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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The Book of Revelation provides hopeful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley, author and world-renowned speaker
00:14 on a journey into the future with
00:17 "Revelation's Ancient Discoveries."
00:23 The Book of Revelation is a book of contrasts.
00:27 It talks about two leaders, the Lamb and the Dragon.
00:31 Two harvests, harvest of golden grain,
00:34 the saved, and the harvest of gory grapes, the lost.
00:37 It talks about two cities, Jerusalem, from above,
00:41 and Babylon, from beneath.
00:42 It talks about two spirits,
00:44 the Holy Spirit that possesses men
00:46 and women at the time of the end,
00:48 and the unholy sprit of demons.
00:50 The Book of Revelation talks also about two women,
00:53 and it's those two women,
00:55 it's the topic of our discussion
00:57 for this presentation.
00:58 Let's pray together.
01:00 Father in Heaven, as we study
01:02 the two great women of Revelation,
01:04 notice the difference between the two,
01:06 help us constantly
01:08 to distinguish between truth and error,
01:11 help us distinguish between error, falsehood,
01:15 deception that is so gripping the minds of people
01:19 and the clarity, the certainty, the definiteness of your truth.
01:23 Come Jesus, speak to our hearts
01:26 and reveal yourself in this presentation
01:29 in Christ's name, amen.
01:31 The topic for this telecast is "Revelation's Last Appeal."
01:36 As we go to the Book of Revelation,
01:38 it's the Revelation of Jesus,
01:40 and Jesus loves us so much
01:43 that He desires us to know the road ahead.
01:48 If there were a bridge out on a rainy night
01:52 because of the swelling of some river
01:55 that knocked it out, and you knew your son,
01:58 your daughter was traveling that road,
02:00 and they had a cell phone,
02:02 wouldn't you call them and warn them
02:04 that the bridge was out?
02:05 Would you think,
02:07 "Well, I don't want to offend them,
02:09 that's the shortest way home.
02:11 I don't want to upset them.
02:13 I don't want to trade any trouble,
02:14 I'm just gonna let them drive."
02:16 You wouldn't think that way at all.
02:18 If there were an emergency,
02:19 you would want to warn your son,
02:22 your daughter about that emergency.
02:25 In the Book of Revelation, God warns us of what's coming.
02:29 He does it in Revelation in a variety of ways,
02:33 but particularly by contrasting two women.
02:36 Let's look at them both.
02:38 In Revelation 12, a woman arises.
02:42 She is beautiful.
02:44 Dressed in white,
02:45 she has a crown and 12 stars upon her head.
02:48 She is pure, righteous,
02:51 iridescent with the glory of God.
02:54 What does a woman represent in Bible prophecy?
02:57 Jeremiah 6:2 says this,
02:59 "I have likened the daughter of Zion,"
03:01 now Zion is of course the church,
03:03 "to a lovely and delicate woman."
03:06 God likens His church to a woman.
03:10 You find that throughout scripture.
03:12 In the Book of Isaiah, He says, "I have adorned you, to myself.
03:17 I've embraced you as a precious bride."
03:21 This bride imagery is used in Jeremiah,
03:24 it's used in Isaiah,
03:26 certainly used throughout the New Testament as well.
03:29 Ephesians 5 talks about
03:31 the church as the bride of Christ.
03:35 Christ is the husband, the church is the bride.
03:39 So a pure woman, a chaste woman,
03:41 in scripture represents the church
03:43 or the bride of Christ.
03:45 When the church goes out after the world,
03:48 according to James 4:4, the prophet says,
03:54 "You adulterers and adulteresses
03:56 who have gone out after the world,
03:59 so if the bride of Christ, the church,
04:01 leaves her true lover Jesus,
04:03 and goes out after the world
04:05 that is called Spiritual adultery."
04:08 So in the Book of Revelation you have this woman,
04:11 "The Faithful Bride of Christ."
04:14 She is faithful to Jesus. He is the passion of her life.
04:19 She is faithful to His Word.
04:22 His Word becomes her guiding principle.
04:25 She is faithful to His law,
04:28 and just like a loving wife desires
04:30 to make her husband happy, so the bride of Christ desires
04:34 to make Him happy by pleasing Him.
04:37 But the scene quickly changes,
04:40 and we go from Revelation 12 to Revelation 17.
04:45 There is another woman presented here
04:48 in Revelation 17,
04:50 and this is not the true bride of Christ,
04:53 not the faithful church of Christ,
04:55 but this describes an Apostate Religious System.
04:59 The New Testament church is radiant with Christ,
05:02 the Son of Righteousness.
05:03 The apostate church has drifted away from Christ
05:08 and she is not clothed in the garments
05:11 of Christ's righteousness like the bride of Christ is.
05:15 The bride of Christ stands on the moon.
05:19 You know, the moon reflects the light of the sun,
05:22 and so that would reflect in New Testament language,
05:26 the Old Testament.
05:27 So the New Testament church emerges standing
05:31 on the foundation of the Old Testament.
05:35 This woman has 12 stars upon her head.
05:38 The church guided
05:39 by its leadership are 12 disciples
05:41 or 12 apostles.
05:43 She is clothed with white raiment,
05:46 she has the righteousness of Christ
05:48 and according to Revelation 19:9 and onward,
05:51 that the righteous Christ
05:53 is the righteous deeds of the saints.
05:54 So what do I see, and what do we see
05:57 from the biblical symbolism of Revelation 12?
05:59 We see the bride of Christ, faithful to Christ,
06:02 basing her teachings on the Word of Christ,
06:05 guided by divine administrators,
06:07 the apostles, and clothed
06:10 with the righteousness of Christ
06:11 that leads her to do good works.
06:14 Here, in Revelation 17,
06:16 we see quite a different picture.
06:18 Revelation 17:1, 2,
06:20 "Then one of the seven angels
06:22 who had the seven bowls came and talked with me,
06:25 saying to me, 'Come, and I will show you
06:29 the judgment of the great harlot
06:31 who sits on many waters."
06:33 Now notice this woman is called a harlot.
06:35 She has left her true lover, Jesus.
06:38 She has drifted away from the one
06:42 that woos her and desires her to come back.
