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00:01 They've been looking for Him for thousands of years.
00:03 They've talked about Him, dreamed about Him
00:05 while they gave instruction concerning Him,
00:07 studied His life.
00:08 But when He stood among them, they didn't recognize Him.
00:19 It's time to join your guide Jim Ayer
00:22 for an exciting 12th episode journey
00:25 into remodeling your life.
00:28 You're going to discover that God's transforming power is real
00:31 and He is ready to provide that power to you.
00:35 Now here is your guide Jim Ayer
00:37 to take you on the journey of a lifetime in amazing
00:40 and dynamic experience with God.
00:49 The Prophet John understood in the Book of Daniel
00:51 but Jesus was to appear
00:53 in the prophetic scene very soon.
00:54 John had been appointed to proclaim the message.
00:58 When the prophetic time clock struck
01:00 the cosmic hour Jesus appeared.
01:02 John stopped baptizing rouse up out of the water
01:04 and that behold the Lamb of God.
01:07 Church leaders and members
01:08 where all together in the bank that day,
01:10 the very people should have recognized Jesus
01:14 but they did not.
01:15 He was the foundation of their religion
01:17 and no one knew Him.
01:19 The question today is, do you know Him?
01:21 Is He real and personal to you, would you recognize Him
01:24 if He walked into your church?
01:27 Maybe you've already been fooled.
01:29 Join as we discover who Jesus really is,
01:32 and His exciding plans for your life.
01:34 Plans that can almost guarantee you,
01:36 you've never heard before.
01:42 I am Jim Ayer.
01:44 I have a distant relative by the name of Jim Ayer.
01:46 We're confused a lot of times, but he actually tells me
01:49 that we're related years ago.
01:51 You see I, send him our genealogy
01:52 and found back in England in the 1600s
01:55 we were all part of one big family
01:57 and we were royalty.
01:59 But you know, as great as all this is
02:01 there's another book that speak really plainly
02:03 of an older genealogy, the genealogy of human history
02:07 and of royal blood.
02:09 Humans were created as a crowning act
02:11 of God's creation.
02:12 We were to be the counterpart of God.
02:14 We were created in His own image.
02:16 We were royalty.
02:17 Our lineage was a pure strength
02:19 directly from the heart of the king of the universe.
02:22 Just imagine the sons and daughters of God
02:25 but there were major glitch in the perfect plan
02:28 caused by someone else.
02:35 Around, the time God was going to institute
02:37 the plans for His new human race,
02:39 the most powerful created being in the universe
02:41 started having an eye problem.
02:44 No not an eye problem but an "I" problem.
02:48 You see, he started thinking
02:49 he was so wonderful and beautiful which he was
02:52 then he figured he should run the universe
02:54 rather than God, His Creator,
02:57 but because God built in freewill
02:59 into the genetic pool or the gene pool
03:02 the problem aroused.
03:04 You see, His planning had included freewill
03:06 because His entire celestial makeup exudes love
03:10 and love does not demand obedience
03:12 or worship it only yearns for.
03:20 You know, the due date arrived for the creation birth
03:22 of the new earthly couple, Adam and Eve.
03:24 While Adam was fashioned my God's own hand
03:27 and the couple was made in God's very own image
03:30 a reflection of Him if you will.
03:32 The Lord spent a great deal of time with them
03:35 in the new home He created for their absolute enjoyment.
03:39 Nothing was missing.
03:40 Think about an entire planet
03:42 of unbelievable beauty just for them.
03:46 But then it was time to share
03:47 the sad story of the devils rebellion.
03:50 The devil was kicked out of heaven in open rebellion
03:53 and he was on his way to earth
03:56 with the heart full of treachery.
03:57 And all that treachery was toward the crown.
04:00 Father God instructed the pair to stay away from one tree.
04:03 Now is it, one single tree on the entire planet.
04:07 And they were told that the devil
04:09 was restricted to that one spot.
04:11 But you may ask well, why was he even restricted
04:13 to that spot, why I have any spots?
04:16 Well, remember Adam and Eve had freewill.
