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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides hopeful answers
00:08 for today, tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker,
00:14 on a journey into the future with,
00:16 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:24 The book of Revelation reveals God's plans for the future.
00:29 Revelation clearly gives us light on the road ahead.
00:35 There are many people that are confused about the future.
00:37 They wonder about this 1000 year period
00:42 mentioned in Revelation the 20th chapter.
00:45 Is this a thousand years of peace on earth?
00:49 Is this really a thousand years of peace at all?
00:55 What about the millennial period?
00:57 Does anybody exist on earth during the millennium?
01:01 We're going to discover some answers in our presentation
01:04 this day, but let's pray together first.
01:07 Father in heaven, we need answers, not human answers,
01:11 but divine answers.
01:13 We need answers, not based on human opinion,
01:16 but answers based on the word of God.
01:19 So come and speak to us.
01:21 But as we study this subject of the millennial period
01:24 in the Bible, may it not only fill our heads with knowledge
01:27 so we understand correctly biblical teachings,
01:31 but may it change our lives.
01:33 In Christ's name, amen.
01:36 My topic during this telecast is...
01:43 Margaret was a real party girl.
01:46 It's the roaring 20's.
01:48 And parties seemed to be everywhere.
01:50 In America the finances are good,
01:52 the stock market has not yet crashed,
01:55 as it would a few years later in 1928.
01:59 And Margaret goes from party to party,
02:01 she's excited about life.
02:03 But yet there is this aching void within her heart.
02:08 She's a girl that loves to go to dances.
02:11 She's a girl that, whatever the party is,
02:13 she is the life of the party and she is there.
02:16 But then something happens.
02:18 She begins losing her strength.
02:20 Her energy seems to be gone.
02:22 And she develops a very strange disease.
02:27 She lies on her bed in a catatonic state.
02:31 She's conscious or semi-conscious,
02:35 but says nothing.
02:37 Her eyes are open.
02:40 And then she settles into this deep sleep.
02:45 It's a sleeping sickness.
02:46 Not aware of anything around her by this time.
02:49 Just lying there on her bed.
02:52 Heart is beating normally.
02:54 Lungs are functioning normally.
02:56 But she cannot respond.
02:59 Five years go by, she's lying there.
03:02 Ten years go by, she's still lying there.
03:04 Twenty years go by.
03:06 Thirty plus years go by.
03:10 Nearly forty years go by.
03:13 And this woman, isolated in a hospital ward.
03:19 By now some kind of nursing home retirement center.
03:23 She becomes case history in America.
03:26 But then Dr. Oliver Sacks discovers something
03:32 called L-Dopa, which is a drug that he believes
03:37 could wake her out of her sleeping sickness.
03:40 He administers the drugs.
03:41 And there is this great awakening.
03:44 She wakes up.
03:46 Certainly her limbs are stiff.
03:48 Certainly she is an aged old woman now.
03:51 But her mind is sharp, it's clear.
03:54 But you know what happens?
03:55 When she wakes up, she goes back to the roaring 20's.
04:00 She had no idea of that last 35 to 40 years
04:03 of the passage of time.
04:06 She simply is stuck where she was.
04:10 It's called, the great awakening.
04:12 There is another great awakening coming
04:15 when the saints of God wake up when Jesus Christ comes.
04:19 And in that great awakening, we'll have
04:21 glorious immortal bodies, we'll have sharp minds.
04:24 Not a great awakening like Margaret experienced.
04:50 Now notice, according to Scripture there are
04:53 two resurrections.
04:58 I told you, didn't I. There are what?
05:00 How many are there? There are two.
05:02 What are they called?
05:08 Which resurrection comes first?
05:11 Which one comes first?
05:13 The resurrection of life.
05:16 Then the resurrection of damnation.
05:19 When do these resurrections take place?
05:22 It's very clear when the resurrection
05:24 of life takes place.
05:26 The Bible describes the second coming of Christ,
05:29 the return of our Lord.
05:30 It describes the graves opening.
05:32 It describes the righteous coming forth
05:35 out of their graves.
05:37 1 Thessalonians 4:16 puts it this way.
05:46 The shout of victory, the shout of glory, the shout of triumph.
05:53 That voice pierces the tomb.
05:57 That glorious trumpet of God that blasts the tombs
06:02 and the voice of God that calls the dead forth from their tombs.
06:11 That is the first resurrection.
06:30 So the Bible is very clear.
06:32 The first resurrection is the resurrection of the righteous.
06:37 The first resurrection is the resurrection of those
06:40 that have been believers in Jesus Christ.
06:44 The Bible says in Revelation 20:6...
06:55 Just think of it.
06:57 That little child that you have laid in the grave
07:01 will come forth to new life.
07:04 Just think of what it's going to be like
07:06 to see that little five year old, six year old,
07:08 come running to you again.
07:10 You're putting your arms around them and being caught up
07:13 in the sky to meet Jesus in the air together.
07:17 Just think of the joy.
07:19 Wouldn't it be a tragedy to miss that rendezvous,
07:22 to miss that reunion with your child?
07:25 With your brother, your sister, your father, your mother,
07:28 your husband, or your wife?
07:30 Wouldn't it be a tragedy to miss all eternity
07:33 for the cheap pleasures of this world?
07:37 Yes, the first resurrection.
