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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The Book of Revelation provides hopeful answers
00:08 for today, tomorrow and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker
00:14 on a journey into the future
00:16 with Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:23 Welcome back to Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:27 We are journeying through the Book of Revelation
00:30 and discovering end-time truths.
00:33 The Book of Revelation reveals the plans of God.
00:37 It unmasks the plans of Satan.
00:39 And one of the major issues in Revelation
00:42 has to do with Spirits,
00:45 The Holy Spirit and unholy spirits.
00:49 The unholy spirits,
00:50 demonic forces will bring deception,
00:54 false religious leaders will arise.
00:57 Cult-like leaders, many will follow them.
00:59 There will be false miracles.
01:01 There will be, throughout time, right at the time at the end
01:06 deceptions that are perpetrated upon the human race.
01:09 How do you identify a cult?
01:11 How do you identify a cult leader?
01:13 How can you know that you are not being let astray?
01:17 We're gonna go to the Bible
01:18 and answer some of those questions.
01:20 But first, let's pray.
01:22 Father in Heaven,
01:23 thank You that the Bible reveals Your truth.
01:26 You've said sanctify them through Thy Word,
01:29 Thy Word, Your Word is truth.
01:32 You've said that You will enable us to know the truth
01:36 and the truth will set us free.
01:37 We want to be free from error, free from deception,
01:41 free from the falsehoods that are so filling our world.
01:45 And so as we study the Book of Revelation,
01:47 give us clear light on the road ahead,
01:50 may Your truth penetrate falsehood.
01:54 May Your light illuminate darkness
01:57 and may we sense Your will for our personal lives,
02:01 in Christ's name, amen.
02:04 The title of our presentation
02:06 is Revelation Unmasks the Cult Deception.
02:11 Have you noticed how many people
02:13 are actually being let astray by cults today?
02:17 The 911 call was made in Rancho Santa Fe, California,
02:22 a number of years ago.
02:24 The person on the other end of the line said,
02:26 "You should check out a certain community."
02:30 The 911 operator was quite baffled by that,
02:33 it was a very wealthy community,
02:36 a very upmarket community,
02:38 a very up-scaled community
02:40 in a very posh area of California.
02:43 Multi-million dollar homes on the hillside.
02:46 But the caller was insistent.
02:48 "You better check out that home,
02:51 something is wrong."
02:54 When the authorities came there
02:56 they found the followers of Marshall Applewhite.
03:00 Marshall Applewhite was the leader of a cult
03:03 called Heaven's Gate cult.
03:06 He believed, as his followers did,
03:09 that the Hale-Bopp comet would be followed
03:13 by a catastrophic end to the world
03:15 but that his followers would be whizzed away to heaven.
03:19 As the authorities came to that home,
03:23 they found an amazing scene.
03:26 They found a scene in which people were dressed
03:30 all in black.
03:32 They had...
03:33 Each one of them committed mass suicide,
03:36 they were lying on their beds.
03:39 Why did they do it?
03:41 Who were these people that followed Marshall Applewhite?
03:45 Were they ignorant people that could easily be taken in
03:51 by a cult leader?
03:52 Were they uneducated?
03:54 A careful look at who they were helps us to understand
03:59 the deceptive power of cults
04:02 and the deceptive power of false leaders.
04:05 They were teacher...
04:07 One was a teacher, very well educated.
04:10 Another was a postal worker
04:13 who had a very good government job.
04:15 Another was a housewife and a mother of five.
04:19 When you look at who is in that home that day,
04:23 those people deceived by Marshall Applewhite,
04:26 you see they were common men and women.
04:29 They were people like you and people like me.
04:32 But we ask how could they be deceived?
04:35 Revelation talks about the final deception,
04:38 the deception of the antichrist power.
04:41 In Revelations 13:1, it says,
04:44 "I stood upon the sand of the sea,
04:45 saw a great beast rising up out of the sea,
04:47 having seven heads and ten horns,
04:49 and upon his horns ten crowns,
04:50 and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
04:52 The beast which I saw was like unto a leopard,
04:55 his feet were like the feet of a bear,
04:56 his mouth like the mouth of a lion.
04:58 The dragon gave him his power," the dragon, who is that?
05:01 Satan, the deceiver, "And great authority."
05:03 Then verse 3 says,
05:04 "All the world wondered after the beast."
05:07 A great deception
05:09 at the last days of earth's history,
05:11 "With all the world that do not know Christ,
05:14 that have turned their backs on His Word
05:16 and have not faithfully followed it."
05:18 So the cult deceptions we see today
05:21 are simply a foreshadowing
05:25 of what is coming in the future.
05:29 Why is it that people turn to cults?
05:31 What is it that leads them to those cults?
05:34 They are actually looking for answers.
05:38 See cult followers don't want to be deceived.
05:41 It's not that somebody says,
05:44 "You know, I think I'm gonna go follow that cult leader."
05:47 And the cult leader has a big sign around them saying,
05:49 "Don't follow me you will be deceived."
05:52 Cult followers don't want to be deceived.
05:54 They are really sincere, very sincere.
05:58 In fact, they are looking for truth.
06:01 You see, when the church
06:02 discards or downplays the Bible,
06:06 when the church substitutes tradition for the Word of God
06:10 that opens the mind of people
06:13 they turn away from the falsehood, the error,
06:17 the tradition of the church,
06:19 and they go seeking in another way.
06:23 When, for example, the church lacks spiritual power
06:26 and people come to church week after week,
06:29 and it's dry, it's formal,
06:32 it's traditional, it's external,
06:34 it does not move the heart or change the life.
06:38 When that happens, people go looking in another direction.
06:44 When the church fails to reveal God's love,
06:48 when people are judgmental, when they are graceless,
06:53 people go looking
06:54 for an environment of love and warmth.
06:57 And one things that cults do provide,
07:00 it's a falsehood, of course,
07:01 but they provide the sense of warmth,
07:04 they provide the sense of brotherhood, of sisterhood,
07:07 and they develop an attitude towards us against the world,
07:12 and the cult leaders have a certain amount of certainty.
07:15 So when the church is uncertain,
07:17 doesn't know what it believes,
07:19 lacks spiritual power, is loveless,
07:22 then obviously thousands of people,
07:25 young people particularly, go searching for certainty,
07:28 searching for meaning,
07:29 searching for something that they can hold on to
07:31 and searching for love.
