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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The Book of Revelation provides hopeful answers
00:08 for today, tomorrow, and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world renowned speaker
00:14 on a journey into the future
00:16 with Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:23 Revelation's prophecies
00:25 focus on every aspect of our lives.
00:29 You may wonder what does health have to do
00:33 with spirituality,
00:35 how does our spiritual life impact our physical life,
00:39 and how does our physical life impact our spiritual life.
00:43 As we open the pages of the Bible
00:46 and focus on the Book of Revelation,
00:48 we'll discover today answers to those questions.
00:52 Let's pray.
00:53 Father in heaven, thank You as the wonderful Creator
00:58 that You've shaped and fashioned our bodies
01:01 that we're not some cosmic accident.
01:04 We pray that as we study Your word
01:06 and specifically the Book of Revelation,
01:08 You would reveal to us Your divine truths
01:11 in Christ's name, Amen.
01:14 The topic in this program is Revelation Reveals
01:18 Life at its Best.
01:21 More and more scientific research indicates
01:24 that the decisions we make dramatically impact our health.
01:29 The question at times is still raised though,
01:33 "Do our lifestyle choices
01:35 really make a difference at endtime?"
01:39 And how do these lifestyle choices
01:42 impact our spiritual life?
01:45 Is there any relationship between what we eat,
01:49 what we drink, and how we treat our bodies
01:52 to our relationship with God?
01:54 Does the Book of Revelation
01:56 discuss these subjects at endtime?
02:00 When you look
02:01 at what's taking place in our world,
02:03 men and women are often dying prematurely,
02:07 dying of heart disease, dying of cancer,
02:10 dying of complications as the result of diabetes.
02:15 We look around the world and we see the health
02:18 of scores of people deteriorating.
02:20 Does this make any difference to God?
02:23 Are we just kind of genetically programmed
02:27 to get certain diseases as the result of what happened
02:31 to our parents or are we programmed
02:33 because of our environments around us?
02:36 Is health matter of chance just like rolling the dice
02:40 or is it a matter of choice?
02:43 More and more research is coming to the forefront
02:46 indicating that health is not simply
02:49 some matter of chance.
02:51 Certainly environment
02:52 and certainly genetics play a role.
02:54 But our choices can either add or subtract years to our life.
02:59 And the choices we make matter to God.
03:03 What happens when we make poor choices?
03:06 What's the result of those poor choices?
03:09 And how does that impact our own spiritual life?
03:12 What does the Bible say about health,
03:14 and specifically, how does health play
03:17 into the scenario of the Book of Revelation?
03:21 Well, let's go back,
03:22 back thousands of years in time,
03:25 back over the millenniums,
03:28 Revelations 12:9,
03:31 "So the great dragon was cast out,
03:34 that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan,
03:37 who deceives the whole world."
03:39 Now the dragon figure is used of Satan
03:41 as one who destroys.
03:44 If the devil wants to destroy,
03:47 he merely doesn't want to destroy this earth
03:50 by polluting the atmosphere, polluting the waterways,
03:54 but he would want to focus on the most specific thing
03:59 that God created that reveals God's love.
04:02 And what do you think that is?
04:03 Of course, human beings.
04:05 So the devil focuses on destroying our health.
04:10 He is the health destroyer.
04:12 Now notice what the scripture says.
04:14 It says the great dragon was cast out,
04:17 he's the dragon who destroys and the serpent of old.
04:21 Why is he called the serpent?
04:23 Because he deceives,
04:26 so the devil is a great deceiver,
04:29 not only a destroyer, but he is a deceiver.
04:32 He deceives us into thinking that our lifestyle, practices,
04:36 or habits make very little difference.
04:39 You see, "The way we care for our bodies on earth
04:42 reveals how we would care for them through all eternity."
04:46 Satan attacks the creation of God,
04:50 tries to destroy these bodies of ours,
04:53 and the choices that we make today,
04:56 you see the highest object of all creation is our body.
05:00 There is nothing more significant
05:02 to God than you.
05:04 Your mind, your body, your spirit,
05:07 your emotions are all an integrated whole.
05:10 And how we care for our bodies now
05:13 would really determine how we'd care for them
05:15 throughout all eternity.
05:16 In fact, our Lord says, 3 John 2,
05:20 "Beloved, I pray
05:22 that you may prosper in all things
05:25 and be in health, just as your soul prospers."
05:29 God desires us to be in health.
05:32 God desires our bodies to be in tip-top shape.
05:36 God is a health giver.
05:39 Satan is a health destroyer.
05:42 And that's why John writing says,
05:45 I pray that you prosper.
05:48 God wants you to be prosperous and in health.
05:52 That's His desire.
05:53 Now the Bible teaches that we're whole persons,
05:56 that God wants to save us completely, physically,
06:01 mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
06:05 See, the Greek idea
06:07 is that the soul and the body are separate
06:11 so that the Greeks believe that whatever you do
06:14 to your body doesn't affect the soul,
06:16 that the soul is separate and distinct,
06:18 you could eat whatever you want,
06:20 drink whatever you want,
06:21 it really made little impact on your spiritual life.
06:24 But according to scripture,
06:26 God wants to sanctify us completely.
06:28 In fact, 1 Thessalonians 5:23 says
06:32 that God would sanctify us completely, body,
06:36 soul, and spirit,
06:37 that He could present us blameless
06:39 before the coming of Jesus.
06:42 The things that affect our physical bodies
06:45 also affect our minds.
06:46 What affects our minds, our thought processes,
06:50 affect our physical bodies.
06:52 And what affects our physical bodies
06:55 and our minds also affects our spiritual health.
06:59 How does the Holy Spirit communicate with us?
07:03 Does He communicate with our fingers?
07:05 Does He communicate with our big toe?
07:07 How does the Holy Spirit communicate with us?
07:09 He communicates with us through our minds.
07:13 And in our minds, we have housed the brain
07:16 where there's conscience, reason, and judgment.
07:19 So if the quality of food I eat
07:23 produces an unhealthful quality of blood
07:27 that brings less oxygen to the brain,
07:30 then the Holy Spirit has a difficult time
07:33 communicating with my brain.
07:35 If I don't have an exercise program,
07:37 so my blood is sluggish and my thoughts are foggy,
07:42 then I tend to fall asleep when I read the Bible,
07:44 tend to fall asleep when I pray or sit in church.
07:48 So our physical habits
07:50 dramatically impact our spiritual life.
07:55 That's why in Revelations 14:6, 7,
07:59 when God gives His last day message
08:02 to the world,
08:03 where God speaks to all humanity
08:05 about His soon return, that's why the scripture says,
08:09 "Fear God," that is reverence
08:11 or obey God, not be afraid of Him,
08:13 "and give glory to Him
08:15 for the hour of His judgment has come,
08:17 and worship Him who made heaven and earth,
08:20 the sea and springs of water."
