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Baptism: Water And The Blood

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00:16 We worship God because He is the Creator
00:23 of the heavens and the earth.
00:27 It's interesting in these first few chapters of Revelation
00:32 John kind of sets the stage
00:36 for the big picture of what's about to unfold.
00:43 And in Chapter 4 we discover we worship God
00:47 because He is the Creator,
00:49 but in Chapter 5 he gives us
00:52 the second reason why we worship God.
00:57 Not only is He the Creator but in Chapter 5:6,
01:03 as John is looking at the throne,
01:07 "Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain,
01:14 standing in the center of the throne,"
01:21 poor, pitiful, bleeding, slain lamb
01:28 standing in the centre of God's throne.
01:34 And all the living creatures around the throne
01:37 saying a new song in verse 9, they sang,
01:41 "You are worthy because you were slain,
01:46 and with your blood you purchased men for God."
01:52 And in loud voice verse 12 they sang,
01:55 "Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power
02:02 and wealth and wisdom and strength
02:04 and honor and glory and praise,
02:06 worthy is the Lamb to Him who sits on the throne
02:10 and to the Lamb be praise in honor
02:14 and glory and power for ever and ever
02:17 and the four living creatures said, amen
02:20 and the elders fell down and worshiped
02:26 the Lamb who was slain."
02:33 We worship God because He is the Creator
02:39 of the heavens and the earth
02:41 and we worship God because He is our Redeemer
02:47 who came and gave His life to save us.
02:53 God gave us a monument,
02:56 a memorial to remind us that He is the Creator
03:01 and likewise He gave us a monument,
03:06 a memorial to remind us that He is our Savior
03:14 that He died on the cross, that He was buried in the grave
03:18 and rose up again in victory to save you and me.
03:26 He gave us a monument to remind us of that event.
03:32 What is it? That monument is baptism.
03:39 Mathew 28, in Mathew 28, the very last words
03:46 that Mathew recorded of Jesus before He ascended into heaven,
03:51 His last words for his church before He went to heaven,
03:55 Jesus said in verse 18, "He came to them and said,
03:59 All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me."
04:07 Now remember in Revelation 13 the dragon gave his authority
04:14 to the beast but Jesus said all authority
04:22 in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
04:27 So what authority did the dragon give to the beast?
04:32 Nothing, it is a counterfeit
04:38 and to acknowledge his authority
04:42 is to disacknowledge, is that a word?
04:47 If it wasn't it is now because this what I want to say
04:52 to acknowledge his authority
04:55 is to disacknowledge the authority of Jesus Christ
04:59 because all authority has gone to him.
05:02 Now watch, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations
05:10 baptizing them in the name of the father
05:13 and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
05:16 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you,
05:22 and surely I'm with you always
05:25 even to the very end of the age."
05:29 Go and baptize them.
05:32 You see baptism was so important to Jesus that He included it
05:38 among His very last words to the church
05:41 before He ascended to heaven.
05:45 And along with baptism is the promise
05:48 that if we baptize and teach people
05:51 what it means to be baptized
05:54 teach them all that He has commanded us,
05:57 then He says, I'll be with you
06:00 all the way through till the end of the age,
06:02 that means that if you want to know the secret of victory,
06:06 then baptism plays an important role
06:09 to give us victory over the beast
06:11 all the way through to the end time.
06:13 And I'm not interested in just telling you who the beast is.
06:16 I'm not interested in just helping you understand
06:19 the Book of Revelation I want you to be victorious.
06:23 I want you to be standing on that sea of glass
06:25 singing the song of Moses and the Lamb,
06:28 it's not enough to know about it,
06:30 folks, we need to experience it.
06:33 That's why I take these little side excursions that may seem
06:37 as though they are not related to the Book of Revelation
06:41 but once you step back and see that big picture,
06:46 then you will understand and then it all become so clear.
06:51 Baptism is mentioned 80 times in the New Testament
06:55 and yet in spite of that, there is a lot of confusion
07:00 even in the Christian world today over baptism.
07:04 How should a person be baptized?
07:06 When should a person be baptized?
07:08 How many times should a person be baptized?
07:10 Does God recognize all forms of baptism?
07:13 I want to answer those questions,
07:15 I think they are important
07:17 and I want to start with the last one.
07:20 Does God recognize all forms of baptism?
07:28 Turn to little book of Ephesians 4:4.
07:35 "There is one body and one Spirit,
07:43 just as you were called to one hope, one Lord,
07:48 one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all,
07:52 who is over all, through all and in all."
07:55 So I want you to tell me.
07:57 How many Lords are there? One.
08:00 How many hopes are there? One.
08:02 How many faiths are there?
08:04 How many baptisms are there? One.
08:08 Now He is not saying
08:10 that a person can only be baptized one time.
08:13 No, that's not what he is saying
08:17 because I'll show you later some examples of Paul
08:21 encountering people that had been baptized
08:23 and they didn't fully understand what it meant
08:26 and so he taught them just like Jesus said
08:29 and then he baptized them again,
08:32 so that tells me that it's not wrong
08:35 to be baptized more than once.
08:37 Sometimes people are baptized
08:39 and they fall away far away from the path like I did.
08:45 And then when I came back I wanted to start over,
08:48 I wanted the clean slate.
08:49 I wanted to be baptized again and I was baptized again
08:53 and I praise God for that,
08:54 it was an important step for me to take.
08:57 So note, it's not wrong to be baptized more than once
09:00 usually once is enough.
