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00:18 Elijah lived at the time when Israel had reached
00:21 a low point in her relationship to God.
00:25 That spineless, vacillating king Ahab
00:29 had married the wicked Phoenician princess Jezebel.
00:33 And Jezebel managed to deceive God's people
00:37 into mixing in the worship of the Lord
00:42 with the worship of Baal, her God.
00:46 So we find God's people worshipping the Lord
00:50 and worshipping Baal at the same time.
00:55 Elijah did the only thing that a man of God
00:57 can do in a time like that, he prayed
00:59 and God gave him a message.
01:03 So dressed in his camel haired robe,
01:08 he went marching into the king's palace,
01:12 passed the guards, down the court
01:14 to the very presence of the king in the throne room
01:18 and delivers his message.
01:20 He said to the King Ahab, 1 Kings 17:1,
01:27 "As the Lord, the God of Israel, lives,
01:29 whom I serve, there will be neither dew nor rain in the land
01:35 in the next few years except at my word."
01:38 And just as mysteriously as Elijah had appeared,
01:41 he disappeared, leaving the king and his men
01:44 scratching their heads, wondering, what was that?
01:48 Who was he?
01:49 Anyway, did you notice that funny looking
01:51 camel haired robe he was wearing,
01:52 that went out years ago?
01:56 And who does he think he is to see aloft the heavens,
02:00 so there would be no rain except that his word.
02:06 But there was no rain.
02:08 The days turned into weeks, the weeks into months,
02:11 the months into years.
02:13 Three and half years, there was no rain in the land.
02:15 The crops failed, the cattle dying,
02:18 people leaving the country by the droves,
02:20 when finally God send a message to Elijah.
02:23 And he said, go and present yourself to Ahab
02:26 and I will send rain on the land.
02:28 So, Elijah goes, makes an appointment
02:30 to meet the King Ahab.
02:32 And I want you to picture this,
02:33 Ahab riding in his finest chariot
02:37 with his finest white horses pulling him,
02:40 trying to maintain his kingly composure
02:43 and be in control of the situation
02:45 as he sees Elijah standing there.
02:48 He goes up to him and he says,
02:50 you are the one, you troubler of Israel.
02:53 In verse 16, and Elijah says, immediately taking control,
02:57 not to be intimidated by anyone,
02:59 especially a king on this earth because he served
03:02 the king of kings and Lord of lords.
03:04 And he said no.
03:05 he says, "No, I am not the troubler of Israel
03:09 but you and your father's family have.
03:11 You have abandoned the Lord's commands and gone after Baal."
03:15 Now in absolute control Elijah says in verse 19,
03:19 now he said, "Summon the people
03:21 from all over Israel to meet me on Mount Carmel.
03:24 Bring the four hundred and fifty false prophets of Baal
03:28 and the four hundred prophets of Asherah,
03:31 who eat at Jezebel's table."
03:33 What could the king do?
03:35 He had to go along with Elijah.
03:39 And so he agreed to meet him on Mount Carmel
03:42 with 950 of the most powerful preachers in the land,
03:49 950 false prophets, false teachers,
03:53 highly respected religious leaders in the land
03:57 and all the people of Israel and King Ahab himself
04:01 on Mount Carmel and there was one man of God Elijah
04:06 standing in that funny looking camel haired robe.
04:11 King, the most popular pastors and preachers
04:17 and teachers in the land.
04:22 The most favorite Bible school teachers, parents,
04:28 fathers, sons, mothers, daughters,
04:31 all on one side, Elijah on the other side.
04:39 And I think we would stand with Elijah,
04:41 but it wouldn't' be easy.
04:45 God is always looking for men and women willing to stand alone
04:50 in the face of the crowd
04:51 in order to follow the Lamb.
04:59 So Elijah went before the people in verse 21 and he said,
05:04 this is the shortest sermon at least
05:06 as far as I know in the Bible, but the most powerful.
05:10 "How long will you waver between two opinions?
05:16 If the Lord is God, then follow Him,
05:20 but if Baal is God, follow him."
05:23 Period, amen.
05:25 Sermon over.
05:27 I know what you're thinking.
05:30 Preacher, why don't you go like Elijah?
05:35 Well, he didn't' have a fifty eight and a half minute
05:37 television program to fill.
05:42 How long will you waver?
05:46 If the Lord is God, then follow Him,
05:49 if Baal is God, then follow Baal.
05:53 But quit claiming to follow the Lord
05:56 while you are going after Baal.
06:01 You see that's the way Satan works.
06:03 He takes a little bit of error
06:05 and sprinkles it in with a lot of truth.
06:08 He has always done that and he always will.
06:11 How long are you going to waver?
06:13 If the Lord is God, follow God, follow Him all the way,
06:16 don't sprinkle in a little error,
06:18 you can't serve both God and Baal.
06:21 You can't worship both God and the beast at the same time.
06:32 So then Elijah said, I want you to prepare test.
06:36 We are going to test to see who is really God.
06:40 You build an altar to Baal and I am going
06:42 to build an altar to the Lord.
06:44 You put an offering on yours,
06:46 I put offering on mine.
06:47 You pray to Baal, I'll pray to the Lord
06:49 and the God who answers by fire then he is the real God
06:53 and the people said fair enough because Baal
06:55 was supposed to be the God of fire,
06:57 he was also supposed to be the God of rain
06:59 but haven't been able to do anything about that
07:01 for the last three and half years.
07:02 Let's see what he can do with the fire.
07:04 So they prepare their altar, they put an offering on it
07:07 and they began to pray, "Oh, Baal, oh, Baal, hear us."
07:10 And they prayed and they prayed
07:12 and they prayed and nothing happened.
07:13 About noon, the Bible says, verse 27,
07:16 Elijah began to taunt them, cry a little louder,
07:18 maybe he can't hear you.
07:20 Louder, louder, maybe he is taking a nap.
