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Revelation's Prophetic Movement at End-Time

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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The Book of Revelation provides hopeful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley,
00:12 author and world renowned speaker
00:14 on a journey into the future
00:16 with Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:23 Welcome back.
00:24 We've been journeying
00:25 through the Book of Revelation together,
00:27 discovering God's end time truths.
00:30 Have you discovered some new insights in this series?
00:34 Remember, in our first presentation
00:36 in Revelation 1:1,
00:38 it says, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ."
00:40 In verse 3, it says,
00:42 "Blessed are they who read, who hear,
00:46 and do the things therein."
00:48 As we've been reading
00:50 the prophecies of Revelation together,
00:51 as you've been hearing it and seeing it
00:53 through the imagery and graphics of the telecast,
00:55 God has led you, I'm sure, to make decisions for Him.
01:00 In our program today, we're going to look at
01:03 one of the most misunderstood topics,
01:05 one of the most misunderstood subjects
01:07 in all the Bible,
01:08 the subject of the true gift of prophecy
01:11 as compared to the false gift of prophecy.
01:13 So let's pray,
01:14 God will give us insight as we open His Word.
01:17 Father, in heaven,
01:18 thank You so much that You give us clear light
01:23 in Your Word as we come to Your Word
01:26 to study the gift of prophecy,
01:29 give us a sense of Your guidance and leading.
01:33 We pray in Christ's name. Amen.
01:37 My topic during this presentation is
01:39 "Revelation's Prophetic Movement at End-Time."
01:45 All around the world, people are seeking,
01:48 they are looking for varying kinds of spirituality.
01:52 Even unbelievers worship at the shrine of atheism,
01:57 worship at the shrine of materialism,
02:00 worship at the shrine of technology,
02:03 worship at the shrine of pleasure,
02:05 so all of us worship something.
02:07 Even unbelievers worship themselves.
02:10 Yet in this world,
02:12 because of the lack of genuine biblical faith,
02:16 because of the lack of heartfelt Christianity,
02:20 because of the lack of Jesus
02:22 being the dynamic power in the life,
02:25 many are turning to spiritualistic resources
02:30 for guidance in their spiritual lives.
02:34 There's really an explosion of interest
02:36 in psychic phenomena today.
02:40 Some have turned back to a prophet in America,
02:43 so-called prophet, Jeane Dixon.
02:45 It's interesting if you'll look at
02:46 Jeane Dixon's prophecies and over 90% of them
02:51 by objective analysis never came true.
02:54 You wonder was God wrong during that period of time?
02:56 Certainly not.
02:57 Some look to the sleeping prophet
02:59 Edgar Cayce,
03:01 but yet, do you look at some of his predictions,
03:04 maybe some faintly have come true,
03:05 but you look at most of them, of course, were utter failures.
03:09 And people looked at varying prophets.
03:13 Some time ago in the United States,
03:16 a eastern mystic Maharaja Ji rose up
03:21 and really fostered a lot of interest
03:25 in the whole idea of messiahship and prophecy,
03:30 but yet those who went to the stadiums
03:33 and heard Maharaja Ji ended up
03:36 really empty barren a few years past
03:39 and they recognized they were following a false messiah.
03:44 Jesus warns us very much against the counterfeit.
03:49 He fact in His sermon
03:51 on end events, Jesus said,
03:57 "False christs and false prophets
03:59 will rise show great signs and wonders to deceive."
04:03 Christ had been talking about famines and earthquakes,
04:07 wars and pestilences, rising crime and violence.
04:12 And in the context of his sermon on end events,
04:15 He says, "False christs and false prophets will arise."
04:21 And then he says in Matthew 7:15,
04:25 "Beware of false prophets,
04:28 who come to you in sheep's clothing,
04:30 but inwardly they are ravenous wolves."
04:33 So just before the coming of Christ,
04:35 there would be a rise of those movements
04:38 claiming to be guided by the gift of prophecy.
04:42 And as the result of that, many would turn from the Bible,
04:46 they would give their allegiance
04:48 to these false prophets and be ultimately,
04:51 totally deceived.
04:53 We see this happening all around us today.
04:57 In the United States,
04:58 there are about 3,000
05:00 different astrology columns that people refer to.
05:04 Almost in every city,
05:06 you'll see signs in front of homes saying,
05:09 "psychic reader here" or "tarot cards readings here"
05:14 or "your future here revealed."
05:17 In fact, many of these psychics are using modern technology,
05:22 and they are coming on to the internet,
05:25 and there are interviews on the internet,
05:27 and you can have psychic channeling
05:30 through the internet by paying a certain fee
05:33 on your credit card.
05:35 Interest in psychic phenomena is just exploding.
05:39 Over seven million in America are following
05:43 some kind of a cult leader and in addition to that
05:47 millions more are tuning in to psychic phenomena,
05:51 they are checking out of genuine Christianity.
05:56 Now what does the Bible teach
05:57 about the genuine gift of prophecy?
06:00 Will the gift of prophecy be manifest
06:04 in the last days of earth's history?
06:06 Is the gift of prophecy
06:07 one of the identifying marks of God's last day church?
06:11 In Ephesians 4:8, we read,
06:14 "Therefore He says: this is Jesus,
06:17 'When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive.'"
06:21 Jesus led death captive and as evidence of that,
06:25 you remember,
06:27 the Bible says that some graves were opened
06:29 and some of those
06:31 who had died came out of their graves
06:33 and they are sent to heaven with Christ.
06:35 Another translation here is He led captivity
06:38 or a host of captives.
06:39 He leads them back into heaven as trophies,
06:42 as honor guard of His resurrection power,
06:47 but He gives gifts to men.
06:50 What are those gifts? Jesus ascends to heaven.
06:54 He's no longer with His earthly church,
06:56 no longer here to guide it and give it direction.
06:59 The Father embraces Christ as He welcomes Him home.
07:04 And Jesus as the result of being inaugurated
07:09 as savior and inaugurated as high priest in heaven,
07:13 He begins to give earthly gifts to His church.
07:18 What are these gifts of the spirit
07:21 that come from Christ, the resurrected Christ,
07:25 the Christ who is our high priest,
07:28 the Christ that stands in our behalf in heaven?
07:30 What are these gifts?
07:31 The Bible tells us, Ephesians 4:11, 12,
07:34 "He gave himself some to be apostles,
07:38 some prophets, some evangelists,
07:41 some pastors and teachers."
07:43 Here are the gifts.
