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Born Again

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00:04 Now we've examined the samples
00:05 and the lab results are conclusive.
00:07 I'm sorry to tell you but its bad news.
00:09 You and I have tested 100% positive.
00:13 The infection is going to be fatal
00:14 unless drastic measures are taken.
00:16 You see there is a cure but we must act immediately.
00:25 It's time to join your guide Jim Ayer
00:28 for an exciting 12 episode journey
00:31 into remodeling your life.
00:33 You're going to discover that God's transforming power is real
00:37 and He is ready to provide that power to you.
00:41 Now here is your guide Jim Ayer
00:43 to take you on the journey of a lifetime in amazing
00:46 and dynamic experience with God.
00:53 You know many church members believe that
00:55 they have immunity to the sin gene.
00:57 That it really doesn't affect them.
00:59 They think that simply being a member of the church
01:02 inoculates them from the consequences
01:04 of this deadly disease.
01:06 But this idea is farer from the truth.
01:08 We're all infected and there is only one cure
01:10 the great physician Jesus Christ.
01:13 Jesus told one patient that the cure was to be born again.
01:16 Well, a radical teaching
01:19 that this man needed to be transformed.
01:22 You see, our lives must be completely remodeled,
01:25 overhauled, change, transformed.
01:27 Real life is no good.
01:34 You see, we must allow the master craftsman
01:36 entrance into our home to tear down
01:38 and get rid of the old rotten destructive material
01:42 and replace it with the new heavenly material, God's word.
01:46 But many people have a very different idea.
01:49 They want to hang on to the old worded
01:51 rewrite Immanuel.
01:53 We want to feel good religion,
01:54 they want to shape and fit Jesus
01:56 into their own desires and their own perceive needs.
01:59 But the choice is yours to make.
02:04 Are you guilty of attempting to shape Jesus
02:08 into your own image?
02:09 Allow me to provide an illustration.
02:11 You're home owner
02:12 and you decide the home needs a lot of improvements.
02:15 Next you decide to remodel it on your own
02:18 but you have little to know experience
02:20 in the building trade.
02:21 You do however have great pride in your ability to handle it.
02:25 After all how hard can it really be?
02:28 You watch some do it all the time on television.
02:31 Well, let's put some boards here.
02:33 Let's put some boards there.
02:34 We'll do a little texture here,
02:36 little tape there and sure, you can manage it.
02:39 Ordering the marble floors, granite countertops yeah,
02:41 it shouldn't be a problem.
02:42 It shouldn't be too difficult that all to do.
02:45 Well, it took longer than you thought now.
02:48 But you know the job looks really good you've done it
02:52 and you're so happy with yourself.
02:53 It's a pretty good job if you do say so yourself.
02:57 Some years later you decide to sell your home
02:59 so you call a real estate agent and put it on the market.
03:03 You don't say a word about
03:04 your remodeling job and your expertise
03:06 but you allow them to go through house take it all in
03:09 because you got such pride.
03:11 The next day the agent comes back with the price
03:13 and listing papers.
03:15 Well, your expectations are great
03:17 but he shares the price and man
03:20 it's not what you thought it was going to be.
03:21 You thought it would be a lot more.
03:23 Why it's so low you'll ask?
03:26 And then the agent pauses and she says "well,
03:28 it's very evident
03:29 that the quality of the workmanship is tacky
03:31 and in many areas it's just really lacking."
03:35 Do you know if the home was remodeled by the owner builder?
03:39 Oh, I toured many homes over the years
03:42 and it's pretty easy to see
03:44 which job were the nonprofessional jobs
03:47 by simply looking at their work.
03:49 If you want the remodeling job to turn our way
03:51 you need a craftsman who knows what they're are doing.
03:55 But that means admitting all your own inadequacy.
04:00 But let's transition to the spiritual realm
04:03 because dynamics are really the same.
04:05 In your own mind you are great
04:07 and you think everyone should see things the way you do.
04:10 Oh, as a matter of fact
04:11 that's how it works for James and John the disciples of Jesus.
04:15 In one town they didn't put out
04:17 the welcome map for the disciples
04:18 so they wanted to call fire down from heaven and consume it.
04:22 They must be punished for their disrespect
04:24 to their Lord they thought.
04:26 Note they were really thinking about
04:28 their own feelings at that point.
04:30 And in their mind they just knew that Jesus felt the same way.
04:35 Jesus had to break the news to them that
04:37 they will way off base.