07:39 The resurrection of the righteous
07:41 is going to be an incredibly glorious event.
07:44 You know, when Jesus comes back the second time
07:47 there is no second chance.
07:49 There are only two groups.
07:50 The saved: those that look up to see Christ's coming
07:54 and say, "This is our God.
07:57 We have waited for Him, and He will save us."
08:00 There will only be two groups, the saved and the lost.
08:03 And you remember, for one group it is a new beginning.
08:07 For the other group it's a tragic ending.
08:09 For one group it's the beginning of a new day.
08:13 For the other group it's the ending of a day
08:17 and the beginning of a long night.
08:19 For one group it's glory in heaven.
08:22 For the other group it is condemnation and lostness
08:26 and destruction.
08:28 The Bible describes there are two groups.
08:30 And the decisions that we make in this life
08:33 settle our destiny for all eternity.
08:37 This one group says...
09:01 The wrath; that's the judgment.
09:05 What a tragedy it is.
09:07 Jesus wants to save all humanity.
09:10 His death on the cross has made provision
09:14 for all to be saved.
09:16 Not one man, one woman, one child need be lost.
09:21 But yet, some run and cry for the rocks
09:25 and mountains to fall on them.
09:27 God has given us the freedom of choice.
09:29 God has given us the capacity to choose.
09:32 He influences that choice.
09:34 He sends His Holy Spirit to touch our hearts.
09:39 He sends angels to beat back the forces of hell.
09:43 But the choice to serve Him is ours.
09:47 That's why the Bible says, "Choose you this day
09:50 who you'll serve."
09:52 And let it be Christ the Lord.
09:54 So God gives us the power of choice.
09:57 He influences and impacts that choice,
10:00 but the choice must be ours.
10:02 If men and women are lost at last, it's because they
10:06 turned from His love, rejected His grace,
10:10 and walked away from the convictions of His Holy Spirit.
10:14 Jesus is doing everything He can to save you,
10:17 but the choice is yours.
10:18 And at the end, there's no second chance.
10:20 Why is it that there's no second chance?
10:22 Because He's given us a thousand chances in this life.
10:25 No, ten thousand chances in this life.
10:27 No, many more than that.
10:28 Every day we live, every breath we take
10:31 is another opportunity.
10:33 You see, this group run and they cry for the rocks
10:35 and the mountains, and they say...
10:42 The answer to that question is, those that have accepted Jesus,
10:46 those for whom Christ becomes their Lord
10:49 and their Savior forever.
10:51 But those who run from Him are those that have rejected
10:56 His love and turned their backs on His mercy.
11:01 What does it mean to accept Jesus as King?
11:04 You see, if we do not accept Christ as the King of our
11:07 hearts here, we're not going to worship Him as the King
11:10 of our hearts in the universe.
11:11 If we do not accept Him as the Lord of our life here
11:14 and let Him sit on the throne of our hearts
11:17 to be the major governing factor in our lives,
11:20 then we would want to throw Him off the throne in the universe
11:23 and sin would start up all over again.
11:25 What does it mean to accept Jesus as King?
11:27 It means to invite Him to rule on the throne of your heart.
11:30 It is not complicated, it is not difficult.
11:33 It's simply saying, "Jesus, You come.
11:37 I don't want to be ruling on the throne of my heart.
11:39 I don't want to be governing my life in my own way.
11:42 Because I know that's not the way of joy at all.
11:45 I know that's the way of disaster.
11:47 Lord, Your way is best.
11:48 Not my will, but Thy will be done."
11:51 You know the old song, "Have Thine own way, Lord,
11:53 have Thine own way.
11:55 You're the Potter and I'm the clay.
11:57 Mold me and make me."
11:59 And that's the prayer of every committed, converted Christian.
12:04 "God, make me what You want me to be."
12:11 The Savior, the one that died for you.
12:13 The Lord, the one that lives in your life.
12:15 And the King, the one that you're looking forward to come
12:18 to take you home again.
12:20 John 14:1-3, Jesus says...
12:22 Yes, certainly. Two classes when He comes.
12:24 But He's coming for you because He does not want to
12:27 be separated from you.
12:29 Because He wants, as your Lover, to be with you forever.
12:46 Who's the place prepared for?
12:47 It's prepared for you, prepared for me.
12:59 Jesus said, "I'm coming.
13:01 Not primarily to destroy the earth.
13:03 I'm coming, not primarily to burn up the wicked.
13:06 But I am coming because I can't bare to be
13:08 without you any longer.
13:09 I am coming because I want to be with you for all eternity.
13:12 I am coming to receive you to Myself."
13:15 He loves you that much.
13:17 He died for you.
13:18 And He's going to come back to get that which He has purchased.
13:22 He came once as a babe in Bethlehem's manger.
13:26 He came once to face the temptations of Satan head on.
13:29 He came once to have victory over sin and the evil one.
13:34 He hung on the cross to die to provide
13:37 eternal life for you and me.
13:39 But He is coming back again in glory to resurrect the dead,
13:44 to change the dead into immortality,
13:48 and to change the living into immortality,
13:52 and to catch them up in the sky to take them with Him
13:56 for all eternity, in a moment at the last trump.
14:00 The trumpet shall sound,
14:01 the dead shall be raised incorruptible.
