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Revelation's Prediction of Joy In Disappointment

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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The Book of Revelation provides hopeful answers
00:08 for today, tomorrow and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley,
00:12 author and world renowned speaker
00:14 on a journey into the future
00:16 with Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:22 Welcome back.
00:24 Thank you for joining us
00:25 for Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:28 You know a lot of people,
00:29 when they think about the Book of Revelation,
00:32 think about complicated prophecy.
00:35 Some people say,"
00:36 You know, I don't want to study Revelation,"
00:38 because all it's about is mystic symbols,
00:40 and prophetic images,
00:42 but actually the Book of Revelation has encouraged
00:45 the people of God down through the centuries.
00:47 It is a prophetic book,
00:49 but it's a very, very practical book
00:52 and when you look at the Book of Revelation,
00:54 it gives you joy for today,
00:56 it gives you hope for tomorrow,
00:58 it gives you courage for the future.
01:00 Our topic today looks at joy out of disappointment.
01:05 As we study, let's pray, Father in Heaven,
01:09 as we come to the Book of Revelation,
01:12 the last book in the Bible,
01:14 we pray that we would not only understand
01:17 its prophetic significance,
01:19 but we pray today
01:21 that you would speak to our hearts,
01:23 we pray today that the living word, Jesus,
01:28 would speak to us personally, individually,
01:32 bring to us a sense of hope
01:35 in despair, in courage, in defeat,
01:39 and bring to us a sense of joy
01:42 in the disappointments of our life.
01:44 Help us to see...
01:45 You can turn around any circumstance
01:47 for the glory of your name, in Christ's name, amen."
01:50 Amen.
01:52 The topic for this presentation is
01:54 "Revelation's Prediction of Joy in Disappointment".
01:59 You know, as you live the Christian life,
02:02 you often experience trials.
02:04 There are many people
02:06 who look at the Christian life and say,
02:08 "It's just health, wealth, and prosperity."
02:11 But that certainly was not the picture
02:15 that you get when you read Scripture.
02:17 It is not the picture you get
02:19 when you read the New Testament.
02:21 It certainly is not the picture you get
02:23 when you read the Book of Revelation.
02:25 Down through the ages,
02:27 God's people have been encouraged
02:30 as they have read Revelation.
02:32 Think of some of the trials that God's people have faced.
02:36 They faced the lions' den,
02:38 they faced the stake and been burned at the stake,
02:42 they have faced persecution and oppression.
02:46 Yet, the Book of Revelation has given them great courage.
02:51 Have you ever noticed that sometimes
02:53 after your greatest disappointments in life,
02:56 you have your greatest joys in life.
02:58 Christians at times go through sickness,
03:02 yet in that moment of sickness,
03:04 they find Christ in ways that they would never have had
03:06 if they hadn't gone through that.
03:08 They go through periods of financial challenges.
03:11 Yet they find Christ in that,
03:13 in ways they would not have found
03:16 if they hadn't gone through that.
03:18 They have gone through periods of financial disaster,
03:23 and as they have periods with their family
03:25 where there's been conflict and through all of that,
03:28 through the tears of life, through the trauma of life,
03:33 they found Christ in a new way.
03:36 In Revelation 10,
03:39 we're gonna study in this presentation,
03:42 joy coming out of sorrow, triumph coming out of defeat.
03:46 We're gonna discover
03:49 how in some of the most painful experience in life,
03:53 God works some of the most amazing miracles,
03:56 for the glory of His name,
03:58 and for the triumph of His cause.
04:00 As we go to Revelation, 10, we understand
04:03 that the Book of Revelation talks about a God
04:06 that brings joy out of disappointment,
04:09 a God that brings
04:11 His power at the time when we need it most.
04:15 We take our Bibles and we turn to Revelation 10.
04:20 One of the most powerful,
04:22 one of the most magnificent chapters
04:24 in all the Bible.
04:25 Now there are three chapters in the Book of Revelation
04:27 that describe God's people, or His true church.
04:31 Revelation 14 describes the message of the true church.
04:36 Revelation 12 describes
04:39 the identifying characteristics of the true church.
04:42 But Revelation 10
04:44 deals with the historic rise of the true church,
04:48 and it deals with the people of God
04:51 rising up out of disappointment.
04:54 Revelation 10's central message is this,
04:57 "God brings joy out of sorrow."
05:01 Revelation 10:1-4,
05:04 "I saw still another mighty angel
05:07 coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud.
05:10 And a rainbow was on his head,
05:12 his face was like the sun."
05:15 Very often we rush by Bible texts,
05:18 not fully getting their significance,
05:21 not fully grasping their meaning.
05:23 So let's look at this passage very carefully.
05:26 I saw still another mighty angel
05:29 come down from heaven.
05:30 When an angel comes down from heaven
05:32 to bring a message to John,
05:34 I want to listen, don't you?
05:36 If God sends His message via an angel,
05:40 it must be incredibly important.
05:42 Now notice what it says,
05:43 it says he's clothed with a cloud.
05:47 Can you think of any other time in the Bible,
05:51 where a cloud protected God's people,
05:54 can you think of that?
05:56 When Israel wandered
05:57 in the wilderness in the desert,
06:00 there was a cloud over them by day.
06:03 What does a cloud represent in the Bible?
06:07 If you have your scriptures,
06:08 take your Bible and turn to Proverbs 16.
06:13 Proverbs 16.
06:16 And here we find a little bit
06:18 about the significance of a cloud.
06:22 What does a cloud represent in the Bible?
06:25 Proverbs 16:15, we get a clue from the cloud
06:31 that protected Israel from the desert sun.
06:34 That was obviously God's blessing,
06:37 obviously God's protection, obviously God's favor.
06:42 Proverbs 16:15,
06:44 "In the light of the king's face is life,
06:48 and his favor is like a" what?
06:51 "Cloud."
06:52 So when we see this expression of an angel,
06:56 coming from the presence of God with a cloud,
07:00 God is bringing His favor to His church.
07:03 God is bringing His blessing to His church,
07:06 God is gonna manifest
07:08 all of His goodness upon His church.
07:10 I saw still another angel,
07:12 mighty angel come down clothed with a cloud,
07:14 and a rainbow was on His head.
07:17 Whence the first time God mentioned
07:18 a rainbow in the Bible?
