the answers.
04:26 We find answers deeply embedded in Scripture.
04:30 We find answers in the Word of God.
04:33 The book of Revelation helps us to understand
04:37 the mystery of death.
04:38 You go to Revelation, the Revelation of who everybody?
04:41 Jesus Christ. And Scripture says in
04:57 Christ was alive, crucified on the cross, went into the grave,
05:02 but was resurrected from the dead.
05:05 It was at that point that He said, I'm going to My Father.
05:08 Remember Mary tried to cling to His feet and He said,
05:11 Touch Me not. I'm ascending to the Father.
05:13 So you have the idea of death, rest in the tomb over Sabbath,
05:18 resurrection, Jesus ascending to heaven.
05:21 But notice what Jesus says,
05:24 Hades the grave. Now notice, this is incredibly good news.
05:29 The death is not some locked up tomb prisoned in the earth.
05:33 Jesus said, I have the keys.
05:35 You need not fear death.
05:36 Why don't we need to fear death?
05:39 First, Jesus already experienced it, and He already
05:43 conquered the grave.
05:44 Death is a defeated foe.
05:48 Every time Jesus faced death, Jesus won, and death lost.
05:54 Every time Christ faced the grave He came out victorious.
06:00 And He demonstrated His power over the grave by raising from
06:05 the dead many who had died in New Testament periods of time:
06:11 children and adults.
06:13 Why don't we need to fear death?
06:15 Because Christ has conquered the grave.
06:17 He went into the grave and came out.
06:19 And because He has the keys to the grave, death is an unlocked
06:23 mystery through Jesus.
06:25 The Bible also teaches that one day He will come again,
06:29 and one day the dead in Christ will be resurrected.
06:33 You remember 1 Thessalonians 4: 16.
06:36 It talks about the coming of Jesus.
06:39 The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,
06:42 with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God:
06:44 and the dead in Christ will rise first:...
06:47 We need not fear death.
06:49 Jesus is coming again!
06:50 We can see our loved ones again.
06:58 Does the Bible teach that the soul is immortal?
07:02 Well, let's go back to the book of Genesis,
07:05 because if we understand how God created the human race,
07:08 we could also understand about what happens when we die.
07:13 So let's go back to Genesis. The Bible says,
07:30 Now notice what the Bible does not say.
07:32 The Bible does not say that God put an immortal soul in human
07:38 beings when they were created.
07:39 What does it say? God formed man, God fashioned man,
07:45 God shaped man out of what? the dust of the earth,
07:50 and man became a living soul, as God breathed His life
07:55 giving breath into it.
07:57 We might look at it this way: dust, that's the dust of the
08:01 earth that God created man from, and God's Spirit breathed into
08:07 man creates a living soul.
08:09 Or we could say it this way: the elements of earth,
08:13 plus God's breath, equals a living being.
08:16 See, in the Bible, the soul is not something put into a human
08:21 being that is immortal, but in the Bible a human being is a
08:26 living soul: the body, plus the breath, equals a living soul.
08:31 So in the Bible part of the time the word soul is used it is used
08:36 as something I am: I am the product of body and breath.
08:42 I am a living soul, a living being, a living personality.
08:48 A living soul simply means a living being,
08:53 or a living personality.
08:55 A living being, living soul, means a living person.
08:59 It means an individual who's thinking,
09:02 functioning, and breathing.
09:08 Look what the Bible says very clearly.
09:27 So can the soul die everybody?
09:29 What does the Bible say?
09:30 The soul that does what? sins.
09:33 How else might you read that passage?
09:35 Same way we read Genesis 2:7.
09:38 The person, the living being that sins, is going to die.
09:43 So let's go back to Genesis again.
09:45 You remember? God created man out of the dust of the ground,
09:47 breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.
09:50 Man became a living what? soul, or being,
09:52 or personality: person.
09:54 The soul who sins; what's going to happen to them?
09:57 They're going to die.
09:58 So here the Bible is very plain.
10:01 The word soul simply can mean in the Bible: living being.
10:11 Two thirds of the time the Bible uses the term soul,
10:15 it's for life. One third is for person.
10:20 Sometimes the Bible talks about the soul as something we are:
10:24 the product of body, and breath.
10:26 Sometimes the Bible uses the term soul as something we have;
10:30 two thirds of the time in fact.
10:32 But it's never that we have an immortal soul.
10:35 We have life. We have life.
10:38 A good example of that is found in
10:54 Then He goes on to say, Verse 26.
11:06 So in the earlier verse it talks about losing your life,
11:10 Then in this verse it talks about losing your soul.
11:13 It talks about preserving your life, or preserving your soul.