07:45 He gives apostles, what are they?
07:47 Divine administrators who guide God's church
07:50 with heavenly authority.
07:52 Prophets, those who see visions
07:55 and guide the church through its visions.
07:58 Evangelists, those who have the ability
08:01 to proclaim the Word of God to large audiences
08:03 and lead them to Christ and truth.
08:06 Pastors, those that shepherd God's flock.
08:09 Teachers, those that have unique ability
08:11 to teach God's Word.
08:13 Let me ask you this question.
08:16 Do we still need divine administrators
08:18 in the church today, do we?
08:20 Do we need evangelists in the church
08:22 who can preach God's Word powerfully
08:25 to large groups and lead them to Christ?
08:28 Do we need pastors in the church
08:30 to shepherd local congregations?
08:32 I thank God for faithful pastors
08:35 who shepherd congregations.
08:37 Do we need teachers in the church today
08:40 that are instructing?
08:42 They have the unusual ability to instruct
08:44 in the Word of God certainly.
08:47 Do we need the divine gift of prophecy?
08:48 Somebody who is pastor,
08:50 "I am kind of afraid at the gift of prophecy!"
08:52 If Jesus gives us a gift, I want that gift, don't you?
08:56 I don't want to say, "Jesus, I'm not going
08:58 to open Your gift.
08:59 Jesus, I'm too afraid of Your gift."
09:01 Why is the gift of prophecy given to the church?
09:04 Why are all these gifts given?
09:05 "For the equipping of the saints."
09:07 That is to equip the believers for the work of ministry,
09:13 so the function of all the gifts of the spirit
09:16 is to prepare God's people to do ministry
09:18 in the community and service in the world
09:21 and to proclaim the gospel.
09:23 "For the edifying of the body of Christ."
09:25 So the reason He gives apostles,
09:28 and pastors, and evangelists, and teachers, and prophets
09:31 is to build up His church, that's the function.
09:34 If God has given a gift to build up His church,
09:37 I don't want to turn away from that gift. Do you?
09:39 Jesus gave these gifts to the church to strengthen it,
09:43 to accomplish its mission in proclaiming
09:45 the gospel to the world.
09:46 Now here is a single truth that will help you avoid
09:52 a million errors about prophecy.
09:55 The Bible says that God gives the gifts
09:59 to the church.
10:00 1 Corinthians 12:28,
10:02 God says through the Apostle Paul
10:05 that He has put the gifts in the church,
10:08 like a diamond set within a diamond ring.
10:11 If you want to find the true gift of prophecy,
10:14 where do you look?
10:15 You don't look at some so-called prophet,
10:17 some so-called psychic that pops up here anywhere.
10:22 You have to find God's true church
10:24 to find the true gift of prophecy.
10:26 So the true gift of prophecy is placed
10:29 within the church to nurture it,
10:31 to guide it, to build it up.
10:33 Never to take the place of the Bible,
10:36 but it's given to minister to God's people,
10:40 to equip God's people for service.
10:44 Now how long would these gifts
10:45 remain in the church?
10:47 Would the gift of pastoring
10:49 be taken out of the church after the death of Christ
10:51 and the disciples when the New Testament
10:53 canon of scripture ended?
10:54 Would the gift of teachers or evangelists or apostles,
11:00 would that be removed from the church?
11:01 Not at all.
11:02 The church would need these gifts how long?
11:06 "Till we all come in the unity of the faith."
11:08 Has that happened yet? Not at all.
11:10 "And of the knowledge of the Son of God,
11:13 to a perfect man,
11:14 to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ,
11:18 that we should be no longer children tossed
11:21 to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine."
11:24 So all of the gifts of the spirit
11:26 were given by God to protect His church,
11:30 to build up His church,
11:31 to enable His church to have its function
11:35 of mission in the world and prepare world
11:39 for the soon coming of Jesus.
11:41 When Christ ascends to heaven,
11:43 He does warn about the false gift of prophecy,
11:47 but He does say that the genuine gift of prophecy
11:50 would be one of His gifts that He gave to His people.
11:54 Why did He give the gift of prophecy?
11:56 1 Corinthians 1:7,
11:58 "So that you come short in no gift,
12:01 eagerly waiting for the revelation
12:03 or the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."
12:06 So the church,
12:08 waiting for the coming of Christ,
12:10 would have the fullness of the gifts
12:12 of the spirit operating within it.
12:15 The church anticipating the second coming
12:19 would be a Bible based church.
12:21 It would be a church based on the Word of God alone.
12:24 It would be a grace filled church,
12:27 a church that believed that salvation came owe to,
12:31 only, and totally by grace.
12:33 It would be a Christ centered church.
12:36 It would be a church that would love Jesus so much
12:39 that it would be a law abiding church,
12:41 it would keep His commandments including the Bible Sabbath.
12:44 It would be a Sabbath keeping church
12:46 and it would be a church.
12:48 Once you find a church that's an Adventist church,
12:51 once you find a Bible based, grace filled church,
12:54 once you find a church that upholds God's law
12:56 in a time of lawlessness,
12:58 once you find a Sabbath keeping church,
13:00 you should expect within that church
13:02 to find the genuine authentic gift of prophecy.
13:07 Jesus promised that the gift of prophecy
13:10 would be revived in the last days
13:13 of earth's history.
13:14 Now there are two great dangers.
13:16 Here's what they are.
13:18 One danger that the devil desires
13:21 to deceive people were this to get them
13:23 to accept the counterfeit.
13:25 So if the devil can get people to accept
13:27 a counterfeit gift of prophecy,
13:29 he can lock their minds in deception.
13:31 If he can get them to accept a counterfeit gift of prophecy,
13:35 he can lead them from the Bible and lead them to Christ.
13:38 But there's another deception
13:40 and that is to reject the genuine.
13:42 It is, if he can't get them to accept the counterfeit,
13:45 if he can get them
13:47 to reject the genuine gift of prophecy,
13:49 he will deny them the privilege and the joy
13:52 of having prophetic insight
13:54 to guide them and nurture their spiritual lives
13:56 in the last days of earth's history.
13:59 Now there are often those people
14:00 that says as I lecture on the gift of prophecy,
14:02 "Well, pastor, I've read this on the internet
14:04 about this prophet or this on the internet,
14:06 I've checked this out and..."
14:09 Do you let the internet be your guide?
14:12 Merely because you read something on the internet,
14:16 does that mean that the something you read
14:18 on the internet is genuine, authentic?
