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00:01 What does the future hold?
00:02 Where can we find certainty in a world of uncertainty?
00:05 The Book of Revelation provides hopeful answers for today,
00:09 tomorrow and forever.
00:11 Join Mark Finley,
00:12 author and world renowned speaker
00:14 on a journey into the future
00:16 with Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:24 Welcome to Revelation's Ancient Discoveries.
00:27 When you begin reading the Bible
00:29 in the Book of Genesis,
00:31 in Genesis 1 and 2 we've got a perfect world,
00:34 but then there is the sad drama of sin,
00:37 the fall of Adam and Eve.
00:39 And throughout the Bible men and women
00:41 who go along for a new world, and when the Bible ends
00:44 in Revelation 21 and 22, God reveals that new world,
00:49 that new world blossoms forth
00:51 in all its beauty and magnificence
00:54 and the reign of sin is over.
00:56 In this presentation,
00:58 we're going to look at Revelation
01:00 and the final conflict between good and evil,
01:04 and its climax with the triumph of Christ
01:07 in the glories of heaven.
01:08 Let's pray.
01:09 Father in heaven, we thank You so much
01:12 that You're in charge of this world,
01:13 sometime we only see the ugliness,
01:16 we see the dark side,
01:18 but we know the light is bursting forth,
01:20 soon Christ will come.
01:22 And one day soon time will fade into eternity,
01:26 so grant to us a vision of hope
01:30 as we study Your new world in Christ's name,
01:33 amen.
01:35 Our topic in this presentation
01:37 is Revelation's World of Tomorrow.
01:41 You know a survey was taken not long ago
01:44 on people's attitudes toward heaven.
01:47 And one man said this.
01:49 He said, "Heaven-man, that's pie in the sky.
01:53 Out there somewhere, it's unreal,
01:56 I just can't fathom it."
01:58 Somebody else put it this way.
02:00 Heaven is a state of mind, it's an inner peace,
02:04 it's a state of calm.
02:06 Somebody else said, "Heaven, it's my house.
02:09 It's worth three million.
02:11 My chariot that's my Jaguar and the angels,
02:15 they are my kids."
02:16 Now I don't know about if you'd say
02:18 your angels are your kids or not, you know,
02:20 but I don't know if your house is worth three million either.
02:23 But you see people have this distorted idea about heaven.
02:28 One young millennial said this, "Heaven is...
02:32 Are you so out of touch
02:35 that you still believe in those fairy tales?"
02:38 A couple who had gotten older said,
02:41 "We hope heaven is a real place.
02:43 You see the older we get the more we long for it.
02:47 We just hope
02:49 that what we're taught in our childhood is true."
02:53 You know when you look at the subject of heaven,
02:57 there is so many different ideas,
02:59 so many different ways that people understand heaven,
03:03 but yet the Bible is very clear.
03:06 What is heaven? Is heaven a real place?
03:09 Will we have real bodies?
03:11 Will we know one another in heaven?
03:14 What'll we do through the ceaseless ages of eternity?
03:17 Will we sit on a cloud, and play a harp,
03:21 and simply float through the cosmic atmosphere?
03:28 What really is heaven all about?
03:31 What really is heaven like?
03:33 Now this as among other subjects,
03:36 truth is stranger than fiction.
03:39 Heaven is more magnificent, it's more glorious,
03:42 it's more exciting, more thrilling, more real
03:46 than we could ever imagine.
03:49 Heaven is a real place.
03:50 Now the key to understanding heaven
03:53 is to understand Revelation 21.
03:55 And Revelation 21:1 says,
03:58 "Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
04:02 for the first heaven and the first earth
04:05 are passed away."
04:06 Here is the key to understanding heaven
04:10 that God created the world once in its Edenic splendor.
04:14 And that one day God is going to recreate again
04:18 this Edenic splendor on earth.
04:20 In fact, you remember what Jesus said in Matthew 5,
04:24 He said, "The meek shall inherit the earth."
04:27 And so, if you understand
04:29 that heaven is not some fantasy world,
04:32 heaven is not some make believe world,
04:34 heaven is not some world of dreams,
04:38 but heaven is a real place.
04:40 It is a recreated earth that you and I will live on.
04:45 Now each of the prophets from Genesis to Revelation
04:49 pointed men and women forward
04:52 to the new heavens and the new earth.
04:54 When God created the world, He created it beautiful,
04:58 the Garden of Eden.
05:00 What is heaven?
05:01 It's heaven, it's Eden restored,
05:04 it's the world recreated in Edenic splendor.
05:08 Once again clear crystal water will flow,
05:12 once again the birds will sing,
05:15 babbling brooks will dance through the landscape.
05:19 Once again the sky will be blue and the sun will shine,
05:22 and there will be green verge on the hillside.
05:27 As you look at this world, we see pollution,
05:30 but in that world of Eden the fruit was pure,
05:34 uncontaminated, no pesticides, no GMOs,
05:40 you know, it was a natural diet
05:42 that God gave to us in the beginning,
05:45 and the trees were so amazingly loaded with fruit
05:49 that they were bowed over,
05:51 and Adam and Eve lived off the products of the land.
05:55 Animals didn't have any fear of human beings in that land,
06:00 the elephant and the horse, the zebra and the lion,
06:05 all the animals together were joyous and happy.
06:09 And Adam and Eve experience that joy
06:13 as Jesus taught them about the garden.
06:16 There was love, and joy, and companionship.
06:19 It's difficult for us to imagine really, isn't it
06:22 what heaven will be like?
06:24 And it's difficult for us to imagine what Eden was like?
06:27 When you think about it,
06:28 living in a land where there is no fear,
06:31 living in a land where there's no worry,
06:33 living in a land where there's no anxiety,
06:36 living in a land where there's no pain,
06:38 where there's no suffering,
06:40 where there's no death, no flower dies,
06:43 no fruit rots, no babies are born dead,
06:47 no bombs drop,
06:49 no children with their legs blown off
06:51 because they've stepped on a landmine.
06:53 You know, you just try to grasp that,
06:55 you just try to think about that.
06:57 And what must it have been like for Adam and Eve
07:01 to walk through Eden with the perfumed air,
07:05 no air pollution, and breathing the flowers,
07:07 just so energetic and eating the fruit
07:10 so health giving and never in argument disappointment.
07:15 But then the Bible says,
07:17 "That an intruder suggested to Eve
07:19 that sin would bring greater happiness than obedience."
07:22 And she bought into that lie and when she did,
07:26 and gave the fruit to Adam, and he ate,
07:29 the sad drama of sin began.
07:34 And as it began, heartache and suffering, disappointment,
07:39 and tears and pain entered in to the human family,
07:44 in the human race.
