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00:16 Betty Fetters decided one afternoon
00:20 that she was going to explore some of the back acreage
00:26 that she and her husband had just purchased.
00:29 And while she was out walking around through the trees,
00:33 she suddenly found herself
00:37 being hurled down in empty abandoned well.
00:43 As she was going down to the bottom
00:47 expecting instant death on the rocks below,
00:50 she saw a white being of light come down from heaven,
00:56 swooped down into the well and the next thing she knew,
01:00 she was standing on the ground beside the empty hole unharmed.
01:06 And you'll never be able to convince Betty Fetters
01:10 that there are no such things as angels.
01:16 Then little Joanna was only about 8 years old.
01:23 Her mother had just tucked her into bed,
01:27 said their prayers, kissed her good night.
01:31 And turned off the light, closed the door.
01:35 When suddenly Joanna saw this beautiful white being of light
01:41 standing in front of her.
01:44 And this beautiful looking angel said,
01:48 "Joanna, I'm an angel sent from God."
01:54 Now even though Joanna had been raised
01:56 in a Christian home, she was afraid.
02:01 And she looked at that angel
02:02 and she said, "You're not from God."
02:06 And the angel said, "Well, how do you know that."
02:09 Because every place in the Bible where an angel appeared
02:12 and the people were afraid--
02:14 the angel said, "fear not." I'm afraid.
02:16 And you didn't say "fear not." You can't be from God."
02:20 And suddenly the angel turned
02:22 into this hideous looking monster
02:25 that swooped down on Joanna and said,
02:28 "Would you rather see me looking like this."
02:32 And then vanished away into the darkness.
02:37 Sharon Lee Halstead, April 24, 1996
02:42 sitting across the table from the visiting pastor
02:47 in the women's penitentiary at Salem, Oregon.
02:52 Said to the pastor, "It was the most difficult thing
02:55 that I have ever had to do in order to please God."
03:02 She said as she left the Green home
03:05 with the gun still smoking in her hand.
03:08 She realized that she had only halfway finished the job
03:12 that God had given her to do.
03:14 Lin Green was dead
03:15 but her husband David and her son Nefanger
03:19 were only wounded and managed to escape.
03:21 You see, Sharon Halstead had become convinced
03:24 by an angel of light that it was God's will
03:27 to destroy the Green family.
03:34 Obviously, another bad angel.
03:41 Betty Fetters and the angel
03:46 that swooped down into the well to save for a life--
03:50 was that a good angel or was it a bad angel.
03:57 And the answer to that question is
04:01 you don't know if it was a good angel or a bad angel.
04:08 Well, why would a bad angel want to save her life?
04:13 2 Corinthians 11:13, "False apostles,
04:18 deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ.
04:22 And no wonder, because Satan himself
04:26 masquerades as an angel of light.
04:30 It's not surprising that his servants
04:32 masquerade as servants of righteousness."
04:34 Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.
04:38 Why would he appear as an angel of light
04:41 swooped down into the well and save her life?
04:43 Don't you think that Satan himself would save a life
04:48 if he thought that by doing so,
04:50 he could gain enough confidence to win a soul?
04:57 And that's angel warfare.
05:02 Revelation 1:1, the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
05:09 Because Jesus Himself said,
05:11 "Not only would there be spirits impersonating angels,
05:14 there will be spirits impersonating Jesus himself.
05:17 And the Book of Revelation is here to help us
05:20 reveal and know who Jesus Christ is.
05:25 "The Revelation of Jesus that God gave him
05:28 to show his servants what must soon take place.
05:30 He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John,"
05:34 Who testified to every thing that he saw
05:37 that is the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.
05:42 The angel testified to everything that he saw.
05:46 The Book of Revelation was given to us by an angel.
05:49 God uses angels all through the Book of Revelation.
05:52 First two chapters letters
05:54 from the angels of the church in Ephesus,
05:57 the angel of the church in Philadelphia,
05:59 the angel of the church of Laodicea.
06:02 Angels are God's messengers to the world.
06:05 But in Revelation 12, turn there with me
06:08 Revelation 12 and look at verse 7.
06:11 "There was war in heaven.
06:14 Michael and his angels, good angels,
06:18 fought against the dragon and his angels
06:22 and the dragon and his angels fought back.
06:25 But he was not strong enough,
06:27 and they lost their place in heaven.
06:30 The great dragon was hurled down,
06:33 that ancient dragon called Satan,
06:35 who leads the whole world astray.
06:37 He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him."
06:41 Angel Warfare, demon angels hurled down to the earth.
06:49 Revelation 14, God's last messages for the world
06:54 in the form of three angels flying through the midair.
06:58 Angels are God's messengers, good angels that is.
07:02 In fact, in Revelation 16:12,
07:05 "The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the Euphrates River,
07:10 and its water was dried up
07:12 to prepare the way for the kings from the East.
07:15 And then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs.
07:20 And they came out of the mouth of the dragon,
07:22 out of the mouth of the beast,
07:23 out of the mouth of the false prophet.
07:26 They are the spirits of demons
07:28 and they go out performing miraculous signs,
07:31 to the kings of the whole world,
07:33 to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty."
