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Lesson 13 - The Sixth Trumpet Part 2

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00:01 [intense orchestral music]
00:14 Well, welcome to the afternoon session! Our
00:18 last session in this seminar. And when I
00:22 say "session," I'm talking about the two that we're
00:24 gonna have this afternoon. This morning, we began
00:28 our study of the sixth trumpet. We want to
00:32 continue that study, and I believe that we
00:34 were on page 306 when we ended in our last
00:39 presentation. So, we want to begin there.
00:44 What we're gonna do is just, basically, summarize
00:48 the main points of what we studied this morning.
00:51 But before we do, at the beginning of each
00:54 session-morning and afternoon-we have a
00:57 word of prayer to ask the Lord's presence.
00:59 So, let's pray. Father in heaven, thank you
01:02 for the good meal that we've been able to enjoy.
01:05 Thank you for the good worship service that we've
01:08 been present at. What a blessing it was. We
01:11 ask that you will now bless us as we open
01:14 Your Word, and study about the sixth trumpet.
01:18 Give us clear minds and open hearts. We ask that
01:22 You will be present here with us through the ministry
01:24 of the Holy Spirit. We pray this in Jesus'
01:28 precious name. Amen. [Amen!] Okay! What
01:34 two points in common do the sixth trumpet
01:37 and the sixth plagues have? Sixth plague?
01:41 First of all, the river Euphrates. And secondly,
01:47 the manifestation of spirits of devils, right?
01:52 Those are the two common denominators between the
01:54 sixth trumpet and the sixth plague. Now, let's
01:58 summarize what we looked at this morning. You have
02:02 four bullet points here where it says, "In summary".
02:07 In Revelation 8:12, 12:13-15, and 13:1-9,
02:15 the persecuting waters of the symbolic river
02:18 Euphrates flowed against God's people for 1,260
02:22 years. You remember that? The dragon spewed water
02:26 all over his mouth to try and drown the woman.
02:30 So, that was the river Euphrates during the
02:32 1,260 years, right? ...Right? [audience approval]
02:36 Good, alright. Now, what happened at the end of
02:40 this period? Revelation 9:1-11 (and that's the
02:46 fifth trumpet, by the way), Revelation 12:16,
02:49 the earth dries up the waters, and Revelation
02:52 13:3, 10, the deadly wound of the papacy.
02:56 What happened with the waters at the end of
02:59 the fourth trumpet and the end of this period?
03:03 The waters dried up. What is another way of
03:06 explaining "the waters dried up"? What is another
03:08 way of expressing it? "The beast received
03:14 a deadly wound," right? So the drying up of the
03:17 waters and the deadly wound are the same.
03:22 And then, Revelation 9:13-21, 12:17, 16:13-15,
03:30 which we're gonna look at a little bit later, and 17:1, 2,
03:34 and 15 tell us that the persecuting waters are
03:38 going to flow again. Correct? Once again,
03:46 in Revelation 9:13-21, you have a mention of
03:49 the Euphrates. We're gonna study that. And
03:52 you also have mention of spirits of demons
03:55 coming up to cause problems for God's people. So,
04:01 are the persecuting waters going to flow again?
04:04 Yes, because the harlot in Revelation 17 is seated
04:09 on many waters. And what is her name? Babylon!
04:14 What were the many waters of Babylon? The Euphrates!
04:18 So are the waters going to flow again under the
04:22 leadership of the harlot, joined with the kings
04:24 of the earth? Absolutely. But then what's going
04:28 to happen, according to Revelation 11:15-17-
04:31 this is the seventh trumpet, when Jesus
04:33 takes over the Kingdom- and Revelation 16:12,
04:36 which describes the drying up of those waters,
04:40 and Revelation 17:16, where it says that the
04:42 kings will turn against the harlot. What's gonna
04:45 happen to the waters, finally, during the period
04:48 of the sixth plague? The waters are going
04:52 to dry up again. What does that mean? It means
04:57 that the papacy will finally lose its power
05:01 when the civil powers, the kings, arise against
05:05 the system. Is that what happened at the end of
05:08 the French Revolution? Absolutely! France rose
05:12 against the papacy. So, let's go to our comments
05:16 on Revelation 16:12. Let's read the verse
05:21 first. "Then, the sixth angel poured out his
05:25 bowl on the great river Euphrates." We're gonna
05:30 find this same river mentioned in the sixth
05:32 trumpet when we study verse by verse, a little
05:35 bit later on. So, "The sixth angel poured out
05:38 his bowl on the great river Euphrates," and
05:40 what happened when he poured out his bowl?
05:44 "The water of the Euphrates was dried up so that the
05:49 way of the kings from the east might be prepared."
05:55 So, after the waters dry up, what is the
05:57 next event? The next event is the coming of
06:02 Christ. Who are the kings from the east? The kings
06:07 from the east are Jesus and His angels. We already
06:10 identified them in chapter 19! Jesus comes on a
06:12 white horse. He's followed by white horses, and He's
06:16 coming to trample on the winepress. So, do
06:19 you see the seventh trumpet there? The
06:20 seventh plague is really- the sixth and seventh
06:24 plagues are parallel to the seventh trumpet.
06:27 Now, let's go to the next page - page 307.
06:31 We know for certain that the drying up of the Euphrates
06:34 at the time of the sixth plague occurs after the
06:39 close of probationary time, right? Does the sixth
06:44 plague take place after the close of probation?
06:47 Yes, because the plagues fall after the close of
06:50 probation. But when does the sixth trumpet take
06:55 place? Does it take place after the close
06:58 of probation? No. The sixth trumpet takes
07:03 place during probationary time, because it's the
07:07 sixth trumpet. Only when the seventh trumpet is
07:11 about to sound, probation closes, and then you
07:14 have the time of trouble; and, ultimately, the
07:18 seventh trumpet blows, and Jesus comes to take
07:22 over the kingdom. Now, let's go to the next
07:24 verse. Revelation 16 and verse 13. "And I
07:29 saw three unclean spirits like frogs, coming out
07:35 of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the
07:38 beast, and out of the mouth of the false
07:40 prophet." Does this describe demonic activity?
