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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The book of Revelation provides hopeful answers
00:08 for today, tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker,
00:14 on a journey into the future.
00:22 Welcome back to Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:25 Have you ever felt, "I wish I could have a new life."
00:31 "I wish I could go back and do some things over again
00:34 that I did earlier in my life."
00:37 Revelation is not only a book about mystic symbols,
00:41 cryptic images, prophetic scenes.
00:44 It's a book that touches our hearts deeply.
00:47 You remember in Revelation 1:1 it says,
00:50 "Blessed are they who read and hear and do
00:55 the things therein."
00:56 So the whole purpose of Revelation is to reach into
01:00 our lives and change them, to open our hearts
01:04 to give us that power of the living Christ for new life.
01:08 That's what our topic is in this presentation.
01:11 Let's pray.
01:12 Father in heaven, as we study about Revelation's new life,
01:16 I pray that new life would flow into each of our hearts.
01:19 In Christ's name, amen.
01:22 The topic for this presentation is indeed...
01:29 Have you ever spent an afternoon looking for a job
01:34 by perusing the want ads in a newspaper?
01:38 Maybe you're between jobs and maybe you went onto the internet
01:42 and perused it a bit.
01:43 Maybe you talked to friends, and maybe you sat on a bench
01:47 in a park just perusing the newspaper.
01:50 Chad was a college student and he needed a summer job.
01:55 He really needed it badly because he was
01:58 unable to pay his college bills.
02:00 And he thought, "If I just peruse the paper a little bit
02:04 maybe I can find something."
02:06 And he saw something that was quite attractive to him.
02:08 He saw a want ad for college students to come up to Canada
02:14 and cut wood during their summer vacation.
02:18 And he was pretty thrilled about it because he saw the price
02:21 that he would be paid for doing that
02:23 and he saw the wages he would get for the summer.
02:25 And he thought, this is an excellent opportunity
02:29 to spend time logging.
02:31 He was going to a Christian college and was
02:33 a pretty committed Christian.
02:35 When he talked to his friends about that job, they said,
02:38 "Nothing doing.
02:39 Because you're going to work with rough, tough guys.
02:43 Their cursing, swearing, smoking, drinking.
02:46 And these guys are going to eat you up.
02:48 You're a college student.
02:50 And they are going to simply demean you.
02:55 You're a Christian.
02:56 They are simply going to make a mockery of you
02:59 and ridicule you.
03:00 Whatever you do, Chad, don't go."
03:04 In spite of their counsel, he decided to go.
03:06 And in actual fact, he had a great summer.
03:09 Cutting logs and working in the woods.
03:12 It was good for him.
03:13 And when he came back to school he had enough money
03:17 for his scholarship.
03:19 And his friends said to him, "How did you ever survive
03:23 with those cursing, swearing, foul-mouthed,
03:26 drinking, smoking, carousing, partying guys
03:30 that you worked with in the woods?"
03:32 Chad looked up and said, "It wasn't difficult at all."
03:34 "What do you mean, it wasn't difficult?"
03:36 "Well I just made sure that they never found out
03:41 that I was a Christian."
03:43 You think that was a good option?
03:45 Certainly not!
03:54 And that's what the book of Revelation is all about.
03:56 In the book of Revelation there is no neutrality.
03:59 You either follow the Lamb
04:02 or listen to the voice of the dragon.
04:04 You either follow Jesus Christ or line up marching after
04:10 the banner of Satan.
04:11 You see, the book of Revelation is a book of contrast.
04:14 There are two cities: Jerusalem, the city from above;
04:17 Babylon, the city from beneath.
04:19 The book of Revelation is a book of contrast.
04:23 There are two marks: the seal of God
04:26 or the mark of the beast.
04:28 The book of Revelation is a book of contrasts.
04:30 There are two harvests: the harvest of golden grain
04:33 or the harvest of gory grapes.
04:36 In the book of Revelation there are two destinies:
04:39 "He that is holy, let him be holy still;
04:41 he that is unholy, let him be unholy still."
04:44 So in the book of Revelation we are called to take a stand.
04:48 The Bible says in Revelation 22:17...
04:58 The Bible invites us to come.
05:00 To come to partake of the grace, and the goodness,
05:04 and the majesty of God.
05:06 The Bible says, "Whoever will..."
05:08 That is, whoever chooses to.
05:10 So in the book of Revelation there is a struggle between
05:13 good and evil.
05:14 And God is inviting us to make a choice.
05:19 How do we take a public stand for Christ?
05:23 Has He given us a symbol of allegiance to Him
05:27 that He invites us to enter into today?
05:31 Revelation 1:5-6 says...
05:41 See, baptism is a symbol.
05:44 It's a symbol that we've been washed in the blood of Christ,
05:47 a symbol that we've been pardoned by the grace of Christ,
05:50 a symbol that the power of Christ lives in our life,
05:54 a symbol that we are new in Christ.
05:56 Baptism is a symbol...
06:03 When Jesus left this earth, in Matthew 28:19-20
06:09 Jesus gave these final instructions to His disciples.
06:14 He said...
06:33 Now these were Jesus' final words.
06:36 Final words are pretty important.
06:38 I travel a great deal.
06:39 And often when I'm traveling, my wife will remind me...
06:44 she's with me most of the time, but there are times
06:46 that she's not able to come.
06:48 She says to me, "Mark, did you take enough money?"
06:50 I am classically broke when I travel.
06:54 I just don't think.
06:55 I'm thinking about preaching, thinking about teaching.
06:57 I'm not thinking about what I'm going to eat next,
06:59 and putting money in my wallet.
07:01 So my wife says, "Mark, here's money.
07:02 You have to get something to eat when you travel.
07:04 Did you take enough shirts with you?
07:06 Did you bring enough clothing with you?
07:10 Do you have enough bathroom toiletries with you?"
07:12 Her final words as I walk out the door
07:15 are some of the most important to remind me
07:19 to take everything I need.