07:20 In the Book of Genesis, that's right.
07:23 And the rainbow represents God's justice
07:26 that the world must be destroyed by a flood,
07:29 but His mercy
07:30 that He would never do it again.
07:32 So when an angel comes from the presence of God,
07:35 bringing God's favor to His people.
07:39 When this angel comes from the presence of God,
07:41 he is an angel of justice and mercy.
07:44 On the cross of Calvary,
07:46 with nails driven through His hands
07:49 and blood running down His face,
07:51 Jesus demonstrated justice
07:54 that sin must be atone for,
07:58 that the broken law could not be left
08:01 without the satisfaction of divine justice.
08:05 So on the cross we find justice,
08:08 but in the cross we also find mercy.
08:12 The characteristic of God
08:14 is He is a God of justice and mercy.
08:16 So love has two sides, the justice side,
08:20 and the mercy side.
08:22 So also when you look at the final judgment,
08:26 you see the blessing,
08:27 the cloud of God upon His people in judgment
08:31 when the great controversy is settled
08:33 between good and evil,
08:35 but you also see the justice and mercy of God.
08:38 So right from the first phrase,
08:41 here in Revelation 10,
08:44 we are being pointed to end time,
08:46 a time when the cloud of blessing
08:49 would come upon God's church,
08:51 a time when justice and mercy would be revealed,
08:54 and the great controversy would be settled
08:56 between good and evil, between Christ and Satan.
09:00 And it said, His face was like the Son,
09:03 the Son of righteousness,
09:05 the iridescent glory of God,
09:07 and then it says,
09:08 "And his feet were like" what, like what everybody?
09:11 "Pillars of fire.
09:13 And he had a little book open in His hand,
09:15 and he set His right foot on the sea
09:17 and His left foot on the land."
09:19 Now notice his feet were like pillars of fire.
09:22 Where else in the Bible
09:24 do you read about pillars of fire?
09:27 When Israel is wandering in the wilderness,
09:31 they were covered by the cloud of God's favor,
09:34 the cloud of God's blessing,
09:36 the cloud of God's goodness through the day,
09:39 and they were guided by pillars of fire at night.
09:43 Pillars of fire indicate guidance,
09:45 they indicate direction.
09:47 So when an angel comes down
09:49 iridescent with the glory of God,
09:52 and as this angel comes down,
09:53 he comes down with God's blessing,
09:55 the cloud of his favor for God's church.
09:58 He comes down to point God's church
10:01 to justice and mercy in the final judgment.
10:04 He comes down to give God's special direction
10:07 to his church guided by these pillars of fire.
10:12 "But this angel
10:14 has a little book open in his hand.
10:18 And he sets his right foot on the sea,
10:20 and his left foot on the land,
10:22 and he cries with a loud voice, says when a lion roars.
10:26 When he cried out,
10:28 seven thunders uttered their voices.
10:31 Now when the seven thunders uttered their voices,
10:33 I was about to write,
10:35 but I heard a voice saying to me,
10:37 'Seal up the things
10:39 which the seven thunders uttered,
10:40 and do not write them.'"
10:42 You know, there is a lot of people
10:43 that want to know,
10:45 and they are always trying to figure out
10:47 things that God has never revealed.
10:49 You know, the Bible says,
10:51 that the seven thunders are announced
10:53 but here the angel says,
10:56 "John, don't write these seven thunders."
11:00 You know, I give God credit
11:02 for making most clear what's most important.
11:06 I am always nervous about those people that say,
11:09 "I have discovered new truth and here is some time prophecy
11:14 and if everybody else only knew that,"
11:17 I am nervous about that.
11:19 I think God makes most plain
11:21 what's most important in the Bible,
11:23 what do you think?
11:25 God is very clear in Scripture
11:29 as He makes most plain His divine truth,
11:33 as He makes most plain His Word,
11:36 as He makes most plain the things
11:39 that are the most significant in Scripture.
11:42 So when God says,
11:44 "Seal up the things
11:45 which the seven thunders uttered,
11:48 and do not write them."
11:50 I don't want to get into those, do you?
11:52 I am not interested in what God has not revealed,
11:55 I am interested in what He has revealed.
11:58 Now what was in the angel's hand,
12:00 what was there?
12:02 A little what? Book.
12:03 And the book was closed or open, everybody?
12:06 Open. The book was open.
12:08 What other book in the Bible
12:11 is a companion book to the Book of Revelation?
12:14 What other book? The Book of Daniel.
12:17 Does Daniel and Revelation, do they match, and sync,
12:22 and does one explain the other?
12:24 Yeah.
12:25 Was the Book of Daniel ever sealed?
12:29 Well, let's look at what the Bible says,
12:31 "What's the little book in the angel's hands?"
12:33 It must be a prophetic book,
12:35 and it must be a book that was at one time sealed.
12:39 Daniel 12:4, what does it say?
12:42 "But you, Daniel, shut up the words,
12:44 and seal the" what?
12:46 "Book until" what time? Until what time?
12:49 "The time of the end,
12:50 and many shall run to and fro, and knowledge"
12:53 that is knowledge about
12:55 the Book of Daniel would be what?
12:57 "Increased."
12:59 Daniel 12:9, "And he said, 'Go your way, Daniel,
13:02 for the words are sealed until the time of " what?
13:07 "The end."
13:08 So was there a book of the Bible
13:11 that was to be sealed until end time.
13:14 Was there?
13:15 Certainly, and what was that book?
13:17 Daniel.
13:18 So an angel comes down from heaven,
13:20 iridescent with the glory of God,
13:23 an angel comes down from heaven
13:25 with the cloud of God's favor and blessing,
13:28 an angel comes down from heaven with justice and mercy,
13:32 an angel comes down from heaven
13:34 to open the little Book of Daniel,
13:36 and reveal the portion of Daniel
13:39 that has been sealed,
13:41 namely the portion about the end-time judgment.
13:45 Now when you look at the Book of Daniel,
13:47 was the whole book sealed?
13:50 Did anybody
13:51 failed to understand some of the parts of Daniel?
13:54 What portion of the Book of Daniel
13:57 does the angel would be...
13:58 Say would be sealed?
14:00 Well, was the part about Daniel and the lions' den sealed?
14:03 Nope, Christians have read that,
14:05 believers have read that down through the centuries,
14:08 and they have understood Daniel and the lions' den.