07:22 Louder, maybe he stepped out back.
07:25 He taunted them.
07:30 And then he said, that's enough,
07:35 it's obvious Baal isn't going to answer you.
07:40 And he repaired the old broken down altar
07:42 to Lord, put an offering on it
07:44 and about the time of the evening
07:45 sacrifice he step forward.
07:48 In verse 36 he prayed, "O lord, God of Abraham,
07:52 Isaac and Israel, let it be known today O Lord
07:54 that you are God and that I am your servant
07:58 and have done all these things at your command.
08:01 Answer me, O lord, answer me,
08:03 and then these people will know that you,
08:05 O lord, are God, and you are turning
08:08 their hearts back again."
08:10 And they heard a loud roar, a ball of fire came down
08:13 from heaven and it burnt the offering,
08:14 it burnt the altar, it even burnt the water
08:17 they dumped in the trench around it.
08:19 And the people fell face down to the ground
08:22 and they cried out the Lord, He is God, the Lord, He is God.
08:28 And there was a revival in Israel
08:33 because one man had the courage to stand against the king
08:38 and 850 false prophets of the land
08:42 and all the people, one man of God.
08:48 What a man, Elijah.
08:54 And then he told them in verse 40,
08:56 "Seize the prophets of Baal.
08:58 Don't let anyone get away, they seized them,
09:01 and Elijah had them brought down to the Kishon Valley
09:04 and slaughtered there, all 850 of them."
09:10 What we have just seen is an intensely spiritual battle
09:13 between false worship of a false god and the true worship
09:18 of a true God ending with the divine intervention in glory
09:23 and the execution of the false prophets.
09:25 Does that sound familiar?
09:28 You have been with us long enough at Revelation Now
09:31 to know that this is pointing us to the Revelation 13.
09:39 And then the Bible says that Elijah prayed seven times
09:42 and finally the Lord sent rain on the land.
09:46 It says, "Meanwhile," verse 45, "The sky grew black
09:49 with clouds, the wind rose, a heavy rain came on
09:52 and Ahab rode off to Jezreel.
09:54 The power of the lord came upon Elijah
09:56 and tucking his cloak into his belt,
09:59 he ran ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel."
10:01 Elijah was the forerunner to the king
10:05 all the way into the city.
10:08 And the Bible tell us that two times again in the future
10:12 Elijah is going to be the forerunner to a king.
10:15 This time a greater king, King Jesus.
10:19 You want to see that prophecy?
10:22 It's the last prophecy in the Old Testament.
10:25 Malachi 4, the last word that God had for His people
10:31 before it was time for Jesus to come.
10:34 Malachi 4:4, "Remember the law
10:38 of my servant Moses, the decrees and the laws
10:41 that I gave him at Horeb for all Israel."
10:44 Verse 5, "See, I will send you
10:47 the prophet Elijah before
10:49 the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes."
10:53 Remember the law of my servant Moses.
10:57 You see the return of Elijah
11:00 presupposes a falling away
11:05 from the law of God and Elijah comes
11:10 back to restore the law of God.
11:14 Does that sound familiar?
11:17 You see these stories are much more than just stories
11:21 to read to your children at bedtime.
11:24 They are stories that teach us about the time of the end.
11:31 So the return of Elijah presupposes a falling away
11:36 to the laws of God and Elijah comes to restore
11:40 God's law two times in the future.
11:44 That what it says, verse 5, "See, I send you
11:47 the prophet Elijah before
11:48 the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes."
11:53 You say, "I don't see two times there.
11:55 I only see one time, before
11:59 the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes."
12:02 Well, let's ask the best interpreter
12:07 of the Old Testament prophecies.
12:10 How many times does Elijah come?
12:11 Let's ask him, you know who that is?
12:15 Who is the best interpreter of the Old Testament?
12:19 Jesus. Can you trust Him?
12:22 So let's ask Him.
12:24 Jesus, how many times does Elijah come?
12:28 In Matthew 17, the disciples
12:30 asking that very question.
12:32 They came up to Jesus, verse 10 and they asked Him,
12:35 "Why then do the teachers of the law say
12:37 that Elijah has to come first?"
12:39 you see the Pharisees were saying Jesus
12:42 can't be the Messiah because Elijah comes first.
12:45 They knew about Malachi's prophecy and Elijah
12:48 is not here yet, so how can Jesus be the Messiah.
12:51 So they go running up to Jesus,
12:53 they are saying you can't be Messiah
12:55 because Elijah has to come first.
12:56 What about that?
12:57 I think they were kind
12:59 of wondering themselves, don't you?
13:01 And Jesus answered the question for them.
13:05 He said, verse 11, "To be sure,
13:09 Elijah comes and he will restore all things."
13:14 Now tell me, is that past, present or future?
13:21 That's future, isn't it?
13:23 He will come, he will restore all things.
13:27 That's future.
13:30 "But I tell you Elijah has already come
13:35 and they didn't recognize him but they have done
13:38 to him everything that they wished in the same way
13:41 the son of man is going to suffer at their hands."
13:43 Then the disciples understood.
13:46 He was talking to them about John the Baptist,
13:52 and they beheaded him.
13:56 You see, Jesus is showing
13:58 that there will be a double fulfillment
14:00 of that Elijah prophecy.
14:03 Why? Because Jesus comes two times.
14:09 Once born as a baby,
14:14 He came as the messiah.
14:17 Second, on the clouds of glory when He comes again.
14:23 So Elijah comes two times, he is the forerunner
14:26 to the king the first time, John the Baptist.
14:29 Forerunner to the king the second time
14:32 when he comes in the clouds of glory.
14:38 Well, they went running to John the Baptist.
14:40 They said, are you Elijah?
14:41 And he said no.
14:43 Now wait a minute, Jesus said he was
14:47 and John says no, I am not.
14:50 Who is right?
