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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The Book of Revelation provides hopeful answers
00:08 for today, tomorrow and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley,
00:12 author and world renowned speaker
00:14 on a journey into the future
00:16 with Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:23 Welcome to Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:26 As we've journeyed together through the Book of Revelation,
00:30 we've discovered that God will ultimately triumph
00:35 in the controversy between good and evil.
00:37 The theme of Revelation is Christ wins and Satan loses.
00:42 A question is often asked,
00:44 does God have a people today
00:47 that will take the gospel to the world?
00:49 Will the gospel lighten the earth with the glory of God
00:53 just before the coming of Christ?
00:55 Does God have a church today?
00:57 Are churches manmade or are they God made?
01:01 Are churches human, bureaucratic,
01:04 authoritarian institutions
01:06 or the dynamic movements raised up by God
01:10 to foster and further His work on earth?
01:13 We're gonna discover answers
01:15 to those questions in our program today.
01:17 But let's pray.
01:19 Father in heaven, thank You so much for the fact
01:23 that You have guided Your church
01:25 down through the centuries,
01:27 and as we explore the movement of God,
01:30 a movement of destiny, a last day movement,
01:34 as we've explored the characteristics of that
01:36 and its work,
01:38 we pray that You'd give us wisdom, and strength,
01:43 and the courage to follow You, in Christ name, amen.
01:48 Our topic is Revelation's Movement of Destiny.
01:52 As men and women around the world look at scripture,
01:55 they wonder if there's one God and one faith,
01:59 why are there so many different denominations?
02:03 And how can I work my way
02:04 through that maze of denominations
02:06 to discover God's truth for today?
02:09 Some actually wonder if God has a people today,
02:15 but yet there is a hunger for genuine Christianity.
02:19 As we look out over our world, one thing is for certain,
02:22 materialism does not satisfy.
02:26 You know in 1986,
02:27 Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos fled the Philippines.
02:32 When they did and their mansion was examined,
02:36 it was found that Imelda Marcos had 1220 pairs of shoes.
02:43 She had many, many accessories, of course,
02:47 purses and pocketbooks and fine gowns,
02:50 just tens of thousands of dollars,
02:52 hundreds of thousands tied up in that clothing.
02:55 Where's all that today, 20 some odd years later?
02:59 Recently, an article came out in the Philippine newspapers
03:03 that was reported by the National Archives
03:08 where those shoes are
03:10 and those gowns and accessories are.
03:12 Water from a monsoon got into the section
03:15 where her things were
03:17 and her things are wet, damp, mildewing, termites
03:22 eating some of them
03:23 and the article said they are of no value.
03:26 Materialism does not satisfy.
03:29 The new pair of shoes
03:30 we have today is gonna get old tomorrow.
03:31 The new suit, the new dress
03:33 is going to be out of style tomorrow.
03:34 Materialism doesn't satisfy.
03:36 There must be something far deeper than that.
03:39 Pleasure is not satisfied.
03:41 You know, you have one party,
03:42 one fun fling but yet the next morning
03:46 you wake up and it leaves you empty.
03:48 The tingling sensation of pleasure tonight
03:51 is tomorrow's disappointment or discouragement.
03:55 Technology has not satisfied.
03:58 You know, you look at the latest iPad, iPhone,
04:02 latest computer gadgets, latest material
04:06 that is written about the best camera
04:10 and you look at that stuff on the best camera today
04:13 and then you read six months later,
04:15 a year later, two years later
04:16 and your best camera is now your oldest camera.
04:18 You know, you look at technology,
04:20 it just does not satisfy.
04:24 What does satisfy?
04:26 What are human beings really looking for?
04:28 Most human beings are looking for something
04:30 bigger than themself,
04:32 something grander than themself,
04:34 something nobler themself.
04:37 They're looking for a purpose to live for.
04:39 They're looking for something to give their life for,
04:42 something that will give them direction and guidance,
04:46 something that will bring them satisfaction,
04:49 something that fulfills the meaning of their existence.
04:52 There's only one thing like that
04:54 and that's Jesus Christ.
04:56 He fills the deepest longing of our hearts,
04:59 but in addition to that Christ leads us to His people.
05:03 He leads us to purpose,
05:05 He leads us to a movement
05:07 that's to lighten the earth with the glory of God.
05:10 There is nothing more satisfying,
05:12 nothing more enriching,
05:14 nothing more fulfilling
05:17 than to be part of a movement of destiny,
05:21 that you know it has been raised up by God
05:24 to do something significant,
05:26 something meaningful in this world.
05:30 In every generation, God has had a people.
05:35 In every generation, God has had a movement.
05:38 When you look down through history,
05:41 God has always had a church.
05:43 Well, does God call the people on earth today His church?
05:47 It would be strange
05:48 if God did not have a people on earth today
05:51 when He has had a people in every generation.
05:54 Let's go back to the days of Noah.
05:57 God was going to destroy this world with a flood.
06:00 But before the waters fell and before the flood came,
06:04 God raised up Noah,
06:07 and Noah had a purpose to live for,
06:10 to prepare people for the coming destruction.
06:13 Does God have a people today that He has called His church
06:18 that calls men and women
06:20 to prepare for the coming fiery holocaust
06:23 when Jesus comes again?
06:25 Jesus will soon return.
06:27 In loving arms, He's reaching out now
06:29 to prepare men and women for His soon return.
06:32 In the days of Noah,
06:34 the majority rejected God's call,
06:37 but His faithful people entered into the ark.
06:40 If God had a message in the days of Noah,
06:44 would it be not surprising
06:46 if He didn't have a message today?
06:48 In every generation, God has sent a message
06:52 to prepare for the crisis.
06:54 God has always had a people.
06:55 Think about the days of Abraham.
06:58 God called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees.
07:02 He called him to be His faithful leader
07:06 of a new movement.
07:08 Genesis 26:2 says,
07:10 "Then the Lord appeared to him,"
07:11 that's Abraham "and said,
07:13 'Don't go down to Egypt,
07:14 live in the land of which I shall tell you.'"
07:17 Then the scripture goes on to say,
07:19 "Because Abraham obeyed My voice and kept My charge,
07:23 My commandments, My statutes, and My laws."
07:26 Now here is a key to understanding God's people.
07:32 God calls them out of the majority.
07:34 God's people are never the majority.