07:45 Adam and Eve were expelled from that garden.
07:49 But down through the ages, men and women,
07:52 the prophets of God were part of the royal line of faith.
07:56 They looked forward to the day
08:00 that there'd be a new heavens and a new earth.
08:02 They look forward to the day that Eden would be restored.
08:06 And God has put that desire in every one of our hearts.
08:09 Watching this telecast today,
08:11 you know, that we're made for something better than this.
08:16 You read the headlines and you see
08:17 a terrorist break into a church,
08:20 and begin going pew by pew shooting people,
08:24 and you see a seven-month-old baby
08:27 with bullets in its head killed in the arms of a mother,
08:32 you see a pregnant woman shot,
08:34 you see young people shot and retiree shot.
08:37 Or you turn on the news and you hear
08:39 about terrible conflict in the Middle East,
08:42 and a child steps on a landmine,
08:44 and blows off its legs, and lies bleeding to death.
08:49 And you read in the newspaper about a drunk man
08:52 that comes home and beats his wife,
08:54 and her nose is broken, and blood drips down,
08:57 and she wipes it with her tongue.
08:59 And you read about India or Africa
09:03 and children starving to death and what happens?
09:06 Deep within your heart you know that's not right.
09:09 Deep within your heart you know
09:11 we were made for a better world than this.
09:14 We were made for something better than poverty,
09:17 made for something better than suffering,
09:20 made for something better than heartache,
09:22 made for something better than pain,
09:25 made for something better than death.
09:27 And the royal line of faith down through the centuries,
09:31 generation after generation
09:33 look forward to that better world.
09:35 Abraham looked forward to it.
09:37 The Bible says in Hebrews 11:12,
09:40 "For he, Abraham, waited for the city
09:43 which has foundations,
09:44 whose builder and maker is God."
09:47 As he journeyed through this world,
09:49 Abraham cried out for a new world.
09:53 Moses brought up a child of Egypt
09:57 and the Bible says,
09:58 Hebrews 11:24-26, "By faith Moses,
10:02 when he became of age,
10:04 refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter,
10:08 choosing rather to suffer affliction
10:10 with the people of God
10:11 than to enjoy the pleasures of sin,
10:14 for a season,
10:16 esteeming the reproach of Christ
10:18 greater than the treasures of Egypt..."
10:20 What did he do? "He looked to the reward."
10:23 Why is it that Moses could step out
10:26 of the Egyptian luxury and pleasure?
10:28 Because he looked for the reward,
10:30 he was looking toward heaven.
10:32 In the Bible ends, Hebrews 11:13 and 14
10:37 with these words,
10:38 "These all died in faith,
10:41 not having received the promises," what promises?
10:45 The promise of eternal life, the promise of heaven.
10:48 "But having seen them afar off were assured of them,
10:53 they embraced them and confessed them
10:56 that they were strangers
10:57 and pilgrims on the earth."
11:00 You and I are strangers and pilgrims on the earth.
11:03 You're walking, you're going shopping one day
11:06 at one of the great grocery stores,
11:07 you get out of your car and you see a friend,
11:09 and they say, "Where you going?"
11:11 And you say, "Well, I'm on my way to heaven,
11:12 I'm just a pilgrim, a stranger stopping off
11:14 to get a little food here."
11:16 Now you better not say
11:17 that someone could think you're crazy, right?
11:19 But it's really true, isn't it? We are what?
11:21 We are pilgrims and strangers on the earth.
11:25 This is not our home.
11:27 This is not our permanent dwelling place.
11:31 We are here for a short momentarily minute of time.
11:35 Hebrews 11:13 and 14, "For those who say such things
11:39 declare plainly that they seek a homeland."
11:43 Whoever you are watching this telecast,
11:46 I know that you're seeking a homeland.
11:48 You're seeking something better than we have.
11:52 You're seeking a place where love reigns.
11:54 You're seeking a place where joy reigns.
11:56 You're seeking a place in eternity
11:59 where we'll never fear death again,
12:01 a place where every talent can be expanded
12:04 and every capacity can be developed,
12:06 a place where we can travel from star to star
12:09 and to world to world
12:11 and explore the vast technologies of civilizations
12:15 that have never fallen by sin.
12:17 In Hebrews 11:16, it says, "But now they desire a better,
12:21 that is, a heavenly country."
12:23 There is something better than this, what do you say?
12:25 Something better than aging, something better than death,
12:28 something better than sorrow, something better than tears.
12:31 The Bible says, "They desire something better,
12:34 something better, a heavenly country."
12:37 Hebrews 11:6, "Therefore God is not ashamed
12:40 to be called their God,
12:41 for He has prepared a city for them."
12:45 Whatever struggle you go through in life,
12:48 whatever sorrow you go through in life,
12:50 whatever pain you go through in life,
12:52 here is what keeps us going.
12:55 God has prepared for us something better.
12:59 God has prepared something beyond our wildest dreams,
13:02 something beyond our fondest imagination,
13:05 something beyond what is.
13:08 He takes us beyond time to eternity,
13:10 beyond the sin of this world to the glory of the next world.
13:15 1 Corinthians 2:9 puts it this way,
13:18 "But as it is written: Eye has not seen,
13:22 nor ear heard,
13:23 nor have entered into the heart of man
13:26 the things that God has prepared
13:28 for those who love Him."
13:30 Whatever scene you've ever seen,
13:32 the most magnificent sunset,
13:34 God's artistry is far better,
13:37 the most fantastic field or garden
13:39 with all these multi colored flowers in it,
13:42 reds, and purples, and greens, and yellows.
13:44 God has something more fantastic
13:47 more that eyes have ever seen, more than ear has ever heard.
13:51 Have you ever been to a concert,
13:53 maybe a classical concert of Mozart or Beethoven,
13:57 you sit back just amazed.
13:59 Maybe you go on to the Hallelujah Chorus
14:02 and you sit there
14:04 "King of kings and Lord of lords"
14:06 and you sit there at Handel's Messiah,
14:10 and you just are thrilled.
14:12 But the Bible says,
14:13 "Eye has not seen or ear have heard the things
14:17 that God has prepared for those who love Him."
14:19 You think you've seen music down here,
14:20 wait till you hear heavenly music,
14:22 the heavenly choirs, the heavenly orchestras,
14:23 just fantastic.
14:25 You think you have seen the beauty
14:27 of artistry down here.
14:29 Wait till you see what God has prepared.
14:31 Probably though,
14:33 the most significant thing that we're going to experience
14:35 in heaven is the depth of love.
14:37 You know, every human being has been created for love.
14:41 And a couple has a baby and as they have that baby,
14:45 they hold their first child in their hand
14:49 and they just express such love for that child.