04:19 The Father had built it
04:20 into the genetic makeup of Eden pair
04:22 and they too had to decide whose leadership
04:25 was the best God or the devil.
04:31 You know, we don't how long it was
04:32 before Eve found herself in conversation with the devil
04:35 but when she did talk with him she was mesmerized.
04:39 His lies sounded so convincing
04:40 and it made God seem like to lie.
04:42 Now may be the Father did want to withhold something
04:45 she thought that was really good for them.
04:47 May be the devil really is right.
04:50 The couple ended up accepting the entire pack of lies,
04:53 sold themselves in the slavery in all posterity.
04:56 You and me, we were royalty.
04:59 Parents were the prince and princess of the planet earth
05:03 and now they were doomed to death
05:04 for their act to trees and against the crown.
05:06 They lost the crown and the castle.
05:11 But the king of the universe had a different plan.
05:14 His love is so powerful
05:16 that He would buy us back from bondage.
05:18 That's how precious we are to Him.
05:21 Jesus called over two little lambs that were glazing nearby
05:25 then He did something that shocked the couple.
05:27 He slit their throats,
05:29 the throats of these tiny little helpless lambs.
05:32 They had never seen death.
05:33 As the blood trickle from the now lifeless bodies
05:36 the Lord turned to Adam and Eve and said,
05:38 this is what you deserve, this is death,
05:41 this is the result of choosing the way of the devil.
05:43 His lies only result in pain and suffering.
05:48 But if you love Me, you can choose My plan
05:51 because one day in the history of man
05:53 I will die for your rebellion
05:55 just as these little lambs have died.
05:58 I will earn the way to give you My righteousness
06:01 like the covering of the lamb skins
06:02 that now cover your nakedness.
06:04 And I will live inside of you to give you a power
06:07 to once again resist the lives
06:09 in the temptations of the evil one.
06:12 You can be restored to your royal heritage
06:14 and more if you accept My free gift
06:17 and invite Me to live in you
06:19 so that you have power to fight the devil.
06:22 Please understand how much I love you,
06:24 this gift requires My death.
06:40 Ever wonder why your life doesn't reflect
06:43 the powerful change that supposed
06:44 to be part of every Christian experience.
06:47 Do temptations way on you and leave you saying,
06:50 may be I'm not trying hard enough for wondering
06:52 if God's holding up His end of the deal.
06:55 Could there be some secret everyone but you knows.
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07:42 The human race was in drastic trouble.
07:45 The devil had caused an imaginable pain
07:47 and separation through God in the human family.
07:50 But God would not let go.
07:52 No price for Him was too great to pay.
07:55 While, Jesus had consented to become as a helpless lamb
07:58 He then reject Himself directly in a pathway
08:00 of the devils wrath to save us.
08:03 Exactly, as the prophetic time clock of Daniel 9:24 predicted
08:07 Jesus arrived upon a scene of human history
08:10 to restore humanity.
08:12 He stepped from the throne, left the celestial city,
08:15 removed His robes of royalty becoming a child of the poor.
08:19 No, no robes of royalty for Him.
08:21 He was trained as a carpenter
08:23 and as a follower of the one true God.
08:29 He now stood in front of John the Baptist
08:31 ready to begin the public phase of His ministry.
08:33 What was His mission?
08:35 John 1:1 and 14 offering laid insight.
08:38 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
08:42 and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us."
08:45 The word you see in Greek for word is logos.
08:49 It's our English word where we get our word logo.
08:52 If I asked you what the logo was or actually that checkmark
08:56 on the side of a pair of tennis shoes
08:58 you would know immediately whose logo that was?
09:01 Well, it's a symbol that stands for the company,
09:03 it stands for everything they are.
09:06 Even if you've never seen their factories or their offices
09:08 around the globe, you know them
09:10 because they've demonstrated product quality
09:13 and their logo stands for that quality.
09:16 It seems true for Jesus.
09:18 He is the logo of the guardian.
09:20 Hope you seen Jesus and you watched
09:22 how He performs in His qualities
09:24 and what He says, what He does
09:27 or even know you've never seen heaven
09:28 or God's office complex or the mansions
09:31 that God has promised you.