04:39 See His character was far removed from their idea
04:42 who He should be.
04:44 I would call myself a Christian for many years
04:46 and I dressed the padre,
04:48 I acted the padre even preached the padre
04:51 but I was not much different than James and John
04:54 you see I'd would become a sterilize sinner.
04:57 If I was good enough I would no longer infect others.
05:01 Well, anybody I came in contact with
05:03 may be its right what I thought.
05:05 My attitude was that I loved Jesus
05:07 and He was a wonderful Lord but think is I had my own idea
05:12 what the word Lord means.
05:14 And it certainly didn't mean Lord of my life.
05:17 Now, I envision something
05:19 a little more along the lines of,
05:20 you know, a general friendship.
05:23 I put my money in the offering plate
05:25 and He blessed me for doing it.
05:27 Well, I got all the benefits of the relationship with
05:31 no potential downslide.
05:32 Like, needing to turnover my life decisions to Him
05:36 and allowing Him to fully control me.
05:38 You know that would not have been
05:40 that God I grew up to know and love.
05:44 Can you blame me?
05:45 Imagine giving God complete control of your life
05:48 100% to do exactly
05:50 what He wants us do in your life.
05:52 In my opinion the many of Christianity
05:56 the whole idea is to surrender everything just seem to me
06:00 and seems probably to many people
06:01 a little over the top.
06:11 David Platt in his book Radical says
06:14 "We are starting to redefine Christianity.
06:17 We are giving in to the dangerous temptation
06:19 to take the Jesus of the Bible
06:20 and twist him into a version of Jesus
06:23 we are more comfortable with."
06:25 But you and I realize what we're doing at this point
06:28 we are molding Jesus into our image.
06:31 He is beginning to look a lot like us
06:33 because after all that is whom we are most comfortable with.
06:37 And the danger now is that when we gather
06:39 in our church buildings to sing and lift up our hands in worship
06:43 we may not actually be worshiping
06:44 the Jesus of the Bible instead,
06:47 we may be worshiping ourselves.
06:50 "Could this be the reason so many non Christians
06:53 look at the Church.
06:54 Look at us and say if that's Christianity
06:57 I want nothing to do with it."
06:59 When this happens the devil could not be happy.
07:01 Our actions had destroyed
07:03 the witness of the Gospel long ago.
07:06 May be it's time to take a look into the mirror
07:09 and see whose looking back, is it you or Jesus you see.
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08:24 In you respect I had to ask myself
08:26 what happened.
08:27 What was the reason I didn't want to fully give God
08:30 control of my life?
08:32 It was really quite simple actually,
08:34 I was not converted.
08:35 All I'd certainly had my moments but over time
08:38 those moments became fewer and farther between.
08:41 Is that sounds strange to you?
08:43 Well, with God you're told about
08:44 continuity of commitment, life's direction.
08:48 It's a little like this pathway I am walking on today.
08:51 When Jesus speaks to you
08:53 and you decide to answer the call you turn
08:56 and you go the opposite direction.
08:58 You see you no longer walk in the old direction
09:01 and you don't run back and forth from the path
09:04 each day trying to figure out a new path.
09:06 You stick on the new path.
09:08 And the only way that you can make that happen
09:10 is with God's help.
09:12 This about faith means your new path is diametrically
09:15 opposite to the direction of the rest of the human race.
09:19 The old attractions will fall away
09:21 you'll begin a new journey of the eternal life.
09:24 Make no mistake about it.
09:26 The allurements of the world will continually call out
09:29 that we have chosen the new path in Jesus Christ.
09:32 The siren call will have little effect on us
09:35 those things of this world.
09:37 In the Book of Luke Chapter 22 Jesus said to Peter.
09:41 And these are my words kind of Jim Ayer translation
09:43 "the devil wants you
09:44 but I have been praying for you, Peter.
09:46 And when you're converted
09:47 you'll strengthen your followers."
09:50 When you're converted
09:51 because at the end of Jesus earthly ministry
09:53 three and half years Peter had walked along side of God
09:57 and all that time he still had the same whole heart
10:01 as when he originally joined the Church.
10:04 It is true that he was on a different path way
10:07 but he had not given his mental ascent
10:10 to the direction he was going.
10:11 He was still looking for a top place
10:14 in the new world order.
10:15 Even have his eyes focused on the right place.
10:18 Does that make sense?
10:20 At the end of time he saw it no better options in life.