11:20 So when the Bible talks about soul,
11:21 it can be talking about life.
11:23 So what happens when we die?
11:24 When we die our life is no more.
11:28 So the Bible never talks about soul in the
11:32 sense of immortal soul.
11:34 In fact, the Bible uses the term soul 1600 times.
11:38 How many was that? did you get it? 1600 times.
11:42 Never once does it put the word immortal with soul.
11:46 Never once does it link those two things together.
11:50 Wouldn't you think if human beings had an immortal soul
11:54 that at least it would be linked once together in Scripture?
12:00 It is never linked together.
12:13 In fact, the Bible is always speaking about Jesus as the
12:17 One who is immortal.
12:30 Immortality is something that God has.
12:33 Job 4:17 says, Shall mortal man be more just than his maker?
12:39 We are mortal. Romans 2:7, 8 says, We seek for immortality.
12:45 1 Corinthians 15:51 says, We put on
12:49 immortality when Christ comes.
12:51 So we are mortal, we seek for immortality, we put it on
12:56 when Christ comes.
12:57 Only Jesus, only God the Father, the Son,
13:01 and the Holy Spirit have immortality. Now notice,
13:12 Who's that? the King of kings, and Lord of lords?
13:14 Who is that? that's Jesus, of course.
13:18 What's the word everybody? what's that word?
13:25 So God alone has immortality.
13:28 Now look, if I alone have my Bible, what does that mean?
13:35 If I say, I am the only one; I alone have my Bible.
13:38 It means you don't have it, right?
13:39 It means that it's my exclusive possession.
13:42 So when it says God alone has immortality, it means that
13:48 nobody else has it. We seek for it.
13:50 We look for the day that we'll be clothed with
13:53 immortality when Jesus comes.
13:55 But according to the Bible God alone, His Son Christ,
13:59 and the Holy Spirit are the only ones that have immortality.
14:02 Where'd this idea of the immortality of
14:04 the soul come from?
14:05 Where did it come from, my friends?
14:13 In ancient writings of Strabo, called Geographica,
14:20 Strabo says this; talking about the Son. He says,
14:34 He's speaking about Christians who've drifted away from Christ,
14:39 who have reaccepted Greek philosophy.
14:42 And he says, They invent fables after the manner of Plato,
14:47 such as the immortality of the soul.
14:48 The Greeks believed that the soul was immortal,
14:52 and it would leave the body at death.
14:54 Also this idea of the immortality of the soul can be
14:58 traced back to the Babylonians, can be traced back to
15:01 the Egyptian culture.
15:03 Many pagan cultures had this idea.
15:05 But the Bible constantly taught that, indeed, the soul was not
15:14 something that was immortal.
15:15 It's something we are.
15:16 The product of body and breath.
15:19 God created man out of the dust of the ground,
15:22 breathed into his nostrils the breath of the spirit of life.
15:26 Man becomes a living being, a living soul.
15:28 Or the soul represents our life.
15:31 We die, we no longer breathe, that life is over.
16:10 That's an amazing statement from one of the early church fathers,
16:14 who clearly understood that the Scriptures teach that death is
16:20 but a rest, a sleep, until the resurrection,
16:23 that there is nothing like the immortality of the soul
16:26 found in the Bible.
16:28 It rather comes from Greek philosophy.
16:35 And if you accept the idea of the immortality of the soul,
16:41 then that leaves you very open, very vulnerable to spiritualism.
16:45 The book of Revelation speaks of spiritualistic delusions in the
16:50 last days of Earth's history.
16:52 And the Devil is preparing men and women through a false
16:55 understanding, or a misunderstanding of death.
16:59 The Devil is preparing men and women through that
17:02 misunderstanding of death on the idea of the immortal soul.
17:09 The Devil can use these ideas about death to lead us down
17:13 the pathway of destruction. The Bible says in
17:26 You see, Spiritualism says this, that there's an immortal soul
17:29 that leaves the body at death, and then under the right
17:32 conditions that this immortal soul, this being that has died
17:37 and it still lives, can communicate with the living.
17:39 But the Bible says death is but a sleep till the resurrection.
17:44 It says, just like the cloud disappears and vanishes,
17:47 the person who goes down to the grave is not going to come up.
17:56 The Bible says that the person who dies can't
17:58 return to his house.
17:59 One night I was in the Philippines sharing these
18:04 marvelous truths from the Word of God,
18:05 the truth that death is but a rest, the truth of the marvels
18:09 of the resurrection, the truth that when you die you cannot
18:12 return to your house.
18:14 A Philippino Army officer came to our meetings.
18:18 His wife had died a number of years before.