07:38 Unclean, demon spirits coming out of the mouth of the dragon,
07:42 out of the mouth of the beast, the false prophet.
07:45 They're performing miracles
07:47 and gathered the whole world together
07:49 for the battle on the great day of God almighty.
07:52 Verse 16 says, "Then they gathered the kings together
07:56 to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon."
08:01 Now I know that many of you came to Revelation now
08:06 because you want to know about Armageddon.
08:10 You want to know about the beast, the dragon,
08:13 the false prophet, 666 written on the foreheads.
08:19 And we're going to talk about these things.
08:23 We're going to talk about the dragon,
08:25 we're going to talk about the beast.
08:27 You're going to know exactly what that number 666 is
08:31 on the forehead and on the right hand.
08:33 We're going to talk about Armageddon,
08:35 the drying up of Euphrates River.
08:37 We're going to cover those things but remember
08:39 we learned that the Book of Revelation quotes
08:42 or alludes to the Old Testament over how many times?
08:46 600 times. Good job, you remembered 600 times.
08:49 And that means that we have to understand
08:52 the little of the Old Testament first
08:53 before we can understand the Book of Revelation,
08:56 so that means that you need to be patient with me.
09:01 Be patient, we're going to get to it.
09:03 We're going to understand all of these things.
09:05 I promise you but what we want to do is apply the principles
09:09 and to build one upon the other,
09:12 so that you can see for yourself,
09:15 what the Bible says about the beast
09:17 and the dragon and the false prophet.
09:22 The false prophet is interesting
09:26 because the prophet is one who speaks for God.
09:30 Therefore, a false prophet must be one
09:34 who claims to speak for God
09:38 but actually he is not.
09:44 And in order for a false prophet to deceive anyone,
09:50 he would have to appear
09:52 as though he were a true prophet.
09:56 He would have to appear
09:57 as though he were a true man of God.
10:03 In fact, Revelation 13 describes the false prophet
10:07 as a beast with two horns like a lamb.
10:10 He looks like a lamb.
10:14 And he performs miracles
10:16 gathering the kings of the world together
10:18 for battle on the great day of God almighty.
10:21 The false prophet looks like a lamb
10:23 and he can work miracles.
10:25 I want you to listen to me carefully now.
10:28 If God works miracles, does He?
10:31 Amen, He does.
10:34 And if the false prophet works miracles, does he?
10:38 The Bible says he does.
10:40 Then miracles can never be the test that God is at work.
10:47 And I think one of the dangerous thing in the last days
10:50 is the tendency for men and women to put faith
10:54 and confidence in miracles as proof that God is at work,
10:58 when the dragon himself performs miracles,
11:02 deceiving people into thinking
11:03 that they're following the lamb when they're not.
11:11 So the Bible tells us in Revelation
11:14 that we can expect to see a time
11:16 when there will be demons coming out of the mouth of the dragon
11:21 the beast, the false prophet.
11:23 An explosion of supernatural psychic
11:26 paranormal activity in the world.
11:28 And I believe we're seeing
11:30 this prophecy being fulfilled right now.
11:33 Paul saw it in 1 Timothy.
11:36 You can read about it, 1 Timothy 4:1.
11:41 "The Spirit clearly says that in the last days
11:45 some will abandon their faith
11:48 and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons."
11:52 Paul sees the time in the last days
11:56 when many will abandon their faith
12:01 and follow the deceiving spirits.
12:07 First of all, he is talking about the last days
12:09 and I want you to know that the more we study Revelation,
12:12 the more convinced I become.
12:13 And I think the more convinced you will become
12:15 as we're living in the last days right now.
12:18 Paul was looking ahead
12:19 to the time we're living in right now.
12:25 And he saw many abandon the faith.
12:30 Now, you cannot abandon something
12:32 that you've never been a part of.
12:36 And so people who were once a part of the faith
12:39 are going to abandon the faith
12:42 because they follow the doctrines
12:44 of demons and false prophets.
12:51 We're seeing, we're seeing that explosion of interest
12:55 in supernatural things today, it's happening all around us.
13:00 Favorite television programs from years ago remember,
13:04 'Touched by an Angel and I Love Jenni'
13:07 that seems so harmless.
13:08 But dealing with supernatural psychic phenomena
13:11 and paving the way for programs about witchcraft
13:15 like charm that we see today and Catherine Bell's new movie
13:19 that came out last year, 'The Good Witch.'
13:25 I did a search on the internet,
13:29 for occult, witchcraft, Wicca,
13:34 and I got 8.5 million hits of websites
13:43 dealing with the occult and supernatural phenomena.
13:47 All of this is just an indication that
13:50 that's what men and women are interested in today.
13:55 John Edwards, television program
13:58 where he appears onstage greets his spirit guides
14:02 and then begins to flawlessly relay information to the familie
14:08 eager to hear from their loved ones on the other side,
14:12 information that only the deceased
14:15 could possibly have known.
14:20 Montel Williams, Montel Williams
14:25 in writing a endorsement for Sylvia Browne's book,
14:30 'The Other Side and Back' said in Literary Guild Magazine
14:34 psychic, medium, clairvoyant, channel.
14:38 Now channel is one who claims to communicate with the dead.
