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Lesson 4 - The Third Trumpet Part 2

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00:15 Well, welcome back.
00:17 In this session we are going to conclude
00:20 our study of the third trumpet.
00:22 And then in our two sessions this afternoon
00:25 I'm hoping to be able to finish the fourth trumpet.
00:28 So we have our work cut out for us.
00:32 We're going to study the second half of the third trumpet
00:34 and we will begin on page 80 of your study notes.
00:40 Page 80.
00:41 And I'd like to just mention for those who are watching
00:43 the live stream, we have several people online
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01:02 these presentations, to actually be able to read the material
01:07 and go through it more carefully.
01:09 So basically we have been studying the third trumpet.
01:15 And in Revelation 8:10, I had said verse 8, but verse 10,
01:21 let's read again the third trumpet.
01:25 "Then the third angel sounded:
01:27 And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch;
01:32 and it fell on a third of the rivers
01:34 and the springs of water."
01:35 Now we've already studied about the great star
01:39 falling from heaven like a torch.
01:43 And we noticed that in its primary sense, the star
01:47 or the torch represents whom?
01:50 Satan.
01:52 But in a secondary sense it represents those whom
01:57 Satan uses to plant heresy within the church.
02:02 False doctrine in the church.
02:04 So now we want to take a look at the meaning of the
02:08 rivers and springs of water, and the wormwood
02:12 that makes the waters bitter.
02:14 So let's go to page 80, right in the middle of the page,
02:19 "The act of falling represents apostasy."
02:23 Now the star falls.
02:25 The lamp falls.
02:27 So what does the Bible mean when it speaks about falling?
02:31 It actually means apostasy.
02:33 Let's notice several Bible verses.
02:36 Isaiah 14:12
02:39 Speaking about Lucifer, the star of the morning, it says,
02:43 "How you are..." What?
02:45 "...fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!
02:49 How you are cut down to the ground,
02:52 you who weaken the nations!"
02:54 So what does the fact that there's
02:58 downward movement represent?
03:00 It represents the fact that Lucifer apostatized, right?
03:05 He went astray from the truth.
03:06 There's no truth in him, Jesus said in John chapter 8.
03:10 Now notice Revelation 2:5.
03:14 Here Jesus is speaking to the church of Ephesus.
03:17 And notice the meaning of, "falling," here.
03:20 It says in Revelation 2:5...
03:27 So the church of Ephesus was already going astray.
03:38 Ah, your lampstand.
03:43 So many were already falling away
03:45 even in the church of Ephesus.
03:48 In Romans 11:11, the apostle Paul is referring to
03:53 the Jewish nation, and he says...
04:11 So did the Jewish nation fall?
04:14 Yes it did.
04:16 And what was God's purpose?
04:18 God's purpose was to provoke them to jealousy
04:20 when they saw the growth of the gospel among the Gentiles
04:23 and that they would come back to where God wanted them to be.
04:28 We're all acquainted with 1 Corinthians 10:12.
04:32 It says, "Therefore, let him who thinks he stands
04:35 take heed, lest he..." What? "...fall."
04:38 And if you read the previous verses, it's talking about
04:41 apostasies within Israel.
04:43 At the golden calf, and right before they entered
04:46 the land of Canaan.
04:47 So the apostle Paul uses those stories of apostasy of Israel
04:51 to warn Christians, saying, "Therefore, let him who thinks
04:54 he stands take heed, lest he fall."
04:57 Hebrews 4:11
05:00 This book is dealing with Jews who are going through
05:02 all kinds of trials and tribulations,
05:04 and they're about to give up the Christian message
05:07 that they've accepted.
05:08 And notice what it says there.
05:10 "Let us, therefore, be diligent to enter that rest..."
05:21 So, "to fall," means to disobey, it means to be in apostasy.
05:26 You know, when it comes to Babylon, it also means
05:29 that Babylon apostatized.
05:31 Revelation 14:8, the second angel's message,
05:35 "And another angel followed, saying..."
05:42 That, by the way, means that it's really fallen.
05:45 So what does the word, "fallen," mean there
05:48 that's repeated twice?
05:49 It means that Babylon has what?
05:51 Apostatized.
05:53 And then you have Revelation 18:2.
05:56 The basic same idea is repeated, only it's worse
05:59 because this is talking about the end time Babylon.
06:02 It says, "After these things I saw another angel
06:04 coming down from heaven, having great authority,
06:08 and the earth was illuminated with his glory."
06:19 Really fallen?
06:21 You better believe it. Notice the description.
06:35 It bears repeating that it is impossible to fall
06:39 unless the person has stood first.
06:42 Because the person who is fallen, who was born fallen,
06:45 ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
06:47 you know, you can't say that they fell.
06:50 So in order to fall, you have to be standing before that.
06:55 This means that the church during this period
06:58 originally what?
06:59 Stood in the truth.
07:02 But, like Lucifer, she then fell into apostasy.
07:08 So when the star falls, or the lamp falls,
07:12 it falls where?
07:14 It falls into the rivers and the springs of water.
07:18 And what happens as a result?
07:20 As a result, the springs of water are poisoned.
07:24 They become bitter.
07:26 And when people drink, what happens with them?
07:29 They die.
07:31 So let's talk about the rivers and springs of water.
07:35 The fountains of waters in the third trumpet
07:38 are different from the raging waters of the sea
07:42 in the second trumpet.