14:21 As a Christian,
14:23 I don't want to let the internet
14:24 be my guide, friend.
14:26 I would let the Bible be my guide,
14:27 what do you say?
14:28 Now how can we tell the difference
14:30 between the true and the false gift of prophecy?
14:31 If the devil wants us to accept the counterfeit,
14:34 I want to run a million miles from that,
14:36 don't you?
14:37 But if the devil wants us to reject the truth,
14:39 I want to run a million miles from that
14:41 because if Jesus is a gift for His last day church,
14:44 I want to accept that gift, don't you?
14:47 So let's go to the Bible
14:49 and try to discover the hallmarks,
14:51 try to discover the clear keys
14:55 to understanding the true gift of prophecy.
14:57 First Numbers 12:6, the Bible says this,
15:01 "If there is a prophet among you,
15:03 I, the Lord,
15:05 make Myself known to him in a vision."
15:06 Now notice clearly the phrase,
15:08 "If there is a prophet among you,"
15:10 that's in ancient Israel,
15:12 that would be in the New Testament church,
15:14 so the prophet has to be among God's people.
15:18 The gift of prophecy is a gift given to the church.
15:21 Any but so-called prophet that springs up saying
15:25 I have this prophecy
15:26 or that prophecy about the world,
15:28 that's not the function of the gift of prophecy.
15:30 The function is to build up,
15:33 nurture and prepare God's church for mission.
15:36 "If there is a prophet among you,
15:37 I, the Lord, will make myself known to him in a vision,
15:40 or speak to him in a dream."
15:42 Now prophets receive messages from God in two basic ways.
15:49 First, an angel will bring them a vision or a dream.
15:53 You see this in the prophecies of Daniel.
15:56 You see this in the prophecies of John in Revelation.
16:00 The prophet receives a vision or dream from God.
16:05 Secondly, there are times that the Holy Spirit
16:08 impresses the prophet's mind
16:10 and the prophet is not necessarily in vision or dream
16:13 but in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
16:15 the prophet impresses their mind
16:17 and they write down in the context
16:19 of their own language with their own background,
16:22 the very truth of God that
16:24 God through His Spirit has impressed upon their mind.
16:28 2 Timothy 3:16 says,
16:30 "All scripture is given by" what?
16:32 "Inspiration of God."
16:34 So the Bible given to us
16:36 by the true gift of prophecy
16:38 is written by the inspiration of God.
16:40 God inspires the prophet's mind.
16:44 2 Peter 1:21 says,
16:47 "For prophecy never came by the will of man,
16:51 but holy men of God spoke
16:52 as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."
16:55 So the gift of prophecy is given to us
16:58 by the Holy Spirit,
17:00 it is given to the church to guide,
17:03 direct, strengthen, and nurture the church.
17:06 Now not all of the Bible writers...
17:10 Not all of God's prophets are Bible writers.
17:13 I want to make sure that point is clear to you.
17:16 Throughout Scripture, there are genuine prophets
17:20 that never had written one book in the Bible.
17:24 Now what's the difference between Bible writers
17:27 and other true prophets?
17:29 The Bible writers' message is universal
17:32 in its application, that is,
17:34 it applies to everyone, everywhere
17:36 and it is eternal in time,
17:39 that means it still applies in every generation.
17:41 But there are prophets that God raised up
17:42 in the Bible whose prophecies
17:45 were not universal in application.
17:46 They applied to a particular place
17:48 at a particular time.
17:51 They might apply to a famine
17:52 that was going to take place right then
17:54 to warn God's people.
17:55 So their messages were not eternal in time,
17:58 they were local but they were genuine prophets
18:00 and they weren't universal in application,
18:02 they applied to a particular location.
18:05 You say, can you give me some examples of that?
18:07 Certainly.
18:09 There were many women prophets in the Bible.
18:11 Deborah was a judge
18:13 but also a prophetess in the Bible.
18:16 She has no books in the Bible that she has written,
18:19 but her prophecies particular
18:21 were for a given period of time.
18:24 Hulda is another good example or the daughters of Philip.
18:28 These are all the Bible says
18:29 genuine prophets or prophetesses
18:32 but yet, they prophesy
18:35 for a particular period of time.
18:37 So two kinds of prophets:
18:38 Biblical prophets,
18:40 their prophecies are eternal and universal.
18:43 Local prophets that are given to God's people
18:45 for a specific period of time.
18:48 What are the true tests of the gift of prophecy?
18:50 How can you know
18:52 whether the gift of prophecy is genuine or not?
18:55 The Bible gives us six tests of the gift of prophecy.
18:59 First, prophetic accuracy.
19:01 A genuine prophet is accurate 100% of the time.
19:06 Jeremiah 28:9 says,
19:08 "As for the prophet who prophesies of peace,
19:10 when the word of the prophet comes to pass,
19:13 the prophet will be known as
19:15 one whom the Lord has truly sent."
19:18 So when you read the prophecies
19:20 of some of these so-called prophets
19:21 in our world today that pop up here or there,
19:24 one, you know they are not true because they are not planted
19:27 within the church of the Christian community,
19:30 the people of God,
19:32 God's grace filled Bible believing
19:34 Sabbath keeping movement.
19:36 That's where God puts
19:37 the true gift of prophecy.
19:38 Today according to Scripture, He puts it in His church.
19:41 But many of these prophets,
19:43 so-called prophets, false prophets,
19:46 make prophecies that don't come to pass.
19:48 The Bible says, prophetic accuracy.
19:50 You know that the prophet is sent to the Lord
19:52 if their prophets truly come to pass.
19:55 Now you say, what about Jonah's prophecy
19:57 or other's prophecy?
19:59 In the Bible, there are conditional prophecies
20:02 and those conditional prophecies
20:03 depend on a response for the people,
20:06 so it'd be more accurate to say,
20:07 where prophecies are not conditional,
20:10 where they don't depend on a response
20:12 from the people, the prophet is 100% accurate.
20:15 God's true prophets are accurate
20:18 because God doesn't confuse the message.
20:21 So if you have all these prophets,
20:22 that so-called make predictions
20:24 and these predictions are erroneous,
20:26 does God confuse His message?
20:27 Did He get it wrong? Certainly not.
20:29 So that's the first characteristic
20:31 of a true prophet.
20:33 Second characteristic of a true prophet
20:34 is biblical faithfulness.
20:36 A genuine prophet of God, an authentic prophet of God
20:43 always is faithful to the Bible.