08:23 Can we worship God by merely destroying
08:27 and defiling the greatest object of His creation
08:31 namely our bodies?
08:32 But notice what the Bible says,
08:34 fear God and do what?
08:35 What does the scripture say?
08:37 Fear God and do what?
08:39 Give glory to Him.
08:41 So part of God's last day message,
08:44 part of His endtime message
08:46 in the Book of Revelation is to give glory to God.
08:50 How do we give glory to God?
08:53 What does it mean to glorify God?
08:56 Does glorifying God have anything to do
08:59 with these bodies of ours?
09:01 The Apostle Paul tells us exactly
09:04 what it means to glorify God.
09:06 1 Corinthians 6:20,
09:09 "For you were bought with a price,
09:11 therefore glorify God in your body
09:14 and in your spirit, which are God's."
09:16 So we glorify God in our lifestyle practices.
09:20 We glorify God
09:21 in the physical practices of our bodies.
09:24 The scripture goes on to say and put it this way,
09:27 "For you were bought with a price."
09:29 We are bought with a price,
09:31 the precious blood of Christ on Calvary has purchased
09:36 not only these minds but has purchased these bodies.
09:40 Therefore, whatever you eat or drink,
09:43 do all to the glory of God.
09:47 So my habits, what I eat, what I drink,
09:50 what I take into this body of mine reveals
09:54 whether I am treating my body as a funhouse or as a temple.
10:00 Remember, the Bible says,
10:02 your body is the temple of God.
10:06 It's not some funhouse,
10:08 but there the Holy Spirit is to live within our bodies
10:12 and everything we take into these bodies
10:15 is not merely to satisfy or gratify
10:19 selfish appetites, desires, or cravings
10:23 but it's rather to give glory to God.
10:26 Now there are some lifestyle practices
10:28 which destroy our bodies,
10:30 and so we need to take a look at them,
10:32 lifestyle practices that defile this temple
10:36 that God has created.
10:38 One of those of course is cigarette smoking.
10:40 Dr. Linus Pauling has put it this way,
10:43 "Every cigarette you smoke
10:46 takes 14.5 minutes off your life."
10:50 Think of it, one pack of cigarette.
10:52 Just calculate it how many minutes
10:54 that's taking off your life.
10:55 Smokers will tend to get lung cancer
10:58 far more rapidly than non-smokers.
11:01 They'll tend to have coronary heart attacks
11:03 at a much greater degree than non-smokers.
11:06 In fact, the Cancer Research Institute
11:09 in the United Kingdom puts it this way.
11:11 "Smoking is the single biggest cause of cancer
11:15 in the world."
11:17 God wants you to have pure lungs.
11:20 He wants you to breathe fresh air.
11:22 He wants you to be climbing mountains
11:24 with your children and your grandchildren
11:28 as your life proceeds.
11:30 He wants you enjoy life,
11:32 not be afflicted with cancer or heart disease
11:38 as the result of poor lifestyle habits.
11:41 You know, smokers have a 25% higher risk
11:45 of a heart attack than non-smokers.
11:48 God desires that you live an abundant,
11:52 that you live a full life,
11:54 that you live a life of joy and meaning.
11:57 You remember what the Bible says,
11:58 "The thief cometh not but to kill, to steal,
12:02 and destroy", John 10:10.
12:04 But Jesus says, I am come
12:06 that you have life more abundantly.
12:09 In the original language,
12:10 that more abundantly is a life in super abundance.
12:13 God wants you to have a life,
12:15 a life full of meaning, a life full of purpose,
12:18 a life that is healthy.
12:20 Now certainly,
12:21 we live in an environment of sin.
12:24 Certainly, we live in an environment
12:26 where the air is polluted.
12:27 Certainly, there are some things
12:29 that impact our health over which we have no choice.
12:32 But if this world is a world
12:36 in rebellion against God,
12:38 if indeed there are environmental
12:41 and genetic factors
12:42 that predisposition us to disease,
12:45 that doesn't mean that we just throw up our hands and say,
12:48 "So what, I'm going to get sick anyway."
12:50 It means that we're more careful,
12:52 it means that we are more conscious
12:54 about the things that we take into our body
12:57 because we do not want to cooperate
12:59 with the evil one to destroy the body,
13:02 we want to build up this body.
13:04 Nicotine causes the arteries to shrink.
13:08 And as they shrink and become more hardened,
13:12 plaque builds up in those arteries
13:15 and, again, smokers have a much, much a higher degree
13:19 of coronary artery disease.
13:21 You know, you feel that knife like stabbing pain
13:25 in the heart and brought about by either poor diet,
13:31 cigarette smoking, high stress.
13:33 Jesus says to you and me,
13:36 "I want you to live a life of peace and joy.
13:39 Come unto Me," Christ says, "all you that are burdened
13:42 and heavy laden and I'll give you rest."
13:43 He wants our bodies to be in, indeed, good health.
13:48 You know, second hand smoke
13:49 dramatically impacts our children.
13:52 And more and more research is indicating
13:54 that children have asthma problems
13:56 and children have breathing problems
13:58 when they are in the homes of smokers
14:02 rather than the homes of non-smokers.
14:05 Now somebody says, "Pastor Mark, I don't know,
14:07 I've been smoking since I've been very young,
14:10 and I don't know if I can possibly quit."
14:13 The Bible says in Revelation 3:21,
14:15 look what Jesus says,
14:17 "To him who overcomes,
14:18 I will grant to sit with Me on My throne."
14:21 You know, to the seven churches
14:23 in the Book of Revelation, Jesus says, seven times,
14:26 "To him that overcomes, to him that overcomes,
14:29 to him that overcomes."
14:30 You can be an overcomer, you can have victory.
14:35 I love the way the Apostle Paul says,
14:37 he says, "Thank God that gives us the victory
14:41 through our Lord Jesus Christ."
14:43 You remember the theme of the Book of Revelation?
14:45 The theme of the Book of Revelation
14:47 is Jesus wins and Satan loses.
14:50 What is it, everybody?
14:51 Jesus wins and Satan loses.
14:53 As you reach out in faith,
14:55 as you believe
14:57 that Christ can give you victory
14:59 over tobacco, over alcohol, over the unclean foods
15:05 that we take into our body to destroy them,
15:07 over the harmful drugs and substances,
15:11 over habits
15:13 that defile our body of immorality
15:16 and multiple sexual partners today,
15:19 often it is free love and free sex
15:22 and what's taking place in our society?