07:43 You under the contrast there?
07:46 The fountains of waters are the life-giving waters
07:50 that refresh, restore, and perpetuate
07:55 physical and spiritual life.
07:58 To us in the western world, waters do not mean much,
08:02 as in Israel.
08:05 We just turn on the faucet, and water flows.
08:09 However, in Israel water was a precious commodity.
08:14 The scarcity of which represented death,
08:18 and its presence represented life.
08:23 So let's read several verses here that speak about
08:26 the fountains of waters.
08:28 What happens when there's an abundance
08:30 of fountains of fresh water, sweet water?
08:34 Psalm 23:2-3, verses very well known.
08:52 By the way, the word, "soul," there is, "nephesh."
08:54 It's life.
08:55 He restores my life.
09:02 Deuteronomy 8:7-10
09:03 This is a powerful passage.
09:42 What a picture, huh!
09:44 And it's all due to what?
09:45 "...brooks of water, of fountains and springs,
09:49 that flow out of valleys and hills."
09:52 In other words, the waters are life-giving.
09:55 They bring about fruitfulness and prosperity and life.
10:00 Revelation 7:17
10:03 Speaking about those who go through the great tribulation
10:06 at the end of time and come out of the tribulation
10:09 and are standing there before the throne of God at the end.
10:37 Revelation 21:6 and also 22:17.
10:54 So what does the fresh water represent?
10:57 It's the life-giving waters that produce prosperity
11:00 and fruitfulness.
11:02 Notice Psalm 1:3.
11:04 It speaks about trees that are planted next to living waters.
11:09 It says there, speaking about a righteous person...
11:27 Now the fresh waters also represent the teachings
11:30 of those who are wise.
11:31 It says in Proverbs 13:14, "The law of the wise is a..." What?
11:45 The fear of the Lord is also a fountain of life,
11:49 as we find here in Proverbs 14:27.
12:02 Now in Exodus 17:1-8 and Numbers 20:8-11
12:08 we have the story of the water that came forth from the rock.
12:12 Now I have an entire presentation on this particular
12:16 subject, but I want to summarize because it's
12:19 very much related to what we're talking about.
12:22 You'll remember that in Exodus 17 the people were
12:24 thirsty and they were complaining because
12:26 they didn't have any water.
12:28 So God told Moses, "Moses, take your rod,
12:32 strike the rock, and the rock will give waters,
12:35 fresh waters for everyone to drink
12:38 so that they don't die of thirst."
12:40 So what did Moses do?
12:42 He obeyed the Lord.
12:43 Struck the rock.
12:45 Waters came forth from the rock, and the people drank.
12:48 What does the rock represent?
12:50 Christ.
12:52 What does striking the rock represent?
12:54 It means that Jesus fell under the judgment of the Father
12:57 for our sins.
12:58 And what happened as a result?
13:00 Jesus was able to send what?
13:03 The Holy Spirit.
13:05 Life-giving Holy Spirit.
13:07 The second time God told Moses, this is in Numbers chapter 20,
13:12 He told him to speak to the rock
13:15 and the rock would give its waters.
13:16 But Moses lost his temper, he struck the rock twice,
13:22 and he ruined the symbol that God wanted to teach.
13:26 And that is that Christ was going to be stricken with
13:29 the rod of God's judgment only once, not twice.
13:32 That all we need to do today to get the Holy Spirit
13:35 is not for Jesus to die again,
13:37 but to ask Him for the Holy Spirit.
13:42 Now what does this have to do with what we're talking about?
13:46 We need to go to the New Testament to understand it.
13:50 Remember the story of the Samaritan woman?
13:53 Jesus is sitting there at Jacob's well,
13:56 and the Samaritan woman comes to draw water.
13:59 And Jesus says, "Give me water to drink."
14:02 And she says, "How is it that You a Jew asks a Samaritan,"
14:05 a woman at that, "for water?"
14:08 And then Jesus has a conversation with her,
14:11 and He says, "You know, if you drink the water
14:13 that I have to give, you would never thirst again."
14:16 Now let's pick up the conversation in John 4:13-14.
14:23 "Jesus answered and said to her,
14:25 'Whoever drinks of this water...'"
14:27 That is, from Jacob's well. "...will thirst again."
14:37 Now here's an important detail.
14:50 So what happens?
14:51 You drink the water and you become a fountain of water.
14:56 You receive the Spirit, and then you share
14:59 that Spirit to other people.
15:02 Are you understanding what this is saying?
15:04 Now what is the water here? What does the water represent?
15:08 We have to go to John 7:37-39.
15:12 The bottom of page 83.
15:15 Page 83 in our manual.
15:20 It says in John 7:37-39...
15:22 Here, Jesus is at the feast of tabernacles.
15:25 There was a water ceremony at the feast of tabernacles.
15:28 And Jesus is going to say something revolutionary.
15:31 "On the last day, that great day of the feast..."
15:42 So who is the rock?
15:44 Jesus. He says, "I'm the rock.
15:45 Come to Me and drink."
15:48 What is it that we're going to drink?
15:58 Out of whose heart will flow rivers of living water?
16:02 Out of us.
16:05 So He says to the Samaritan woman
16:07 that she would become a fountain of living water?
16:10 And by the way, she did.
16:11 She went back to Sychar where she lived,
16:13 she witnessed about Christ and brought the whole town
16:15 to hear the words of Jesus.
16:17 So what happens?