14:43 These are all words to describe
14:45 Sylvia Browne's unique powers, says Mr. Williams.
14:49 "I have personally witnessed her
14:50 bring closer to distraught families,
14:53 help police close cases and open people's hearts
14:55 to help them see the good in themselves.
14:58 Now what could be more harmless,
15:00 I mean who wouldn't want to help other peoples in these ways?
15:03 Silvia Browne herself said, "This book is about you.
15:06 It's about your God given power
15:09 and how to reconnect with it and how to put it to good use."
15:12 Now, that should settle it once and for all, right.
15:14 I mean if Montel Williams says, "It's good."
15:17 Then Silvia Browne says,
15:18 "It connects with your God given power."
15:21 That should settle it for us or does it.
15:27 When he uses words like psychic, medium, clairvoyant, channel
15:32 that should raise a red flag for Christians.
15:40 Another seer who lived years ago,
15:45 his name was Isaiah, he warned us.
15:51 In Isaiah 8:19 "When men tell you to consult
15:56 spirit mediums should not a people inquire of their God?
16:02 Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?"
16:05 Isaiah warns us against communicating with the dead.
16:10 And today people are flocking to different methods
16:14 and modes of communicating with the dead
16:16 toying with the instruments of the demons of Satan
16:21 trying to deceive them into thinking that they're doing good
16:24 when they're walking along a path to destruction.
16:29 Have you ever heard of the book
16:31 'The Sorcerer's Stone' about Harry Potter?
16:37 You say, "Oh no, not Harry Potter,
16:40 he is just a little boy that wears big glasses
16:42 that children like to read about.
16:46 Nothing could be more harmless.
16:50 Harry Potter, popular beyond the author Kathleen,
16:57 Joanne Kathleen Rowling's wildest expectations.
17:02 And she said on the Diane Rehm Show,
17:04 a top show in England.
17:06 She said, "One-third of her material
17:08 is based on actual occult and witchcraft phenomena."
17:17 Is it possible that our children are being set up
17:22 to follow deceiving spirits in the last days?
17:29 Ten year old Gloria Bishop said,
17:32 "I like what they learn at Hog-Watch School,
17:37 I want to be a witch."
17:42 And we're witnessing witchcraft morphing
17:46 from the old hag stirring up the cauldron pot,
17:50 flying on a broomstick to white Wicca,
17:56 white witchcraft and appealing to our children.
18:02 Do you know what a sorcerer is?
18:07 Look it up in the dictionary.
18:10 A sorcerer is one who claims to communicate with the dead.
18:18 Wicca is a nature based religion
18:22 offering its followers a connection with mother earth,
18:25 which they often call the goddess.
18:29 It claims it by tapping into earth's energies
18:32 and nature's spirits, people can cast wholesome spells
18:36 perform white magic and improve their lives.
18:42 I notice not long ago, a news clip on television
18:47 showing children in a school in California
18:50 pledging allegiance to the earth.
18:55 And when I read about vicar
18:58 speaking about the earth as the goddess,
19:01 the mother earth, it makes me wonder
19:06 if the concerned about the environment
19:14 is being used for something more
19:18 than simply protecting the environment.
19:22 Don't misunderstand me.
19:24 I believe that God created this world
19:27 and He put us on this planet to care forth
19:29 and we should be at the forefront
19:32 of taking care of planet earth.
19:34 Don't misunderstand me.
19:36 But if a devil appears as an angel of life,
19:39 he can take good things
19:40 and turn them into something not so good.
19:45 And we need to be aware.
19:51 Dr. George Barna, famous Christian researchers says
19:54 three out of every four teenagers
19:55 have engaged in at least one type of psychic
19:58 or witchcraft related activity, three out of four.
20:03 Conversely during the past year
20:04 fewer than three out of every ten church teenagers
20:08 had received any teaching from their church
20:11 about the elements of the supernatural.
20:13 They're playing with it. They're experimenting with it.
20:16 But nobody is teaching them
20:18 the hazards and the pitfalls along the way.
20:23 Who is it that the Silvia Brownes,
20:29 the John Edwards, the channels,
20:31 the spirit mediums, who is it
20:32 that they're communicating with on the other side.
20:37 Once a lady was attending Revelation,
20:40 now in Tulsa, Oklahoma years ago but I still remember her.
20:45 She came the first night
20:46 and I was chatting with her a little bit
20:48 and invited her to come back.
20:51 And she said, "Well, I'm not going to be coming back."
20:54 And I said, "Why not."
20:56 She said, "You know, about four years ago my husband died
21:00 and shortly after he died, I saw him again
21:04 and he told me that he had been to heaven.
21:06 He saw God, he saw Jesus
21:08 and they send him back to talk to me
21:10 and to let me know that as long as I continue going on like I'm,
21:14 that when I die, I'll be in heaven too,
21:16 so I don't need to study Revelation.
21:18 I don't need to study the Bible.
21:20 I got my assurance from the spirit of my husband."
21:25 Now, folks I want to tell you something loud an clear
21:28 that this book was given to us by the Spirit of God.
21:33 And if the spirit is leading you
21:36 in any direction other than into this book,
21:38 then you're following the wrong spirit.