20:46 The genuine gift of prophecy leads us
20:48 back to the Bible,
20:50 it doesn't lead us away from the Bible.
20:52 Deuteronomy 13:1-4,
20:55 you see, there may be a prophecy
20:57 that comes to pass by a prophet,
20:59 but if the prophet leads you away from the Bible,
21:01 that's a false prophet.
21:03 You have to have all six of these characteristics.
21:05 "If there arises among you a prophet
21:08 or a dreamer of dreams,
21:10 and he gives you a sign or a wonder,"
21:12 now watch this carefully,
21:14 "and the sign or the wonder comes to pass,"
21:16 must be true, right?
21:18 He gave a prophecy and it came to pass.
21:20 Not so, "of which he spoke to you,
21:22 saying, 'Let us go after other gods
21:25 which you have not known and let us serve them,'
21:29 you shall not listen to the words of that prophet
21:32 or that dreamer of dreams."
21:34 So here is a prophet that rises
21:37 and a prophet who rises makes a prediction
21:41 that is true,
21:42 but that prediction leads you from biblical truth,
21:46 that prediction leads you from the Word of God,
21:50 that prediction leads you
21:53 from the teachings of the Bible.
21:56 What do you know?
21:58 You know that, that prophet is a false prophet.
22:02 So you have to have at least these first two
22:04 in all of the six.
22:06 "You shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him,
22:09 and keep His commandments and obey His voice."
22:14 So in other words,
22:15 merely because the prophecy comes true,
22:16 if it leads you away from the things of God,
22:19 the Scripture says,
22:20 "Walk after the Lord your God, fear His commandments,
22:23 obey His voice, you shall serve Him,"
22:25 and I love this word, "hold fast to Him."
22:29 In other words, don't go eeping after,
22:31 wandering after, gazing after, following some false prophets.
22:35 If the so-called prophet is not leading a person
22:38 to the Word of God, to be faithful to Scripture,
22:41 they are blatantly false.
22:44 The genuine gift of prophecy leads back to Scripture.
22:48 Thirdly, the true gift of prophecy exalts Jesus.
22:54 You know, I love that old poem,
22:55 "Lord, make me a nail upon the wall,
22:58 a thing so humble and so small,
23:01 but can hold a picture of your lovely face."
23:04 That's what the true gift of prophecy is,
23:06 they exalt Jesus.
23:07 Remember John the Baptist, the true prophet,
23:09 that Jesus says who wasn't such a great prophet
23:11 though he was born of woman, and you remember he said,
23:15 "Behold! The Lamb of God."
23:17 He pointed men and women to Christ.
23:19 The Bible is plain, 1 John 4:1, 2,
23:23 "Beloved, do not believe every spirit,
23:25 but test the spirits, whether they are of God."
23:28 Do what everybody?
23:30 Test the spirits whether they are of God.
23:33 "By this you know the Spirit of God:
23:37 Every spirit that confesses that
23:38 Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God."
23:41 In other words,
23:42 when you have some so-called prophet say,
23:46 "Oh, Jesus is a good man but He's not divine."
23:48 If they don't believe that Christ,
23:50 the divine Son of God came in the flesh
23:53 and paid salvation's price for you and for me.
23:56 If they do not believe that
23:59 Christ is the Son of God incarnate in human flesh,
24:04 know immediately that individual is a false prophet.
24:06 What is their relationship to Jesus?
24:09 Do they believe in the divinity of Christ?
24:12 Do they believe in the supernatural miracle
24:15 working power of Christ?
24:17 Do they believe in the life, death,
24:19 and resurrection of Christ?
24:21 Do they believe that Jesus Christ is coming again?
24:24 If they do not believe in the essence of Christ,
24:30 in who Christ was, that He lived,
24:33 He died, He ascended to heaven,
24:34 He is our priest, He is coming again,
24:36 know that they are false prophets.
24:39 You see, Revelation 19:10 makes it very plain.
24:42 It says, "For the testimony of Jesus
24:44 is the Spirit of prophecy."
24:46 So the genuine gift of prophecy,
24:48 down through the ages, testifies of Jesus.
24:52 Moses testified of the Messiah that was to come.
24:56 Isaiah and Jeremiah testify of Jesus.
25:00 The Old Testament prophets testify of Jesus.
25:03 The New Testament disciples testify of Jesus.
25:06 So what is the gift of prophecy?
25:08 What is the testimony of Jesus?
25:10 The testimony of Jesus is Jesus witness through His prophet
25:15 in every generation to guide, direct, and strengthen,
25:19 and encourage His church.
25:22 The genuine manifestation of the gift of prophecy
25:24 always exalts, always uplifts Jesus Christ.
25:28 The fourth thing about the gift of prophecy
25:30 that we notice,
25:32 the true gift of prophecy has prophetic accuracy,
25:36 true gift of prophecy, biblical faithfulness,
25:39 true gift of prophecy exalts Jesus,
25:42 true gift of prophecy leads men and women
25:44 back to commandment keeping.
25:46 Isaiah 8:20,
25:49 "To the law and to the testimony!
25:51 If they..."
25:53 That is prophets.
25:55 That is, those proclaiming to be genuine,
25:58 authentic and true.
25:59 "If they do not speak according to this word..."
26:02 That's the teachings of Scripture,
26:03 the testimonial Scripture
26:04 and that is the Ten Commandment law.
26:07 "It is because there is no light in them."
26:09 Now notice it says,
26:10 to the law and to the testimony,
26:12 if they don't speak according to this word,
26:14 no light.
26:15 Doesn't say no truth, doesn't say no power,
26:18 it says no light.
26:20 Satan mingles truth and error.
26:23 Satan mingles right and wrong, good and evil but here,
26:29 notice it says,
26:30 "There is no light in them."
26:32 What is light? Light is what you follow.
26:36 See and what God is saying,
26:38 if they are not upholding My law,
26:40 not leading you back to obedience to My law,
26:43 and one of those commandments says,
26:44 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
26:47 Six days shalt thou labor,
26:49 and do all thy work but the seventh day
26:51 is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God."
26:53 If you have a so-called prophet that's not leading you back
26:56 through the grace of Christ,
26:58 exalting Jesus and exalting the one on the Sabbath,
27:01 you know that is not a genuine gift of prophecy.
27:06 There are also physical tests of a true prophet.
27:12 "When they were in vision,
27:14 they always went into vision with their eyes open"
27:16 according to Numbers 24:4
27:18 and "their eyes remain open through the vision."