06:46 "Come, I will show
06:47 the judgment of the great harlot."
06:50 This fallen church system, this apostate church system,
06:54 who sits on many waters,
06:57 "with whom the kings of the earth
06:58 have committed fornication,
07:01 and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk
07:03 with the wine of her fornication."
07:06 Now let's look at every phrase in that passage.
07:10 This woman sits upon a scarlet colored beast.
07:15 She is decked out in her scarlet in purple.
07:18 She is ornamented.
07:20 She has a wine cup in her hands,
07:23 and she passes it around,
07:26 and the world gets drunk with it.
07:28 What does the beast represent?
07:30 What does the wine cup represent?
07:33 What about this woman, who does she represent?
07:37 Revelation 17:15,
07:39 what about these waters that she sits on.
07:42 "Then he said to me, 'The waters which you saw,
07:44 where the harlot sits,
07:46 are peoples, multitudes, nations,
07:49 and tongues.'"
07:50 What then does the water or the sea represent?
07:54 Multitudes, nations, or tongues.
07:57 So this woman dominates multitudes of peoples,
08:02 this must be an international power,
08:05 a power that has deceived peoples,
08:07 multitudes, nations and tongues.
08:10 Now what is fornication?
08:12 Fornication is an illicit union.
08:15 So this woman, the fallen church power unites
08:19 with the state in an illicit union,
08:23 rather than uniting with her husband,
08:25 Jesus Christ, in a legitimate union.
08:28 So what we are seeing here
08:29 is a picture of a compromised church,
08:33 a church in apostasy,
08:35 that has united with the state powers.
08:39 In the fallen church system,
08:41 the church is united with the state.
08:44 In the true church system,
08:46 the church is united with Jesus Christ.
08:50 In the true church system,
08:52 you have one thing and that is union with Jesus,
08:57 oneness with Jesus, fellowship with Jesus.
09:00 In fallen church system, betrayal of Christ,
09:03 union with fellowship, cozying up to the state powers.
09:08 The fallen church looks to the kings
09:11 and political leaders of the earth for power,
09:14 and anytime the church does that,
09:17 it indicates apostasy,
09:19 and certainly the spiritual weakness
09:22 of the church.
09:23 When the church turns to the state for its power,
09:26 it indicates that it has lost the power of God.
09:31 So Revelation 17:3,
09:34 "So he carried me away in the Spirit
09:36 in the wilderness.
09:38 And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet colored beast."
09:42 Beast representing the state.
09:44 Fallen woman, the church.
09:46 The church then governs or drives the state
09:50 which is full of names of blasphemy,
09:53 having seven heads and ten horns.
09:55 The harlot woman of Revelation 17,
09:58 of course, represents that false system of religion.
10:03 The beast on which she rides, represents what?
10:06 The state. So church, state, union.
10:10 In the Bible Commentary,
10:11 page 593, by Fausset, and Jamieson, and Brown.
10:16 The comment is made very insightful.
10:19 "State and Church are precious gifts of God.
10:23 But the State being desecrated becomes beastlike,
10:28 the Church apostatizing becomes the harlot."
10:31 So Bible commentators down
10:34 through the ages have recognized
10:37 this symbolism of church, state, union.
10:41 Now "The woman is arrayed in purple and scarlet,"
10:44 so here we have a fallen church system
10:47 that unites with the state in the period of the dark ages,
10:51 whose colors are purple and scarlet.
10:54 "And she is adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
10:59 having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations
11:01 and the filthiness of her fornication."
11:04 So here is a church state union,
11:06 the church becomes wealthy,
11:08 its churches become lavish and it grows up
11:12 in the dark ages out of Rome.
11:15 Now notice it says,
11:16 there is a golden cup full of abominations.
11:20 The golden wine cup in her hand,
11:22 of course, represents the intoxication
11:25 of false doctrine.
11:27 When you drink wine or alcohol, it impacts the brain.
11:31 It impacts conscience, reason and judgment,
11:34 so you can't think well.
11:36 One night I was outside of Chicago,
11:38 preaching in LaGrange, Illinois...
11:41 Actually it was in a YMCA, and I was preaching away,
11:43 I was young
11:45 and I was preaching enthusiastically
11:47 on the wine of Babylon,
11:48 and a drunk man walked in to the meeting,
11:51 fell asleep in the back, and I'm preaching along,
11:54 and I'm saying, "Wine defiles your conscience,
11:58 you can't think straight, you can't reason straight,
12:01 you become irrational," and the old drunk woke up.
12:05 And as he woke up, he stood up again
12:07 shaking his finger at me saying,
12:09 "That's enough young man, that's enough young man."
12:13 He didn't care about the rest of the sermon
12:14 but when I said something
12:16 about wine affecting your brain,
12:17 that old guy stood up, "That's enough young man."
12:20 It's one of those memories
12:21 I have in my preaching down through the years.
12:24 You see, wine does affect the brain.
12:27 So it's a good representation of false doctrine.
12:31 People get so confused,
12:33 so befuddled with the false doctrine of the world
12:36 that they need to be sobered up by the Word of God.
12:39 They become so confused and inebriated,
12:42 intoxicated
12:44 with the false teachings of Babylon.
12:46 So what's the prediction? Church and state would unite.
12:49 The wine cup of Babylon,
12:50 false doctrines would be passed around,
12:53 millions of people would take those false doctrines
12:56 and they would be religiously confused.
12:59 Notice Revelation 17:5,
13:02 "And on her forehead a name was written:
13:05 Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots
13:09 and of The Abominations of the Earth."
13:12 Now notice the expression, The Mother of Harlots.
13:15 So here you have the great mother church,
13:18 that would grow out of Rome, church and state would unite,
13:22 she would pass around her wine cup of false doctrines,
13:26 people would be confused, and this mother church
13:29 would also have many daughter churches,
13:32 Protestant daughter churches
13:34 who hadn't always broken for mother,
13:37 they haven't come all the way out of mother.
13:39 So the Protestant Reformation raised up by God,
13:44 anointed by God, truth restored.
13:47 But here is the challenge.
13:49 Most of those Protestant churches
13:52 did not go far enough.