14:54 They were both right.
14:56 You say, well, how can that be?
14:59 In Luke 3, in Luke 3:3,
15:06 "He, John the Baptist,
15:08 he went into all the country around the Jordan River,
15:10 preaching a baptism of repentance
15:12 for the forgiveness of sins.
15:13 As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet,
15:18 he was a voice of one calling in the desert,
15:22 Prepare the way for the Lord,
15:24 make straight paths for Him."
15:26 It wasn't necessary for God to bring back the man Elijah.
15:31 No, it was the message of Elijah,
15:34 the voice of Elijah
15:36 in the spirit and the power of Elijah to make straight
15:40 and prepare the way for the Lord to come.
15:43 You see they were expecting a reincarnation of Elijah.
15:47 They were looking for the man Elijah and John said,
15:52 "No, I am not the man Elijah, I am the voice of Elijah,
15:56 the spirit and the power of Elijah.
15:59 Prepare the way for the Lord."
16:02 And what did he do?
16:03 He said to the crowds coming out
16:05 to be baptized by him in verse 7,
16:07 "You brood of vipers!, you rattlesnakes, he said.
16:11 Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?
16:14 Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.
16:16 And do not begin to say to yourselves,
16:18 'We have Abraham as our father.'
16:20 I tell you God can raise up children
16:22 of Abraham out of these stones."
16:26 Repent, produce fruit, show me by your actions
16:31 that you want to follow the Lamb.
16:33 Let me see you do it, don't tell me about it.
16:36 The only reason they want to be baptized
16:38 was not to burn in hell.
16:42 So John was telling they needed to demonstrate
16:44 it and don't claim you are children of Abraham,
16:47 God can make children of Abraham out of stone.
16:49 You know a lot of people tell me,
16:50 "Well, Pastor, I don't need to be baptized
16:52 under the water like that, my church doesn't do it.
16:55 Or I go to this church and they do Sunday
16:58 saying Sunday is just fine."
17:00 And another church said,
17:01 "Well, when we die we go up to haven,
17:03 a purgatory and if we put enough in the offering then
17:06 we can get him out of there."
17:10 God can make church members out of stones.
17:14 You are not going to be saved because you belong to a church,
17:16 you are going to be saved because you followed
17:18 Jesus Christ who is the Lamb.
17:23 It doesn't matter if you are a Baptist,
17:24 Methodist, Presbyterian, Seventh-day Adventist,
17:28 that's not going to save you.
17:30 What saves you is faith in Jesus Christ
17:33 and following Him even when the whole world
17:37 is doing something else.
17:40 And so John the Baptist started preaching,
17:42 he said what should we do?
17:43 He said the man with two tunics should share
17:45 with the one who has one.
17:46 Don't collect more than you're required to.
17:48 Don't steal, don't extort money and hear it,
17:51 quit living with your brother's wife,
17:53 thou shalt not commit adultery.
17:55 You see, he was restoring the Law of Moses.
18:01 But the prophet said, prophet said that Elijah
18:07 would appear again before the great day of the Lord comes,
18:11 so we should be looking for another Elijah in the last days
18:17 to remind people of the law of God that He gave to Moses.
18:23 Now where can we find a message to be delivered
18:27 in the power of in spirit of Elijah?
18:30 It should be somewhere in the Book of Revelation,
18:34 if it's the last days before Jesus come.
18:36 So where can we find a message that prepares people
18:39 for the return of Jesus Christ
18:42 to be delivered just before He comes?
18:44 Now you should know by now.
18:48 You think it might be the Three Angels' Messages
18:50 of Revelation 14 and now you're beginning to see
18:54 why they are so important?
18:55 No, it's not necessary for God to bring back the man Elijah
19:00 anymore than it was for John the Baptist
19:02 to be the man Elijah.
19:04 It's the message of Elijah preparing the people for God
19:07 to return and the first angel,
19:09 "With the everlasting gospel, goes every tribe,
19:12 language, nation and people."
19:13 Chapter 14:6. And he said
19:16 with the everlasting gospel, and he said in a loud voice,
19:18 "Fear God, give him glory, because the hour
19:22 of his judgment has come."
19:23 Jesus is coming, we are in the end time,
19:26 we are in the last moments.
19:28 Now is the time to worship Him who made the heavens,
19:31 the earth, the sea and the fountains of water.
19:34 He is quoting the Sabbath
19:35 commandment of the Ten Commandments.
19:37 Remember the law of my servant Moses,
19:40 that's the Elijah message for the last days.
19:45 And you are hearing it.
19:47 I am not Elijah, no more than John the Baptist was.
19:52 You are not Elijah but if you have a part
19:56 in helping to proclaim the Three Angels' Messages to the world
19:59 you are proclaiming the Elijah message.
20:04 That's why it's so important.
20:07 And then the second angel followed in verse 8 and he said,
20:10 "Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great,
20:12 made all the nations drink
20:13 the maddening wine of her adulteries."
20:17 Babylon has fallen.
20:19 On Mount Zion God's people worshipped
20:22 the creator of the heavens and the earth.
20:25 In Babylon they are worshipping the beast,
20:28 the creature because Babylon has fallen.
20:31 Now what does that mean when it says Babylon has fallen?
20:35 John doesn't explain it.
20:37 He assumes we understand the fall of Babylon.
20:40 Well, how are we going to understand that?
20:44 Remember, Book of Revelation quotes
20:47 or alludes the Old Testament how many times?
20:50 Over 600 times, here's another one.
20:55 Let's go back to Daniel.
20:57 We'll go fast because this is going to be reviewed,
20:59 at least the first part of it, in the prophecy of Daniel 1.
21:04 I want to start at Chapter 1,
21:06 in Daniel 1:1 the Bible tells us,
21:09 "In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim,
21:11 the king of Judah,
21:13 that's in Jerusalem, God's people.