07:21 But you know, final words are quite important
07:24 when a person is dying.
07:25 I've often, as a pastor, gathered around a bed
07:28 and noticed a husband holding his wife's hand.
07:32 She's lying in the hospital bed dying of cancer.
07:34 The children are there.
07:35 And they're listening, straining their ears
07:38 to hear the last words of their mother.
07:40 You know, when you're in a hospital room like that,
07:43 and mother is dying, one thing that you notice is
07:46 nobody is playing video games, nobody is fooling around,
07:49 nobody is watching TV, nobody is looking at the sport scores.
07:53 They want to hear the last words of their mother.
07:56 Jesus was about ready to ascend to heaven.
08:00 And His final words to His disciples,
08:02 some of the most important He ever uttered,
08:04 "Go ye therefore and teach all nations,
08:06 baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son,
08:08 and the Holy Spirit..."
08:16 Now notice, Jesus said, "Go and teach."
08:20 Teach the Word of God.
08:22 He didn't say, go and plunge people into the baptism
08:25 before they knew what they were doing.
08:26 He said, go teach the Word of God.
08:28 Lead people to Jesus Christ.
08:30 Teach them everything I have commanded.
08:33 So the teaching of the commandments of God
08:35 is part of the commission to baptize.
08:38 Then He said, "Lo, I am with you always,
08:40 even to the end of the age."
08:41 So in every generation God would invite people to take a stand.
08:45 Baptism is that public stand for Jesus Christ.
08:57 And the book of Revelation is leading men and women today
09:01 to that decision.
09:02 It's leading men and women to make a decision
09:05 to follow Christ,
09:06 to make a decision to keep His commandments,
09:08 to make a decision to share their faith and witness for Him,
09:12 to make a decision to fellowship with the body of Christ
09:15 that's keeping His commandments, including the Bible Sabbath.
09:19 The book of Revelation is an appeal to step out
09:22 from tradition, step out from comfortable convenience,
09:26 to make that decision to follow Jesus Christ.
09:30 Now many people have quite different ideas about baptism.
09:35 Some people say that baptism occurs when a baby is born
09:39 and you sprinkle a little water on their head.
09:42 Others say, "No, the baby ought to be immersed
09:46 totally, fully, completely in water."
09:50 There are different ideas about baptism.
09:53 Some say, "Well, it doesn't make any difference
09:55 whether you use water or not."
09:57 And they really say you can baptize with oil.
10:00 And there are some churches that actually do oil baptism.
10:04 One of the most interesting baptisms I have ever heard about
10:08 was a snow baptism.
10:10 You say, "Pastor Mark, what did you just say?"
10:13 A snow baptism.
10:15 Here's the way the pastor argued.
10:17 He said, "I'm taking this group of young people
10:18 out for a ski weekend, and I'm going to baptize a lot of them."
10:22 Yes, pastor?
10:24 "I'm going to baptize them in the snow.
10:26 Because it doesn't make any difference whether the water
10:29 is a solid or a liquid."
10:31 So this pastor did a snow baptism.
10:33 So many different kinds of baptism.
10:36 But the Bible says, Ephesians 4:5...
10:44 One Lord: Jesus Christ, Savior of all.
10:47 One faith: true Bible, biblical religion.
10:50 One baptism.
10:52 One method of baptism.
10:55 One form of baptism, one mode of baptism.
10:59 See, there's only one method of baptism
11:02 that really clearly reveals what baptism really means.
11:08 There's only one form of baptism that catches the symbolism
11:12 that Christ gave in the Bible.
11:17 If we're going to follow in the footsteps of Christ,
11:20 how did Jesus take a public stand?
11:22 How was Jesus separated for His three and a half year ministry?
11:28 Jesus is an example to follow.
11:30 And if we want to be baptized, we ought to walk in the
11:32 footsteps of Christ.
11:35 The Bible says in Mark 1:9...
11:46 So Jesus came to the Jordan river.
11:49 And there He was totally immersed in the Jordan.
11:53 So Jesus was baptized by full immersion.
11:57 The Bible says in Matthew 3:16-17...
12:03 So He went down into the water, He came up out of the water.
12:15 The text goes on.
12:22 Now notice the things that happened
12:24 when Jesus was baptized.
12:33 One of the reasons the devil says to people and tries to
12:37 influence them not to be baptized is precisely this.
12:41 The devil knows that when we make a decision to be baptized,
12:44 to take a public stand for Christ, that we are not
12:47 strong enough to live out our baptismal commitment.
12:51 And as the result of that, the devil knows that
12:55 if we make that decision, God is going to give us
12:58 supernatural power through His Holy Spirit.
13:01 Like He did for Jesus.
13:03 So therefore the devil says, "You're not good enough."
13:05 The devil says, "You're not ready."
13:06 The devil says, "Don't move ahead."
13:08 The devil will do every single thing he can to discourage you,
13:12 my friend, from walking ahead with Jesus Christ in baptism.
13:17 And when we're baptized, we're not baptized
13:20 because we're good enough.
13:21 Christ was the only one perfectly baptized.
13:24 He was the only one who was righteous enough.
13:26 But Jesus was baptized as an example to you
13:29 and an example to me.
13:30 And we follow His example.
13:32 But when we are baptized, Christ gives us power, strength.
13:36 Now somebody says, "I don't understand what it means
13:39 that we receive the Holy Spirit at our baptism.
13:42 Wasn't Jesus conceived of the Holy Spirit?
13:46 Didn't the Holy Spirit guide Jesus through His life?"
13:49 Acts 10:38 says...
13:56 That's at His baptism.
13:57 Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit.
14:00 The Holy Spirit did guide Him.
14:01 But it's like this.
14:03 Christ was going to enter into three and a half
14:07 years of ministry.
14:09 He was soon after His baptism to face the temptations of Satan.
14:14 He was soon to be in the midst of the greatest temptations
14:20 to His life up until that point.