18:22 One night there was a great storm, and as he went home after
18:28 the meeting the storm got more furious.
18:31 The shutters on his house were blowing, the wind was blowing,
18:35 the rain was pouring down.
18:36 And as he lie in his bed unable to sleep,
18:39 he looked up, and he saw a form.
18:41 He told me the story later.
18:43 And as he saw this form, it was the form of his wife.
18:47 She looked more beautiful than ever before.
18:50 She reached out and said, Oh, darling, hug me.
18:53 And he looked up, and he remembered our meetings,
18:56 that the Bible does not teach an immortal soul.
18:58 He remembered our meetings that when you die you can no longer
19:02 come back to your house; that you will not return.
19:04 And he looked up and he said, I know,
19:07 because he remembered Revelation.
19:09 He remembered the spirits of demons would try to deceive.
19:13 He said, I know you're not my wife.
19:15 I know you're a demon.
19:16 In the name of Jesus Christ, be gone!
19:19 And he said, right before his eyes, she turned into a vicious
19:24 demon and was gone.
19:26 You see, my friends, this is more than some
19:29 academic exercise.
19:31 But as you understand what the Bible really teaches about
19:35 death, as you understand what the Bible teaches about the
19:39 immortal soul, God will protect you in the crisis.
19:43 That's why it's so vital to understand these truths
19:46 about the book of Revelation.
19:47 See, Oliver Lodge, an English spiritualist, put it this way:
20:03 Spiritualism is dependent on the idea of the immortal soul.
21:01 The teachings of Oliver Lodge, that spiritualist from England,
21:06 are still impacting America and Europe today.
21:11 They still are influencing scores and scores of teens
21:17 today, preparing the world for the overwhelming surprise
21:22 that the Devil is bringing upon the world through spiritualism.
21:26 When you turn away from the Word of God, when you turn away
21:30 from the clear teachings of His Word, it prepares you for the
21:35 deceptions of the Devil.
21:36 The book of Revelation reveals the plans of God.
21:40 The book of Revelation unmasks the plans of Satan.
21:55 Safe in the arms of Jesus.
21:58 That's the message that Jesus gives to us in the Bible.
22:03 More than fifty-three times in the Bible
22:07 death is mentioned as a sleep.
22:14 Jesus, through the Apostle Paul, is going to tell us
22:17 the mystery of death.
22:18 He's going to solve that mystery.
22:20 We shall not all... What everybody?
22:24 We shall not all what? sleep.
22:34 Now let's pause here.
22:35 When you die, it's just as secure as sleeping
22:41 in the arms of Jesus.
22:42 You die and you just rest.
22:45 There's no pain, there's no suffering, and notice there's
22:49 no passing of time. It says,
22:55 When you fall asleep what's the next thing that you know?
23:00 You wake up, right?
23:01 I've been standing on the great platforms of the world,
23:05 in stadiums, and in auditoriums, and gymnasiums,
23:09 and churches for about fifty years.
23:11 And when my children were very young, we'd bring
23:15 them to the meetings.
23:16 And very often, I remember my boy particularly,
23:19 my wife sometimes would take a blanket and put it by the side
23:23 of the stage, because he'd love to watch me.
23:25 And she would sit next to him.
23:27 And he'd have a little comfortable bed.
23:28 And he'd fall asleep when Daddy was preaching.
23:31 That's okay for my son to fall asleep when I'm preaching,
23:34 but you'd better not!
23:35 But anyway, he'd fall asleep.
23:37 After the meeting he'd be sleeping away, and I would pick
23:41 him up and we'd bring him to the car.
23:43 We were in New England in those days: Massachusetts,
23:45 Connecticut, Rhode Island where it snowed a lot.
23:48 And maybe the roads were icy, I don't know, and we'd be going
23:51 home, and maybe a truck comes by us, and I'd dodge it.
23:53 You know, he doesn't know anything about that.
23:55 He's sleeping. I'd lay him in his little crib.
23:57 The next morning my wife and I would go in to see our son.
24:01 And I'd say, Son, how are you doing?
24:02 And he's bright eyed, and he looks up and he says,
24:05 Daddy, are we still at church?
24:07 You still preaching?
24:08 I'd say, Well, son, I preach long, but not that long.
24:10 You see, he didn't know anything about the
24:14 passage of time, did he?
24:15 What did he know? He just knew that his dad was preaching.
24:20 He fell asleep, and the next thing he knew he woke up.
24:23 So that's all death is.
24:25 Nothing to be feared.
24:27 If you're a believer, we simply fall asleep, and we rest.
24:31 The next moment, the next instant, the next conscious
24:35 thinking moment we see Christ coming.