21:16 Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon came
21:19 to the city of Jerusalem and he besieged it."
21:22 So the wicked king from Babylon came to Jerusalem
21:25 and he captured God's city.
21:27 Not only that, the Lord deliver Jehoiakim,
21:29 the king of Judah into his hands along with some of the articles
21:33 from the temple of God and these he took
21:35 to the temple of his God in Babylon and put them
21:37 in the treasure house of his God.
21:39 So they went to Jerusalem, captured the city,
21:42 took the people, took some golden cups,
21:44 remember that golden cups out of the temple,
21:47 brought them back to Babylon and put them
21:49 in the Babylonian temple and used them
21:52 to worship the Babylonian gods.
21:55 So they took something that God
21:57 had set aside and made holy, those cups were holy cups.
22:02 They were to be used only to worship the Lord God.
22:05 They took something that God made holy
22:08 and they used it in a common ordinary way
22:11 as though they were not holy.
22:15 That's Babylon.
22:17 Now Chapter 5, Nebuchadnezzar had died
22:21 and Belshazzar, his son gave a great banquet
22:24 for a thousand of his nobles and he drank wine with them
22:27 and in the middle of that drunken orgy,
22:29 the Bible tells us in verse 2 that he gave orders
22:32 to bring those gold and silver cups.
22:34 So they brought the cups,
22:35 he filled them with Babylonian wine,
22:37 those holy cups that were to be used
22:39 only to worship the Lord God.
22:41 He filled them with Babylonian wine and began to drink
22:44 to the Babylonian gods when suddenly his knees
22:47 began to knock, his face turned white,
22:49 the cup slips from his hand because he saw
22:51 a man's hand cut off, writing a message on the wall,
22:55 he couldn't understand it so he called his magicians
22:58 and astrologers and chart watchers and tarot card players
23:02 and anybody else he could find.
23:03 What is it saying, what is it saying?
23:05 And they couldn't but somebody remembered Daniel
23:08 and Daniel came to interpret the message.
23:10 Listen to what Daniel had to say, verse 18,
23:13 "Oh, king, the Most High God
23:17 gave your father Nebuchadnezzar, sovereignty,
23:19 greatness, glory and splendor."
23:21 And he acknowledged that in verse 21,
23:24 "He acknowledged that the Most High God is sovereign
23:27 over all the kingdoms of men.
23:28 Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged God but you,
23:33 his son, oh, Belshazzar, you have not humbled yourself,
23:39 though you knew all of this."
23:42 You see, it wasn't as though Belshazzar
23:44 didn't understand those cups were holy,
23:48 he knew they were holy cups.
23:49 He knew he was trampling on something that God
23:53 made holy when he began to drink to the Babylonian gods,
23:56 he knew what he was doing.
23:58 It wasn't ignorance, he knew the truth.
24:03 And because of that the Bible says,
24:07 "You knew all of this, instead you have set
24:09 yourself up against the Lord of heaven.
24:13 You had the goblets from his temple brought to you,
24:15 and you and your nobles, your wives, your concubines,
24:18 you drank wine from them.
24:20 You praised the gods of silver,
24:21 gold, bronze, iron, wood and stone,
24:22 that cannot see, hear or understand.
24:24 But you did not honor the God who holds in his hand your life.
24:27 That's why God sent the message on the wall."
24:35 You set yourself up against God.
24:37 How did Belshazzar set himself up against God?
24:41 He took the holy cups, the cups that God
24:46 said were to be used only to worship Him
24:50 and trampled on them,
24:53 treated them like any other cup.
24:59 And the Bible says he set himself up
25:01 against the Lord God of heaven.
25:05 That's why the message came.
25:07 Well, what did it say?
25:09 "Mene, mene, tekel, parsin.
25:11 Mene, God has numbered the days of your reign
25:13 and brought it to an end.
25:15 Tekel, you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.
25:20 Peres, your kingdom is divided and given
25:23 to the Medes and the Persians."
25:28 God has numbered the days, brought it to an end.
25:31 You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.
25:34 The hour of God's judgment has come.
25:39 Babylon has fallen.
25:44 Here are the Three Angels' Messages
25:45 right here in the Old Testament.
25:49 The gospel goes to the whole world, angel number one.
25:51 Babylon, Belshazzar, you knew exactly what you were doing,
25:55 the whole world is going to know
25:57 the truth before Jesus comes.
26:00 And those who trample on the things that God
26:02 says are holy are going to know that's exactly
26:05 what they are doing before Jesus comes.
26:08 You see, here's a precursor to the Three Angels' Messages.
26:15 Now, we are ready to understand
26:17 Babylon in the Book of Revelation,
26:20 in the New Testament, because you see
26:21 in the Old Testament, Israel was a literal nation
26:26 in their own territory, in their political structure.
26:31 Babylon was also a literal nation,
26:34 their enemy up to the North of Israel
26:37 and they would come down and fight against Israel.
26:41 But in the New Testament the Israel of God
26:44 is the church of Jesus Christ.
26:47 Therefore, Babylon in the New Testament is the enemy
26:51 to the church of Jesus Christ.
27:00 Today we hear lots of stories in the news and sermons
27:04 and books and novels about Iraq being Babylon
27:10 and that Saddam Husain was going
27:12 to re-build the ancient city of Babylon.
27:18 He is not going to make it, in case you are wondering
27:24 but even if he did, it wouldn't be the Babylon
27:27 that the New Testament is talking about.
27:30 It wouldn't be the Babylon that Revelation is talking about.
27:33 Look, Revelation 18:24, "In her Babylon,
27:39 was found the blood of the prophets
27:41 and of all the saints, and all who have
27:43 been killed on the earth."
27:46 Now if the blood of all who have been killed on the earth
27:51 is found in Babylon, then Babylon
27:55 has to be something more than restoring Bagdad
28:00 or a city near Iraq or a city in Iraq near Bagdad.