14:23 And as the result of that, God gave Him additional
14:28 abundant resources of the Holy Spirit.
14:32 When you receive the Holy Spirit at baptism,
14:34 it's not because you didn't have any of the Spirit before.
14:38 The Spirit guides us.
14:39 The Spirit impresses our heart.
14:41 The Spirit leads us to a revelation of truth.
14:45 So the Spirit has been guiding you down through your life.
14:48 But when you're baptized, you take a public stand for Christ.
14:52 You stand for the Creator rather than the beast power.
14:55 You stand for Jesus rather than the dragon.
14:58 You stand with the people of God rather than
15:01 in neutrality or against the people of God.
15:03 You become part of the body of Christ, Christ's great church,
15:07 His body of believers that love Him, and are obeying Him,
15:10 and who are following Him.
15:12 And as you do that, the Holy Spirit comes into your life
15:16 to give you strength.
15:17 The Holy Spirit comes into your life to give you power.
15:20 Now something else happens when Jesus is baptized.
15:23 The Bible says the Father spoke to Him from heaven.
15:26 And He said in Matthew 3:17...
15:34 It's one thing to please your father, your mother,
15:37 your sister, your brother.
15:38 It's another thing to please Jesus.
15:42 Fish were made to swim.
15:44 Birds were made to fly.
15:46 And you and I, deep within the fabric of our beings,
15:49 were made to please God.
15:51 And so the most amazing wonderful sense is,
15:55 you walk into that baptismal pool,
15:57 you are filled with God's Spirit, He strengthens you.
16:01 You walk into that pool and you have this sense,
16:02 "I'm pleasing God.
16:04 I'm fulfilling the reason for my existence.
16:07 I'm going into that pool, and as I go into that water
16:10 I'll be cleansed from the sins of my past.
16:12 And I come up out of that water to serve Christ,
16:15 just as when Jesus was baptized He left for His ministry."
16:19 Three and a half years.
16:21 So when you and I are baptized Jesus has a plan for us
16:24 to share His love, to share His grace.
16:26 He leads us on a wonderful adventure for Him.
16:39 If you've not yet been immersed, you can make that decision
16:43 during this telecast.
16:45 And Christ will fill your life with His strength.
16:49 And deep within your heart you will hear that voice.
16:52 Oh, it won't be a loud voice.
16:54 It won't maybe be an audible voice.
16:56 But by faith you can imagine Christ saying,
16:58 "This is My beloved son, this is My beloved daughter,
17:02 in whom I am well pleased."
17:04 Baptism throughout the New Testament was always
17:07 by full immersion.
17:09 Remember the story of the Ethiopian eunuch?
17:13 The Ethiopian was a very wealthy man;
17:15 the treasurer of the queen.
17:18 And as he was riding along on the chariot,
17:20 he was studying the Bible.
17:22 He had been up to Jerusalem to worship.
17:24 He was going back home now to Africa, to Ethiopia.
17:29 And as he was riding on the chariot,
17:31 studying the prophecies of Isaiah, Isaiah 53,
17:35 God led Philip to join him.
17:37 And Philip said, "Do you understand what you're reading?"
17:39 And the man said, "No."
17:42 And finally Philip explained it to him.
17:44 The man was converted to Christ.
17:45 He had a background in biblical teaching,
17:48 but he just didn't know Jesus.
17:49 Acts 8:36-39, the Bible says...
18:03 "I've come to Jesus.
18:05 I see Him as the Messiah in Isaiah 53.
18:08 I've come to Jesus, the living Christ.
18:10 And I accept the teachings of His Word.
18:14 I know the things that He's commanded.
18:16 There's nothing for me to wait for any longer.
18:20 Here is water.
18:21 What hinders me from being baptized?"
18:26 In other words, if you trust Christ,
18:29 if you believe in Jesus, if you accept His words,
18:32 if you accept His teachings, if you accept His Word,
18:36 if you believe Christ enough to follow Him.
18:39 "See, here's water. What hinders me?"
18:42 "If you believe with all your heart, you may."
18:48 Christ is my Savior.
18:50 Christ is my Lord.
18:52 Christ lives in my life.
18:53 And the Bible says...
19:04 So notice, both Philip and the eunuch went into the water.
19:07 So I can just imagine Philip leading that eunuch there,
19:10 Philip raising his hands and saying,
19:12 "I now baptize you in the name of the Father,
19:17 and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."
19:20 And then lowering that eunuch under the water.
19:23 The water totally covers him.
19:25 His sins of the past are gone.
19:28 And he comes up with new life in Jesus Christ.
19:31 The Bible say they went down into the water.
19:33 Acts 8:39, they came up out of the water.
19:37 So according to the Bible, baptism is full immersion.
19:55 Baptism in the New Testament, representing taking a stand,
19:59 is full immersion.
20:13 This word, baptizo, was not only used in religious ceremonies,
20:18 but it was used for a woman, for example, who
20:22 wanted to dye a piece of cloth.
20:25 She must immerse that cloth totally, absolutely
20:29 covering it with water.
20:32 And so here, this woman wants to take this white cloth
20:38 and make it purple.
20:40 So she totally immerses it.
20:42 What is baptism?
20:44 I come with all my sinfulness, with all my shame,
20:49 with the dark degradation of my life.
20:51 Somebody says, "Well, I'm not that bad."
20:54 You don't know what God knows.
20:57 You see, the Bible says, "All have sinned
20:59 and come short of the glory of God."
21:01 So every one of us have selfishness and greed.
21:05 And every one of us at times have spoken critical words,
21:09 words that are less than honest.
21:10 See, one sin is worthy of death.
21:12 When we come to Christ, our sins are forgiven.
21:15 But when we go into the baptismal pool,
21:17 every sin that we've ever committed,
21:18 whether we remember it or not,
21:20 whether we've confessed it or not,
21:22 we say, "Jesus, just declare the whole thing sin.