24:48 So we're changed in a moment, in an instant;
24:50 changed from mortality to immortality, to receive these
24:55 glorious new bodies in Christ.
25:11 So notice what He's breathing into him.
25:13 It's the breath of life.
25:17 What is this breath that God breathes into it?
25:25 Death is nothing more than creation in reverse.
25:34 When we die.
25:39 Now notice it doesn't say the soul will return
25:41 to God who gave it.
25:43 This is where many people make a big mistake.
25:44 They think the soul and the spirit are the same thing.
25:47 They are not. The spirit is nothing more than the breath
25:51 that God breathed into us initially.
25:59 So God breaths His breath, or His spirit into us.
26:02 What goes back to God? the power of God that He has given
26:06 us to sustain life.
26:11 in the Bible. The soul is something that we are.
26:14 We are the product of body and breath.
26:17 The soul has to do with our life.
26:20 The spirit is the breath of God that sustains,
26:23 or gives us that life.
26:26 When God breathed into it, we lived.
26:29 When He breathed into that body we lived.
26:31 If He wouldn't have breathed His life into it we
26:33 would not have lived.
26:34 So the breath of life, the spirit of life, the life-giving
26:38 force, energy of God enables us to live.
26:42 Every breath we take is dependent
26:45 on the very life of God.
26:47 When we die we go back to the earth.
26:50 The breath goes back, or spirit goes back to Him,
26:53 and we await in sleep that resurrection.
27:09 They are one in Scripture.
27:13 The Bible teaches in fact that... Look at
27:20 Often there's something called Hebrew parallelism.
27:23 God says something in the first verse, He explains it in the
27:27 latter part of that verse. Notice:
27:35 Same thing. Breath equals spirit.
27:38 Can you say that? The breath equals what? spirit.
27:41 So somebody says explain it and make it plain.
27:45 So let's suppose that the light bulb represents our body.
27:50 So this represents our body, or we're created out of the
27:54 dust of the ground.
27:56 Let's suppose the electricity represents the
27:59 spirit, or the breath.
28:01 So somebody turn on the light; throw the switch.
28:04 There we go, thank you very much.
28:06 Okay, so when the power comes through the power cord,
28:11 representing the breath of spirit to the light bulb,
28:14 what happens? There is illumination.
28:16 So to have illumination what do you need?
28:19 Do you need just power in the cord? no.
28:21 You need what? a light bulb.
28:23 But if you just have a light bulb,
28:24 do you have illumination? no.
28:25 You need power. The Spirit represents the power.
28:30 The light bulb is represented by the body.
28:36 Now, if you turn off the power...
28:40 Please turn off the power. Thank you.
28:42 Okay, if you turn off the power, what happens?
28:44 The electricity goes back to the power house.
28:48 What happens to the bulb?
28:51 It no longer has illumination.
28:54 When a person dies the Spirit goes to God, the body,
29:00 represented by the light bulb, is buried in the earth,
29:03 and the person's true life is hid with Christ in God.
29:08 They no longer exist as a living soul.
29:13 They no longer exist as a living being.
29:16 That which goes back to God is not something that thinks.
29:20 It's not something that feels.
29:22 It's not something that some conscious entity,
29:34 ...any thought processes going on in death? The Bible says,
29:42 That's the Spirit of God.
29:45 That is his body.
29:50 So if there was some immortal soul, which the Bible doesn't
29:53 teach, that went back to God, what would happen to
29:57 the thought processes? they would continue.
29:59 But the Bible says the thought processes do what?
30:15 How much do the dead know, everybody?
30:17 How much do they know?
30:18 They know what? That's right, the dead know not anything.
30:22 The Bible continues:
30:27 If a person went immediately to heaven, they would have to
30:30 have love to love God.
30:32 They would notice, if they went immediately to hell,
30:36 they would have hatred or envy.
30:38 But the Bible says, The living know that they shall die,
30:42 but the dead know how much?
30:44 The dead don't know anything.
30:46 Every emotion is ceased. Why?
30:49 Because they're resting, resting until Jesus comes,
30:53 resting till they receive their final reward,
30:57 resting until the resurrection of righteousness,
31:01 or the resurrection of unrighteousness.
31:09 And the Bible writers mention this, as we've described
31:12 it mentioned it already over fifty different times.
31:16 Let me give you some examples.
31:27 What did David believe about death?
31:31 He believed that it was a sleep.
31:33 He believed that it was a rest until the coming of Christ.
31:38 We find this throughout the entire Old Testament.
31:42 Jesus taught as well, that death was a sleep.
31:46 Jesus taught as well, that death was a rest.
31:50 There was an occasion where Jesus' friend died: Lazarus.