07:37 He calls them out of the majority,
07:39 but He calls them to be faithful, obedient
07:43 to His commandments and His laws.
07:45 Here are two characteristics of God's people.
07:48 First, like Abraham, within their heart.
07:51 They listen to the voice of God.
07:53 They decided to follow the voice of God,
07:55 and more than anything else they want to please God.
07:58 Secondly, in their lifestyle, they live godly obedient lives.
08:03 When you come to the days of Israel,
08:07 God has a people.
08:08 He had people in the days of Noah,
08:10 had a people in the days of Abraham.
08:12 And in the days of Moses, God had a people.
08:16 He called Moses and the Israelites
08:19 out of Egypt,
08:20 the scripture says in Deuteronomy 11:1,
08:24 "Therefore you shall love the Lord your God,
08:26 and keep His charge, His statutes,
08:29 His judgments, and His commandments always."
08:32 Now notice the text, first, there is love to God.
08:36 Obedience is not some legalistic requirement.
08:41 It is not some external formalism.
08:44 It comes and springs from the heart of love,
08:47 but you notice the text,
08:48 "You love the Lord your God
08:50 and you'll keep His commandments."
08:52 So down through the ages,
08:54 God has always had a people that have loved Him.
08:57 He's always had a people
08:58 that have been committed to Him,
08:59 always had a people that were desirous of doing His will
09:02 that have kept His commandments.
09:05 God's chosen people through the Old Testament
09:08 also are found in the New Testament.
09:11 When Israel, as a nation,
09:14 as a corporate whole through its leadership
09:18 drifted from the purposes of God.
09:21 God raised up the New Testament Christian church,
09:24 they were called His chosen people.
09:27 In the day of Pentecost,
09:28 3,000 were baptized to form God's new spiritual community.
09:35 They came and they were called "God's chosen people".
09:40 In the Book of Peter, we read this.
09:42 In 1 Peter 2:9,
09:45 "But you are a chosen generation,
09:48 a royal priesthood,
09:49 a holy nation, His own special people."
09:54 Did God in the days
09:55 of the New Testament have a chosen generation,
09:58 a royal priesthood, a holy nation?
10:01 Israel previously was God's holy nation,
10:05 but when the leadership of Israel
10:07 turned their back on the Messiah,
10:09 many individual Jews were baptized,
10:11 they became Christians following Jesus
10:13 and this new Christian community of Jew and Gentile
10:18 became God's church or His chosen people.
10:22 The Bible says, "That you may proclaim the praises of Him
10:25 who called you out of darkness into this marvelous light."
10:29 God always calls His people for a purpose.
10:32 God called Noah to proclaim His message to a dying world.
10:36 God called Abraham to proclaim His message to a dying world.
10:41 God called Moses to proclaim His message
10:44 to lead people out of Egyptian bondage
10:48 into the Promised Land.
10:50 God called the New Testament Christian church
10:54 to lead His people into a movement
10:58 that would impact the world
10:59 and enlighten it with the glory of God.
11:02 If in every generation, God has had a people.
11:06 Would it not be surprising
11:08 if God did not have a people today?
11:11 You see, when you take a step to follow truth
11:14 and become part of God's commandment keeping people,
11:17 you're not denying any truth that you believed in the past.
11:21 Well, God always leads His people progressively
11:24 just like He lead Abraham and Moses,
11:28 just like He lead
11:29 the New Testament Christian believers.
11:31 When those New Testament believers,
11:34 who were Jews followed Christ,
11:37 they were not denying the Old Testament,
11:40 they were rather accepting the larger, brighter truth
11:45 that God led them into.
11:47 So God is always leading us to take another step.
11:50 Could it be that you've not turned into,
11:53 tuned into this program by accident?
11:55 Could it be that God wants
11:58 you personally to take another step?
12:01 That He's revealing His light to you.
12:03 You've been a faithful Christian
12:05 down through these years.
12:07 You've loved Christ
12:08 and to the best of your knowledge you obeyed Him,
12:11 but God's inviting you to take another step.
12:14 He's inviting you to follow
12:17 His ways, and His will, and His commands.
12:20 He's inviting you to walk with the people
12:22 that He's outlined in the Book of Revelation.
12:25 You see, while we may appreciate our past,
12:28 we commit ourselves to following
12:30 all the truth that God has for us today.
12:33 There's never a stopping place in the Christian life,
12:35 where we say, "Now I know everything,
12:37 therefore, I can be comfortable
12:40 with the knowledge that I have."
12:42 God is always leading us to take another step.
12:45 He's always leading us to follow further truth.
12:50 When you find the truth,
12:51 you look for a church that teaches the truth.
12:53 You see, we don't go to the church
12:55 to find out what truth is.
12:57 We go to the Bible to find out what truth is,
12:59 and then we find a people
13:02 that God has raised up in harmony
13:05 with the truth of Scripture.
13:07 In 1 Timothy 3:15,
13:10 the Bible describes what defines the church.
13:13 It says, "I write so that you may know
13:16 how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God,"
13:18 that's the church,
13:20 "which is the church of the living God,
13:22 the pillar and the ground of truth."
13:25 Did you notice how the Bible defines the church?
13:27 What is it?
13:29 It's the pillar and ground of truth.
13:32 So the church is the foundation
13:35 of the very truth of God's Word.
13:37 In fact, in John 17:17, it says,
13:40 "Sanctify them by your truth..."
13:43 What's the rest of it?
13:44 "Your word is truth."
13:48 So God's word reveals what truth is.
13:50 If you want to know the truth, you go to the very Word of God.
13:55 And what did Jesus Himself say?
13:57 John 8:32, "And you shall know the truth,
14:00 and the truth shall" do what?
14:02 "The truth shall set you free." Free from what?
14:04 Free from falsehood, free from error,
14:07 free from deception, free from fables.
14:10 So the truth of God's word sets us free.
14:14 Where do we find or discover that truth
14:18 about the last days of earth's history?
14:21 What's this book that we've been studying?
14:23 It is the book of what? Revelation.
14:26 So in Revelation,
14:28 we find a description of God's end time people.
14:33 Now if we approach God's word
14:35 only desiring to prove our position,
14:38 we will not discover His will,
14:40 our own thoughts will influence
14:42 what we read in the very Word of God.