14:53 But that love is just a miniature of the love
14:58 that we would experience in the new heavens
15:01 and the new earth.
15:02 Or think of the love, or the bondedness,
15:04 the fellowship that friends have.
15:06 When you and I fellowship in heaven,
15:09 we will have love beyond human capacity.
15:13 There will be a capacity to love
15:16 that we do not experience now.
15:18 You think you love your children now,
15:20 you think you love your husband or wife now,
15:23 when we are living in that new earth
15:25 without these bodies of selfishness...
15:28 You know Jeremiah 79 says,
15:30 "The heart is deceitful above all things
15:33 and desperately wicked."
15:35 So sin narrows our capacity to love,
15:38 sin shrinks our capacity to love,
15:41 sin dumps down that capacity to love.
15:45 So whatever capacity that we have to love now
15:47 is very, very small.
15:49 But in heaven,
15:50 we're going to have this huge capacity to love
15:52 that is going to be incredibly amazing.
15:55 And we will love in ways that we never know
15:58 and experience love in ways that we never know.
16:01 Heaven, fellowship is indeed
16:05 the closer than any fellowship on earth.
16:08 And think of the fellowship
16:09 we're going to have with angels,
16:11 and think of the joy we're going to have with Jesus,
16:13 and think of the love and the peace
16:16 we're going to experience.
16:18 There will be no feeling like the feeling
16:21 and no emotion like the emotion,
16:24 no sentiment like the sentiment
16:26 of being embraced by God,
16:28 of being loved by Jesus, about having Jesus
16:32 put His arm around us and say,
16:33 "My child, I am so happy that you're here in eternity.
16:38 My death on the cross was for you.
16:41 Heaven's fellowship is going to be closer
16:44 than anything we can imagine."
16:46 Let's go to the Book of Revelation 21:2
16:51 and see just how these last day events
16:56 at the end of the 1,000 year millennial period will resume,
17:02 "Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem,
17:06 coming down from God out of heaven,
17:08 prepared as a bride adorned for her husband."
17:13 John says I looked up and as I looked up,
17:16 I saw the holy city, New Jerusalem,
17:20 coming down from God out of heaven.
17:23 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying,
17:26 "Behold the tabernacle of God is with men
17:29 and He will be with them and they shall be His people
17:33 and He shall be their God."
17:35 Here is a cosmic announcement.
17:37 You know I love the way it's put
17:39 in Revelation 21,
17:43 and here in the last book of the Bible,
17:46 Revelation 21 puts it this way.
17:50 Revelation 21, it says,
17:55 "Behold, I saw a new heavens and a new earth
17:59 and a great voice out of heaven saying,
18:02 'The holy city descends from heaven.'"
18:05 Now notice, hears a great voice out of heaven.
18:07 Here is a solemn announcement.
18:10 Here is an announcement that goes
18:13 and echoes through the whole universe
18:15 of the great voice out of heaven says,
18:18 "Behold the tabernacle of God is with men."
18:21 What's the tabernacle of God?
18:23 In the ancient tabernacle,
18:25 this is where the dwelling place of God was,
18:28 this is where the Shekinah glory of God was.
18:31 Now the tabernacle of God,
18:33 the cosmic control center of all the universe,
18:36 the tabernacle of God descends from heaven to earth.
18:41 And there is an announcement that goes out
18:42 before the whole universe, God is moving.
18:45 You see, now, our solar system goes in circular
18:51 and it is revolving around other solar systems.
18:55 And you know in the Milky Way Galaxy,
18:57 there're about a 100 billion
19:00 rather 100 million other galaxies,
19:02 billions and billions of stars.
19:05 And when you look at the universe,
19:08 it's all revolving and it's all revolving
19:11 around some cosmic center,
19:13 one galaxy, the next galaxy, the next galaxy
19:17 all in motion thousands
19:19 and tens of thousands of miles an hour
19:22 in vast limitless space.
19:26 But yet they revolve around a cosmic control center
19:31 and that cosmic control center is the throne of God.
19:34 And what's going to happen, the holy city?
19:36 God's going to move,
19:38 the whole center of the universe
19:39 is going to move
19:40 and God's going to take this sin-pocked world,
19:43 this polluted world, this planet rebellion.
19:46 He's going to make it over again
19:48 and He's going to bring His holy city down here,
19:50 and the whole geographical center
19:53 of the universe is going to change,
19:55 and this remade earth
19:56 is going to be the new center of the universe
19:59 with the tabernacle of God,
20:01 and you and I are going to be princes and princesses.
20:04 We've got royal blood in our veins,
20:06 and we're going to travel from star to star
20:08 and from planet to planet,
20:10 telling the story of His goodness and His love.
20:13 God has something amazing plan for you, my friend,
20:16 that holy city will descend,
20:18 God is going to move,
20:20 and this earth will be the center
20:22 of a new cosmic universe,
20:25 and you and I will be
20:26 part of the honor convoy of heaven.
20:29 The Bible tells about that holy city,
20:31 Revelation 21:14,
20:33 "Now the wall of the city had twelve foundations,
20:37 and on them where the names
20:38 of the twelve apostles of the Lamb."
20:40 Wait a minute, hold it here.
20:43 Did God make a mistake?
20:45 Whose names are on there?
20:46 The 12 apostles,
20:48 the 12 apostles on the 12 foundations.
20:52 I mean, one of those apostles was Peter and he denied Jesus.
20:56 And one of those apostles was James and John,
20:59 and they had these evil tempers.
21:01 And one was Matthew who was so exacting,
21:04 and one was Philip and Andrea,
21:06 you didn't know what they were thinking,
21:07 they didn't say much.
21:09 I mean who were those people whose names were on the gates?
21:14 They were sinners,
21:16 redeemed by the grace of Christ.
21:18 They were men just and people just like you and just like me.
21:24 Why does God put their names on the foundation?
21:28 Why does God put above the gates
21:30 the names of the children of Israel,
21:33 like Issachar and Manasseh?
21:35 And do you look at those names
21:37 of the children of Israel, Reuben,
21:39 they could have been tried in a court of law
21:43 for robbery, thievery, adultery, murder,
21:47 but yet their names are on the gates, why?
21:49 Why the apostles, the names on the foundations?
21:52 Because God is saying to you and me,
21:54 if they can make it so can you.
21:56 What God is really saying
21:57 is that these followers of Christ
21:58 were people with their faults, but their names
22:01 are on the foundations of the holy city,
22:03 the apostles, the names of the nations Israel
22:06 and the names above the gates, why?
22:08 Because God is saying to you, don't give up.
22:11 God is saying to you, hang on.