31:56 And Lazarus had become very, very sick previous to that.
32:01 And Jesus got word that Lazarus was sick.
32:06 Jesus waited before going.
32:08 He waited a couple days, and by the time He got there,
32:11 since there was a journey, He was in Galilee, and Lazarus was
32:14 in Bethany, it was four days.
32:16 This is a time that Jesus was four days
32:19 late, but right on time.
32:20 You know, why didn't Jesus wait?
32:22 Why did Jesus wait, rather?
32:24 Why didn't Jesus just go to Lazarus?
32:27 Because He wanted to work a miracle that was greater than
32:29 healing sickness; He was going to work a miracle of raising
32:32 Lazarus from the dead. And so,
32:38 They come to Jesus and they say, Jesus,
32:41 Your friend Lazarus is sick. And Jesus says,
32:48 Well, they thought, Wait a minute, if Lazarus is sleeping,
32:51 he's going to get well.
32:52 This is not to death.
32:54 Yet Jesus said, Our friend, Lazarus, does what?
32:57 Our friend Lazarus does what?
32:59 Our friend Lazarus is sleeping.
33:02 They thought, This is good news!
33:05 Because if you're sick, and you sleep, maybe the fever breaks.
33:09 Maybe the sickness is over.
33:11 And then Jesus said,
33:19 And then Jesus makes it plain.
33:26 So they clearly understood.
33:28 Now how did Jesus treat death?
33:31 What did Jesus say to His closest followers?
33:35 Did He say to them, Now don't worry at all about Lazarus,
33:40 because sure he is dead, but he has this immortal soul,
33:43 and it's gone up to heaven?
33:45 Not at all. No such teaching in the Bible.
33:48 And Jesus certainly didn't believe that.
33:51 He simply said, Lazarus is sleeping.
33:54 And then Jesus said, Lazarus is what? Lazarus is dead.
33:58 So Christ then went to the home of Mary and Martha.
34:03 And as He talked to the sister of Lazarus,
34:12 And she said, Oh, Lord, if You had been here
34:15 he wouldn't have died.
34:16 And I know he's going to rise again in the last day.
34:18 Here this sister of Lazarus, who got her religion directly
34:25 from Jesus, Mary said, I know he's going to rise the last day
34:31 in the resurrection.
34:33 Jesus looks at her and recognizes that she understands
34:40 the truth about death.
34:43 She believed that her faithful brother would rise
34:48 in the resurrection.
34:49 She did not believe that he was up in heaven
34:52 looking down upon her.
34:53 She learned her religion directly from Jesus,
34:57 and she believed in the resurrection.
34:59 When? at the last day.
35:01 All the great men and women of faith in the Old and New
35:05 Testament believed that.
35:07 Remember what Paul said there, writing to Timothy?
35:11 He said, My life is being poured out, and I wait the righteous
35:18 Judge, who will have the crown of life for me in the last day.
35:23 Paul believed that Christ was going to come again,
35:26 and that he, if he died in that Roman prison, that he would be
35:31 resurrected in the last day.
35:32 All believers believe that.
35:34 John believe it, exiled on the Island of Patmos.
35:37 Paul believed it, Mary believed it, Martha believed it,
35:41 Jesus taught it.
35:42 So Mary and Martha were crying, not because they thought Lazarus
35:49 was up in heaven, but because the pain, and the agony of
35:52 separation from him until the resurrection at the last day.
36:04 In other words, though that person dies, though they go into
36:07 the grave, they are going to live again.
36:10 They will be resurrected from the dead.
36:12 That death will not hold its victims.
36:15 The grave will not keep its victims.
36:18 That death is not a long night without a morning.
36:21 The tomb is not simply a dark hole in the ground.
36:26 So Jesus said, If you believe, your brother is
36:30 going to live again.
36:32 To demonstrate His power over death, to demonstrate His power
36:37 over the grave, to demonstrate His ability over death,
36:42 Jesus comes to that grave, and Jesus says,
36:45 Lazarus, come forth!
36:49 And Lazarus comes out of the grave, rises to new life.
36:54 He had been in that grave four days.
36:58 Now look, my friend, Lazarus comes out of the tomb.
37:01 New life! Jesus says to those who see him,
37:06 Loose him and let him go.
37:07 He was all bandaged up with the grave clothes.
37:10 Life is pulsating through his body.
37:12 There's a new smile on his face.
37:15 There's a new sparkle in his eyes.
37:16 There's a new spring in his step.
37:18 I can just imagine he comes and he embraces Christ.
37:22 Now look, if what some people believe is true,...
37:27 And now you have to notice Jesus didn't say, Lazarus, come down.