13:54 They still imbibed some of that wine cup,
13:57 still accepted
13:59 some of the false doctrines, some of them,
14:01 baptism of infants
14:02 that has no foundation in the Bible, some of them,
14:04 the idea the immortality of the soul,
14:07 the soul going on, pagan philosophy,
14:10 no foundation in the Bible, Greek philosophy.
14:13 Some of them retain idols in their worship,
14:16 again no foundation in the Bible.
14:18 And most of them retain Sunday worship
14:20 which again not founded in scripture.
14:23 So here in Revelation 17,
14:26 Babylon is a term used by God
14:30 to describe apostasy, falsehood,
14:34 the teachings of men coming into the church,
14:36 or more accurately religious confusion,
14:40 where human beings
14:41 and their teachings become the center.
14:43 Now did you notice the expression, Babylon,
14:46 The Mother of Harlots.
14:48 If you are going to understand this prophecy,
14:53 it's necessary to understand Babylon.
14:56 Why does the Bible say Babylon
14:58 when Babylon had long been destroyed?
15:01 Babylon ruled from 605 B.C
15:07 to 539 B.C.
15:10 In 539, the Medes and Persians overthrew Babylon.
15:13 So what does the New Testament mean
15:15 when it talks about Babylon?
15:18 You have in the Bible, Literal Babylon
15:21 that was the Old Testament phenomenon.
15:25 Literal Babylon was this power in the days of Daniel
15:29 that was a world ruling, world dominant power.
15:32 In the Book of Revelation, you have Spiritual Babylon.
15:36 Spiritual Babylon is to revive many of the teachings
15:41 of Old Testament Pagan Babylon.
15:44 Spiritual Babylon is a false religious system
15:48 just as Literal Babylon was a false religious system
15:51 that stood against the Israelites.
15:53 But if you are really gonna understand Spiritual Babylon
15:57 and understand the Book of Revelation,
15:58 you have to go back
16:00 and look at Literal Babylon and say,
16:02 "What was the very foundation of Literal Babylon's beliefs?"
16:06 If I can understand Literal Babylon's beliefs,
16:10 then I can understand something about Spiritual Babylon
16:14 and particularly I can understand
16:16 God's call out of Spiritual Babylon.
16:20 "False doctrines would come into the church
16:22 through this false religious system
16:24 called Babylon."
16:26 So Jesus said in John 17:17,
16:30 "Sanctify them through Your truth.
16:32 Your word is truth."
16:34 Babylon always, Old Testament, New Testament has turned
16:38 from the truth of God's Word to falsehood,
16:41 turned from the certainty of God's Word
16:44 to the teachings of man.
16:46 Christ is leading us back to His Word.
16:50 He is leading us back to the truth of His Word.
16:52 So let's go back to Old Testament Babylon.
16:55 What's its origin?
16:57 Its origin was at the Tower of Babel.
16:59 You remember God said
17:00 that He would never destroy the world with a flood again.
17:05 After the Noah's flood,
17:08 the Babel builders came to build that tower,
17:11 they built it in defiance of God.
17:15 They said, "If God ever destroys the world
17:16 with flood again,
17:18 we will build a tower up into heaven
17:20 and we will be able to survive that flood."
17:24 Of course that was contrary to God's Word
17:26 because He promised with the rainbow in the sky
17:28 that He'd never set a flood again.
17:30 So the Tower of Babel was built by human beings
17:33 in defiance of God.
17:36 What happened at the Tower of Babel?
17:38 Genesis 11:9,
17:39 "Therefore its name is called Babel,
17:42 because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth."
17:46 So the builders were building in defiance of God
17:50 with human pride, and arrogance, and authority
17:52 that they're gonna build this tower to heaven.
17:54 God confuses the languages.
17:56 It was on this site that Babylon,
17:59 the city of Babylon was built.
18:02 So what does Babylon represent?
18:04 It represents confusion.
18:06 Confused religion
18:08 rather than the clarity of God's truth,
18:10 the light of God's truth, the Word of God.
18:13 It represents confusion, represents distorted religion,
18:17 it represents the religion of man
18:20 rather than the religion of Christ.
18:23 We at the church used to proclaim truth,
18:26 not babble in confusion.
18:29 Now there are at least five major characteristics
18:34 of this Old Testament Babylon,
18:36 and to understand the foundation of Babylon
18:40 is to understand Revelation 17
18:43 and what's happening in the Christian church.
18:44 The first characteristic
18:46 of Old Testament Babylon is this, Daniel 4:30.
18:50 So in Old Testament Babylon,
18:51 Nebuchadnezzar speaks and it says,
18:53 "The king spoke, saying, 'Is not this great Babylon,
18:58 that I have built for a royal dwelling
19:02 by my mighty power for the honor of my majesty?'"
19:06 Here's point one,
19:07 Babylon represents a humanist system.
19:12 Nebuchadnezzar says,
19:13 "Is not this great Babylon
19:18 that I have built?"
19:19 So the false religious system of Revelation 17
19:24 is built on the teachings of man.
19:27 It is built on the word of man.
19:30 It's built on the traditions of man
19:33 rather than the living Word of God.
19:37 So Babylon is a man-made system of religion.
19:41 It's a human system of religion.
19:43 It's kind of interesting
19:45 when the archaeologists Robert Koldewey
19:48 and his team excavated Old Testament Babylon.
19:52 They excavated the procession way
19:55 which leads into the Ishtar Gate
19:58 that lead into the city and as they did,
20:00 every brick had Nebuchadnezzar's name
20:03 written on it.
20:04 So Nebuchadnezzar was filled with pride,
20:07 filled with egotism,
20:08 and Nebuchadnezzar dominated Babylon.
20:12 So New Testament spiritual Babylon
20:16 would represent the teachings of man
20:18 rather than the teachings of Christ.
20:20 Matthew 16:18, Jesus says, "I will build My church,
20:25 and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."
20:29 Jesus said, "I am gonna build my church."
20:32 So Babylon is a system built by man and here,
20:36 the New Testament church is built by Christ.