07:45 [Yes.] Yes. Does the previous verse mention
07:48 the river Euphrates? Yes. Are you following
07:52 me or not? So, now notice- let's read the note.
07:56 It is vitally important to underline that the
07:59 events of verses 13 to 16-very important-
08:03 occur chronologically before those of verse
08:07 12. In other words, what we find in verses 13
08:10 to 16 actually occurs before what you find
08:14 in verse 12. You're gonna see why. In
08:18 other words, verse 12 describes the sixth
08:20 plague after the close of probationary time,
08:25 while verses 13-16 describe the events that led up
08:29 to that climax during probationary time.
08:34 Are you with me? Yes? [Yes!] Good. [laughs]
08:39 Now, the ancient Egyptians considered the frog the
08:42 god of immortality. The three unclean spirits
08:46 symbolize three symbolic fallen angels. So does the
08:50 devil also have three angels? [Oh, yeah.] Yeah. God
08:54 has three angels, and Satan has three angels.
08:57 Now, let's continue here. The three unclean
09:01 spirits come out of the mouth of the dragon,
09:06 the beast, and the false prophet. What comes
09:07 out of your mouth? [Words.] Words. So what is coming
09:11 out of the mouth of the dragon, the beast, and
09:13 the false prophet? False doctrines. False teachings.
09:19 Deceptions. Now, the next paragraph... It
09:22 has been common among Adventists to interpret
09:24 the dragon in this verse as spiritualism. Have you
09:28 ever heard that before? The beast is the papacy,
09:31 and the false prophet are the Protestant denominations,
09:35 and the dragon is Satan... or spiritualism. Now,
09:40 that's partially true. But really, the dragon
09:44 represents Satan working through the civil powers
09:48 of the world. And you say, "How's that?" Who
09:52 tried to slay Jesus when He was born? Was it the
09:55 dragon who tried to slay Jesus? [Yes.] Yes. And
09:59 who was the dragon that wanted to slay Jesus?
10:03 Well, it was Satan working through Herod. In Ezekiel
10:08 29:3, Pharaoh is called the great dragon. Who
10:12 wanted to see Moses, the deliverer, dead?
10:15 Satan wanted to! But who did he use? He
10:19 actually used Pharaoh. So, the dragon represents
10:22 the civil powers of the world, the beast represents
10:25 the papacy, and the false prophet represents apostate
10:30 Protestantism. Now, these three fallen angels...
10:34 Actually, these three angels represent Satan's
10:37 people who spread his lies. You know the three
10:39 angels of Revelation 14 represent the people
10:41 of God proclaiming the message. It's not that
10:44 you're gonna see three angels whizzing across
10:46 heaven. It's the people that actually proclaim
10:49 the messages. So, we need to understand that
10:51 these three fallen angels represent Satan's people
10:56 who spread his lies. They will speak on behalf
10:59 of what? These evil spirits will speak on behalf of whom?
11:04 On behalf of the dragon, the beast, and the false
11:08 prophet. So, what we have here is that the
11:13 dragon is a parody of whom? Of God the Father.
11:21 The beast is a parody of whom? Of Christ.
11:26 How many years did the ministry of Christ last?
11:30 Three and a half. Did He perform miracles?
11:33 [Yes.] Yes. Did He receive a deadly wound at the
11:37 end of His life? [Yes.] Did He resurrect from
11:40 the wound? [Yes.] Did the world wonder after
11:43 Him? Yes! Just look at Pentecost. After that,
11:48 5,000 more. So, what would the false prophet
11:52 represent? What does a false prophet do? He
11:54 makes fire come down from heaven in the
11:56 sight of men. So he would be a counterfeit of what?
12:00 Of the Holy Spirit. So, Satan has his counterfeit
12:05 godhead, and God has His true Godhead. Are
12:08 you with me or not? [Amen.] Now, let's
12:11 continue at the bottom of the page. Notice how
12:14 Ellen White connects the false prophet of
12:17 Revelation 13:13 with the message of Revelation 16:13-14.
12:23 "John upon the isle of Patmos saw the things
12:26 which had come upon the earth in the last days."
12:29 And then she quotes Revelation 13:13 and
12:33 16:14. Interesting. 13:13 is describing the
12:37 beast from the earth, and 16:14 is quoting
12:42 the verses that we're taking a look at now.
12:44 She continues, quoting, "'And he doeth great
12:47 wonders, so that he make a fire come down from
12:50 heaven on earth in the sight of men.'" And then
12:53 she goes to this very next verse. "'For they
12:55 are spirits of devils, working miracles which
12:58 go forth onto the kings of the earth and of the
13:01 whole world, to gather them to the battle of
13:06 that great day of God Almighty. So, what is
13:12 verse 13 describing? Verse 13 is describing
13:16 demonic activity by three fallen angels that are
13:22 speaking out of their mouth doctrines of
13:25 devils. They are deceiving spirits. So now, let's
13:29 go to the comments on Revelation 16:14. What
13:35 are these spirits that are mentioned in Revelation
13:39 16:13? The unclean spirits. Well, we don't have to
13:42 guess, because it says, "For they are spirits of
13:47 demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings
13:53 of the earth and the whole world, to gather
13:58 them to the battle of that great day of God
14:02 Almighty." Let's read the note. "The purpose
14:06 of the message of these symbolic angels and the
14:10 signs they perform is to gather the kings of the
14:14 earth and the whole world against God and His people.
14:20 One cannot help but see that under the sixth
14:22 trumpet, the angels are at the four corners at
14:27 the river Euphrates, and they're released."
14:30 And here, the text tells us that the spirits of
14:33 demons go to the kings of the earth and of the
14:36 whole world. Is there a parallel there? [Yes.]
14:39 Absolutely there's a parallel. Now, let's notice
14:44 Ellen White's comment in Revelation 16:13-14.