14:12 What about the three Hebrews
14:15 being thrown into the fiery furnace,
14:16 was that sealed?
14:18 Certainly not, so what was sealed?
14:21 The time portions of the Book of Daniel.
14:25 The angel whom I saw, Revelation 10:5, 6,
14:30 "The angel whom I saw standing on the sea,
14:32 on the land raised up his hand to heaven
14:35 and he swore by Him who lives forever and ever."
14:38 Now look, my friends,
14:39 if the angel stands,
14:43 raises his hand to heaven,
14:45 and swears by a solemn oath,
14:49 I want to listen, don't you?
14:51 Here is an angel swearing by a solemn oath.
14:53 Do angels lie when they swear by a solemn oath?
14:57 Do angels speak falsehood
14:59 when they swear by a solemn oath?
15:01 This angel that represents God himself,
15:06 who brings a message from God himself,
15:09 lifts his hand to heaven.
15:11 And it says, he swears by him
15:12 who created the things that are in it,
15:15 and the earth and the things that are in it,
15:17 and the sea and the things that they are in it,
15:20 that there should be delay,
15:22 that is the delay
15:23 and the fulfillment of the time prophecies.
15:26 The King James Version says,
15:27 "There should be time no longer."
15:30 Now I want you to think about this word delay or time.
15:35 You don't quite catch it in the English language.
15:38 The New Testament was written in the Greek language,
15:41 and the word for delay or time is Chronos there.
15:45 Do you know what word we get from Chronos?
15:48 Chronology, and chronology has to do
15:52 not with a punctiliar point in time,
15:55 but rather a duration or length of time.
16:00 So the very word Chronos that's used refers us back
16:05 to the prophecies of the Book of Daniel,
16:08 the longest time prophecy in the Bible in Daniel.
16:12 There would be time no longer, another word's,
16:16 chronology would run out
16:18 after the fulfillment of Daniel 8:14,
16:22 the 2300 year prophecy, we're gonna look at that.
16:25 So after that time,
16:27 according to the angel who swears,
16:31 lifting his hand to heaven,
16:33 the issue with Christ is no longer time.
16:37 You go back to this prophecy,
16:40 the time prophecies of the Book of Daniel
16:42 would be sealed until the time of the end.
16:47 Now what's the longest time prophecy
16:49 in the Book of Daniel?
16:51 What prophecy in Daniel takes you down
16:54 to a time period
16:56 after which there is no specific time prophecy?
17:02 Daniel 8:14, "He said to me,
17:05 'For two thousand three hundred days,
17:09 then the sanctuary shall be cleansed."
17:12 This is the longest time prophecy
17:14 in the Bible.
17:16 Now in this series
17:18 on Revelation's Ancient Discoveries,
17:20 we have studied this 2300 day prophecy.
17:25 In the Bible, one prophetic day equals one literal what?
17:30 One literal year,
17:32 so this prophecy would say unto 2300 years,
17:36 then the sanctuary will be cleansed.
17:38 That only makes sense
17:39 because 2300 days from Daniel's day
17:42 certainly only would take you for literal days,
17:45 about six, six and a half years,
17:46 it doesn't take you down to the time of the end.
17:51 Now what about this cleansing of the sanctuary?
17:53 Let me review what we studied already.
17:57 The 2300 years in Daniel's day, the Bible says,
18:02 "Know therefore and understand
18:04 from the going forth of the decree to restore
18:08 and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah,
18:11 shall be seven weeks, three score and two weeks.
18:14 That decree went forth by Artaxerxes,
18:17 according to Ezra 7, in 457 B.C.
18:21 Sixty nine prophetic weeks after that 483 years,
18:26 take you down to the cross exactly,
18:30 take you down rather to the baptism of Christ,
18:32 and where Christ here is baptized.
18:36 Three and a half years later, according to the prophecy,
18:39 you are taken down to the spring of 31,
18:41 the cross of Calvary.
18:43 Three and a half years later, you are taken down
18:46 to the gospel going to the Gentiles.
18:48 In fact, Daniel's prophecy said,
18:51 70 years, or 70 weeks of years.
18:56 70 weeks, 490 literal years
19:01 are for the Jews in this prophecy.
19:04 So part one of the prophecy for the Jews has to do
19:08 with the first coming of Jesus, His baptism, His crucifixion,
19:13 the gospel going to the Gentiles.
19:15 The second part of the prophecy has to do
19:17 with the second coming of Christ,
19:20 and the first 490 years run out in 34 A.D.
19:25 Then, there are 1810 years left in the prophecy,
19:29 taking us down to 1844.
19:32 This 2300 year prophecy,
19:36 2300 prophetic days or literal years,
19:38 we've studied this carefully
19:41 in this Revelation's Ancient Discoveries series.
19:43 This is a review of that.
19:46 If some of you have missed it, go back to the presentation
19:50 that we have gone over this very carefully.
19:52 So this cleansing of the sanctuary
19:56 takes you down to what the Bible calls,
19:59 "The time of the End".
20:01 It takes you down to the last days
20:04 of earth's history,
20:05 takes you down to the year 1844.
20:09 Now God deals with great epics in history.
20:13 When God is talking about history,
20:15 He is dealing with great epics.
20:17 So when we look at Revelation 10,
20:20 what does that say?
20:21 It's saying Daniel's prophecies would be unfolded,
20:24 the Book of Daniel would be opened.
20:26 And as the Book of Daniel would be opened,
20:29 the longest time prophecy in Daniel,
20:32 that 2300 year prophecy that predicted
20:35 the exact date of the baptism of Christ,
20:39 the exact date for the crucifixion of Christ,
20:43 the exact date for the gospel to go to the Gentiles,
20:47 that this long time prophecy would run out.
20:50 It would come to its fulfillment in 1844.
20:53 God is dealing with these huge epics of history,
20:57 but notice what it says in Revelation 10:7.
21:02 "But in the days of the sounding
21:04 of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound..."
21:07 Now, this is the last of the trumpets.
21:11 "The mystery of God would be finished
21:13 as He declared to His servants, the prophets."
21:16 Now, whenever this 2300 year prophecy ran out,
21:21 sometime after 1844, according to the Bible,
21:25 the mystery of God would be finished.
21:28 What's the mystery of God?