22:13 God is saying to you,
22:15 if their names can be on those gates,
22:17 if they were redeemed by the grace of Christ,
22:19 justified by the blood of Christ,
22:22 forgiven by the blood of Christ,
22:24 delivered from condemnation by the blood of Christ,
22:27 if they were sanctified by the blood of Christ,
22:29 if they were transformed by the blood of Christ,
22:31 the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17,
22:35 "If any man or woman is in Christ,
22:37 they are a new creation.
22:39 Old things are passed away
22:41 and all things have become new."
22:44 Jesus was saying, if they were there,
22:46 you can be there too.
22:48 God is saying to us, if they can make it,
22:51 you can make it too.
22:52 Hold on, brother, hold on, sister,
22:55 this is no time for giving up,
22:57 this is no time for dropping out.
22:59 Somebody, somebody is watching this telecast,
23:03 and you are thinking,
23:04 "The journey is long, the mountain's high,
23:08 the road's rough.
23:09 I'm going to give up,
23:11 I'm going to throw in the towel,
23:12 Christianity is not worth it."
23:13 And Jesus is saying to you, "Hang on."
23:15 Jesus is saying to you, "You can make it."
23:18 Jesus is saying to you, "I'm going to be by your side,
23:20 I'm going to support you.
23:22 You can live in this holy city.
23:24 You can be with me travel from star to star
23:26 and planet to planet.
23:28 You can give your witness of my redeeming grace."
23:31 Now the Bible tells about the city,
23:33 Revelation 21:16,
23:34 "The city is laid out as a square,
23:37 its length is as great as its breath."
23:40 The Bible goes on,
23:41 you see Heaven's goal
23:43 as the Bible as it describes the city.
23:45 You see, heaven's goal is to get as many people
23:48 in this city as possible.
23:50 Now there is something unusual about this city
23:54 that we just read about that has a square.
23:57 When you excavate as an archaeologist,
24:00 when you excavate ancient cities in Israel,
24:04 most of those cities have very few gates,
24:08 maybe two gates,
24:10 maybe three gates, very few gates.
24:14 Why do you think
24:16 that the ancient cities had so few gates?
24:19 Do you have any idea why?
24:21 Because gates would allow the enemy access to that city.
24:27 So you have very few gates
24:29 because if you have a lot of gates,
24:30 you got to guard a lot of gates with your armies.
24:33 So the ancient cities would have few gates.
24:36 But you know what?
24:37 God's city has more than a few gates.
24:42 The holy city has not one gate, not two gates, not three gates,
24:47 how many gates does the holy city have everybody?
24:50 Twelve. Why twelve?
24:51 Because God wants to get people in,
24:52 He doesn't want to get people out.
24:54 Now more, it says the city is like a what?
24:57 What do we read in the text?
24:58 The city is like a square, so four sides,
25:03 three gates on the North, three gates on the East,
25:05 three gates on the South, three gates on the West.
25:08 Three in the Bible is a symbol of the trinity,
25:12 the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
25:14 Four in the Bible is a symbol of universality.
25:17 So what does God say?
25:19 Three gates on the East, everybody in the east
25:21 or you from Asia, or you from China,
25:23 there's room for you, come in.
25:25 Three gates on the South,
25:26 all you from the southern hemisphere,
25:27 the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit saying,
25:29 "Come on in, there's room for you."
25:31 Three gates on the West,
25:32 "Are you from the West, you come on in."
25:34 Three gates on the North,
25:35 "Oh, you from the northern hemisphere,
25:37 North America, Canada, you all come in."
25:40 What is God saying
25:41 in the architecture of the holy city?
25:44 He is saying there is a gate for you, it's open for you,
25:48 you come in to that city.
25:50 The 12 gates were 12 pearls,
25:53 each individual gate was a pearl.
25:55 Jesus Christ is the pearl of great price.
25:57 And Jesus is saying
25:58 through the very architecture of the gates,
26:01 My perfect life as a translucent pearl
26:05 invites you to receive
26:07 My grace and My love and My righteousness,
26:09 the gates of heaven are open for you.
26:11 Here's an incredible good news, my friend,
26:13 The gates of heaven are not shut.
26:16 The gates of heaven are not shut.
26:18 The gates of heaven are open for you.
26:20 Eternity is open for you.
26:22 God has prepared something for you
26:25 beyond what you could ever imagine.
26:28 The Bible describes the city, Revelation 21:21,
26:31 "God's not poor,
26:33 the street of the city was pure gold
26:35 like transparent glass."
26:37 Somebody says, wait a minute,
26:39 that's a waste to make streets of gold.
26:41 It's not a waste
26:42 because you're that important to God.
26:44 It's not a waste because He has everything.
26:46 It's not a waste because He owns the world.
26:49 You see God Himself
26:52 says, there is nothing too little to give you.
26:56 He loves you so much that He paved streets with gold
27:00 just to show you how much He cares and you're worth.
27:03 Whoever you are,
27:05 you can make it through one of those gates.
27:07 Whoever you are, you can walk through those gates.
27:10 Whoever you are,
27:12 you can live in heaven with Him
27:14 through all eternity.
27:15 Now He measures the city and He measures with the reed,
27:18 and it's 12,000 furlongs.
27:20 Now that's a little difficult
27:22 for our modern minds to comprehend,
27:25 we don't measure things in furlongs.
27:28 A furlong was about an 8th of a mile,
27:31 12,000 furlongs is about 1500 miles.
27:35 So the city is about 375 miles on a side.
27:39 Now somebody says, "Wait a minute,
27:41 "You gonna be able to fit everybody in that city."
27:44 Well, if you got to see 375 miles on a side
27:47 and that you know if you just build
27:49 on the horizontal you can fill,
27:51 put millions, and millions, and millions
27:53 of people in the city.
27:54 I mean you take for example New York City
27:56 is just 20 miles across not even in a square.
28:00 And you've got, you know, 15 to 20 million people there.
28:03 So you get a city 375 miles on one side.
28:05 Don't worry about it,
28:07 you've got millions and millions of people.
28:08 But look, God can build multiple stories.
28:11 God can built in the sky if He needs to.
28:14 And not only will we have city homes
28:16 but we got the whole new earth,
28:18 we'll have country homes, don't worry about it.
28:20 There's enough room for you, my brother,
28:22 there's enough room for you, my sister.
28:24 God is something incredibly prepared,
28:26 its length, and breadth, and height are equal.
28:28 Now there's another one that's interesting,
28:30 its length and breadth, you know, 375 miles on a side,
28:32 but its height is equal.
28:34 In other words, the city is so amazing,
28:36 it goes 375 miles up in the sky.
28:39 You say I can't figure that out.