09:33 You know what God stands for because you've seen Jesus.
09:36 You know that company representative the logo.
09:51 This thing is what Jesus did.
09:52 He set out on the most aggressive campaign
09:55 in the history of the universe to reveal the lies of the devil
09:58 and the set humanity free from the bondage of sin.
10:02 John 1:12 says "To as many as received Him,
10:05 to them He gave the power to become the sons of God."
10:10 Notice His desire to restore us
10:11 to the former position of royalty.
10:14 He said about undoing the damage the devil had caused.
10:18 He healed the sick. He cleansed the leper.
10:20 He restored sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf,
10:24 speech to the tongue of the dumb,
10:26 He cast out demons and He raised the dead life.
10:29 Jesus broke up every funeral
10:32 He ever attended by raising the dead.
10:35 Jesus can set anyone free
10:37 from the bondage of sin and the devil.
10:40 But the ultimate test and trail had come.
10:43 This was time for victory or defeat.
10:45 The devil and his evil legions poured everything
10:49 into this battle and the location of the battle,
10:52 the Garden of Gethsemane among the olive trees.
10:56 Christ was in His early 30s.
10:58 He was taken humanity upon Himself.
11:02 The devil told Him that if He took upon Himself
11:05 this rebellion of the human race,
11:07 the sins of the human race
11:08 that he would be forever identified with them.
11:11 He would be separated. He would be lost forever.
11:15 He would ripped from the Father's love.
11:19 The mental anguish was beyond human understanding.
11:22 But He continued to repeat these words.
11:24 "Father, not my will but Yours be done."
11:29 Would He ever come out of the tomb victorious?
11:31 As a man He didn't know but He made the choice
11:35 that He did not want to continue to be God
11:38 unless we could be with Him forever.
11:41 Think about it, you're that special to God.
11:44 Any other word on the subject is another lie of the devil.
11:48 Our God has only one desire
11:51 and that's to abide with you forever,
11:53 enjoying your everlasting friendship
11:56 and company for all eternity.
11:59 Praise God.
12:03 Janene and I had been working in Bangladesh
12:05 for a while and had befriended
12:06 a very sweet nine-year-old girl by the name Bedika.
12:10 She was just adorable
12:12 and we grew to love her very rapidly.
12:15 One night after work I arrived home to find Janene in tears.
12:18 They're going to sell Bedika.
12:19 They're going to sell Bedika and I said
12:22 "What are you talking about?"
12:23 And she repeated those sorrowful words
12:25 and then how did the parents can't afford to keep her
12:27 so they're going to sell her as a slave or a prostitute
12:30 because she turns 10-years old today.
12:33 Later, we discovered that this was the common practice
12:36 in that region of the world.
12:37 That the parents can't afford
12:38 to keep their children, they sell them.
12:41 Well, needless to say real absolutely heartbroken.
12:44 The dinner table conversation was only about
12:46 our sweet little defenseless girl.
12:49 One of our friends said, well, I don't you buy her?
12:51 Wow, never thought of that idea,
12:53 have you ever thought of buying someone.
12:56 Well, no, neither had we but the more we thought about it
12:59 the better the idea sounded and guess what,
13:01 we acted upon the idea and we were successful.
13:04 We bought her to be able to set her free.
13:07 We put her in school
13:08 where she received a wonderful education.
13:11 She is provided for an everyway.
13:14 Now she still lived in a harsh environment in a harsh world
13:17 but we did all we could to provide her
13:20 with love support and happiness.
13:26 God has purchased us
13:27 from the bondage of sin and slavery.
13:29 He has given us the opportunity
13:31 to accept that free gift just like Bedika.
13:33 He accepted our free gift.
13:36 When we do we begin the reorientation process,
13:39 our minds begin to focus upon God
13:41 rather than the things of this world,
13:42 rather than the things of the devil.
13:45 God has given us so much to begin lifting our hearts
13:48 and our minds ever offered to Him.
13:50 The only way to that is to begin looking at nature
13:52 as God's second book of love designed just for you.
13:57 This very thing happened to Dwight L. Moody
13:59 the day of his conversion.
14:01 He said and I quote.