07:34 People go somewhere else when the church fails.
07:38 Now somebody says,
07:40 "Pastor Mark, are you suggesting
07:43 that the church has failed
07:45 and that has driven people to cults?"
07:47 Not every church,
07:49 there are Bible believing churches
07:50 that uplift Jesus Christ, that uplift His Word.
07:53 There are places that you and I can go
07:55 and I praise God for the thousands of them,
07:57 the millions of them over the world.
08:00 But here is a certain truth.
08:02 In the last days,
08:03 there'll be false christs and false prophets.
08:05 In the last days,
08:07 there will be those that are followers of Jesus
08:09 and there will be those
08:10 that are followers of demonic forces.
08:12 In the last days,
08:13 Satan is gonna do everything he can
08:16 to deceive men and women.
08:19 And if the church is not preaching the Word of God,
08:23 if the church is not lifting up Jesus,
08:26 if the church is not calling people to obedience,
08:29 if the church does not have spiritual power,
08:32 if the church is loveless,
08:35 people will go looking someplace else.
08:38 The reason cults are growing is because people are seeking.
08:44 So the growth of cults
08:45 should indicate to the Christian church
08:48 that people are seeking.
08:50 People are looking,
08:51 but they are looking in all the wrong places.
08:54 They are walking down a pathway
08:56 that will eventually lead them to disaster
09:00 and eventually lead them to death.
09:03 Now how can you tell a cult?
09:06 You know, cults leaders don't come
09:08 as I've said with a sign around their neck saying,
09:10 "I'm a cult leader, come follow me."
09:13 Not at all.
09:14 I want to give you five biblical tests from the Bible
09:17 to distinguish between
09:19 the genuine and the counterfeit.
09:20 Now you say, "I would never ever be deceived by a cult.
09:25 Impossible for me."
09:28 You know, in Florida,
09:31 we can learn a lesson from the sorting of oranges.
09:36 Now let's suppose for a minute, you are an orange.
09:39 I don't want to suppose I'm an orange but you just...
09:40 Come on now stay with me.
09:42 Let's suppose you are an orange
09:44 and you are out here in an orange tree.
09:46 So you are in the sunshine, enjoying the Florida sunshine,
09:49 and you get picked.
09:51 Have you ever been in Florida, you see these big huge semis
09:54 with all these oranges in the back of the semis,
09:57 hundreds, thousands of them.
09:58 You may not know how they are sorted.
10:00 When they bring the oranges into the warehouse,
10:04 there's a conveyor belt
10:05 and all these oranges are put on that conveyor belt.
10:08 Now let's suppose you are an orange,
10:10 and you can think, you can't, I know,
10:12 and you're on this conveyor belt
10:13 and think, "Man, this is Disney Land for oranges.
10:15 This is great."
10:16 You see all these oranges on this conveyor belt,
10:17 they are going along and they come to a hole.
10:20 The holes in the conveyor belt are large enough
10:24 to let the small Grade-C oranges through,
10:28 but they are not large enough
10:30 to let the Grade-B ones through.
10:31 So these oranges are on this conveyor belt,
10:33 you imagine in your mind, hundreds, thousands of them.
10:35 And they come to these sorting holes
10:37 and all the Grade-C ones, the small ones fall through.
10:40 The rest of the oranges are going,
10:42 now the B oranges, I'm sure they are thinking,
10:44 "Man, I'm never going through one of those holes.
10:47 You know, I'm better than those people,
10:49 I'm not going through."
10:51 Then the conveyor belt goes on
10:52 and there're holes large enough to let the B oranges through,
10:55 the B-Grade but not the A-Grade.
10:57 So all the B-Grade goes through
10:59 and then pretty soon the A's look over saying,
11:02 "Man, those B's, those little guys went through,
11:04 those C's went through.
11:05 We are going on to the end."
11:06 But what you know is right around the corner,
11:09 there is a hole
11:10 and those A oranges are going through, right there,
11:12 they are going to be orange juice too.
11:13 Look my friend, the people that I'm concerned about the most
11:18 are not the humble people
11:19 on their knees seeking God for his truth.
11:22 I'm concerned about arrogant people,
11:24 people that say "Look, I'll never be deceived by a cult."
11:27 Because you don't understand
11:30 the deceptive power of the devil.
11:32 The only way we can be kept from being deceived
11:37 is such a commitment to the living Christ.
11:41 You shall know the truth
11:42 and the truth shall make you free.
11:44 And a commitment to His Word.
11:46 Now let's look at
11:48 five distinguishing characteristics of a cult.
11:50 Because you see millions
11:52 are gonna fall for the antichrist
11:53 at end-time.
11:55 And antichrist is the largest cult leader
11:59 ever to manifest himself in the history of the world.
12:02 But before that time
12:04 there will be false christs and false prophets.
12:06 And why do people accept these counterfeits?
12:09 Because they don't know how to distinguish
12:12 between a counterfeit and a genuine,
12:14 between the true and the false.
12:16 This telecast...
12:18 may be one of the most important in your life.
12:20 It may save you, it may save your children.
12:24 If your children are anywhere in the house right now,
12:25 get them, sit them down in front of this screen
12:28 because there are so many young people, teenagers
12:33 that are following cults.
12:35 First, how do you identify a cult?
12:36 Number one, all cults have a single powerful leader
12:41 who becomes the cult's messiah.
12:43 When you have any single human leader
12:48 that becomes a substitute for Jesus Christ, beware.
12:54 Look, Marshall Applewhite, who led those people,
12:58 the Heaven Gate's cult leader, the one that led them
13:01 in Rancho Santa Fe, California to death,
13:05 said, "I am on an evolutionary level above human.
13:10 I am part of the kingdom of Heaven,
13:12 I am incarnated in..."
13:15 The Kingdom of Heaven is incarnated in two bodies.
13:17 In other words, what he is saying is,
13:19 "I am divine."
13:20 That should have been a clear signal
13:25 to his followers immediately.
13:27 Because Jesus says in Isaiah 45:22,
13:30 "Look to Me, and be saved, all you ends of the earth!
13:34 For I am God, and there is no other."
13:38 Anytime we look to human being,
13:42 anytime the word of that human being
13:44 takes the place of the Word of God,
13:46 anytime the authority of that human being
13:49 takes the place of the authority
13:51 of the Word of God,
13:52 we know, we know for certain
13:55 that we are on the pathway to deception.