28:06 Now get it.
28:09 It has the blood of all who have been killed on the earth.
28:13 Babylon is the kingdom of Satan,
28:18 Israel is the kingdom of God.
28:22 And all who follow the Lamb are Israel
28:24 and all who oppose the Lamb are Babylon.
28:30 Babylon has fallen, what does that mean?
28:33 Now we are ready for this complex prophecy.
28:36 Revelation 17:1, "One of the seven angels
28:43 who had seven bowls came and said to me,
28:48 "Come, and I will show you the punishment
28:50 of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters."
28:53 So he sees a prostitute, a harlot.
28:56 And she is sitting on many waters.
28:59 Now remember that Revelation is a symbolic prophecy,
29:05 that's one of our principles we learned from the first verse.
29:08 The Book of Revelation is a symbolic representation
29:14 of what's going to happen in the future.
29:18 And so the woman is a symbol.
29:21 We've learned already that a pure woman
29:24 who obeys the commandments of God and clings
29:26 to the gospel of Jesus
29:28 represents the true people of God.
29:32 A harlot then would be a counterfeit people of God.
29:38 If the pure woman as we learned last night
29:40 symbolizes God's church that obeys the commandments
29:44 of God and clings to the gospel, then the harlot
29:47 must be a counterfeit church, an enemy to the true church.
29:53 In fact when we compare the Old Testament again,
29:56 comparing scripture with scripture
29:59 in the little Book of Judges 2:17,
30:09 "They, your fathers, would not listen
30:12 to their judges but they prostituted themselves
30:15 to other gods and worshiped them.
30:17 Unlike their fathers they quickly turned from the ways
30:21 in which their fathers had walked,
30:22 the way of obedience to the Lord's command."
30:25 So when God's people turn away from obeying God's commands
30:29 they became spiritual prostitutes.
30:32 They are harlots, they are not
30:33 faithful to God anymore.
30:35 They are faithful to someone else, to Babylon.
30:40 That's what pictured here.
30:41 In Revelation 17:15, the waters you saw
30:45 were the prostitutes, it's our people,
30:47 multitudes, the nations.
30:49 So this woman is a counterfeit church
30:52 that is unfaithful to the commandments of God
30:55 and sitting on many waters, she has a support
30:58 of practically the whole world.
31:04 What's her name?
31:07 Verse 5 tells us that this title was written on her forehead,
31:10 a mystery Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes
31:14 and the abominations of the earth.
31:15 Her name is Babylon, a counterfeit church,
31:20 a fallen church because
31:22 she is not faithful to God or His commands.
31:25 Watch this, verse 3, "The angel carried me away
31:28 in the Spirit into a desert, and there I saw a woman
31:30 sitting on a scarlet, beast covered
31:32 with blasphemous names, seven heads and ten horns."
31:34 Sound familiar? We know who that is.
31:38 So now this woman symbolizing a church
31:41 is found riding a beast, the beast
31:45 that we discovered was a church of the Dark Ages,
31:48 the Roman church from 538 till 1798.
31:51 So now we see a new church riding and built on a platform
31:56 of that medieval church that put itself in God's place
32:00 and try to change God's set times and laws.
32:04 And this new church is called Babylon.
32:07 Watch this now, verse 4, "The woman was dressed
32:10 in purple and scarlet, glittering with
32:12 precious gold, stones and pearls.
32:14 And she had a golden cup in her hand."
32:22 Just like Belshazzar
32:28 who took the holy cup
32:31 and said it wasn't holy, used it in a common way.
32:34 This woman takes something that is holy
32:38 and says it isn't holy and uses it in a command way.
32:42 Not a cup but time.
32:48 God's holy day, Babylon says we have changed it.
32:55 It's not the seventh day anymore.
32:58 Don't burden yourself with such trivia, you've heard it.
33:05 It's the first day of the week now.
33:08 You can work on the seventh day,
33:10 you should work on the seventh day.
33:12 As she tramples something God made holy
33:15 just as surely as Belshazzar profane those holy cups.
33:22 But watch this, "This was written
33:26 on her forehead, mystery Babylon the great,
33:28 the mother of prostitutes
33:30 and of abominations of the earth."
33:32 Rome, the roman harlot is now seen joint together
33:37 with her Protestant daughters who joined with her
33:42 in trampling upon God' holy things.
33:48 So we should see a super church consisting
33:52 of Rome and Protestants
33:56 united in declaring
34:00 that God's holy day is no longer holy.
34:04 Not only that, "The great prostitute
34:08 who sits on many waters and with her the kings
34:12 of the earth committed adultery."
34:14 So once again, like in the past we should see
34:16 this church joining hands with the political powers
34:21 of the state to enforce her doctrines and her decrees
34:26 and her particular brand of worship.
34:31 Four things have to happen for this prophecy to be fulfilled.
34:36 First of all, the Protestant churches will need to merge
34:40 together and then the merged Protestant churches
34:47 will reach across the gulf and join forces with Rome,
34:51 the former super church.
34:53 And then they will have to reach out and embrace
34:56 non-Christian religions and bring them into Babylon.
35:01 And finally, this super church, Rome,
35:04 non-Christian religions and Protestant
35:09 will finally reach out to the kings of the world
35:12 and their political powers relying on them to enforce
35:17 her particular brand of worship and insist on trampling upon
35:22 the things that God has said are holy.
35:26 God wants one church, that's His desire
35:32 but never at the cost of compromising the truth.
35:36 When churches unite despite their differences,
35:39 that means that their differences
35:41 are theological differences,
35:44 biblical differences understanding of biblical truth.
35:48 Jesus said, "I am the truth,
35:50 I am the way, the truth and the life."
35:53 So to merge despite their differences
35:55 is to disregard truth and to shove
35:58 Jesus Christ out of the way
36:00 and you don't have a church anymore, you have an army.