14:02 "I remember the morning on which
14:03 I came out of my room
14:05 after I had first trust in Christ.
14:07 I thought the sun shone a good deal
14:09 brighter than it ever had before.
14:11 I thought that it was smiling upon me,
14:13 and as I walked out upon Boston Common
14:16 and heard the birds singing in the trees
14:18 I thought they were all singing a song to me.
14:21 Do you know, I fell in love with the birds.
14:24 I had never cared for them before.
14:26 It seemed to me that I was in love with all creation."
14:31 The Charles Finney added, "A state of mind
14:34 that sees God in everything is evidence
14:36 of growth in grace and a thankful heart."
14:40 As the sunlight dances across the snow,
14:42 the evergreen trees disperse their fragrance scent
14:44 to gladden the day
14:46 and the birds have their anthem of happiness.
14:49 It all speaks of God's love to you and to me.
14:55 There was no sunlight, there was no fragrance
14:57 in Rich's life at all until God reached down
15:01 on that dirt floor and touched his life.
15:06 I kind of got derailed a little bit.
15:09 I made some bad choices, some bad decisions
15:11 and ended up using drugs for quite, quite a long time.
15:17 I had some scholarships to go to some certain colleges
15:20 and what not and congressmen wrote me a letter
15:23 wanting me to go to West Point apply there.
15:26 But I chose not to do that.
15:27 I kind of hung around town, I loved working on cars.
15:29 So I got a job as a mechanic up at local Chevrolet dealership
15:34 and I began drinking a little bit with the boys
15:36 and smoking a little bit and one thing led to another
15:40 and got introduced to cocaine and one thing led to another,
15:46 ended up I was living Downtown Sacramento
15:49 in a one room shack with a dirt floor
15:53 and had a little beer keg with a front cut out of it.
15:57 And I would put wood in that
15:59 and I had a sewer pipe running out the window.
16:02 And that's where I kept warm
16:03 like that was my fireplace it was a little beer keg.
16:06 And I had the chemicals to cook the methamphetamine
16:08 buried in the dirt floor underneath my sleeping bag
16:11 where I slept every night
16:12 and ended up being a far cry from class valedictorian.
16:16 Its just it wasn't one choice
16:18 it was a series of small seemingly insignificant choices
16:23 that I had made that took me
16:25 from one point to where it looked like
16:29 I told like I would never, ever, ever do that
16:32 but that's where I ended up.
16:33 I didn't run into the devil
16:36 because I was going the same direction he was.
16:37 And I didn't find that out till later on after my conversion,
16:40 you know, that, that when you're a general
16:43 in the devil's army he isn't trip you up much.
16:46 I mean life is miserable but its not--
16:51 it's kind of hard to describe.
16:52 When you're in it you're deceived
16:54 and you're just going for it.
16:56 My life was a speedboat going through
16:59 a five mile an hour zone
17:00 leaving awake destruction everywhere I went.
17:02 When I realized that God wasn't trying
17:06 to get me in trouble that I was already in trouble
17:08 and He was trying to make something good out of my life.
17:12 He was trying to,
17:15 train me to be something some type of royalty,
17:20 some type of person that would I--
17:23 to get my dignity back, to get my self-worth back.
17:28 Nothing dignified about living on a dirt floor.
17:31 There is nothing dignified about a lot of the things
17:34 that people do when they're marching with the devil
17:39 and to and I and I realized now
17:42 that He was just simply trying to restore the image of God
17:45 in me that He originally planned for me and I messed that up.
17:49 And He is able somehow and I don't know
17:51 how He does it but He sweeps up that broken glass
17:55 of every wreck that we make and He somehow sweeps it up,
18:00 cleans it all up and starts its right there
18:02 right on the, right direction again.
18:05 The difference in working and living for Christ versus
18:09 working and living for the devil there is a,
18:13 there is a peace and joy that comes
18:16 from serving the king of the universe
18:19 and understanding that all He wants,
18:23 all He wants is for you to come to Him and be restored back
18:30 to what He originally had intended for you.