13:58 In September 1995,
14:01 Marshall Applewhite referred to himself as a what?
14:05 Can you believe it? A messenger from God.
14:08 Then he said, "Just like Jesus."
14:12 What did Isaiah 45:22 say?
14:14 "Look unto me and be saved all the ends of the earth,
14:18 for I am God and there is" what?"
14:20 None like me.
14:23 So anytime a cult leader arises,
14:26 claims to be this messianic figure,
14:29 that simply preparing people to receive the antichrist.
14:33 Anti means not against
14:35 but another or substitute for Christ
14:38 at the time of the end.
14:39 And so we see these false christs,
14:42 false prophets arising today.
14:44 I think of David Koresh.
14:47 David Koresh led a group mostly of young people,
14:50 young adults to a fiery inferno in Waco, Texas.
14:56 He led them to their death.
14:58 I interviewed a young man
15:01 that was in Waco with David Koresh
15:05 and he left two weeks before that fiery inferno.
15:09 He got out of there alive and I said to him,
15:13 "You are intelligent, bright,
15:16 why were you with David Koresh for so long?
15:19 Why did you follow him for so long?"
15:22 He happened to be an Australian.
15:24 David Koresh came to Australia
15:26 and this is the story my friend told me when I interviewed him.
15:29 He said, "David came to Australia
15:32 and we as young people were looking for somebody
15:35 to study the Bible with us deeply
15:37 and David seemed to know the Bible.
15:40 He studied the Bible with us,
15:41 we would study from 8-9 o'clock at night
15:43 to 2 o'clock in the morning,
15:45 and his interpretations of the Bible were fresh,
15:48 they were new.
15:49 We were studying Revelation,
15:51 we wanted to study the Book of Revelation,
15:53 and we kept studying together
15:55 and pretty soon we were so mesmerized by David,
15:59 so mesmerized by the thing we studied.
16:01 We agreed to move with him to Waco."
16:04 He said, "I thought something was wrong
16:06 when my wife and I moved there
16:09 and I had to sleep in separate quarters.
16:12 My wife was in one home for women
16:14 and I was in another home for men."
16:15 But David said, "If you're gonna be ready
16:17 for the coming of Jesus,
16:18 you need to deny your earthly lusts."
16:20 And he said, "Something didn't seem right.
16:23 Then we began having meetings that would last all night
16:27 and pretty soon I was so exhausted,
16:29 I couldn't think straight
16:30 and when David said, I am the lamb of Revelation.
16:34 He said...
16:35 I didn't figure all that out but pretty soon,
16:38 two weeks before the fiery inferno
16:41 I said this is not religion, this is insanity."
16:44 And he said, "I left."
16:46 He said, "But we were so mesmerized,
16:48 my wife left,
16:49 but we didn't sit together on the plane on the way back."
16:51 He said, "It took me weeks
16:53 to get my head back straight again."
16:56 Friend of mine, when you start giving your allegiance
17:02 to any human being rather than Christ,
17:05 that's incredibly dangerous.
17:06 Think of Jim Jones,
17:08 who led over 900 people to the jungles of Guyana
17:13 and there they committed mass suicide.
17:16 He was a popular evangelical preacher
17:20 out in San Francisco.
17:21 He sat on the San Francisco housing commission,
17:24 did a lot for the poor and underprivileged
17:26 through his church.
17:28 But yet, once he was preaching, held up his Bible and said,
17:31 "Don't look at this, look at me."
17:33 He said, "There is God-like qualities in me."
17:37 See here's what these three cult leaders
17:40 that I have mentioned have in common.
17:42 Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh, Jim Jones,
17:44 they all become messianic-like figures.
17:47 They all become substitute gods.
17:50 May I take this a step further?
17:53 If your pastor, if your priest,
17:56 if your rabbi becomes the sole source
18:00 of your spiritual authority,
18:03 if they become more prominent in your life than Jesus Christ,
18:07 you are on the verge of opening your mind to cult deception.
18:12 I thank God that he uses pastors,
18:16 I thank God that He uses religious leaders.
18:19 But if they become substitute Christ,
18:22 we have a deceptive falsehoods
18:28 that are gonna shape our minds.
18:30 The Book of Revelation says this,
18:32 Revelation 17:13.
18:34 It says, "These are of one mind."
18:36 You see the cults must function as one mind.
18:39 They must function under the authority figure
18:43 of the cult leader.
18:45 "These are of one mind.
18:46 They will give their power and authority to the beast."
18:49 So the final antichrist
18:52 will exhibit himself as an authority
18:55 taking the place of Jesus.
18:56 So the call of the hour
18:59 is the call of commitment to Jesus,
19:01 the call of decision for Christ,
19:04 making Christ supreme in our lives.
19:07 Not letting anybody else take the place of Jesus
19:10 but listening to His voice, following His Word.
19:14 These have one mind.
19:15 What's gonna bring churches together?
19:17 What's gonna unify churches at a time of famine,
19:20 at a time economic disaster, at a time of natural disasters,
19:24 at a time of terrorism, at a time of rising crime,
19:27 and violence, and immorality, and war?
19:29 A cult leader will arise.
19:32 The Bible calls him in Revelation, the antichrist.
19:34 He will try to bring all the world together
19:36 under his own auspices of worship.
19:40 These have one mind.
19:42 So anytime any human being
19:46 takes the authority of Christ, beware.
19:49 Anytime, any human being
19:52 substitutes his or her authority
19:55 for the authority of the Word of God, beware.
19:59 The Bible says, Jesus said in Matthew 24,
20:03 when Christ is describing the signs of the end.
20:06 Jesus says, "There will be wars and rumors of wars.
20:09 There will be famines and earthquakes,
20:11 and pestilences, and rising crime and violence."
20:14 But then Jesus says, Matthew 24:24,
20:18 "For false christs..."
20:19 What kind of christ?
20:20 False christ.
20:22 "False prophets..." What kind of prophets?
20:23 "False prophets will rise
20:25 and show great signs and wonders."
20:28 Well, if they show great signs and wonders,
20:30 they must be of God, right?
20:31 If they work miracles they must be of God, right?
20:34 Well, the Bible says, Revelation 16:13, 14.
20:38 It says, "These are the spirits of demons working miracles."