14:04 And we which are alive and remain shall be caught up
14:07 together with them in the clouds.
14:10 Here are the events at Christ's second coming.
14:12 What are they?
14:15 Believers will be resurrected from the dead
14:18 to receive new glorious bodies.
14:20 They'll receive immortality.
14:23 The wicked living will be consumed with the
14:25 brightness of His coming.
14:27 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9 talks about them being destroyed
14:33 with the brightness of His glorious return.
14:44 His coming is not a secret coming at all.
14:47 Revelation 1:7 says, "Every eye will see Him."
14:51 Psalm 50:3-5 says, "Our God will come and not keep silent."
14:57 1 Thessalonians 4 that we've just read says
15:00 He comes with the sound of a trumpet.
15:02 So every eye sees Him, every ear hears Him.
15:05 It's a glorious event.
15:06 And these events...
15:18 ...they take place surrounding the second coming of Christ.
15:22 But what happens after He comes?
15:24 What is the state of the earth after Jesus Christ returns?
15:31 What's the condition of the earth?
15:33 Is there anybody who is left alive on earth?
15:36 And what happens to Satan when Jesus Christ comes?
15:41 When does God make the new heaven and the new earth?
15:46 When do all those events occur?
15:48 And what about this 1000 year period the Bible talks about?
15:52 Do we have living people on earth?
15:54 Are they alive during this 1000 years?
15:57 Those are really good questions.
15:59 And the Bible answers those questions.
16:01 Here in the book of Revelation we have the description
16:05 of the 1000 year period.
16:07 Now there are places where the condition of the earth is
16:10 explained in the Bible in other places.
16:12 But it's only in Revelation 20 that we read
16:15 about this 1000 year period.
16:37 Now this is an interesting passage.
16:39 Here's where we get the word in the Bible, millennium.
16:54 So the word, "millennium," simply means, 1000 years.
16:57 Writers use it.
16:59 You may have heard preachers talk about it.
17:02 It's not used in the Bible, but it's that term to describe
17:06 this 1000 year period that we have just read about
17:10 here in the book of Revelation chapter 20 and onward.
17:15 Now let's take a look at Revelation 20:1
17:17 a little more carefully.
17:19 It says the devil is chained or bound in a bottomless pit.
17:25 What is this bottomless pit?
17:27 Is it some subterranean cavern in the center of the earth?
17:34 What is this bottomless pit?
17:36 Is it some dark hole down there some place?
17:41 Well the word, "bottomless pit," in the Greek language
17:45 of Revelation 20...
17:47 You remember the New Testament is written
17:49 in the Greek language.
17:50 ...abussos.
17:52 What does that word mean?
17:54 It means, abyss.
17:55 You can see very similarity between it.
17:58 So Satan is thrown into this abyss,
18:01 this cavern of darkness.
18:03 It also can apply to darkness, desolation.
18:07 That whole concept or idea.
18:10 In Genesis 1:2 when the Bible, the Old Testament Hebrew,
18:15 was translated into the Greek language,
18:18 this word, "abyss," was used.
18:22 It was an abyss.
18:23 In other words, at creation, before God spoke life
18:27 into existence, the desolate dark earth is termed,
18:32 the abussos or the abyss.
18:34 So when Jesus comes the second time,
18:37 every mountain, every island moves out of its place.
18:41 When Jesus comes the second time,
18:43 the buildings of the earth come tumbling down,
18:47 darkness over the earth, it is like an abyss.
18:50 It's like a place of desolation.
18:53 It is this abussos that the Bible speaks about
18:57 in Genesis 1:2 when the earth is without form, and void.
19:01 That's exactly the condition of the earth
19:04 after the coming of Christ in glory,
19:07 after the resurrection of the righteous saints
19:10 or the believers, and after they ascend to heaven with Christ.
19:14 Jesus comes, the righteous are caught up to meet Him
19:17 in the sky, the earth is left in this dark, desolate state.
19:21 It is a destroyed planet earth.
19:23 Buildings topple down.
19:25 The earthquake has shaken the earth,
19:29 The beauty of earth is gone.
19:32 It's a desolate place.
19:37 Are they iron chains that he's just bound with a
19:40 ball and chain to earth?
19:43 The Scriptures explain very clearly the meaning
19:47 of these chains.
20:00 Now the word, "hell," there in the original
20:03 language is, tartarus.
20:05 It means, place of darkness.
20:07 This word does not imply burning at all.
20:11 It's a place of darkness.
20:20 Keep that in mind.
20:22 The devil is cast out of heaven.
20:23 Not cast into some hot spot in the center of the earth.
20:26 It says he's reserved for judgment.
20:30 But what does the Bible say?
20:31 It talks about chains of darkness.
20:34 So what are the chains that Satan is bound with?
20:37 The chains that Satan are bound with are chains of darkness.
20:42 The earth is desolate.
20:43 Satan cannot leave it.
20:46 He is on this earth without the ability to leave.
20:50 He wanders to and fro over a desolate earth.
20:56 And as he wanders to and fro over that desolate earth,
20:59 shouting and re-echoing in his ears are these words,
21:03 "The wages of sin are death.
21:05 The wages of sin are death."
21:07 God is dealing with a controversy between
21:10 good and evil in a way that sin will never
21:12 rise up a second time.
21:14 Why do you have a millennium?