09:04 But sometimes people are baptized
09:06 without knowing what they really meant
09:08 or may be they just went along with the crowd
09:10 or may be they weren't even old enough to understand.
09:13 One fellow, I asked him, I said, "Are you baptized?"
09:16 He said, "I don't know,
09:18 my mom is saying I was but I don't remember."
09:23 Well baptism is important.
09:27 No, he is not saying you can only be baptized one time,
09:29 what he is saying is that God only recognizes one baptism
09:35 and that's the only baptism
09:36 that's ever practiced in the Christian church
09:38 for the first 500 years of her existence
09:42 and that is baptism by emersion underneath the water.
09:49 In fact that's exactly what baptism means?
09:53 Baptism is really a Greek word, baptize, it's a Greek word.
10:02 We get it from the Greek word baptizo.
10:07 Baptizo means to immerse, to bury under the water.
10:14 That's the meaning of the word,
10:17 to immerse, to up under the water.
10:21 It wasn't even a religious word in Bible times,
10:25 it was just a common ordinary word.
10:28 Immerse, baptize,
10:31 If you were living in Bible times
10:35 and you are a lady that wanted to dye a piece of cloth,
10:39 you would say well I'm going to baptize this cloth in the water.
10:44 Now it doesn't do to just
10:46 sprinkle a drop or two on the cloth,
10:49 you need to put it underneath the surface
10:51 and get it good and immersed in the dye
10:55 or if you are one who likes to dunk your donuts.
11:02 Now you would say, I'm going to baptize my donut.
11:09 Now any donut dunker worth its weight in salt
11:13 knows that sprinkling a drop or two on there,
11:17 no, that's not going to get it.
11:19 What do you do?
11:20 You got to stick it down in there,
11:22 get it good and soaked, now you have dunked it.
11:25 Now you have baptized it
11:29 because that's exactly what the word meant, to immerse.
11:34 So when you see in here Jesus saying, go and baptize them.
11:41 He is really saying, go and immerse them
11:47 and that's the way you should read it.
11:49 Well, why doesn't it say that in the Bible?
11:54 Because by the time the Bible was written
11:59 tradition, there is that word again,
12:04 tradition had taken over
12:07 and they were not baptizing by immersion anymore.
12:13 They were sprinkling as a tradition,
12:18 so the translators came to this word
12:21 Jesus said, go and baptizo.
12:26 They should had translated it immerse.
12:29 Oh, but we can't do that because we are not doing that.
12:33 So what are we going to do?
12:35 So the translators did a little linguistic trick
12:40 instead of translating the word baptizo,
12:42 they transliterated the word, but what's the difference?
12:48 In translating you look at a word in one language
12:52 and find another word in the other language
12:55 that says the exact same thing as close as you can get
12:58 and you put that word in there
13:00 so when they saw baptizo they should have put immerse
13:04 that would have been translating it.
13:07 But they couldn't translate it.
13:08 Transliterating means that instead of translating it
13:11 and putting what it means
13:13 you substitute the letters for the new language
13:18 for example baptizo the Greek beta is B
13:23 Alfa is A, Pie is P
13:29 and you put them all together you get the world baptize.
13:33 You see, you knew some Greek
13:34 and didn't even know you knew Greek.
13:37 So when you say baptize you are saying a Greek word.
13:40 "Go," He said, "Baptize them, immerse them."
13:45 And we can understand why that's important
13:48 when we understand exactly what baptism means
13:53 and my favorite place for that is in Romans 6:1, Romans 6:1.
13:59 What shall we say then Paul writes to the church at Rome.
14:03 What shall we say, then?
14:04 Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?
14:15 I know what you meant, I know, but what--
14:22 why did Paul even ask that question? Why?
14:28 Because people were teaching,
14:33 hey Paul, you keep saying
14:35 we are saved by grace through faith and not by works.
14:38 That's a gift of God.
14:41 Well, if that's true then the more I sin,
14:47 the more I can ask for forgiveness
14:50 and the more grace I get.
14:53 So the more I sin, grace keeps increasing.
14:59 And so Paul says, what shall we go on sinning
15:03 so that grace can increase?
15:05 By no means, why not?
15:09 Because we died to sin, that's a good one.
15:14 We died to sin, you can't go on sinning.
15:17 Why? You died to sin.
15:20 What does that mean? I died to sin.
15:23 Watch, don't you know that all of us
15:29 who were baptized into Christ Jesus
15:33 were baptized into His death?
15:39 You can't go on sinning, why not?
15:41 Because you are baptized. What's I got to do with it.
15:45 When you were baptized,
15:46 you were baptized into His death.
15:51 You can't go on sinning.
15:54 We were therefore, watch this,
15:56 "We were therefore buried with him
15:59 through baptism into death,
16:03 in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead
16:10 through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life."
16:18 So you can't go on sinning after you become saved.
16:21 Why not? Because you were baptized.
16:24 What that got to do with it?
16:25 Don't you understand when you were baptized,
16:28 you were baptized into His death and you were buried with Him
16:35 just as He went down in the grave
16:37 and came up again to the glory of the Father,
16:39 you go down in the grave under the water
16:42 and come back up out of the water
16:44 in order to live a new life that will glorify God.
16:47 You can't go on sinning, you died to sin.
16:53 Wow, no wonder it's so important.
17:02 See in baptism we're died to that old life,
17:08 it's gone, it's buried.