10:24 No way to measure those believes.
10:26 It was the prudent thing to do and it seems right to him.
10:30 He enjoyed been around the daily miracles
10:32 and being part of the casting out of demons
10:34 while some days
10:35 he felt like he was on top of the world
10:38 but in his heart
10:39 he not fully surrendered his own will
10:41 to have this feet guided every single day,
10:44 ever single step of the way.
10:53 Talking about the Christian life I really like the way
10:55 Dietrich Bonhoeffer have to put it.
10:57 "When Christ calls a Lamb, He bids him come and die.
11:01 Apostle Paul made the same statement
11:04 little bit different.
11:05 He said, "I died daily."
11:08 You got to ask what did he mean.
11:09 Let's unpack this dying idea.
11:12 What are these fellows actually talking about?
11:14 Well, it's evident that Paul wasn't speaking about
11:17 what happened to him on physical level
11:19 even he didn't die everyday
11:21 nor was he resurrected every night
11:23 in order to start the process all over again.
11:26 You know, there was some thing else
11:27 and my illustration let me share something with you.
11:30 I was down in the Dominican Republic
11:33 invited there by a pastor to do some evangelistic meetings.
11:37 And the meetings were going very well
11:39 it was about a month long
11:40 and the pastor one night came to me
11:41 and said "Jim, a fellow died
11:43 and I need to do the funeral
11:45 but I really don't have a lot of time,
11:47 would you mind doing it for me?"
11:49 Well, that wasn't on the top of my phone list but I
11:52 you know I was staying in home
11:53 and he it made me feel like yeah,
11:57 I kind of should so I said yes.
11:58 The next day I began talking within the moment
12:00 because the funeral was going to be that day.
12:03 I said "was he a Christian?"
12:05 No he wasn't.
12:07 Well, can you tell me a little more about him?
12:08 Well, he didn't even like Christians.
12:11 Now, now I realized why he wanted me to do the funeral.
12:15 You know, I'm walking up the street toward the funeral
12:17 part of the home actually
12:19 and as I get there, there is a crowd everywhere.
12:21 There's people everywhere they're all waiting for me
12:23 and immediately when I get there they usher me into the house
12:26 and they take me right up against this wall,
12:29 holds me right there and there is a casket
12:31 right in front of me.
12:33 I mean, I didn't have any room to move in there
12:36 and on the top of it it's an open casket.
12:38 The little old man is looking right above at me.
12:41 I am thinking and still thinking Lord,
12:42 what am I gonna do?
12:43 What am I gonna say these people
12:45 of the guy who hated Christians,
12:47 who hated all this he was a grumpy old man.
12:50 And then Lord impressed me just to talk about
12:52 the second coming of Jesus Christ
12:54 and that's what I did.
12:55 I preached the whole message on soon coming of Christ.
12:58 And I invited people there to come to my meetings.
13:01 You know, people responded, people came to my meetings
13:05 and you know what that little old man had to say about
13:07 all of this preaching about the second coming of Jesus,
13:11 not a thing he is dead.
13:13 You see and that's the point.
13:14 That's the point.
13:15 God want's us to die for self
13:18 so we have no opinions of our own.
13:20 We allow God to take all the pain.
13:23 See both Bonhoeffer and Paul were saying that
13:25 in order to follow Christ pathway of growth
13:28 we must surrender our own plans, our own will every day.
13:32 We must guide ourself,
13:34 after all does a dead person have any will of their own.
13:37 But how do you and I reach this point.
13:40 In ancient times if you wanted to become
13:43 particular teacher or something like that
13:46 you wanted to follow a rabbi
13:47 and you wanted to follow him very closely.
13:49 You want to follow him as closely as you could
13:51 mimic every move.
13:53 Listen to every word they have to say
13:55 and virtually imitate every thing about them.
13:59 You wanted to stay right in their shadow.
14:02 It was a saying that grew out of this life experience.
14:07 Basically it was this.
14:08 May the dust of your rabbi fall upon you.
14:12 You see, there could be no separation
14:14 between you and your teacher to experience
14:16 the dust of your rabbi falling upon you.
14:19 How about you?
14:21 Are you following Jesus so closely
14:24 that the dust of Jesus sandals is falling upon you?
14:35 In the garden of Gethsemane
14:36 the disciple Peter made a bold statement to Jesus.
14:39 Over the years he made many
14:41 but this one was really over the top.
14:43 He shouted out for everyone
14:45 to hear in his brazen fishermen voice.