21:15 Why doesn't Christ just come and re-create the earth?
21:18 Because God wants to ensure the security of the universe.
21:22 God wants to ensure the safety of the universe
21:25 forever and ever and ever.
21:27 And so the whole universe can see, and Satan can see,
21:32 the destruction that sin has brought.
21:35 Withdraw the hand of God, you withdraw life.
21:38 Withdraw the hand of God and you withdraw everything good,
21:42 and holy, and righteous, and pure, and true, and beautiful.
21:46 And you just have the ugly and death.
21:48 And Satan wanders around seeing the result of his work.
21:52 Everything around him is death.
21:54 He had said that if human beings followed him,
21:58 if Adam and Eve followed him, they would have life,
22:01 they would be as gods.
22:02 But during the millennial period the desolation of the earth
22:05 proves that is a blatant falsehood and a lie.
22:19 And during that millennial period God reveals
22:22 that His love brings life and joy.
22:26 And Satan's way brings death.
22:29 What is wrought out on the cross?
22:31 You remember when Christ dies on Calvary,
22:34 He hangs there.
22:35 And we see the worst in human nature in what human beings
22:40 did to Christ.
22:41 We see Him, the God of love, bearing all
22:44 the guilt and shame.
22:45 But now, during the millennial period,
22:48 we see the worst of what has happened to the human race.
22:52 Without God it is only death.
22:55 And that echoes in Satan's ears.
22:58 The wonderful thing is this.
23:01 No sin is so dark God's love cannot blot it out.
23:05 You see, God desires that when He comes again
23:10 that you and I are caught up to meet Him in the sky,
23:13 that we live with this God of love forever.
23:17 That the wages of sin, which are death,
23:21 do not destroy our lives.
23:25 Jesus longs to forgive you, my friend.
23:29 He longs for you to be in heaven with Him
23:32 during this 1000 year period.
23:34 Because you see, really there are only one of two choices.
23:37 There are only one of two places that we would be.
23:39 Either in heaven with Christ during the 1000 years,
23:43 or still in our graves not resurrected when He comes
23:47 the second time or destroyed by the brightness of His coming.
23:51 But you say, "My life is just not in harmony with God's will.
23:55 I know I'm not living how He wants me to live."
23:59 You can make a decision right during this telecast
24:03 to give your life to Christ.
24:04 You can make a decision right now that settles your destiny.
24:09 And you can say, "Lord, I want to be with You
24:11 forever in heaven.
24:12 I want to live with You.
24:14 I do not want to experience sin's wage of death
24:18 and have my body strewn over the earth
24:21 in this desolate darkness."
24:27 The Bible is very plain.
24:29 It describes exactly this desolate earth.
24:32 And it points out that there's not one person alive here.
24:36 The only ones here are Satan and his evil angels.
24:39 Here's what the Scripture says.
24:47 What a minute. Is this at creation?
24:49 Not at all.
24:56 When is every mountain and island going to
24:57 be cast out of its place?
24:59 When Jesus comes.
25:09 So here, nobody lives on earth during the millennium.
25:14 During this time there's only Satan and his evil angels.
25:18 Here, Jeremiah goes on.
25:25 It used to be fruitful.
25:26 This is not creation.
25:28 This is after Christ comes the second time.
25:35 Fierce anger against what?
25:37 Fierce anger against sin.
25:39 So here is a desolate earth, cities broken down.
25:43 Here is a desolate earth with only Satan and his evil angels.
25:47 Nobody is on earth during the millennium.
25:51 Jeremiah 4:23-27 goes on.
26:04 Why is God not going to make a full end yet?
26:10 Because at the end of the 1000 years, as we shall see,
26:13 the holy city will descend.
26:15 And remember what the Bible says in Matthew 5:5?
26:18 "The meek shall inherit the earth."
26:20 And so here the Bible teaches that the earth
26:24 will be made over again.
26:26 Micah says that the first dominion like in Eden
26:31 will be restored once again.
26:34 But during the 1000 years, Jeremiah 25:33,
26:40 notice what Scripture says...
26:51 Isn't it a very sobering thought that when Christ comes again
26:58 you and I are either caught up to meet Him in the sky
27:01 or we're destroyed by the brightness of His coming.
27:04 Our graves either open and we hear, "John, come forth,"
27:09 "Mary, come forth," "Tom, come forth,"
27:12 "Betsy, come forth," and that grave opens
27:15 and there's new life in the glorious immortal body,
27:18 and we ascend to heaven with Christ.
27:19 Either that or we remain in our graves until the end
27:23 of that 1000 year period.
27:26 Or if we are live, we're destroyed by the
27:29 brightness of His coming.
27:30 And from one end of the earth to the other
27:32 the slain bodies are there.
27:34 And the devil wanders around and among all that
27:36 death and desolation.
27:38 And he hears echoing in his ears,
27:40 "The wages of sin are death."
27:42 The Bible says in Jeremiah 25:33...
27:48 Why Not? There's nobody to gather them,
27:49 nobody to lament or sorrow for them, or bury.
27:56 The wicked are destroyed with the brightness of His coming.
28:01 Bodies strewn over the earth.
28:03 What a gruesome, what a horrible scene.
28:05 Sin is horrible.
28:07 And the whole universe sees the results of, the effects of,
28:11 the consequences of sin.