20:44 Can the demons work miracles?
20:46 According to the Bible,
20:48 the devil can work apparent miracles
20:52 and according to Scripture,
20:54 miracles will be one of the ways,
20:56 you look at Revelation 19:20 and onward,
20:59 they are deceived by the miracle.
21:01 So miracles, false miracles
21:04 will be one of the agencies the devil uses for deception
21:07 when men and women turn away from the living Christ,
21:10 when they turn away from the Word of God,
21:12 when they turn to fables and traditions,
21:15 the devil will use miracles to deceive them.
21:18 Can God work miracles? Yes.
21:20 Will God work miracles in the last days?
21:22 Certainly.
21:24 Can we expect miracles? Yes.
21:26 But miracles are never a substitute for truth.
21:29 Miracles are never a substitute for the Word of God
21:33 and because a false leader work some kind of miracle
21:36 that takes your mind
21:38 from the Jesus that died for you,
21:42 we know that leads to deception.
21:44 To deceive, if possible... To do what?
21:47 Deceive, if possible, even the elect.
21:51 Who are the elect?
21:52 The saved, the redeemed, the faithful.
21:55 So the miracles are gonna be so powerful,
21:58 the deception is gonna be so strong.
22:01 What is our safety?
22:02 Jesus and Jesus alone.
22:04 You know that old song, turn your eyes upon Jesus.
22:07 "Look full in His wonderful face
22:09 and the things of earth will grow strangely dim
22:13 in the light of His glory and grace."
22:15 Somebody says, "But I am sincere."
22:17 Is sincerity enough?
22:18 Proverbs 16:25,
22:20 "There is a way that seems right to a man,
22:24 but the end is the way of death."
22:26 There is a way that, what?
22:28 What is it to?
22:29 Seems right
22:31 but the end is the way of death.
22:35 So merely because one is sincere,
22:38 sincerity is not enough.
22:40 You can sincerely follow error and be lost.
22:44 And there are some people that smoke cigarettes
22:46 and they say, "Oh, it's not gonna harm me.
22:49 It's not gonna touch me."
22:51 And they smoke away,
22:52 they may be sincerely believing that it's not gonna harm them
22:55 but that doesn't make any difference at all
22:57 because they are still putting that tar in their lungs
22:59 and they are still destroying their bodies.
23:02 Sincerity is not enough.
23:04 If you are following a trailer truck on a foggy night
23:09 and you are following their headlights
23:11 and that truck goes around the corner
23:13 and misses the turn and drives off a cliff,
23:16 you may be ever so sincere in following their headlights,
23:20 but you're going over that cliff too.
23:22 You can be so sincere.
23:24 Have you ever been driving your car
23:27 and you got your directions mixed up,
23:29 and so you are driving along saying,
23:31 and your wife is saying,
23:32 "I think you are going in the wrong direction."
23:33 "No, honey, I am not going in the wrong direction."
23:35 "I think, darling,
23:37 you are going in the wrong direction."
23:38 "I am not going in the wrong direction."
23:40 "Sweet pea, I think you are going in the wrong direction."
23:42 But you are so proud, "I am not going in the wrong direction,
23:45 I know I am going right."
23:46 And then you drive 15 miles down the road,
23:49 you see the sign
23:50 and you see you should be going south and you are going north
23:53 and you say, "Honey, I think
23:56 there's a restaurant over there,
23:57 let's go eat."
23:58 And then you turn around
24:00 and get going in the right direction.
24:01 See you may be sincere,
24:03 but if you are going in the wrong direction,
24:04 you are going in the wrong direction.
24:06 Sincerity is not enough.
24:09 And you may be ever so sincere,
24:11 but if you are not going in harmony with the Bible,
24:13 if you have not committed your life fully to Christ,
24:15 you may be sincerely following a cult leader.
24:19 Anytime we transfer our loyalty to a religious leader
24:22 and exalt that leader in the place of God,
24:25 we're on the very, very dangerous ground.
24:28 You know, I've had people come to my Bible lectures,
24:31 they hear messages on Christ, messages on his soon coming,
24:35 messages on the Bible Sabbath
24:37 and they say, "Oh, Pastor, Pastor,
24:39 but that's not what my religious leader teaches."
24:43 And I don't know if I can ever make a change
24:45 because look what my religious leader teaches.
24:47 That is very dangerous ground
24:50 because if you substitute
24:52 the word of your religious leader
24:54 for the Word of God,
24:55 you are preparing to receive
24:57 the teachings of the antichrist.
24:59 Our only safety is we have one leader
25:02 and that's Jesus Christ.
25:03 There are no substitutes for Jesus,
25:05 there are only counterfeits.
25:07 Christ and Christ alone is our savior.
25:11 Acts 4:12, "Nor is there salvation in any other,
25:15 for there is no other name under heaven
25:18 given among men by which we must be saved."
25:21 There is no other name under heaven.
25:24 There's only one Jesus.
25:25 He was born as a babe in Bethlehem's manger.
25:29 He lived that perfect life that we should have lived.
25:32 There's only one Jesus.
25:34 He walked through the crowds, healed the sick.
25:37 He walked through the crowds
25:39 and touched the eyes of the blind
25:40 and they were open,
25:42 touched the ears of the deaf and they were in stop,
25:44 walked through the crowds and healed the lame,
25:47 ministered to the poor, raised the dead.
25:51 There is only one Jesus.
25:54 There is only one that hung upon the cross.
25:56 There is only one who came out of the tomb alive.
26:00 There is only one Jesus.
26:03 There are no substitute christs.
26:06 There may be many counterfeits, many false christs
26:09 but there's only one.
26:10 I know that you along with me today
26:13 want to open your heart to the true Christ.
26:15 You want Him to be your leader.
26:17 You want no substitute to be in your life.
26:20 Now secondly, cults not only have a powerful world,
26:24 a powerful leader,
26:25 that whose authority they substitute for Christ
26:28 but cults often substitute human teachings for God's Word.
26:33 So when you look at these cult leaders,
26:35 they'll often have teachings,
26:37 in fact always have teachings
26:39 that are not in harmony with the Word of God.
26:42 In fact, in Revelation 18:23, it says, "By your..."
26:48 That is by the antichrist, by the great cult leaders,
26:50 "sorcery or falsehoods all nations were deceived."
26:55 People are deceived by the falsehoods of error.