18:33 And, you know, when I learned
18:34 that it was not his plan for me to become an addict
18:38 I messed that up but He is willing to take me
18:43 and take me right where I'm at
18:48 and make me something very, very special.
18:51 And I have always been special to Him.
18:53 And I didn't realized that either.
18:55 You know, when you have low self worth
18:58 that's an excuse to treat yourself bad.
19:02 And so if I just told myself that I was worthless
19:04 then I could treat myself like I was worthless.
19:07 And when God said yeah, but you're not worthless
19:09 to Me you may think you're worthless
19:12 but you, your infinitely valuable to Me.
19:15 When I understood that now He was doing everything
19:17 He could to get me in the heaven not keep me out.
19:21 The thought of me being royalty
19:26 the thought of Him treated me like He treats His son.
19:31 The thought Him wiping everything clean
19:34 and say I won't bring it up if you don't bring it up
19:37 that I'm here because God because God loved me so much
19:44 that He was willing to wipe clean
19:51 everything bad that I had done towards Him.
19:56 Everything, everything that I because, you know,
20:01 I spit in His face.
20:03 When people would knock on the door
20:06 when I was running with the devil
20:08 when people would knock on the door
20:09 with Bibles and wanted to do Bible study
20:10 I was slamming door on their face.
20:12 And all it was, was God trying to get my attention.
20:15 And He never gave up.
20:16 I can remember laying facedown on my bed
20:20 on when-- screaming at the top of my lungs
20:23 for God to help me.
20:25 Screaming, I didn't care who heard me
20:27 I was all done I was all used up
20:28 and God's gonna take someone like that
20:32 and make them part of His cabinet
20:35 if you will, His royalty, His ambassador
20:38 that we might be able to tell people, tell other beings
20:45 what its like to be forgiven.
20:49 What its like to be loved
20:50 when you can't even love yourself.
20:52 What its like to be told that you are valuable
20:56 even when you think you have no value.
21:00 And that's amazing to me because He doesn't--
21:03 in my book He doesn't have to do that.
21:06 I mean, I earned death and God saved me.
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21:51 Jim was a drug dealer and alcoholic
21:53 and a thief until God called him.
21:56 If that was just the beginning
21:57 as someone said he is lived six lifetimes.
22:00 He began wealthy, lobbied on Capitol Hill
22:03 and was a church leader, but he was lost
22:05 until God gave him a Second Chance.
22:08 People tell us when you start reading
22:10 Second Chance you can't put it down.
22:12 You're loved ones who may be wondering
22:14 if God will give them a Second Chance
22:16 they'll love it too.
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22:21 The time coming very soon
22:23 when we're going to be reunited
22:25 with our Lord in the earth made new.
22:27 We'll walk hand in hand with Jesus
22:29 just like Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden.
22:32 But here on this old sin wringed world
22:34 the place where the devil controls everything
22:36 sometimes we look no further than our noses
22:39 but we must be orient,
22:40 we must begin looking up for mighty God
22:43 the one who is smile in us in His creation.
22:50 We're right here on a main thoroughfare
22:52 and I had to stop here
22:54 because this old place is really something.
22:56 It represents all the death, the destruction,
22:58 the decay, the sorrow and the heartache
23:01 that's all around this and has been for very long time.
23:04 At least from a human standpoint of time
23:07 as a matter of fact it's been here so long
23:09 that most of us have accepted this world
23:11 and the desolation of it has the normal mode of life.
23:16 Most people have come to accept
23:17 this world of slavery its absolute fact.
23:21 We really have little or no frame of reference
23:23 to conceive of, you know, anything else.
23:26 I think again of our little slave girl
23:28 her name Bedika she lives in a world
23:30 where a single tin can is a big deal.
23:32 What do I need?
23:33 Well, we just accomplished a lot of things
23:37 and more than Bangladesh when we begin searching
23:40 for something else to help someone to do
23:41 because we had a little extra time
23:43 so we stopped in the area hospital
23:45 and how is to take and give some free help.
23:48 There is one tiny hospital is responsible
23:50 for taking care of 64,000 villagers.
23:54 Vast sewage was running down the outside wall
23:57 where the plumbing was leaking.
23:59 It was unbelievable that paint
24:00 and plaster was pealing off in sheets.