17:12 We are leaving it in the water, that's the grave
17:17 and we come out of that water a new person,
17:21 a new creation the Bible says, I'm a new creature.
17:28 To live a life that will honor and glorify God.
17:31 You see that's why it's important
17:34 to recognize God as the Creator
17:38 because it takes the same creative power of God
17:44 to recreate us into a new creature
17:48 as He did to create us in the beginning.
17:52 Only the Creator can do that.
17:57 Only the Creator can recreate this world
18:00 into a new heaven and a new earth.
18:04 And if you believe in the theory of evolution
18:06 or anything like it, then how do you know
18:09 that when you come out of the water
18:10 you are a different person,
18:12 how do you know that yes, we still struggle
18:15 in this old world in this body of sin
18:17 but one of these days
18:19 God is going to recreate a new body for me
18:21 in a new heaven and a new earth.
18:23 How do you know He can do that
18:25 if you don't believe He is the Creator?
18:28 You see these things all fit together,
18:31 baptism and Creator.
18:33 No wonder God gave us two monuments,
18:35 the Sabbath as a reminder that He is the Creator
18:38 of the heavens and the earth
18:40 and baptism, a reminder that He died
18:43 was buried and rose again so that you can live.
18:49 The devil has killed two birds with one stone.
18:54 You see when man switched the Lord's day
19:01 from the Sabbath to Sunday
19:04 in honor of the resurrection of Jesus,
19:08 now we have a day in honor of the resurrection
19:13 and we no longer have a day in honor of creation
19:18 and therefore evolution has crept into the church,
19:22 it wasn't a coincidence that Saint Augustine of Hippo
19:26 just 60 years after the Council of Laodicea
19:29 officially decreed that the Lord's day is changed
19:32 from the seventh day to the first day of the week,
19:35 just 60 years later after that Saint Augustine of Hippo
19:40 was saying that we have probably evolved
19:43 instead we were created on the sixth day.
19:46 Because creation, the Sabbath was God's boulevard,
19:51 His reminder that He is the Creator.
19:54 But, you see when you keep a day
19:56 in honor of the resurrection,
19:57 you don't have a day in honor of creation anymore
20:00 but when you keep a day in honor of the resurrection,
20:04 then baptism loses its meaning
20:10 and it becomes water down and meaningless,
20:15 it's just a symbol, you don't really die,
20:19 so why all the fuss with the water,
20:22 little water or lot of water doesn't matter,
20:23 just a drop or two will do.
20:26 You see baptism and it's a lot easier on the conscience
20:32 to be sprinkled with a drop of water
20:37 and then to go on living the same old life
20:40 that they were living before
20:43 because when you are buried in that water,
20:45 that means you are dying to that old life,
20:48 so it's a lot easier on the conscience,
20:50 I'll just drop a two and I'll just go on.
20:54 No, I'm not trying to say
20:55 that everybody baptized by sprinkling did it
20:57 because they don't want
20:58 to change their life, that isn't true.
21:03 Most people don't really know the true meaning of baptism
21:09 and they are just following what they believe is right and true
21:14 and you know as long as we are sincere
21:17 and doing what we believe is right and true
21:19 and God honors that, He recognizes that
21:26 and I'll show you why in a minute.
21:29 So little water, lot of water
21:30 doesn't matter, it's just a symbol.
21:33 See the problem is when we start rationalizing God's word.
21:42 How do you know when to stop?
21:46 And I guess the lesson that I really want
21:49 to take out of this about God is that He is not like us.
21:55 Lot of times we say things and then,
21:57 you know, don't even really mean it.
22:01 But when God says something He really means it
22:07 because He is the truth and He knows the truth
22:13 and to try to rationalize that truth
22:16 is to walk down a very dangerous path
22:19 of slippery slope, rationalizing.
22:25 For first 500 years in church they baptized by immersion,
22:28 but you know lot of the churches out in desert country,
22:31 there is not a lot of water out there.
22:33 Oh, man, that's a lot of trouble
22:34 to get that much water together and it's just a symbol,
22:37 little water, lot of water doesn't matter,
22:38 why don't we just get a bucket and dump on top
22:42 and so they started pouring.
22:45 And then perhaps one day a lady comes to be baptized
22:47 and she said, well, I just came from
22:49 the beauty parlor with my new hairdo,
22:54 it's just a symbol, little water lot of water doest matter,
22:56 you know, you gonna mess it all up
22:57 with that bucket on my head,
22:59 why don't you just do a drop or two.
23:02 So, they start baptizing by sprinkling, it makes sense.
23:05 Once you begin to rationalize,
23:07 you see how do you know where to stop.
23:12 I have read some churches in Orient,
23:13 they baptize with salt.
23:16 Other churches with little oil on the forehead,
23:19 that's nice but where does the Bible say to immerse in oil
23:22 dropping in here doesn't immerse
23:25 it's not baptism, sprinkling isn't baptism
23:30 'cause baptism is immersion.
23:33 I read about one church in Hollywood,
23:39 beautiful movie star wanted to be baptized
23:42 and she thought it will look nice if they just
23:45 sprinkle rose petals on her pretty blonde hair
23:48 so in that church they baptized with rose petals.
23:51 I even read about one church
23:53 where the pastor has everyone being baptized,
23:55 come standup in front of the congregation
23:58 and he raises his hand, he says,
23:59 I now baptize you in the name of the Father,
24:02 the Son and the Holy Spirit,
24:03 I guess that's a dry cleaning method.