14:45 But if we come to the Bible with humble hearts,
14:48 if we come to the Bible with a prayer,
14:51 desiring to do God's will, in fact, Jesus put it this way.
14:55 If any man will do His will,
14:58 he shall know the doctrine.
15:00 So we come to the Bible,
15:01 praying, seeking God with humble hearts,
15:05 desiring to follow Him and do His will.
15:08 The Book of Revelation outlines
15:12 the characteristics of God's last day people.
15:16 So let's go to Revelation
15:17 and discover that just as God has
15:20 a people down through the centuries,
15:22 He has a people today.
15:23 We go to Revelation
15:25 and we're looking there at Revelation the 12th chapter.
15:30 You'll recall from previous studies
15:32 in the Book of Revelation
15:33 that we've done here on 3ABN
15:35 in this series Revelation's Ancient Discoveries,
15:37 that we've talked about Revelation chapter 12,
15:40 and there in verse one, it describes a woman.
15:43 A woman that rises up and if we look at this woman,
15:48 she has a crown on her head of 12 stars.
15:51 She is decked in white,
15:53 iridescent with the glory of God
15:55 and standing on the moon.
15:57 We've discovered in the Bible
15:58 that a pure chaste woman represents the church.
16:02 You find that here in 2 Corinthians 11:2
16:06 as well as in many other verses,
16:08 "For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy.
16:11 For I have betrothed you to one husband,
16:15 that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ."
16:19 What's this talking about? The church.
16:22 Here the Apostle Paul says that the church is a chaste virgin,
16:27 she's pure, radiating the glory of heaven.
16:32 She is pure with true doctrine, unadulterated, no falsehood,
16:38 so she is the bride of Christ.
16:41 So we look in Revelation 12,
16:44 we see the New Testament church,
16:46 the glory of the Old Testament people of God is fading away,
16:50 just like the moon reflects the glory of the sun,
16:54 so the Old Testament reflected dimly the glory of Christ,
16:59 the Old Testament movement was fading away.
17:02 God would raise up His bride, His church,
17:05 the New Testament church.
17:06 She would have a crown of stars
17:08 upon her head guided by the 12 apostles
17:11 or divine authority of the administration of heaven.
17:15 She would be based on the very Word of God,
17:17 clothed with white righteousness,
17:20 no defilement there,
17:22 iridescent with the glory of God.
17:25 As the Bible describes this people in Revelation 12,
17:30 it describes a titanic struggle,
17:32 a struggle between good and evil,
17:34 a struggle that began in heaven
17:36 but would focus on the church on earth.
17:38 Revelation 12:9,
17:40 "So the great dragon was cast out,
17:43 that serpent of old,
17:44 called the Devil and Satan,
17:46 who deceives the whole world."
17:49 Now notice, there is this battle in heaven,
17:51 there is this war in heaven.
17:54 Satan is a deceiver.
17:56 He deceives the whole world with falsehood.
17:58 "He was cast to the earth
18:00 and his angels were cast out with him."
18:03 So Revelation 12 begins with a battle.
18:06 Satan rebels against God in heaven.
18:09 This is episode number one,
18:11 but who wins that battle in heaven,
18:13 who wins in this first episode in the battle?
18:17 Christ wins and Satan loses.
18:20 So in the first episode,
18:21 you have four episodes here in Revelation 12,
18:25 four snapshots, four video pictures,
18:29 four fast moving scenes.
18:32 Scene number one,
18:33 Satan rebels against God in heaven,
18:36 an angel of dazzling brightness rebels against his creator.
18:42 The creature exalts his authority
18:44 above the creator.
18:46 Satan leads one third of the angels
18:49 to battle against Christ in heaven
18:51 and those angels are cast out of heaven.
18:54 The Bible then says that this pure woman,
18:58 Revelation 12:4 and 5,
19:00 "The dragon stood before the woman
19:02 who was ready to give birth,
19:04 to devour her child as soon as it was born."
19:07 Who's this woman? The New Testament church.
19:10 Who's the child that's to be born
19:12 to lead out in the New Testament church,
19:15 to raise up a new generation, a new movement?
19:18 It's Jesus Christ.
19:20 So Revelation has these four episodes,
19:22 the first episode, Satan rebels against God in heaven
19:26 and he is cast out.
19:27 Then millenniums pass
19:29 and the camera focuses on the next scene
19:33 and that's the birth of Jesus Christ.
19:36 And it tells us that the devil would try to destroy Jesus,
19:40 so she bore a male child.
19:42 Who is that again?
19:43 Jesus, who is to rule all nations
19:45 with the rod of iron.
19:46 Who is that? Jesus.
19:47 And what does the devil try to do.
19:49 He tries in every way to destroy Jesus.
19:52 Jesus comes and He's born.
19:55 He lives the life we should have lived,
19:58 dies the death we should have died is resurrected
20:02 and what does Scripture say,
20:03 "Her Child, Christ would be eventually
20:05 caught up to God and His throne."
20:07 In, of course, the ascension, and so here is a description
20:12 and two short verses of the birth of Christ.
20:16 Jesus, the divine Son of God, tabernacled in human flesh.
20:22 He was faithful to the Father.
20:25 John 8:29, Jesus says,
20:27 "I always do those things that please Him."
20:31 In the Book of Hebrews, it says,
20:33 "I come in the volume of the book
20:34 it's written of me to do Thy will, oh God."
20:38 Jesus focused on one thing
20:40 and that's doing the will of the Father,
20:43 as Christ lived that life facing temptations of Satan,
20:49 He depended on the Father's strength
20:51 and was victorious and an overcomer.
20:54 He came then, Satan tries to destroy Him at birth,
20:59 Mary and Joseph left, went to Egypt.
21:01 Satan followed Jesus
21:03 into the wilderness of temptation
21:05 and there tried to break his faith in Christ
21:09 but could not accomplish that.
21:10 Satan tried to destroy Jesus on the cross,
21:13 but yet Jesus was victorious over Satan on the cross,
21:18 and eventually after his death and resurrection
21:21 "Her child is caught up to God and His throne."
21:23 Jesus wins and Satan loses.
21:26 Satan tries to destroy Christ from Jesus' birth to His death,
21:30 but he does not accomplish that.
21:33 The resurrected Christ is triumphant over death
21:37 and Satan, the resurrected Christ triumphs.