14:48 When did this demonic activity start to manifest
14:51 itself? Is it just in the very last remnant
14:55 of time, or did it start right around the 1840s?
15:00 [1840s.] It started when the three angels' messages
15:05 were proclaimed in the 1840s. You remember the vision
15:09 that Ellen White had of the train? Where
15:11 she's talking about... Where did spiritualism
15:13 originate? Modern spiritualism. Have you heard of the
15:17 Fox sisters? 1848 in Rochester, New York.
15:22 Ellen White describes this as a train. She
15:27 says, "I saw a train." And almost the whole
15:30 world appeared to be on the train. Ellen White
15:33 saw the conductor. He looked like a very refined
15:36 person. She was confused how God's prophet didn't
15:42 know who he was. And so, Ellen White asked
15:45 her angel, "Who is he?" And the angel tells Ellen
15:49 White, "He's Satan, disguised as an angel
15:52 of light, and he's leading the world into deception,
15:57 and ultimately onto destruction." So, does
16:02 this scenario of Revelation 16 apply only to the
16:06 very end of time? No! The sixth trumpet goes
16:10 all the way back to 1798, after 1798, and the 1840s.
16:18 Now, notice Ellen White, the tenses of the verbs
16:20 that Ellen White uses when she quotes this
16:25 verse. This is from Last Day Events, pg. 249.
16:30 "The Spirit of God is," what?...Is the Spirit
16:37 of God withdrawn? Boom! No... "The Spirit of God
16:43 is gradually withdrawing from the world." Was it
16:47 withdrawing in her day? Yes! "Satan is," when she
16:53 writes, "Satan is mustering his forces of evil." What is
16:58 Satan doing? He's gathering his armies. That's the
17:02 sixth trumpet, by the way. Satan is also
17:05 mustering his forces of evil, and now she's
17:08 gonna quote Revelation 16:13-14. "Going forth
17:13 onto the kings of the earth and of the whole
17:15 world, to gather them under his banner to be
17:19 trained for the battle of that great day of
17:21 God Almighty." Is she quoting Revelation 16?
17:24 [Yes.] Was the devil already doing that
17:27 back when she wrote? Yes! See, the sixth
17:31 trumpet doesn't leave a big gap between 1798,
17:35 and then jump all the way to the end time. No!
17:38 God started withdrawing His Spirit there in 1798,
17:44 and the Spirit has been withdrawn little by little
17:47 since then. Notice the next quotation: Great Controversy
17:51 [pg.] 588 and 589. "The line of distinction between
17:55 professed Christians and the ungodly is now
17:58 hardly distinguishable. Church members love what
18:01 the world loves and are ready to join with them."
18:04 And what does Satan want to do? "And Satan
18:07 determines to unite them in one body." Is that what
18:12 God wants to do with His people? Yes! "And
18:15 thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the
18:21 ranks of spiritualism. Papists, who boast of
18:24 miracles as a certain sign of the true Church,
18:27 will be readily deceived by this wonder-working
18:30 power. And Protestants, having cast away the
18:34 shield of truth..." What is the shield of truth?
18:36 The Bible. "...will also be deluded. Papists,
18:41 Protestants, and worldings..." The word 'worldings' means
18:44 'the secular'. "...will alike accept the form of godliness
18:48 without the power, and they will see in this
18:50 union a grand movement for the conversion of
18:53 the world and the ushering in the long expected
18:57 millennium." So, was that happening in the days
19:01 of Ellen White? Yes. Notice the next quotation.
19:06 [vol.] 8, Testimonies [for the Church], pg. 49.
19:08 "Already, the inhabitants of the earth are marshaling
19:16 under the leading of the prince of darkness."
19:20 So was the prince of darkness already at
19:22 work back then? Oh, yes he was. Notice [vol.] 19,
19:26 Manuscript Releases, page 376. "Let us earnestly
19:31 prepare for the conflict that is before us, for
19:34 Satan's armies are marshaling for the last great struggle."
19:42 Let's read the following quotation. North Pacific
19:45 Union Gleaner January 27, 1910. "In these perilous
19:49 times, when the forces of evil are marshaling
19:55 their hosts to thwart, if possible, the efforts
19:58 of God's servants in the earth, it is vitally
20:01 necessary for every laborer to walk humbly
20:04 with God. Daily, he is to maintain a close
20:06 connection with the heavenly agencies."
20:10 So was this spirit of these evil spirits already
20:14 being manifested in the times of Ellen White?
20:17 Absolutely. Notice this quotation. Review and
20:20 Herald July 18, 1882. "Satan is marshaling his
20:26 forces for the last great struggle." What is the
20:30 last great struggle? It ultimately culminates
20:34 in what? In the battle of Armageddon. "
20:37 make war with the remnant of His seed, which keep
20:40 the commandments of God and have the testimony
20:42 of Jesus Christ." So is Revelation 12:17 related
20:45 to the sixth trumpet, as well? She's quoting
20:49 Revelation 12:17. Do you notice that she
20:51 quotes Revelation 12:17, she quotes Revelation chapter
20:55 13 about the false prophet, she also quotes what we
21:01 find in Revelation chapter 16... So are all these
21:04 passages describing events during the sixth trumpet?
21:08 Absolutely. Now, this is a very important
21:11 statement. Satan is marshaling his forces
21:14 for the last great struggle to make war with the
21:17 remnant of her seed which keep the commandments
21:19 of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
21:22 If we would be true to God, we cannot
21:25 escape the conflict; but we are not left
21:28 in doubt as to the issue." Now don't miss the next
21:32 part of this quotation. "Beyond the smoke and
21:35 heat..." The sixth trumpet is gonna mention fire and
21:41 brimstone and heat. She's alluding to that. "Beyond
21:46 the smoke and heat of the battle, we behold
21:51 them that had gotten the victory, standing on
21:55 Mt. Zion with the Lamb." [Yes.] Notice the following
22:00 quotation. "I was shown that a terrible condition
22:03 of things is seen to exist in our world."