14:47 "Even if everyone else forsake you
14:49 I will never leave you."
14:51 But only a short time later while trying to blend in
14:54 with the very crowd that arrested Jesus
14:56 with his words fresh on his lips
14:58 he spewed out a villous profanity
15:01 turning the air blue in an attempt to deny
15:03 any knowledge of Jesus Christ.
15:06 If we back track back to the garden
15:08 a short time earlier in his boastful claim
15:11 of never leaving Jesus
15:12 we witness the mob arresting Jesus
15:14 and calling Him down the hill to the city.
15:17 The question is what happened to Peter?
15:19 Well, he pulled out a sword
15:21 and he cut off the ear of a servant
15:22 which Jesus healed instantly.
15:25 But from that point onward
15:27 He is to be found only in the shadows.
15:30 The next scene is specifically recorded in Matthews Chapter 26
15:33 and speaking of Peter it says,
15:35 he followed Jesus from a distance.
15:38 Now this short sentence is full of meaning
15:40 because I believe it holds a key to the Peters downfall
15:43 in denial of Jesus.
15:45 It says "that he followed Jesus from a distance."
15:48 Remember the saying I shared with you earlier,
15:50 may the dust of your rabbi fall upon you.
15:54 If you are going to be influenced by the master
15:55 you must stay close enough to touch him at all times.
15:59 Did Peter, purposely put distance between himself
16:03 and the master and result he lost his way.
16:07 But one of those curses
16:08 were still dripping from his lying lips.
16:10 He was compelled to turn and when he did he saw Jesus
16:13 standing in the judgment hall looking right at him.
16:17 But there was no condemnation for Peter in that look
16:20 there was only sadness and sorrow
16:22 seen in the eyes of Lord.
16:24 That single look ripped Peter's hearts.
16:27 Self had reigned supreme in that heart
16:29 but it was torn apart laid bare
16:31 so he can realize that human condition is evil
16:34 above all things desperately wicked.
16:38 Blinded by a flood of tears
16:39 he stumbled back at the garden of Gethsemane
16:41 where that image of Jesus burdened was mind forever.
16:44 Oh, he wished he could die and he did.
16:48 He died the self that night so that Jesus could live.
16:51 He experienced what Christians called
16:53 the born again experience, the rebirth experience.
16:56 He had a rebirth of mind no longer his mind
16:59 but the mind of Christ now rein with him.
17:02 From that day forward he allowed Jesus to direct his life 100%.
17:08 How do you know that he had rebuilt experience?
17:10 When you are willing to follow your Lord
17:12 with no distance between you
17:14 then you're His disciple
17:15 and your actions will demonstrate the fact.
17:18 I think about Hudson Taylor an amazing young man
17:21 who followed Christ to the other side of the world.
17:31 At age 17 Hudson Taylor accepted Jesus Christ.
17:36 Soon afterwards he felt called to be a missionary in China
17:40 but that meant leaving his beloved England.
17:43 In 1853, at age 21 he did that very thing.
17:47 He stood on the docks there and talked to his mother
17:50 the moment they went up on the ship.
17:53 And they knew that this would be their final good-bye.
17:55 And I would like to share with you in his own words
17:59 what that parting was like.
18:01 "She sat by my side, and joined me in the last hymn
18:04 that should be sung together for the long parting.
18:07 We knelt down, and she prayed.
18:09 The last mother's prayer
18:11 I was to hear before starting for China.
18:13 Then notice was given that we must separate,
18:15 and we had to say good-bye,
18:17 never expecting to meet on earth again.
18:20 For my sake she restrained her feelings
18:21 as much as possible.
18:23 We parted and she went to the shore,
18:26 giving me her blessing.
18:28 I stood alone on the deck, and she followed the ship
18:31 as it moved towards the dock gates.
18:33 As we passed through the gates,
18:35 and the separation really commenced,
18:37 I shall never forget the cry of anguish wrung
18:39 from that mother's heart.
18:41 It went through me like a knife.
18:42 I never knew so fully, until then,
18:44 what God so loved the world meant.
18:47 And I am quite sure that my precious mother
18:49 learned more of the love of God to the perishing in that hour
18:52 than in all her life before."
18:57 What an amazing story from a man
18:59 who committed all could the Jesus Christ.
19:02 You see being been fully God's men and women
19:04 means you will follow your God to ends of the earth
19:06 if He asked you to do so.