37:30 Jesus said, Lazarus, come forth!
37:33 If what some people believe is actually true,...
37:38 You know, if I were Lazarus what I'd have done?
37:41 I'd have done this: if I were up in heaven for four days,
37:44 rejoicing in glory, if I were fellowshipping with the angels,
37:49 if I were eating from the tree of life, and Jesus said,
37:53 Come down! I would have yelled back from Heaven if I were
37:56 Lazarus, Nothing doing, Lord.
37:59 I'm not coming. You just called the wrong name, Lord.
38:02 You just called the wrong person.
38:03 I'm up here in glory.
38:05 I'm rejoicing in the kingdom of God.
38:07 I am not coming back.
38:09 If anybody could have given a testimony about life after death
38:12 it would have been Lazarus.
38:15 If he were up in glory think of the books he could have written
38:18 that would have been sold throughout the Middle East,
38:20 throughout Jerusalem on life after death.
38:23 But Lazarus had nothing to say. Why not?
38:26 Because he wasn't in glory, he was resting, sleeping there in
38:30 the tomb, resting like every believer will rest until the
38:35 coming of Jesus with no pain, no suffering, no heartache,
38:39 no sorrow, no death; resting.
38:41 The Bible says in
38:49 Somebody says, Pastor Mark, I like to think of my
38:52 mother up in heaven.
38:53 I like to think of her looking down at me.
38:55 It just gives me comfort.
38:57 Would it be comfort for a mother up in heaven if her son was
39:04 drafted off to war, and the enemy captured him,
39:08 and tortured him, and gouged out his eyes, gouged out his
39:12 tongue, and tortured him mercilessly?
39:15 Could that mother be happy in heaven?
39:16 Well, what about a mother up in heaven looking down,
39:19 and here's her little five year old, and he's kicking a ball,
39:22 and he kicks it out in the street, and the car screeches,
39:25 doesn't see the boy, crushes him.
39:27 And the boy's a quadraplegic for the rest of his life.
39:30 Would that mother up in heaven be happy?
39:32 Or think of fathers in heaven seeing their daughters beaten
39:37 brutally by some angry man.
39:40 Isn't God's plan so much better, my friend?
39:44 Our loved ones in heaven don't see children that have gone
39:49 astray, gotten involved in drugs and alcohol.
39:52 Our mothers and fathers are not up there in heaven looking
39:57 down upon the conflicts in families, and the wars on earth.
40:02 Our fathers and mothers are not up in heaven.
40:16 Now all the heartache is over.
40:18 Now all the disappointments are over.
40:21 You see, my friend, God's way is so much better.
40:25 We are sheltered in His arms, in that perfect sleep.
40:30 Our true life, the record of our life is hid with Christ in God.
40:34 He, this all powerful, infinite God knows our identity.
40:39 It is in His hands.
40:41 Our bodies go to the earth.
40:43 The life, the breath, goes back to God.
40:46 There is no conscious existence.
40:49 We rest until Christ comes, and the next moment we see Him
40:55 coming down the corridors of the sky. The Bible says,
41:07 If you went up to heaven when you died,
41:09 you'd at least praise the Lord, right?
41:10 Wouldn't that be what you were doing?
41:12 But the Bible says, The dead praise not the Lord.
41:16 Fifty-three times death is a sleep in the Bible.
41:19 1600 times the Bible uses the word soul;
41:23 never uses immortal soul.
41:24 The Bible says in that very day their thoughts perish. Ps. 6:5.
41:28 Psalm 115:17 in the Bible says, The dead praise not the Lord.
41:32 Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6. The living know that they shall die,
41:36 but the dead know not anything.
41:38 The Bible is very plain.
41:41 God's plan is so much better than human tradition.
41:44 The immortality of the soul comes in
41:46 through Greek philosophy, and according to Revelation,
41:49 will be preparing the world for an overwhelming deception.
41:53 The Bible says that the works of the dead follow them.
41:59 It says that those that die in Christ have
42:03 works which follow them.
42:05 You know, when a father or mother dies, and they've taught
42:09 their children about the things of Jesus, those children have
42:13 that inclination for Christ in their hearts, that inclination
42:17 for Christ in their lives.
42:19 And they have that desire to follow Christ,
42:23 and the works of the parents still follow them.
42:26 And one day that child will be making choices to follow Christ,
42:31 because of an influence of their parents, will be in heaven with
42:36 Jesus, and their parents to rejoice forever and ever,
42:39 and ever, and ever.
42:40 God's Word is so plan.
42:42 God's Word is so clear about this subject of death.
42:47 But somebody says, Pastor Mark, wasn't there the story of Jesus
42:54 and the story of the thief on the cross who died?