21:43 This is the only way for us to navigate
21:47 the paths in the darkness of the world around us today.
21:51 This is the only safety
21:52 that Bible says it's like a light shining on the pathway.
21:58 I want to talk about for a second
22:00 another kind of spirit or supernatural phenomena
22:04 and some of you may have experienced
22:06 or maybe you know someone who has.
22:09 Hearing a voice warning you
22:10 or feeling a force moving you out of oncoming disaster.
22:13 Friend of ours was driving with her two little girls
22:17 strapped into the backseat of her car
22:19 when suddenly on a slippery highway,
22:21 she lost control of the car
22:23 and was headed straight into a concrete revetment
22:26 bracing herself expecting instant death
22:29 for herself and her two little girls.
22:31 Suddenly she found that she was sitting in the car
22:35 parked harmlessly along the side of the road.
22:39 And you'll never be able to convince her
22:40 that there are no such things as angels.
22:44 My father-in-law, Dina's dad was awaken one night
22:47 years ago in the middle of the night
22:49 with a distinct impression that his mother had died.
22:52 Seconds later the telephone rang,
22:53 it was his sister calling him from the west coast
22:56 saying that their mother had just passed away.
23:00 Now, I tell you these stories not because they're so unusual
23:04 but they do happen, they happen enough for some of you
23:07 to have experience some of those very same things
23:09 or may be you know someone who has and the story is like that.
23:12 They convince us without a doubt that
23:13 there is a supernatural realm of existence, a spirit level,
23:18 a level that exist on a realm between man and God
23:21 and furthermore you and I were created with a capacity
23:24 and the desire to communicate with the supernatural.
23:27 The problem is that millions and millions are turning
23:30 to the only kind of supernatural phenomena
23:32 and they're hearing about and that's the occult,
23:34 spiritism, Wicca and witchcraft.
23:39 The question is, is it safe?
23:42 Is it safe for us to be involved
23:44 in any kind of supernatural or psychic phenomenon?
23:48 In the little epistle 1 John, in 1 John 4:1, he writes,
23:55 "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit,
23:59 but test the spirits to see whether they are from God,
24:02 because many false prophets have gone out into the world."
24:06 Don't believe every spirit.
24:08 Test the spirit to see if they're from God, why?
24:10 Because there are many false prophets
24:12 going out into the world.
24:14 Don't believe every spirit, test the spirit.
24:17 Notice the link between false prophets and the spirit,
24:21 the evil demon spirits that work in the world.
24:23 That's what Revelation tells us.
24:25 The false prophet appears as though he is the Lamb of God
24:29 to make you think that you're following Jesus
24:31 when in fact you're following a demon spirit.
24:35 He goes on to say that every spirit
24:37 that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God.
24:40 This is the spirit of the antichrist,
24:41 which you've heard is coming
24:43 and even now is already in the world.
24:45 The reason we need to understand the difference
24:47 between the good spirits and the bad spirits
24:50 is because it's the bad spirits that empower antichrist
24:54 and you'll never understand the antichrist who is the beast
24:57 unless you understand the difference
24:59 between good and bad spirits.
25:01 And that's why we're taking a little time
25:03 to look at this issue.
25:05 Well, some say, well, if that's the case and it's so dangerous
25:08 then I don't want anything to do with any kind of spirits.
25:13 But that's not safe either.
25:16 Because the Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:19.
25:21 "Do not put out the Spirit's fire,
25:24 do not treat prophecies with contempt but test everything.
25:28 And hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil."
25:31 So you can't just throw out any kind
25:33 of supernatural phenomenon but you need to test it.
25:38 Test the spirit to see if it's really coming from God.
25:42 Well, how do you test the spirit?
25:47 The Bible tells us Isaiah 8:20,
25:51 "To the law and to the testimony.
25:53 If they speak not according to this,
25:55 there is no light in them."
25:57 The only way to test the spirit is with the word of God.
26:01 Sometimes people tell me,
26:02 "Well, I know the spirit is right
26:03 because my spirit bears witness." Wrong test.
26:06 You can't test the spirit with the spirit
26:09 because the spirit claims to be the Spirit of God
26:12 even though it's a demon spirit,
26:13 you can't test the spirit with the spirit.
26:16 You can only test the spirit with the word of God.
26:20 Amen. Well, how do you do that?
26:28 What do you do if a spirit or an angel tells you
26:33 to read Matthew 8 and 9? What do you do?
26:41 You don't know if it's a good spirit or a bad spirit.
26:45 Well, there's nothing in the Bible
26:46 that says don't read Matthew 8 and 9.
26:51 So read it, what if it's a bad spirit, doesn't' matter.
26:57 Good spirit, bad spirit, read the word of God.
27:02 And so you read Matthew 8 and 9
27:04 all the stories about Jesus healing people.
27:09 And the spirit tells you,
27:11 God wants to use you to heal people.
27:14 Go and pray for your neighbor who is sick.
27:17 What would you do?
27:18 You don't know if it's a good spirit or a bad spirit,
27:20 what would you do?
27:22 Go, pray for your neighbor
27:24 because there's nothing in the Bible that says,
27:26 thou shalt not pray for your sick neighbor.