27:21 "In that vision,
27:23 the prophets would have no physical strength."
27:26 You read that in Daniel 10:8, so those two characteristics,
27:32 physical characteristics
27:33 of the genuine gift of prophecy.
27:35 Genuine gift of prophecy,
27:37 they are in vision with their eyes open
27:40 and when they have these visions
27:42 they have no human strength.
27:44 Also these prophets in vision, according to Daniel 10:17,
27:49 "don't breathe."
27:50 Now you say that's kind of strange,
27:52 they don't breathe.
27:53 The Bible says, "All Scripture is inspired by God."
27:57 The Word inspired
27:58 in the original Greek language means
28:00 God-breathed so they have no breath.
28:03 These physical phenomena accompany prophets in vision.
28:08 Lastly, the prophets in vision have spiritual fruitage.
28:12 Now let me pause here for a moment.
28:15 Each one of these tests, if the prophet fails anyone,
28:20 you know it's a false prophet.
28:21 If the prophet isn't prophetically accurate,
28:23 when the prophecies aren't conditional.
28:25 If the prophet isn't faithful to the Bible,
28:28 if the prophet does not exalt Jesus
28:30 but they exalt themselves.
28:32 If the prophet does not lead men and women
28:34 back to commandment keeping,
28:36 but endorses disobedience to the commandments.
28:39 If the prophet doesn't manifest those physical tests
28:43 and all the genuine gift of prophecy
28:45 has spiritual fruitage.
28:46 Matthew 7:20 says,
28:49 "Therefore by their fruits you will know them."
28:54 So, you look at the life of the prophet.
28:57 What is the lifestyle of the prophet like?
28:59 Do they live in godly simplicity
29:02 and lead people to Christ?
29:03 Are they passionate about mission
29:06 and sharing God's message with this world?
29:09 What is the spiritual fruitage of the gift of prophecy?
29:13 The gift of prophecy
29:14 doesn't take the place of the Bible,
29:16 of course, it exalts it,
29:18 so the true gift of prophecy
29:20 always leading back to the Word.
29:22 Some people say,
29:23 "I don't want to have anything to do
29:25 with the gift of prophecy in modern days,
29:26 all I want is the Bible."
29:28 If all you want is the Bible,
29:29 you'd accept the gift of prophecy
29:31 because you'd accept the portion of the Bible
29:32 that speaks about the gift of prophecy
29:34 in the last days.
29:36 Would one want to reject a gift that Jesus gave?
29:39 Or would one want to rip out that portion of the Bible
29:42 that talks about the gift of prophecy?
29:45 Certainly, if we are Bible believing Christians,
29:47 we want to follow all of the scripture.
29:51 What does the Bible say about the gift of prophecy
29:52 in the last days?
29:54 Revelation 12:17, "The dragon" who's the dragon?
29:58 Satan, "was enraged or angry with the woman,"
30:01 who's at the church,
30:02 "and he we went to make war
30:03 with the rest of her offspring,"
30:05 that's his last church,
30:06 "who keep the commandments of God
30:08 and have the testimony of Jesus."
30:10 One of the characteristics of God's last day church
30:14 in addition to keeping the commandments of God is
30:19 that it has the gift of prophecy.
30:22 Shortly after the Middle Ages, from 538 to 1798,
30:27 that Dark Ages period,
30:29 God would raise up an end time movement.
30:33 And it would be identified by keeping His commandments
30:36 and having the testimony of Jesus,
30:38 which is the gift of prophecy.
30:40 Did you notice what Scripture says
30:43 in Revelation about the gift of prophecy?
30:44 What is that?
30:45 What is this testimony of Jesus?
30:47 Revelation 12:17 says that the dragon,
30:50 Satan, angry with the church,
30:53 went to make war with the remnant,
30:55 the last part of her seed,
30:56 that keep the commandments of God.
30:58 The devil is angry with God's church.
31:00 And what is one of the identifying characteristics?
31:02 It has the testimony of Jesus. And what is that?
31:05 Revelation 19:10, the testimony of Jesus,
31:08 the witness of Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy.
31:10 The same witness of Jesus
31:13 that beat in the breast of every prophet
31:15 down through the centuries, the same witness of Jesus,
31:19 the same testimony of Jesus would be manifest
31:22 in God's last day church as the gift of prophecy.
31:26 Now remember what the Scripture said,
31:28 "The dragon is angry with the woman,"
31:30 the church.
31:32 What do you think the devil would do
31:33 with this last day church,
31:35 this Bible believing, Christ centered,
31:38 this Sabbath keeping church?
31:40 What do you think the devil would do?
31:41 He would try to discredit the gift of prophecy.
31:44 He would do everything he could,
31:47 on the internet and every other place
31:51 to discredit the Spirit of Prophecy.
31:53 He would do everything he could to cast away
31:56 the confidence in the gift that Christ has given
32:00 in the last days of earth's history.
32:02 Notice what the Bible says, 1 Corinthians 12:28.
32:06 "For God has appointed these in the church."
32:08 Where would God appoint the genuine gift of prophecy?
32:12 In His church in the last days.
32:13 First, apostles, secondarily, prophets.
32:17 If we believe we found God's church,
32:19 we must find the true gift of prophecy
32:23 within God's last day church today.
32:27 But that leads us to a question.
32:30 Does God's last day,
32:32 Sabbath keeping Adventist worldwide international body,
32:38 does it have the gift of prophecy?
32:41 Did God raise up the gift of prophecy
32:44 in the early days of the Advent movement,
32:47 not to take the place of Scripture,
32:51 not in any way to be higher,
32:54 a higher authority than the Bible,
32:56 but to guide this movement,
32:58 to guide this newly formed church
33:01 just like in the Book of Acts,
33:04 "When the Christian church was raised up,
33:06 God raised up again the gift of prophecy to guide
33:09 and direct the New Testament Christian church."
33:12 Would God do that again?
33:14 Has God blessed
33:16 the Seventh-day Adventist Church,
33:17 a Bible believing, Christ centered,
33:20 Sabbath keeping, end time movement,
33:23 has He blessed it with the gift of prophecy?
33:25 If you do not find the gift of prophecy
33:27 in the Adventist church,
33:29 then Revelation's prophecies have not been fulfilled.
33:33 The prophecy in Revelation 12:17,
33:36 talking about a commandment keeping body
33:39 with the gift of prophecy or the testimony of Jesus.