21:42 Satan turns now after the resurrection
21:45 and ascension of Jesus,
21:46 he turns his wrath on the woman,
21:48 the Christian church,
21:51 all but one of the disciples died a martyr's death.
21:56 Satan wants to stamp out the church
21:58 and has tried to do that down through the ages.
22:02 As centuries passed, in the days of Constantine,
22:05 in the fourth century church and state unite,
22:09 eventually there is a period of darkness
22:13 called the Dark Ages
22:14 where tradition comes in to the church.
22:18 The Bible says, in Revelation 12:6,
22:21 "Then the woman..."
22:22 Who's the woman, everybody who is that?
22:24 "Then the woman did" what?
22:26 "Fled into the wilderness,
22:28 where she has a place prepared by God."
22:32 There is persecution,
22:33 the church flees into the wilderness
22:35 but notice what it says,
22:36 there is a place prepared by God.
22:39 In the wilderness experience of your life,
22:42 there is always a place prepared by God.
22:46 In the darkest moments of your life,
22:48 there is always a place prepared by God,
22:52 whatever you're going through, right now,
22:54 God has a place prepared for you.
22:57 He will be your security, your refuge, your safety.
23:00 It says, "That they should feed her there
23:02 one thousand two hundred and sixty days."
23:05 So in this third episode, episode number one,
23:10 the devil battles against God in heaven.
23:13 Christ wins, Satan loses, the devil's cast out.
23:15 Episode number two, centuries, millenniums past
23:19 and the devil tries to destroy Jesus.
23:21 He's born, but Christ is victorious in His death
23:25 and resurrection and ascension.
23:27 Christ wins, Satan loses.
23:29 In episode number three,
23:31 the devil focus his attention upon the church
23:34 and there's this long period of Dark Ages,
23:37 where the devil tries to stamp out the church.
23:40 Now, what about this 1260 days, 1260 days?
23:46 In Bible prophecy,
23:48 one prophetic day equals a literal year.
23:52 Now that doesn't mean that every time in the Bible
23:54 you mention a day, it's a year, not at all.
23:57 When the Bible says a day, it's a day,
23:58 but when you have prophetic symbolism,
24:00 particular in Daniel and Revelation,
24:02 one prophetic day equals one literal year.
24:04 You find that in Ezekiel 4:6, Numbers 14:34.
24:09 I've appointed you, the Bible says,
24:11 in those passages a day,
24:13 that is a prophetic day for a year.
24:15 So 1260 days would be 1260 what?
24:18 1260 years.
24:21 History tells us that this Dark Ages period
24:25 went from about AD 538 to AD 1798.
24:31 The papal power began to rule
24:34 in its Roman authority in AD 538
24:38 and it ruled for 1260,
24:41 the last of the barbarian tribes
24:43 was finally driven out of Rome,
24:45 a little earlier than that.
24:47 But Roman authority,
24:49 the Roman church authority of the union of church
24:52 and state began in that year, and then in 1798,
24:57 the Pope of Rome was taken captive.
25:00 During this wilderness period,
25:03 God's church, God's true people were in the wilderness.
25:07 We find oppression taking place.
25:10 We find persecution taking place.
25:13 Many of the people of God, particularly in the 1300s,
25:18 the Waldensians fled
25:20 into the mountains of northern Italy,
25:23 fled into the mountains of southern France
25:25 and they were faithful to God there.
25:29 The reformers were raised up by God
25:32 but still persecuted for their faith.
25:34 John Huss, the Czechoslovakian reformer
25:37 was burned at the stake.
25:39 You look at the persecution
25:41 that took place of Martin Luther
25:43 for example, his trials.
25:46 These reformers who said,
25:48 "Our mind is captive to the Word of God."
25:51 Luther said, "Here I stand and I can't do no other.
25:56 If it can be shown to me that my writings are in error
26:00 and not in harmony with the Word,
26:02 I will yield,
26:03 but I, my conscience is bound by the Word of God."
26:07 I think of Hugh Latimer,
26:10 Thomas Cranmer and Ridley
26:13 who were called the Oxford martyrs,
26:16 who in England were burned at the stake for their faith.
26:21 Down through the centuries,
26:23 God has always had a faithful people.
26:25 A people who have courageously stood for him
26:29 and they've stood for His Word.
26:32 In this period of Dark Ages,
26:35 Satan tried to destroy the church
26:37 from the first century, second century, third century.
26:41 First century, they're thrown to lions in the Coliseum,
26:44 down through the Dark Ages,
26:45 they're persecuted, burned at the stake,
26:48 they are killed with the sword.
26:52 But yet, in that Dark Ages period,
26:55 light although and truth although it burned dimly,
27:00 Christ won, Satan lost,
27:02 because truth was not stamped out.
27:05 At the end of this period, 1798,
27:09 the wilderness period would end.
27:10 How?
27:11 Berthier, French general was sent
27:14 by Napoleon down to Rome.
27:16 He took the pope captive, the pope dies in captivity.
27:19 And according to the Bible,
27:21 that's the end of the 1260 years
27:23 and the period of wilderness time for the church ends.
27:29 What then would we expect? What then would we expect?
27:34 We would expect out of the wilderness.
27:36 Out of this period of darkness,
27:39 just before the coming of Jesus.
27:41 Sometime after 1798,
27:44 God would raise up an end time movement,
27:47 that would be faithful to Him
27:49 in the great panorama of history,
27:52 in the divine drama of destiny,
27:55 God would raise up an end time people.
27:58 Sometime after the Dark Ages,
28:00 sometime after 1798,
28:03 that just like He had a chosen people
28:05 in the days of Noah,
28:07 just like He had a chosen people in the days of Abraham,
28:10 just like He had a chosen people
28:11 in the days of the Old Testament, Israel.
28:13 People that loved Him,
28:15 people that would keep His commandments,
28:17 at end time God would have a people.
28:20 The Book of Revelation
28:22 describes the identifying
28:23 characteristics of God's last day people.
28:26 Four episodes, Satan tries to destroy Christ in heaven.
28:30 He fails, Christ wins, Satan loses.
28:33 Satan tries to destroy Jesus, he fails.
28:35 Christ wins, Satan loses.
28:37 Satan tries to destroy the church
28:39 in the wilderness period.