21:25 And I want this body of sin to go into the water,
21:29 to be totally cleansed by the grace of Christ."
21:32 If you go back to the ancient churches,
21:35 ancient churches reveal the method used in baptism.
21:40 Let me give you a couple of examples of that.
21:42 Let's go back to the first century.
21:44 The Christian church was established very early
21:48 in Philippi in the first century.
21:51 You remember the apostle Paul started a house church
21:54 in the home of Lydia.
21:56 The ruins of the church that we are looking at here
21:59 were of a later period, not first century.
22:02 They met in a house church.
22:03 But in the early centuries as soon as churches
22:06 began to be built, they would build baptisms in them
22:10 so people could be baptized by immersion.
22:13 Now that tradition or that teaching of baptism
22:18 by immersion, that biblical teaching,
22:21 lasted for centuries.
22:23 It was the common place to baptize by immersion
22:27 down through the centuries.
22:28 This is the second holiest church in Rome.
22:31 It's called, Saint John of Lateran.
22:33 And if you go down a little side aisle and a little side alley
22:38 of this church, you'll come to the
22:40 baptistery building behind it.
22:42 And our Roman Catholic friends baptized for centuries.
22:45 Here's the baptism in Saint John of Lateran
22:49 where people could have stood in there and been immersed.
22:51 And they were.
22:53 If you go to many Roman Catholic churches in Italy
22:57 you'll see the remains of baptisteries like this one here.
23:01 One of the most famous is the baptistery behind
23:06 the leaning tower of Pisa.
23:08 Pisa has its major cathedral.
23:10 And right behind the leaning tower that you see on the
23:13 right of the picture there is the cathedral.
23:15 And you will notice in that cathedral they had a baptistery
23:19 where our Roman Catholic friends for centuries
23:22 baptized by immersion.
23:26 Come with me to Cappadocia, Turkey.
23:28 This is an amazing place.
23:29 We visited this a number of times.
23:32 Here, carved out of the rock, many of the Christians lived
23:37 when they were being persecuted in Europe.
23:40 Many of them fled here to this remote area of Turkey.
23:44 When the invades came too close, these Christians
23:49 had dug underground cities.
23:52 As many as 10 to 15 thousand people lived
23:56 in the underground cities.
23:57 It's amazing.
23:58 Many of these cities were connected
24:00 by underground tunnels.
24:02 As you go down, and I've been down seven stories deep,
24:07 eight stories, there are places on the outer part
24:11 of these cities, the first story down where they
24:12 kept their animals.
24:14 There were kitchens.
24:16 You can still see the smoke filled, the charcoal ceilings
24:21 where the smoke left its mark.
24:23 And you keep going down, there are places of worship.
24:26 There are houses that are carved out where people
24:29 would have slept.
24:30 And also, one of the most amazing things is,
24:33 down in those rocks you see a carved out baptistery.
24:37 These early Christians were so committed to Christ,
24:40 so dedicated to Christ, that they of course
24:43 baptized by full immersion.
25:01 So there were many practices not found in the Bible
25:05 that came into the Christian church.
25:07 The idea of idols, images, bringing into the church
25:11 not found in Scripture.
25:12 The Bible says, "Thou shalt not worship a graven image
25:15 or bow down to them."
25:16 But yet in the early centuries there was compromise.
25:19 They were brought into the church.
25:21 The idea of Sunday worship was not found in ancient times
25:26 in Scripture, it's not a scriptural doctrine.
25:29 The Bible says, "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
25:33 Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work,
25:35 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God."
25:39 So Sunday worship came in in the early centuries.
25:43 Sunday, dies Solis; the day of the sun.
25:47 The sun worship was practiced by the Egyptians,
25:49 the Babylonians, the Persians, the Romans,
25:53 That came in.
25:54 The idea of the immortal soul came in
25:56 through Greek philosophy.
25:57 So there are many traditions, many teachings,
26:01 many human teachings that came into the Christian church.
26:04 Sprinkling was another one.
26:06 For 1300 years the biblical practice of baptism by immersion
26:12 was practiced by the church.
26:15 But then the Council of Ravenna said,
26:17 "No, we'll accept sprinkling."
26:18 Now how did that come in, and why?
26:20 Often people put off their baptism until death.
26:24 Often they put off their baptism till the
26:27 later part of their life.
26:28 They were becoming, often in those older years,
26:31 becoming sick.
26:32 And so when they'd call for a priest and say,
26:34 "We want to be baptized because the Bible says,
26:36 'He that believes and is baptized shall be saved.'"
26:40 So they'd call for their priest.
26:42 He would come.
26:43 They were too sick to take to the water,
26:46 too sick to take to the baptismal pool.
26:48 So often the priest would wrap from their feet to their head
26:51 in wet towels.
26:53 Well, that became really inconvenient.
26:55 So there were times then the religious leaders
26:57 began to sprinkle them.
26:59 But then somebody said, look, rather than waiting till death,
27:04 they developed an idea of original sin.
27:07 That every person, every baby born into this world is
27:11 guilty of the sins of Adam.
27:14 And if indeed they are not baptized,
27:17 that guilt will be on, quote, "their soul"...
27:20 The Bible of course doesn't teach an immortal soul.
27:22 ...and they will be lost.
27:23 Therefore, let's baptize every baby.
27:25 So a meaningful experience, a meaningful symbol.
27:30 Baptism: a symbol of our belief in Christ.
27:34 Our symbol of our commitment to Christ.
27:36 Our symbol of our allegiance to Christ.
27:38 That was put aside for this idea of sprinkling
27:43 every baby in the non-biblical idea that the baby
27:47 would be lost if it wasn't baptized.
27:49 Now what's the true meaning of baptism?
27:51 We walk into the water.
27:53 And there in that water we stand, saying,
27:57 "Jesus, I'm coming to You."
27:58 We are put under the water by the pastor, representing Jesus
28:02 lowering us into this watery grave.