24:09 How do you know when to stop
24:15 when you start rationalizing God word?
24:20 It's dangerous to rationalize.
24:24 I think of two brothers Abel and Cain,
24:30 both born in the same godly family,
24:32 both instructed by the same godly parents
24:38 and they understood how God wanted them to worship.
24:42 He wanted the lamb pointing forward to the Lamb of God
24:46 like we learned last time.
24:49 Now Abel offered his lamb and God accepted that offering,
24:55 Cain, his brother rationalized,
25:00 he said, "Well, you know, Abel is a Sheppard,
25:02 easy for him to get a lamb, I'm a farmer,
25:06 I don't have any lambs but I got pomegranates,
25:11 tomatoes, beets, all these red juice
25:15 after all that blood doesn't save anybody,
25:18 it's just a symbol,
25:20 so I'll offer some of my vegetables.
25:24 Now he was worshiping God
25:26 and he taught he was doing the right thing
25:29 even though he was rationalizing,
25:31 in fact that he rationalized it,
25:32 he thought it was the right thing.
25:36 But, God didn't and God rejected it.
25:40 Cain did not believe that God meant what He said
25:43 when He said give me a lamb, he substituted his own works,
25:47 his own idea for the way it should be.
25:49 He taught it was right, God rejected it
25:52 but when God rejected it, God rejected his worship,
25:56 he got so angry that he went and murdered his own brother.
26:00 Why did he murdered his brother?
26:03 It was over worship.
26:07 Now you think that story is in there
26:08 just to read a bedtime story to your children.
26:12 Read Revelation 13.
26:16 Those who worship the beast turn against the ones
26:21 who worship the Creator and try to destroy and kill them
26:29 just like Cain tried to murder his brother Abel.
26:33 When we attempt to rationalize God's word,
26:37 it does something back to us
26:41 and it changes those people into something
26:44 that is willing to kill another person over worship
26:49 and claim that they are doing it in the name of God.
26:53 You know, I'm getting
26:54 into the mark of the beast a little bit
26:56 but you see these are all related
27:01 and God said, I want you to give Me a lamb, He meant a lamb.
27:06 When God said, I blessed the seventh day and made it holy
27:09 He meant the seventh day, not the first day,
27:12 second or third, He meant the seventh day,
27:14 God means what He says.
27:17 When God said to Eve and Adam
27:19 don't eat that apple in the middle of the garden,
27:21 I don't know if it's an apple or not, whatever.
27:24 He said don't eat the fruit.
27:27 He meant the fruit from that tree.
27:31 He didn't say, well, look at all these other trees,
27:32 you know, they are okay and this one looks better than,
27:35 I think I'll just not eat from that tree there
27:37 and I'll eat from this one here, makes sense.
27:42 But you see, God means what He says.
27:44 When God told Noah, He said,
27:46 "Noah, I want you to build a big boat,
27:50 because I'm going to destroy this world by flood."
27:52 Noah built the boat, he didn't rationalize,
27:55 he didn't say well there are lot of other boats around,
27:57 I'll get on that one. He could have.
28:01 No, but he believed God meant what He said
28:05 and when we believe God,
28:07 we are going to do what God says to do.
28:12 It's dangerous to rationalize.
28:14 Big chief one day walked into the mission on the reservation,
28:19 and Padre was there doing things and chief saw a big Bible,
28:26 saw a big Bible sitting on the desk
28:30 and he said, "What's that?"
28:33 Padre said, "That's the holy Bible,
28:36 that's the word of God."
28:39 Chief said, "I want to read that book,
28:44 so the Padre let him take the Bible to his home
28:48 and every night, every night he read the word of God
28:51 all the way through Genesis to Revelation.
28:54 Then he came back and he brought that big Bible
28:57 and he put it back on the top of the count-- desk there,
29:01 and he told the Padre, he said, I want to be baptized.
29:08 Padre says, "Good,
29:11 it's a great thing when somebody wants to be baptized."
29:14 So he turned around and he opened his cupboard
29:16 and took out a little cup and a jug of water
29:19 and put it on the desk top and pour some water in that cup
29:23 and the big chief looked at that,
29:25 stepped back and he said, "Too small."
29:32 Too small, and Padre says,
29:35 "No, no, no, you don't understand,
29:39 you don't have to get in the cup,
29:41 I'm just gonna sprinkle a drop from the cup on your head.
29:45 Big chief step back and looked at the Padre
29:48 and he said, "If that's the right baptism
29:52 then you gave me the wrong book."
29:58 Because he understood what it meant
30:00 to be buried in the water after dying with Christ
30:03 and rising up again to live a new life to glorify God?
30:12 Well, is it important,
30:13 is baptism really all that important?
30:18 Let's ask Peter. Peter, what do you think?
30:23 Is baptism important?
30:27 1 Peter 3:21, after talking about the flood,
30:34 Noah building the Ark, in verse 21 it said,
30:39 actually the end of verse 20,
30:40 "In it," that's the ark, "only a few people,
30:44 eight in all were saved through water,
30:46 and this water symbolizes baptism that now saves you."
30:54 You say, "Peter, you don't really mean that.
30:58 Baptism doesn't save us.
31:01 We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ,
31:04 not by works, not even baptism."
31:08 Well, I think if Peter was here to speak for himself,
31:11 he would probably say something like,
31:13 "Oh, you're right?
31:15 We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ."
31:19 Paul has made that crystal clear
31:21 but can you claim to have faith in God
31:27 and not be willing to do what God says to do?