27:30 So, it's okay.
27:32 Even if it's a bad spirit, it's okay.
27:37 But you see the bad spirits
27:41 will try to lead you with good things.
27:46 So that when you test it
27:48 you see that he squares up with scripture.
27:52 And he gains your confidence.
27:55 And then asks you to do something,
28:00 contradictory to scripture.
28:03 And that's exactly what happened to Sharon Lee Halstead.
28:07 Remember, an angel of light
28:11 convinced her that she should go and pray
28:15 for her neighbors and they were healed.
28:19 And she began to put more and more faith
28:21 in that angel of light.
28:25 At first she tested it with the scripture
28:29 but as the things came to pass,
28:31 she relied more and more on the spirit
28:34 and less and less on the word of God
28:37 until finally she had so much confidence in the spirit
28:41 that the spirit was able to convince her.
28:45 Sharon, God has shown me that the Green family
28:50 who are faithful loyal Christians
28:54 are about to fall away and He wants you
28:58 to take their lives now before they fall away,
29:03 so that they can be saved.
29:06 And you'll be doing the highest work of service to God.
29:10 And she had so much confidence in the spirit
29:14 that she went to take the lives of the Green family.
29:19 You see she should have tested the spirit one more time.
29:24 Thou shall not kill
29:27 and she would have known that it was a bad spirit.
29:32 That's how the demon spirits works.
29:37 Even more in Ephesians 6:12.
29:44 "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood,
29:47 but it's against the rulers, against the authorities,
29:50 against the powers of this dark world
29:52 and against spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms."
29:59 We're involved in demonic warfare.
30:05 We're involved in warfare
30:07 with spirits of darkness from heavenly realms.
30:12 And the problem is that it doesn't even look dark,
30:16 because it seems as though, it's the power of God.
30:20 Now, some people will say,
30:21 "I don't want to be in that war, pastor."
30:24 Too bad, you're. And you can't avoid it.
30:27 All you can do is chose to be on the right side.
30:33 It happens all around us.
30:36 It happened to Jesus, He was constantly confronting demons.
30:40 John saw in the last days in the Book of Revelation,
30:43 Paul warned us about it.
30:46 And even in the Old Testament, God forbid and warned us
30:50 against being involved with demon spirits,
30:52 Deuteronomy 18:10, "Let no one be found among you
30:58 who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire,
31:01 who practices divination or sorcery,
31:03 who interprets omens, that's astrology,
31:06 who engages in witchcraft, casts spells,
31:09 or who is a medium or spiritist who consults the dead.
31:12 Anyone who does these things is detestable to God."
31:15 Well, who would burn their children in the fire?
31:19 That was just back in Bible times.
31:22 And what's wrong with astrology?
31:24 What's wrong with checking the newspaper
31:26 to see what Leotells me to do today?
31:32 You see astrology is based on the idea that your destiny,
31:37 your fate is fixed by the position of the stars,
31:39 the movement you're born.
31:43 But we know that we are born sinners
31:48 destined for destruction.
31:52 But when we meet Jesus Christ,
31:53 we're born again and our fate changes. Amen.
32:01 But I have never heard astrologer ask the question,
32:05 when were you born again, Have you?
32:09 When you look to the stars for guidance,
32:12 you're turning your back on the God who made those stars.
32:16 He wants to lead you. He wants to guide you.
32:23 Let no one be found among you who consult the dead,
32:27 channels, John Edward, Silvia Browne and others.
32:35 J. Z. Knight, Yelm, Washington claims to be a channel
32:43 for a warrior Ramtha who supposedly died 3,500 years ago.
32:50 And many of the popular stars pay thousands of dollars
32:54 for counsel and guidance from Ramtha
32:57 through his channel, J. Z. Knight.
33:01 She wrote in her book, 'A State of Mind, My Story',
33:07 a little exchange that she had with Ramtha.
33:12 Ramtha told her one day "I Ramtha,
33:15 I'm the enlightened one and I know that I'm God
33:18 and you do not that you're God but I know what you know."
33:24 It's interesting.
33:26 J. Z. Knight said, "Okay,
33:28 but right now I have to go to Safeway."
33:32 Ramtha the all knowing one said, "Safeway, what Safeway."
33:40 It's a market where you go to buy groceries.
33:44 Oh, what's groceries? Some God, isn't he.
33:51 Vital lies, vital lies if these are the spirits
33:55 of departed loved ones, vital lies.
34:00 A lady whose husband had gone to war
34:02 faithfully wrote and the letters came back,
34:05 his letters came and he answered
34:07 but one day his letter stopped coming.
34:10 And the days turned into weeks,
34:13 she didn't know what had happened.
34:15 No one knew what had happened to him.
34:18 And finally one day some of her friends
34:20 convinced her, he must be dead.
34:22 Why don't you go to a medium, to a channel
34:26 and they will able to contact him
34:27 and he can tell you what happened.
34:29 So she went to a channel
34:31 and she saw what appeared to be her husband.
34:34 He explained how he had been killed in the war.
34:39 And she left feeling a little better
34:40 at least she knew what happened.
34:43 But two weeks later she heard a knock on her door,
34:46 she opened the door and there he was unharmed.