16:19 When we receive the Holy Spirit, then we are witnesses.
16:23 We become fountains of water to others.
16:26 Are you understanding what I'm saying?
16:28 Now, how does this apply to what we are talking about?
16:33 When God's people receive the Holy Spirit,
16:37 God's people then become fountains of waters
16:40 to bless other people.
16:41 You know, I'll use this illustration.
16:45 You know, you have the Son.
16:46 Jesus said, "I am the light of the world."
16:48 But He also said, "Ye are the light of the world."
16:52 So you go out some night and you see a beautiful full moon,
16:54 and you say, "Oh, that moon, that silvery moon;
16:57 it's so romantic, it's so beautiful.
16:59 Look at the beautiful light there on the moon."
17:03 But you know, the moon is an ugly heavenly body.
17:08 It's full of craters. Right?
17:10 So it's ugly.
17:11 How does it become beautiful?
17:14 When the light of the sun shines on it.
17:16 So what we need to say is, "How beautiful the sun is tonight."
17:21 Because the glory of the moon is the glory of the sun.
17:23 Jesus is the original spring of water;
17:27 and when we drink, we become springs of water.
17:30 It's like the sun shines on the moon, and the moon
17:33 reflects the light of the sun to the world.
17:36 Now let's go to page 84.
17:39 When we drink the living waters, we become fountains of water.
17:44 The springs of water represent what?
17:46 The pure gospel of Jesus that flows through His people
17:51 by the power of whom?
17:53 Of the Holy Spirit to bless the world with life everlasting.
17:59 Let's read some statements from Ellen White.
18:02 This one is from Manuscript 33, April 27, 1903.
18:08 "The people of God, His chosen kingdom,
18:12 are not as a stagnant pool.
18:15 They are as a..." What? "...river, constantly flowing,
18:22 and as it advances, becoming deeper and wider, until its..."
18:25 What kind of waters?
18:27 "...its life-giving waters are spread over all the earth.
18:32 Whenever the gospel of God is received..."
18:34 See, we have to receive it first.
18:36 "...its grace heals the maladies that sin has produced.
18:40 The Sun of Righteousness arises with healing in His beams.
18:44 Light, strength, and refreshing come from the Lord,
18:49 and the good fruit borne bears witness to
18:52 a work of righteousness."
18:54 In another statement, Prophets and Kings, page 233,
18:58 this is a beautiful statement.
19:00 Page 233 and 234.
19:02 "The heart that receives the Word of God
19:05 is not a pool that..." What?
19:07 "..evaporates, not like a broken cistern that loses its treasure.
19:13 It is like the mountain stream, fed by unfailing springs,
19:19 whose cool, sparkling waters leap from rock to rock,
19:24 refreshing the weary, the thirsty, and the heavy-laden."
19:28 That's what happens when people receive the Word of God
19:31 through the power of the Holy Spirit.
19:32 They become a blessing to others.
19:35 She continues writing, "It is like a river
19:38 constantly flowing, and as it advances,
19:42 becoming deeper and wider, until its life-giving waters
19:46 are spread over all the earth.
19:48 The stream that goes singing on its way leaves behind
19:52 its gift of verdure and fruitfulness.
19:56 The grass on its banks is a fresher green,
19:59 the trees have a richer verdure, the flowers are more abundant.
20:03 When the earth lies bare and brown under the
20:06 summer's scorching heat, a line of verdure
20:09 marks the river's course."
20:11 And now she draws the comparison.
20:14 "So it is with the true child of God."
20:17 Everything she's described about the living waters
20:20 and making everything green and fruitful,
20:22 now she says, "I'm going to apply the lesson."
20:25 "So it is with the true child of God.
20:27 The religion of Christ reveals itself as a vitalizing,
20:31 pervading principle, a living, working, spiritual energy.
20:36 When the heart is opened to the heavenly influence
20:38 of truth and love, these principles will..." What?
20:42 "...will flow forth again like streams in the desert,
20:47 causing fruitfulness to appear where now
20:50 are barrenness and dearth."
20:52 Here's another one, Prophets and Kings, page 231.
20:57 Remember when Elisha poured salt into a spring that was polluted?
21:02 Here, Ellen White is going to describe this.
21:04 "In casting salt..."
21:06 By the way, who is the salt?
21:08 What does the salt represent?
21:11 Us.
21:14 So it's the same as, you know, drinking the water
21:16 we become springs of water.
21:18 Polluted waters are made delicious by the salt
21:23 that is put in.
21:25 Is that the case of God's people?
21:26 Do we make the life of people happier and more prosperous
21:30 and more blessed and more live-giving?
21:33 Absolutely.
21:34 So she wrote, "In casting salt into the bitter spring..."
21:39 Interesting. Bitter spring.
21:41 The star causes the waters to be what?
21:43 Bitter.
21:45 How can the waters become not bitter?
21:47 By God's people sharing the Word through the
21:49 power of the Holy Spirit.
21:51 "...Elisha taught the same spiritual lesson imparted
21:53 centuries later by the Savior to His disciples when He declared,
21:57 'Ye are the salt of the earth.'
21:59 The salt mingling with the polluted spring purified
22:03 its waters and brought life and blessing
22:06 where before had been blighting and death.
22:09 When God compares His children to salt,
22:12 He would teach them that His purpose in making them
22:15 the subjects of His grace is that they may become..." What?