33:42 If you look back at the history of the early
33:45 Advent Movement in the 1800s,
33:48 did God raise up the gift of prophecy there?
33:52 Looking back we find that
33:54 God blessed the mind of a young woman,
33:57 a young woman in her teens with visions and dreams.
34:01 Her name was Ellen Harmon at the time,
34:02 later to become Ellen White.
34:05 During her prophetic ministry,
34:07 she received more than
34:09 2,000 prophetic visions and dreams.
34:12 She wrote over 50 original books
34:15 and many books in compilation.
34:18 She declared that Jesus Christ
34:23 was her only savior.
34:26 She declared that the Bible was her only guide.
34:29 And she opened her heart
34:31 to receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,
34:35 and was guided by the gift of prophecy.
34:38 But before we dismiss Ellen White too quickly,
34:42 we need to raise some questions.
34:44 Before we go typing on the internet
34:45 and finding on the internet all this negative stuff,
34:48 we need to raise some questions.
34:49 One, did God actually promised to restore the gift of prophecy
34:54 in the last days?
34:56 We've seen from the Bible
34:57 in Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, He did.
35:00 Two, did God promised to put the gift of prophecy
35:04 in His end time church in the last days?
35:06 We've seen from Revelation 12:17, He did.
35:10 Did God promised that He would have a church
35:12 in the last days,
35:13 and should we look for the gift of prophecy in it?
35:16 Certainly. So then what must we ask?
35:20 Here's the only question we need to ask then.
35:22 Does Ellen White manifest in her life
35:26 and teachings the characteristics
35:29 of a true prophet?
35:30 Let's leave aside everything else
35:33 and just look at the six tests of the true gift of prophecy
35:37 that we saw in Scripture and ask yourself,
35:39 does Ellen White meet
35:41 the test of a genuine gift of prophecy?
35:44 She lectured to thousands on three continents.
35:48 And James George Wharton James,
35:51 at her death said this,
35:53 "This remarkable woman,"
35:56 and he wrote this in the book "California the Beautiful,"
35:59 it's a book on California.
36:01 And she lived in California for a number of her life,
36:06 certainly lived in Michigan, lived in California,
36:08 traveled throughout America,
36:10 but here's what James Wharton...
36:11 George Wharton James said.
36:12 "This remarkable woman,
36:14 though almost entirely self-educated,
36:17 has written and published more books
36:20 in more languages which circulate
36:22 to the greater extent
36:24 than any other woman in history."
36:26 Wouldn't you say if Ellen White has written more books
36:31 than any single woman in history,
36:34 and if indeed,
36:36 she claims to be guided by the gift of prophecy,
36:38 and if indeed, she has nurtured
36:41 and blessed God's people, God's church,
36:44 wouldn't you say it's worth at least,
36:46 at least to take the time, not to dismiss her lightly,
36:51 and go and look at the tests of the true gift of prophecy.
36:55 Seventh-day Adventist believe in the Bible,
36:58 in the Bible only as the source of every Bible doctrine.
37:03 Every teaching at the Adventist church
37:05 comes directly out of the Bible.
37:07 It does not come out of the writings of Ellen White.
37:10 But Adventist cannot honestly
37:13 deny the manifestation of the Holy Spirit
37:18 in the life and writings of Ellen White.
37:21 Now let's look at the biblical tests
37:23 of a true prophet.
37:24 Let's apply them to Ellen White.
37:26 First, prophetic accuracy.
37:28 Remember scripture says in Jeremiah 28,
37:31 "If what they predict comes to pass."
37:33 What are some of the predictions
37:35 that Ellen White made in her day
37:37 that seemed preposterous?
37:39 Well, she wrote a lot about health,
37:42 and she talked about a very high fat diet,
37:45 she talked about the danger of pork eating,
37:47 and she talked about the result of that diet
37:51 leading to premature disease and death.
37:55 She encouraged men and women
37:57 to get back to a more plant-based diet,
38:00 the diet of Genesis.
38:02 Today science is just catching up
38:05 with the writings of Ellen White
38:07 in the field of health.
38:09 Science is talking about a low cholesterol diet.
38:13 Science is talking about moving to a more plant-based diet.
38:16 Science is talking about eating more fruits,
38:19 grains, nuts, vegetables in your diet,
38:23 more seeds in your diet.
38:25 One nutritionist said,
38:26 "We need to eat beans, and seeds,
38:28 and greens in our diet."
38:30 Yes, her predictions, her discussions about diet,
38:35 why would God bring this to His church
38:38 and His people?
38:39 Because He does not want them to die prematurely.
38:42 He wants His people to have a life
38:44 and have energy.
38:45 Do Seventh-day Adventists believe
38:47 that vegetarianism is a tenet of their faith
38:50 in the sense that it is a matter of salvation?
38:54 Not at all.
38:56 But Adventists do believe
38:57 that a plant-based diet is part of the diet
39:02 that God gave in Genesis,
39:04 certainly God gave permission to eat meat
39:06 at the time of the flood, but based on the Bible,
39:09 we believe that the most ideal diet,
39:12 according to Scripture and science
39:15 is a plant-based diet.
39:17 Ellen White wrote about that far
39:19 before science ever mentioned it.
39:21 You know, in Ellen White's day,
39:23 she wrote in a book called Ministry of Healing, page 327.
39:27 "Tobacco is a slow, insidious, but most malignant poison."
39:33 Notice the word "malignant".
39:34 You know if you have a malignancy, what's that?
39:36 It's a cancer.
39:37 So she wrote back over a century ago,
39:41 well over a century ago
39:43 that there were cancer producing agencies
39:47 in tobacco smoke.
39:48 At that time many, many of the physicians
39:53 were predicting that tobacco was stating rather
39:57 that that tobacco smoke was good for you.
40:00 In fact, they said,
40:01 "If you have any lung condition,"
40:02 you can read it
40:04 in the medical literature of the day."
40:05 They said, "If you have lung condition,
40:07 puff away out of cigar.
40:10 Take in the deep breath
40:11 and the smoke will cleanse your lungs today."
40:15 Sergeant General's report 1964, United States, it said,
40:20 "Tobacco smoking is related to lung cancer."
40:24 How did Ellen White know that ahead of time?
40:26 She wrote about prenatal influence
40:29 far ahead of time.
40:31 The attitude of the mother affects
40:32 the unborn child.
40:34 You look at the statements in health.
40:36 She wrote about spiritualism that would come.