34:50 He wasn't even wounded.
34:51 He had just been missing in action.
34:56 Vital lies, if these are spirits of the departed loved ones,
35:01 vital lives, why the immorality.
35:09 My wife and I had the opportunity
35:10 to watch a gospel film one night of two young ladies
35:14 who had been involved in witchcraft
35:16 and praise God, He delivered them.
35:21 And they told their testimony and they said one evening
35:25 they were all standing together in a circle nude, joining hands.
35:30 Nude? Why the immorality?
35:35 If these are spirits of departed loved ones, why the immorality?
35:44 And the lady went on to say how she was filled
35:50 with feelings of love and warmth and compassion
35:55 while she watched her 18 month old baby boy
35:59 being consumed in the flames as a living sacrifice.
36:04 And the other girl says, "At that time
36:06 there was only one thought that possessed my mind
36:09 and I wished that I had a baby boy
36:11 that I could offer as a sacrifice too."
36:14 It's only too gruesome to be told
36:17 but it needs to be told because that's where it ends.
36:21 That's where spiritism leads.
36:22 It's a part of a picture. It's a part of the scene.
36:26 That's where spiritism ends. Now how can that ever happen?
36:33 How could someone ever do anything like that?
36:38 Isaiah tells us how it can happen?
36:42 Turn back to Isaiah 9 in the Book of Isaiah.
36:51 Chapter 9:15 "The elders or prominent men,
36:57 they are the head, the prophets who speak lies are the tail.
37:03 And those who guide this people mislead them,
37:07 and those who are guided by them are led astray."
37:12 Now, why are these people led astray?
37:16 They're led astray because they're following men
37:20 instead of following God. What is the result?
37:28 Verse 20, at the end of verse says
37:30 "Each one will feed on the flesh of their own offspring"
37:33 That's what happens when people turn
37:37 to following men instead of following God.
37:41 That's how it happens.
37:43 And many today are making exactly the same mistake.
37:50 Archie Ijames gave up his pastored
37:55 in the Black Methodist Church and join the Peoples Temple
38:02 because he was impressed with the way they took in minorities
38:08 and treated everyone equally in that church.
38:15 Christine Cobb left her neighborhood Baptist church,
38:18 joined the Peoples Temple
38:20 because they were such a warm friendly caring church
38:23 and she liked the way she felt when she went there.
38:26 Ross Case, 32 year old attorney joined the Peoples Temple
38:30 impressed with their track record
38:32 for civil rights in the community
38:34 and little Loretta Stewart, 16 year old high school girl
38:38 on her way to high school dance
38:40 was in raptured by the music coming from the Peoples Temple.
38:44 She went in and became a part of that fellowship
38:47 because they loved her and they embraced her.
38:49 The Peoples Temple was a friendly church.
38:52 It was a warm caring church. It was a safe church.
38:56 The member of the Indianapolis, Indiana
38:58 chapter of the Disciples of Christ--
39:00 a mainline Protestant denomination.
39:04 The pastor, young, powerful, dynamic
39:08 a man who'd been recognized
39:10 by the likes of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan,
39:13 J Edgar Hoover and a host of others.
39:16 He was appointed by the mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana
39:19 as the Director of the Human Rights Commission for that city.
39:27 Ross Case, Loretta Stewart, Archie Ijames,
39:31 Christine Cobb, all loved their pastor.
39:39 And they followed their pastor.
39:44 The reverent Jim Jones to Guyana
39:51 and were there when 900 people drank poison Kool-Aid
39:57 because they were following the pastor.
40:02 You see when we follow a man
40:04 instead of following God bad things happen.
40:10 And the reason I'm telling you that story
40:12 is because Archie Ijames, Ross Case,
40:14 Loretta Stewart, Christine Cobb were not weirdoes.
40:19 They were not some moronic branch of society.
40:23 They were people just like you and I.
40:25 In fact, I was in Portland, Oregon, several years ago
40:29 and after this meeting, a lady came up to me
40:32 and said pastor, Christine Cobb was my cousin.
40:36 I said, "What? She was your cousin."
40:40 She said, "Yes."
40:42 I said, "What was she like? Was she kind of weird?"
40:47 She said, "No, she was just like all the rest of us."
40:51 And did you ever go to that church with her.
40:54 She said "I did, I went to that church."
40:56 Why didn't you go to Guyana with her?
41:01 She said, "My grandmother told me
41:04 that the more she prayed about it,
41:06 the worse she felt about that man."
41:12 Thank God for praying grandmothers, amen.
41:18 They were people just like you but they made one mistake.
41:27 They followed a man instead of following God.
41:32 And it wasn't as though they didn't have warning
41:34 because they were times when he would preach things
41:37 that did not square up with the word of God.
41:39 But when they asked him about it.
41:41 He said, "Look, don't get hung up in doctrines,
41:45 doctrines aren't important, people are important.
41:48 We need to love one another.
41:50 We need to do caring things for one and other.
41:52 Don't worry about doctrines."
42:02 You see the false prophet is going to appear
42:06 as though he is the man of God.
42:11 He is going to know his scripture.
42:13 He can quote it backwards and forwards.
42:18 He will read Bible text to you.