22:19 "...agents in the saving others."
22:23 So do you understand what the springs and rivers represent
22:26 in the third trumpet?
22:30 You know, we allow the Bible to interpret itself, right?
22:33 Or else you have to find some place on earth
22:36 where a third of the lakes and the oceans became bitter
22:41 when a star fell into it, you know.
22:44 It's not talking about meteorites and asteroids.
22:48 We have to interpret Scripture applying the same principles
22:52 that we apply universally to every passage,
22:55 including the trumpets.
22:57 Now, when the star falls in the waters and makes them bitter.
23:03 So let's take a look at the word, "wormwood."
23:05 Because the word, "wormwood," is used.
23:08 Let's go to Deuteronomy 29:17-18.
23:13 What happened if Israel, according to God, apostatized
23:18 from the straight and narrow way?
23:21 God warned them in Deuteronomy 29:17-18
23:24 what would happen if they apostatized.
23:27 It says there, "...and you saw their abominations..."
23:30 That is, of the pagan nations.
23:32 "...and their idols which were among them:
23:35 wood and stone and silver and gold,
23:38 so that there may not be among you man or woman
23:43 or family or tribe whose heart..." What?
23:46 ~ Turns away. - Is that apostasy?
23:49 "...whose heart turns away today from the LORD our God,
23:52 to go and serve the gods of these nations,
23:55 and that there may not be among you
23:57 a root bearing..." What? "...bitterness or wormwood."
24:04 What is it that causes the water to become bitter and wormwood?
24:10 It is turning away from the Lord; apostasy.
24:14 Is this what happened with the fallen star
24:16 under the third trumpet?
24:17 Absolutely.
24:19 Notice Amos 5:7.
24:22 "You who turn justice to..." What? "...wormwood."
24:26 See, when you turn justice to wormwood,
24:31 when you cease to be just, in other words,
24:33 or righteous, the result is wormwood.
24:43 Notice Amos 6:12-13. Amos 6:12-13.
24:49 It says there, "Do horses run on rocks?
24:52 Does one plow there with oxen..."
25:04 So what happens when people turn away from justice
25:08 and people turn away from the fruit of righteousness?
25:11 They become what? Gall and wormwood.
25:15 Notice Jeremiah 23:15-16.
25:20 When false prophets speak in the name of God,
25:23 the result is what?
25:25 Wormwood and gall.
25:26 Let me ask you, did the papacy claim
25:28 to speak in the name of God when it originated the apostasy?
25:32 It certainly did. Let's notice this.
25:35 "Therefore thus says the LORD of hosts concerning the prophets:
25:39 'Behold, I will feed them with...'" What?
25:43 "...wormwood, and make them drink the water of gall."
25:47 He's speaking about the false prophets.
25:49 "For," that means, because,
25:51 "from the prophets of Jerusalem..."
25:54 What has gone out?
25:55 "'...profaneness has gone out into all the land.'
25:59 Thus says the LORD of hosts, 'Do not listen to the words of
26:02 the prophets who prophesy to you.
26:05 They make you worthless; they speak a vision
26:08 of their own heart, not from the mouth of the LORD.'"
26:14 Powerful verses, aren't they,
26:16 for interpreting the third trumpet?
26:18 Jeremiah 23:36
26:21 "And the oracle of the LORD you shall mention no more.
26:24 For every man's word will be his oracle,
26:27 for you have perverted the words of the living God,
26:30 the LORD of hosts, our God."
26:35 Jeremiah 9:13-15
26:39 "And the LORD said, 'Because they have
26:41 forsaken My law...'"
26:42 Notice, forsaken. It's talking about apostasy.
26:45 "...which I set before them, and have not obeyed My voice..."
26:48 See, it has to do with disobedience.
26:50 "'...nor walked according to it,
26:52 but they have walked according to the dictates
26:54 of their own hearts and after the Baals,
26:58 which their fathers taught them,'
27:00 therefore thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel,
27:03 'behold, I will feed them, this people, with...'" What?
27:07 "...with wormwood, and give them water of gall to drink."
27:13 So when Israel forsook the law of the Lord, disobeyed God,
27:16 and walked in their own hearts, according to their own hearts,
27:20 the Lord fed them wormwood and gall to drink.
27:24 So when are the waters fresh and life-giving?
27:29 It's when the truth is taught.
27:30 When the fear of the Lord is taught.
27:33 When there is righteousness that is taught.
27:35 When do the waters become gall and wormwood?
27:38 It's when false doctrines and apostasy and idolatry
27:43 come in among God's people.
27:46 Proverbs 5:3-5 and verse 15 is very interesting.
27:50 It's speaking literally, but it has a symbolic
27:53 application as well.
28:02 In other words, it sounds pretty good, right?
28:28 In other words, don't drink from the harlot.
28:31 Drink from your own well.
28:32 Life-giving waters.
28:34 Now let me ask you, does the Bible compare
28:39 the apostate papal church with the harlot?
28:44 Yes. The fourth church is Thyatira.
28:48 Jezebel is the main person there.
28:51 Did Israel drink the waters of Jezebel?
28:55 She most certainly did. And what did it lead to?
28:58 It led to apostasy.
29:00 By the way, in Revelation 17 do you have a harlot woman
29:04 who is seated on many waters?
29:06 Absolutely.
29:07 What is she teaching people?
29:09 Oh, she has a cup full of wine.
29:11 What does the wine represent?