22:08 Did these things already exist in her time? Yes.
22:11 What were they going to do in the course
22:12 of time? Intensity, right? Get worse and
22:15 worse. She continues, "The angel of mercy is
22:19 folding her wings, ready to depart. Already, the
22:24 Lord's restraining power is being withdrawn."
22:28 Was it happening in her day? Yes. So once again,
22:34 "Already, the Lord's restraining power is
22:36 being withdrawn from the earth, and the power
22:38 of Satan is working in the world to stir up the
22:43 religious elements under the training of the great
22:45 deceiver, to work with all deceivableness of
22:48 unrighteousness in the children of disobedience.
22:52 Already, the inhabitants of the earth are marshaling
22:56 under the leadings of the prince of darkness, and
22:59 this is only the beginning of the end." This is only
23:04 the first part of the sixth trumpet! She
23:07 continues, "The law of God is made void. We
23:12 see and hear of confusion, perplexities, want, and
23:15 famine; earthquakes and floods; terrible outrages
23:19 will be committed by men, passion-not reason-
23:22 bears sway, God's wrath is upon the inhabitants of
23:25 a world that is fast becoming as corrupt
23:28 as were the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah."
23:30 What would she say today? "Already, fires and floods
23:34 are destroying thousands of human beings and the
23:37 property that has been selfishly boarded by the
23:42 oppression of the poor." So, was Satan at this
23:46 time already manifesting his power to marshal
23:48 the forces of the earth to be on his side?
23:52 Absolutely. And she describes it as "beyond
23:55 the smoke and heat of the battle." Why would
23:58 she mention smoke and heat? Well, that's language
24:02 that comes from the sixth trumpet, we're gonna
24:04 notice. Notice the next quotation. The demonic
24:08 activity... You remember that in Revelation chapter
24:11 16, it speaks about the spirits that come out
24:14 of the mouth of the dragon, the beast,
24:15 and the false prophet as spirits of devils? Is
24:19 that the language that is used-spirits of devils?
24:21 Notice how Ellen White uses that time and
24:23 again in her writings. Here, we find in The Desire
24:28 of Ages [pg.] 257. "So it will be in the great
24:33 final conflict of the controversy between
24:35 righteousness and sin. While new life and light
24:38 and power are descending from on high upon the
24:41 disciples of Christ, a new life is springing
24:45 up," where? We're gonna see that the power in
24:48 the sixth trumpet comes from beneath-from hell.
24:53 So, she's saying here, "A new life is springing
24:56 up from beneath." What is that new life that's
25:00 springing up from beneath? God? No! Notice: "
25:06 springing up from beneath, and energizing the agencies
25:11 of Satan. Intensity is taking possession of
25:14 every earthly element. With a subtle? through
25:18 centuries of conflict, the prince of evil works
25:21 under a disguise." And now notice, she's gonna
25:23 refer directly to a Bible verse. "He appears clothed
25:27 as an angel of light, and multitudes are
25:31 giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of
25:36 devils." Now, we're not gonna read all of these
25:40 quotations-there are many of them-but I
25:44 want you to notice the highlighted portions that
25:46 we have here. Does Revelation 16 use the expression "spirits
25:52 of devils"? Yes. Notice how Ellen White repeatedly
25:56 uses this. In Great Controversy page 560-
26:00 this is the next to last quotation that we find
26:03 on page 310. How does the quotation end? It
26:08 ends, "They who thus appear are the spirits of devils."
26:15 The next quotation. Let's, in fact, read this quotation.
26:19 "Satan has long been preparing for his final
26:22 effort to deceive the world. The foundation
26:25 of his work was laid by the assurance given
26:28 to Eve in Eden, 'Ye shall not surely die. In the
26:31 day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened,
26:34 and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.'
26:37 Little by little..." So, does it happen overnight?
26:42 No. "Little by little, he has prepared the
26:46 way for his masterpiece of deception in the
26:50 development of spiritualism." Was spiritualism already
26:54 raising its ugly head in the 1840s? Absolutely.
27:00 She continues. "He has not yet reached the full
27:03 accomplishment of his designs." So, can we
27:07 see him working now? Are the spirits of devils
27:10 working now? Yes. Are they gonna work a lot
27:13 harder later? Towards the end of the sixth
27:16 trumpet - absolutely. So little by little, he has
27:19 prepared the way for his masterpiece of
27:21 deception in the development of spiritualism. He has
27:24 not yet reached the full accomplishment of his
27:27 designs, but it will be reached in the last
27:30 remnant of time. Says the prophet..." Now,
27:33 what is she gonna quote? She's gonna quote Revelation
27:38 16! "Says the prophet, 'I saw three unclean
27:43 spirits like frogs. They are the spirits of devils,
27:48 working miracles which go forth unto the kings
27:51 of the earth and of the whole world, to gather
27:52 them to the battle of that great day of God
27:55 Almighty. Except those who are kept by the
27:58 power of God through faith in His Word, the whole
28:01 world will be swept into the ranks of this delusion.
28:06 The people are fast being lulled to a fatal security,
28:10 to be awakened only by the outpouring of the
28:13 wrath of God.'" Notice what Ellen White says
28:17 about the state of the dead. By the way, is
28:18 the Christian world just very ripe for this? [Yes.]
28:22 Why is the Christian world ripe for this-
28:24 for the manifestation of the spirits of devils,
28:26 going to the kings of the earth and the whole
28:29 world, to gather them against God? Why?
28:32 Because practically all Christian churches, with
28:36 perhaps the exception of the Jehovah's Witnesses,
28:40 believe that when a person dies, their soul goes to
28:44 heaven or to hell. They believe in the immortality
28:48 of the soul, which is the foundation of spiritualism!
28:53 Are you with me? [Yes.] So notice what Ellen White
28:56 wrote. "I saw that the saints must get a thorough
29:01 understanding of present truth, which they will be
29:05 obliged to maintain from the scriptures. They must
29:09 understand the state of the dead," and now
29:13 comes the expression, "for the spirits of devils..."