15:25 Sexually transmitted diseases are growing
15:29 extremely rapidly.
15:31 But Jesus says, "I will give you the power,
15:34 the strength to overcome."
15:37 Jesus says, "You can overcome those desires of the flesh,
15:40 those cravings of the body."
15:43 Christ says, "I will give you that power."
15:45 I was helping a young man once quit smoking.
15:47 He was about 29 years old,
15:49 and he had been smoking since 14, 15 years old,
15:53 he's been smoking about 14 years.
15:55 Smoking a couple packs of cigarettes a day,
15:57 and he said, "Pastor, I really want to quit.
16:01 But the craving is so hard."
16:03 We read to him passages from the scripture
16:06 helping him to know the promises of God's Word,
16:11 read to him John 1:12, "As many as received Him,
16:14 to them gave He the power
16:16 or the authority to become the sons of God."
16:19 1 John, 5:12,
16:22 "This is the confidence we have in Him."
16:24 If we ask anything according to His word,
16:29 he hears us.
16:30 And I said, "Look,
16:31 who do you have your confidence in?
16:33 Yourself?" "No Pastor."
16:34 "Where is your confidence?" "It's in Jesus."
16:35 We ask anything according to His Word or His will,
16:38 He is going to hear us.
16:40 "Is it God's will for you to quit smoking?"
16:41 "Yes, it is, Pastor."
16:43 "When do you think he's going to give you victory?
16:45 "Well, Pastor, I'm not sure."
16:47 "What does the text say?
16:48 This is the confidence we have in who,
16:50 is it in our self?"
16:51 "No."
16:52 "Who is the confidence in?" "Him."
16:54 "And if we ask anything according to His what?"
16:56 "His will."
16:57 "He is going to do what?" "He is going to hear us."
16:59 Let's pray, my brother.
17:00 We get on our knees, he began to pray.
17:01 Here's how he prayed.
17:03 Seriously, here's how he prayed.
17:04 "Dear Lord, I'm so weak.
17:07 Dear Lord, I don't think I can quit smoking.
17:10 Dear Lord, I've been smoking for so long."
17:12 I listened to him pray
17:14 for about a minute and a half, two minutes.
17:15 I said, "Oh, no, he's going to be worse after he prays."
17:18 And so I shake him,
17:19 "Stop praying, don't pray anymore."
17:22 He looks at me, probably the first time
17:24 a preacher told him to stop praying.
17:25 I said, "Stop praying, don't pray anymore."
17:27 He said, "Why not?"
17:28 I said, "The way you're praying,
17:30 you're praying so negatively.
17:31 Dear Lord, I can't quit."
17:33 I said, "You are reinforcing your mind
17:35 with all this negative stuff even in your prayer
17:38 and you're simply cooperating with the devil."
17:39 He said, "What?" I said, "You pray like this.
17:41 Dear Jesus, I'm weak but You are strong.
17:44 Dear Jesus, I might not be able to overcome,
17:46 but You can enable me to overcome.
17:47 Dear Jesus, the Book of Revelation
17:49 says to him that overcomes, to him that overcomes.
17:52 And I believe that You are going
17:53 to enable me to overcome."
17:55 That young man prayed in faith,
17:57 and by the grace of God, there was victory.
18:00 You see, quitters always win.
18:03 And by the grace of God, you can win.
18:06 Whatever habit is gripping your life,
18:09 whatever habit you are struggling over,
18:13 Christ's grace is greater than that habit.
18:17 Christ's grace is stronger than that habit.
18:20 The Bible says in Roman 5:20,
18:23 "But where sin abounds, grace abounds much more."
18:29 No matter how you've been caught
18:31 in the shackles of sin,
18:33 no matter how sin has gripped you
18:35 and held you in its hands,
18:38 Christ is stronger than that evil power of sin.
18:43 You see, Jesus is stronger
18:44 than any enslaving physical habit.
18:48 The Christ that touched the eyes of the blind
18:51 and they're open, the Christ that touched
18:53 the ears of the deaf and they're unstopped,
18:55 the Christ that healed the withered man's arm
18:58 and new life and vitality came in again.
19:01 The Christ that caused the lame to walk,
19:04 worked miracles by the man by the pool of Bethsaida
19:07 who was there for 38 years.
19:09 You may have had these enslaving habits for years,
19:12 but Christ is stronger.
19:14 People often say to me,
19:16 "Where are the miracles of Christ today?
19:19 We don't see Him working miracles."
19:21 Come with me,
19:22 I see Jesus working miracles all the time.
19:25 He is working miracles of His grace,
19:27 miracles of His power, miracles of His strength.
19:31 He's delivering people from tobacco,
19:33 delivering people from alcohol,
19:35 delivering people
19:36 from the enslavement of evil habits
19:39 that are destroying their bodies.
19:40 He is still the miracle working God.
19:45 He is still the one just as He did 2,000 years ago,
19:50 who healed people miraculously.
19:52 He's healing them of habits today
19:54 that are destroying their bodies.
19:57 The Bible says in Matthews 7:7, 8,
20:00 "Ask and it shall be given to you.
20:02 Seek and you shall find, knock," the Bible says,
20:07 "and it will be opened to you."
20:09 The scripture says, "For everyone," for who?
20:11 Not a few, "for everyone who asks receives
20:15 and he who seeks finds
20:17 and to him who knocks it will be opened."
20:20 Jesus says to you, "Come, come to me asking,
20:24 come to me seeking, come to me knocking,
20:28 and I will give you My strength,
20:29 I will give you My power."
20:31 "You can be," Jesus says, "victorious."
20:35 Romans 6:16,
20:37 "Do you not know to whom you present
20:40 yourself slaves to obey that one's slaves you are."
20:44 If nicotine is controlling you,
20:46 you may not realize it, but you're a slave to it.
20:49 If alcohol is controlling you,
20:51 you may not realize it, but you're a slave to it.
20:53 If lusts are controlling you or drugs,
20:57 you become slaves to that thing that is controlling you.
21:00 But Christ can set you free.
21:02 Somebody says,
21:03 "Pastor, I'm fighting the battle of the bottle."
21:08 Bloodshot eyes,
21:10 the alcohol affecting the human brain,
21:13 affecting conscience and reason and judgment.
21:16 There are many people
21:18 that want to find relief from anxiety,
21:20 relief from stress and worry
21:22 and they turn to the bottle to do that.
21:24 And as they do,
21:26 alcohol simply deadens their senses.
21:29 Alcohol keeps them
21:31 from enjoying life to its fullest.
21:35 Alcohol creates so many physical problems,
21:38 so many social problems.