36:07 In March 2000 John Paul II had a plan.
36:12 I learned about this because I am on the newsletter--
36:14 I get an email newsletter
36:16 from the Vatican called Inside the Vatican.
36:19 I don't know if they know I am a Seventh-day Adventist
36:21 or not but I get it and I am going to show you some stuff
36:25 that's going to open your eyes round.
36:28 But here, this is John Paul II's article.
36:30 As soon as I found out it came out, I got to have one.
36:33 I ordered it and here it is, right in my hand.
36:35 Now this is back before the year 2000
36:37 and this was an article that he had prepared in preparation
36:39 for what he called the Jubilee in the year 2000.
36:44 He called for series of meetings between
36:46 Jews and Muslims and Christians to all meet
36:49 together at Mount Sinai, Bethlehem, Jerusalem,
36:52 three different meeting to prepare for this great jubilee
36:55 where they would ll come together in Rome
36:57 and worship together in one jubilee service.
37:00 And he said-- and it did happened by the way,
37:03 and John Paul II says, "All are called to be a part
37:07 of this catholic unity, the new people of God."
37:11 Do you understand the vision he had?
37:15 His vision was to fulfill John's vision of the harlot
37:19 reaching out to her Protestant daughters
37:21 and bringing them back into the fold.
37:27 Now the author of that paper was Cardinal Ratzinger,
37:33 who is now Benedict XVI.
37:39 Cardinal Adam Maida of Detroit said,
37:42 this is a very important document,
37:43 the Holy Father wants to find a common denominator
37:47 in all of our faiths that will allow us to work together.
37:50 He wants to move rapidly to break down barriers
37:53 between the churches.
37:54 He wants temporary agreements to allow members
37:57 to worship together in the jet special jubilee programs,
38:00 but beyond that the Pope hopes to move quickly
38:03 towards full communion, bringing them all in back to the full.
38:06 That's his goal, that's his vision,
38:08 that's his plan and that's exactly what John saw
38:11 was going to happen.
38:14 How the Islamic leadersfeel about this?
38:17 Imam, Mohammed Ali, Elijah of Detroit,
38:20 the Islamic Center of America said the whole idea
38:22 of interfaith communication between religious leaders
38:25 is an excellent idea.
38:27 We need to talk about how Islam,
38:29 Christianity and Judaism can contribute to society
38:33 and help with the healing process.
38:34 In other words they are saying, we are onboard,
38:37 we are with you, we want to work together with you,
38:39 we want to heal the world.
38:42 Benedict baptize a Muslim man, March 16, 2008,
38:49 a relatively prominent Muslim leader was baptized
38:54 into the Roman Catholic Church,
38:56 just a symbol of what's going to happen.
38:58 People always ask me, what about Islam?
39:01 What about Islam?
39:03 Islam will be a part of Babylon in some surprising ways.
39:11 What about Protestant leaders?
39:12 What they think of all these?
39:14 Bishop J Philip Wahl of the Evangelical Lutheran
39:17 church said, personally, I think it's wonderful.
39:20 In our proposed statement we would declare
39:22 that the conditions existing within the church at the time
39:25 of the reformation no longer exist.
39:29 And the central argument between Lutheran
39:32 and the Pope, it was just the personal misunderstanding.
39:38 Misunderstanding, well, all were not happy
39:42 in the Lutheran camp.
39:45 Fortunately, Dr. A. L. Barry,
39:48 president of the much more conservative Missouri Synod
39:51 of the Lutheran church said,
39:54 the catholic church has not budged
39:56 since the Council of Trent
39:57 insistence on justification by works.
40:01 The Catholics didn't blink, it was the Lutherans
40:04 who blinked and the Catholic still believe
40:06 that we're saved by works
40:07 and not by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
40:13 So what progress has been made in Pope's plan
40:15 to unite other groups?
40:18 I couldn't believe this article, I saw on the Seattle Times.
40:20 In unprecedented meeting where two Catholic bishops
40:23 sad cross-legged on a stage, smoking a ceremonial peace pipe
40:28 with Indian religious leaders.
40:30 And the purpose of the meeting was to explore ways
40:32 to bring unity between these two groups.
40:35 Bishop Albert Andrew says, there is a rope from heaven
40:38 and it unravels and each strand is a religion.
40:42 But that's wrong, there is a rope from heaven,
40:44 but it doesn't unravel because there's only one strand
40:47 and the one strand is Jesus Christ.
40:51 We are not all on the same path to the same place,
40:55 many think they are but they are following the beast
40:57 that looks like a lamb but speaks like the dragon.
41:03 There's only one strand, folks, there's only one truth.
41:07 It's a truth as it is in Jesus.
41:09 You see the church has never been afraid to take
41:11 the pagan traditions and work them in to her own system,
41:17 that's how Sunday worship came about.
41:20 But that's one tradition they are never gong to change.
41:25 And the other one is the absolute authority
41:27 of the Pope in determining what's right and wrong.
41:29 And here come some of the latest and most startling stuff.
41:34 Joint Anglican and Roman Catholic International
41:37 Commission report 3, now this is little older
41:38 but it's going to lead you to something
41:40 that's just almost unbelievable.
41:43 Anglican is the England's Protestant church,
41:47 the big church of England and they are Protestant.
41:51 Within his wider ministry the bishop of Rome
41:53 offers a specific ministry concerning
41:56 the discernment of truth.
41:58 Now you got to get this.
41:59 The Bishop of Rome has a ministry of discerning truth
42:03 as an expression of his universal primacy.
42:07 We believe this is a gift to be received by all churches.
42:12 So all churches should submit to the Pope's determination
42:18 of what is right and what is wrong and what is truth.
42:22 This is what the Protestant Anglican Church has agreed to.
42:28 Thank God, there's one world religious leader who refuses
42:32 to go along with the politically correct trends of the time.