21:30 Take your Bible, turn to Colossians 1.
21:34 It's vitally important to understand this expression,
21:39 the mystery of God.
21:42 The angel comes down from heaven iridescent
21:46 with the glory of God,
21:48 with an end-time message about a little book,
21:51 the Book of Daniel that would be open,
21:54 about Daniel's time prophecies
21:55 that would be fulfilled after 1844,
21:58 about a little book that would be open
22:01 and talk about the mystery of God being finished.
22:05 You are looking at the Book of Colossians 1:27.
22:11 What is the mystery of God?
22:15 "To them God willed to make known
22:17 what are the riches of the glory of His mystery."
22:21 Here is the glory of Christ's mystery,
22:24 what is that?
22:26 "Among the Gentiles which is Christ in you,
22:28 the hope of glory."
22:30 So what is the mystery of Christ
22:33 that's been kept hidden down through the ages?
22:36 It's Christ transforming the lives of His people.
22:39 It's the love of God being manifested in His people.
22:42 It is the people that are dedicated totally,
22:45 completely, absolutely to Christ.
22:48 The mystery of God,
22:50 the mystery of the incarnation of Christ in the believer,
22:54 the mystery of the transformed life of the believer,
22:58 the mystery that in a world of sin,
23:00 and iniquity, and wickedness,
23:02 that Christ can triumph over evil in your life.
23:06 That mystery would be revealed, and what would happen?
23:09 Verse 28, "Him we preach, warning every man,
23:14 and teaching every man in all wisdom,
23:16 that we may present every man perfect in Christ."
23:20 What is the mystery of God?
23:22 It is the cross of Christ changing
23:25 the lives of men and women.
23:26 It's the cross of Christ making the lives of men and women new,
23:30 whoever you are watching this telecast,
23:32 whoever you are in this local audience.
23:34 Christ can do something in your life that's amazing.
23:37 Christ can enter your life, Christ can transform your life.
23:41 The mystery of God can be revealed in your life.
23:44 The mystery of Christ,
23:46 the mystery of Jesus forgiving your sin,
23:49 the mystery of Jesus pardoning your sin,
23:52 the mystery of Jesus taking away that guilt,
23:55 the mystery of Jesus breaking the chains that bind us,
23:58 the mystery of Jesus delivering us
24:00 from habits and attitudes that shackle us.
24:03 This mystery of Christ,
24:05 and when Christ enters into your life,
24:07 when He gives you a new life, when He transforms your life,
24:11 all you want to do is share His love,
24:13 all you want to do is share His goodness,
24:15 all you want to do is share His grace.
24:18 God will have a group of people at end-time
24:21 that have come to Christ.
24:23 They have come to the cross of Christ.
24:25 Jesus has changed their life
24:27 and they go out to spread His message,
24:30 and the mystery of God will be finished.
24:32 Now the finishing of the mystery of God
24:34 is His final powerful proclamation
24:37 of the gospel to the entire world,
24:39 so that Jesus can come.
24:41 Now how would these events develop?
24:45 How would the fulfillment of Daniel's prophecies,
24:50 how would those that fulfillment,
24:52 at the end of that 2300 year prophecy, in around 1844,
24:57 how would the events that surrounded
25:00 that lead to the mystery of God,
25:03 lead to men and women being totally,
25:05 absolutely sold out for Christ
25:07 and going out to preach the gospel to the world.
25:11 Notice Revelation 10:9,
25:13 "So I went to the angel and I said to him,
25:15 'Give me the little book.'"
25:17 What's the little book?
25:18 The Book of Daniel.
25:20 "And he said to me, 'Take it and eat it,
25:23 and it will make your stomach bitter,
25:25 but it will be as sweet as honey
25:28 in your mouth.'"
25:29 So take the little book and eat it.
25:31 You remember what Jeremiah said,
25:32 "Thy words were found and I did eat them
25:35 and they were the joy and rejoicing of my heart."
25:39 You remember what Jesus said in Matthew 4:4,
25:42 "Man shall not live by bread alone,
25:43 but by every" what?
25:45 "Word that precedes out of the mouth of God."
25:48 So taking the little Book of Daniel,
25:50 here's a prediction,
25:52 at the end of that 2300 year period.
25:55 In 1840s, God's people men and women around the world
26:00 would begin studying the prophecies of Daniel.
26:03 The prophecies of Daniel would be open,
26:05 and as they studied them, their hearts would thrill,
26:09 new joy would cross through their veins,
26:11 they would have a hope and a glimmer
26:13 in this dark world
26:15 that Jesus is coming and coming soon.
26:18 But "Then I took the little book
26:19 out of the angel's hand and I ate it."
26:22 I absorbed the little Book of Daniel.
26:24 "It was sweet as honey in my mouth.
26:28 But when I had eaten it, my stomach became bitter."
26:33 What is the clear prediction?
26:35 That a group of people, desiring to see Jesus come,
26:40 would study Jesus' Word,
26:42 and they would be so thrilled with what they studied,
26:45 so enthralled with what they studied,
26:47 so excited about what they studied,
26:50 they would believe that Jesus was coming,
26:52 and it would be so sweet in their mouth.
26:55 But they would go
26:57 through a bitter disappointment.
27:01 Tears would flow from their eyes,
27:04 they would feel that their hopes like a bottle
27:06 thrown against the wall and dashed
27:09 and cracked in a thousand pieces,
27:11 their hopes would dance away like a shadow.
27:15 They would go through a bitter, sweet experience.
27:20 Historically,
27:23 when the prophecies of Daniel were fulfilled,
27:26 shortly after 1844, and in and around that date
27:32 before and after it, what experience led up to 1844?
27:37 What experience led up to the climax
27:40 of that 2300 year prophecy?
27:44 Did God's people read the Book of Daniel?
27:48 Were there Baptists, and Methodists,
27:50 and Congregationalists, and Catholics,
27:52 and people of all faiths and creeds
27:54 that studied the Book of Daniel,
27:57 did their hearts burn within them?
27:59 Were they thrilled with what they studied?
28:03 Did they go through a bitter disappointment?
28:06 Let's review some of that history.
28:08 We go to Europe and the continent,
28:10 and we leap across to England.
28:13 Edward Irving began to study
28:15 the prophecies of the Book of Daniel.
28:17 He studied the time prophecies of Daniel.