21:40 The Bible is right when it says in Proverbs 20:1,
21:45 "Wine is a mocker."
21:46 What does that mean? It deceives you.
21:48 "Strong drink is a brawler,
21:50 and whoever is led astray by it is not wise."
21:55 So the Bible says it's not wise to be led astray by alcohol.
22:00 It goes on to put it this way, "Who has woe?"
22:02 I don't want woe, do you?
22:04 "Who has sorrow?" I don't want sorrow, do you?
22:06 "Who has strife?" I don't want strife.
22:08 "Who has complaints?
22:09 Who has needless bruises?
22:10 Who has bloodshot eyes?"
22:12 What a catalogue of things?
22:14 Do you want these?
22:16 Woe, sorrow, strife, complaints,
22:18 needless bruises, bloodshot eyes,
22:20 what does the Bible say?
22:22 "Those who linger over the wine
22:25 and go to sample bowls of mixed wine."
22:29 Yes, the Bible is very clear.
22:31 The person who lingers at wine or alcohol
22:36 simply brings sorrow upon their life.
22:39 How many broken families as the result of alcohol?
22:44 How many car accidents as the result of alcohol?
22:48 How many women abused as the result of alcohol?
22:52 How many families left financially in ruin
22:58 as the result of alcohol?
23:00 The Bible is plain in Proverbs 23:29-33,
23:04 when it says,
23:05 "Do not gaze at the wine when it's red."
23:07 That's when it's fermented.
23:08 "When it sparkles in the cup,
23:10 when it goes down smoothly."
23:12 God says, "It's going to deceive you.
23:14 Don't even stand there gazing at it.
23:16 "In the end it bites like a snake
23:19 and poisons like a viper."
23:20 How many of you want to be bit by a snake,
23:22 you're walking down a path.
23:23 There's the rattler and you say,
23:25 "Hey, rattler, come on over here a little closer.
23:27 Let me stick out my leg to give you
23:29 a little bit of blood."
23:31 That's certainly not what you're saying, right?
23:33 You take a glass of alcohol, it says, at the end,
23:36 you may not think it at the beginning,
23:38 but at the end,
23:39 it's going to bite like a snake.
23:40 Somebody says,
23:42 "Well, that's not going to happen to me."
23:43 Do you know that two out of every five people
23:45 who begin drinking end up with serious alcohol problems?
23:49 Two out of five.
23:51 What if you had a German shepherd
23:54 and it only bit two out of five people
23:57 that came to your house.
23:58 You'd say, "Hey, Mark, come on over.
24:00 I'd like you to visit my house.
24:01 I got a German shepherd,
24:02 and I got to tell you ahead of time,
24:04 it only bites two out of five people."
24:05 I think you've got a pretty good chance here.
24:07 I'm not coming over to your house for lunch
24:08 and risking that my legs are going to be torn apart
24:11 with only two out of five.
24:12 Two, it's sobering, friend.
24:15 Two out of every five people that begin drinking end up
24:18 with serious alcohol problems
24:20 that impact their family, impact their job,
24:22 impact their relationship with their friends
24:25 because alcohol becomes the most dominant thing
24:27 in their life.
24:28 The Bible says, Proverbs 23:29-33,
24:32 "Your eyes will see strange sights,
24:34 your mind imagine confusing things."
24:38 But somebody says, "Pastor Mark,
24:40 didn't Jesus create an alcoholic beverage
24:44 at the wedding feast of Cana of Galilee?"
24:49 You know, the Bible tells us
24:50 how much alcohol actually
24:53 was in those jars,
24:57 those wine jars.
24:58 In John 2:6, 7, it says, "There were set there
25:02 six water pots filled to the brim."
25:04 So they were filled with water,
25:06 and then what happens is
25:09 Christ uses that water and turns that water into wine.
25:15 Now what does the Bible says
25:16 was the quantity 'in each water pot?
25:20 One thing you have to understand
25:22 before we go to quantity,
25:23 actually, that's helpful here is this.
25:25 The Bible talks about wine in two ways,
25:27 it doesn't often distinguish between
25:29 fermented wine and unfermented wine.
25:32 Fermented wine in the Bible is an alcoholic beverage,
25:35 the Bible condemns that.
25:36 But also the Bible uses the term "wine"
25:38 and it describes a pure juice
25:40 of the grape which is non-alcoholic.
25:43 Let me give you an example of that.
25:45 Isaiah 65:8 puts it this way,
25:47 "As the new wine," what kind of wine, everybody?
25:50 New wine, the new wine is the freshly pressed juice
25:54 of the grape that's unfermented.
25:56 "As the new wine is found in the cluster and one says,
25:59 'Do not destroy it, for a blessing is in it.'"
26:02 So new wine has a blessing.
26:05 It's fresh, it's found in the cluster.
26:08 We know today that grape juice has heart healthy benefits.
26:13 Indeed, it's not so much the fermentation in the grape
26:17 as it is the qualities of the grape unfermented.
26:22 So let's go back now to these jars.
26:25 Did Jesus create a fermented drink for people
26:28 to go crazy after they drunk it
26:30 because they were drunk at the feast that Christ made?
26:32 Certainly not. Here's the jars.
26:35 One jar, according
26:36 to the measurements in the Bible,
26:38 was 20-30 gallons, there were 6 of them.
26:41 So these 6 jars had 120-180 gallons of wine.
26:45 How much wine does it take a person to get drunk?
26:48 Can you get drunk on a gallon?
26:50 Can you get drunk on half-a-gallon?
26:52 Certainly one could.
26:54 Now look, how many people were at this feast?
26:58 This was not a large village.
27:00 There may have been 100, we don't know for sure,
27:02 but I know this.
27:04 There was enough wine
27:05 to get every person at that feast,
27:08 if they would drink at all, drunk one time,
27:11 two times, three times.
27:13 Can you imagine?
27:14 Here's a person.
27:16 They're leaving this feast,
27:18 if what some believe that was fermented wine,
27:20 the wine's been all drunk up,
27:21 they're driving in their ox cart.
27:23 They drive their ox cart off the road,
27:26 they break their leg.
27:27 "Hey, how did you break your leg?"
27:28 "Well, I had such a good time at Jesus' feast."
27:30 Somebody comes home,
27:31 and they have going off with another woman.
27:35 "What happened, why did you come so late?"
27:37 "Well, I got drunk at Jesus' feast."
27:38 Somebody comes home and beats their wife.
27:40 It's preposterous.
27:41 That's not going to happen.
27:43 Jesus is not going
27:46 to in any way create this
27:49 fermented beverage that destroys health,
27:53 that destroys life, that destroys families,
27:56 not at all.