28:19 God is the way, through Christ of love and grace
28:23 and mercy and pardon.
28:24 And the devil's way is the way of selfishness.
28:28 And selfishness is separation from God
28:30 who is the source of love.
28:32 And that only brings death.
28:33 Remember what the Bible says in Revelation 20:6?
28:45 If you die once only in that physical death,
28:55 then you will die a second time eternally.
29:01 If you die in this life, not only once in the
29:06 physical death, but if you die to self in this life
29:10 and let Christ live within you, you will live eternally.
29:15 So if you die once in this life, you're going to
29:17 die eternally at the end.
29:19 Die once and live a selfish life.
29:21 If you die to your self in this life and then happen to die
29:25 the physical death, what consequence is that?
29:28 Because Jesus Christ is going to come again.
29:31 I'd rather die to self than die eternally at the end.
29:33 Wouldn't you?
29:35 I'd rather accept the death of Christ on the cross of Calvary
29:37 for me than to die eternally.
29:41 The Bible talks about those who are in the first resurrection.
29:46 It says...
29:51 You've got royal blood in your veins.
29:53 We are priests and kings with God.
29:57 We don't want to surrender our heritage
29:59 or give up our destiny.
30:02 We reign with Christ a 1000 years.
30:05 What are we doing with Christ?
30:06 "I saw thrones, and they that sat on them,
30:08 and judgment was committed to them."
30:12 We reign with Christ.
30:14 We become witnesses for Christ.
30:17 Notice it says judgment was given to them.
30:20 "...the books were opened."
30:22 Now follow me closely.
30:24 During this life right now, since Revelation's prophecies
30:31 are being fulfilled, since 1844, we've studied
30:33 about that in this series, we have been living
30:36 in the judgment hour.
30:38 What's that judgment hour for?
30:40 It reveals before a waiting world and a watching universe
30:44 the goodness, the graciousness, and the majesty of God.
30:48 God shows before the whole universe the fact that
30:52 He's loving and just, and that anybody that's lost
30:55 is lost, not because of God's choice,
30:57 but because of their unfitness for heavenly companionship.
31:01 And they're lost because of their own choices
31:03 and their own decisions.
31:06 Before the whole universe God reveals His love
31:09 and that every human being could have and should have been saved
31:12 if they would have responded to that love.
31:14 During the millennial period what does it mean,
31:17 the books are opened?
31:18 What does it mean that we sit on thrones in judgment?
31:22 God answers every question in our minds.
31:27 So there can be no question going into eternity
31:30 of His grace and His love and His goodness.
31:37 Why doesn't He come the second time and just
31:40 do away with sin forever and re-create the earth?
31:43 Why the 1000 years?
31:44 Here's two great reasons.
31:45 One, the whole universe sees the wages of sin is death
31:49 as they look at a desolate earth.
31:50 Two, we get a chance to look at the books of record.
31:53 Have you ever wondered, "Why did that happen to me in life?
31:57 Was God really fair in allowing that to happen?"
31:59 "Why is it that I had this circumstance?"
32:02 "Why did this son die?"
32:03 "Why did I go through this horrible experience in my life?"
32:07 "I tried to live for Christ, but I experienced this."
32:10 In the millennial period the books will be opened
32:12 and Jesus will show you that He has led you in the way
32:16 you would have chosen to be led
32:18 if you could see the end from the beginning.
32:20 He will show you during that period that He was
32:22 working in your life, in every aspect of that life.
32:27 We will see then questions that we don't have
32:31 answered now answered then.
32:32 You know, what if you were in heaven and your son or daughter,
32:34 your husband or wife, a friend wasn't there,
32:36 you'd say, "God, why?"
32:37 What if you had doubts going into eternity?
32:40 Before the new heaven and new earth are created
32:43 God Himself will explain that He could not have brought
32:46 certain people to heaven, because if He did
32:48 they would have then exhibited selfishness,
32:51 and greed, and envy, and lust in heaven.
32:53 So what does Jesus do?
32:55 He explains that all to us ahead of time,
32:57 then He wipes the memory away.
33:00 And we are just filled with His love and filled with His grace.
33:09 You know, we see the poverty in this earth,
33:11 we see terrorism in this earth, we see bombs drop and
33:14 children with legs blown off.
33:16 We see kids and famine starving to death.
33:19 We say, "Why, God? Why, God?"
33:20 We see terrorist attacks, and terrorists enter into churches
33:24 and kill people, and they go into malls or theaters
33:26 and kill people.
33:28 We say, "God, this makes no sense at all."
33:30 Every question about His justice,
33:33 every question about His love will be fully settled
33:37 during that 1000 years.
33:38 The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:2-3...
33:45 We will participate as believers with Christ
33:48 in the final judgment.
33:53 What does that mean?
33:54 We'll actually participate in the final judgment
33:57 of the evil angels who are lost.
34:00 Because God will reveal to us the fact that if they would have
34:07 been given another chance they would have been so
34:10 bent on evil they would have destroyed the universe
34:12 and brought this sin, suffering, and heartache up again.
34:16 We're going to be participants in that.
34:18 And that ensures the security, that ensures the safety
34:22 of all the universe.
34:28 We'll understand every tear.
34:29 We'll understand why the sword pierced our heart.