28:40 I can't either, but don't worry about it,
28:42 it's still true because God set it, right?
28:44 So this city is going to be so incredible,
28:46 it's going to be so amazing, far beyond.
28:50 What was our text that we read,
28:51 eye has not seen nor ear heard anything
28:55 that God has prepared for those that love you
28:57 far beyond our wildest imaginations.
29:00 No artist can paint a picture of it.
29:02 No musician can describe it in music,
29:06 beyond what you can even think or imagine,
29:09 it's beyond your wildest dreams,
29:11 the beauty, the joy of this new heavens
29:15 and new earth, the beauty of Eden made over again.
29:20 Isaiah 35 puts it this way,
29:23 "The wilderness and the wasteland
29:25 shall be glad for them, and the desert shall rejoice
29:30 and blossom as a rose."
29:32 Just think of the beautiful flowers,
29:35 the perfumed air,
29:37 the beauty of Eden will be restored,
29:40 everything that brings joy,
29:43 everything that brings gladness walking down those paths,
29:47 smelling the magnificence of the flowers,
29:50 looking at their reds, and the pinks, and the yellows
29:54 and the oranges, and the greens,
29:57 nothing that we could possibly see
30:00 or imagine here on earth,
30:02 the most beautiful garden would ever hold a candle,
30:06 ever be a small reflection of the beauties of heaven.
30:10 What do our physical condition be on this new earth?
30:14 Will I kind of float by on a cloud
30:17 and be some kind of ethereal fantasy being
30:22 and will I go beep, beep
30:24 and my wife flow by another cloud
30:26 and she'll go beep, beep and I'll say,
30:28 "Is that you, Darling,
30:29 over there in that kind of cloudy figure?"
30:32 Will we know one another in heaven?
30:35 What will heaven be like?
30:36 The Bible helps us, Philippians 3:20 and 21,
30:40 "For our citizenship," that's where we really belong,
30:43 "is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait
30:47 for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,
30:49 who will transform our lowly body."
30:52 So our bodies are corrupt with sin,
30:55 they are mortal bodies, they are lowly bodies,
30:58 subject to disease and death
31:00 that it may be conformed to His glorious body.
31:04 When Jesus lived on earth, did He have a real body?
31:09 Was Jesus hungry at times?
31:12 Did Jesus get tired at times?
31:15 When the nails were driven through Jesus' hands,
31:18 where those real hands?
31:20 Did His hands really experienced pain?
31:22 When they put the crown of thorns
31:23 on His head, was it real?
31:25 So Jesus had a real body.
31:27 When He came out of the grave in the resurrected body,
31:31 was that body different?
31:33 It was a glorified body
31:34 that could not experience aging,
31:36 it could not experience hunger or pain.
31:40 So Jesus had a glorious body, what does the Bible say?
31:43 It says that Christ will transform our lowly body
31:48 that it may be conformed to His glorious body.
31:51 So Christ has this glorious resurrected immortal body.
31:57 When He walked with the disciples
32:00 on the road to Emmaus and as He walked with them,
32:06 He had a real body.
32:07 He talked with them, He fellowshipped with them.
32:10 The Bible says, "That their eyes were hold in
32:13 that they didn't recognize Him."
32:15 But when they came that evening to sit down
32:19 and Jesus broke the bread
32:21 that they would all share together.
32:24 Now evidently, Jesus in His immortal body
32:28 still enjoy the eating of food,
32:30 we will too in our immortal bodies.
32:32 So, but when Jesus broke that bread,
32:36 He had unique mannerisms.
32:38 Nobody broke the bread like Jesus.
32:41 And as He broke that bread, they recognized Christ
32:44 at that moment by His unique mannerisms.
32:47 Do you remember also that in the garden
32:51 after Christ's resurrection, Mary comes to Jesus,
32:55 and at first through the mist she does not recognize Him,
32:58 she thinks He's the gardener, and Jesus says, "Mary, Mary,
33:04 and as He calls her name
33:06 nobody could speak her name like that."
33:08 Jesus knew her name.
33:12 She recognized His voice.
33:14 So Jesus was recognized in His glorious body
33:17 by His unique mannerisms,
33:19 He was recognized in His glorious body
33:21 by His voice.
33:22 And you remember, He descended into the room
33:25 where the disciples were met as they were praying,
33:28 they were afraid of the Jews the Bible says,
33:30 and they recognized His physical form.
33:34 So Jesus was recognized
33:35 by these three things in heaven.
33:38 Will we recognize one another? Sure.
33:41 Jesus doesn't want to redeem or save some spirit being,
33:46 He wants you, He created you
33:48 with the uniqueness of your personality.
33:50 And although sin will be gone, you'll still remain
33:53 that is the special one that Christ created.
33:58 Your personality will remain,
34:00 the uniqueness or your mannerisms will remain,
34:03 you will have this amazing body that is immortal
34:06 will recognize one another by our unique mannerisms,
34:10 by our voice intonations,
34:11 by our individual personalities,
34:14 it will be incredible
34:16 as you and I see one another as we were meant to be.
34:19 You know husband,
34:21 you may think your wife is beautiful now,
34:23 but wait till you see her like she would have been
34:27 if she never were defiled by sin at all.
34:30 You know, some people say to me,
34:32 "Well, look I'm going to buy this magic formula,
34:35 I'm going to put this wrinkle cream on my face
34:38 and I'll never get a wrinkle."
34:39 Well, my dear sister,
34:41 you can put as much on as you want
34:43 if it makes you feel better,
34:44 but you're going to a place where you're going to be remade
34:47 and you will not have one wrinkle.
34:49 And you know some guys that are getting little older
34:51 like me and they bend over say, "Oh, my back."
34:53 You know, here's what the definition of aging is.
34:55 You bend over to tie your shoe
34:57 and you say what else can I do when I'm down here.
34:59 You see, that's the definition of aging, you see.
35:03 And, you know, but when God recreates you,
35:07 no wrinkle cream you're going to need.
35:09 You're not going to need any back adjustments
35:12 crack, crack, crack.
35:13 You know, they adjust your back.
35:15 You're not going to need to worry when you bend over
35:17 and no more arthritis or rheumatism,
35:20 but we are going to grow into the beauty
35:23 of what we were meant to be when we were created by God
35:26 in the Garden of Eden.
35:27 You think your husband is muscular now man.
35:30 Wait till you see him in the glorious
35:32 of the new heaven and the new earth.
35:34 You see the Bible says the first dominion,
35:36 this is Micah 4:8,
35:37 "The first dominion will be restored,
35:40 and God is going to bring us
35:42 to that new heavens and the new earth."