27:57 Did Jesus create enough fermented wine
28:01 to get the whole village drunk?
28:04 Certainly not.
28:06 He would never have done that.
28:10 The Bible says, in John 2:10, "He said to them,
28:12 everyman at the beginning sets out the good wine,
28:15 and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior."
28:18 But look, but you have kept the good wine till now.
28:21 What kind of wine was this? Was this fermented?
28:24 It was good wine, it was the pure,
28:26 sparkling juice of the grape
28:28 that brought invigoration to the body.
28:31 Christ invites you,
28:33 through His grace and by His power,
28:35 not to defile the mind or the brain
28:38 with alcohol to deaden the brain cells.
28:41 One drink begins to deaden brain cells,
28:44 and Jesus says to you and me,
28:46 I want to speak to your heart.
28:48 I want to talk to your mind,
28:51 I want to send the Holy Spirit to give you the highest,
28:54 the noblest, the most elevated thoughts possible.
28:58 But if we defile our minds with alcohol,
29:01 the Holy Spirit cannot communicate with them
29:04 as He would so want.
29:06 The alcohol, social problems,
29:08 more car wrecks are caused by alcohol
29:10 than any other thing.
29:12 Somebody says, "Mark, I'm really struggling."
29:15 I know sometimes alcohol becomes really a crutch,
29:20 it really becomes a way out.
29:22 You have deep problems in the family,
29:24 financial problems.
29:26 You work and you are stressed at work
29:30 and you find a little relief in alcohol.
29:32 I want to say to you, that relief can come in Jesus.
29:36 Don't make the bottle a substitute for Jesus.
29:39 Don't make alcohol a substitute
29:41 for the one that is the Prince of Peace.
29:44 I love the way it's put in Isaiah 26:3,
29:47 where Jesus says this,
29:49 "Peace, I will keep him in perfect peace
29:52 whose mind is stayed upon thee because he trusts thee."
29:56 You see, when you take alcohol searching for peace,
30:00 you're going to have to take another drink
30:02 and another drink and you become more addicted,
30:04 more addicted, more addicted
30:05 but Jesus can give you that peace.
30:09 Christ promises you both peace and abundant health,
30:14 living at endtime,
30:16 preparing for the second coming of Jesus.
30:19 Jesus desires that our bodies and minds give Him glory
30:25 by the lifestyle habits that we have.
30:28 Now what about habits that come in the area of diet,
30:33 the things that we eat?
30:34 Look at a promise that God gave to ancient Israel
30:37 in Exodus 15:26,
30:40 "If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God
30:43 and do what's right in His sight,
30:45 give ear to His commandments,
30:47 keep His statutes,
30:49 I will put none of the diseases on you
30:51 which I have brought on the Egyptians.
30:53 For I am the Lord who heals you."
30:54 Now God promised Israel
30:57 that as they wandered in the desert wilderness,
31:01 if they kept His commandments,
31:03 that the Egyptians would have certain types of diseases
31:06 that Israel would not have.
31:08 Following God's way of obedience
31:11 enhances our health.
31:14 Turning our back on God's way of obedience
31:17 is health destroying.
31:20 Let's look for a moment at what the promise was
31:23 and how that promise was fulfilled
31:25 to the Israelites.
31:26 Psalm 105:37 says,
31:28 "There was none feeble among His tribes."
31:31 In other words,
31:33 as Israel followed the commands of God,
31:37 as they lived in harmony with the principles of God,
31:40 God met His promise.
31:42 He fulfilled His promise and there was abundant health
31:46 given to the Israelites.
31:49 What about the Egyptians?
31:51 Studies confirm
31:52 that the truthfulness of God's word
31:55 is wrought out certainly in,
31:58 as we study the Egyptian lifestyle,
32:00 studies done on the Egyptian mummies
32:03 continue to show the authenticity of God's Word.
32:07 Let's look at a couple of those studies.
32:10 Ramses II,
32:12 one of the famous Pharaohs of Egypt
32:15 died of a massive heart attack.
32:18 Now here is the most amazing thing.
32:20 Dr. Rosalie David of Manchester University in England
32:23 has done autopsies on mummies.
32:26 Now what happens in these autopsies?
32:28 Mummification was very often practiced in Egypt.
32:34 The bodies were taken,
32:36 the organs were taken out of the body,
32:39 the brain was taken out,
32:42 and they were put in what's called canopic jars.
32:46 And so you are able to do an autopsy out of mummy,
32:49 look at the organs,
32:51 looked at the veins and arteries,
32:52 and see how these people died.
32:55 This is an amazing photograph.
32:57 You are looking, can you believe it,
33:00 at the arteries of Ramses II.
33:04 And notice the artery here
33:06 on the left side of the photograph.
33:10 You notice the plaquing in that artery.
33:13 Notice the arteries on the far right,
33:15 the narrowing, the hardness of those arteries.
33:19 The later Egyptian dynasties, particularly among the wealthy,
33:24 had a very high fat, high sugar diet
33:27 and so as the result of that cholesterol built up
33:30 in the arteries, and you know what happens
33:32 when cholesterol builds up in the arteries.
33:34 The heart can pump, as it pumps,
33:37 it pumps the blood through a narrower artery
33:40 or a narrower area.
33:42 That artery gets smaller and smaller with the plaquing.
33:45 As the heart pumps a plaque can break off.
33:48 As it does, it can seal that artery.
33:52 When that happens,
33:54 the oxygen supply to the heart is cut off,
33:57 there is that painful stabbing heart attack.
34:01 The Israelites had abundant health.
34:04 The Egyptians suffered
34:06 from many of the lifestyle diseases
34:08 we are suffering today.
34:09 Dr. Claude Rufeis, French physician,
34:11 has done X-rays on 14,000 mummies.
34:15 So we have a pretty good idea
34:17 of what the Egyptians were dying of.
34:19 What were they dying of?
34:21 Heart disease, cancer, they were dying of arthritis,
34:25 obesity, high blood pressure,
34:27 rheumatism, sexually transmitted diseases.
34:31 Many of the diseases we have today in our society
34:35 were diseases of lifestyle.
34:38 Today, the great diseases
34:40 that are killing us are no longer influenza,
34:43 no longer our western societies dying
34:47 as much of child birth deaths.
34:50 We are dying now of lifestyle diseases,
34:54 diseases that are brought about by our own living habits.
34:58 You know, in the first book of the Bible, in Genesis,
35:01 God gives to us a diet for life and a diet for health.
35:06 It was really a plant-based diet.
35:08 Genesis 1:29, the Bible says,
35:11 "And God said, 'See, I have given you..."
35:15 Who has given it? God says, I have given it.