28:20 He believed that Christ was going to come
28:23 in the early 1800s and settled on the 1840s.
28:28 At this time,
28:29 most of the churches were teaching, in fact,
28:32 most of the theologians were teaching,
28:34 Bible teachers were teaching, that Christ would come
28:37 and establish His kingdom on earth,
28:40 that there would be a 1000 year millennial period of peace.
28:44 The idea of a soon return of Christ,
28:47 the idea of Christ coming in power, and glory
28:50 in the clouds of heaven,
28:52 was not something that was typically being taught
28:55 by the traditional churches.
28:57 But Edward Irving began studying
28:59 the prophecies of Daniel and he said,
29:01 "Christ is going to come,
29:02 and Christ is going to come soon."
29:05 Soon, 300 preachers in the Church of England
29:11 were preaching
29:12 from their pulpits, the soon return of Christ.
29:15 That He would come and every eye would see Him.
29:17 That He would come and He would come
29:19 and not keep silence, Psalm 50:3.
29:22 That He would come in glory, Matthew 16:27.
29:25 And so England was moved
29:28 by the preaching of these preachers
29:30 in the 1840s about the coming of Christ.
29:33 There was Manuel Lacunza,
29:35 he happened to be a Catholic priest, a Jesuit.
29:39 He began studying the Bible,
29:41 he was amazed
29:42 at what he studied in South America.
29:45 And he began to study about the fact
29:47 that Jesus was coming and He was coming soon.
29:50 He began to study about the fact
29:51 that the Bible did not teach,
29:53 that there was a 1000 years of peace on earth.
29:57 He became so thrilled that he wrote a track.
29:59 He would not write it under his name Manuel Lacunza
30:02 because he knew that he could be persecuted, oppressed.
30:06 So he wrote it under the name of Rabbi ben-Ezra.
30:09 And as he wrote it, people began to read it,
30:11 and all of South America began to be stirred,
30:14 Christ is coming, and coming soon.
30:17 Joseph Wolf became the missionary to the world,
30:22 brilliant mind, knew multiple languages,
30:25 traveled to the Middle East,
30:27 often walked the deserts bare feet,
30:30 little to drink, often attacked by wild beasts,
30:34 taken captive and kidnapped by barbarian tribes
30:39 but he preached, and preached, and preached
30:41 on the second coming of Christ, came to America,
30:45 preached before the American Congress, all over the world.
30:49 Surprisingly, God is raising up different men, different women.
30:53 Surprisingly, God is moving by His Holy Spirit
30:57 in very, very remarkable ways.
31:00 There is an advent movement, an advent awakening,
31:04 God is preparing to do something amazing.
31:08 God raises up a farmer.
31:10 Low Hampton, New York, his name William Miller,
31:14 and God moves upon him.
31:15 He studied Scripture for 12, 13, 14 years.
31:19 He had been a deist. What a deist?
31:22 Deists believe that you wind up the world like a clock
31:26 and you let it go.
31:27 That God does not interfere in human activity.
31:31 But God moves upon this farmer.
31:34 He begins to study the Bible, he had no hope for salvation.
31:38 He said, "The earth was like brass under my feet."
31:41 He said, "My future was clouded in darkness."
31:43 But as he studies, he finds Jesus.
31:46 He finds the Lamb of God that can take away his sin.
31:50 He finds the Christ that died upon the cross for him.
31:54 He finds a new strength, he finds a new joy,
31:57 he finds a new meaning.
32:00 He has one rule of scriptural study.
32:03 I will let the Bible explain itself.
32:06 And he starts with Genesis,
32:08 and as he is reading
32:09 something that he doesn't understand
32:11 he looks for a text that enables him to explain it,
32:14 and William Miller comes to the conclusion,
32:17 he comes to the Book of Daniel,
32:19 and he lets the Bible explain itself.
32:21 He reads 2300 days,
32:25 he goes to Ezekiel 4:6, a prophetic day is a year.
32:28 He goes to Numbers 14:34, prophetic day is a year.
32:32 He reads about the beast in Daniel 7.
32:34 He comes down to 7:23
32:36 and he reads the beast shall be the fourth kingdom.
32:39 He reads about waters,
32:41 he goes over to Revelation 17:15,
32:42 he says the waters are people.
32:44 So he begins to use the Bible to interpret itself.
32:48 Along with Edward Irving, along with Joseph Wolf,
32:53 along with Manuel Lacunza, Miller,
32:56 thousands of others
32:57 have come to the conclusion, Christ is coming.
32:59 So there is this great Advent movement,
33:02 1840, 1841, in the 1840s.
33:07 Around the world,
33:08 the Word of God is being proclaimed.
33:11 What are the fruits of this movement?
33:13 Men and women
33:15 are on their knees surrendering to God.
33:18 Men and women are repenting of their sin.
33:21 Debts are being paid back.
33:24 Old scores are being settled.
33:26 Reconciliation is taking place between people.
33:30 Drunkards are becoming sober.
33:33 Prostitutes are becoming pure.
33:35 Thieves are becoming honest.
33:38 The message of the second coming of Christ
33:41 is stirring America,
33:43 stirring Europe, moving the world.
33:46 They believe Jesus is going to come.
33:49 Eventually, they settled
33:51 on a date, 1844, October 22, 1844.
33:56 Now you say,
33:57 "But they should have known better.
33:59 Jesus says there would be not a day or an hour."
34:03 You know, there are times
34:05 that one may misunderstand prophecy,
34:07 and they did, no question about it.
34:10 But God did something amazing out of that misunderstanding.
34:14 You see, faithful Bible students believed
34:17 that the cleansing of the sanctuary
34:19 was the cleansing of the earth by fire.
34:22 So when they read under 2300 days,
34:25 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.
34:26 They said, "What's the sanctuary?"
34:27 Oh, that's the earth.
34:29 And it needs to be cleansed by fire when Jesus comes.
34:33 They misunderstood that.
34:35 They anticipated that Christ would come
34:38 at the end of the 2300 years in 1844.
34:43 Now remember
34:44 what Daniel's prophecy predicted,
34:48 that time prophecy would run out in 1844,
34:51 that the judgment...
34:53 The cleansing of the sanctuary, that judgment would begin then.
34:56 And remember what Revelation said?
34:59 It said, take the little book and eat it,
35:01 and it will be what?