20:38 I've had some people say to me,
20:40 "I don't want anything to do with the church,
20:42 the church is a bureaucratic institution,
20:45 I want to worship at home.
20:47 I don't trust organizations."
20:49 But Jesus says, "I will build My church."
20:53 The true church of Christ
20:55 is not man-made, it's Jesus-made.
20:58 What did Jesus say about the church?
21:00 He said, "I will build My church,
21:02 the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."
21:05 Down through the ages,
21:06 Satan has persecuted the church.
21:08 Satan's brought falsehood into the church,
21:10 but Jesus, as already he has had a faithful remnant,
21:15 a faithful body of believers
21:18 that would not compromise their integrity.
21:21 Jesus said, I'll build my church in what?
21:23 The gates of hell will not prevail against it.
21:28 So two systems of religion, two streams of religion.
21:32 One man-made, one God-made.
21:34 One built on confession to a man,
21:37 the other built on confession to Jesus.
21:40 One built on the pre-earthly priesthood,
21:42 the other built on Christ death, resurrection,
21:45 and His heavenly priesthood.
21:46 One that directs our attention to lavish, earthly temples,
21:50 the other that directs our attention
21:52 to the heavenly temple where Christ reigns for us.
21:57 Jesus says, through the Apostle Paul,
22:00 that we have a high priest
22:02 that we can come boldly too to find grace
22:05 and help in the time of need.
22:07 Hebrews 4:15,"We can come."
22:10 It opened our hearts to Christ,
22:12 we can come and find in Him salvation,
22:16 in Him forgiveness, in Him freedom from guilt,
22:20 in Him a high priest who meet our every need.
22:24 We've sinned.
22:26 We cannot approach God,
22:28 we are not worthy to approach God.
22:30 But in Jesus,
22:31 and through Jesus is our priest,
22:34 we can come before the heavenly courts knowing
22:37 that Jesus is there for us.
22:39 Jesus is calling us
22:41 from all human systems of religion.
22:44 He is calling us to put Him first in our lives.
22:50 He is calling us to the church that He has built.
22:52 Scripture is plain on the authority of Christ.
22:56 Colossians 1:18,
22:58 "And He is the head of the body, the church,
23:02 who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead,
23:05 that in all the things He may have preeminence."
23:09 Christ is the head of the church.
23:10 You see, in true Christianity,
23:14 the church does not have an earthly head.
23:17 In true Christianity, there may be spiritual leaders
23:20 that guide the church and we praise God for them.
23:23 They may be spiritual leaders
23:25 that give governance to the church,
23:26 we are thankful to them.
23:28 But in true Christianity,
23:31 the only true head of the church,
23:34 the one who has preeminence over all, is Jesus Christ.
23:38 "The true church of God is the only organization
23:42 so big that its body is upon earth,
23:46 but its Head is in heaven."
23:48 The church of God looks to Jesus for its salvation.
23:54 The church on earth, the earthly Babylon,
23:58 a man-made system looks to a human being
24:02 who has decreased our declaim to be infallible.
24:06 So there is a major shift of emphasis from the total,
24:11 absolute, 100% dependence on Christ
24:15 and a looking to an earthly leader.
24:19 "In the last days a church state system
24:21 would arise called Spiritual Babylon
24:23 that would have a spiritual leader,
24:25 that would claim to speak" ex cathedra,
24:28 that is out of the chair infallibly for God.
24:32 But yet God calls us from the lavishness,
24:35 God calls us from the authority of man,
24:38 God calls us
24:40 from the preeminence of human leaders,
24:42 God calls us from the authority of human leaders
24:46 to the preeminence of Christ, to the authority of Christ,
24:50 to believing that there is only one leader
24:54 and that's Jesus Christ.
24:55 Now the second thing about Babylon,
24:56 second great principle is this,
24:58 Babylon was the center of image worship.
25:03 When you look at Babylon in the Old Testament,
25:06 it is filled with idols and images.
25:09 "Christ invites us to come directly to Him.
25:13 He is our intercessor.
25:16 He is our priest."
25:19 We need not come to Jesus through idols.
25:23 We need not come to Jesus through images.
25:26 The Bible says this in Exodus 20:4, 5,
25:29 "You shall not make for yourself any carved image,
25:33 any likeness of anything in heaven above,
25:36 or that's in the earth beneath, or that's under the earth,
25:39 you shall not bow down to them or serve them.
25:42 For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God."
25:45 What is one of the major dangers
25:47 of making images?
25:49 One of the major dangers of making images
25:52 is people consider those images sacred.
25:55 They consider those images
25:57 as having some intrinsic internal holiness.
26:01 So they come, they light candles
26:04 before the images, burn incense before the images.
26:08 Some of them,
26:09 in these great churches in Rome,
26:11 come and kiss the feet of the images,
26:14 and the images take on a certain sense of holiness,
26:18 they take on a certain sense of worthiness.
26:23 Christ is the only one
26:24 who had nails through His hands for us.
26:27 Christ is the only one who hung on a cross for us.
26:30 Christ is the only one who died for us.
26:33 We can come to God through Christ,
26:36 not with the intercessors of images as intercessors
26:42 between us and God.
26:44 Jesus stands before
26:46 the throne of God in our behalf.
26:49 Jesus stands before the throne of God for us.
26:54 We approach God directly, not through images or icons,
27:00 we approach God through Jesus Christ.
27:03 One of the key characteristics of Babylon
27:06 is that Babylon
27:07 would have false teachings about death.
27:11 The immortality of the soul from ancient Pagan Babylon
27:17 would come directly into the Christian church.
27:21 Now we find that as well in the Old Testament,
27:25 that the idea of immortality,
27:28 the worshipping of the dead did impact Israel at one time.
27:33 You go to Ezekiel 8:13, 14 and it says this,
27:38 "And He said to me, 'Turn again,
27:41 and you will see greater abominations
27:43 that they are doing.'"
27:45 So the Ezekiel, the prophet,
27:47 comes to the Old Testament sanctuary
27:50 and there the prophet says,
27:53 "Look at what you are going to see.
27:55 Look at the abominations." What abominations?
27:59 What was taking place at the Old Testament sanctuary?
28:03 Pagan influences actually had impacted Israel.