35:44 Everything we would have been, everything we could have been,
35:47 everything we should have been,
35:49 the physical bodies that we could have had,
35:52 the minds that we could have had.
35:54 You know,
35:56 it is the intelligence of a person
35:58 is determined by the forebrain.
36:01 You know, the brain is about three and a half pounds
36:02 of rubbery grey substance and in the forebrain
36:05 we have our brain cells.
36:06 You know the brain has about a hundred...
36:09 I used to say 14 billion
36:10 until I talk to a neurophysiologist.
36:14 You know, we got billions and billions of brain cells,
36:16 we don't even know how many.
36:18 And when you look at the brain,
36:19 the forebrain determines intelligence or IQ,
36:22 and the brains in our body may be three and half pounds.
36:26 But look, think about Adam,
36:29 what about Adam, when he wasn't defiled with sin.
36:31 How tall could he have been?
36:33 Maybe twice as tall, little more than we are today.
36:36 What kind of brain would he have
36:37 if our brains are three and a half pounds
36:40 and if somebody has an IQ of 120, 115-120
36:44 they say maybe that's average, 130 that's bright,
36:46 140, that's off the chart, 150-160 that's genius.
36:50 Well, they got these three and a half pounds
36:52 of rubbery grey stuff,
36:53 this is a little brain, with the brain cells.
36:55 You know how big Adam's brain probably was,
36:58 if he was twice as tall as men living,
37:00 his brain was probably 25 pounds.
37:03 That means that his IQ
37:05 would have been probably a 1,000 or 1,200...
37:07 I mean the intelligence is so vastly
37:10 greater than ours.
37:12 Now if Adam was twice as tall as men living
37:14 you know we had a scientist and he took
37:17 a little slide really and he computed it.
37:19 Adam's average gait,
37:21 average gait of walking
37:23 if he's twice as tall as men living
37:24 could be about 25 miles an hour,
37:26 that's his average gait of walking.
37:29 I mean, look, we have no comprehension
37:32 of what God has in store for us.
37:36 Isaiah 33:24, "The inhabitant will not say,
37:41 'I am sick,' the people who dwell in it
37:43 will be forgiven their iniquity."
37:46 No more stomachaches, no more headaches,
37:49 no more backaches, no more knee aches,
37:51 the inhabitant will not say, I am what everybody?
37:54 Sick.
37:55 What is it going to be like to live in a world
37:58 where there is no sickness?
38:01 The eyes of the blind will be opened.
38:04 The ears of the deaf will be unstopped.
38:07 The eyes of the blind opened.
38:09 You know, for many years
38:11 my wife and I would visit a hospital
38:15 that was especially for the physically handicapped,
38:18 and would often go there,
38:19 and teach Bible, and there were those who as...
38:22 I remember Doris,
38:23 she was blind and could not see,
38:26 she was paralyzed
38:28 and couldn't use her hands or feet,
38:31 all she could do is hear,
38:32 and we would sing a song to her and say,
38:34 "You can smile when you can't say a word,
38:36 you can smile when you cannot be heard,
38:38 you can smile anytime, anywhere."
38:39 And Doris would smile, you know.
38:41 I remember little Jimmy,
38:43 he came in to our Bible classes on a board with wheels,
38:47 he had no legs and he pulled himself
38:49 along the floor in these wheels.
38:51 And I remember Joanie,
38:52 she was paralyzed from her neck down,
38:55 couldn't use her hands,
38:57 she had polio when 1948 she got Bulbar polio,
39:01 was the longest living person in an iron and lung.
39:04 She would lie in that iron and lung,
39:05 and put her Bible above her head,
39:07 and turn the pages with her tongue,
39:09 and she had memorized large passages of the Bible.
39:13 And I'd visit her, and she'd say,
39:14 "Pastor Mark, I'm studying the Bible with 21 people."
39:18 And I'd have them filling out the lessons,
39:19 they're over there in the third drawer,
39:21 pull out the lessons and read me the questions
39:23 and the answers, and I'll tell you
39:24 if they're right
39:26 because she had memorized everything.
39:27 Just amazing, she refused to be down on herself,
39:31 refused to be sympathetic for herself.
39:34 She was this woman with this indomitable,
39:36 courageous spirit.
39:38 And I remember we would go there and I'd say,
39:40 "What do you want me to teach in Bible class today?"
39:44 They would say, "Pastor, teach us about heaven,
39:47 teach us about the time that the eyes of the blind
39:49 will be open, the ears of the deaf will be unstopped.
39:51 Pastor, teach us about heaven."
39:52 I say, "Well, didn't I teach about that last week?
39:55 Didn't I teach about that..."
39:56 They said, "Pastor, teach us more
39:58 because we forgot."
40:00 So often we forget.
40:02 We forget the glories of heaven.
40:05 We forget the reality of eternity.
40:08 We forget that we're simply pilgrims here
40:11 but that God has something incredibly better for us.
40:14 The Bible says,
40:15 "The lame shall leap like a deer,
40:17 the tongue of the dumb will sing."
40:20 Just think of what it's going to be like,
40:22 the eyes of the blind's open,
40:23 the ears of the deaf unstopped,
40:25 the lame leaping and joyously running
40:27 through the glorious fields and flowers of heaven.
40:31 There is joy and happiness everywhere.
40:34 No crying children, no children crying out for food,
40:39 no children whose parents have died
40:42 and are orphans because all of us there
40:45 will be part of the larger family of heaven.
40:47 All of us there will be in a society
40:50 where love reigns.
40:52 The Bible says, Revelation 21:4,
40:54 "God shall wipe away every tear from their eyes,
40:57 there shall be no more death nor sorrow, nor crying."
41:02 God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.
41:04 There may be a pain in your heart today, my friend,
41:06 there may be sorrow in your life today,
41:09 but God is going to wipe away every tear from their eyes.
41:15 There will be no more pain, for the former things
41:18 are passed away, even the memory of heartache,
41:22 even the memory of sorrow,
41:25 even the memory of pain will be gone,
41:29 death a thing of the past,
41:31 sorrow a thing of the past, crying a thing of the past,
41:35 pain a thing of the past forever gone, forever gone.
41:39 The Bible says, Revelation 22:1,
41:41 "He showed me a pure river of water of life,
41:43 clear as crystal,
41:45 proceeding from the throne of God
41:47 and from the lamb.
41:48 In the middle of its street
41:50 and on either side of the river,
41:51 was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits,
41:54 each tree yielding its fruit every month.
41:58 And the leaves of the tree
41:59 were for the healing of the nations."
42:01 Now this is little confusing.
42:03 This is Revelation 22,
42:06 why does the Bible say the leaves of the tree
42:10 were for the healing of the nations?