28:40 He fails, Christ wins, Satan loses.
28:43 In the last days of earth's history,
28:45 the Bible says Revelation 12:17,
28:47 "And the dragon..."
28:48 Who's the dragon? Satan.
28:50 "Was enraged..." What does that mean?
28:52 Angry. "With the woman..."
28:53 Who is that? The church.
28:55 Here is the last day church,
28:56 "Went to make war with the rest of her offspring."
28:59 King James Version says the remnant of her seed,
29:02 those that remain loyal,
29:04 those that remain faithful,
29:06 those that remain true to God
29:09 who keep the commandments of God
29:11 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
29:13 How then are God's faithful people described?
29:17 If you're looking for the people of God,
29:20 if you looking for the Church of Jesus Christ
29:23 in the last days of earth's history.
29:25 If you are a truth seeker,
29:28 you're not looking for any church,
29:30 you're not looking for any movement
29:32 that claims to teach the Bible.
29:34 You're looking for the remnant.
29:35 You're looking for the rest of her seed.
29:38 Those who remained loyal and faithful to Christ.
29:41 One of their characteristics.
29:42 They have this passionate love for Christ in His Word,
29:46 and they do what?
29:47 They keep the commandments of God
29:50 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
29:53 Any movement that does not keep the commandments of God,
29:57 including the Bible Sabbath
29:59 could not be the remnant of Revelation.
30:03 They could not be the true movement of God,
30:05 they may have some truth,
30:07 there may be love there,
30:09 there may be warmth there,
30:10 their pastor may preach wonderful sermons,
30:13 but if you're looking for the remnant,
30:15 you're looking for the true people of God,
30:17 you're looking for the rest of the offspring
30:20 of the seed of Christ,
30:21 they must according to the Book of Revelation
30:24 keep the commandments of God.
30:26 They must also have the testimony of Jesus.
30:30 Now one of those commandments, of course, is the Sabbath.
30:33 Exodus 20:8-10, "Remember the Sabbath..."
30:37 I wonder, did God say remember?
30:39 Because He knew that most of the world would forget.
30:42 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
30:45 Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work:
30:48 but the seventh day
30:49 is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God..."
30:51 So if we're looking for the remnant,
30:54 the people of God, the movement of God
30:58 that would be raised up to prepare a world
31:00 for the coming of Christ.
31:02 We must look for a Sabbath keeping movement.
31:07 We must look for a people
31:09 who because of their love for Christ
31:12 keep all of His commandments.
31:15 Notice Hebrews 10:16, the new covenant,
31:18 the new covenant doesn't do away with the law it is.
31:21 "I'll put My laws into their hearts"
31:23 that so they love them,
31:24 "I put them in their minds, I will write them"
31:27 there that is so they know them.
31:28 So the new covenant promise
31:30 is that Christ will have a people,
31:32 whose law is written in their mind.
31:35 All they want to do is please Jesus.
31:37 It is written in their heart and they love to please Jesus.
31:41 They love Him so they want to serve Him,
31:44 and they serve Him because they love Him.
31:46 They love Him, so they want to obey Him,
31:49 and they obey Him because they love Him.
31:52 They keep His commandments.
31:54 But secondly, the Bible says
31:56 they have the testimony of Jesus.
31:58 What is the testimony of Jesus?
32:01 What's that all about?
32:02 What's another word for testimony?
32:04 It's witness.
32:06 So that means,
32:07 but they have a witness from Jesus.
32:10 In Revelation 12:17, identifying the true church,
32:13 it says, "They have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
32:16 Revelation 12:17.
32:18 And in Revelation 19:10,
32:21 it says, "The testimony of Jesus is" what?
32:24 "The Spirit of Prophecy."
32:25 So God would have an end time movement based on the Bible.
32:29 An end time movement of men and women
32:31 that were so in love with Christ
32:32 because He saved them with His grace.
32:35 An end time movement that was obedient to Christ
32:38 and kept the Sabbath,
32:39 but He would send to that movement a special divine gift
32:44 called the gift of prophecy.
32:46 Were the church waiting
32:47 for the Advent be blessed with the gift of prophecy,
32:51 not to take the place of the Bible
32:53 but to give special insight
32:55 to guide God's people at end time.
32:58 1 Corinthians 1:7,
33:00 "So that you come short in no gift..."
33:02 Come short in what? No gift.
33:04 "Eagerly waiting for the revelation
33:06 of our Lord Jesus Christ."
33:08 Or for the coming of the Lord Jesus.
33:10 So the church that was waiting for the coming of Jesus
33:14 would be blessed by the gift of prophecy.
33:17 If Jesus has a gift,
33:19 I want to receive it, don't you?
33:21 Somebody says, oh, I go by the Bible
33:22 and the Bible only,
33:24 we don't need to give to prophecy,
33:25 but if the gift of prophecy is part of what Scripture
33:29 teaches about the last days of earth's history
33:32 to reject the gift of prophecy
33:35 is to reject that portion of Scripture
33:38 that reveals the gift of prophecy.
33:40 If Jesus has a gift for me,
33:42 I want to receive it, don't you, my friend?
33:45 God's church would be a Spirit filled church.
33:49 God's church would be a global movement.
33:51 God's church would be an international movement
33:55 that would impact the world.
33:57 The true church is not some
33:59 non denominational mega church on the corner.
34:03 The true church will be a worldwide body
34:05 committed to Christ and obedient to His Word.
34:09 Revelation 12 describes this epic controversy
34:14 down through the ages.
34:15 And Revelation 12 describes
34:19 the rise of God's true church after 1798,
34:24 and it's identifying characteristics says,
34:26 keeping the commandments of God
34:28 and having the testimony of Jesus,
34:31 the gift of prophecy.
34:33 Revelation 14 expands on that
34:37 and tells us the message of the true church.
34:40 It tells us what God's true church
34:42 would be preaching around the world
34:45 in fulfillment to Christ's command.
34:47 Now you remember,
34:48 Jesus in Matthew 28:19 and 20 says,
34:51 "Go therefore and make disciples of" what?
34:53 "All nations, all nations, baptizing them
34:56 in the name of the Father and of the Son
34:58 and of the Holy Spirit, and lo I am with you always."
35:01 It says, "Teaching them to do all things
35:04 whatever I have commanded you,
35:06 and lo I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
35:09 So Jesus go, teach all nations.