28:07 The pastor represents, he stands in the place of
28:12 our Lord who is the true One whose grace and power
28:17 and love we're baptized into.
28:18 We come up out of the water and we have new life in Christ.
28:23 We have new joy in Christ.
28:25 Our sins are washed away in Christ.
28:29 The Bible says, Romans 6:3-4...
28:38 We come to the water, we unite with Christ.
28:41 The pastor lowers us into the water.
28:44 We are baptized into Christ's death.
28:47 We die to sin, we die to self, we die to pride and arrogance.
28:53 Does that mean we'll never sin again?
28:54 No. But it means we are committed.
28:56 We are focused on following Jesus.
29:00 The Bible says in Romans 6:3-4...
29:06 So we are buried, this old person.
29:09 We say, "Lord, I want to live a new life in Christ."
29:18 We take a public stand.
29:20 We are walking in newness of life in Christ.
29:24 His Spirit fills our heart.
29:26 Jesus says, "This is My beloved son,
29:29 this is my beloved daughter, in whom I am well pleased."
29:34 Baptism represents the death, the burial,
29:38 and the resurrection of Christ.
29:40 It represents that Jesus is living in our hearts.
29:43 That there is new life in Christ.
29:46 It represents that we're dying to the old sinful way of life,
29:50 that we are going down into that watery grave,
29:54 that we're looking for that cleansing
29:56 that only Christ can bring.
29:57 That we're burying our sins in that watery grave
30:00 and burying this old life in the watery grave.
30:03 That as we go down, we come up, rise again
30:08 out of the water to walk a new life in Christ.
30:10 Would you like a new life?
30:12 It's one thing to get a new pair of shoes.
30:14 That could be nice.
30:15 New suit, new dress, new car, new house.
30:19 But what about a new life in Christ?
30:24 Jesus offers to you a new life.
30:27 He wants to put a new sparkle in your eyes,
30:30 a new smile on your face.
30:32 He wants to put a new spring in your step.
30:36 But most of all, He wants to put peace in your heart.
30:40 He wants to put His power in your life
30:43 so that you can serve Him and follow Him.
30:49 It doesn't mean you'll never fail.
30:51 But it means you've changed the direction
30:54 in your life.
30:55 You're moving in a new direction.
31:04 It's saying, "I am taking a stand."
31:06 The book of Revelation calls us to take a stand.
31:10 The book of Revelation calls us to commitment.
31:13 The book of Revelation calls us to decision.
31:16 You may never have been baptized before.
31:19 You may have never made that decision
31:21 to follow Christ before.
31:23 You may have been watching 3ABN,
31:26 and you have been hearing messages that are
31:28 touching you deeply.
31:30 And you say, "I want to follow Christ.
31:32 I want to walk in the ways of Jesus.
31:34 I want, by His grace and through His power,
31:36 to be obedient and to be part of His commandment keeping,
31:39 Sabbath keeping people.
31:41 Jesus is appealing to you tonight
31:43 to start that new beginning, to make that decision in your life.
31:52 It gives us a sense that the past, with its shackles
31:57 and chains, are gone; that we are new, new in Christ.
32:01 It gives us a sense of spiritual power.
32:03 It is not the water that gives us spiritual power.
32:06 It is Jesus Christ that does.
32:08 When we make the decision to walk in the water,
32:11 we open our hearts to Jesus and He gives us that strength,
32:15 He gives us that power.
32:19 Very specifically, what does the Bible say?
32:27 But you say, "Pastor Mark, I thought my sins were forgiven
32:29 when I confessed them."
32:31 They are.
32:32 But have you remembered every sin you've ever committed?
32:35 Certainly not.
32:36 But we walk into the water, we say, "God, cleanse me
32:39 from every one I ever confessed and every one I didn't confess.
32:42 Just count my past life as sin and give me new life."
32:45 Acts 2:38
32:57 So we walk into the water.
33:00 What a feeling!
33:02 Amazing. Isn't it?
33:04 To have that sense that every sin can be forgiven.
33:08 That not one tinge of guilt need remain in your life.
33:12 That there's cleansing in Jesus.
33:15 But somebody says, "Pastor Mark, what about
33:17 the thief on the cross?
33:19 He was never baptized.
33:22 What about him?"
33:23 Look, friend of mine, the first thing that he would have done
33:27 would have been, gone into the water
33:31 once he came off the cross.
33:32 Jesus wouldn't keep from people, from the cross,
33:35 who are physically incapable of being baptized.
33:37 Certainly not.
33:38 Jesus wouldn't keep them from heaven.
33:40 So there are always exceptions.
33:42 But the general principle in the Bible
33:46 is that when you hear the word of God,
33:48 you feel the tugging of Christ in your life,
33:51 that you move ahead in baptism.
33:55 Now the second thing that happens in baptism is this.
34:00 The Holy Spirit has been guiding you through your life.
34:02 But when you're baptized, God gives you extra power,
34:05 extra strength.
34:07 Yes, the Holy Spirit convicts us.
34:08 Yes, the Holy Spirit reveals truth to us.
34:10 But when we're baptized, we have that power that comes,
34:14 flows into our life.
34:16 Do you want every sin forgiven?
34:19 Do you want the sense that all your guilt is gone?
34:22 Do you want the sense that there is new power
34:27 in Christ, through His Holy Spirit,
34:29 to live a victorious life over Satan?
34:32 Make your decision for Christ.
34:34 Take your stand with those men and women
34:36 down through the ages.
34:38 And take your stand with God's last day people
34:40 outlined in the book of Revelation.
34:42 When Jesus comes up out of the water, the Bible says...
34:50 The Holy Spirit will come upon you
34:52 as you make that decision for baptism.
34:55 The Holy Spirit will touch your life.
34:57 Acts 2:38-39
35:04 How many to be baptized?
35:05 Every one.
35:12 Was that only for those on the day of Pentecost?
35:15 Was that only for those in the days of Peter?
35:18 Our text goes on.
35:27 We're far off from that event, aren't we?