35:03 Sweet in your mouth, but what?
35:06 Bitter in your belly.
35:08 When Christ did not come as they expected,
35:12 they were bitterly disappointed.
35:15 But let me take you to another disappointment.
35:21 You see somebody says,
35:22 "But Pastor Mark, wait a minute.
35:26 How could a movement that was so true,
35:30 and has such tremendous power,
35:32 how could that ever end up so disappointed?"
35:37 Let me take you to another disappointment.
35:40 This disappointment is not 1844,
35:43 this disappointment is 31 A.D.
35:45 This disappointment has to do with the disciples.
35:49 Did Jesus explain to the disciples
35:52 that He was coming to set up a kingdom of grace?
35:58 Were there prophecies in the Old Testament
36:00 that spoke about
36:01 the crucifixion of Christ, were there?
36:04 Did the disciples understand those?
36:06 They thought He was coming to give them victory
36:09 over the Romans.
36:10 They thought He was coming to triumph over their enemies.
36:15 When Jesus died on the cross,
36:18 were there prophecies both in Daniel, and Isaiah,
36:23 and Micah, and Psalms throughout the Old Testament
36:27 that could have and should have revealed
36:30 to the disciples
36:32 that Christ was coming to set up
36:34 the kingdom of grace and not the kingdom of glory.
36:36 Were the disciples disappointed when Jesus died on the cross?
36:41 Were all their hopes dashed when Jesus died on the cross?
36:46 Luke 24:21 records the sayings
36:50 of the disciples on Emmaus road,
36:53 "But we were hoping
36:55 that it was He who was going to redeem Israel..."
36:58 They had given everything.
36:59 Peter, and James, and John
37:02 had left their fishermen's nets.
37:05 Matthew had left his tax collector's booth,
37:08 and here when Christ died,
37:10 they were bitterly disappointed.
37:13 The last time they had seen Christ's body
37:15 before the resurrection, they saw his bruised,
37:18 and broken, and bloodied body
37:21 as it was laid in the tomb.
37:22 They were hiding
37:24 in that upper room fearful, discouraged, depressed
37:28 but out of that disappointment of 31 A.D,
37:32 out of their misunderstanding of prophecy,
37:36 out of all of that, God was raising up
37:39 the New Testament Christian church
37:41 because God brings joy out of sorrow.
37:44 God brings triumph out of defeat.
37:46 God brings joy and happiness
37:50 out of our discouragements in life.
37:52 Look, Jesus said to them in Acts 1:7,
37:54 "He said to them,
37:56 'It's not for you to know the times and seasons
37:58 when I'll set up my kingdom
37:59 that the Father has put in My own authority."
38:01 After His resurrection, He said to them,
38:04 "I have a task for you."
38:06 Acts 1:8, "You shall receive power
38:09 when the Holy Spirit has come upon you,
38:11 and you will be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, Judea,
38:14 Samaria to the end of the earth."
38:16 The New Testament Christian church
38:18 was raised up out of disappointment.
38:21 The New Testament Christian church
38:23 was raised up
38:25 out of a misunderstanding of prophecy.
38:28 The Bible says, Acts 2:41,
38:31 "Then those that gladly received his word
38:34 were baptized,
38:36 and about three thousand souls were added to them."
38:40 Watch the pattern,
38:42 misunderstanding of prophecy by the disciples,
38:45 hopes dashed when Christ goes to the cross,
38:49 Jesus dies and put in His tomb, Christ is resurrected.
38:52 He says, "You have a mission."
38:54 They commit to following that mission.
38:56 He pours out His Holy Spirit upon them.
38:59 The gospel goes to the then known world.
39:01 Acts 6:7, "The word of God spread,
39:04 the number of disciples multiplied in Jerusalem,
39:07 a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith."
39:10 So the gospel goes everywhere.
39:13 God often brings victory out of our pain.
39:15 You're going through some pain today,
39:17 some sorrow today, some disappointment today,
39:21 God brings victory out of our pain.
39:25 God said to them, Matthew 28:19, 20,
39:30 "Go therefore
39:31 and make disciples of all nations,
39:34 teaching them to observe all things
39:35 that I have commanded you."
39:36 Go, I have a mission for you.
39:38 The disciples believed
39:40 that Christ was going to restore His kingdom.
39:42 The disciples were bitterly disappointed
39:45 when Christ was crucified.
39:47 The disciples were amazed after the resurrection.
39:52 And the disciples too had a mission to fulfill.
39:57 What about God's last day church?
39:59 They went through that period of disappointment.
40:03 Can you imagine
40:05 what it must have been like October 22, 1844?
40:09 Like these early disciples,
40:13 they believed that Christ was going
40:15 to set up His kingdom.
40:17 Like these early disciples,
40:18 they believed that Jesus was going to come.
40:23 Can you imagine, it's October 22, it's 1844.
40:30 The leaves are changing in the autumn in New England.
40:34 The horizon is painted in all the hues of gold,
40:40 and yellow, and orange.
40:42 It's a beautiful fall.
40:44 But these New Englanders and those who believed
40:47 around the world that Christ was coming,
40:49 have left their crops, many of them in the fields.
40:54 They believed Christ is coming and I can just imagine,
40:57 it's evening of 1844, October 22,
41:00 and a family gathers around,
41:02 there is father, and there is mother,
41:05 there are sisters and brothers.
41:07 And father says,
41:09 "Children, Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming.
41:13 We've studied the prophecies of Daniel 2,
41:15 they had been fulfilled.
41:17 We've studied the prophecies of Daniel 7,
41:18 they had been fulfilled.
41:20 We've studied
41:21 the last time prophecy in the Bible.
41:23 The sanctuary is going to be cleansed.
41:24 The earth is going to be cleansed with fire.
41:26 Jesus gonna come.
41:28 Oh, John, my son.
41:30 James, my son,
41:31 have you fully committed your life to Christ?"
41:33 "Yes, father, we have."
41:35 Alice, little girl, eight years old,
41:37 "Have you committed?"
41:38 "Yes, I have daddy. Yes, I have."
41:40 Jesus is gonna come today.
41:41 He is coming before midnight.
41:43 He's gonna come at the darkest hour.
41:45 Oh, Johnny raises his hand. "Daddy, daddy.
41:49 Will we see grandpa again? I love grandpa.