29:13 The wine represents her false doctrines.
29:16 Now let's notice the defiled waters.
29:20 This is on page 87.
29:23 The rivers and springs of water must have been what?
29:27 Clean before the fall of the star defiled them.
29:30 Right?
29:32 Because the star falls, and then they're defiled.
29:33 Which means that before the star fell, the waters were what?
29:37 The waters were pure and clean.
29:40 This is another indication that the third trumpet's
29:43 theme is what?
29:46 Apostasy in the church.
29:48 Are you following the argument?
29:50 When the star falls, it pollutes the fountains of water,
29:55 that had been clean, with wormwood and bitterness,
29:59 And what is the result?
30:01 Many people die.
30:03 And of course, we're not only talking about dying spiritually,
30:06 we're talking about all the martyrs who were killed
30:09 by this system.
30:11 If the pure spring waters represent the Word of God
30:15 imparted to man through the instrumentality of the
30:19 Holy Spirit, then the defiling of the waters
30:22 would mean the corruption of what?
30:24 The corruption of God's Word proclaimed by individuals
30:28 that pollute the waters.
30:32 By speaking about a falling star and the poisoning of the
30:36 fresh spring waters, God through John is showing
30:40 that the third trumpet is dealing with apostasy.
30:44 Both the falling star and wormwood refer directly
30:48 to apostasy, so the third trumpet must center on apostasy.
30:54 Is this precisely what we noticed in 2 Thessalonians 2
30:58 in our last session?
31:00 The apostasy, which means to go astray.
31:03 It is used in secular literature at that time
31:06 to describe a boat that is going away from the port
31:11 because it's not well anchored.
31:14 Now the waters represent the Holy Spirit
31:17 flowing from Jesus through His church to the world.
31:23 However, when a false gospel defiled the living waters
31:27 preached by the fallen teachers of the papal church,
31:30 the result is that people began to what?
31:33 To die spiritually.
31:35 Let's notice Proverbs 25:25-26.
31:41 A man who gives into idolatry becomes a polluted spring.
31:44 It says, "As cold water to a weary soul,
31:48 so is good news from a far country.
31:51 A righteous man who falters before the wicked..."
31:55 What does it means, "A Righteous man
31:56 faltering before the wicked"?
31:59 Speaking about a righteous man who becomes what?
32:02 Apostate.
32:10 Why? Because instead of sharing the pure gospel,
32:14 they start sharing what?
32:15 Heresies and false teachings.
32:18 Jeremiah 2:13
32:20 "For My people have committed two evils," God says.
32:23 "They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters,
32:28 and hewn themselves..." What?
32:30 "...cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water."
32:37 Jeremiah 6:7
32:51 Because Jerusalem is in apostasy.
33:11 Does that speak about bitterness that comes as a result of
33:16 drinking polluted waters?
33:18 Absolutely.
33:19 Now the New Testament has an interesting story.
33:22 The story of Simon Magus.
33:24 Remember that he tried to buy the Holy Spirit?
33:26 He said to Peter, "Why don't you sell me some of that Holy Spirit
33:28 so that I can perform some of those miracles."
33:30 Well notice what Acts 8:21-23 says.
33:34 "But Peter said to him, 'Your money perish with you,
33:37 because you thought that the gift of God
33:39 could be purchased with money!'"
33:41 If it's a gift, you can't purchase it. Hello!
33:44 "You have neither part nor portion in this matter,
33:47 for your heart is not right in the sight of God."
34:07 What is it that poisoned and made Simon Magus bitter?
34:13 It was the fact that he wanted to do something that the Bible
34:16 does not allow; and that is purchasing the Holy Spirit.
34:20 2 Kings 2:19-22 is a story of Elisha.
34:27 And I'm going to then read a statement from the
34:28 writings of Ellen White.
34:31 "Then the men of the city said to Elisha..."
34:50 Is salt a cleansing agent?
34:54 Salt is a powerful cleansing agent, folks.
34:58 Literally speaking.
35:00 Not only symbolically speaking, but literally speaking.
35:39 Ellen White adds this beautiful comment about how
35:43 polluted waters can be made pure.
35:46 Can pure waters be made impure?
35:49 ~ Yes. - How?
35:52 By individuals, false prophets, false teachers,
35:55 teaching doctrines that are not in the Bible.
35:58 How can those polluted waters become pure?
36:02 Well, by pouring the Word of God through God's people
36:07 who are salt of the earth with the true teachings of the Bible.
36:11 Notice this statement, Prophets and Kings, page 231, 232.
36:16 "In casting salt into the bitter spring,
36:19 Elisha taught the same spiritual lesson imparted centuries later
36:24 by the Saviour to His disciples when He declared,
36:27 'Ye are the salt of the earth.'
36:29 The salt mingling with the polluted spring
36:33 purified its waters and brought life and blessing
36:36 where before there had been blighting and death.
36:41 When God compares His children to salt,
36:44 He would teach them that His purpose in making them
36:47 the subjects of His grace is that they may become
36:51 agents in saving others.
36:53 The object of God in choosing a people before all the world
36:57 was not only that He might adopt them as His sons and daughters,
37:02 but that through them the world might receive the
37:05 grace that bringeth salvation.
37:08 When the Lord chose Abraham, it was not simply
37:11 to be the special friend of God, but to be a medium
37:16 of the peculiar privileges the Lord desired
37:19 to bestow upon the nations."