35:29 And the promise is to us.
35:31 God promises you His Holy Spirit in abundance.
35:34 He promises you that as you walk into that water,
35:38 you'll be filled with that Spirit, you'll be strengthened.
35:41 The shackles that bind you will be gone
35:45 as you open your heart to receive the Holy Spirit,
35:54 There's nothing magic about the water.
35:56 But when you open your heart to Christ
35:58 and you claim His promise, and you say,
36:00 "Lord, I claim the promise of Your Spirit,"
36:03 that Spirit enters your life for two reasons.
36:05 One, to empower you to be a victorious Christian.
36:08 But secondly, to give you a ministry.
36:11 When Christ is baptized, He goes right out to be
36:14 tempted by the devil.
36:15 He overcomes by the power of the Spirit,
36:17 but then He enters into His ministry.
36:19 God has something for you that you can't imagine.
36:21 God has a plan for your life that you'll never dream of.
36:24 God has a purpose for your life that is far beyond
36:27 what you can ever imagine.
36:29 But I'll tell you something.
36:30 If you hold back, if you don't move ahead in baptism,
36:33 if you resist the claim of God,
36:35 you're never going to know your destiny.
36:37 You're never going to know what God can do for you.
36:40 He can do for you something amazing.
36:42 Every sin is forgiven. We're cleansed.
36:44 The Spirit is given to us.
36:45 We're adopted into God's family when we're baptized.
36:49 You know, sometimes people say, "Oh when I'm baptized
36:53 do I join a church?
36:54 I'm kind of nervous about that church business.
36:57 I just want to be a believer in my home."
36:59 The Bible says in Acts 2:41...
37:10 Who were they added to?
37:12 Added to the church.
37:14 They become part of God's commandment keeping people.
37:18 So, you know, it's one thing to be born.
37:22 Are there any children that are born and they're just
37:24 left on the street?
37:26 Children don't have much chance if they're left on the street.
37:29 When you're born again, you're born into the family of God.
37:33 God's church is not perfect.
37:35 You will not find God's church to have flawless people.
37:40 But when you come to Christ and you become part of His
37:44 Commandment keeping, Sabbath keeping body,
37:47 just like those New Testament believers
37:49 God gives you gifts to serve in that body.
37:53 If you have not yet followed Christ in baptism,
37:56 why not right now say, "Jesus, I want to follow You.
37:59 I want to be part of those people around the world
38:02 that are keeping Your commandments.
38:04 I want to be part of a Sabbath keeping body."
38:06 Why not seek out a Seventh-day Adventist church?
38:08 You've been watching 3ABN.
38:10 You've been watching at home.
38:12 Maybe watching with your family.
38:14 And you've been thinking through the years,
38:16 "Shall I or shouldn't I make that break?"
38:19 This is the time to do it.
38:21 God is speaking to your heart.
38:23 This is the time now to seek out a Seventh-day Adventist church.
38:27 This is the time to seek out a Sabbath keeping body.
38:29 This is the time to take your stand with God's last day
38:34 commandment keeping people.
38:35 Look at what the Bible says about those who were baptized
38:38 on the day of Pentecost.
38:39 Acts 2:42
38:44 You've been hearing the truth of God's Word.
38:46 It's time now to make a decision.
38:57 What church?
38:59 The New Testament church.
39:00 A church that emphasizes the Word of God.
39:03 A church that talks about the grace of Christ.
39:06 A church that talks about the cross of Christ.
39:08 A church that talks about the commandments of God,
39:11 and the Bible Sabbath, and the truths you've been hearing.
39:13 This is your opportunity to follow Jesus.
39:17 This is your opportunity to step out for Him.
39:26 There are relatively three steps.
39:31 Have you done that?
39:32 Have you said, "Jesus, I'm repenting.
39:34 Jesus, I want to follow You."
39:36 Repentance is being sorry enough for my sins
39:39 that I'm willing to turn away from them.
39:40 Are we perfect? No.
39:42 But when God points something out in our life,
39:44 we say, "God, I'm sorry for that."
39:47 You know, the Bible says, "Believe and you will be saved."
39:51 So it's belief in Christ and it's belief in the message
39:55 of Christ and the biblical teachings of Christ.
40:02 You're not going to know everything
40:04 before you're baptized.
40:05 But if you have repented of your sin,
40:08 if you have believed in Christ,
40:10 if you've been instructed in His Word,
40:13 now is the time to make that decision.
40:16 Now is the time to step out in faith.
40:24 Because I know there are Christians watching this
40:26 telecast and they're thinking,
40:27 "You know, I already went into the water.
40:29 This doesn't make much difference to me.
40:31 I'm a first day believer."
40:32 Maybe a lovely Baptist Christian,
40:34 or maybe a lovely Pentecostal Christian, and you're thinking,
40:37 "You know, baptism, I've already done that."
40:40 In the Bible there's an instance of people being re-baptized.
40:46 Let me share with you that passage
40:48 of Scripture and explain why.
40:50 Acts 19:2-5
40:53 Here, Paul comes to the upper coast of Ephesus.
40:57 And he says to this body of believers...
41:07 So he asked them a question.
41:08 He says, "Who baptized you?"
41:11 And they say, "John."
41:13 And then the Bible says he re-baptizes them.
41:16 Why?
41:17 They were once baptized, but they didn't fully understand
41:22 the truth of God's Word.
41:24 Now there are two reasons why to be re-baptized.
41:27 Number one, you may have come to Christ
41:30 but maybe you departed from Christ.
41:32 Maybe you knew the message of truth,
41:34 but you turned your back on Christ.
41:36 Acts 19, we have a symbol of people that were baptized,
41:40 but they didn't understand the fullness of truth.
41:43 We have a symbol of people that were baptized,
41:45 and they were re-baptized.