34:32 We'll understand heartache and sorrow and disappointment.
34:36 And then Jesus will wipe away every tear from our eyes.
34:40 Then the memories will only be ones of joy and positiveness.
34:44 So what are the events during the millennium?
34:48 What are the events during this 1000 year period?
34:51 First, the righteous are in heaven.
34:54 We've been caught up to meet Christ in the sky.
34:56 Dead righteous resurrected.
34:58 Living righteous with immortal glorious bodies,
35:01 along with the dead righteous,
35:03 we are caught up to meet Christ in the sky.
35:05 Death is but a sleep. An instant.
35:07 And the trumpet blasts.
35:09 We see Christ coming.
35:10 The wicked who are dead remain dead.
35:14 The wicked who are living are destroyed with the brightness
35:16 of His coming, and their bodies are strewn over the earth.
35:20 Satan and his angels are bound on earth.
35:24 They see the impact of what they have done.
35:28 The earth at this point remains desolate.
35:37 What takes place at the end of the 1000 years?
35:40 Often truth is stranger than fiction.
35:42 And here is the climax of the ages.
35:45 This is more thrilling, this is more exciting,
35:50 this is more dramatic by a million trillion times
35:54 than any Hollywood movie.
35:56 Every Star Wars controversy and trilogy
36:00 fades into insignificance in comparison to the divine
36:05 prophetic insight of what happens at the end.
36:09 All of this great controversy between good and evil
36:12 comes to a glorious climax.
36:15 All of this comes to a screeching halt of conclusion.
36:20 And there we see at the end of the millennium
36:24 the wicked dead here are resurrected.
36:28 Now how do you know that?
36:29 Remember what we read at the beginning of our presentation?
36:32 It says, "Marvel not at this, for..." What?
36:37 "...all of those in the graves shall hear His voice;
36:41 those who have done good, to the resurrection of life,
36:43 and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of..." What?
36:45 "...damnation." So two resurrections.
36:47 When, then, are the rest of the dead,
36:49 those not caught up in the first resurrection,
36:52 when are they resurrected?
36:53 Here the Bible is clear. Back to Revelation.
37:09 So the second resurrection takes place at the
37:13 end of the 1000 years.
37:14 Now to be sure that we have it clear in our minds,
37:17 let's go back to the chart.
37:19 At the coming of Christ we have the first resurrection.
37:24 And that is called, the resurrection of what?
37:27 The resurrection of life.
37:29 During the 1000 years Satan is bound on earth.
37:35 The people of God, the saints of God,
37:37 the believers are in heaven.
37:39 At the end of the 1000 years you have the resurrection
37:43 of damnation.
37:45 That is, the unsaved are resurrected.
37:49 Why would God bring them back to life at that moment?
37:54 Why would you have this resurrection of damnation?
37:58 Why doesn't God just let the wicked stay in their graves?
38:02 Why doesn't He just let the wicked who have been
38:04 destroyed by the brightness of His coming lie on earth?
38:07 There's a specific reason in the plan of God for this.
38:10 You know, some people are saying,
38:13 "Only if we had a second chance.
38:15 You know, then we'd turn to God."
38:17 The second resurrection, the resurrection of damnation,
38:21 reveals that those who are lost have made so many decisions
38:27 against Christ that their brains are fixed.
38:31 And even if God would give them another chance,
38:35 even if that would take place, they would never make
38:40 their decision for Christ.
38:42 Now the Bible looks out at this group in Revelation 20:8.
38:51 What a tragedy.
38:53 What heartache.
38:55 What a disappointment to God.
38:57 Tens of thousands and millions of people
39:00 who have turned their back on His love,
39:02 rejected the promptings of His Spirit,
39:05 turned away from Calvary, they are the number
39:09 as the sand of the sea.
39:11 And the Bible talks about what happens.
39:13 The devil gathers them together.
39:16 He places them under his control.
39:21 He tried to convince them, "We can take the city.
39:25 Look at our numbers.
39:27 Thousands and tens of thousands.
39:29 Look at our numbers.
39:31 We can take that city.
39:33 We can overthrow that city."
39:35 He sees in that army vast military generals
39:40 that have never lost a battle.
39:42 He sees in that army the brilliant minds of captains
39:48 and lieutenants, military leaders.
39:51 And he marshals the legions of the lost.
39:54 They see that holy city.
39:56 The Bible says, Revelation 20:7-8,
40:00 "Now when the 1000 years have expired..."
40:03 What does expired mean?
40:05 Finished, completed. They're over.
40:11 How is he released from his prison?
40:12 He's been chained by a chain of circumstances to earth.
40:18 He's wandered around for 1000 years over these dead bodies.
40:22 There has been nobody at all to tempt.
40:26 And so, now the chains are unfettered, they're unloosed.
40:31 Now he sees the legions of the lost.
40:34 Now he sees those wicked men and women
40:38 who are bent against Christ, and he looks at them.
40:41 He's released from his prison.
40:43 He goes out to do what? Deceive the nations.
40:46 Did the devil deceive a third of the angels in heaven?
40:51 Did the devil deceive Adam and Eve?
40:53 Did the devil deceive men and women
40:56 down through the centuries?
40:57 The devil is a deceiver.
41:01 That is who he is.
41:02 John 8:44 says the devil is a liar,
41:05 and he is the father of lies.