40:40 She talked about the phenomena of spiritualism
40:43 at a time in the 1800s
40:46 where many were Bible believing Christians,
40:49 then you had the Hyde Sisters in the New York State
40:53 with the strange wrappings.
40:55 And Ellen White said,
40:56 "Spiritualism will grow and increase."
40:59 You read her prophetic accuracy
41:01 and you say she passes that test.
41:04 You go to biblical faithfulness,
41:06 what did she say about the Bible
41:08 and the Bible only.
41:09 Don't go to the internet and say,
41:11 "Oh, the internet says that Ellen..."
41:13 This is about Ellen White, what did she say to be fair,
41:16 to be honest, look at her own writings.
41:18 Here's what she says.
41:19 Great Controversy, page 204-205, she says,
41:23 "In our time there is a wide departure
41:27 from their doctrines and percepts,"
41:28 that's the doctrines of the Bible,
41:30 "there is a need of a return
41:33 to the great Protestant principle,
41:36 the Bible, and the Bible only, as the rule of faith and duty."
41:39 She said, "My works are a lesser light
41:43 to point you to the greater light."
41:45 So Ellen White herself points men and woman
41:48 back to the Word of God, back to the Bible
41:51 as the only rule of faith and practice.
41:54 The true gift of prophecy exalts Jesus Christ.
41:59 It uplifts Jesus Christ.
42:01 What does Ellen White say about Jesus?
42:04 Gospel Workers, she is writing to pastors,
42:06 page 160, Ellen White says,
42:08 "Lift up Jesus, you that teach the people,
42:11 lift Him up in sermon, in song, and in prayer.
42:15 Let all your powers be directed to pointing souls,
42:18 confused, bewildered, lost to the 'the Lamb of God.'"
42:22 She uplifts Jesus Christ.
42:24 You read some of her books, Steps to Christ,
42:27 The Desire of Ages,
42:30 which is one of the most outstanding books
42:33 for spiritual depth,
42:34 spiritual insight on the life of Christ.
42:38 You read Desire of Ages, I challenge you,
42:41 if you have questions about the gift of prophecy.
42:44 Look at a book like Desire of Ages
42:46 and say to yourself,
42:47 "Does this lead me to Jesus Christ?"
42:50 Just simply, go to a library,
42:52 simply go on the internet and order Desire of Ages,
42:55 and say, "Does my heart warm when I read this book?
42:59 When I read the story of the cross,
43:02 the story of Christ's redemptive grace,
43:04 the story of His love, does this move me?"
43:09 Fourth test, commandment keeping.
43:11 What did Ellen White say about the Bible Sabbath?
43:15 The modern gift of prophecy
43:17 meets the test of accuracy and biblical faithfulness.
43:22 Ellen White said that the Sabbath,
43:25 just like it says in Genesis, just like it says in Exodus,
43:27 just like it says in Isaiah and Jeremiah,
43:30 just like it says in the New Testament,
43:33 just like Jesus kept the Sabbath,
43:34 the disciples did.
43:36 Ellen White says,
43:37 "There's going to be a drift from worshipping the Creator.
43:42 Men and women will be caught
43:43 in the grip of secularism, and atheism,
43:45 and turn to worship the creature
43:48 rather than the Creator.
43:50 And as they do,
43:52 the true Sabbath will be disregarded.
43:55 She calls us back to worship,
43:58 true worship in the controversy between good and evil.
44:01 She echoes Isaiah 8:20
44:03 to the law and to the testimony,
44:06 "If they speak not according to His word,
44:08 it's because there is no light in them."
44:10 She calls us back to commandment
44:11 keeping and the law.
44:13 What about these physical tests?
44:15 Did anybody test her while she was in vision?
44:18 There was a doctor called Dr. Drummond.
44:21 Dr. Drummond was a skeptic.
44:23 He said, "I could test her in vision.
44:25 I can see she does breathe."
44:27 Ellen White went into vision in his presence,
44:31 eyes open.
44:32 He came with a mirror, you can read the account,
44:34 Dr. Drummond's account, he came with a mirror,
44:37 tested her right before her face.
44:38 Said, I can test whether it's breathe,
44:41 I will see it on this mirror,
44:42 tried to test this prophetic vision.
44:46 And as he did, the skeptic said,
44:49 "She does not breathe."
44:51 Yeah, she looked at the physical eyes open,
44:53 no strength in vision, no breathing in vision.
44:56 Exactly like the biblical prophets.
44:59 What about spiritual fruitage?
45:01 Yeah, she passes the test to prophetic accuracy.
45:04 No, she does not lead people away from the Bible.
45:09 Yes, she leads people back to the Bible.
45:12 She exalts Jesus Christ.
45:14 She leads people back to the commandments of God.
45:17 She passes the physical test. What about spiritual fruitage?
45:21 The Seventh-day Adventist Church
45:23 was raised up by God as a fledgling movement
45:27 in the early and mid-1800s.
45:30 The Advent Movement came in the 1820s, 1830s,
45:34 and then after the great disappointment in 1844
45:38 when Jesus Christ did not come, and many Adventists,
45:42 and Baptists, Pentecostals, many of the Church of England,
45:47 many Congregationalists
45:48 particularly in Methodists thought Jesus was coming.
45:51 He did not come. They were disappointed.
45:54 Out of that bitter disappointment,
45:56 God raised up a Bible believing,
45:58 Christ centered, Sabbath keeping movement,
46:01 and He raised up the gift of prophecy
46:03 to guide that movement.
46:05 What is the spiritual fruitage?
46:07 Spiritual fruitage are schools around the world
46:11 educating young people to know Jesus Christ.
46:15 Seventh-day Adventist have the largest
46:17 protestant educational system in the world.
46:20 What is spiritual fruitage?
46:22 Over 13 million outpatients visit
46:25 785 Adventist hospitals, clinics, nursing homes,
46:29 dispensaries, children's facilities,
46:32 airplane and medical launches
46:33 operated by the church around the world.
46:35 Every year they are visited
46:37 by these millions of outpatients,
46:40 and millions of people are served
46:42 within the hospital system.
46:45 Where did all this come from? Ellen White's vision.
46:48 She had a vision that Adventists
46:49 should establish schools where young people
46:52 could be educated in the Bible
46:54 and not the theories of the worldly evolution,
46:56 and not the theories of atheism.
46:59 She had visions where Adventists should serve,
47:01 should bless their communities,
47:03 should establish hospitals around the world.
47:05 What is the fruitage?