26:58 Jesus says in John 17:17, "Sanctify them by Your truth.
27:04 Your word is truth."
27:06 So God's word stands out in sharp contrast to error.
27:13 Marshall Applewhite taught that the Hale-Bopp comet
27:16 would usher in the end of the world.
27:18 Now that's not found any place in the Bible at all,
27:21 his followers should have known.
27:23 Here you have a false religious leader
27:25 who substitutes as the Messiah
27:27 and his word substitutes for the Word of God.
27:30 Any time tradition takes the place of God's Word
27:34 and people are accepting tradition
27:36 rather than God's Word,
27:38 they're in a very dangerous position.
27:41 If Marshall Applewhite's followers
27:44 would have known this text, it would have helped them.
27:45 1 Thessalonians 4:16,
27:47 "The Lord Himself is gonna descend from heaven,"
27:49 not from Hale-Bopp comet that they are gonna latch on to
27:53 and be whizzed off into eternity.
27:55 "The Lord Himself is gonna descend from heaven
27:56 with a shout,
27:58 with the voice of an archangel,
27:59 with the trumpet of God.
28:01 And the dead in Christ shall rise first."
28:05 Jesus says, "You shall know the truth
28:07 and the truth shall make you" what?
28:08 "Free."
28:10 When you know the truth about the Second Coming of Christ,
28:12 "that every eye will see Him," Revelation 1:7.
28:15 "Every ear will hear it," Psalm 50:3.
28:18 When you understand
28:19 that "Christ is coming in glory and majesty,"
28:22 Matthew 16:27.
28:24 When you understand that He's coming in power,
28:27 when you understand that when He comes,
28:28 He's going to raise the dead.
28:30 When you know the truth about the Second Coming of Christ,
28:32 you can detect the false sort of cult leaders
28:36 who have this messianic end-time complex
28:40 that is all jumbled and garbled with part truth and part error.
28:45 Also one of the devil's great deceptive devices
28:51 is a misunderstanding of death.
28:53 And so he uses spiritualism.
28:54 But what does Jesus say?
28:56 "You know the truth
28:57 and the truth shall set you free."
28:59 I've had people say me,
29:00 "But Pastor, I had that experience,
29:01 you know, I went to sleep.
29:04 I saw pastor, I saw my mother, I saw my father."
29:10 Yes, but that was an apparition.
29:13 "The devil," 2 Corinthians 11:14,
29:15 "masquerades as an angel of light."
29:18 And so by not knowing God's Word,
29:22 by not understanding the clear truth of God's Word,
29:25 we make ourselves vulnerable for deceptions
29:30 if any religious leader distorts the gospel.
29:33 The good news is that we're saved through Christ.
29:36 The good news that grace gives us a passport to heaven.
29:42 The good news that we can be pardoned by Christ,
29:45 that Christ can change our life.
29:47 If any religious leader discards biblical principles
29:51 and substitutes human teachings for them,
29:54 beware, my friend.
29:56 If any religious leader downplays God's law,
30:01 you say, "Pastor, what do you mean?"
30:04 Jesus through the Prophet Isaiah said, in Isaiah 8:20,
30:07 "To the law and to the testimony,
30:11 if they speak not according to this word,"
30:13 that is the testimony of Scripture,
30:15 the teachings of Christ and the law of God,
30:17 "there is no light in them."
30:19 You see, it doesn't say there is no truth in them
30:22 because Satan mingles truth and error.
30:25 It does not say there is no power in them
30:29 because Satan at times can use satanic power,
30:34 so it doesn't say there is no truth or power.
30:35 It says there is no what? No light.
30:37 Why does it say there is no light in them?
30:39 Light is what you follow.
30:41 Light is what you follow.
30:42 And Jesus invites us to follow the light.
30:45 And if they're not teaching in harmony
30:47 with the Ten Commandment law,
30:48 if they are not leading men and women
30:50 because they are saved by grace to be obedience,
30:52 there is no light there, therefore, turn away from it.
30:56 Now thirdly, cults manipulate minds,
31:00 they coerce members into submission.
31:04 This is a common characteristic of cults.
31:07 The cults will often dress the same way,
31:10 eat the same way, live the same locality,
31:14 they'll have their cult compound.
31:17 You remember in Revelation 13,
31:19 it talks about that beast coming up out of the sea
31:22 with the seven heads and ten horns,
31:24 and upon his horns ten crowns,
31:26 upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
31:28 It says in Revelation 13:16, 17,
31:32 "He shall cause both small and great,
31:36 rich and poor, free and slave,
31:38 to receive a mark in their right hand
31:41 or in their foreheads."
31:42 Now here is the master cult, the master cult.
31:46 And what does the master cult leader do?
31:49 He causes all to receive a mark.
31:51 And if they do not have that mark,
31:53 the Bible says they can't buy or sell.
31:56 Revelation is talking about a conflict
31:58 between good and evil,
32:00 a conflict between Christ and Satan,
32:03 and it's talking about a last day conflict.
32:05 Jesus appeals to men and women with love and truth,
32:09 Satan appeals to men and women with falsehood and force.
32:13 So on the one hand,
32:15 you have Jesus appealing to people through love,
32:18 appealing to people through truth.
32:19 On the other hand, you have the devil
32:22 appealing to people through force
32:24 and appealing to people through falsehood.
32:29 The beast power passes a decree that no man can buy or sell,
32:35 uses force or uses manipulation.
32:39 God never appeals to us through force.
32:42 His truth is revealed in His Word,
32:46 His love shines from His Word.
32:50 Jesus appeals to us not in some conformity.
32:54 You know, one night I was preaching in Moscow,
32:57 I was in the Olympic Stadium, and there as I preached,
33:01 I had had many, many meetings in Moscow before.
33:05 And I had preached in Plekhanov University
33:08 where 500 came to Christ and were baptized,
33:12 preached in Moscow's Kremlin Auditorium,
33:16 about 1500-2000 came to Christ.
33:19 So now I was in the Olympic stadium,
33:21 opening night of the meetings.
33:22 There about 18,000 people there
33:25 and as I went to preach, ladies got up
33:29 and they began bringing me bouquets of flowers.
33:32 They had been come to Christ,
33:34 they were so joyous in this new life of Christ
33:37 and I was reaching down, getting the flowers,
33:39 taking them here
33:40 and a couple of deacons were standing by me
33:41 and I was handing them.