35:17 If God gives us a diet, I want to follow it, don't you?
35:20 He says, "I have given you every herb,
35:22 berry that yields seed
35:24 in the face of all the earth."
35:26 In other words, fruits, nuts, grains, He gave there.
35:29 And some of the thing
35:30 we would call vegetables today like tomatoes or bens,
35:34 the things of seed.
35:35 "And every tree whose fruit yields seed,
35:37 it shall be to you for food."
35:39 So God gives to Adam and Eve a plant-based diet in Eden.
35:44 The diet in Eden was a vegetarian diet.
35:47 Can you imagine Adam saying to Eve, "Hey, Eve.
35:51 You see that cow over there,
35:53 how do you like a steak for supper?"
35:54 And can you imagine Adam chasing it,
35:57 jumping on it, be forcing,
35:59 slitting a throat of some cow
36:01 and having blood all over the place?
36:03 Certainly not.
36:04 God gave to Adam and Eve, a plant-based diet.
36:07 There was no death of animals in any way.
36:11 God did not create the animas to be killed and eaten by man.
36:16 It wasn't until after the flood in Noah's day
36:19 that God gave people permission to eat flesh food.
36:23 That came right after the flood, why?
36:26 Well, the human race had sinned
36:28 and all the world was destroyed by the flood
36:31 and vegetation was destroyed.
36:33 So to meet that emergency,
36:34 God gave them permission to eat meat.
36:36 Also, God gave permission
36:38 because human beings had sinned
36:40 and they had gone into such sinful lives,
36:42 that He knew that flesh food would shorten the lifespan.
36:47 So God made accommodations to that.
36:49 But the original diet was a plant-based diet
36:53 and His desire was human beings eat
36:56 that plant-based diet,
36:58 even after sin, even after the days of Noah.
37:01 God instructed Noah to bring into the ark animals
37:04 that were clean and animals that were unclean.
37:07 So God didn't give Noah permission
37:10 to eat any kind of animals, not at all.
37:13 God gave them permission to eat only the clean animals,
37:16 never the unclean.
37:18 Now if you want the healthiest diet,
37:19 of course, you go back
37:20 to a plant-based vegetarian diet.
37:23 Genesis 7:1, 2, "Then the Lord said to Noah,
37:27 'Come into the ark, you and all your household,
37:30 because I have seen
37:31 that you are righteous before Me in this generation.
37:35 You shall take with you seven each of every clean animal,
37:38 a male and his female,
37:39 two each of animals that are unclean,
37:42 a male and his female."
37:44 So God creates animals
37:45 that are clean and that are what?
37:48 Unclean.
37:49 The unclean are the scavengers of the earth.
37:52 They are to eat up all the refuse of the earth.
37:55 You know, somebody said,
37:56 "What you eat today walks and talks tomorrow."
38:00 So these scavengers are digesting
38:04 the garbage of this world.
38:07 Now there are two kinds of animals,
38:09 the clean and the unclean.
38:11 We were never to eat the unclean,
38:13 they were to do the work that God gave them to do.
38:17 The unclean and the clean were taken into the ark.
38:20 The clean were taken in by sevens,
38:22 because they would be used for sacrifices.
38:25 The Bible is very clear in defining
38:28 these unclean animals.
38:30 So if you want to follow the Bible's way,
38:32 never take the unclean animals.
38:35 Deuteronomy puts it this way, 14:6-8,
38:39 "And you may eat every animal
38:41 with cloven hooves,
38:42 having the hoof split into two parts,
38:46 and that chews the cud, among the animals."
38:48 So the clean animals have two characteristics.
38:52 What are they?
38:53 They chew the cud, what's that mean?
38:55 They chew their food,
38:57 it goes down into their stomach,
38:58 they have a very complex digestive system,
39:01 they spit it up and chew it again.
39:03 So the clean animals have a complex digestive system
39:05 and don't absorb
39:06 the toxins directly into their flesh.
39:08 They also must have a split hoof.
39:12 Sheep are like that, cows are like that,
39:15 and so sheep and cows would be clean animals.
39:19 If you're going to eat meat, stick with the clean ones.
39:21 But what about the unclean animals?
39:24 We look back at Deuteronomy 14:6-8,
39:28 "Nevertheless, of those that chew the cud
39:31 or have cloven hooves,
39:32 you shall not eat, such as these:"
39:35 these are what you shall not eat,
39:36 "the camel, the hare, the rock hyrax,
39:39 for they chew the cud but do not have cloven hooves.
39:42 They are unclean to you."
39:44 So notice the Bible says, "The camel is unclean."
39:47 So I want you to go home and throw away all camel
39:51 in your refrigerator.
39:53 Do you love Jesus enough to take out all the camel
39:54 in your refrigerator?
39:56 No more camel sandwiches for lunch.
39:58 Women, don't make your husbands any more camel sandwiches
40:01 for lunch,
40:02 no more fried camel for the kids at breakfast.
40:04 You say, "Pastor, I don't eat that stuff."
40:07 Well, let's keep going.
40:08 It says, "The swine is unclean."
40:11 Nobody eats swine, do they? What's a swine?
40:13 That's pig, that's pork. I mean nobody.
40:16 Would anybody eat that? What does the Bible say here?
40:18 "The swine is unclean to you because it has cloven hooves,
40:21 yet does not chew the cud.
40:23 You shall not eat their flesh or touch their dead carcasses."
40:28 So the Bible says that swine or pigs are unclean, why?
40:33 Because as they waggle in the mud,
40:38 as they eat the scraps in food
40:41 that's absorbed into their body.
40:44 "Well, my pigs are grain-fed."
40:46 They still have waste,
40:47 they still don't have a complex digestive system,
40:50 and all that toxin or poison is absorbed in their flesh.
40:56 The Bible says in Psalm 84:11,
40:58 "No good thing will Jesus
41:01 withhold from them that walk uprightly."
41:03 If pork were good, God would not uphold it for us.
41:06 Somebody says, "But Pastor, wait a minute,
41:07 that's Old Testament, Jesus died on the cross."
41:13 Jesus did not die on the cross to cleanse pigs.
41:17 He died on the cross to cleanse sinners.
41:19 What was unclean before the cross is unclean
41:21 after the cross.
41:23 You know, you think Jesus dies on the cross,
41:24 does He work some kind of magic through His death
41:26 so that pigs that were unclean
41:29 and unhealthy become now clean?
41:31 Not at all.
41:33 This is not a ceremonial requirement,
41:36 it is rather a health requirement.
41:38 Pork has the highest cholesterol source
41:41 of all meats.
41:42 And when you cure bacon with nitrates,
41:46 that links bacon with cancer today.