29:18 Out of whose mouth do the spirits of devils come?
29:24 The dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. All
29:29 three are controlled by spiritualism. The dragon
29:33 alone is not spiritualism. The evil spirits come out
29:38 of the mouth of all three. So, they must understand
29:41 the state of the dead, "For the spirits of devils
29:44 will yet appear to them, professing to be beloved
29:47 friends and relatives who will declare to them
29:50 that the Sabbath has been changed. Also,
29:53 other unscriptural doctrines." Folks, if people believe
29:57 their ministers that say, "Don't worry about
30:00 those Adventists. Sunday's the day we're supposed to
30:02 keep," and people buy it, what's gonna happen
30:05 when Satan disguises himself as friends and
30:08 relatives, and says, "Sunday is the day of
30:11 worship"? They will have no protection against
30:14 this delusion! What is early protection? "I
30:17 see you! I hear you! But you are not my
30:21 relative, because the Bible says the living
30:24 know that they will die, but the dead know
30:27 nothing. So depart from me, in the name of Jesus."
30:30 Our only protection will be this book. [Yes.]
30:34 Not our eyes, not our feelings, not our ears,
30:37 not what people say... No. Simply what the
30:41 Bible says. In fact, Ellen White goes on
30:45 in this quotation on page 87 and 88. That's
30:49 where she speaks about the train, and she says
30:52 that individuals, demons, disguising themselves
30:58 as relatives and friends, are going to appear before
31:02 Adventists. Before Adventists! Not before non-Adventists-
31:08 although, probably they will to them, too-but
31:10 they will appear to Adventists to try to persuade Adventists.
31:14 And when Adventists will say, "Well, there's something
31:16 going on here; this is wrong," they'll start wailing and
31:19 saying, "Oh, son, it's me, son." [Ohhh.] Hoo... And Ellen
31:25 White says that the falsification is perfect.
31:28 The voice is precisely the voice that the relative
31:32 had. The appearance is exactly the same. What
31:37 will be our only protection? God said that the dead
31:41 don't know anything! So we can't go by our
31:44 eyes, our ears, our emotions, our feelings, miracles,
31:48 what others say. Only what the Word of God
31:50 says. Now, here comes the description of the
31:55 train. "I saw the rapidity with which this delusion
31:59 was spreading." Was it already spreading in
32:00 Ellen White's day? [Yes.] Is the sixth trumpet
32:03 already in play during the times of Ellen White?
32:08 Absolutely. "A train of cars was shown me,
32:11 going with the speed of lightning. The angel
32:15 bade me, 'Look carefully.' I fixed my eyes upon the
32:19 train. It seemed that the whole world was on
32:22 board, that there could be no one left. Said the
32:28 angel, 'They are binding in bundles, ready to
32:31 burn.' Then, he showed me the conductor, who
32:35 appeared like a stately, fair person, whom all
32:40 the passengers looked up to and reverenced.
32:44 I was perplexed." The prophet didn't even
32:47 know who he was! "I was perplexed and asked
32:51 my attending angel who it was. He said, 'It is
32:55 Satan. He is the conductor in the form of an angel
32:59 of light. He has taken the world captive.
33:03 They are given over to strong delusions, to
33:07 believe a lie, that they may be damned. This
33:10 agent, the next highest in order to him, he is
33:13 the engineer. And other of his agents are employed
33:17 in different offices as he may need them,
33:20 and they are all going with lightning speed to
33:24 perdition.'" What do you think? Amazing, isn't
33:30 it? So let me ask you: Revelation 16:13, 14,
33:37 and 15 - do they apply during probationary time?
33:40 [Yes.] Yes! Ellen White quotes them in probationary
33:45 time. So, must this be a parenthesis in the
33:51 sixth plague? Absolutely. Now, let's go to the
33:54 bottom of the page. Ellen White then described
33:57 another group that resisted and opposed this overwhelming
34:02 delusion. Let's read. She's continuing here
34:06 in Early Writings, page 88. "I asked the angel
34:11 if there were none left." [laughs] 'Cause the
34:14 whole world is on the train. "I asked the angel if
34:18 there were none left. He bade me look in
34:21 an opposite direction, and I saw a little company."
34:29 How many are on the devil's side in the sixth
34:33 trumpet? 200 million. [Oh, wow.] How many
34:38 are on the Lord's side in the sixth seal? 144
34:43 thousand. You see the contrast? So, it says,
34:48 "He bade me look in an opposite direction, and
34:50 I saw a little company traveling a narrow pathway.
34:54 All seemed to be firmly united, bound together
34:59 by emotion." [By truth.] Oh, my- my glasses must
35:04 be failing me. [laughter] "Bound together by,"
35:10 what? [Truth!] What needs to bind God's people
35:13 together? Just feeling good about each other?
35:15 [laughter] [No.] [Truth.] Getting together and
35:17 singing "Kumbaya"? [further laughter]
35:19 No! "All seemed to be firmly united, bound
35:23 together by the truth in bundles or companies.
35:28 Said the angel, 'The third angel is binding
35:30 or sealing them in bundles for the heavenly garner.'"
35:34 You remember the scene in Revelation 14 where he
35:36 has a sickle in his hand and he's harvesting the
35:38 harvest of the earth? This little company looked
35:43 careworn, as if they had passed through
35:46 severe trials and conflicts, and it appeared as if
35:49 the sun had just risen from behind a cloud
35:52 and shone upon their countenances, causing
35:55 them to look triumphant as if their victories were
35:58 nearly won. J. A. Seiss in his book The Exposition
36:05 of the Book of Revelation, makes the following
36:08 incisive remark about the sixth plague, but he's
36:15 commenting, actually, on the part that has to do
36:17 with the events that take place before the
36:19 sixth plague. He connected it with spiritualism, and
36:24 this guy wasn't an Adventist. Notice what he wrote.