33:43 A lady came down the aisle, she looked a little strange
33:45 but I didn't pick it up right away.
33:46 She handed me a bouquet of flowers
33:48 and the flowers were dead,
33:50 and I didn't know what to do
33:52 and when I went to reach out to take them,
33:54 she pulled the microphone out of my hand
33:56 and she yelled, "This man is the antichrist,
34:00 attack him."
34:01 Now I learned later who she was.
34:04 Her name was...
34:05 Her assumed name was Mary David Christ.
34:08 You can look her up on the Internet,
34:10 she is one of the leading,
34:11 was one of the leading cult leaders in all of Russia.
34:15 She took the name Mary
34:16 because she believed she was pregnant
34:17 with the Christ child, David
34:19 because the Christ's child would be king and Christ,
34:21 because that was going to be her new baby,
34:23 they were going to usher in a kingdom
34:25 that was going to rule the world.
34:27 She believed that the good angels,
34:29 not the evil angels,
34:31 now remember the Bible says that Satan and the evil angels
34:34 are cast out of heaven.
34:35 She believed the good angels were cast out of heaven,
34:37 they were called the white knights,
34:39 they were on earth to fight evil,
34:41 and I was the embodiment of evil,
34:42 not very pleasant rather.
34:44 And so when she yelled her white knights,
34:48 she had about 20,000 followers
34:50 and many of them were in our audience that night.
34:52 They were young men between 18 and 22
34:55 and she yelled, "Attack"
34:57 and these young men jumped up out of the audience
34:59 and began running to the stage.
35:01 It's rather interesting, to say the least.
35:04 I was little younger and I kept trying to dodge,
35:07 but here these young guys are coming,
35:08 they want to tackle the old preacher.
35:10 Fortunately, I had baptized and led to Jesus Christ
35:14 many Russian army soldiers
35:16 and fortunately I had baptized,
35:18 lead to Christ many KGB officers.
35:21 They had not forgotten their skills
35:25 and when these guys attacked the preacher,
35:27 these army officers from Russia and these KGB,
35:29 they knew exactly what to do
35:31 and they took care of them well.
35:33 But you know 12 nights in a row they attacked.
35:36 We had to take the stairs away from the stage,
35:39 we had to do everything we could to make precautions.
35:42 We would have our music in our meetings,
35:44 things would be fine.
35:45 We have a health, talk, no problems.
35:46 But once I got up to speak,
35:48 they attacked that night after night after night.
35:53 That Mary David Christ had so manipulated these young men
35:59 and they were actually forced and coerced
36:02 into submission to her.
36:04 Cults use force and submission and the devil is a deceiver.
36:09 2 Corinthians 11:14, "No wonder!
36:13 For Satan himself..."
36:15 Now it doesn't come with a big sign on it,
36:17 "Satan himself transforms himself
36:19 into an angel of light."
36:22 So Mary David Christ just like David Koresh,
36:27 just like Marshall Applewhite, just like Jim Jones,
36:31 they all have this veneer, they come as messianic figures,
36:36 they come pretending to be Christ-like beings or figures.
36:41 They come substituting their word
36:45 for the Word of Christ
36:46 and every single one of them will have a method of force.
36:50 When you study, for example,
36:52 what happened in the Waco conflict,
36:54 Waco compound?
36:56 When I interviewed the young man who left.
36:59 He said, he often was beaten if he fell asleep in meetings,
37:03 and often he was coerced
37:05 or forced to listen to David Koresh.
37:07 When you look at Jim Jones' compound,
37:10 he had actual guards, tough men, strong men
37:13 that force people to listen and not go to sleep.
37:16 So here you have that coercion,
37:18 you're going to find that in the last day cult as well.
37:22 Now, how do you identify a cult?
37:23 Here's number four, cults claim to work miracles.
37:27 You see, cults use miracles
37:29 as some kind of test of divinity.
37:32 They use miracles as a basis for what they're doing.
37:37 In Jim Jones' cult,
37:39 I've listened to recordings of some of his sermons
37:41 when he was in San Francisco,
37:44 and he would say, "That sister over there sitting,
37:47 this brother over here.
37:48 Yes, you with the blue shirt there,
37:50 you've got cancer,
37:52 come forward and I'll touch you.
37:53 And you in the wheelchair, wheel her forward,
37:56 and so there's these apparent miracles you say
37:58 but that's evidence, isn't it?
38:00 Look what the Bible says, Revelation 13:13, 14,
38:04 "He performs great signs..."
38:06 That's the antichrist, that's the great cult leader.
38:08 "So that he even makes fire come down from heaven on earth
38:12 in the sight of men."
38:15 Jim Jones claimed that he could work miracles,
38:18 people leaping out of wheelchairs.
38:19 Of course, it was a sham, it was pretence,
38:22 but cults claim that they can work miracles.
38:26 Miracles are never a substitute for the Word of God.
38:30 You say, "How can I be free
38:33 if the deceptions are so subtle?
38:36 How can I be free?"
38:37 Jesus Christ is your only leader.
38:40 As you give your life to Him, you are secure in Christ.
38:44 "There is a man" Isaiah 32:1,
38:47 "there will be a hiding place from the wind."
38:50 A source of refuge from the tempest
38:53 from all the winds of error,
38:55 from all the winds of falsehood,
38:57 from all the winds of apostasy,
38:59 from all the winds of deception,
39:01 there is one that will protect you,
39:04 Jesus is His name.
39:06 The Word of God, "sanctify them through thy truth,
39:09 thy Word is truth."
39:12 John 17:17.
39:14 Psalm 119:105,
39:16 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a" what?
39:19 "Light unto my path."
39:21 Jesus' Word will illuminate your future and Jesus says,
39:25 "Whosoever will, let him take the word of life freely."
39:28 Jesus invites us to come not because we're coerced,
39:32 we are never motivated by fear, only motivated by love.
39:37 How can I be free from deception?
39:40 Beware, beware of the spectacular,
39:43 beware when the spectacular overshadows
39:47 and takes the place of simple biblical truth.
39:52 There are some people that want to go to churches,
39:54 that there is a lot of emotionalism,
39:57 a lot of hallelujahs.
39:59 I'm not against hallelujahs,
40:00 we're to be saying hallelujah when Christ touches our heart.