41:53 Grandpa and I used to take hikes,
41:54 we used to walk in the forest right out there.
41:56 Daddy, will I see him?" "Yes, yes."
41:58 "And, daddy,
41:59 what about Aunt Jane, will we see her?"
42:01 "Yes, we will." "Oh, I can't wait.
42:03 How soon, how soon?"
42:05 "Five more hours children, four more hours, children,
42:08 three more hours, children,
42:09 one more hour, children, He is coming."
42:13 He does not come.
42:17 Were the prophecies wrong?
42:21 Mother doesn't sleep all night.
42:23 What shall we tell the children in the morning?
42:28 Was the Bible wrong? Were we wrong to believe?
42:32 But they saw
42:34 the evidence of the moving of the Spirit of God,
42:38 and they began to understand these early Adventists,
42:42 these Methodists, these Baptists,
42:45 these Pentecostals, these Congregationalists.
42:48 They began to understand
42:51 that the earth was not the sanctuary,
42:54 but that Christ had entered into His final work
42:57 in the sanctuary of heaven
43:00 to prepare a world for His soon coming,
43:03 that in the light of the judgment,
43:04 men and women would kneel and repent of their sins,
43:08 and Christ in them would be revealed
43:11 and His Holy Spirit would be poured out on them,
43:13 and go to the world.
43:15 You see, the disciples accepted after their disappointment
43:18 that Christ had a commission to proclaim the gospel
43:21 to the world.
43:22 Christ's last day disciples believed like
43:25 these early disciples
43:26 that Christ was going to restore His kingdom.
43:29 Christ's last day disciples,
43:31 like these early disciples were bitterly disappointed
43:34 when Jesus did not return.
43:36 Christ's last day disciples were amazed
43:38 when they discovered
43:39 that they were living in the judgment hour,
43:41 and that the message of Christ
43:43 was to go to the ends of the earth,
43:45 and Christ's last day disciples accepted
43:48 Christ's commission to proclaim
43:49 the gospel to the world,
43:51 Seventh-day Adventist.
43:54 Do not look at 1844
43:57 as some black spot on denominational history.
44:01 We see that as one of the hallmarks
44:04 that this is a divine movement of destiny
44:07 raised up by God.
44:09 We do not look
44:10 at the disappointment of the disciples,
44:12 or the cross as some black mark.
44:14 We see the cross standing above heaven and earth.
44:18 We see Christ dying for us,
44:21 we see the disciples disappointed.
44:24 But out of that disappointment,
44:25 our mighty God
44:27 brought the New Testament Christian church
44:30 to launch the New Testament Christian dispensation,
44:33 and we see Jesus doing the exact same thing
44:36 in the exact same pattern at end-time.
44:40 Out of disappointment raising up a movement,
44:43 a movement that would go to the ends of the earth
44:45 to prepare people for the coming of Christ.
44:48 God brings joy out of disappointment,
44:51 God brings victory out of defeat,
44:54 God brings triumph out of tragedy
44:57 because that is the kind of God we serve.
45:00 And today, the message of Christ
45:03 is being preached to the ends of the earth
45:06 because the angel said the prophecy is not over
45:09 with a bitter disappointment.
45:11 Revelation 10:11,
45:12 "He said to me, you must prophesy again
45:17 about many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings."
45:21 Out of the disappointment of Calvary,
45:22 God raised up
45:24 the New Testament Christian church,
45:25 filled it with the spirit to go to the ends of the earth.
45:29 Out of the disappointment of 1844,
45:31 God raised up the Advent movement
45:33 not as another denomination, not as another church
45:36 in the landscape of American churches
45:39 or this world's churches.
45:41 God raised up an end-time movement
45:43 to take the gospel to the ends of the earth
45:46 and from that small beginning Seventh-day Adventists today
45:50 have work in over 216 countries in the world.
45:54 "This gospel of the kingdom, Matthew 24:14,
45:58 will be preached to the ends of the earth,
46:00 and then the end will come."
46:02 God is fulfilling His prophecy today.
46:06 What's Christ waiting for? He is waiting for His people.
46:09 On their knees, repent before Him,
46:12 to give their lives fully to Him,
46:14 to be filled with His Holy Spirit,
46:17 and go to the ends of the earth sharing His love.
46:19 Revelation 14:6, 7 says,
46:22 "Then I saw another angel flying
46:25 in the midst of heaven,
46:26 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those
46:29 who dwell on the earth
46:30 to every nation, tongue, and people."
46:33 This prophecy is being fulfilled today.
46:36 Let me share with you some amazing stories
46:40 of how this prophecy is being fulfilled,
46:43 the gospel is going to the ends of the earth.
46:45 God does have an end-time people,
46:48 a people that are preparing men and women
46:51 for the coming of Christ.
46:52 When Jesus will come, every eye will see Him.
46:55 A people that are sharing the matchless charms of Christ,
46:58 a people that are leading men and women
47:00 back to the law of God, and the Bible, Sabbath.
47:04 A people that believe in the message of Revelation 10
47:08 that you must prophesy again.
47:12 A people that are taking this message to every nation,
47:16 kindred, tongue and people.
47:17 Let me share with you an amazing story
47:18 that just happened.
47:20 Adventist World Radio,
47:21 making an amazing impact as is all of our telecasts,
47:25 and all of our radio and internet.
47:28 But recently,
47:30 Adventist World Radio broadcasts
47:32 in 80 languages with signals reaching
47:34 more than two-thirds of the world's population.
47:37 Recently, Adventist World Radio leadership
47:40 came to me and they said,
47:41 "Pastor Mark, can we broadcast some of your sermons
47:44 to the most remotest areas of the world?"
47:47 So we gave them our sermons on Revelation.
47:50 They began broadcasting my audio sermons.
47:54 Way back, in the Philippines, in the mountain areas,
47:58 with no civilization back there but tribes...
48:04 One of the tribes had a transistor radio,
48:07 and those tribes then began listening
48:09 to that transistor radio.
48:11 Now at the same time, we had sent about 25 pastors
48:17 to preach in different cities in the Philippines.
48:20 And as they were preaching in the south Philippines,
48:23 they were gonna have a baptism on one Sabbath,
48:26 about 800, 900 people are going to be baptized.