36:28 "Modern spiritism, or so-called spiritualism, is only
36:32 a revival of the same thing - a branch of
36:35 the same iniquity. There, doubtless, is some reality
36:39 in it, and it is confessedly a system of contact with
36:44 the death, whose spirits are invoked in various
36:47 forms and methods to teach wisdom to dictate
36:50 faith, religion, and life, to comfort and
36:53 help and trouble and necessity, and to serve
36:56 as saviors and as gods. It is demon worship
37:00 brought to life again." [Ooh!] "It claims to have
37:04 vast multitudes of adherence, even among the baptized
37:12 and nominally Christian! It is influencing whole
37:16 communities of men and women who are prepared
37:18 to commit themselves, body and soul, for a
37:22 time and eternity into the care of these lying
37:26 demon guides. It has made inroads upon people of
37:29 all classes, and is received by many as
37:34 a distinct and the only true religion. Its oracles
37:37 are loud and hopeful in the prediction that
37:40 it will soon enlist to itself the governments
37:45 and reigning classes of the whole world."
37:48 He's commenting on Revelation chapter 16
37:51 and verses 13 and 14. So, let me ask you this:
37:58 Is Revelation 16:13, is that describing
38:04 something before probationary time ends, or after?
38:08 Before! How about verse 14? Going to all the
38:11 kings of the earth and the world to gather them.
38:13 Before! Now, how about verse 15? Verse 15,
38:18 that's the bottom of page 312. Let's notice.
38:23 Jesus says now, "Behold, I am coming as a thief."
38:29 Do you know what the coming of the thief is?
38:31 You know what moment that is, the coming of
38:32 the thief? It's not the Second Coming. See,
38:38 the coming of the thief has two stages. You
38:41 say, "What?" And one isn't the rapture. [chuckles]
38:46 Let's just use this analogy. You know,
38:51 Fresno sometimes gets very cold, but let's
38:53 use Canada as our example. Saskatchewan. Okay?
38:57 I was there in January. ...Ooh. [laughter] I mean,
39:01 talk about cold and windy. But anyway, you live
39:04 in Saskatchewan, and it is the month of
39:06 December. It is bitter cold. The wind is
39:09 blowing, and it's snowing. You finish work and you
39:12 get home, going to a nice, warm living room...
39:15 And then your wife brings you a bowl of soup and
39:19 some bread. I know you're not hungry, so I can
39:21 talk about this. [laughs] And so, then afterwards,
39:25 you sit down to watch the news, and you kind of dose
39:27 off. You say, "I'm gonna go to bed," so you go
39:29 to bed, you get under the covers... "Oh, it's so
39:33 nice and warm under the covers." And you're
39:35 there with your wife; and suddenly, you forget
39:37 that you forgot to lock the door. Mm. Oh, it's
39:44 so nice and warm under these covers. [laughter]
39:47 This pillow feels so good... Ah, I've lived here for
39:51 20 years, and the thief has never come. And
39:56 so you stay under the covers. Lo and behold,
39:59 that night, the thief comes...enters the
40:02 house, and steals your valuables. Do the people
40:06 inside the house know that the thief has come?
40:09 No. When do they find out? The next morning,
40:12 but it's too late. Probation will close
40:16 before people realize it! Because they'll be
40:18 sleeping. They're not watching. When will
40:21 they find out that Jesus has closed the door and
40:24 that they're lost? When Jesus comes on the
40:27 clouds of heaven in the morning, but then it will
40:31 be too late. So, when Jesus says here, "Behold,
40:35 I am coming as a thief." He's saying, "I'm gonna
40:38 close probation! So be ready." Blessed is
40:44 he who watches. It's the opposite of sleeping.
40:48 Who watches. And keeps his garments! Lest he
40:54 walk naked, and they see his shame. Will
41:02 this warning make any sense after the close
41:04 of probation? [chuckles] Will it make any sense
41:10 after the close of probation? Of course not! Why not?
41:14 Well, because probation has closed. You can't
41:16 watch anymore; you can't guard your garments anymore.
41:20 Is this a warning during probationary time? Yes.
41:23 Let's go to the next page. And by the way,
41:25 do you know who some of those will be, who will be
41:30 naked, and they will see their shame? People who
41:33 belong to the church of Laodicea. What church
41:37 is that? Of course, that's the Lutherans,
41:38 right? [laughter] And the Presbyterians,
41:42 and the Methodists... and the Mormons and
41:44 and the Jehovah's Witnesses... No. What is Laodicea?
41:48 The Seventh-day Adventist Church. Notice Revelation
41:51 chapter 3:18. This is the scary part. Many of
41:55 those who profess Jesus inside the remnant church
41:58 are gonna be found not watching and without the
42:01 garment. Revelation 3:18 says, the faithful witness
42:05 is speaking... [reads text on-screen]
42:16 "...your nakedness may not be revealed..." Is that
42:21 a warning to Laodicea? [Yes.] Is it a warning
42:24 during the period of the sixth trumpet?
42:27 Absolutely. Now, let's notice the next paragraph.
42:32 It bears noting that it would do no good to
42:34 give this warning to God's people during
42:36 the period of the sixth plague after probation
42:38 has closed. Because at that time, probation will
42:42 have closed, and no one can change sides! In
42:45 fact, verse 15 contains God's warning to His
42:48 people during probationary time to be faithful in
42:52 resisting the spirits of devils by not gathering
42:55 with the kings of the earth and the whole
42:57 world." So, verses 13-15, they apply to probationary
43:04 time. Right? When does does the drying up of
43:07 the Euphrates in chapter 16:12 apply? That's
43:12 during the period of the sixth plague. But
43:15 the gathering before that takes place during
43:18 probationary time. Are you following me or not?
43:22 Now, so that you have it absolutely clear, we're
43:26 going to a review now on page 313. Here is the
43:32 literary structure of Revelation 16:12-16.