42:13 Because in Revelation 22,
42:16 the nations have been healed, right?
42:20 There is no sickness
42:22 the Bible said that in Revelation 22,
42:24 you see this word healing,
42:26 you know what it means in the original language,
42:28 it's up building or restoration.
42:32 So the leaves of the tree are for the up building,
42:35 the leaves of the tree
42:37 are for the restoration of the nations.
42:40 What does that mean?
42:42 We go and take the tree of life every month.
42:45 Now when you and I come out of the grave,
42:48 I will come out of the grave with a glorious immortal body,
42:52 but about six feet.
42:54 My wife will come out of the grave
42:55 about the size she is,
42:58 but when Adam comes out of the grave
43:01 with his mortal body,
43:03 he will come out may be twice as tall as me,
43:05 maybe 13 feet.
43:07 But you know what?
43:09 As you and I eat of the tree of life,
43:11 we will be fully restored and grow, and grow, and grow
43:14 until our perfect size
43:17 that we would have been in and will continue
43:19 to grow mentally in our capacity
43:23 because when we come to heaven,
43:24 we're not going to know everything
43:25 so as we eat the tree, as we study in heaven,
43:28 we're going to grow mentally, we're going to grow physically.
43:31 So what this is talking about
43:33 is the total restoration of humanity
43:37 certainly there is no sickness,
43:38 certainly there is no suffering,
43:40 but isn't there a lot of growing
43:41 to do in heaven?
43:42 We're all going to grow continually
43:44 to be like we would have been in that Garden of Eden.
43:47 We're going to be loved by God, cherished by God,
43:50 embraced by God, satisfied by God.
43:54 The Bible says that heaven is indeed a real place.
44:00 Isaiah 65:17,
44:02 no make believe world,
44:04 "For behold, I create new heavens
44:05 and a new earth,
44:06 and the former shall not be remembered
44:08 or come to mind."
44:10 What's God going to do?
44:11 Just like it says in Revelation,
44:12 create a new heavens and a new earth.
44:15 What are we going to do
44:17 through the ceaseless ages of eternity?
44:18 Will it be boring?
44:20 Isaiah 65:21 and 22,
44:22 "They shall build houses and inhabit them,
44:25 they shall plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them.
44:28 They shall not build another inhabit,
44:31 they shall not plant and another eat,
44:34 for as the days of a tree shall be
44:36 the days of My people, and My elect shall long enjoy
44:40 the work of their hands."
44:41 You may live in a little apartment now.
44:45 You may live now in a two room apartment.
44:49 You may be struggling to pay your rent.
44:51 You may have a little shabby home now,
44:54 but the Bible says they'll build houses
44:55 and inhabit them.
44:57 Have you had your dream home?
44:58 Your dream home by the side of a lake,
45:01 your dream home overlooking a field
45:03 with beautiful gardens?
45:05 Have you ever longed for that?
45:07 One day you can have that home, you'll have your apartment
45:10 in the city in the New Jerusalem
45:12 and your dream home in the country.
45:13 Somebody says, "Well, Pastor,
45:15 I'm not sure I don't know how to build it."
45:16 Don't worry, the greatest architect
45:17 of the ages will be there.
45:19 Somebody says, "Pastor, I don't have enough money to fund it."
45:20 Don't worry, the Bible says that the cattle
45:23 on 10,000 hills are God's
45:24 and the silver and gold is God's, don't worry,
45:27 you will have all the support you need,
45:29 the greatest architects, the greatest builders,
45:31 the greatest designers.
45:32 Heaven is going to be amazing, isn't it?
45:34 You know what I think.
45:36 Often we make heaven too far away,
45:39 we make heaven too fantasyfull,
45:41 we make it too ethereal, but it's a real place
45:45 with real people, with real bodies.
45:47 It's a real place where the Bible says
45:50 that we'll have real gardens
45:53 and we will eat the fruit of them.
45:56 You think the fruits going to be puny like we see it now?
45:59 You think the apples
46:00 are going to need to be sprayed 10 times.
46:03 In fact some apples are sprayed 10 times with pestilences,
46:07 you think that's going to happen up there?
46:08 Not at all, I can imagine
46:11 maybe apples what size?
46:15 Three times as big.
46:16 Maybe I mean, when you think of it.
46:19 I mean, how many people it's going to take
46:21 to carry a watermelon in heaven,
46:24 I mean, and a banana.
46:27 I mean, wow.
46:28 Banana may be that long.
46:30 I mean think of the fruit sizes in heaven
46:33 and think of the taste.
46:35 You know, one of the fantastic things
46:37 that we can't even imagine is our taste buds
46:41 are defiled by sin, aren't they?
46:43 So we don't have the taste buds that we had in Eden,
46:47 neither does the fruit taste as good as it would in Eden.
46:52 So if you get a strawberry the size of an apple
46:57 and you get taste buds like Adam and Eve had...
47:00 I mean, wow, that's all I can say is, "Wow."
47:04 That's going to be incredibly amazing, isn't it?
47:07 Now what about fellowship and friends?
47:09 Will we spend time
47:11 with one another and friends in heaven?
47:14 Matthew 8:11 says,
47:16 "I say to you many are going to come from the east
47:19 and the west,
47:20 and they're going to sit down with Abraham, and Isaac,
47:22 and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven."
47:24 You know often when I'm speaking
47:27 to a large audiences in big auditoriums,
47:30 after the meeting I try to go to the door
47:31 and shake people's hand.
47:33 I shake their hand hello, hello, hello, you know,
47:35 you're trying to shake people's hand,
47:37 they're all over the place.
47:38 And, "Oh, Pastor, can we take a picture?"
47:40 Yes, and I'm smiling, you know,
47:41 but I don't get to know people well.
47:44 You know I see them for a little while,
47:47 but they pass by.
47:49 But what does Scripture say?
47:50 In heaven we'll sit down
47:52 with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob.
47:54 Imagine what it's going to be like.
47:56 That one day you're working in your garden,
47:59 one day you're picking a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
48:02 and you look over there, and you say,
48:03 "Hey, I think that is that, could that be Moses."
48:08 And you pick one of those large bananas
48:11 and it's weighted down on your shoulder,
48:14 and you walk over and say,
48:15 "Moses, how would you like to share a banana?"
48:18 Or you pick a strawberry the size of an apple,
48:20 "Moses, you want one of my strawberries?
48:23 Moses, I was admiring your watermelons.
48:26 And Moses, I never saw
48:28 a fruit like that before, what's that?"
48:29 He explains you some new exotic heavenly fruit
48:32 and you sit with Moses and say,
48:33 "Moses, tell me what it's like to go up on the Mount Sinai
48:37 and hear the thunders roar and to the thunderings of God
48:41 to receive the Ten Commandments.