37:23 Powerful description, isn't it?
37:26 Now 2 Peter 2:18-22 describes a group of individuals
37:34 who were in deep apostasy.
37:36 And I want you to notice the metaphors that are used
37:39 to describe them.
37:41 2 Peter 2:18 says...
37:59 Does it have anything to do with speaking,
38:01 the fact that you have a dry well?
38:03 Absolutely.
38:12 So what do they do?
38:14 They pollute those who receive the message?
38:32 So this is talking about people who have embraced the message.
38:47 Is that apostasy? Yes.
39:16 And this whole passage is talking about individuals
39:18 who embrace the truth and then they apostatize.
39:21 They are like wells without water.
39:23 Or another way of stating it is, they are springs of water
39:27 that become defiled and bitter.
39:32 Now I want you to notice here a statement by Edwin Thiele.
39:38 You're probably wondering, well who is Edwin Thiele?
39:42 Well, Edwin Thiele was my father's theology professor...
39:49 ...when my dad went to Emmanuel Adventist College.
39:55 It's just called today, Andrews University.
39:59 And he wrote a very famous book,
40:02 The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings.
40:05 He was a renowned Old Testament scholar.
40:08 My dad says that he sat in class and he put
40:10 all the students to sleep.
40:11 He was, you know, not a real dynamic teacher,
40:16 but he was a tremendous scholar.
40:18 And in the scholarly world his work on the Hebrew kings,
40:22 you know, coordinating the description given in Chronicles
40:27 and Kings, the dates of the different kings, etc.,
40:29 because there appears to be discrepancies,
40:31 it's still recognized in the scholarly world
40:33 as the standard in the field.
40:36 And he wrote this about the third trumpet.
40:41 This is on page 90.
40:43 "Here a remarkable revolutionary transformation is depicted.
40:49 The once pure, life-giving fountains become contaminated
40:55 and corrupt as the death-star Wormwood falls upon them,
41:01 and henceforth men die rather than live as they partake
41:06 of the polluted waters.
41:08 The pure church is a clear stream
41:12 and a life-giving fountain.
41:15 When the enemy enters the church, it becomes corrupt.
41:20 Henceforth it is a scourge rather than a blessing to men."
41:26 In other words, the waters become what?
41:27 Bitter.
41:29 And instead of people living, they what?
41:31 They die.
41:32 "Satan rather than Christ is in control,
41:36 and the church is to take complete control,
41:41 a savor of death unto death instead of life unto life."
41:49 Good description, isn't it, of the third trumpet.
41:53 Now Ellen White also had some very interesting statements
41:57 to make about the corrupted springs of water.
42:02 And I'm going to read several of these, because
42:04 we might be able to read them all, in fact.
42:06 And I'll stop at places.
42:09 She wrote, this is page 90 of your study notes,
42:12 "The world needs evidences of sincere Christianity."
42:16 What are the evidences of sincere Christianity?
42:20 How do people see sincere Christianity?
42:23 In people.
42:25 In believers.
42:27 "The poison of sin is at work at the heart of society.
42:34 Cities and towns are steeped in sin and moral corruption."
42:38 What is happening with cities and town?
42:39 They're steeped with what?
42:41 With sin and moral corruption.
42:44 "The world is full of sickness, suffering, and iniquity."
42:47 Are the waters bitter?
42:49 Oh yeah.
42:51 "Nigh and afar off are souls in poverty and distress,
42:55 weighed down with a sense of guilt and perishing
42:58 for want of a saving influence."
43:01 Now notice.
43:03 The gospel of truth is kept ever before them,
43:07 yet they perish because the example of those who should
43:11 be a savor of life to them is a savor of death."
43:15 Wow!
43:19 Is it a serious thing for believers to pollute the waters?
43:24 She continues, "Their souls drink in..." What?
43:28 "...bitterness because the springs are..." What?
43:32 "...poisoned, when they should be like a well of water
43:35 springing up unto everlasting life."
43:38 What a powerful statement.
43:41 That's in, Prophets and Kings, page 232.
43:43 Great Controversy, page 567, "In unfolding the sins
43:49 of his life to a priest..."
43:50 This is speaking about the confessional.
43:52 " erring, sinful mortal, and too often corrupted
43:57 with wine and licentiousness, his standard of character,"
44:01 the person who confesses, "their standard of character
44:04 is lowered, and he is..." What?
44:07 "...defiled in consequence.
44:09 His thought of God is degraded to the likeness
44:12 of fallen humanity, for the priest stands
44:15 as a representative of God.
44:17 This degrading confession of man to man is..." What?
44:23 "...the secret spring..."
44:25 What kind of spring?
44:26 Nice, fresh, life-giving waters, right?
44:29 Wrong.
44:31 It says, "This degrading confession of man to man
44:34 is the secret spring from which has flowed
44:38 much of the evil that is..." What?
44:41 "...defiling the world and fitting it
44:44 for the final destruction."
44:45 Because if you think that you can get off the hook
44:47 just by confessing your sin to a priest,
44:49 there's no incentive to overcome sin.
44:54 Notice, Desire of Ages, page 478.
44:57 "The priests and rulers, the scribes and Pharisees..."
45:00 Of course, they taught the truth, didn't they?
45:02 Aaahh.
45:04 They had all kinds of traditions that were contrary to Scripture.