40:04 But look, when emotional fancy,
40:07 when miracles and the spectacular
40:10 take the place of clear, thoughtful,
40:14 reasonable open hearted study of the Word of God,
40:18 God's Word is the basis of truth.
40:22 Miracles grow out of truth,
40:25 miracles do not substitute for truth.
40:28 Revelation 16:14,
40:31 one of the great deceptions of Satan,
40:34 "For they are the spirits of demons..."
40:37 The spirits of what, everybody?
40:39 "They are the spirits of" what?
40:40 "Demons, performing," what?
40:42 "Signs, wonders, or miracles
40:45 that go out to the kings of the earth
40:47 and of the whole world,
40:49 to gather them to the battle
40:51 of the great day of God Almighty."
40:53 This is the summary of the sixth plague.
40:57 There is famine, there is earthquake,
41:00 there is fire, there is flood,
41:02 there is natural disasters.
41:05 And all over the world this calamity,
41:07 the antichrist power rises.
41:10 He claims that he has authority,
41:12 claims that he can bring world peace,
41:14 substitutes his traditions for the very Word of God,
41:19 and then to top it all off,
41:22 the antichrist begins working miracles.
41:25 The antichrist begins moving in lives
41:28 and begins healing the sick.
41:32 The antichrist begins working in amazing ways
41:35 and what happens?
41:36 Men and women who've turned their backs on God,
41:40 men and women who've turned from the truth of Scripture
41:43 and who've accepted the falsehoods
41:46 in the human teachings.
41:47 Men and women who do not know Jesus Christ, what happens?
41:50 They yield to that deceptive power.
41:53 Now there's a fifth thing about cults
41:55 that we must understand.
41:57 Cults always deny individuality.
42:01 People have to dress the same, eat the same,
42:04 march to the same drummer.
42:05 I thank God that Jesus loves individuality.
42:10 When somebody tries to mould you and shape you,
42:13 force your thinking,
42:15 that is simply to prepare people
42:17 for the last days of earth's history,
42:20 prepare them for the final deception.
42:23 The devil wants people to march in lockstep,
42:26 but Jesus loves variety.
42:29 When the genes and chromosomes came together
42:31 to form the unique biological structure
42:33 of your personality,
42:35 God threw away the pattern.
42:36 There's nobody like you in the universe.
42:39 You cannot photocopy a person
42:43 and produce another human being.
42:45 God does not have some kind of celestial photocopy machine
42:48 who is cranking out people.
42:50 You are you,
42:51 there's nobody like you in the whole universe.
42:54 And God wants your praise, not to be manipulated,
42:58 not to be forced,
43:00 not to be structured by some antichrist power,
43:03 some false cult religious leader
43:05 but Jesus rather.
43:07 He wants you to praise Him from the depths of your heart.
43:12 He loves to have you come to Him just as you are.
43:15 He loves to have you come to Him
43:17 with your own uniqueness of personality.
43:21 You know, Revelation 22:17,
43:23 the Bible comes to an end this way.
43:25 "The Spirit and the bride say, what, "Come!
43:28 And let him who hears say, 'Come!'
43:31 And let him who thirsts come.
43:34 And whoever desires..."
43:35 Not forced, not coerced.
43:38 The devil works with falsehood and force.
43:42 Jesus works with love and choice.
43:47 And choice never can be forced or coerced.
43:50 "Let him who thirsts come.
43:52 And whoever desires,
43:54 let him take the water of life freely."
43:58 Jesus has given you freedom of choice.
44:01 Who will you follow?
44:02 See the Book of Revelation is all about choice.
44:05 It's all about who we follow.
44:07 A rebel angel rebelled against God in heaven.
44:11 A rebel angel deceived Adam and Eve on earth.
44:14 A rebel angel has deceived men and women
44:17 down through the centuries
44:18 and in the last days of earth's history,
44:20 there is no middle ground, who will you choose to follow?
44:25 Who is your savior?
44:27 Who is your Lord?
44:29 Will you allow any human being to substitute for Jesus Christ?
44:33 Will you allow the teachings of men
44:35 to substitute for the Word of God?
44:37 Will you fall for spectacular miracles
44:41 when they're contrary to God's Word?
44:45 Will you mark, march in lockstep with the majority?
44:50 You see the majority in Christ's day
44:54 try to crucify Christ.
44:56 Think about Noah's day.
44:58 The majority didn't go into the ark.
45:01 In the last days of earth's history,
45:03 the devil will marshal the majority.
45:07 God invites you to stand out for Him.
45:12 He invites you to be willing to be
45:14 one of the tens of thousands around the world
45:19 that do not compromise your integrity
45:22 but stand for Christ.
45:24 The scientists, a number of years ago,
45:29 wanted to do an experiment with caterpillars.
45:32 And this particular caterpillar
45:34 was a caterpillar that was a herd caterpillar.
45:38 The caterpillar would always follow its leader.
45:43 And the caterpillar would follow its leader to death,
45:48 but this particular caterpillar
45:49 survived on a special kind of plant,
45:53 and so the researchers wanted to find out,
45:57 is the caterpillar's drive to eat
46:00 greater than the caterpillar's drive to follow its leader?
46:03 So this is what they did.
46:05 They took this plant that the caterpillar would eat
46:08 in his favorite plant
46:10 and they planted it in a pot
46:12 and then they took caterpillars
46:14 and they put them around a circle in the pot.
46:17 So on the edge of this pot,
46:19 you can imagine lined up with all these caterpillars,
46:23 and they kept going round and round and round
46:26 on the edge of the pot.
46:27 Now their plant that would enable them to survive
46:31 was right there in the center of the pot.
46:35 But they kept going round following the leader,
46:37 round following the leader, round following the leader,
46:39 they kept circling.
46:41 One after the other of these caterpillars
46:45 began to fall over dead as the days went on.
46:49 They would not break ranks.
46:54 They were so fixated on following that leader
46:58 that when life was right before them to eat,
47:01 they wouldn't take it.
47:02 You are not a caterpillar, friend.
47:05 Life is there in the hands of Christ,
47:09 and to follow a human leader
47:12 contrary to the word of the living God
47:15 only leads to death.
47:17 The Bible says, Romans 14:12,
47:20 "So then each of us shall give account of himself to God."
47:24 Before the judgment power of God,
47:25 God's not gonna say, what does your father do?