43:36 Once again, we see how important it is to study
43:39 the order of events, how the passage is
43:43 organized, because is not in strict chronological
43:47 order. First, Revelation 16:12. This is the
43:51 summary. Up to the moment of the fifth
43:54 plague, Babylon's waters are ever-increasing.
44:02 With what intention? With the intention of drowning
44:06 God's people at the time of the sixth plague.
44:12 But what happens during the sixth plague? The
44:15 waters are about to drown God's people.
44:17 But what happens then? The waters are dried
44:20 up. So, does verse 12 apply to post-probationary
44:24 time? Do the waters dry up at the sixth
44:27 plague? Absolutely. Let's continue. The
44:31 drying up of the waters then prepares the way
44:35 for the coming of the kings of the east.
44:37 Who are the kings of the east? [Jesus.]
44:39 Jesus and His angels. Jesus comes from the
44:41 east! He comes on a white horse. The armies
44:44 of heaven come with Him. Right? Which trumpet is
44:46 that? That's #7! Now notice the next two
44:53 verses. Revelation 16:13 and 14. These verses
44:57 take us back to probationary time, "When the wicked
45:00 swirling waters are ever-increasing and
45:03 gathering against God's people. Does the gathering
45:05 of the wicked take place after probation closes,
45:08 or before probation closes? Before! "Three
45:11 evil angels with a counterfeit message go to the kings
45:15 of the earth and the whole world to gather
45:17 them for the final battle against God in the person
45:22 of His people." Then you have Revelation 16:15.
45:26 In this parenthetical statement, Jesus warns
45:29 God's people to be on the right side when
45:32 probation closes. When the gathering is over
45:35 and probation closes, there will only be two
45:38 groups: those who walk naked, and those who will
45:42 have the seal of God on their forehead. In
45:47 other words, the faithful, and the unfaithful.
45:50 And then, Revelation 16:16 is a continuation of
45:56 verses 13 and 14, so we skip 15, because
46:01 15 is a warning. You say, "Now, wait a minute."
46:05 Well, let's read Revelation 16:13-16, but let's skip
46:15 verse 15, and you tell me if it makes sense.
46:18 [reads text on-screen]
46:38 Now, we skip verse 15. [reads verse 16 on-screen]
46:45 [That makes sense.] Is that a continuation of
46:47 the thought? [Yes.] [Mhm.] Absolutely, 'cause verse
46:51 15 is a parenthetical statement; it's a warning,
46:54 that when this moment comes, make sure that
46:56 you're clothed. By the way, when do you clothe
46:58 yourself? After probation closes, right? No! We
47:02 clothe ourselves before probation closes. So,
47:05 is this warning telling us, "You need to be
47:08 clothed before probation closes?" Absolutely.
47:12 Now, here's a question: Where's Armageddon
47:14 located? So where do the three evil spirits that
47:22 come out of the mouth of the dragon, the beast,
47:24 and the false prophet, where do they gather
47:26 the whole world against God's people? They gather
47:30 them at a place called what? In the Hebrew tongue,
47:35 Harmageddon. Now, the word 'Harmageddon' comes
47:41 from two Hebrew words: 'har', which means 'mountain',
47:47 and 'mo'ed', which means congregation. It's the
47:52 identical expression that is used in Isaiah 14 where
47:57 Lucifer says that he will go to the "Mount
48:00 of the Congregation." The wicked are actually
48:06 gathered at the Mount of the Congregation. Which
48:08 congregation? Who's the congregation? [The Church.]
48:16 The Church - God's people. The consonants in 'Harmageddon'
48:20 are identical to the ones in 'Har Mo'ed'. So in
48:26 other words, Harmageddon- you know, in Hebrew,
48:29 there were no vowels, right? Only consonants.
48:33 So, the consonants in Harmageddon are the
48:37 same consonants that you have in Har Mo'ed,
48:39 which is 'Mount of the Congregation'. But what
48:43 about the ending, 'Armagedd...on'? What
48:48 about that? Well, this is simply a way of
48:51 Greek-icizing, if I could invent that word, a
48:55 Hebrew word. The ending is a Greek ending adapted
48:59 to a Hebrew word. The same happens with the
49:03 Hebrew word 'abad'. What does 'abad' mean?
49:08 We already studied that. What is the name of the
49:14 being that comes out of the abyss in the fifth
49:16 trumpet? Abaddon. But where does the "O-N"
49:23 come at the end? Abad- the Hebrew word is abad!
49:27 So why do you have in Revelation, "Abaddon"?
49:31 Because the ending 'on' is adding a Greek ending
49:36 to a Hebrew word. Let me give you an example.
49:41 I couldn't think of an English example, so
49:43 I'll give you a Spanish example. [laughter] In
49:45 English, we have the word 'park'. As in,
49:49 parking a car. Park. Right? So, when we use that-
49:55 we sometimes use that word- Hispanics use that
49:57 word. They say, 'parquear'. 'Parquear'. Have you
50:03 ever heard that word? Parquear? [Yes.] So,
50:07 does 'A-R' belong to the original word? No.
50:10 It's added to make it Hispanic. [laughter]
50:16 Are you following me or not? So, 'Har Mo'ed'
50:21 is the word 'Armageddon', but the ending 'Har Mo'eddon',
50:27 the 'O-N' is a Greek ending to a Hebrew
50:30 word. Are you understanding what I'm saying? [Yes.]
50:33 So, it means, 'The Mount of the Congregation'.
50:35 Now, let's go to the last paragraph on page
50:38 314. In Daniel and Revelation, God gathers
50:42 His people to Mount Zion where the spiritual temple
50:48 on earth is. What is Zion, and what is the
50:52 sanctuary, and what is the city before the
50:55 Second Coming of Jesus? It is the Christian church -
50:58 the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In Revelation,
51:01 there is a twofold gathering. God and His angels gather
51:05 the remnant to symbolic Mt. Zion, and Satan and
51:09 his angels gather the wicked around it to attempt to
51:12 destroy it. So, they surround the Mount
51:14 of Congregation. In the Old Testament, the word
51:17 'mo'ed' refers exclusively either to the congregation
51:22 of the tabernacle, or the appointed times to celebrate
51:26 the Hebrew feasts. It is a sanctuary term
51:30 that refers to the congregation that meets at the temple
51:34 on Mt. Zion to worship the Lord. So, who are
51:37 the wicked going to surround? They gather
51:39 at Har Mo'ed, or Harmageddon. Where is it that they're
51:44 gathering? Well, did they surround the Holy
51:48 City according to Revelation chapter 14 and verse 20?