19:09 Another person who followed Christ
19:10 because he had fallen so in love with Him was David Livingston.
19:14 He wrote in his diary, "Lord, send me anywhere,
19:17 only go with me.
19:19 Lay any burden on me, only sustain me.
19:21 Sever any ties save the tie that binds me
19:24 to Thy service and to Thy heart."
19:30 David Livingston experienced the amazing
19:32 transforming power in his life that came from God.
19:36 Dr. Livingston was from a past century
19:38 and the question is
19:39 does God still work in the same way of today.
19:42 Well, let me share story with you about a lady
19:44 I met in Madagascar, an amazing lady.
19:47 She grew up in a household speaking with demons.
19:50 Yeah, that's right as a little girl she grew up
19:53 speaking to demons in this particular household.
19:56 And the demons said we'd like to make you witch.
19:59 We'll give you amazing powers.
20:00 We'll give you incredible power if you join us.
20:03 She said oh, that sound good.
20:06 The demons told her instructed her to go down to the river
20:08 where she went to the river
20:10 and then they told her to go underwater
20:12 where she stayed with the demons for one and half days.
20:15 I stopped the filming and I said what did you say?
20:18 One and half days.
20:20 She said yes, she said while I was under water
20:22 the demons gave me power of lightening
20:24 I could control lightening.
20:26 I could be shot with the gun it wouldn't hurt me.
20:28 She said one day the armies came to take over her village
20:31 I created a portion kept the entire armies
20:34 away from my village.
20:37 Friends, if you think you can
20:39 deal with the devil on your own
20:41 you are greatly mistaken.
20:42 The devil has incredible power.
20:44 You see he was the fourth most powerful being
20:46 in all the universe next to the God.
20:48 Amazing powers but let me tell you
20:50 I've read my Bible from cover to cover and God never looses.
20:54 God always wins.
20:56 Well, this lady one day made the demons very mad
20:59 and she was sick and she went to doctor,
21:01 to doctor, to doctor no healing, no healing.
21:04 In bed there was knock at the door
21:06 one day these young ladies came to the door
21:08 and said we understand that you're sick.
21:11 We represent a God in heaven who can heal you.
21:14 Well, she thought the demons haven't done
21:16 anything for me lately go ahead.
21:18 And they prayed for and she was instantly healed.
21:22 And then they said if you listen to this program
21:23 which was a program about Jesus Christ.
21:25 She said it will change your life and it certainly did.
21:28 She fell in love with Jesus Christ
21:30 and she said I was baptized.
21:33 And then I asked her a question
21:34 because I have seen this happen many places of the world.
21:36 I said, did the demons do, did the devil try and drown you
21:39 while you're in the water.
21:40 She said no she said because people prayed
21:43 and fasted for me seven days
21:45 but the moment I came up out of the water
21:47 she said the moment I came up
21:48 I had my house laid next to the river
21:50 it burned to the ground.
21:51 The devil burned it to the ground.
21:53 I went kicking through the ashes when everything cooled down
21:56 and there she said I found my Bible
21:58 completely untouched and unhurt by the flames.
22:02 And because of that she said many people believed
22:04 and then she stopped me and she said can you help me.
22:07 I said help you do what?
22:09 Oh, she says help me build a church.
22:11 I said why.
22:12 Well, she says I have 100 people now
22:15 that I have shared Jesus with
22:16 and they've accepted Jesus Christ.
22:19 My friends, the power of God is transforming,
22:22 the power of God is amazing
22:24 and that power is waiting for you too.
22:30 I'm often asked why we don't see these happen in
22:33 here in United States these amazing miracles.
22:35 Well, I think I have got an answer for you.
22:38 Remember Peter and John walked up to the temple
22:41 and there was a beggar.
22:42 The beggar got all excited because the fellow stopped
22:45 but then John pulls out the pocket
22:47 and he says you know I don't have any silver.
22:49 And matter of fact I don't have any gold
22:52 but what I have I give to you.
22:54 And he reached down he took the beggar by the hand
22:56 and he lifted him up.
22:58 He was instantly healed.
23:00 Now the question is here in the United States
23:03 what do we have?
23:04 Well, we have got all the silver and we have all the gold
23:07 what don't we have, we don't have the Holy Spirit.
23:10 What did Peter had?
23:11 Peter had the Holy Spirit.
23:13 See Dwight L.Moody once said
23:15 "Our greatest fear should not be of failure,
23:18 but of our greatest fear should of succeeding of something
23:21 that really doesn't matter."