31:32 Can you claim to believe God and not be willing to obey God?
31:44 Baptism saves you.
31:48 We are not saved because we are baptized,
31:52 we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
31:57 And if we have faith in Christ,
31:59 then we are going to be baptized.
32:05 In fact in one sense the act of baptism does save you.
32:15 You say, "how do you get that preacher?"
32:18 Well, Peter said it. "Is baptism that now saves you,
32:24 not the removal of dirt from the body
32:26 but the pledge of a good conscience toward God."
32:29 How does it saves you?
32:31 It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ,
32:34 who has gone to heaven and He is at God's right hand
32:37 with angels, authorities, and powers in submission to Him.
32:40 Baptism saves you, not your baptism but His baptism
32:47 When Jesus was baptized remember John the Baptist said,
32:50 "Oh no, no, not me,
32:51 I can't baptize you, I'm not even worthy."
32:53 Jesus said, "This must be done
32:57 in order to fulfill all righteousness."
33:02 So Jesus had to be baptized to fulfill all righteousness."
33:06 He was baptized for you not for Himself.
33:08 He never sinned, He didn't need to die to sin,
33:11 He was baptized for you.
33:13 He had to die to your sins not His,
33:16 so His baptism was for you, it becomes your baptism.
33:20 When you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior,
33:22 His baptism covers you.
33:24 So even though you were sprinkled,
33:26 even though your were salted,
33:28 even though you were rose petaled or dry-cleaned,
33:31 if you truly and sincerely felt
33:33 that you are following Jesus in the eyes of God,
33:36 you are an immersed baptized Christian
33:39 because Jesus was immersed for you.
33:45 Some of you are saying, "well, I didn't know about the Sabbath.
33:48 Have I have been sinning all this time?"
33:50 In the eyes of God, if you have been following the Lamb,
33:54 living up to the light that God has given you,
33:56 in the eyes of God you are a Seventh-day Sabbath keeper
34:00 even though you keep Sunday
34:02 because Jesus was a Seventh-day Sabbath keeper
34:06 and His life stands in the place of yours.
34:10 That's what the gospel means or it means nothing at all.
34:14 But once you study your Bible and discover,
34:19 wow, God didn't bless the first day,
34:22 He blessed the seventh day.
34:24 Now what am I going to do about it?
34:27 Once you study your Bible and discover,
34:30 wow, sprinkling, that wasn't what Jesus did,
34:34 He wants me to be immersed, He was immersed for me.
34:38 Do I believe enough to do it for Him?
34:43 You see, can we accept the blood of the Lamb
34:46 and reject the water of baptism? I don't think so.
34:55 So, yes, His life covers ours,
34:56 but once God reveals His truth and His way to us,
35:00 then He expects us to follow.
35:03 And if we choose not to,
35:05 can we really claim to believe God?
35:10 I'm not saved because I got baptized,
35:13 I'm not saved because I tried to keep the Sabbath holy.
35:18 No, I'm saved because I believe God.
35:22 But can I claim to believe God and not do what He says?
35:24 Jesus said,"Iif you love Me, you will keep My commandments."
35:29 John wrote, That he who says I know Him
35:31 but doesn't do what He commands is a liar."
35:35 I don't want to be a liar that's why I strive to do
35:38 what He commands because I love Him.
35:41 My wife fixes things I like to eat
35:46 and she is nice to me,
35:49 and she does things I like for her to do.
35:52 Why does she do that?
35:54 So she can get me to marry her?
35:57 We are already married,
36:00 I love her, she knows I love her,
36:02 she loves me, I know she loves me.
36:04 I try to do the things that please her.
36:06 She tries to do the things that please me
36:08 not in order to get us to marry one another
36:11 but because we are married because we love each other,
36:13 because we want to make each other happy
36:18 and I furthermore believe that when I please her,
36:21 I'm doing the one thing
36:22 that makes me happier than anything else
36:25 and so that's the way it is with God.
36:27 I don't obey him because I want him to save me,
36:30 He saved me and because of that I trust Him,
36:35 I obey Him and the bonus is when I follow Him,
36:39 I'm doing the thing that makes me happy too.
36:42 He said, "He withhold no good thing
36:44 for those who walk uprightly."
36:46 That the lesson we need to learn about God.
36:50 He say, "Well, okay, okay,
36:53 I'm convinced baptism is important
36:57 but what do I need to do in order to prepare for baptism?
36:59 I found three things in the Bible
37:01 that I think would encompass the preparation for baptism.
37:05 First one is in Mark 16:16, "Whoever believes, Jesus says,
37:11 and is baptized will be saved,
37:16 but whoever does not believe will be condemned."
37:20 Now that's interesting, He says, if you believe
37:23 and is baptized you will be saved,
37:25 you can't believe without being saved,
37:27 did you know that?
37:29 The devil believes that God wants us to be baptized
37:34 that he isn't going to be saved,
37:35 the devil believes that Jesus died on the cross,
37:38 he was there watching it, he believes it
37:41 but he isn't going to be saved,
37:44 He says, whoever believes and is baptized,
37:47 you see, both,
37:49 because baptism is a visible expression
37:51 of the inward invisible thing.
37:54 But notice, whoever does not believe would be condemned.
37:59 Nobody is condemned because they don't get baptized
38:02 as much as they are condemned because they didn't believe
38:07 just like Eve, her real sin
38:09 wasn't so much that she ate the apple.