45:07 "The priests and rulers, the scribes and Pharisees,
45:10 destroyed the living pastures and defiled the wellsprings
45:15 of the water of life."
45:19 And then we have, Early Writings, page 311.
45:22 "Satan was seeking to corrupt the doctrines of the Bible.
45:26 I saw that at last the standard was lowered..."
45:30 This is speaking about the church transitioning now
45:33 into the times of Constantine.
45:35 "I saw that at last the standard was lowered,
45:38 and that the heathen were doing..." What?
45:41 "...uniting with the Christians.
45:43 Although these worshipers of idols professed to be converted,
45:47 they brought their idolatry with them into the church,
45:52 only changing the objects of their worship
45:55 to images of saints, and even of Christ and of Mary His mother.
46:00 As the followers of Christ gradually united with them..."
46:04 What happened with the Christian religion?
46:07 "...the Christian religion became corrupted
46:10 and the church lost its purity and power."
46:13 Will false teachings defile and pollute the church
46:17 and make the waters of the church bitter?
46:20 Yes.
46:22 Here's another statement.
46:23 Counsels on Education, page 100.
46:27 "The Bible is the great educator;
46:30 for it is not possible prayerfully to study its pages
46:34 without having the intellect disciplined, ennobled..."
46:38 What's the next word?
46:40 "...purified and refined.
46:44 "Those who claim to be Christians,
46:47 who profess to believe the truth, and yet drink..." Where?
46:52 " the polluted fountains of infidelity,
46:55 and by precept and example draw others away from the cold,
47:00 snow-waters of Lebanon, are fools, though they
47:04 profess themselves to be wise."
47:06 Powerful statements from the spirit of prophecy
47:09 telling us what the wellsprings of waters,
47:11 the fresh waters represent.
47:16 She continues writing in,
47:19 Counsels to Teachers, page 358-359,
47:24 "A succession of showers from the living waters has come
47:28 to you at Battle Creek.
47:30 Each shower was a consecrated inflowing of divine influence,
47:36 but you did not recognize it as such.
47:39 Instead of drinking copiously of the streams of salvation
47:44 so freely offered through the influence of the Holy Spirit,
47:48 you turned to satisfy your soul thirst with the
47:51 polluted waters of human science."
47:54 You know, around the turn of the 20th century,
47:57 the 19th century, Battle Creek College
48:01 actually was closed for three years.
48:04 Because they were teaching all kinds of false doctrines.
48:08 And Ellen White, in fact, said don't send your
48:10 kids to Battle Creek.
48:12 And Ellen White is describing here this very thing.
48:17 She's talking to teachers, and she's saying that
48:20 the waters become polluted when individuals
48:24 put human science before putting the Word of God.
48:30 Do you know that there are many Christians today
48:32 who are embracing the theory of evolution?
48:36 Did you know that Francis I is an evolutionist?
48:39 That John Paul II was an evolutionist?
48:42 That they believe in the Big Bang
48:45 that happened supposedly 13.8 billion years ago?
48:49 You know, none of us were around.
48:52 And it would be 13.8 billion years before we would
48:56 come around, of course, if we believed the Big Bang theory.
48:59 And there are many liberal Protestant scholars who believe
49:03 that God used evolution as His method of creation.
49:07 And they say it's because all of the different
49:09 disciplines of science have proven that evolution is true.
49:14 So what do you do?
49:15 You embrace what the experts are saying,
49:19 you embrace the polluted springs,
49:22 or do you simply accept what the Bible says?
49:25 You simply accept that God created this world
49:28 in six days and He rested on the seventh day.
49:31 We have faith in the Word of God.
49:33 But when we accept the deductions of human science
49:39 in place of the Word of God, the waters are polluted.
49:43 Now notice the next statement, 7 Testimonies, page 204-205.
49:49 "We cannot be complete in Christ and yet be ready
49:52 to grasp those things that come from..." Whom?
49:57 "...from the so-called great men of the earth,
50:01 and place their wisdom before the wisdom of the
50:04 greatest Teacher the world has ever known.
50:08 To seek knowledge from such sources is represented
50:12 in the word as seeking to drink from..." Where?
50:15 "...from broken cisterns that can hold no water.
50:19 Let the truth of God be the subject
50:22 for contemplation and meditation.
50:25 Read the Bible and regard it as the voice of God
50:29 speaking directly to you.
50:31 Then will you find inspiration and that wisdom
50:35 which is divine."
50:39 One final statement from Ellen White and then we'll
50:41 bring this to a conclusion by reading
50:43 from Jon Paulien.
50:46 In 5 Testimonies, page 519, we have these words.
50:51 "It seems wonderfully strange to me, considering all I have
50:55 written in regard to the reading of exciting stories..."
50:59 She might have written, "watching exciting
51:01 television stories," too.
51:03 " see a recommendation from your pen to read
51:07 Robinson Crusoe, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and Aesop's Fables.
51:13 My brother, you made a mistake in writing that article.
51:17 If these books are among those that you have for sale,
51:21 I beg of you never to offer them again to our youth."
51:25 Hmm.
51:28 Wow!
51:30 Let me ask you, what would be better,
51:31 spending an hour reading your Bible or spending an hour
51:34 reading Robinson Crusoe?
51:37 You know, Robinson Crusoe is an interesting story.
51:40 As is Tom Sawyer.
51:43 And Huckleberry Finn, you know.
51:44 Those are interesting stories.