35:12 So His message would be an international one,
35:14 that's exactly what Revelation 14 is all about.
35:19 Revelation 14:6 says,
35:20 "I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
35:23 having the everlasting gospel
35:24 to go to the ends of the earth,
35:26 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people."
35:28 Revelation 14 describes this people
35:32 that would be going forth
35:33 proclaiming God's end time message.
35:35 Men and women accepting that message
35:37 would enter into the watery grave of baptism
35:40 and follow Jesus Christ there.
35:42 Revelation describes an urgent end time movement.
35:45 Here is something that's bigger than any individual.
35:50 Here is something that is larger than you and I are.
35:54 Here is something worth giving our all to.
35:56 Here is something worth giving our energies to.
35:59 Here is a movement of destiny to be raised up by God
36:03 to go to the ends of the earth
36:05 looking for purpose in your life,
36:07 looking for meaning in your life,
36:08 looking for fulfillment in your life.
36:11 Technology has not satisfied, materialism has not satisfied,
36:16 your gadgets have not satisfied,
36:19 pleasure has not satisfied,
36:22 but God in broad strokes in the Book of Revelation
36:25 describes a movement that's worth identifying with
36:29 you can do something worthwhile with your life.
36:31 The Bible describes this end time movement,
36:34 I saw another angel flying,
36:36 it's urgent in the midst of heaven.
36:38 He has the everlasting gospel.
36:40 The good news that Christ has redeemed you and me
36:43 to preach to those that dwell on the earth,
36:45 to every nation, every tribe,
36:48 every tongue, every people.
36:50 Here is something broad and great,
36:52 worth giving your life to,
36:54 but notice, "Saying with a loud voice..."
36:57 There is part of God's biblical Christ centered message
37:01 that's not been emphasized.
37:03 Fear God, that's reverence, respect, obey Him.
37:06 Give glory to Him.
37:08 This is the message of God's last day church.
37:11 This is the message of God's end time people,
37:14 give glory to Him.
37:16 Why? For the hour of His judgment has come.
37:19 We're living on the knife edge of eternity,
37:22 living just before, my friend,
37:24 the coming of Jesus Christ,
37:26 and the Bible says, worship Him
37:29 that made heaven, earth, the sea
37:31 and the fountains of waters.
37:32 Now, what does it mean to give glory to God?
37:33 And how do we give glory to God?
37:35 Fear God or obey Him.
37:36 Give glory to Him.
37:37 It means we honor Him
37:39 in how we live, in our diet, in our lifestyle.
37:43 It means in the things we eat or drink,
37:46 we give glory to God in the way we treat our body.
37:49 What about the judgment?
37:50 What does that say?
37:51 In an age of irresponsibility,
37:53 God is calling us to moral responsibility.
37:57 God is calling us to account ability for our actions.
38:02 God's final message declares,
38:05 "The hour of God's judgment has indeed come."
38:09 God's message says "Worship Him
38:11 that made heaven, earth, the sea
38:13 and the fountains of waters."
38:14 In an age of evolution,
38:17 God is calling us back to worship the Creator
38:20 and what's the sign of His creative authority?
38:22 The Bible Sabbath.
38:25 The Sabbath is part of God's last day message.
38:29 The Sabbath was not simply given
38:31 for an ancient Jewish people,
38:34 it is part of a last day message,
38:37 calling all men and women everywhere
38:40 to worship the Creator,
38:43 calling them back to their roots,
38:45 calling them to the sense that they have worth in God's sight,
38:49 calling them back to acknowledge
38:51 the one that created heaven and earth.
38:53 God invites us to be part of that last day movement.
38:58 Now let's summarize the Biblical teachings
39:03 of Revelation 14.
39:05 Let's go back and look at Revelation 12
39:08 and summarize everything we've gone over
39:10 in the presentation so far.
39:11 And let's try to put that together
39:13 and ask this simple question.
39:16 Is there a movement on earth today
39:19 that has the characteristics outlined
39:22 in Revelation 12 and Revelation 14?
39:27 Let's suppose that we had never studied the Bible before
39:30 and we say all I want dear Jesus
39:33 is to know if you have a people.
39:36 And once I've identified those people,
39:38 I want to follow them.
39:40 What are those identifying characteristics
39:42 that we've gone over?
39:43 First, God's true message today
39:46 will recapture the pure faith of the disciples.
39:51 It will be a Bible based Christ centered movement.
39:56 Any movement not based on Scripture,
39:59 any movement not based on the Word of God,
40:02 but it's based on the teachings of man
40:04 we want to turn away from it immediately.
40:06 It must be a Christ centered movement.
40:10 It must be a movement
40:12 that is committed to the living Christ
40:14 and leads men and women
40:15 to know that they are saved by grace
40:18 and not by their works.
40:19 It will have the dual characteristics
40:22 of keeping God's commandments.
40:24 Jesus said, "If you love Me," do what?
40:28 "If you love Me," do what? "Keep My commandments."
40:31 1 John says this, "He that saith,
40:33 'I know Him and doesn't keep His commandments is a liar
40:37 and the truth is not in him.'"
40:39 So when God reveals truth to us,
40:41 He invites us to follow it.
40:44 God will have a people
40:45 that will be keeping His commandments.
40:47 You want to find God's people, you say where are they.
40:50 Revelation 14:12,
40:52 "Here is the patience
40:54 or the endurance of the saints, the believers,
40:56 here are they that keep the commandments of God
40:58 and have the faith of Jesus."
41:00 So God's people will keep His commandments
41:03 and they also will be guided by the gift of prophecy.
41:07 So that leads us to raise a question.
41:09 Is there a movement on earth today
41:12 that is based on Scripture?
41:13 A movement that is Christ centered
41:16 that believes we're saved only by grace.
41:18 Is there a movement
41:19 that leads people to keep God's commandments,
41:22 including the seventh day Sabbath?
41:24 Is there a movement that's been guided
41:26 by the gift of prophecy raised up
41:28 some time after 1798 in the early 1800s.
41:34 Is this movement a fulfillment of Revelation 14:6,
41:38 that says the gospel go to every nation,
41:41 kindred, tongue and people.
41:42 It must be a worldwide mission driven movement.
41:46 You know, ladies and gentlemen, tonight,
41:48 the reason I am a Seventh-day Adventist
41:51 is not because I was born an Adventist.