41:48 If you've come to Christ, and in coming to Christ
41:52 you have been immersed, it's like a marriage to Christ,
41:56 but you've drifted away from Christ in a life of sinfulness,
41:59 God might say to you, be saying to you,
42:01 might be convicting you by His Holy Spirit,
42:03 "Come back. Come back.
42:05 Be re-baptized. Start life over again."
42:08 But there may be somebody else that says,
42:10 "But I've been a faithful Baptist,
42:11 faithful Pentecostal Christian.
42:13 How does this relate to me?"
42:14 Well Acts 19 does relate to you.
42:17 Because, you see, you may be a committed Christian,
42:20 but you've discovered new truth in God's Word.
42:23 These people in Acts 19 were committed.
42:27 They were baptized to John.
42:29 And they were following God.
42:31 But they had never heard of the Holy Spirit,
42:33 a new truth that was so amazing to them.
42:36 And Paul says, "Step ahead, become part of the
42:40 Christian body of believers."
42:42 You may be a Baptist, a Pentecostal,
42:44 you may be Church of Christ, you may be a Lutheran Christian,
42:50 and you've never followed Jesus all the way
42:54 in the sense of understanding the fullness of His truth.
42:58 You've been following Jesus, but you've not known
43:00 the fullness of truth.
43:01 Like the truth about the Sabbath.
43:03 Like the truth about your body is the temple of God.
43:05 Like the truth about the state of man in death.
43:09 You've never fully grasped that.
43:11 But you've been watching the telecast.
43:13 You've come to understand that.
43:15 And you are a committed Christian.
43:18 You've discovered the truth of God's Word,
43:20 and you say, "Jesus, I want to be part
43:22 of Your commandment keeping people.
43:24 Jesus, truth is just opened up to my mind so beautifully now."
43:28 When you are re-baptized as a committed Christian,
43:32 you are not denying anything in the past that you believed.
43:37 You're just shedding falsehood and tradition,
43:41 and following more truth.
43:43 You've always believed the Bible is the Word of God;
43:45 you still do.
43:47 Now you're accepting it in its fullness.
43:48 You've always believed in Christ; you still do.
43:50 Now you're accepting all of His teachings,
43:52 including the Bible Sabbath.
43:53 You have always believed that He was coming again,
43:56 but you didn't have that sorted out.
43:58 And now you understand in its fullness.
44:01 Re-baptism for you is not denial of the past.
44:06 It is rather acceptance of the truth that God has for you.
44:10 Remember what Jesus said?
44:12 He said, "Walk while you have the light."
44:15 Walk while you have the light.
44:16 We walk in the light of God's truth as He revealed it.
44:22 Jesus told Nicodemus this...
44:33 Why does Jesus say that.
44:35 Here's why.
44:37 To be born of water is to be baptized.
44:41 To be born of the Spirit is to have our lives changed
44:45 by the Holy Spirit.
44:47 So what Jesus is saying is, when you are changed inside
44:51 you testify of that by being baptized and following Christ.
44:55 The Bible says in Mark 16:16...
45:04 So salvation comes as we believe in Christ
45:09 and as we manifest that belief in baptism.
45:13 2 Corinthians 6:2
45:21 This is no longer a time to wait.
45:23 This is no longer a time to hesitate.
45:25 This is a time to step out.
45:28 Acts 22:16 says...
45:38 This is the time.
45:40 Arise, be baptized.
45:41 Step out, become part of Jesus' people,
45:45 His commandment keeping people.
45:47 Step out with the people in the book of Revelation.
45:50 Around the world God is moving powerfully.
45:53 Around the world men and women are stepping out
45:56 Come with me to Moscow.
45:58 Come with me to Red Square.
46:00 There I preached in the Kremlin Auditorium.
46:04 6500 people, two sessions a night.
46:09 13,000 people a night.
46:11 We saw the Spirit of God come down.
46:14 We saw God touch the hearts of those Russians
46:17 there in the Kremlin Palace.
46:21 The most amazing auditorium in all of Russia,
46:24 one of the most amazing in the world.
46:25 Fourteen elevators, chandeliers made of crystal.
46:30 This is the place that the Communist Party met for decades.
46:35 But I walked onto that stage where Andropov had spoken,
46:39 where Chernenko had spoken, where Khrushchev had spoken,
46:43 where Gorbachev had spoken, where Yeltsin had spoken,
46:46 and opened the Word of God and made strong appeals
46:51 to our Russian brothers and sisters.
46:54 They came to Christ.
46:55 See this picture?
46:57 Notice carefully as you look at the picture,
46:59 right-hand side, there's a Russian army truck.
47:02 They were delivering Bibles, 20,000 Bibles, to our meetings.
47:06 Men and women made their decision.
47:08 They said, "We will follow Christ."
47:10 More than 3000 baptized in our three years of meetings.
47:14 In Plekhanov University, the Kremlin, the Olympic stadium
47:19 in Moscow, they went down into the water
47:22 with joy on their faces and peace in their hearts.
47:26 Men and women around the world, God's last day message is being
47:30 taken to the ends of the earth.
47:31 I think of the Moscow Olympic Stadium.
47:35 And there in that stadium 18,000 people gathered
47:39 every single night, and they came to Jesus.
47:42 I think of the cultural center in Kiev in Ukraine.
47:48 It was here that Nikita Khrushchev said in the 1950's,
47:55 early 1950's, "There will be no more Christians
47:58 in the Soviet Union.
47:59 Wait, but when there's one, because we're going to
48:01 stamp them out, we're going to get rid of them all,
48:04 but when there's one left we'll stuff him,
48:07 put him in a museum up in Moscow so future generations
48:11 will know what a Christian looked like."
48:13 I walked into that same auditorium.
48:15 We satellited that meeting across the former Soviet Union
48:20 and throughout the East Bloc countries.
48:22 Tens of thousands of people watched it.
48:25 They jam-packed that auditorium.
48:27 And there, men and women came to Jesus.
48:30 They went down into the water.
48:32 Look at the joy on this woman's face.
48:34 Look at the peace in her eyes.