38:13 I mean that was a sin, don't misunderstand me
38:15 but the real sin was she didn't believe God when He said,
38:19 if you eat it, you will die.
38:22 See the issue is do you trust God,
38:24 do you believe God when He tells you something,
38:26 do you believe it.
38:27 So baptism is for believers, not for nonbelievers.
38:34 I'm sorry, it won't help to get one of your friends
38:36 and toss them into the swimming pool
38:38 on the way to the water,
38:39 you say, "I baptized you in the name of the Father,
38:41 the Son, and the Holy Spirit."
38:42 It won't help because they have to be a believer.
38:47 The water is not magic.
38:50 And then the second thing in preparation for baptism
38:53 Matthew 28, we already read it,
38:55 Jesus said, "Go and teach them all things."
38:58 Baptize them, teach them all things.
39:00 So a person should be taught what it means to be baptized.
39:04 A person should be taught
39:06 that when you are going into that water,
39:08 you are dying to the old life,
39:10 you are burying it that old man is dead,
39:13 you come up a new person, a new creation in Jesus.
39:16 You can't go on sinning now,
39:18 you need to live a new life for Jesus.
39:22 Well, they ought to understand little bit about that old life
39:24 we are saying goodbye to and be willing to do it.
39:28 And they should understand about the new life
39:30 that they are wanting to live in order to glorify God,
39:33 they should know a little bit
39:34 at least about what that encompasses
39:37 and they should be willing to do it.
39:38 Doesn't mean you are going to be perfect,
39:40 that mean when you come out of that water,
39:42 you are perfect and you never make another mistake,
39:45 it doesn't mean that at all.
39:46 It simply means that you are willing
39:48 to live your life to the way God made us,
39:50 you trust Him and when you do make mistake,
39:52 you say, "God, I have sinned forgive me."
39:54 And He says, "I already have." That's what it means.
40:00 See you need to understand
40:02 the little bit about the Christian walk.
40:05 I think you can tell from this
40:06 that baptism then is for people who are old enough
40:13 to be able to understand and believe and trust God.
40:19 Baptizing an infant who can't even believe if he wanted to
40:26 is not going to mean anything.
40:29 The Bible doesn't say we baptize infants,
40:33 that's a tradition that was brought
40:36 into the medieval Church of Rome.
40:39 No, the Bible says believe the Bible says, bethought.
40:44 It also teaches that we dedicate infants to God.
40:51 We dedicate them to God and pledge to raise them
40:55 to the best of our ability as parents to follow the Lamb,
40:59 so that when they are old enough to make their own choice
41:01 then they will want to be baptized and follow the Lamb.
41:06 But it doesn't help to immerse a baby,
41:11 that's why they just sprinkle, but that's not baptism.
41:19 And then the next thing about baptism in Luke 3,
41:25 John the Baptist was preaching a baptism
41:28 in verse 3 of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.
41:34 Peter when he preached on the day of Pentecost.
41:38 What should we do, they asked him.
41:40 Repent and be baptized every one of you.
41:44 See, baptism should be preceded by repentance.
41:50 Now that's it pretty heavy word what is repentance mean?
41:56 Well, repentance, I think a good way to understand
42:00 it is to be sorry for sin,
42:04 but not just in a careless flipping way
42:09 but a heartfelt sorrow,
42:13 a determination to never do it again, a hatred for it.
42:18 We had-- we had two boys,
42:21 they are not little boys anymore they are big men.
42:25 When they were little they played together,
42:28 three years apart, the little fellow,
42:31 the younger one always came out
42:33 on the short end to the stick when things got rough.
42:36 He was the one who get knocked down and hurt
42:38 and one time they were roughhousing
42:40 a little bit too much
42:41 and poor little guy got knocked down,
42:44 hurt, started crying.
42:46 And so we went to his big brother and said,
42:48 "Now look, you need to go over there
42:51 and tell him, you're sorry."
42:53 Well that didn't always go over to be
42:56 and sometimes he would just inch his way over there
43:03 may be hoping that we would forget about it
43:05 by the time we got there for he took so long
43:09 and then when he gets there without even looking at him,
43:12 he mumble something and nobody could understand.
43:16 See, that's not repentance.
43:18 Repentance hates sin. I hate it when I do that.
43:24 I don't ever want to do that again.
43:25 I got impatient with my family today,
43:28 God, I hate it.
43:29 I don't ever want to-- help me never do it again.
43:33 You see, that's what repentance means.
43:36 Hatred for sin, you say, "What, I don't know
43:38 that I always hate everything I do, that's true."
43:42 Think if we are honest with ourselves,
43:43 we discover that there may be some sins we might not hate.
43:47 One part of us doesn't, another part of it secretly,
43:50 you know, that's why I really appreciate the Bible saying
43:55 that repentance is a gift from God.
43:58 And you just pray,
44:00 "God, you know, my heart, I can't fool you,
44:04 I kind of enjoy that but I don't enjoy
44:06 because I know it hurts you and I don't want to do it,
44:08 I don't want to hurt You,
44:10 make me hate it, Lord, make me repent."
44:14 and He will answer a prayer like that, just give it to God.
44:18 So believe in Jesus, be taught what it means and repent.
44:23 John the Baptist said to the crowd coming on, in verse 7.
44:25 He said, those coming out to be baptized,
44:28 you brood of vipers, and be like me
44:32 having an altar call and you come down from
44:33 as you bunch of rattlesnakes.
44:37 What would you think of that? "You brood of vipers!