42:36 Jan Paulsen, president
42:38 of the Seventh-day Adventist church said,
42:41 we affirm our historical position
42:43 that spiritual authority is vested in the Bible
42:47 only as the word of God and not in an individual.
42:50 For Seventh-day Adventist the authority
42:52 of scripture and the authority of the bishop
42:54 of Rome are incompatible.
42:58 Thank God, someone sees it.
43:02 But now
43:09 in my special email, I just got it month and a half ago.
43:16 Inside the Vatican, from Dr. Robert Moynihan
43:21 who has audience with the Pope.
43:26 You are not going to believe what he said in this letter.
43:29 So you say, well, tell us.
43:31 Well, I'll tell you.
43:34 This is amazing.
43:37 He said, I am going to send out newsflash for 12 days
43:39 but now I hope to report again regularly.
43:41 Today comes historic news,
43:45 the Vatican has issued an official text of the document
43:49 in English translated groups of Anglicans,
43:53 Protestant church, which sets up an unprecedented
43:58 structure to allow Anglican congregations
44:01 to reunite with Rome, but still keep their Anglican traditions.
44:09 This will be seen as one of the historic documents
44:12 of Pope Benedict XVI's pontificate.
44:16 We are watching history unfold here.
44:20 No, no, no, we are watching prophecy unfold here.
44:28 But he sees the hugeness of the event.
44:34 But this is just one part of a larger papal strategy
44:40 and vision which opens outwardly towards orthodox churches
44:44 and what has to do with
44:46 the mysterious message from Fatima.
44:49 So he is saying, this is just the beginning,
44:51 the Anglicans they were close to Rome anyway.
44:53 Now we are going after the Orthodox,
44:56 a large body of Russian Orthodox Church that are Protestant.
45:01 It's just the beginning, he says.
45:03 It's just opening the door.
45:06 Now Mary died hundred of years ago
45:11 but she appeared in apparition and now we have
45:15 this mysterious message.
45:17 Do you understand what's happening?
45:22 The church is using messages from someone
45:26 who has supposedly died to influence her theology
45:33 and her direction and her movement.
45:38 Remember Revelation 13, he perform miracles,
45:42 gathering the world to worship the beast
45:46 and the kings of the earth, the nations with them.
45:54 Pope Benedict, who really stymied me
45:56 for the first little bit.
45:57 He didn't do much and I thought, man.
46:01 You know, if he is going to be the one to wrap this thing up,
46:03 he needs to get busy.
46:04 Well, he is busy now.
46:08 In the middle of the economic crisis he published his paper
46:13 on dealing with the economy.
46:16 And I have it, you probably
46:17 wouldn't want to read, it's pretty dry.
46:19 But there are few things in it that I took out
46:22 that are not very dry.
46:24 And here is what it is, he says,
46:26 "In order to manage the global economy to revive economy
46:29 that's hit by the crisis there is an urgent need
46:33 of a true world political authority."
46:38 You got that?
46:39 In order to manage the economic crisis--it's global now.
46:42 So now we need a world political authority
46:46 to manage the economy of the globe.
46:49 Watch this. The economy needs ethics in order
46:54 to function correctly, a world political authority
46:58 that will function ethically.
47:02 Now, look up ethics in your dictionary
47:04 and the Oxford American dictionary says,
47:07 "A set of moral principles."
47:11 A set of principles deciding what is right and wrong.
47:14 So this global authority to manage
47:16 the economy must be moral, it must have a set of principles
47:21 that define what is right and what is wrong.
47:23 But we've already seen if we has to question,
47:26 whose ethics is it?
47:27 We have already seen that the Pope sees himself
47:29 as the only one who is the primary discerner of truth.
47:35 Is this starting to... click here? Now watch.
47:43 It would need to be universally recognized
47:46 and vested with effective power.
47:50 So this global authority, economic authority
47:53 must have power over all the nations
47:56 of the earth to enforce its decisions.
47:59 This is Benedict speaking.
48:03 He wants to enforce his views on the rest of the world.
48:06 There is a strongly felt, he says, a need for reform
48:10 of the United Nations origination and likewise
48:13 of economic institutions, so that the concept
48:16 of the family of nations can acquire real teeth.
48:24 Daniel 7, didn't it say something about
48:26 that fourth beast with teeth of iron?
48:29 I don't want to make too much of that
48:32 but I just thought, that was interesting.
48:37 Could something like this ever happen
48:39 without the backing of Protestant America?
48:45 I don't think so.
48:47 Well, how do Americans?
48:49 We are we going to be brought on board.
48:52 You think it was a coincidence that the day
48:56 after the G8 Summit the Pope had an audience
49:00 with our president, President Barrack Obama
49:04 and gave him a white leather covered copy
49:09 of his paper and his plan?
49:13 No, I don't know what the president did with it.
49:16 He might not do anything with it,
49:19 but one of these days one of our presidents will.
49:23 And when I look at how our current administration
49:28 is bringing our country into alignment
49:31 with the global monetary system,
49:34 I think that we are seeing things happen, folks.
49:41 Keep your eyes open.
49:43 Speaking of the economy, Pope Benedict
49:46 has been pressuring Europe to include Sunday legislation
49:53 in the European Union Constitution.
49:58 Now about a year and half ago it was clear
50:02 that the Catholic Church wanted Sunday observance
50:04 enshrined in the law and that was Benedict's pressure.
50:09 They even had a vote.
50:12 Seven members of the European parliament tabled
50:15 an amendment saying that the minimum rest period
50:18 shall in principle include Sunday.
50:21 It was tabled, it didn't pass.
50:24 One of these days it will.
50:26 But folks, it was brought up for a vote.
50:29 That ought to get our attention.
50:32 It was brought up for vote, sure it got tabled,
50:34 but it was brought up for a vote,
50:36 but watch the reason behind it.
50:39 Oh, this one a huge curveball he threw at me.