41:51 Dr. McNaught, a health researcher,
41:54 found that one of every four pork specimens
41:58 had living trichina larvae in it.
42:01 One out of every four.
42:03 Somebody said,
42:04 "Pastor, but I cook my pork so hot it kills them all."
42:08 Does it give you any comfort that you are eating half
42:12 a million dead trichina larvae rather than living ones?
42:15 You know, some physicians wonder
42:18 whether some rheumatism and arthritis with pains
42:21 may be wrongly diagnosed and actually
42:23 that inflammation and pain may be coming
42:26 from some of the unclean foods that we eat.
42:28 So God is calling us to health,
42:30 He is calling us from these unclean foods.
42:34 Somebody says,
42:36 "Does it really make a difference?"
42:38 Look what the Bible says,
42:39 Philippians 3:19, "Whose end is destruction,
42:42 whose god is their belly, whose glory is their shame."
42:46 The issue is not only what we eat,
42:48 how it destroys our bodies.
42:50 But the issue is the desire,
42:53 the craving, not to give our appetites
42:57 under the control of Jesus Christ.
42:59 Jesus says,
43:01 "Come, present your body a living sacrifice to me."
43:05 The issue is setting our mind, as Philippians says,
43:09 "on earthly things"
43:10 rather than setting our mind on the things of heaven
43:14 and giving Christ our body to live with Him forever.
43:18 Now what about things in the sea?
43:20 Deuteronomy 14:9,
43:22 "These you may eat of all that are in the waters,
43:25 that you may eat all that have fins and scales."
43:27 So if it's in the sea, has fins and scales,
43:30 you can eat it.
43:31 Whatever does not have fins and scales,
43:33 you shall not eat, it's unclean.
43:36 The things that do not have fins and scales,
43:38 lobsters, crabs,
43:41 the things like clams and quahogs.
43:45 So they are absorbing the toxins in the sea
43:50 and as the result of that...
43:51 I remember when I was a boy, I didn't know these things.
43:55 I'd walk there in the mud, the filth, in the ocean,
43:59 about up to my knees, look for what we call quahogs,
44:02 they were like clams but they have hard shells,
44:04 and you know, what are they doing?
44:05 They are absorbing the refuses,
44:08 they're absorbing the guts of the fish that have died,
44:12 absorbing all those dead things,
44:13 and you know what, and I feel in one of my foot,
44:15 I'd find it.
44:16 I take this clamp, this quahog out,
44:18 throw it to my grandpa on shore,
44:20 he would take a knife and cut it open,
44:22 put a little vinegar, and salt and pepper on it,
44:24 hand it back to me, I'd go...
44:26 swallow that thing raw.
44:29 You know, as a teenager,
44:31 I had terrible stomach problems.
44:33 You say, "Pastor, you should have known better."
44:35 Yeah, I didn't know better, I didn't know these things,
44:38 but you are excused my friend.
44:40 You see, God is calling us.
44:41 God is calling us away from all these defiling things.
44:44 Since I gave up the pork as a boy,
44:46 since I gave up the unclean food as a boy,
44:49 since I gave up the clams, the lobster,
44:54 my health has been so much better.
44:56 Somebody says, "Pastor Mark, what about Peter's vision?
45:00 Didn't Peter have a vision of all these unclean things?"
45:02 Let's go to it.
45:04 Peter is up on the roof, he is praying,
45:05 and he sees in his sheet,
45:08 rats, snakes, alligators,
45:12 he sees elephants,
45:13 he sees monkeys, he sees turtles,
45:16 he sees all these wild animals and God says,
45:19 "Peter, go eat that."
45:20 Peter says, "Lord, I could never do that.
45:22 I've never eaten anything unclean."
45:24 Now notice, this is after the cross.
45:28 So obviously, Peter saying I never ate anything unclean.
45:31 So Jesus didn't make some miraculous change
45:34 in these animals at the cross.
45:36 Jesus says, "Go eat it." Peter doesn't understand.
45:39 The sheet is taken up from heaven.
45:41 Two men come and knock on his door.
45:42 They say, "Cornelius is praying."
45:44 Peter considered Cornelius to be unclean as a gentile.
45:50 The voice came to Peter in his dream, Acts 10:13, 14,
45:55 "Rise, Peter, kill and eat.
45:56 What does Peter say? Not so, Lord.
45:58 I have never eaten anything common or unclean.
46:00 I can't do that Lord.
46:02 This is not in harmony with Your will."
46:05 God shows me, Peter says as he interprets the dream,
46:10 the two men knock on his door, they say,
46:13 "There's one called Cornelius.
46:15 He has been praying.
46:17 God has revealed to him that someone will come
46:20 to preach the gospel and we'd be led to Simon,
46:23 the tanner's house, and Peter we found you,
46:25 come and preach.
46:26 Had Peter not had that dream,
46:29 his prejudice against the gentiles
46:33 would have been so high, he wouldn't have come there.
46:35 So later, when he is explaining what he did and why he did it,
46:38 he says, "God has shown me
46:41 that I should not call any man common or unclean."
46:45 Peter interprets the dream not that he should eat any food
46:49 that he wants,
46:51 but that he should never call a human being unclean.
46:56 "In truth I perceive God shows no partiality."
47:00 This is a vision about racial harmony.
47:03 This is a vision about respecting men and women
47:07 as the unique creation of God from all backgrounds,
47:11 all cultures, all colors of skin,
47:14 all language groups.
47:16 So it has nothing to do about what you eat,
47:19 everything to do about how you treat people.
47:23 Because look what Peter says, Acts 10:34, 35,
47:27 "But in every nation whoever fears Him
47:30 and works righteousness is accepted by Him."
47:33 It's a vision to break down barriers between creeds,
47:38 and peoples, and races.
47:40 But somebody says,
47:41 "You know what Pastor, this is so difficult for me.
47:44 I don't know how I can give up tobacco
47:46 or alcohol.
47:48 I don't know how I can give up unclean foods.
47:50 And to be honest with you, Pastor,
47:52 sometimes my physical desires get out of control.
47:56 Sometimes my cravings get out of control."
47:59 Sometimes somebody says,
48:01 "Pastor, my life isn't morally pure."
48:04 Here is the reality of the situation.
48:08 Without Christ, you can do nothing.
48:12 If you try to overcome the physical cravings
48:14 of your body without Christ,
48:17 you're not going to accomplish it,
48:18 you're gonna fail again and again and again.
48:21 It's like Shakespeare said.
48:22 He said, "It's not hard to quit smoking.
48:24 I've done it a 1000 times."