23:23 There is only one thing that matters in the world
23:26 in this life and this relationship
23:28 and it's a relationship with Christ
23:30 everything else is going to be burned out.
23:42 And this is perhaps one greatest books ever written
23:45 on the biblical teachings of Christ.
23:47 Jesus use parables to open
23:49 the vistas of heaven to the people
23:52 and to expend their thinking.
23:53 As the no other book has ever done
23:54 Ellen White unwraps the parables
23:56 allowing us to see Christ our salvation
23:59 revealed in all of His beauty and splendor
24:01 throughout each and every page.
24:03 Order your copy today.
24:05 Now here is the information you need.
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24:14 There is a cost associated with commitment,
24:17 David Livingston understood that.
24:19 Livingston spent most of his life
24:21 faithfully serving God in Africa.
24:23 Is God calling you to Africa?
24:25 Well, probably not
24:27 but He has calling you to place your complete trust in Him
24:30 before all else, Jesus Christ.
24:32 Livingston once said
24:34 I will place more value in anything I have
24:36 or may posses excepting relation to the kingdom of Christ.
24:41 Jesus taught radical commitment to him.
24:44 He did not preach a prosperity gospel.
24:46 He was not looking to raise up secret friendly mega churches.
24:49 He was looking for people who fell in love with Him
24:52 and realized that nothing else mattered.
24:59 Let's look it how Jesus interacted
25:01 with those who came seeking Him.
25:02 It's recorded in Luke Chapter 9.
25:06 And it happened as they were going their way
25:09 one said and Lord, I follow You wherever you go.
25:12 Jesus said to Him
25:13 "Foxes have holes and birds have nests
25:16 but the Son of Man doesn't even have anywhere to lay his head."
25:19 But you're going to claim the kingdom of God.
25:21 And the other one also said, Lord,
25:24 you know I will follow You
25:25 but first allow me to take leave for those in my house.
25:28 Jesus said no, no, no
25:31 first when a man puts his hand on the plough
25:33 he doesn't look back.
25:35 You need to follow the kingdom of God.
25:38 Then a rich man came running to Him
25:39 saying Lord, I want to follow You.
25:41 I want to do every thing I can to follow You.
25:44 When Jesus heard this story then He said look
25:47 you lack one thing sell all of that you have
25:51 and distribute it to the poor
25:52 and you shall have treasure in heaven
25:54 and come follow Me.
25:56 And when he heard this he went away very sorrowful
25:59 because he was extremely rich, extremely rich.
26:08 You know, Christ was on an absolutely role
26:10 when you describe what real and total commitment was to Him.
26:14 Let me read from John, then Jesus said to them.
26:17 "Verily, verily, I say unto you,
26:18 except eat the flesh of the Son of Man,
26:21 and drink his blood, you have no life in you.
26:24 Whosoever eats my flesh, and drinks my blood,
26:27 has eternal life
26:29 and I will raise him up at the last day,
26:31 for my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.
26:36 He that eats my flesh, and drinks my blood,
26:38 dwells in me, and I in him."
26:41 When they heard these things
26:43 they finally realized what real commitment was,
26:46 what God was asking them.
26:47 And many Bible records walk with Him no more,
26:51 absolutely no more.
26:53 They realized total commitment.
26:55 And that's what God is looking from--
26:56 for each of us to is complete and total commitment.
27:03 Now Christ would not be pastoring a mega church
27:05 in the suburban metropolitan area of the United States.
27:09 It's very evident that is interesting
27:11 not focused on mega church growth
27:14 but the growth of the individual
27:16 restoring them to the position among the sons and daughters
27:20 of His eternal family.
27:22 Have you made that kind of commitment to serve Christ?
27:28 Real commitment is not as scary as it sounds.
27:30 It's simply giving the Lord permission to remodel your life
27:34 using His beautiful blueprints
27:36 that are designed to remake into royalty.
27:39 You know, if you're feeling conflicted about this decision
27:42 that may be if God is speaking to you right now.
27:45 Our energy transfers by saying yes Lord,
27:47 I'm willing to let You remodel my life.
27:51 If you believe that God cannot accept you
27:52 because you've been such a sinner
27:54 may be even a professed Christian
27:56 sitting in the church pew doing not much
27:58 but it's a lie of the devil.
28:00 God loves you.
28:02 I invite you join me the next time
28:04 for a second chance.


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