42:58 And didn't the Bible indicate that he would be in
43:03 heaven with Christ?
43:04 Well, look, when you have text, after text, after text that
43:10 talks about the second coming of Christ, when you have passage
43:13 after passage in Scripture that talks about the return of
43:17 Christ, you do not take one Bible text out of context
43:22 regarding the thief on the cross and throw out these clear texts
43:26 on the coming of Christ, that talk about the
43:28 resurrection of the body.
43:30 So you say, but Pastor Mark, help us to understand about the
43:34 text on the thief on the cross.
43:35 Didn't Jesus say, You will be with me in Paradise today?
43:40 Remember well that Jesus is hanging on the cross.
43:45 There's a thief on the left, thief on the right.
43:47 One thief says, If You're the Son of God,
43:50 come down from the cross.
43:52 Jesus, hanging there with nails through His hands,
43:57 with blood running down His wrists, with a crown of thorns
44:00 upon His head, looks like He cannot save anybody.
44:06 The other thief turns to Christ and he says, Lord, remember me
44:12 when You come into Your kingdom.
44:14 Nobody has asked that question.
44:18 Nobody has made that request.
44:21 Nobody has made that appeal genuinely, and sincerely,
44:26 and been turned away by Christ.
44:29 Now you'll recall that Christ died on the cross on Friday.
44:34 He rested in the tomb on Sabbath.
44:36 He was resurrected from the dead on Sunday.
44:41 And you will also remember that Mary comes to Him on Sunday
44:47 morning, after the resurrection, falls at His feet,
44:51 and what does Jesus say?
45:02 She thinks he's the gardener, and says to him, Sir, if you've
45:05 carried Him away, if you've taken My Lord away,
45:09 please tell me where He is.
45:12 Tell me where you've laid Him, and I'm going to take Him away
45:15 and give Him a proper burial.
45:17 And what does Jesus say to her?
45:19 Jesus says, Mary, Raboni, which is to say teacher, don't cling
45:26 to Me, for I have not ascended to the Father.
45:28 But go to My brethren and say, I am ascending.
45:31 Present tense, right now, to Your Father and Mine.
45:34 My Father and Your Father, and My God and your God.
45:37 What does Jesus say to Mary on Sunday?
45:40 I have not yet what? ascended to the Father.
45:44 How could Jesus have said to the thief on Friday that they
45:50 would be together in paradise if Christ had not ascended yet
45:55 to the Father on Sunday morning? Certainly
46:03 So what was really going on there?
46:05 Jesus is hanging on the cross, and what does He say?
46:08 He says, I say unto you today, you will be with Me in paradise.
46:13 You see, it all depends on where you put the
46:15 comma in that passage.
46:16 If you put the comma after the word today, it's clear.
46:21 If you put it before, it's a little fuzzy.
46:24 If you quote the text this way: I say to you, today you'll be
46:28 with me in paradise.
46:29 It appears that Jesus would be in paradise with
46:32 the thief that day.
46:33 But if you say, I say to you today, comma,
46:36 I say to you today, comma, you will in the future be with Me
46:40 in paradise, it makes so much more sense.
46:42 You say, how do you know where to put the comma?
46:44 Well, first, there were no commas in the original text.
46:47 That did not come until the 1300's, much later.
46:52 But look, you don't take a misplaced comma, and throw out
46:56 fifty-three texts that say that death is but a sleep;
46:58 throw out all the texts that talk about the resurrection.
47:03 And you don't deny Scripture when Jesus Himself says that
47:07 He did not ascend to the Father until Sunday.
47:13 when He said to the thief...
47:14 Here's what He meant.
47:15 He said, I say to you today, this day that I'm
47:19 dying on the cross; this day that there's nails in My hands;
47:24 this day that there's a crown of thorns upon My head;
47:27 this day that it doesn't look like I can save anybody.
47:29 I say to you this day, I make that declaration that I will be
47:34 resurrected from the dead.
47:35 I will ascend to the Father.
47:37 I will remember you.
47:38 I will remember you when I come into heaven and paradise.
47:41 And Jesus says that to you.
47:43 When you say, Lord, remember me.
47:46 Remember me and all my guilt.
47:49 Remember me in all my shame.
47:51 Remember me, Father.
47:54 Remember me, dear Jesus.
47:57 Touch my heart, Oh Holy Spirit.
48:00 I feel convicted I must come to You.
48:02 Remember Me, Jesus says.
48:04 I accept you My child.
48:07 I'll forgive you, My child.
48:09 I'll change your life, My child.
48:11 You will be with Me in Paradise.