28:07 False teachings had actually impacted Israel.
28:12 The pagan ideas of immortality and the pagan gods
28:17 had actually impacted the people of God.
28:20 "So He brought me to the door of the north gate
28:24 of the Lord's house."
28:25 What's the Lord's house? Of course, the temple.
28:28 And it says, here, "And to my dismay,
28:32 women were sitting there weeping for Tammuz."
28:37 Now why would you have, in ancient Israel,
28:41 women weeping for Tammuz?
28:43 First you have to ask yourself the question, "Who was Tammuz?"
28:48 Tammuz was the God
28:49 of the resurrection they believed.
28:52 So the idea was,
28:54 when the sun was up, and the crops died,
28:58 that's because Tammuz had left or died.
29:01 Gone.
29:02 Then, when the crops revived, then Tammuz returns,
29:06 so the God of the resurrection.
29:08 So they are weeping for Tammuz.
29:11 They are weeping, and they believe in this idea,
29:13 the immortal nature of Tammuz, that it live on.
29:17 So you have the idea of the immortality of the soul,
29:20 you have it all through ancient paganism.
29:24 The Egyptians believed
29:25 in the idea of the immortality of soul.
29:27 They believed in the idea of the Ba and the Ka,
29:30 and Ba stays by, the Ka leaves the body at death
29:34 and then the Ka comes back looking for the Ba,
29:37 idea of immortality of the soul.
29:39 You find that as well in the Greek philosophy.
29:43 They believe that the body was a prison house of the soul
29:46 and that when the individual died
29:49 that the soul could live on immortally.
29:51 That's why some of the Greeks accepted suicide
29:54 because they believed you couldn't impact
29:56 the soul which was immortal within that body.
30:00 You find this very, very prevalent,
30:03 of course, in Babylonian culture.
30:06 The idea of spirits, the idea of immortality,
30:09 the idea that people live on in this immortal soul.
30:13 Now when you look at the Bible,
30:15 you have something quite different.
30:17 Ecclesiastes 9:5,
30:19 "The living know that they will die,
30:22 but the dead know nothing,
30:24 neither have they any more reward,
30:27 for the memory of them is forgotten."
30:30 Notice the living know that they will die,
30:32 but the dead don't know anything.
30:34 So here the Bible is very plain,
30:37 that dead is but asleep.
30:39 Fifty three times
30:41 the Bible mentions death as a sleep.
30:43 You look at the Old Testament and here's the phrase repeated
30:46 again and again, "They slept like their fathers,
30:48 they slept like their fathers."
30:50 You look at Psalm 17:15 where David speaks.
30:53 He says, "One day I sleep
30:55 but then I'll wake in His likeness."
30:57 In other words,
30:58 David understood the idea of sleep.
31:00 You look at Acts 2:30 and onwards,
31:05 it says that,
31:08 "David is not yet ascended up into heaven."
31:11 So why not? David was sleeping.
31:13 You look at the Book of Job and it says there, Job says,
31:18 "Shall mortal man," Job 4, "be more just than his maker?"
31:22 Job says, "I'm mortal."
31:23 Then Job 19:25, he says,
31:26 "For I know at the latter day
31:28 my redeemer will live on the earth
31:30 and no worms destroy this body and my flesh, I'll see God."
31:33 What was Job looking forward to?
31:35 The glorious day of the resurrection
31:37 when Christ would come.
31:39 You find this all
31:40 through the Old and New Testament.
31:44 1 Corinthians 15, for example,
31:46 "We are not all asleep,
31:48 but we will wake in a moment in the twinkling of an eye."
31:51 This corruptible must put on incorruption.
31:53 This mortal must put on immortality.
31:55 1 Corinthians 15:51-55.
31:58 You find 1 Thessalonians
32:00 4:16-17, it says,
32:05 "The Lord himself shall descend from heaven, with a shout,
32:08 with the voice of the archangel,
32:09 the trumpet of God,
32:10 the dead in Christ," shall do what?
32:12 "Rise first.
32:13 We which are alive and remain shall be caught up together
32:16 with them to meet the Lord in the air."
32:18 Comfort one another with these words.
32:20 So the Bible always is talking about this idea.
32:23 There is a glorious resurrection
32:25 when Christ comes,
32:26 and when He comes He's gonna resurrect the dead.
32:28 This is contrary to the Babylonian idea
32:32 that there is this immortal soul
32:34 that leaves the body,
32:36 that actually prepares the way for spiritualism
32:39 because if there is a soul that leaves the body at death,
32:42 then under unusual circumstances
32:44 might that soul not communicate back
32:47 with the living.
32:49 So the Bible is very clear, it's very plain.
32:51 Satan came to the Garden of Eden
32:56 and he said to Eve,
32:58 "If you partake of this tree, of knowledge of good and evil,
33:03 you will not surely die."
33:05 She said, "But God said if I take it, will die."
33:09 The devil's first lie was over death.
33:12 He said you are naturally immortal.
33:15 John 8:44,"He is a liar."
33:19 The devil is a liar and he is the father of lies.
33:22 First lie was over this subject of death.
33:26 The Bible teaches that when Christ comes,
33:29 the dead will be resurrected.
33:31 Fifteen hundred times in the Bible,
33:34 it mentions the second coming of Christ.
33:37 The second coming of Christ is lightning shines
33:40 from the east even to the west, Matthew 16:27,
33:43 "So shall the coming of the Son of man be."
33:46 Here, in scripture, all of history is moving,
33:51 all of the events of this earth are moving
33:55 to one glorious climax,
33:57 the return of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
34:01 Contrary to the Bible, the Babylonian system,
34:05 church and state unite.
34:08 The Babylonian false system passes
34:10 around its wine cup, people are drunk with that.
34:13 They look to popes, and priests, and prelates.
34:17 The traditions of man take the place of the Word of God.
34:21 They look to human tradition
34:24 and works for salvation rather than the sole,
34:28 total, only, all, sufficient grace of Christ.
34:33 They use idols in their images, in their worship system.