41:08 So down through the ages this deceiver, this liar,
41:12 this one bent on the destruction of the world,
41:15 here he looks at the nations, he deceives them once again.
41:19 He says, "We can take the city.
41:21 We can take it. Let's go and attack that city."
41:25 The Bible says, the scene changes, Revelation 21:2...
41:39 The holy city is descending out of heaven.
41:43 And as the holy city descends,
41:45 you and I are in one of two places.
41:47 We're either inside that city with Christ,
41:51 coming down, rejoicing in praise as God is going to re-create
41:56 this earth in Edenic splendor, or we're outside of that city
42:02 battling with Satan against Jesus and the angels.
42:06 The Bible says that Satan and the legions of the lost
42:10 come up on the city, they attack the city.
42:13 You see, Jesus is either going to be the Lord
42:15 of your life today or not Lord at all.
42:20 You see, there's only one of two choices.
42:21 We're either inside that city worshiping Him
42:24 or outside of that city battling against Him.
42:28 We're either inside of that city with Christ as our Lord,
42:32 Christ as our Savior, or outside of that city
42:37 being guided by another master.
42:39 See, there are only two masters.
42:40 Only two masters.
42:42 Somebody says, "Well, I don't think I'm going to decide.
42:44 I'm kind of on the fence."
42:46 That's not possible.
42:48 That's not possible.
42:50 You're either going to be fully for Christ
42:53 or fully for Satan.
42:55 Either Jesus is going to be your Lord and Savior,
42:59 led and guided by Him, or you'll turn your back on that Christ
43:04 and be guided by the evil one.
43:07 John says in Revelation 21:3...
43:16 The tabernacle of God, the dwelling place of God,
43:20 the city of God is with men.
43:28 Sin, suffering, heartache no more.
43:31 God is going to be with His people forever.
43:35 He is going to remake this earth.
43:36 The holy city descends.
43:38 The wicked rush up on that city.
43:40 The Bible says in Revelation 20:9...
43:47 Satan says, "We have the city. We can take the city.
43:50 We can overthrow the city.
43:52 I can be ruler of the world.
43:54 I can have dominion over the universe.
43:57 The city will be mine. Earth will be my capital."
44:01 But the Bible says...
44:07 The glorious, magnificent presence of God destroys evil.
44:14 The glorious, magnificent presence of God destroys sin.
44:19 The Bible describes it.
44:22 Out of the ashes of this old world there is a new world.
44:44 A panoramic view comes in the sky
44:47 there of the lives of the wicked.
44:50 And they see, they see clearly
44:55 every opportunity they could have had to be saved.
44:59 The judgment bar is opened before them.
45:03 And they see that they could have made decisions for Christ.
45:08 And every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess
45:12 that Jesus Christ is Lord of all.
45:23 My name, your name, the name of every believer
45:26 is written there in the book of life
45:29 when we accept Christ.
45:30 You can live and need not die.
45:32 The choice is life or death.
45:34 The choice is eternity with Christ
45:36 or destruction, being gone, consumed, burned up forever.
45:41 You and I can live in a new heaven and a new earth.
45:44 And the whole universe says, "Just and righteous
45:47 are Thy ways, oh Lord."
45:48 Even the wicked recognize that they could not
45:51 be brought into heaven, that they are unfit
45:54 for heavenly companionship.
45:55 That the rebellion would start all over again.
45:58 God deals with the problem of evil in a way
46:01 to ensure that sin will never raise its
46:04 ugly head a second time.
46:06 And John says in Revelation 21:1...
46:18 Think of it, to be in that city.
46:19 And to think of being at creation again.
46:23 Only God and Jesus and the Spirit and the angels
46:28 were at creation when God created
46:29 the world the first time.
46:31 But when He re-creates it in Edenic splendor
46:33 we'll be there in that city.
46:35 And He'll speak, and earth will be carpeted with living green.
46:38 And He'll take His finger and carve babbling brooks
46:41 in the earth again, and beautiful lakes.
46:44 And we'll see Him plant flowers in this earth.
46:47 And we'll see this earth like its Edenic splendor again.
46:50 And we'll marvel, and we'll sing, "Worthy, worthy, worthy
46:54 is the Lamb who was slain;
46:58 to receive riches and glory and honor forever."
47:01 When we see the majesty of His love,
47:04 the power of the new creation, and the earth made over again.
47:08 All we can do is fall at His feet and worship Him.
47:11 What are the events at the end of the millennium?
47:28 Again, and again, and again.
47:30 And we live with Christ forever and ever and ever;
47:34 there with no more fear, there with no more anxiety,
47:38 there with no more suffering, there with no more heartache.
47:41 The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:13...
47:56 One day the flowers will never fade.
47:58 One day the heartache will be gone forever.
48:00 One day cancer will be a thing of the past,
48:03 heart disease will be a thing of the past.
48:05 One day tears will be a thing of the past.
48:07 One day sorrow will be a thing of the past.
48:10 One day war will be a thing of the past.
48:12 One day terror will be a thing of the past.
48:14 One day Christ will reign forever and ever
48:17 and ever and ever.
48:19 One day there will be no more separation with our loved ones.