51:46 But once you've read the stories,
51:48 how has that edified you spiritually?
51:52 Not much.
51:54 Ellen White continues writing,
51:56 "It is your duty to call their attention..."
51:59 The attention of the youth to what?
52:01 " the Bible.
52:03 Do not become their tempter by offering to them attractive
52:10 storybooks which will..." What?
52:13 "...divert their minds from the study of the Scriptures.
52:17 We must ourselves be drinking..." What?
52:20 "...the water of life, or else we will be constantly
52:24 hewing out for ourselves broken cisterns
52:27 which can hold no water."
52:31 Do you think we've had enough statements to understand
52:33 what the rivers and springs of water represent?
52:36 I think so.
52:38 Have we had enough texts to interpret what the
52:40 star represents, the fallen star?
52:42 What it means to fall?
52:44 What the lamp is that defiles the waters?
52:47 I think the Bible and the spirit of prophecy explain this
52:50 with luxury of details.
52:52 The third trumpet, no doubt, is the time when the church
52:56 begins embracing apostasy.
52:59 Which will become full blown, as we'll notice
53:02 this afternoon, during the period of the fourth trumpet.
53:06 Now Jon Paulien who teaches now, I think, at Loma Linda,
53:11 for many years he taught at the seminary at Andrews,
53:14 had a very interesting comment summarizing
53:19 what we find in the third trumpet.
53:21 So I'm going to read that because it's
53:22 very well expressed.
53:24 "There are really three objects of judgment
53:27 in the third trumpet: the star, the springs and rivers,
53:34 and the people who drink the water."
53:36 So those are the three main elements that we find
53:39 in the third trumpet.
53:40 "...the star, the springs and rivers,
53:43 and the people who drink the water."
53:46 In a sense, each phrase of this three-fold judgment
53:50 is the catalyst for the next.
53:54 It is because the star falls that the rivers and springs
53:59 are turned into wormwood."
54:02 Is that correct?
54:03 The star falls, which is a torch...
54:06 We've already studied about the torch.
54:09 "It is because the star falls that the rivers and springs
54:12 are turned into wormwood."
54:13 In other words, the waters become bitter.
54:16 "The bitterness of these waters leads, in turn, to..." What?
54:20 " the death of those who drink the water."
54:25 So when apostasy enters the church,
54:28 when false doctrines enter the church,
54:31 it doesn't lead to spiritual life.
54:34 It leads to spiritual death.
54:35 Why do you suppose Christianity is so dead these days?
54:39 So devoid of spirituality?
54:43 Where people think, "Yeah, you know,
54:45 I can be gay and still be living in harmony with God's will.
54:50 And we can accept multiple genders, not only two,
54:53 but multiple genders."
54:55 "We can embrace evolution, you know, and kind of
54:57 accommodate the Bible to the theory of evolution."
55:01 You know, what happens with the church
55:04 when you have that way of thinking?
55:06 The church loses its savor.
55:09 The salt loses its savor.
55:11 It is no good but to be trampled by men.
55:14 You know, it reminds me of the story of Lot's wife.
55:20 You know, could God have caused her to have a heart attack?
55:25 Well, of course.
55:26 Why would He turn her into a pillar of salt?
55:29 Because Jesus later on said, when salt loses its savor,
55:33 it's no good but to be trampled by men.
55:37 She had lost her savor.
55:38 Was she part of God's chosen people?
55:41 Yes. But what did Sodom and Gomorrah do to her?
55:45 They polluted her.
55:47 Such that she came out of Sodom,
55:50 but Sodom did not come out of her.
55:53 And as a result of drinking of the polluted waters
55:57 of Sodom, what did it lead to?
56:00 It led to her pollution, and ultimately to her death.
56:07 Let's finish this statement.
56:09 "One would think..."
56:10 He's going to relate now the first and second trumpet
56:13 with the third.
56:14 "One would think that the removal of Rome and Judaism..."
56:19 The first trumpet was the removal of Judaism, right?
56:22 The second trumpet was the removal of the Roman Empire.
56:25 "One would think that the removal of Rome and Judaism
56:29 as effective opponents of the church would open the way
56:33 for the church's advancement and growth."
56:36 In other words, if you remove the Jewish nation
56:38 and you remove the Roman Empire, now there's great room
56:41 for the growth of the church.
56:44 "However, John does not think in such terms.
56:50 He warns, instead, that the removal of the church's enemies
56:55 only diverts Satan's mode of attack."
57:00 And you know, this reminds me of the story of Balaam.
57:03 The church of Pergamum in Revelation,
57:05 the doctrine of Balaam is mentioned.
57:08 You know, Balak wanted Balaam to curse Israel.
57:14 He couldn't because Israel was in a good
57:16 relationship with the Lord.
57:18 So Balaam says, "But if I can entice them into idolatry,
57:22 they'll be destroyed."
57:24 And they were.
57:26 Satan tried to destroy the church through persecution
57:29 in the church of Smyrna.
57:31 It's didn't work because they were in a good
57:34 relationship with the Lord.
57:35 So Satan says, "I can't destroy them through persecution."
57:39 But then you have the third church, Pergamum,
57:41 he says, "What I will do is, I'll poison the waters.
57:45 And that way, the church will die spiritually."
57:49 Is that exactly what happened?
57:51 That is precisely what happened.
57:54 And so, we've studied the third trumpet.
57:57 This afternoon we will study the fourth trumpet.


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