41:54 I was born in a lovely Roman Catholic home
41:56 but when I was about 17 years old,
41:58 I began seeking.
42:00 My desire was to follow Jesus.
42:02 I didn't know much about the Bible
42:04 but I began to study,
42:05 and as I began to study I found a group of people,
42:08 Seventh-day Adventists,
42:09 who lived in harmony,
42:12 made a commitment to follow the teachings of the Bible,
42:15 who desired to be free
42:17 from the falsehoods of this world.
42:19 And as I began to study the Bible,
42:21 I found Jesus or should I say Jesus found me.
42:24 And the Bible says by grace,
42:26 or if you'd say, through faith it's the gift of God,
42:28 not of works lest anyone should boast.
42:31 And there as I came to Jesus,
42:33 it was life transformational for me,
42:34 His grace provided pardon,
42:37 His grace provided freedom from guilt,
42:40 His grace provided new power in my life.
42:43 And I saw that grace lead to obedience.
42:45 I found a people that were teaching
42:47 the commandments of God just like Scripture said.
42:51 This people is a worldwide, mission-driven movement,
42:55 Seventh-day Adventists have missionaries in work
42:59 and believers in over 216 countries in the world.
43:05 The Book of Revelation, in Revelation 14:7
43:08 calls us and cause a people
43:11 to a total commitment to Jesus Christ.
43:13 This movement would lead people
43:16 to keep the Bible Sabbath by worshipping the Creator.
43:19 It would encourage people
43:21 to give their bodies to Christ by giving glory to Him.
43:24 The only people in the world today
43:28 that are a Bible believing,
43:29 Christ centered, commandment keeping,
43:32 guided by the gift of prophecy,
43:34 worldwide movement,
43:36 leading people to the back to worship
43:38 the Creator and the Bible Sabbath,
43:40 an end time movement,
43:42 leading them to be ready for the coming of Jesus,
43:45 calling them to give their bodies to Him,
43:46 to give up alcohol, and tobacco,
43:48 and the unclean foods.
43:49 All of these characteristics are found
43:52 within the Seventh-day Adventist movement.
43:56 This movement would make
43:57 a final appeal for men and women,
44:00 boys and girls everywhere to know
44:02 and find to discover truth.
44:04 Are Adventists a perfect people?
44:05 They are not. They are not.
44:07 But they are a movement that God has raised up,
44:10 a movement of destiny,
44:12 not simply another denomination,
44:15 not simply another church
44:17 but a movement that God has raised up of Baptists,
44:20 of Catholics, of Pentecostals, of Church of Christ,
44:25 of Jehovah's Witness.
44:26 God has raised up this movement,
44:29 He's brought people from varying dominations
44:31 and various religious persuasions,
44:33 Hindus and Muslims, He has brought Buddhists,
44:37 He has brought secularists,
44:39 He has brought communists into His last day movement
44:43 to impact the world.
44:44 They have come together not simply as a denomination,
44:48 not simply as another church
44:50 but they have come together as the body of Christ.
44:54 The body of Christ
44:55 that believes the great truths of God's Word
44:58 that are to go to the ends of the earth.
45:00 They are composed of men and women
45:03 of varying religious backgrounds,
45:06 varying ethnicities, varying languages
45:10 and varying cultures,
45:12 they have one desire in their heart,
45:14 one goal in their heart, one passion in their mind...
45:18 No, they are not perfect.
45:20 Yes, they fail,
45:21 but they are committed to Christ,
45:23 committed to His Word, committed to following Jesus.
45:27 They are a people,
45:30 a movement raised up from the Book of Revelation
45:34 and around the world men and women
45:36 are responding to God's call,
45:39 around the world men and women are saying,
45:42 yes, we see that just like God had a people
45:45 in the days of Abraham,
45:46 just like God had a people in the days of Moses,
45:49 just like God had a people in Israel,
45:52 just like God had a New Testament movement,
45:54 God has a people today,
45:56 every day 3,000 people are baptized
46:01 in the name of the Father, the Son,
46:03 and the Holy Spirit into the Sabbath
46:05 keeping Adventist movement.
46:08 I remember going to the Ukraine
46:10 and there in the Ukraine preaching
46:12 in what was the former communist cultural center
46:16 that was built over a KGB prison,
46:19 and their former communist came to Christ
46:22 in the Olympic swimming pool.
46:24 We baptized 300 or 400 on a single day,
46:29 God is moving around the world.
46:31 I think of South Africa
46:34 and standing there on that Sabbath
46:36 with over 12,000 people
46:39 and watching God moved by His Holy Spirit
46:42 where 1,000 were baptized into the Bible
46:45 believing Christ centered Adventist movement.
46:49 I think of the joy on their faces,
46:51 the smile in their lives.
46:53 I remember Mexico, Monterrey, and as we went to Monterrey,
46:59 I was preaching in a stadium, 10,000 were there.
47:02 I did not know there was a man standing
47:05 in the entryway listening to the sermon.
47:08 He got up that morning with a gun in his hand
47:09 and he said, "I want to blow my brains out,
47:12 there is no reason to live, there is no hope for me."
47:15 The series of our meetings was titled, "There is hope."
47:19 He walked out of his home.
47:21 He said, "I don't want to kill myself in my house
47:22 because the blood will be all over.
47:24 I don't want my wife to find my body."
47:26 So he took the gun.
47:27 He was gonna walk to a park.
47:29 As he was crossing the street,
47:30 a bus went by and it had one of our placards on it,
47:33 and the placard said,
47:34 "There is hope at the National Stadium.
47:37 He said, "Hope? No hope for me."
47:38 He kept walking.
47:40 Saw a billboard, "There is hope."
47:42 He said, "No hope for me."
47:43 He walked by the stadium, it said, "There is hope."
47:45 He said, "Maybe God's trying to tell me something."
47:48 Walked into that stadium that night,
47:50 heard about Jesus Christ,
47:52 the one who could take away our shame and our guilt
47:54 and give us new life.
47:56 He, as he listened, heard about God
47:59 having a people at end time.
48:02 He heard about the message of Jesus.
48:05 And he said, "I want to follow Christ."
48:06 He made a decision for Christ that day.