50:42 I thought I had it all figured out,
50:46 but this one, he caught me by surprise.
50:49 The amendment stated, the likelihood of sickness
50:53 in companies that required their staffs to work
50:56 on Sundays is greater than is greater in companies
51:01 that do not require their staff to work on Sundays.
51:05 Put that in the economic setting,
51:07 and in our country when we are trying to consider
51:10 enforced healthcare legislation.
51:14 And if the president thinks that the Pope is right
51:17 and that those who work on Sundays
51:20 will cause much more health care expense
51:23 than those who don't work on Sunday,
51:25 I think even our own president would go for that.
51:30 Man, I am speculating a little bit now, I admit that.
51:33 This is little speculate, I don't know
51:35 that's going to happen now,
51:37 but I know it is going to happen.
51:40 And it could happen now.
51:44 Sunday as a traditional weekly rest day contributes
51:48 to these objectives of family and health
51:51 more than any other day of the week.
51:54 Now watch. He went on to say
51:57 in a sermon, this is a year and a half ago.
52:00 Without Sunday worship we cannot live,
52:04 Benedict XVI declared and he said
52:07 it is a necessity for all people.
52:11 Fore thing that has to happen is that there would be a joining
52:15 together of church and state to enforce
52:18 religious particular brand of worship.
52:21 Have you seen this?
52:23 I couldn't believe this.
52:25 This is a document put out by Dr. Napolitano.
52:30 She is the director of Human-- what is it,
52:35 Homeland Security Department of the United States of America,
52:38 shortly after she was installed this document,
52:40 it was available on the web.
52:41 I got it, good thing I got it fast because
52:43 they took it off. They took it off.
52:46 Rightwing Extremism, Current Economic
52:49 and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence
52:51 in Radicalization and Recruitment.
52:55 Now listen to what she says in this paper,
52:56 how to spot Rightwing extremists and potential terrorists
53:01 within the Unites States of America.
53:03 A newly unclassified department of Homeland Security
53:07 document warns against the possibility of violence
53:10 by rightwing extremists concerned
53:13 about illegal immigration, increased federal power,
53:17 restrictions on firearms, abortion,
53:20 loss of US sovereignty and singles out
53:23 returning war veterans as particular threats.
53:29 That's why they took it off because the veterans
53:32 really started fussing about it.
53:35 But listen to this.
53:37 The paper defines rightwing extremism in the US
53:41 as divided into those groups, movements and adherence
53:44 that are primarily hate oriented based on hatred
53:48 of particular religions, racist or ethnic groups.
53:56 And, folks, if you haven't
53:57 figured it out yet, the stuff I've been sharing
53:59 with you about Rome would be considered
54:03 hateful by this people.
54:07 Are you putting this together?
54:08 Oh, you haven't heard anything yet.
54:13 This report also mentions people motivated
54:19 by end time prophecies have been linked
54:23 with radicalization of domestic extremist individuals in groups
54:28 in the past such as violent Christian
54:32 identity organizations.
54:37 Are you interested in end time prophecies?
54:39 Amen. You are on the list as a potential terrorist.
54:46 And that isn't all.
54:49 The last paragraph says,
54:52 the Department of Homeland Security encourages
54:55 recipients of this document to report information
54:59 concerning suspicious or criminal activity
55:02 to the Department of the Homeland Security
55:05 and the FBI. Remember, it wasn't that long ago
55:10 when they were asking us to send
55:12 any suspicious emails from our friend
55:15 to the Department of Homeland Security.
55:16 You remember that, some of you must.
55:18 Just a few months ago.
55:21 And they backtracked on that one too but these
55:23 ideas are in their head.
55:25 When we were in Cuba doing a Revelation Now
55:27 we learned that every city block in Havana,
55:31 every single city block had a president of that block
55:35 that was to report to the government
55:37 any suspicious activity.
55:39 Where are we now, in Cuba?
55:44 Folks, it's coming.
55:46 So what does all this have to do?
55:47 Babylon merging together of protestant churches,
55:51 catholic churches, non-Christian religions
55:54 and the political powers of the state to enforce
55:57 trampling upon something God had said is holy.
56:01 And some people are asking, what should I do because
56:03 my church does that?
56:08 My church doesn't teach that the Lord's day is holy.
56:11 The Sabbath is to be kept separate.
56:14 What should I do?
56:17 Well, I would never have the courage
56:19 to tell you what to do.
56:21 So I am not going to tell you.
56:23 I am going to let God tell you because that's exactly
56:27 what Revelation 18:1 says, "I saw another angel
56:31 coming down from heaven.
56:32 He had great authority, and the earth
56:34 was illuminated by his splendor."
56:35 This is the Elijah message, folks.
56:38 "And with the mighty voice he shouted:
56:40 "Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!"
56:42 verse 3, "For all the nations have drunk
56:45 the maddening wine of her adulteries.
56:46 The kings of the earth committed adultery with her."
56:49 And verse 4, "Then I heard another voice
56:51 from heaven say-- "this is not Jac Colon,
56:53 this is God speaking to you, "Come out of her,
56:59 my people, so that you will not
57:02 share in her sins, that you will not receive any of her plagues.
57:05 Come out of her, my people."
57:08 Babylon has fallen.
57:12 Come out of her, my people.
57:16 But I can't, I've been there forever
57:18 and my grandpas started that church
57:20 and my father is a pastor there, how can I leave?
57:24 How can I leave all of my friends?
57:26 Don't leave your friends, lead them out.
57:30 Well, I want to go back and change
57:32 my church and I am going to teach
57:33 all my Revelation lessons to the church.
57:36 Babylon has fallen, you are not going to change Babylon.
57:39 I've been hearing that for 36 years
57:41 and I haven't seen one church change
57:42 yet and you won't a church because
57:44 Babylon has fallen, come out of her, my people.


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