48:42 Moses, do you have time."
48:44 And Moses says, "This is eternity,
48:45 I get all the time in the world, sit down."
48:47 And he talks to you about what it's like to go on Sinai.
48:50 One day you're walking down the road of heaven,
48:52 you're admiring the flowers in somebody's garden
48:55 and you say, "By the way, sir, what's your name?"
48:57 "My name's Daniel."
48:59 "What's your name?" "Daniel."
49:01 "Are you the Daniel in the Bible?"
49:02 "Yeah, I am."
49:04 Can we sit and tell me
49:05 where you really scared in that lion's den.
49:06 I mean, tell me about those lions, Daniel.
49:09 And Daniel looks at you and says,
49:10 "Tell me your story.
49:12 You lived in the last hours of earth's history,
49:14 tell me your story my child, tell me what it was like
49:19 to be faithful to Christ down there."
49:22 And then you see Paul and you say,
49:24 "Paul, tell me what it was like to preach
49:26 and to share your love and grace?
49:28 Isn't heaven going to be wonderful?
49:30 I don't want to miss it, do you?
49:32 I don't want to miss it with fellowship."
49:35 And then one day, one day you meet Jesus
49:38 and one day you walk, and talk, and fellowship with Jesus.
49:42 And the Scripture says, "That we walked with Him
49:46 and we see His face
49:47 and the glory of Christ amazes us."
49:52 We see how good, and kind, and compassionate He is,
49:54 and Sabbath comes.
49:55 Isaiah 66:23, "From one Sabbath to another,
50:01 all flesh shall come to worship before Me,
50:03 "says the Lord God.
50:05 They come from the east and the west,
50:07 they come from the north and the south,
50:09 and they come to worship on the Bible Sabbath,
50:12 and all the brothers and sisters,
50:14 all the family of heaven comes,
50:16 and we enter that holy temple, we enter that New Jerusalem,
50:21 and we sing praises to His name,
50:24 and we sing worthy is the lamb
50:26 that was slain to receive riches,
50:28 and honor, and glory forever, and ever, and ever.
50:32 And then on the way out that Sabbath
50:34 Jesus reaches out to us.
50:36 And Jesus says, "My child,
50:39 can I spend some time with you this week?"
50:42 We've only seen Him in a distance,
50:45 we've never been this close to Him before
50:48 and we say Jesus do you have time?"
50:49 And He said, "My child, this is eternity.
50:52 I want to tell you how much I love you.
50:53 I want to tell you how much I care for you."
50:56 And that week you and I take a walk with Jesus.
50:59 We are by our self,
51:00 you have your walk, I have my walk.
51:03 He comes to you on one day and comes to me on another,
51:06 and we walk through a field of flowers more beautiful
51:08 and Jesus say, "You see those flowers,
51:11 I planted them there just for you
51:13 because I knew you'd like them."
51:15 The Bible says and I heard a loud voice
51:17 from heaven saying, "Behold, the tabernacle of God
51:19 is with men and He will dwell with them.
51:21 Christ dwells with us, they shall be as people,
51:26 God Himself shall be with them and be their God."
51:29 The Bible says in the Book of Revelation,
51:31 "They shall see His face, we shall see Jesus,
51:35 and will walk with Him, we'll talk with Him,
51:37 we'll fellowship with Him."
51:38 He'll say, "You see that field waving grain is just for you."
51:42 Thy I know your taste buds,
51:43 there is no other variety like it, I planted it for you.
51:46 You see those flowers, I knew you'd enjoy them
51:49 and we hear the angel chorus is singing.
51:53 And then Jesus says,
51:54 "Is there anything more that I can do for you.
51:58 Is there anything more that would make you happy?
52:00 And we fall on our knees and we say,
52:03 "Jesus, all this is wonderful, but you are enough.
52:07 You are enough Jesus.
52:08 You're all that I want."
52:11 Heaven is too good to be missed.
52:14 Have you given your all to Jesus?
52:17 Have you given your everything to Jesus?
52:19 Listen as CA sings right now.
52:32 Do you love God more than anything
52:39 Do you love God
52:45 Do you love God more than anything
52:51 Do you love my God
52:59 Love is all that He ask in return
53:06 For all that He has given
53:13 Love will be the endless theme
53:19 Throughout the courts of heaven
53:26 Do you love God more than your car or home
53:33 Do you love God
53:39 And do you love God more than
53:43 All you want to
53:46 Do You love my God
53:52 Do you love God
53:54 more than your family Really,
53:59 really love Him If you do,
54:05 just let the whole world know
54:09 That's all He asked
54:13 Of you
54:19 Do you love God more
54:23 Than that car or home
54:26 Do you love God
54:32 And do you love God more
54:36 Than everything you own
54:39 Do you love my God
54:44 Tell me do you love God more
54:50 Than your family
54:52 Really, really, really love Him
54:56 If you do,
54:58 just let the whole world know
55:03 That you love the Lord
55:05 Come on, let the whole world know
55:08 Let him know that you love the Lord
55:12 Let the whole world know
55:19 Let the whole world know
55:25 Let the whole world know
55:32 That's all
55:36 He ask of you
55:55 Jesus died so that one day
55:59 you could live in heaven with Him.
56:01 Jesus came to this earth for one reason
56:05 because you were too precious to be lost.
56:09 And right now, He's speaking to your heart,
56:12 wherever you are watching this telecast,
56:15 Christ is speaking to you,
56:18 that warmth you feel in your heart,
56:20 that conviction you feel in your mind
56:23 is the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
56:25 Christ wants you in heaven
56:27 more than you can possibly imagine.
56:30 You know in your heart
56:32 whether you've ever accepted Christ before,
56:34 whether you're a Christian or not,
56:36 you know in your heart
56:38 that you long for something better.
56:40 You long for this new world that there is in Christ.
56:43 And right now wherever you are,
56:46 you can make an eternal decision and say,
56:48 "Christ, I'm giving my life to You,
56:52 I want to live with You forever."
56:54 He accepts you right now.
56:57 And will give you that assurance
57:00 that eternal life is yours in Christ.
57:01 Let's pray.
57:03 Father in heaven, right now men and women,
57:06 and boys and girls by the hundreds,
57:07 thousands are coming to You, Your arms are open,
57:11 You accept them.
57:13 Thank You, Jesus, for the hope and the assurance
57:16 that we can live with You in heaven forever
57:18 in Christ's name, amen.
57:20 God bless you, my friend,
57:23 as you continue to walk
57:24 with Jesus now and forever more.
57:29 Amen.


Revised 2018-06-28