44:42 Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath."
44:45 You see they just wanted to be baptized,
44:46 so they wouldn't burn in hell not because they love God.
44:51 Now watch this, verse 8,
44:52 "Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.
44:55 And don't begin to say to yourselves,
44:57 'We have Abraham as our father.'
44:59 I tell you out of these stones
45:00 God can raise up children of Abraham."
45:04 Oh, well, we're okay, we are saved
45:06 because we are descendants of Abraham.
45:10 Now, Pastor, I don't need to be baptized,
45:11 my church don't do it that way,
45:12 I got sprinkled, that should be good enough.
45:17 God can make church members out of stones.
45:23 You are not saved because you are church member.
45:26 You are not saved because you are Catholic,
45:28 Methodist, Baptist,
45:29 Presbyterian, Seventh-day Adventist.
45:34 You are saved because you have faith in Jesus Christ
45:37 and you are willing to follow the Lamb,
45:40 that's what saves us,
45:41 no matter what label we tag on ourselves,
45:43 no matter what church you go to,
45:45 you need to follow the Lamb.
45:50 Now notice, John the Baptist would not baptize everyone
45:54 that came up to him and said baptize me.
46:00 So, what should I do
46:03 if somebody comes up to me and says, "Baptize me, pastor."
46:07 John had a criteria, he said,
46:08 "Produce fruit, show me a little evidence
46:10 that you really want to die to that old life."
46:14 He had a criteria, he wouldn't just baptize anyone,
46:18 he wanted to see evidence of repentance.
46:23 See, baptism is not a game, it's not just a swimming pool.
46:27 Sometimes young people, they gonna say,
46:30 I want to get baptize, I said, "Why, why?"
46:31 I get to go swimming.
46:33 No, it's not about swimming,
46:36 it's called dying to that old life.
46:51 Then sometimes people ask me,
46:55 what's the urgency, pastor, about baptism?
46:59 I'm going to have a birthday in about eight months
47:03 and I think I want to wait till my birthday to get baptized.
47:06 I want to wait till I can save up enough money
47:08 and fly over to the east coast
47:10 and see my great grand parents and get baptized there,
47:13 I think they would like to see that.
47:18 But I don't see that attitude in the Bible.
47:21 For example in Acts 8:26, An angel of the Lord
47:25 said to Philip who was an evangelist.
47:27 He said, "Philip, go south to that road
47:29 and a desert road and so Philip went down there
47:32 on his way he met an Ethiopian,
47:34 the treasurer of Ethiopia, important man."
47:38 Verse 30, "Philip ran up to the chariot and heard the man
47:41 reading Isaiah the prophet and he asked him,
47:44 "Do you understand what you are reading?" Philip asked.
47:46 "How can I understand that?"
47:48 He said, "Unless sombody explains it to me?"
47:50 So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.
47:53 And Philip explained to him
47:54 what Isaiah was writing about Jesus Christ,
47:57 that's an Old Testament book, Isaiah.
48:00 Read Isaiah 53, that's what he was reading,
48:03 read Isaiah 53, it's all about Jesus
48:05 dying on the cross for you in the Old Testament
48:08 and so he studied Isaiah with the man
48:11 and as verse 36 says, "They traveled along that desert road,
48:15 they came to an oasis or some thing
48:17 because they saw water
48:19 and the Ethiopian said, "Look, here is water.
48:21 Why shouldn't I be baptized?
48:24 And so he gave orders to stop the chariot.
48:26 And both he and Philip went down into the water."
48:30 Did you get that?
48:32 They went down into the water and Philip baptized him
48:36 and then when they came up out of the water,
48:41 so how do you baptize him,
48:42 he didn't bend down, get a handful
48:44 and I baptized you.
48:46 No, they went down into the water,
48:49 he baptized and then they came up out of the water.
48:54 Now notice, he was on his way home.
48:57 He could have said, "Well, I'm on my way home,
48:58 I can go to my own church and get baptized there."
49:02 No, when the Spirit moves on the heart it's time to do it
49:05 even if you are out in the desert.
49:09 It's dangerous to put off following what God says.
49:13 Don't give the devil a chance to put his foot in the door
49:18 because he gets it open a crack,
49:20 he would bust it open all the way.
49:23 So when God impresses your heart to do something,
49:25 it's time to do it right then.
49:28 Now a person should be prepared.
49:30 It doesn't mean you are going to be perfect,
49:32 that means you should understand
49:34 and once you understand what it means
49:36 then it's time to be baptized.
49:38 Don't put it off, don't wait.
49:40 Sometimes you'll say, "Well, my birthday is next month,
49:42 I want to get baptized on my birthday."
49:44 There is not one verse in the Bible that says,
49:47 "Thou shall wait until thine birthday to get baptized."
49:51 Not one, when the spirit moves on the heart
49:55 it's dangerous to delay, it's times to respond.
50:01 It's urgent, Acts 22, there is another story
50:05 because people ask me a lot of times,
50:07 oh, what about me, I'm a Christian,
50:09 I have been a Christian for 50 years
50:10 and God has used me in so many ways
50:12 and work miracles and answered my prayers
50:14 and are you telling me I need to be baptized?
50:18 Chapter 22:6, "About noon as I came near Damascus,
50:22 suddenly a bright light from heaven flashed around me
50:24 and I fell to the ground
50:26 and I heard a voice saying to me,
50:27 'Saul! Saul! why do you persecute me?'"
50:32 Now do you know why Saul was going to Damascus?