34:38 They misunderstand the whole concept of death
34:42 and have the idea,
34:43 the immortal soul and worship through those images,
34:47 where the Bible teaches
34:49 the glorious truth of the resurrection,
34:52 that husbands and wives, fathers and mothers,
34:56 sons and daughters,
34:58 families will be reunited again.
35:01 Think about that glorious day.
35:03 Have you lost some husband or wife by death?
35:06 Some father, mother by death?
35:08 Some sister, brother by death? Some baby by death?
35:10 One day there will be
35:13 a glorious resurrection morning.
35:16 Now Babylon was also the center of sun worship.
35:21 Babylon worshipped the sun gods, for example,
35:26 the God Bel Marduk was a sun God of Babylon.
35:31 If you look at Ezekiel 8:16, this is quite surprising.
35:36 In fact, in my view,
35:37 this is one the most surprising texts
35:39 in all the Bible
35:40 because Israel at this period of time
35:44 were turning their backs toward the temple of God,
35:48 turning their backs toward
35:49 the law of God in worshipping the sun.
35:51 The scripture actually says that, Ezekiel 8:16,
35:54 "So He brought me into the inner court
35:56 of the Lord's house,
35:58 and there, at the door of the temple of the Lord,
36:02 between the porch and the altar,
36:04 were about twenty-five men
36:06 with their backs toward the temple of the Lord
36:10 and their faces toward the east,
36:12 and they were worshipping the sun toward the east."
36:17 Did you catch that?
36:19 What were these worshippers doing?
36:22 Where did they have their backs turn toward?
36:24 Notice it says, their backs
36:26 were toward the temple of the Lord.
36:30 Here, in the temple of the Lord,
36:33 in the inner sanctum of that temple,
36:35 you have the most holy place of the sanctuary,
36:38 and there in that most holy place
36:40 you have the Ark of the Covenant.
36:42 Above the Ark of the Covenant, you have two angelic cherubim.
36:46 Between the cherubim,
36:48 you have the Shekinah glory of God.
36:51 At the base of that Ark of the Covenant
36:54 or within the Ark of the Covenant,
36:56 you have the Ten Commandment law.
36:59 The Ten Commandment law, that law written
37:02 with God's own finger on tables of stone,
37:05 that law that is the foundation of His government,
37:09 that law that is the eternal code
37:12 of heaven's conduct.
37:13 And here, it says about twenty-five men
37:17 with their backs toward the temple of the Lord,
37:19 so their backs are turned away,
37:22 their faces are turned away from the sanctuary,
37:24 their backs are turned toward the sanctuary,
37:27 toward the law, symbolizing the disregard of,
37:31 the rebellion against God's law.
37:33 Their faces were toward the east,
37:36 and what were they doing?
37:37 Worshipping the sun toward the east.
37:39 You see that's Ezekiel 8:16
37:42 but you remember Ezekiel 20 says,
37:44 "My Sabbaths as I given them as a sign between me and them."
37:49 So you have two forms of worship,
37:51 the sun worship in Ezekiel 8, Sabbath worship in Ezekiel 20,
37:56 as a sign between God and His people.
37:59 So Babylonian worship was actually sun worship.
38:03 The worship of the sun, the sun was the largest luminous body
38:08 in the heavens, and so naturally,
38:10 they thought the sun brings light,
38:12 the sun brings life
38:14 and they turned from the Creator
38:16 to the object of His creation.
38:18 They turned from the one
38:20 who had made and fashioned to the things
38:23 that were made and fashioned.
38:25 They turned from the truth of God,
38:28 in worshipping Him on the Sabbath
38:31 as a symbol of His creative authority,
38:33 in harmony with the commandments of God
38:36 to worshipping
38:37 the object of creation, the sun.
38:39 Sun worship crept into the Old Testament
38:45 Israelite believers
38:46 during this time of apostasy and paganism.
38:49 What does the Bible predict?
38:51 That in the last days of earth's history,
38:53 church and state would fully unite,
38:56 sun worship would be enforced by law again.
38:59 We'll study more about that in another presentation.
39:02 It was in those early centuries of compromise,
39:05 down in the fourth century, that Constantine united,
39:10 church state united to win the pagans,
39:14 sun worship came into the church.
39:16 In The Worship of Nature, volume 1, page 529
39:19 by James G. Frazer, we read,
39:21 "In ancient Babylonia the sun was worshipped
39:25 from immemorial antiquity."
39:28 Here, sun worship was part of Babylonian culture.
39:33 Sun worship would then again, unwittingly,
39:37 unknowingly by many.
39:39 Let me make it plain.
39:41 There are many people today, wonderful, lovely,
39:45 committed Christians,
39:47 and many of you are watching this telecast,
39:51 and you may have no idea of the history
39:53 or the background of sun worship
39:56 that was part of Babylonian culture,
39:58 part of pagan culture,
40:00 that it came into the Christian church
40:03 uncompromised, and you say,
40:05 "Is the Sabbath a matter of salvation?"
40:09 Does this mean if I am keeping Sunday,
40:11 I'm not saved?
40:12 It doesn't mean that at all. Only Christ is our savior.
40:16 Jesus is the one that redeems us by His grace,
40:20 but when we are redeemed
40:21 by His grace, we long to obey Him.
40:24 And when God sends a message calling us
40:27 from the Babylonian teachings of this world,
40:31 our hearts long to respond
40:33 as genuine authentic Christians.
40:37 We long to respond
40:39 and do exactly what Christ said.
40:41 We long to be free from deception.
40:44 We long to be free from falsehood.
40:47 In the two Babylons,
40:48 that is the Babylon in the Old Testament
40:50 and Babylon in Revelation,
40:52 author Alexander Hislop, page 105, says this,"
40:55 To conciliate the Pagans," that's to make them feel good,
40:59 "to nominal Christianity, Rome, pursuing its usual policy,
41:05 took measures to get the Christian
41:07 and Pagan festivals amalgamated,"
41:10 that is to unify the Christian Sunday
41:13 with the Pagan Sunday.
41:15 Christians have been keeping the Sabbath,
41:17 some had begun keeping the first day of the week
41:20 and honor the resurrection, and therefore now,
41:23 the attempt was to unite those two days
41:26 "to get Paganism and Christianity,
41:29 now far sunk in idolatry."