48:24 That father that you long to see,
48:26 that mother that you long to see,
48:29 that husband that you want to embrace again,
48:31 those children whose hands you want to take
48:34 and race through fields of waving grain;
48:38 we'll be there with our families.
48:41 I long to see dad again.
48:43 I long to see my mom again.
48:46 You know, my mom died not long ago with cancer.
48:52 It was a very, very difficult time for our family.
48:58 I was traveling.
49:00 And before I went on my trip to preach, I said to my godly
49:05 father and mother, "Should I go?
49:08 Should I go?"
49:10 I know mom's really sick.
49:11 I had been there visiting with her.
49:14 I don't want to be gone if she dies.
49:17 I want to be here.
49:19 My father and mother said, "Mark, you go preach.
49:22 We'll keep you posted on the condition."
49:25 My sister said, "Go preach."
49:26 I was preaching, traveling in another country.
49:29 And I'd call home very day by the phone.
49:34 My sister said one day, "Mark, you better come
49:36 if you want to see mom alive.
49:38 She's taken a turn for the worse."
49:40 My wife, Teenie, and I got an airplane ticket.
49:44 We flew back.
49:46 By the time I got back it was early in the morning,
49:49 12:30 or 1:00 o'clock in the morning.
49:51 We decided that we did not want my mother
49:54 to die in the hospital alone.
49:57 That we're going to bring her and she would be at home.
50:02 My sisters got a hospital bed, it was put in the living room.
50:06 And there mom was.
50:07 We wanted to be holding her hand when she died.
50:10 We wanted to be running our fingers through her hair.
50:13 We wanted to be telling her how much we loved her
50:15 and singing the songs of heaven.
50:18 It was late at night.
50:21 I came into the room.
50:23 Her bed was in the living room, we tried to be quiet,
50:25 I was going to see her in the morning.
50:27 And as I opened the door it made a little creak,
50:32 mom woke up.
50:34 And she looked up and said words that I will never forget.
50:37 She said, "Son, I knew you would come.
50:41 Son, I knew you would come."
50:43 She knew that I loved her too much.
50:46 She knew that I cared for her too much.
50:49 She knew that I wouldn't let her die alone.
50:53 Jesus says to you, "I'm going to come, My child.
50:58 Calvary speaks about My love.
51:04 I love you too much.
51:06 The nails in My hands show that.
51:10 The spear wound in My side shows that.
51:13 My death on the cross shows that."
51:16 Calvary says love to me.
51:19 Jesus loves you too much to leave you along.
51:22 Listen as Danny sings.
51:33 In compassion and love He looked down to earth,
51:42 then He sent His Son, born of a virgin birth.
51:51 He knew from creation what was to be,
52:00 with great love for man He planned Calvary.
52:12 Calvary says love to me,
52:21 like words could never say.
52:30 The blood He shed was love written in red.
52:39 Calvary says love to me.
52:52 Separated by sin was the whole human race,
53:01 man was destined to die were it not for grace.
53:10 A cross and three nails never held Him there,
53:20 for He willingly chose the cross to bear.
53:31 Calvary says love to me,
53:40 like words could never say.
53:49 The blood He shed was love written in red.
53:59 Calvary says love to me.
54:07 The blood He shed was love written in red.
54:18 Calvary says love to me.
54:28 Calvary says love to me.
54:42 What does Calvary say?
54:45 Calvary says love to you.
54:49 Are you wondering about the love of God?
54:53 Do you look to the future frightened and fearful?
54:57 As you think about the end of that 1000 year
55:01 millennial period, are you concerned, troubled,
55:07 that you may not be saved?
55:09 Calvary says love to you.
55:12 The nails in His hands speak of His love.
55:15 The spear wound in His side speaks of His love.
55:20 Grace and mercy flow from the cross of Calvary to you.
55:27 You see, my love for my mother led me there
55:33 that night of her death.
55:36 We sat with her.
55:38 We told her of our love.
55:40 She knew that a son that loved her was going to be there
55:46 when she needed him most.
55:48 The Christ that loves you is there when you need Him most.
55:55 Mom knew that the son that loved her
55:58 was going to come home for her.
56:00 Jesus loves you.
56:02 Loves you more than you know or could ever realize.
56:07 And He's coming for you to take you home with Him,
56:11 where you can live with Him through all eternity
56:15 forever and ever and ever and ever.
56:19 Let's pray together.
56:20 Right now would you like to say,
56:22 "Jesus, I know Calvary speaks love to me.
56:25 And Jesus, I know that love of Yours
56:28 is so strong and so great for me that You're going to come back
56:33 and take me to Yourself.
56:35 And I have that security in Christ."
56:38 Why not make that decision that you want to live with Him
56:41 forever as we bow our heads to pray.
56:43 Father in heaven, we thank You, first, for creating us.
56:50 We're not some cosmic accident.
56:52 You created us and fashioned us.
56:55 You've given us life.
56:57 Thank You for giving us life a second time.
57:00 When we sinned, the wages of sin were death,
57:03 You died on the cross so we could live, live eternally.
57:07 And thank You, my Father, that Calvary's love is so strong
57:11 and so great that it leads You to come
57:14 to get us to take us home.
57:16 We long to be with You forever
57:18 and make that decision to serve You,
57:22 to respond to Your love right now.
57:24 In Christ's name, amen.
57:27 Thank you for joining us for,
57:28 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.


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