47:07 The fruitage schools, fruitage hospitals,
47:09 fruitage, a health message to bless the communities
47:14 that where Adventist Church is served.
47:17 What is the fruitage?
47:18 Adventist churches who are committed to being
47:21 that open door for their communities
47:24 to reach out in their communities
47:26 to make a significant difference
47:28 in their communities.
47:30 What is the fruitage?
47:32 Books that lead men and women to Jesus Christ,
47:34 books like Steps to Christ on how to know Jesus,
47:38 books like Christ Object Lessons
47:39 on the parables,
47:41 books like the Desire of Ages on the life of Christ,
47:43 books on the Great Controversy
47:45 based on this great controversy between good and evil,
47:49 books like Prophets and Kings and Patriarchs and Prophets
47:52 that take you with deep insight through the Old Testament.
47:57 You say, "Does God still lead people today?
48:01 Does God still guide people today?
48:03 Is God still leading men and women,
48:06 and boys and girls to His final last day movement?
48:10 There are so many miracles taking place
48:11 that are so amazing.
48:12 Let me take you to Africa,
48:14 number of years ago in the country of Botswana,
48:16 there was a bushman.
48:18 Bushman named Sakuba. One night he went to sleep.
48:21 And in his sleep, he saw an angel like being.
48:26 In this being of dazzling brightness,
48:28 and this angel like being said,
48:30 "Sakuba, I want you to follow me.
48:32 I want you to be guided by me. I'm going to guide you.
48:36 And I'm going to guide you to the people of the book.
48:39 And the people of the book will instruct you.
48:43 The people of the book will teach you.
48:45 The people of the book will prepare you
48:47 to come back to your own people
48:48 and teach them about the book."
48:51 Sakuba didn't understand.
48:53 The being of dazzling brightness,
48:54 the angel, came to him the next night.
48:56 He said, "I want you to follow me
48:58 and I'm going to lead you to the people of the book."
49:01 Sakuba followed.
49:03 Every day he would walk
49:05 and then at night he would get instructions.
49:07 And as he got instructions,
49:09 he would follow these instructions of the being
49:12 of dazzling brightness.
49:13 He came to a little mission station
49:14 at the end of the jungle.
49:16 He said, "You are the people of the book."
49:17 They said, "We are."
49:18 He said, "Is there a Pastor Moi here.
49:20 The angel told me to find Pastor Moi."
49:21 No Pastor Moi here.
49:23 "Do you have the five books that are really nine?"
49:25 We don't know what that is.
49:27 "You must not be the people of the book
49:28 that I'm looking for."
49:30 He continued to follow the instructions
49:32 of the angel.
49:33 He came to the edge of the jungle.
49:36 He found a mission station, and he said,
49:38 "Are you the people of the book.
49:40 Is there a Pastor Moi here?"
49:42 Yes, yes, there is a Pastor Moi here.
49:44 Pastor Moi brought out his old worn Bible.
49:47 And he said, "That's the book I saw.
49:49 I must find people that base every teaching on the Bible.
49:52 I must find a people that know Jesus Christ."
49:55 But wait a minute,
49:57 do you have the five books that are really nine?
50:00 Ellen White wrote nine volumes of Testimonies
50:03 to guide God's church, to direct God's church,
50:06 but they were originally published in five volumes.
50:09 Pastor Moi went, he got those five volumes.
50:12 "Yes, yes, that's what the angel told me."
50:15 He stayed with Pastor Moi.
50:17 He was instructed,
50:18 went back to his tribe and shared the Christ
50:20 centered message
50:22 for the last days of earth's history.
50:24 And there,
50:26 his whole village became Bible believing,
50:29 Christ committed,
50:31 Sabbath keeping Adventist Christians.
50:34 God led Sakuba,
50:36 and God is leading you, my friend.
50:38 God is leading you through His grace,
50:43 God's leading you by His grace,
50:46 God's leading you because of His grace,
50:49 God is leading you to make that step to follow Him
50:55 and listen as Celestine sings.
51:09 If you could see what I once was
51:16 If you could go with me
51:22 Back to where I started from
51:29 Then I know you would see
51:36 A miracle of love that took me
51:43 In its sweet embrace
51:48 And made me
51:51 What I am today
51:56 An old sinner
51:59 Saved by grace
52:07 I'm just a sinner
52:14 Saved by grace
52:20 When I stood condemned to death
52:27 He took my place
52:34 Now I live
52:37 And breathe in freedom
52:41 With each breath of life I take
52:47 Loved and forgiven
52:54 Backed with the living
53:00 I'm just a sinner
53:05 Saved by grace
53:15 How could I boast of anything
53:22 I've ever seen or done?
53:28 How could I dare
53:32 To claim as mine
53:36 The victories God has won?
53:42 Where would I be
53:45 Had God not brought me
53:50 Safely to this place?
53:55 I'm here to say I'm nothing
54:01 But a sinner
54:05 Saved by grace
54:14 I'm just a sinner
54:20 Saved by grace
54:27 When I stood condemned to death
54:34 He took my place
54:41 Now I live
54:43 And breathe in freedom
54:48 With each breath of life I take
54:54 Loved and forgiven
55:01 Back with the living
55:07 I'm just a sinner
55:12 Saved by grace
55:20 Now I live
55:24 And breathe in freedom
55:29 With each breath of life I take
55:34 Loved and forgiven
55:41 Back with the living
55:48 I'm just a sinner
55:53 Saved
55:56 By
56:00 Grace
56:05 Saved by the grace!
56:17 Because God has saved you
56:22 by His grace,
56:24 because your heart has been opened to Christ,
56:28 because you have been a seeker,
56:30 because you have desired to follow His Word
56:34 and not the teachings of man and the deceptions of Satan.
56:38 He has brought you to this network,
56:40 to this station, to this program,
56:44 to take a step in your life to follow Him.
56:48 Jesus is reaching out to you right now.
56:52 Will you take His hand?
56:54 Will you say, "Jesus,
56:56 You've guided me and directed me,
56:59 I will follow You."
57:01 Let's pray, Father in heaven.
57:04 Often we go through a struggle in our lives,
57:06 but then you break through by Your Spirit.
57:09 This is decision night for somebody right now.
57:13 And I pray by the power of the living God
57:17 that you would touch them, and change them,
57:20 and lead them to You for that eternal decision
57:23 in Christ's name, amen.
57:25 Thank you for joining us
57:27 for Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.


Revised 2018-06-18