41:31 So Christianity was drifting away
41:34 from its Lord.
41:36 Christianity was sunk in idolatry,
41:38 sunk in deception, sunk in false teachings.
41:42 This why it's called the dark ages.
41:44 In this, as in so many other things
41:47 to shake hands.
41:49 So here you see Christianity and paganism are shaking hands,
41:54 and what are they shaking hands over?
41:56 The Babylonian teaching of sun worship,
41:59 that indeed was happening.
42:01 Christianity and paganism
42:02 shook hands in those early centuries,
42:06 and Dr. Edward Hiscox, in The Baptist Manual,
42:12 the author of The Baptist Manual made
42:14 this amazing statement, he was lecturing
42:16 to a large number of Baptists up in Canada,
42:21 and he made this statement and it just shocked them,
42:24 its in shock waves
42:25 through that assembly of Baptist preachers,
42:28 he said, "What a pity that it, Sunday,"
42:31 now this is Dr. Edward Hiscox, November 13,1893,
42:35 he is speaking
42:36 at this great ministry convention,
42:38 he is reading from the Baptist Manual,
42:40 "What a pity, that it, Sunday,
42:42 comes branded with the mark of paganism,
42:46 christened with the name of the sun god
42:49 and then adopted and sanctioned by the papal apostasy,
42:54 and bequeathed as a sacred legacy
42:58 to Protestantism."
42:59 So Hiscox, author of Baptist Manual,
43:02 traces where Sunday came from.
43:04 It came from pagan apostasy,
43:07 it came from the days of paganism,
43:09 then it came into the early Christian church,
43:12 the papacy, then it came from there
43:15 into nominal Protestantism.
43:18 Do you see the call of God?
43:21 In Revelation 17, the woman,
43:24 the church who has betrayed her true lover Jesus
43:27 and committed spiritual adultery,
43:29 fills her wine cup with falsehoods,
43:32 she unites with the state in those early centuries,
43:35 particularly during
43:36 that wilderness period of 1260 years,
43:39 passes her wine cup around,
43:41 and the world wanders after the beast
43:44 and is drunk with those false teachings.
43:47 She has many Protestant daughters
43:49 who have not come all the way out,
43:51 and notice what the Bible says, Ezekiel 20:12,
43:56 "Moreover I also gave them My Sabbaths,
43:59 to be a sign between Me and them,
44:01 that they might know
44:02 that I am the Lord who sanctifies them."
44:04 God has given His Sabbath, His Sabbath is a sacred sign,
44:10 His Sabbath that is just distinguishes people,
44:14 His Sabbath is this flag of identity,
44:17 that in age of evolution
44:18 we worship the Creator and not the creatures.
44:22 Here, down through the centuries,
44:24 God has had godly men and women, the Waldensians,
44:28 godly people
44:29 who were persecuted for their faith,
44:31 John Hus, a godly man persecuted for his faith.
44:35 Martin Luther, godly man persecuted,
44:38 the Wesley, all these men had some light of truth.
44:44 But yet, they retained unfortunately
44:48 some Babylonian teachings.
44:50 And God at end time is leading us back,
44:54 leading us back just before the coming of Christ
44:57 to the fullness of truth,
44:58 leading us back
45:00 just before the return of our Lord
45:02 to the totality of scripture, leading us back just before
45:05 the final hours of earth's history,
45:08 back to the urgency
45:10 of total absolute commitment to Christ,
45:14 understanding
45:15 that grace leads us to obedience,
45:17 leading us back in an age of evolution,
45:20 to worshipping the Creator
45:22 by worshipping on the Bible Sabbath.
45:25 The Bible says in Ezekiel 22:26,
45:28 "Her priests have violated My law
45:32 and have profaned My holy things,
45:35 they have not distinguished
45:36 between the holy and the unholy,"
45:39 that happened in ancient Israel,
45:41 when they turned their backs to the eastern worship,
45:44 the sun in Ezekiel 8,
45:47 that happened in ancient Israel in Ezekiel 20,
45:50 when they turned back to the true Sabbath as a sign.
45:55 You see, God was calling
45:56 the priest back to the true Sabbath as a sign,
45:59 so you see in Ezekiel 8, the sun worship,
46:01 Ezekiel 20, the Sabbath worship,
46:04 and you see
46:05 that conflict between good and evil,
46:07 that conflict between Christ and Satan,
46:09 but the priests, many of them, still violated God's law,
46:12 they profaned God's holy things,
46:13 they didn't distinguish between the holy and the unholy,
46:17 they didn't make a distinguish between the clean
46:18 and the unclean.
46:20 Now notice, "And they have hidden
46:21 their eyes from My Sabbaths,
46:23 so that I may be profaned among them."
46:25 Many in the days of ancient Israel,
46:27 when they went eeping after worshipping the sun,
46:30 hid their eyes from the true Sabbath.
46:33 Today, there are those hiding their eyes from the Sabbath,
46:38 and God reveals the truth.
46:40 He gave His Sabbath back at creation,
46:42 when He created the world, not simply to the Jews,
46:44 but to all humanity.
46:46 In fact, even Jesus said,
46:47 the Sabbath was made for man for all humanity.
46:52 Jesus says in the Book of Revelation,
46:53 that He's gonna have a final end time people.
46:56 That final end time people
46:57 gonna restore all the truths of the Bible.
46:59 They will come back to the Bible as the Word,
47:02 back to Christ as their preeminent Savior,
47:04 back to the call to live in harmony
47:07 with Christ and glorify their bodies
47:10 with only that which Jesus invites them to eat
47:13 or drink, just like, really, New Testament Christianity.
47:18 You see the Babylonian system of religion, Babylon was party,
47:21 wine, drink, eat, you know, unclean foods,
47:24 God's calling us back to treat our bodies as a temple
47:27 and not a play thing.
47:28 He is calling us back to deny those earthly cravings
47:32 that destroy these bodies of ours with unclean food.
47:34 Jesus is calling us back to the truth, about death.
47:38 The truth about the fact
47:39 that death is about asleep till He is coming.