47:27 What does your mother do?
47:28 What did your priest tell you to do?
47:30 What did your rabbi tell you do?
47:31 What did your pastor tell you to do?
47:32 So every one of us must give account of himself to God.
47:36 You become vulnerable to cult deceptions
47:38 when you look to any human authority
47:41 rather than Christ.
47:42 You become vulnerable to cult deceptions
47:45 when you accept the teachings of tradition
47:48 rather than the Word of God.
47:50 Jesus is appealing to you right now to follow His Word.
47:55 When you're awed by spectacular miracles,
47:58 you become vulnerable to cult deceptions.
48:02 When you fail to live by your personal convictions,
48:05 when God moves on your heart
48:07 and you do not step forward or step out to follow Him
48:11 because you're influenced by others,
48:13 you become vulnerable to cult deceptions.
48:16 Jesus says to you, He speaks to you,
48:19 "Come to Me, all you that are heavy laden in labor
48:22 and I will give you rest."
48:24 Jesus appeals to you right now to stand in Christ
48:29 and Christ alone.
48:30 In Christ alone I take my stand,
48:33 in Christ alone I make my decision.
48:37 Listen as Yvonne comes to sing, "In Christ and Christ alone".
48:43 Let the Spirit of God touch your heart.
48:46 Why not make your decision that you will follow Jesus
48:49 and Christ and Christ alone will be your leader,
48:53 your guide, your savior.
49:12 In Christ alone my hope is found
49:18 He is my light, my strength, my song
49:23 This Cornerstone, this solid ground
49:28 Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
49:33 What heights of love, what depths of peace
49:39 When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
49:44 My Comforter, my All in All
49:49 Here in the love of Christ I stand
50:02 In Christ alone, who took on flesh
50:08 Fullness of God in helpless babe
50:13 This gift of love and righteousness
50:18 Scorned by the ones He came to save
50:23 'Til on that cross as Jesus died
50:28 The wrath of God was satisfied
50:34 For every sin on Him was laid
50:39 Here in the death of Christ I live
51:03 Oh, there in the ground His body lay
51:10 Light of the world by darkness slain
51:15 Then bursting forth in glorious Day
51:21 Up from the grave He rose again
51:25 And as He stands in victory
51:30 Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
51:36 For I am His and He is mine
51:41 Bought with the precious blood of Christ
51:54 No guilt in life, no fear in death
52:00 This is the power of Christ in me
52:05 From life's first cry to final breath
52:10 Jesus commands my destiny
52:15 No power of hell, no scheme of man
52:20 Can ever pluck me from His hand
52:28 Till He returns to take me home
52:34 Here in the power of Christ I'll stand
52:38 No power of hell, no scheme of man
52:44 Can never pluck me
52:47 From His hand
52:54 Here in the power
52:57 Of Christ
53:03 I'll stand
53:13 Here in the power of Christ I stand.
53:18 I was only 17 years old.
53:22 I knew little about the kingdom of God,
53:26 little about the Bible, little about Jesus.
53:30 I was brought up in a religious home.
53:33 My parents helped me to understand
53:36 the basic principles of righteousness and morality.
53:40 My father had become a Sabbath keeping Adventist,
53:44 but I was attending the Catholic Church
53:48 and although I learned
53:49 the basic principles of morality,
53:52 although I learned the basic principles of righteousness,
53:55 honesty, integrity, and I thank God for that.
53:59 I never really understood the Bible,
54:02 never made a complete decision to follow Christ.
54:06 I really listened to the priests
54:07 as my source of religious authority.
54:11 But then when I was about 17,
54:15 my father who had recently become
54:18 a committed Seventh-day Adventist Christian,
54:21 began sharing Jesus with me.
54:23 And I began to see that in Christ alone
54:27 I had a leader, a ruler, one of authority.
54:31 I began to see in my own life that in Christ alone,
54:34 I could have one that would forgive me,
54:37 one that could accept me, one that would change me.
54:41 I began to study His Word,
54:43 and I found in His Word the source of strength,
54:46 the source of authority.
54:49 It was not easy to step out for Jesus Christ,
54:54 to step out from friends,
54:56 to step out from some family members.
54:59 You know, when we make a decision for Christ,
55:02 it's not always the easiest thing in our life.
55:06 Sometimes there are struggles,
55:08 and as you have watched this telecast,
55:10 you may sense the Holy Spirit working in your life.
55:13 You may sense God leading you
55:16 to make the most important decision of your life,
55:20 to cast aside tradition,
55:22 to cast aside those teachings
55:27 that are not in harmony with the Word of God.
55:29 God may be calling you to make a step in your life,
55:34 not to have a priest, a prelate, a pastor,
55:40 or any other religious leader
55:42 as the sole religious authority in your life.
55:46 He may be calling you right now and is calling you
55:50 to make Jesus and Jesus alone your savior,
55:54 to make Christ Word
55:56 as the source of your authority.
55:59 He is calling you to make that positive choice
56:03 to follow Jesus now and forever
56:06 and to live in harmony with His Word.
56:08 Would you like to make that choice right now?
56:10 Would you like to say, Jesus, I don't want to be deceived
56:14 by a mastermind cult at the end.
56:16 Christ is preparing a people now
56:20 who step out of the majority and stand for Him.
56:24 Would you say, Jesus, I choose You today.
56:28 I choose Your teachings today.
56:30 I choose Your Word today.
56:33 By Your grace and through Your power, I'll stand for you.
56:35 Do you like to make that decision as we pray?
56:37 Father in heaven, thank You for the call
56:42 to step out of falsehood,
56:45 thank You for the call of Jesus
56:47 to make Christ number one in our lives,
56:50 the sole source of our authority.
56:51 Thank You for Your Word
56:53 which is light on the road ahead
56:55 that dispels darkness and falsehoods.
56:58 Father, we open our hearts to You right now.
57:01 I pray for that man, that woman
57:03 on the verge of decision.
57:04 I pray for that man, that woman
57:06 right now in that valley,
57:08 trying to choose which way to go
57:10 at the crossroads of their life.
57:12 Touch them right now,
57:13 may they make that full decision to follow Jesus
57:19 and His Word now and forever more until eternity comes
57:23 and Christ returns,
57:24 in His name we pray, amen.
57:27 Thank you for joining us
57:28 on Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.


Revised 2018-06-28