48:13 You need not fear death, because I have conquered the grave.
48:31 Jesus gives us victory over sin.
48:34 Jesus gives us victory over the grave.
48:37 Jesus gives us victory over death.
49:04 Have you lost some loved one by death?
49:06 some father, some mother?
49:09 You still miss your dad, and your mom.
49:13 My father and mother have both passed away.
49:16 Near as I travel the world, I have an international
49:21 cell phone, and I, every place I would go I'd take out my
49:25 cell phone and call my dad.
49:27 And even now I find myself reaching into my pocket
49:31 at times for that cell phone.
49:33 You see, my dad and I had a very close bond,
49:36 very close relationship.
49:38 He led me to Jesus Christ.
49:41 He led me to the Savior.
49:44 He shared the Word of God with me.
49:47 I miss him. I long for that day that Jesus will come.
49:51 Have you lost some husband or wife, some father or mother,
49:56 some sister or brother, some son or daughter?
50:01 They're not lost. If they're a believer in Christ they are
50:06 resting where they can never be lost.
50:09 Their true life, the record of that life, their identity,
50:13 is hid with Christ in God.
50:15 They are resting from the pain, the heartache,
50:20 the sorrow, the tears of life.
50:22 They know no passage of time.
50:24 The next thing they will know is the coming of Jesus Christ
50:29 in the clouds of heaven.
50:31 And as Jesus comes, that little baby, mamma, will be put
50:37 in your arms again.
50:38 She'll reach up and hug your face again.
50:43 You can look into the eyes of that child.
50:46 One day, once again, that son or daughter long lost by death,
50:54 will be reunited with you.
50:55 One day that father or mother will embrace you again.
51:00 One day Jesus Christ will come.
51:03 And one day the sorrow and heartache of earth will be over.
51:08 Would you like to put your hand in the hand of Christ right now?
51:12 Would you like to say, Jesus, pass me not, O gentle Savior?
51:17 Lord, I'm coming to You.
51:20 Lord, I want to see my father again.
51:23 I want to see my mother again.
51:25 I want to see my son again, and my daughter again.
51:29 I want to be caught up in that glorious joy when Jesus comes,
51:35 and live forever with them through all eternity.
51:39 Listen as Celestine sings, Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior.
51:54 Pass me not, O gentle Savior.
52:02 Hear my humble cry.
52:08 While on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by.
52:26 Let me at Thy throne of mercy, find a sweet release.
52:40 Kneeling there in deep contrition, help my unbelief.
52:54 Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry.
53:10 While on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by.
53:29 Trusting only in Thy merit, would I see Thy face?
53:43 Heal my wounded, broken spirit, save me by Thy grace.
53:58 Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry.
54:12 While on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by.
54:26 Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry.
54:41 While on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by.
54:58 Here is the incredibly good news.
55:02 He will not pass you by.
55:07 Savior, Savior, hear my humble cry.
55:13 The thief on the cross, in his dying breath, said Lord,
55:21 remember me, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.
55:27 And Jesus gave the thief, that day,
55:31 the assurance of eternal life.
55:34 When the thief woke up that morning, he had no idea that
55:40 his whole life would be changed that day.
55:42 When he trudged up Golgotha's hill with Christ he had no idea
55:48 that his life would be changed that day.
55:51 And when they drove nails through his hands,
55:54 and he writhed in agony.
55:56 He had no idea that his life would be changed that day.
56:00 But in that moment, under the conviction of the Holy Spirit,
56:06 God spoke to him, and he accepted the
56:10 gift of eternal life.
56:11 Right now God is speaking to you.
56:14 Right now God is talking to your life.
56:17 Maybe you had no idea that you would turn on
56:20 Three Angels' Broadcasting.
56:21 But the Spirit is speaking to you.
56:24 You can accept Christ right now.
56:27 Through an act of your will you can say, Jesus, I am yours.
56:32 That choice changed the thief's life.
56:37 And that choice will change your life right now as we pray.
56:44 Father in Heaven, thank You so much that You're
56:48 moving by Your Spirit.
56:50 Thank You so much that You're touching hearts
56:52 through these programs.
56:54 Thank You so much that somebody right now is coming to Christ,
56:58 and finding in Jesus security, and hope, and salvation.
57:02 I pray for that person right now.
57:05 May the Spirit move powerfully in their life,
57:08 and change them forever.
57:11 In Jesus' name, Amen.
57:13 Thank you for joining us for Revelation's
57:17 Ancient Discoveries.
57:19 This journey through Revelation is a journey to know
57:23 Christ more deeply.
57:24 It's a journey to follow Jesus more closely.
57:27 It's a journey from time to eternity.


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