48:27 You see, Shakespeare worked to try to overcome habits
48:31 of his life in his own strength.
48:34 But you can never overcome the habits of your life,
48:38 those physical habits in your strength.
48:40 Without Christ, you can do nothing.
48:42 But with Christ, all things are possible.
48:47 Look at Philippians 4:13.
48:51 Jesus, through the Apostle Paul says to you,
48:54 "I can do all things through Christ
48:57 who strengthens me."
48:58 What can you do through Jesus? What can you do through Jesus?
49:02 Who is stronger, Jesus or tobacco?
49:04 Who is stronger, Jesus or alcohol?
49:07 Who is stronger, Jesus or unclean foods?
49:10 Who is stronger,
49:12 Jesus or the cravings of the flesh,
49:14 the physical desires?
49:16 Who is stronger, Jesus or those drugs?
49:18 I can do all things through who?
49:22 Through Christ that strengthens me.
49:25 A number of years ago
49:27 I was helping a woman to quit smoking.
49:30 Her name was Carrel, and I was talking to Carrel
49:34 and she had been brought up in a Christian home.
49:37 She had been drifting away from Christ,
49:40 and she began to smoke,
49:42 and she really wanted to come back to Jesus.
49:43 But she said, "Pastor, I feel so weak.
49:46 I feel just so weak, I don't think I can ever quit."
49:50 We opened the Bible,
49:51 and I began to read to her the promises of God,
49:53 "Without me you can do nothing,
49:55 but with Me you can do all things."
49:57 We came to Philippians 4:13
50:00 and I opened the Bible and I said,
50:01 "Carrel, read."
50:03 And she read, "I can do all things
50:04 through Christ that strengthens me."
50:06 And I said, "Carrel, do you believe that?"
50:08 She said, "I don't know.
50:09 Pastor, I've got to be honest with you.
50:11 I really don't know.
50:13 I don't know if I can quit or not."
50:15 I said, "Carrel, do you have a pen?"
50:16 She said, "Sure." I said, "Get your pen.
50:18 I want you to write something in your Bible.
50:20 It's really important that you write it there."
50:22 And she said, "Pastor, I'll write it."
50:24 And I said, "But let me tell you.
50:26 See that text that says,
50:27 "I can do all things through Christ
50:28 that strengthens me?"
50:30 "Yes, Pastor."
50:31 "I want you to write in your Bible,
50:32 except quit smoking through Jesus."
50:35 So the text is gonna read,
50:37 "I can do all things except quit smoking
50:39 through Christ that strengthens me."
50:40 She said, "Pastor,
50:41 I'm not writing that in my Bible.
50:43 Pastor, I am not writing that in my Bible."
50:44 I said, "Carrel, do you believe it?
50:46 Do you believe what God said?
50:49 Do you believe what God said counter to your feelings,
50:51 counter to your cravings?"
50:53 She said, "Pastor, I claim it. Pastor, I believe it.
50:56 Pastor, yes, I sense
50:58 that I can do all things through Christ
51:00 that strengthens me."
51:01 I said, "Get your tobacco." She got it.
51:03 We put it on the floor, we prayed.
51:04 And by the grace of God, that woman came to Jesus
51:09 and she let aside those habits of life.
51:13 You see, when you cry out from your soul,
51:16 "Give me Jesus, give me Jesus, give me Jesus.
51:19 Jesus, I know You are living in my heart,
51:21 but Lord, I am trapped, I am enslaved in this habit.
51:24 Give me, Jesus, strength.
51:26 Lord, I'm eating unclean foods but I love You.
51:29 But Jesus, give me Your strength.
51:31 Jesus, give me Your power."
51:33 Listen, as Celestine sings, give me Jesus.
51:37 Now wherever you are, open your heart
51:40 to that living Christ right now.
52:04 I could hold diamonds in my hand
52:12 Own a thousand mansions by the sea
52:19 Write the secrets of the universe
52:23 And endless mystery
52:27 But they could never set my spirit free
52:35 You can have the stars
52:38 Just give me Jesus
52:42 You can rope the moon Just give me Jesus
52:50 You take tomorrow
52:54 I will still believe
52:58 All the love He's given me
53:02 Is all I'll ever need
53:06 You can have everything
53:09 Just give me Jesus
53:17 He has moved mountains in my heart
53:25 Calmed the storms with whispers of His love
53:32 Now I know that I can never live
53:37 Without His tender touch
53:41 I never knew I needed Him so much
53:48 You can have the storms
53:52 Just give me Jesus Just give me Jesus
53:56 You can rope the moon
54:00 Just give me Jesus Just give me Jesus
54:04 You can take tomorrow
54:08 I will still believe
54:12 All the love He's given me
54:16 Is all I'll ever need
54:19 You can have everything
54:23 Just give me Jesus
54:27 All the treasures of this earth
54:31 All the pleasures of this life
54:36 Turn to dust in the light
54:40 Of His love
54:44 You can have the storms
54:49 Just give me Jesus
54:52 You can rope the moon
54:55 Just give me Jesus
55:00 You can take tomorrow
55:04 I will still believe
55:07 All the love He's given me
55:12 Is all I'll ever need
55:15 You can have everything
55:20 Just give me Jesus
55:34 Just give me Jesus
55:40 Maybe you have been struggling,
55:43 struggling with some habit in your life,
55:48 struggling with alcohol,
55:50 struggling with tobacco,
55:52 struggling with some drug addiction.
55:57 Maybe you felt enslaved,
55:59 imprisoned, chained, bound,
56:04 but yet, deep within your heart,
56:08 you want to be free.
56:10 Maybe you're in a relationship that you know is not in harmony
56:14 with God's will, and that's been binding you.
56:17 Maybe you've struggled again and again
56:19 with some article of food, unclean food.
56:24 Maybe you've not considered before that the people living
56:28 before the second coming of Jesus
56:31 will give Jesus everything.
56:33 They'll give Jesus everything, their mind, their body,
56:38 their emotions, their spiritual life.
56:41 Christ does not want part of you,
56:45 Christ wants all of you.
56:47 Would you just open your heart to Him right now?
56:49 And say Jesus, I'm opening my heart to You.
56:52 Will you cry out, give me Jesus.
56:56 Give me Jesus as we pray.
56:58 Father in heaven, thank You so much
57:01 for the living Christ,
57:03 who comes with all His power to meet our needs,
57:07 who comes to strengthen us and break the shackles
57:10 that hold us,
57:12 as we cry out right now, give me Jesus.
57:16 That's our prayer in Christ's name, amen.
57:19 Thank you for joining us
57:21 for Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
57:25 Every single one of these messages
57:27 will be life changing.
57:29 So stay with us.


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