48:29 As they were getting ready for the baptism,
48:31 they noticed these people coming, coming, coming,
48:35 and they were coming from the mountains,
48:37 and they are about 20 of them.
48:39 And they said, "Who are you? Where did you come from?"
48:41 We were listening, in our language translated,
48:46 to the messages of the Book of Revelation.
48:48 We come from the jungles.
48:50 We represent 14 villages
48:54 with thousands of Indians in there,
48:56 and our chief said to us,
48:58 "You come to be baptized at that Adventist baptism,
49:02 and then come back and teach the village.
49:04 Get who is baptizing those Adventists
49:07 to send their missionaries to the village
49:08 because we've heard this message on the radio."
49:11 Praise God in the deepest recesses
49:15 of the jungle, God's message is going forth.
49:19 There are tens of thousands
49:20 of Seventh-day Adventist mission pioneers
49:23 that are penetrating
49:25 the remotest areas with the gospel.
49:26 Not long ago, we were with some of those mission pioneers,
49:29 two of them, one of our church leaders.
49:33 And we said to these two mission pioneers,
49:35 "What do you need more than anything else?"
49:37 They said, "We don't want to say."
49:39 "What do you need more than anything else?"
49:42 "We don't want to say."
49:44 "Please tell us what do you need?"
49:46 Well, they looked at one another.
49:49 They said, "We have one pair of shoes
49:51 between us and we work in villages
49:55 that are 14 to 20 miles apart,
49:58 and whoever is walking to the farthest village
50:01 gets to wear the shoes that day.
50:05 But look at our feet, Pastor, they are all bloody.
50:08 Only if we had another pair of shoes."
50:11 Well, you can bet we gave them the shoes.
50:14 But that's the dedication,
50:16 that is the commitment that is taking this message.
50:20 Well, you come with me to the cities of the world,
50:22 the cities of this world are filled with people
50:25 longing to know Jesus Christ
50:27 and the message is going forth in the great cities of India,
50:30 the message is going forth in the cities of China,
50:32 the message is going forth
50:34 in the cities of the former Soviet Union.
50:36 God is moving powerfully through radio,
50:41 through television, through 3ABN,
50:44 through every aspect that we are using.
50:47 God is moving in Moscow, he is moving in Russia.
50:51 Hundreds, thousands are coming to Christ.
50:54 This message that grew up out of disappointment
50:57 is going to the ends of all the world.
51:01 I was in Papua New Guinea,
51:02 a hundred thousand came out to the stadium
51:05 and I saw this bedraggled group of people.
51:08 I said, "Who are you? How did you get here?"
51:10 "Pastor, we live on an island.
51:12 We live on an island
51:13 and, Pastor, this is what happened.
51:15 We heard you're gonna be here.
51:17 We heard you're gonna talk about Jesus.
51:18 We heard you're gonna talk
51:20 about the second coming of Christ.
51:21 We walked three days across our island,
51:24 then we took a boat for one day.
51:25 Then we came here to the Kokoda Trail
51:28 and we walked for a week."
51:29 I said, "That's dangerous. There are robbers there."
51:31 They said, "No problem, Pastor, we only got robbed twice."
51:35 They said, "We walked and came by truck,
51:38 by boat, for ten days."
51:42 Jesus is doing something, my friends.
51:44 God is leading people from every faith.
51:46 God is leading people from every creed.
51:49 God is leading people to His last day church.
51:54 Would you like to open your heart right now,
51:56 wherever you are, as CA comes to sing.
51:58 And say, Jesus, Jesus.
52:01 I see that You bring joy out of sorrow.
52:06 Lord, I want to give my life to you
52:09 and walk with Your last day people.
52:15 Weak and wounded sinner
52:19 Lost and left to die
52:23 Raise your head for Love is passin' by
52:29 Come to Jesus
52:33 Come to Jesus
52:37 Come to Jesus
52:41 And live
52:45 Now your burden's lifted Carried far away
52:52 His precious blood has washed away
52:56 Your stain
52:58 So sing to Jesus
53:02 Sing to Jesus
53:06 Sing to Jesus
53:10 And live
53:14 Just like a newborn baby
53:18 Don't be afraid to crawl
53:22 Remember when you walk
53:24 Sometimes you fall
53:28 But fall on Jesus
53:32 Fall on Jesus
53:36 Fall on Jesus
53:41 And live
53:47 Sometimes the way is lonely
53:51 Steep and filled with pain
53:54 But if your sky gets dark and pours the rain
54:01 Then cry to Jesus
54:04 On the shoulder of Jesus
54:08 Cry to Jesus
54:13 And live
54:19 And when your love spills over
54:24 And worship fills your life
54:27 And when you can't contain the joy inside
54:33 Then dance for Jesus
54:37 Like David danced for Jesus
54:40 Dance for Jesus
54:45 And live
55:00 And when your life is over
55:05 And your work is done
55:08 Rest in peace and wait
55:12 until He comes
55:18 Then fly to Jesus
55:21 Rise and see Jesus
55:25 Fly to Jesus
55:31 And live
55:41 Fly to Jesus
55:48 And live
55:58 One day, we will fly to Jesus.
56:02 He will come again
56:04 and we'll be caught up in the sky to meet Him.
56:07 But until that time He has given us a task,
56:11 until that time He has given us a mission.
56:13 Do you want to be part
56:15 of something bigger than yourself,
56:17 something greater than yourself?
56:21 You are watching this telecast, you are here in this audience.
56:27 But you long for something bigger,
56:29 something greater.
56:31 You know that life
56:32 is not simply getting up every morning,
56:34 and going to work, and coming home,
56:37 and watching television, there is something big,
56:39 and grand, and great.
56:42 Jesus says to you, "Make your decision."
56:46 Come to Christ, be part of a movement.
56:50 Not simply a church or denomination,
56:52 but be part of a movement,
56:54 a Sabbath keeping Adventist movement
56:56 that's going to the ends of the earth.
56:58 It will capture your attention, it will grip your imagination.
57:03 Use every one of your talents until Jesus comes again,
57:06 why not make that decision as we pray.
57:08 Father in heaven,
57:10 You've called us to something bigger,
57:12 something grander, something greater.
57:16 In the mundane lives that we live,
57:18 we see the vision
57:20 and just now come to Jesus in Christ's name, amen.
57:26 Thank you so much for joining us
57:28 for Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.


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