48:35 You can have that joy, my friend.
48:37 You can have that peace.
48:38 God is doing something around the world.
48:40 He's giving His last day message from the book of Revelation.
48:43 And men and women are responding.
48:45 Come with me to Budapest, Hungary.
48:48 One of the most amazing cities in the world.
48:51 The Danube River runs through.
48:53 Buda on one side, Pest on the other.
48:55 During the days of Communism, I got permission from the
48:58 Communist government during the days of Communism
49:01 to preach here.
49:03 The first night of my meetings it was absolutely packed.
49:06 But right after my meetings there was a rock concert
49:11 in the same auditorium.
49:12 And that rock concert was to start right when I
49:16 let out my meeting.
49:18 We had a meeting at five o'clock.
49:19 Preached the gospel of Christ.
49:21 Meeting at seven.
49:22 When we opened the doors for the seven o'clock meeting,
49:25 young people, hundreds of them on the streets,
49:28 thought, "They're opening for the rock concert."
49:31 They rushed in.
49:33 I never had so many young people in a meeting before.
49:34 They were all over the place. They were loud.
49:37 That very night these four young women came in
49:40 to what they thought was a rock concert.
49:42 They were groupies following the rock band.
49:46 As they came in, they stood five back in the balcony.
49:51 So many people were there.
49:52 But the Spirit of God got a hold of their heart.
49:54 They came night after night after night.
49:57 And eventually they were baptized in the name of
50:00 the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
50:02 What has happened to them?
50:03 Three of these young women today have become workers for God.
50:07 Two of them have married pastors.
50:10 And one of them was a Bible worker for Christ.
50:12 You know, it's amazing to see what God does
50:17 as His Word is preached and proclaimed.
50:20 Here's my wife on the left with these three young women.
50:23 And they today have had their lives changed and transformed
50:28 by the grace of the living Christ.
50:31 Jesus reaches out to you, my friend.
50:34 Around the world His message is going forth.
50:37 Come with me to Cuba.
50:39 It was the 50th anniversary of Cuba.
50:41 And the Cuban government gave us the opportunity
50:44 to preach God's Word, and over 400 were baptized in one day
50:49 in the Olympic swimming pool there in Cuba.
50:53 Come with me to a stadium in Peru
50:57 where 60,000 people gather.
51:00 This is not a football game.
51:02 This is a celebration of Christ and His Word.
51:06 People, men and women, boys and girls, are coming to Christ.
51:10 This Peruvian general walked into the baptismal pool,
51:14 and he said, "I'll wear my general's outfit
51:16 because I want to acknowledge that Christ is my true Ruler,
51:20 and Master, and King, and Lord."
51:22 Around the world something is happening.
51:24 Come with me to India where thousands are being baptized
51:28 and following Christ.
51:30 Come with me to Africa.
51:32 And there as we travel through Africa
51:34 men and women, boys and girls, in these stadiums
51:37 are gathering there coming to Christ.
51:39 God is doing something amazing in Ghana.
51:42 20,000 baptized in one day.
51:46 The Word if God is going out.
51:48 The Bible says...
51:57 "Go," Jesus says.
52:04 Revelation is calling men and women
52:08 to make their eternal decision.
52:10 God is speaking to you.
52:12 God is talking to your heart.
52:14 Think of what it's going to be like
52:16 the first minute of eternity.
52:18 Nothing is worth losing your soul for.
52:23 You've been watching these telecasts.
52:26 The Spirit has been stirring your heart.
52:29 The Spirit has been moving in your life.
52:32 Think about eternity.
52:35 Think about eternity.
52:37 And listen as Danny sings.
52:40 And let the Spirit of God touch your heart right now.
52:51 Well, sometimes I've wondered is it worth it all
53:01 when the road seems rough and so long.
53:10 Then I look towards heaven and think on that day
53:20 when Jesus will call me away.
53:28 The first moment of eternity
53:38 will be worth all the trials down here.
53:48 When I hear the King of all ages
53:56 say, "Come home, child.
54:00 Come home to stay."
54:07 For every rough road traveled in this world below
54:16 my reward will be a million years.
54:24 For every pain and sorrow that ever got me down
54:34 I'll receive a robe and a crown.
54:43 The first moment of eternity
54:52 will be worth all the trials down here.
55:01 When I hear the King of all ages
55:10 say, "Come home, child.
55:14 Come home to stay."
55:20 When I hear the King of all ages
55:29 say, "Come home, child.
55:33 Come home to stay."
55:49 Think about that first moment of eternity.
55:52 Any sacrifice you make here, my friend, is going to be worth it.
55:57 Any sacrifice to follow Christ, to stand for Him,
56:02 will be worth it just to see Jesus
56:06 in that first second of eternity.
56:09 Wherever you are right now, would you like to bow your head,
56:13 would you like to say, "Jesus, I've kind of been holding back.
56:18 But there's a breakthrough in my heart right now.
56:21 The Spirit is convicting me right now.
56:24 I can hold back no longer.
56:26 I'm going to step out.
56:28 I'm going to become part of the Adventist family.
56:33 I'm going to walk ahead and be baptized,
56:37 giving my life to Christ to serve Him forever."
56:42 If you'd like to make that decision right now,
56:44 why not make it in your heart as we pray.
56:46 Father in heaven, You know that man, that woman,
56:49 that boy, that girl has been thinking about this decision.
56:54 You know that individual who has slipped away,
56:56 and You're winning them back.
56:58 You know that person who is a lovely Christian
57:01 but has not followed all of Your truth, and You're calling them.
57:04 Father, thank You, right now You're convicting them.
57:07 Thank You there's a place in Your heart just for them.
57:10 Thank You, Father, that eternal decisions are being
57:14 made in Your name.
57:15 Give us the courage and strength to do that,
57:18 through Christ our Lord. Amen.
57:20 Thank you for joining us for
57:22 Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
57:24 Stay with us for the rest of this series.


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