42:20 He will pray for you, he will heal you.
42:22 The false prophet appears as a man of God.
42:25 He could be a pastor,
42:28 pastor of the largest church in town.
42:30 Pastor of the small friendly church in town.
42:34 He could be your pastor. You don't really know.
42:39 We can't follow men. We have to follow God.
42:43 He could be a popular television evangelist.
42:45 He could travel all around the world
42:48 holding Revelation Now programs. That's right.
42:55 How do you know that you're not listening
42:57 to the false prophet right now? You don't know that.
43:04 It's only one way to know
43:06 and that is to test what I say by the word of God.
43:10 Amen. Don't take my word for it.
43:13 Don't take any one's word for anything.
43:15 Take God's word forward,
43:16 that's the only thing we can trust.
43:18 I'm not afraid to put my faith
43:20 to the acid test for the word of God.
43:22 Don't you be afraid to do the same thing? Amen
43:27 That's what this angel warfare is all about.
43:32 You know a lot of people say, "Man, I'm scared now.
43:35 I didn't know about all that."
43:37 Well, I know we've been talking about some heavy things
43:39 but we need to unveil what's going on in this world.
43:42 I want to shift gears now
43:43 and close in these last few minutes.
43:45 I want to talk about some better things, happier things.
43:48 In fact in Psalm 34:7, the Bible says,
43:51 "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him."
43:55 So God has good angels. Praise the Lord for that.
43:57 In fact, I'm going to show you that for every bad angel,
44:00 there are two good angels here in the world.
44:02 So you don't be have to be afraid of the bad angels.
44:04 Turn to Hebrews, this is one of my favorite ones
44:07 in the little Book of Hebrews the first chapter.
44:10 In Hebrews 1:14, "Are not all angels ministering spirits
44:20 sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?"
44:22 God has angels that He sends to serve you.
44:28 In the Bible times they saw they're angles.
44:31 Today we don't see them, why?
44:33 Because I think maybe we're just too busy
44:35 doing this and doing that and going here and going there.
44:38 We don't even think about angels I believe,
44:40 if we thought about it and if we prayed about it,
44:43 if we spend time communing with God,
44:45 maybe we can see angels just like they did in Bible times.
44:48 Wouldn't you like that? Amen.
44:51 God has angels send to serve you.
44:55 But I want to show you something even better than that.
44:59 In the Gospel of John 16, the Gospel of John 16:7,
45:05 Jesus said, "I tell you the truth,
45:08 it is for your good that I'm going away
45:10 unless I go away, the counselor will not come to you.
45:13 But if I go I'll send him to you."
45:16 That counselor is the Holy Spirit.
45:18 And so Jesus is saying that it's better for Him,
45:23 it's better for Him to go away and send the Holy Spirit than
45:26 it is to have the Holy Spirit right here with us
45:29 that to have Jesus right here with us.
45:32 It's better for Jesus to go away
45:35 than it is for Him to be here in person
45:38 because when He goes away, He sends the Holy Spirit.
45:43 Now that doesn't sound like a truth to me.
45:45 But Jesus said, it is the truth.
45:48 And if it is then that it's better for Jesus
45:52 to send the Holy Spirit than to be here in person.
45:56 Then I don't believe we have begun to experience
46:01 what God wants to do for us
46:03 through the power of His Holy Spirit.
46:06 So I marked down a few things in my Bible
46:09 that help us to understand how to tap in,
46:12 tap in to that power and wisdom of God
46:15 we'll hold down for dear life.
46:17 I want to s how you how to do it right now.
46:19 In Verse 13 it says, "When the spirit of truth comes,
46:23 he will guide you into all truth."
46:25 Do you want to know the truth? Amen.
46:29 We all want to know the truth.
46:30 I have never met anyone who says,
46:32 I don't want to know the truth, tell me a lie.
46:35 We want to know the truth.
46:36 But the Bible says
46:37 the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.
46:42 If you let him, if you let him lead you into the word of God.
46:46 And then the Bible tells us in the end of verse 13,
46:49 he will tell you what is yet to come.
46:51 If you ever had to make a decision
46:52 and you have asked yourself the question
46:54 if only I knew what was going to happen tomorrow?
46:58 If only I knew what was going to happen next week or next month.
47:02 The Bible says he will tell you what is yet to come.
47:06 Now we saw that God predicts the future
47:08 through the Spirit of Prophecy, He predicts the future.
47:13 But I believe this is more than that.
47:16 The Bible also says if we listen we can hear
47:19 that still small voice behind us
47:22 telling us this is the way walk in it.
47:26 God will lead you and help you to make decisions.
47:29 You don't need a crystal ball,
47:31 charts of the stars, tarot cards.
47:33 All you need is the Spirit of God
47:35 to lead you through the word of God.
47:39 And then there's more.
47:42 In Romans 8 lot of good things here.
47:47 In Romans 8 look at verse 11 with me.
47:50 "If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus
47:53 from the dead is living in you,
47:55 then he who raised Christ from the dead
47:58 will also give life to your mortal bodies
48:00 through his spirit, who lives in you."
48:04 Now that tells me that the same spirit
48:07 who raised Jesus from the dead
48:11 wants to live in you and to empower you.