48:09 Over the subsequent weeks and months,
48:11 he studied the Word of God
48:13 and found that Jesus had
48:14 an international world wide movement,
48:18 a movement of Bible believing Christians,
48:20 a movement of men and women
48:22 that love Christ so much,
48:23 they were going to obey Him.
48:24 A movement of people
48:26 that were keeping the Bible Sabbath
48:27 who treated their bodies not like a funhouse
48:30 but the temple of God.
48:32 A movement of people getting ready
48:33 for the second coming of Christ.
48:35 This hopeless man now has hope and joy in his life.
48:39 I remember Cuba, that former communist country
48:43 where God moved so powerfully
48:45 and the Cuban government by the grace of God
48:48 let us preached the Word
48:49 and 300 were baptized in the swimming pool.
48:52 Around the world, God's message is going forth,
48:56 around the world God has a movement.
48:58 God's church is not in the majority.
49:00 You can never base truth on a majority vote.
49:04 Around the world, God's church does not need
49:06 the approval of popular religious leaders
49:09 because truth is truth
49:10 whether religious leaders accept truth or not.
49:14 Some people say to me,
49:15 "I'm not gonna make a decision till my pastor agrees.
49:18 I'm not going to make a decision
49:19 until my priest agrees."
49:21 Truth is truth, my friend, and when you hear truth,
49:25 God convicts your heart.
49:27 When you hear truth, God invites you to take a step.
49:30 When you hear truth,
49:31 there is only one thing to do and that is to follow it.
49:35 You may be a truth seeker.
49:39 Some time ago, I was holding meetings
49:41 in one of the large Midwestern cities of America
49:44 and a woman alcoholic came
49:47 and she was coming to the meetings each evening,
49:49 and I noticed her in the meetings
49:51 but hadn't gotten acquainted with her.
49:53 And one day I was greeting people at the door
49:56 as they were leaving the meetings.
49:58 And I reached through the crowd
50:00 and so Cleve and I grabbed her hand and greeted her,
50:03 and I said, "So delighted that you're here.
50:06 How did you learn about the meetings?"
50:08 And she said, "Pastor Mark, I have a story."
50:11 I said, "I really want to know your story."
50:13 And she said, "Pastor Mark,
50:15 can we just visit a little bit?"
50:17 So we sat down and visited
50:18 and this is the story she told me.
50:20 "She said, "A couple weeks ago before your meeting started,
50:25 I took my Bible and I opened it."
50:29 And I never understood Revelation,
50:31 "I was so confused with Revelation
50:34 and so I knelt down and I said,
50:36 'Jesus, I really want to understand Revelation
50:40 and particularly I want to understand,
50:43 do You have an end time message for today.'"
50:46 She wondered, is there a Christ centered Bible
50:49 believing people that she could identify with.
50:52 She said, "I prayed that prayer."
50:55 And in the next day,
50:57 a brochure came to my house inviting me to your meetings,
51:03 and I knew this was the answer to my prayer,
51:06 I was a truth seeker."
51:09 My friend, this telecast may be the answer to your prayers.
51:16 You have been seeking, you have been looking
51:19 and God reveals truth to you.
51:23 God's been speaking to your heart.
51:26 Will you say, "Jesus, I give my all to you.
51:30 Jesus, all that I have I give to you.
51:33 Jesus, I want to follow You.
51:36 Listen as CA comes to sing, and why not open your heart?
51:41 Why not make that decision right now?
51:55 I give all my service to You
52:03 I give all my service
52:08 To You
52:11 No matter the cost
52:15 Or what others do
52:20 I give all my service to You
52:27 I give all my problems to You
52:35 I give all my problems
52:41 To You
52:44 No matter the cost
52:48 Or what others do
52:52 I give all my problems to You
53:00 I give all my family to You
53:07 I give all my family
53:12 To You
53:15 No matter the cost
53:19 Or what others do
53:23 I give all my family
53:29 To You
53:36 And I give all my future to You
53:43 I give all my future
53:49 To You
53:52 No matter the cost
53:55 Or what others do
54:00 I give all my future
54:06 To You
54:09 I give all my worship to You
54:16 I give all my worship
54:21 To You
54:24 No matter the cost
54:27 Or what others do
54:31 I give all my worship
54:38 To You
54:41 I give
54:43 All my worship
54:49 To You
55:00 God is speaking to your heart.
55:05 Do you resonate with the words of the song?
55:08 Did they touch your heart?
55:10 I give all my worship to You.
55:15 Jesus is leading a people.
55:17 He's reaching out
55:19 and touching a man here, a woman there,
55:21 touching a teenager there, touching a young couple here.
55:26 He's moving by His Spirit, touching people's lives
55:30 and they're making eternal decisions for Him.
55:34 Before this program we gathered
55:37 our staff, our crew, our camera crew
55:39 and our production crew around to pray
55:42 and we prayed that God would prepare people
55:47 to turn on the television to watch this broadcast.
55:51 God's prepared you.
55:53 You like that woman in Denver
55:55 that I talked about in the Midwest of America.
55:59 You may have been wondering about the Book of Revelation.
56:02 You may have been studying the Bible,
56:04 and this message resonates with you.
56:08 You see, maybe for the first time in your life
56:12 that God has a Bible based,
56:16 Christ centered, commandment keeping,
56:20 Sabbath keeping church,
56:21 calling people in the light of the second coming of Christ
56:25 to give their bodies, their minds
56:28 and their spirits to Him, to give everything to Him.
56:31 And you want to say,
56:34 Lord, I hear the call of Your heart.
56:38 I sense the moving of Your Spirit.
56:41 Lord, I want to make that decision.
56:45 Why not make it right now as we pray.
56:48 Father in heaven, thank You so much
56:52 for the call of the Spirit.
56:53 Thank You that down through the ages
56:55 You have had a people in every generation,
56:58 in the days of Abraham, in the days of Moses,
57:02 in the days of the Old Testament,
57:03 New Testament that You have a people today.
57:06 Father, thank You for speaking to our hearts
57:08 and leading us to something bigger,
57:10 greater than we are not a church or a denomination,
57:13 but a movement,
57:14 your final movement of destiny in this world.
57:17 Jesus, give us the strength and courage
57:20 to follow You in Christ's name.
57:22 Amen.
57:24 Thank you for joining us
57:25 for Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.


Revised 2018-06-18