50:36 He was going to persecute Christians.
50:40 He was going to put them to death
50:42 and then he hears this voice, "Saul, why do you persecute me""
50:45 "Who are you, Lord?"
50:48 I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting.
50:52 Now Jesus had been dead for a long time,
50:54 He was up in heaven.
50:56 I love this because it tells me
50:58 whatever happens to you happens to Him.
51:01 Nothing happens to you
51:03 that Jesus isn't experience in Himself,
51:06 He understands you. You can trust him.
51:12 Why are you persecuting Me?
51:16 Now watch this, verse 10, "What shall I do, Lord?'
51:22 Saul of Tarsus, calling Jesus of Nazareth, Lord,
51:30 he was converted, he was born again right there.
51:35 He encountered Christ, he was born again,
51:37 "What shall I do, Lord?"
51:38 "Get up, the Lord said, go to Damascus
51:40 there you will be told all that you have been assigned to do."
51:42 God had an assignment for him.
51:44 He has got an assignment for you,
51:46 he is just waiting for you to get up and move on it
51:48 but he has got an assignment
51:49 just like he did for Saul of Tarsus.
51:53 Verse 11, "My companions had to lead me by the hand of Damascus,
51:56 because the brilliance of the light had blinded me."
51:58 Now folks we are looking at a miracle, amen.
52:03 And so verse 12, "A man named Ananias came to see me.
52:06 He was a devout observer of the law."
52:09 A sprit filled Christian called the devout observer of the law.
52:13 The spirit doesn't do away with the law,
52:14 it intensifies the law in our hearts.
52:18 Verse 13, "He stood beside me
52:20 and said, 'Brother Saul, receive your sight'
52:23 And at that very moment I was able to see him,
52:26 another miracle, isn't it?
52:28 I have never seen anyone
52:30 more miraculously convert than Saul of Tarsus.
52:35 Then he said, "The God of our fathers has chosen you
52:37 to know his will, to see the Righteous One
52:39 to hear words from his mouth
52:41 and you will be his witness of all men
52:44 of what you have seen and heard
52:46 and Saul of Tarsus became Paul the Apostle.
52:51 What a conversion, what a miracle.
52:53 Nobody has ever had miraculous conversion like that
52:58 and yet verse 16, "And now what are you waiting for?
53:03 Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away,
53:06 after all of that he still needed to go get baptized
53:11 even after receiving his call
53:13 to be an apostle for Jesus Christ,
53:16 he still needed to get baptized.
53:18 If Paul needed to be baptized
53:20 then how much that you and I needed to be baptized?
53:24 Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:5,
53:28 "Accept you're born of water and the Spirit
53:31 you cannot see the kingdom of God."
53:34 That ought to sell it for us.
53:36 We can't see the kingdom of God
53:37 without the Holy Spirit
53:40 but he is also saying we can't see the kingdom of God
53:42 unless we are born of water.
53:45 Baptism and spirit, the water
53:48 and the blood of Jesus, we need them both.
53:53 But just in case you are not convinced,
53:58 I want you to go with me to Jordan River
54:00 and there's Jesus standing on the bank
54:07 taking off His outer robe walking down into the water
54:12 and said, "John baptize me."
54:17 John said, "I'm not even worthy to untie Your shoes,
54:21 I can't baptize You."
54:24 And Jesus said, "John this must be done,
54:29 if you want to fulfill all righteousness it must be done."
54:35 And so John the Baptist, baptized Jesus Christ
54:42 the Son of God in the muddy water of the Jordan River.
54:50 Watch Jesus as he comes up out of the water,
54:55 and He looks up and praise
54:58 and the Holy Spirit comes down on Him like a dove
55:03 and He hears the voice of His Father saying,
55:05 "This is My Son and I'm happy."
55:15 And Jesus trudges out of the water
55:19 on to the bank of the river.
55:22 You see Him standing there water dripping from His hair,
55:27 His beard, His robe into a little puddle
55:31 in the bank of the river
55:34 and then He notices a man standing next to him
55:38 and He asked the man, He said, have you been baptized?
55:45 And the man says, no, I haven't been baptized
55:51 and Jesus says, well, I was baptized.
55:57 And the man says, well, may be it is necessary for you.
56:03 I don't think it's necessary for me.
56:07 It makes me feel blasphemous just saying that.
56:11 Because if it was necessary for the sinless Son of God
56:18 to be baptized in the waters of the Jordan River,
56:22 how much more necessary
56:27 and willing should you and I be to follow the Lamb.
56:33 Brandon because you are giving yourself back to Jesus tonight,
56:36 I baptize you in the name of the Father,
56:39 and the Son, and Holy Spirit, amen.
56:48 Amen. Amen.
56:55 Lord, we have just seen it.
56:57 We've been talking about it but we have seen it.
57:03 And all we can do is just stand in awe
57:07 of all that you have done for us.
57:11 Lord as we sit here, the image is still in our mind.
57:19 There are some who have never been baptized.
57:22 They need to take that step,
57:25 may be there are even some who have been baptized
57:30 but it wasn't the Bible way
57:34 and then perhaps there are some
57:35 who have been baptized the Bible way
57:37 but they have wandered off the path
57:39 or they didn't understand what it meant.
57:43 They want to come back home.
57:46 And Lord I pray that You will just search every heart
57:50 and convict every person who needs to be baptized
57:54 to take that step and follow the Lamb.
57:58 We ask you in Jesus' name, amen.


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