48:14 He wants to be in you.
48:15 That means that he can be closer than father and son,
48:20 mother and daughter, husband and wife.
48:22 God's spirit wants to live in you.
48:24 You need never be alone again.
48:26 So many people tell me, pastor, I just feel so alone.
48:31 But when you connect with the Spirit of God,
48:33 He dwells in you, the same spirit
48:35 that raised Jesus from the dead wants to live in you.
48:38 That's good news, amen. Amen.
48:40 And then he says, "If by the spirit
48:42 you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live."
48:47 God wants to empower you by His spirit
48:50 to put to death the misdeeds of the body.
48:53 The same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead
48:57 wants to live in you and give you power.
49:00 Power to break the chains of addiction.
49:03 Power to break the addiction of drugs, alcohol, tobacco.
49:08 Any of the problems, pornography
49:11 that people are struggling with today.
49:13 God has power and He can give you the power,
49:16 the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead
49:20 can break the chains that enslave you,
49:22 that's good news for us tonight.
49:24 Amen. And then security.
49:32 The spirit himself testifies in verse 16,
49:36 "With our spirit that we are God's children."
49:40 You know there's something about a sense of security
49:43 we can have when we are God's children.
49:49 Something about having a father.
49:51 We have, my wife and I have two boys.
49:54 Well they are not boys anymore, they are all grown up and gone.
49:57 But they were little boys
50:00 and I remember when they were little,
50:02 they could be standing up at a high place
50:05 and I could stand down there with my arms outstretched
50:08 and they would jump off into my arms.
50:12 They knew their father wasn't going to let them down.
50:17 They knew they could trust their father.
50:22 If we can have that kind of security in our earthly fathers,
50:26 how much more security do we have
50:30 in trusting in the Spirit of God.
50:33 Amen. Amen.
50:34 He is your Father,
50:38 He is the King of kings and Lord of lords.
50:42 That means that you are a prince you are a princess,
50:47 you're somebody in this whole world.
50:49 You can walk with your head held high
50:51 because you are a child of the King.
50:53 Amen. That makes you somebody.
51:00 And then in verse 26, the Bible says,
51:06 "The Spirit helps us in our weakness.
51:08 We don't even know what we ought to pray for,
51:12 but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans
51:17 that words can never express."
51:21 We don't even know what to pray for.
51:23 People tell me all the time,
51:25 "Pastor, I don't know how to pray."
51:29 I'm telling you there is power in prayer.
51:35 God is not just up there and we're down here.
51:37 He connects with us through prayer.
51:40 And there is power in prayer
51:42 and God wants to work miracles in your life.
51:44 You say, well, I don't know how to pray,
51:46 but you don't have to know how to pray.
51:48 All you need to do is talk to God
51:49 like you would talk to a friend.
51:54 You don't have to know all of those
51:56 these and thoughs and whoosh and chugs,
52:01 just pretend that you're talking to a friend
52:06 because Jesus wants to be your friend.
52:10 Picture Him sitting there with you.
52:13 Talk to Him, tell Him what's going on in your life
52:16 but you know sometimes there are things
52:18 that we can't even think of what to say
52:20 and that's when the spirit intercedes with groans
52:23 that words can never express. What power?
52:33 And then in Galatians 5:22,
52:38 the Bible tells us about the fruit of the spirit.
52:43 Love, could the world use more of that today. Amen.
52:47 Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
52:54 faithfulness, gentleness, self control,
52:57 I could use a lot more of patience, could you?
53:01 I could use a lot more of all of these things.
53:03 These are the benefits that you can have right now,
53:08 if you allow the Spirit of God to work in your heart.
53:11 Do you want peace?
53:13 Do you want rest from the things going on around us?
53:18 Seek the Spirit of God.
53:21 The Lord God, we just thank You and praise You
53:26 for Jesus who has set us free from the fears of demon spirits
53:34 and the fears of things going on all around us.
53:38 And empowers us to live a peaceful, happy,
53:43 joyful life in Him regardless of the circumstances.
53:49 Lord, we want to walk with Your Spirit.
53:51 In Jesus name, amen.
54:08 I'm only human I'm just a woman
54:21 Help me believe in what I could be
54:27 And all that I am Show me the stairway
54:41 I have to climb Lord for my sake
54:50 Teach me to take One day at a time
54:59 One day at a time dear Jesus
55:07 That's all I'm asking from You
55:16 Just give me the strength To do everyday what I have to do
55:29 Yesterday's gone dear Jesus
55:37 And tomorrow may never be mine
55:45 Lord help me today
55:49 Show me the way One day at a time
55:59 Do you remember When you walked among men?
56:11 Well Jesus you know If you're looking below
56:18 It's worse now than then Pushing and shoving
56:31 They're crowding my mind So for my sake
56:41 Teach me to take one day at a time
56:50 One day at a time dear Jesus
56:58 That's all I'm asking from You
57:06 Just give me the strength
57:10 To do everyday what I have to do
57:20 Yesterday's gone dear Jesus
57:27 And tomorrow may never be mine
57:35 Lord help me today Show me the way
57:41 One day at a time So for my sake
57:52 Teach me to take One day at a time


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