47:41 He is calling us away from the whole idea,
47:42 the immortality of the soul,
47:44 that opens our minds for spiritualism,
47:46 Jesus is calling us back, back my friend to believe
47:50 that we are on the knife edge of eternity,
47:51 back to the fact to believe,
47:53 like the New Testament disciples did,
47:55 that Jesus Christ is coming again,
47:57 and Jesus is calling us back, back to His Sabbath,
48:01 back to rest in Him,
48:04 back to understand that in Christ worshipping
48:06 on the Sabbath
48:08 we can understand our true identity,
48:10 that we are His children,
48:11 that we did not evolve, that He created us,
48:14 He is calling us back, back to understanding
48:17 that He has a people, a people that are Bible believing,
48:22 Christ centered Sabbath keeping Adventist people.
48:24 And He is calling us to that people,
48:27 calling us to stand courageously for Him,
48:30 calling us back to His Word, calling us back to scripture,
48:34 calling us away from the apostate power.
48:37 Daniel 7:25, "The thought it could change
48:41 the very law of God."
48:44 You know, in the book, the Abiding Sabbath, page 123,
48:47 by George Elliott, he says this,
48:50 "What is proposed," that is in Daniel 7:25,
48:53 when it says you think to change
48:54 the time and the law,
48:55 "What is proposed is to make an erasure
48:57 in the heaven-born code?
48:59 Is the eternal tablet of the law of God
49:02 to be effaced by the creature's hand?
49:05 He who proposes
49:07 such an act should fortify himself
49:10 by reasons as holy as God, and as mighty as His power."
49:14 Another words, what he is saying is,
49:16 that no earthly power has the authority
49:20 to change the very law of God.
49:24 There is a call, a call going out,
49:28 to the world, tonight, today, this very day
49:34 that you are watching this telecast.
49:36 There is a call going out
49:38 for honest hearted men and women,
49:40 for men and women that love Christ everywhere,
49:43 to respond to His grace, to keep His commandments,
49:48 to come out fully
49:50 of the false teachings of Babylon.
49:52 Jesus is reaching out and tens and thousands
49:55 around the world are hearing that call.
49:58 They are making their decisions to follow the bride of Christ,
50:01 and not the Babylonian forces
50:04 in the confused religious system,
50:06 of that fallen church pictured in the woman
50:09 which sits on the scarlet colored beast,
50:12 dressed in purple and scarlet.
50:14 Here is God's final call, Revelation 18:2,
50:18 "And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying,
50:20 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, come out of her,
50:24 My people.'"
50:25 "And I heard another voice from heaven saying,
50:27 'Come out of her, My people.'"
50:29 Where are most of God's people today?
50:31 They are in churches called Babylon.
50:34 They are in false religious systems,
50:37 churches that unknowingly have accepted error than truth.
50:42 God says, "Come out of her, My people."
50:43 Are you one of God's people?
50:45 One of God's people that never knew these truths,
50:48 one of God's people
50:49 that never understood these truths.
50:51 One of God's people, do you hear the call of God?
50:56 God says, "Come out, lest you share in her sins."
50:58 What is sin?
51:00 It's the violation of God's law,
51:01 "Lest you receive of her plagues."
51:03 The plagues are soon to full.
51:05 The plagues are coming, and Jesus has come.
51:08 Jesus says, "I love you.
51:10 I desire for you to live with me forever and ever,
51:13 I desire for you to be saved in my kingdom."
51:17 Then a commentary ,
51:18 by Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown it says this,
51:20 "In every apostate or world-conforming church
51:23 there are some of God's invisible and true church,
51:25 who, if they would be safe, must come out."
51:27 Jesus says, "Come out of her, My people."
51:30 His grace is sufficient for you,
51:32 His grace is greater than all your sin.
51:35 Listen, as Celestine comes to sing
51:38 about that marvelous grace of God,
51:41 "Were it not for grace, we would be lost."
51:44 God's grace is calling you.
51:48 God's grace is speaking to you.
51:50 God's grace is appealing to you, to follow truth.
52:14 Time measured out my days
52:21 Life carried me along
52:28 In my soul
52:29 I yearned to follow God
52:35 But knew I'd never be so strong
52:41 I looked hard at this world
52:45 To learn how heaven
52:49 Could be gained
52:54 Just to end where I began
52:59 Where human effort
53:02 is all in vain
53:09 Were it not
53:11 For grace
53:17 I can tell you where
53:21 I'd be
53:24 Wandering down some pointless road
53:28 To nowhere
53:31 With my salvation up to me
53:37 I know how that would go
53:43 The battles
53:45 I would face
53:51 Forever running
53:54 But losing the race
53:58 Were it not for grace
54:09 So here is
54:10 All my praise
54:16 Expressed with all
54:19 My heart
54:23 Offered to a Friend
54:26 Who took my place
54:30 And ran a course I could not even start
54:37 And when He saw in full
54:41 Just how much His Lord
54:45 Would cost
54:49 He still went the final mile
54:54 Between me and heaven
54:57 So I would not be
54:59 Lost
55:04 Were it not
55:06 For grace
55:13 I can tell you where I'd be
55:19 Wandering down some pointless road
55:24 To nowhere
55:26 With my salvation up to me
55:33 I know how that would go
55:39 The battles I would
55:42 Face
55:47 Forever running
55:50 But losing the race
55:54 Were it not for grace
56:00 Forever running
56:05 But losing the race
56:09 Were it not for grace
56:21 God's grace speaks to you right where you are.
56:26 God's grace reaches you right where you are.
56:31 It's no accident
56:33 that you turned in to this telecast tonight.
56:36 It is grace that brought here, to make an eternal decision,
56:42 to be done with falsehood, not to drink off the wine cup
56:46 of Babylon's traditions any longer,
56:50 but to accept God's truth
56:52 and walk in it through the grace of Christ.
56:55 Let's pray together.
56:56 Father in heaven,
56:58 we thank You that grace is sufficient,
57:02 grace is all strengthening, and that we can follow You
57:07 in Your grace and by Your grace forever,
57:09 we decide to do that right now in Jesus' name, amen.
57:13 My friend, you are a child of grace,
57:18 walk in grace today and forever.


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