51:52 What is outside the Holy City? The winepress!
51:56 What does the winepress represent? The wicked!
52:00 So why did the wicked gather around the city?
52:04 Because they wanted to overcome the city. By
52:07 the way, are the wicked gonna surround the
52:08 city after the millennium? [Yes.] But in this case,
52:11 it's the literal city. Before the Second Coming,
52:14 it is what? It is the church. It's a spiritual
52:17 city. Now, if you read these verses that are
52:20 mentioned here-we don't have time to read all
52:22 of them-but if you read Revelation 14:1, where
52:26 are the 144,000 gathered? On Mt. Zion. In Revelation
52:32 14:19 and 20-that should be, by the way, 19 and 20,
52:35 rather than 19 and 10-you have God's people inside
52:41 the city. And where are the wicked gathered?
52:44 In the winepress, outside. Is Jesus gonna come to
52:48 trample the winepress to save those who are
52:50 inside? Absolutely. The same if you go-
52:53 by the way, the background to these texts in Revelation
52:57 14:19-20 is found in Joel 2:32 and 3:9-12.
53:04 That is the root prophecy of what we find in Revelation
53:07 14. In Daniel chapter 11:45, does the king
53:12 of the north set up the tents of his tabernacles in a
53:16 strategic place between the seas and the holy
53:18 mountain? Yes! To deliver a final death
53:22 blow. So, what we have here is God's people are
53:25 gathered in spiritual Zion, in spiritual Jerusalem,
53:30 in the spiritual temple... and the wicked are gathered
53:35 outside. And their intention is to drown those who
53:43 are inside. You remember the text that we read
53:45 from the book of Isaiah chapter 8:7-8 about the
53:49 invasion of Sennacherib, king of Assyria, into the
53:52 holy land? He and his armies represent overflowing
53:56 waters. Up to where did the waters reach? Up
54:00 to the neck! Which means that God's people were
54:03 in severe danger, but what did God say?
54:06 It says there that God will rebuke the waters.
54:10 In other words, he will dry the waters up.
54:14 So, we've? very quickly, but let's review
54:19 what we've studied. At the end of time,
54:21 there's gonna be how many gatherings? [Two.]
54:24 Two. What will gather God's people? The
54:27 three angels' message. Right? [Yes.] The Father,
54:32 Son, and Holy Spirit. What will gather the
54:34 wicked? Oh! Three... counterfeit powers
54:42 that parody the Father, the Son, and the Holy
54:44 Spirit...and three counterfeit angels.
54:47 Right? Three counterfeit angels. So, where will
54:51 God's people be gathered? They will be gathered
54:54 spiritually in spiritual Jerusalem, in the church.
54:57 Where will the wicked be gathered? They will
55:00 be gathered outside in the winepress. What does
55:04 this appear like's gonna happen? It appears like
55:08 God's people are going to be killed and destroyed!
55:12 But then what happens? Jesus comes on a white
55:16 horse, the armies of heaven come with Him
55:19 on a white horse, and what does He come to do?
55:22 He comes to trample the winepress. Why is He
55:25 gonna trample the winepress? Well, because their intention
55:31 is to destroy God's people who are inside. Are you
55:34 understanding me? [Yes.] So, what is represented
55:39 by Jesus coming on the horse with the horses,
55:43 or the angels of heaven, coming with Him? Which
55:44 trumpet is that? [Seventh.] That's the seventh trumpet!
55:48 It's the Second Coming of Jesus when the kingdoms
55:50 of the world are taken over by Jesus. So let
55:54 me ask you then: Where would you expect the
55:57 sixth trumpet to be? Well, the sixth trumpet
56:00 would have to be before that. Would it have to
56:03 be during probationary time? [audience agrees]
56:06 Yes! Because probation doesn't close until the
56:11 seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet.
56:15 So, let's review very quickly, the trumpets.
56:18 What is the first trumpet? The destruction of Jerusalem.
56:21 What is the second trumpet? The fall of the Roman Empire.
56:24 What is the third trumpet? It is, apostasy begins
56:28 to infiltrate the church in the days of Constantine.
56:32 What is the fourth trumpet? The period of
56:34 1,260 years of papal dominion. But then there's
56:39 an opposite reaction in the fifth trumpet.
56:42 What does that represent? It represents a French
56:44 revolution when the papacy received a
56:47 deadly wound. And then, after the fifth trumpet,
56:51 you have two gatherings: the gathering of the
56:54 righteous by the three angels' messages, the
56:56 gathering of the wicked by this false godhead,
57:00 and three counterfeit angels. In other words,
57:03 the world is gonna be divided into two groups.
57:06 So, must probation still be open if the world is
57:08 gonna be divided into two groups? Yes. Is
57:11 this going to intensify as we near the close
57:15 of probation? Is it already at work? [Yes.]
57:18 Yes, it already is at work. And so, when it
57:21 appears that God's people, when probation closes,
57:24 when the seventh trumpet is about to sound, after
57:27 that what do you have? The time of trouble such
57:29 as never has been seen in the history of the
57:31 world. Where are God's people gathered? In the
57:35 Church. In other words, in spiritual Jerusalem.
57:39 Where are the wicked gathered? They're
57:41 gathered outside. And then what is gonna blow?
57:43 Trumpet #7, because Jesus is coming on a
57:47 white horse, and the armies of heaven are
57:49 coming with Him to deliver His people from certain death.
57:52 [intense orchestral outro music]


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