24:03 They've throw blood and needles
24:04 and all the surgical materials right outside the windows.
24:08 They were all piled up everywhere.
24:09 They just threw it all out after they've used it.
24:12 Yes and you know, well,
24:15 I just can't hardly tell you
24:16 what it was really like but we started painting
24:20 this place three storey's and on the final day
24:23 one of our painting crew handed out an empty paint can
24:26 to someone in the area.
24:28 Before we knew it a whole mob had materialized around us.
24:31 They began fighting over this remaining single paint can.
24:35 A struggle to get a dirty paint can, can you imagine.
24:38 Well, we had all jumped in the truck
24:39 and leave immediately
24:40 because we feared for our safety.
24:43 You see, they have nothing of this world's goods.
24:47 A can that can be used for cooking,
24:49 can be used for eating storing items
24:51 and well the list goes on.
24:54 This is the environment of our former slave girl.
24:56 Environment she grew up in.
24:58 Now let assume if we settled down
25:00 we begin to describe how wonderful
25:03 a fairytale land is here in North America, a theme park,
25:07 you know, with a water slides
25:08 and all the wonderful things.
25:11 And yes, we tell our Bedika
25:12 it's all up there it's just a plane right away.
25:14 Well, then she says what's a plane.
25:18 So you know matter how well we explain it to her,
25:21 her frame of reference is really difficult
25:23 almost impossible for her to understand.
25:26 However, in explaining the real magical kingdom
25:29 God has prepared for us you can use the enlighten power
25:32 of the Holy Spirit to help us understand
25:34 and grasp that which is beyond our present realm of reality.
25:38 You see, God specializes in the impossible
25:40 when describing the real.
25:42 I'm gonna read from God's word
25:44 what He has prepared for us as former slaves
25:47 found in Revelation Chapter 21.
25:51 "And now I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
25:53 for the first heaven and the first earth
25:55 were passed away.
25:57 Also there was no more sea.
25:58 Then I, John, saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem,
26:01 coming down out of heaven from God,
26:03 prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
26:06 And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying,
26:08 'Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men,
26:11 and I will dwell with them, and God will wipe away
26:15 every tear from their eyes.
26:17 Then there shall be no more death,
26:18 no sorrow, no crime, no more pain
26:22 for all these former things are passed away.'
26:25 And he who sat on the throne said
26:27 'Behold I make all things new.'
26:29 And he said to be right
26:31 for these things are true and faithful.
26:34 And he said to me 'it is done.'
26:35 I am alpha and omega the beginning the end."
26:39 God is everything to us and God is planned
26:41 all these things and then He says look,
26:44 you're going to be My son and daughter.
26:46 I've given it all to you.
26:47 I got it all prepared for you.
26:49 We serve an amazing God.
26:51 You see we get the kingdom back.
26:53 We get it all back.
26:54 God is going to be moving the center
26:56 of His government here at the planet earth
26:59 so He can continue His original plan
27:02 living with us for eternity.
27:04 Do you really know Him?
27:06 If you walk into your church today
27:08 or you're home would you recognize Him?
27:11 Would you really know God?
27:17 Jesus came to earth to dispel the lies
27:19 told by Satan about who God is
27:22 and He came to set us free from the slavery of sin.
27:25 I hope you'll continue to join me
27:27 for every episode of this 12-parts series entitled
27:29 Remodeling Your Life, God's Transforming Power.
27:33 You see God doesn't want to leave you the way you are.
27:36 He wants to grow you up in to be pure and vivid being
27:39 enjoying that direct connection
27:41 with the power source of universe,
27:43 God himself why, because He is planning on you joining Him.
27:47 And Jesus on the throne ruling the universe for all eternity.
27:52 Hard to believe? Yes, but sure.
27:55 This means you and I need training
27:56 on now how to become royalty.
27:59 How does it happen?
28:00 Well, it all has to do with getting to know Jesus far better
28:03 than perhaps you and I do it today.
28:06 You see its, its all about the relationship.
28:09 Join me on our exciting adventure
28:10 it will be come the experience of the lifetime.


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